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Daily Bee, Sacramento

Monday Evening, February 13, 1860




CEMETERY REPORT - P.L. EDWARDS, referee in the case of the People of the State of California upon the relation of R.P. JACOBS vs. D. MURRAY, reported to-day to the District Court in favor of plaintiff and directs "that judgement herein be entered up in said Court according to the prayer of said complaint, to wit: That the said defendant be excluded from the office of Superintendent of the City Cemetery of the city of Sacramento, in the State of California, and from the exercise of the powers and duties thereof, and from the receiving of the fees, emoluments and profits thereof, and that the relator be placed in and invested with the said office, powers and duties and the receipt of the said fees, emoluments and profits; and further, that the plaintiffs recover their costs herein laid out, expended and taxed and that the executing issue therefor." It is understood that the District Judge will not interfere with the report of the referee.


A SEQUEL - When the officers discovered the fire yesterday morning, and were satisfied that an incendiary had been at work, two or three went through the alley to ______ street, when they saw the gas-light put out in a certain building, and two young men shortly afterward came out. The officers secreted themselves in an old outhouse to watch further proceedings, but were observed by one of the two men referred to, who commenced uttering a string of most abusive language. He dared one of the officers to fight, which the policeman, of course declined doing ,till the scapegrace went so far to put his fist in McINTOSH's face. The officer then took off his coat, and gave the rowdy a dressing which he will no doubt long remember. We forbear giving the names of these fellows, hoping the company to which they belong will see that it is their interest to get rid of such nuisances.


DEADLY WEAPONS - In the Police Court, this morning, the difficulty which took place last Saturday evening, between Domingo NAREZ and Jose VEGA, was investigated. The examination of Domingo NAREZ was first taken up, when VEGA swore that, meeting Narez on the street, the latter used very bad language toward him and made a pass at him with a knife about a foot long. A witness testified that he, soon after the shooting, assisted Vega to find a knife, which he (Vega) said he had lost. A woman who lives with Domingo, stated that she and defendant came out of the house together and that, without a word passing between the parties, Vega fired three shots at Domingo, who had no weapon about him. Judgement was reserved till examination be heard in the other case, which was postponed till to-morrow.


ANNUAL - To- morrow will be St. Valentines' Day, and that, too, coming in Leap Year, a grand fluttering among young hearts follows as a matter of course. What deep consideration will it require to decide what colors will suit best the taste of the recipients, or what words of poetry will be most effectual in thawing the icy heart of a loved but coquettish fair one! We are unable to say to what extent the young ladies of Sacramento will exercise their Leap Year prerogative - but perhaps may be able to speak more advisedly on the subject, which deeply affects us ,by Wednesday morning. "Dimmed spire spar."


THE TEST IN SACRAMENTO - The Lecompton Democratic County Committee met on Saturday, and called a primary election for the 18th inst., and a convention for the 23d, and also adopted the following text; "Resolved, That the judges of the primary election are hereby instructed not to allow any one to vote who voted against Scott or Burch on the State Ticket, or Taylor, our candidate for Sheriff, or Brown, our candidate for County Clerk, at the last election." That will exclude the Anti-Lecomptonites, pretty well, and keep the organization in this county in the hands of the Administration men. Well, that is only fair - "to the victors belong the spoils."


ST. PATRICK - A ball, the proceeds to aid in the erection of an Orphanage and School-house in the city, will be given at Agricultural Hall on Friday evening, Match 16th (St. Patrick's Eve). The price of tickets, including carriages, is put at five dollars.


FRUSTRATED - An attempt to fire a Chinese wash-house on the south side of K street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, was fortunately frustrated at an early hour yesterday morning, by officers Burke, Cody and McIntosh.


FELTER, NO. 94 K street, corner of Fourth, in the building, has just opened a fine dairy of new Eastern butter, (vic Isthmus,) and also a fine lot of California hams, selected expressly for family use. Try them, as his motto is small profits and quick sales.





Col. A.J. BUTLER; one of the executors of BRODERICK's Will, returned from Washington in the last steamer, and brought a copy of that document with him. Here it is, as published in the Telegram:


"In the Name of God, Amen: I, David C. BRODERICK, of the city of San Francisco, in the State of California, of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this as my last Will and Testament.


"First - After all my just debts and liabilities are paid, I give and bequeath to my friend John A. McGLYNN, of San Francisco, the sum of ten thousand dollars.


"Second - All the rest and residue of my estate, both real and personal, I give and bequeath to my friend George WILKES, of the city of New York.


"Third - I hereby make, constitute and appoint my friends, George WILKES, John A. McGLYNN and Andrew J. BUTLER, Executors of this my last Will and Testament; and also declare that no sureties shall be required from them or either of them.


"Last - I hereby revoke all Wills and Codicils by me heretofore made, and declare this to be my only last Will and Testament.


"In witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal, at the city of New York, this second day of January, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine."


(Signed) "D.C. BRODERICK




S.B. SEGUR, Cosumnes

Jas. MOORE, do

Hon B.F. MYERS, Auburn

Dr. J.S. POYNTER, Sutter Co.

Chas. E. GREENE, Yolo county

Gen. W. PIERCE, do

I.C. STEEL, do


R.G. ALLEN, San Bernardino

J.H. FRANK, Napa

Rich'd LAMBERT, Petaluma

Chas. BROOKE, Philadelphia

Lewis BRADY, Folsom

E.C. PALMER, San Francisco

J. Mora MOSS, do



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Daily Bee, Sacramento

Wednesday Evening, February 15, 1860


PROBATE - In the Probate Court to-day, relative to the estate of N. MOSER, deceased; sale of personal property was approved. Estate of J.P. RITIZ, deceased; order was granted for sale of personal property. Matilda La ROSA filed her petition to be appointed guardian of Cayitana and Theodore ROBLES, minors, which was set for hearing on Monday, 27th, instant. Estate of C. TERHUNE, deceased; Mark ROBINSON, administrator, filed his final account, which was also set for hearing on 27th.


ELECTION - The annual meeting of the Sacramento Bible Society was held last Monday evening ,when the following officers were elected: A. REDINGTON, President; D. MECKER, P.H. RUSSELL, W.R. STRONG, Dr. F.M. SHIELDS, Rev. W.H. HILL, A. HENLEY, and M.S. HURD, Vice Presidents; A.C. SWEETSER, Secretary; L.P. COLLINS, Treasurer; and R.P. NORMAN, G.I.N. MONELL, J.E. PERKINS, M.S. HURD, and J.W. AVERY, Executive Committee.


MURDER TRIAL - The trial of Peter LUNDBERG for the murder of John Peter RITIZ, commenced this morning in the District Court, G.L. WATERS assisting the District Attorney, and Messrs. ESTER and HOLL appearing for the prisoner. After selecting ten jurors, the Court took recess of three quarters of an hour, and ordered a venue to issue for five more jurymen.


THE JURY - The following gentlemen have been selected to compose the jury to try Peter LUNDBERG for the murder of John Peter RITZ: F.S. LARDNER, D.S. RODGERS, Joseph McGEE, W. EVANS, Thomas K. STEWART, S. WORMSER, Gordon BACKUS, Wm. H. BARSTON, W. ORR, Jacob DOUGHERTY, E.H. BISHOP and George BRUBAKER.


MELODEON - Lew RATTLER, Master Shepherd and Miss Louisa PAULIN are now engaged at the Melodeon, and are certainly no ordinary attractions. No wonder the Melodeon is crowded nightly.


COMMITTED - Mike O'MEARA came down from Folsom this morning, having in charge Wm. GALLAGHER, committed to jail by Justice YOUNG of Folsom, in default of giving bail in the sum of one thousand dollars to keep the peace towards the people of the State, and especially towards Mary A. GAFF.


The stamp tax - In the suit of Mark BRUMMAGIM et al vs. The City and County Treasurer, to recover back moneys paid under protest for stamps under what is known as the stamp tax, Judge NORTON decided in favor of the defendant, and sustained the constitutionality of that law.


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