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The Sacramento Union

Saturday, January 3, 1920



Injured by Auto - Ira H. JONES, of 2501 O street, a salesman for Sherman & Clay, yesterday morning broke his right arm while cranking an automobile.  For Particular People, call the 8-hour laundry. Main 66 - Adv.  Agreement With Railroad - An agreement has been reached by the city with the Southern Pacific company for the running of sewer mains beneath the company’s tracks in East Sacramento.

Umbrellas recovered and repaired. Sacto Motor Supply. 785 J - Adv.  First 1920 Divorce - Superior Judge Peter J. SHIELDS yesterday issued the first interlocutory decree of divorce when Mrs. Gertrude D. BURRUS was separated from Charles T. BURRUS. The plaintiff was awarded $40 a month alimony. The first divorce suit filed was that of Mrs. Therese APICHINO against Frank APICHINO, Jr.

Storage - Household goods only. Safe, clean, convenient. Liberty Transfer and Storage Co. 999 - Adv.

Nicolaus Inheritance Tax - The inheritance tax in the estate of the late Gerhardt J. NICOLAUS, who was killed last spring when an automobile in which he was riding collided with a street car on M street, has been fixed at $511.26.

Save rags, paper, metal, stones. Tools and junk bought. Main 2511 - M. - Adv.

Attempts to Wreck Restaurant - Fred ORCOTT paid into the city treasury yesterday the sum of $25 because of his attempt to wreck the dining room of the Southern Pacific station after he had refused to pay for a meal.  Poolroom Trial Today - Alleged to have allowed boys of 16 and 18 years old to make his place a sort of headquarters, Ollie OMAR, proprietor of a pool hall, 1131 Second street, will face trial before Police Judge L.H. SHELLEY today.

Fight Brings Fine - J. SUGAR and Fred DAY, alleged to have been the aggressors in a fight with Le Roy FOSTER, were fined $30 each in police court yesterday on a charge of disturbing the peace. FOREST was released, it being shown that he was attacked by the two men.

Robe Thief Sentenced - George DAVIS, known to the police as a drug fiend, was yesterday sentenced to the county jail for thirty days after he pleaded guilty of the theft of an automobile robe.

Pays for Broken Door - On his agreement to pay for a door which he kicked out at the Arcade dance pavilion at Seventh and L streets, on the last night of the year, Tom CORCORAN was freed from jail yesterday by Police Judge SHEELEY. 

Boy Speeder Arrested - Charged with traveling at a 45 mile clip in an automobile on the Upper Stockton road, Lester RUFF, 16 years old boy of Lodi, will be tried in the juvenile court.

Brothers Case Dismissed - Arrested on a petty larceny charge preferred by Mrs. Frank NOEL, 3023 Sacramento boulevarde, Donald and Raymond SOWLES, brothers, were freed in police court yesterday, there being no evidence that they were responsible for the theft of three nightgowns, a short skirt, a wrench and a large doll from the home of Mrs. NOEL. The woman admitted on the stand that she had no evidence that the boys were guilty.  Arrested on Suspicion - G.B. BENTON was found wandering in the vicinity of Twenty-first and F streets early yesterday morning and arrested by patrolman Ed. CARRIGAN.

Deserter Surrenders - Charles THOMAS, claiming to be a deserter from the army, surrendered to Patrolman William WILSON at Third and J streets early yesterday. He told the officer that he left the military  reservation on August 19 last and had dodged the police in many cities before deciding to give himself up.


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Sacramento Bee

Saturday November 19, 1921


Woman Freed By Jury - Ella LEE, charged with petty larceny, yesterday was freed by a jury in the Police Court after a short deliberation. Miss LEE was charged with stealing a pair of gloves from the store of Weinstock-Lubin Company, but claimed she had picked up the gloves at the glove counter, mistaking them for her own.


Earle Plumbing Co., 217 Twenty-second. All work promptly attended to. Phone M 1417-W.


The New Merchants Bank Building and Jack MAYDEN home, samples of our workmanship.


BARTON and DUDLEY, Contractors and Builders, 619 J Street.


E.A. STONEBERG, landscaping gardener. Get my estimate. Main 350. 1104 J St.


M.T. Truck going to Bay district. Can we take anything for you? Globe Transfer Co. 1011 7th St.


Dancing - Modern and fancy, class and private instructions. Miss McCARTHY, 1111 O St. Main 5425W.


Home Looted - The home of A.C. SEIDEL, 911 W Street, last night was entered by a burglar and a quantity of small jewelry stolen. He gained entrance through the use of a pass key.


Watch Repairing - We specialize in watch and jewelry repairing. WIESEN and MONK, Jewelers, 1013 8th St.


Home Cooked chicken dinner, Sundays, 75¢ 628 L St.


Home French Laundry. Finish rough dry, wet and dry wash. Frank PENDERY, proprietor, 2417 15th Street. Phone Main 1399W.


Roofing and roof repairing. H.E. GAUGHAN, 417 31st. M. 5575 J.


Held for Robbery - Charles HAHN, alias SCHRECKMASTER, yesterday was held to answer to the Superior ..(rest cut off)


For $30 per year you get $1,000 burglary insurance. HICKMAN-COLEMAN Co. 724 J

Harry A. NAUMAN & Sons, Funeral Directors, 1811 G. Phone 144. Always the same.


Speeder Sentenced - F.P. OLIVER, 1131 I Street, to-day was placed under a ten-day suspended jail sentence by Police Judge O.W. ANDERSON when he pleaded guilty to driving thirty-eight miles per hour on the Upper Stockton Road in an automobile.


Henry P. RYAN, Funeral Director, 1017 15th St. Main 55. Lady attendant.


New York Shirt Factory - Gentlemen's shirts made to order and alterations our specialty. All work guaranteed. 425 L Street, near 5th.


See W.D. SCOVILLE for estimates on Ideal-Arcola Hot Water Heating Plants. 1104 J St. Main 350


Going to Frisco? Large or small lots taken to Bay points any time, as we have trucks going constantly. Liberty Transfer & Storage Co., 1019 4th St. Main 999.


Leaky roof? Let us repair and paint with I.X.L. Work guaranteed. Paint sold $1.25 per gal. del. Phone PRICE & WOMACK, Cap. 255W, 3401 ½ 2nd Ave.


Dancing every night except Sunday, Pythian Castle, 9th and I Sts. Gentlemen 50 ¢, ladies free.


Dr. Aubrey HUMPHRIES, Dentist, 224 Physicians' Building, announces change in office hours: Daily, 9 to 1; 2 to 5. Saturdays, 9 to 1 p.m.


1,000 rolls of roofing paper on site. BOWMAN's 721 J Street 


How is it so many people say KING painting, paperhanging? Cap 222W


Big Turkey Shoot at Power Inn on Folsom Road. Range 200 yards. Limit two turkeys; 35 ¢ a shot. Nov. 20th. Louis BASSO, proprietor.


Cowboys Sentenced For Carrying Guns - R.F. BROWN and George DALE, claiming to be cowboys from the ranges of Nevada, to-day were sentenced by Police Judge O.W. ANDERSON to serve sixty days in the County Jail, following their convictions yesterday.


Odd pieces of ivory and walnut bedroom furniture at greatly reduced prices, consisting of beds, dressers, chiffoniers, dressing tables, chairs and rockers. Geo. W. LOCKE & Son. 318-320 J St.


Arthur D. FENTON, funeral director. Lady attendant. Main 718 1237 I St.


Dr. Howard CAMERON had returned from Europe and resumed practice.


Four Alarms of Fire - The Fire Department yesterday was called to various parts of the city four times to extinguish small blazes. The home of C. DITCHLEUM at 1908 H Street was slightly damaged from a fire caused by hot ashes being left in a wooden box on a rear porch. The fire was extinguished once in the afternoon by the householder, but broke out again in the evening and was extinguished by the Fire department. Blazing driftwood at Front and Y Streets which threatened a nearby oil tank was extinguished late in the evening. A false alarm caused by oil smoke from a furnace called the entire department to Eighth and K Streets. Small damage was done to grocery of George N. KOSMAS at 1026 Sixth Street by a blaze which broke out late in the night from unknown causes.


Heating Stoves - Medium priced. All kinds. SHORROCK-SMITH Hardware CO., Elks' Bldg, 818 J St.


Hair Cut 50¢. Six barbers. Baths, showers 25¢. Closes 8:30 daily. Sunday to 3 p.m. 515 K St. YORK shaving parlors.


C.H. FASSETT, Plumber. Jobbing a specialty. Phone Cap 676J 3201 W


ANDREWS, KLUMPP & CIPPE, Funeral Directors, 1201 L Street. Phone 698; Personal service on all cases.


Western Transfer Co. Local and long distance hauling. 1226 K. Main 595.


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Sacramento Union

Saturday November 26, 1921



COURT OF APPEAL, 3d District

November 25 ,1921

   Leonard F. YOUDALL, plaintiff and respondent vs. Isadore KAUFMAN, defendant and appellant. The judgement as to both tracts is affirmed. The judgement as to damages is reversed, unless the respondent shall, within thirty days after the judgement of this court is entered, remit all damages in excess of $11.00. If within said period said damages are remitted, the entire judgement shall stand affirmed. The appellant will recover his costs on this appeal. Attorneys for plaintiff and respondent Carleton C. CASE, Elmer W. FORSLUND; for defendant and appellant, A.H. CARPENTER.


Automobile Sales - Northern California

               AMADOR COUNTY

 Floyd SAUNDERS, Jackson, Samson Trk.

               BUTTE COUNTY

  V.J. ALVES, Chico, Ford R.

  D.A. HOMODEL, Chico, Over T.

  John M. MAY, Chico, Sheridan T.

  L.D. LARSEN and H.P. ALLEN, Oroville, Ford Co.

  F. Morris HIGGINS, Oroville, Samson Trk.

               COLUSA COUNTY

  Elmer L. BETTERTON, College City, Chev. T.E.

  Harold P. LEWIS, Colusa, Buick T.

  S.E. CRUCTHER, Maxwell, Buick T.

               EL DORADO COUNTY

  J.L. McNABB, Coole, Oak T.D.

               GLENN COUNTY

 Jean SINGH, Butte City, Ford T.

  N.E. MULICK, Willows, Ford Del.

  M. FIELDS, Willows, Ford R.

               KINGS COUNTY

 J.W. FERGUSON, Hanford, Ford Sed.

               LAKE COUNTY

 W.J. FOSTER, Kelseyville, Ford T.

           PLACER COUNTY

  Geo. STEPPE, Auburn, Buick T.

  Mrs. E.P. BITTINGER, Auburn, Ford Co.

  Fred J. HARJES, Auburn, Over T.

  K. UMEDA, Loomis, Ford R.

  Jake SANTGRAF, Newcastle, Ford R.

  Wiemar Joint Sanitarium, Weimar, Dodge Com.

               SACRAMENTO COUNTY

  Paul PAULSON, Elk Grove, Dodge R.

  Mayme ELDER, Elk Grove, Ford Sed.

  Mrs. E.A. WILLIAMS, Folsom, Ford T.

  C.W. McKINSTRY, Galt, Dodge T.

  Joe T. SILVA, Mills, Hud. Spd.

  Henry SCHERFENBERG, Rio Linda, Ford T.

  Y. TWATSURU, Sacramento Chev. R.E.

  T. NAKASHIMA, Sacramento, Chev. T.E.

  Jack M. TRACEY, Sacramento, Chev. T.E.

  J.S. Remick Co., Sacramento, Dodge T.

  Western Lumber Co., Sacramento, Ford Co.

  No. Sacramento Bakery, Sacramento, Ford Del.

  Electrical Sup. Co., Sacramento, Ford R.

  E.H. PENDLETON, Sacramento, Ford Trk.

  Lora DAVIDSON, Sacramento, Gardner T.

  W.J. WEISMAN, Sacramento, Jordan Playody.

  Roy W. GREER, Sacramento, Hup T.

  Fred C. SCOVEY, Sacramento, Olds T.

  L.H. BROWN, Sacramento, Over T.

  Harold H. HUSBYE, Sacramento, Steph T.

  Mabel W. BARR, Sacramento, Stude Co.

  Pat E. PATTERSON, Sacramento, Willys-Knt Sed.

           SHASTA COUNTY

 Paul ST. JOHN, Ingot, Buick R.

  Miss Edythe CUNNINGHAM, Millville, Buick T.

  E.T. WEBB, Millville, Ford T.

  C.P. CLEMENT, Redding, Buick T.

  Geo. E. MEDING, Redding, Ford T.

  L. PREHN, Shasta, Ford T.

               SISKIYOU COUNTY

 Claude BRANSTETTER, Dunsmuir, Chev T.A.

  G.C. McNEAL, Forks of Salmon, Ford T.

  A. DALIN, Sisson, Chev T.E.

               SOLANO COUNTY

  Con HALEY, Benicia, Chev. Sed. E.

  Mary Pearl FAROSICH, Benicia, Chev. T.E.

  J.G. PORTER and Mrs. S.E. Porter, Vallejo, Chev. T.E.

  J.C. WICKHAM, Vallejo, Ford Sed.

  Solano Produce Co., Vallejo, Ford Trk.

  A.W. McCAIN, Vallejo, Hup T.

               TEHAMA COUNTY

  Leland M. SHULTS, Corning, Ford R.

  W.F. MONTGOMERY, Red Bluff, Olds T.

               YOLO COUNTY

 Wallace W. WHITE, Broderick, Cleve T.

  Gus DAHLER, Woodland, Chev. Del. E.

               YUBA COUNTY

 W.H. NORMAN, Marysville, Ford T.

 Robert MONOUR, Marysville, Ford


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Sacramento Bee

Wednesday March 21, 1923


Minnie L. HEPLEY, Insurance. Notary Public, Peoples Bank Bldg. M 4535J


Held For Robbery - C.W. ABBOTT and Edmund PERES are in the city jail charged with robbery, and R. DWYER, their victim, is being held as a witness. They were arrested last night on Front Street when Detective L. ROBERTS saw ABBOTT and PERES in the alleged act of robbing DWYER.


Vacuum Cleaners Rented - $1.00 per day. Delivered. Phone M 2990


Dick SAYER, 411 16th St. Stove Wood, brooder coal, Albers' feeds M 1795


Painting, Papering, Tinting, estimates given. J.H. DAVIS, M 3858M


Peeping Tom Arrested - A "peeping Tom" caused much excitement last evening in the neighborhood of Sixteenth and Q Streets, and when the police responded to the call they arrested Bert DOYLE on suspicion of being the guilty party.


Dancing Lessons Private, every aft and eve. Pythian Castle, 9th and I.


Dance at Pythian Castle every Wed., Thurs.., Sat. and Sun. night


Garden Tools - Lawn mowers, Wheelbarrows, hose and seeds. We have the goods and prices are right at Bowman's, 721 J St.


Carried Deadly Weapon - Pete Radanovich was arrested last night at Fifth and K Streets on a charge of carrying a concealed deadly weapon.


1920 Buick - In A-1 condition, good cord tires. Price $565.00. Very liberal terms. J.W. LEAVITT & Co., 1331 K St.


BARTON & KOPP, contractors have been chosen to build the new Edith L. Grove apartments.


Firemen To Be Visitors - T.R. MURPHY, chief of the San Francisco Fire Department; J.W. STEVENS of the fire prevention bureau, and twenty-five firemen from the bay district will be guests to-morrow of Fire Chief M.J. DUNPHY. A dinner has been arranged at the Traveler Hotel. The firemen will be here in the interests of the Pacific Coast chiefs for an appropriation for fire boats and will appear before the state legislature.


Bicycles, Tricycles Repaired - Called for and delivered. H. CAMERON, Jr., Main 3650 409 J St


Dancing Money Given Away. Several cash prizes. Lucky Name Dance. Thurs, Mar. 22nd. Gents 50c, ladies 10c. Pythian Castle, 9th and I


Our City Salesman will call at your home with samples of silver or anything you want in jewelry gifts. H.T. HARGER Co., 1008 K St. Phone Main 2726J


Burglar Surprised - W.R. JORDAN of 2677 Curtis Way last night surprised a burglar as the latter was entering the house through a window. JORDAN summoned the police who searched the neighborhood for the prowler.


Coal for Every Purpose - When you want the best in fuel call M 63. Pioneer Wood and Coal Co.




Funeral services for Charles J. RAYMOND, who passed away yesterday in San Francisco, will be held at 1 o'clock to-morrow afternoon from the Miller & Skelton parlors. Rev. William HARRISON of the Presbyterian Church will officiate.


Raymond had been an employe in the time-keeping office of the Southern Pacific Company for the past five years. He was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge.


He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nellie RAYMOND, and a son, Lloyd RAYMOND; and two brothers and a sister, F.A. and H.C. RAYMOND, and Mrs. Emma GAGE, all of Sacramento.

Raymond was 39 years of age and a native of Missouri.


Interment will be in the Masonic Cemetery.




Mrs. Margaret Josephine BLAIR, who is delivering two lectures at the Masonic Temple auditorium under the auspices of The Bee, will give a fifteen minute radio talk to-morrow night on the subject of breathing. Mrs. BLAIR, who is a health specialist, will talk from the Kimball-Upson Company radio broadcasting station at 6:15 o'clock to-morrow night.


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Sacramento Union

Wednesday November 23, 1921


               STATE REAL ESTATE DEPT.

                               Licenses Issued

                          November 21, 1921

 Ralph L. CLARK, R.F.D., No. 2, Box 74-A, Lodi, Br. No. 10,323

 Nels ANDERSON, Fotters Springs, Sonoma Co., Br. No. 10,326

 John A. WILSON, California st, Suisun, Br. No. 10,330

 A.B. McGILL, No. 805 W. Park st., Stockton, Br. No. 10,338

 Oellig & Keller, 31, McNear Bldg, Petaluma, John KELLER, copart, No. 2018. H.H. OELLIG, mem, copart, No. 2094.

  J.M. CONLEY, 221 N. El Dorado st., Stockton, Rr, No. 10, 361.

  Adele MOORE, Woodward Ave. and Oak st., Penngrove, Sonoma Co., Br. No. 10,367.



ROSEVILLE, Placer Co., Nov. 22 - Miss Margaret PRICE was the hostess at a surprise party given in her honor at the home of her aunt, Mrs. McGINNIS. Those present were: Misses Margaret Price, Hilda COPPIN, Lois SMITH, Bernice RICHMOND, Coral STONE, Hildreth BAUQUIER, Mae DAY, Martha SUNDELL, Irene REIDER, Vida WARWICK, Adeline MILLER and Marguerite ELLIOTT. Lawrence RAINS, Ray WHEELER, Glenn FASSETT, Claude HAMAN, William BUTLER, Cael TORSON, Leo O’CONNOR, Nelson ALLEN, Clark HELLAR, Geo. CAYAN., Vernon BAKER, Theodore MILLER, Wallace RISKE and Horace COX.


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Sacramento Daily Union

Saturday Morning October 6, 1923 


Woman Motorist Slightly Hurt - Mrs. L. ALLEE, 1044 Fourteenth street, escaped with a few scratches yesterday in an automobile accident at Twenty-fourth and L streets, when the automobile she was driving collided with a delivery wagon driven by J. WILDER and owned by L.R. NEVIS. Her car overturned. 

Band To Play Here - The Old Grey Mare Band of Texas, on the Texas special to the American Legion convention at San Francisco, will stop off here for a few hours October 20 and give a concert in Capitol Park, according to word received by Governor RICHARDSON yesterday from Captain Wright ARMSTRONG, leader of the famous band. 

Erwin on Committee - R.C. Erwin, assessor of Sacramento county, was appointed on a special committee yesterday at the state convention of county assessors at Santa Ana, to co-operate with the state motor vehicle department in obtaining registration data through which county officials will be enabled to collect taxes from transient automobile owners, who in traveling from one state to another fail to get on the assessors’ rolls. The committee is headed by B.F. HILLHOUSE, assessor of Yolo county, and contain three other members in addition to Erwin. 

Judgement Upheld - Judgement given the Pacific Gas and Electric Company by the Superior Court of Sutter county in an action brought it by heirs of the late Charles A. GRAVES was upheld yesterday in a decision handed down by the District Court of Appeal. Graves was killed when a pipe he was lifting from a well came in contact with a high tension transmission line. 

Habeas Corpus Sought - Lucio AJURIA of Marysville applied yesterday to the District Court of Appeal for a writ of habeas corpus. He is serving a six-months term in jail, and in addition has been fined $1000 by Superior Court of Yuba county for contempt. Ajuria’s place of business in Marysville was closed under the Wright act. In seeking habeas corpus to avoid jail, he insists that the Superior Court lacked jurisdiction in hearing the original liquor case filed against him. 

We guarantee our plumbing and electrical work. Give us a call, Main 2144. Scott, Lyman & Stack, 419 J streets. 

Apple Inspections Increase - The bureau of standardization in the State Department of Agriculture inspected more that 3000 cars of apples during July, August and September, it was announced yesterday. Only 1582 cars were inspected during the same period in 1922. The state received inspection fees totaling $16,940 for its 1923 inspections. 

Can’t Identify Accused - When arresting officer proved unable to identify the defendant in the Superior Court yesterday, a charge of violation of the Wright act against F. MATTOS was dismissed on the motion of District Attorney J.J. HENDERSON.   

Outing Club Formed - Articles of Incorporation of the Lowlands Outing Club were filed in County Clerk Harry W. HALL’s office yesterday. The club’s business will be transacted at the home of M.C.C. VAN LOBEN SEL at Vorden. In reclamation district No. 551. Directors named included W.E. DOWNING of Walnut Grove, Lester GARDINER of Isleton, Paul DeBACH of Isleton, R.M. DURBIN of Walnut Grove and M.C.C. Van Loben Sels of Vorden. 

Sues Ex-Partner - A court order restraining Chris BALLAS from conducting or working in any shoe shining parlor in that part of the city bounded by Seventh street on the west, Ninth street on the east, J street on the north and L street on the south was asked yesterday by Steve KATSIAN, his former business partner in the New York shoe shining parlor. Katsian alleges that he purchased Ballas’ interest in the business, paying him $450. He asserts that it was agreed that Ballas should not conduct or work in a shoe shining establishment in the business part of the town during the next three years, but now claims that he has obtained employment in the Capital shoe shining parlor. 

Convicted of Forgery - George CHANDLER was found guilty of forgery by a jury in Superior Judge C.O. BUSICK’s court yesterday after it had deliberated but fifteen minutes. Sentence will be pronounced by Judge Busick at 10 o’clock next Tuesday morning. Chandler was charged with forging the name of L.V. WILSON to a bank check. 

Divorces Granted - Interlocutory decrees of divorce were granted Mrs. Speraza ROSSI from Govannia Rossi and Mrs. Leah HALL from Thomas HALL by Superior Judge Malcolm C. GLENN yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Rossi asserted that her husband cursed and struck her, and Mrs. Hall alleged failure to provide. Mrs. Rossi also was given the custody of the two children and Judge Glenn reserved the right to award her alimony at a future date. Mrs. Florence BOLAS was granted a final decree of divorce from Peter Bolas by Judge Peter J. SHIELDS. She was permitted to resume her maiden name of Florence GENTHER 

Invited to Bay - An invitation has been extended the Sacramento police force to attend the Oakland police department dance which will be held in Oakland, October 26. The invitation was sent to the local force with the view of cementing friendly relations already existing between the two departments. 

Waitress Jailed - Helen MENEKTUS, waitress employed at a restaurant at 1239 J street, was arrested last night on a telegraphic warrant for embezzlement by Detectives Verne LEWIS and A.J. BABAYCO. She is wanted in Red Bluff, and is being held at the city jail until she is returned to face the charge. 


 Another Husband Silent for Six Weeks, Complaint Charges.

Extreme cruelty was given as the ground on which interlocutory decrees of divorce were asked in complaints filed in the Superior Court yesterday by Mrs. Bertha MARSHALL JOHNSON against William H. Johnson, Mrs. May H. McNEELEY against William C. McNeeley, and Mrs. Marian GRAVES against Berton A. Graves.

Mrs. Johnson averred that since October, 1921, her husband has cursed her and has refused to work, living off the earnings of her children by a former marriage. She also charged that on the night of October 2, 1923, the defendant, while intoxicated, threatened her life and shot at her five times. She asked $50 a month in alimony, $200 attorney fees and $15 costs. 

They married, she declared, in Sacramento, April 23, 1918.

Mrs. McNeeley asserted that her husband refused to speak to her for six weeks and that he treated her in an indifferent, sullen and insulting manner. She asked the custody of the minor daughter, Evelyn McNeeley, 4 years of age, $100 a month alimony, $100 attorney fees and $25 costs.

They married in Sacramento November 26, 1917, and separated September 27, 1923.

Mrs. Graves, to substantiate her charges of cruelty, declared that Graves used harsh and abusive language to her, found fault with her actions and nagged at her. She also charged that he failed to provide for her.

She asked the custody of the minor son, Paul Wahley Graces, and $65 a month alimony.

They married on December 25, 1920, and separated in August of this year.

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Sacramento Daily Union

Saturday Morning, October 27, 1923 


For Cesspool and Sewer Trouble call H. Hansen. M. 6904 

Mine Sued - Two civil suits against the stockholders of the Evening Star Mining Company of Magalia to compel the payment of $4,792.37 alleged due in wages, were instituted yesterday be Labor Commissioner Walter G. MATHEWSON. One suit is filed in the Superior Court at San Francisco against five of the largest of the stockholders and the other in the justice court against twenty-five smaller ones. 

Watson furniture and everything is always priced for less - 621 J 

Essay Judges Names - Will C. Wood has appointed the following three judges to act in the American Legion essay contest on “Why America Should Prohibit Immigration for Five Years”: Mrs. Hugh Bradford, California Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Association; W.W. KEMP, University of California, and Lester B. RODGERS, University of Southern California. 

Eat Breakfast at Daisy Lunch, 415 K street 

Justice Ruling Made - Justices of the peace may hold preliminary hearings outside the territorial boundaries of their townships while they keep within the county, according to a ruling made by Attorney General U.S. WEBB at the instigation of District Attorney Jess W. CARTER of Shasta County. 

Music for all occasions - Art Nelson’s Joyland Orchestra. Phone Main 4340 or 4820.

Trees in Good Condition - Trees planted along the state highway for ornamental and shade purposes during the last year are in thriving condition, according to a report filed yesterday with State Forester M.B. PRATT by W.E. GLENDENING, tree expert of the State Highway Commission. Arrangements are now in progress to replace what dead trees there are with fresh ones. 

Leaky Rooff Let the I.X.L. roofers fix it. Work guaranteed . Phone E.J. WOMACK, Cap. 255 W. 

Mansion to be Razed - Trees and shrubs will replace the historic old mansion erected on the Capitol ground in 1870 and used in recent years as a state printing plant. Contractors are asked to submit their bids for the wrecking on November 1, according to George Radcliff, chairman of the state board of control. 

One of the greatest preachers of the full Gospel will soon be at Glad Tidings Mission, 910 Eighth street. Do not miss hearing him. - Adv. 

Penny Thief Held - Jack NEWTON charged with having stolen 300 pennies, the savings of a week, from Harvey, the blind “Nail King,” a familiar character on the streets, from a room at the St. George Hotel, was held to answer for burglary by Police Judge O.W. ANDERSON yesterday. Bail was fixed at $5000. 

Liquor Fines Levied - John R. REESE was fined $200 and Charles A. LEWIS $100 for violating the Wright act by Police Judge O.W. Anderson yesterday. The trial of Harry CLARK on both sale and possession of Liquor charges was set for November 7, James WOODS’ case was set for October 27. He is charges with violating the Wright act. 

Ring Peddler Jailed - Williams JENSEN, who, police say, answers the description of a burglar who has been operating in Sacramento, was arrested yesterday by Detective Harry DeBACK at Nineteenth and J streets. DeBack stated Jensen was selling rings which he purchased for $1.53 a dozen, to passersby for $4.50 each. A pass key was found in his possession. 

Abandons Auto After Crash - N.B. MAY reported to police yesterday that an unidentified man, driving an automobile, collided with his machine at Thirty-ninth and M streets. The unidentified driver abandoned his machine and took flight following the crash. Police took charge of the abandoned machine. 

Seeks Husband - Mrs. F. JOHNSON, appealed to the police yesterday to endeavor to locate her husband, F. Johnson, who has been missing for two weeks, and who suffers from lapse of memory since he was injured in an automobile accident. Mrs. Johnson told police her husband at times is unable to give his name. He is described as five feet seven inches in height, 140 pounds in weight, 29 years of age, broad shouldered, with dark hair and eyes. 

Held for Embezzlement - E.W. CRAGHILL, wanted in Los Angeles for felony embezzlement, was apprehended in Sacramento Friday by Detective Sergeant William HALLANAN. 

Home Entered - John ENGLER, 424 Thirty-third street, notified police yesterday that a burglar entered his home through a front window and stole a gold watch and chain. 

Motorcyclist Injured - George LEE, Chinese, of 329 B street, was injured slightly when the motorcycle on which he was riding with Lee LIM collided with an automobile driven by C.A. MURPHY, 1037 Forty-second street, at Forty–ninth and J streets yesterday. 

Steamer Rates Cut - Rates on the New Electra steamship line have been reduced to about one-third of their original cost, according to a telegram received yesterday by S.W. McKIM, manager of the Sacramento Northern Electric steamship travel bureau, from Richard PROSSER, traffic manager of the New Electra line, which operates the steamship Cuba between Portland and San Francisco. 

Standard Oil Men Transferred - Announcement was made yesterday by H.P. FAIRCHILD, district sales manager for the Standard Oil Company, of the arrival here of A.A. COBB, formerly assistant district sales manager for the company in Spokane, who has been promoted to the position of assistant district sales manager in the Sacramento agency. Cobb, who has been in the company’s service in the northwest for a number of years, succeeds L.L. CAMPBELL, transferred to the San Francisco agency. N.J. McPHAIL, heretofore assistant district sales manager at Sacramento, continues as a member of the management with Fairchild and Cobb. 

Opiates Confiscated - Approximately $1000 worth of opiates, fourteen opium pipes, opium bowls and lamps were confiscated and four Chinese arrested on charges of violating the state poison act when Sheriff Ellis JONES, Deputy Sheriff E. OESTERREICHER and Constable JOHNSON descended on Walnut Grove Thursday night. The officers entered the place by smashing through three barricaded doors. 

Holdup Alleged - Tony SILLS of the Roma Hotel, 930 second street, reported to the police that Sostino MACHICHI, a friend, relieved him of $50 in cash, a watch and a check for $10, at the point of a revolver. 

Autoist Fined - Charles A. LEWIS was fined $100 for reckless driving by Police Judge O.W. Anderson yesterday. Charles ENGDAHL, operator of an employment agency, testified Lewis’ car struck him at Second and I streets, injuring his foot. 

S.N. Agents Meet - Agents of the Sacramento Northern Railroad held a meeting at the local office yesterday to discuss traffic conditions. The meeting was called by R.D. WILLIAMS, traffic manager, and was attended by practically all of the agents along the Sacramento Northern line. 

Mother of Groom Seeks Annulment - Mrs. Bernice HUTCHASON yesterday filed suit in the Superior court against Paul C. Hutchason, her son, and Frances E. Hutchason, his wife, to annul their marriage, which was performed in Marysville on July 20, 1923. Mrs. Hutchason alleged that her son was but 20 years of age at the time of his marriage and that he did not obtain her consent to it. 

Valuables Taken From Auto - C.E. EDDINGES of West Sacramento reported to police last night that a brown suit and a complete set of barber’s tools were stolen form his machine at K streets between Third and Fourth streets. 

Roseville Man Alleged Bootlegger - Peter METUCCI was arrested at Roseville last night by Federal Prohibition Agents W.W. GREER and L.T. PLANT on a charge of violating the Volstead act. 

Y.M.C.A. Boys Entertained - Boy members of the Y.M.C.A. were enertained last night at a Hallowe’en party held in the Y.M.C.A. building at Fifth and J streets. More that 300, including parents of the boys, attended. M.H. WILSON was general supervisor of the party. The ghosts walked and the boys were entertained royally with stunts under the supervision of Lou BEST, Harold McELROY, Tom ESTES and Verner McGINNIS. A moving picture show was given by J.V. ROOT. 

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Sacramento Daily Union

Wednesday Morning, November 28, 1923

Page 4

Three Divorce Suits Filed; One Granted

Suits for divorce were filed in the Superior Court yesterday by Mrs. Ida Elizabeth GAINER against W.E, GAINER, Mrs. Nellie TRYER against John TRYER and Edna Fern BODLEY against William H. BODLEY. Mrs. GAINER alleged desertion, Mrs. TYER cruelty, and Mrs. BODLEY charged her husband with wilful neglect.


Mrs. Cecil A. HOLMES was granted an interlocutory decree of divorce from Harry J. HOLMES by Judge Malcolm C. GLENN. The decree was entered on the ground of cruelty.


Mrs. HOLMES was given custody of the children, Robert J. HOLMES, aged 3 years, and Alice June HOLMES, aged sixteen months, and allowed $75 a month for their support.



Driver Sentenced - Roy McCLELLAN must serve 90 days in the county jail for reckless driving in lieu of his ability to raise the $250 fine imposed by Police Judge O.W. ANDERSON yesterday. McCLELLAN, who resides in Vacaville, told the court he was unable to pay the fine, whereupon he had no alternative but to serve the jail sentence. MCCLELLAN was arrested after his automobile had struck an automobile driven by Joseph GARCIA at Fourteenth and P streets.


Blumberg’s Hat Works moved to larger and better quarters at 1723 J street.

We call and deliver. Phone Main 7808 - Adv.


Pensions Given - P. NORTON, who retired from the employ of the city of Sacramento after 20 years’ continuous service, and J. NIELSON, disabled in performing his duties as a city employe, yesterday were given pension by the city’s pension board. The payments will aggregate one-half the salary they were receiving one year before leaving their work.


Salesmen Held - C. BEVIS and J. BEVIS were arrested by Detective Sergeant William HALLANAN and Henry BALSZ yesterday for investigation. The men were caught selling underwear which they said they had found on the highway coming to Sacramento.


For Cesspool and Sewer Trouble call H. HANSEN. M. 6904 - Adv.


Autoist Arrested - V. MOORE was arrested yesterday on a charge of driving his automobile against a safety zone marker at Seventh and J streets.


Eat Breakfast at Daisy Lunch, 415 K street - Adv.


Visits Wife; Arrested - C.P. BRANDON, charged by his estranged spouse, from whom he is separated, with having visited her home and ejecting her, after smashing a window, was arrested by police yesterday.


Baby Photos - $3.00 per dozen at Hodson’s, 1021 8th st. - Adv.


Seek Heritage - P. Jose Silvera GOULART, Manuel Silvera GOULART, Marie Clementina GOULART, Izabel Theodore GOULART, Quiteria Geraldine GOULART and Thomas Silvera GOULART, heirs of Francisco GOULART, yesterday filed suit in the Superior Court against the Fidelity Trust and Savings Bank and Walhalla Grove No. 6, United Ancient Order of Druids, to recover the $26,471.35 estate left by the deceased GOULART and transferred to the lodge by the trust company as administrator. The plaintiffs allege that they as heirs were not notified of their relative’s death and that the transfer of the funds to the lodge therefore was illegal.


Watson Furniture and everything is always priced for less. 621 J. - Adv.


Pleads Guilty - Julian GUERRERO, Mexican, yesterday pleaded guilty before Superior Judge C.O. BUSICK to a felony charge of carrying concealed weapons.  Sentence will be imposed by Judge BUSICK at 10 o’clock Friday morning.


Charge Dismissed - A. JACOBS and J.B. GILSON, proprietors of a K street clothing store, accused of grand larceny, were dismissed yesterday by Superior Judge C.O. BUSICK. Dismissal was ordered after District Attorney J.J. HENDERSON asserted there was insufficient evidence held against them.  They were accused of stealing $55 from a customer who visited their establishment to purchase a suit of clothing.


Leaky Roof? Let the I.X.L. roofers fix it. Work guaranteed. Phone E.J.

WOMACK, Cap. 255 W. - Adv.


Gets Five Years - George Edward FINCH was sentenced by Superior Judge C.O.  BUSICK yesterday to serve an indeterminate term of from one to five years in San Quentin prison, after he had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of possessing narcotics.


Dr. H.A. ABBOTT has moved to 218 Oschner Bldg. Nervous and urinary diseases.  - Adv.


Continuance Ordered - The trial of Pete MATRANS of Antelope, accused of unlawfully manufacturing intoxicants, was continued yesterday until Wednesday, January 9, 1924. The continuance was ordered because of the trial already in progress in Judge C.O. BUSICK’s court.


Arrived From China - Embroidered silk underwear, linens, kimonas, laori coats, beads, Chinese treasure chest. 2219 M street. Hours 1 to 6. - Adv.


Trial Continued - The trial of H.B. STEWART, C.J. DRISCOL and Peter WUKUSICCH, alleged members of the Industrial Workers of the World, accused of violating the criminal syndicalism law, was continued by Judge J.F.  PULLEN yesterday afternoon until 10 o’clock this morning. The delay resulted from the absence of an official court reporter to record the testimony offered at the hearing.


Earl Plumbing Co., 217 Twenty-second. All work promptly attended to. Phone M. 1417 W. - Adv.


Petition Filed - Petition for letters of administration in the estate of Rufus H. SANDERS was filed in the superior court yesterday by his widow, Mrs. Nannie SANDERS. The estate consists of a house and lot in Sacramento, valued at several thousand dollars. The widow, Allie M. DARBY, Laura L. CONNORS, both of Sacramento; and Lynda F. BILLINGS of Woodland, daughters of the deceased, were named as heirs.


Turkey Given Away at the Get-Acquainted Society Dance this Wednesday evening. Native Sons’ Hall, 11th and J. Right of admission reserved. No improper conduct tolerated. C.E. FAVERO, instructor. - Adv.


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