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Sacramento Bee

Monday May 5, 1913 


JACKSON, (Amador Co.), May 5 - The attending physicians fear it may be necessary to amputate the left arm of George SAMARDZICH, who yesterday received the full charge from a shotgun in that member between the elbow and shoulder.

Samardzich was hunting with several companions when he picked up a shotgun from the ground, the barrell pointing towards him. In some manner it was discharged, frightfully mangling his arm. 


WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), May 5 - Mystery surrounds the calling together of the Glenn County Grand Jury this morning by Foreman Leon SPEIR. A number of witnesses have been called here also, but nothing has been divulged as to the nature of the testimony expected. 


ROSEVILLE (Placer Co.), May 5 - Reed AMES, a machinist at the local Southern Pacific shops, became violently insane this morning and armed first with a club, then a butcher knife, terrorized the employes and guests at the Rudder Grange Hotel.

He was finally arrested by Patrolman Moran and securely handcuffed. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), May 5 - Rev. John T. VINEYARD of Smartsville, this county, this morning secured a license to marry Sarah Eliza WOODRUFF of Mooney Flat, Nevada County. The groom is 75 and the bride is 63.  


PRINCETON (Colusa Co.), May 5 - Throngs of visitors attended the carnival Saturday. Every event was a great success and the Sacramento Valley Rose Growers’ Association is well pleased that the fourth celebration was by far the most successful in the history of the Association.

Queen Gertrude and her pretty maids of honor received the homage and admiration of a happy crowd. The Queen was crowned by R.G. GLIDDEN, Principal of the Princeton High School.

Marshal FLANAGAN was highly commended for his excellent management of the big assemblage and the promptness of the events program. Frank BONDURANT was Chairman.


Mrs. Henry L. DUNCAN of Colusa was awarded the Association’s silver cup for the best decorated automobile in the parade.

The rose exhibit was not so good as had been hoped because the blooms were damaged by recent north winds. There was no exhibit for the Louise E. BOGGS trophy cup.

The Mendehall trophy cup was awarded to Mrs. C.W. COCKERILL of Princeton for winning the greatest number of rose prizes. Mrs. Cockerill also won The Bee’s prize for climbing roses.


Thaddeus KERNS of Chico, the youthful aviator, secured for the occasion by Aviation Chairman Frank GILLIAM, made the best aeroplane flight ever witnessed in this section.

In the Rose Carnival Baby Show thirty-eight entries were made, and prizes awarded as follows: Handsomest twins, SHUCKMAN twins; most attractive baby under 1 year, Dorothy CRAIG; handsomest baby, Marjory SHUCKMAN; dark-eyed bay, Joseph LANOUETTE (first), Helen GEORGE; blue-eyed baby, Loyd HINE (first), Mildred BARTON; healthiest baby, Elton CASE; youngest baby, Nellie HARRIS; fattest baby, Jaret MIDDLECAMP; reddest hair, Evelyn THOMPSON; prettiest red hair, Mildred WARFIELD; handsomest mother, Mrs. Alva KING, mother of Jackson KING. 


CHICO (Butte Co.), May 5 - In a fit of despondency Mrs. Grace LASSON attempted to commit suicide Sunday morning at the home of her mother, Mrs. Fay LETTERMAN, on Second Street. Mrs. LASSON swallowed a quantity of lysol, but her cries brought assistance, and she was pumped out by a physician, and will recover.

A portion of the acid spilled over her face, and from her eyes to her neck the skin is raw as beefsteak. The throat, too, is frightfully burned, and Mrs. Lasson is unable to talk, and it is only with great difficulty that even liquid nourishment can be swallowed.

It had been noted by the Letterman family that Mrs. Lasson had been acting queerly all Sunday morning, but it was not feared she would attempt to take her life.

D. LETTERMAN, a brother of Mrs. Lasson, recently committed suicide at Chico by shooting himself in the head with a rifle. Brooding over this is said to have been partially the cause of Mrs. Lasson’s deranged state of mind.

Mrs. Lasson and a sister, her exact counterpart, known to all Chico as the “Letterman twins,” have often been before the public eye by reason of their more or less harmless escapades. 


SANTA ROSA (Sonoma Co.), May 5 - Allen B. LEMMON, a member of the Board of Trustees of the State Library, and for many years one of the best known editors of the State, lost his third finger on his right hand this week in an accident in his garden. 


APPLEGATE (Placer Co.), May 5 - Tip BAXTER, pioneer of this place and a veteran of the Civil War, in which he served on the Confederate side, died yesterday afternoon a short time after he had fallen from a lumber wagon. Baxter was unloading a lumber wagon. He fell, sustaining injuries that paralyzed his right side. His death followed soon. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), May 5 - James GILLESPIE, a Yuba pioneer, died yesterday in the County Hospital at the age of 75 years. He was a cousin of James G. BLAINE and was a native of Pennsylvania. He conducted a livery stable here for years. 

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Sacramento Bee

Friday May 9, 1913 


CHICO (Butte Co.), May 9 - After working most of the day the Chico Constabulary and Assistant District Attorney George F. LE ROSSIGNOL have been unable to explain the mysterious blood stains on the floor and wall of the little deserted cottage located in a sequestered orchard back of the Diamond Match Company’s plant at Barber, a suburb one mile from Chico. The floor and walls of the house were thickly spotted with fresh blood stains.

The blood stains were discovered by Deputy Constable Oliver ALLWARDT who was searching for baggage thieves along the Southern Pacific tracks.

The two rocks found on the floor of one of the rooms were clean and showed no signs of blood stains. 


WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), May 9 - Reynolds & Rider, well borers Wednesday bored a well seventy-five feet deep for Hugh GARNETT, the Glenn County cattle king, in ten hours. It was one of the fastest jobs ever recorded in the County. The well is twelve inches in diameter. 


WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), May 9 - An automobile in which Charles LAMBERT and Jack KNIGHT were riding collided with the Fruto train on the Southern Pacific division with the result that the train was partially wrecked. The accident occurred at the Walnut Street crossing. Knight and Lambert stopped their machine at the crossing to let the train, which was backing down, pass. The automobile struck the rear platform, tearing away the steps of the coach. No one was injured in the crash.  


CHICO ( Butte Co.), May 10 (sic) - J.R. WILLARD, resident of Chico, pleaded guilty yesterday to violating the law in order to aid a destitute family in dire distress. He was arrested by Constable CRUM for the alleged cutting down and taking trees from the premises of Charles CONROY, eight miles from Chico. Willard appeared before Justice J.L. BARNES yesterday and pleaded guilty to trespassing. 


WILLIAMS (Colusa Co.), May 9 - A fence built by George W. ROISTER that is said to encroach on a road near here caused a hearing before the Supervisors one day this week and a trip by the Board to the scene. A change is being asked in the road between Williams and the Fergeus ranch in Spring Valley, and this dispute has a bearing upon it. 


STANFORD UNIVERSITY, May 9 - L.D. SUMMERFIELD of Reno, Nev., has been elected next semester’s editor of the Chaparral, the students’ humorous magazine. Summerfield had charge of the comic during one of the semesters in 1912 and maintained a high quality of up-to-date stories.

Among the new men elected to the staff of the magazine if A.M. STANDISH, formerly of Redding. 


WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), May 9 - Sheriff J.A. BAILEY, of this County, has bought two bloodhound puppies and will train them to track criminals. They were purchased from S.D. STEFFY, of the Elk Creek country, and will be delivered in about four weeks. 


ROSEVILLE (Placer Co.), May 9 - H.A. SNOW, arrested by Constable RUDESUTER for indecent exposure, was sentenced to serve twenty days in the County Jail at Auburn. 


ROCKLIN (Placer Co.), May 9 - The old roundhouse of the Southern Pacific, abandoned when Roseville was made a big terminal, is being cleared away and the ground put in shape for a baseball diamond. A portion of the stone wall will be retained as a back for the bleachers. It is a central location , and is well adapted for the purpose.

The Rocklin team will be a strong aggregation this year. 


WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), May 9 - The will and petition for probate of the estate of Mrs. Nettie E. Vickroy, who died recently on the home place near Yolo, where she was born forty-seven-years ago, were filed yesterday by Albert M. BEMMERLY, the executor.

The petition shows that the property consists of 3,500 acres of land in this county, bank stock, cash, livestock, warehouse , — implements and jewelry.

By the terms of the will, 160 acres of choice land are bequeathed to a sister, Mrs. Dora SCHNEIDER, of Oakland, and 627 acres to a brother, Ernest HELD, of Oakland. The mother, Mrs. Henrietta M. HELD, of Oakland, is given a monthly allowance from the estate, and there is a contract between the two latter providing for her for life. All of the residue of the estate is bequeathed to the executor, Albert M. Bemerly.

The will is witnessed by James L. HARE of this city and E. CAVANAUGH of Oakland. A.C. HUSTON is attorney for the executor. 


WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), May 9 - Hon. G. W. Pierce of Davis has been appointed as Yolo County’s agent to dispose of State Highway bonds for the building of the west side highway. 


CHICO (Butte Co.), May 9 - The Hammond interests of San Francisco have invaded the Chico district, and it is authoritatively stated that before they have finished many thousands of acres of land will have been sold. Sales were consummated yesterday wherein the Hammond people took over the Robert A. ANDERSON ranch of 1,500 acres, paying about $50,000, and the Peter HANSEN ranch adjoining of 240 acres. Other sales are pending. The land will be put into alfalfa for the extensive raising of dairy stock. 


LODI (San Joaquin Co.), May 9 - The Ladies Athletic Club, composed largely of school teachers, held a picnic at Smith’s Lake Wednesday afternoon. They enjoyed the afternoon in athletic exercises, songs, music and boat riding. Mrs. E.E. BREITENBUCHER and Mrs. William INCH were chaperones for the party. 


WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), May 9 - Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. H.E. Phillips, which occurred Thursday at Los Angeles. The body will be brought to Yolo for burial, arriving here Saturday afternoon at 4:40. The funeral will be held direct from the train. Mrs. Phillips was the mother of Mrs. D.N. BROWN, of this city. She is also survived by three other daughters and two sons.

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The Sacramento Bee

Monday, May 12, 1913 


CHICO (Butte Co.), May 12 - The engagement of Miss Mattie SPRINGER to Fred D. MONTGOMER, both of Chico, was formerly announced at a dinner party given in the Diamond Hotel Grill Saturday evening.

Miss Olive SWIFT was the hostess at a pretty linen show extended to Miss Mazie E. THOMASSON, a popular young Chico girl who is to be married in the near future to Arthur F. CRUM of Oroville.

The engagement of Miss Glen SHAW, prominent Chico woman, to Wiley W. MATHER, formerly a member of the Chico High School faculty, but now of San Francisco was announced at a delightfully appointed luncheon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. LEWIS of Chico Vecino Saturday evening. The wedding of the popular young couple will take place July 3d. 


OROVILLE (Butte Co.), May 12 - Within the nest two weeks the marriage of Miss Minnie WILLIAMS and Louis FOWLER will be celebrated in this city. The bride to be is a popular Oroville girl, who has been reared in Butte County. The groom is the First Lieutenant of Company I, Second Infantry, of this city, and is a prominent mining man. 


OAKLAND, May 12 - Martin V. TAYLOR, aged 77, Western pioneer and Indian fighter, and great-grandson of John TAYLOR, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, died in the Fruitvale district to-day at his residence, 2223 East Fifteenth Street. Acute stomach trouble was the cause of his death.

Taylor was the son of John Taylor of Kentucky and his mother was Mrs. Mary HUDDLESTON TAYLOR, both dead. After attending school in Illinois he went to Oregon in 1852 with his brothers. They remained there, but Martin went to Yreka, Siskiyou County, California, to engage in mining. During his life there he participated in the Rogue River Indian wars. 


SUISUN (Solano Co.), May 12 - A J. RICE Company announce the closing of three large deals which have been pending for months in the purchase of the property of the BULKLEY Estate of 1,250 acres and the properties of William FARRELL and CAIN ranches of 800 acres, a total of 2,000 acres at a price of about $150,000. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), May 12 - K. HATANAKA, a Japanese lies in the City Jail with a charge of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to commit murder, as a result of a murderous attack made Saturday evening on Ray ALLEN, an inmate of the restricted district.

The Japanese, who it has developed has been on exceedingly friendly terms with the woman, went to visit her Saturday evening, and on finding another in her company, went to the back door of her crib and demanded admittance. When she appeared, he attacked her with a knife and inflicted a severe wound on each arm as the woman attempted to guard against the blow.

The Japanese was arrested as he entered Yuba City after making his escape from Marysville. 


SISSON (Siskiyou Co.), May 12 - The funeral of Mrs. Almira WILSON, who died here Thursday, was held under the auspices of Vicino Temple, Pythian Sisters, yesterday afternoon. Deceased was a pioneer resident of this section, the wife of R.P. WILSON, a veteran of the Civil War. Besides her husband, two daughters and three sons survive. 


COLFAX (Placer Co,), May 12 - A. KELLY, a teamster employed by the Pacific Gas ans Electric Company, was killed Saturday night about two miles from Colfax, when the wagon he was driving overturned. His foot caught in the wheel and he was dragged a distance of about sixty feet.

He was dead when found. Kelly was unmarried and about 28 years of age.


QUINCY (Plumas Co.), May 12 - The Board of Education met Saturday in the office of the County Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Hall, with a full attendance. On a vote of 3 to 2 W.H. WEEKS of San Francisco was selected as architect for the new High School building. 


WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), may 12 - Deputy Sheriff R.W. WOODS was injured last night while attempting to quiet a disturbance on a Woodland-bound electric car. A whisky flask, thrown by one of four Portuguese, after they had left the car, struck the Sheriff over the right eye, inflicting painful but not serious injuries.

Stephen MACEDO, the man who threw the bottle, was this morning held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. Bonds for $2,500 were required. The others are held as witnesses. 


DUTCH FLAT (Placer Co.), May 12 - Dan McSWEENEY, an employe of March Bros., while demented, cut his throat with a razor, just missing the large arteries of the neck. He was taken to the Utah Construction Company’s Emergency Hospital at Dutch Flat and treated. A brother, Tim McSWEENEY, resided in San Francisco. 



CARSON (Nev.), May 12 - Andrew MIRKOVICH, the Tonopah murderer sentenced to die for the murder of Antone GREGOVICH in Tonopah about a year ago, will be shot to death in the penitentiary at this place Wednesday morning. This will be the first legal shooting that has ever occurred in this State, Mirkovich having chosen that means of death under the Nevada law.

He is now in the condemned cell, and is almost a physical wreck. It is believed that he will have to be carried to the place of execution and placed in the chair in which he is to die.

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Sacramento Bee

Monday May 19, 1913 


CHICO (Butte Co.), May 19 -

Thomas DOOLEY, hotel proprietor of this city, has turned over to the Department of Science of the Chico State Normal School a new specimen of snake discovered in Big Chico Creek Saturday by William O’CLAIR, a vaudeville actor playing here.

The queerest of wriggling things is nearly two feet long yet is no thicker than a common white string. It resembles other snakes in every particular excepting in the girth of its body, which is slightly over an eighth of an inch. 


PLACERVILLE (El Dorado Co.), May 19 -

Superintendent of the Lake Tahoe State Road, W.W. HOYT, of Diamond Springs, returned Friday from an inspection of the road, which he says is now open for vehicles. Charles CELLO, Jr. having made the trip over the Summit into Lake Valley recently. Though there is still some snow between Riverton and Phillips, it is not enough to prevent travel by wagon.

Among the improvements soon to be completed on the road is one now under way - the blasting out of rock at a very narrow turn this side of Riverton to allow vehicles to pass each other at this dangerous point where there is a sheer declivity of several hundred feet to the American River.


GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), May 19 -

One of the liveliest contests in the history of this city is manifest in the Municipal Election being held here to-day for the election of Mayor, City Treasurer, City Marshal, Water Collector and seven Trustees. The principal fight is for Water Collector, there being eleven candidates in the field.

The Armstrong forces are conspicuous. Armstrong, who claims to have been beaten for Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce by a clever intrigue of a certain clique in this city, is determined to control the City Trustees so that he can secure the office of City Clerk, to which he aspires.

Thomas INGRAM has no opponent for Mayor. City Marshall DAVIS and Night Watchman NORTHWAY are making a spirited fight for City Marshall, while there is contest in three of the seven precincts for City Trustee. 


OROVILLE (Butte Co.), May 19 -

Superior Judge John C. GRAY was taken suddenly ill at the Court House this morning as he was preparing to open Court.

Judge GRAY was removed to his home at once. His affliction is stomach trouble. His condition is said to not be critical. All Court business will be put over for a couple of weeks. Judge GRAY is 76 years of age. 


KLAMATH FALLS (Ore.), May 19 -

Bawne HENRY, 5 years old, son of Eugene HENRY, was run over by an automobile on the main street here Sunday noon.

Alex STRAYAN was running the car. It passed over the boy’s head, tore off his ear and crushed his head. He is still alive, but unconscious, and it is believed he will die.

STRAYAN is nearly insane over the accident. 


grass valley (Nevada Co.), May 19 -

A further examination of P.A. MOFFIT of Hammonton, who was injured in a runaway accident below this city, reveals that his back has been broken and that his chances for recovery are very slim. Dr. Carl JONES stated yesterday, however, that the cord had not been completely severed, which gives him one chance in a hundred to improve. The other Hammonton people who were injured in the accident are improving rapidly. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), May 17 -

Harry RILEY, a youth 18 years, is in custody, charged with the theft of a watch from Suel HARRIS Jr., of Sutter County. Chief McCOY observed RILEY attempting to dispose of the timepiece before HARRIS complained of losing his property and had no difficulty locating the young man when Harris made the complaint. It is a case for Juvenile Court. 


Bank Janitor Gets $500, as Do Library and Women’s Improvement Club

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), May 19 -

The will of the late W.H. PARKS, Jr., was filed for probate to-day with the petition of J.M. KILGRAIF, a brother-in-law, of Sausalito, for letters testamentary. Kilgarif is named as executor to act without bonds.

Remembers Janitor

The will, dated March 18, 1912, makes the following bequests:

Mrs. Charles HAPGOOD, an aunt, of Marysville, $500; Bertha HEMPHILL, niece, of Calistoga, $500; J.M. KILGARIF, brother-in-law, Sausalito, $500; J.M. RODRIGUEZ, janitor at Decker & Jewitt Bank with which decedent was connected, $$500.

Library and Improvement Guild

The codicil bequests as follows:

Marysville City Library, $500; Women’s Civic Improvement Club, $500; Ladies’ Guild of St. John’s Episcopal Church, $500.

The rest of the estate is given to two sisters, Adelia F. HEMPHILL of Calistoga and Elizabeth P. KILGARIF of Sausalito, share and share alike.

The value of the estate is given as in excess of $10,000. It is believed to be between $20,000 and $30,000. 


WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), May 19 -

Dr. C. F. CLARK returned Saturday from Los Angeles, where he attended the meeting of the California State Homeopathic Medical Society. He was elected Second Vice President and was made a member of the Legislative Committee. 


WOODLAND (Yolo CO.) ,May 19 -

Johnny JAMES, wanted at Madera on a statutory charge, was arrested here last night by Deputy Sheriff HILLHOUSE. He is aged *1 years and has relatives in Woodland. He was taken to Madera to-day. 


PLACERVILLE (El Dorado Co.), May 19 -

H. JOHNSON, of Sacramento, was arrested Sunday on complaint of J.B. BLAIR of the J & J Blair Company on a charge of reckless driving with an automobile. He will be tried next Monday. 



YERINGTON (Nev.), May 19 -

G.B. WALDO, elected Mayor of Yerington May 6th, has resigned.

Waldo was elected on a reform ticket and supposed that a Council had been elected to support him. The Council failed to endorse his appointments or actions and he resigned. 


RENO (Nev.) May 19 -

Ivan HOCEVAR, in the County Jail here on a charge of murder and said to be insane, will not be tried on a charge of insanity. HOCEVAR is a gun worshiper and said that he killed a man because the gun god told him to do so. 


RENO (Nev.), May 19 -

Prof. Goddon H. TRUE, in charge of the agricultural experiment station of the University of Nevada, has resigned to become Professor of Animal Industry in the University of California. Prof. TRUE was also State Quarantine officer for Nevada. 


CARSON CITY, (Nev.), May 19 -

W.M. DEAL, who escaped from the penitentiary road gang two years ago with another prisoner, has been captured in Billings, Mont., and was brought back to Carson. 


FALLON (Nev.), May 19 -

Joe MARTINES, who fired a shot through the hand of C. FRAZZINNI, another Italian here has been fined $50 for carrying a concealed weapon. Martines pleaded guilty to this charge when a charge of assault with intent to kill was dismissed against him. He was unable to pay the fine imposed and is now serving it out. 


VIRGINIA (Nev.), May 19 -

Superintendent SYMMES of the Mexican mine on the comstock, who engaged in a heated controversy with Herman ZADIG and other San Francisco brokers some time ago has now asked that Superintendent JULHIN of the Sierra Nevada mine be dismissed. He alleges incompetency and fraud and has asked the California Courts order him removed from his position. 


RENO (Nev.), May 19 -

Believing that County Max VON BULOW, killed under a Southern Pacific train west of Reno, who married a young woman in Pennsylvania fifteen years ago and then deserted her and their infant child, Rev. Father J.F. KIERNAN, of Newton, Pa., is endeavoring to secure a description of von Bulow. Count von Bulow was 50 years of age, and an educated German. 

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Sacramento Bee

Monday December 22, 1913 


RED BLUFF - The case of W.L. RAMER vs. Minnie L. RAMER was heard before the Superior Court, and Judge ELLISON took it under advisement. The cross-complaint was heard on the original complaint. 

ANDERSON - Thomas A. LITTLE has begun an action against J.C. SPENCER for money alleged to be due. Fred OLIFANT appeared for the plaintiff, and J.E. ESTEP for the defendant. The trial was before Justice Cuningham. 

COLUSA - Edwin A. RODGERS has brought suit against R.C. MAVES, his former partner in the dry goods business, for violating an agreement entered into between them when Rodgers bought Maves’ interest in the store, alleging that Maves agreed not to follow the same business in Colusa for five years. Maves became the manager of an opposition store across the street. 

RED BLUFF - Sheriff Jud BOYD has returned with Hale SCHMIDT, who is charged with stealing a bicycle and other things. Schmidt was arrested at Norman, Colusa County. It is stated that the prisoner admits all the thefts and wants to plead guilty. 

ROCKLIN - Rocklinites were again the victims of the petty thief Saturday night. A hat, two or more pair of pants and an overcoat were taken from rooms in the Grand Southern Hotel. Further down the same street a householder took several shots at an intruder before the thief could secure anything. 

MARYSVILLE - The preliminary examination of Earl COKLEY, an I.W.W. suspect, was postponed when a witness failed to appear. The case will probably come up this week. 

OROVILLE - Edward THOMPSON, well-known fisherman and guide who for the past three seasons has conducted the Shady Rest resort on the North Fork of the Feather River, will manage the resort during the coming year. He sold his interest in the place to Mrs. PETTYS, of Oakland, last Fall, but has been engaged to conduct it during the coming year. 

YUBA CITY - The WALTON Company of Sutter County has been organized and articles of incorporation filed with the County Clerk. Yuba City will be the principal place of business for fifty years. S.V.WALTON, of Berkeley, and L.A. WALTON and F.S. WALTON, both of Yuba City, are the three Directors. The capital stock is $100,000, divided into 1,000 shares of the par value of $100. 

MARYSVILLE - To add to the troubles of the police a thief with a new stunt has appeared in Marysville. His special liking is the Christmas package delivered by the mail carrier. He trails the carrier and when a package is left at the door for people absent from home he appropriates it. Two cases have already been reported. 

WHEATLAND - The Board of Health of Wheatland has been reorganized by the election of A.H. ARMSTEAD as President and W.H. NIEMEYER as Secretary. The other members of the Board are Dr. LOWELL, Dr. ELLSWORTH, Dr. KIMMERER, A.C. STAGNER and G.W. MONSON. 

COLUSA - Mrs. A. JOHNSON was severely burned about the eyes and nose when a piece of fat she was frying exploded and landed on her face. 

OROVILLE - That all danger of Miss Lotta HARRIS, a local High School girl and singer in the Congregational Church choir, losing her sight is past is the statement of her physician. The girl was struck on the left eye with a cube of sugar and for a number of days it was feared that the sight of the eye was destroyed. 

MARYSVILLE - Two petitions favoring the proposition of Statewide prohibition upon the ballots next Fall have been filed here, and during this week there will be a third petition, which is being circulated in the southern portion of the county by Wheatland proponents of the cause of “California dry.” The petitions already filed contain the signatures of people in Marysville and vicinity. 

BENICIA - At a meeting of the Public Library Trustee Saturday, Miss Josie O’SULLIVAN was appointed Librarian to succeed Nell SCANNELL. There were about a dozen applicants for the position. 

WHEATLAND - Hog cholera has made its appearance in this part of Yuba County, first appearing in the vicinity of Waldo. The disease was so pronounced on the C.K. DAM place that the State Veterinarian was called to work with the local veterinarians. A wholesale vaccination has followed, with splendid results. The vaccine is being used as a preventive on other farms. 

WOODLAND - A petition has been filed in the Superior Court by Henry B. and Anna E. GERMESHAUSEN for the adoption of Sarah SHORT, an abandoned child. 

MARYSVILLE - Mayor ROBINSON of Colusa and the members of his Council were in Marysville Saturday inspecting the newly paved streets of this municipality as an aid to them in proposed like improvement in Colusa. They were extended courtesies by the members of the local Council. 

WOODLAND - Suit has been filed in the Superior Court by seven wood choppers against Clinton MILLER, a farmer residing near Knight’s Landing, for $760, claimed to be due for cutting wood. The plaintiffs are A. MARCEAS, Y. BERNUDES, A. CORDERO, A. CORALES, A. MADRONE, Y. COMACHO and F. MARTIN. 

WHEATLAND - Amended articles of incorporation of the Farmers’ Bank of Wheatland, reducing the number of shares of capital stock from 1,200 to 600, and increasing their value from $50 to $100 have been filed with the County Clerk. This was the only change made in the articles. 

OROVILLE - Five hundred trial jurors for the year 1914 will set a new record in Butte County. Judge GREGORY has stated that that is the number he will order to be listed by the Board of Supervisors. The largest number ever listed before was 450. 

RED BLUFF - The funeral services of Abraham A. DINKEL, who died at the Sisters’ Hospital, was held Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock from the Catholic Church and the services was conducted by Father BRADY. 

OROVILLE - Testimony at the Coroner’s Inquest held in this city over the remains of the Mexican killed by the “1915" Western Pacific train late Friday night near Big Bar, was that the name of the man was L. GARCIA. Testimony given at the inquest was to the effect that the victim had been about Big Bar in an intoxicated condition. 

COTTONWOOD - The Baptist Church of this place just concluded a two days’ fair and entertainment. A handsome sum was realized. 


KLAMATH FALLS (Ore.), December 22 -

Klamath Falls must pay Mrs. Catherine CALLAHAN $2,500 for injuries received in a fall alleged to have been caused by a loose board in the sidewalk at Eighth and High Streets on November 27, 1912. This verdict was returned by the jury Thursday afternoon in the $7,000 damage suit brought against the city by Mrs. CALLAHAN. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), December 22 -

The case of David MORRISON and others against Reclamation District 817 was compromised here to-day when Morrison agreed to pay two-thirds of the assessment made against his and his relatives’ land in the district. He paid over $2,389.90. Morrison and the others objected to the original assessment which, they declared, was too big for the benefits to be derived. 


QUINCY (Plumas Co.), December 22 -

The fall of several inches of snow here has stopped ice skating but has substituted as a sport for the young people, sleigh riding and snowballing. Nearly all the sleighs in town are in use. The fact that the ground is frozen beneath the snow makes the sleighing good. It is expected that toboggan sliding will soon occupy the attention of many. 


Colusa (Colusa Co.), December 22 -

A new attorney or a new Judge will probably be necessary in the case of H. MONSEN against Annie MONSEN to break the will of F. MONSEN. When the case was called in the Superior Court here the attorney for the plaintiff raised the point that U.W. BROWN, attorney for the defense, had no right to try the case before Judge H.M. ALBERY, who is a relative. Judge ALBERY’s son married Attorney BROWN’s daughter, and the point is raised on that relationship.

Judge ALBERY will render a decision in the case this afternoon. 


WASHINGTON (D.C.), December 22 -

Fifteen candidates are in the field for the office of United States Marshalship of the Northern California District. Marshal Thomas ELHOFF’s term will not expire until June 21, 1914, but the candidates are already besteging (sic) the Department of Justice and various Congressmen for the position.

Those known to be in the race are: E.F. RAMMERS, Vacaville; J. Walter GRAVES, Manteca; Larry DOLAN, San Francisco; Robert McKILLEARN, Oakland; S.M. McGARY, Lodi; P. COHN, Sacramento; James ADAIR, Mariposa; Taiton HAWKES, San Andreas; E.W. GRIMM, Red Bluff; J.E. LEWIS, San Rafael; R.M. RUSSELL, San Francisco; G.W. GRIFFIN, Woodland; Thomas L. SMITH, Yuba City, R.L. HUTCHINSON, Ukiah; J.B. HOLOHAN, Watsonville. 


STOCKTON (San Joaquin Co.), December 22 -

The Republican County Central Committee, of which the Progressives obtained control two years ago, met Saturday. The old Republican Committee was adjourned sine die. Steps were immediately taken to organize a San Joaquin County Progressive Central Committee. All members of The Old Republican County Committee are invited to become members of the new committee.

Organization will be perfected at a mass meeting to be held soon in Stockton.  


W.H. BARRY, a landowner near Courtland, arrived yesterday.

W.A. BREWER, of Hillsborough, connected with St. Mathews Military Academy, is a recent arrival.

THOMAS D. SWIFT and RICHARD A. COLGAN, Forest Rangers, are in the city.

GEORGE COBB, wealthy Yolo County landowner, is in Sacramento on business.

REV. W,A, BREWER, President of St. Mathews’ College at Burlingame, was in Sacramento to-day.

GOVERNOR HIRAM JOHNSON left Sunday for San Francisco, to remain until after Christmas. 

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The Sacramento Union

July 1, 1914


Former University Treasurer in Jail

Wright Confesses and Asks for Release On Probation.

OAKLAND, June 30 - Harry L. WRIGHT, former treasurer of the University of California, who was arrested following the discovery of a shortage in his accounts, this morning pleaded guilty to the explicit charge of embezzling $666.75 and was remanded to the county jail for three weeks. He asked probation and a report will be made from the probation officer within the time set today.



In the effort to unite the members of the San Francisco fire department, the articles of incorporation of the David Scannel club were filed with secretary of State Franck C. JORDAN yesterday.

The incorporators are: Joseph DOLAN, W.E. GALLATIN Jr., A.B. BUTTERWORTH, C.J. BRENNAN, Joseph CONNING, L.J. SPEAR, Eugene MULLIGAN, George F. BROWN and D.J. O?DONNELL.

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Sacramento Bee

Monday October 19, 1914 


WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), October 19 - William T. TROXEL, aged 88, one of the original valley pioneers, passed away of old age at his home at Elk Creek in the Coast Range foothills.

He was born in Illinois and crossed the plains in 1854 with an ox team caravan to California and settled at Silveyville, Solano county. He married there Miss Eliza JOHNSON, who still lives. In 1870 they moved into the wilds of the Sacramento Valley, west of what is now Willows.

Surviving Troxel are seven sons and two daughters: Joseph TROXEL of Yolo County; George Troxel of Dixon; Frank Lloyd and Cecil Troxel of Elk Creek; Albert Troxel of Washington; Delbert Troxel of Sacramento; Mrs. Ernest SCUFF of Yolo County and Mrs. Fred ELSTICH of Solano County.

The funeral was to-day at Elk Creek. 


CHICO (Butte Co.), October 19 - After an illness of six weeks, Miss Grace M. CLARK, sixteen year old high school girl, died at the home of her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Homer Clark, 1327 South Chestnut Street. Miss Clark, who was born in Michigan, had been a resident of this city for seven years.

The funeral was held this afternoon from the Engel Undertaking parlors at 2:30 o’clock. Rev. Josephus SHERRILL of the United Brethern Church officiated, interment being made in the Chico cemetery. 


AUBURN (Placer Co.), October 19 - Mrs. J.A. LAING, wife of a well known lumberman of this county, succumbed to heart failure at the family home in this city Saturday. The funeral services were held in this city this forenoon and the body was shipped to Sacramento to be cremated and East Lawn Cemetery. Mrs. Laing was almost sixty-six years old. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), October 19 - Word has been received from Santa Rosa of the death of Mrs. Louise COOK, a former resident of this city, which occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Daisie READER, also a former resident of Marysville. Deceased was a native of Ohio, and 63 years of age. Paralysis was the cause of death.

Beside Mrs. Reader, Mrs. James YOUNG of Santa Rosa and Mrs. Mary MURKIN of Nashville, Tenn., are surviving daughters, and Ray Cook of Marysville, Peorge Cook of Sausalito, and Will Cook of Santa Rosa are sons of deceased. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), October 19 - Attorney CARLIN, attorney for the defendant in the action of M. WHITMAN vs. C.C. BREEDEN for $10,000 damages for alleged false imprisonment, to-day entered a demurrer to the complaint.

He alleges that the complaint fails to show specifically for what the damage is asked. The suit was brought as a result of the arrest of the plaintiff’s son on a charge of grand larceny. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), October 19 - A woman’s love for Maraschino cherries caused her to be temporarily listed as the champion female imbiber of cocktails by a local hotel-keeper. She is the wife of a traveling salesman.

During her husband’s absence on a side trip, the wife ordered eighteen whisky cocktails sent to her rom. When the nineteenth cocktail was ordered the landlord began to fear the husband’s wrath, and sent the stewardess to his guest’s room to reconnoiter.

The stewardess found the eighteen cocktails ranged in a row in the boudoir, untouched save that the Maraschino cherry had been taken from each. The woman bought the cocktails to get the cherries. 


CORNING (Tehama Co.), October 19 - Richmond Pearson HOBSON, accompanied by Mr. WALTON, representing the Anti-Saloon League, addressed a meeting Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock. It was an audience of about 1,000 people. The meeting was in the open air. Richard B. FRIPP introduced the speaker. 


PARADISE (Butte Co.), October 19 - An unusual phenomenon is claimed to have been witnessed here by William EDGE at 10 o’clock in the forenoon when a meteor burst about forty-five degrees above the western horizon. When it burst, he says there was a streak, and then a puff of grayish smoke, which remained in the air for several minutes. 


CHICO (Butte Co.), A man giving the name of Al STEIN, and residence as Thermalito, was struck on the head by the south bound Northern Electric car here last night on Main between Fourth and Fifth Streets.

Stein was knocked to the ground and narrowly escaped death under the wheels. Other than cuts and bruises, he was uninjured. 


ALLEGHANY (Sierra Co.), October 19 - D.P. FERNU, a miner employed by the Lightner Company, was overcome by gas at the mine. He was found unconscious in the drift at noon and the supposition is that he had been unconscious for two hours or more.

The unfortunate man was conveyed to his home and the attending physician worked until 7 o’clock in the evening before any sign of returning consciousness was observed. 


MERIDIAN - County Horticulturist H.P. STABLER, accompanied by Constable EPPERSON, was in this vicinity enforcing the farmers to remove the thistle from their properties. 

RED BLUFF - Registration figures supplied by County Clerk H.G. KUHN place the combined registration of the five political parties in Tehama County at 6,599. This number shows an increase of 299 over the total registration at the August primary. 

GRASS VALLEY - Mrs. M.A. MACKINNIE, the social worker who has been giving addresses in this section for the past week, has departed for Auburn, where she will be engaged for a time.

RED BLUFF - That Robert EVANS, the Cottonwood Creek youth, now being held on a charge of burglary is temporarily insane is the belief of Under Sheriff C.A. LANGE. Lange and two deputies were compelled to stay with him the major part of one night to prevent him from an inflicting upon himself any bodily harm. 

PLACERVILLE - Albert E. MAY, General Manager of the Placerville Gold Mining Company, and George W. ENGELHARDT, Superintendent of the Rising Hope Mine, have left on a trans-continental trip over the Lincoln Highway. 

YUBA CITY - On motion of his attorney, Lawrence FISHER, the alleged Oakland Deputy Constable charged with “shooting up” Sutter City, has been given two weeks further time to offer his plea to the charge of assault with a deadly weapon. 

MARYSVILLE - A burglar attempted to effect an entrance to the residence of Charles SCHELLINGER on E Street last night, but was frightened away by Mrs. SCHELLINGER who surprised the intruder at one of the windows and telephoned the police. No arrests were made. 

DAVIS - H.S. MADDOX, Secretary of the Yolo Board of Trade with headquarters at Woodland, was the principal speaker at the Sunday evening meeting for the students of the University of California Farm School. J. SERAL, Farm Advisor of Yolo County, gave a brief outline of the opportunities that are open for the agricultural graduate of to-day. 

CHICO - Jewelry valued at about $100 was stolen from the home of Mrs. I.D. NIKIRK, 520 Olive Street. The burglar made his entrance by cutting a hole in a screen door and unlatching the back door. 

WINTERS - The students of the Winters High School held a pie and cake sale on Main Street. The proceeds of the sale are to go toward the editing of the High School paper. Miss Maud CHETHAM is Manager of the Paper, and Miss Velma WYATT is her assistant. 


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Sacramento Bee

Tuesday October 20, 1914 


Mrs. Anna Gustin, Former Resident of Butte County, Passes Away in Palo Alto.

CHICO (Butte Co.), October 20 - In the death of Mrs. Anna GUSTIN in Palo Alto, Chico lost a former and well known resident.

Mrs. Gustin was born in Schenectady, N.Y. in 1862. She came to Chico with her husband in 1878, where they conducted a book store located on Broadway between Second and Third streets. The family left Chico in 1903 to reside in San Francisco.

Mrs. Gustin leaves to mourn her loss, two sons. Alfred and Warren GUSTIN of San Francisco; two daughters, Mrs. H.M. MEEKS of Sebastopol, and Miss Ruth GUSTIN of San Francisco; two brothers, Joseph BURROUGHS of Chico and Judge H.D. BURROUGHS of Lassen County, and two sisters, Mrs. E. BUCKHOUT of Palo Alto, and Mrs. K.B. WILLIAMS of Chico Vecino.

Funeral services here held at San Francisco. 


BENICIA (Solano Co.), October 20 - Death came suddenly to Mrs. John LOPAS, one of the best known women of Benicia. The deceased was aged 26 years and leaves besides her husband a 4 year-old daughter, Loraine, and mother, Mrs. Jeannette JENSEN, the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Annie UNKS, Stockton; Miss Amelia JENSEN, Vantrent, Placer county, and William Fred, Louise, Jacob, Paul and Frank JENSEN of Benicia. 




MARYSVILLE - On motion of its attorney, the case of the Esther Mundell Detective Agency vs. Yuba County, in an action to collect on the detective bill incurred in connection with the Wheatland hop field murder, was dismissed. The company compromised with the county and accepted $1,450 instead of $1,801.65 as asked for. 

WOODLAND - George SIMS and T. KAMOTA, both of Winters, have commenced suit against the Pacific Fruit Exchange for $369 and six per cent interest from July 1, 1914, claiming that the plaintiffs have that amount due them for the alleged delivery of fruit according to contract. 

COTTONWOOD - The local Lodge of the Fraternal Brotherhood attended memorial services at the Baptist Church. Rev. CRANE, himself a member of several fraternal societies, preached the sermon, the subject being “Fraternity.” 

COTTONWOOD - Constable George MARTIN of this place earned a $25 reward offered for the arrest of Glen COLLARD an alleged escape from a Reform School in Montana. Collard was arrested at the home of his mother and will be taken back to serve out his term. 

GRASS VALLEY - A personal letter addressed to Andrew CARNEGIE, philanthropist, which will leave this city to-day, marks the initial step of the Trustees of the Grass Valley Free Library to secure a Carnegie building for Grass Valley. 

VACAVILLE - The plans for the Carnegie Library for Vacaville have been accepted and bids will be called for as soon as the architect can prepare specifications. The building is to cost $12,500. 

WOODLAND - It is expected that Judge HAWKINS will render a decision shortly in the case of Maybrey McMAHON vs. W.W. BROWNELL in a suit to collect $42,550.12, alleged to be due plaintiff for the sale of certain tracts of land belonging to defendant. The case was begun November 17, 1909, and was tried in 1910 and taken under advisement but has never been brought up since. 

COLFAX - In conformity with a movement going on all over the county, the four general merchandise stores of Colfax has signed an agreement to close their place of business the first five evenings of the week after November 1st. At the present time the clerks are compelled to work fourteen hours a day. 

MARYSVILLE - The barn and chicken house connected with the residence of Rev. M. COLEMAN on Oak Street, near Seventh, were destroyed by fire of an unknown origin last night. The Fire Department protected St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, located to the south of the blaze. The loss was nominal. 

COLFAX - Howe Bros., proprietors of the Hillcrest Farm and Dairy, west of Colfax, have purchased the Hanby ranch and will enlarge the plant. 

AUBURN - The reorganization meeting of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce will be held in the Hotel Auburn to-morrow evening, when plans prepared for changing the form of its government will be submitted and discussed, and officers for the ensuing term will be elected. 

CHICO - A valuable dragon pin set with a ruby was carried away by burglars form the residence of A.S. JONES, on South Chestnut Street. 

MARYSVILLE - Timothy SHEA, accused by District Attorney STANWOOD with burglarizing the cabin of Thomas RELS, near Brownsville, has entered a plea of not guilty .The date of the trial will be set next week. 

OROVILLE - A demented man was brought here form Gridley, where he was arrested by Constable MILLER. As nearly as could be learned form his incoherent talk, his name is Chester WEIGHT, and it is thought that he may have escaped from the home for feeble-minded at Glen Ellen. 

WOODLAND - Reclamation District 150 is soon to enjoy electric lights and power. The Great Western Power has been granted eighteen rights of way into this District. 

ROSEVILLE - Superior Judge J.E. PREWETT of Auburn, addressed the Women’s improvement Club at its regular meeting. He gave a nonpartisan talk on most of the forty-eight amendments to be voted on at the November election. He was followed by the Rev. F.H. ESSERT of Denver, Colo. 

WOODLAND - Henry SHARPNECK who terrorized the home of his brother, John, was declared an inebriate and will be sent to Ukiah for treatment. 

ARBUCKLE - John GAPPEN, a ranch hand, employed at George DEBOLT’s ranch, met with a painful accident when he stepped from a moving harrow into a hole and broke his leg at the ankle. 

FRENCH GULCH - Notice is posted in the Post Office here that a civil service examination of applicants for the position of Postmaster of French Gulch will be held in Redding on Saturday, November 14th. The office earned a salary of $672 last year. 

COLUSA - Ted NEIL, employed on the woodsaw belonging to E.E. WHITE, met with a painful accident when he had two fingers and thumb of his right hand cut off. 

REDDING - Fred ROGERS, new arrival here from Klamath Falls, was arrested on a charge of insanity. He took lodgings in a hotel and in the night tore the room all to pieces hunting for a woman that he declared was hidden somewhere about the place. 



Miss Rosalie WHEELER, Manager.

Tomales Cal. Best fishing and bathing. HOTEL. Furnished cottages for house-keeping. Excellent fish dinners. 

In All the World No Waters Like These


Colusa County Cal.


Naturally Heated

Summer schedule - May 1st to Oct. 31st. Leave Williams daily (except Sunday) about 1:30 p.m. Round trip tickets S.P. Offices. Address J.W. CUTHBERT, Wilbur Springs, Cal. 

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Sacramento Bee

Monday February 15, 1915 


CARSON CITY (Nev.), February 18 - Indictments have been returned in the United Stated District Court here against the Western Pacific and Southern Pacific Companies, charging violation of the laws prohibiting rebates.

The Western Pacific is charged with rebating to the Simmons Manufacturing Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin, on shipments of iron beds and springs to San Francisco by furnishing a warehouse location in San Francisco.

The Southern Pacific Company is charged with giving rebates in ten instances to the Depue Elevator Company, of San Francisco, by assuming warehouse charges of 40 cents a ton on grain.

Efforts to obtain indictments before the Federal Grand Jury at San Francisco failed in both cases, it is stated. 


A.L. SCOTT, Depot Agent and John W. **** , claims Agent for the Northern Electric, proved detectives Saturday afternoon and arrested Earl PROUTT, who is said to be one of three pickpockets who have been robbing passengers at the Northern Electric depot for several weeks. PROUTT is alleged by SCOTT to have placed his hands in the breast pocket of a Hindu and tried to rob him. PROUTT will be tried to-morrow in the Police Court. 


Members of the Knights of Columbus will go to Stockton to-night on a special train over the Central California Traction Company’s line to pay an official visit to the Stockton ladge. It is expected that 200 members of the order will make the trip. Ed RYAN is in charge of the excursion. The special will leave at 6:30 p.m. and the return will be made starting from Stockton at 1 a.m. 


Race hatred is being aroused even in California by the European war if a letter written in mixed German and English, which reached Secretary Edwin F. SMITH of the California Senate to-day, may be taken as an indication of sentiment. The letter was signed by Mackie PLATE of Los Angeles, and, as near as it was possible to make it out, the missive read as follows:

Dear Sir, Mr. E.F. SCHMITH - If you, in Honor of the Senate in the State of California. Please now give me more protection from the Japanese. German colonies in Ameriken make revenge on the Japanese: want to drive them from California. That is the trouble with China, neutral.

Please, German colonies kan not forget the Japs. German Proclamation Japanese must leave California to (next line not legible) mit a flying bomb:

Thank you for the favor, I am

Respectfully Markie Plate. 


MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), February 15 -

Attorney WETMORE made application in the Superior Court this afternoon for a writ of habeas corpus in the case of The People against Lionel GAINS, colored chauffeur, charged by 16-year-old Henrietta BRADLEY, mother of a two-weeks-old babe born out of wedlock, with a statutory offense.

The application is heard on the ground that the evidence adduced at the preliminary examination does not warrant the detention of GAINS.

Judge MAHON has ordered Sheriff McCOY to provide GAINS in Court Wednesday morning. February 17th, at 10 o’clock at which hour the application for the writ will be heard by him.  


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Sacramento Bee

Tuesday February 16, 1915 


REDDING (Shasta Co.), February 14 -

Enough property owners in the business district have signed up to assure that Redding will have at least five blocks of asphalted streets.

Anton JAEGEL, who owns 209 feet of Market street frontage, signed up last week. Thee streets to be asphalted are Yuba, from the depot to Market, and Market from Placer to Tehama, the Temple Hotel corner.

The improvement will cost $20,000. The Chico Construction Company, which has just about completed the Reid Ferry Bridge, will do the work. 


NAPA (Napa Co.), February 16 -

A new Grand Jury was drawn by judge GESFORD in the Superior Court yesterday afternoon consisting of the following well-known citizens:


F.L. HUNT was appointed Foreman by Judge GESFORD. 



REDDING (Shasta Co.), February 16 -

The Grand Jury is in special session to-day. Its principal business being to hear from the county officers who think their salaries ought to be raised.

The Grand Jury is expected to make some recommendation to assemblyman McCRAY as he has said that he will not urge any increase unless they are recommended by the Grand Jury. 


A.C. BINGHAM, Marysville banker and his step-son, Billie BYRNE, have gone to San Francisco to attend the opening of the Exposition.

E.E. BRYAN, Marysville lumber dealer, and MRS. BRYAN, are in San Francisco to attend the Exposition opening.

GODWIN SWIFT, a Stockton attorney, is in Marysville to settle up the estate of his father, the late Dr. S.B. SWIFT.

FRANK VANCE, of Portland, Ore., is in Marysville, his former home, attending the obsequies of his mother-in-law, the late Mrs. Sue A YOUNG, who died in Oregon.

MR. AND MRS. A. SANDROCK (nee EKEHAN), of Marysville, are home from a honeymoon trip to the Southern part of the State.

MRS. E.B. STANWOOD and infant daughter, of Marysville, are home from an extended stay at the Bay.

MRS. G.A. MOULTON is in Stirling City for a few days* visit from Hilt, after which she will move to Portland, Ore. 


WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), February 16 -

Joseph BILLIOU*s estate of $200,000 was distributed in Superior Court here yesterday to the heirs. They are Mrs. Mary BILLIOU, the widow; Joseph BILLIOU, Jr., of St. John, and Mrs. J.H. HOEVER and Mrs. Ed. M. SEHORN of Williams and Richard BILLIOU of Santa Clara County. 


By Ernest G. WALKER

WASHINGTON (D.C.) February 16 -

The Senate confirmed these Postmasters: Joseph GALEWSKI, St. Helena; Owen KENNY, Calistoga; Henry W. NASH, Stirling City; John R. SNEAD, Dixon ;W. WARE, Fort Bragg. 


STIRLING CITY (Butte Co.), February 16 -

The Diamond Match Company*s saw mill in Stirling City began sawing lumber Monday afternoon. The mill had been closed since last November. 





CHRISSINGER - In Willows, Glenn County, February 14, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. E.P. CHRISSINGER, a daughter.

CRANDALL - In Marigold, Yuba Co., February 6 ,1915, to Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt CRANDALL, a son.

LEOUHARDT - In Marigold, Yuba Co., January 23, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. James M. LEOUHARDT, a daughter.

BIGGERSTAFF - In Hammonton, Yuba CO., February 7, 1915, to Mr. And Mrs. Eugene BIGGERSTAFF, a daughter.

SILVA - In Meridian, Sutter Co., February 12, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. Manuel SILVA, a daughter.

TRUAX - In Yuba City, Sutter Co., February 15, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. C. TRUAX, a son.

BETTENCOURT - In Lincoln, Placer Co., February 5, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank BETTENCOURT, a daughter.

SAUSTABY - At Ventrent, Placer Co., February 5, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. A.L. SAUSTABY, a son. 


RAFFELLO-STERN - In San Francisco, February 15, 1915, Paul RAFFELLO, 22 and Ellen STERN, 21, both of Benicia.

TROXEL-HULL - In Oroville, Butte County, February 15, 1915, Guy B. TROXEL, 26, and Vera Mildred HULL, 24, both of Chico.

KURRY-RUDOLPH - In Oroville, Butte County, February 15, 1915, Henry KURRY, 32, and Nellie Bell RUDOLPH, 29, both of Chico. 


HEARING - In Oroville, Butte County, February 15, 1915, Rose E. HEARING from James L. HEARING; ground wilful neglect; interlocutory decree.

RUDOLPH - Oroville, Butte County, February 15, 1915, Nellie Bell RUDOLPH form Christian H. RUDOLPH; ground, cruelty; final decree. 


VEAZIE - In Marysville, Yuba Co., February 15, 1915, Harry PARKER VEAZIE, brother of George T. VEAZIE of Marysville and Mrs. Grace Du JARDIN of Alameda, a native of California, aged 40 years.

HANSEN - In Round Mountain, Shasta County, February 14, 1915, Mrs. Annie HANSEN, mother of Alex HANSEN and Mrs. Ida SPEER, native of Sweden, aged 73 years. 




Eugene Kruger and Charles F. Cooke, of Siskiyou County, Petitioners in Bankruptcy.

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), February 16 -

To-day the creditors of Eugene KRUGER, restaurant keeper at Dunsmuir who is a petitioner in Referee BELCHER*s Court of Bankruptcy, named Chester A. LIPP, of Dunsmuir, Trustee of the property.

In the case of Charles F. COOKE, also of Dunsmuir and petitioner in bankruptcy, Referee BELCHER approved the sale of the plaintiff*s stock of groceries. T.W. WITHOFT was appointed trustee.


REDDING (Shasta Co.), February 16 -

A strange similarity of names is connected with Shasta County Banks. It was noted when the First Savings Bank of Shasta County bought out the Anderson Bank of Anderson, this county, that Alden ANDERSON, President of the Redding National Bank was instrumental in swinging the deal. The cashier of the Anderson branch of the Shasta Savings Bank is J.W. ANDERSON, who is no relative to Alden ANDERSON.

Some time ago E.L. BAILEY, Cashier of the Bank of Northern California ended his life by shooting. A few days later another E.L. BAILEY, no relation to the suicide, appeared in Redding and took up the duties of Cashier in the reorganized Redding National Bank.  



MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), February 16 -

According to word which has been received here, Colonel Jesse B. FULLER, former Wells-Fargo agent here, and at one time member of the City Council, is seriously ill at San Francisco.

After leaving this city FULLER for some time was State Bank Examiner at San Francisco and later was appointed Government Pension Agent, which position he held until the office was abolished. 


Sacramento Valley Electric Denies All Charges of Fraud and Misrepresentation

WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), February 16 -

The Sacramento Valley Electric Railway, in answers and cross-complaints filed here, has made general and specific denials of the charges of misrepresentation and fraud made against the road by John COMONTOFSKI, John J. VAN BUREN, Adelbert SCHAPP and Herman HACKMAN.

The cross-complaints state that each of the plaintiffs endorsed notes in favor of the company which have not been paid. The railroad asks for judgements and costs. 



Contractor Loses Suit to Recover Check for $400 After Throwing Up Contract

OROVILLE (Butte Co.), February 16 -

Judge GREGORY has decided the case of F.F. MOORE vs. the city of GRIDLEY in favor of the defendant municipality.

The action was brought by MOORE, a contractor, to recover $400, the amount of a certified check which accompanied a bid on a sewer contract.

Later MOORE threw up the contract and then brought suit to recover the check. Judge GREGORY assessed the defendant*s costs against the contractor. 




Nine Senators Who Fled to Prevent Action on Divorce Bill Ready for Fight 


CARSON CITY (Nev.), February 16 -

On convening to-day, the Nevada Senate declared the legislative day of yesterday ended, and Lieutenant Governor SULLIVAN declared all rulings on the Divorce Bill null and void. The regular order of business followed. 

CARSON CITY (Nev.), February 16.

After the State Senate adjourned at 1:16 this morning, until 1 o*clock this afternoon, eight of the nine Senators who fled from the chamber late yesterday afternoon to prevent the indefinite postponement of action on the divorce bill, showed up at the Hotel Arlington, in this city. The ninth, Senator THATCHER, turned up in Reno at midnight.


Senator BALZAR, Chairman of the Committee on Railroads who took the divorce measure with him when he disappeared, returned whth the bill in his posession and predicted its passage, the twelfth vote having been obtained.

The retreat of Senators ARNOLD, HUSKEY, HUSSMAN, THATCHER, FULMER, CARPENTER, KENDALL, KEDDIE and KINNEY followed the recall of the bill from the Railroad Committee by a vote of 11 to 9. With two of the Senators favoring the bill absent, an attempt was made to adjourn, but this move failed. The nine, thereupon, withdrew, when indefinite postponement was mentioned.

The Sergeant-at-arms was instructed to arrest the missing members. 


CARSON CITY (Nev.), February 16 -

Assemblyman MURDOCK, of Northern Washoe County, has introduced a bill in the Assembly to cut Washoe County in two, carving Roop County out of the northern portion by running a line between Townships 26 and 27.

The bill would place the new county in the Sixth Judicial District with headquarters at Winnemucca. 


RENO (Nev.), February 16 -

E.F. WINFREY, District Deputy Superintendent of Schools, died to-day as the result of a stroke of apoplexy last Sunday morning.

He has resided in Nevada since he was a youth and was 62 years of age. He was formerly City Superintendent of Schools in Reno, Sparks and Winnemucca, and at the last primary election made a strong race against State Superintendent John EDWARDS BRAY for the Democratic nomination. 


RENO (Nev.), February 16 -

Fred HAYES, Postmaster at National, who reported the robbery of his office ten days ago, has been arrested by inspector MEANS for the embezzlement of $165 of Government funds. HAYES admitted the charge in the Court of Justice HATCH of National. Private funds included make the total missing $300. 

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Sacramento Union

Wednesday, July 7, 1915


            Officers Unable to Find Highwaymen

Mining Superintendent’s Change of Mind Saves Company Nearly $10,000                 

NEVADA City (Nevada Co.), July 6 - The highwaymen who held up Superintendent W.R. PEARSON and W.L. CARTER on their way form the Plumbago to this city have made their getaway and it seems now that they will never be caught. The dogs put on the trail by Game Warden R.C .O’CONNOR followed the trail of the men about eight miles and into Sierra county, where they gave up the scent. Another report had it that the dogs followed the scent to the cabin of a prospector in the hills, who was suspioned of a holdup, but the officers do not confirm the story.

  Superintendent PEARSON of the Plumbago had intended to bring out the bar of bullion with him, but changed his mind at the last minute. His change of mind saved the company between $8000 and $10,000.


            Joyriders Remove Street Auto Signs

CHICO (Butte Co.), July 6 - Hilarious joy riders last night removed two of the new street intersection warnings recently placed on the streets by the city and arrests may follow if they are not returned, according to the police. The owners of the car are known to the officers.

  One of the warnings was removed from Second and Broadway, chain and all. Another was taken from Fifth and Main streets, either by cutting the chain with wire cutters or else by striking it with an automobile. According to Desk Sergeant FISHER a machine struck the wooden ball squarely, breaking the chain. City Superintendent of Streets HUPP says it was cut loose.


            Amador Man to Be Corning Principal

Parents Sign Petition Asking Trustees to Appoint Kindergarten Teacher

CORNING (Tehama Co.), July 6 - The Corning grammar school trustees have engaged Joseph WHYLIE as principal of the grammar schools here for the ensuing year. Whylie comes from Jackson, Amador county, and is a man of many years’ experience. The other teachers have all been reappointed with the exception of Miss Lucia BLISS, who taught music, as music will not be taught this year.

  It is possible, however, that a kindergarten teacher will be employed this year, as the number of signatures necessary have been made by parents, and, according to the law, this is sufficient and obligatory upon the trustees.


            Well-Known Miner Charged With Murder

WINNEMUCCA (Nev.), July 6 - “Rawhide Jack” DAVIS, one of the best known prospectors and mining men in Nevada, is being held for the murder of W.H. FORKUER, a well known resident of this city, who was shot while feeding his rabbits. Grant TAYLOR, a chauffeur, found the body late yesterday afternoon near the rabbit pens on the ranch half a mile from Winnemucca.

  FORQUER had been having trouble with several persons in this section. His assailant hid himself behind a pile of ties in Forquer’s barn. The slain man evidently tried to shield himself with his arm, as the bullet which entered his breast went through the arm. Two bullet holes found in the floor near the body indicate Forquer was shot through the head after he fell.



NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), July 6 - Judge JONES granted a new trial to-day to Joseph GALLAGHER, who was convicted by a jury last week of a serious charge. The time for the new trial was set for Tuesday, July 27. Some ugly rumors were afloat regarding what happened during the trial, and it developed that these things were true. Judge Jones decided that a new trial was due the defendant and so decided. Gallagher was convicted of an assault upon Dan MERRIFIELD, a saloon man of Grass Valley.



GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), July 6 - The body of young Leonard BODY was found this afternoon in a deep pool of water at the bottom of Deer Creek Falls, where it had lain since Sunday. It was raised by blasting, several sticks of dynamite having been thrown into the water before it came to the surface. The search has been continuous since it was known that the young man was missing.

            Woman, Born Blind, Sees Mother’s Face

Both Break Into Tears When Bandages Are Lifted From Pasadena Girl’s Eyes

PASADENA, July 6 - Miss Tomsyna CARLYLE saw her mother, Mrs. E.R. Carlyle, today for the first time in her life. The young woman, who was born blind, was given vision recently by an operation performed at Berkeley and arrived here today after a trip down the coast aborad a steamship.

  A closed motor car met the young woman when she was escorted off the steamer at San Pedro by her mother and members of her family. Both eyes were bandaged, but the bandages were lifted in the darkened motor car so that she might glance for an instant at the face of her mother. Both the girl and her mother broke into sobs.

  Vision, it was said, had been given only to one of Miss Carlyle’s eyes. The other remains sightless.



 Lester WOLCOTT, injured Sunday in the Stockton road automobile accident in which his bride was killed, will recover unless unforeseen setbacks occur. He is suffering from a broken clavicle and a fractured skull. At the White hospital he is reported doing well. According to members of the Wolcott party the direct cause of the accident was the collapse of a wheel while the machine was going over a bad stretch of road.



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Sacramento Bee

Wednesday, April 5, 1916


            PEPPER MAY BE CLEW

Death of Atlanta Rancher Still Puzzling San Joaquin Officers

STOCKTON (San Joaquin Co.), April 5 - Investigation of the mysterious death of Albert DUREE, the Atlanta farmer, whose body was found Sunday night on the French Camp Road with the skull fractured in several places, has been resumed.

  Sheriff RIECK admits the mystery is more baffling than ever, but expressed some doubt that Duree had been murdered.

            Chili Pepper Found

 The half cup of chili pepper found by the dead mans side is still one of the most puzzling features of the case. The cup of pepper may prove a valuable clew.



QUINCY (Plumas Co.), April 5 - Bringing the first definite news of the party of Slavs who left here more than a year ago for the European battlefields, Mike JASICH has arrived home with thrilling stories of his experiences while serving in the Serb army as an interpreter.

  Only one member of he Plumas County contingent was seriously injured. Nick NORO, formerly employed in the Tewis mill, near Quincy, was struck by fragments of shell in four places while with the Serb army on the famous retreat into Montenegro. He was carried by comrades on the march and is now convalescent in a New York hospital.

  The local Serbs were taken aboard a British war vessel in the Adriatic sea and later landed in England. There they were paid off and given transportation to the United States.



SANTA ROSA (Sonoma Co), April 5 - As a result of an election held here yesterday, Santa Rosa will have a salaried Mayor at the head of its municipal government.

 James C. MAILER was elected Mayor, and an amendment to the charter was carried providing him with a salary.


            PEOPLE YOU KNOW

  J.F. MOREHEAD, rancher and bank president of Chico, accompanied by Mrs. MOREHEAD, left Chico this morning for Jackson, Miss., where they will visit with the latter’s parents.

  Jean Redmond OLIVER, son of Dr. and Mrs. C.A. Oliver of Chico, has been promoted from the post of instructor of pathology at Stanford University to the position of assistant clinical professor of medicine at the Stanford Medical College in San Francisco.

  Miss Eleanor BEVAN, daughter of County Assessor T.E. BEVAN of Yuba County, has returned to her home in Marysville after spending four years as a nurse in St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco, where she graduated.

  Mrs. M.A. BROWN of Marysville left to-day for Loveland, Colorado, on account of the death of her brother, John H. SADORUS.

  Mrs. Gertrude BONNELLE of Placerville has been chosen to represent the Placerville Shakespeare Club at the State Convention of Women’s Clubs, to be held at the Hotel Del Monte April 25th.


CHICO (Butte Co.), April 5 - Evidence surrounding the death of W.M. Skelley, who died in the City Jail from a fractured skull, is being gathered by Special Assistant District Attorney Warren NEVILLE and Constable J.A. PECK.

  The case probably will be presented to the Grand Jury for consideration. Jack DUNN, brother-in-law of Skelley, knocked him to the pavement on the day before he died.

  It is believed by the District Attorney’s office that a fall from his bed to the floor of the cell in the jail would not be sufficient to make a fracture several inches long on Skelley’s skull. There is evidence that Skelley fell from his cot in the jail.

            Tells About Fight

 Otto HARTWELL, who witnessed the street fight between Dunn and Skelley, told Constable Peck, he says that Dunn had struck Skelley without provocation. In the fall to the pavement Skelley’s head struck heavily, the sound being heard across the street. Dunn is being held in the city jail.


            Stockton Youth Tells Official He Ran Down Italian Laborer With Auto

STOCKTON (San Joaquin Co.), April 5 - In the confession of Melbourne MALLET, son of Dr. Albert Mallet of this city, that he had run down and killed an Italian laborer, on the Lower Sacramento Road on March 3d a baffling mystery has ben solved.

  Young Mallet told Assistant District Attorney RANDON that he was out with a party of friends when the laborer, whose name was J. CRETO, suddenly stepped form the side of the road directly in front of the automobile.

  Mallet declared he applied his brakes, but was unable to stop the car until after the pedestrian had been struck. He stated that he hurried to a nearby saloon and reported the accident to the bartender.

  “We were all excited,” said Mallet, “and the bartender told us to beat it.”


            Nevada State News


RENO (Nev.), April 5 - Sheriff C. P. FERREL will ask the County Commissioners to be given a motorcycle policeman to run down and capture unlicensed autoists.

  A large number of auto owners have failed to take out 1916 licenses.



RENO (Nev. ), April 5 - After an illness of several months brought on by an auto accident Mrs. Elda A. ORR, a resident of Reno for 46 years, is dead at her home on Virginia Street.

  Last December Mrs. Orr visited a married daughter, Mrs. Alameda S. Orr, in Yreka, Cal, for the purpose of spending the Christmas holidays in California.

  While in an auto driven by her grandson, the machine collided with another and Mrs. Orr was thrown heavily to the ground, breaking a leg in two places and fracturing her nose.

  She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. John S. ORR and Mrs. Elda GILCREASE of Reno and Mrs. ORR of Yreka. She was 69 years old.



FALLON (Nev.), April 5 - Barbour LEWIS of the Sheekler district was badly hurt then he failed to ger far enough away from a blast at the Seven Troughs Mines and was literally peppered with rock fragments.

  His father-in-law, D.S. BROTHERSON of this city, was notified, and with Mrs. Lewis has gone to the scene of the accident.



ELKO (Nev.), April 5 - Jack MATTISON, who is working in the Antelope Spring district, claims distinction of being the only man known to have kicked a rabid coyote to death.

  Mattison and a partner were resting when the animal crept up to within ten feet of the former. The partner sought safety in flight, but Mattison decided to fight.

  He first dazed the coyote with a small stone and then kicked it to death.



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Sacramento Bee

Friday, April 7, 1916



Dr. Leila Beebe Declares Time-Honored Notions All Bosh; Grass Valley Orphans Banqueted

GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), April 7 - One hundred and fifty convent children were provided with a banquet to-day by the California manufacturers, who are exhibiting pure food products here in connection with the Banner Baby campaign.

            Decrys “Old Lady” Advice

 Dr. Leila BEEBE of Woodland yesterday’s principal speaker, ruthlessly attacked several time-honored and long cherished theories concerning babies.

  Dr. Beebe stated that babies do not become ill from teething, but the permitting of children to eat unsuitable and miscellaneous foods at that period was the cause of so-called teething troubles.

  Allowing the “old lady” of the neighborhood to prescribe and advise instead of a competent physician is responsible for many infantile troubles, declared the speaker.



San Joaquin Sheriff Working on New Theory; Stranger on Train, Conductor Says.

STOCKTON (San Joaquin Co.), April 7 - That Alfred DUREE, the Atlanta farmer, who was found dead on the French Camp road with his skull fractured was murdered by a mysterious companion, is the theory on which the sheriff is now working.

  The conductor on the Tidewater train, who had Duree for a passenger, told the Sheriff that a man got off the train with Duree. The man had a ticket for a point beyond Atlanta.

  Duree had a considerable sum of money which was missing from his body, as was also his watch.



District Attorney Silent on Question of Second Trial of Rev. Slaughter

OROVILLE (Butte Co.), April 7 - District Attorney Raymond L. LEONARD to-day stated he would not announce the indictment upon which the second trial of Rec. Madison SLAUGHTER, charged with wronging Gertrude LAMSON, would be based until next Tuesday morning, when the matter comes up in the Superior Court.

  The prosecution has not as yet decided which indictment will be presented.

  The District Attorney knows nothing of the reports of a Grand Jury investigation of various matters developing in connection with the case since the discharge of the jury in the first trial.



Charles Henry Weatherwax, Nine Years City Clerk of Placerville, Seeks Rest

PLACERVILLE (El Dorado Co.), April 7 - Charles Henry WEATHERWAX, for nine years City Clerk of Placerville, but who because of failing health, declines to be a candidate for re-election, was born in Homer, Calhoun County, Michigan, July 30, 1940, and came to Placerville, El Dorado County, in the fifties.

  He served as commissary in one of the California regiments during the Civil War, and until lately was Adjutant of Placerville Post No. 1692, G.A.R. He was Postmaster in Placerville during the administration of President Benjamin HARRISON.

  For many years Weatherwax was a hardware merchant in this city. Since early days he has been actively identified with several secret societies, having been installed 145 times in different offices in the various Masonic lodges.



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Sacramento Bee

Wednesday, April 19, 1916



WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), April 19 - What apepared (sic) to be a double eruption on Mt. Lassen was viewed at 11 o’clock to-day by dozens of people here. It appeared that a new crater had formed on the smaller peak on the mountain for the first time, and that both peaks were in eruption, the column of smoke and steam being evidently seven or eight thousand feet high.

  The two columns were entirely separate at the base, just as two pencils might be placed vertically side by side, but at the top the smoke from both merged among the clouds.

  Dr. C.W. LUND was the first to notice the supposed eruption. He used a pair of powerful field glasses.



Mrs. Chambers Cries as She Protests Innocence; First Read of Crime in The Bee

STOCKTON (San Joaquin Co.), April 19 - Arguments are in progress to-day at the trial of Charles HOLMAN, accused of the murder of W.C. CHAMBERS. The case probably will go to the jury to-day.

  Casting about for a motive for the killing of Chambers by the defendant, the District Attorney alluded to Ray MILLER’s evidence that Mrs. Chambers threatened to bring a white slave charge against her husband, if he did not leave the country, and was willing to give $250 to $500 to be rid of him, and to the fact that she and Holman were in love with each other and contemplated marriage.

            Woman In Tears

  Mrs. Chambers broke down on the witness stand at the close of the trial and with tears streaming down her face emphatically denied she had murdered, or conspired with Holman to murder, her husband., W.C. Chambers.

  She admitted authorship of a note found on the murdered man’s body, in which she suggested a midnight meeting at a lonely corner in the outskirts of the city, but denied she had anything to do with her husband’s death, or even know of it until she read about it in a newspaper.

            Saw It In The Bee

 “I saw in the Sacramento Bee an account of my husband’s body being found, and in the paper I saw a note which I recognized. I was on my way from Marysville and I saw the paper on the train some time after we left Sacramento. I went on the electric line.”

  The copy of the Sacramento Bee, in which the woman claims she first read of the finding of her husband’s body, was introduced in evidence and read to the jury.


            BUTTE MAN BUYS

E.P. Hilborn of Wyandotte Purchases Von Balveren’s Shasta Ranch

REDDING (Shasta Co.), April 19 - Baron Von BALVEREN’s farm of 635 acres east of the Sacramento River, two miles form Redding, has been sold to E.P. HILBORN, olive grower of Butte County, living at Wyandotte.

  The price is not made public, but the place has always been held at $27,500. Three hundred and fifty acres of it consists of fine river bottom land.

  Baron Von Balveren recently went to Holland, where he a few months ago inherited a fortune. Baroness Von Balveren, who stayed behind to sell the farm, will now join her husband in the old country.



Nevada County Officers Trying to Apprehend Gold Dust Robbers

NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), April 19 - Sheriff John R. MARTIN and his deputies are busy in an endeavor to trace the footpads who robbed Hee KEE, a local Chinese gold dust buyer, of more than $1,500 in gold dust and jewelry Monday night.

  Kee declares one of the men who robbed him bears a strong resemblance to a man from whom he bought gold dust earlier the same evening. The officers are working on this clue.

  The Chinese was able to furnish a good description of this man and the officers are on the lookout for him.

  Ben A. BOST, an assayer on Broad Street, reports that his place was broken into last Friday night, but the intruders got nothing for their trouble as there were no valuables in the place at the time.



SAN FRANCISCO, April 19 - The Railroad Commission has issued an order fixing $14,200 as the compensation to be paid by the Carmichael Irrigation District to D.W. CARMICHAEL for the water distributing systems in Carmichael Colony No. 2 in Sacramento County.

  The original cost of the system a year ago was $15,000.



Expert Says Document Is Forgery; Illegitimacy Is Issue in Fight for $8,000

RED BLUFF (Tehama Co.) April 19 - The suit contesting the alleged will of Eli FREITAS, who left an estate of $8,000, is under way in the Superior Court here.

  Frank PERRY asked for and was issued letters of administration. A few weeks later he produced a document consisting of an ordinary sheet of writing paper, as the purported last will. The will was supposed to have been written by Freitas. The signature was not witnessed. Perry claimed to have found it among other papers.

            All to Perry and Sister

 As administrator of the estate Perry had made plans to divide the property among the heirs. The will bequeathed all the property to Perry and his sister, Mrs. Mary MENDOSA. Perry then asked to have the administrator proceedings set aside and offered the will to probate.

  The other heirs immediately questioned the validity of the will, even declaring it a forgery.

            Calls Will Forgery

 All of yesterday was spent presenting the contestant’s bids of the case. A few witnesses were called to establish relationships, but the principal part of the contestant’s case was based on the testimony of Theodore KYTKA, San Francisco hand-writing expert. He declared the will a forgery and the work of Mrs. Mendosa.

            Illegitimacy Issue

 In establishing relationships of the contestants of the deceased, the counsel for Perry and Mrs. Mendosa attempted to show that one of the contestants, a niece of the deceased, was an illegitimate child and that her mother had died without ever marrying her father. When the counsel for the defense made clear that they wished to bring out that point, the counsel for the contestants stated that if that were to be an issue they would prove that grandparents of Perry and Mrs. Mary Mendosa were illegitimate children, and that as far as legal status was concerned they were “all in the same boat.”

  It is rumored that the counsel for the defense will introduce another handwriting expert in their side of the case who will declare the will to be the work of Freitas.


            YUBA CITY RANCH BRINGS $16,930 AT SALE

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), April 19 - The 480 acre ranch in Linda Township, known as the COSTELLO place, has been sold at Sheriff’s sale to satisfy a decree in a foreclosure of mortgage suit brought by the Rideout bank against the Equitable Building Syndicate and C.W. BURGESS.

 The property was bid in by the Rideout Band for the amount of the mortgage and the penalties, $16,930.70.



YUBA CITY (Sutter Co.), April 19 - William B. GREEN, a pioneer carpenter of Yuba City, died early this morning as the result of general breakdown due to old age.

  He was 82 years old, and a native of New York. Surviving him are his widow, Phirza J. GREEN, and five children, Mrs. N. ROBINSON, Mrs. Becky PELHAN and Annie GREEN, all of Yuba City, and Mrs. Albert WOLTHERS and Mrs. Phirza McRAE of San Francisco.


            DIES IN CABIN

YUBA CITY (Sutter Co.), April 19 - Martin KANE, a laborer, died in his cabin on the N. ROBINSON place during the night. He was a native of Ireland and 72 years of age. He had no known relatives in this State.


            D.M. BOONE PASSES

JACKSON (Amador Co.), April 19 - Daniel M. BOONE, known as “Doctor,” died here from heart failure last night at the age of 61 years. He was a native of this State, and a brother of Joe BOONE, the Mountain View rancher. He also leaves a sister, Mrs. Sally DOUGHERTY of Jackson.



JACKSON (Amador Co.), April 19 - Mrs. Mary MEEHAN, widow of the late Justice of the Peace Meehan, died of heart failure while sitting in a chair writing postcards to friends in the East. She was 75 years of age, and came to Jackson in 1847.



Annual Report Shows Dividends of $250,000 Were Paid During Last Year; Improvements Completed.

GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), April 19 - The annual report of the North Star Mines Company, just made public, give the year’s revenue at $1,294,084 from gold produced. Dividends totaled $250,000. The results to date are 1,358,394 tons, averaging $12.84 per ton and giving a total revenue of $17,450,527 of which $4,787,040 has been paid in dividends.

  Regarding developments at the Champion Mine in Nevada City, owned by the North Star Company, the report states that although 5,529 feet of work was completed in the Champion, no shoot of importance was discovered above the 2,400 level. The result was disappointing. The Champion, during the year, yielded $205,324 rom 38,350 tons.

  Improvements costing $100,412, including the construction of the structural steel head-frame hoist, bins and assorting plant, and a threatened suit with the Empire Company over extra-lateral rights were prominent features of the company’s operations during the year.



Victim, Believed to Be A.J. McCarroll of San Francisco, Dies in Auburn From Injuries

AUBURN (Placer Co.), April 19 - A man, thought to be A.J. McCARROLL, died to-day in a local hospital a few hours after having been run over and fatally injured by a train between Colfax and Cape Horn. He was found early this morning lying by the railroad tracks, it being evident that he had fallen from the train while beating his way.

            Arm Severed From Body

 The victim was badly mutilated. The right arm had been cut off at the shoulder, part of the shoulder also being amputated, and the left foot was cut off. The head was badly bruised. McCarroll died soon after reaching the hospital, without regaining consciousness.

  Deceased appears to have been an office man. He was of good appearance, about 20 years of age. He carried a letter addressed to himself at 1034 Polk Street, San Francisco, from a girl signing herself “Grace”, written in Denver, Colo. The writer told of attending the Grand Opera in Denver, but shed no light on McCarroll’s identity.

  He also carried a bill from the Postal Telegraph Company, no town being given. The amount was 51 cents, and the message was for Mrs. McCarroll, in San Francisco, evidently his mother. His own address at the time was not given.



District Attorney Preparing Ordinance at Suggestion of Club Women

OROVILLE (Butte Co.), April 19 - At the suggestion of the Women of the Monday Club of this city, District Attorney Raymond LEONARD will shortly submit to the Oroville City Trustees an ordinance for the regulation of public dances.

  If adopted it will compel every public dance to pay the salary of a matron, who will be appointed by the City Marshall and whose duty it will be to stop indecent dancing.

  It is declared that the ordinance will not place any particular dance under ban. The ordinance may be submitted to Chico Trustees.


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Sacramento Bee

Saturday, April 22, 1916



YREKA (Siskiyou Co.), April 22 - Everett HOWARD, son of Ed S. HOWARD, local hotel man, sustained a broken leg last night when a motorcycle on which he was riding crashed into an automobile drive by District Attorney James M. ALLEN.

  The motorcycle was driven by L. COUSINE and was traveling at a rapid rate.



PORTERVILLE, April, 22 - The Rev. James BERRY, formerly a bartender of Porterville and now a traveling evangelist, will not be permitted to deliver a lecture here Saturday on the Rev. Madison SLAUGHTER case if any legal way can be found to stop his meeting.

  This announcement was made last night by city officials after dodgers had been distributed advertising that the Rev. Mr. Berry would lecture at a local theater on “The Truth About the Slaughter Case.”

            Fought With Pastor

 While Slaughter was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Porterville and engaged in an active campaign against the saloons, Berry was tending bar for a local liquor dispensary. One of the sensational features of the campaign was a street fight between Berry and Slaughter.



WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), April 22 - The thirtieth annual convention of the Yolo County W.C.T.U. will be held in Winters next Thursday. Mrs. Sara J. DORR, State President of the Association, will be present.

  Delegates from Woodland will be Mrs. E.C. LAUGENOUR, Mrs. E. CROWLEY and Mrs. C.H. WATSON. Alternates are Mrs. Lottie SMITH, Mrs. S.E. GALLUP and Mrs. P.H. SHAFFER.

  Addresses will be made by Mrs. L. SACKETT, Mrs. Asa MORRIS, Mrs. Mary SANBORN, Mrs. COPPAGE, Rev. H.C. CULTON, Mrs. Anna Marden De To, Mrs. Emma CROMLEY, Mrs. S.A. HUSTON, State President Mrs. Sara J. DORR, Dr. Frances L. NEWTON and Mrs. HAYES.



ANDERSON (Shasta Co.), April 22 - Commencing June 16th a rural route from Anderson to Balls Ferry will be established by doubling the run of the Redding-Anderson routes carrier.

  The new route of fifty-four miles will be virtually a Redding-Anderson-Balls Ferry route. Thomas MULLEN, carrier, will have his salary advanced from $1,200 to $1,608.



RED BLUFF (Tehama Co.), April 22 - Tom ROBINSON and Guy DILLABOO were bound over to the Superior Court by Justice E.F. LENNON after a preliminary hearing on a charge of blind pigging. They were arrested in a recent raid. Each furnished $500 bonds.



RED BLUFF (Tehama Co.), April 22 - Depositions have arrived from Portugal in the Eli Freitas will contest. The trial of the suit may be continued next week instead of being postponed in May. The depositions consisted of birth records to show the contestants were legitimate heirs and throw doubt on the legitimacy of Frank PERRY and Maria MENDOSA, named as sole heirs in the alleged will.



WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), April 22 - Secretary H.S. MADDOX, of the Yolo Board of Trade, is finding his duties so arduous that he has placed an order for an auto, which will enable him to cover the county in his development work.



AUBURN - D.D. DAVIS, aged 72, Civil War veteran and hero of many battles, has written President WILSON, endorsing the actions of the administration in affairs dealing with Mexico and Germany and offering his services at the front in case volunteers are needed to fight for the Stars and Stripes.


SUSANVILLE - The manufacturing plant and storage building being built by R.E. SHAW for W.H. WHORTON, Manager of the Susanville Bottling Works, is being rushed.


MARYSVILLE - Herman B. CRAWFORD, wanted at Nevada City for defrauding an innkeeper, has been arrested in Marysville by Patrolman James MOCK.


SUSANVILLE - The New Lassen County Court House is being rushed. The concrete work is being laid and stone cutting is under way.


WOODLAND - A strange feature is the deaths of R.H. BEAMER and A.H. BRINTON, well-known men, within a few hours of each other, is that the former’s name was the first and the latter’s name the second on a list of twenty-five “minute men” chosen to boost the Court House bonds.


COLUSA - J.F. CAMPBELL, rancher and prune grower, seriously cut his left forearm while pruning a tree. The gash required four stitches to close. Darrel, three-year-old son of F.C. McENESPY, fell from a wagon and broke both bones below the elbow in his left arm.


LIVE OAK - Special Agent MADISON of the Home Insurance Company and a companion going to Chico went into a ditch in an auto on the Todd Lane, three miles south of Live Oak. The men made flying leaps and escaped being caught under the machine.


OROVILLE - Following complaints District Attorney Raymond A. LEONARD has issued an order directing the police officers throughout the county to see that all vehicles, motor or otherwise, display lights at night time in strict accordance with the State law.


RED BLUFF - Wong GEN, a Chinese man, high up in the Hop Sing Tong, is dead here. Tong members from Marysville, Chico, Vina and Tehama attended the funeral.


RED BLUFF - Mrs. J.H. MARQUIS, former resident of Red Bluff, was stricken with paralysis at Walnut Grove. Her condition is extreme. A daughter, Mrs. W.C. MONET, has left here for Walnut Grove.



GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), April 22 - Fred WASLEY, chicken fancier of this city, had the surprise of his life yesterday. His attention was attracted to a number of tiny chicks peeping from the branch of a willow tree, twenty feet above the ground. Investigation showed one of Wasley’s valuable hens, which disappeared over a month ago and which he had given up as lost had hatched out sixteen young chicks in the hollow of the tree high above the ground.



 Before deciding whether an extension of the rabies quarantine against coyotes to the Fall River district in Shasta County is justified, the situation will be investigated and reported upon by Sanitory Inspector E.T. ROSE of the State Board of Health, it was announced here to-day by Secretary SAWYER.

  The request for the extension of the quarantine comes form the Health Officer of Shasta County. It is based upon the fact that the Fall River district is adjacent to the district in Lassen County where there has been a quarantine in effect for some time. The extension would afford means for better control, it is declared.

  Many people in Shasta County are in favor of the action asked by the Health Officer, it is reported.



REDDING (Shasta Co.), April 22 - Arguments in the case of A. Magri, charged with killing Peter DELLA at Motion, this county, were concluded at noon to-day. A decision will be reached this afternoon as to whether the case will be submitted this afternoon or continued over to Monday.



COLFAX (Placer Co.), April 22 - Mrs. Bertha THOMPSON, State District School Nurse, has completed her work here.

  Out of 117 school children examined, only 38 were perfect. Fifty-four had defective teeth, 37 had enlarged tonsils, 10 had defective eye sight, 4 were troubled with their hearing ,and others were affected with the ringworms and adenoids. Thirteen had adenoids and enlarged tonsils removed.


            $350 FOR ROYAL ROBES

Williams Celebration to be Featured by Crowning of Queen

COLUSA (Colusa Co.), April 22 - The Queen of the Williams Highway Completion Celebration, and her three attendants, will be given $350 to spend on their royal robes, the committee in charge decided last night.

  Mrs. E.A. BRIM, Miss Tena ABLE and Mrs. Steve EAKLE were appointed a committee to arrange for the crowning of the Queen with instructions to make the crowning one of the features of the celebration.

            Three Ball Games Planned

 The committee also decided to offer cash prizes of $50 each for the winners of the three ball games, which will be played during the two days of the celebration. The losing teams will have their expenses paid. Colusa and Willows will be two of the teams that will play. The other have not yet been decided upon.

            Contract for Barbecue

  A contract has been signed with Ed CAGE for the cooking of the four beeves for the barbecue.

  For the purpose of advertising the celebration, an automobile excursion will visit Willows and several Colusa County towns to-morrow, accompanied by the William Band and the Girl’s Ukulele Club.



WILLIAMS (Colusa Co.), April 22 - After the first count in the contest for Queen of the Williams celebration May 5th, the vote stands as follows:

 Miss Olive COCKERILL of Princeton, 7,040; Miss Alma MACKFESSEL of Arbuckle, 5,600 and Miss Cordelia STOVALL of Williams, 1,755.

  The vote will be counted every Wednesday and Saturday. The voting places outside of Williams will close on April 28th and at Williams on Saturday, April 29th, in order that the committees may be able to announce the winning candidate Saturday night.



OROVILLE (Butte Co.), April 22 - Charging her husband with the most cruel brutality, Mrs. Zaira MAGRI of Chico has instituted suit for divorce in the Superior Court against James Magri.

  The couple were married in Oroville on December 28, 1911, and have three children.

  The complaint states that on April 3, 1916, the defendant kicked the plaintiff while she lay in bed and that as she attempted to get up he knocked her down, threatening to kill her.

  Magri is employed by the Northern Electric Company.



GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), April 22 - Former Mayor James C. CONAWAY, only surviving member of Nevada County’s original Forty-niner Society, is as active and wide-awake to-day as he was twenty years ago. This feat was more forcibly impressed upon his friends yesterday when he announced he would accompany the California Elks to Baltimore in July to attend the Grand Lodge.

  Conaway is a member of Grass Valley Lodge of Elks. He was born in Baltimore on the 19th of March, 1835, and is eagerly anticipating a trip to his boyhood home, which he left in ‘49. Conaway has just celebrated his 81st birthday.


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Sacramento Union

Saturday September 9, 1916


            Insurance Company Sued by Mrs. Weber

Demands $5000 Amount of Policy Held by Husband Who Died at Walker Lake

RENO (Nev.), Sept 8 - Wilba Decking WEBER, widow of Frank Weber, who died on the Walker Lake Indian reservation last November under mysterious circumstances and following an altercation with Dr. Frank McKINLEY, physician on the reservation, and E.R. BALLOU, an Indian policeman, started suit in the district court here yesterday to recover $5000 on an accident insurance policy her husband held in the Occident Insurance company.

  It was charged that McKinley was responsible for the death of Weber, but the coroner’s jury returned a verdict that he died from natural causes. Then McKinley was formally charged with murder, and exonerated after a preliminary examination. The case was then taken before the Mineral county grand jury, which refused to indict McKinley on a charge of murder.


            Buys Large Acreage for Sheep Range

ELIMRA (Solano Co.), Sept 6 - Henry PETERS has bought the MUZZI ranch near Elmira for $120,000, paying at the rate of $20 an acre. This place was under rent by Messrs. MARSHALL & ELBE, who recently bought all Muzzi’s sheep at $25,000. Mr. Peters desired this place for sheep range for his increasing flocks. Messrs. Marhsall & Elbe find themselves somewhat embarrassed for range, as sheep ranges are very scarce in this part of the state.



ASHLAND (Ore.), Sept 8 - John S. HERRIN, prominent Oregon pioneer and former member of the state legislature, died here today. He was born near Lexington, Ky., on November 15, 1827, and came to Oregon in 1853. Mr. Herrin is survived by the following children: WIlliam F. Herrin, San Francisco; John W. Herrin, Ashland, Ore.; Mrs. Silas KILGORE, Salem, Ore.; David C. Herrin, Portland; Edward W. Herrin, Hammonton, Cal.; Mrs. A.C. DIXON, Eugene Ore.; and Fred Herrin, Ashland, Ore.



Reclamation Service May Open 5000 Acres in Klamath to Entry

KLAMATH FALLS (Ore.), Sept 8 - Hint of a great land opening in Klamath county sometime during the coming year is evidenced by notification to residents in the territory now leasing from the government that their leases may be canceled between now and next spring.

  The land mentioned constitutes the old bed of Tule lake, which is now being reclaimed and irrigated by the United States reclamation service at the rate of 2500 acres per year. Approximately 5000 acres are now available and when this land is thrown open to entry it will be one of the greatest opportunities for settlers ever offered in the United States. The land in this section is proving to be the most fertile in this entire region, lies as level as a floor and will require no clearing.

  A very large part of it will have been cultivated by present tenants, although by terms of the leases any improvements made may be removed when the land is opened. The territory will be irrigated by the United States reclamation service at $30 per acre in graduated payments covering 20 years, in addition to the maintenance charges. For the first four years no payment except the maintenance charge is required.

  It is believed that when the drawing is made it will be in tracts of 80 acres, which is all one man can possibly take care of in a proper manner. This land now lies 30 miles from a railroad, but the possibility of the early completion of the Modoc Northern railway, whose survey runs near it, and the probability of the installation of a large beet sugar factory in that neighborhood next year makes the proposition double inviting. The lake bed will be drained until approximately 60,000 acres are available.


            Charges Wife With Throwing Hot Coffee

Former Columbia University Professor Is Granted Decree of Divorce

RENO (Nev.), Sept 8 - On grounds of cruelty, E.E. MYERS, formerly a member of the faculty of the Columbia University of New York, was granted a decree of divorce in the district court here yesterday. Myers charged his wife with throwing a cup of hot coffee in his face three months after their marriage, which took place in New York city in June, 1914. He said his wife applied vile epithets to him, and told him she would ruin his practice and reputation. He said she assaulted him on Broadway and knocked him to the sidewalk.

  Myers’ father is a millionaire resident of Texas. Shortly after his marriage he sued his wife’s mother for $100,000, alleging that she had alienated his wife’s affections.


            Butte Gives Money to Valley Boost Body

Supervisors Appropriate $750 for Year to Development Association.

OROVILLE (Butte Co.), Sept 8 - The board of supervisors of Butte county today decided by unanimous vote to renew its allegiance to the Sacramento Valley Development association, making the annual appropriation to the support of that body amounting to $750.

  The appropriation of this amount to the funds of the valley development body was urged by a delegation of prominent citizens representing various parts of the county, the spokesman being Assemblyman B.B. MEEK, W.W. GINGLES, banker, and Editor George C. MANSFIELD, all of Oroville, and H.S. BRINK of Biggs.

  W.A. BEARD, general manager of the association, was present, representing that body, and outlined the purposes and methods of the association.


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Sacramento Union

Sunday September 10, 1916



Mrs. Grauberger Sets Fire to Oil-Soaked Clothes and Jumps Into Pit.


Woman Believed Temporarily Insane From Care and Worry.

FAIRFIELD (Solano Co.), Sept 9 - Mrs. Bertha GRAUBERGER committed suicide in a horrible manner yesterday by pouring kerosene over her clothes setting fire to them and jumping into a pit.

Her charred body with the flesh literally cooked was found in the afternoon by one of her young daughters. She is supposed to have become insane through worry over the financial condition of herself and four children.

   Missing her mother in the afternoon, one of the young girls went to the barn to see if her parent had taken the horse and buggy for a trip to Fairfield, about a mile and a half from the Grauberger home. The child happened to see smoke coming from the old dry well and in making an investigation as to the cause of the fire saw the body of her mother in a sitting position with the arms folded at the bottom of the pit.

   The girl gave an alarm and when physicians and the officers arrived they found difficulty in lifting the body out of the pit as flesh fell from the body.

  The woman’s husband became insane after worrying over financial reverses and it is believed the mother lost her mind temporarily through care and worry. She had been working in the Fairfield bakery and seemed in good spirits Thursday when she left for her home. As her wedding ring was found in the clothes of her husband, it is thought the suicide was premeditated.

  Mrs. Grauberger leaves five children, two of whom are working in the Union Iron Works in San Francisco. She and her husband are Russians.


            Siskiyou Teachers’ Institute Adjourns

Educators Are Tendered Banquet and Ball at Close of Sessions

YREKA (Siskiyou Co.), Sept 9 - At the close of the teachers’ institute yesterday the instructors were tendered a banquet and dance by the Siskiyou Agricultural society under the management of R.S. TAYLOR, which proved one of the most successful affairs ever given in the county, as there was a large attendance, and the occasion was a most enjoyable one.

  The attendance at the institute was the largest ever known in Siskiyou. There were more faces than ususal. About 90 per cent of the teachers are women. The program of the institute was an instructive one, and was closely followed by the teachers.



NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), Sept 9 - Mrs. Nellie Brown of this city, who died at the Grass Valley sanitarium following an operation, will be buried in this city. Her death was a sad one. She was 34 years of age. She was born in Weaverville and leaves five brothers and two sisters at that place. One brother, Henry Vitzthum, resides in this city. She has lived here with her husband, Jerry Brown, for many years.



GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), Sept 9 - The city tax rate has been fixed at 90 cents on the $100 assessed valuation by the city trustees. This is the same rate as last year. The assessment roll has been increased so that the same rate will bring in a larger sum of money. The city liquor licenses were rated at $40 a quarter as at present.


            MAY SUE SHERIFF OF BUTTE FOR $10,000

Chinese Will Ask Damages for Alleged False Imprisonment

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), Sept 9 - Asking $10,000 damages for alleged false imprisonment. Attorneys MANWELL and MAHON of this city, retained by the Hop Sing tong, will file a complaint Monday on behalf of Gee LOUIE against Sheriff William RIDDLE of Butte county in the superior court at Oroville.

  Louie was arrested on suspicion of knowing something of the murder of Ah GOW at Honcut, Butte county, whose charred body was found in the burned ruins of his store, with a knife sticking in the neck. Louie, on furnishing an alibi, was released from custody. Soon after his release, Louie was again taken into custody by Riddle.

  The Chinese was lodged in the jails in Oroville and Gridley, Butte county, Yuba City, Sutter county, and Placerville, El Dorado county, although attorneys engaged by his Chinese friends tried to ascertain his whereabouts to obtain his release by a writ of habeas corpus. Riddle returned the prisoner to Butte county and give him his freedom.

  The sheriff says he discovered evidence showing Louie knew something about the murder of Ah Gow and, believing the Hop Sing tong would endeavor to obtain his release and take him away, kept him in custody and out of the way of writs by placing him in different jails while running down the clews.



Klamath Committee Will Urge Building of Modoc Northern

KLAMATH FALLS (Ore.), Sept 9 - To confer with President William SPROULE of the Southern Pacific company and urge the immediate completion of the Modoc Northern railway from Klamath Falls, 35 miles southeast of Malin, the Klamath Commercial club appointed a committee of R.A. JOHNSON, president of the Klamath Manufacturing company of Klamath Falls, and William DALTON and Frank ADAMS, prominent stockmen of Malin and Merrill.

  It is expected that the committee will confer with Sproule at San Francisco within the next few days. Recent intimation by Chief Engineer HOOD to the effect that he would recommend the construction, should the matter be referred to him by his superiors, and the fact that T.A. GRAHAM, general freight and traffic manager of the company, is now here, going over the district, causes many to believe that naming of the committee will bring good results.


            Set Hearings for Irrigation Districts

Farmers of Two Glenn Sections Containing 38,000 Acres Ask Elections.

WILLOWS (Glenn CO.), Sept 9 - The hearing on the petition of the farmers of the Jacinto and Princeton-Cordora-Glenn sections for an election on the organization of two irrigation districts has been set by the supervisors for October 2, when it is expected the report of the state engineer on the feasibility of the propositions will be filed with the board.

 A copy of the resolution ordering the hearing was forwarded to State Engineer McCLURE, with whom Civil Engineer D.W. ROSS, who has taken an active part in solution of water troubles in the county, conferred today and discussed plans.

   The Princeton-Cordora-Glenn district contains an area of about 18,000 acres, the Jacinto having an area of more than 20,000. These lands are the best in the Sacramento valley and with irrigation their value will be greatly increased and they will be capable of supporting a dense population.



Plaintiff Asks $4302 Damages and Expense From the Wealthy Owner

OROVILLE (Butte Co.,) Sept 9 - Alleging fraud in the making of a lease for 350 acres of land in Butte and Tehama counties, H. YORI, formerly of Modesto, Stanislaus county, has filed a complaint in the superior court asking the cancellation of the lease and the return to him of $4302.25, which includes $1802.25 alleged to have been paid out for improvements and $2500 claimed as due for a year’s loss of business.

  A peculiar feature of the case is the ranch in question was recently involved in a suit filed by several Potruguese against W.J. PAVERT to have the deed set aside on the ground of alleged fraudulent representation. Judgement was rendered in favor of the Portuguese, and WAHL purchased the farm and made the lease with Yori.

   The complaint sets up 16 alleged counts of fraud, which allege misrepresentations as to fertility, water conditions, water rights, machinery and stock. Yori says Wahl took him to the middle of a 60-acre alfalfa tract, stating to him all of the land was the same as that in alfalfa. The plaintiff states he entered into a lease of the land for $3000 a year, and after discovering conditions demanded the lease be rescinded and he be paid the money he spent, which he says was refused.


            Heavy Bond May Kill Jitney Business

Grass Valley Trustees Pass Ordinance to Favor Local Traction Line

GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), Sept 9 - The city trustees sounded the death knell of the jitney business between this city and Nevada City or other cities at their meeting last night. A license of $20 per quarter was placed upon every person operating jitney buses and in addition they must file a bond with the city clerk in the sum of $10,000, to insure indemnity in the event of an accident.

  The business of these jitney operators has not been heavy and none can stand the license. One automobile has been running between here and Nevada City and another between here and Auburn and Sacramento. There is a sentiment in favor of the Nevada County Traction company’s electric line that prompted the ordinance.


            Prisk Will Assist Move for Clear Water

GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), Sept 9 - A letter received by Mayor HOSKING from W.F. PRISK in relation to the turbidity of the city water, owing to cultivation on the Prisk ranch states that Prisk and his brother are willing to go the limit to accommodate and please the people of this city and will grant the Pacific Gas and Electric company all the rights possible for the purpose of piping the water through their land.

  There seems to be no reason now why there should be any delay on the part of the company to commence laying the pipe, and the people are waiting to see whether there will be any attempt at quibbling on the part of the corporation. It is an expensive job, but it must be done, as the water is very muddy through the rainy season.


            Boy Scouts Making Last Hike for Year

NEVADA CITY (Nevada Co.), Sept 9 - The Boy Scouts of this city took what will probably be the last “hike” of the season to Banner last night. There were thirty of them in the party and they were in charge of Scoutmaster D.A BAILEY, who has accompanied the boys on all their trips. This is the fourth they have taken for the season. The first was to Lake Vera; then they went to Bowman’s dam, where they spent a day or two; the third trip was as far north as Sierra City and the fourth to Banner. They plan to walk to Lake Tahoe next summer and are enthusiastic at this early stage for the trip. They have an excellent drill team and are taught many things that will make them good citizens.


            Officers Enforcing Traffic Ordinance

GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), Sept 9 - J.M. WHITE of Chico was charged with a violation of the traffic ordinance today as he drove through the city and failed to obey the rule that an automobile must not drive past a street car discharging and taking on passengers. The warrant has been sent to Chico to serve upon White.

  A.A. SCHELL of Auburn, manager of the Schell Music company, was arrested on a similar charge and must answer to Justice MULROY. The officers have agreed that the law must be obeyed on account of the narrow streets and the attending danger and are arresting every violator.



WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), Sept 9 - Word reached here today of the death in Oakland of Mrs. George C. MALLETT, an old-time Woodland resident. She and her sons, Will and Levi, and daughter, Carrie CONGRAVE, lived in Woodland for years. She was a noted temperance worker.


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