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Sacramento Bee

Monday November 20, 1893 


HEALEY-LEAVERY - In this city, November 19, 1893, in the Cathedral by Rev. Father GRACE, William HEALY and Nellie LEAVERY, both of this city. 

JONES-BUTTERFIELD - In this city, November 19th, by the Rev. G.A. OTTMANN, rector of St. Paulís Church, William Carey JONES, of Berkeley, and Ada Mary BUTTERFIELD, of Menlo Park, Cal. 

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Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Wednesday, November 7, 1894



†††††††††††††† MARRIED

SIMONSEN-PETERSON - In this city, November 3d, by Rev. W.S. HOSKINSON, Carl Simonsen to Christine Peterson, both of Sacramento.

CARLSON-LUND - In this city, November 6th, by Rev. W.S. HOSKINSON, Knud Jorgen Carlson to Ellen Peterson Lund, both of Sacramento.

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