Commander-in-Chief, Governor Newton Booth. Acting Adjutant-General Major L. H. Foote.


Commander of National Guard of California, Major General Henry A. Cobb, San Francisco. Staff--Lieutenant-Colonel S. P. Middleton, Assistant Adjutant General; Lieutenant-Colonel A. W. Von Schmidt, Engineer Officer; Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Norcross, Paymaster; Lieutenant-Colonel Theo. A. Mudge, Ordinance Officer, San Francisco; Lieutenant-Colonel E. B. Buffandeau, Quartermaster; Lieutenant-Colonel E. A. Denicke, Inspectors; Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Donahue, Commissary; Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. Brumagim, Judge Advocate; Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Tucker, Surgeon; Major H. A. Cobb, Jr., Ald-de-Camp; Major James L. Beysa, Aid-de-Camp.


FIRST BRIGADE, LOS ANGELES--Brigadier-General John M. Baldwin, commanding.--Staff--Major H. M. Mitchell, Assistant Adjutant-General; Major Frank Ganahl, Quartermaster; Major T. J. Battaille, Commissary; Major John Spence Campion, Inspector; Major V. Gelcich, Surgeon.


SECOND BRIGADE, SAN FRANCISCO--Brigadier-General John Hewston, Jr., commanding. Staff--Major George W. Smiley, Assistant Adjutant-General; Major T. J. P. Lacy, Engineer Officer; Major W. Frank Ladd, Ordinance Officer; Major C. L. Wiggin, Quartermaster; Major Charles E. Hinckley, Commissary; Major James A. Thompson, Paymaster; Major O. Livermore, Inspector; Major Adolphus D. Grimwood, Judge Advocate; Major Samuel R. Gerry, Surgeons; Captain Octavius Bell, Aid-de-Camp.


THIRD BRIGADE, STOCKTON-- Brigadier-General William A. Davies, commanding. Staff--Major Moses C. Andross, Assistant Adjutant General; Major Joseph B. Meader, Engineer Officer; Major James L. Sperry, Ordnance Officers; Major Stephen Wing, Quartermaster; Major Evans S. Pillsbury, Commissary; Major John Scribner, Paymaster; Major Nelson M. Orr, Inspector; Major William L. Dudley, Judge Advocate; Major D. M. Baldwin, Surgeon; Captain Joseph A. Smith, Aid-de-Camp.


FIFTH BRIGADE, SACRAMENTO--Brigadier-General Josiah Howell, commanding. Staff-Major W. L. Campbell, Assistant Adjutant-General; Major S. S. Montague, Engineer Officer; Howard F. Hastings, Paymaster; Major E. I. Robinson, Quartermaster; Major I. N. Randolph, Commissary; Major Lucius Powers, Inspector; Major L. H. Foote, Judge Advocate; Major G. L. Simmons, Surgeon; Captain John D. Yost, Aid-de-Camp.


FOURTH BRIGADE, RED BLUFF--Brigadier-General James C. Roley, commanding. Staff-Major R. H. Campbell, Assistant Adjutant-General; Major Samuel M. Bishop, Engineer Officers; Major John Brady, Ordinance Officer; Major Ransom S. Bettis, Quartermaster; Major John S. Follansbee, Commissary; Major George A. Witemyer, Paymaster; Major George C. Perkins, Inspector; Major Edwin J. Lewis, Judge Advocate; Major J. R. Bradway, Surgeon.


SIXTH BRIGADE, FERNDALE--Brigadier General Jed. C. Butler, commanding--Staff--Major William B. Heustis, Assistant Adjutant-General; Major George W. Week, Engineer Officer; Major John A. Baxter, Ordinance Officers; Major Edward J. Dodge, Quartermaster; Major J. Davison, Commissary; Major R. S. McClellan, Paymaster; Major Alex Brizard, Inspector; Major F. Knox, Surgeons; Captain Sherman H. Leach, Aid-de-Camp.


FIRST INFANTRY REGIMENT--W. H. L. Barnes, Colonel commanding; G. W. Granniss, Lieutenant-Colonel; Oscar Woodhams, Major.


SECOND INFANTRY REGIMENT--J. W. McKenzie, Colonel commanding; John McComb, Lieutenant-Colonel; Harvey Lake, Major.


THIRD INFANTRY REGIMENT--Archibald Wason, Colonel commanding; Michael Bateman, Lieutenant-Colonel; John J. Conlin, Major.


FIRST CALVARY BATTALION--P. R. O'Brien, commanding.


LIGHT ARTILLERY--First California Guard, San Francisco; Sacramento Light Artillery, Sacramento.


Besides the above are sixteen unattached companies belonging to the State militia.


The annual report of Adjutant-General Cazneau, from which this synopsis is taken, sums up the general strength of the uniformed militia as forty-eight companies of every branch of the service, and numbering 3,412 officers and men. The Adjutant-General says the force is in good condition, and praises it highly for its state of discipline.


The enrolled militia, subject to the performance of military duty, number more than 94,000, distributed through the different brigades as follows:


First brigade, 7,702

Second brigade, 40,643

Third brigade, 10,812

Fourth brigade, 22,503

Fifth brigade, 9,848

Sixth brigade, 2,916

TOTAL, 94,424.


The military revenue of the State is derived from a tax of 1 cents on each $100, which, for 1871, gave some $24,000. The annual expense of maintaining the National Guard during the same period was $30,000.





Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Monday, January 1, 1872, page 4.

Donated by Betty Loose.

Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

2007 Nancy Pratt Melton.



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