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Front cover of Helen Clothier's Postcard Album.

Chinese School - Oriental Walnut Grove  (written on back of photo)

Walnut Grove School House  (written on back of photo) Anna Wood Clothier was a  teacher at Walnut Grove School and Andrus Island School.

Chinatown, Walnut Grove  (written on back of photo)

Helen Clothier

Postcard - Cawston Ostrich Farm

Helen Clothier with possibly Mr. & Mrs. E. N. Young  Husband Ernest Neville Young.

The Iron Steed, Mt. Tamalpais - Front  Back of Postcard

Helen Clothier on the left, woman in the middle, I now believe, mother, Anna Wood Clothier & Helen's sister Myra on the right. Boys are in Larkspur School Photo below. - Front  Back of Postcard 

More Beach....Myra Clothier in foreground. - Front  Back of Postcard  some of their time was spent in Larkspur/Corte Madera, that beach could very likely be Muir or Stinson. I lived in Mill Valley and Muir Woods, and had friends in Stinson Beach, so the lay of the land in the pics is familiar. Only other place I could think of is Pt. Reyes/Olema.

Woman driver possibly Helen & Myra's mother Anna Wood Clothier Albert, husband, next to her.

Woman in front row, center, with child Helen, Anna Wood Clothier, Albert, husband, on her left.

More Adams Springs, Lake Co. Cal. - note sign.  Circa early 1900’s.

More Adams Springs, Lake Co. Cal. Man in chair with head cocked, jaunty hat & cigar could  be E. N. Young in earlier years before the ostrich cart photos. 

Myra Clothier, teacher, standing with co-teacher in 2nd row from rear; Myra's 2nd from right.

Lillian Roberts. - Front  Back of Postcard

Adams Springs, Lake Co. Cal. - Front  Back of Postcard

Adams Springs, Lake Co. Cal. - Front  Back of Postcard - Mama, Anna Wood Clothier - Myra Clothier, sister to Helen

From friend Della Willet of Byron - Front  Back of Postcard

From friend Della Willet of Byron - Front  Back of Postcard

From friend Della Willet of Byron - Front  Back of Postcard

From friend Oscar - Front  Back of Postcard

Antioch Grammar School - Front  Back of Postcard...From friend Della Willet of Byron

Sacramento River - Front  Back of Postcard From mother, Anna Wood Clother...Elwood Clothier, brother ill

Anna says:

No.2 -E. is going to S.F._ Hope he went today. Is not well. Has need of Dr. Atkins's treatment. I don't think I'll go to Mrs. Twist's next Thurs. Am with Mrs.Perkins. Am at the "Golden Eagle'_ the anatomical hotel. Will explain why later.

Lots of love. Mama.

Helen Clothier's Report Card - Front     Back of Postcard

Helen Postcard - Front     Back of Postcard...From friend Della Willet of Byron

Harvester "Cone Ranch" 1915

Harvester "Cone Ranch" 1915


From friend Oscar - Front     Back of Postcard

"Yolo" At Albers - Sept. 24, 1934



St. Francis Church, Sacramento, Cal. - Front     Back of Postcard  St. Francis (Assisi) 26th cor K

Roseville Depot - Front     Back of Postcard  Roseville located in Placer County, Cal., 14 miles northeast from the city of Sacramento and on the border of Sacramento County.

Yucca Tree - Front     Back of Postcard  Frodsham postmark an extinct Sacramento County  town.

Sutter's Fort Before Restoration Postcard    

Sutter's Fort Restored Postcard    

Mt. Lassen Eruption Postcard - 1915   Picture taken from Red Bluff, Calif.

Chinese Joss House Postcard   Weaverville, Calif.

Monterey Sardine Packing Plant - Front     Back of Postcard

First Custom House Postcard   Monterey, Calif.

Jenny Lind Theatre, First Theatre in California - Postcard   Monterey, Calif.

First Wooden Building in California - Postcard   Monterey, Calif.

Colton Hall, First State Capitol 1849 - Postcard   Monterey, Calif.

Colton Hall, First State Capitol 1849 - Postcard   Monterey, Calif.

First Brick House and Old Whaling Station in California  Postcard

Downtown Isleton, California - 2008

Brian Next To Birds Landing Historical Landmark Plaque, California - 2008  Mrs. Clothier (Anna) was widowed, and though I don't know when it happened possibly before 1912 or 14. He was a farm laborer in Montezuma in 1900, boarding with Walter and Mary Bird....they must have been related to these folks on the plaque.  Btw, Albert and Anna Wood Clothier were married around 1880. I don't know yet how Albert died; maybe a farming accident.

San Francisco Pan Pacific International Exposition 1915 - Front     Back of Postcard  The card is from a lady named Emma Thiel. There are a couple others which she signs 'Auntie' or 'Aunt Emma Thiel'. Unknown whether she was related,or a guardian whom they callled 'Auntie'. She writes,"I guess you children can get out to play these nice days. I mean with Mr Y. {Mr Young?} No rough house in the house these days. With lots of love from Emma Thiel."

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Cal. - Front     Back of Postcard  Expo souvenir from a pretty steady pen pal named Evelyn Snyder, and as you see, she even gives her address on Steiner in the City. Evelyn writes : ' Dear Helen:- I arrive in S.F. at 2 o'clock this P.M. Can you meet me at the 'Tower of Jewels' at ten or half past on Wednesday We are going to the 'Zone' this evening. Please excuse this writing. Evelyn'

The Great Golden Gate - Front     Back of Postcard  The writer is another loyal friend, Esther Falquist, whose brother Roy is also a friend of Helen. I looked them up and have some stats on them. Note that at this time, 1910, Helen's in Walnut Grove, where Mom's teaching school. Esther says: Dear Helen: How did you enjoy yourself last Friday night. Please write me a long letter and tell me all about it. And please write it soon. When is the next big time going to be.  I guess it's pretty down there now, everything green. The houses and streets don't change color up here. How is everybody.  I hope you are all well now. Give my regards to your mother. Love from Esther. Helen's 15 at this point.


Del Norte Redwoods


Eel River Redwoods

Mendocino County Redwoods

Thanksgiving Card - Front     Back of Postcard  friend Evelyn, of Steiner St., San Francisco, Ca.

Muir Woods, Mt. Tamalpais  Marin  County, Cal.

Pacific Grove, Cal. City Hall   Date of dispatch is June 26, 1915 at 8:00 AM.

Inverness, Cal.   Sent from Inverness to Mrs. A. M. Merrill of 214 Highland Avenue in Piedmont, CA, at 3PM on September 9th,1927.


Postcard from Irene Gallagher. Sausalito 4/10/14

 Dear Helen:

       Just my Easter Greeting to let you know I'm still alive and attending T.U.H.S. The Senior English Class is going to give a play entitled " Cranford "next month. We have been practising (sp) since January for it.  On the 28th of March Arthur Walters gave a senior party at his home in Crte Madera & we had a dandy time. I guess Dwight told you that I was going to write to you. I asked him if you were still in Birds Landing and intended to write some month (sic) ago. Space is scarce so I will have to stop writing & save my news  for a letter. As Ever  Your Friend  Irene Gallagher.

Postcard from Irene Gallagher.    Back of Postcard  Photo of the cast of a school play, “Cranford”, at Tamalpais Union High School in Mill Valley, CA.   Cast…... 1. Yours Truly (Irene) 2. Min Halbert  3. Marion Wasser  4. Margaret House  5. Janet Bostwick  6. D.Creede 7. M.Wilson  8. Karin Lundqvist  9. A. Maynard 10. R.McCauley  11. Emil Stern (sitting)

Merritt Lake, Oakland, CA. - Front     Back of Postcard 

Court House, Oakland, CA. - Front     Back of Postcard 

Southern Pacific Railroad Station, 16th Street, Oakland, Cal.

Andrus Island School,Terminous Road, Cal....Mrs Anna Clothier was a teacher back in 1907.  Second Photo of Andrus Island School  Permission by Suzanne Black 2009.

September 1907 - Possibly Ernest Neville Young & Family  He was born in Maine, lived in Montezuma, Solano County CA, and was 38 years old in the 1900 census. This dovetails with the fact that Mr. Clothier was a farm worker in Montezuma.

Clothier Family  The 'Snowball Family' may be the only view I have of the Clothier family as a group. I believe we're seeing: Elwood, Helen, Myra and Edwin in front, with of course Albert and Anna behind. Location not indicated - possibly Mt Tam in one of those freak snow events.

Larkspur School - November 1911 Class Picture, Myra Clothier teacher.

Music Stand, San Francisco, Cal. 1907   - From 'Ruth' (last name never given), address 3725 22nd St. S.F. Calif. Clear postmark Aug 30 1907 5PM. "Love to you, Myra & the rest "

Santa Clara County Courthouse, Cal.   - From Ruth in SF, Dec 4,1907, 3AM Helen in Walnut Grove. " Am ill in bed but will be better soon. Love (w/5 X-s!) Ruth "

Sonoma Creek, Kenwood, Sonoma County, Cal. - 1908   - From Ruth (postmark faint) Helen in Corte Madera,1908. " we are having a fine time. Had a hay ride yesterday. Love from Ruth."

Guerneville, Sonoma County, Cal.   - From Ruth - Helen in Corte Madera. " Wish you were here Helen for there are no children here at all hardly. The Jansens are here but we don't play with them ". (!) " We stay here til the end of August, when we go home."
    So we can surmise that these are summer vacation greetings, and that perhaps the Clothiers had a place to stay in Corte Madera at that time of year? (The Marin beach pics,for example)

Hearst Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Cal. 1907   - From Lillian Roberts - To Helen in Isleton, clear postmark Oakland, Jan 10 1907, Isleton Jan 11 1907. This one starts, " Dear little Helen..." After post ...Christmas greeting, she says, "We expect to go sister's soon for a week-duck hunting." (In 1907,Helen would have been 12 )

Berkeley Oaks, Berkeley, Alameda County, Cal. 1908   - - Postmark Oakland June 30,1908, 2:30AM. To Helen in Walnut Grove. Signed ' From Belle Salisbury June 29,'08.'

Mill Valley Grove, Marin County, Cal. 1908   - - This one's from Myra to Helen - SF - Walnut Grove, Oct 14,1908, 6:30 PM.

Music Pavilion, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Cal. 1908   - - -Postmarks Birds Landing Jan 1 1908 - Sacramento Jan 2 1908 6:30 AM - Walnut Grove Jan 2 2PM "Hazel H." in Collinsville to Helen. Actually,on front of card you'll see " C.V. {Collinsville} Dec 16 '07 "

Russian River, Sonoma County, Cal. 1908   - Postmark Guerneville, Aug 7,1908, 7AM. Ruth - Helen in Walnut Grove. Ruth now gives her address as 320 Alvarado St. S.F.' - Aug.16,08 on front.

Half Dome, Yosemite Valley, Cal. 1908   - - San Francisco Sep 10 1908 6:30 PM Ruth to Helen in Walnut Grove. Also hand-dated on front, Sept 9, 1908. Ruth says, " We are going to the circus parade this morning. The weather is very warm & I'd sooner stay home but Hazel and Sidie want to go. If you come to the city please come see me, this year if possible. There is plenty of room for you to stay. With love from your loving Ruth."

Myra Limbaugh's Folio Postcards - 1941

View from Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, Cal.

Sacramento River & Mt. Shasta

Sacramento Canon, Shasta Route

Cantara Loop at 18th Crossing at Sacramento River Shasta Route

Carrying The Overland Limited From Point Costa To Benicia, California

Old Spanish Lighthouse, Point Loma, San Diego, California

Old Spanish Lighthouse, Point Loma, San Diego, California 2

Ramona's Marriage Place, San Diego, California

Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, California

The Wishing Well - Ramona's Marriage Place , San Diego, California

Seven Caves La Jolla, San Diego, California

Botanical Court Panama-California, San Diego, California - 1916     Back of Postcard  Helen's card to her mother, she says: " St James 10/8/16   Today we spent out at the Fair grounds. The vegetation is beautiful . But no display. (Beautiful day.)Went into most all the buildings. Fr. building is very large, with many nooks & corners. Expect to take trip to Ramona's home tomorrow and probably Coronado. The _____  we have a fine view from the 10th floor of the hotel. Everyone is fine & sends love. Lots from Helen C. "

View Toward Palm Springs & Mt. San Antonio, From Cathedral City California

Coronado Hotel, Coronado, Calif. California

Hotel Del Coronado, California

Fire Mountain Lodge, Mill Creek, California

Playland view, San Francisco, California

Handwriting analyst of Helen Clothier's, seems to match other Walnut Grove postcards.

Touring - Fording a Mendocino Stream.

Touring - Sonoma Mission.

Touring - Stanford Grounds.

Touring - Continental Divide.

Adams Springs Hotel, Adams Springs, Lake County, CA. - Circa 1900    Helen    Myra




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