I wish to acknowledge and give special thanks to the ones who have worked so hard to help compile the data found in this book.
It takes many persons working together to compile an accurate account of ones family history. I do hope there is very few errors in the data compiled in this account, and if there is one concerning your family, I do apologize.
I am most grateful to the ones who have sent in stories concerning their ancestors. Also those who have spent many hours doing research in the Court Houses and Libraries.
My special thanks to the Roy Turman family of Sulligent, Alabama for their hospitality shown to me while I was in Lamar County, Alabama doing research.
My special thanks to Mr. William Wilson Turman for all the marvelous stories and data that he has sent. Without him and others that has knowledge of our Milton A. and James Richard Turman pioneers, much of the account in this book would have been impossible to find.
Gladys L. Turman


[Typist Note: the pages are numbered incorrectly, so I will number them per original for the index and also place a second number for the correct count. ]

Page A



No one as yet has proven just when the first Turman or Tureman came to the American shores. Some say they came from England. Some say from Germany and a few claim Irish decent. Some believe the name came from the name Thurman or Thurmond. Others say from the Norman-Enl. Name Ternan. I now wonder if perhaps the name "Trueman" also ties in with this mystery?


We do know for certain that Ignatius Tureman was recorded in "King and Queen County Virginia in 1704", where he paid a rent tax on his property. The question in my mind is why Ignatius dropped the "h" and added an "e"?


In reference work we find where "Walter Trueman" was in Conn. in 1654, Northampton, Mass. in 1659 and in Westfield Mass. in 1654. Could this family also be tied in with our Turmans and Turemans? Perhaps this question will always go unanswered.


We do know that the name "Ignatius" was the key name handed down in succeeding generations.


The following variations of spelling occur in the Virginia Archives and in many cases the some person is referred to in a number of different spellings: Tureman, Tourman, Turmon, Terman Tearman and Turman.


The first male member of the "Turman" family on record in the American Colonies was John Thurman, in 1638 at James Town County, Virginia. We think perhaps the John, his wife, Anne Morecraft and children, John, Elizabeth and Joan sailed here with Edmund Morecraft, a London and Virginia Merchant who transported immigrants to America at his own expense in order to receive 50 acres of headrights for each person. Edmund was the brother of Anne. Could this family be the beginning of the Turmans in America?


We find as new counties of Virgina were formed, the Turemans, Thurmonds and other spellings of the name pushed into the interior of the colony. The orginal shires were subdivided into 11 colonies which included Kings and Queens, Henrico and Goochland. It was here we find the first Ignatius Tureman listed in "Planters of Colonies of Virginia" by T.J. Wertenbacker, page 229


King and Queen County itself became divided into Orange County in 1734, Culpepper in 1749 and Spottsylvania. For several generations in this area Wills and land deeds were found relating to the Turman family.


Page B


Catherine or Caty Turman, daughter-in-law of Thomas Turman was administrator of Robert Turman's estate Feb. 17, 1808. George Turman, son of Thomas Turman had wife Violet, who Nov. 18, 1826 claimed her dowery in the estate of her husband, George Turman, who was dead. Inventory Nov. 16, 1826, sale Jan. 6, 1826---Mrs. Violet Turman, principal purchaser, Samuel Turman administrater.


Samuel Turman was guardian for Mariah and Thomas J. Turman---minors in 1826. Mariah married John Hall April 12, 1827 Franklin Co. GA.


Returns for 1826 show receipts of Seaborn and Violett Turman for their distributive shares in George Turman estate.


In August 1, 1831 returns show receipt of John Hall in right of his wife Mariah, formerly Turman as a distributer in Estate of George Turman.


From Carman Massey, Houston, Texas: Many Turman families living in Georgia in the late 1700's and early 1800's. The following are mentioned in the Georgia Historical Documents in the Houston Library. Abner, Benjamine, Catherine, Caty, Elizabeth Garrett, Violetty, Seaborn, Thomas, Isaac, Jacob, James, John Mariah, Martha, Violet, Seaborn Jr.,, William, Mary, Matildia, Nancy Prudence, Robert, Robert C. Samuel and Thomas. Most of these mentioned as being eligible to participate in the land lotteries which meant they had lived there a year and had paid taxes.


"Georgia Genealogical Magazine Vol. 35" Mormon Temple Library, Page 41, Land Lottery Oaths---Morgan County, GA.

Personally appeared before me, Milton C. Turman, one of the Orphants of Martin Turman, deceased who being duely sworn saith on Oath that he with G.A. and Nancy W. Turman were the bonafide drawers of lot of land #502, 16 District 2nd. Section lying in Cobb County of said State, and that they are the owners of said lot and has not sold ect.

Signed; Milton C. Turman, 6 Dec 1849


Martin Turman, born 1725, Virginia, died 8 July 1824 Walton County, Georgia, at the age of 99 years old. He was married twice, first to Ann Herndon and second to a woman by the name Rebecca, maiden name not know at this time. Could it have been possible that he married a young woman and had four children by her in his late years?


Page C


Children of Martin Turman:


Mary, born 1744 died 1838, married William Hailey, born 27 June 1748, Culpepper County, Virginia, son of James and Ann Elnora Cloud. Mary was born 15 Oct. 1744. They had 12 Children: Mary Patsy, John, Lucy, Thomas, Polly or Rita James, Sally William, Tabitha, Reuben, Betsy and Nancy.




Lettice who married John Butler

Nancy who married Edward Watham

Patsy, who married Paxton

Elizabeth who married a Paxton




By second wife Rebecca



Milton A or C (could be our Milton A Turman born 1802 and the James above could be our James Richard born 1800.


Martin would have been 77 years old at the time of the birth of Milton unless his birth date isn't correct. Martin lived to the ripe old age of 99 years old.


There was a Martin Turman or Tureman living in Culpepper County, Virginia in 1744. In 1782 he was living in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. In 1792 he was living on Cody's Creek, in Elbert County, Georgia. He is mentioned in the Will of John Herndon, Charlotte County, Virginia in 1785. He served on the first Jury panel for Elbert County, GA. 31 Dec 1790. He received Headrights of 650 acres in Wilks County, GA in 1780.


James Turman, born 8 May 1752, Orange County, Virginia, who married Martha Seals 3 April 1772, Orange County, Virginia James died 5 June 1804, Franklin County, GA. Martha was born 1754.


They had the following children:

James Turman Jr. born 1775 died 1851 Married twice; first to Mary Smith then second to Martha Smith 12 Dec 1836, Franklin County, GA.


George born 1778 died 1826, not sure of marriage, could have been Violetta Higginbotham, in 1796.


Martin Turman born 1780 could have been the father of our Milton as he would have been 20 years old when James Richard was born and 22 at the time of the birth of our Milton who was born in 1802.


Page D






James Turman born 8 May 1752 Orange County, Virginia, married 3 April 1772 Orange County, Va died 5 June 1804 Franklin County, GA.

Wife: Martha Seals born 1754 Orange County, Virginia died 1812 Franklin County, GA.



  1. James Jr. born 1775 Virginia died 1851 Franklin County, GA married 1st Mary Smith 2nd Martha Smith 12 Dec 1836 Franklin County, GA.
  2. George born 1778 died 1826 married Violetta Higginbotham in 1796.
  3. Martin Turman born 1780 wife Rebecca (could have had a son Milton & James).
  4. Seaborn J. born 1782 married Mary Morris 18 Oct 1827 Walton County, GA Book B pg. 74.
  5. Permelia born 1785
  6. John born 1789 wife Polly?
  7. Garrett born 1789
  8. Martha born 1790
  9. Franklin born 1791

James Jr. had nine children:


  1. Mahulda who married Joseph A Cheek
  2. Eleanor who married 23 Dec 1831 to Benjamine Pulliam
  3. Mary who married Thomas Morris 20 Dec 1835 Franklin County, GA.
  4. Eliza who married Eppa Morrs 1837
  5. Alpha born 1821 married David E. Stovall (born 1803) married 9-25-1834. This family went into Chickasaw County, Miss. In 1837.
  6. Carly Turman who married Atchison.(Carly must have been a girl as James will, talks about his grandson by the name of W.W. Atchison.
  7. Simon Turman who married 19 Dec 1827 GA to Nancy Avery moved to Chickasaw County, Miss. In 1844.
  8. Aaron Turman who married _____ Dorcas, SC. 1810 Miss. In 1850
  9. Benjamine
Page E




WILL of George Turman, Elbert County, Georgia Page 88, 1805


George Turman Sr. "afflicted in body" all estate to wife Elizabeth for life, at her death the plantation where I live to son, Jacob. To my daughter, Sarah Lancaster and my son Thomas, a Hourse each. To Rebecca Clayton and Nancy Turman $1.00 each: to Slave "David" to be set free---Residence to be divided between Elizabeth Lancaster, Milly Rogers and Zilly Roberts and Elizabeth Higginbotham. Wife Elizabeth.


William Hatcher and Thomas Burton, Excrs.

Signed: July 1, 1805

Recorded: June 7, 1806



From "Knights Roster of Revolution" its lists; George, Garrett, James, and John Tureman. All were granted land in Frankling Co. GA 1784 as Revolutionary War Soldiers.


John Turman Richmond Co. GA. 1777-1830 administrator and Guardia Bond.


Benjamine Turman---Georgia Militia War of 1812

Garrett Turman---American Revolution


Nancy Avery, daughter Henry Avery, son of John Avery and wife Nancy married Simeon Turman Jan 5, 1820 in Franklin co. GA. moved to Chickasaw Co. Miss. Alpha Turman Stovall also to Chickasaw Co. Miss. David Alpha Stoval listed in the 1850 Census.


John Turman and wife named Polly in 1800, as her signature and on a deed in Franklin Co. but it seems she must have died. One Polly Turman listed as being on a sailing vessel. Johns will provided Sept. 2, 1811---Will Book D 1807 Page 22, Lincoln Co. GA. leaves estate to friends. "My Polly had no children either, perhaps she ran off with a lover to sea---John leaves his estate to friends, the Turman mentioned was Lucinda and Matilda, signed Dec 17, 1810.


William, George, Thomas, James and Garrett and Martin Tureman all living Georgia in 1785. Garrett Turman and wife Mary had nine in family, Jan 1797. William died before 1794. George died 1805 in Elbert Co. Had sons, Jacob, Thomas and daughter, Sarah and wife Elizabeth (Higginbotham) Thomas who died 1804-09 Elbert County had sons: George, John, Robert, and James.


Page F






ROBERT TURMAN: Civil War, Alabama Confederate Army

EDWIN G TURMAN: Civil War, Battle of Shiloh, killed 1862

LORENZO D. TURMAN: Civil War, Battle of Shiloh

JAMES TURMAN: Civil War, Battle of Bull Run, killed

ALFRED TURMAN: Civil War, Battle of Shiloh, killed

JOHN MILTON TURMAN: Civil War, Confederate Army

WILSON KENNEDY TURMAN: Civil War, Conderate Army


JAMES LEA TURMAN: 1st. Mate, US Merchant Marines, Vietnam

ROBERT THOMAS TURMAN, Navy WWII Gunner's Mate, USS Miss. & USS Texas.

TURMAN CHISM: US Army WWII (Japan and Korean War)




JESS THOMAS TURMAN JR: Sgt. US Air Force---125 Fighter Bomber Squad, Korean War.

REUBEN ALLEN TURMAN: US Marines Korean War (Japan)


ALFRED DEAN RIGGS: US Army Ret. S.E.C.L---Korean



DAVID DIMMER: US Airforce--Vietnam



ROBERT ELZIE TURMAN: capt. US Airforce Vietnam



BURNIS TURMAN: Staff Sgt. US Medical Set. 17th Inf. WW II




VIRGIL OTIS TURMAN: US Airforce---Korean War

RUSSELL CLAY TURMAN: US Navy Yeaman 3rd Class, on the USS Houston, killed 28 Feb 1941

THAYER TOODD TURMAN: US Airforce, WW II Killed 6 Dec 1943 when shot down in the Parnies Mts. of Spain. Buried in the National Cemetery, Fort McPherson North Platt, Nebrasha.


Page G








JOE WAYNE LANIER: Navy Ship L.S.T. 397 Water tender 2nd WW II


ARNOLD VESTAL TURMAN: US Air Force (Civilian) 29 years


CARL TURMAN: US Army and US Air Force, retired after 29 years



LESTER CURTIS TURMAN: Navel Reserves, 8 years

RALPH WAYNE TURMAN:: US Army Reserves 15 years



BILLY EUGENE TURMAN: Army Korean War, wounded

GEORGE JAY TURMAN: Civil War Confederate Army



Page H







On 21 Feb 1754 in Culpepper County the will of Robert Tureman Sr. was recorded. He was probably the son of the original Ignatius Tureman of King and Queen County, Virginia. This 1754 Will named Robert's wife Annie, and children, Susanna, George, Ignatius, Anne and Robert Jr. all under age at the time. Robert's son Igantius the 2nd must have been named after his grandfather Ignatius the first. It is also likely that young Ignatius was one of the two separate Igantius Turemans whose Wills were probated two years apart in 1782 and 1784.


The 1782 Will was probated in Culpepper County, dated two years before on March 28th, and bequeathing to Ignatius' wife Eleanor and two young daughter, Susanna and Lucy his Virgina Estate. The will added if my wife should be with child and it be a son, I leave him my land whereon I live and also my four hundred acres lying in Kentucky. Igantius the second was likely a younger man considering the small size of his family and his uncertainty of a male heir.


The Will of the other Ignatius Tureman, whom we will call Ignatius the third, was dated 5 Feb 1784, in the adjacent County of Spotsylvania. In this long and complicated Will, the widow Eleanor Tureman is mentioned along with Igantius' children and grandchildren, indicating that Ignatius the third was a brother of Benjamine Turmans Sr. who died the same year and an elderly man. At least one of the grandchildren of Ignatius the third was named Benjamine under age in 1784; and likewise Benjamine Sr. had a son named Ignatius. He was the older brother of Benjame who came to Indiana and built Turmans Fort in 1810.


The names of Ignatius the thirds children were, Charles who married Margaret Crutcher; John, Mary who married Joel Lewis and Elizabeth who married Bernard Carter. The sons of Ignatius, Charles and John died before their father. The Will of Ignatius mentions the following grandchildren; Mary, Thomas and William, children of Charles Tureman, Dec. Benjamine Tureman, son John, Dec. and Turman Lewis, who was one of the executers of the Will, and the son of Mary and Joel Lewis. Margaret Crutcher Tureman the widow of Charles joined the tide of immigrants to Kentucky, which was then still a part of Virginia. The following year, after the death of Margaret's father-in-law, Ignatius the third, in Deed Book K of Spotsylvania County, it is recorded that on 28 Aug 1784, Margaret Tureman, was about to remove to Western Waters of this State and believing it advantageous to herself and two sons, Thomas and William, both under age, deeded to Edmund Foster a tract of two hunderd acres in Berkly Parrish of that county.


Page 1

No one has yet proven the exact time of arrival of the Turman clan to the new World, but we feel the first of the clan migrated from the old World to Colonial Virginia. The first to be recorded was Ignatius Tureman, in King and Queen County, Virginia in 1704. The Colonial Turmans spelled the name Turman with an "e" Tureman, but pronounced the same as it is today. The name itself is of Norman-English origin. There are two Coats-Of-Arms listed for the Turman family, but unless one can definitely prove that the awards were given to your ancestor by the King for an act of bravery, it is of little significance.


You will find the name Turman spelled many different ways in old records. This was due to the fact that most people of that time didn't know how to spell or find it important enough to correct the spelling of their name when some one spelled it incorrectly on a court record.


Many records on the Colonial Turman family can be found in Virginia. The Colonial Turmans were brave ambitious people, which had the stamina that it required to live and prosper in the dense wilderness of Virginia. They dared to settle where no one else would, ever going deeper into the Indian infested wilderness.


I have reasons to believe that our Turman clan migrated from Virginia into Georgia, possibly by the way of South Carolina in the late 1700's. As yet, I haven't been able to find our Virgina ancestor but hope to before my search has ended.


The Turmans are a proud and hard working family. This trait no doubt was inherited from their Viking origin. The Normans were a proud people as well as brave fighters. They always seem to make the best out of a bad situation.


Page 2



Milton Anderson and James Richard Turman were born in the State of Georgia according to the Census Records, Milton, born 1802 and James Richard, born 1800. After the deaths of their parents in Georgia, the boys were placed in homes of neighbors and reared. When Milton became eighteens years of age, he left the home of the family that cared for him and joined a wagon train of people from South Carolina that was heading west into Alabama.


According to history, this train left Lancaster Co., SC in 1819. They reached what is now Lamar Co. Alabama in 1820. One of the families on this train was the Roberson family. The Robersons were Irish, descendants of the Irish Robersons that migrated from Ireland to Savannah, GA. in 1768. The Robersons had two sons, Thomas and David and two daughters, Mary and Sarah Eleanor. Sarah was born 1808. Milton and Sarah met while making their journey to Alabama they later married in 1825. The Roberson family must have joined the wagon train as it came near their vicinty in South Carolina, as Sarah told her grandchildren many stories about her childhood. From the stories, it seems that the Roberson family lived near Charleston. Sarah recalled that her parents grew tobacco and after it was ready for market they would place it into barrels and roll them to the Charleston market.


The route in which the wagon train took is probably the route which went through Abbeville County, SC and then into Elbert Co. GA. No one has been able to determine the county in which Milton and James lived when they joined the train. There were several Turman families living in Elbert, Wilks, Franklin and Augusta Counties at the time, but so far none of these families tie in with our two pioneer brothers.


The area in which the Turmans and Robersons settled was at that time Marion County. The county changed names several times before it became Lamar County in 1877, Lamar Co. is located in the northwest part of Alabama and was first called Jones Co. in honor of E.P. Jones of Fayette County. The county known as James was abolished in 1867 and returned to the counties from which it was orginally taken. (Marion) The county was next called Sanford County.


Page 3



From Sanford County it became Lamar County. The new county was named in honor of L.A.C. Lamar, a Georgia born Statesman of Mississippi. This was the name that stuck.


The early white settlers, from which a number of the present inhabitants are descended, came mainly from South Carolina, Georgia and a few from Tennessee, not many owned slaves.


The present area was embraced in the domain claimed by the Chickasaw Indians, who relinquished their claim to the county by "Treaty of the Chickasaw Council House on Sept. 20, 1860" In fact, the line separating Lamar and Pickins Counties was the ancient line separating Choctaws and Chickasaw Confederations.


There seem to have been no Indians living in this area at the time when our pioneers arrived in 1820, but rather it was a vast hunting ground used by the Indians.


The town, Sulligent, where our Turmans and Robersons settled was named for two Frisco Railroad officials, Sullivan and Sargent, the first of the former's name and the last half of the latter's name.



The names of some of the first settlers of this area which became Lamar Co. was Roberson, Sandlin, Blaylock, Loggins, Noe, Reed, Ray, Longmire, Carden, Turman and others. Many of these families still have descendants living on the lands of their forefathers.


The area, in which are Turmans settled is covered with trees, mostly pines. The area is very beautiful with pine covered hills, in which deer still roam. The roads are lined with tall pines and vines. Many of the old home places still stand, most of them made from hued logs. The old Wilson K. Turman home still stands. It has three rooms down stairs, one very large long room with a fireplace built at the end. This was no doubt the dinning and cooking area. It has an open hall with stairs that lead up to the bedrooms above. The old home is surrounded by pine and other trees.


The women of this area still quilt beautiful quilts, and grow most of their vegetables in which they can. I enjoyed every minute of my visit to Sulligent. It is a very peaceful place with no large buildings and the roar of traffic. It is like being in another time. Beautiful farms in the valleys surrounded by pine covered hills, makes the area even more beautiful.


Page 4




Mr Forrest Reed, in his book "A Reed Family in America" describes the area in which thes pioneers settled in 1820. He states that this area of Alabama would have been a modern day hunter's paradise. There were numerous wild turkey's, squirrels, oppossum, fox wolves, deer, bear, raccoons, beavers and even buffalo, to say nothing of the abundant amount of fish in the rivers and streams. There was also plenty of timber, just waiting to be cut, and rich farmland to be farmed. Mr. Reed's ancestors, John and Jincy (Coffee) Reed were one of the families that left Lancaster Co. SC. in 1819 The Reed family only remained in this area until 1833, then moved into Itawamba Co. Miss.


In the 1880's, the Frisco Railroad was built and Sulligent, Alabama grew up as a Railway Station. Until then, the only market and shopping center was Aberdeen, Miss. Aberdeen was located in Monroe Co. Miss., which borders Lamar Co. Ala. on the west.


It must have been the golden age for the settlers of this area from 1820 to the start of the Civil War. The Ray family owned a large plantation just across the line in Monroe Co., Miss. Several days before Christmas, Mr. Ray would put a negro slave with a barrel of whisky on the road side near his plantation, to serve refreshments to the travelers, and invite them to spend the night.


The settlers prospered, many owning large farms. Schools were provided for the children and several went on to receive college educations. Many became teachers of music, a gift, which seems to be inherited by the Turman family, from their Colonial ancestors of Virginia.


When the Civil War started in 1861, many sons of the families who lived in this area went to fight for the Confederate Army. All of Milton A. Turman's sons fought in the War. Three gave their lives. Two of the, Alfred and Edwin G. were killed at the Battle of Shiloh, which took place April 6th and 7th, in 1862. This Battle was fought in Tenn. Thirty miles north of Corinth, TN. aat Pittsburg landing. The battle was named for a Church that was located on the battlefield. The battle took place in what is now Hardin Co. TN.


Page 5




Many of the young men of this area came home from the war crippled and sick. Times were hard for the people of this area after the War. What wasn't destroyed was ruined beyond repair. The women weaved their own cloth and made clothing for their families. It took several years for the people of this area to begin to live again as they did before the War.


In the 1890's many of the younger generation begin to migrate to other places, several into Arkansas, Miss. and Tenn. Then later the Turman family scattered from one corner of the US to the other. Descendants can now be found in almost every state. I have often wondered just what our pioneer fathers would think of the idea of having his family scattered all over the United States. I am sure they had planned for their descendants to remain on their homelands.


Page 6A
Gladys Turman

Before I try to describe all the beautiful things that I have seen, and all the interesting things that I have done in Sulligent, Alabama, I would like to say that, I will always remember the warm friendly and gracious people of this area that welcomed me into their homes. Most of all, the Roy and Lillian Turman family with whom I stayed during my visit. I never realized that such nice people still exist.


For the last two years I have listened while others told of this area in North Western Alabama in which our ancestors settled in 1820, but none of the stories can compare with the beauty one sees when actually viewing it in person. It is like being in a different world, a world of peace and tranquility, with it's towering pines that seem to reach up to the heavens.


The farms that lie in the valleys are surrounded by large pine and oak trees, which would be an artists delight. I only wish that I had been able to capture on canvas some of the beautiful scenery that I beheld. Miles and miles of small roads wind over the hills and throuh the pines. It was hard to decide which view was the prettiest. Many evenings I enjoyed sitting in the porch swing and watching the beautiful yellow butterflies. I have never seen this variety of butterfly. It is completely yellow and seems to have a florescent glow about them. I was told by Mrs. Turman, that this type of butterfly migrates farther south in the winter.


Several varieties of trees are found in Lamar Co. such as, Sweet Gum, Pecan, Hickory, Walnut and a most unusual tree called the "Beech". While hiking through a wooded area on the Roy Turman's farm my attention was called to two of these unusual trees. The bark of the Beech is similar to the Aspen of Colorado, but the Beech tree is much larger. What was, most interesting was the names carved on one of these trees. I was told that the names were carved there by two young people in 1920 that lived on the farm.


What amazed me the most was a wild vine called "Kudzu" that covered the roadsides, fields and even the tallest of trees. When I asked about the vine I was disappointed to learn that in was hated by the inhabitants of this area. The "Kudzu vine kills everything it covers, and I was told the only way to rid an area of it was to cut it for hay, graze cattle on it or burn it out.


Another thing that amazed me was the height of the timber. I had never seen such large Pine or Pecan trees. Standing in the front yard of the Roy Turman's home is a Pecan tree approx. 75 feet tall and three feet through. Mr. and Mrs. Turman have several large trees in their yard and under these is where they have their large family dinners several Sundays an month in the summer months. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Turman all gather here for their Sunday dinner and visit. I was so glad to have had the opportunity to become acquainted with most of the children and enjoying one of these get togethers. Food of every kind was spread out on the three large tables under the trees; and I might add that all the girls and great cooks.


Many of the old home places are still standing. Many of them still have and long open halls with rooms on each sidie and staircases that lead up to the bedrooms. I have never seen so many antiques. Many of the homes are furnished with antique furniture such as beds, rockers, clocks and china hutches fillied with pretty china. This area would be a paradise for those interested in antiques. Mrs. Etta Norton has her Mother's Spinning Wheel and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Turman has in their possession, Mr. Turman's Mothers pedal Organ, which is in perfect condition and is often played by Mrs. Lillian.


Most of the ladies still can most of their food. I've never seen so much food. I don't believe there is anything any prettier then shelves lined with rows of jars of home canned fruit and vegetables. Many of the ladies still quilt beautiful quilts. These are all done by hand and very neatly. There are many different pretty patterns and it was hard to decide which I like best. No machine could duplicate the beautiful patterns or work they have created. I was so surprised when Mrs. Turman sent me one for my birthday. It was the butterfly pattern and it is beautiful. I will always charish it and keep it nice. I show it off to every one that comes for a visit.


Several nights before falling asleep I would lie and listen to the hounds. Their howls would echo through the hills and no doubt could be heard a mile away. One night a small Owl woke me up. At that time I wasn't accustomed to the sounds of the country and the Owl frightened me. When night falls in this area it really becomes dark. The nights were unusally cool, unless the weather was rainy, then the humidty was fairly uncomfortable. Especially for me since I wasn't accustomed to the southern climate.


Having lived in the City with all of it's noises most of my life, it was difficult for me to become accustomed to the quietness and the darkness of the country.


Many new homes are being built among the Pines. Even though they are beautiful they still can't compare with the old homes of yesterday.


What disturbs me the most is the large Trucks that carry out thousands of this areas large timber each day to be used as lumber or wood pulp. I could hear them even during the night. I now wonder if our future generations will be able to enjoy what I have seen. How long will it be before all of God's beauty will be cut or cleared for homes. I believe some people call this "progress" but who needs it! How long will it be before this peaceful area loses it's serenity to an ever growing population?


I just hope and pray that the people of this area will never take for granted what God had given them. Such a place is rare and should be preserved for our young people in generations to come.


As my time drew near to leave this beautiful country and friendly people and return to the busy City, a deep sadness came over me. I decided to once more walk up the same tractor road that lead through a Pine and Oak thicket, and once more feel the quietness and serenity that comes over me as I gaze over the rolling hills and across the hay meadow which was almost ready for it's second cutting. Pines completely surrounded the meadow and you felt as if you were in a glass bowl. The wind was blowing a gentle breeze through the Pines and the only sound that could be heard was a flutter of a Birds wing as if flew from one tree to another. I looked up into the Sky and watched the white clouds as they slowly drifted by and I wondered why w\the whole world couldn't be as peaceful as this beautiful place. The rush and noise of the City, with people always rushing, never having time to notice God's beauty, seemed so far away and I longed forever to remain there among the Pines. A tear fell as I said goodbye to my favorite spot where I oftened went to just be alone with my thoughts. No one ever passes the same way twice, for life changes from day to day.


I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to pass that way and to have enjoyed the peacefulness of such a beautiful place.


I will always remember the gracious and friendly people of Sullignet, Alabama.


Page 6b
Lawndale, California



William recalls many incidents that took place in Alabama, Miss. and Ark. when he was a small boy. As you will note as you turn throught the families in this book, many Turmans married into the Noe family. William remembers going to the Shaffer Noe homes as a child. William recalls that the Noes were prosperous farmers and had a very large family. William's grandfather, Wilson Kennedy Turman was a Freewill Baptist Minister, also Justice of the Peace for Lamar Co. from the time it became a County until 1909 when he moved to Harrisburg, Ar,. William goes on to say, that one Sunday his grandfather and several other Ministers were holding a baptismal service on the Buttahatcha River. After eating a large lunch, which was spread on the ground by the women folk, William became very thirsty. The water in the River seemed clear, but after watching several dogs take a swim and from 15 to 20 persons wading out to be baptised William refused to drink the river water. After much persuasion his parents took him to the home of Shaffer Noe for a drink from his well.


Another incident recalled by William is that the local School teacher boarded with the Curtis Turman family, who lived near the home of William's parents. Each morning and evening they had to pass by William's home on the way to and from School. William would stand by the front fence and watch them cross a foot log over a small creek by his home. One morning his cousin Stella Turman refused to cross. The Teacher tried to talk her across with no avail. The Teacher finally cut himself a switch and once more asked Stella to cross the log. Once again she refused. When the Teacher finished with the switch, Stella crossed the foot log. William said at that moment, he made up his mind never to go to School and single day. When the time came for William to start School he done so, in fact William became a fine Teacher.


Another story related by William was that George Turman's wife, Mary Ann Armstrong Turman and children were devout church members, but it seems that George (the son of James Richard Turman) could not find the time to become active in religious work. One Sunday the Minister came home with Mary and children for dinner. The Minister, being anxious to convert George invited him to join him in conversation on the porch away from all the rest. In the course of the conversation the Minister replied, "Mr. Turman if you knew for certain that you had only two hours to live, what would you do? "George sat in contemplative silence for a moment then replied, "Well I think I would just about have the time to walk down to the river farm and back," end of quote and probably the conversation.


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James Thomas Turman, the only son of Edwin G. Turman, decided he could get a better price for his farm produce during a Republican administration. A few times he voted for the Republicians. One day on his return from town, he arrived home with his cloths dripping wet. When asked how it happened he replied, "I have been under conviction for voting Republican for a long time. I heard a speaker in town today and became converted. While trying to cross that footlog over the creek, I fell in and got baptised. Now, I am as good a Democrat as anyone!




For several years before her death, Sarah was unable to walk due to an injury received while picking Chestnuts. While out walking with her grandson Alfred on an autumn day, she came upon a tree filled with ripen Chestnuts, which had not fallen to the ground. She took a rail from a fence near by to use to jar the tree. When she stepped back to strike the tree she stepped into a hole, where a tree stump had burned out and became covered with fallen leaves. She fell backwards breaking her hip and never walked again. The grandsons would pick up her chair, one on either side and take her wherever she wanted to go.


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MILTON A TURMAN, our Alabama pioneer was born 1802 in Georgia. Milton left Georgia between 1810 and 1820 and migrated into what is now Lamar County, Alabama. Milton settled in what is the Sulligent area. Milton was a farmer. Milton died in the spring of 1890 and was buried in the OLD TURMAN CEMETERY located near the old Wilson K Turman farm. The grave is unmarked and the little cemetery is almost impossible to find. Only one marker is in the cemetery, that of Catherine Turman Sandlin, the oldest child of Milton.


Milton was married 26 July 1824, to SARAH ELEANOR ROBERSON. Sarah was born 1808 in South Carolina, and migrated with her parents[father Matthew Roberson] into Marion Co. Alabama in 1820. Sarah died in 1897 and was buried in the Turman Cemetery.


Sarah was an invalid for several years before her death, due to an injury she suffered while picking Chestnuts. (see related stories by William Wilson Turman)


MILTON AND SARAH TURMAN, were the parents of 11 children, all born in Lamar County, Alabama.


  1. CATHERINE, born 1826; wife of Anderson Sandlin
  2. MATILDA VASHITA, 1832, died unmarried
  3. ROBERT WILSON, born 28 March 1828, died 15 June 1911, Poteau, Okla. Robert married Dezina Noe.
  4. EDWIN G., born 1829, was killed at the Battle of Sholo in 1862. Edwin married Sarah Evans.
  5. LORENZO D., born 1834 died 26 April 1885. Lorenzo married the widow of Edwin G, Sarah Evans.
  6. JAMES RICHARD, born 1835 died in the Civil War, 1 March 1861. James married Sarah Jane Sandlin.
  7. ALFRED, born 1840 was killed in the Civil War in 1864. No record of marriage for Alfred.
  8. JOHN MILTON, born 17 Jun 1842 died 8 Jan. 1831, Bigbee, Miss. John married Louisa Johnson.
  9. WILSON KENNEDY, born 15 July 1844 died 30 May 1925, Jonesboro, Arkansas. Wilson married Mary Jan Bullard.
  10. LOUISA JANE, born 1847 died unmarried
  11. UNNAMED probably died at birth in 1850.
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Milton A Turman joined the wagontrain from South Carolina somewhere in Georgia. No one has been able to locate the names of his parents or the location in Georgia in which he was born.


All of Milton A Turmans sons served in the Civil War. Three were killed or died due to the War. Milton travelled three days and nights to bring one of his son's body home for burial. We don't know rather the son was injured and Milton went to bring him home or rather he had already died by the time he reached his distination. It took Milton three days to bring the body home covered by a blanket in the back of a wagon. He would stop at night and sleep onlong side of the road. This was surely a sad journey, but Milton was determined to have his son buried in his home state.


No one can possibly picture the hardships these marvelous brave people went through during the terrible years of the Civil War.


Mr. Harry J Turman, relates that his grandfather, Thomas Noe received a musket ball that lodged near his spine. They had no facilities them to remove it, so it was never removed. It later caused his death due to malignancy.


Harry's grandfather, Robert Wilson Turman and several other men captured a Yankee pay train, but didn't bother to keep the money, but instead sifted the dirt for the kernels of corn wasted by the Yankees when feeding their horses. Harry stated that his grandfather and others wrapped their feet in burlap to protect their feet from the cold.


Milton A. became ill and died suddently. The day of his death he climbed to the roof of a barn his grandsons were building and walked across the rafters they were nailing down. After visiting for a short time with them he continued on home. That night he became ill and died.


His son Wilson Kennedy built a shelter over his grave to keep off the rain and snow. Nothing is left of the shelter but the rocks placed on his grave still remains.


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Catherine Turman, born 1826, was the eldest child of Milton and Sarah Turman. Catherine married Anderson Sandlin, born 1833, the son of Jessie and Mary Sandlin. Jessie was born in South Carolina in 1801, died 13 May 1863, Mary was born 19 Sept. 1807, SC and died 5 Sept 1884. Both were buried in the Sandlin Cementery near Sulligent, Alabama.


Catherine was buried in the Old Turman Cemetery and has the only marker in the cemetery.


Catherine and Anderson Sandlin were the parents of one daughter;


SARAH ELLEN SANDLIN, the wife of ROBERT NOE. They were the parents of three children;


  2. OLLIE

Anderson was also the brother of Sarah Jane Sandlin, who married James Richard Turman, the brother of Catherine.


JESSIE AND MARY SANDLIN, were the parents of nine children, several of them marrying into the Turman family of Alabama.


WILLIAM SANDLIN, born 10 Mar 1848, married SIDNEY TURMAN, 17 Dec 1867. They were the parents of Hardy Allen Sandlin, a minister.


ANDERSON SANDLIN, born 1833, married Catherine Turman.


HORASHO SANDLIN, born 1835-1912; married Mary Johnson.


HENRY SANDLIN, born 1837, married a girl with the surname of Duke.




VENA SANDLIN, born 1840.


SARAH JANE SANDLIN, born 9 Nov 1841 - 12 July 1921, married 1st JAMES RICHARD TURMAN; 2nd WILLIAM CARDEN.


ARIE SANDLIN, born 1842, married ______ South.




HORASHO AND MARY SANDLIN were the parents of six children. Bent, who married Jamie Irvind; John, who married Celia Evans. Jessie, born 1864, who married Mary Scott; Nancy, who married Wm. J. Webb, 5 Jan 1879, daug. Fanny Morgan, Okla. City, Okla; Francis Sandlin, who married ______ Harman, Sulligent, Ala.


(Celia Evans was the daughter of Green Evans.)


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Robert Wilson Turman
Son of
Milton A Turman
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Mary Jan Turman & Jessee Jagger


THOMAS JAMES JAGGERS, born 23 Nov 1880 Montgomery, Ala. died 16 Sept 1953, Okmulgee, Okla. married 7 May 1922 Paden, Okla. to Lillie Bell Griffin, born 15 Feb 1897 Walnut Ridge, Ark. died 11 July 1978, Okmulgee, Okla. buried in Okmulgee Cemetery the daughter of John W Griffin and Ida Bell Wilson. Lillie was married twice 1st to Lloyd Barton, they had two sons: Cane and Burl. James and Lillie were the parents of eight children:


  1. Beatrice Jane, born 6 Aug 1924, Paden, Okla. Died 26 Dec 1924.
  2. Russell Lee,.born 15 Mar 1926 Paden, OK married Velma Partney. Russell died 19 Dec 1953, Okmulgee, Okla.
Two children by this union:
  1. Floyd Wayne born 21 Mar 1948 Okmulgee, OK.
  2. Donna Marie md Roger Manard


3.Ethel Mae born 18 Jun 1928 Paden, OK married Lester Hurst.

Three children from this union:

    1. Ruby Arlene born 26 Mar 1946 Okmulgee, OK md Tony Harrara.
    2. Ruth Darlene born 19 Jan 1948 Okmulgee, OK md Robert Browning.
    3. Raymond Dale born 4 Feb 1950 Indo, CA.

4.Virgil O'Neal, born 8 Feb 1930, Paden, Okla. married Burthal Long.


5.Ida Bell, born 8 June 1931, Paden, Okla. married Harold Allen.

Two children from this union:

    1. Harold Jean born 24 Apr 1948 died 4 Sep 1963
    2. Judy Kay born 24 Oct 1956 Okmulgee, OK.

6.Nita Bell born 8 Jun 1931 Paden, OK married Glen Jameson

Three children:

    1. Olin Glen born 4 Feb 1950 Okmulgee, OK.
    2. Patricia Ann born 30 Jul 1955 Tulsa, OK.
    3. William Bruce born 10 Mar 1963 Birmingham, Ala.

7.Alice Elizabeth born 23 Feb 1933 Paden, OK married James Walls

Two children:

    1. James Olen Jr. born 14 Sep 1951 Riverside, CA.
    2. J.D. born 22 Oct 1952 Okmulgee, OK

8. Hurshall Dee born 23 Jan 1936 died 16 Sept 1940.



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WALTER POWER, born 9 Oct 1878, Boonville, Arkansas died 25 March 1961, Okmulgee, Okla. Buried in the Oakdale Cemetery, Paden, Okla. the son of Wesley O'Neal Powell and Mary Ann Virginia Hardin. Married Catherine Elzoria Jaggers. They were the parents of nine children.


  1. AMOS born Nov 1898 Haileyville, Okla died of the Croup in Dec 1898.
  2. ISIAK born 20 April 1899 Haileyville, Okla married Sue Harrold. Four children; Jackie, Genestill, Genette and Geraldine.
  3. EVA born 7 Jan 1903 died 2 Oct 1908.
  4. ART born 22 Oct 1904 Crowder, Okla died 29 June 1963 married Dorothy Johnson 22 Oct 1928, Talhequah, Okla. Dorothy was born 1910 in Talhequah, the daughter of Jack and Eva Johnson. Two children by this marriage;
  1. Harold born 16 Jan 1930 Tahlequah, Okla married Georgene Comble. Three children: Harold Jr born 1953; Debra born 1955, Omar, Nebraska; and Rebecca born 1957.
  2. Naydene born 27 Oct 1932 Tahlequah, Okla married Harold Aller. Two children: Karen born 1952, Tulsa and Lyn born 1954 Tulsa.
  1. OPAL born 16 Dec 1905 Crowder, Okla married 9 Oct 1926 to William Perry Bishop born 5 Nov 1906 French, Ark. The son of Perry George Bishop and Ella Dunkerson married in Bristow, Okla. They are the parent of four children.
  1. Betrace born 25 Aug 1931 Tahlequah, Okla married Desmond M Bain.
  2. Joreta born 1 April 1933 Tahlequah, Okla married Bill Tugmon.
  3. Cathern born 18 May 1936 Bristow, Okla married Chester M Carr.
  4. Shirley Jean born 6 June 1941 Bristow, Okla married Troy Isaacs first then Robert M Lee.
  1. ODES JACK born 18 Oct 1908 Paden, Okla died 12 May 1972 Tulsa, Okla married 29 Aug 1926 to Lillie Myrtle Bishop born 9 Oct 1909 Bristow, Okla the daughter of Hiram Lillie Bishop and Cordelia______. Odes and Lillie were the parents of four children.
  1. ODES JACK JR born 24 June 1929, Bristow, Okla married April 1950 to Jackie Ruth Southern. They are the parents of four children:
1. Jack Randall
  1. 2. Vickie Eugene
  2. 3.James
    1. Robert Lynn.
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  1. PATSY ANN born 31 Oct 1933 Kilgore, Texas married James Lowell Mason. Four children from this union:
    1. Janette Lee bor 28 July Okmulgee, Okla. married Gary Roulston.
    2. James Lowell Jr born July Okmulgee, Okla married Judy Peevyhouse.
    3. Margaret Ann born 20 March Okmulgee, Okla.
    4. Jack Edward born 9 Oct Okmulgee, Okla.
  1. BETTY JO born 24 Dec 1934 Kilgore, Okla married April 1955 to Muriel Cliff Phelps. Five children from this union.
    1. Patricia Ann born 21 Jan Okmulgee
    2. Clifton Earl born 10 July
    3. Donna Marie born 31 Oct
    4. Michael David born 5 Sept.
    5. Pamela Kaye born 1 Aug.
  1. JOHN HARMAN born 10 May 1939 Langview, Texas married in 1969 to Patty_____. Three children:
    1. Kemberely Patricia born 9 Sept. Okmulgee, Okla
    2. John Patrick born 2 Aug.
    3. Robyn born 17 July Florida, adopted.
  1. GLADYS POWELL born 5 Sept 1910 Paden, Okla married 13 June 1925, Bristow, Okla to Edgar S Perryman, son of Steva Perryman and Julia Barber. They are the parents of six children:
    1. Wanda Eliz. born 8 June 1928 Bristow, Okla married Larene Pieree died 28 Dec 1970.
    2. John Edgar born 23 Aug 1930 Hulbert, Ok.married Delpha Bishop.
    3. Bobby Lee born 9 April 1935 Tahlequah, Ok married Donna Wilson.
    4. Leon born 5 May 1938 Tahlequah, Ok married Reba Hudson.
    5. Harry J born 5 Jan 1944 Tahlequah, Ok married Diana Drew.
    6. Joyce Erlene born 10 Jan Sapulpa, Ok died 8 Oct 1964 married Cliford Mackey.
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  1. LEANORD POWELL born 5 Nov 1912 Paden, Ok married Vinnie Calhoun. Three children:
    1. Glen
    2. Edna
    3. Janice
  1. INFANT SON born 1915 Bristow died 1915 (Bluebaby)
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WILLIAM DONALD JAGGERS born 18 July 1889 Birmingham, Alabama died 22 May 1945 Oklahoma City, Ok married 25 March 1905 to Arnatta Rozana Powell born 5 July 1890 Whitefield, Ok died 2 July 1957 Hartshorne, Ok. She was the daughter of Wesley O'Neal Powell and Mary Ann Hardin. William was the son of Jessie James Jaggers and Mary Jane Turman. They were the parents of three children:


  1. Vivian O'Neal born 9 Nov 1907 Crodwer, Ok died 24 April 1970-71 married 28 Dec 1925 to Hugh Lee Holly Sr. They were the parents of one child:
  1. Hugh Lee Holly Jr born 3 July 1927 Pinelawn, Mo married three times. 1st Peggy O'Neal, one child to his union: Hugh Lee III born 9 July 1953 Oklahoma City married 5 April 1970. 2nd marriage to Mary, 3rd Wanda married in 1956. Wanda and Lee have two children: Robin born 16 Jun 1957 died 1959 and Christerfer born 18 Sept 1960 both born in Oklahoma City.

Vivian was married three more times; second marriage was to Floyd Fallon. Third marriage was to Jim Clemmons and fourth marriage was to Travis was married for thirty years. He died at the age of eighty. Travis was born 25 July 1888 and died 30 May 1969.


  1. WESLEY LILAC born 16 June 1914 Blocker, Ok. Married 27 Nov 1933 to Lynn Franklin Puckett born 5 Feb 1908 Cowlington, Haskell, OK the son of William Turner Puckett and Della Jane Winton. LILAC was married four times; second marriage was to Joseph B Montana. Third, George Garland Devine and fourth to Bill Marten. Lilac and Lynn were the parents of two children:
  1. Lila Vee born 26 Nov 1938 Wilburton Ok married third of May 1957 to Jimmy Louis Clay born 14 Aug 1937 Wilburton Ok the son of Berta Allen Clay and Sudie Ola Francis. They were the parents of two children:
    1. James Allen born 15 Sept 1969 Shevesport, La.
    2. Jeffery David born 3 Dec 1972, New Mexico.


  1. Lindia Vee born 26 Nov 1938 Wilburton, Ok married 18 Aug 1956 to John Anderson born 14 Jan 1941 Talihina, Ok. John is one forth Chickasaw Indian. He is the son of John Anderson and Mary Elizabeth Lewis. They are the parents of six children:
    1. Mary Lynn born 6 Feb 1957 Talihina, Ok.
    2. Lynn Austin born 1 Dec 1958 Talihina, Ok.
    3. Lylalyn born 22 Oct 1961 Tulsa, Ok.
    4. Johnnie Lynn born 30 Aug 1968 Mountain View, Ca.
    5. Franklin Turner born 4 Dec 1973 Santa Clara, Ca.
    6. Benjamine Lynn born 22 June 1975 Santa Clara, Ca.


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    1. JESSIE VIOLA born 16 June 1914, Blocker, Ok married 22 Oct 1933 to Patrick Osborne. Second marriage was to Henry Paul Eads 20 Sept 1936. Two children from this union:
a. Peggy Jean born 18 July 1937 Wilburton, Ok married 15 May 1955 to William James Suter born 22 Oct ____. Three children from this union:
    1. Pauline Jeanette born 7 Feb 1957 Carlsbad, NM
    2. Unnamed son born 23 June 1959, stillborn.
    3. Jo Lavonne born 4 March 1963 Carlsbad, NM
  b. Rozana Caroline born 30 June 1940 married 2 Oct 1965 to Gene Roy Horsley born 7 Oct 1942 East Ely White Pine, Nevada, the son of Harold Lyn Horsley and Lois Hendrix. They are the parents of three children:
    1. Randall Lynn born 4 April 1968 Ely, NV
    2. Kevin Paul born 28 July 1969 lived only a few hours
    3. Ray Allen born 7 Oct 1970.
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WILLIAM DONALD JAGGERS born 18 July 1886 Birmingham, Alabama died 22 May 1945 married 6 Dec 1922 Wheeler, Texas to Pearl Beam born 4 July 1904 Ekintuskah, Oklahoma, the daughter of Dan Davis Beam and Emma Hughes. Pearls second marriage was to George Rochat. William and Pearl were the parents of six children, all born in Paden, Ok.

    1. Donald born 3 Aug 1927 married 5 Jan 1947 Independence, Kansas to Tula Ferne Keplinger born 21 April 1928 Skellytown, Texas the daughter of Odos F Keplinger and Ellen Lillian Haney. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Terral Don born 5 July 1948 McAlester, Ok married 22 Aug 1969 to Rebecca Ann Rodgers, the daughter of George Rodgers and Shirley Gow. One child: Terral Shawn born 3 July 1970 Tulsa, Ok.
    2. Ronald Dean born 16 Dec 1949 McAlester, Ok.
    1. Wilma born 29 Jan 1934 married Sept 1950 to Joe Goodman, the son of William Ernest Goodman and Ava Mae fox of Wynnewood, Ok. Joe and Wilma were married in Oklahoma City. They are parents of two children:
    1. Bobbie Jo born 27 May 1953 Wynnewood, Ok.
    2. David William born 31 Jan 1977
    1. Roy born 3 Dec 1935 married three times, 1st to La Verne McGrain in 1951; 2nd Pat Thoms in 1956 and 3rd Connie Meyers in 1961.
    2. B.F. born 21 July 1938 died at birth.
    3. Martha born 22 Feb 1940 married 22 Dec 1956 to Carlton Rice born 4 Oct Fort Worth, TX, the son of Edward Francis Rice and Marion Lucette Phodes. They have one child:
    1. Janet Lee born 5 July 1957 Tulsa, Ok.
    1. Joy Ann born 27 Dec 1943 married 28 Feb 1964 to Daniel E. Walker born 4 May 1942 Tulsa, Ok. the son of Daniel Goven Walker and Lois Mattie Kester. They have one child:
    1. Elizabeth Dane born 30 March 1971 Tulsa, Ok.

Information of the Jessie James Jagger and Mary Jane Turman family was compiled by Lin Anderson, Wilburton, Ok. 74578.


Wilma resides in Pauls Valley, Ok 7335


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MARY ELEANOR LUCINDA TURMAN born 11 Oct 1858 Sulligent, Alabama died Feb 1944. Mary was the third child of Robert Wilson Turman and Dezina Noe. Mary was married three times; first to Crooket Wilemon. One child from this union:
    1. Thomas Robert born May 1876 Sulligent, Alabama died in 1954 Poteau, Ok. Never married.

Second marriage was to; Peter R Wilemon born 5 April 1847 Sulligent, Ala died 30 June 1898, Poteau, Ok. Eight children from this union as we know of; Mrs. Huckebay who sent the data on this family seems to recall that Mary had had eleven children:


    1. Viola born 22 July 1878 Sulligen, Ala died 20 Jan 1891 Poteau, Ok. Never married.
    2. Pearl Emma born Dec 1881 Sulligent, Ala died 1961 Detroit, Mich. Married twice, 1st James Perry Todd 2 March 1903, two children from this union:
    1. Bonnie May born 1 Feb 1904 Wittenville, Ok.
    2. Floyd Ollie born 26 Nov 1906 Whittenville, Ok married Elizabeth Walker 9 Sept 1939.
  Second married was to Lander W. Qualls in 1912 Poteau, Ok Two children by this union:


    1. Rolena Daisy born 1914 died in 1970 in Detroit, Mich.
    2. Juanita Pauline born 1916.
    1. James Aaron born 14 Dec 1885 Poteau, Ok died 23 June 1923 married Clio Crystal McKinley born 26 March 1886 Mendota, Putman Co. Missouri. Died 22 March 1969 Ft. Smith Ark (She was residing in Poteau, Ok at the time of her death.) She was the daughter of Benjamine Franklin McKinley and Mary Elizabeth McCollom. They were the parents of four children:
    1. Mary Elizabeth born 1 March 1915 Poteau, Ok married twice, 1st to Robert L Bohannon 26 Sept 1937 2nd to James P Huckabay 16 May 1969.
    2. Martha Francis born 31 March 1917 Poteau, Ok married Carl W Smith Sept 1939.
    3. Margaret Ruth born 13 Nov 1919 Poteau, Ok married Garland Turnbo.
    4. Jimmy Aaron born 15 June 1922 Poteau, Ok married Marion Armstrong (AKA Tuck)
    1. Booker born March 1888 Poteau, Ok died 28 Sept 1960 Dallas, Texas married Rose Walker. One son from this union:
    1. Kenneth who resides in Oklahoma City, Ok.
    1. Luther born 25 Aug 1890 Poteau, Ok died 30 June 1913.
    2. Curtner born 12 Jan 1892 Poteau, Ok died 10 Feb 1921.
    3. Julian
    4. Artie born 10 Dec 1898 died 14 Sept 1904.
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ROBERT DONALD TURMAN born 26 July 1871 Lamar Co. Alabama died 24 July 1958 Poteau, Ok was the son of ROBERT W TURMAN. Robert married 14 May 1892 Lamar Co. Ala to MARTHA I'DELLA NOE born 6 May 1874 Lamar Co. Ala died 4 July 1943 Oklahoma City, Ok. Both are buried in the Oakland Cemetery, Poteau, Ok. MARTHA was the daughter of THOMAS R NOE AND HIS WIFE MARY.


ROBERT AND MARTHA, were of the Methodist faith. Robert was a merchant in Poteau, Ok. for many years.


ROBERT AND MARTHA were the parents of five children, all born in Poteau, Ok.

  1. RUTH MAUDE TURMAN born 23 Dec 1894 died 24 June 1954 Shawnne, Ok married EZRA PENNINGTON, no children from this union. Both buried in Oklahoma City, Ok.
  2. JERRY EDMOND TURMAN born 22 Dec 1895 Poteau, Ok died 18 July 1896.
  3. ROBERT THOMAS TURMAN born 23 Dec 1898 Poteau, Ok died 21 Nov 1963 Shawnee, Ok married ADDIE WILSON born 18 July 1902 West Plains, Howell Co. Missouri. Robhert was in the Navy during World War I. Rober and Addie were of the Methodist faith and attended the Wesley Methodist Church in Shawnee, Ok. Addie was a School Teacher. Addie was the daughter of JAMES WALKER WILSON AND ANNE ELIZABETH ANGLIN. Addie still living Shawnee, Ok. in 1972. They were the parents of two sons:
  1. JACK ROBERT TURMAN born 16 Aug 1926 married BETTY JANE TEEVS 29 Aug 1953 Newton, Kansas. Children:
    1. Milindia Jane born 1954
    2. Robert Henry born 1956
    3. Ellen Ruth born 1958
  1. THOMAS WILSON TURMAN born 30 Dec 1937 Shawnee, Ok married ELEANOR GEIS in Norfolk, Va. One child: Anne Eliz. born 21 May 1970 Norfolk, Va.
  1. WILLIAM FRANK TURMAN born 11 April 1904 Poteau, Ok died 4 July 1907.
  2. HARRY JEFFERSON TURMAN born 26 Oct 1907 Poteau, Ok married 14 April 1935 El Reno, Ok to ESTHER PEARL GEPFORD born 10 Feb 1908, Oklahoma City, Ok the daughter of BURTON DARNELL GEPFORD AND ADA GARRETT. Harry and Ester are of the Baptist faith. Harry was Plant Engineer for Western Electric Brooklyn, NY for many years, new retired and residing in Eau Gallie, Fla. Harry was in the Seabees as Chief Electricians Mate. They have one son JAMES LEA TURMAN born 9 May 1939 New attending the US Coast Guard Academy New England, Conn. (1972).
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WILLIAM WILSON TURMAN born 3 Oct 1873 Sulligent, Alabama was the son of ROBERT WILSON TURMAN. William died 28 Sept 1952, Poteau, Ok. Robert married STELLA BUTLER born 6 Dec 1880 Tupelo, Lee Co. Mississippi. William was a rancher and business man in Poteau, Ok for many years before his death. They were of the Baptist faith. Both are buried in the Oakland Cemetery, Poteau, Ok.


WILLIAM AND STELLA TURMAN were the parents of nine children.

  1. MINNIE LOU TURMAN born 20 Jan 1896 Poteau, Ok died 6 Feb 1896.
  2. GEORGE JEFFERSON TURMAN born 2 Feb 1899 died 27 Mov 1919 died in a hunting accident.
  3. HERBERT JAY TURMAN born 12 Feb 1902 Poteau, Ok married 1 March 1924 Shady Point, LeFlore Co. Ok to LUNA CHRISTENE COLEMAN born 5 June 1902 Casa Perry Co. Ark the daughter of LUTHER C COLEMAN AND SADIE HAMBRIGHT. They are of the Baptist faith. Herbert was a Merchant until his retirement. Now residing in New Port Richey, Fla. They are the parents of two children:
  1. JOAN WINIFRED born 19 April 1925 Poteau, Ok married 20 April 1946 to William Berger. Four children from this union:
    1. Susan Jo born 1950 San Benite, Tx.
    2. Sherry Ann born 1952 San Benite, Tx.
    3. Scott Wm. Born 1957 San Benite, Tx.
    4. Steven Wayne born 1959 W. Palm Beach, Fla.

Family now residing in Freeport, Grand Bahamas.


  1. WILLIAM JAY TURMAN born 20 Jan 1930 Poteau, Ok married 5 Feb 1955, Nashville, TN to PEGGY JO TAPP born 7 April 1929 Greer, Spartanburg, SC, the daughter of HULON MOSES TAPP AND VIRGINIA MAXINE LEE. William was a Sgt. in the Army. They attend the Brookemeade United Congreational Church in Nashville, TN. William is an Interior Designer and does beautiful needlepoint work. Peggy is a Piano Instructor. They are the parents of one daughter:
    1. Kimberly born 15 July 1956 in Chicago, Ill. Family now resides Nashville, TN.
  1. CARL ALLEN TURMAN born 24 July 1904 Poteau, Ok married 1st CHRISTINE JOHNSON 2ND VELMA______. Residing in California.
  2. MATTIE TURMAN born 2 Dec 1906 Poteau, Ok married BERTIE ORVILLE HAGGARD born 25 Dec 1903 Poteau Ok died 15 July 1971 Brantford, Canada. Bertie was the son of WILLIAM HENRY HAGGARD AND NINA WRIGHT. Bertie was buried in Nashville, TN. He was a Special Agent for an Insurance Company. They were the parents of one child:
  1. MADGE JANETTE HAGGARD born 23 Jan 1926 married WARREN B. FUSON 24 Aug 1946. Mr. Fuson born 14 Jan 1946. They are the parent of five children:
    1. Barry Alan b. 1951
    2. Thomas Clare b. 1952
    3. Janet Clare b. 1955
    4. Patricia Leigh b. 1958
    5. Donna Karen b. 1960
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  1. LOIS TURMAN born 19 Sept 1909 Poteau, Ok married 2 Feb 1929 to JACK BASWELL. They are the parents of one child:
  1. CARL DEAN BASWELL born 27 Nov 1929 married HELEN ELIZ. HAYES born 18 March 1927. Three children from this union:
    1. Carl Dean, Jr. b. 2 Aug 1950 md Loretta Lynn
    2. Lovett b. 29 Apr 1952
    3. Becky Lynn b. 4 June 1957
  1. LUCILLE TURMAN born 19 Sept 1909 (twin of Lois) died 1913.
  2. WOODROW WILSON TURMAN born 14 Jun 1912 Poteau, Ok married EUNICE CAMP born 27 Jan 1913 married in Poteau, Ok. 31 March 1934. Now reside in Poteau where Mr. Turman is a rancher and businessman. They are the parents of one son:
  1. WOODROW TURMAN, JR. born 16 July 1939 married 31 July 1959 to EARLENE HOLLAN born 8 July 1940. Two children from this union:
    1. John Wilson born 26 May 1960
    2. Stephen Earl born 20 Sept 1962


  1. THOMAS AARON TURMAN born 14 Dec 1915 Poteau, Ok died 1 Oct 1971 Poteau Ok married ERNA PENDERGRAFF born 6 April 1915, the daughter of HENRY PENDERGRAFF. They were members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Turman was a rancher. Mr. Turman is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Poteau, Ok. They were the parents of two children:
  1. LOIS LOUISE TURMAN born 19 Dec 1938 married 8 Feb 1938 ? to JAMES WESLEY MIXON born 8 Feb 1938. Two children from this union:
    1. Michael James born 1959
    2. Mark Anthony born 1961


  1. SANDRA LEE TURMAN born 22 Nov 1942 married 10 Oct 1963 to SAMUEL BROWN MILLES born 4 Oct 1941. Two children from this union:
    1. Patrick Lee born 18 Nov 1965
    2. Page born 25 Sept 1967



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HERBERT JAY TURMAN born 12 Feb 1902 Poteau, Ok. The son of William Wilson Turman and Dezina Noe. Herbert married March of 1924 to Luna Christine Coleman, born 5 June 1902 LeFlore County, Ok the daughter of Luther Coleman and Sadie Hambright. Herbert was a Retail Grocer by trade and the family attended the Baptist Church of Poteau, Ok. They were the parents of two children:


  1. WINIFRED JOAN born 19 April 1925 Poteau, Ok married 20 April 1946 to William Wayne Berger. They are the parents of four children:
  1. Susan Jo born 10 Sept 1950 San Benito, TX
  2. Sherry Ann born 29 Feb 1952 San Benito, TX
  3. Scott William born 3 June 1957 San Benito, TX
  4. Steven Wayne born 18 Jan 1959 West Palm Beach, Fla.
  1. WILLIAM JAY born 20 Jan 1930 Poteau, Ok married 5 Feb 1955 TN to Peggy Jo Tapp. The couple was married in the Church of the Advent, Nashville, Davidson Co. ,TN Peggy is the daughter of Hulon Moses Tapp and Virginia Lee. Peggy was born 7 April 1929 Greer, Spartanburg Co. SC. William is an Interior Designer. William served his country in the Army as a Sgt. Peggy is a Piano Instructor. They reside in Nashville, TN. They are the parents of on daughter:
  1. Kimberly born 15 July 1956 Chicago, Illinois.
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JAMES AARON TURMAN born 5 Oct 1878 Sulligent, Lamar Co. Alabama son of Robert Wilson Turman married 27 Jan 1906 in Indian Territory to LAURA BELLE ADAMS born 29 July 1878 Texas. The daughter of THOMAS ADAMS AND _____ CAVANAUGH. Mr. Turman died 5 Sept 1958 Sonora, Cailfornia buried in the Mt. Shadow Cemetery, Sonora, CA. Mrs. Turman died 28 May 1935 Sonora, CA. They were of the Baptist faith. Mr. Turman done various labor for a living (see related story by Haskell Turman)


JAMES AND LAURA TURMAN were the parents of three children

  1. WILSON HASKELL TURMAN born 30 Nov 1906 Poteau, Ok married 24 March 1935 Jamestown, CA. To LUCILE BETH NAU born 30 Nov 1919 Jamestown, Tuelumne Co CA. The daughter of STEVE FRANCIS NAU AND VITE ORDWAY. Mr. Turman was owner and operator of a Hardware store in Sonora, CA for many years. They are the parents of one daughter:
  1. HARRIET ELLEN TURMAN born 12 June 1937 Sonora, CA married _____ KELLY 28 Oct 1962 San Mateo, CA from this union two children were born:
    1. Dawn Marie born 19 Oct 1963 San Mateo, CA.
    2. Dean Haskell born 12 Dec 1964 San Mateo, CA.
  1. GRACE MAY TURMAN born 16 July 1910 Poteau, Ok died 17 July 1969 Berkeley, CA married twice: 1st FELIX ROSSI 1928 and 2nd EDDIE CLARK in 1948.
  2. HAZEL OLETA TURMAN born 8 July Elma, Washington married three times: 1st WILLIAM GIBBS 1933 Sonora, CA.; 2nd CLTON COOKSIE and 3rd CARL MARTIN.
Page 16


The following story was related by Wilson Haskell Turman, the oldest child and only son of James Aaron and his wife Laura (Adams) Turman. His story concerning himself and his father reminds me of the stories concerning our pioneer Turman families of almost two hundered years ago. It is amazing how the same characteristics and traits have been handed down through all these years. From Fenjamin Turman, born 1714, Va who is the father of all Turmans untill the present day generation. The same traits of endurance, determination, and you might add "Bull headedness" plus never ending energy, has followed the Turman line.


They all seem to have the stamina that it takes to make the best out of a bad situation. Haskell himself, is a very good example of this. When at the age of two, he contracted Spinal Meningitis. At that time very little was known about the dreaded disease. Haskell was left very lame, his hip and left leg grew to approximate length but only to about half size. Haskell relates how a lady in Elma, Washington came to his rescue. Mrs. Downs took up a collection and sent Haskell to a hospital in Seattle, Washington. Haskell spent nine months in this hospital taking therapy. Haskell learned to walk, ride a bicycle and later drive a car. When Haskell first moved to California he took a job topping trees. He has enjoyed a full normal life, having never to revert to crutches.


Haskell states that his father, like himself, was a Fly weight, around 125 to 130 lbs most of his life and down to 115 in his last years. Although sickly most of his life with Maleria, Asthma and Hay Fever, he could, would and did out-work almost any "big" man that he worked beside. As a young man he had a good team of horses, and cared well for them. Not only did he haul Hickory stock for Amos Bros. Handle Factory in Poteau, Ok., but delivered groceries and unloaded freight cars of flour, and feed for his older brothers, Donald and William, who had Turman's Mercantile Store in Poteau, Ok for twenty nine years.


James Aaron had many occupations and could do a good job of most anything that didn't require an education. James had only 19 days of school, mostly because of his illness. Haskell states that his father should have been an inventor. When James had a Dairy farm at Slick, Ok he built a mechanical churn, good and simple, but never patented it.


For some years he did house painting and paper hanging with a brother-in-law, Frank Jaggers, who was expert. James at one time financed and ran a shoe repair and harness shop in partnership with a Mr. Williams, who was professional Saddle maker and admitted he was at one time in Quantrels gang.


Page 17

The last eleven years of James Aaron Turman's life was spent in the oil fields. Haskell relates that they moved at least that many times. Aaron worked hard and was reliable. At Kiefer, Ok he worked for the Gypsy Oil Company. When the family first arrived in Kiefer they had to build themselves a house on leased land. In James spare time he built a high fence around a large area and grew a tremendous garden. The family also had a good milk cow, pig, Rabbits and a Dog that responded fairly well in harness to a little wagon that Haskell had built.


James Aaron would work through his winter vacation, if the company had pipes frozen up, that had to be thawed.


Life in the oil fields could become very hard. Winter was the worst of all. When the gas lines would freeze the large powers wouldn't run. When the powers wouldn't run, the pumps were shut down. Most lease houses used gas from the wells for heating and lighting. When the power was down there was no heat in the house. The men folks would get out of bed, dress in a freezing house and head for the power house to thaw out lines. Sometimes this would last all through the night.


When the Flu epidemia struck, James was off sick for over a month, and other workers couldn't understand why he drew straight pay. His boss Mr Red McCormick was a very understanding and an influential man.


Haskell relates that his father was a good union man but was not relucant to give a good days work for a days pay. Even today with labor in the saddle and riding hard Haskell doesn't feel that his father would expect to stay home on his birthaday and get paid for it. James ultra conservative views led him into some pretty heated arguments. He didn't believe we should be exploited by Corporations and that the resources (water and power) should belong to the people, and was against a dole system of any kind. He advocated that a country so rich as ours should provide every man the opportunity to make a honest living.


It was from Kiefer that the family took off on a thousand roundtrip miles by covered wagon deep into Arkansas, through a Cyclone and flooded rivers to forge. One horse made the trip, but with the other one James made nine trades, and once threw in Haskell's little mule. He traded the horse, sight unseen for a homestead down in a canyon. It had only one small rocky garden spot and no other means of survival. Haskell states, he doesn't know how they came through that one. His mother, fortunately was the rugged type. She lead a hard life and no doubt died before her time.


Page 18

Mrs. Turman never complained though, she gradually died of Cancer. Haskell states, "We often speak of wonderful Mothers, but it is difficult for me to even imagine that another one like mine ever existed."


James Aaron was an excellent provider, even though he made several bad moves in his life. James possessed an outstanding personality, considered too forward for some people, and never saw a stranger.


His distinguished character reflected in his highly polished shoes. Not much for dress clothes he was neat and clean with his hair invariably trimed and combed. He wore Stetson hats and Floresheim shoes. Though small of stature he was a giant-hearted man, overly generous and congenial with a bushel of humor. He could take a good joke anytime, and had some pretty good ones of his own (some Irish). His honesty and intergrity were unquestionable. He was a real pal. Haskell states that his father was the extreme opposite of his grandfather Robert Wilson.


Haskell relates that he could have never repaid his father for the companionship, kind consideration and various favors physically and financially, and also the many sleepless nights that he must have caused him. Many friends and old timers still remark that it was an honor just to have known him.


Wilson Haskell Turman


Page 19

EDWIN G TURMAN born 1829, Marion County, Alabama. The son of Milton A and Sarah Turman. Edwin married approx. 1855 to SARAH EVANS, born 1833, Marion Co. Ala. The daughter of JAMES EVANS, born 1802 NC and his wife LUCINDIA, born 1804 SC. Edwin G. Turman was a farmer before the beginning of the Civil War, Edwin fought at the Battle of Shiloh and was killed 1862. His brother Lorenzo D fought at his side. Before Edwin G died he requested that his brother take care of his family if he should die. After the War, Lorenzo went home and married his brothers's widow, as his brother had requested.


EDWIN G AND SARAH TURMAN were the parents of three children:

  1. JAMES THOMAS TURMAN born 1858 Sulligent, Ala married twice, 1st LUCINDIA SANDLIN 14 Sept. 1876 and ANNA NOE 11 Feb 1885. Lucindia was the daughter of Littleton Sandlin and Sally Loggins. Lucindia was born in 1859. ANNA NOE was the daughter of Thomas R Noe and his wife Mary. James Thomas mighrated into Mississippi and had a farm between Amory and Aberdeen Miss.

JAMES THOMAS AND LUCINDIA TURMAN were the parents of three sons:

    1. JOHN DOW TURMAN born 6 Jan 1882 Amory, Miss married 6 Dec 1908 Rector County, Clay Arkansas, to UNA EARL CLARK born 26 July 1888 Rector, Clay Co. Ark the daughter of SAMUEL A CLARK and MARY ANN WILLIAMS. John and his wife still resides in Becker, Miss. (1974) They are the parents of two daughters:
    1. IRMA GAYLE TURMAN born 11 Aug 1911 Becker, Ms married ALLEN W WELCH. No children fro this union. Resides in Ind.
    2. AUDREY MAE TURMAN born 28 Nov 1914 Becker, Ms married JAMES E DOWNS, resides in Becker. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Jimmy born 1948

    3. Cellest Gaye born 1945 the wife of Claude Chamberlin of Aberdeen, one child Melissa born 1971.


    5. WILSON TURMAN born 1884 died in childhood of a kidney disease, 1892.
    6. HILLIARD TURMAN born 1881 died 1892--Two weeks after his brother from kidney disease.

JAMES EVANS AND HIS WIFE LUCINDIA were the parents of four children:

    1. SARAH born 1833
    2. RHODA E born 1835
    3. LOVELLA born 1839
    4. THOMAS M born 1841
Page 20


  1. RHODA YANCY TURMAN born 1860 married Josiah BLALOCK. This family had eleven children, but we were unable to learn the names. The family is known to have migrated into Arkansas and then later into Calvin, Ok.


  3. NANCY TURMAN born 1862 Marion County, Ala.

JOSIAH BLALOCK is believed to have been the brother of William and Elizabeth Blalock, the children of William Blalock or Blaylock and his wife----Ray.




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[Author's Note: The next nine pages are in the wrong place; put there by mistake by the binders. Edwin G family con'd after marriage certificate.]






ROBERT WILSON TURMAN born 28 March 1827 Sulligent, Alabama was the oldest son of MILTON A AND SARAH TURMAN. Robert married 22 Dec 1853 to DEZINA NOE the daughter of Thomas R. Noe and his wife Mary. Dezina was born 4 March 1836 Lamar Co Ala and died 14 Oct. 1905 Poteau, Ok.


Robert Wilson Turman migrated to Poteau, Ok in 1890 and died there 15 June 1911. Robert was landowner and merchant.


ROBERT AND DEZINA TURMAN were the parents of ten children:


  1. MARY JANE TURMAN born 15 Dec 1854 Ala married twice, 1st JESSIE T JAGGERS 29 Dwp 1875 Lamar Co Alabama; 2nd BARNETT SANDLIN.
  2. KATY TURMAN born 19 Nov 1856 Ala married THOMAS J PITCHFORD 15 Dec 1876 Lamar Co Ala. 2nd married to MR. BROWN. Katy died in Poteau, Ok.
  3. MARGARET MARINDA TURMAN born 29 Jan 1861 married FRANK JAGGERS 1 Aug 1878 Lamar Co Ala. Two daughters:
  1. Nell married Pat Badger, Drumright, Ok.
  2. Nancy married Mr. Seibert (son Grant Seibert) Tulsa, Ok.
  1. THOMAS MILTON TURMAN born 6 Jan 1863 Ala died Ala. 8 May 1891 buried in the Sandlin Cemetery. Married FANNY B WEBB 28 June 1882 Lamar Co Ala.
  2. UNNAMED INFANT: born and died Nov 1865.
  3. ROBERT DONALD TURMAN born 26 July 1871 died 24 July 1958 Poteau, Ok married DELLA NOE (1874-1943) MARTHA I'DELLA NOE was the daughter of THOMAS R NOE AND HIS WIFE MARY CURRY NOE. Robert was of the Methodist faith. He ran a grocery, feed, lumber and bakery store in Poteau for many years.
  4. WILLIAM WILSON TURMAN born 9 Oct 1873 Alabama died 28 Dep 1952 Poteau, Ok married STELLA BUTLER born 6 Dec 1880 Lee Co, Miss. William was a Rancher and Businessman for many years in Poteau, Ok. William and Stella were of the Baptist faith. Both are buried in the "Oaklawn Cemetery" Poteau, Ok.
  5. DEZINA ADLINE TURMAN born 17 Aug 1880 died 3 Dec 1895
  6. JAMES AARON TURMAN born 14 Dec 1885 Ala. Died 16 June 1923 Mt. Shadow Cemetery, Sonora, Tuolumne Co., Ca. Married LAURA BELLE ADAMS born 29 July 1878 Texas. The daughter of THOMAS ADAMS AND _______CAVANAUGH. LAURA died 28 May 1935 Sonora, Ca. Daughter Mary E. Huckabey. (see related story by Wilson MASKELL TURMAN)
  7. CYNTHIA TURMAN married _____ WILEMAN; tow sons JAMES and KURTNER WILEMON.
Page 12

JESSIE JAMES JAGGERS born 1855 Sulligent, Alabama married 29 Sep 1875 Lamar Co., Ala. to Mary Jane Turman born 15 Dec 1854 Sulligent, Ala the daughter of Robert Wilson Turman and Dezina Noe. Mary Jane was married three times 2nd marriage to a Sandlin and 3rd time to a Barnett. Mary and Jessie were the parents of five children:


  1. ROBERT FRANKLIN JAGGERS born 10 July 1876 Sulligent, Ala. Died 22 June 1956 Paden, Ok buried in Oakdale Cemetery. Married twice 1st to Maggie Houston Donathan born 8 Nove 1880 Magazine, Ark. The daughter of James B Donathan and Adeline Jane Powell. They were the parents of eight children. (See Family of Robert Franklin Jaggers.)
  2. NANCY DEZINA JAGGERS born 1 Sep 1877 Sulligent, Ala died 14 Sep 1944 Vinata, Ok buried in Paden, Ok. Oakdale Cemetery. Nancy was 1st married to Riley Harrison Martindale born in Arkansas and died in Canadian, Ok 17 April 1899. 2nd Omar Evert Hardin born 13 Aug 1877 Magazine, Ark the son of James Buckanon Hardin and Henritte Jane McDonald. Mr. Hardin died and was buried in the Kuykendell Cemetery, Illinois. He and Dezina were married 12 Sep 1889. Two children from this union:
  1. Vivian Geneva
  2. George Allen
(See Family of Riley and Nancy and Family of Nancy and Omar Hardin)


  1. JAMES THOMAS JAGGERS born 23 Nov 1880 Sulligent, Ala died 16 Sep 1953 Okmulgee, Ok buried in the Oakdale Cemetery, Paden, Ok Married Maud Donalthan born 1890 died 1916 Paden, Ok. Maude was the sister of Maggie Houston Donathan. James 2nd marriage was to Lillie Bell Griffin. (See Family of James Thomas Jaggers.)
  2. CATHERINE ELZORIA JAGGERS born 3 Feb 1883 Sulligent, Ala died 14 Feb 1968 Okmulgee, Ok buried in the Oakdale Cemetery. Married Issac Walter Powell born 9 Oct 1878 Boonville, Ark died 25 March 1961 Okumlgee, Ok. He was the son of Wesley Oneal Powell and Mary Ann Virginia Hardin. Catherine and Isaac were the parents of nine children. (See Family of Catherine and Isaac Powell.)

    Page 1
    MARY JANE TURMAN (cont'd)
  4. WILLIAM DONALD JAGGER born 18 July 1889 Birmingham, Ala died 22 May 1945 Oklahoma City, Ok. Married 25 March 1906 to Arnatta Rozana Powell born 5 July 1890 Whitefield, Ok died 2 July 1957 Hartshorne, Ok. Rizana was the daughter of Wesley Oneal Powell and Mary Ann Hardin. Rozana was married five times, other marriages were: Floyd Utman, John S White, Pat Casey and Mike Black. Donald and Rozana were the parents of three children. (See Family of William Donald Jaggers and Rozana Powell.)
  5. LILLIE BARNETT a half sister to the Jaggers children. Lillie was a daughter of Mary Janes and Mr. Barnett. Lillie married a Johnson.

William Donald's second wife was, Pearl Beam born 4 July 1904 Ekintuskah, Ok the daughter of Dan Davis Beam and Emma Hughes. They were the parents of six children. (See Family of William Donald and Pearl Beam)


Page 2

ROBERT FRANKLIN JAGGERS born 10 July 1876 died 22 June 1956 Robert was born in Sulligent, Ala and died in Paden, Ok. Robert is buried in the Oakdale Cemetery, Paden, Ok. He was the son of Jessie James Jaggers and Mary Jane Turman. He married Maggie Houston Donathon, born 8 Nov 1880 Magazine, Arkansas the daughter of James B Donathon and Adeline Jane Powell. They were the parents of eight children:


  1. ISSAC OLIVER born 8 April 1900 Paden, Ok.
  2. VIOLA MAE born 20 Oct 1902 Paden, Ok died 22 May 1957. She married a Mr. Prevett.
  3. EFFIE ELVIRIA born 8 Feb 1905 Paden, Ok married John W Willcott born 2 Jan 1902 deid 19 April 1971 buried in the Oakdale Cemetery.
  4. EDITH DELLIS born 8 Jan 1907 Paden, Ok. Edith was married three times 1st William George Carson, born 14 Jan 1907 Terrel, Tx. Two children from this union:
  1. Edward Carson born 18 June 1930 Paden, Ok married Margaret Hinton.
  2. George Carson born 14 June 1935 Paden, Ok married Elaine Omega born Centrahoma, Ok. They were the parents of three children:
    1. George Michael born 4 Dec 1958
    2. Sonja Renee born 11 Sep 1960
    3. Gina Reanne born 9 Sep 1966

2nd married Harvey James Wheat. One child from this union:

    1. Veta Harvetta born 8 April 1947, Mclaster, Ok married 2 Sep 1967 to Wayne Edd Gifford, born 16 May 1947 Granite, Ok the son of Dann Gifford and Jewel Evans. They are the parents of one child:
1. Wayne Jay born 29 Nov 1970 Lawton, Ok.


3rd married James Daily.


  1. OMA GOLDA JAGGERS born 20 Oct 1909 Ada, Ok.
  2. ROBERT HOUSTON born 16 Sep 1911 Paden, Ok md. _____Hignite
  3. BONNIE ELSIE born 19 Oct 1914 Paden, Ok.
  4. MAUDIE ADELINE born 23 June 1918 Paden, Ok.
Page 3

RILEY MARTINDALE was born in Arkansas, married 19 Feb 1896 to Nancy Dizina Jaggers, the daughter of Jessie James Jaggers and Mary Jane Turman. Mr. Martindale died 17 April 1899 in Canadian, Ok. Nancy was born 1 Sep 1877 Sulligent, Ala and died 14 Sep 1944 at Vinita, Ok. Buried in the Oakdale Cemetery, Paden, Ok. Mr. Martindale was her first husband. 2nd husband was, Evert Omar Hardin. She and Mr. Martindale were the parents of one daughter:


  1. ETHEL MODENA MARTINDALE born 30 Oct 1896 Whitefield, Ok. Ethel was married three times, her first husband named Macky, 2nd James William Hunt born 1 Jan 1891 Lee Co., Tx married 16 Jan 1918 Colgate, Ok. James died in the Va. Hospital, Muskogee, Ok. 7 April 1951. He was the son of William Calhoun Hunt and Georgia Ann Purcer. Georgia Ann was born in Search, Ark. And Mr. Hunt was from Mississippi. 3rd husband was Joe Gordan Dobbs, who died in Tulsa, Ok died 3 Aug 1977, Tulsa, Ok.

Edith and James William Hunt were the parents of three children:

    1. EDITH VIVIAN born 1 April 1920 Slick, Ok married 17 Aug 1938 to Woodie LeRoy Brittian. They were marred in Davenport, Ok. Mr. Brittian is the son of Lee Andrew Brittian of Ark and Jessie Lucille Halstead. They are the parents of one child:
    1. William Le Brittian bor 28 Oc 1942 San Jose, Ca married 12 Sep 1964 to Rebecca Eliz. Bartram born 29 May ____ in Livermore, Ca the daughter of John Bartram and Marie Donna Madson. Two children:
    1. Wendy Lea born 19 May 1965 Castro Valley, Ca
    2. Cynthia Lynn born 11 Mar 1967 Livermore, Ca.


    1. EDGAR JAMES born 23 Mar 1922 Slick, Ok married 12 June 1948 Tulsa, Ok to Marie Lorraine McGee born 30 Aug 1919 Nowata, Ok. Her mother was Minnie May Brown born 14 Aug 1896 Hennessey, Ok died 2 Feb 1972 Nowata, Ok. Edgar and Marie were the parents of two children:
    1. Joanne Rae born 13 Aug 1955 Tulsa, Ok.
    2. Martha Lee born 30 Aug 1957 Tulsa, Ok.


    1. GEORGE LEE born 11 Jan 1927 Gypsey, Ok married

      Page 4



    3. GEORGE LEE HUNT born 11 Jan 1927 Gypsey, Ok married 10 Aug 1949 Tulsa, Ok to Juanita Muriel O Dell born 14 May 1929 Seminole, Ok. Juanita's mother was Lovie Francis. George Lee and Juanita are the parents of four children:
    1. Suzanne born 4 Jan 1950 Rankin, Tx. 2nd husband Jerry Hall, San Jose. No children.
    2. Lester Wayne born 6 Aug 1951 Tulsa, Ok married Nov of 1971 to Gwendlyn Sue Leist the daughter of John Evertt Leist and Jewlis Elizabeth Calovazhi. They have one child:
    1. Angela Dawn born 30 May 1972 Tulsa, Ok.
    1. James Lee born 19 Oct 1952, Checotah, Ok.
    2. Allen Ray born 26 Jan 1954 Tulsa, Ok.


Page 5




EVERTT OMAR HARDIN born 13 Aug 1877 Magazine, Arkansas the son of James Buckanon Hardin and Henritta Jane McDonald. Married 12 Sep 1899 to Nancy Dezina Jaggers born 1 Sep 1877 Montgomery or Sulligent, Alabama died 14 Sep 1944 Vinita, Ok. Nancy was the daughter of Jessie James Jaggers and Mary Ann Turman. She and Mr. Hardin were the parents of two children:

  1. GEORGE ALLEN HARDIN born 15 Feb 1908 died of a broken neck while working in the oil fields in Mt. Vernon, Ill. Buried in the Rising Sun Cemetery in Dogtown, Ill. He married 11 Feb 1928 Milfay, Ok to Nellie Pearl Finley born 10 June 1910 the daughter of William Uzza Finley and Eunice Ellen Beckworth. George and Nellie were the parents of two children:
  1. Vivian Lucille born 28 Jan 1932 Cromwell, Ok. Vivian was married three times, 2nd marriage was to Lennin Cleighton Doty Jr born 1 Mar 1924 Kansas City, Mo the son of Lennin Cleighton Doty Sr and Harriett Poole. Lennin and Vivian were married 22 Feb 1953 in Bentonville, Ark. They are the parents of two children:
A. Pamela Lon born 5 Oct 1953 Tulsa, Ok married 29 Dec _____ to Russell Arlen Harold.

B. Lennin Cleighton III born 18 ___ 1954 Tulsa, Ok.


Vivian's 3rd marriage is to Cecil Claude Foreman born Ok the son of Steven Mathis Foreman and Dolly West. Steven born in Kentucky and Dolly born 16 Oct 1898 Vian, Ok. Vivian and Cecil were married 10 June 1961 in Miami, Ok. They are the parents of two children:

    1. Claudette born 22 Apr 1962 Tulsa, Ok.
    2. Cecil Claud Jr born 11 Sep 1963 Tulsa, Ok.
  1. Richard Allen born 3 Jan 1929 Milfay, Ok married 21 Dec 1950 to Wanda Joyce Russell born 11 April 1932 Mauni, Ill the daughter of Orville Russell and Elda Grace Weshergard. Richard and Wanda were married in Carmi, Illinois. They are the parents of four children:
    1. Paula Sue born 21 Dec 1952 Portsmouth, Va married 20 June 1971 Chula Vista, Ca the son of James Madison Lyons and Virginia Baron. They are the parents of one child
    1. Mechael Erkka born 4 Jan 1971.
    1. Cythia Ann born 15 Aug 1953 Carmi, Ill.
    2. Cheryl Lynn born 12 Nov 1954 San Diego, Ca. Married Joe Kendall Hicks.
    3. Russell Allen born 7 Dec 1958 Honolulu, Hawaii
Page 6






  1. VIVIAN GENEVIA born 31 Jan 1910 married twice, 1st to Robert Buford born 29 Nov 1904 Texas, the son of Samuel P Bonner Buford born Va and Lydia Ann Markham Butler Co, Virginia. 2nd marriage to Virgil Hiram Miller born 28 Nov 1896 Shawnee, Ok died April 26 1956 Carmi, Ill. He was the son of John Albert Miller who live in Cheslie, Ok and Cora Eliz. Lydick. Vivian and Mr. Buford were the parents of four children:
  1. Lillian Lucille born 16 Dec 1929 Gypsy, Ok married 1 Sep 1955 Evensville, Ind. To Hazel Lee Sizemore born 28 May 1925 Hopkins, Ky the son of William Thomas Sizemore and Francis Jessie Day One child:
    1. Carolyn Sue born 3 July 1956 White, Ill.
  1. Bobby Kenneth born 26 Sep 1930 Bristow, Ok married 2 Oct 1951 Scottsfield, Neb to Lois D Robb born 13 May 1932 Madria, Neb the daughter of Harold Alva Robb and Marie Florence Kindle. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Arlette Kay born 11 Nov 1952 Texas. Married 4 Mar 1972 Mo to Earl Wayne King.
    2. Janette Lea born 23 Jan 1954 Texas married 2 Feb 1973 to Michael James Noe. (James came from the Hatfield Clan of the Hatfield and McCoy fewd.)
  1. Harrold Allen born 19 Jan 1934 Tuskogee, Ok married 7 Aug 1964 Oklahoma City, to Juanita Faye Rutherford born 10 June 1946 Newsport, Va. The daughter of Sidney Friend Rutherford and Nima Elineon Johnson. Two children:
    1. David Wayne born 29 Jan 1965
    2. Stephen Kelley born 5 Nov 1969
Page 7





  1. Garold Lee born 19 Jan 1934 Tuskogee, Ok.

Vivian 2nd married Virgil Hiram Miller 24 May 1938 in Ft. Smith, Ark. They were the parents of two children:

    1. Wayne Ernest Miller born 1940 died in an auto accident. Married Phyllis Brooks born in Crossville, Ill the daughter of Carl Brooks. Phyllis was married twice 1st to Mr. Elliott one son, Craig Dean Elliott. Three children by Wayne:
    1. Janet Miller
    2. Jeffery Miller
    3. Donna Miller


    1. Michael Albert Miller born 15 Sep 1944 Maumi, Ill married 19 Mar 1963 Carmi, Ill to Ruth Ann Mike born 2 July 1945 the daughter of Charles Jack Mike and Gradys Pearl Hutchinson of Carmi, Ill. They have two children:
    1. Michael Allen Miller born 22 Mar 1966
    2. Rebecca Jean Miller born 25 June 1968

Wayne Ernest was 31 years old at the time of his death. He died early Sunday in 1971 Healdton, Ok. Apparently, falling asleep at the wheel of his car, a mile north of Healdton on Highway 76. The Highway Patrol reported that his car caught fire and burned after repeatedly traveling 190 feet out of control, overturning ejecting the driver.


Page 8

JAMES THOMAS JAGGERS born 23 Nov 1880 Montgomery, Alabama died 16 Sep 1953 Okumlgee, Ok buried in the Oakdale Cemetery, Paden, Ok married Maud Danathan born 1890 died Jan 1916 Paden, Ok the daughter of James B Donathan and Jane Powell. They were the parents of four children:

  1. JESSE JAMES born 20 Oct 1907 Paden, Ok died 25 Aug 1969 Midland Texas, buried in Stanton, Tx married 23 May 1929 Pampa, Texas to Mildred Robinson born 30 June 1907 Brackenridge, TX the daughter of Isum Preston Robinson and Joe Anna McCain. They were the parents of two children , one living:
  1. Jacquelyn Joanne born 19 May 1934 died 21 May 1934
  2. Janice Gail born 12 Aug 1937 Gray, Tx married 19 April 1957 to Ivan Wayne Chandler and Georgia Mae Morgan. Three children from this union:
    1. Steven Wayne bor 29 April 1958 Dallas, Tx died 18 Jan 1960
    2. Lisa Denene born 11 Feb 1960
    3. Darran Albert born 1 May 1963
  1. MARY ELLEN born 9 Dec 1909 died 28 Nov 1954 Sweetwater, Tx married twice, 1st to Paxton Guy and 2nd to William Joe Bounds. One child by Mr. Paxton:
  1. Emily Virginia Paxton born 6 Nov 1929 Paden, Ok married 1st to L.D. Powers who was killed in the War [World War II] in 1944. 2nd to Bryon Baker, two children from this union:
    1. Ricky Bryon born 10 Mar 1951 Sweetwater, Tx.
    2. Ronald Joe born 12 Oct 1955 Sweetwater, Tx.
  1. ALVA born 9 Feb 1912 Paden, Ok married William Allen Heiskell born 21 Jan 1907 Baxter Co. Ark the son of Lafette Dewitt Heiskell and Henri Bell Lester. They are the parents two children:
  1. Wanemah June born 12 Oct 1929 Seminole, Ok married 12 Jan 1946 Midland, Tx to Andrew Harmatuik. Two children from this union:
    1. Vickie Diane born 6 Jan 1952 Patan, Tx.
    2. Karen Sue born 23 Nov 1954 Morriston, New Jersey
  1. ELZA CHASSTAIN born 4 Feb 1914 Paden, Ok married 5 Jun 1939 to Helen June McClure born 5 June 1920 Oilhill, Kansas the daughter of Charles McClure and Florence Ann Brown. They are the parents of three children:
  1. Erlene born 25 Sep 1941 Wichita Falls, Tx married Robert Greenwood. 2nd marriage to Billy Don Tell. One adpted son: Michael adopted 17 Nov 1950 at Guymon, Ok.
  2. UNNAMED SON born 19 May 1945 died same date.
  3. Michael B born 30 April 1949 Kay, Ok married Caroline Kelly.

Error in above data, Michael was not Erlene's adopted son but brother.


Page 9
14 Sep 1876
The above parties were married by me at Sarah Sandlin the 14th day of Sept AD 1876 ….Alfred White MG
Given under my hand and seal this 13th day of Sept AD 1876 ….Alexander Cobb
Know all Men by these Presents, That we John T Turman & Anderson Sandlin are held and firmly bound unto the State of Alabama, in the penal sum of Two Hundred Dollars, for payment of which, well and only to be made, we bind ourselves, and each and every of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents Sealed with our seals, and dated the 13th day of Sept AD one thousand eight hundred and seventy six.
The condition of the above Obligation is such, That if there [*hard to read] James T Turman & Lucinda Sandlin
Should no to joined together in the holy union of Matrimony the this Obligation unto said, otherwise to remain in full force and [*hard to read]
Signed Jos T Turman
Anderson Sandlin
Witness Alex Cobb
Page ?

JAMES THOMAS married MARTHA ANNA NOE 11 Feb 1885. Anna was the daughter of THOMAS R NOE AND HIS WIFE MARY. Thomas and Anna were the parents of ten children all born in Miss.


  1. WILLIAM FRANK TURMAN born 29 March 1893 Monroe Co Miss married 9 Sep 1919 to HELEN ALLISON, also born in Becker, Miss. WILLIAM was a teacher and very well known in the Miss area. He died in Horn Lake, Miss 23 July 1957.
  2. LONA TURMAN born 6 Jan 1885 married JAMES MOORE born 16 Feb 1882 Aberdeen, Miss died 6 Oct 1933 Jonesboro, Craighead, Ark. Lona died in July of 1963, in Lake City, Ark. Both buried in the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery. (See Family of James and Lona Moore)
  3. DORA TURMAN born 22 July 1885 Aberdeen, Miss died 15 Sep 1964 Becker, Miss buried in the Greenbriar Cemetery married 30 Oct 1905 to J.Q. CHISM born 27 Feb 1880 in Aberdeen, Miss died 18 Nov 1947 Hamilton, Miss. (See Family of J.Q. Chism and Dora Turman)
  4. MARTHA ANN TURMAN born 22 June 1890 Miss died 12 Nov 1962 Lomita, California buried in San Pedro (Green Hills) Calif. Married 13 Nov 1905 in Tom Bibee, Miss to WILLIAM LEE FINLEY born 2 Sep 1876 Miss died 2 July 1949 Jonesboro, Ark. (See Family of William and Martha Finley.)
  5. MAE TURMAN born 1916 died 1956 married twice first BEN WOLVERTON 2ND WILLIAM SCOTT.
  6. OSCAR LEWIS TURMAN born 11 Oct 1902 Amory, Miss married 15 June 1927 Sturgis, Oktibbeha Co., Miss to MAE DELL MOOR born 29 Aug 1903 Teccopola, Pontotoc Co. Miss the daughter of OLIVER COLUMBUS MOOR AND O'BELL DOVELANE RAYBURN.
  7. JIMMIE MAE TURMAN the wife of CHARLIE MOFFATT (Illinois)
  8. OLLIE TURMAN married MELBA FAYE Beren, Calif.
  9. VIOLA TURMAN the wife of Ezra MOORE Amory, Miss four children.
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WILLIAM FRANK TURMAN born 29 March 1893 died 23 July 1957 Horn Lake, MS married 9 Sep 1919 Becker, MS to HELEN ALLISON. Mr. Turman was a well know school teacher in Monroe Co. MS.


WILLIAM AND HELEN TURMAN were the parents of five children:


  1. WILLIAM FRANK TURMAN, JR born 10 May 1920 Becker, Miss married 16 May 1944 Hernando, MS to IMOGENE LAUDERDALE born 26 April 1923 Brights, MS the daughter of HENRY LEE LAUDERDALE AND VELRVA VAIDEN. William and Imogene are of the Methodist faith. William is a Grocer in Jackson, MS. Mrs. Turman is also related to the MERIWETHER family of MS. They are the parents of two children:
  1. WILLIAM FRANK III born 7 Sep 1947 Memphis, Tn.
  2. LEE MERIWETHER born 23 Mar 1955 Jackson, MS.
  1. DR. PRENTISS ALLISON TURMAN born 7 Feb 1922 Starkville, MS. Dr. Turman is a Pediatrician in Memphis, Tn. Dr. Turman married in 1942/43 to GRACE RICHMOND. They are the parents of three children:
  1. CISSY JANE born 4 Sep 1948 Temple, Tx.
  2. EMILY ALLISON born April 1951 Tx
  3. PRESTISS ALLISON JR born 18 April 1956 Memphis, Tn.


  1. RAYMOND EUGENE TURMAN born 22 April 1926 Lynn Creek, Miss married Jan 1946 to JEWEL GAITHER. Raymond is in the Real Estate business near Tupelo, Miss. They are the parents of four children:
  1. JULIA STONE born 18 Nov 1946 married June 1969 Horn Lake, Miss to Walter Starr.
  2. RAYMOND E. JR born 17 Nov 1951 Memphis Tn married Jan 1970 to Lindia McMinn.
  3. JOHN THOMAS born 21 June 1953
  4. HELEN GAITHER born 28 March 1962


  1. HELEN ANNE TURMAN born 26 Aug 1929 Hornlake, Miss married 10 Feb 1955 or 17 Mar 1956 to LOUIS ARWOOD DAY. They are the parents of three children:
  1. Louis Arwood Day born 17 March 1956 Memphis, Tn.
  2. Helen Allison Day born 11 March 1959 Jackson, Miss. Lou Anne Day born 27 Jan 1964

Family now living in Jackson, Miss (1972)


  1. MARGARET RACHEL TURMAN born 13 July 1932 Horn Lake, Miss married Jan 1954 to GERALD READ LYONS. They are the parents of on daughter:
  1. Lindia Margaret born 4 Oct 1954 Memphis, Tn.
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LONA TURMAN born 6 Jan 1885 Sulligent, Lamar Co. Alabama died July 1963 Lake City, Arkansas married in Amory, MS to JAMES MOORE born 16 Feb 1882 Aberdeen, MS died 6 Oct 1933 Jonesboro, Ark. James was the son of JIM MOORE AND HIS WIFE ELIZABETH RAYE. Both Lona and James are buried in the Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Jonesboro, Ar.


The family moved to Arkansas from MS in the fall of 1916 by covered wagon. Settled at Ridge Station approx. ten miles from Jonesboro, Ark. They were of the Baptist and Methodist faith. James was a farmer.

They were the parents of two children:

  1. LUCIAN MOORE born 13 Nov 1907 Aberdeen, Miss married 14 May 1927 Jonesboro, Ar. To VIOLET BATES born May 1906 Jonesboro, Ar the daughter of JIMMY BATES AND HIS WIFE DORA MC CARTY. Lucian is a Merchant in Lake City, Ar. The family attends the Assembly of God Church. They are the parents of four children, two living:
  1. Wanda Faye Moore born 21 Oct 1930 Lake City, Ar married Ezra Metz Three children from this union:
    1. Sherry born 1951 the wife of _____Womack
    2. Gary born 1954
    3. Mark born 1959
  1. Ida Evelyn Moore born 24 July 1933 married Bill Winge. Two children from this union:
    1. Robin born 9 Jan 1959
    2. Phillip born 14 Sep 1964
  1. L. V. Moore born 20 March 1928 died at birth.
  2. Baby Moore born 1935 died at birth.


  1. OPAL MOORE born 30 July 1914 Aberdeen, Miss married NOLAN F BOWMAN resides in Lake City, Ar. They are the parents of four children:
  1. Nolan D Bowman born 17 Aug 1934 Lake City, Ar married Nettie Faye Markin. Parents of one child:
    1. Denise
  1. Stanley J Bowman born 6 Oct 1935 married Deloris Netties. Parents of two children:
    1. Ronnie
    2. Mark
  1. Jimmy D Bowman born 27 Nov 1936 married Evelyn Hayes. The parents of two children:
    1. Jimmy Dean Jr.
    2. Deanna
  1. Jerry L Bowman born 11 Feb 1940 married Anita Michael. The parents of one child:
    1. Jerilyn
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DORA TURMAN born 22 July 1885 Aberdeen, MS died 15 Sep 1964 Becker, MS married 30 Oct 1905 to J.Q. Chism born 27 Feb 1880 Aberdeen, MS. Both are buried in the Greenbrair Cemetery, Monroe Co, MS. Mr. Chism was of the Methodist faith of eleven children:


  1. SALLY CHISM born in Amory, MS married twice 1st George Holloway 2nd Johnny Moon.
  2. MOLLY CHISM the wife of James Weaver, Tombace, TX.
  3. FRANK CHISM born 30 Jan 1909 married 25 Nov 1933 Amory, MS to Myrrtis Marie Wright born 7 Nov 1914, Smithville, MS the daughter of Ellie Othe Wright and Annie Lillian Frederick. This family resides in Becker, MS. Frank is a retired farmer. Frank and Myrtis raised a large family of ten children. (See Family of Frank and Myrtis Chism.)
  4. FRED LEWIS CHISM born Armaor, MS married Barbara J. Whitlock resides in Amory, MS.
  5. GIRLIE MAE CHISMborn in Amory, MS married twice 1st Archie Thompson 2nd Jay Y Turner of Vernon, Alabama.
  6. DOROTHY LOUISE CHISM the wife of Leman W Williams, Columbia, SC.
  7. BENNIE CLAYTON CHISM married Loneze Scott.
  8. CLAUDIA L. CHISM. Wife of ______Goddard of Bay City, TX
  9. CURTIS HANSEL CHISM of Aberdeen, MS
  10. TURMAN CHISM of Houston, TX married Pauline Whitaker of Aberdeen, MS. Turman served in WW II and served in Japan for three years. He also fought in the Korean War. He is now completely paralized and in the Texas Veterans Hospital. He and his wife have two children, a daughter in California and a son serving in Viet Nam (in 1972).










  1. JEAN MARIE CHISM born 14 Oct 1934 Amory, MS married 14 June 1954 to JOEL GOSA. They are the parents of three children:
  1. Debra Sue born 1954
  2. Jeanie Darlene born 1956
  3. Bobby Joel born 1960
  1. JAMES DUDLEY CHISM born 30 Sep 1936 married Sep 1955 to JOYCE FAYE MONOGHAN. They are the parents of six children:
  1. Randy Lane born 1956
  2. David Wayne born 1957
  3. Brenda Gale born 1958
  4. Ricky born 1959
  5. Cathy Lynn 1960
  6. Jeffery born 1963


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  1. JACKIE DALE CHISM born 12 July 1938 Amory, MS. Married twice 1st Melba Jean Thornton 2nd Pauline Frederick. Children by 1st marriage:
  1. Rita Jean born 1956 Amory, MS
  2. Vickie Lynn born 1958 Amory, MS
  3. Timothy Dale born 1968 Amory, MS
  1. EDDIE JOE CHISM born 25 June 1941 Amory, MS married 14 May 1964 to Marlene Ward. They are the parents of two children:
  1. Terry Frank born 1966 Amory, MS.
  2. David Ronald born 1970 Amory, MS.
  1. PEGGY ANN CHISM born 14 Mary 1947 Amory, MS married 23 Dec 1967 to Bobby Eugene Sheffield. Child:
  1. Amanda Jo
  1. LARRY WAYNE CHISM born 6 Feb 1945 Amory, MS married 16 June 1966 to Jeanette Smith. Two children:
  1. one born in 1969 Amory, MS
  2. Sharron Marie born 1971 Amory, MS
  1. RONALD ANDREW CHISM born 4 Sep 1949 Amory, MS married 11 Jun 1971 to Shelia Colburn.
  2. JUDY FAYE CHISM born 24 Feb 1951 Amory, MS married Danny Tubb 27 Dec 1971.
  3. JOYCE MADONNA CHISM born 4 Feb 1953
  4. DORA SHERRE CHISM born 10 Nov 1955
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MARTHA ANN TURMAN born 22 June 1890 Monroe Co MS the daughter of James Thomas and Anna Turman. Martha died 12 Nov 1962 Lomita, California married 13 Nov 1905 Tom Bigbee, MS to WILLIAM LEE FINLEY born 2 Sep 1876 MS died 2 July 1949 Jonesboro, Ark. William was the son of JACK RENYARD FINLEY AND MARY HOLLOWAY. William is buried in the Mt Pisgah Cemetery, Jonesboro, Ark. Martha attended the Assembly of God Church. Martha and William were the parents of nine children:


  1. MARY LEODA FINLEY born 4 Nov 1906 Aberdeen, MS married 24 Dec 1930 Clinton Ark to Lindsey Guy Bradley. Resided in Torrance, CA
  2. KATIE LOU FINLEY born 8 Jan 1909 Aberdeen MS married 24 Dec 1928 Jonesboro, Ark to Howard Bates. Katie died 22 June 1941 in Jonesboro, Ark.
  3. WILLIE GORDON FINLEY born 4 Dec 1911 Aberdeen, MS. Married 19 Oct 1932 Monette, Ark to Clemd Brown. Willie died in San Pedro, CA 16 Aug 1946.
  4. THELMA C FINLEY born 25 Sep 1913 Aberdeen, MS died in 1916.
  5. LADY D FINLEY born 20 Dec 1919 Jonesboro, Ark married in Jonesboro, Ark 3 Dec 1939 to Cecil Oren Neeley.
  6. MATTIE MAE FINLEY born 20 May 1923 Jonesboro, Ark married 23 July 1954 in Las Vegas, NV to Robert E. Lee.
  7. JAMES DOUGLAS FINLEY born 9 July 1925 Jonesboro, Ark married 5 May 1946 to Mary Vaden.
  8. ROLAND LEON FINLEY born 15 Sep 1927 Jonesboro, Ark married 27 Jan 1950 to Fay Nell Ward born 3 June 1929 Jonesboro, Ark the daughter of Floyd Dearl Ward and Clara Verdella Cross. Roland is a Structural Engineer. He served in the Army as Lieut. Col. They are the parents of six children:
  1. Roland Leon, Jr. born 5 April 1952 Little Rock, Ark. Died 9 Jan 1970 Huntsville, Ala.
  2. Wayman Lee born 30 Sep 1953 Lewisville, Ark.
  3. Joe Kelly born 1 Sep 1958 Long Beach, CA
  4. Nathan Gordon born 2 Oct 1959 Alburquerque, NM
  5. Lindia Faye born 20 Sep 1961 Buren, WA.
  6. Benjamine Allen born 26 July 1964 Huntsville, Ala.
  1. ELLIS RIPLEY FINLEY born Dec 1929 died 1930 Monette, Ark.

Due to the Boll Weavil, William and Martha moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas in 1916. William farmed cotton, corn, hay and soy beans until his death in 1949. After his death, Martha moved to California to live near her children. She resided there until her death. She is buried in the Green Hills Cemetery in San Pedro, CA.


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OSCAR LEWIS TURMAN born 11 Oct 1902 Amory, MS was the son of James Thomas Turman and Anna (Noe) Turman. He married 15 June 1927 Sturgis, MS to MAE DELL MOOR born 29 Aug 1903 Toccopola, MS the daughter of Oliver Columbus Moor and O'Bell Lovelane Rayburn. Mr. and Mrs. Turman are of the Baptist faith. Mr. Turman was County Conservationist for Newton Co. MS for several years. Mae retired in 1969 from the Dept. of Public Welfare where she was a caseworker. They resided in Laurel, MS. They are the parents of two children:


  1. ANN MOOR TURMAN born 11 Oct 1931 Sturgis, MS married 4 June 1968 Laurel, MS to JOHN THOMAS MASSEY. They are the parents of on child:
  1. Willa Westmark born 25 Jan 1970 Columbus, MS
  1. VIRGINIA OLIVER TURMAN born 2 June 1936 Sturgis, MS married 27 Nov 1958 New Orleans, LA to REGINALD THOMAS NEWMAN, JR. They are the parents of three children:
  1. Rex Turman Newman born 22 Sep 1959 Tampa, FL
  2. Peter Phelps Newman born 4 Dec 1960 Tampa, FL
  3. Brett Douglas Newman born 12 Jan 1964 Rockledge, FL


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LORENZO D TURMAN born 1834 Sulligent, Marion Co. Alabama. The son of Milton A and Sarah Turman. LORENZO married approx. 1865, to his brother's widow, Sarah Evans Turman, born 1845 the daughter of James and Lucindia Evans. Lorenzo died the 26 April 1885 in Alabama.


Lorenzo served in the Confederate Army and was wounded in the Battle of Shilo. While hiding behind a rock he was hit in the neck by a spent rifle bullet.


LORENZO AND SARAH TURMAN were the parents of only one child:


  1. MILLY CATHY TURMAN born 1871 Marion Co. AL. Milly married MONROE LOGGINS. They were the parents of one daughter:
They has two sons:
    1. Paul Gilbert of Lomita, CA
    2. Dewey Gilbert Lancaster, CA.

LORENZO TURMAN was a farmer and spent his entire life in Marion and Lamar Cos. Alabama.


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JAMES TURMAN born 1835 was the sixth child of Milton A. and Sarah Roberson Turman. James was born in what is now Lamar Co., Ala. At the time of his birth Lamar Co. was still part of Marion County. James grew up on a farm near the town of Sulligent. He met and fell in love with Sarah Jane Sandlin the daughter of Jessie Sandlin and his wife Mary. Jessie and his wife were one of the first settlers of this area, coming from South Carolina. James and Sarah were married approx. 1857 in Sulligent, Ala. Their life together was shortened due to the beginning of the Civil War.


James along with five of his brothers joined the Confederate Army in 1861 or 62. We know that two of his brothers fought in the Battle of Shilo, in TN. We feel that James also fought in this battle.


James and Sarah had one son, James Richard, born 29 May 1859. He was only two years of age at the time of his fathers's death. We haven't been able to determine James place of burial. Perhaps, he was buried where he fell on the battlefield.


After the death of James, Sarah remarried to William Carden in 1865. Sarah and William were the parents of nine children. James Richard and his half sisters and brothers were very close. Sarah died in Sulligent, Ala. 12 July 1921 and is buried in the Sandlin Cemetery. The Cemetery is located between Sulligent and Detroit, Ala.


The children of Sarah and William Carden were as follows:

  1. Martha Ann born 1872 the wife of George Jay Turman. Martha Ann died in 1952
  2. Mary Jane born 1874 the wife of Paul Kitrell. Mary died in 1941
  3. Nancy C. born 1879 the wife of Mr. Franklin. Nancy died 1923.
  4. Tom born 1881 never married. Tom died in Poteau, Ok.
  5. Dan C born 6 Feb 1896 married twice, 1st to Dezina Pitchford, 2nd to Nora Jacobs. Dan died 26 Jan 1944 and is buried in the Jackson Cemetery, Hartford, Ark.
  6. Warren born 1876 married Mattie Shaffer. Warren, his wife and son, Dalton, moved to Arkansas in the early 1900's.
  7. Henry born 1886 also moved to Ark. Then later to Poteau, Ok.
  8. Randall born in Ala had one son, Bill who lived Poteau, Ok.

Dan Carden was the father of several children:

  1. Dempsy resides in Hartford, Ark.
  2. Tony resides in Poteau, Ok.
  3. Mildred resides in Poteau, Ok.
  4. Agnes
  5. Alfie
  6. Velmie
  7. Orthal
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Several of the Turman boys and their families left Alabama and migrated into other states in the early 1890's. Like all young people, there was a yen to seek new places to settle and to provide a better home for their families. Robert, the eldest son of Milton Anderson Turman, was the first to make this move. Three years later James Richard followed his Uncles foot steps and also migrated into the area around Hartford, Ark.


James Richard, being a very quiet man, liking to live away from others, no doubt found the area around Hartford very pleasing. This is very understanding, for the area around the Turman home site is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The old home site is located approx. six miles west of Hartford, Ark. In what is called "the gap of Sugar Loaf Mountain". Tall Pines and scrub Oak completely surrounds the old home site, at the foot of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Not too far is a stream where the children swam or tried their luck at catching a fish for dinner. Game was plentiful and wild blackberries and huckleberries were abundant. The children spent their spare time hiking up the mountain sides or swimming in the creek.


In the spring when the wild berries were ready for picking, the women folks would dress in trousers, put on gloves and socks and with shiny new buckets would head for the mountain sides to pick berries. The reason for the special dress and shiny buckets was that ciggers and snakes would be in the berry vines. Mr. Snake will always strike a shiny object first. The children were never allowed to go on these trips due to the danger of rattle or copperhead snakes which were found in that area.


The most beautiful time of the year in this area is the fall of the year. The green Pines against the colors of the turning oak leaves is a beauty that only God could create. Late in the evening as the sun sinks behind the mountains and throws it's orange beams of light upon the colors of the oak leaves all orange, gold and brown, it looks as if the whole mountainside is a blaze.


Night comes early to the people who live in this valley, as mountains completely surround the little town of Hartford. One can feel a special kind of serenity as the sun sets and night begins to fall. A quietness and calmness is felt. The only sounds that are heard are the cows mooing and perhaps a dog barking off in the distance, or a dove cooing, calling to it's mate somewhere on the mountain side. This area is an artist's paradise.


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5th DAY OF NOV A.D. 1876


JAMES RICHARD TURMAN born 29 May 1859 Sulligen, Lamar Co. Alabama the only son of James and Sarah Sandlin Turman. Married 2 Nov 1876 Sulligent, Ala to Elizabeth Catherine Blalock born 1859 Sulligent, Ala the daughter of William Blalock and his wife _____Ray. James Richard died 30 Oct 1935 Hartford, Ark and is buried in the old Jackson Cemetery. Elizabeth died in 1922 and is also buried in the Jackson Cemetery. James and his family migrated into Arkansas in 1891. They were the parents of eleven children:


  1. JAMES WILLIAM TURMAN born 2 Mar 1877 Sulligent, Ala married 8 Apr 1900 Monroe, Ok to Lula Florance Irvin born 7 May 1883, the daughter of Francis Marion Irvin and his wife, Mary Susan Taylor. James died 7 Oct 1941 Monroe, Ok. Lula died 5 Oct 1962 Wister, Ok. They were the parents of four children.
  1. Ollie Turman born 26 Mar 1901 md. Albert Pearson. Ollie died 29 May 1968.
  2. Albert Turman born 4 Apr 1908 died 9 Nov 1922.
  3. Mary Elizabeth Turman born 11 May 1911 md Andrew Kitchen. (See Family of Andrew and Mary Kitchen)
  4. Vestal Turman born 28 Oct 1905 died 31 Oct 1905.
  1. SARAH TURMAN born 22 Nov 1879 Sulligen, Ala. Md Jerome Pagett. Died 13 Apr 1961. One adopted child:
  1. Walter Pagett.
  1. WILLIS FRANKLIN TURMAN born 7 Mar 1880 Sulligent, Ala died 16 May 1957 Los Angeles, CA md three times: 1st Willie Mae Baldwin 6 Dec 1903 Kennedy, Ok. 2nd Viola McDonald 3rd Innis Dodge (See Family of Willis Franklin Turman)
  2. ARAH TURMAN born 1882 died 1882 Sulligent, Ala.
  3. JOHN ANDERSON TURMAN born 12 July 1885 Sulligent, Ala md Naomi Deaton born 11 Mar 1891 Ok. the daughter of _____Deaton and his wife, Luite Larance Lawrence. John md in 1909 in Ada, Ok. John died 21 Oct 1952 Hartford Ark. Buried in the Jackson Cemetery. Naomi died 2 Mar 1949 and is also buried in the Jackson Cemetery. John was a farmer by trade and the family attended the Baptist Church. (See Family of John and Naomi Turman.)
  4. JESS TURMAN born 1887 died 1887 Sulligent, Ala.
  5. GEORGE BENTON TURMAN born 13 Oct 1891 Ala md Lola Funderberg the daughter of George Funderberg and his wife, Ceilia Higgins. George died in 1947. Both George and Lola are buried in the Jackson Cemetery, Hartford, Ark. (See Family of George and Lola Turman.)

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  7. HENRY CLAY TURMAN born 1 July 1893 Hartford, Ark md twice 1st Louvinia McDonald daughter of _____McDonald and his wife, Dorsie Alice Mitchell 2nd Stella Michele Cates. Henry died 15 Jan 1967 CA. Louvinia died 4 Nov 1928 Wister, Ok. Henry was a farmer and also did various other labor for a living. Henry was the father of nine children. (See Family of Henry Clay Turman)
  8. MAUDIE TURMAN born 1 Feb 1894 Hartford, Ark md 1st Bert Donahue, no children from this union. 2nd William Bigbee, Wister, Ok. 1972. Maudie now resides in Wilburton, Ok.
  9. ELLA TURMAN born 12 June 1898 Hartford, Ark md Angush McDonald the son of _____McDonald and his wife Dosha Alice Mitchell, who migrated from MS into LeFlore Co. Ok. The McDonalds had four children:
  1. Louvinia md Henry Clay Turman
  2. Fannie md Anglee Emmerson
  3. Viola was the 3rd wife of Willis Franklin Turman
  4. Angush 1st husband of Maudie Turman

Ella Turman died 7 Oct 1934. One adopted daughter, Ernestine McDonald, md. John Ellis a Nazarine Minister in MO.

  1. LUTHER TURMAN born 23 Jan 1901 died 1 Jan 1958.

After the death of Elizabeth in 1922, James Richard married Elizabeth's brother's widow, Becky Blaylock. Everyone loved "Aunt Becky". She was a kind understanding person and cared very much for the children of Elizabeth's and James. She was very kind to Luther who was child all his life due to a brain tumor found too late in life to be corrected by surgery. After Aunt Becky's death, Luther spent the remaider of his life with his sister Maudie.


WILLIAM BLABLOCK OR BLAYLOCK and his wife _____Ray were the parents of three known children:

  1. Josiah md Rhoda Turman the daughter of Edwin G and Sarah (Evans) Turman Sulligent, Ala. This family migrated from Alabama to Calvin, Ok is to have had eleven children.
  2. Thomas 1st husband of Aunt Becky, several children.
  3. Elizabeth Catherine wife of James Richard Turman.
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JAMES WILLIAM TURMAN born 2 March 1877 Sulligent, Alabama md 8 April 1900 in Monroe, Ok to Lula Florance born 7 May 1883 MS the daughter of Francis Marion Irvin and Mary Susan Taylor. James died 7 Oct 1941, Monoe, Ok buried in the Jackson Cemetery. Lula died 5 Oct 1962 Wister, Ok and is also buried in the Jackson Cemetery. James was a farmer. They were the parents of four children:

  1. OLLIE TURMAN born 26 Mar 1901 Hartford, Ark md Albert Pearson. Ollie died 29 May 1968.
  2. ALBERT TURMAN born 4 Apr 1908 Hartford, Ark died 9 Nov 1922. (Jackson Cemetery)
  3. MARY ELIZABETH TURMAN born 11 May 1911 Ark md Andrew Kitchen in 1934. Now resides in Wister, Ok. They are the parents of four daughters:
  1. Margie Faye born 23 June 1936 Wister, Ok md Loren Slate. Three children:
    1. Debra Gean born 1956
    2. Lindia Kay born 1959
    3. Dona Gail born 1964
  1. Patsy Ann born 10 Dec 1938 md Elmer Amos. They are the parents of four children:
    1. Jimmy born 1959
    2. Jerry Ann born 1960
    3. Judy Kay born 1961
    4. Karyn Sue born 1964
  1. Doris Lea born 11 Nov 1947 md Donald Baldwin. They are the parents of two children:
    1. John David born 1966
    2. Threasa Lynn born 1970
  1. Betty Lou born 28 Dec 1943 md Charles Lewis. They are the parents of four children:
    1. Threasa Dawn born 1962
    2. Charles Lynn born 1963
    3. John Andrew born 1964
    4. Toni Orlanda born 1966
  1. VESTAL TURMAN born 28 Oct 1905 Hartford, Ark died 31 Oct 1905


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To any person authorized to perform or solemnize the Marriage Ceremony, Greeting:

You are hereby authorized, upon delivery of this marriage license within ten days from date of its issue to you, to join in marriage


Mr. Willis F. Turman of Kennedy, Indian Territory, age 19 and Miss Willie Baldwin of Kennedy, Indian Territory age 17 years; and by the command of the statute you shall make due return of this license to my office within five days succeeding the performance of the marriage herein authorized. Issued under my hand and official seal, and recorded in my marriage record before delivery at Poteau, Oklahoma. This 3rd day of December 1903.


E.J. Fannin, Court Clerk

T.T. Varner, Deputy


I R. A. Cowan, Minestor, in LeFlore Co., State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that I joined in marriage the persons named in and authorized by this license to be married, on the 6th day of Dec A.D. 1903 in LeFlore Co, State of Oklahoma.






WILLIS FRANKLIN TURMAN born 7 March 1880 Sulligent, Alabama md 6 Dec 1903 Kennedy, Ok to WILLIE MAE BALDWIN born 14 May 1886 Saltille, Lee Co. MS the daughter of George Baldwin and Lea Morgan of Lee Co. MS. Willie died of the flu 26 Jan 1919 Wister, Ok. Willis Franklin died 16 May 1957 Los angeles, CA. After the death of Willie Mae, Willis md Viola McDonald. After the death of Viola, Willis married Inez Butler.


WILLIS AND WILLIE MAE TURMAN were the parents of eight children:

WILLIS AND VIOLA were the parents of two children:

  1. ANNIE TURMAN born 2 Oct 1903 Hartford, Ark md 26 June 1915 in Wister, Ok to Samuel Hunnicutt born 3 July 1895 Tahlequah, Ok the son of J.H. Hunnicutt. Samuel died 7 July 1870 in Wilburton, Ok and is buried in the Little Cemetery in Wilburton. Annie and Sam attended the Pentecostal Church. Sam did farming and various labor. They were the parents of nine children. (See Family of Annie and Sam Hunnicutt.)
  2. JESS THOMAS TURMAN born 5 Feb 1906 Hartford, Ark md 6 Nov 1928 to Annie Reed born 8 Feb 1912 the daughter of Charlie M Reed and his wife Lana A White of Hartford, Ark. Jess died 22 Sep 1938 Los Angeles, CA. After the death of Jess, Annie md George E. Tracy, of Nebraska. Annie now residing with her daughter, Diane Parnell in Tulsa, OK. Jess and Annie Turman were the parents of two children. (See Family of Jess and Annie Turman.)
  3. PEARL ELIZABETH TURMAN born 20 Dec 1908 Calvin, Ok md twice, 1st Charlie Keaton 2nd Earl Cleneger. Died 4 April 1974 in Marysville, CA of cancer. No children.
  4. MARY TURMAN born 1 Sep 1911 Calvin, Ok md Carl Neisporke born 21 April 1903 St. Louis, MO. The son of August Niesporke and Louise Gruttemeyer. No children.
  5. KATY TURMAN born 20 Jan 1910 Calvin, Ok md Carl Niesporke. Katy died 25 Aug 1951 Los Angeles, CA. Carl and Katy were the parents of one daughter:
  1. Annabelle born 14 Aug 1927 md Tommy Johnson born 22 Jan 1932. They are the parents of three children:
    1. Lindia Hawathaway (child by previous marriage of Annabelle) born 25 Dec 1944 CA md 1963 to Lynn William Rosevear born 2 June 1941. Lindia has tow adopted children:
    1. Lee William born 1968
    2. Lenny Edward born 1970
    1. Tommy Johnson, Jr. born 25 Oct 1951

    3. Ricky Allen Johnson born 22 Dec 1952
  1. ONEY TURMAN born 7 april 1912 Wister, Ok md Fronia Conway. Oney died 29 June 1953 Los Angeles, CA. They were the parents of two children:
  1. Connie Ann born 2 Jan 1937
  2. Bonnie born 23 Oct 1939


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  1. ODIS LEE TURMAN born 5 April 1913 Wister, Ok md twice 1st Louise _______. 2nd Virginia Dare Peters born 5 July 1920 Antigo, WI. Odis died of heart failure at the home of his daughter, 2 Jan 1964 Marysville, CA. They were the parents of two daughters:
  1. Sandra Lee born 10 Oct 1939 Los Angeles CA md Richard Edward Dozier. Four children from this union:
    1. Rodley Kevin born 1961 Marysville, CA
    2. Richard Kelly born 1963 Marysville, CA
    3. Cortney Troy born 1965 Marysville, CA
  1. Sharon Helen born 8 Reb 1943 Los Angeles, CA md Jerry Joseph Garcia born 11 Aug 1941. Three children from this union:
    1. Chris Allen born 1958
    2. Gary Craig born 1960
    3. Daren Lee born 1964 Marysville, CA
  1. JAMES WILLIS TURMAN born 17 Feb 1918 Hartford, Ark md Helen Ruth Goins. James now residing in Downey, CA. They are the parents of five children:
  1. Ben Autin Turman born 9 Feb 1938 Wister, Ok md 18 June 1960 Cato Shirley Elaine Hart. Three children from this union:
    1. Becky A born 1961
    2. Sherry E born 1964
    3. Child born 1971
  1. Harold Gene Turman born 26 May 1939 Wister, Ok md 3 May 1957 CA to Marilyn Ann Cornighia. Three children from this union:
    1. Pamela Ann born 1958
    2. Owen Willis born 1960
    3. Jamie born 1961 died May 1961
  1. Mary Lou Turman born 20 March 1941 Los Angeles, CA md 1 Feb 1959 to Fermon M Reeder. Resides in Compton, CA. They are the parents of three children:
    1. Bonnie Lynn born 1960
    2. Deanna Rea born 1962
    3. Steven Foster born 1967
  1. Brenda Joyce Turman born 31 March 1946 Los Angeles, CA md Ray Edward Gauerke. Reside in Compton, CA. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Ray Edward born 1964
    2. Jerry Scott born 1968



  1. DELA MAE TURMAN born 5 Jan 1921 Wister, Ok md 8 Nov 1941 Yuma, AZ to Harvey Lloyd Legg born 2 March 1916 Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of Harry Goulding Legg born 1 May 1894 Utah and Jessie Lewis Watkins born 24 Feb 1893 England. Harvey and Dela Mae are the parents of one child:
  1. Virgie Louis Legg born 14 Jan 1943 South Gate, CA md 17 Jan 1964 Portland, Oregon to Lindia Mae Evangelist. Two children from this union:
    1. Bredgette Ellen born 1964 San Bernadino, CA.
    2. Jemmae Regena born 14 May 1968 Barston, CA.
  1. RUTH TURMAN born 26 March 1923 Hartford, Ark md twice 1st _____ Thornburg and Hunnicutt)
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WILLIS FRANKLIN TURMAN married Inez Butner 28 Nov 1927 Greenwood, Sabastian Co., Ark. Inez born 5 Dec 1891 Tracy, TN the daughter of Charles Pindeston Butner and Lucy Byrd. Inez was the widow of George Mack Dodge born 7 march 1887. Willis Franklin and Inez were the parents of one living child, two sons stillborn.


DORIS LEE TURMAN born 23 March 1935 Wister, Ok md 1952 to Irvin H Shine born 22 April 1924 Boulder, CO the son of Allen F Shine and Delta Davis. Doris and Irvin are the parents of five children:


  1. Michael J born 4 Feb 1953 Loma Linda, CA.
  2. Gary F born 21 June 1955 Orange, CA.
  3. Paul D born 21 July 1959 Riverside, CA.
  4. Patricia born 21 July 1959 Riverside, CA.
  5. Sandra Lee born 1 Oct 1965 Fontana, CA.



  1. Elsie Lee born 10 Dec 1908 Tracy City, TN. Md Basil Lee Pettus.
  2. Frank Ralph born 6 Feb 1911 Hartford, Ark died 28 April 1964 md Jewel Laughman.
  3. Elzie Lawrence born Sep 1914 md Inez Ridgeway.
  4. Claude born 11 Nov 1918 died 13 May 1946 md Ella Francis.
  5. Lloyd born 11 Nov 1918 md Lynn Shultz.
  6. Prentiss born 6 July 1922 md Evelyn Clay.



Page 37

ANNIE TURMAN born 2 Oct 1903 Hartford, Ark md 26 June 1915 Wister, Ok to Samuel Hunnicutt born 3 July 1895 Tahlequah, Ok the son of J.H. Hunnicutt. Samuel died 7 July 1970 in Wilburton, Ok and is buried in the Little Cemetery in Wilburton. Samuel was a farmer plus worked at various other jobs. The family attended the Pentecostal Church in Wilburton. Sam and Annie raised a large family of nine children:

  1. CECIL HAROLD HUNNICUTT born 15 June 1921 md Ruth Turman born 26 March 1923 Hartford, Ark. They are the parents of five children:
  1. Lindia Marie born 15 Nov 1950 has son Rodney Lee b. 1969 Lancaster, CA.
  2. Eddie Lee born 10 Oct 1952
  3. Robert Wayne born 2 Nov 1954
  4. Rickie Harold born 27 Sep 1956
  5. Peggy Sue born 5 Jan 1958 died 1 May 1958
  1. JAMES RUSSELL HUNNICUTT born 2 April 1923 died 15 Nov 1925
  2. LEROY FRANKLIN HUNNICUTT born 21 Aug 1926 md twice 1st Margaret Susie _____ 2nd Doris Ann Sargient. Leroy died 9 Oct 1957. Leroy served in the Army during World War II. Leroy and his first wife had three children:
  1. Alice Lee born 18 Aug 1948
  2. Allen Myron born 12 April 1951
  3. Aletta Francis born 26 June 1952

Leory and Doris were the parents of two children:

    1. Jane Ann
    2. Larry Wayne


  1. GLEN OLIVER HUNNICUTT born 2 Feb 1929 Ok md Bonnie Lee Phillips born 21 Oct 1933. They reside in Spencer, Ok. They are the parents of six children:
  1. Hazel Lorene born 1 July 1950 the wife of Danny Joe Cothran
    1. Lorene C born 12 Oct 1968 Ok
  1. Johnnie Glen born 22 Aug 1952 Ok
  2. Franklie Lea born 9 April 1954 Ok
  3. Diane born 27 Oct 1957 Ok
  4. David born 18 Nov 1960 Ok
  5. Shelly Renee born 23 Nov 1968 Ok
  1. CHARLES MELVIN HUNNICUTT born 1 Jan 1933 Ok md Mary Simmins born 1 Jan 1943. They now reside in Mulhall, Ok. They are the parents of two children:
  1. Lessley Ann born 8 Mar 1962
  2. Terry Inez born 22 Sep 1964 Ok
  1. RUBY ALLENE HUNNICUTT born 4 Feb 1936 Ok md Robert Lee Hutchinson. Resides in Kansas City, MO. Two children:
  1. Robert Lee Jr. born 27 Oct 1963.
  1. CARL GENE HUNNICUTT born 10 May 1939 Ok md Aloma Hollingsworth. They reside in McAlister, Ok. Aloma born 4 April 1940 in Ok. They are the parents of two children:
  1. Jackie Carl 21 July 1960
  2. Cathy Ann born 19 Aug 1965
  1. RAYMOND PAUL HUNNICUTT born 28 Nov 1941 Ok md Marti Dunn. They reside in Kansas City, MO. They are the parents of two children:
  1. April Gail born 10 Nov 1960 Ok.
  2. Michael Paul born 1 May 1971 Kansas City, MO.


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  1. VIVIAN LOREN HUNNICUTT born 30 Sep 1945 Wilburton, Ok md William H. Brown. They reside in Gladstone, MO. They are the parents of three children:
  1. Debra Ann born 8 July 1964
  2. Annette Renee born 6 Feb 1967
  3. Billy De Wayne born 17 June 1970 MO.
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JESS THOMAS TURMAN born 5 Feb 1906 Hartford, Arkansas md 6 Nov 1929 Hartford, Ark to Annie Reed born 8 Feb 1912 Hartford, Ark. The daughter of Charlie Monroe Reed and his wife Lean A White. Jess died 22 Sep 1938 due to a malignant tumor. He died in Los Angeles, CA and is buried in the Park Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles. They attended the Pentecostal Church. Jess did farming and various other labor for a living. They were the parents of two sons:

  1. JESS THOMAS TURMAN, JR. born 5 Feb 1931 Los Angeles, CA md 3 Nov 1950 Tulsa, Ok to Gladys Louise Rupert born 21 March 1931 Leanord, Ok the daughter of Lester Orvall Rupert and his wife Georgia Safrona Hardin. Jess Jr. was a Sgt. In the U.S. Air Force---125th Fighter Bomber Squad. during the Korean War. Gladys is a trained Nurse. Retired in 1963. Jess worked for Douglas Aircraft, Tulsa Division since 1952 and at the time of this data, he is still employed with the company (1974)
  The Rupert family originated from PA and Ill. and the Hardin family from North Carolina and Carroll Co., Ark. They are the parents of two sons:


  1. David Michael Turman born 23 May 1952 Tulsa, Ok md 11 Oct 1969 Tulsa Ok to Laura Elizabeth Browning born 29 July 1952 Clinton, Ok the daughter of Walter Rayford Browning and his wife Norma Jean Parrish. David is a truck driver. They are the parents of three children:
    1. Christopher Thomas 24 Mar 1970
    2. Teresa Michelle born 24 Mar 1973
    3. Amber Dawn born 2 Sep 1978
  1. Jonathan Daniel Turman born 17 Oct 1954 Tulsa, Ok md 21 Oct 1972 Tulsa to Ramona Gail Weese born 13 April 1954 Coweta, Ok the daughter of Raymond Earl Weese. Jonathan is a carpenter and is employed by Oklahoma Fixture Co. of Tulsa. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Frank Earl Lanzo born 22 Oct 1970 (stepson)
    2. Cynthia Renea Turman born 10 July 1973

Second marriage to Deloris Lambert

    1. Daniel Paul born 1980
  1. RUBEN ALLEN TURMAN born 14 Jan 1933 Hartford, Ark md Sep 1956 to Deanna Hess born 18 May 1938. Deanna is the daughter of the Rev. Coy Hess and ______ Holmes. Reuben was Cpl. in the U.S. Marines and served in Japan. They are the parents of two children:
  1. Steven Allen born 20 Oct 1958
  2. Rebecca born 10 Dec 1960


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JESS THOMAS TURMAN, SR. was born 5 Feb 1906 in Hartford, Ark. The oldest son of Willis Franklin and Willie Mae (Baldwin) Turman. Jess’s grandfather, James Richard Turman migrated into Hartford, Ark in 1893 form Lamar Co, Ala. James Richard, his wife Elizabeth Catherine (Blaylock) and eight children made this move. The old Turman home place is located six miles west of Hartford in what is called "the Gap" of Sugar Loaf Mountain. At the time of Jess’ birth, Hartford was a thriving little mining town. Most of the men either worked in the mines or farmed on the rich farmland surrounding Hartford.


Jess spent his youth climbing the mountains, swimming in the creeks or helping his father on the farm. Jess attended Hartford School. He met and fell in love with Annie Reed the daughter of Charlie Reed and Lena White. They were married 6 Nov 1929 in Hartford and and settled on a small farm east of town.


Jess was an even tempered man, but would occasionally lose his temper. He was an ambitious young man and loved his family more than anything in the world. Jess was a tall man with high cheek bones and deep set blue eyes. Not long after his marriage several of the Turman boys migrated to California. Jess and Annie decided to make the move also. They moved to Los Angeles in 1930. Jess was employed by the Continental Canning Company that made tin cans in which to can food. The following year Jess and Annie had their first son, Jess Thomas Jr born 5 Feb 1931. Annie and Jess didn’t care for the large city life and decided to moved back to Hartford. They returned the next year and once more lived on the small farm east of town.


Annie still recalls an incident where Jess lost his temper. Jess and Annie owned a very stubborn old cow. Jess went out to the barn one evening to milk the old cow. She apparently kicked over the milk bucket or hit Jess in the face with her wirey tail. Jess hit the old cow and she just fell over as if dead. Annie recalls that Jess returned to the house and sat down in a chair close to where she was doing the dinner dishes. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him, for he just sat there not saying a word. Finally, he spoke, "Well, I just killed our cow." Annie happened to look out the window and there stood the cow eating hay in the barnyard. She told Jess, "She sure doesn’t look dead to me."

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Another incident was the time Jess Sr and Jess Jr were out in the yard playing with the pony that Jess had bought for Jess Jr. Jess Jr was riding and for some reason, the pony stopped and refused to walk with Jess Jr on it’s back. Jess Sr decided to give the pony a slap on the rump. When he did so the pony threw Jess Jr off causing him to hit his head on a rock. Jess Jr still recalls how bad his father felt over the incident.


In 1933 their second son, Reuben Allen was born on Jan 14th. Reuben was named after Annie’s brother who had passed away at the age of 19, in 1919, when the Flu epidemic was so severe. Jess Sr also lost his mother that year of the flu.


In 1936 Jess Sr helped build the new Hartford School House. While working he was accidently hit in the side by a sledge hammer. He seemed to recover, but about six months later he became ill. Going to a doctor, Jess was told that he had a malignant tumor caused by the blow of the sledge hammer. Jess and Annie decided to move back to California in hopes of finding a doctor who could help him. The year that followed was heart breaking for Jess and his family. The Doctors in Los Angeles operated on him several times. Jess Jr recalls how his mother would send him and his brother to a home of a neighbor while the doctor would lance their father’s side. We know today that all the doctor accomplished was to cause the malignancy to spread.


One evening after a prayer meeting in the home, Jess told his brother Oney and his wife that if they would help him into bed he thought he might sleep. Jess fell asleep never to awaken. He died 22 Sep 1938 and was laid to rest in the Park Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA.


Annie and the boys returned to Hartford, Ark. To the home of Annie’s parents. Times were hard for Annie and her sons. Annie decided to move to Nebraska where her sister, Ruth and her family resided. This as an unhappy move, for the weather in Nebraska was miserably cold climate. One evening after school, they became lost and almost froze to death. Reuben became sleepy and if Jess Jr hadn’t insisted that he keep walking he would have froze.


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Annie took a job working in a nursing home to provide a living and a place for her and the boys to live. Each morning the lady that owned the home insisted that the boys take a tablespoon of castor oil. To this day, Jess can’t stand the sight of castor oil or anything that looks like castor oil.


Annie remained in Nebraska until she married George E. Tracy. George was very kind to the boys and helped them in anyway he could. Soon after their marriage, George and Annie moved to Hartford, Ark and lived there several years before moving to Oklahoma City, Ok.


One incident that happened when Reuben and Jess were small, was the time Annie bought them both a sucker. Jess Jr ate most of his, and noticing that Reuben had scarcely touched his, Jess Jr asked Reuben to trade, telling him that he liked small things, while Jess Jr liked large things. The horse-trading would have been successful if Annie hadn’t walked in on the conversation. I believe Jess ended up with a few swats on the backside.


Jess Jr remained in Hartford after his parents moved to Ok. By this time, he was a teenager and was old enough to date. One night after attending a local movie with his girl and had walked her home, which was located several miles up in the foothills of Sugar Leaf Mountain, and had started the trip back home. As he was walking down the road he heard something following him through the underbrush which was on both sides of the narrow road. Every time he would he would stop, whatever was following him would stop also. He had to pass a farmhouse on the way and usually the farmers dogs would run out to bark at him. On this night the dogs ran back towards the house and went under the porch. By this time Jess was so frightened all he could think to do was just to keep walking. He passed two horses which was grazing in a pasture, as he passed the horses acted frightened and ran away from the fence. When he came to the clearing he heard something climb a tree. Whatever it was that was following him decided to climb a tree and not to follow him out of the timber and underbrush. Jess still believes he was followed by a panther or mountain lion.


The mountains that completely surround Hartford, Ark are especially beautiful in the spring and fall of the year. In the spring, wildflowers of many colors cover the mountainsides and along the roads. From a distance it looks like a patch worked quilt covering the sides of the mountain.


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Wild Honeysuckle and Rose vines cover the fences rows in colors of pink, blue and white.


In the fall, when the oak leaves turn to gold, brown, orange and red it is very beautiful. They mingle with the green of the pines. The most beautiful time of all is at sunset, when the sun sinks behind the mountains and throws a beam of orange light on the colors of the leaves. It looks as if the whole mountain is ablaze.


Only God could paint a picture to match this beauty. What peace and tranquility a person can feel as the sun sinks behind to mountains and a quiet calmness falls over the little town of Hartford, Ark. No wonder our ancestors decided to settle in this beautiful place.


The Jackson Cemetery where all the Turmans are buried is located approx. six miles west of Hartford, and about two miles north. A small area was cleared for the cemetery out of a pine grove, leaving several large pines standing in the cemetery. The cemetery is well kept. I often wonder as I walk through cemeteries where we have loved ones buried, just what did these pioneers of ours think, what were their ambitions and what did they want to accomplish out of life. We will never know the whole story as we only have bits and pieces of their lives to remember.


Jess Jr joined his mother and stepfather in Oklahoma City. Jess worked after school for a local grocer as an errand boy. He also had a paper route. Jess recalls when the weather was bad, his mother would dress in slacks and help him throw his paper route. Annie was a wonderful mother and worked all day while the boys were at home. She also made sure they had what they needed and wanted. The family later moved to Tulsa, where Jess attended Central High School and later Bible College. He joined the Air National Guard in 1949 and served 18 months in active duty.


Jess and I were introduced while attending a service at the Bible College in 1949. We dated and were married 3 Nov 1950 in the home of Jess’ mothers. I graduated from Hillcrest Nursing School that same year. We planned our wedding on a three day pass. When Jess arrived home that Saturday morning we immediately went to the courthouse to get our license. We found the license office closed. We didn’t know what to do as the guests were already invited, cake ordered and the minister, Rev. Roberts had already drove to Tulsa from another town.


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The Sheriff’s Office was in the same building and I suppose, Sheriff Blain seen us standing there looking like two lost souls, for he came over and asked if he could be of any assistance. We told him of our dilemma. Sheriff Blaine went immediately and called the Clerk who lived out of town. The Clerk was nice enough to drive to Tulsa and open the office so we could have our license. We were a hour late for our Wedding!


An incident that took place while Jess Jr was in the Air Force is quiet funny. While stationed in Alexandra, LA. Jess met and became friends with a boy from Florida, whose father owned an alligator farm. One evening while the boys were in town, they paid a visit to the local zoo. They decided to remove Mr. Gator from his home in the zoo to a swamp area close to the base. They managed to get Mr. Gator into the trunk of the car. They needed gasoline so they stopped at a station approx. one mile out of town. By this time Mr. Alligator was really mad, blowing and throwing himself around in the trunk. The fellow who operated the station asked what they had in the trunk of their car. The fellow from Florida spoke up and said "an Alligator". The attendant thought they were joking. The fellow from Florida proceeded to open up the trunk and out rolled Mr. Gator mad as a hornet, his mouth wide open and blowing up a storm. They really had a time getting him back into the trunk. They proceeded to turn him loose in the swamp and he seemed no worse for the wear. The local Newspaper reported that one of their Alligators was missing from the zoo. No one will ever know that Mr. Gator found his freedom in the swamp thanks to the U.S. Air Force!


Gladys Turman



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RUTH TURMAN born 26 March 1923 Hartford, Ark. Md Mr. Thornburg. Ruth is the daughter of Willis Franklin Turman and his second wife; Viola McDonald. Ruth and Mr. Thornburg were the parents of five children:


  1. JAMES FRANKLIN THORNBURG born 28 Nov 1938 Wister Ok md 15 June ____ St Ignace, MI to Mary Isaac. They are the parents of three children:
  1. Brian David born 1966
  2. Mellisa Ann born 1 Aug 1964
  3. Debra Marie born 1 Aug 1964
  1. MAE MADGALINE THORNBURG born 19 Dec 1940 Fanshaw, Ok md Walter Crabtree. They are the parents of five children:
  1. Michael Leon born 17 April 1959
  2. Walter Aluane born 16 May 1960
  3. Steven Ray born 8 June 1963
  4. Debora Renea born 27 March 1965
  5. Pamela Marie born 13 May 1967
  1. LARRY LEANORD THORNBURG born 1 July 1943 Riverside, CA.
  2. FREDDIE DUANE THORNBURG born 4 May 1947 Fanshaw, Ok md in 1965 to Joyce Faye Nowabbi. They are the parents of two children:
  1. Joyce Irene born 25 Aug 1965
  2. Freddie Jr born 9 May 1969
  1. EARNIE DEE THORNBURG born 25 Feb 1949 Pargould, Ark died 23 March 1949 Fanshaw, Ok.
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To any person authorizeed to perform or solemnize the Marriage Ceremony, Greeting:

You are hereby authorized, upon delivery of this marriage license within ten days from date of its issue to you, to join in marriage


Mr. Henry Turman of Hartford, Arkansas age 21 years, and Miss Louvina McDonald of Wister, OK age 21 years; and by the command of the statute you shall make due return of this license to my office within five days succeeding the performance of the marriage herein authorized. Issued under my hand and official seal, and recorded in my marriage record before delivery at Poteau, Oklahoma. This 6th day of September 1912. P.C. Bolger, County Judge.




I J.D. Crabtree, Minister, Baptist Church of Wister in Le Flore State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that I joined in marriage the person named in and authorized by this liecense to be married, on the 8th day of Sept., A.D. 1912, at Wister in Le Flore, State of Oklahoma, in the presence of Mr. John Glenn of Wister, Okla. And Mr. Claude Baldwin of Wister, Okla.


J.D. Crabtree, Baptist Minister.


License returned, and certificate of marriage recorded subjoining the record of license issued and recorded in marriage record Book 3 at Page 455. On this the 12th day of Sept. 1912.

Pat W Lane, Court Clerk.




HENRY CLAY TURMAN born 1 July 1893 Hartford, Arkansas the son of James Richard and Elizabeth Catherine Turman. Henry md 8 Sep 1912 Hartford, Ark to Louvenia McDonald born 22 Oct 1887, Wister, Ok the daughter of _____ Mc Donald and Dorsie Alice Mitchell. Henry died, 15 Jan 1967 in California. Louvenia died 4 Nov 1928. After Louvenia’s death Henry md Stella Michelle Cates. Henry and Louvenia were the parents of seven children:

  1. ARAH ELIZABETH born 12 June 1913 Hartford, Ark md 21 July 1934 Wister, Ok to Elmer Virgil Evans born 8 Feb 1911 Wister, Ok. They are the parents of three children:
  1. Leroy Evans born 5 Nov 1935 Fanshaw, Ok md 31 March 1962 Carson City, NV to Jeffie Thompson. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Brenda born 7 Oct 1963
    2. Coleen born 7 Feb 1966
  1. Carl Lestie Evans born 10 Sep 1938 Wister, Ok md 26 Mar 1960 to Etta Mae Lutz Modesto, CA. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Michael born 4 Feb 1961
    2. Steven born 25 Apr 1964
  1. WILLIE JOSIAH TURMAN born 30 Mar 1915 Hartford, Ark md Alice Emmerson born 12 June 1921 Ok the daughter of Angele Emmerson and Fannie McDonald. They were the parents of two children:
  1. James Richard born 28 Feb 1947 Los Angeles, CA.
  2. Jo Ann Rebecca born 21 Oct 1949 died 21 Dec 1969, heart defect. Jo Ann md Kenneth Martin and had one son:
  a. Rusty Martin
  1. BURL LEMON TURMAN born 16 Oct 1916 Hartford, Ark md La Veta Garnet Cates born 26 Jan 1919 McAlister, Ok the daughter of Mr. Cates and Stella Michell_____. They are the parents of two children:
  1. Barbara Jean born 17 Oct 1939 Wister, Ok md 9 Dec 1954 Las Vegas NV to Richard Harry McLeod born 17 July 1932 Huntington, CA. Richard is the son of Robert George McLeod and Vae Louise Corwin. Richard was in the U.S. Navy Air Force. They are the parents of two children:
    1. Terri Lynn born 10 Oct 1960
    2. Jeanna Louise born 3 Dec 1962 CA. (adopted)
  1. Shirley Ann born 4 June 1947 Fresno, CA md _____Roby. They have one daughter born 1969.
  1. JAMES FRED TURMAN born 4 July 1918 died 12 Apr 1920
  2. WALTER MALIREE TURMAN born 12 June 1920 died 17 Feb 1912
  3. CHARLES RAY TURMAN 13 Oct 1923 Hartford, Ark md Joyce Lee Shadwick born 24 Nov 1936 Hartford, Ark the daughter of Vance Thomas Shadwick and Sarah Edith McDonald. Sarah is a sister Fountie McDonald who md Esther Turman. Charles was md twice his first wife was Laverne Snider. First two children:
  1. Lindia Joyce born 6 Nov 1948 CA md Barry May 1965
  2. Fred Hartly born 1953



  4. Carol Rhnea born 24 Jan 1959


Page 46





  1. BERTHA ALICE TURMAN born 11 Aug 1925 Hartford Ark md three times 1st Calvin C. Tate Jr. 2nd George Manning 3rd Jack Laveal Todd. Bertha resides in Fresno, CA. Jack Todd was born 27 March 1927 Broken Bow, NE son of James Leroy Todd and Goldie Ruchong. Jack made a career of the U.S. Air Force. Bertha has two children:
  1. David C. Tate born 13 June 1945 Los Angeles, CA md 12 Oct 1968 Gallup NM to Nellie Spencer. They are the parents of one daughter:
    1. Sandra Lee born 4 Sep 1969.
  1. Connie Ray Manning born 21 Sep 1949 French Camp, CA md twice 1st David M. Osborne 24 Nov 1964. 2nd David dimmer 4 Oct 1970. Connie and David M. Osborne were the parents of three children:
    1. David William born 3 May 1966.
    2. Michale Ray born 17 Sep 1968.
    3. Deanna Lynn born 24 Apr 1970.



  1. BETTY JO TURMAN born 21 may 1930 Hartford, Ark md twice: 1st George Ralph Snider born in Los Angeles, CA md 9 June 1951. George was killed in an auto accident 27 Aug 1957. Betty and George had one son:
  1. Rodney Neal born 19 Feb 1957

2nd md Emory James Kilian. They have one adopted daughter:


B. Michele Jean born 27 Aug 1965.

  1. H.C. (ACE) TURMAN born 7 June 1933. Ace has two duaghters.
Page 47

JOHN ANDERSON TURMAN born 12 July 1885 Sulligent, Ala son of James Richard and Elizabeth Turman. John md 1900 in Ada, Ok to Naomi Deaton born 11 Mar 1891 the daughter of _______ Deaton and Luite Lawrence. John died 21 Oct 1952 Hartford, Ark and Naomi died 2 Mar 1949. Both are buried in the Jackson Cemetery, Hartford, Ark. They were the parents of two children:


  1. ANDREW WESLEY TURMAN born 25 June 1917 Hartford, Ark md 12 Feb 1936 Hartford, Ark to Mary Ellen Corl, born 18 Aug 1920 Hartford, Ark the daughter of George Corl and Mattie McNiekle. Andrew died, 18 Sep 1963 in San Pedro, CA. Andrew and Mary attended the Baptist Church. They were the parents of four children:
  1. Clarence Wesley Turman born 6 Aug 1938 Hartford, Ark md 21 Feb 1942 to Judith Mae Burge. Three children from this union:
    1. Robert Wesley born 1957
    2. Terry Lee born 1961
    3. Larry Andrew born 1962
  1. Deloris Ellen Turman born 21 Feb 1942 Hartford, Ark md Newlin Winters. Three children from this union:
    1. Mike born 11 Oct 1964
    2. Richard born 18 June 1963
    3. Lori Jean born 1971
  1. Donnie Lee Turman born 11 Nov 1946 Hartford Ark.
  2. Ronnie Lee Turman born 11 Nov 1945 died at birth.
  1. ESTHER ESTELLE TURMAN born 13 Oct 1912 Ada, Ok md 22 May 1935 Hartford, Ark to Fountie McDonald born 22 Nov 1906 the son of William John McDonald and Mary Leona _____ Esther and Fountie have one adopted daughter.
  1. Ruth Ann born 18 Sep 1950 Ark md Jimmy Hickerson Jr resides Fort Smith, Ark.

When Ruth Ann was just a small child, she and her father went to the local grocer for grocery items. In the corner of the store was three fairly good size ducks in a box. Ruth Ann walked over to the merchant and replied, "I’ll take three pounds of those ducks, please!" Her father proceeded to buy all three and they became her pets.


Esther and Fountie have lived in Hartford, Ark all their lives. They have a nice farm west of Hartford and raise chickens, ducks, pigs, cows and about everything that pertains to a farms. Both have a wonderful sense of humor, and always seem to enjoy having guests.



Page 48

GEORGE BENTON TURMAN born 13 Oct 1891 Sulligent, Ala. Md in Hartford, Ark to Lola Funderburg, the daughter of George Funderburg, born in Germany and his wife, Celia Higgins or Higgs born in MS. George died in Hartford, Ark in 1949. Both he and Lola are buried in the Jackson Cemetery in Hartford, Ark. They were the parents of three children:


  1. LUDY ELIZABETH TURMAN born 20 April 1925 Howe, Ok md 25 July 1958 Coeurdalene, Koutenai Co. Idaho to Alfred Dean Riggs born 3 May 1930 North Bend, Oregon the son of Floyd Alfred Riggs and his wife Mary Brown. Ludy and Alfred reside in Auburn, WA where Alfred is a Mail Carrier. Alfred served his country in the U.S. Army Ret. S.E. C.I. Both Ludy and Alfred have previous marriages. Ludy’s 1st husband was David D. Seifert. Alfred’s 1st wife was Margaret Keep. No children from previous marriages. Ludy and Alfred are the parents of two children:
  1. Lindia Dartene born 18 Nov 1942 Tacoma, WA md 8 June 1963 to Glen C. Moore of Ft. Lewis, WA. They are the parents of three children:
    1. Julie Ann born 1966
    2. Glen corbett born 1967
    3. Alfred Dean born 1970


  1. LEON TURMAN born born 16 Sep1916 Hartford, Ark died May 1982 WA md Lorene Duff. Leon was last known to be a patient in the Firland Sanitarum in Seattle, WA but no one could find any members of his family for data concerning the ages of his children and etc. They were the parents of five children:
  1. Leon Jr
  2. Billy
  3. George
  4. Ella Mae
  5. Carol Ann
  1. MILTON ANDREW TURMAN born 12 Sep 1910 Calvin, Ok md 27 Oct 1930 Chekalis, WA to Bessie Elizabeth Lamb born 24 Mar 1914 Centralia, WA the daughter of John Hill Lamb and his wife Margaret Alice Meek. Milton died 25 Nov 1968 in the St. Helena Hospital, Chekalis, WA. Buried in the Mountain View Cemetery, Centralia, WA. Milton was a painter by trade. Bessie remarried to a Mr. Modesto and now resides in Centralia, WA. They were the parents of four children:
  1. Geraldine Marie Turman born 23 Oct 1931 WA md in Reno, NV to Mr. Zard.
  2. Deloris Betsy Turman born 27 Nov 1933 WA
  3. Beaulah May Turman born 26 Dec 1934
  4. Duane LeRoy Turman born 26 Apr 1940 Yakima, WA.


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