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Sutter Junior High School

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Kathryn Kneeland, Editor In Chief

Milton Schwartz, Assistant



Ruth Setzer, Pollyanne Langley, Jack Rogers, Florence Brandt, Lemar Hendrix, Barbara Higginbotham, Wynona Haymes, Ruth Glynn, Verna Christopher


Literary and Humor

Alice Hall



Jack MacQuarrie, Donald Morris, Natalie Mooney, Marian Iverson



Guido Lenci, Johnson Chan


Business Manager

Gail Hynes

Betty Stack, Assistant


Mary Louise Campbell, Isabella Williams, Jane Hervagault


Jean Drennon, Librarian



Francis Michels, Ray Ohman, Paul Lucich, Lewis Dario,

Maxwell Hunter, Paul Sarmento, Ed Keenan, Bill Beggs








The present Sutter Junior High School building was opened originally in 1908 as the new home of the Sacramento High School.  Less than five hundred members made up the first student body of this four-year high school.


Owing to very rapid growth in the years following, two branch first-year high schools were opened; one, the Harkness at Tenth and P streets; and the other, the Mary J. Watson at Fifteenth and J streets.  Again numbers increased, and the senior high school moved to its present quarters, leaving its outgrown building for boys and girls growing up.  Accordingly, Harkness and Watson ninth graders, together with sevenths and eighths from some elementaries, moved into it, and the building became known as Sutter Junior High School.


This organization took place in August, 1924, so that the present year marks the tenth anniversary for Sutter Junior High School during all of which time it has been served and efficiently directed by its present principle, Mr. B. W. Painter, who moved with his students from Harkness and Miss Lizzie Griffin, vice principal, who accompanied her girls from Watson.


For many years about 75 per cent of the students were in ninth grades, the other 25 per cent being seventh and eighth grades combined.  The present group as a result of the junior high school program now enjoyed throughout Sacramento city, is quite evenly distributed, making for the development of more defective junior high school accomplishment.


Student organization has always been an important part of the Sutter's program, and there follows an enumeration of those who have served Sutter as student body officers during the decade.




Class of January 1925

About 250 Promoted

Edgar Boyles, President


Class of June 1925

About 450 Promoted

Jack Brown, President

James Moynahan, Vice Principal

Claire Schaden, Program Committee


Class of January 1926

251 Promoted

James Moynahan, President

Bill Williamson, Vice president

Bernice Mortimer, Commissioner of Entertainment


Class of June 1926

About 450 Promoted

Waldo Waterman, President

Margaret Yoerk, Vice President

Mardella Conover, Program Committee


Class of January 1927

205 Promoted

Gordon Bush, President

Ward Krebs, Vice President

Margaret Lindsay, Secretary


Class of June 1927

453 Promoted

Clifford Todd, President

Bill Spangler, Vice President

Dorothea Tharp, Secretary


Class of February 1928

246 Promoted

Hayward Blake, President

Sam Alderson, Vice President

Sybyl Wagner, Secretary


Class of June 1928

468 Promoted

Jack Ford, President

Bob Beach, Vice President

Betty Ann Young, Secretary


Class of January 1929

225 Promoted

Bob Gilmore, President

Lenora Dodson, Vice President

Harriet Younger, Secretary


Class of June 1929

502 Promoted

Frank Jenovino, President

Helen Burdick, Vice President

Meriam Alys Black, Secretary

Class President Of January 1930

234 Promoted

Lee Whipple, President

Alfred Trainor, Vice President

Barbara Ellis, Secretary



Class Of June 1930

402 Promoted

Bob Coe, President

Harold Kibby, Vice President

Patricia Mccarthy, Secretary



Class Of January 1931

182 Promoted

Fred Lynn, President

Birdie Boyles, Vice President

Josie Matranga, Secretary



Class Of June 1931

James Horak, President

Mary Jane Bloomberg, Vice President

Thelma Rice, Secretary



Class Of January 1932

167 Promoted

Ralph Becker, President

Mildred Elliott, Vice President

Gilda Barilotti, Secretary



Class Of June 1932

338 Promoted

Clifford Bean, President

Shirley Russell, Vice President

Jane Rooney, Secretary



Class Of January 1933

163 Promoted

Alice Burr, President

Don Flaherty, Vice President

Aletha Almeida, Secretary


Class Of June 1933

295 Promoted

Clifford Fishback, President

Frances Marshall, Vice President

Ida Adella Moody, Secretary


Class of January 1934

171 Promoted

Barbara Chapman, President

Clifford Shannon, Vice President

John Burrell, Secretary






Mr. B. W. Painter, Principal

Miss Lizzie M. Griffin, Vice Principal

Miss Cleta Bell, English

Mrs. Lilla Best, Mathematics

Mr. Niron Brewer, Boy' s Physical Education

Miss Esther Marie Compton, Social Studies, Mathematics

Mr. M. O. Conger, Industrial Arts

Mrs. Lola Cothrin, English, Social Studies

Miss Mabel Cox, Music, Social Studies

Mrs. Elizabeth Crews, Home Making

Miss Louise H. Curtis, Mathematics, Business, Typing

Mrs. Myrtle Davidson, Home Making

Mrs. Hazel Dewey, Mathematics

Mr. H. T. Dixon, Industrial Arts

Miss Mary E. Doyle, English

Miss Jewell Gardiner, Library

Miss Margaret Griffith, Latin, French, Library

Miss Helen Hanna, Girls Physical Education, Mathematics

Miss Sabra Hayden, English

Mrs. M. L. Hecker, French, General Language

Miss Henrietta Horton, Social Studies

Miss Lottiellen Johnson, Art, Social Studies

Mrs. Eldora P. Kimberlin, English, Vocational Civics, Guidance

Miss Doris Leipsic, Music

Mrs. Lydia Loyacon, Spanish, English

Miss Anne McAnear, English

Mrs. Helen K. McCarthy, Art, General Science

Mr. A. J. McClelland, Industrial Arts

Mrs. Lois McElroy, Spanish, Social Studies

Miss Georgia McMillan, Art

Miss Margaret Meyer, General Science

Mr. C. H. Nielsen, Science

Mrs. Fannie P. Osborn, Business

Miss Norma Padan, Girls Physical Education, Mathematics

Mr. Ruth Peterson, English

Miss Fannie Schwartz, Home Making

Mrs. May Danforth Sturges, English, Vocational Civics, Guidance

Mrs. Ella G. Vaughan, Mathematics

Mr. C. F. Walsh, Boy’s Physical Education

Miss Helen Wiley, Girls Physical Education

Mrs. Loma Kellogg Wood, Music

Miss Blanche Yore, Social Studies





George Ackerman

Richard Adams

Leo Aivaz
Dorothy Asalena

Paul Austin

Ruth Bachman

Mary Barbieri

John E. Bartl

Ann Basich

Robert Beard

William Beggs

Doris Behrens

Gertrude Behrens

Jack Blanchard

Gladys Rose Bowers

Violet Jane Brandel

Dorothy Mae Bridenstine

Clarence C. Buckley

Irvin Buderer

John L. Burrell

Kenneth H. Butler

Wayne S. Callaway

Mary Louise Campbell

Phyllis Eudora Carey

Johnson Chan

Barbara Ruth Chapman

Sargent Allen Chapman

Verna Christopher

Eddie Collins

Tom F. Collins

Lloyd George Connelly

Harold E. Cooper

Lewis J. Dario

Leo Da Rosa

Billy Davidson

Francis Davies

Mary Catherine Davies

Jane E. Davis

Elsie May Denison

Richard Dodds

Richard Dong

Bernice Doyel

Jean Drennon

Selma Violet Ensbury

John Fabretti

Robert Fanning

Milburn Feinberg

Beatrice Felger

Bart Finchley

Betty Fischer

Laura Irene Floyd

Virginia Frame

Deana Frank

Nevada Frazee

Hazel Frise

Fernando L. Galliani

Theodore Vernon Gardner

Virginia Gaston

Agnes Gonsalves

Billy Goodenow

Walter G. Halset

Irene Marie Hanson

Grace Harris

Wilfred Paul Hendricks

Lemar Hendrix

Jane Hervagault

Charles Hinton

Henry Hockett

Robert Holcomb

Jim Holland

Rosalie Marian Hood

Maxwell C. Hunter

Gail Hynes

Mildred Irvine

Bertrum Jackman

Jerlean J. Jackson

Leland Johnson

Virginia Johnston

Joe Joseph

Richard Joseph

Dorothy Lois Kearney

Marion Keema

Edward Keenan

Woodrow Khoury

Eugene Killam

Elwood King

Kathryn Kneeland

Edward Lambert

Robert J. Lambson

Celia Stella Landziak

Stanley Landziak

Edward Laukat

Mary Leogono

Santa Lota

Alice Lovell

Muriel Luce

Joseph P. Mandella

Robert Margosan

Carolyn Jane Marsh

Mary Masi

Fred Massie

Mary McKee

James McLanahan

John McNerney

Francis Mikels

Dean Mills

Madeline Montaner

Robert C. Morton

Noel Noyes

Kathleen Nulliner

Terrea Oakley

Ray Oldman

Rose Osoffsky

Lily Ough

George Palermo

John Pantages

Suerose Peters

Virginia Marie Petrovich

Beverly Ponsford

Tom Pratt

Burt Williams Radon

Lois Ramsey

Millie Rase

William W. Raynor

Vivian Mae Remington

Vincent Riolo

Olive Robinson

William G. Robinson

Jack Rogers

Marie Rosse

Zorka Sabich

Paul R. Sarmento

Edna Schroeder

Milton Schwartz

Nick Paul Setich

Virginia Lee Settle

Ruth Setzer

Carlton Spencer Severance, Jr.

Clifford Shannon

Donald Siegel

Norman N. Silva

Ursaline N. Smith

Sue Smitherum

Viola B. Spiller

Betty Stack

Wilfred W. Staring, Jr.

Gertrude Sturdavant

Georgina Symons

Alene Taylor

Edson Teague

Bob Templeman

Edna Dorothy Thomas

Mary Thorsen

Katherine Tregellas

Robert Edward Tucker

Margaret Van Dam

Evelyn Velardi

Inez Warner

Ralph Weber

Walter Weidenman

Gwen M. Weiland

Phyllis Ann West

John White

Jim H. Wiard

Robert B. Willison

Alvin Wonderly

Ann Yankovich

Edmund Yee

Harold Yee



Other names mentioned:

Ethel Springer, Betty McClain, Roy Birsch, Chester Barr, Mildred Essex, Mary Pugh, Eleanor Scott, Elizabeth Kelly, Jack Hauskins, Bob Canson, Mike Sypnicke, John Perkins and Lloyd Bonds.

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