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Rev. P. A. Grammen



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Kings City, Monterey County, California








Martin Griffin

Born 1832 - Died 1913

An Old Settler of Priest Valley and Faithful Member of Saint John’s Church.  R. J. P.






A Widemann Company, King City, California.


Salinas Abstract Company, George A. Daugherty, President; A. G. Winckler, Vice-President; W. E. Morton, Secretary-Treasurer; Monterey County Bank Building, Salinas, California.


Monterey County Bank, Salinas and King City, California.


Johanssen Furniture Company, King City, California.


Bunte Brothers, S. N. Bunte & H. D. Bunte, General Merchandise, San Lucas, California.


J. P. Wasson, Blacksmith, P.O. Box 35, King City, California.


Nate Nelson, Butcher, Broadway Street, King City, California.


Brunetti's Restaurant and Hotel, Ms. Fannie Brunetti, Manager, King's City, California.


First National Bank of Salinas


H. D. Muller, Embalmer and Undertaker, 313-315 Main Street, Salinas, California.


Salinas Garage, Ford Service Station, Ed F. Rossi, Proprietor, 320-324 Main Street, Salinas, California.


The H-A-F Company, Merchandise & Dress Goods, King City, California.


Aniotzbehere Company, San Ardo


C. A. Holst, General Merchandise, San Lucas, California.


A.  M. Trescony, Agent, Home Insurance Company, Western Engines, Grain Buyer and Notary Public, San Lucas, California.


Besse & Co., J. N. Besse & Milton Besse, Real Estate, P.O. Box 306, King City, California.


W. C. Hamilton, Manufacturer of Harnesses, Saddles etc., King City, California.


King City Cleaning and Dye House, F. E. Gruening, Proprietor, Broadway, King City, California.


Scott's Drug Store, 248 Main Street, Salinas.


Trout Photographer, 240 Main Street, Salinas, California.


Earl D. Eddy, Dentist, 222 Main Street, Salinas City, California.


Henry C. Murphy, M.D., Salinas City Bank Building, Salinas, California.


Edward T. Hardy, Optometrist, 8 West Gabilan Street, Salinas, California….  Also King City, Soledad, Gonzalez.


Thomas E. Knode, Attorney-at-Law, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Soledad, California.


J. D. Arneil, Dictionary Surgeon and Dentist, Broadway, King City, California.


Dr. Brunwell, M.D., King City, California.


H. L. Morebeck, Books Stationery, 224 Main Street, Salinas, California.


J. B. Joseph, Jeweler, opposite King City Garage, King City, California.


E. C. Griswold, Justice of the Peace, Fire Insurance, King City Township, California.


Mathers's Millinery Store, corner Third and Broadway, King City, California.


W. M. Tompkins, Plumbing & Tinning, Broadway, King City, California.


Russell's Second-Hand Store, King City, California.


King City Bakery, Arno Zenner, Proprietor, King City, California.


Theo Winchell, General Merchandise, San Ardo, California.


Soledad Mercantile Company, Soledad, California.


The People's Furniture Store, Thomas B. Pettitt, Proprietor, Undertaker & Funeral Director, Soledad, California.


Peter Schmidt, Harness & Shoe Findings, Soledad, California.


M. Rogers, Groceries, Soledad, California.


Peter Gottfriedsen, General Merchandise, Soledad, California.


J. H.  Bastedo


Bey Westcott, Machinists & Plumbing, Soledad, California.


"The Grand", Luckett & Tollett, King City, California.


Hugh R. Osburn, Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public, Kirk Building, King City, California.


Miss Scully, Successor to Miss Benjamin, Millinery, 256 Main Street, Salinas, California.


Hotel ElCamino Real, W. F. Beasley & Son, Proprietors, King City, California.


Hughes’ Stationery & Novelty Store, Salinas, California.


The Head Inn, William Head, Proprietor, Soledad, Monterey County, California.


Hotel Abbott, G. Lapierre, Proprietor, Salinas, California.


Salinas City Bank, Salinas & Soledad, California.




Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

© 2008 Nancy Pratt Melton


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