ADAMS, Prof. and Mrs. E. D., Campus, Stanford University, (Palo Alto 1058).

ANGELL, Dr. Frank, Miss Mabel, Mr. Chas., 1200 Bryant, (Palo Alto 87).

BARKAN, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz, 401 Lowell Ave., Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


          Member Olympic and Mill Valley Country Clubs.

BASSETT, Prof. and Mrs. Lee E., 9 Cabrill, Campus, Stanford University, (Tel.

          Palo Alto 2098).

BENTLEY, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 635 Homer, (Palo Alto 695).

CANNON, Prof. and Mrs. Henry L., 301 Addison, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


CATHCART, Prof. and Mrs. Arthur M., 1215 Emerson, Palo Alto, (Palo Alto


CHERRINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. R. B., 200 Dowell, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


CLARK, Prof. and Mrs. Arthur B., Stanford University, (Palo Alto 1023).

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. George D., 949 940 Hamilton, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo

          Alto 2017).

CORBET, Mr. and Mrs. Burke, (See San Francisco List).

CORBET, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1241 Webster, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


COREY, Mrs. Frances E., 909 University Ave., Palo Alto, (Palo Alto 166).

          Miss Augusta COREY, 909 University Ave., (Palo Alto 166).

CUBBERLEY, Prof. and Mrs. Ellwood B., Stanford University, (Palo Alto 1019).

DARSIE, Mr. and Mrs. William, 567 Mellville, Palo Alto, (Palo Alto 102).

DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Burt L., 525 University Ave., Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


DE FOREST, Mr. and Mrs. A. T., 950 University Ave., (Tel. Palo Alto 74).

DREW, Prof. and Mrs. Elmer R., 1321 Waverly, Palo Alto, (Palo Alto


EVANS, Rev. and Mrs. David J., 555 Waverly, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


FISHER, Mr. and Mrs. H. B., 875 University Ave., Palo Alto, (Palo Alto 797).

GARDNER, Rev. Charles D., Stanford University, Cal. (Tel. Palo Alto 1068).

GREEN, Dr. and Mrs. Herlwyn R., 1121 Emerson, (Tel. Palo Alto 1214).

          Dr. member Menlo Country Club and Army & Navy Club.

          Miss Mary F. GREEN.

GRIFFIN, Prof. and Mrs. James Owen, 14 Alvarado Row, (Palo Alto 1054).

HELLMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W., Res. 129 Emerson, (Tel. Palo Alto 942).

HOOPER, Mr. Albert C., 969 University Ave., Palo Alto, (Palo Alto 986).

HOOVER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C., Stanford University, Cal., (Tel. Palo Alto

          1439). and Washington D. C.

          Mr. Herbert C. Jr., and Mr. Allan HOOVER.

          Member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, and University Clubs.

          Mrs. member Town and Country Club (San Francisco).

HOSKINS, Prof. and Mrs. Leander M., 1240 Waverly, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo

          Alto 75).

HOVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., 1110 Waverly cor. Lincoln, Palo Alto, (Tel

          Palo Alto 1085).

          Member Menlo Country Club.

          Mr. Charles G. HOVEY.

JORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. David Starr, Campus, Stanford Univ., Cal., (Tel. Palo

          Alto 1001).

          Mr. Eric K. JORDAN.

          Member Bohemian & University Clubs of S. F.

JORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Knight Starr, Stanford University, Cal. (Tel. Palo Alto


          Member Army & Navy Club.

KIMBALL, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman, 904 Cowper, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


          Mr. member University and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

          Mrs. member National League for Women's Service.

          Miss Charlotte and Mr. Frederick Wright KIMBALL.

LATHROP, Mrs. Charles Gardner, "Alta Vista", Stanford University, (Tel. Palo

          Alto 1004).

          Member Francisca, Woman's Athletic and Menlo Country Clubs.

LEE, Mr. and Mrs. John, 970 University Ave., Palo Alto, (Palo Alto 89).

LEE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H., 505 Everett Ave., Palo Alto, (Palo Alto 521M).

LOCKEY, Miss Mary I., Castilleja School, 1350 Bryant, Palo Alto, (Palo Alto


MARRACK, Mrs. Cecil, 530 Melville Ave., Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto 2351).

          Miss Harriet Febinger MARRACK, Miss Betty Febinger MARRACK,

          and Miss Cecil M. MARRACK.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Whitney, 525 Lincoln, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


MARX, Prof. and Mrs. Charles D., 357 Kingsley, (Palo Alto 255).

MARX, Prof. and Mrs. Guido H., 356 Lincoln, (Palo Alto 715).

MITCHELL, Mr. and Mrs. John Pearce, 235 Embarcadero, (Tel. Palo Alto


          Mr. member Bohemian and University Clubs. Mrs. member Town &

          Country Club.

          Miss Laura MITCHELL.

MITCHELL, Mrs. John W. (Lydia P.), 252 Kingsley Ave., Palo Alto (Tel. Palo

          Alto 24).

          Member Town & Country Club; Palo Alto Women's Club; Fortnightly

          Music Club, and National League for Women's Service.

NEWSOM, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 1129 Cowper, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


PARKINSON, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 467 Forest Ave., Palo Alto, (Palo

          Alto 99).

POWER, Dr. and Mrs. Henry, 356 Coleridge Ave., (Tel. Palo Alto 398).

SANFORD, Prof. and Mrs. Fernando, 450 Kingsley, (Palo Alto 646).

SHARP, Dr. and Mrs. James G., 237 Coleridge, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto


SHEDD, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 1134 Emerson, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo

          Alto 251).

          Miss Elizabeth SHEDD; Mr. Kendrick SHEDD.

SPENCER, Dr. and Mrs. John C., 369 Addison Ave., (Palo Alto 71).

STILLMAN, Prof. and Mrs. John M., Stanford University, (Palo Alto 1048).

SWINNERTON, Mr. and Mrs. J. G., (Louise Scher), 409 Lincoln Ave., Palo

          Alto, Cal., (Palo Alto 1822).

          Mrs. Writer. member National League American Pen Women and

          National League for Women's Service.

          Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Vice-President Palo

          Alto Art Club.

          Miss Mary Elizabeth SWINNERTON.

THOMAS, Dr. and Mrs. Jerome B., 1432 Webster, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo

          Alto 1923).

TICHENOR, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Hawley, "Southgate", Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo

          Alto 504).

          Miss Jane Willson TICHENOR and Master John Field TICHENOR.

TWIGGS, Mr. John W., 707 University Ave., Palo Alto, Cal., (Tel. Palo

          Alto 236).

WHEELER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic R., 465 Lowell Ave., Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo

          Alto 2110).

          Miss Ann Bradford WHEELER.

WILBUR, Dr. and Mrs. Ray Lyman, Stanford University, Cal., (Tel. Palo

          Alto 46).

          Dr. member Pacific-Union, University, Bohemian, and Commonwealth


          Mrs. member Town & Country, Century, and National League


          Miss Lois Proctor WILBUR, Mr. Blake Colburn WILBUR, Mr. Dwight

          Locke WILBUR, and Ray Lyman Wilbur Jr.

WING, Prof. and Mrs. Charles B., 345 Lincoln Ave., Palo Alto, (Palo Alto





Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Pages 177-178. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.



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