BURLINGAME                              HILLSBOROUGH





AMES, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H., Res. Roblar Avee. "El Cerrito." (Tel. San Mateo 274).

ANTHONY, Mr. and Mrs. Earle C., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 162).

              Also 4848 Los Feliz Ave., Los Angeles, Cal., (Tel. 596-117).

AMPHLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M., 70 Sycamore Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 605J).

ANDERTON, Mr. and Mrs. John Gayle, Res. "West Santa Inez.", (Tel. San Mateo 413).

ARCHER, Mr. and Mrs. Leo E., 88 Sycamore Ave., Burlingame, Cal.,

              (Tel. San Mateo 1428).

              Mr. member S.F. Chamber of Commerce; Commonwealth Club, and Floral Park

              Lodge, 1016, F. & A. M.

              Miss Dorothy Wadsworth ARCHER and Miss Lucille ARCHER.

ARMSBY, Mr. Edwin Raymond, Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal.

             (Tel. Burlingame471).

ARMSBY, Mr. and Mrs. George Newell, Forest View Road, Hillsborough,

             (Tel. Burlingame 206).

AUBERT, Mr. and Mrs. Lucien J., 220 Clark Drive, San Mateo. (San Mateo 280).

BALDWIN, Mr. and Mrs. G. Feris, 1338 Drake Ave., Burlingame,

             (Tel. Burlingame 640-J).

             Member San Francisco Commercial Club.

BARNESON, Captain and Mrs. John, Bellevue and Pepper Sts., Burlingame, Cal.

             (Burlingame 115).

             Captain member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco); Bohemian Club (San

             Francisco; Burlingame Country Game; California Club (Los Angeles);

             Metropolitan Club (Washington, D.C.); and Congressional Country Club

             (Washington, D.C.).

             Miss Muriel E. BARNESON.

BERRINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 6 Arundel, Burlingame, (Burlingame 362).

BEYLARD, Mr. Edward Duplessis, "Wayward", El Camino Real., (San Mateo 160).

             Miss Elizabeth Sophy BEYLARD.

BIRLEM, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., Res. 1401 Palm Ave., (Tel. San Mateo1083).

BOEKEL, Mr. and Mrs. William, 315 Primrose, Burlingame, (Burlingame 235-W).

BOREL, Miss Chonita, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 481).

BOREL, Miss Lupita, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 481).

BOREL, Mr. and Mrs. Antoine A., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 670).

BORN, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 325 El Camino Real., Burlingame, Cal.

            (Tel. Burlingame 64).

BORN, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A., 218 5th, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 697).

BOURN, Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers, "Filoli House", San Mateo, Cal.,

           (Tel. San Mateo 339).

BOVET, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A., "Third Homestead", San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 1312).

BRADFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson B., 28 W. Santa Inez Ave., (Tel. San Mateo 683).

           Member Bohemian, University and Menlo Country Clubs.

           Miss Perry Jean BRADFORD and Mr. Clarkson B. BRADFORD Jr.

BREEZE, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hamilton, Roehampton Road, San Mateo,

          (Tel. San Mateo 484).

BREWER, Rev. and Mrs. William A., 728 Fairfield Road, Burlingame,

          (Tel. Burlingame 121).

BROMFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, 1137 Camino Real, Burlingame, 

         (Burlingame 776).

BROMFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 420 Dorchester, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 772).

BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jr., Brewer Road, Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 288).

BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. I. I., 446 Turner Terrace, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 878).

BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. Max M., Roblar Ave., San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 1048).

BURGARD, Mr. and Mrs. John Clark, Medway Ave., San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 779).

        Mr. member Burlingame Country, University and Bohemian Clubs.

        Mrs. member Francisca Club of San Francisco.

CAMERON, Mr. and Mrs. George T., Eucalyptus Ave., Hillsborough

         (Burlingame 590).

CAMPE, Mr. and Mrs. George, Hillside Ave., Burlingame, (Burlingame 560).

CAROLAN, Mrs. Francis J., "Carolands", Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 112).

CARTER, Mr. and Mrs. R. B., 210 W. Bellevue Ave., San Mateo, Cal.,

         (Tel. San Mateo 1243-M).

CASSERLY, Mrs. John B., Edgehill Road, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 299).

CHIDESTER, Dr. and Mrs. Walter C., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 991-M).

CHRISTENSON, Mrs. Edwin A., Burlingame Hills, Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 600).

         Miss Edna CHRISTENSON.

CLAGSTONE, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, 123 Baywood, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 1276).

         Miss Pauline and Mr. Kirk CLAGSTONE.

         Member San Mateo Polo Club.

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W., "El Palamar", El Camino Real, Hillsborough, (S. M. 911).

         Miss Louise and Miss Virginia CLARK (Tel. San Mateo 911).

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Jr., 19 Chester Way, cor. Barriolhet, Burlingame, Cal.

         (Tel. Burlingame 1199).

COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. S. Waldo, 127-128 West Bellevue Ave., San Mateo,

         (Tel. San Mateo 1264).

COTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Aylett R., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 628-J).

         Member Bohemian, Burlingame Country and San Mateo Polo Clubs.

CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Templeton, Medway Road, San Mateo,

         (Tel. San Mateo 872).

         also St. Francis Hotel when in San Francisco.

CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. William H., "New Place", Hillsborough, Cal.

         (Tel. Burlingame 585).

         Mr. member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, University, S. F. Golf & Country,

         Burlingame Country, S. F. Press and Commonwealth Clubs.

         Mrs. member Francisca, Woman's Athletic, Town & Country and Burlingame

         Country Clubs.

         Miss Helen Victoria and Mr. Charles CROCKER (Tel. Burlingame 585).

CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. William W., (Ruth Hobart), Burlingame, Cal.

         (Tel. Burlingame 273).

         Mr. member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, University, S. F. Golf & Country, S. F. Press,

         and Burlingame Country Clubs.

CURRAN, Mr. Homer Fellows, Burlingame Country Club,(Tel. Burlingame 471).

CURRAN, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ambler, Chapin Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 195).

         Member Pacific-Union, Burlingame Country, San Mateo Polo, Army & Navy

         Princeton (New York), and Travelers (Paris, France) Clubs.

         Mr. Ross CURRAN.

         POSTLEY, Mr. Clarence, Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 195).

DANA, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., 430 Highland Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 94).

de GIUGNE, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Jr., Crystal Springs Road, San Mateo,

         (Tel. San Mateo 707).

de LAVEAGA, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vincent, Poplar Ave., San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 57).

de SAINT CYR, Mr. Jean, El Cerrito Ave., Hillsborough, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 36, 1396,

         and 1397).

         Member San Mateo Polo, Congressional Club. (Washington, D. C.) New York,

         Athletic, Florida Sailfish,(Palm Beach), and Hagerstown Country Club.

DEVEREUX, Mr. and Mrs. William G., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 510).

DRISCOLL, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., Hillsborough, Cal., (Tels. San Mateo 332 and

         San Mateo 548).

DRUM, Mr. and Mrs. John S., Florabunda, Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 505).

DUNCAN, Mr. and Mrs. William C., Ralston and Pepper, Burlingame (Burlingame 650).

DUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Foster, Burlingame Country Club, (Burlingame 985).

EARL, Mr. and Mrs. Sumner F., 127 Griffith, San Mateo, (San Mateo 1399).

EASTLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butler, 45 Aster, Burlingame, (Burlingame 617).

FILER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. and Miss LAWTON, Forest View, Burlingame,

         (Burlingame 482).

FORD, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W., 108 Sycamore, San Mateo, (San Mateo 1417).

FORDERER, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. F. Jr., 1548 Howard, Burlingame,

         (Burlingame 459 W).

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E., Roehampton Road, San Mateo, (San Mateo 244).

GASSNER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, Poet and Roehampton Roads, San Mateo,

         (San Mateo 224).

GIANNINI, Mr. and Mrs. Amadeo P., 20 San Mateo Ave., (tel. San Mateo 465).

         Mr. member Bohemian, Olympic, Union League, Commonwealth, San Francisco     

         Commercial Clubs. Congressional Country Club (Waashington D. C.); Los

         Angeles Country Club; Los Angeles Athletic Club.

         Mrs. member Women's Athletic Club of San Francisco and Women's Athletic Club

         of L.A.

         Miss Claire Evelyn GIANNINI

         Mr. Lawrence Mario GIANNINI and Mr. Virgil David GIANNINI.

GRANT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D., Forest View, Hillsborough, (Burlingame 398).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 109 Elm Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 1082).

GUNST, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan A., 900 Burlingame Ave., Burlingame

         (Tel. Burlingame 1288).

HAGER, Miss Alice, 537 Almer Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 516).

HART, Dr. and Mrs. Morton E., 30 San Mateo Ave., San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 341).

         Dr. member the Argonaut Club (San Francisco) and Crystal Springs

         Country Club.

HAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y., 5th and County Road, San Mateo, (San Mateo 562).

HAYNE, Mrs. Grace P., Res. Fifth Ave. and County Road, (Tel. San Mateo 562).

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. Fentress, 150 Sycamore Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 1085).

HIRSCHMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Marion A., Roblar Ave., (San Mateo 132).

HITCHCOCK, Mrs. William Greer, Burlingame, (Burlingame 304).

HITCHCOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon (Marguerite Belser), Burlingame, San Mateo

         County, Cal.

HOAG, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Loring, West Santa Inez, San Mateo, (San Mateo 1145).

HOBART, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., Homestead Addition, San Mateo, (San Mateo 201).

         Mr. Walter S. HOBART Jr. and Mr. Richard MAGEE).

HOLTON, Mr. and Mrs. Luther J., 100 Clark, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 100).

HOOKER, Mr. and Mrs. C. Osgood, Eucalyptus Ave., Burlingame, (Burlingame 631).

         Mr. C. Osgood HOOKER Jr., Burlingame, (Burlingame 631).

HOOKER, Mr. Robert G., El Cerrito Ave., Hillsborough, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 161).

         Mr. Robert G. Jr.; Mr. John R., and Master Lent HOOKER.

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. P., West Santa Inez Ave., (San Mateo 604).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 684).

         also 2801 Broadway, San Francisco, (Tel. Fillmore 104).

         Mr. member The Family; San Francisco Golf & Country Club; Menlo Country Club;

         Olympic Club and Sequoyah Country Club (Oakland).

         Mr. Linn C. HOWARD & Mr. Charles S. HOWARD Jr.

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. George H., "Howard House", Hillsborough, (San Mateo 514).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. P. Jr., 433 Medway Ave., San Mateo, Cal.),

         (Tel. San Mateo 923-J).

         Member University Club (S. F.), and Harvard Club (of Boston, Mass.).

HUNTER, Mr. and Mrs. James J., 619 Laurel, San Mateo, (San Mateo 245).

HUSING, Mr. and Mrs. E. A., 419 B Street, San Mateo, (San Mateo 1343).

HUSSEY, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 263).

         Member Burlingame Country, San Mateo Polo, Pacific-Union, and Racquet

         (New York) Clubs.

HUTTON, Mrs. G. Russell, West Bellevue Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 61).

         Miss Barbara Woolworth HUTTON.

HUTTON, Mr. Franklin L., West Bellevue Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 61).

JACKLING, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cowen, Hillsborough, Cal., Also St. Francis Hotel.

JOHNS, Mrs. John, 37 Crystal Springs Road, San Mateo, (San Mateo 851).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth E., 333 Occidental, Burlingame, 

        (Burlingame 430J).

JUDGE, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank, Res. Corner Ralston and Sharon, (Tel. Burlingame 


KAMM, Mr. and Mrs. WALKER, Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 739).

KERR, Dr. William J., 180 W. Poplar Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 27).

KIERSTED, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Burlingame, Cal., or 840 Powell St., San 

       Francisco, (Kearny 5273).

KNIGHT, Mr. and Mrs Samuel K., Forest View Road, Burlingame, (Tel.

       Burlingame 10).

KREFT, Mr. and Mrs. Armand B., 1226 Donnelly, Burlingame, (Burlingame 715-W).

LAWSON, Mr. and Mrs. John, Poniotowski Place, Burlingame, (Burlingame 273).

       Miss Allison; Miss Dorothy; and Master John LAWSON Jr.

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. John Mellgren, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 399-W).

       Member Bohemian, Burlingame, ad San Mateo Polo Clubs.

LILIENTHAL, Mrs. Jesse W. Sr., West Bellevue Ave. & Dorchester, San Mateo,

       (Tel. San Mateo 263).

LILIENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Jr., Hillsdale Ave., Burlingame, (Burlingame 330).

LOOMIS, Mr. and Mrs. Francis B., 325 Chapin Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 487).

       Mr. member Pacific-Union, and Burlingame Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Francisca Club.

       Miss Florence and Mr. Francis B. LOOMIS Jr.

LYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds, Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal.

MAC RORIE, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, Palm and 14th, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 877-R).

MACK, Mr. and Mrs. Harold L., Brewer Road, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 606).

       Member Argonaut, Lakeside Golf, and Lake Mercer Golf Clubs.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., Ralston & Sharon, Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 836).

       Miss Mary and Miss Eleanor MARTIN.

MARYE, Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Jr., Parkside Ave., Burlingame, Cal., also

       Washington D. C., ________ (Tel. Burlingame 808).

       Member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, University, Burlingame Country, Maryland Club,

       (Baltimore, Maryland), and Metropolitan (Washington D. C.) Clubs.

McALLISTER, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, "Larkmead", Hillsborough, (San Mateo 137).

       Messrs. Elliott, Jr., Decker G., and Breck P.

McCABE, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, Hillside Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 563).

McCARTHY, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G., 455 Costa Rica, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 672).

McCREERY, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, San Mateo and Poett Road, (San Mateo 357).

McCREERY, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Forest View Ave., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel.

       Burlingame 379).

       Miss Isabelle McCREERY.

McCAULEY, Captain and Mrs. Edward Jr., "San Raimundo", Hillsborough, (Tel.

       San Mateo 621).

McNUTT, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell, 1218 Bellevue, Burlingame, (Burlingame 150).

MELROSE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., 98 W. Poplar, San Mateo, (San Mateo 287).

MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D., "Merrillea", Hillsborough, (Burlingame 356).

MOODY, Mr. and Mrs. Corbet L., 121 Baywood Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 1135).

MURPHY, Mrs. Eugene De Besson, 401 Chapin Ave., Burlingame, (Tel.

       Burlingame 455).

       Miss Gertrude MURPHY.

NEWHALL, Mr. and  Mrs. George Almer, Res. "Sharon", (Tel. Burlingame 51).

       Master George A. Jr., and Master Walter S. NEWHALL.

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Marion, 2111 Easton Dr., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel.

       Burlingame 1360).

       Mr. member Lake Merced Golf & Country Club.

NOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. John C., Res. 114 Medway Road, Hillsborough, (San Mateo 70).

PADGETT, Mr. and Mrs. Harold D., 1338 Columbus Ave., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel.

       Burlingame 1342).

       Mr. member Commonwealth Club. Mrs. member The Forum Club of San Francisco.

POETT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., Santa Inez Ave., San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 163).

       Miss Evelyn and Mr. Henry W. POETT Jr., Santa Inez. Ave., San Mateo.

PARK, Mr. and Mrs. Howard G., Brewer Rd., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 68).

PARROTT, Miss Emilie and Miss Barbara, "The Bungalow", San Mateo, (San Mateo 1253)

       Mr. John and Mr. Stephen PARROTT, "The Bungalow", El Camino Real.

PARROTT, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 5th and El Camino Real., San Mateo, (Tel. San

       Mateo 1253).

PAYSON, Captain Albert H., El Camino Real, San Mateo, (San Mateo 491).

PIERCE, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman L., 1136 Bellevue Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 23).

       Mr. member Menlo Country & Masonic Clubs.

       Miss Martha PIERCE and Miss Virginia PIERCE.

POPE, Mr. and Mrs. George A., "Edgecourt", Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 391), also

       S. F. List.

       Mr. George A. Jr., and Mr. Kenneth POPE.

PRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Milton, 1272 Cabrillo, Burllingame, (Tel. Burlingame 89).

       Member Burlingame Country, Olympic and Empire Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Women's Athletic Club.

       DAY, Mrs. Emily R.

RATHBONE, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L., Brewer's Road, Burlingame, (Burlingame 680).

REID, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt J., San Mateo, Cal., (P. O. Address 105 Montgomery,

       San Francisco).

REDINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., Hillcrest Apts., San Francisco. Also San Mateo, Cal.

RIGGINS, Mr. and Mrs. Ed S., 1420 Benito Ave., Burlingame, (Burlingame 796-J).

       Miss Jean RIGGINS, 1420 Benito Ave., Burlingame.

ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. George B., Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel.

       Burlingame 33).

       Mr. member Pacific-Union Club, San Francisco Golf & Country Club, Burlingame

       Country Club, and San Mateo Country Club.

       Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

       THIERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (nee Marion JONES), Burlingame, Cal.

ROOS, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Robert A., 360 Brew's Road, Burlingame, (Burlingame 175).

ROOT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Warren, Burlingame, Cal. 1408  Chapin Ave., (Tel.

       Burlingame 906).

       WHIPPLE, Mrs. Georgia E.

ROTHSCHILD, Dr. and Mrs. Max, Burlingame, Cal. (Tel. Burlingame 161).

       Dr. member Burlingame Country, Menlo Country, Lake Merced Golf & Napa Country


       Mrs. member Francisca Club of San Francisco.

ROWE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles V., 800 Cypress Ave., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo


        Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club; Crystal Springs Country Club; and

        San Mateo Lodge B. P. O. Elks.

        Mrs. member Burlingame Woman's Club.

SALISBURY, Mr. and Mrs. R. Walker, Bellevue Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 452).

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, West Santa Inez, San Mateo, (San Mateo 172).

SCHWERIN, Mr. and Mrs. Rennie P., Baywood Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 271).

SCOTT, Mr. Henry T., Forest View Road, Hillsborough, (Tel. Burlingame 433).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Laurance Irving, Burlingame, (Burlingame 604).

SCOTT, Mr. W. Prescott, Forest View Road, Hillsborough, (Burlingame 433).

SINTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, 17 El Cerrito Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 297).

SINTON, Mr. and Mrs. Silas D., 420 Turner Terrace, San Mateo, (San Mateo 1028).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hays, Eucalyptus Ave., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel.

        Burlingame 114).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. S. Burke, 1145 Vernal Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 1359).

        Mr. member Army & Navy Club (Washington D. C.); Army & Navy Club

        (Manila, P. I.); and Thames Club (New London, Conn.).

        Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of A Francisco.

        Miss Smelie Sidney SMITH and Master S. Burke SMITH Jr.

SPRECKELS, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph, Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal. (Tel.

        Burlingame 846).

        also 1900 Pacific Ave., San Francisco (Tel. West 1460).

        Mr. member Pacific-Union; University; Bohemian; Burlingame Country; San Mateo

        Polo and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

        Miss Claudine SPRECKELS.

STETSON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry N., Forest View, Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 992).

STRASSBURGER, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, Hillsborough Drive, San Mateo (Tel.

       San Mateo 777).

SYPHER, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, 245 W. Santa Inez Ave., San Mateo (San Mateo 344).

TALBOT, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Baywood Ave., San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 181

       and 497).

TEVIS, Mr. and Mrs. William S. Jr., Oakgrove near R. R. Burlingame, (Burlingame 787).

THIERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (nee Marion JONES), Burlingame, Cal.

THOMSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Jr., 1617 Chapin, (Tel. Burlingame 1189).

TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril R., Poett Road, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 122).

TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., West Santa Inez and El Cerrito, (San Mateo 1357).

TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oliver, 200 Clark, San Mateo, (Tel. San Mateo 831).

       also S. F. List.

TOBIN, Richard M., Poett Road, San Mateo, (San Mateo 122).

VAN ANTWERP, Mr. and Mrs. W. C., Burlingame, (Burlingame 71).

WEATHERWAX, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff M., Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel.

       Burlingame 589).

       Mr. member Pacific-Union, Burlingame Country, and San Francisco Golf & Country


WEBER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W., Brewer's Road, Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 814).

WEEKS, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F., 1409 Cortez Ave., Burlingame, (Burlingame 126).

WELCH, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Baywood Ave., San Mateo, (San Mateo 900).

       Miss Marie de L. Welch; Miss Florence E. WELCH, Baywood Ave.

WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Edward, Hillsborough Blvd., San Mateo, (San Mateo 1034).

WILKES, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 687).

      Miss Janet WILKES; Miss Betty WILKES; Miss Peggy WILKES.

      Mr. Ernest WILKES Jr.

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Mountford S., "Midoaks", Burlingame, (Burlingame 371).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Neill C., 822 Walnut Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 358-J).

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin, 1033 Cortez Ave., Burlingame, (Burlingame 1106).

ZECH, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, 1244 Cabrillo, Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 1024-J).






Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Pages 164-169. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.




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