ADDIS, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, San Carlos Ave., Sausalito, (Tel. Sausalito 350).

BARNETT, Mr. William T., Waldo Point, Marin Co., Cal., (Sausalito 196-R).

BERG, Mr. and Mrs. William, 281 Upper Santa Rosa Ave., (Sausalito 188).

BISHOP, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 220 San Carlos Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 293).

BLACKETT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S., 60 San Carlos Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 228).

BURGESS, Mr. and Mrs. Chandler W., Waldo Point, Marin Co., Cal., (Sausalito 196-W).

BURNEY, Mr. and Mrs. William T., San Carlos Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 242).

CADOGAN, Mr. Lawrence F., Central Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 317).

CAMPBELL, Mrs. Henry C., 107 Buckley Ave., (Sausalito 124).

CARRUTHERS, Mr. and Mrs. C. P., 265 Harrison Ave., Sausalito, Sausalito 277).

CURRAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 1377 Water, (Sausalito 110).

FAVILLE, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 63 Central Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 52).

GILBERT, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 14 Sunshine Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 84-J).

GUNN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 22 Sunshine Rd., Sausalito, (Tel. Sausalito 97).

            Mr. member Rotary (S. F.); Commonwealth; S. F. Yacht; and Engineers (S. F.


            Miss Charlotte GUNN and Mr. Robert M. GUNN.

HOWLAND, Mrs. Robert M., 22 Sunshine Rd., (Tel. Sausalito 97).

            Miss Louise HOWLAND.

LANAGAN, Mr. and Mrs. James, 17 Bulkley Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 11).

LOWE, Mr. John B., (Sausalito, Cal.), 248 Upper Santa Rosa St., (Sausalito 46-J).

MAYS, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H., 252 San Carlos Ave., (Sausalito 7).

MEAD, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E., 41 Atwood Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 14).

MENZIES, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Upper Santa Rosa Ave., Sausalito, (Tel. Sausalito 115).

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay, 45 Central Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 280).

PARTRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. John F., San Carlos Ave., Sausalito, (Tel. Sausalito 220).

SARGEANT, Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop W., 885 Sausalito Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito


SHOEMAKER, Mr. and Mrs. E. H., 607 Water, (Sausalito 147).

TREAT, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald J., 175 San Carlos Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 210).

WINTERBURN, Mr. J. Charles, 945 Sausalito Boulevard, (Sausalito 22-J).

WOLLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph H., 266 Upper Santa Rosa, Sausalito, (Sausalito 209).

YEAZELL, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Akin, 26 Miller Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 82).









ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Jr., San Anselmo, Cal., (San Anselmo 512-W).

BARBER, Miss Mary D., San Anselmo, Cal., (San Anselmo 86-W).

FLETCHER, Dr. and Mrs. Harold A., Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 68-W).

HITCHING, Mr. and Mrs. Frank K., San Anselmo, (San Anselmo 108-J).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. George H. T., Hillside Ave., San Anselmo, (San Anselmo 285).

KENT, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T., Hawthorne Hills, San Anselmo, Cal., (San Anselmo


KIERULFF, Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph T., San Anselmo, (San Anselmo 375-W).

LUCAS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., Fairfax Manor, San Anselmo, (Tel. San Anselmo 316-R).

NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. George F., Barber Tract, San Anselmo, (San Anselmo 250).

RAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C., San Anselmo, Cal., (Tel. Anselmo 512-J).

STRATFORD, Mr. Harry J., Tamalpais Ave., San Anselmo, (San Anselmo 201-J).

STURDIVANT, Mr. Benjamin B., San Anselmo, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 335-W).

TOMPKINS, Miss Ethel H., San Anselmo, Cal., (San Anselmo 310-J).

TOWLER, Mr. and Mrs. A. F., Crescent Road, San Anselmo, (San Anselmo 117).



Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Page 186. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.



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