ANTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Henry, Ross, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. San

         Anselmo 88).

ARMSBY, Mr. and Mrs. James K., Ross, (San Anselmo 242).

BELDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Shady Lane, Ross, (San Anselmo 61).

BROOKS, Mr. and Mrs. George W., Lagunitas Road, Ross, (San Anselmo 30).

BUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. George E., Ross, (San Anselmo 109-J).

CHAPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. A. J., Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo 237).

CHIPMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Dwight, Ross, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 66).

        Dr. member Bohemian; Marin Golf and Country; and Lagunitas Clubs.

        Mrs. member Town and Country and Crentury Clubs.

COFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. James, Ross, (San Anselmo 211).

CUSICK, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Fernhill Ave., Ross, Ca; San Anselmo 5).

        Miss Helen W.; Miss Katherine; and Mr. Will E. CUSICK.

DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. L. Spencer, Shady Lane, Ross, (San Anselmo 83).

DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J., Shady Lane, Ross, (San Anselmo 83).

DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Winfield S., Ross, (San Anselmo 33), and S. F. List.

DENICKE, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H., Country Road, Ross, (San Anselmo 217-W)

DIBBLEE, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J., Ross, (San Anselmo 6), and S. F. List.

DIBBLEE, Colonel and Mrs. Benjamin H., Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo


DONNELS, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Carson, Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 106-W).

GRIFFITH, Mrs. Edwin L., Bolinas Ave., Ross, (San Anselmo 178).

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. Millen, Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 40).

        Mr. member University; Marin Golf & Country; and Lagunitas Club.

        Mrs. member Town & Country Club (San Francisco).

        Miss Constance Elizabeth, Mr. Millen Jr., and Mr. Edwin Lord GRIFFITH.

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Brooks, Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 39).

        and Fairmont Hotel S. F.

        Mr. Newton J. HALE, Ross.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Tubbs, Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo


        Member Kappa Alpha Theta; College Women's Club; Zeta Ps and

        Masonic Orders.

        Miss Betty Van Allen HALL.

        Mr. Haven Tubbs HALL and Dr. Edward Masser HALL.

KINGSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R., Belinas Ave., Ross, Cal., (San

        Anselmo 186).

KITTLE, Mrs. Jonathan G., (Harriette de W.), Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 224

        and S. F.

LONDON, Dr. and Mrs. Mortimer Andrew, Ross, Marin Co., (Tel. San Anselmo


        Member Olympic Club of San Francisco.

        Miss LONDON.

MARCUS, Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried, Laurel Grove, Ross, (San Anselmo 269).

McCOY, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D., Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 74) and S. F. List.

McKEE, Mr. and Mrs. John Dempster, Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 195).

        and 3456 Washington, S. F.

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. Seward B., Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 21) and S. F.


MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., Winship Tract, Ross, (San Anselmo 29).

O'CONNELL, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 256).

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Warren, "Heart of the Hills", Ross, Cal., (Tel.

        San Anselmo 81).

        Miss Patricia Anne and Mr. Kendall Armsby PALMER (Juniors).

        Member Olympic and Marin Golf & Country Clubs.

PISCHEL, Dr. and Mrs. Kaspar, Ross, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 68-J) and

        S. F. List.

        Mr. Harold D. PISCHEL, Ross, Cal.

RAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E., Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 106-J).

RADKE, Mr. and Mrs. Richard L., Ross, (San Anselmo 514-J).

        Miss Doris RADKE; Master Delbert RADKE, Ross, (San Anselmo 371-J).

RAPP, Mr. and Mrs. John G., Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 31) and S. F. List.

RODGERS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., Ross, (San Anselmo 309-W).

SCHMIEDELL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward G., Ross, (San Anselmo 225).

        Miss Doris SCHMIEDELL; Miss Elizabeth SCHMIEDELL; Mr. Edward.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jr., Ross, Cal., and San Francisco List.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., Ross, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 597).

SLOSS, Judge and Mrs. Marcus C., Lagunitas Road, Ross, (San Anselmo

        380), and S. F.

STEPHENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand W., Lagunitas Road, Ross, (San

        Anselmo 199).

WAYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Willard O., Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 73).

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. George H., Ross, Cal., (San Anselmo 10).





Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Page 181. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.



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