BALDWIN, Mr. Alexander R., Redwood City, Cal., Box 104 R. F. D., (Tel.

          Redwood 1715-F-2).

          Mr. member University Club (San Francisco); University Club (New

          York); Menlo Country Club, and Denver Club (of Denver, Colorado).

          Miss Mary G. BALDWIN, Miss Frances S. BALDWIN and Mr. John G.


BEHRENS, Mr. and Mrs. L. P., 210 Jefferson, Redwood, (Tel. Redwood


BONESTELL, Mr. and Mrs. Cutler L., Redwood City, (Tel. Redwood 518).

BUCK, Judge and Mrs. George H., 211 Jefferson, Redwood City, (Tel.

          Redwood 169).

CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. and Mrs. Selah, Woodside Road, Woodside, (Redwood

          156) and S. F.

CLAYBURGH, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E., "Claycote White Oaks", Redwood,

          Red. 424).

DIMOND, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., Portola Road, Woodside, (Tel. Redwood


FITZHUGH, Mr. and Mrs. William McPherson, Portola Road, Woodside.

          (Tels. 1703-F-2; 1703-F-5; 1703-F-11; and 1703-F-21), also San

          Francisco List.

FLEISHHACKER, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer, Woodside, Cal., (Redwood 1720-


FOLGER, Mrs. James Athearn, Woodside, (Redwood 1707-F-11).

GIRVIN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D., Jr., Las Puegas Road, Redwood City, (Tel.

         Redwood 279-J).

GRAVES, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson J., Portola Road, Redwood City, (Redwood


HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Prentis Cobb, Woodside, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 1701-F-3)

         also S. F. List.

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A., Selby Lane, Redwood City, (Redwood 17).

HELLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoge, "Windover", Woodside, (Tel. Redwood


HEYDENFELDT, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O., Highway, Redwood City, (Tel.

         Redwood 124).

HONN, Mr. and Mrs. A. E., Woodside Road, Woodside, (Tel. Redwood 101).

HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank P., Woodside, Cal., (Redwood P.O.), (Tel.

        Redwood 1721-F-11).

HOOPER, Mr. John A., Res. Redwood, (Tel. Redwood 1707-F-13).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Michael, Woodside Road, Woodside, (Tel. Redwood


JOSSELYN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Woodside, (Redwood 1707-F-5), and

        S. F. List.

        Miss Marjorie JOSSELYN, Woodside, Also See S. F. List.

KAHN, Mr. and Mrs. Ira, Wellesley Park, Redwood City, (Redwood 50).

LAMBERT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G., 111 Wellesley Crescent, Redwood City,

        (Red. 127).

LENT, Mr. and Mrs. George H., Hooper Tr., Redwood City, (Redwood 27).

        Also S. F. List.

LYMAN, Dr. and Mrs. George D., Res. Woodside Road, (Tel. Redwood


McBRYDE, Mr. and Mrs. A. Douglas, Hooper Tract, Redwood City, (Redwood


McGETTIGAN, Dr. and Mrs. Charles D., Portola Road, Redwood City,

        (Redwood 1703-F-3).

McKEE, Dr. and Mrs. Albert B., Woodside, Cal., (Redwood 1704-F-4).

MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. George A., Wellesley Park, Redwood, (Redwood 49).

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Earle, Redwood  City, (Tel. Redwood 72).

        P. O. Box 57, Redwood City, Cal.

        Member Pacific-Union, University, Olympic and Burlingame Country


POND, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Canada Road, Woodside, Cal., (Tel. Redwood


PRINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. E. Covington, Woodside, Cal., (Redwood 256J).

RICE, Mr. and Mrs. T. Clark, 519 Phelps, Redwood City, (Redwood 34).

RIXFORD, Mr. E. H., Woodside, Cal., (Redwood P. O.), (Tel. Redwood


RIXFORD, Mr. Halsey L., and Mr. Allan P. RIXFORD, Res. Woodside, (Red.


ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M., Redwood City, Cal., (Redwood 15).

        Miss Margaret and Mr. Harry ROBERTSON.

SCHILLING, Mr. and Mrs. August, Portola Road, Woodside, (Tel. Redwood


        Miss Elsa SCHILLING; Mr. Walter SCHILLING.

SCHILLING, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph, Portola Road, Redwood City, (Redwood


SMITH, Mrs. Nicholas T., (Mary Hooker), San Carlos, San Mateo County,

        (Tel. Redwood 646-W).

SOMERS, Dr. and Mrs. George B., Woodside, Redwood City, (Tel. Redwood


STEVENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Howard G., Redwood City, (Redwood 1702-F21).

THORNE, Mr. and Mrs. Julian, Woodside, Redwood City, (Redwood 1721


TOWNE, Mr. and Mrs. Frank K., Wellesley Park, Redwood, (Redwood 285J).

WATSON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B., White Oaks, Redwood City, (Redwood 54).

WELCH, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J., Portola Road, Redwood City, (Tel.

        Redwood 1721-F-5).

WENTWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. F. P., 706 Arguello, Redwood City, (Redwood


WILLCOX, Mr. and Mrs. George Milton, Atherton, Cal., (Tel. Redwood


        Miss Marie Louise and Mr. John Frederic WILLCOX.

ZANE, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A., Portola Road, Redwood City, (Redwood


        Miss Harriett ZANE, Portola Road, Redwood City, (Redwood 1710-F-2).






Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Pages 175-176. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.




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