ABBOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Davis, 25 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2224)

           Member Bohemian, The Family, and Claremont Country Clubs.

ABBOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Davis Jr., 25 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Edson, 27 Hardwick Ave., near Oakland Ave., (Tel.

           Piedmont 2118).

ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Edson F., 25 Sea View Ave., (Piedmont 1992).

           Miss Julia ADAMS, 25 Sea View Ave.

ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., 19 Hardwick Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2406).

           Miss Mary ADAMS and Mr. Henry H. ADAMS Jr.

ADAMSON, Mr. and Mrs. Balfour D., 250 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 6699).

AIKEN, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R., 1652 Grand Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3042-W).

           Miss Dorothy AIKEN and Mr. Benjamin R. AIKEN Jr.

ALEXANDER, Miss Juliette, 19 Craig Ave., (Piedmont 6354).

ALEXANDER, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McK., cor. King and Union Aves., (Tel.

           Piedmont 703).

           Miss Martha ALEXANDER, cor. King and Union Aves., (Tel. Piedmont


AMANN, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 149 Caperton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9370).

ANDERSEN, Captain and Mrs. Magnus A., 141 Caperton Ave., (Tel.

           Piedmont 9282).

ARMES, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 44 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5942).

ARMSTRONG, Mr. and Mrs. George, 142 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 5704).

AVERY, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., 105 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 8728).

AXTON, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Richard, 19 Monte Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


          Mr. Kohler AXTON.

AYER, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B., 246 Sea View Ave., (Piedmont 303).

BAILEY, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 42 Montecello Ave., (Piedmont 2802-J).

BAIN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 228 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 456).

BAKER, Mrs. George W., 3 Craig Ave., (Piedmont 1646).

BAKER, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jr., 210 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 087).

          Mr. member Pacific-Union Club of San Francisco.

          Mrs. member Francisca Club and Woman's Athletic Club of San


BANZHAF, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 213 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 4083).

          Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club.

          Mrs. member The Ebell Society of Oakland.

BARBOUR, Mr. and Mrs. William A., NW cor. Fairmont and King Aves., (Tel.

          Piedmont 5590).

BARLOW, Mr. and Mrs. Cassius U., 105 Nova Drive, (Piedmont 5120-J).

BATES, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Jr., Indian and Hampton Roads, Piedmont,


          Miss Margaret BATES

          Mr. member Claremont Country Club and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

BEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Ranson E., 110 Sunnyside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 920).

BEKINS, Mr. and Mrs. A., 133 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 262).

BELL, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon, "The Regillus", Oakland, Cal., (Lakeside 3828)

          and end of Oakland Ave., Piedmont, Cal., (Piedmont 803-W).

          Mr. Joseph S. BELL.

BELL, Dr. and Mrs. Harry D., 1654 Grand Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4163).

BELL, Mr. and Mrs. Traylor W., 2010 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1395-W).

           Mr. member Athenian-Nile Club; Oakland Commercial Club; and

           Home Club of Oakland.

           Mr. Harmon Chase BELL.

BIDDLE, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E., 29 Sierra Ave., (Piedmont 6428).

BLACKALLER, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T., 68 Lincoln Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


BLISS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., 15 Crocker Ave., (Piedmont 1822).

          Miss Elizabeth K. BLISS, member Woman's Athletic Club.

BLISS, Mr. and Mrs. Will M., (Hatherly Brittain), 341 El Cerrito Ave., (Tel.

          Piedmont 2405).

BOELL, Mr. and Mrs. Victor A., 100 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1046).

BOOLE, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 38 Highland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4742).

BORGER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wesley, 217 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 2746-W).

BOSWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 17 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 877).

BRADLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H., 2003 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 1462).

BRANN, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., 120 Dracena Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2835-W).

BRAYTON, Mrs. Edward Lacy, 111 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2438).

BREED, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., 101 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6420).

         Miss Caroline H. BREED.

BREEDLOVE, Mr. and Mrs. Ira N., 9 Craig Ave., (Piedmont 4592).

BREUNER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis J., 4 Craig Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9123).

         Member Sequoyah Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs.

BROBECK, Mr. and Mrs. William Irvin, "Fair View", 400 Hillside Ave., (Tel.

         Piedmont 2047).

         Mr. member Pacific-Union & Bohemian Clubs, (S. F.), and Claremont

         Country Club.

         Mr. William Morrison BROBECK.

BRONSON, Mr. and Mrs. Roy A., 11 Montecello Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 317-J).

BROPHY, Mr. and Mrs. Michael J., 332 Sheridan Ave. cor. Grand Ave., (Tel.

         Piedmont 5429).

BLISS, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 119 Monte Ave., (Piedmont 3936).

BROWN, Judge and Mrs. Everett J., 300 Sheridan Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 568).

        Member Claremont Country Club of Oakland.

        Miss Winifred Osborne BROWN and Miss Jean McLaren BROWN.

        Master Everett J. BROWN Jr.

BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. John Quincy, 127 Bayo Vista Ave., (Piedmont 2971).

BUNEMAN, Mrs. Katherine M., 38 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5579).

BURPEE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J., 45 Montecello Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5686).

BUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leroy, 112 Bala Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6878-J).

CALDWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E., 28 Loretta Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9401).

CAPWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Harris Cebert, Monte Cresta Ave. & Kelton Court,

        (Tel. Piedmont 1329).

        Member Athenian-Nile, Sequoyah Country, Claremont Country and Home

        Clubs, Oakland, and Bohemian Club, San Francisco.

CARLISLE, Mr. and Mrs. Burlington Majors, 35 Sierra Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


        Member Bohemian and Olympic Clubs, San Francisco, and Claremont

        Country Club.

        Mr. Burlington Morris CARLISLE.

CAVALIER, Mr. and Mrs. William, 758 Kingston Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9253).

        Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

CHAPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac F., Oakland and Carmel Ave., (Piedmont 1735)

CHAPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J., 201 Sheridan Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1255).

CHASE, Mr. and Mrs. George Quincy, 37 Lincoln Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3378).

        Mr. member Bohemian, Harvard and San Francisco Commercial Clubs of

        San Francisco, Claremont Country Club of Oakland and Yosemite

        Mountain Club.

        Miss Helen CHASE, Miss Edna CHASE, and Miss Emily CHASE.

CHASE, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 88 Bayo Vista Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1830).

        Miss Ilma Curry CHASE.

CHICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. Allen L., 11 Sierra Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1824).

        Mr. member Pacific-Union and University Clubs of San Francisco.

        Mrs. member Town & Country and Women's Athletic Clubs of San


        Miss Mary CHICKERING and Mr. Allen L. CHICKERING Jr.

CHICKERING, Mrs. William H., (Caroline A.), 234 Mountain Ave., (Piedmont


CHICKERING, Miss Martha A., 234 Mountain Ave., (Piedmont 5541).

CHICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. Roger, 94 Bayo Vista Ave., (Piedmont 3901).

CHILDS, Mrs. William Ross (Helen D.), 2011 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


CHURCH, Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Watson, 65 Fairview Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W., 6 Loretta Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2404).

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Leon A., 42 Craig Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 2390).

        Mr. member Claremont Country, Mt. Diablo Country, Athenian-Nile, and

        Athens Athletic Clubs.

CLAY, Mrs. Clement C., (Annie L.), 203 La Salle Ave., (Piedmont 883).

CLAY, Mr. and Mrs. Philip T., 31 Seaview Ave., (Piedmont 1377).

        Miss Mariedna and Mr. Philip T. CLAY Jr.

CLEMENT, Mrs. Roswell P., (Marion R.), 422 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


COFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Everett M., 108 Blair Ave., (Piedmont 2821).

COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. D. Edward, 221 El Cerrito Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 749).

COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliard, 311 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1469)

COOLEY, Mr. and Mrs. M. Van Horn, 127 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


COOLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Russell H., 1515 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


COSAD, Dr. and Mrs. Albert Barclay, 12 Park Way, (Piedmont 5072-W).

COX, Mr. and Mrs. Omer, 209 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5245).

CREED, Mr. and Mrs. Wigginton Ellis, 128 Indian Rd., (Tel. Piedmont 5638).

        Mr. member Pacific-Union Club (S. F.); University Club (S. F.); Claremont

        Country Club.
        Miss Isabel CREED and Miss Patricia CREED.

CROSBY, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel, "Crosby Croft", 311 Mountain Ave., (Tel.

        Piedmont 222).

        Dr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland); and Commonwealth

        Club of California.

        Miss Virginia Buchanan Crosby.

CUSHING, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watson, 636 Highland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


DALLAS, Mr. and Mrs. William Clare, 92 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6794)

        Mr. member Claremont Country Club. (Tel. Piedmont 6794).

        Miss Claire Loretta DALLAS and Miss Mary Geer DALLAS.

DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 310 El Cerrito Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6099).

DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. James Holland, 17 Mesa Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2077).

DAWSON, Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward, 472 Wildwood Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9518).

de FREMERY, Mr. and Mrs. William C., 104 Dracena Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


DE GOLIA, Mr. and Mrs. Harold G., 69 Monte Vista Ave., (Piedmont 4051-J).

de GRASSI, Mr. and Mrs. Alberto, 52 Sharon Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 49).

de VAUX, Mr. and Mrs. Norman, 62 Farragut Ave., (Piedmont 4996).

DE WITT, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Alton, 213 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6646).

       Mr. member Claremont Country Club.

       Miss Katharine Adams DE WITT and Miss Marjorie Honore DE WITT.

       Mr. William Anton DE WITT.

DEXTER, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley, 211 Lafayette Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1921).

DICKEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles William, 122 Dracena Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


DINSMORE, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A., 18 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1911).

       Member Athenian-Nile Club (Oakland).

       Member Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity.

DINSMORE, Mr. and Mrs. John Welby, (Elva Ghirardelli), 6 King Ave., (Tel.

       Piedmont 4483).

       GHIRARDELLI, Mrs. Louis.

       Member Claremont Country, Mt. Diablo Country, and Town & Country


DODGE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A., 201 Highland Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1259).

DOLLAR, Mr. and Mrs. R. Stanley, 701 King Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 476).

DOUBLEDAY, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 102 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 3071-J).

DOW, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace H., 45 Highland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4874).

       Miss Betty DOW, 45 Highland Ave. cor. Park Way, (Tel. Piedmont 7788).

DUKETTE, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R., 235 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 2711).

DUNN, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dent, 6 Sotello Ave., cor. Glen Alpine,

       (Piedmont 137).

EASTWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Burr, 141 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 3071-W).

EDE, Mr. and Mrs. William, Sierra and Highland Aves., (Tel. Piedmont 7788).

EDOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J., 38 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2137).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. David S., 323 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2374).

ELLIOT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 520 Scenic Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3953).

       Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Union League Club (San


       Mrs. member The Forum Club (San Francisco) and Women's Building


ELLIOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh S., 25 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 623).

ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. G. Walter, 55 Park Way Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1733).

ELLSWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, 145 Hillside Ave., cor. Blair, (Tel.

       Piedmont 5155).

ENGS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webb, 49 Estrella Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7878).

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 134 Dracena Ave., near Park Way, (Tel.

       Piedmont 2809).

FAKE, Mr. and Mrs. George, 100 Fairview Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 782).

       Miss Nettie F., Miss Ethel M., and Miss Helen G. FAKE.

FARR, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 2083 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4918).

FARR, Mr. Sharon, 37 Sharon Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 718).

       University of California, Berkeley, Cal., Class 1926.

FENNON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 29 Portsmouth Road, (Tel. Glencourt


       Miss Barbara FENNON, 29 Portsmouth Road, Piedmont, Cal.

FERNHOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., 114 Manor Drive, (Tel. Humboldt


FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B., 301 Pala Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1098).

       Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Athenian-Nile Club (of Oakland).

FLETCHER, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 210 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5166).

       Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and Bohemian Club (San


       Mrs. member Women's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

       Miss Jesse Clark FLETCHER and Mr. John Dundas FLETCHER Jr.

GAUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 15 Park Way, (Piedmont 1256-W).

GHIRARDELLI, Mrs. Louis, 6 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4483).

       Member Claremont Country, Mt. Diablo Country, and Town & Country


       DINSMORE, Mr. and Mrs. John Welby, (Elva Ghirardelli)

       Member Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity.

GILMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 130 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 75).

       Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco), Claremont Country Club

       (Oakland), Sequoyah Country Club, (Oakland) and Athens Athletic Club


       Mr. Charles E. GILMAN Jr. and Mr. Edward Food GILMAN.

GLENN, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W., 1638 Grand Ave., (Piedmont 5726-W).

GORIE, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T., 12 Highland Ave., (Piedmont 4656-J).

GORRILL, Miss Addie, 37 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 521-J).

       Miss Carrie GORRILL.

GOVAN, Mr. and Mrs. Peter S., 18 Nace Ave., cor. Lake Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


GRAHAM, Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert F., 50 Sierra Ave., (Piedmont 7163).

GRAVES, Mr. and Mrs. James Elbert, 19 Dormidera, (Piedmont 4337).

GREEN, Mrs. Eldridge (Marie L.), 312 Sheridan Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5477-J).

      Miss Mary Elizabeth and Mr. Charles Foster GREEN.

GREENHOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 515 Parkway Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


GRISSIM, Dr. and Mrs. John D., 3 Craig Ave., (Piedmont 1646).

GRISWOLD, Mrs. Eugene, (Eva D.), 96 Ramona Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3041-J).

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Grant, 218 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4248).

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Crescent P., 154 Ronada Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5939-J).

HAIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Huntley, 135 Kelton Court, (Tel. Piedmont 1762).

HALL, Mr. Frederic W., 67 King Ave., cor. Union, (Piedmont 2299).

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E., 67 King Ave., cor. Union, (Piedmont 2299).

HAMMER, Mr. and Mrs. George, 14 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7591).

HANNA, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright, 614 Magnolia Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


       Mr. member Pacific-Union (S. F.); Claremont Country and S. F. Golf &

       Country Clubs.

HARDY, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Edwin, 506 Parkway Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4764J)

HARRINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. L., 108 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Humboldt


HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L., 532 Magnolia Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1064).

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 28 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 297).

        Member Claremont Country, Athenian-Nile Clubs of Oakland, Cal.

        Miss Josephine HARRIS.

HARRIS, Judge and Mrs. T. William, 67 Lincoln Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2251-J).

HAYNZ, Mr. and Mrs. Roger P., 99 Fairview Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7743-W).

HEPBURN, Mr. Harry M., 237 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 759).

HENSHAW, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Tubbs, 149 La Salle Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


HEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 33 York Dr., (Tel. Piedmont 1236).

HIGH, Mrs. William H., (Carolina E.), and Miss Edith, 42 El Cerrito Ave.,

        (Piedmont 2011W).

HEESEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 70 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 628).

HILBORN, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A., 19 York Drive, (Piedmont 6143).

HILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gray, 162 Nova Drive, (Tel. Piedmont 3542).

HINDS, Mrs. Firmin D., (Emma L.), 110 Bayo Vista Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2636).

HOAG, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cushing, (See San Francisco List), 2286

        Jackson, S. F.

HOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Jr., 101 Ricardo Ave., (Piedmont 4309-J).

HOGUE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., 21 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 3433).

HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Elisha H., 7 Park Way Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9395-W).

HOSTATER, Mr. and Mrs. John E., 129 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6931).

        Mr. member Claremont Country and Olympic Clubs.

        Mrs. member Town & Country Club.

HOTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Elwood, 42 Dormidera Ave., cor. Pacific Ave.,

        (Tel. Piedmont 2386).

HOUDLETTE, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest S., 4 Pala Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 413).

HOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Jr., 26 Estrella Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 8862).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Paxton, 230 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 6487).

HOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., Miss Dorothy, 418 Blair Ave., (Piedmont


HUGHES, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 245 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1063).

HUMBURG, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 38 Monte Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 859).

HURD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., 312 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1049).

HYNES, Mr. and Mrs. William H. L., 30 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9477).

        Mr. member Claremont Country, Mt. Diablo Country, Sequoyah Country,

        Athens Athletic and Encinal Yacht Clubs.

        Mr. Adrien M. HYNES.

IRGENS, Dr. and Mrs. Louis S., 210 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1618-W).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy W., 45 Nace Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2150).

JANIN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 35 Highland Ave., (Piedmont 5390).

JENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Peter L., 302 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1425-W).

        Miss Jean Marie JENSEN and Mr. Karl William JENSEN.

JOHNSON, Dr. and Mrs. Murray L., 17 Sierra Ave., near Highland Ave., (Tel.

        Piedmont 2458).

JORGENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Chris, 444 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5012).

KEENEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clarke, 444 Wildwood Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


KEHRLEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver du F., 304 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2830).

KENT, Mr. and Mrs. H. W., 8 Pala Ave., (Piedmont 7122).

KIMBALL, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Boyce, 284 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 589).

KING, Mr. and Mrs. George-Lyman, 12 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1012).

        Mr. Lyman Stevenson KING.

        Member Claremont Country Club.

KINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W., 358 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7532).

KINSELL, Judge and Mrs. Dudley, 83 Monte Vista Ave., (Piedmont 7563).

KNIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., 340 Hampton Rd., (Tel. Piedmont 2495).

        Miss Claire KNIGHT.

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., 415 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 625).

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. William, 753 Kingston Ave., cor. Lincoln, (Piedmont


KOSER, Mr. and Mrs. Newton A., 215 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3691-J).

KROLL, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Henry, 774 Kingston Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


KROLL, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 776 Kingston Ave., (Piedmont 3380-W).

LACKIE, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 129 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 571).

LAIDLAW, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A., 2040 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 788).

LAVENSON, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 15 Caperton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1996).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Abe P., 793 Highland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9294).

        Mr. Abe P. LEACH Jr. and Miss E. R. CURDTS.

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., 217 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 837-J).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., 217 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1987).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Jr., 125 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 380).

        Miss Margaret LEACH, 125 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 380).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E., 616 Park Way, cor. Pala, (Piedmont 887-W).

LEIMERT, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., (See Los Angeles List), 548 S. Spring St.,

        Los Angeles, Cal.

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. Richard F., 31 Monte Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7110).

LINDSAY, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, 118 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 786).

LITTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Weare Coffin, 15 Estrella Ave., (Piedmont 2041).

LLEWELLYN, Mr. and Mrs. Lorin L., 1900 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 2757-W).

LLEWELLYN, Mrs. William A., (Mary H.), 1900 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont


LOHSE, Mr. and Mrs. John Louis, 80 Monte Vista Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 813).

LONG, General and Mrs. Oscar Fitzalan, (Piedmont, Cal.), 65 Hazel Lane,

        (Tel. Piedmont 747).

        General member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco) and Claremont

        Country Club (Oakland).

        Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

LOVELL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 12 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6091).

        Mr. Howell LOVELL, 12 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 6091).

LOWDEN, Mr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth, 17 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7828).

LOWREY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L., 80 Fairview Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 3447).

LYON, Mr. and Mrs. Hervey B., 306 Sheridan Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 404).

MAC GREGOR, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 622 Highland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hush, (Juanita Ghiradelli), 201 Crocker Ave., (Tel.

        Piedmont 3421).

        Mr. member University Club (S. F.).

        Mrs. member Town & Country Club (S. F.).

        Master Harry Hush MAGEE Jr.

MAGNES, Mr. and Mrs. Irving, 256 La Salle Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2323).

MAHER, Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah, 146 Caperton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9293).

MAIDEN, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bruce, 122 Monte Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4026).

MAJORS, Dr. and Mrs. Ergo Alexander, 45 Sierra Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2995).

        Dr. member Claremont Country and Athen's Athletic Clubs.

        Mrs. member Ebell Society (Oakland) and Home Clubs.

        Mr. Ergo Alexander MAJORS Jr.

MAJORS, Mr. and Mrs. Greene, 21 Caperton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9293-J).

MARTENS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., 333 Ramona Ave., (Piedmont 2339).

        Member of Claremont Country Club.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles U., 36 Montecello Ave., (Piedmont 2802-W).

MARTINEZ, Mr. and Mrs. Xavier, 816 Scenic Ave., (Piedmont 4359-W).

McCANDLESS, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 90 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


McGOVERN, Mrs. John H., 2070 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1175).

MENDENHALL, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D., 309 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Merton, 214 Highland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


METCALF, Mr. and Mrs. John Brockway, 235 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


        Miss Mary Brockway METCALF.

METCALF, Mr. and Mrs. Howard William, 18 Mesa Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4595).

        Mr. Victor H. METCALF.

        BAILEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. (nee Barbara METCALF).

MHOON, Mrs. John B., 445 Mountain Ave., (Piedmont 8016).

MIKEL, Mr. and Mrs. Rossiter, 110 Mesa Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3262).

MILWAIN, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 1503 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3792).

MILLER, Miss M. Annie, Mr. Horace H., 445 Mountain Ave., (Piedmont 8016).

MILLIKEN, Rev. Charles D., cor. Highland and Mountain Aves., (Piedmont


MOFFITT, Mrs. James (Delia K.), 83 Sea View Ave., near Union Ave., (Tel.

        Piedmont 2392).

MOFFITT, Mr. and Mrs. James K., 86 Sea View Ave., near Union Ave., (Tel.

        Piedmont 642).

MOLLER, Mrs. William, 76 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9371).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W., 415 Pacific Ave., (Piedmont 3490-W).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F., 316 Pala Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4077-W).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Walton N., 44 Farragutt Ave., cor. King Ave., (Piedmont


        Miss Elizabeth N. MOORE.

MORGAN, Mr. and Mrs. William O., 408 Blair Ave., (Piedmont 3474-W).

MORRISON, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 102 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


MOSELEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L., 132 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


         Mr. member Claremont Country (Oakland); Mt. Diablo Country and S. F.

         Commercial Clubs.

         Miss Elizabeth MOSELEY.

MOUSER, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin T., 132 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5710-W)

MULLER, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo, 119 Mesa Ave., cor. Pala Ave., (Tel. Humboldt


NEBEKER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank O., 1158 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 5490-W).

NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E., 80 Bayo Vista Ave., (Piedmont 3836-W).

NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C., 115 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 4257).

NEWTON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 131 Guilford Way, (Tel. Humboldt 631).

NEWTON, Mrs. George F. (Avis S.), 100 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 3091).

NICHOLS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Drew, 40 Lincoln Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9385).

NIELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Emil H., 135 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 8132).

NORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Henry, 2033 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 7207).

          Mr. and Mrs. Lucius G. NORRIS, 2033 Oakland Ave.

NORDWELL, Miss Elva W., end of Hazel Lane, (Piedmont 3346).

O'NEILL, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 715 Scenic Ave., (Piedmont 3016).

OAKLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Frank T., 2 Mesa Ave., (Piedmont 4915-J).

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Letts, 60 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4852).

          Mr. member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; Bohemian (S. F.),

          Engineers Clubs.

          Miss Roberta W. OLIVER and Master William Letts OLIVER III.

ORMSBY, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L., 23 Monte Vista Ave., (Piedmont 8423).

OSGOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Fred S., 103 Monte Vista Ave., cor. Walsworth

          (Piedmont 7330).

OSMONT, Mr. and Mrs. Vance C., 179 Santa Rosa Ave., (Piedmont 483).

OVERTON, Major and Mrs. Winfield S., 220 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


PATTLAND, Mr. and Mrs. William L., 55 Craig Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4561).

          Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country, (S. F.), Commercial and S. F. Rotary


          Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

          Miss Elizabeth PATTLAND and Mr. William Charles PATTLAND.

PEACOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Walter France, 212 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


          Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

PHELPS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stallman, 321 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Humboldt


PLAYTER, Miss Charlotte S., 312 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1049).

POHLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Salem C., Highland Ave., and Hazel Lane,

          (Piedmont 2060).

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D., 342 Sheridan Ave., cor. Wildwood Ave.,

          (Tel. Piedmont 2060).

          Mr. member Bohemian; Menlo Country; Sequoyah Country; and Mt.

          Diablo Country Clubs.

          PORTER, Miss Jean.

          PORTER, Mr. Edward.

          BOARDMAN, Miss Florence, Wildwood & Sheridan Aves., (Tel.

          Piedmont 2060).

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F., 152 Nova Dr., (Tel. Humboldt 1864).

POTTER, Mrs. Frederick W., (Elizabeth), 207 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


POTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell, 207 Pacific Ave., (Piedmont 7016).

POTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Winifred W., 117 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 2717-W).

PRATHER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., 104 Park Way, cor. Dracena, (Tel.

          Piedmont 5206).

PROCTOR, Dr. and Mrs. David Archibald, 39 Estrella Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


PROCTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt, 109 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 94).

RANSOM, Miss Marion, end of Hazel Lane, (Tels. Piedmont 53 and Piedmont


RECTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burns, 22 Piedmont Court, (Tel. Piedmont


REID, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 77 Monte Vista Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 753).

REQUA, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence, 321 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


          Mr. member Pacific-Union, Olympic, and Claremont Country Clubs.

          Mrs. member Woman's Athletic, Century, Town & Country, and Town

          & Gown.

          Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence KENDALL, (San Francisco).

RHEEM, Mr. and Mrs. Donald M., 9 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 8678).

RICE, Rev. and Mrs. Jesse Dean, 139 Hagar Ave., (Piedmont 3557-J).

RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Girard N., 24 Caperton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 953)

RICHARDSON, Mrs. John B., 24 Caperton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 953).

ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. William J., and Mr. Milton, 213 Bonita Ave.,

           (Piedmont 1743-W).

RODGERS, Mr. Hubert W., 158 Holly Place, cor. Park Dr., (Tel. Piedmont


           GOULD, Mrs. Minerva.

ROEDING, Mr. and Mrs. George C.,16 Terrace Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9278).

ROETH, Mr. and Mrs. George, 450 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9524-J).

          Miss Guglielma L. ROETH, Miss Helen ROETH.

ROETH, Mr. and Mrs. George Jr., 450 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


ROSS, Mrs. Colin, (Mary Herrick), 314 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6680-J).

ROSS, Mr. and Mrs. George, 319 El Cerrito Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6407).

ROUNTHWAITE, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., 3 Pacific Ave., (Piedmont 1071).

ROWE, Dr. and Mrs. Albert H., 1 Crocker Ave., (Piedmont 1791).

RUST, Mr. and Mrs. Clement Parker, 16 Mesa Ave., (Piedmont 4915-W).

RUTLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Byron, 107 Nova Dr., (Tel. Piedmont 4933-W).

SAINT, Mr. and Mrs. Wentford W., 42 Greenbank Ave., (Piedmont 6385).

SARGEANT, Mrs. Edwin Lyman, 9 Mesa Ave., (Piedmont 6071-W).

SARGEANT, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lyman Jr., 9 Mesa Ave., (Piedmont 6071-W)

SAWYER, Mr. and Mrs. Houghton, 2058 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2443).

SCAMMELL, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., 206 Mountain Ave., (Piedmont 5912).

SCHEELINE, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 15 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9386).

SCHMIDT, Dr. and Mrs. Carl Walter, 406 El Cerrito Ave., (Tel. Humboldt


SCHMIDT, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus J., 590 El Dorado Ave., (Piedmont 2717).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Bert C., 456 Wildwood Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3211).

          Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Rosary Club.

          Mrs. member Town and Country Club of San Francisco.

          Miss Kathleen SCOTT, Mr. Kenneth SCOTT, and Mr. Edward SCOTT.

SEAGRAVE, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C., 2043 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 2761).

SELBY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Noel, 165 Santa Rosa Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 975).

          Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and University Club

          (San Francisco).

SHARON, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 37 Sharon Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 718).

          Mrs. member Mills Club, Piedmont Delphian, and Cosmos Clubs.

          FARR, Mr. Sharon, University of California, Berkeley, Cal., Class of


SHARON, Mr. and Mrs. Hurford C., 56 Sharon Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3312-J).

SHARON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 37 Sharon Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 718).

SHERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 228 Sunnyside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


SHERWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Warner, 280 Mountain Ave., (Piedmont


SHUEY, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 221 Carmel Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2833-W).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Montell, 126 Caperton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7879)

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leonard, (See Oakland List), Peralta Apts.,

          (Tel. Oakland 9185).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B., 137 Montecello Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9414-W).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. John Francis, 99 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3159).

          Mr. member Athenian-Nile, Athens Athletic, and East Bay Country Clubs.

          Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

          Miss Libby SMITH and Mr. Lenwick SMITH.

SOBOTKER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip E., 2 Estrella Ave., (Piedmont 5830).

SPRINGER, Mr. and Mrs. George E., 2082 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


SQUIRE, Mrs. Henry P., (Mabel B.), 11 Dormidera Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 8298).

STADTFELD, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 312 Blair Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9556).

STAFFORD, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 112 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 1786-W).

STANFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah W., 455 Wildwood Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


STARR, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A., 216 Union Ave., cor. Carrington, (Tel.

          Piedmont 6855).

STODDARD, Mr. and Mrs. Elgin, 744 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3073).

STOLP, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., 103 Monticello Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5511).

          Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and San Francisco Commercial


STOREY, Mr. and Mrs. Harry M., 320 El Cerrito Ave., (Piedmont 4270).

STREET, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., 116 York Dr., (Tel. Humboldt 682).

STRONG, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., 29 Park Way, (Tel. Piedmont 8957).

STROTHER, Captain and Mrs. Horace F., 2022 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont


SUTRO, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar, 2025 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 3296).

SUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Z., 69 Hazel Lane, (Tel. Piedmont 7127).

TALLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. James R., 427 Pacific Ave., (Piedmont 2832-J).

TAPSCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest N., 204 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7180).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Henry, 123 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2981).

TAYLOR, Mrs. William Hinckley, (Elizabeth G.), See San Francisco List.

THAYER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip R., 221 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 799).

THOMAS, Mrs. Frances M., 305 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 723).

THOMSON, Mrs. Arthur D., (Sara F.), 113 Mesa Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 35).

TILLINGHAST, Mr. and Mrs. William D., 220 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


TODD, Dr. and Mrs. J. Hamilton, 43 Park Way Ave., (Piedmont 1875-J).

TOWNSEND, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 156 Dracena Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 46).

TYSON, Mr. and Mrs. James, 25 Sotello Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3959).

         Master Lawrence H., Master James Jr., and Master John H. TYSON.

         Mr. member Pacific-Union, Sequoyah Country, & Claremont Country


VALENTINE, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jr., 360 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


         Miss Jacqueltine VALENTINE.

VOLKMANN, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 15 Muir Ave., (Piedmont 3708).

WAGER, Mr. and Mrs. Elby J., 206 Montecello Ave., (Piedmont 2772-J).

WALDRON, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon, 1533 Grand Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6552-W).

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L., 650 Highland Ave., cor. Sierra Ave., (Tel.

         Piedmont 7961).

         Miss Harriet WALKER and Mr. Brooks WALKER.

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Percival John, 30 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7961)

         Member Bohemian (S. F.), Golf & Country, Claremont Country, and

         Midwick Country Clubs.

         Mrs. member Francisca Club (S. F.).

         Miss Marjory and Master Jack WALKER.

WALSH, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 98 Monte Vista Ave., (Piedmont 284).

WALSH, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E., 779 Kingston Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 195

WARNER, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C., 224 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 48).

WEEKS, Mr. and Mrs. Anson B., Jr., 52 Manor Dr., (Tel. Piedmont 4995).

WEIR, Mr. and Mrs. George, 27 Monte Ave., cor. Park Way, (Tel. Piedmont


WELCH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jay, 340 Ramona Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 2287).

WETMORE, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J, 86 Monte Vista Ave., (Piedmont 3523).

WHEELER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Jr., 782 Kingston Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


         Mr. member Olympic Club (S. F.).

         Mrs. member Century Club (S. F.).

WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Earl D., 76 Monte Vista Ave., (Piedmont 5596-W).

WHITEHEAD, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert, 319 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4939).

WHITELAW, Captain and Mrs. Thomas P. H., 10 Pala Ave., (Piedmont 7551).

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Platt, 2038 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont


WINCHESTER, Mr. and Mrs. George G., 222 Carmel Ave., (Piedmont


WINGATE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 21 Lake View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1550).

WOLFE, Mr. and Mrs. Louis G., 123 Ramona, (Piedmont 2947-W).

YORKER, Mrs. Elizabeth, De W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 134 El Cerrito Ave.,

         (Piedmont 4272).




Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Pages 214-220. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.




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