ABBOTT, Mr. Carl H., Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

ABBOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W., 662 Hillgirt Circle North, (Merrit 170).

ABBOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Davis, (Piedmont, Cal.), 25 Crocker Ave.

ACKER, Mrs. Nicholas A., 353 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1161).

ACKERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 2733 Tenth Ave., (Merritt 1418).

ADAMS, Mrs. Arthur L., Robt. G., Mr. Arthur C., 634 Oakland Ave.,

(Piedmont 2534).

ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 5841 Colby, (Piedmont 5163-J).

ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Edson F., (See Piedmont List), 25 Seaview Ave.,

(Piedmont 1992).

Miss Julia ADAMS.

ADAMS, Mrs. Frank L., (Dixie), 494 Cheney Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2077).

ADAMS, Dr. and Mrs. Lemuel P., 285 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 782).

ADAMS, Prof. and Mrs. Richard L., 3 Park Place, (Tel. Piedmont 8038-J).

Member of Faculty Club (U. of C.); Athenian Nide Club (Oakland) and

Commonwealth Club (San Francisco).

ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G., 748 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 419).

ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., 985 Lakeshore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3695).

AIKEN, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. (Piedmont, Cal.), 1652 Grand Ave.,

(Piedmont 3042W).

ALBERGER, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 754 Calmar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3759).

ALDRICH, Dr. Carra Schofield, 476 Rich St., (Tel. Piedmont 3973-W).

Member Oakland Ebell; Mt. Diablo Country; Orinda Hacienda Country;

Oakland Forum Clubs.

ALEXANDER, Dr. and Mrs. Archibald A., 3838 Brighton Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale


ALLARDT, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A., 1041 Ardmore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Jr., 6125 Chabot Rd., Oakland, (Tel.

Piedmont 3627).

ALLEN, Mrs. Charles R., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. James G., 383 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2569).

ALLEN, Dr. and Mrs. Reginald H., 2004 10th Ave., (Merritt 3315).

ALMIND, Mr. and Mrs. Anders E., 1622 Harrison Blvd., (Tel. Lakeside 9385).

AMES, Mrs. Josiah P., (Martha), 821 Wawona Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3439).

ANDERSEN, Captain and Mrs. Magnus A., Piedmont, Cal.

ANDERSON, Mr. Charles, Hotel Clairmont, Berkeley, Cal., (Berkeley 8300).

ANSELL, Mr. and Mrs. Percival L., 6308 Acacia Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5778).

Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country; Sequoyah Country, and the Faculty

Clubs (At University of California).

ANTHONY, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., (Alameda, Cal.), 1630 Central Ave., (Tel.

Alameda 71).

Miss Helen Virginia ANTHONY and Mr. Edwin R. ANTHONY Jr.

ANTHONY, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M., 964 18th (Oakland 2380).

ARCHER, Colonel and Mrs. H. Lester, (Berkeley, Cal.), 3023 Benvenue Ave.,

(Tel. Thornwall 1140).

Mr. member Army & Navy; Berkeley Country; and S. F. Commercial


Miss Elizabeth ARCHER and Mr. James W. ARCHER. (Tel. Thornwall


ARCHIBALD, Mrs. Robert A., (Jean M.), 181 Montecito Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


ARLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, 2733 Alcatraz Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7941).

Miss Grace ARLETT.

AUSTIN, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 1546 Fruitvale Ave., Fruitvale, (Fruitvale


AVERY, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., (Piedmont, Cal.), 105 Mountain Ave.,

(Piedmont 8728).

AYDELOTTE, Mrs. Minnie W., 3800 Woodruff Ave., Fruitvale, Oakland,

(Tel. Fruitvale 7379-J).

Mr. Theodore M. AYDELOTTE.

AYERS, Mr. Frank H., 488 Stowe Ave., (Tel. Merritt 4835).

AYRES, Mr. and Mrs. Rollin C., 292 Jayne Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 970).

BACCUS, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 221 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2996)

BADGLEY, Mrs. William O., (Carrie W.), 767 Lakeshore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Miss Doris M. BADGLEY.

BAHLER, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey A., 300 E. 19th, (Merritt 2221).

BAIRD, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick D., 1033 Bay View Ave., (Tel. Merritt 5628).

BAKER, Mr. and Mrs. Abel W., 453 Van Buren Ave., Cor. Bellevue, (Tel.

Glencourt 1144).

BAKER, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jr., (Piedmont, Cal.), 220 Crocker Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 6087).

Mr. member Pacific-Union Club of San Francisco.

Mrs. member Francisca Club and Women's Athletic Club of San


BAKEWELL, Miss Harriett and Miss Anne S., 2831 Telegraph Ave., (Tel.

Oakland 4243).

BAKEWELL, Mr. Walter B., 2831 Telegraph Ave., (Tel. Oakland 4243).

BALDWIN, Mr. and Mrs. James P., 150 Kempton Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Miss Margaret F. BALDWIN, Miss Martha E. BALDWIN.

BALDWIN, Dr. Robert O., 380 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 98).

BALL, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., 582 Walla Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3647).

BAMFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Irons, 1428 Castro (Tel. Oakland 6738).

BANCROFT, Mr. and Mrs. Harlow P., 1067 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1913)

BANGS, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin, 132 9th St., (Tel. Oakland 4691).

Miss Gertrude BANGS and Mr. E. Geoffrey BANGS.

BARBOUR, Mr. and Mrs. Fred F., 509 Fairmount Ave., (Piedmont 912-J).

BARHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Courtney L., 338 Park View Ter., (Tel. Glencourt 286).

BARKER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1060 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 286).

BARNDOLLAR, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., 4620 Delores Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale


Member East Bay Country; Business and Professional Women's;

Soroptimist Clubs; Glen View Improvement Club; Optimist Club, and Ad

Club of Oakland.

BARNHART, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Cobb, 742 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


BARTON, Mr. and Mrs. Claude B., 364 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1191).

BATES, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Jr., 399 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1202)

Address (after August 1, 1925) Hampton and Indian Roads, Piedmont,


Miss Margaret BATES.

Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

BAUMGARTNER, Mrs. August C. (Lulu V.), 280 Lenox Ave. (Tel. Glencourt


BAXTER, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A., 563 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5580).

BAXTER, Mr. and Mrs. George P., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

BEADLE, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 514 Fairbanks Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 150).

BEARDSLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

Member Claremont Country Club.

BECK, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 281 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 787).

BECK, Mrs. Eugene (Eva G.), 328 Warwick, (Tel. Glencourt 892).

Miss Edith BECK and Mr. Eugene B. BECK.

BECKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 7157 Chabot Road, (Piedmont 8476-J).

BECKWITH, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 2759 Telegraph Ave., (Tel. Oakland 4242).

BECKWITH, Dr. and Mrs. Ward M., 1529 23rd Ave., (Fruitvale 19).

BEEBE, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Morton, 439 Hanover Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Athens Athletic Club.

Mrs. member The Ebell Society of Oakland, Cal.

Mr. Morton C. BEEBE.

JOLLY, Mrs. Edwyn J. Jr., 439 Hanover Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 5150).

BEEVER, Mr. and Mrs. L. Kenneth, 7 Alpine Terrace, (Tel. Piedmont 4015).

BEKINS, Mr. and Mrs. A., (Piedmont, Cal.), 133 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont


BELGRANO, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N., 1132 7th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3654).

BELL, Dr. and Mrs. Harry D., 1654 Grand Ave., (Piedmont 4163).

BELL, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon, (Temporary Residence), The Regillus Apts., 19th

and Jackson, (Tel. Lakeside 3828).

(Permanent Residence 25 Scenic Ave., Piedmont, Cal.), (Tel. Piedmont


Office; Hutchinson Bld., 1706 Broadway, Oakland, (Tel. Oakland 978).

Mr. member Claremont Country; Sequoyah Country; Athenian Nile &

Athens Athletic Clubs of Oakland; and Commonwealth Club of San


Mrs. member the Ebell Club (of Oakland); Town & Country Club (S. F.);

University of Fine Arts Society and San Francisco Woman's City Club/

Mr. Joseph S. BELL, Regillus Apts., 19th and Jackson, (Tel. Lakeside


BELL, Mr. and Mrs. Traylor W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 2010 Oakland Ave.,

(Piedmont 1395-W).

Mr. Harmon Chase BELL.

BENNER, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, 370 24th, (Tel. Piedmont 722-W).

BENNETT, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence K., 430 Vernon, Oakland Heights, (Tel.

Glencourt 2979).

Member Rotary Club, Elks, Moose and Masonic Fraternity.

BERG, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 6225 Harwood Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2281).

BERTILLION, Mr. and Mrs. Lee, 900 Excelsior Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3141).

BIDDLE, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 29 Sierra Ave., (Piedmont


BILGER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., 407 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 3006).

BILLINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. G. Grant, 439 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Berkeley Golf & Country Club (Berkeley) and Athens Athletic

Club (Oakland).


BISHOP, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, (Sophie C. Weaver), 554 Oakland Ave.,

(Piedmont 7626).

BLACK, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spens., 275 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2938).

BLACK, Mr. and Mrs. James Byers, 630 El Dorado Ave., (Piedmont 277J).

BLACK, Mr. and Mrs. Percie C., 651 Chetwood, (Piedmont 735).

BLAKE, Mr. and Mrs. Anson S., (Berkeley, Cal.), "Norwood", (Tel.

Thornwall 1430).

BLEUEL, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. J., 322 Athol, (Tel. Merritt 2582).

Miss Davida S. BLEUEL.

BLEUEL, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Jr., 4441 Edgewood, (Merritt 3637).

BLISS, Mr. and Mrs. Percy L., 3904 Ruby Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 737-W).

BOARDMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H., 478 Jean, (Tel. Glencourt 1584).

BOCQUERAZ, Mr. and Mrs. Leon, 250 Percy, (Tel. Glencourt 2935).

Mr. member Pacific-Union; Burlington Country and Claremont Country


BOELL, Mr. and Mrs. Victor A., (Piedmont, Cal.), 100 Sea View Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 1046).

BOGGS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 415 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 3080).

BORLAND, Mrs. Archibald, (Agnes), 2825 Summit Ave., cor. Prospect, (Tel.

Oakland 4650).

Mr. Archibald BORLAND Jr.

BORNEMANN, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 067 Wesley Ave., (Tel. Lakeside


BORROUGHS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N., 515 Haddon Road, (Merritt 380).

BORTON, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cooper, 486 Boulevard Way, (Tel. Glencourt


BORTREE, Mr. and Mrs. David E., 2325 Valdez Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 705).

BOTELHO, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P., 3824 Ardley Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 7321-J).

BOTTO, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J., 5350 Lawton, (Piedmont 6723-W).

BOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H., 365 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1412).

BOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ernest, "The Pines", Broadway Terr. and

Prospect Dr., (Piedmont 1471).

Mr. member Pacific-Union, University, and Colony (New York) Clubs.

Mrs. member Francisca and Women's Athletic Clubs of San Francisco.

Mr. Robert Harding BOWLES.

BOYER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J., 5403 San Pablo Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1002).

BRADLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1820 Scenic Ave., (Tel.

Berkeley 4402).

Mr. member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco); Claremont Country

Club (Oakland) and The Faculty Club (Berkeley, Cal.).

Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

BRANDENBURG, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., 5428 Thomas St., (Tel. Piedmont


Mr. member Claremont Country (Oakland); Olympic; Presidio Golf &

Rotary Clubs (San Francisco); and Elks.


BRANN, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., (Piedmont, Cal.), 120 Dracena Ave.,

(Piedmont 2835).

BRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 1506 29th Ave., (Fruitvale 2232).

BRECK, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 168 Santa Rosa Ave., (Piedmont 1715).

Mr. Samuel Earl and Mr. Lloyd B. BRECK.

BREED, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 101 Sea View Ave.

Miss Caroline H. and Mr. Donald A. BREED, (Tel. Piedmont 6420).

BREED, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lincoln, 865 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2307).

BREEDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ellis, 377 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2363).

Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

BREUNER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis J., (Piedmont, Cal.), 4 Craig Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 9123).

Member Sequoyah, Country, and Athenian Nile Clubs.

BRIDGES, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B., 621 E. 41st, (Merritt 4705).

BRIDGFORD, Judge and Mrs. Eugene A., 281 41st St., (Tel. Piedmont 5983).

BRIDGMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., 330 Athol Ave., (Merritt 8971).

BRIGGS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., 730 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1260).

BRINCKERHOFF, Dr. and Mrs. Elmer E., 388 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


BRINCKERHOFF, Mrs. G. Erwin, (Augusta K.), 81 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 2450).

BROBECK, Mr. and Mrs. William Irvin, (Piedmont, Cal.), "Fair View", 400

Hillside Ave., corner Magnolia Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2047).

Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian, and Claremont Country Clubs.

Mr. William Morrison BROBECK.

BROMLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Palmer, 336 34th, (Piedmont 5240-J).

BROOKS, Mr. and Mrs. Blair McKean, 1018 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Member Claremont Country Club. Mrs. member Women's Athletic Club.

BROUGHER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., 6150 Harwood Ave., (Piedmont 1407).

BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. David E., 217 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2995).

BROWN, Judge and Mrs. Everett J., (Piedmont, Cal.), 300 Sheridan Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 568).

Member Claremont Country Club of Oakland, Cal.

Miss Winifred Osborne BROWN and Miss Jean McLaren BROWN.

Master Everett J. BROWN Jr.

BROWN, Miss Florinne E., 1889 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 2230).

EVERTS, Mrs. Lillian Brown, 1889 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 2230).

BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. John Quincy, (Piedmont, Cal.), 129 Bayo Vista Ave.,

(Piedmont 2971).

BROWN, Miss Mathilda E., Miss Annie Florence BROWN, 600 29th, (Oakland


BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. D., and Mrs. James A., 401 Athol Ave., (Merritt


BROWN, Mrs. William M. Sr., (Margaret), 3141 Webster, (Tel. Lakeside 2922).

BROWNE, Mr. and Mrs. Ross E., 234 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 2991).

BROWNE, Mrs. Spencer C., (Lucy Crogan), 2225 Harrison Blvd., (Tel.

Oakland 8291).

Miss Florence E. BROWNE.

BRUNDIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. Harley W., 491 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3046).

BRYAN, Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Felton, 11 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


BUCHMAN, Mr. and Mrs. I. A., 890 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt 1647).

BUCKINGHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Aurelius, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2724 College

Ave., (Berkeley 2826-W).

Member Olympic Club.

BUNKER, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E., 707 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2144).

BUNKER, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 578 Excelsior Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1701).

BUNNELL, Prof. and Mrs. George Woodbury, 2901 Telegraph Ave., (Tel.

Oakland 5150).

BURLESON, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W., 540 61st St., (Tel. Humboldt 241).

BURMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1048 Mandana Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt


BURNHAM, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 351 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 904).

BURNHAM, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 108 Lake St., (Tel. Oakland 2110).

BURPEE, Mr. and Mrs. Earle L., 740 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1247).

BURPEE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J., (Piedmont, Cal.), 45 Monticello Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 5686).

BURRELL, Mr. and Mrs. Irving H.,345 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 916).

BURROUGHS, Mr. and Mrs. Willis P., 37 Moss Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7554).

BURTCHAELL, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W., 272 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 943)

BUTEAU, Dr. Samuel H., 1307 Broadway or Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside


BUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leroy, (Piedmont, Cal.), 112 Pala Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 6878-J).

BUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin, 635 El Dorado Ave., (Piedmont 1054-W).

BUTTERS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, "Rose Lawn", 6272 Chabot Road,

(Piedmont 1124).

BUTTLES, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M., 36 Montell St., (Tel. Humboldt 238).

BUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L., 590 34th St., (Piedmont 769-W).

CADMAN, Mrs. John O., 2327 Valdez St., (Tel. Glencourt 708).

CAHILL, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick, 1050 56th St., (Tel. Piedmont 1538-J).

CALKINS, Mr. and Mrs. John U., (See Berkeley List), 2731 Claremont Blvd.,

Berkeley, Cal.

Miss Elizabeth Mary CALKINS, (Tel. Berkeley 1824).

CALLAGHAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 252 Acton Place, (Tel. Merritt 624).

Miss Rose M. CALLAGHAN, Miss Jane CALLAGHAN, Mr. Wheeler


CALLAGHAN, Lieut.-Commander and Mrs. Daniel J., 1087 1st St., (Tel.

Piedmont 8613).

CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., The Regillus Apts., (Tel. Oakland 8139).

CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E., 1022 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Sequoyah Country; Mt. Diablo Country, and S. F.

Commercial Clubs.

CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Norman B., 686 Rosal Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 669).

CAMPE, Mr. and Mrs. John, 930 Lakeshore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1751).

CAPWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Harris Cebert, (Piedmont, Cal.), 145 Monte Cresta

Ave., cor. Kelton Court, (Tel. Piedmont 1329).

Member Athenian Nile, Claremont Country, Sequoyah Country, and Home

Clubs of Oakland. Also Bohemian Club of San Francisco.

CAPWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Cebert E., 1019 Ardmore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3223).

CARLISLE, Mr. and Mrs. Burlington Majors, (Piedmont, Cal.), 35 Sierra Ave.,

Mr. Burlington Morris CARLISLE.

CARLSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F., Geranium Place and Rosewood Rd.,

(Fruitvale 1359).

CARLTON, Dr. and Mrs. Harry P., 306 Lenox Ave., near Van Buren Ave.,

(Tel. Glencourt 1045).

CARTER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 767 Calamar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3760).

CAVAGNARO, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F., 400 Lagunita Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


CAVALIER, Mr. and Mrs. William, (Piedmont, Cal.), 758 Kingston Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 9253).

Member Athenian-Nile, Claremont Country, Mt. Diablo Country, Berkeley

Country, and Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.

CAVANAUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F., 1502 Jackson, (Tel. Lakeside 5598).

CHADWICK, Mr. and Mrs. Frank R., 1001 Linden, (Tel. Oakland 1587).

CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Charles S., (Anne V.), 4501 San Pablo Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 5899).

CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. and Mrs. Leon H., 725 Jean, (Tel. Piedmont 2435-J).

CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Jr., 110 Fairview Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 8641-W).

CHAMBERS, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 171 Santa Rosa Ave., (Piedmont 5176).

CHAMPION, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noble, Head of Lincoln Ave., (Tel.

Fruitvale 198).

CHAPMAN, Mr. Melvin C., 57 Santa Clara Ave., or Oakland Bank Bldg., (Tel.

Glencourt 2815).

CHASE, Mr. and Mrs. George Quincy, (Piedmont Cal.), 37 Lincoln Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 3378).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland); Bohemian Club (S. F.);

Harvard Club (S. F.); San Francisco Commercial Club and Yosemite

Mountain Club.

Miss Helen CHASE; Miss Edna CHASE and Miss Emily CHASE.

CHASE, Mrs. Quincy A., (Piedmont, Cal.), 2040 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Humboldt


CHEEK, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C., (See Berkeley List), 2512 Hillegass Ave.,

Berkeley, Cal.

Miss Edith CHEEK, (Tel. Berkeley 1501).

CHESLEY, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 1172 10th St., (Tel. Oakland 3649).

CHICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. Allen L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 11 Sierra Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 1824).

Member Pacific-Union and University Clubs.

Miss Mary C. CHICKERING and Mr. Allen L. CHICKERING Jr., (Tel.

Piedmont 1824).

CHICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. Roger, (Piedmont, Cal.), 94 Bayo Vista Ave.,

Piedmont 3901).

CHICKERING, Mrs. William H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 234 Mountain Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 5541-W).

Miss Martha A. CHICKERING.

CHISHOLM, Mr. and Mrs. Colin F., 538 Merrimac, (Lakeside 5424).

CHURCH, Judge and Mrs. Lincoln S., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

CLARABUT, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D., 627 Vernon, (Piedmont 7933-J).

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L., 5864 Chabot Road, (Piedmont 7830-J).

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Leon A., (See Piedmont List), 42 Craig Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 2390).

CLARK, Dr. William A., Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

CLARKE, Dr. and Mrs. Austin F., 933 Longridge Rd., near Rosecrest, (Tel.

Glencourt 3364).

CLARKE, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 1092 Clarendon Crescent, (Tel. Glencourt


CLAY, Mrs. Clement C., (Annie L.), 203 La Salle, Piedmont, Cal., (Piedmont


CLAY, Mrs. I. Harrison, (Nannie N.), 341 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 718).

CLAY, Mr. and Mrs. Philip T., (Piedmont, Cal.), 31 Sea View Ave., (Piedmont


Mr. Philip T. CLAY Jr.

CLEMENT, Mrs. Alpheus W., (Mabelle P.), 243 Santa Rosa Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4005-W).

CLEMENT, Mrs. Jabish (Ada), Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

Miss June CLEMENT.

CLEMENT, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Montgomery, 320 Wayne Ave., (Tel.

Merritt 3643).

CLINTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond J., 1550 28th Ave., Oakland, (Tel.

Fruitvale 2356-J).

Miss Marguerite J. CLINTON.

CLOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Fred M., 829 Lakeshore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1658).

CLOW, Miss Elizabeth K., 605 29th St., near Telegraph Ave., (Tel. Oakland


COBBLEDICK, Mr. and Mrs. James H., Mountain Blvd., Oakland, (Tel.

Fruitvale 1861).

Mr. James H. COBBLEDICK Jr., 1818 Harrison Blvd, or Mountain Blvd.,


COBBLEDICK, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd N., 1129 4th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3675).

COCKROFT, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F., 385 Fairmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


COFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Everett M., (Piedmont, Cal.), 108 Blair Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 2821).

COGGINS, Mr. and Mrs. Herman A., 510 Cottage Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3758).

Member Olympic and Menlo Country Clubs.

COHEN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H., 1440 29th Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 1967-W).

Miss Alfreda and Miss Emelita COHEN.

COHEN, Mr. Douglas B., 1440 29th Ave., Fruitvale, Oakland, (Tel. Fruitvale


COIT, Mr. Roger, 306 14th St., (Tel. Oakland 1205).

COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. D. Edward (Piedmont, Cal.), 221 El Cerrito Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 749).

COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliard, (Piedmont, Cal.), 311 Bonita Ave.

COLTON, Mr. and Mrs. Albert S., 3424 Webster, (Piedmont 1081-J).

Miss Beatrice COLTON.

CONFER, Mr. and Mrs Frederick W., 5811 Lawton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


CONNELL, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ballantyne, (Piedmont), 44 Sierra Ave.,

Piedmont 3633-J).

CONNERS, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 1012 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3432)

Miss Mollie E. CONNERS.

COOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J., See Alameda List, 891 Union, (Tel. Alameda


Member Sequoyah Country; Diablo Park; and San Francisco Commercial


COOGAN, Mrs. Timothy C., (Mary E.), 748 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 419).

ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G., (Nee Helen Coogan).

COOK, Mr. and Mrs. Edward P., 315 East 19th St., (Tel. Merritt 5264).

COOK, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B., 1831 10th Ave., (Merritt 2511).

COOLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Van Horn, (Piedmont, Cal.), 1515 Oakland,

Cal., (Tel. Piedmont 7081-J).

COOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T., (Berkeley, Cal.), 220 Uplands, (Berkeley


COPE, Mr. and Mrs. Warner W., Berkeley, Cal., 2308 Durant Ave., (Tel.

Berkeley 3708-J).

CORDER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E., 350 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1027).

Mr. member Sequoyah Country; Mt. Diablo Country; and Athens Athletic

Club (Oakland).

Miss Florence E. CORDER.

CORDER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E., 363 Belmont Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3056).

CORLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Will G., 754 Mandana Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt 3475).

Mr. member Bohemian Club (S. F.); Mt. Diablo Country and Athens

Athletic Club (Oakland).

CORNELL, Mr. Charles E., 1020 Bella Vista Ave., (Tel. Merritt 4952).

CORYELL, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Jr., 215 Athol Ave., (Tel. Merritt 669).

COX, Captain and Mrs. Leonard M., (See Berkeley List), 2949 Ashby Ave.,

Berkeley, Cal.

Miss Katharine COX, (Tel. Berkeley 1589).

CRAIG, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Early, 6109 Harwood Ave., (Piedmont 2033J).

CRAMER, Mrs. Adolph E. H., (Rachel E. E.), 1055 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3828).

CRANE, Mr. and Mrs. William W., 1002 Bella Vista Ave., (Merritt 2760).

CRAWFORD, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander K., 246 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel.

Merritt 3664).

CREED, Mr. and Mrs. Wiggington Ellis, (Piedmont, Cal.), 128 Indian Road,

(Tel. Piedmont 5638).

Mr. member Pacific-Union Club (S. F.); University Club (S. F.);

Claremont Country Club.

Miss Isabel CREED and Miss Patricia CREED.

CRELLIN, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arthur, Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

Miss Anita M. CRELLIN, Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

CRELLIN, Mrs. Thomas, 1836 Alice, near 18th St., (Tel. Oakland 964).

Miss Mona CRELLIN, 1836 Alice, near 18th St., (Tel. Oakland 964).

CROSBY, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel, (Piedmont, Cal.), "Crosby Croft", (Tel.

Piedmont 222).

Member Athenian-Nile; Sequoyah Country; and Claremont Country Clubs.

Miss Virginia Buchanan CROSBY.

CROSBY, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1175 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt 2252).

CROSSLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel M., 868 Cleaveland Ave., (Merritt 327).

CROWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, 237 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 2976).

CROWLEY, Dr. Dennis D., Athenian Nile Club, (Oakland 182).

CULVER, Mr. and Mrs. William L., 380 34th St., (Piedmont 513-J).

CUMMING, Mr. and Mrs. George G., 724 Arimo Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2284).

CUMMING, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W., 744 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


CUNNINGHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L., 465 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


CUSHING, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 899 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2358).

Member Claremont Country Club.

CUSHMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Seth Wilson, 433 Elwood Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1279)

Miss Olive Reed CUSHMAN.

CUTTING, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Page, Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

DALLAM, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., 430 Adams, (Tel. Glencourt 2944).

DALLAS, Mr. and Mrs. William Clare, (Piedmont, Cal.), 92 Sea View Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 6794).

Miss Claire Lorette DALLAS and Miss Mary Geer DALLAS.

DALZIEL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sr., 258 Wayne Ave., (Tel. Merritt 950).

DALZIEL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jr., 1905 5th Ave., (Merritt 1800).

DANIELS, Dr. and Mrs. George Seth, 30 Grand Ave., (Lakeside 3269).

DARGIE, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malvern, 631 Athol Ave., (Tel. Merritt 5417).

DARLING, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 4356 Everett, (Tel. Fruitvale 6242).

Mr. member Sequoyah Country Club (Oakland); Union League Club and

Commonwealth Club (of San Francisco) and Arts-In-Trades (of New York).

Miss Rosamond Carol DARLING and Master David Sherman DARLING.

DARLING, Mr. and Mrs. Chester F., 1637 East 21st St., (Tel. Fruitvale 3826).

DAVENPORT, Mr. and Mrs. John E., 6200 Rockwell, (Tel. Piedmont 4851-J).

DAVIE, Mayor John L., City Hall, (Lakeside 3600).

DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ramsdell Jr., 1334 Cavanagh Rd., (Tel.

Glencourt 1878).

DAY, Dr. and Mrs. Roscoe A., 199 Montecito Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 849).

Dr. member Bohemian Club (S. F.); Claremont Country (Oakland) and

Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

DEAL, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 543 Kenmore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3859).

DEAN, Mr. Walter E., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

DECKELMAN, Mr. and Mrs. H. A., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

DECOTO, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra W., 392 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1179).

Mr. member Claremont Country and Athens Athletic Clubs of Oakland.

Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

DECOTO, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A., Granada Apts., 815 Lerida Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3741).

de FREMERY, Mr. and Mrs. Leon, 6616 Chabot Rd., (Tel. Piedmont 7638-W).

de FREMERY, Mr. and Mrs. Paul W., 5809 Broadway, (Tel. Piedmont


de FREMERY, Mr. and Mrs. William C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 104 Dracena Ave.,

(Piedmont 2972).

de FREMERY, Mrs. William C. B., (Ellen), 77 Fairmount Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3918).

Miss Virginia, Miss Louise, and Miss Alexandra de FREMERY.

DE GOLIA, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B., 411 Fairmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2795).

Mr. Edwin B. DE GOLIA Jr.

DE GOLIA, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Jr., 5277 Broadway Ter., (Tel. Piedmont


DE GOLIA, Mr. and Mrs. Harold E., 69 Monte Vista Ave., (Piedmont 4251-J).

de GRASSI, Mr. and Mrs. Alberto (Piedmont, Cal.).

de LAVEAGA, Mr. and Mrs. Edward I., (See Berkeley List), Orinda Park, (Tel.

Berkeley 3081).

Mr. member Olympic Club of San Francisco.

Mrs. member The Century Club and Woman's Athletic Club.

Miss Lucia de LAVEAGA and Mr. Miguel de LAVEAGA (Tel. Berkeley


DE LISLE, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F., (Piedmont, Cal.), 68 Fairview Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 1201-J).

DENTON, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 61 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2816).

de REYNIER, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, (Berkeley, Cal.), 97 Parkside Dr., (Tel.

Berkeley 4810).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and Merchant's Exchange

(S. F.).

Mr. Ernest E. de REYNIER.

DERLETH, Prof. and Mrs. Charles Jr., (See Berkeley List), 2834 Webster,

(Tel. Berkeley 293).

Mr. member Bohemian; The Faculty; Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo

Country Clubs.

Mrs. member Town & Gown Club of Berkeley.

DERLETH, Miss Dorothy.

DERLETH, Mr. Charles Edward.

BUSH, Mrs. Susan E.

DESSAU, Dr. and Mrs. Henry F., (Alameda, Cal.), 2122 San Jose Ave.,

(Alameda 2295-W).

DE VAUX, Mr. and Mrs. Norman, (Piedmont, Cal.), 62 Farragut Ave.,

(Piedmont 4596).

de VEUVE, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, 406 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1207).

Member California Golf Club (San Francisco).

Miss Dorothy de VEUVE.

de VRIES, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Egbert, (See Berkeley List), 1825 Sonoma,

(Tel. Thornwall 792).

Miss Deidre de VRIES and Mr. Gerard Egbert de VRIES Jr.

DE WITT, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Alton, (See Piedmont List), 213 Mountain Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 6646).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club.

Miss Katharine Adams DE WITT, Miss Marjorie Honore DE WITT.

Mr. William Alton DE WITT.

DEXTER, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley, (See Piedmont List), 211 Lafayette Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 1921).

DICK, Mrs. B. C., 1901 Franklin, (Lakeside 1550).

DICKEY, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., 1019 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt


DIECKMANN, Mrs. Frederick T., (Mary H.), 778 Kingston Ave., Piedmont,

(Tel. Piedmont 2381).

DIECKMANN, Miss Juanita; Miss Anita; Miss Marie; and Miss Otilla.

Mr. Gus and Mr. George, 1076 50th St., cor. Herzog, (Piedmont 1821).

DIECKMANN, Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Jr., 464 Chetwood, (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. Chabot and Mr. Philip DIECKMANN, 464 Chetwood.

DINSMORE, Mr. and Mrs. George B., 370 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2623).

DINSMORE, Mr. and Mrs. John Welby, (Piedmont, Cal.), 16 King Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 4183).

DINSMORE, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A., (Piedmont, Cal.), 18 King Ave., (Piedmont


Member Athenian-Nile Club.

DIXON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert V., 358 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1207).

DOLGE, Mr. and Mrs. William, (Alameda, Cal.), 1011 Morton, (Alameda 674).

DONAHUE, Judge and Mrs. William H., 260 Newton Ave., (Tel. Merritt 896).

DONOVAN, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 1166 Clarendon Crescent, (Tel. Glencourt


DORNIN, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 3121 Webster, (Tel. Oakland 1394).

DORSAZ, Mr. and Mrs. Fernand H., 474 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 3111).

Mr. Fernand H. DORSAZ Jr.

DOUGLAS, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., (See Berkeley List), 163 Alvarado Road,

(Tel. Berkeley 8802-W).

Mr. member Union League Club (S. F.) and Berkeley Country Club.

Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

Miss Katharine DOUGLAS.

DOW, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 803 Walla Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1983).

DOW, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 45 Highland Ave.,

(Piedmont 4874).

DOW, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 820 Calamar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3768).

DRURY, Mr. and Mrs. Wells, (See Berkeley List), 1520 Euclid Ave., (Tel.

Berkeley 367).

Members of Berkeley Country Club.

Miss Muriel DRURY, Miss Lorraine DRURY and Mr. Aubrey DRURY.

DUKES, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Alfred, (See Berkeley List), 211 The Uplands,

(Tel. Berkeley 1).

Dr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Claremont Country Club.

Miss Helen DUKES.

DUKES, Mrs. Harrison C., 450 65th St., (Tel. Humboldt 2630).

Miss Kate DUKES, and Miss Maude DUKES.

Miss Jane DUKES, 450 65th St., (Tel. Humboldt 2630).

DUNN, Dr. and Mrs. William L., 838 Chestnut, (Oakland 3139).

DU VAL, Mr. and Mrs. William Moylan, 315 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3123).

Mrs. member Berkeley Country Club; Ebell Society (Oakland); The

National League For Women's Service (to become the Women's Society

Club of San Francisco).

Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club.

DWIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Wilder, 320 Warwick Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 890).

EARL, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Chaffee, 2914 McClure St., (Tel. Oakland 2494).

Mr. Guy C. EARL Jr., 2914 McClure.

EASTERBROOK, Mrs. D. E., Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. Giles Nelson, 1599 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 7225).

EASTWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 726 Mandana Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt


EAVES, Dr. and Mrs. James, Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

EBBY, Mr. and Mrs. George M., 700 Calamar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3772).

EBY, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 259 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 2946).

ECCLESTON, Mr. and Mrs. J. Y.,364 34th St., near Webster, (Piedmont


EDE, Mr. and Mrs. William, (Piedmont, Cal.), Sierra and Highland Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 7788).

EDGE, Miss Hettie B., Mills Hall, Mills College, Cal., (Elmhurst 10).

EDGERTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O., 6 Prospect Drive, (Piedmont 6059-W).

EDOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J., (Piedmont, Cal.), 38 Crocker Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 3137).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose F., 1923 Harrison Blvd., (Tel. Oakland


EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F., 14 Rose Court, (Tel. Humboldt 460).

EDWARDS, Dr. and Mrs. Corman O., 3989 Howe, (Tel. Piedmont 775).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest McM., 445 Elwood, (Tel. Glencourt 1495).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. George Porter, 461 Crescent Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Miss Patricia Eugenia; Miss Constance Hunt.

Miss Jacquinline Porter; Miss Barbara Grace.

Miss Betty Standish EDWARDS.

Mr. Geo. P. Jr., Mr. Behl, and Mr. Robert Kohler EDWARDS.

ELDER, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2626 Etna, (Tel. Berkeley 5818-J)

Miss Pauline ELDER, Mr. Scott ELDER, and Mr. Paul ELDER Jr.

ELLINGHOUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar E., 4118 Broadway, (Tel. Piedmont


ELLIOT, Mr. and Mrs. Albert H., 2801 Telegraph Ave., (Lakeside 1583).

ELLIOT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, (Piedmont, Cal.), 520 Scenic Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 3953).

Mr. member The Union League Club (S. F.) and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

Mrs. member The Forum Club (San Francisco) and Women's Building


ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Thomas, 749 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7595).

Mr. member Athenian-Nile Club of Oakland.

ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 2303 7th Ave., (Merritt 4352).

ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. G. Walter, (Piedmont, Cal.), 55 Park Way Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 1733).

ELLIS, Mrs. Margaret Sterling, 424 Sunnyslope Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2214).

McCLYMONDS, Mr. and Mrs. Vance.

ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. Norman P., 2605 9th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3206).

ELSEY, Mr. Charles, 1010 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3425).

Mr. Charles; Mr. Fred T. ELSEY.

EMERSON, Dr. and Mrs. Mark Lewis, 480 Thorn Road, (Tel. Piedmont 8).

ENDRISS, Miss Alice Davies, 5124 Desmond, (Tel. Piedmont 2594).

ENDRISS, Mr. Robert C., 5124 Desmond, (Tel. Piedmont 2594).

ENGS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webb, (Piedmont, Cal.), 47 Estrella, (Piedmont


ENGS, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 690 Santa Ray Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3486).

ENOS, Dr. Manley M., 1537 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 1809).

ERSKINE, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W., 3206 Telegraph Ave., (Piedmont 6314).

Mr. Holland ERSKINE.

EVA, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J., 402 Lee, cor. Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Wallace, 68 Fairmont Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2911).

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 1099 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


EVANS, Dr. and Mrs. Elmer E., 2382 E. 24th, Fruitvale, (Fruitvale 1393-W).

EVANS, Mrs. John W., (Mary), (See Piedmont List), 215 Highland Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 3474-J).

EVERSON, Mrs. Wallace, (Jeanette and Miss Marion R.), 1533 Filbert,

(Oakland 4625).

EVERTS, Mrs. Lillian Brown, 1889 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 2230).

BROWN, Miss Florinne, 1889 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 2230).

EWER, Dr. and Mrs. Edward N., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2910 Avalon, (Tel. Berkeley


EWING, Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll, 506 Vernon, (Piedmont 7729).

FAGEOL, Mr. and Mrs. Francis R., 6017 Prospect Dr., (Tel. Piedmont 7873).

FAIR, Mr. and Mrs. Harry H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 29 Glen Alpine Dr., (Tel.

Piedmont 3400).

FAKE, Mr. and Mrs. George, 100 Fairview Ave.,(Tel. Humboldt 782).

Miss Nettie F. FAKE; Miss Ethel N. FAKE; and Miss Helen G. FAKE.

FARLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Newton S., 1705 Chestnut, (Tel. Oakland 2719).

FARRELL, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 473 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2022).

FARRIER, Miss Emma L.; Miss Annie T.; 1605 6th Ave., (Merritt 3668).

FAULKNER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, 6441 Benvenue Ave., (Piedmont 5770).

FAULKNER, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 2340 Webster, (Tel. Glencourt 700).

FEARN, Mr. and Mrs. J. Radford, 384 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1167).

FENNON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 29 Portsmouth Rd., (Tel. Glencourt 3731).

Miss Barbara FENNON.

FERNDOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., (Piedmont, Cal.), 114 Manor Dr., (Tel.

Humboldt 2667).

FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R., (Piedmont, Cal.), 281 Pala Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 1098).

Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Athenian-Nile Club of Oakland.

FINLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, 001 Prospect Dr., (Tel. Piedmont 4572).

Member California Club; Claremont Country and San Francisco

Commercial Clubs.

Also Athenian-Nile Club of Oakland.

Miss Florence Butter FINLEY and Miss Edith L. FINLEY.

Mr. Edward McDonald and Mr. Arthur FINLEY Jr.

FIREBAUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., 187 Montecito Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


FISHER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip M., 431 Orange Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3036).

Mr. Philip M. FISHER Jr.

FITZGERALD, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M., 456 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; Claremont Country; Athenian-Nile and


Miss Eleanor; Miss Kathleen and Mr. Crellin FITZGERALD.

FLETCHER, Mr. and Mrs. John D., (Piedmont, Cal.), 210 Hillside Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 5166).

Mr. member Glencourt Country Club (Oakland) and Bohemian Club (San


Miss Jessie Clark FLETCHER and Mr. John Dundas FLETCHER.

FLINT, Mrs. George B., (Abbie L.), 665 Chetwood, (Tel. Piedmont 1789-W).

FORCE, Mr. and Mrs. Harold W., 5902 Taft Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2716).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club; Mt. Diablo Country Club; and Old

Colony Club (San Francisco).

FORSMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N., 601 Walla Vine Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Member Claremont Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs.

FORSTERER, Mr. and Mrs. Bruno A., 890 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2290).

Miss Helen FORSTERER and Mr. Harold B. FORSTERER.

FOSHAY, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W., 804 13th St., (Tel. Lakeside 5200).

FRANCK, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 700 Rand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2321).

FREAR, Mr. Walter and Miss Henrietta, 1925 10th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3355).

FRICK, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Paul, (See San Francisco List).

FRISELL, Mr. and Mrs. Erich H., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

FRITSCH, Mr. and Mrs. Emil, 675 Scenic Bay Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3341).

FRITSCHI, Mr. and Mrs. John B., (Berkeley, Cal.), 56 Plaza Dr., (Tel.

Berkeley 992-W).

FROST, Mr. Frank W., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

FURTH, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H., 336 Warwick St., (Tel. Glencourt 895).

GABRIEL, Mr. and Mrs. Walter N., 5851 Broadway Ter., Claremont Manor,

(Tel. Piedmont 6823).

GALLAGHER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 354 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2468).

GARDINER, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M., 527 Merritt Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3254).

Mr, Thomas M. GARDINER Jr.

GARRATT, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., Regillus Apts., 19th & Jackson, (Tel.

Lakeside 2062).

GARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. E. F., 828 Peralia Ave., (Tel. Oakland 5406).

GARTHWAITE, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H., 391 Fairmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. Edward Lowell GARTHWAITE, 391 Fairmount Ave., (Oakland 9366).

GARTHWAITE, Mr. and Mrs. Wymond B., 3127 11th Ave., (Merritt 1949).

GARTHWAITE, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., 641 El Dorado Ave., (Piedmont 2417).

GASSAWAY, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 30 Grand Ave., (Tel. Oakland 7083).

GATCH, Mr. and Mrs. Claud, Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

Member Claremont Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs.

Miss Orytha GATCH.

GAYLEY, Prof. and Mrs. Charles M., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2328 Piedmont

Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 386).

Prof. member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco) and Claremont Country

Club (Oakland).

Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

Miss Betty GAYLEY.

GAYLORD, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1326 Arch, (Berkeley


GHIRARDELLI, Mrs. Louis, (Piedmont, Cal.), 6 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


Member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; and Town and Country


DINSMORE, Mr. and Mrs. John Welby (Eva GHIRARDELLI)

Member Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity.

GIBBS, Mr. and Mrs. William Stafford, 1124 Claredon Crescent, (Tel.

Glencourt 3184).

GIBSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., Madison Park Apts., 100 9th St., (Tel.

Oakland 9596).

GIESE, Mrs. William E., (Harriet L.), 6040 Chabot Rd.,(Tel. Piedmont 7055).

GIESEA, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., Claremont Manor, (Piedmont 2476).

GILBERTSON, Dr. James C., 2201 10th Ave., East Oakland, (Tel. Merritt


GILLILAND, Mr. and Mrs. Adam, 250 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 360).

GILMAN, Dr. Charles D., 1906 Franklin, (Tel. Oakland 2755) or Piedmont, Cal.

GILMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 130 King Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 75).

Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco); Claremont Country;

Sequoyah Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs (of Oakland).

Miss Alice Hood GILMAN.

Mr. Charles E. GILMAN Jr., and Mr. Edward GILMAN.

GILSON, Dr. and Mrs. Ray E., 604 Mandana Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt 3497).

GINGG, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph C., 5416 Boyd Ave., (Piedmont 3075-W).

GLASSCOCK, Mrs. A. H., Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

GOODFELLOW, Mrs. William Scott, (Piedmont, Cal.), 9 Sea View Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 8678).

RHEEM, Mr. and Mrs. Donald M., (Alice S. GOODFELLOW).

GOODMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey P., Regillus Apts., 19th and Jackson, (Tel.

Oakland 9248).

GOODMAN, Mr. and Mrs. John, 730 Lakeshore Blvd., (Tel. Lakeside 3449).

GORRILL, Miss Addie, (Piedmont, Cal.), 37 Bonda Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


Miss Carrie GORRILL.

GORRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W., 710 Longridge Rd., (Tel. Glencourt 3511).

GORRILL, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hal., 1092 Hopkins, (Tel. Merritt 852).

GOULD, Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Jr., 344 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1038).

GOVE, Mr. and Mrs. Leon M., 1073 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1914).

GRANDJEAN, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H., 1816 East 38th, (Tel. Fruitvale 7024).

GRANDJEAN, Mr. Henri, 1800 East 24th St., (Tel. Fruitvale 4464-W).

GRANLUND, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 6114 Lawton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


GRAVES, Mr. and Mrs. James E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 19 Dormidera, (Piemont


GRAVES, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E., 492 Chetwood, (Tel. Glencourt 2555).

GRAY, Mrs. George B. M., (Alice M.), 598 Wadsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


GRAY, Mrs. Giles H., (Marianna W.), 332 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1050).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 746 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2250).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe S., (Alameda, Cal.), 2129 Clement, (Tel.

Alameda 790).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 1116 Oak St., (Tel. Oakland 2111).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (See Berkeley List), 2935 Piedmont Ave.,

(Tel. Berkeley 1375).

GREENE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 135 Kempton Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2846).

GREENE, Mr. and Mrs. S. Hartley, 479 27th, (Oakland 2132).

GREENWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., St. Mark Hotel, Oakland, or 515

Parkway, Piedmont.

GREENWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., 249 Montecito Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


GREY, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., (Alameda, Cal.), 1518 Fernside, (Alameda


GRIER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J., 480 Chetwood, (Tel. Glencourt 2554).

GRIFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Parker, 265 Adams, (Tel. Glencourt 3677).

Mr. member Rotary Club and Electric Development League.

Miss E. Virginia GRIFFIN.

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. R. Harold, (See Berkeley List), 887 Indian Rock,

(Tel. Berkeley 2623).

GRIMES, Mr. and Mrs. Everett T., 730 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1897)

GROENEMDAAL, Mr. and Mrs. P. J., (See Berkeley List), 1923 Ventura Ave.,

(Tel. Thornwall 4480).

COMBE, Master John.

GROSS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., 345 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 1579).

GROSS, Mr. and Mrs. George E., 473 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3105).

GROVER, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A., Perkins and Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


GRUNSKY, Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Jr., 1047 Ardmore Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3238).

Member Commonwealth and Mining Engineers Clubs.

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Grant, (Piedmont, Cal.), 218 Bonita Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4248).

HACKETT, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A., 202 Santa Rosa Ave., (Tel. Humboldt


HADLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Marquis de Lafayette, 3775 Piedmont Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 758).

HAGEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Theophile H., 510 Haddon Rd., (Tel. Merritt 3151).

HAGLUND, Dr. and Mrs. C. J., 1173 Hopkins, (Tel. Merritt 3605).

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. William Morrell, Berkeley, Cal., 1349 Arch, (Berkeley


HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee E., 585 Walworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4517).

HALL, Mr. Frederic W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 67 King Ave., (Piedmont 2299).

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E., (Piedmont Cal.), 67 King Ave., (Piedmont


HALL, Mrs. Samuel P., (Charlotte W.), 1184 - 14th St., (Oakland 4284).

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman W., 416 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1100).

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. T. Seymour, 378 Van Buren Ave.,(Tel. Glencourt 1199).

HALSEY, Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur H., 365 Hanover Ave., (Tel. Merritt 2798).

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Luke, 330 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 964).

HAMLIN, Dr. and Oliver D., 291 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3136).

HAMLIN, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver D. Jr., 36 Jerome Ave., (Piedmont 411-J).

HAMMER, Mr. and Mrs. George, (Piedmont, Cal.), 14 King Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 7591).

HAMPEL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 1449 18th Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 4660-J).

HANNA, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright, (Piedmont, Cal.), 614 Magnolia Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 7734).

Mr. member Pacific-Union (S. F.); Claremont Country (Oakland); and

S. F. Golf and Country Clubs.

HANNAFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L., 3529 West, (Piedmont 2638-W).

HARMON, Mr. and Mrs. Albion K. P. Jr., 1100 Hollywood Ave., (Tel.

Fruitvale 6355-W).

HARMON, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

HARRIER, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G., 6457 Benvenue Ave., Oakland, (Tel.

Piedmont 3192).

HARRINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 108 Hillside Ave.,

(Tel. Humboldt 2729).

Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club.

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L., (See Piedmont List), 532 Magnolia Ave.,

(Tel. Humboldt 1064).

HARRIS, Judge and Mrs. T. William, (Piedmont, Cal.), 67 Lincoln Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 2251-J).

HARROLD, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 2555 East 16th St., (Tel. Fruitvale


HART, Mr. and Mrs. Howard H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 60 Alvarado Rd.,

(Berkeley 2026).

HASSLER, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 14 Clarendon Crescent, (Tel. Berkeley


Member Sequoyah Country and Athenian-Nile, Athens Athletic, Elks

and Press Clubs.

Miss Patricia and Mr. Robert HASSLER.

HATCH, Mrs. Frank O., (Christine), 262 Adams, (Tel. Glencourt 3681).

HATCH, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 268 Park View Terrace, (Tel. Glencourt


HATHAWAY, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M., 415 Orchard St., (Tel. Oakland


HATTERBOTH, Dr. and Mrs. William H. C., 2850 E. 14th , Fruitvale,

(Fruitvale 24).

HAVENS, Mr. John Weston, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2631 Benvenue Ave., (Tel.

Berkeley 8141).

Mr. John Weston HAVENS Jr.

HAVENS, Mr. and Mrs. Wickham, 1135 Clarendon Crescent, (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. Seyd HAVENS.

HAVRE, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jean, 276 Adams, (Tel. Glencourt 815).

HAWLEY, Mr. and Mrs. George T., 218 29th St., (Tel. Glencourt 3530).

HAWLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S., (Harriet Meek), 244 29th St., (Tel.

Glencourt 3529).

HAYDEN, Mr. Brace, 333 Adams, near Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 2970).

HEALD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward P., 3207 Telegraph Ave., (Piedmont 8077).

HEGGIE, Mr. and Mrs. David, (Berkeley, Cal.), 819 Shattuck Ave., (Tel.

Berkeley 5506).

Mr. member Berkeley Country Club and Hillside Club.

HEESEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., (See Piedmont List), 70 Sea View Ave.,

(Tel. Humboldt 628).

HENDRICKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Rodman, 1948 10th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3687).

HENES, Mr. and Mrs. Louis George, 744 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3595).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland).

Miss Hope HENES and Master Ellis Hugh HENES.

HENGEN, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave B., (Piedmont, Cal.), 38 York Drive, (Tel.

Humboldt 203).

HENLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Earl B., 715 Arimo Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2026).

HENSHAW, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Tubbs, (See Piedmont List), 149 La Salle, Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 9372).

HENSHAW, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler, 249 Vernon, cor. Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt


HENSHAW, Mrs. William Griffith, (Hetty T.), 276 Adams, Oakland, or

Francesca Apts., S. F.

HERRICK, Dr. and Mrs. Le Roy F., 542 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel. Merritt 1150).

HERRLEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Philip G., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

HEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Jr., (Piedmont, Cal.), 33 York Dr., (Tel.

Piedmont 1236).

HIBBERD, Captain and Mrs. I. N., Harrison Apts., (Tel. Lakeside 1900).

Captain member Pacific-Union Club (S. F.); Commonwealth Club and

San Francisco Commercial Club. Mrs. member Century Club (S. F.) and

Ebell Club (Oakland).

Mr. I. Lloyd HIBBERD and Mr. Frederick H. HIBBERD.

HICKEY, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B., 260 Lee St., (Tel. Glencourt 818).

HIGBY, Mrs. Charles B., (Mary C.), 454 34th St., (Tel. Piedmont 4567-J).

HIGH, Mrs. William H., (Caroline E.), Piedmont, Cal., (Tel. Piedmont 2011-W).

HIGSON, Mr. and Mrs. John Wayne, 1287 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


HILDEBRAND, Mr. and Mrs. George D., 698 16th, (Oakland 6555).

HILDEBRAND, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 2042 10th Ave., (Merritt 4880).

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 1932 41st. Ave., (Fruitvale 647-J).

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V., 745 Arimo Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2013).

HILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Herbert, 1043 Bella Vista Ave., (Tel. Merritt 603).

HINCH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T., 461 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 1026).

HINCKLEY, Mr. Harry G., and Mr. Fritz, 3246 Fruitvale Ave., (Fruitvale 446-W)

HINDSONS, Firmin D., (Emma D.), 110 Bayo Vista Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2636)

HINMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L., 547 Chetwood, (Piedmont 1415).

HOFFMAN, Mrs. Regula (Piedmont, Cal.), 56 Lakeview Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


HOFFMANN, Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence, 5436 Locksley Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


HOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P., 562 Walla Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3655)

HOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Jr., (Piedmont, Cal.), 101 Ricardo Ave.,

(Piedmont 4309-J).

HOGE, Mr. and Mrs. Lionel B., 455 Lagunita Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1390).

Member Athens Athletic (San Franciso); Commercial and Commonwealth


HOGUE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., (See Piedmont List), 21 Bonita Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 3433).

HOLCOMB, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L., 360 Chicago, (Merritt 557).

HOLLAND, Mrs. Arthur P., 3206 Telegraph Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2678).

HOLMES, Mr. and Mrs. Halliday B., 1072 Clarendon Crescent, (Tel.

Glencourt 3188).

HOLST, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 3004 Brook, (Oakland 8693).

HORST, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph, 233 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2892).

HOTCHKISS, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E., 2816 Grove, (Lakeside 1690).

HOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Jr., (See Piedmont List), 26 Estrella Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 8862).

HOUGHTON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 378 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Gary, 232 29th St., (Tel. Glencourt 3539).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A., 107 Kempton Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Jr., 2626 Harrison Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt


HOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. John Gilson, (See Berkeley List), 289 Webster, (Tel.

Thornwall 1518).

HOYT, Mr. and Mrs. John G., 407 Fairmont Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2794).

HUBBARD, Mr. and Mrs. Bert S., 201 Santa Rosa Ave., (Piedmont 456).

HUBBARD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P., 271 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 771).

HUBBARD, Mrs. Samuel, 244 Montecito Ave.,(Tel. Glencourt 781).

HUME, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Edw., 4320 Piedmont Ave., (Piedmont 1633).

HUNT, Mr. Atlee F., 444 Lakeshore Blvd., (Tel. Merritt 1461).

HUNT, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G., 260 Perkins, cor. Adams, (Tel. Glencourt


HUSH, Mr. Valentine Goldsmith Jr., 1401 28th Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 170).

HUSH, Mr. Walter Finley Rittenhouse, 1401 28th Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 170).

HUSSEX, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M., 215 San Carlos Ave., (Piedmont 5755-J).

HUTCHINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., Hotel Oakland, (Oakland 5975).

HUTCHINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight, Regillus Apts., (Tel. Oakland 4703).

IRWIN, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 436 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 354).

ISH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., 679 Fairmount Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5278-W).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., 248 Ridgway, (Piedmont 8344-J).

JACKSON, Dr. and Mrs. F. F., 420 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 2642).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frank K., 395 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1413).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E., 1121 Mandana Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt


JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kennedy, The Regillus Apts., (Tel. Oakland


JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A., 578 Montclair Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3753).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 400 Orange Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3008).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H., 5536 Carlton, Oakland, (Tel. Piedmont


JACOBY, Mr. and Mrs. Olin D., 418 Orchard, (Oakland 5735).

JAMES, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin P., (address Bank of Italy Bldg.), (Oakland


JARVIS, Dr. and Mrs. C. Fritz, Sequoyah Road, (Elmhurst 300).

JENKINS, Miss Cora W., 46 Randwick Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2993-W).

JENKINS, Miss Neva E., 46 Randwick Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2993-W).

JENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. William N., 390 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2768).

JENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 381 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 908).

Member Bohemian, Olympic, Mt. Diablo Country, Home and Town &

Country Clubs.

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus, 836 38th St., (Tel. Piedmont 7172-W).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin O., 2014 East 30th St., (Tel. Fruitvale


JOHNSON, Dr. and Mrs. Frank D., 678 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3662).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio A., 834 55th St., (Piedmont 781).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 388 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1169).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Leslie, 738 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


JOHNSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Loran, 175 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3014)

or 1704 Royal Bank Bldg., Toronto, Canada.

Mr. member Claremont Country Club and Athenian-Nile Club (of Oakland)

Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

JOLLY, Mr. and Mrs. E. Jesse, 5835 College Ave., Oakland (Tel. Piedmont


JONAS, Mrs. Abraham, Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

Mr. Irving JONAS, Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

JONES, Mr. Edgar A., American Bank Building, Oakland, (Tel. Oakland 3913).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Madison Ralph, 265 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2770).

Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; Claremont Country; and Mt. Diablo

Country Clubs.

Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe D., 545 Mira Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1209).

JORGENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Chris., (Piedmont, Cal.), 444 Mountain Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 5012).

JUDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 341 63rd St., (Piedmont 4818-J).

JURGENS, Mr. Charles, Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

JURGENS, Dr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1322 8th St., (Oakland 7141).

JURGENS, Mr. and Mrs. William C., Hotel Oakland, 13th and Harrison, (Tel.

Lakeside 100 or Oakland 9282), Oakland, Cal.

KAHL, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., (Alameda, Cal.), "Edgewater", 1275 Caroline,

(Tel. Alameda 4027).

KAHN, Mr. and Mrs. Fred., 673 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 445).

KEATING, Mr. and Mrs. John B., (Piedmont, Cal.), 606 Park Way Ave.,

(Piedmont 2543).

KEENEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clarke, (Florence Henshaw), (See Piedmont

List), 444 Wildwood Ave., Piedmont, Cal.

KEHRLEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver du F., (See Piedmont List), 304 Hillside Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 2830).

Member Clairmont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; and Towne and Country


KELLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M., 1911 Webster, (Oakland 1079).

KENDALL, Mr. and Mrs. Alpheus, 3045 Telegraph Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 634).

KENDALL, Mr. Harry G., 323 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3132).

KENDALL, Mr. and Mrs. Noah C., 1410 Jackson, (Oakland 456).

KENNA, Mr. and Mrs. James R., 175 Santa Rosa Ave., (Piedmont 2270).

KERGAN, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Sidney, 469 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


KERGAN, Dr. and Mrs. William W., 220 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel. Merritt 41).

KERR, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A., 676 Haddon Road, (Tel. Glencourt 1841).

KIBBE, Dr. Minora E., 1805 Fruitvale Ave., Fruitvale, (Fruitvale 18).

KIMBUL, Dr. and Mrs. Morton S., 5855 Prospect Dr., (Tel. Piedmont 2316).

Dr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Athenian-Nile Club (Oakland)

FOSTER, Miss Elizabeth.

KINDT, Mr. and Mrs. Albert F., (See Berkeley List), 161 Hillcrest Road, (Tel.

Berkeley 4814).

KING, Mrs. Charles H., (Kate), 656 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 2988).

KING, Mr. and Mrs. George Lyman, (Piedmont, Cal.), 12 Sea View Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 1012).

Mr. Lyman S. KING.

KINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. C. C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 28 Oakvale, (Berkeley 2022).

Miss Kathleen KINNEY.

KINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 358 Hillside Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 7532).

KINSELL, Judge and Mrs. Dudley, (Piedmont, Cal.), 83 Monte Vista Ave.,

(Piedmont 7563).

KINSEY, Mrs. Charles W., 649 Mariposa Ave., (Piedmont 4654-W).

KIRKLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W., 429 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


KNIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Remi Chabot, (Ruth Rogers), 477 Vernon, (Tel.

Glencourt 3028).

KNIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., (Piedmont, Cal.), 340 Hampton Road, (Tel.

Piedmont 2495).

Miss Claire KNIGHT.

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E., 954 12th St., (Tel. Oakland 2353).

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., (See Piedmont List), 415 Mountain Ave.,

(Tel. Humboldt 625.).

Mr. member Pacific-Union Club (S. F.). Mrs. member Town & Country

Club (S. F.).

Miss Jessie C. KNOWLES, Member Francisca Club of San Francisco.

Mr. Josiah N. KNOWLES.

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B., 399 Jayne Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 947).

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. William, (Piedmont, Cal.), 753 Kingston Ave.,

(Piedmont 2284).

KNOX, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edwin, (Berkeley, Cal.), Cloyne Court, (Tel.

Thornwall 2674).

Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Mt. Diablo Country

Club (Diablo).

KNOX, Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant, 305 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 932).

Mr. member University Club (San Francisco) and Lieutenant in World War

Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

KOENIG, Mr. and Mrs. Max W., 1899 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 7034).

KORTS, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 1844 8th Ave., (Merritt 1294).

KOSER, Mr. and Mrs. Newton A., (Piedmont, Cal.), 214 Hillside Ave.,

(Piedmont 3697-J).

KROLL, Mr. and Mrs. William F., (Piedmont, Cal.), 776 Kingston Ave.,

(Piedmont 3380-W).

LACKEY, Dr. and Mrs. Howard J., 715 Wesley Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 419).

LAFLER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderson, Syndicate Bldg., (Oakland 153).

Member of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco.

LAIDLAW, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A., (See Piedmont List), 2040 Oakland Ave.,

(Tel. Humboldt 788).

LAKE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 815 Linden, (Oakland 9351).

LAMONT, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Y., 1066 Ardmore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3239).

LANDSBERGER, Mr. Julius A., (See Alameda List), 1311 Dayton Ave., (Tel.

Alameda 90).

LANGSTROTH, Mr. and Mrs. John A., (Berkeley, Cal.).

LATIMER, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 564 32nd, (Piedmont 4430).

LAUFER, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W., 409 East 12th St., (Tel. Merritt 2527).

Miss Muriel L. LAUFER.

LAVENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Albert S., 657 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1925)

LAYMANCE, Mr. and Mrs. Millard J., 467 Chetwood, (Tel. Glencourt 2994).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Abe P., (See Piedmont List), 793 Highland Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 9294).

LEACH, Mr. Abe P. Jr.

CURDTS, Miss E. R.

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., (See Piedmont List), 217 Hillside Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 1987).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Jr., (Piedmont, Cal.), 125 Hillside Ave.,

(Piedmont 380).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E., (Piedmont, Cal.), Pala and Park Aves.,

(Piedmont 887-W).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 2049 10th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 2491).

LECKIE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., 1634 4th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 781).

LE CONTE, Mr. Joseph N., (See Berkeley List), 19 Hillside Court, (Tel.

Berkeley 4489).

Mr. member The Faculty Club (Berkeley) and Sierra Club.

LEE, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marston, 855 Calmar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3570).

Member Mt. Diablo Country, Sequoyah Country, San Francisco

Commercial Clubs, and Sons of American Revolution.

Miss Barbara LEE.

LEET, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A., 145 Athol Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3618).

LEHNHARDT, Mrs. Emil (Hattie), 2703 Telegraph Ave., (Tel. Oakland 1847).

Miss Emile H. M. LEHNHARDT.

LEIMERT, Mr. Harry, 304 23rd St., near Valdez, (Tel. Glencourt 714).

LEIMERT, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., (See Los Angeles List), 548 S. Spring,

Los Angeles, Cal.

LEIMERT, Mr. William, 304 23rd St., near Valdez, (Tel. Glencourt 714_.

LEITER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T., 3601 West Blvd., (Tel. Piedmont 595).

LEVENSALER, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L., 663 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont


LEVENSALER, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 265 Jayne Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. Irving C., 843 6th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3383).

L'HOMMEDIEU, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 6215 Harwood Road, (Tel.

Humboldt 356).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club and Sequoyah Country Club at


Master James H. L'HOMMEDIEU and Master John A. L'HOMMEDIEU.

LINDSAY, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B., Claremont Manor, (Tel. Piedmont 1699).

LITTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Weare C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 15 Estrella Ave.,

(Piedmont 2041).

Miss Agnes Josephine and Master Weare C. LITTLE Jr.

LIVINGSTON, Mr. and Mrs. John, 92 Cambridge Way, (Tel. Piedmont 6637).

LOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E., 416 Alcatraz Ave., (Piedmont 2973-W).

LOHSE, Dr. and Mrs. John Lewis, (Piedmont, Cal.), 80 Monte Vista Ave.,

(Piedmont 813).

LOMBARD, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 1903 Fruitvale Ave., (Fruitvale 1965-W).

LONG, Mr. and Mrs. Albert V., 428 Lagunitas Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1087).

LONG, General and Mrs. Oscar Fitzalan, (Piedmont, Cal.), 65 Hazel Lane,

(Tel. Piedmont 747).

General member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco) and Claremont

Country Club (Oakland).

Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

LOVELL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 12 Bonita Ave.,

(Piedmont 6091).

LOWDEN, Mr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth, (Piedmont, Cal.), 17 Mountain Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 7828).

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jr., (See Berkeley List), 156 Tunnel Road, (Tel.

Berkeley 3409).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and Olympic Club (San


Mrs. member Francisca Club (S. F.), and Woman's Athletic Club (S. F.).

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Willis C., 1056 Hubert Road, (Tel. Glencourt 3396).

Miss Viola Louise LOWE and Miss Patricia Mae LOWE.

LOWRY, Mr. and Mrs. Russell (Oakland, Cal.), 665 Vernon, (Tel. Piedmont


LUFF, Mr. and Mrs. Hale Harper, (Alameda, Cal.), 1715 Palmera Court,

(Tel. Alameda 2527-J).

LUMGAIR, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 5332 Thomas, (Piedmont 2250-W).

LUNDBORG, Mr. and Mrs. Irving, 643 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 340).

LUNING, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T., 2615 14th Ave., (Merritt 2388).

LUNING, Mr. Oscar, 5920 Keith Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 780).

LYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morris, 52 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


LYNN, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M., 173 Kempton Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2828).

LYON, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C., 804 Walla Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2010).

MAC DERMOT, Mr. Alfred, (Piedmont, Cal.), 109 Crocker Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 94).

MAC DERMOT, Mr. and Mrs. Louis M., 1407 8th St., (Tel. Oakland 298).

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Augustin S., 325 Vernon (Tel. Glencourt 2547).

Mr. member Pacific-Union, Clarendon Country, and Montecito (Santa

Barbara) Country Clubs. Mrs. member Town & Country Club (S. F.).

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 4433 Moraga Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6815)

MACKAY, Mrs. Walter S., (Hattie), 1939 Harrison Blvd., (Tel. Oakland 2424).

MACKINNON, Mr. and Mrs. George G., 176 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 3002).

MADDAN, Mr. and Mrs. R. H., (See Berkeley List), 808 Shattuck Ave.,

(Tel. Thornwall 3912).

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic F., 97 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2811).

Mr. member University Club (S. F.) Mrs. member Town & Country Club

(S. F.).

Mr. John MHoon MAGEE.

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hush, (See Piedmont List), 201 Crocker Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 3421).

Mr. member University Club (S. F.). Mrs. member Town & Country Club

(S. F.).

Master Harry Hush MAGEE Jr.

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. William A., "Alder Farm", Fruitvale, Oakland, (Tel.

Fruitvale 80).

Member Pacific-Union, Bohemian and University Clubs, San Francisco.

Mrs. MAGEE member Century, Francisca, and Women's Athletic Clubs.

Miss Elizabeth E. MAGEE.

Miss MAGEE member women's Athletic and Francisca Clubs.

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. William Jr., (Nee Edith Grant), Burlingame, San Mateo

County, Cal.

MAHER, Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah, (Piedmont, Cal.), 146 Caperton Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 9293-J).

MAIDEN, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bruce, (Piedmont, Cal.), 122 Monte Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4026).

MAJORS, Dr. and Mrs. Ergo A., (See Piedmont List), 45 Sierra Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 2995).

MAJORS, Judge and Mrs. Greene, (Piedmont, Cal.), 21 Caperton Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 7630-J).

MANNING, Mr. and Mrs. Louis D., 945 Bay View Ave., (Tel. Merritt 2571).

MANUEL, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G., 740 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 365).

MARCHANT, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Harold, 599 Mira Vista Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 1289).

Mr. member Sequoyah Country Club and Athens Athletic Club of


MARKS, Mr. and Mrs. Martin E., 1154 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 365).

MARKWART, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., 348 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 958).

MARTENS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 333 Ramona Ave.,

(Piedmont 2339).

Member Claremont Country Club.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Harold L., 671 Hillgirt Circle, (Merritt 1820).

MARWEDEL, Mrs. Edward H., (Ada C.), 411 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Miss Elsie MARWEDEL.

MARWEDEL, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 141 Monecito Ave.,(Tel. Glencourt 876)

MARX, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H., 468 Chetwood, (Tel. Glencourt 2956).

MASTERS, Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer H., 396 Fairmont Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


MATHES, Mr. and Mrs. Dana H., 621 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 318).

MATHEWS, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 0444 Benvenue Ave., Oakland, (Tel.

Piedmont 5812-J).

MAUERHAN, Mr. and Mrs. John E., 619 Santa Ray Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Athenian-Nile Club; Rotary Club; Home Club and Chamber

of Commerce.

Mrs. member Lakeview Women's Club and Home Club.

Miss Jeanne MAUERHAN and Miss Sylvia MAUERHAN.

MAUZY, Mr. and Mrs. Byron, 1000 Excelsior Ave., (Merritt 1974).

Miss Marjorie MAUZY.

MAXFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Harry U., 204 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 2987).

MAXWELL, Mr. and Mrs. John P., 285 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 776).

BRYAN, Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Felton (Nee Kathryn MAXWELL), 11

Bellevue Ave.

McCLURE, Mr. and Mrs. Donald, 598 East 20th St., (Tel. Merritt 815).

Member Commonwealth (S. F.); Olympic (S. F.); Athens Athletic (Oakland)

Lakeside Country (S. F.); and Athenian-Nile (Oakland) Clubs.

Master Stuart Loring McCLURE.

McDONOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T.,539 30th St., (Tel. Lakeside 2950).

McEWING, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1592 Vista Ave., Fruitvale, Oakland, (Tel.

Fruitvale 6256-J).

McGOVERN, Mr. and Mrs. John H., (See Piedmont List), 2070 Oakland Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 1175).

McGURRIN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E., Ridgemoor Road, Sequoyah Hills,

(Elmhurst 123).

McKNIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J., 2908 E. 15th, (Fruitvale 1479-J).

McLAUGHLIN, Mr. and Mrs. David H., 378 Belmont Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


McMATH, Dr. and Mrs. John F., 763 Warfield Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2058).

Member Claremont Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs.

or Hutchinson Bldg., Oakland, (Tel. Oakland 3468).

McMULLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J., 614 Mandana Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt


MEEHAN, Miss Katherine, Miss Elsie, Mr. Jesse P., 618 E. 14th, (Merritt


MEEK, Mrs. Horry W., (Harriet W.), Bayward Rose, San Leandro, (San

Leandro 508-J).

MEEK, Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph W., 436 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 355).

MEEK, Mr. and Mrs. William Harold, San Leandro, Cal., (San Leandro 508-W).

MEESE, Mr. and Mrs. Constant, 500 Lake Park Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2194).

Member S. F. Commercial, Commonwealth, and Athenian-Nile Club.

MEHRMANN, Dr. and Mrs. Henry B., 3211 Grove, (Piedmont 818-W).

MEIKLE, Mr. and Mrs. James F., (Berkeley, Cal.), 52 "The Uplands", (Tel.

Berkeley 4527-W).

Dr. Theresa MEIKLE, Miss Felicia MEIKLE, Miss Gertrude MEIKLE.

MENDENHALL, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D., (See Piedmont List), 309 Mountain

Ave., (Piedmont 8912).

MERCHANT, Mrs. Ella F. and The Misses, 2923 Webster, (Oakland 8287).

MEREDITH, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 341 Athol Ave., (Merritt 741).

MERRIMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Alvin F. Jr., 1002 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


METCALF, Mr. and Mrs. Victor H., 215 Perkins, cor. Adams, (Tel. Glencourt


MHOON, Mrs. John B., (Charlotte K.), 445 Mountain Ave., Piedmont, Cal.,

(Piedmont 8016).

MICHELS, Mr. and Mrs. Herman H., 375 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Sequoyah Country Club; Orinda Country Club; and Athenian-

Nile Club.

Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

MIDGLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Rex William, The Regillus Apts., 19th and Jackson,

(Tel. Lakeside 2994).

Mr. member Sequoyah Country Club of Oakland.

MIKEL, Mr. and Mrs. Rossiter L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 110 Mesa Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 3202).

MILLAR, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 2439 Peralta Ave., Fruitvale, Oakland, (Tel.

Fruitvale 1610).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club and Sequoyah Country Club of


Miss Mary E. MILLAR and Mr. Rutherford V. MILLAR.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Harry East, 305 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 932).

Mr. Harry East MILLER Jr.

MILLER, Mr. Ira Atwell, Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100) or Athenian-Nile Club,


MILLIGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Allen, The Regillus Apts. No. 105, (Tel.

Oakland 1581).

Miss Margaret May MILLIGAN.

MILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frederick, 1163 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Sequoyah Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs (Oakland);

Commonwealth Club and San Francisco Commercial Club of San


MILWAIN, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, 607 37th St., (Tel. Humboldt 2748).

Miss Margaret MILWAIN, Mr. Lloyd A. MILWAIN, 607 37th.

MILWAIN, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 1503 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3792).

MINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest T., 4044 Division St. (Tel. 7193-W).

MINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Howard F., 4116 Woodruff Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale


MINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Martin T., (See Berkeley List), 2939 Ashby Ave., (Tel.

Berkeley 3073).

Member Sequoyah Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs.

Miss Estabrook MINNEY and Mr. Martin MINNEY.

MOFFITT, Mrs. James, (Piedmont, Cal.), 83 Sea View Ave., (Piedmont 2392).

MOFFITT, Mr. and Mrs. James K., (See Piedmont List), 80 Sea View Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 642).

MOLLIER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delger, 700 Arimo Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2280).

MONROE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

and Kenwood, Soloma County, Cal., (Tel. Kenwood Rural 23).

MONSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, 780 Santa Ray Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3273).

MONTGOMERY, Mr. Richard J., 1815 Grove, (Oakland 4737).

MOORE, Mr. Albert A., 1948 6th Ave., cor. E. 20th, (Merritt 2539).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, 606 East 20th St., (Merritt 2420).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Walton N., (See Piedmont List), 44 Farragut Ave.,

(Piedmont 79).

MORCOM, Mr. and Mrs. Fred N., 1121 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


MORGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 296 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 726).

MORGAN, Mr. and Mrs. W. J., Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

MORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., 205 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 216).

MORRISON, Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton, 1704 Filbert, (Oakland 9315).

Mr. Robert H. MORRISON.

MORSE, Mr. and Mrs. Fred F., 2707 Seminary Ave., (Elmhurst 661).

MORSE, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 522 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1113).

MORTON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, 405 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1089).

MOSELEY, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 36 Plaza Dr.,

(Berkeley 4926).

Miss Bina Mai and Mr. Oriston MOSELEY.

MOSELEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 132 Hillside Ave.,

(Piedmont 3885-W).

Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

MOSHER, Dr. and Mrs. Harry A., 421 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1185).

MOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Frank K., 276 Lee, Oakland Heights, (Tel. Glencourt


MOULTON, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ross, 366 62nd St., (Tel. Piedmont 4226-J).

MOUNT, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J., 535 Mira Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1268).

Member Athenian-Nile; Sequoyah Country; Mt. Diablo Country and Elks.

MOYER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D., 4629 Edgewood Ave., Fruitvale, (Oakland),

(Tel. Fruitvale 926).

MULLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F., 1631 Filbert, (Glencourt 5080).

MULROONY, Mrs. Mary A., Mr. James R., 3500 Peralta Ave., (Merritt 134).

MUNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur K., 3017 Summit St., (Tel. Oakland 1559).

MURDOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Percy, 3070 Richmond Blvd., (Lakeside


MUSSER, Mrs. Francis R., (Eva G.), 262 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 3685).

MUTCHMOOR, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A., 3215 Brookdale Ave., (Tel.

Fruitvale 291).

NAISMITH, Mr. and Mrs. James S., 684 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


NASON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Graham, Claremont Manor, (Piedmont 5648).

NEILSON, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1018 Winsor Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3819).

NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A., 411 Lester Ave., Oakland, (Merritt 4460).

NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 115 Bonita Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4257).

NEWSOM, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Raymond, (1070 Warfield Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3810).

NICHOLS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Drew., (Piedmont, Cal.), 40 Lincoln Ave.,

(Piedmont 7385).

NICKERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., 5740 Keith Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


Mr. member Claremont Country and Claremont Assembly Clubs.

Mrs. member Twentieth Century Club.

NOACK, Mr. and Mrs. Harry R., 309 Perry St., (Tel. Glencourt 2947).

NOBLE, Prof. and Mrs. Charles A., (See Berkeley Lists), 2224 Piedmont Ave.,

(Tel. Berkeley 4142).

Prof. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and Faculty Club (Univ.

of Calif.).

Mr. Charles A. NOBLE Jr.

NORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius G., 2440 East 21st. St., Fruitvale, (Oakland),

(Tel. Fruitvale 1803-W).

NOYES, Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew S., 264 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 816).

NOYES, Mr. and Mrs. William S., Miss Emily L., Mr. Fred. 3023 Summit

(Oakland 2801).

O'CONNOR, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 574 Mandana Blvd., (Tel. Glencourt


OCHS, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav E., 826 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2402).

OKELL, Mr. and Mrs. Jack, 1087 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3441).

Mr. member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; and University Club

(S. F.).

Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

Miss Shirley OKELL and Mr. Jack OKELL Jr.

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie, 268 Vernon St., (Tel. Glencourt 3687).

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Letts, (Piedmont, Cal.), 60 King Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4852).

Mr. member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; Bohemian and

Engineers Clubs.

Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

Miss Roberta W. OLIVER and Master William Letts OLIVER III.

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. William Harold, 389 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 906).

OLIVER, Mrs. William Letts, 257 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 281), or Diablo,

Contra Costa Co., Cal.

OLNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M., 358 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2969).

OLNEY, Mrs. Warren S., (Mary J.), 427 29th St., (Tel. Oakland 1890).

OLNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jr., (See Berkeley List), 2702 Dwight Way, (Tel.

Berkeley 8494-J).

Mr. member University; Bohemian; Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo

Country Clubs.

Mr. Warren OLNEY III.

ORMSEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L., 2596 Chabot Rd., (Tel. Humboldt 1059).

ORRICK, Mrs. Oliver S., (Mary F.), 357 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 3003).

Mr. Oliver S. ORRICK Jr.

OSGOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fred., 4323 View Ave., Highland Ter., (Tel.

Piedmont 5274-W).

OSGOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Fred'K S., (Piedmont, Cal.), 103 Monte Vista,

(Piedmont 1330).

OTEY, Mr. and Mrs. Paul E., 1280 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3420).

OUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M., 1931 8th Ave., (Merritt 1719).

OVERTON, Major and Mrs. Winfield S., (Piedmont, Cal.), 220 Hillside Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 7071).

OWEN, Mr. and Mrs. Victor H., 716 Longridge Rd., (Tel. Glencourt 3507).

Member Sequoyah Country Club.

Miss Gladys and Mr. Victor H. OWEN Jr.

PAGUE, Dr. and Mrs. Frank C., 389 Adams, (Tel. Glencourt 2983).

PALAMOUNTAIN, Dr. and Mrs. William R., 826 Walla Vista Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 1982).

PALMANTEER, Mrs. William G., (Katherine M.), 669 Oakland Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4107).

PARCELLS, Mrs. Anna L.; Mr. Chase E.; 1923 Webster, (Lakeside 4866).

PARCELLS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., 318 Lee, cor. Van Buren Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 734).

PARDEE, Dr. and Mrs. George Cooper, 682 11th St., near Castro, (Tel.

Oakland 2187).

Miss Madeline PARDEE.

PARISH, Dr. and Mrs. Henry L., 1420 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 1663).

PARR, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 565 Boulevard Way, (Tel. Glencourt 2379).

PATTIANI, Mr. and Mrs. William L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 55 Crabs Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4561).

Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country; S. F. Commercial and S. F. Rotary Clubs.

Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

Miss Elizabeth PATTIANI and Mr. William Charles PATTIANI.

PEACOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Walter France, (Piedmont, Cal.), 212 Bonita Ave.

Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs (Tel. Piedmont


PEARSON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Jr., 491 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Miss Jane PEARSON.

PEASE, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Lorae, 819 Calmar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3583).

PECK, Mr. and Mrs. James F., 652 Spruce, (Merritt 4914).

PERCY, Mrs. G. W. and Mr. Ernest R., 169 Santa Rosa, (Piedmont 855).

PERKINS, Mr. and Mrs. George E., 1100 Bella Vista Ave., (Tel. Merritt 3966).

PERRY, Mr. Raymond A., 6172 Chabot Rd., (Tel. Piedmont 407).

PETERSEN, Mr. and Mrs. C. L., 2843 Georgia St., (Fruitvale 1222).

Miss Marian A. PETERSEN, 2843 Georgia, (Fruitvale 1222).

PHELPS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stallman, (See Piedmont List), 321 Hillside Ave.

PHELPS, Mrs. Thomas Stowell, (Elvena), 447 Orange St., (Tel. Glencourt


PHILLIPS, Mr. John W., 1579 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 7225).

PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. Harold, 1288 Holman Rd., (Tel. Glencourt 1911).

PILLSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C., (See Berkeley List), 2525 Ashby Ave.,

(Tel. Berkeley 3516).

PIZZOTTI, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A., 730 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


PLUMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry G., 6064 Chabot Road, (Piedmont 1654-W).

POLLARD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L., 1040 Harvard Rd., (Tel. Glencourt 1669).

POND, Rear Admiral and Mrs. Chas. F., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2621 Ridge,

(Berkeley 4672).

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D., (Piedmont, Cal.), Wildwood and Sheridan

Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2060).

Mr. member Bohemian; Menlo Country; Sequoyah Country and Mt. Diablo

Country Clubs.

Miss Jean PORTER and Mr. Edward PORTER.

BOARDMAN, Miss Florence, Wildwood and Sheridan Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F., (Piedmont, Cal.), 152 Nova Dr., (Tel.

Humboldt 1864).

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Richard C., 6035 Harwood Ave., (Piedmont 4048-J).

PORTER, Dr. William S., 3141 Webster, (Tel. Lakeside 8140) or 3125

Webster (Tel. Oakland 948).

POTTER, Mr. and Mrs. James P., 504 Crotton Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2375).

POTTER, Mrs. W. W., (Katherine G.), 2014 5th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 2594).

POTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Winfield W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 117 Hillside Ave.,

(Piedmont 2747-W).

POULTER, Major and Mrs. Charles, 588 27th, (Oakland 2079).

POWELL, Dr. and Mrs. Alvin. 121 E. 11th St., (Tel. Merritt 2594).

PRATHER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 104 Park Way,

(Piedmont 5206).

PRICE, Mr. and Mrs. Milton H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 6 Monte Vista Ave.,

(Piedmont 2232).

PROCTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt, (Piedmont, Cal.), 109 Crocker Ave.,

(Piedmont 94).

RANSOME, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard, Diablo, Contra Costa County, Cal., (Tel.

Diablo 16).

READ, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C., 869 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2502).

READ, Mr. Bernard Courtney, 6416 Benvenue Ave., (Piedmont 4343-W).

RECTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burns, (Piedmont, Cal.), 22 Piedmont Court,

(Tel. Piedmont 3771).

Member Sequoyah Country Club.

REED, Mr. and Mrs. Ben W., 535 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 4426).

REED, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E., 88 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 836).

REID, Mrs. Alberta Bancroft, 6440 Colby (Oakland), (Tel. Humboldt 3431).

REINHARDT, Mrs. Aurelia Henry, (Mills College, Post Office, Oakland, Cal.),

President Mills College, Oakland, Alameda County, Cal., (Tel. Elmhurst


Member Mills, Sorosis, and Town & Country Clubs of San Francisco.

REINLE, Dr. and Mrs. George G., 280 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 913).

REIS, Mrs. John O., (Belle B.), 156 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 3270).

RENNIE, Mr. and Mrs. Rolland H., 5667 Ocean View Ave., (Piedmont 4647-W)

REQUA, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence, (Piedmont, Cal.), 321 Mountain Ave.

Mr. member Pacific-Union, Olympic, and Claremont Country Clubs.

Mrs. member Women's Athletic, Century, Town & Country, and Town &

Gown Clubs.

RHEEM, Mrs. William S., (Helena S.), 478 Orchard, (Oakland 750).

RICE, Mr. and Mrs. John A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1165 Arch, (Tel. Berkeley


RITTIGSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., 378 Belmont Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1416)

RITTIGSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, 14th and Harrison Blvd., (Lakeside


ROACH, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice M., 824 East 23rd St., (Tel. Merritt 1422).

ROBINS, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. H., 937 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


ROBINSON, Judge and Mrs. Edward C., 552 Montclair Ave., (Merritt 3696).

ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2730 Belrose Ave.,

(Tel. Thornwall 2427).

ROBSON, Mr. and Mrs. William W., 507 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


RODGERS, Mr. Hubert W., (Piedmont, Cal.), Holly Place & Park Drive.,

(Tel. Piedmont 4177-J).

GOULD, Mrs. Minerva A.

RODOLPH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., 276 Adams, (Tel. Glencourt 815).

RODOLPH, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 1248 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Miss Helen RUDOLPH.

ROEDING, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 16 Terrace Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 9276).

ROSBOROUGH, Mr. Alexander J., 2531 19th Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 4472-W).

ROSBOROUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J., 420 Burk St., (Adam's Point), (Tel.

Glencourt 1114).

ROTHGANGER, Dr. and Mrs. George, 4501 San Pablo Ave., (Piedmont 3205)

ROUNTREE, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 482 61st., (Tel. Piedmont 2649).

ROWE, Dr. and Mrs. Charles H., 421 Fairmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2429).

ROWE, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison D., 4154 Piedmont Ave., (Piedmont 5413-J).

ROWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cummings, 3415 West Blvd., (Tel. Piedmont


RUTHERFORD, Mrs. David, (Marie), 1820 Harrison Blvd., (Tel. Oakland


RUTLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Byron, (Piedmont, Cal.), 107 Nova Dr., (Tel. Piedmont


SAGEHORN, Mr. and Mrs. Herman C., 1478 Alice, (Oakland 8528).

SALINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Albert M., (See Pdmt. List), 1504 Oakland Ave.,

(Piedmont 3574).

SAMUELS, Mr. and Mrs. Fred S., 237 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 2976).

SAMUELS, Judge and Mrs. George E., 438 Lee, (Tel. Glencourt 1028).

SAMUELS, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M., 850 Santa Rey Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3452)

SANDER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R., 194 Montecito Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 824).

SAWYER, Mr. and Mrs. Houghton, (Piedmont, Cal.), 2058 Oakland Ave.,

(Piedmont 2443).

SCHAMMEL, Mr. and Mrs. George, 580 25th St., (Tel. Oakland 2633).

SCHEELINE, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, (Piedmont, Cal.), 15 King Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 9386).

SCHLESINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph C., 1417 Filbert, (Tel. Oakland 250).

SCHLUETER, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph H., 366 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


SCHNEIDER, Mr. and Mrs. Morris N., 348 Grand Ave., cor. Perkins, (Tel.

Glencourt 3075).

SCHRADER, Mr. and Mrs. Karl P., (Oakland, Cal.), 202 Lakeshore Blvd.,

(Tel. Merritt 5475).

SCHWANER, Dr. and Mrs. William F., 568 28th, (Oakland 2475).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Loundes, 130 Montecito Ave.,(Tel. Glencourt


SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Loundes Jr., 452 Puch St., (Tel. Piedmont


SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Bert C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 456 Wildwood Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 3211).

Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Rotary Club.

Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

Miss Kathleen SCOTT; Mr. Kenneth SCOTT and Mr. Edward SCOTT.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 685 23rd St., (Tel. Oakland 3093).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. John T., 553 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 5584).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter, 851 Calmar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3774).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 3 West View Drive, (Piedmont 208).

SCUDDER, Mr. and Mrs. Doremus P., 5384 Broadway, (Tel. Piedmont 6892-J)

SCUPHAM, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 303 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 2939).

Miss Isabel SCUPHAM and Miss Jean E. SCUPHAM.

SEAGRAVE, Mr. and Mrs. John C., (Alameda, Cal.), 3221 Sterling Ave., (Tel.

Alameda 2664-J).

SEARLES, Mrs. Mailler, 649 Walsworth Ave., Oakland, (Tel. Piedmont 2512)

and Cliff Hotel S. F.

SEARLES, Miss Emily Clift.

DELATTRE-SEGUY, Mr. and Mrs. Jean, (nee Jean Clift SEARLES),

Washington D. C.

SELBY, Mrs. Prentiss (Martha P.), 165 Santa Rosa Ave., (Piedmont 975).

Miss Florence SELBY, 165 Santa Rosa Ave.

SELBY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Noel, 165 Santa Rosa Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 975).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland), and University Club (San


SHARON, Mr. and Mrs. William E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 37 Sharon Ave., (Tel.

Pied. 718).

FARR, Mr. Sharon, University of Cal., Class of 1926).

SHAW, Mr. and Mrs. George M., 476 29th., Oakland, (4036).

SHELDON, Dr. and Mrs. Tristram W., 5685 Keith Ave., (Piedmont 2818-W).

SHEPARD, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S., 336 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1030).

SHERIDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2824 Prince, (Tel.

Thornwall 2139).

SHERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Royal, 285 Jayne Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Bohemian & Olympic Clubs.

Mrs. member Women's Athletic Club (S. F.).

Miss Frances SHERMAN, 285 Jayne Ave., (Tel. Oakland 7922).

SHERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 5840 Lawton, (Tel. Piedmont 1085).

Miss Mary K. SHERMAN.

SHERWIN, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 438 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 530).

SHERWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hamilton, 6048 Rockabridge Blvd., (Tel.

Piedmont 4822).


SHIBLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H., 631 Vernon, (Tel. Piedmont 7933-W).

SHINN, Mr. and Mrs. Howard H., 638 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4372).

SHOOK, Dr. and Mrs. Francis M., Claremont Manor, (Piedmont 4660).

SHORES, Dr. and Mrs. Frank W., 240 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2729).

SHUEY, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 176 Alvarado Rd., (Tel.

Berkeley 6150).

Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Olympic Club (San


Miss Sevilla Hayden SHUEY and Mr. Hayden SHUEY.

SHURTLIFF, Mr. and Mrs. Roy L., 372 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 971).

SIBLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, (Berkeley, Cal.), Cloyne Court Apts., (Tel.

Berkeley 7230).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and The Faculty Club


Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

Miss Catherine SIBLEY.

SILL, Dr. and Mrs. Edward R., 1451 11th Ave., (Merritt 1709).

SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., Claremont Country Club, Oakland,

Cal., (Tel. Piedmont 1005).

SKINNER, Mr. and Mrs. John Hathaway, (Alameda, Cal.), 1814 Clinton,

(Alameda 187).

SMALL, Mr. and Mrs. Herriot, 254 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 990).

Member Claremont Country and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

SMITH, Mr. Andrew I., 2205 7th Ave., E. Oakland, (Tel. Merritt 2548).

Member Sequoyah Country; Shriners; Sciots; and Elks.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll W., Diablo, Contra Costa County, Cal., (Tel.

Diablo 32).

Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club (Diablo al.) and Yale Club (NY, NY).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leonard, Peralta Apts., (Tel. Oakland 9185).

Mr. member Athenian-Nile, Athens Athletic, East Bay Country Clubs and


Mrs. member Ebell Club (Oakland) and Fabiola Hospital Association


United Daughters of Confederacy (San Francisco) and Sakur Kwai

(San Francisco).

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. Dudley, Claremont Manor, (Tel. Piedmont 241).

Dr. member Athenian-Nile Club; Mt. Diablo Country Club and Tthens

Athletic Club.

Miss Patricia Jane SMITH, Master Dudley Allen SMITH.

and Master Willard Wallace SMITH.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Marion, "Arbor Villa", Oakland, Cal., (Tel.

Merritt 637).

Mr. member Pacific-Union, Athenian-Nile, Claremont Country, Union

League (New York), and New York Clubs.

Miss Evelyn, Miss Dorothy, Miss Mildred, and Mr. Francis M. Smith, Jr.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. John Francis, (Piedmont, Cal.), 99 Crocker Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 3159).

Mr. member Athenian-Nile, Athens Athletic, and East Bay Country Clubs.

Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

Miss Libby SMITH and Mr. Fenwick SMITH.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. J. Jerome, Berkeley, Cal.,1022 Shattuck Ave., (Tel.

Thornwall 3244).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B., 594 Lake Park Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1968).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J., 125 Kempton Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2845).

SNYDER, Mrs. Andrew J., (Sopha M.), 670 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Humboldt


SOHST, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 585 Lake Park Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2238).

Miss Elizabeth SOHST, Mr. George SOHST, Lake Park & Lake Shore


SPIGANOVICZ, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar V., 7024 Chabot Road, (Piedmont


STALDER, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph, 1822 12th Ave., (Merritt 3273).

Mr. Walter STALDER; Mr. Edw. STALDER.

STANLEY, Mrs. John A., 1436 15th Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 3382-W).

STANLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Lynne, 505 Wickson Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2318).

Miss Jeanette STANLEY.

STARK, Dr. and Mrs. John H., 580 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel. Merritt 4628).

STARR, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A., (Piedmont, Cal.), 216 Union Ave., (Piedmont


STEBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn W., 6537 Chabot Road, (Tel. Humboldt 1060).

STEINDORFF, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, 5302 Broadway, (Piedmont 3485).

STEPHENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee, 267 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 814).

STEVENS, Mr. and Mrs. A. Chesley, 1515 Alice St., (Tel. Oakland 6643).

STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. David M., 668 Trestle Glen Road, (Tel. Glencourt


STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice S., Hayward, (Alameda Co., Cal.), Box 341,

(Tel. Hayward 733).

STOLP, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., (See Piedmont List), 103 Monticello Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 5571).

Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and San Francisco Commercial


STONE, Mrs. Edgar Parkman, (Florence W.), 901 Lake Shore Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3786).

STOW, Mr. and Mrs. Harry P., (See Alameda List), 1617 Central Ave.,

(Alameda 150).

STRATTON, Mrs. Robert T., 441 Fairmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2796).

Miss Irene F.; Miss Florence; and Miss Evalyn Hope STRATTON.

Mr. Robert W. STRATTON.

STREET, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 116 Yorke Dr., (Tel.

Humboldt 682).

STRINGHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Frank O., (Berkeley, Cal.), 21 Tanglewood,

(Tel. Berkeley 7216).

Mr. member Berkeley Country Club; The Faculty Club; Commonwealth

Club and Public Spirit Club.

Mrs. member Town & Country Club (San Francisco) and Town & Gown

Club of Berkeley.

STRONG, Mr. George H., 271 Lee, cor. Jayne Ave., Oakland Heights, (Tel.

Glencourt 771).

HUBBARD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P., (nee STRONG).

STUART, Mr. and Mrs. Victor D., Lafayette, Cal.

STURM, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, 531 Boulevard Way, (Tel. Glencourt 2380).

SUHR, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 333 Portland Ave., (Tel. Merritt 1532).

SUTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 977 Bay View Ave., (Merritt 1674).

SWAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B., 252 Lake Shore Blvd., (Tel. Merritt 3795).

SWEZEY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B., (Berkeley, Cal.), 77 Domingo Ave., (Tel.

Berkeley 8685).

Mr. member Claremont Country and Olympic Clubs, (Tel. Thornwall


SYKES, Dr. and Mrs. Albert E., (Berkeley, Cal.), 77 Domingo, (Berkeley 101).

SYMES, Mr. and Mrs. John P., Annette ROLPH, 843 Warfield Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 2111).

TAFT, Mr. Henry C., (Lizzie M.), 348 Vernon St., Vernon Heights, (Tel.

Glencourt 2962).

Miss Clara M. TAFT.

TAFT, Mr. and Mrs. J. Maxwell, 137 Montecito Ave., Adams Point, (Tel.

Glencourt 3148).

Miss Florence TAFT, Miss Betsey TAFT, and Master Henry H. TAFT.

TAGGART, Mr. and Mrs. Harold J., 169 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


TALCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 1760 High, (43rd Ave.), Fruitvale,

(Fruitvale 604).

TALCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Seth R., 4431 Foothill Blvd., (Fruitvale 3312-R).

TANTAU, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A., 5730 Keith Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4681-W).

TAPSCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. E. N., (Piedmont), 204 Hillside, cor. Blair,

(Piedmont 7180).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 346 Athol Ave., (Merritt 3661).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Churchill, 1975 Webster, (Tel. Oakland 4709).

TAYLOR, Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher Brandon, 1258 Sunnyhills Rd., (Tel.

Glencourt 363).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Butterworth, 1022 Bella Vista, (Merritt 2605).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J., 169 Kempton Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2830).

Miss Margaret W. TAYLOR.

THAYER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip R., (Piedmont, Cal.), 221 Mountain Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 799).

THOMAS, Dr. and Mrs. Hayward G., 2949 Summit St., (Tel. Oakland 2863).

Miss Kathryn THOMAS and Master Hayward THOMAS Jr.

THOMPSON, Dr. and Mrs. Clyde L., 701 Santa Ray Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Dr. member Sequoyah Country; Rotary; and Lakeside Clubs.

THOMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, 866 Paloma Ave., cor. Lerida Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3557).

THOMSON, Mrs. Arthur D., (Sara F.), Piedmont, Cal., 113 Mesa Ave., (Tel.

Humboldt 35).

THOMSON, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 491 Staten Ave., cor. Bellevue Ave., (Tel.

Glencourt 3038).

THORNTON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Albert, 429 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


Mr. member Olympic (S. F.) and Claremont Country Clubs.

TIMERMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin C., 2930 Webster, (Tel. Oakland 1551).

TODD, Dr. and Mrs. J. Hamilton, (Piedmont, Cal.), 43 Park Way Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 1875-J).

TONJES, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., 5863 Birch Court, (Piedmont 5190-W).

TRAVERSE, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 460 28th, (Oakland 1426).

TREANOR, Mr. and Mrs. John P., Upper Redwood Road, (Fruitvale 1567-W).

TROWBRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. Delger, 766 Calmar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3577).

TUTTLE, Mr. Benjamin F., 545 32nd St., (Tel. Glencourt 1580).

TYLER, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curtis, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2862 Webster, (Tel.

Berkeley 4950).

UMPHRED, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., Hotel Oakland, (Lakeside 100).

UMPHRED, Miss Norma, (At present traveling).

VALENTINE, Mrs. John J., (Alice B.), 246 Perry, Oakland Heights, (Tel.

Glencourt 2990).

Miss Ethel S. VALENTINE and Miss Ruth VALENTINE.

VANCE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter D., 819 59th St., (Tel. Humboldt 2570).

VAN COURT, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S., 5690 Ocean View Drive, (Piedmont


VAN DER NAILLEN, Mr. Edmund L., 630 44th St., (Tel. Piedmont 3320-W).

VAN LUBEN SELS, Mr. and Mrs. Peter J., 520 Scyamore, (Oakland 229).

VAN SICKLEN, Mr. and Mrs. John, 814 Calmar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3581).

VAN WYCK, Mr. Stedman R., 630 Haddan Road, (Merritt 2431).

VAUGHAN, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer P., 4602 Park Blvd., (Tel. Fruitvale 6300-J).

VESPER, Mr. George F., 424 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1381).

VINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B., 564 Mira Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3581).

Mr. Robert B. VINSON Jr., Mr. Eugene VINSON.

VOLKMANN, Mr. and Mrs. William G., (Piedmont, Cal.), 15 Muir Ave.,

(Piedmont 3708).

VON ADELUNG, Dr. and Mrs. Edward, 407 29th, (Oakland 4651).

VOSS, Mr. and Mrs. Otto C., 593 Merrimac, (Oakland 3773).

WADDELL, Mr. and Mrs. George B., 346 Hanover Ave., (Merritt 3885).

WAGNER, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy, 627 Santa Ray Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3098).

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Percival J., (See Piedmont List), 30 Sea View Ave.,

(Tel. Piedmont 7961).

Miss Marjorie WALKER, and Master Percy J. WALKER Jr.

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur, 1035 East 12th St., (Tel. Merritt 3614).

WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs. John Burton, (Alameda, Cal.), 7260 St. Charles, (Tel.

Alameda 2196).

Mr. member Claremont Country Club of Oakland.

WALSH, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 98 Monte Vista Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 284).

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth (nee Eleanor SPRECKELS) (See San Francisco


WALTER, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Henry, 808 Lerida Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3550).

Miss Katherine Achsa N. WALTER and Mr. Edwin Howard WALTER.

WALTER, Mr. Charles N., 12 Fairmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2518).

WARFEL, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 534 Chetwood, (Tel. Piedmont 4968-J).

WATERHOUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 374 Jayne Ave., (Tel. Glencourt


WATERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde, 250 Grand Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2702).

Member Claremont Country and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

WATSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., 506 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2170).

WEATHERLY, Mrs. Walter J., Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

WEBSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Bradford, 576 Valle Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1236)

WEBSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A., 985 Bay View Ave., (Tel. Merritt 257).

WEEKS, Mr. and Mrs. Anson B. Jr., (Piedmont, Cal.), 52 Manor Drive, (Tel.

Piedmont 4995).

WERNER, Dr. and Mrs. Adolph F., 2291 E. 20th, (Fruitvale 2395).

WEST, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 2929 Webster, (Oakland 469).

WESTRICH, Mr. and Mrs. Lilburn E., 333 Park View Terrace, (Tel. Glencourt


WETHWEBEE, Mrs. Henry (Ella M.), 1437 Fruitvale Ave., cor. E. 14th,

(Fruitvale 654).

WETMORE, Mr. Clarence J., First National Bank Bldg., or Hotel Oakland,

(Tel. Lakeview 100).

WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harry, (Alameda, Cal.), 2219 Santa Clara Ave.,

(Tel. Alameda 104).

Mr. member Olympic Club (S. F.); Sequoyah Country Club; Athens

Athletic (Oakland); S. F. Press Clubs; S. F. Commercial Club; and

Encinal Yacht Club (Alameda).

Mrs. member Adelphias Club of Alameda.

Miss Shirley WHITE, 2219 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, Cal., (Tel.

Alameda 104).

Master Donald Frier WHITE, and Master Challes Babbitt WHITE.

WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Earl D., (Piedmont, Cal.), 76 Monte Vista, (Piedmont


WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley, 2839 22nd Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 4291-J).

WHITE, Mrs. Katherine Brown, 245 Lee St., (Tel. Glencourt 620).

Member Women's Athletic Club (S. F.).

WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. William Thornton, Regillus Apts., Oakland, Cal., (Tel.

Oakland 6516).

Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Claremont Country

Club (Oakland).

WHITEHEAD, Mr. and Mrs. Howard L., 1075 14th St., (Tel. Oakland 9326).

WHITEHEAD, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert, (Piedmont, Cal.), 319 Bonita Ave., (Tel.

Piedmont 4939).

WHITLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B., 486 Newton Ave., (Merritt 4672).

WHITMORE, Mr. and Mrs. Welles, 217 San Carlos Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


WHITNEY, Mr. and Mrs. George W., Peralta Apts., 13th & Jackson, (Oakland


WHITWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W., 2601 Wellington Road, (Tel.

Fruitvale 6217-J).

Mr. member Sequoyah Country Club (Oakland) and Transportation Club


Mrs. member American Ass'n, University Women (S. F. Bay Branch).

WICKHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 4140 Emerald Ave., (Tel. Piedmont


WIDENHAM, Mr. and Mrs. A. W., 376 Euclid Ave., (Oakland 5854).

Member Union League and Kiwanis Club.

Miss Miriam WIDENHAM, 376 Euclid Ave., (Oakland 5854).

WIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Fred G., 302 Euclid Ave., opp. Palm, (Tel. Glencourt


WILHELM, Mrs. Ethel, (Hotel Oakland), 18th and Harrison, (Tel. Lakeside 100)

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 1930 10th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 858).

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Harry G., 886 Longridge Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3359).

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mansfield, 5214 Belvedere Ave., (Tel.

Fruitvale 2888-J).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Allen D., 3161 Fruitvale Ave., (Fruitvale 1247).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 3157 Lewiston, Oakland, (Tel. Piedmont


WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1403 Madison, (Tel. Oakland 1706).

WILSON, Miss Mary E., (Berkeley, Cal.), "Anna Head School", (Tel.

Berkeley 5854).

Member Fortnightly Club (San Francisco); Town & Gown Club (Berkeley);

Mt. Diablo Country Club; Claremont Country Club (Oakland); Women's

Faculty Club (Univ. of Cal.).

WILSON, Mrs. Peter E., 724 Longridge Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3362).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert O., 6257 Acacia Ave., Rockridge, (Tel.

Piedmont 8009).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J., 265 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3116).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur I., 590 Walsworth Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4559).

WINCHESTER, Mr. and Mrs. Fred P., 354 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 954).

WINSLOW, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H., 460 Staten Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 374).

WINTERMUTE, Dr. and Mrs. George Preston, (Berkeley, Cal.), 227 Tunnel

Road, (Tel. Bkly 5933).

Miss Marjorie WINTERMUTE, "The Rocks", 227 Tunnel Road, Berkeley,

(Tel. Bkly 5933).

WISHART, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 476 Fairbanks Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2114)

WOLFENDEN, Mr. and Mrs. F. I., 1695 Dolores Ave., (Tel. Fruitvale 6306-W).

Manager Athenian-Nile Club, Oakland.

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 851 52nd St., cor. Genoa, (Tel. Glencourt


WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Fred T., 1051 Annerley Road, (Tel. Glencourt 1617).

WOODBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 1428 Brush St., (Tel. Oakland 6590).

WOODWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank John, Regillus Apts., 19th and Jackson,

(Tel. Oakland 5153).

WOOLKER, Mr. Ben F., American Bank Bldg., Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 7030)

or Hotel Oakland.

WOOLSEY, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 5077 Ocean View Drive, (Piedmont


WORDEN, Mr. and Mrs. William W., 464 Orchard St., (Tel. Oakland 4191).

YELLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D., 1924 17th Ave., (Tel. Merritt 2438).

YORE, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 670 36th, (Piedmont 778-W).

YORK, Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Lyle, 757 Lerida Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3556).

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Julius A., 352 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1205).

Mr. Edward T. YOUNG.

YOUNGBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 251 Perry, (Tel. Glencourt 2945).



Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Pages 175-176. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.



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