AINSWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. H. B., Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 936).

BRANSTEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 175).

BREUNER, Mr. and Mrs. John, Glenwood Ave., Menlo Park, (Menlo Park


         Member Bohemian and Olympic Clubs.

         Miss California and Miss Katherine BREUNER members Woman's

         Athletic Club.

CLASSEN, Mr. and Mrs. John W., County Road and Maple, Menlo Park,

         (Menlo Park 337W).

CLUFF, Mrs. William (California C.), Glenwood Ave., Menlo Park.

CORYELL, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B., "Lioyden", County Road, Menlo Park,

         (Tel. Menlo Park 610).

COWELL, Miss Helen E., Miss Isabella M., Camino El Lago, Menlo Park,

         (M. P. 1154-W).

CUMBERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Perry T., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park


DONOHOE, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A., "Holm Grove", Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 156).

         Miss Katherine, Miss Christine, Miss Mary, Mr. J. A. DONOHOE Jr.

DOUGLAS, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., "Menlo Oaks", Menlo Park (Menlo 1160).

DOYLE, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond M., "Menlo Oaks", Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 127).

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Alexis L., Mezes Road, Atherton, Cal., (Menlo Park


EYRE, Mr                        and Mrs. Edward E., Atherton, Cal., (Tel. Menlo 120).

EYRE, Mr. and Mrs Edward Lilburn, Atherton, Cal., (Menlo Park 120).

EYRE, Miss Mary, Menlo Park, Cal.

EYRE, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., (Menlo Park 489).

FIFE, Mrs. George S., Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 714).

FLEISHHACKER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 106).

FLOOD, Mr. and Mrs. James L., "Linden Towers", Menlo Park, (Menlo Park


         Miss Emma FLOOD, "Linden Towers", Menlo Park.

HAHN, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. C., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 142).

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, Walsh Road, Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 178).

HART, Mr. Julien, Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 572).

         Member Argonaut and Beresford Country Clubs.

HELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel S., Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 325) and

         2020 Jackson, S. F.

HENDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Fred B., Park Lane, Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 925).

HOLBROOK, Mr. Charles, Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 283).

HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy, "Sherwood Hall", Ravenswood Road,

         Menlo Park.

         Miss Lydia K. HOPKINS, "Sherwood Hall", Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 133).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., Atherton Ave., Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 1940-W. I.).

LEVENSALER, Mr. and Mrs. James A., Park Lane, Menlo, (Menlo Park 938).

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. DE LANCEY, Res. "Fair Oaks", (Tel. Menlo Park 172-J).

LINFORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 61).

McCANN, Mr. and Mrs. Mark A., Arbor Ave., Menlo Park, (Tel. Menlo Park


        Miss Betty McCANN and Mr. Mark A. McCANN Jr.

McCORMICK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park


MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., Glenwood Road, Menlo Park, (Menlo

        Park 794).

MERRILL, Mrs. John F., (see San Francisco list), 1701 Broadway.

MERRILL, Mrs. John F., Atherton Ave., Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 572).

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay, 215 Lowell, Palo Alto, (Tel. Palo Alto 829).

NICKEL, Mr. and Mrs. J. Leroy, Middlefield Road, Menlo Park (Menlo Park


POOL, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry, Walsh Road, Menlo Park, (Tel. Menlo

        Park 555-W).

RAISS, Mr. and Mrs. Carl, Isabella Ave., Menlo Park, (Tel. Menlo Park 914-R).

ROOS, Mr. and Mrs. George H., Atherton, Cal., (Menlo Park 161).

SCHEELINE, Mr. and Mrs. Simon C., Atherton Road, Menlo Park, (Tel.

        Menlo Park 848).

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E., Isabella Ave., (Tel. Menlo Park 746).

SHARON, Mrs. Frederick W., Menlo Heights, Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 365).

SHORTRIDGE, Senator and Mrs. Samuel M., Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 147)

        and Washington D. C.

SHURTLEFF, Judge and Mrs. Charles A., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo

        Park 1139).

STENT, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., Walsh Road, Menlo Park, (Tel. Menlo

        Park 1920) and S. F. List.

STERN, Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund, Menlo Park, (Tel. Menlo Park 256).

STETTHEIMER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W., Selby Lane, Atherton, Cal.

        (Tel. Redwood 71).

        Miss F. Jean STETTHEIMER.

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus, Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., (Menlo Park


WALES, Major and Mrs. Philip Gray, Valparaiso Ave., Menlo Park, (Menlo

         Park 678).

WALTER, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R., Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 157).

WALTER, Mr. and Mrs. David L., Fair Oaks Lane, Atherton, (Menlo Park 596).

WARREN, Miss Etta Marion, Res. Atherton Ave., (Tel. Menlo Park 867).

WEIR, Mr. and Mrs. William B., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 141).

WIEL, Mr. and Mrs. Eli H., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 825).

WILLCOX, Mr. and Mrs. George M., Atherton, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel.

         Redwood City 1701-F4).

         Miss Marie Louise WILLCOX and Mr. John Frederic WILLCOX.

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Evan, Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 577-M).

         Mr. member Pacific-Union, Menlo County, University, & S. F. Golf &


         Mrs. member Francisca and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

         CRIMMINS, Mr. Edward.

         CRIMMINS, Mr. Martin L., Jr.

WOODS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., The Alameda, Menlo Park, (Menlo Park 891J).






Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Pages 174-175. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.




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