ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. F. B., Corinthian Island, Belvedere, (Belvedere 204).

BERGHAUSER, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., Bella Vista Ave., (Belvedere Main 55).

BLAND, Mrs. Flora Goodall, "The Anchorage", Belvedere, (Tel. Belvedere 42).

              Member: The Century; Woman's Athletic; City & Country Federation of Women's

              Clubs; and Belvedere Golf & Country Club.

              Miss Carmen BLAND.

BLANDING, Mr. Gordon, "Cliff Crest", Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 6).

              Miss Lena BLANDING, "Cliff Crest", Belvedere and Fairmont Hotel, S. F.

COOK, Mr. and Mrs. Mills Pierce, Belvedere, (Belvedere 215).

CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., Beach Road, (Belvedere Main 21).

EDWARDS, Dr. and Mrs. James W., Golden Gate Ave., Belvedere, (Belvedere 209W).

ESTERBROOK, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A., Corinthian Island, Belvedere, (Belvedere 201).

FREER, Mr. and Mrs. Burr W., Golden Gate Ave., (Belvedere Main 45).

GREENWOOD, Mr. Fred A., Belvedere, Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 207-W).

              Member Lambs Club (New York), S. F. Golf & Country and Olympic Clubs.

GUERRAZ, Mr. and Mrs. George F., Bay View Ave., Belvedere, (Belvedere 23).

HAINES, Dr. Byron W., Bay View Ave., Belvedere, (Tel. Belvedere 28-W).

HARMON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward N., Golden Gate Ave., (Belvedere Main 30-W).

HELLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio G., Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 46).

HEYNEMANN, Mrs. Manfred H., Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 110).

HOLCOMBE, Mr. and Mrs. Royal A., Pagoda Lane, Belvedere, (Belvedere 228J).

HOLMES, Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward, Bella Vista Ave., Belvedere, (Tel. Belvedere 13-J).

              Mrs. member Century, Town & Country and Sorosis Clubs.

KEIL, Mr. Hugo D., Lyford's Terrace, Belvedere, (Belvedere 126-J) and S. F. List.

KELLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W., Corinthian Island, Belvedere, (Belvedere 5R).

KLEINHANS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 57M).

LATHROP, Mr. and Mrs. Leland S., Mr. Leland S. Jr., Belvedere, (Belvedere 33R).

LEVISON, Mr. and Mrs. L. O., Beach Road, (Belvedere Main 14-J).

MAILLIARD, Mr. and Mrs. John Ward, Beach Rd., Belvedere, (Belvedere 34).

MAILLIARD, Mr. and Mrs. John Ward Jr., Belvedere (and San Francisco List).

McKENNEY, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C., Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 113).

              Mr. Arthur C. McKENNEY Jr. Members Belvedere Golf & Country Club.

PARKER, Commander and Mrs. Thomas Drayton, Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal.,

              (Belvedere 210).

              Commander member Army & Navy Club and Commonwealth Club.

              Mrs. member Century; Woman's Athletic, and City & Country Federation of

              Women's Clubs.

PAYNE, Dr. and Mrs. Clyde, Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 202M).

              Miss Dolly and Mr. Clyde PAYNE Jr., Belvedere, (Belvedere 202M).

PETERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand C., "The Teyons", G. G. Ave., (Belvedere 124).

              Mr. G. Raltzer PETERSEN, "The Teyons", Golden Gate Ave., Belvedere.

REY, Mr. V. J. A., Golden Gate Ave., Belvedere, (Belvedere 36J).

PREUSSER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 226).

              Mr. member Belvedere Golf & Country and Union League Club.

              Mrs. member Woman's Athletic ; Belvedere Golf & Country; City & Country

              Federation of Women's Clubs.

RICE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Russell Jr., Belvedere, Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 115).

              Mr. member William's Club (New York City) and Belvedere Golf & Country.

              Mrs. member Francisca (S. F.) and Belvedere Golf & Country Clubs.

              Miss Marile RICE and Master Edward Russell RICE III.

STILLMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Stanley, Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 41).

              Miss Lisa STILLMAN and Mr. Stanley STILLMAN Jr.

SULLIVAN, Miss Sophie, Bella Vista Ave., Belvedere, (Tel. Belvedere 49).

SULLIVAN, Miss Elizabeth, Bella Vista Ave., Belvedere, (Tel. Belvedere 49).

SUTTON, Mrs. Allen M. (Helen B.), and Miss Barbara, Bay View Ave., (Belvedere 4).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M., Beach Road, Belvedere, (Belvedere 12-J).




Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Page 187. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.



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