AUSTIN, Colonel and Mrs. W. G., View Point Road, Los Altos, (Tel. Los Altos


COLBURN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard L., Los Altos, Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 144).

         Mr. member San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; Olympic Club (S. F.);

         Lakeside Country Club (S. F.); Los Altos Country Club; B. P. O. Elks,

         and others.

CHRISTESON, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Los Altos, Cal., and St. Francis Hotel,

         S. F.

DARLING, Mrs. John A. (Clara L.), Burke Ave., Los Altos (Los Altos 22) and

         S. F.

FIELD, Mr. Charles K., University Ave., Los Altos, (Los Altos 119).

GRIFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G., El Monte Ave., Los Altos, (Los Altos 20-J).

HALSEY, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore V., Los Altos, Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 8).

HERZSTEIN, Dr. Morris, Magdalena Road, Los Altos, (Los Altos 54-R & 48)

         also S. F.

HOWARD, Colonel and Mrs. John, Los Altos, Cal., (Los Altos 34-W-3).

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. Horace L., Jr., Moody Road, Los Altos, (Tel. Los Altos


LYNCH, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newton, Fremont near Burke, Los Altos, (Los A.


MASKEY, Mrs. Anna, Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 153).

         Member Forum Club (S. F.).

McCUTCHEON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., Pine Lane, Los Altos, (Tel. Los Altos

         73) & S. F. List.

McELROY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D., Los Altos, Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 289).

MORGAN, Mrs. Percy T., Laterman Road, Los Altos, (Tel. Los Altos 17).

O'NEAL, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, Los Altos, Cal., (Los Altos 34-J-2).

ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. A. S., University Ave., Los Altos, Santa Clara Co.,

         (Tel. Los Altos 42).

         Mr. member Union League Club and Transportation Club of San


         Miss Marjorie ROBINSON, University Ave., Los Altos, Cal.

ROLPH, Hon. and Mr. James Jr., Alpine Road, Los Altos, (Los Altos 34-W-1).

ROSSIER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., El Monte & Hawthorne, Los Altos, (Los

         Altos 44).

SHOUP, Mr. and Mrs. Guy V., University Ave., Los Altos, (Los Altos 11).

SHOUP, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, University Ave., Los Altos, (Los Altos 52).

SHUMATE, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E., Fremont Ave., Los Altos, (Los Altos 87).

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. Reginald Knight, Los Altos, (Los Altos 74) and S. F. List.

SPINKS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., (Virginia M.), Los Altos, Santa Clara Co.,

         Cal., (Los Altos 133).

         Mr. member Los Altos Club and Los Altos Golf & Country Club (P. O.

         Box 237).

         Mrs. member Lambda of Phi Omega Pi (University of California);

         American Association of University Women (Bay Branch); League of

         American Pen Women (Berkeley Branch); Ebell Club (Oakland); Le

         Conte Chapter United Daughters Confederacy; S. F. Women's Building

         Association, and Berkeley Chapter No. 178 O. E. S.

STRASSBURGER, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, Pine Lane, Los Altos, (Los Altos 141-J)

WALLACE, Mrs. Ryland B., Main & University Ave., Los Altos (Los Altos 89)

         and S. F.

WEINSTOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Springer Road, Los Altos, (Los Altos

         54-M) and S. F.

WRIGHT, Mrs. Thomas, El Monte Ave., Los Altos, (Tel. Los Altos).

         Miss Sarah WRIGHT.




Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Page 176. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.



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