AGNEW, Mr. and Mrs. Albert C., 1106 Bat St.  (Alameda 1795).

ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R., 3008 Santa Clara Ave. (Alameda 638).

ANTHONY, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., 1630 Central Ave. (Tel. Alameda 71).

                    Miss Helen Virginia Anthony and Mr. Edwin R. Anthony Jr.

BAKER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G., 1160 Bay (Alameda 825-W).

BARBER, Mr. and Mrs. James B., 1421 High ((Alameda 776J).

BATES, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. A., 727 Paru (Alameda 1444-J).

BATES, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clem., 2139 Buena Vista Ave. (Alameda 3435-J).

BEADLE, Mr. and Mrs. Don B., 1200 Sherman, (Tel Alameda 2122).

BENDEL, Mrs. Herman (Alameda, Cal.), 1270 St. Charles St., (Alameda 4075).

                  Mr. Emil H. and Mr. Ronald BENDEL.

BENNETT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., 2301 Alameda Ave., (Tel. Alameda 3644-W).

BISSELL, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H., 1432 Morton (Alameda 1772).

BORTON, Mr. and Mrs. Earle C., 1007 Morton (Alameda 236).

BOYD, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T., 2115 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2852-W).

BRACE, Mr. and Mrs. Burton B., 730 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1521).

BULLOCK, Mrs. Ezra B. (Luvan M.), 812 Paru (Alameda 1692-W).

BURMEISTER, Mr. and Mrs. Otto F. E., 1320 Central Ave. (Tel. Alameda 1378-J).

                 Miss Hazel M.

BURMEISTER, Mr. and Mrs. Sumner R., 1309 Morton, (Alameda 1077-W).

                 Master Sumner Fred BURMEISTER.

BURRELL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F., 916 Paru (Tel. Alameda 4261).

CHAPPELL, Mr. and Mrs. Scott R., 1516 Schiller, (Alameda 1286-W).

CADMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 2130 San Jose Ave., (Tel. Alameda 994).

CHRISTENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. C. L., 1115 Lafayette St., (Tel. Alameda 532).

                Member Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda Boat Club, Transportation Club.

CHRISTENSEN, Mr. H. M., (Alameda, Cal.), 1223 Post, (Alameda 2723).

CHRISTY, Mr. and Mrs. James R., 1205 St. Charles, (Tel. Alameda 404-J).

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Albert V., Miss Alberta V., 700 Paru, (Alameda 1875).

CLERK, Mr. and Mrs. Ira, 1209 Bay (Tel. Alameda 2763).

COHEN, Mrs. Emilie G., "Fernside", Buena Vista and Versailles, (Tel. Alameda 3703).

COLLISCHONN, Mr. and Mrs. Franz, 2439 Central Ave., (Alameda 2749-J). 

CONNOR, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R., 1634 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2372).

CONNOR, Mr. Samuel B., 2009 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1130).

CONTI, Miss Nina, 112 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1368-W).

COOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J., 891 Union, (Tel. Alameda 258).

              Mr. member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; S. F. Commercial and

              Commonwealth Clubs.

              Miss Kathleen COOGAN and Master Emmons COOGAN.

CRAIG, Mr. and Mrs. Homer T., 1737 San Antonia Ave., (Tel. Alameda 204).

CRAMER, Mr. Walter H., 1543 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Alameda 773-W).

              Member East Bay Country Club and Commonwealth Club.

CRAWFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Ray W., 1720 - 8th Street, (Alameda 2954-W).

CROLL, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J., 1201 Walnut, (Alameda 2709-W).

DAVIS, Mrs. Charles L., (Helen E.), 1616 Dayton Ave., (Alameda 681).

              Mr. Hallock G. DAVIS, Mr. Charles Paxton DAVIS,

              (Mr. Hallock WRIGHT).

DEARDORFF, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1106 Grand, (Alameda 676-J).

DESSAU, Dr. and Mrs. Henry F., 2122 San Jose Ave., (Alameda 2295-W).

DEWEY, Dr. and Mrs. Franklin N., 1004 Grand Ave., (Tel. Alameda 55).

DEXTER, Mr. and Mrs. Hermann F., 1603 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 2018-W).

DEWEY, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin N., 1004 Grand Ave., (Tel. Alameda 55).

DICKIE, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 2244 Clinton Ave., (Alameda 1540-W).

DIXON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 1831 Alameda Ave., (Alameda 1524-J).

DOLGE, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1011 Morton, (Alameda 674).

DURNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Harold J., 810 Grand, (Alameda 3369).

DYER, Mr. and Mrs. D. Elmer, 915 Chestnut, (Alameda 2943-W).

EMMONS, Mr. George W., 891 Union, (Tel. Alameda 258).

ENGINER, Mrs. Victor, (Theresa), 2241 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 1759-W).

ESCHEN, Mr. and Mrs. James N., 1137 Bay St., (Tel. Alameda 3084-W).

FAULKNER, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, 1411 Grand St., (Tel. Alameda 2927-W).

FAULKNER, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 1306 Sherman, (Alameda 349).

FEDERSPIEL, Mr. and Mrs. Sophus, 2070 San Jose Ave., (Alameda 2778-J).

FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Russell B., 1307 Bay, (Alameda 2253).

FIELDS, Mr. and Mrs. James L., 2141 Clinton Ave., (Alameda 984-J).

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1011 Grand, (Tel. Alameda 2639).

FRANCK, Mr. and Mrs. Max, 2606 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 374-W).

FRASER, Mr. and Mrs. James C., 1128 Bay St., (Tel. Alameda 238).

GALLEGO, Mrs. Romulus C., (Bella F.), and Miss Mabel, 2005 Eagle, (Alam. 2667-W)

GILMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W., 1024 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2460).

GOTTFRIED, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, 641 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1879-W).

GRAVES, Mr. and Mrs. Francis B., 1611 San Antonio Ave., (Alameda 145W).

             Mr. Francis G. Graves.

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe S., 2119 Clement Ave., (Tel. Alameda 790).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 1625 San Antonio Ave., (Alameda 1534).

GREENLEE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic S., 1204 Bay., (Alameda 1602).

            Miss Phyllis and Mr. Frederic L. GREENLEE.

GRIFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 1232 Bay, (Alameda 279).

GUERIN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J., 2009 Central Ave., (Alameda 1130).

GUTSCH, Mrs. Wilhelmina, 2116 Clinton Ave., (Tel. Alameda 3889).

HALL, Dr. and Mrs. Channing, 1431 Morton St., (Tel. Alameda 3270).

HARRISON, Mr. A. Dalton, 1623 Central Ave., (Alameda 3215).

HASLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver C., 1427 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 193).

HASLETT, Mr. and Mrs. S. Montgomery, 1605 Clinton Ave., (Tel. Alameda 154).

HASLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney, 999 Morton St., (Tel. Alameda 866).

          Miss Doris HASLETT and Mr. S. M. HASLETT Jr.

HEIDT, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 2247 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 666).

HENDRY, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 1412 Benton Ave., (Alameda 1520-W).

HOVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 2024 San Jose Ave., (Alameda 956-W).

HUTT, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G., 1118 San Antonio, (Alameda 1219).

JAMES, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin P., (Alameda, Cal.), 1601 Alameda Ave., (Alameda 129-W).

JAMES, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 1121 Bay, (Alameda 65).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E., 900 Chestnut, (Alameda 3693-J).

JORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Peter A., 1100 Grand Ave., (Alameda 1372).

KAHL, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., "Edgewater", 1275 Caroline, (Tel. Alameda 4027).

         Member Sequoyah Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

KEANE, Mr. and Mrs. Augustin C., 1005 Morton, (Tel. Alameda 2003).

        Member .F. Press, S. F. Commercial, Golden Bear (U.C.), and Encinal Yacht

        Clubs, also Theta Delta Chi Fraternity(U. C.).

KERR, Mr. and Mrs. James, 635 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 1014-J).

KNOWLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R., 717 Paru, (Tel. Alameda 54).

KRUSI, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, 2033 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1369).

KUNZ, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1720 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1329).

LANDSBERGER, Mr. Julius A., 1311 Dayton Ave., (Tel. Alameda 96).

        Mr. member Bankers Club of America; Olympic; Lake Merced Golf & Country and

        Sac Jose Golf & Country Clubs.

        Miss Florence LANDSBERGER, 1311 Dayton Ave., Alameda, (Tel. Alameda 96).

LAUGHLIN, Dr. and Mrs. John O., 1143 Bay, (Alameda 1593).

LINDERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Fred., Miss Martha, Miss Marion, 2001 Alameda Ave.,

        (Alameda 932).

LOVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Louis W., 710 Grand, (Tel. Alameda 2261-J).

LUBBOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald, 2207 Lincoln Ave., (Tel. Alameda 241-W).

LUBBOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald J., 1417 Cottage Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2656-J).

LUFF, Mr. and Mrs. Hale Harper, 1715 Palmera Court, (Tel. Alameda 2527-J).

LYNCH, Mrs. James Kennedy, 1423 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 797-J).

MASLIN, Mr. and Mrs. E. W., 1826 San Jose Ave., (Alameda 2804-W).

MATHEWSON, Colonel and Mrs. Henry G., 869 Walnut (Tel. Alameda 724).

        Mr. member Union League Club. Mrs. member Adelphian Club, Alameda.

        Miss Jean Loring MATHEWSON and Mr. Henry Lewis MATHEWSON.

McLENNAN, Mr. and Mrs. Francis P., 1115 Bay, (Alameda 113J).

MEDCRAFT, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Charles, 816 Paru St., (Tel. Alameda 677).

MEREDITH, Mr. and Mrs. Wynne, 1004 Union, (Alameda 974-J).

MEYERS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., 2021 Alameda Ave. (Tel. Alameda 1116).

MOSER, Capt. Jefferson, (U.S.N. retired), 2040 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 1411).

NASON, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. L., 2067 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 3220).

NELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 2039 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 768).

NICHOLSON, Mr. and Mrs. William A. S., 2003 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2309-W).

OKELL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., SE. corner Dayton and Sherman, (Tel. Alameda 153).

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D., 1244 St. Charles, (Tel. Alameda 421-W).

OSBORN, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T., 1715 Clinton Ave., (Tel. Alameda 3355).

OTIS, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M., 1850 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1416-J).

OTIS, Hon. and Mrs. Frank, 1609 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 135W).

PARKHURST, Mrs. Mary J., 2037 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 1635-J).

PATERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacDonald, 1809 San Jose Ave., (Alameda 693).

PLUMMER, Mr. and Mrs. George E.,1433 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2928-J).

PLUMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip B., 806 Grand, (Alameda 3304-J).

POLITEO, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V., 1519 Encinal Ave., (Alameda 2884-W).

POWELL, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry, 1521 Broadway, (Alameda 940-W).

PUTNAM, Mr. and Mrs. Kingman B., 2051 Buena Vista Ave., (Alameda 919).

RABJOHN, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W., 1546 igh, (Alameda 3891-W).

RANDOLPH, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L., 1251 St. Charles, (Alameda 292).

ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E., 1506 Morton, (Alameda 713-W).

ROPER, Mr. and Mrs. alph M., 1371 Pearl, (Alameda 4055).

ROWE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles V., Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Burlingame 179).

ROYCE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell, 1432 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 678-W).

SADLER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 1101 Paru, (Alameda 391).

SARGENT, Mr. and Mrs. Frank G., 2116 San Antonio Ave., (Alameda 975-W).

SCHETTER, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond O., 1013 Willow, (Alameda 1571-W).

SEAGRAVE, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 3221 Sterling Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2664-J).

SHERRARD, Mr. and Mrs. McKee, 920 Grand, (Alameda 1024).

SKINNER, Mr. and Mrs. John Hathaway, 1814 Clinton, (Alameda 187).

SLOAN, Mr. and Mrs. James R., 2060 Eagle Ave., (Alameda 3256).

SOULE, Mr. and Mrs. John F., Miss Dorothy, 1801 Central Ave., (Alameda 1907).

STEPHENS, Dr. and Mrs. William Barclay, 1250 Bay, (Alameda 830).

STOKES, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 1726 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 4308).

           Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club and Transportation Club of San Francisco.

           Mr. Charles J. Stokes.

STOW, Mr. and Mrs. Harry P., 1617 Central Ave., (Alameda 180).

SUYDAM, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 1012 Union, (Alameda 2890W).

SWAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H., 1717 Alameda Ave. (Alameda 115).

TABOR, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 1803 San Antonio Ave., (Alameda 2931).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Edward K., 1500 Central Ave., (Alameda 3117J).

TELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shepherd, 1819 Central Ave., (Alameda 102).

THOMPSON, Dr. and Mrs. George Clarence, 1232 St. Charles, (Alameda 4).

TILDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., 1031 San Antonio Ave., (Alameda 152).

TISDALE, Dr. and Mrs. Charles L., 1601 Alameda Ave., (Alameda 129-W).

TOWNSEND, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B., 704 Paru, (Alameda 543-W).

TURNER, Mr. and Mrs. Thos., Miss, 1311 Clinton Ave., (Alameda 190).

TYSON, Mrs. George H., 1501 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 132).

VAN BRUNT, Miss Ruth E., 1173 Park Ave., (Alameda 766W).

VAN SICKLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 1831 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 33).

          Miss Hilda VAN SICKLEN.

VAN SICKLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz M., 918 Grand St., (Tel. Alameda 1979-W).

WAITE, Mrs. Edwin G., (Julia E.), 2026 Central Ave., (Alameda 1811-W).

WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs. John Burton, 1260 St. Charles St., (Tel. Alameda 2196)

          Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakalnd).

WARD, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus H., 723 Paru St., (Tel. Alameda 146).

WARD, Mrs. J. G., 1539 Versailles, (Alameda 2105-W).

WEEDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1111 Union, (Alameda 540-J).

WEEDEN, Captain and Mrs. Henry F., 1328 Sherman, (Alameda 351-W).

WEIHE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A., 1101 Sherman, (Tel. Alameda 3087).

WEINMANN, Judge and Mrs. Louis Randolph, 811 Paru, (Alameda 89).

WEINMANN, Mr. and Mrs. William L., 705 Grand St., (Tel. Alameda 476).

WEST, Mr. and Mrs. T. C., 1204 Walnut, (Alameda 2541-W).

WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harry, 2219 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Alameda 104).

         Mr. member Olympic Club (S. F.); Sequoyah Country Club (Oakland); Athens

         Athletic Club (Oakland); S. F. Press Club; S. F. Commercial Club; Encinal Yacht

         Club (Alameda). Mrs. member Adelphian Club of Alameda.

         Miss Shirley WHITE, 2219 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, (Tel. Alameda 104).

         Master Donald Frier WHITE and Master Charles Babbitt WHITE.

WILKENS, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 1250 Park Ave., (Alameda 2868-W).

WILLIAMSON, Mr. and Mrs. Francis A., 848 Laurel, (Alameda 1931-J).

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lewis, 1315 Lincoln Ave. (Tel. Alameda 3761-W).

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. George T., 1421 San Antonio Ave., (Alameda 210).

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. John Strother, 1320 Bay St., (Tel. Alameda 887).

YOUNGBERG, Mr. and Mrs. John E., 1403 Morton, (Alameda 94-W).





Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Ann Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Jed J. & Alexander Dulfer, Our Society Blue Book, Pages 238-241. Dulfer & Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1925.

2009 Sally Kaleta.