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TUTTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Lauren T., 679  27th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 864).

TWIGGS, Dr. Walter A., 51 Frederick, (Tel. Market 2827).  Office: 240 Stockton, (Tel. Kearny 520).

TYNAN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J., 2460 Lyon, near Vallejo, (Fillmore 1231).

       Member Bohemian, "Family", Olympic and Transportation Clubs.

       Mr. Joseph J. TYNAN Jr.

TYSON, Mr. and Mrs. James H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 25 Sotello, Cal., (Tel. Piedmont 2959).

       Mr. member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, Sequoyah Country, and Claremont Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Francisca Club (S. F.).

       Master Lawrence H., Master James Jr., and Master John H. TYSON.

UHL, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1188 Lombard, (Tel. Graystone 3208).

ULMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Lourin T., 2714 Steiner, (Tel. Fillmore 1560).

       Miss Elizabeth and Miss Madeline ULMAN.

ULMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Victor R., 278 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8196).

UMBSEN, Mrs. Ida K., 1340 Vallejo, (Tel. Graystone 3698).

UMPHRED, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Franklin, Oakland, Cal.. 305 Euclid Ave.

UMPHRED, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., (Hotel Oakland), Oakland, Cal., 305 Euclid Ave.

UMPHRED, Miss Norma (traveling).

UNDERHILL, Mrs. Henry B. Jr., (Kathryn C.), 2856 Vallejo, (West 156).

UNGER, Mr. and Mrs. Milton E., 321 Lake, (Pacific 138).

UNNA, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J., 3929 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7907).

UPHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P., Mill Valley, Marin County, Cal.

UPHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Oliver, 680 Sutter, (Tel. Prospect 951).

       Mr. member the Bohemian, "The Family", and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

UPTON, Mr. Francis R. Jr., 686 Mills Bldg., (Tel. Sutter 1500), res. 550 Stockton, (Tel. Kearny 4193).

       Member Olympic, San Francisco Golf & Country, and Burlingame Country Clubs.

UPTON, Mr. John R., 2015 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 172).

U'REN, Mr. and Mrs. Milton T., 2179 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 4999).

       Member of Press and Commonwealth Clubs.

URQUHART, Mr. and Mrs. George Alexander, 216 Moncada Ave., (Randolph 1783).

       Member Olympic and Commonwealth Clubs.

URQUHART, Mr. and Mrs. John L., 1146 Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 8800).

VAIL, Mrs. Deborah H. and Miss Helen, Palo Alto, Cal., 333 Channing, (Palo Alto 655W).

VAIL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

VAIL, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marshall, 1119 Greenwich Terrace, (Prospect 5308).

VAN ANTWERP, Mr. and Mrs. W. C., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 71).

VAN BERGEN, Miss Emma, Miss Lillian, 239 Hugo, (Sunset 1975).

VAN BERGEN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 2595 Washington, (Fillmore 1558).

VAN BERGEN, Mrs. Louise and Mr. Nicholas B., 1800 Franklin, (Prospect 3674).

VANCE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., "Green Lodge Ranch", Oakley, Contra Costa County, Cal.

VANDALL, Mrs. Murray F., 2901 Buchanan, (Tel. West 1915).

VANDERBILT, Mr. and Mrs. Newell F., (San Rafael, Cal.), 715 5th Ave., (San Rafael 746).

VANDEVER, Dr. George Y., 895 Sutter, (Tel. Prospect 695).

VAN DINE, Mr. Melville E., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., or Mills Bldg., San Francisco.

VAN ECK, Baron and Baroness J. C., New York City, NY.

VAN FLEET, Mr. and Mrs. Alan C., 2652 Broderick, (Fillmore 3514).

VAN FLEET, Mr. and Mrs. Clark C., Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Cal.

VAN FLEET, Mrs. William C., 2020 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 820).

       Miss Julia VAN FLEET.

VAN HORNE, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 4005 California, (Tel. Bay View 6326).

       Mr. Homer VAN HORNE.

VAN NESS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Jr., 1921 Octavia, (Tel. Fillmore 2887).

VAN NOSTRAND, Judge and Mrs. John J., 1871 Sacramento, (Tel. Prospect 9860).

VAN NOSTRAND, Mr. and Mrs. Lester, 729 Miramar Ave., (Randolph 573).

VAN RONKEL, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 2782 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 3837).

VAN SCHAICK, Mr. and Mrs. F. C., 49 Marcela Ave., Ingleside Terrace, (Sunset 1468).

VAN SICKLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, (Alameda, Cal.), 1831 Central Ave., (Alameda 33).  Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

      Miss Hilda.

VAN SICKLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Jr.

VAN SICKLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Horace D., 2467 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 4439).

VAN SMITH, Mr. George A., Bohemian Club, (Franklin 2441).

VAN VORST, Mrs. Caroline R. and Miss Lillian, 1806 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7868).

VAN WAGENEN, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmour S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1633 Arch, (Berkeley 944W).

VAN WINKLE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L., 240 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 8002).

       Miss Anna and Mr. Kellogg VAN WINKLE.

VAN WYCK, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Jr., 2266 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 500).

VARNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. B., 1265 Masonic Ave., (Tel. Park 35).

VAUGHAN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 2211 California, (Fillmore 4505).

VECL, Dr. and Mrs. Victor G., 312 Arguello Blvd, (Tel. Bay View 8027).

VERDIER, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, Paris France, 51 Avenue des Ternes and City of Paris Dry Goods Company, San Francisco.

      Member Pacific-Union, Cercle de L'Union, Olympic, Burlingame Country and San Mateo Polo Clubs.

VIETS, Mr. and Mrs. George B., 3956 Fulton, (Pacific 7609).

      Member San Francisco Commercial, Commonwealth, Masonic and Rotary Clubs.

VILLAIN, Dr. and Mrs. Albert J., 1 San Rafael Way, (Sunset 3339).

VINCENT, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., (Burlingame, Cal.), Bewer's Road, (Burlingame 251).

VINCENT, Mrs. Mary E., and Mr. Frederic, 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 951).

VINCENT, Mr. and Mrs. W. Germain Jr., 3090 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 1341) and San Mateo.

      HILL, Miss Lucy.

VIRDEN, Mr. Charles E., Alexander Bldg., 155 Montgomery, (Tel. Douglas 8185).

VOLKMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G., 2780 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 250).

VOLKMANN, Mr. and Mrs. George F., 2307 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 399-J).

      Mr. member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, S. F. Commercial, and Merchants Exchange Club.

      Mrs. member Sorosis and San Francisco Civic Center Clubs.

      Miss Johanna VOLKMAN, member Century, Town & Country, and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

VON RHEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Otto E., Hotel Cecil, 545 Post St., (Tel. Prospect 180).

      Miss Edith VON RHEIN and Miss Elizabeth VON RHEIN.

VON TURNER, Mr. and Mrs. Brodie M., 1576) Chestnut, (Tel. West 638).

VOORSANGER, Dr. and Mrs. William C., Palace Hotel, (Tel. Sutter 706).

     Dr. member Argonaut; The Concordia; Commonwealth; and Bereford Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Philomath and Beresford Country Clubs.

VROOMAN, Miss Beatrice, 2000 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7194).

WAGNER, Mr. and Mrs. Albert P., 2208 Steiner, (Fillmore 5248).

WAGNER, Dr. Henry Lewis, and Mr. Henry F., 518 Sutter, (Kearny 159).

WAGNER, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Talcott, 2760 Union, (FIllmore 4554).

WALCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Earle Ashley, 76 San Rafael Way, (Tel. Sunset 923).

      Master Ashley V. R. and Francis John WOLCOTT.

WALDECK, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 2328).

WALDECK, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo, 2909 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 3635).

WALDRON, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 3160 Jackson, (Fillmore 3311).

      Miss Aileen and Mr. Douglas WALDRON, 3160 Jackson, (Fillmore 3311).

WALDROP, Mr. and Mrs. Uda, 1940 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7118).

WALE, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1616 8th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 2489).

WALE, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, 300 Cabrillo, (Tel. Bay View 9325).

WALES, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 179 23rd Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2621).

WALES, Major and Mrs. Philip Gray, Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 678).

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C., 1525 Clay, (Tel. Prospect 8878).

      Mr. Edgar C. WALKER Jr.

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G., 158 Funston Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6706).

      Mr. member Union League Club of San Francisco.

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Percival John, (Piedmont, Cal.), 39 Sea View, (Tel. Piedmont 6454).

      Miss Marjory and Master Jack WALKER.

      Member Bohemian, S. F. Golf & Country, Claremont Country, Midwick Country Clubs.

      Mrs. member Francisca Club (S. F.).

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Roy D., (San Mateo, Cal.), 95 W. Bellevue, (San Mateo 1295).

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Shirley, 2812 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 6454).

       Member University and Presidio Golf Clubs.

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot Cyrus, Montecito, Santa Barbara County, Cal.

WALKER, Mr. and Mrs. Willis G., 840 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 475).

WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T., 2222 Hyde, (Franklin 5297).

WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L., 2790 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1255).

WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs. John Burton, (Alameda, Cal.), 1250 St. Charles St., (Tel. Alameda 2196).

       Mr. member Claremont Country Club of Oakland.

WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs. John P., Huntington Apts., 1075 California, (Tel. Franklin 5400).

WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs.  Robert Jr., 2052 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 7366).

WALLACE, Mrs. Ryland R., 2214 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 7971).

WALLACH, Mrs. Marshall B., 2195 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 4697).

        Miss Helen WALLACH.

WALLERSTEDT, Mr. and Mrs. Carl E., 3159 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4681).

WALLIS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 2619 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 4875).

        Mr. member The Family; Presidio Golf; Claremont Country; and Commonwealth Clubs.

        Miss Virginia WALLIS and Mr. Edward Bennett WALLIS.

WALSH, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., Oakland, Cal., 98 Monte Vista, Piedmont 284).

WALSH, Mr. and Mrs. George F., 624 16th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2914).

        Miss Dorothy WALSH, 2824 College Ave., Berkeley, Cal., (Tel. Berkeley 3025W).

WALSH, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 2100 Broadway, cor. Buchanan, (Fillmore 2379).

WALSH, Mrs. Kenneth, (Eleanor Soreckels), 2000 California, (Tel. Fillmore 9193).

WALSH, Mrs. Marie Pernau, 133 Pierce, (Tel. Park 2176).

WALTER, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Henry, (Oakland, Cal.), 808 Lerida Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3550).

        Member Sequoyah Country Club.

        Miss Katherine Achsah WALTER and Mr. Edwin Howard WALTER.

WALTER, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence  R., Atherton, San Mateo Co., (Menlo Park 157).

WALTER, Mr. and Mrs. David L., Fair Oaks Lane, Atherton, Cal., (Menlo Park 596).

WALTER, Mrs. D. N., Hotel St. Francis, (Tel. Kearny 3554).

WALTER, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, 1803 Franklin, (Tel. Walnut 868).

WALTER, Mrs. Isaac N., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 3554).

WALTER, Mr. and Mrs. John L., 2231 Clay, (Fillmore 153).

         Miss Marjorie; Miss Nell; and Mr. John L. WALTER Jr.

WAND, Mr. and Mrs. Philip N., 1897 Lake, near 19th Ave., (Pacific 1791).

WANGENHEIM, Mr. and Mrs. Emil S., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 4698) or Newman, Cal.

WANZER, Dr. L. M. F., 2970 California, (West 80).

WARD, Mrs. Eugene Valentine, 2286 Jackson, (Tel, Walnut 582).

WARD, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., Clift Hotel, (Prospect 4700), or 2030 Franklin, (Tel. Walnut 1995).

WARD,  Dr. and Mrs. James W., 2851 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 824).

WARD, Mr. and Mrs. Roy C., "Tilllicum", Mill Valley, Cal., (Tel. Mill Valley 234).

WARDELL, Mr. and Mrs. Justus S.,2830 Broderick, (Fillmore 742).

WARREN, Miss E. Marion, Atherton, San Mateo, Co., Cal., (Menlo Park 867).

WARREN, Mr. and Mrs. Harry O., 1412 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 2378).

WARWICK, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C., 3769 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 5818).

WASSERMAN, Mrs. Edwin A., (Helen T.), ______ Franklin, (Tel. Walnut ___ ).

WATERHOUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour W., (San Juan, Cal.).

         Miss Dorothy and Mr. John CADWALDER.

WATERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde, (Oakland, Cal.), 250 Grand Ave.,  (Tel. Lakeside 3226).

         Member Claremont Country and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

WATERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie H., 2131 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 4536).

WATERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 3129 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 2243)/

WATKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N., Berkeley, Cal., 1728 Sonoma Ave., (Berkeley 9351).

        Miss Cecil Watkins, 1728 Sonoma Ave., Berkeley Northbrae, (Berkeley 9351.

WATKINS, Dr. and Mrs. James T., 3  25th Ave., (Beach Terrace), Tel. Pacific 3878.

WATSON, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J., (San Mateo, Cal.), 165 Warren Road, (Tel. San Mateo 1111).

        Member Burlingame Country, Commonwealth, and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

WATSON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B., 2600 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 105).

        Member Pacific-Union; Menlo Country and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

        Mr. John B. WATSON.

WATSON, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S., 101 San Pablo Ave., (Tel. Sunset 6615).

        Miss Margaret and Mr. Charles L. WATSON.

WATSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., (Oakland, Cal.), 506 Van Buren, (Oakland 46).

WATSON, Mrs. Walter C. R., (Jennie L.), Los Angeles, Cal., or Francisca Club.

WATT, Mr. and Mrs. Rolla V., 1 Baker, Cor. Haight, (Park 54).

       Member Pacific-Union, S. F. Commercial, Commonwealth, and Presidio Golf Clubs.

WATT, Judge and Mrs. Rolla Bishop, 2836 Filbert, (Filmore 384).

WATT, Mrs. Robert (Elizabeth D.), 36 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8280).

WAYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Guy T., 2833 Washington, (Tel. Filmore 3421).

WAYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Willlard O., Ross, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 2073).

WEATHERWAX, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff M., Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 589).

        Mr. member Pacific-Union, Burlingame Country, and San Francisco Golf & Country  Clubs.

WEAVER, Mr. and Mrs. Chester N., 51 Commonwealth Ave., (Bay View 240).

WEAVER, Mr. and Mrs. Hart L., 200 Santa Paula Ave.,(Tel. Sunset 5535).

WEAVER, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F., 3653 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7705).

WEBB, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C., 2115 Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 3722).

WEBB, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2517 Derby, (Thornwall 2508).

WEBB, Mr. and Mrs. U. S.,  349 14th Ave., (Pacific 7399).

WEBER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 814).

WEBSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Bradford, (Oakland, Cal.), 576 Valle Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2393-J).

WEBSTER, Mrs. Fred; Miss Margaret; 3015 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 1797).

WEBSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Jr., (Richmond, Cal.), "Mira Vista", (Tel. Richmond 2393-J).

        Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club (San Francisco), and Berkeley Tennis Club.

WEBSTER, Mr. and Mrs. George A., Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 5190).

WEBSTER, Mr. and Mrs. James S., 150 Camino Del Mar, ( Pacific 3503).

WEBSTER, Mrs Walter Byron, Fairmont Hotel, Tel. Douglas 8800

WEEDEN, Mr and Mrs Frank, Alameda, Cal,1111Union, Alameda 540J

WEEDEN, Mr Norman D,  315 Montgomery, Tel Garfield 5500

WEEDEN, Captain and Mrs Henry F, Alameda, Cal, 1328 Sherman, Alameda 351W

WEEKS, Dr and Mrs Alanson, 2513 Octavia, Tel West 1569

Dr member Pacific Union, The Family, San Francisco Golf and Country Clubs

Office Fitzhugh Bldg, 340 Post, Tel Kearny 270

WEEKS, Mr and Mrs Charles Peter, 750 Sutter, Tel Prospect 10400

Member University and S F Golf and Country Clubs.

WEEKS, Mr George K, Pacific Union Club, 1000 California, Prospect 33

WEEKS, Mr and Mrs Samuel F, Burlingame, Cal, 1400 Cortez, Burlingame 126

WEICK, Miss Louise, 1443 Clay, Franklin 3311

Miss Helen WEICK, Miss Ida, 1433 Clay, Franklin 3311

WEIGLE, Mr and Mrs Gilbert G, 3015 Franklin, Tel Fillmore 1723

WEIHE, Mr and Mrs Harry A, Alameda, Cal, 1101 Sherman, Tel Alameda 1723

WEIL, Mr and Mrs Adolph L, 2800 Jackson, Tel Fillmore 487

Miss Mary Elizabeth and Mr Martin John Weil

Mr member Beresford Country and Olympic Clubs.

WEILL, Mr. and Mrs Michael D, 2005 Sacramento, Fillmore 1916

WEINMANN, Mrs Louis, Alameda, Cal, 1315 Dayton Ave, Alameda 1530

Member S. F Commercial Club, and Encinal Yacht Club

WEINMANN, Mr. and Mrs, William L., Alameda, Cal, 705 Grand St., Tel Alameda 89

Member Encinal Yacht Club

WEINSHENK, Mr and Mrs Charles, 1770 Pacific Ave, Tel Fillmore 1628

WEINSTOCK, Mrs Harris, Stanford Court Apartments, Kearny 4249.

WEINSTOCK, Mr and Mrs Robert Los Altos, Santa Clara Co, Cal, Tel Los Altos 54M

Miss Barbara WEINSTOCK

WEINSTROM, Mr and Mrs John O, 26 Palm Ave, Tel. Bay View 7756

Miss Weinstrom

WEIR, Mr and Mrs Walter B, 2090 Jackson, West 819, and Menlo Park, Cal

Miss Eleanor and Mr. Boyd WEIR, 2090 Jackson, or Menlo Park, Cal.

WEIRICK, Dr and Mrs Henry Woods, Berkeley, Cal, 185 Uplands, Berkeley 183

WEISS, Dr and Mrs Arthur, Berkeley, Cal, Hart and Keith Ave, Berkeley 6995J

WEISS, Mr and Mrs William G, 587 Twenty fourth Ave, Pacific 5951

WEISSICH, Mr and Mrs William O, Mill Valley, Marin County, Cal, Mill Valley 313.

WELBANKS, Mr and Mrs Webster, 16 Merced Ave, Tel Sunset 2034

WELCH, Mr and Mrs Andrew P, 2840 Broadway, Fillmore 2132, and San Mateo

Miss Marie de L WELCH, Miss Florence E WELCH, San Mateo, Cal

WELCH, Mrs George F, 1478 Jackson, Prospect 9353

WELCH, Captain and Mrs, Lyman M, 3555 Jackson, Tel. Walnut 200

WELCH, Mr. Robert M, Bohemian Club, Franklin 2441

WELLMAN, Mrs Jule B, 2000 Washington, Tel. Fillmore 7085

Miss Aldine WELLMAN

WELLS, Mr and Mrs Frederick C, Piedmont, Cal, 319 Pala Ave, Tel. Piedmont 887D

Mr member Athenian Nile Club, Elks and Aahmes Shrine.

Miss Martha Sybil WELLS

WELSH, Mr and Mrs Martha A, 675 12th Ave, Pacific 4324

WELSH, Mr James Crawford, 2442 Jackson, Fillmore 675

Member Pacific Union Club

WELTY, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen F, Canterbury Hotel, 750 Sutter, Tel Prospect 10400

Miss Mary WELTY

WEMPE, Mr and Mrs Gerhard, Fairmont Hotel, Douglass 8800

WENTZ, Dr Henry E, 516 Sutter, (Tel. Sutter 1198 or 673 Geary, Tel Prospect 8410

Member Union League Club

WENTZ, Mr and Mrs Walter R, 376 17th Ave, Pacific 6599

WENZELBURGER, Mr and Mrs Adolf, 2960 Steiner, Tel Fillmore 1403

WERNER, Mr and Mrs Frank, 10 Sea Cliff, Tel Pacific 2808

WERNER, Mr and Mrs W Russell, 297 Arguello Blvd, Tel Bay View 8246

WESSON, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L., 742 15th Ave, Pacific 1662

Member Union League & Olympic Clubs

WESTON, Mr and Mrs John Arthur, 2000 California, Tel. Fillmore 9527).

WESTON, Mr and Mrs  William Bunker, Santa Clara, Cal, Tel Santa Clara 180 M  Member Commonwealth Club  Miss Nancy Perrin WESTON

WESTRICH, Mr and Mrs  Lilburn E, Oakland, Cal

WESTMORE, Mr and Mrs John G, 4528 Fulton, Tel Bay View 8039

WEULE, Mr and Mrs Ernest L, 466 Page Park 4978

WHEELER, Mr and Mrs Benjamin Ide, Berkeley, Cal., 2535 Ridge Road, Berkeley, Tel. Berkeley 1413

Captain Benjamin Webb WHEELER, 2425 Ridge Road, Tel. Berkeley 1413

WHEELER, Mrs Charles Stetson, 3700 Washington, Tel. Bay View 7724.  Summer Residence The Bend, McCloud River, Siskiyou Co, Cal

WHEELER, Mr and Mrs Charles Stetson Jr, Piedmont, Cal., 782 Kingston Ave, Piedmont 7863.  Summer Res The Bend, McCloud River, Siskiyou Co, Cal

WHEELER, Mr and Mrs Frederic, Berkeley, Cal., 2838 Woolsey, Tel. Berkeley 2144

            Mr Ralph Wheeler

WHEELER, Mr and Mrs Frederic R, Palo Alto, Cal., 465 Lowell Ave, Tel. Palo Alto 2110

Miss Ann Bradford WHEELER

WHEELER, Miss Helen , Womans Athletic Club, 640 Sutter, (Tel Prospect 480 Member Town & Country and Woman's Athletic Clubs

WHEELER, Dr and Mrs Peter, 2012 Broadway, Tel West 8390

            Miss Pauline L WHEELER and Miss Catherine K WHEELER

WHELAN, Mr and Mrs John L, 3590 Washington, West 5174

WHIPPLE, Mr and Mrs Frank B, Grace H, 2542 Fillmore, Tel. West 789 also Menlo Park, San Mateo County, Cal

            Mr Member Menlo Country Club

WHIPPLE, Mr and Mrs Henry L, 1432 Anza, Tel. Bay View 9938

WHITE, Mrs Annie Ries  and Mr Williard WHITE, 2945 Van Ness Ave, (Tel Fillmore 8151

WHITE, Mr and Mrs Charles Harry, Alameda, Cal., 2219 Santa Clara Ave, Tel Alameda 104

            Mr member Olympic Club S F, Sequoyah Country Club, Athens Athletic Oakland, S F Press Club, S F Commercial Club and Encina Yacht Club Alameda

            Mrs member Adelphian Club of Alameda

            Miss Shirley White, 2219 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, Cal., Tel. Alameda 104

            Master Donald Frier WHITE and Master Charles Babbitt WHITE

WHITE, Mr and Mrs Charles Henry, 105 Cherry, Bay View 866

WHITE, Mrs David A, 1724 Pierce, Tel. Fillmore 1344

WHITE, Dr and Mrs Fillmore, 1155 Jones, Tel. Prospect 1692

WHITE, Mr and Mrs Frank G, Keystone Apts, 1369 Hyde, Tel Graystone 234

WHITE, Mr and Mrs Harry nee Jean WHEELER, 3700 Washington, when in S F

WHITE, Mr and Mrs James E, 110 Edgewood Ave, Tel. Sunset 4848

Member Commonwealth, Union League, and Masonic Clubs, Islam Temple Shrine, and California Bodies Scottish Rite

WHITE, Mr and Mrs John Daniel, 35 Merced Ave, Tel. Sunset 4285

WHITE, Mrs Katherine BROWN, Oakland, Cal.

            Member Womans Athletic Club, San Francisco

            Master William Thornton WHITE Jr

WHITE, Miss Marion Belle, 2676 California, West 2055

WHITE, Mr and Mrs Ralston, Garden of Allah, Mill Valley, Marin County, Cal. Corte Madera Ave., Mill Valley 97

WHITE, Mrs Robert; Miss Emile; 775 Post, Prospect 2098, and Morganhill, Cal

WHITE, Mr and Mrs Stewart E, Burlingame, Cal

WHITE, Mr William K, Bohemian Club, Taylor and Post, Tel. Franklin 2441

Member Bohemian Club, San Francisco Golf & Country Club, University Club, Presidio Golf Club, and Olympic Club

WHITE, Mr and Mrs Thomas, 2164 Hyde, Tel. Franklin 4572

WHITE, Mr and Mrs William Thornton, Regillus Apt., Oakland, Cal., Tel. Oakland 6516

            Mr member Bohemian, San Francisco, and Claremont Country Club, Oakland

WHITECOTTON, Mr and Mrs William Wallace, Hotel Whitecotton, Berkeley 7300 and 327 South Alexandria Ave, Los Angeles, Cal

WHITECOTTON, Mr Otis, Hotel Whitecotton, Berkeley, Cal., Tel. Berkeley 7300.

WHITEHEAD, Mr and Mrs Ernest, 1606 Vallejo, Tel. Fillmore 2331

            Mr. member Transportation Club and Olympic Clubs

            Mrs member Womans Athletic Club

            Miss Marjorie WHITEHEAD, 1606 Vallejo, Tel. Fillmore 2331

WHITELAW, Capt.and Mrs Thomas P H, Piedmont, Cal., 10 Palm, Piedmont 7551

WHITING, Mr and Mrs  Randolph., 2164 Hyde, Prospect 1834

WHITING, Admiral and Mrs Wm. H, Berkeley, Cal., 1317 Arch, Berkeley 2847

WHITLEY, Mr and Mrs Henry A, 3536 Washington, Fillmore 2245

WHITLEY, Mrs Arthur L, Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, Tel. Kearny 815

WHITNEY, Dr and Mrs James Lyman, 2853 Green, Tel. Fillmore 1476

WHITNEY, Mr Leslie D, 2766 Green, Tel. Fillmore 1050

            Member University Club.

WHITNEY, Mr Vincent, Pacific Union Club, 1000 California, Tel. Prospect 33

            Member Pacific-Union Club, San Francisco Golf & Country Club, and Harvard Club

WHITTELL, Mrs George, 1155 California, Franklin 3088, and Woodside, Cal

WHITTELL, Mr and Mrs Alfred, 2470 Broadway, near Pierce, Tel. Fillmore 2914

            Mr Pacific-Union; University; Burlingame Country, and Menlo Country Clubs

            Miss Marie-Louise and Mr. Alfred WHITTELL Jr.

WHITTELL, Mr and Mrs George Jr, 1155 California, Franklin 3088

WHITTLER, Mrs William R., Elizabeth C., Stanford Court Apts, (Kearny 1035

WHITWORTH, Mr.and Mrs Herbert W, Oakland, Cal.,1401 Wellington, Tel Fruitvale 7539W

Mr member Sequoyah Country Club, Oakland, and Transportaion Club, Treasurer

Mrs member American Association University Women, S F Bay Branch

WIDENHAM, Mr and Mrs A W, Oakland, Cal, 1112 Ashmount Ave, Tel Glencourt 4001

Member Union League and Kiwanis Clubs

WIEL, Mr and Mrs Alfred L, 3535 Clay, Tel West 8584

Miss Eleanor WIEL

WIEL, Mr and Mrs Eli H, Atherton, San Mateo Co Cal, Menlo Park 232

Miss Elizabeth WIEL, Atherton, Cal

WIEL, Dr and Mrs Harry I, 3511 Clay, Tel Fillmore 1113

Miss Barbara WIEL

WIEL, Mr and Mrs Irvin J, Fairmont Hotel, Douglas 8800

WEIL, Mr Samuel C, Merchants Exchange Bldg, Sutter 1439

WIELAND, Major and Mrs Charles Frederick, Berkeley, Cal

WIGGIN, Mrs May Andrews, 68 Post, Tel Sutter, 3324

Mr Phillip Andrews WIGGIN

HARRISON, Miss Eloise Davenport

WIGGINS, Mrs. Wilfred W, Caroline F, 1810 Broadway, West 2486

Miss Jessie N and Miss Carrie WIGGINS, 1810 Broadway

WILBUR, Dr and Mrs Ray LYMAN, Stanford University, Cal, Tel Palo Alto 46

Dr member Pacific Union, University, Bohemian, and Commonwealth Clubs

Mrs member Town & Country, Century, and National League American University Women

Miss Lois Proctor WILBUR, Mr Blake Colburn WILBUR

ELY, Dr and Mrs Leonard W, Jessica Wilbur, 1010 Bryant, Palo Alto, Cal

WILCOX, Mr. and Mrs Walter E, 1896 Pacific Ave, Tel Fillmore 2888

WILKES, Mr and Mrs Alfred G, Los Angeles, Cal, 336 S Rossmore Ave, Tel Hempstead 8826

WILKES, Mr and Mrs Ernest H, Burlingame, Cal, Tel Burlingame 687

Mr member Burlington Country Club

Miss Janice WILKES, Miss Betty WILKES, and Miss Peggy WILKES

Master Ernest H WILKES Jr

WILKINS, Mr and Mrs Frank A, 1896 Pacific Ave, Tel Fillmore 9950

WILKINS, Mr and Mrs Harry Hepburn, 2957 Divisadero, Tel  Fillmore 3492

WILKINSON, Mr and Mrs C W, Berkeley, Cal, 2325 Bonvenue Ave, Berkeley 4000W

Miss Dorothy, Miss Pauline, and Mr Winsor D WILKINSON

WILKINSON, Mr and Mrs Thomas H, 715 12th Ave, Pacific 5853

Mr Thomas H WILKINSON member Olympic Club

WILLARD, Mr Charles W, 864 Francisco, Franklin 6153

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Joseph M, 3778 Clay, Tel Bay View 7803

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Jules, 3525 Washington, Fillmore 3716

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Leon, 2224 Baker, Tel Fillmore 8946

Miss Beatrice WILLARD

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Maurice, 1849 Clay, Tel Prospect 1174

Mr Albert J WILLARD, Inverness Apts, 1405 Van Ness Ave

WILLARD, Dr and Mrs William P, 2741 Divisadero, Fillmore 227

WILCOX, Mr and Mrs George Milton, Atherton, San Mateo County, Redwood 1702F4

Miss Marie Louise WILCOX

WILLCUTT, Mr and Mrs George B, Fairmont Hotel, Tel Douglas 8800

WILLCUTT, Dr and Mrs George H, 2505 Pacific Ave, Tel Fillmore 4400

Dr member Marin Golf & Country, Lagunitas Country, and Union League Clubs

Mrs member Town & Country Club, Marin Golf & Country, and Lagunitas Country Club

Miss Jean WILLICUTT, Mr John Baker WILLICUTT, Mr Richard C Willicutt

WILLETT, Mr and Mrs Walter M, 2028 Scott, Tel Fillmore 7775

Miss Audrey, Miss Barbara WILLETT, 2028 Scott

WILLIAMS, Miss Cora L, Berkeley, Cal, San Antonio and Arlington, Berkeley 5343

WILKINSON, Mr and Mrs C W, Berkeley, Cal, 2325 Bonvenue Ave, Berkeley 4000W

Miss Dorothy, Miss Pauline, and Mr Winsor D WILKINSON

WILKINSON, Mr and Mrs Thomas H, 715 12th Ave, Pacific 5853

Mr Thomas H WILKINSON member Olympic Club

WILLARD, Mr Charles W, 864 Francisco, Franklin 6153

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Joseph M, 3778 Clay, Tel Bay View 7803

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Jules, 3525 Washington, Fillmore 3716

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Leon, 2224 Baker, Tel Fillmore 8946

Miss Beatrice WILLARD

WILLARD, Mr and Mrs Maurice, 1849 Clay, Tel Prospect 1174

Mr Albert J WILLARD, Inverness Apts, 1405 Van Ness Ave

WILLARD, Dr and Mrs William P, 2741 Divisadero, Fillmore 227

WILCOX, Mr and Mrs George Milton, Atherton, San Mateo County, Redwood 1702F4

Miss Marie Louise WILCOX

WILLCUTT, Mr and Mrs George B, Fairmont Hotel, Tel Douglas 8800

WILLCUTT, Dr and Mrs George H, 2505 Pacific Ave, Tel Fillmore 4400

Dr member Marin Golf & Country, Lagunitas Country, and Union League Clubs

Mrs member Town & Country Club, Marin Golf & Country, and Lagunitas Country Club

Miss Jean WILLICUTT, Mr John Baker WILLICUTT, Mr Richard C Willicutt

WILLETT, Mr and Mrs Walter M, 2028 Scott, Tel Fillmore 7775

Miss Audrey, Miss Barbara WILLETT, 2028 Scott

WILLIAMS, Miss Cora L, Berkeley, Cal, San Antonio and Arlington, Berkeley 5343

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Evan, Menlo Park, Cal., Tel Menlo Park 577-M

Mr. member Pacific-Union, Menlo Country, University & S.F. Golf & Country

Mrs. member Francisca and S.F.  Golf & Country Clubs.

CRIMMINS, Mr. Edward

CRIMMINS, Mr. Martin L., Jr.

WILLIAMS, Dr. and Mrs. Francis B. 1233 Shrader, Tel Sunset 5064

WILLIAMS, Mr. James G., Clunie Bldg., 819 California, Tel Garfield 1445

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 2083 Pacific Av., Tel Fillmore 2173

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, 308 Laurel, Fillmore 2173

Miss Jane and Miss Eleanor WILLIAMS, 308 Laurel

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Alston (Berkeley, Cal.) 1912 Yolo Av.

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Thomas H., 3324 Washington, Tel Fillmore 3052

Miss Beatrice S. and Mr. Thomas H. WILLIAMS

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mansfield (Oakland, Cal.) 5214 Belvedere Av.

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hammond, (Burlingame, Cal.) 954 Laguna Burl. 772-W

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R., (Piedmont, Cal.) 1726 Oakland Ave. Piedmont 4782

WILLIAMSON, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander B. (Alameda, Cal.) 745 Pacific Av., Tel. Alameda 324-J

Member Bohemian Club


WILLIAMSON, Dr. Marshall G., 1631 Oak. Park 259

WILLIAMSON, Miss Sarah M., Millbrae, San Mateo County, Cal.

WILLIAMSON, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Forsythe, 1055 California. Prospect 4096

WILLIAR, Mr. and Mrs. Harry R., 2668 Vallejo, Fillmore 3668

WILLIS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gloucester, 2219 Pacific Av., Tel Fillmore 3129

WILSHIRE, Mrs. William B., 2760 Sacramento, Tel Fillmore 499

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alex A., 2341 Vallejo, Tel Fillmore 5639

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. W., St. Regis Apts., 1925 Gough, Fillmore 4641

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., (Berkeley, Cal.) 3040 Benvenue, Berkeley 2996-J

Mr. Charles M. WILSON, Jr.

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M., Belvedere, Cal. Belvedere 12-J

Ensign Edgar Forbes WILSON

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 2206 Lake  Tel Bay View 3879

Miss Evelyn E., Miss Loretta F. and Dr. Horace B. WILSON

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. (Sacramento, Cal.) 2217 G. St., Tel Main 5566

WILSON, Dr. and Mrs. Hermon Fowler, 190 Urbano, Tel Randolph 6380

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, 901 Bush, Franklin 5131

Mr. Allen K. WILSON, 901 Bush, Franklin 5131

WILSON, Miss Mary E. (Berkeley, Cal.) “Anna Head School”, Tel Berkeley 5972

Member Fortnightly Club (San Francisco); Town & Gown Club (Berkeley) Mt. Diablo Country Club; Claremont Country Club (Oakland); Women’s Faculty Club (Univ. of Calif.)

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Mountford S., “Midoaks,” Burlingame, Cal., Burlingame 371

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Neill C., (Burlingame, Cal.) 822 Walnut, Burlingame 358-J

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. 232 Eighth Av., Pacific 2830

Miss Helen P., Mr. Frank R. and Mr. Arthur C. WILSON, 238 8th Ave.

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. (Oakland, Cal.) 411 Fairmont Av., Tel Glencourt 3116

WINGFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. George 2324 Pacific Av., Tel West 857

WINSHIP, Mr. Emory (Macon, Georgia) Fairmont Hotel when in S. F.

WINSLOW, Mrs. Sarah Stetson, 1945 Pacific Av., Tel Fillmore 7844

WINTERBURN, Miss Louise E., 2714 Webster, Vallejo, Tel West 3094

WINTERMUTE, Dr. and Mrs. George Preston (Berkeley, Cal.) 227 Tunnel Rd., Tel Bkly 5933

Miss Marjorie WINTERMUTE, “The Rocks”, 227 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley, Tel Bkly 5933

Member Claremont Country and Berkeley Country Clubs.

WIRTNER, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 2330 Vallejo, Fillmore 547

WISMER, Mr. and Mrs. Einar, 1439 43rd Ave., Sunset 278

WITHROW, Miss Marie L., 2016 Pine, Tel Fillmore 1312

Miss Evelyn Almond WITHROW, 2016 Pine, Tel Fillmore 1312

WITZEL, Mr. and Mrs. Claus F., 576 17th Av., Tel Bay View 4938

WITZEL, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 560 Funston Av., Tel Pacific 2452

WOBBER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 859 Powell, Tel Kearney 5710

WOCKER, Mr. and Mrs. August C., 163 25th Av. Pacific 5469

WOLFENDEN, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. (Oakland, Cal.) 4635 Dolores Av., Merritt 959

Manager Athenian-Nile Club, Oakland, Cal.

WOLF, Mr. and Mrs. Prosper L., 110-20th Av., Tel Bay View 1395

WOLFE, Mr. and Mrs. Francis W., Menlo Park, Cal., Menlo Park 1942-J-5

WOLFE, Mr. and Mrs. Milton, 1830 Gough, Tel Fillmore 6340

Miss Evelyn J. WOLFE

WOLFF, Mr. and Mrs. Carl, 306 Laurel, Tel Fillmore 9200

WOLFF, Mr. and Mrs. George, 3511 Jackson, Fillmore 5060

WOLFF, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 2222 Sacramento, Fillmore 1737

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Y., 230-24th Av., Tel Pacific 4028

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin, Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal., Tel Burlingame 1106

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Casimer J., Union League Club

WOOD, Dr. and Mrs.  George A., 427 17th Ave., Pacific 7871

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. H. Meyer, 1824 Jackson, Tel Walnut 666

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 1025 Sutter, Tel Prospect 21

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Earle, 3 Presidio Terrace, Tel Bay View 8291

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A., 53 Presidio Av., Tel Fillmore 8917

Miss Helen and Mr. Austin WOOD, 53 Presidio Av., Tel Fillmore 1343

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Seabury Mastick, 2016 California, Tel Fillmore 7608

Miss Lola WOOD, 2016 California

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. William Hart, 2770 Jackson, Tel Fillmore 5402

WOODBURY, Mr. Elmer M., Hotel Richelieu, Tel Prospect 8866

WOODRUFF, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D., 323 Euclid Av., Bay View 1752

WOODRUFF, Mr. Sidney (Los Angeles, Cal.) 630 S. Rossmore Av., Tel GRanite 8853  Tel L.A. 435-412

Member Pacific-Union (S.F.) Los Angeles Athletic, Brentwood Country (Santa Monica) and Ellicott (Buffalo, N.Y.) Clubs.

WOODS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., Menlo Park, Cal., Tel Menlo Park 891-J.

WOODS, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Jr., 2950 Pacific Av., Tel Fillmore 2149

     NEWHALL, Mrs. Edwin White

WOODS, Mr. and Mrs. James, New York City, N.Y. or Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles

WOODS, Miss Lottie G., 2000 Pacific Av., Tel Fillmore 7846

Miss Maud N. and Miss Dorothy J. WOODS.

WOODWORTH, Mr. Marshall B., Union League Club or 519 California

WOOLAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A., 253 Maple, Tel Bay View 5578

WOOLSEY, Dr. and Mrs. Chester H., 2220 Sacramento, Fillmore 941

WOOLSEY, Dr. and Mrs. Mark H., 929 Ashbury, Park 48

WORDEN, Mrs. Clinton E., 1155 California, Prospect 133

WORDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B., 31 Commonwealth Av., Tel Bay View 8054

Mr. John B. WORDEN

WORDEN, Mr. Willard E., 1141 Turk, Tel Fillmore 7991

WORES, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore, 1722 Buchanan, Fillmore 681

WORMSER, Mrs. Louise, Bellevue Hotel, Franklin 3636

WORMSER, Mr. Samuel I., 1755 Jackson, Tel Fillmore 4170

WORSWICK, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lacy, 700 Octavia, cor. Fulton, Tel Walnut 1405

WORTH, Mrs. Sidney, 2622 Gough, Tel Fillmore 7875

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Allen G., 7 Russian Hill Pl., Tel Prospect 3924

Member University Club (San Francisco) and Army & Navy Club

Miss Louise P. WRIGHT

WRIGHT, Mrs. Benjamin C., 7 Russian Hill Pl., Tel Prospect 3924

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrenius C., 1131 Greenwich, Tel Prospect 4063 or Canterbury Hotel, 759 Sutter, Tel Prospect 10400

WRIGHT, Mrs. Cyrus S., Palo Alto, Cal., or 2700 Lyon, S. F., Tel Fillmore 2682

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter M., 2695 Sacramento, Fillmore 237

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., 2590 Union, Fillmore 2290

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Harold L., 2700 Lyon, Fillmore 2682

WRIGHT, Dr. Harold Walgrove, Flood Bldg, Tel Douglas 7153

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Irving (Santa Barbara, Cal.) El Prado del Monte.

Miss Katherine WRIGHT Tel Santa Barbara 3211-W

Member Pacific-Union (S.F.) Montecito Country, and Little Town (Santa Barbara) Clubs

WRIGHT, Mrs. John A., 2605 California, Tel Fillmore 7698

Miss Elizabeth, Miss Sarah S., Mr. John S.

WRIGHT, Mrs. John B. (Laura C.) Stanford Court Apts., Tel Kearny 6090

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. John Strother, (Alameda, Cal.) 1320 Bay, Alameda 887

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 1444-6th Av., Tel Sunset 1283

Member Bohemian Club (Mrs. WRIGHT, Town and Country Club)

Mr. A. Harvey WRIGHT, Member Olympic Club

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Kirkham, 2800 Green, Fillmore 3175

WRIGHT, Miss Mary T., 1300 Sacramento, Tel Franklin 5302

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Norman S., Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal.

WRIGHT, Mrs. Thomas, Los Altos, Santa Clara County, Cal., Tel Los Altos 85-W

Miss Sarah WRIGHT

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. William Quinby, Sausalito, Cal. Sausalito 301

WUNDER, Mr. A. D., Olympic Club, Tel Prospect 4400

Member Olympic Club and Lakeside Country Club, (Olympic)

WYMAN, Mr. Oliver Brown, 2231 Broadway, Tel Fillmore 568

WYMORE, Dr. and Mrs. William W., 48 N. Castro, near Duboce Av., Park 911

WYNNE, Mrs. C. Mezes, 2060 Vallejo, West 5442

Mr. Edward Cyril WYNNE, 2060 Vallejo, West 5442

YATES, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 169 Foreside, Tel Sunset 3903

YERRINGTON, Dr. and Mrs. Henry H., 2021 California, Tel Fillmore 2458

YORK, Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Lyle, Oakland, Cal., 757 Lerida Av.

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. 518 Funston Av., Pacific 4523

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E., 22 Presidio Terrace, Tel Bay View 8272

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C., 51 Sotello Av., Tel Sunset 2913

YOUNG, Mr. Frederick J., 3942 Washington, Tel Bay View 4671

YOUNG, Major and Mrs. Haldimand P., 2335 Pacific Ave., Fillmore 5180

YOUNG, Dr. and Mrs. Harry G., 2614 Buchanan, Tel Fillmore 207

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., 2727 Pierce, Tel Fillmore 4189

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Harry R., 3712 Jackson, Tel Bay View 7712

Miss Mary YOUNG

YOUNG, Mrs. James (Eugenia) 1617 Lyon, Tel Fillmore 8873

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Julius A., Oakland, Cal. 352 Palm Ave., Tel Glencourt 1205

Member Athenian-Nile and Sequoyah Country Clubs

Mr. Edward T. YOUNG

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Foster, 21-5th Av., Tel Bay View 1061

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. William A., Jr., Berkeley, Cal., 2302 Derby, Tel Thornwall 595

Member Transportation and California Golf Clubs

YOUNG, Mr. and Mrs. William R. K., 2460 Green, Tel Fillmore 9316

YOUNG, Mrs. W. W., Stanford Court Apts., Kearny 3398

YOUNGER, Dr. and Mrs. Edward A., Fairmont Hotel, Douglas 8800

ZANDER, Mr. and Mrs. W. E., Berkeley, Cal., 1316 Spruce, Berkeley 3580-W

ZANE, Miss Elizabeth, Fairmont Hotel

ZANE, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A., Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal., Redwood 1710-F-2

Miss Harriet ZANE, Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal.

ZEILE, Mr. John, Pacific-Union Club, Prospect 33

ZEILE, Mrs. Frederick W., 1050 Green, Prospect 122

ZEILE, Miss Marion, Fairmont Hotel and Menlo Park, Cal.

ZELLERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. Harold L., 3410 Jackson, Tel Fillmore 3092

ZELLERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. Isadore, 3524 Jackson, Fillmore 4245

ZELLERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. J. David, 3580 Clay, Fillmore 5276

ZIEGLER, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 16 Belmont, Tel Sunset 1857

ZIEMER, Mrs. Charles, 2331 Pacific Av., Tel Fillmore 1316

ZOOK, Judge and Mrs. Edgar T., San Rafael, Cal., 548 Belle Av., Tel San Rafael 12

ZUMWALT, Dr. and Mrs. Fred H., 3880 Clay, Tel Bay View 83.  Office: Butler Bldg., 135 Stockton, Tel Douglas 2806

Mrs. member Sorosis Club of San Francisco

Miss Margaret ZUMWALT, member Woman’s Athletic Club





Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Kaleta.

© 2009-2010 Sally Kaleta.