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RAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E., 100 Locust, (Tel. Fillmore 365).

     Miss Elinor and Miss Aline RAAS, 100 Locust.

RAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C., San Anselmo, Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo 512-J).

RADER, Dr. and Mrs. George O., 1244 28th Ave., (Sunset 1201).

RADFORD, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 2360 Broadway, (Fillmore 3601).

RAINEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 2806 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 723).

RAISCH, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J., 2210 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 1192).

RAISS, Mr. and Mrs. Carl, 2100 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 8446).

RAMSDELL, Mr. Leland S., (Los Angeles, Cal.).

RAND, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton D., 76 Shore View Ave., (Pacific 9143).

RANKIN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J., 1937 Broadway, (Fillmore 4770).

RANSOHOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Howard J., 2300 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Graystone 3213).

     Mr. member The Concordia Club and Beresford Country Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic and Beresford Country Clubs.

RANSOHOFF, Mr. and Mrs. James B., 3659 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 1675).

      Mr. member Argonaut Club and Beresford Country Club.

      Miss Jean RANSOHOFF and Master James B. RANSOHOFF Jr.

RANSOHOFF, Mr. Robert, 3659 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 1675).

      Mr. member The Concordia Club; Argonaut Club; and Beresford Country Club.

RAPP, Mr. and Mrs. John G., 30 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8287), and Ross, Marin Co., Cal.

      Miss Gladys; Miss Claribel; and Miss Joan RAPP.

RATHBONE, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L., Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 680).

RAU, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S., 1701 Broadway, (Tel. Walnut 1099).

      Mr. member Olympic; Lakeside Golf & Country and Lake Merced Golf & Country Clubs.

      Miss Irma RAU; (Mrs. and Miss RAU members Women's Athletic Clubs).

RAWLINGS, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 45 Highland Ave.

      Miss Ellenita  and Mr. Stewart L. RAWLINGS Jr., Piedmont, Cal.

RAWLINS, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 819 Masonic Ave., (West 5294).

RAYMOND, Dr. Alexander, 508 Clayton, (Tel. Park 7226).  Office: 518 Flood Bldg., (Tel. Kearny 1877).

      Member Union League Club of San Francisco.

RAYMOND, Mrs. Elizabeth Burgess, 2729 Jackson, (Fillmore 1012).

      Mrs. Marie and Mr. Lee Burgess RAYMOND, 2729 Jackson, (Fillmore 1012).

RAYMOND, Mrs. Frances Effinger, 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 973).

      Manager Gregg Publishing Co., Office: Phelan Bldg., (Tel. Sutter 3186).

      Member San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; Advertising Club; and Civic League.

RAYMOND, Mr. and Mrs. F. L., (nee Edith YOUNG), Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 3398).

RAYMOND, Mr. and Mrs. George Perkins, (nee Helen JONES), Montecito, Cal.

RAYMOND, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jr., (Olivia HOWARD), Boston, Mass.

READ, Dr. William P., Hotel Stewart, 353 Geary, (Tel. Sutter 3640).

READER, Mr. and Mrs. James B., 1001 Chestnut, (Tel. Franklin 1858).

RECH, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. A., Chicago, Illinois.

     Mr. RECH, member The Family Club; Mrs. RECH, member Woman's Athletic Club.

RECTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Howard B., (Oakland, Cal.).

REDDIN, Mrs. C. O'Brien, 761 20th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4564).

     LYNCH, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ransom.

REDDING, Mrs. Albert P., 64 Linares, Forest Hill Court, (Tel. Sunset 3274).

REDDING, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D., 1595 Clay, (Tel. Graystone 3833).

REDFERN, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis M., 62 Shore View Ave., (Bay View 209).

REDINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., (absent until November), Burlingame, Cal.  Office: Mills Bldg., (Tel. Douglas 7171).

     Miss Margaret REDINGTON and Miss Mary REDINGTON.

REDINGTON, Mrs. William P., (Ada L.), 2509 Scott, (Fillmore 370).

REDMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Lander A., 2232 Green, (Tel. Walnut 1218).

REED, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred C., 751 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 841).

REED, Mr. and Mrs. Ben W., (Oakland, Cal.), 535 Oakland Ave., (Piedmont 4426).

REEDY, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 2677 Larkin, (Tel. Franklin 7821).

REGENSBURGER, Dr. Alfred E., 1195 Bush, (Tel. Graystone 41).

REGENSBURGER, Mrs. Martin, 3376 Clay, (Tel. West 386).

REID, Mr. and Mrs. James W., Hotel Fairmont, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; S. F. Golf & Country and Burlingame Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca Club.

REID, Mrs. John S., 3448 20th St., (Tel. Mission 886).

REID, Mr. John Jr., 3448 20th St., (Tel. Mission 886).  Office: 60 Sansome, (Tel. Sutter 3274).

REID, Mrs. L. M. P., 1150 Holloway Ave., (Tel. Randolph 8562).

REID, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt J., (San Mateo, Cal.), 246 W. Santa Inez., (San Mateo 573).  Office: 105 Montgomery, San Francisco, (Tel. Kearny 4041).

REID, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allan, 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 970).

REID, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C., 1660 Sacramento, (Tel. Graystone 1555).

REINHARDT, President Aurelia Henry, (Mills College, P. O. Cal.), President's House, Mills College, Oakland, Cal., (Fruitvale 1083-W).

      Member Mills, Sorosis, and Town & Country Clubs of San Francisco.

      Mr. George Frederick REINHARDT and Mr. Paul Henry REINHARDT.

REITER, Mr. and Mrs. Prosper, 2859 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 7796).

      Mr. member Olympic, S. F. Press, and Sequoia Club.

      Mrs. member Amity and Sequoia Clubs.

REITER, Mr. Prosper Jr., 2859 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 7796).

      Member of Olympic Club and Occidental Lodge F. & A. M.

REITER, Mr. and Mrs. Victor, 1211 Arguello Blvd., (1st Ave.), (Sunset 3336).

      Mr. Victor Reiter Jr., and (Mrs. J. F. Pages).

REMILLARD, Mrs. Philip N., (Cordule), 2042 Vallejo, (Fillmore 3978) and San Jose.

RENEBOME, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H., San Rafael, Cal., (326 G St.), (San Rafael 379J).

RENZ, Dr. Carl, Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Mill Valley 171).

REQUA, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence, (Piedmont, Cal.), 321 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 212).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union, Olympic, and Claremont Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic, Century, Town & Country, and Town & Gown.

RETHERS, Mrs. Theodore, 2900 Scott, (Tel. West 823).

RETTENMAYER, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F., 206 Edgewood Ave., (Tel. Sunset 5729).

REVALK, Mr. and Mrs. Richard E., 3827 California, (Tel. Bay View 7730).

REY, Mr. V. J. A., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Belvedere 36J).

REYNOLDS, Colonel and Mrs. Alfred, 2134 Green, (Tel. West 4392).

     Mr. member Presidio Golf Club (Secretary) and United States Service Club.

REYNOLDS. Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Robinson, 2762 Filbert, (Tel. Walnut 619).

RHOADES, Mr. and Mrs. Ira O., 1665 8th Ave., (Sunset 3325)

     Mr. RHOADES member Pacific-Union Club.

RHODES, Mr. William H., 1st National Bank Bldg., (Tel. Sutter 2750).

     Member Presidio Golf Club.

RICE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Russell Jr., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 115).

     Mr. member Williams Club (New York City) and Belvedere Golf & Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca and Belvedere Golf & Country Clubs.

     Miss Marilie RICE and Master Edward Russell RICE III.

RICE, Mr. and Mrs. John A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1165 Arch, (Berkeley 1050-J).

     Member Engineer's Club of S. F. and Rocky Mountain Club, New York City.

RICE, Mr. and Mrs. John B., Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 5928).

RICE, Miss Margaret B., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 1000).

RICH, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Joseph Jr., 2860 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1785).

    Mr. member Olympic and Presidio Golf Clubs.

RICH, Mr. and Mrs. A. L., 2402 California, (Tel. Fillmore 3989).

RICHARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F., 975 Clayton, (Park 6971).

RICHARDS, Dr. and Mrs. Harry Griffin, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

RICHARDS, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 2930 Jackson, (West 2655).

RICHARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J., Hotel Alexander, 352 Geary, (Tel. Douglas 2200).

    Member Masonic Club.

RICHARDSON, Hon. and Mrs. Friend W., Sacramento, Cal.

RICHARDSON, Mr. James J., Office: 258 Geary, (Tel. Sutter 840).

RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Willard A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2600 Warring, (Tel. Berkeley 6283).

RICHTER, Dr. and Mrs. Clemens M., 2701 Larkin, (Tel. Franklin 5445).

    Dr. member Pacific-Union Club. Mrs. member Town & Country Club.

RICHTER, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin E., 1740 Jones, (Tel. Prospect 2153).

RIDLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M., 464 Belvedere St., (Park 5302).

RIEGELMAN, Miss Mabel, 485 California, (Tel. Garfield 1313).

    Prima Donna Soprano, Chicago Grand Opera Co.

RIGDON, Dr. and Mrs. Rufus Lee, 1617 Broderick, (Tel. Fillmore 2285).

RIGGINS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1420 Benito Ave., (Tel. Burlingame 796-J).

    Miss Jean RIGGINS.

RILEY, Mr. and Mrs. Earll T., 2233 Lyon, (Fillmore 4432).

RISPIN, Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen, 1155 Jones, (Tel. Prospect 1076).

RITTENHOUSE, Mr. and Mrs. John V., 'Villa Cypress,' Pebble Beach, Monterey Co., Cal.  (Tel. Pebble Beach 309-W).

RIXFORD, Dr. and Mrs. Emmett, and Miss Mary, 1795 California, (Franklin 5100).

RIXFORD, Mr. E. H., Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Redwood 1704-F-13).

    Member Union League Club.

    Mr. Allan P. RIXFORD.

RIXFORD, Mr. G. P., 1813 Pierce, near Pine, (West 2952).

    Mr. Loring P. RIXFORD, (at New York City, New York).

RIXFORD, Mr. Halsey L., 1813 Pierce, (West 2952).

ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. George B., Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 33).

    Mr. member Pacific-Union Club; San Francisco Golf & Country Club; Burlingame Country Club; and San Mateo Polo Club.

    Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

    THIERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (nee Marion JONES), Burlingame, Cal.

ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M., 2120 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 1868).

    Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian and Burlingame Country Clubs.

    Mrs. member Town & Country and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Jr., (Oakland, Cal.), 1033 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3243).

ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Rees, 2060 Jackson, (Fillmore 407).

ROBBINS, Mrs. Reuel D., (Sada McC), 2201 Baker, corner Jackson, (Fillmore 594).

ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 31 Shore View Ave., (Bay View 2130).

ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. John G., 2919 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 4040).

ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, 768 15th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2162).

     Mr. member Oahames and Masonic Club.

ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M., Redwood City, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 15).

     Miss Margaret M. and Mr. Harry ROBERTSON.

ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 25 6th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 2860).

ROBERTSON, Dr. and Mrs. John W., 1133 Greenwich, (Prospect 983).

     Miss Marjorie ROBERTSON, 1133 Greenwich.

ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred M., 3859 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7839).

ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. A. S., Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 42).

     Mr. member Union League Club and Transportation Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Marjorie ROBINSON, University Ave., Los Altos, Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 42).

ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Harold W., 144 23rd Ave., (Bay View 268).

ROBINSON, Harrison S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2730 Belrose Ave.

     Member Claremont Country, Sequoyah Country, and Athenian Nile Clubs.

ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W., (Los Angeles, Cal.), Eldenway, Beverly Hills.

ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Squire, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2247 Cedar, (Tel. Berkeley 5832-J).

ROBSON, Mr. and Mrs. Kernan, (San Rafael, Cal.), (Tel. San Anselmo 4).

ROCHE, Judge and Mrs. Michael J., 138 Carl, (Tel. Sunset 5423).

ROCHE, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J., 301 St. Francis Blvd., (Sunset 1600).

RODGERS, Mrs. Augustus F., 2536 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 8024).

     Miss Miriam; Miss Grace, and Mr. Augustine RODGERS Jr., 2536 Broadway.

RODGERS, Mr. and Mrs. Frances H., 1270 Chestnut, (Tel. Graystone 6461).

RODGERS, Mr. Frederick J., 2299 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 8644), and Mills Bldg.,  (Kearny 420).

     Member The Family and Burlingame Country Clubs.

     Mr. William R. RODGERS.

RODGERS, Mr. Hubert W., (Piedmont, Cal.), Holly Place & Park Drive, (Tel. Piedmont 4177-J).

     GOULD, Mrs. Minerva.

RODGERS, Mr. and Mrs. L. S., 274 28th Ave., 'Sea Cliff', (Tel. Bay View 3851).

RODRIGUEZ, Dr. and Mrs. Salvador, 2550 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 6834).

ROE, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Hotel Rafael, San Rafael, Cal.

     Member Engineers and Commonwealth Clubs.

     Mr. Benson ROE and Mr. George Hall ROE (Juniors).

ROEDING, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 16 Terrace Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 9276).

ROEDING, Mr. and Mrs. Henry U., 50 Presidio Ave., (Fillmore 4015).

      Miss Dorothea and Miss Margaret ROEDING, 50 Presidio Ave., (Fillmore 4015).

ROEHL, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B., 278 Twenty-eighth Ave., (Pacific 6253).

ROESCH, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 2531 Howard, (Tel. Valencia 5942).

      Mr. member Olympic; Commonwealth, and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

ROGERS, Mrs. Charles H., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1414 Burlingame Ave., (Tel. Burlingame 143).

      Miss Janet Pierpont ROGERS.

ROGERS, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan, 2858 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 2259).

ROLPH, Mr. and Mrs. George M., 65 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 8266).

ROLPH, Mayor and Mrs. James Jr., 288 San Jose Ave., (Mission 743).

      Miss Georgina and Master James ROLPH III.

ROLPH, Mr. and Mrs. William N., 40 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 7995).

ROMAINE, Mr. and Mrs. William, 3281 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 7907).

ROMANOVSKY, Consul and Mr. George S., 1001 California, cor. Mason, (Tel. Prospect 17).

      Member Yacht Club of Petrograd, Imperial Club, Teheran, University Club, S. F., San Mateo Polo Club, and Burlingame Country Club.

      Mrs. George S. (Frances), Town and Country Club.

RONCOVIERL, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 2450 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 604).

RONCOVIERL, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Jr., 2755 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 1711).

RONCOVIERL, Dr. and Mrs. Louis D., 374 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 7995).

ROOS, Mr. and Mrs. Achillie, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 5172).

ROOS, Mr. and Mrs. George H., Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 161).

      Miss Patricia ROOS.

ROOS, Mr. and Mrs. Leon L., 3500 Jackson, (Tel. West 7280).

ROOS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A., Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 175).

ROOT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1408 Chapin, (Tel. Burlingame 906).

      Mrs. Georgia E. WHIPPLE.

ROSBOROUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J., (Oakland, Cal.).

ROSE, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S., 3370 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 4889).

     Mr. member Beresford Country and Commonwealth Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic, S. F. Civic Center, S. F. Town Hall, Philomath and Beresford Country Clubs.

ROSEDALE, Mr. J. J., Sharon Bldg., (Tel. Sutter 2276), res. Berkeley, Alameda Co., Cal.

ROSEKRANS, Mr. and Mrs. L. Newton, 9 Scott, (Tel. Park 3455).

ROSENBAUM, Mr. and Mrs. Albert N., 2614 Jackson, (Fillmore 380).

     Mr. Albert M. ROSENBAUM Jr., Mr. Milton A. ROSENBAUM, 2614 Jackson.

ROSENAU, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L., 17 Buena Vista Terrace, (Tel. Market 2417).

     Miss Royal; Miss Gwendolyn; and Mr. Frank L. ROSENAU.

     Mr. member Union League Club.

ROSENBAUM, Mrs. Charles W., 2224 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 588).

ROSENBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham, 3630 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7700).

     Miss Louise Alice ROSENBERG.

ROSENBLATT, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S., 24 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8297).

     Mr. member Beresford Country , The Concordia, and Olympic Clubs.

ROSENBLATT, Mr. and Mrs. Irving S., 1780 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7948).

ROSENBLATT, Mr. and Mrs. Milton W., 2265 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7967).

ROSENER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., Hotel Whitcomb, (Tel. Hemlock 3200).

ROSENER, Mr. and Mrs. Leland S., and Miss Anne, 3621 Clay, (Fillmore 4957).

ROSENFELD, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, St. Francis Hotel, (Douglas 1000).

ROSENSTIRN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M., St. Francis Hotel, (Douglas 1000).

ROSENSTIRN, Mr. Eric J., Bohemian Club, Santa Fe Bldg., (Tel. Kearny 1988).

ROSENSTOCK, Mrs. S. W., 2622 Jackson, (Fillmore 319).

ROSENTHAL, Dr. and Mrs. Adolph, 21 Scott, near Duboce Ave., (Tel. Park 5051).

     Member Bohemian and Elks Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Auxiliary California Pioneers, S. F. Musical, & S. F. Museum of Art.

ROSENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac L., 1964  Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7893).

ROSENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 601 Stockton, (Garfield 3234).

ROSENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

ROSS, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B., 1030 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 2038).

ROSSETER, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 945 Green, (Tel. Prospect 5966) and 'Wikiup' near Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., Cal., (P. O. Burke, Cal.).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, Olympic, Chevy Chase, (Washington D. C.), and India House (N. Y.) Clubs.

ROSSI, Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J., 2466 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 7893).

ROSSI, Miss Esther A., 2775 Fillmore, (Tel. West 677).

ROSSI, Mr. Edmond A., 1865 Sacramento, (Tel. Prospect 7144).

ROSSI, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D., 3765 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7800).

ROSSIER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., 1775 Golden Gate Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8096).

ROTH, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

ROTH, Mr. and Mrs. Lester L., 200 Locust, (Tel. Fillmore 4217).

ROTH, Mr. and Mrs. William Philip, 1918 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 920).

ROTHSCHILD, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L., 125 12th Ave., (Pacific 8321).

ROTHSCHILD, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 4773).

ROTHSCHILD, Mr. and Mrs. John, Office: 105 Market, (Tel. Kearny 3340).

     Miss Joan Grace and Mr. John ROTHSCHILD Jr.

ROTHSCHILD, Dr. and Mrs. Max., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 161).  Office: Fitzhugh Bldg., 380 Post, San Francisco, (Tel. Garfield 23).

     Dr. member Burlingame Country; Menlo Country; Lake Merced Golf & Napa Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca Club of San Francisco.

ROLEAU, Mrs. Mary M., 1410 Sacramento, (Tel. Franklin 4622).

     Miss Blanch ROULEAU, Miss Estelle ROULEAU, and Miss Laura ROULEAU.

ROULEAU, Mr. Oscar A., 1410 Sacramento, (Tel. Franklin 4622).

ROUNSEFELL, Mr. and Mrs. John Vaughn, 1940 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 3818).

     FARNSWORTH, Mrs. E. P.

ROUNSEVELL, Mr. Walter, Plaza Hotel, (Sutter 7200).

ROUNTREE, Mrs. Eva C., 1350 Vallejo, (Tel. Franklin 2377).

ROUNTREE, Mr. and Mrs. William G., (Oakland, Cal.), 586 1st St., (Tel. Piedmont 2649).

ROWAN, Colonel and Mrs. Andrew S., 1036 Vallejo, (Prospect 4282).

ROWE, Mr. and Mrs. C. V., (San Mateo Park, Cal.), 800 Cypress Ave., (Tel. San Mateo 1101).

     Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club; Crystal Springs Country Club, and San Mateo Lodge B. P. O. Elks.

     Mrs. member Burlingame Woman's Club.

ROWE, Mr. and Mrs. Purcell, 816 Clayton, (Tel. Park 5336).

ROYCE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell, (Alameda, Cal.), 1432 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda


RUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bliss, 1925 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8768).

RUCKER, Mrs. James T., (Anna B.), 2435 Gough, near Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7821).

RUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Jr., 3637 Washington, (Fillmore 4191).

RUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H., 1899 California, (Tel. Walnut 288).

     Mr. member Olympic, San Jose Commercial, and San Jose Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Sorosis Club.

     Mr. Jerome W. RUCKER.

RUDDICK, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 972 Bush, (Tel. Franklin 6791).

RUDDOCK, Mr. and Mrs. George T., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2537 Benvenue Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 7446).

RUDGEAR, Mrs. Andrew (Hermine B.), Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 2396).

     Miss Grace RUDGEAR.

RUELLAN, Mr. Henri, 1055 Mason, (Tel. Prospect 10259), or 562 Market, (Tel. Sutter 7557).

RUGGLES, Dr. and Mrs. Howard E., 285 San Anselmo Ave., 'St. Francis Wood', (Tel. Sunset 3498).

RUGGLES, Mr. and Mrs. James D. and Miss Annette E., 2545 Baker, (Fillmore 2715).

RUJARO, Miss Esther, 1970 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 5226).

RULOFSON, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Jr., 52 West Clay Park, (Pacific 5520).

     Miss C. C. RULOFSON, 52 West Clay Park.

RUMWELL, Dr. and Mrs. Melville E., 3467 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 808).

RUNYON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Mill Valley 350).

RUSH, Miss Agnes Kalman, 1632 Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 7095).

RUSHFORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Archer W., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2825 Hillegass Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 2176-W).

RUSHFORTH, Mr. and Mrs. George, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2321 Blake, (Tel. Berkeley 1259).

RUSS, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F., 76 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8049).

     Miss Ruth and Miss Verdele RUSS, 76 Jordan.

RUSSELL, Dr. Tracy G., 562 Sutter, (Tel. Douglas 2260).

RUTHERFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H., 2440 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 1541).

     Mr. member University, Yale (of New York), Metropolitan (New York), San Francisco Golf & Country, and California Lawn Tennis Clubs.

     Mrs. member San Francisco Golf & Country and Girls Recreation Clubs.

RYAN, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A., 112 Broderick, (Tel. Park 5886).

RYAN, Mrs. Frank M., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

     Dr. member California Golf Club.

     Mrs. member Presidio Golf Club.

RYAN, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 2790 Pine, (Tel. West 4780).

RYFOGEL, Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. L., 2645 24th St., (Tel. Valencia 1611).

RYMER, Mr. and Mrs. T. A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 93 Parkside Drive, (Tel. Berkeley 4995-J).

RYONE, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy T., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 646).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; University; Olympic; and San Francisco Golf and Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic; Burlingame Country; and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

SABIN, Mrs. John I., 240 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Sunset 148).

SABIN, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Arthur, 1915 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 7926).

SACHS, Mrs. Lippmann, Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 2599).

SACHS, Mr. Sanford, Argonaut Club.

SACHS, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G., 106 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8185).

SADLER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., (Alameda, Cal.), 1101 Paru, (Tel. Alameda 391).

SAHLEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1718 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 984).

SAINT, Mr. and Mrs. Wintford W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 42 Greenbank, (Piedmont 6385).

SALES, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley D., 230 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Sunset 414).

SALOMON, Dr. and Mrs. Max, 3147 Jackson, (West 3902).

      Dr. member Union League Club.

      Dr. Edward; Miss Amanda; and Miss Erma SALOMON.

SALISBURY, Mr. and Mrs. R. Walker, (San Mateo).

SALISBURY, Mrs. Nathan R., Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 1275).

SALZ, Mr. and Mrs. Ansley K., 3838 Clay, near Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 7820).

      Miss Elizabeth SALZ, 3838 Clay.

SALZ, Mr. and Mrs. Milton H., 40 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8290).

      Miss Ethel SALZ, 40 Presidio Terrace.

SAMPSON, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 3314).

SAMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 1124 Green, (Franklin 1251).

SAMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. James O., 972 Bush, (Tel. Franklin 564).

SAMSON, Mrs. Rudolph, 2186 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 610).

      Miss Hilda SAMSON.

SAMSON, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J., Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 3577).

SAMTER, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L., 2576 Washington, (Fillmore 166).

SAMTER, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L., 2037 Scott, (Fillmore 3664).

SAMUEL, Mr. and Mrs. Lionel B., 537 Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 988).

SAMUELS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert S., 111 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8134).

      Mr. member Lake Merced Golf & Country and Commonwealth Clubs.

SAMUELS, Mrs. J., 3663 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 8049).

SAMUELS, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob, 172 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8143).

SAMUELS, Mr. and Mrs. Louis T., 1801 Gough, (Fillmore 1310).

SAMUELS, Mr. Marcus Lorne, 485 California, Suite 719, American Bank Bldg., Office: Telephone Garfield 1313.

     Commissioner for state of New York.

SANBORN, Mr. and Mrs. Irving, 16 West Clay Park, (Tel. Pacific 7429).

     Miss Dorothy SANBORN, 16 West Clay Park.

SANDER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R., (Oakland, Cal.), 193 Montecito.

SANFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W., 1500 Francisco, (Tel. Fillmore 9120).

SARGEANT, Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop W., 1425 Bay St., (Tel. Fillmore 9676).

SARGENT, Judge and Mrs. Bradley V., 2205 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 2226).

SARGENT, Mr. and Mrs. George Clark, 2235 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 4120).

     Mr. member Bohemian Club. Mrs. member Century Club.

     Mr. Faron More SARGENT.

SARLE, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A., 3829 Clay, (Tel. Pacific 2000).

SARONI, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 3570 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 78).

SARTORI, Dr. and Mrs. Henry J., 1940 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 8900).

SATTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Herman H., 145 22nd Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4095).

SAUNDERS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vere, (Menlo Park, Cal.), R. F. D., 129 B St.

SAUNDERS, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E., 667 23rd Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7200).

SAUNDERS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J., Clift Hotel, (Prospect 4700).

SAVAGE, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph, 140 Cedro Ave., (Tel. Randolph 1734).

SAVAGE, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J., 2560 Polk, (Tel. Graystone 2952).

SAWYER, Mr. and Mrs. Houghton, (Piedmont, Cal.), 2058 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2443).

SAWYER, Mr. and Mrs. Meredith, Los Gatos, Cal.

SAYRE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F., (Stockton, Cal.), 2310 Allston Way, (Tel. Stockton 4813-W).

     Member S. F. Commercial Club.

SBARBORO, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E., 3015 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4834).

     Miss Alfreda SBARBORO.

SBARBORO, Mr. and Mrs. Romolo A., 1830 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 7929).

SBARBORO, Mr. and Mrs. Remo E., 207 Walnut, (Tel. Fillmore 5922).

SCALES, Mr. and Mrs. Horace H., 2855 Scott, (Tel. West 8390).

SCALES, Mr. and Mrs. Percival S., 2885 Union, (Tel. Walnut 1085).

     Miss Dixie SCALES.

SCALMANINI, Mrs. Catherine, Miss Norma, 2360 Vallejo, (West 9200).

SCATENA, Mr. Lorenzo, Olympic Club, 524 Post, (Prospect 4400), and Sausalito, Cal.

SCHAFER, Mr. and Mrs. George F., 2574 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 1009).

SCHAGEN, Mr. and Mrs. Bastian, 728 12th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 2317).

SCHALLER, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Frank, 164 Sea Cliff Ave., (Tel. Bay View 150).

SCHAUPP, Dr. and Mrs. Karl L., 45 Walnut, (Tel. Fillmore 921).

SCHAW, Mr. and Mrs. W. B., (Sacramento, Cal.), 2625 P St., (Tel. Sacramento Main 5039).

     Mr. member Del Paso Country Club and Sutter Club of Sacramento.

     Mrs. member Del Paso Country Club of Sacramento.

     Miss Nellie SCHAW.

SCHEELINE, Mr. and Mrs. S. C., Hotel St. Francis, Summer residence, Menlo Park.

     Member S. F. Commercial, Economic, Argonaut, and Beresford Country Club.

SCHEFFAUER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A., 1639 8th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4025).

SCHELD, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph P., (Sacramento, Cal.), 2120 VV St., (Tel. Sacramento Main 1010).

     Miss Margaret SCHELD.

SCHEMP, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F., 55 Linares, (Tel. Sunset 5808).

SCHEU, Dr. and Mrs. Richard F., 715 Haight, (Tel. Park 4727).

SCHIECK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., (San Rafael, Cal.), 204 Grand, (San Rafael 532-J).

SCHIECK, Mr. and Mrs. John C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2627 Haste, (Berkeley 906-W).

     Miss Helen and Miss Gertrude SCHIECK.

SCHILLER, Mr. and Mrs. James A. G., 1900 Broadway, (Fillmore 3388).

SCHILLING, Mr. and Mrs. August, 2006 Washington, (Tel. Walnut 2122), and Redwood City, Cal.

     Miss Else SCHILLING.

SCHILLING, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, 2210 Vallejo, (Fillmore 1467).

SCHILLING, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph, Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Redwood 292J).

SCHLESINGER, Mrs. Amanda, 226 19th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 9647).

SCHLESINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F., 2090 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 106).

     Member Olympic, Presidio Golf and Belvedere Golf & Country Club.

     Mr. Howard Lee SCHLESINGER.

SCHLESINGER, Mr. Bert, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

SCHLESINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Ira L., 2423 Filbert, (Tel. Fillmore 103).

SCHLESINGER, Mr. and Mrs. James Lee, 2452 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 6409).

     Mr. member Olympic and  Belvedere Marin Golf  & Country Clubs.

SCHLESINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Lee, Seattle, Washington.

SCHLESINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, 2090 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 106).

SCHLOSS, Dr. and Mrs. Aaron, (Berkeley, Cal.), 3209 Claremont Blvd., (Berkeley 3876).

     Dr. member Union League Club (S. F.), and Sequoyah Country Club (Oakland).

     Mrs. member 20th Century (Berkeley), California (S. F.), & Sierra Chapter D.A.R.

SCHLOSS, Mrs. F. F., 1809 California, (Tel. Walnut 892).

SCHMIDT, Mr. A. H. R., Huntington Apts., 1075 California, (Tel. Franklin 5400).

SCHMIDT, Mr. and Mrs. Ben J., San Anselmo, Cal., (San Anselmo 345 W).

SCHMIDT, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Val, 57 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1220).

SCHMIDT, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A., 2150 Hyde, (Franklin 5621).

SCHMIDT, Mr. and Mrs. Max, 2614 Sacramento, (Tel. West 8789).

SCHMIEDELL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward G., 775 Post, (Tel. Prospect 1202) and 'Baskinridge.'

     Miss Doris and Mr. Edward G. SCHMIEDELL Jr., Ross, Marin County, Cal.

SCHMITT, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E., 308 Sea Cliff Ave., (Tel. Pacific 890).

SCHMITT, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A., 376 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 1830).

SCHMULIAN, Mr. and Mrs. William E., Granada Hotel, 1000 Sutter, (Tel. Sutter 422).

SCHNAITTACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvain, 3513 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4253).

     Mr. member Beresford Country; Argonaut; Olympic; and Automobile Clubs.

SCHNEIDER, Mr. and Mrs. August A., (Los Angeles, Cal.), Bryson Apts., 2701 Wilshire.

SCHNEIDER, Mrs. Jacob, (Los Angeles, Cal.), 525 St. Andrews Blvd.

SCHRADER, Mr. and Mrs. Karl P., (Oakland, Cal.), 202 Lakeshore Blvd., (Tel. Merritt 5475).

SCHROTH, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 137 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8133).

     Miss Marguerite SCHROTH, 137 Commonwealth Ave.

SCHUPP, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A., 376 Pacheco Ave., (Crocker Tract), (Sunset 1329).

SCHURMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 1925 Gough, (Fillmore 3913).

SCHUSSLER, Mrs. Hermann, 1800 Franklin, (Tel. Franklin 1388).

     Mrs. member The Century Club.

     Miss Alice SCHUSSLER, member Francisca Club.

     Dr. Hermann SCHUSSLER Jr., member Harvard Club.

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E., 2960 Broadway, (Fillmore 3784), and Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 746).

     Member Olympic, Commercial, Argonaut, Commonwealth, Lakeside, and Beresford Golf Clubs.

     Mrs. SCHWABACHER member Woman's Athletic and Beresford Country Clubs.

     Miss Ethel May SCHWABACHER, 2960 Broadway.

SCHWABACHER, Mrs. A., Hotel St. Francis, (Tels. Kearny 6407 & Douglas 1000).

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B., Seattle, Wash., and Hotel St. Francis.

SCHWABACHER, Mrs. Ludwig, 2000 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 881).

     Member Philomath Club.

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, (San Mateo, Cal.), 455 Costa Rica, (San Mateo 172).

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 2504 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 54), or Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 482).

     Mr. member Olympic Club; San Francisco Commercial Club; Argonaut Club; The Concordia; Commonwealth Club; and Beresford Country Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club and Beresford Country Club.

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A., Hotel St. Francis, (Tel. Kearny 4897).

     Mr. member Argonaut, Concordia, Beresford Country, Commercial and Commonwealth Clubs.

     LOEWE, Miss Margery Helen, Hotel St. Francis, (Apartment A).

SCHWABACHER, Mr. Max, 2101 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Walnut 991).

SCHWABACHER, Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund, Palace Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 4117).

SCHWARTZ, Dr. Charles E., 1754 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 3516), or 291 Geary, (Tel. Garfield 323).  Office: California and Mason, S. F., (Douglas 7267).

SCHWARTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, 770 4th Ave., (Pacific 3030).

SCHWARTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 1169).

SCHWARZ, Mr. and Mrs. George F., 1430 O'Farrell, (Fillmore 9281).

SCHWARZ, Dr. and Mrs. Jacob, 166 Merced Ave., (Sunset 3100).

SCHWEITZER, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice, 3600 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 8930).

SCHWEITZER, Mr. and Mrs. Melville S., 145 Laurel, (Fillmore 5682).

SCHWERIN, Mr. and Mrs. Rennie P., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 721).

     Member Pacific-Union and Burlingame Country Clubs.

     Mr. Richard De C. SCHWERIN.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lowndes, (Oakland, Cal.), 30 Grand, (Lakeside 5108).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lownes Jr., (Piedmont, Cal.), 3 Wildwood Gardens, (Tel. Humboldt 3738).

SCOTT, Mrs. Albert Woodburn, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

     Member California Club (S. F.), Forum Club, and American College Club.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jr., 1980 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 8445). Country residence, Ross, Marin Co., Cal.).

     Mr. member Bohemian; Union League; Commonwealth; S. F. Commercial Clubs; and Merchant's Exchange; Rotary Club and California Golf & Country Club.

     Mrs. member California Club; The Forum; Woman's Athletic, & Califonia Golf Clubs.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Bert C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 456 Wildwood Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3211).

     Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Rotary Club.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Kathleen SCOTT, Mr. Kenneth SCOTT, and Mr. Edward SCOTT.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. George W., Alameda, Cal., 1723 Central Ave., (Alameda 51).

SCOTT, Mr. Henry T., Hotel St. Francis and Hillsborough, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 433).

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Horsley, 2409 Divisadero, (Fillmore 3457).

SCOTT, Mr. William Prescott, Hillsborough, Cal., (Burlingame P.O.).

     Member Burlingame Country and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Van Arsdale, 3633 Washington, (Tel. West 9119).

SCOTT, Miss Ida G., Kohler & Chase Bldg., 26 O'Farrell, (Teles. Kearny 6417 & Kearny 6976).

SCOTT, Mrs. Irving M., 2364 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 3100), and Los Altos, Cal.

SCOTT, Capt. and Mrs. Laurence Irving, Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 604).

SCOVEL, Mr. and Mrs. George S., Clift Hotel, (Tel. Prospect 4700).

SCOVEL, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A., 1071 Page, (Tel. Park 60).

SCRIBNER, Mr. and Mrs. Othello, 23 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Pacific 2613).

      Miss Jane and Mr. Fred SCRIBNER.

SEAGER, Dr. and Mrs. Harold L., 25 Paloma Ave., (Tel. Randolph 4635).

SEAVER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2647 Piedmont Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 206-W).

     Mr. member Claremont Country, Olympic, Commonwealth, and Commercial Club.

     Miss Gertrude and Mr. Talcott W. SEAVER.

SEALE, Mrs. Jesse D., Clift Hotel, (Prospect 4700).

SEARLES, Mrs. Mailler, Clift Hotel, Geary and Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 4700).

     SEARLES, Miss Emily Clift.

     DELATTRE-SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Jean, (nee Jean Clift SEARLES), Washington D. C.

SEAWELL, Mr. Harry W., 1617 California, (Tel. Graystone 3094).

SECKELS, Miss Alice, 795 Pine, (Tel. Kearny 3677).

SEEBURT, Dr. Emery M., 711 22nd Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1796).  Office: 452-454 Flood Bldg., (Tel. Douglas 2817).

SEELEY, Mr. and Mrs. C. M., Hotel St. Francis, (Douglas 1000).

SEGELCKE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F., 1463 Waller, (Market 8213).

     Mr. Harry Frederick SEGELCKE.

SEIBERT, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M., 2615 Union, (Fillmore 3576).

SELBY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Noel, (Piedmont, Cal.), 165 Santa Rosa Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 975).

     Mr. member University Club (San Francisco) and Claremont Country Club (Oakland).

SELBY, Mr. and Mrs. John R., (Palo Alto, Cal.), 644 Forest, (Palo Alto 690-J).

SELBY, Mr. and Mrs. Percival W., (New York City, N. Y.).

SELFRIDGE, Mrs. Edward A., 2615 California, (Fillmore 264).

SELFRIDGE, Dr. and Mrs. Grant, 2624 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 2355).

SELFRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell, 2615 California, (Fillmore 264).

SELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

SELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1755 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 7872).

SELWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. W. Gordon, 300 Laguna, (Tel. Fillmore 1364).

     Miss Gladys SELWOOD.

SESNON, Mr. and Mrs. William T., 2527 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 4559).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca; Century; and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

     Miss Barbara C.; Mr. Porter and Mr. Wm. T. SESNON Jr.

SEWALL, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Cecil, 3515 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 4242).

SEXTON, Mrs. Ella M., Pacific Grove, (Monterey County, Cal.).

SEYDEL, Major and Mrs. Fred., (nee Phyllis Capwell), Fort Scott, (Tel. Pacific 6000).

SEYMOUR, Mrs. Walter H., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

SHAFFER, Miss G. A., 560 Sutter, (Tel. Douglas 836).

      Member Woman's Athletic Club; National League of American Pen Women; and American Woman's Club (of London, England).

SHAINWALD, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., 2951 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 9520) & Menlo Park.

SHAINWALD, Mr. and Mrs, Richard S., 2005 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 3719).

      Mr. member Argonaut, Beresford Country, Commonwealth, & S. F. Commercial.

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic and Beresford Country Club.

SHANNON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L., 1908 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 7334).

      Mr. member Olympic Club and Commonwealth Club.

      Mrs. member Cap and Belle Club of San Francisco.

SHANNON, Mr. and Mrs. Warren, 208 2nd Ave., (Pacific 135).

SHANNON, Miss May W., 2115 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 9566).

SHARON, Mrs. Frederick W., (Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., Cal.), (Tel. Menlo Park 365).

SHARON, Mr. and Mrs. William E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 37 Sharon Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 718).

     FARR, Mr. Sharon, (University of California Class of 1926).

SHARP, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maxwell, 2864 Broadway, (Tel. West 4266).

     Mrs. member Francisca and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

     Miss Adrianne SHARP.

SHARP, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 28 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8288).

SHARP, Dr. and Mrs. James Graham, (Palo Alto, California).

SHARP, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Fuller, (San Rafael, Cal.), 333 G Street,  (San Rafael 275-W).

SHAUGHNESSY, Mr. Frank C., Bohemian Club, (Tel. Franklin 2441).

SHAW, Dr. and Mrs. E. E., 186 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Pacific 117).

SHAW, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 1911 Broderick, (Tel. West 8297).

SHAW, Judge and Mrs. Lucien, Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market, (Tel. Hemlock 3200).

SHAW, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney B., 2580 Polk, (Tel. Graystone 4185).

SHEA, Mrs. James, 2415 Octavia, (Tel. Fillmore 1238).

SHEA, Mr. and Mrs. William D., 1624 Sacramento, (Tel. Graystone 6926).

SHELDON, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., 2690 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 919).

SHELDON, Mr. Frank P., 210 Locust, (Fillmore 3737).

SHELDON, Dr. and Mrs. Tristam W., (See Oakland List), 5685 Keith Ave.

SHELDON, Mrs. Walter Dutard, Sheldon Heights, Los Gatos, Cal., (Tel. Los Gatos 426).

      LAWRENCE, Miss Evelyn Gertrude.

SHELTON, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Lafayette Apts., 2513 Sacramento, (Fillmore 135).

SHEPARD, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S., (Oakland, Cal.), 336 Lenox Ave., (Oakland 7093).

SHEPHERD, Mr. Francis M., University Club, (Sutter 900).

SHEPPARD, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 500 Hyde, (Tel. Prospect 5048).

SHERER, Mr. and Mrs. Rex W., San Rafael, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. San Rafael 1087).

      Mr. member Marin Golf & Country Club (San Rafael) and University Club (San Francisco).

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club (S. F.) and Marin Golf & Country Club (San Rafael).

      Miss Louise SHERER.

SHERMAN, Mrs. Charles H. (Emma), 1932 Fell, (Pacific 1865).

      Mr. Charles H. SHERMAN Jr., 1932 Fell, (Pacific 1865).

SHERMAN, Mrs. Frank P., 480 Funston Ave., (Tel. Bay View 6337).

      Mr. Frank SHERMAN Jr.; Mr. Clifford SHERMAN.

SHERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Royal, (Oakland, Cal.), 285 Jayne Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 812).

      Mr. member Bohemian and Olympic Clubs.

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

      Miss Frances SHERMAN.

SHERMAN, Mrs. Harry M. (Lucia H.), 2165 Jackson, (Tel. West 652).

      Miss Lucia K.; Miss Isabel; and Mr. F. Barreda SHERMAN.

SHERMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Julius, 288 29th Ave., (Bay View 24).

SHERMAN, Mr. Leander S., 2160 Green, (Fillmore 122).

SHERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 263 16th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4902).

SHERWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hamilton, (Oakland, Cal.), 6048 Rockbridge Blvd., (Tel. Piedmont 4822).

     Miss Mary SHERWOOD.

SHIELDS, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M., 610 Leavenworth, (Tel. Prospect 1551).

     Mr. member "The Family"; S. F. Golf & Country Club; Olympic Club; Commonwealth; San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Tuna Club.

SHIELDS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Howard, 2617 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 2165).

SHIELS, Dr. George Franklin, Pacific-Union Club, (Prospect 33).

SHIELS, Dr. and Mrs. J. Wilson, 2960 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 789).

     Mr. William SHIELS.

SHINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, 2454 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 1988).

SHIPP, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 1930 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 424).

     Member California Club.

     Mr. Stanley P. SHIPP.

SHORB, Miss Ethel R., 2295 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7600).

SHORB, Mrs. J. Campbell, 2286 Jackson, near Webster, (Tel. Walnut 633).

SHORES, Mr. and Mrs. Ethelbert (nee Marian Doe), 2000 Laguna, (Tel. Fillmore 654).

SHORT, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin N., Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 6386).

SHORT, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rice, 2409 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 7155).

    Miss Nancy SHORT.

SHORT, Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas, 843 Mason, (Prospect 7155).

    Country Home, Pebble Beach, Monterey County, Cal.

    Mrs. SHORT member Woman's Athletic Club.

SHORTALL, Judge and Mrs. Edward P., 1015 Ashbury, (Market 5425).

SHORTLIDGE, Dr. and Mrs. Edmund Douglas, 401 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 100).  Also Menlo Park, Cal. (Tel. Menlo Park 714).

    Miss Betty and Miss Audrey.

    FIFE, Mrs. George Storrs.

SHORTRIDGE, Senator and Mrs. Samuel M., (Menlo Park, San Mateo County, Cal.), (Tel. Menlo Park 147) and Washington D. C.

SHOTWELL, Miss Edith C., Woman's Athletic Club, 640 Sutter, (Tel. Prospect 480).

SHOTWELL, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 1869 California, (Tel. Walnut 906).

SHREVE, Mrs. George R., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 2476).

SHUEY, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 176 Alvarado Road, (Tel. Berkeley 6150-J).

    Member Bohemian and Olympic Clubs.

    Miss Sevilla Hayden SHUEY and Mr. Hayden SHUEY.

SHUMATE, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E., 1901 Scott, (West 377).

SHURTLEFF, Judge and Mrs. Chas. A., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 1139).

SIBLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, (Berkeley, Cal.), Cloyne Court Apts., (Tel. Berkeley 7230).

    Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and The Faculty Club (Berkeley).

    Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

    Miss Catherine SIBLEY.

SIEBE, Dr. Elizabeth B., 1434 Taylor, (Tel. Franklin 1359).

SILVERBERG, Dr. and Mrs. Melville, 18 Santa Monica Way, (Tel. Sunset 7194).

SILVERNAIL, Mr. and Mrs. A. H., (Oakland, Cal.), 545 Santa Rey Ave., (Lakeside 2642).

SIMMONS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W., 33 Terrace Drive, "St. Francis Wood", (Tel. Sunset 1162).

SIMON, Dr. Martin E., Flood Bldg., (Douglas 3316) or 352 Geary, (Douglas 2200).

SIMPSON, Mrs. Andrew, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

SIMPSON, Admiral and Mrs. Edward, (U. S. N.), Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

SIMPSON, Mrs. Ernest S. (Anna P.), 711 Duboce Ave., (Park 485).

SIMS, Mr. James N., Olympic Club, (Prospect 4400).

SINCLAIR, Mr. and Mrs. John A., San Mateo, Cal.), 95 W. Poplar, (San Mateo 1074).

SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., (Oakland, Cal.), Claremont Country Club.

SINSHEIMER, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard, 2511 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 432).

SINSHEIMER, Mrs. Henry, Hotel St. Francis, (Kearny 3423).

SINSHEIMER, Miss May, 2682 Filbert, (Tel. Fillmore 6195).

SINSHEIMER, Mr. Paul A., 2682 Filbert, (Tel. Fillmore 6195).

SINTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, (San Mateo, Cal.), 17 El Cerrito, (San Mateo 297).

SINTON, Mr. and Mrs. Silas D., (San Mateo, Cal.), 420 Turner Terrace, (San Mateo 1028).

SISSON, Mrs. Maria C., 2186 Vallejo, near Webster, (Fillmore 3025).

    Miss Madeline and Mr. Albert Wm. F. SISSON, 2186 Vallejo, (Fillmore 3025).

SKAIFE, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C., 1116 Castro, (Tel. Atwater 244).

SKALLER, Mr. and Mrs. George, Bellevue Hotel, 505 Geary St., (Tel. Franklin 3636).

SKEWES-COX, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon, 2020 Broadway, (Fillmore 145).

SKINNER, Mr. and Mrs. John Hathaway, (Alameda, Cal.), 1814 Clinton, (Alameda 187).

SLACK, Judge and Mrs. Charles W., 2224 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 649).

     Miss Edith SLACK.

SLADE, Mr. and Mrs. Russell C., 1812 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7887).

SLOCUM, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B., 211 Central Ave., (Tel. Hemlock 11).

SLOCUMB, Mr. and Mrs. Clay, 1243 7th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 1085).

SLOSS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 2016 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 9401).

SLOSS, Mrs. Leon, (Bertha L.), 1824 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 40).

    Mr. Louis 3d and Mr. Leon SLOSS Jr.

SLOSS, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jr., 3808 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7822).

SLOSS, Judge and Mrs. Marcus C., Carlton Apts., 840 Powell, (Kearny 5688).

     Miss Margaret SLOSS. Also Ross, Marin Co., Cal.

SLOSSON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Jr., 2119 Hyde, (Franklin 9151).

SLY, Mr. and Mrs. L. H., Stanford Court, (Tel. Garfield 464).

SMALL, Mr. and Mrs. Herriot, (Oakland, Cal.), 254 Perkins, (Tel. Glencourt 990).

    Member Claremont Country and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

SMEDBURG, Mrs. William Renwick, 1200 California, (Franklin 3240).

SMILEY, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer N., San Anselmo, Marin Co., Cal.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F., 57 Ashbury, (Tel. Pacific 4980).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Harry, (Marian REGENSBURGER), 3561 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 8212).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Bode K., 120 27th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7442).

SMITH, Major and Mrs. Byron K., 750 15th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4427).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll W., (Diablo, Contra Costa County, Cal.), (Tel. Diablo 32).

    Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club (Diablo, Cal.) and Yale Club (New York City).

SMITH, Mr. C. Henry, 1337 California, (Tel. Prospect 9885) or Union League Club.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 1407 Sutter, (Tel. Fillmore 6858) and Moss Beach.

SMITH, Charles Leonard, (Oakland, Cal.), Peralta Apts., (Tel. Oakland 9185).

    Mr. member Athenian-Nile; Athens Athletic; East Bay Country Clubs; and Elks.

    Mrs. member Ebell Club (Oakland) and Fabiola Hospital Association (Oakland); United

    Daughters Confederacy (San Francisco) and Sakura Kwai (San Francisco).

SMITH, Mrs. Christian W., (Menlo Park, Cal.), Santa Cruz Ave., (Tel. Menlo Park 1942-J-4).

SMITH, Mrs. Clarence M., 992 Green, near Jones, (Tel. Franklin 221).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Howland, (Ithica, New York), 312 Highland Road, (Tel. Ithica 3842).

    Miss Claudia SMITH.

SMITH, Mr. Clifford Andrews, Olympic Club, (Tel. Prospect 4400), and Baltimore Park, Marin County, Cal.

    Member Olympic Club; Elks; and Vice-Commodore San Francisco Yacht Club.

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. Dudley, (Oakland, Cal.), Claremont Manor, (Tel. Piedmont 241).

    Dr. member Athenian-Nile Club; Mt. Diablo Country Club; and Athens Athletic Club.

    Miss Patricia Jane SMITH, Master Dudley Allen SMITH, and Master Willard Wallace SMITH.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., 65 San Benito Ave., (Tel. Sunset 6836).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M., 830 Miramar Ave., (Tel. Randolph 2288).

    Mr. member Union League; Commonwealth; S. F. Commercial; Ad Club; Down Town Association.

SMITH, Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Emery Trittle, (Brookline, Mass.), 54 Egmont St.

    Member Chevy-Chase (Washington D. C.) and The Country Club (Brookline, Mass.).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Maynard, 1510 Lake, (Bay View 2908).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bruce, Mill Valley, Marin County, Cal., (Mill Valley 241).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Felix T., (nee Martha Sutton), 2496 Filbert, (Fillmore 3458).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Frances Marion, "Arbor-Villa", Oakland, Cal.

    Mr. member Pacific-Union; Athenian-Nile; Claremont Country; Union League (New York); and New York Yacht Clubs.

    Miss Evelyn; Miss Dorothy; Miss Mildred and Mr. Francis M. SMITH Jr.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., 798 10th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7819).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., 539 9th Ave., Tel. Pacific 671).

     Mr. F. Hilton SMITH.
SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. George Ormond, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2628 Etna, (Berkeley 4840).

     Member S. F. Commercial; Mount Diablo; Claremont and Benedict Clubs.

     Mrs. SMITH member Twentieth Century Club of Berkeley.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W., (Oakland, Cal.), 5438 Lawton Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5776).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Hanley J., (Oakland, Cal.), 125 Kempton Ave., (Oakland 8022).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Harry H., 319 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Pacific 7823).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., 3848 Sacramento, (Tel. Bay View 7814).

     Miss Betty C. SMITH.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram C., 64 Arguello Blvd., (Pacific 1586).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. H. Stephenson, 1740 Lake, (Pacific 5785).

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. James Franklin, 2366 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 8007).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Jamie H., 821 Pine, (Tel. Kearny 6130).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. John Francis, (Piedmont, Cal.), 99 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3159).

     Mr. member Athenian-Nile; Athens Athletic; and East Bay Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Ebell Society of Oakland.

     Miss Libby SMITH and Mr. Fenwick SMITH.

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. John J., 2025 California, (Tel. Fillmore 7189).

     Dr. member Army & Navy Club; Kiwanis; and Masonic Clubs.

     Mrs. member the Century Club.

     Master John J. SMITH Jr. and Master Stuart F. SMITH.

SMITH, Mr. Ludlum E., (San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.), 534 Belle Ave., (Tel. San Rafael 646-W).

SMITH, Mrs. Mary Bromley, 1276 8th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4683).

SMITH, Mrs. Mary Hooker, San Carlos, San Mateo County, Cal., (Redwood 321-J).

SMITH, Mrs. O. C., (Redwood City, Cal.), Woodside Rd., (Tel. Redwood 1706-F-15).

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. Reginald Knight, 2600 Jackson, (Fillmore 554).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hays, (Hillsboro, Cal.), Eucalyptus Dr., (Burlingame 114).

     Member Bohemian and Burlingame Country Clubs.

     Mr. Nicol SMITH.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. S. Burke, 1145 Vernal Ave., Burlingame, (Tel. Burlingame 1359).

     Mr. member Army & Navy Club (Washington D. C.); Army & Navy Club (Manila, P. I.) and

     Thames Club (Ned London, Conn.).

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Smelie Sidney SMITH and Master S. Burke SMITH Jr.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F., 14 7th Ave., (Pacific 8455).

SMITH, Mrs. Theodore E., 2735 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 1999).

     Miss Juliet M. SMITH, member Woman's Athletic and S. F. Advertising Clubs.

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. Wallace B., Huntington Apts., 1075 California, (Tel. Franklin 5400)  Office: 391 Sutter, (Tel. Sutter 7315).

SMITH, Mr. W. Garner, Plaza Hotel, Post and Stockton, (Sutter 7200).

SMITH, Mr. Wellington T., Pacific-Union Club, (Prospect 33).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Willard P., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2906 Hillegaas, (Berkeley 603-J).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. William Eric, 21 6th Ave., near Lake, (Pacific 587).

SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. William Evert, 500 19th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 974).  Office: Flood Bldg., Powell and Market, (Tel. Kearny 5081).

     Dr. member Public Spirit Club.

SMITH, Mr. and Mr. William Henry Jr., 2420 Scott, (Tel. Walnut 191).

     Mr. member Bohemian; Menlo Country & S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca, Woman's Athletic, and Sequoyah Country Clubs.

     SEARLES, Miss Mary Dennis.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. William T., 754 10th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3695).

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Willis R., 1912 Clay, (Tel. West 502).

SNEATH, Mr. and Mrs. George R., San Bruno, San Mateo Co., Cal.

SNEATH, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., 1160 Pine, (Tel. Prospect 3077) and San Bruno, Cal.

SNOOK, Mr. and Mrs. James Athearn, 1310 Greenwich, (Tel. Graystone 3160).

SNODGRASS, Mr. and Mrs. Harold G., 1849 Clay, (Tel. Prospect 9050).

SNYDER, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2713 Forest Ave., (Tel. Thornwall 904).

     Mr. member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; Engineers; & S. F. Commercial Clubs.

     Miss Helen SNYDER, Mr. William SNYDER, and Mr. Henry R. SNYDER.

SNYDER, Dr. and Mrs. George S., 1238 18th Ave., (Bay View 2754).

     Dr. member Olympic Club.

SOBEY, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W., 24 Santa Ana Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4005).

SOBEY, Mrs. Ester J., Interurban Sanitarium, San Jose, Cal., (Tel. San Jose 15-R-4).

SOLLEY, Dr. and Mrs. Albert A., 267 28th Ave., (Bay View 2754).

SOLOMON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry I., 2064 Jackson, (Fillmore 156).

SOMERS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alton, 3636 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 8051).

SOMERS, Dr. and Mrs. George B., Woodside, Cal.

SOMERS, Mr. and Mrs. Roy J., Gerber, Cal.

SOMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Max, 1810 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 349).

SON, Mrs. Adolph A., 2124 Broadway, (West 532).

     Miss Helen SON; Miss Blanche SON; 2124 Broadway, (West 532).

SONNENSCHEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Herman G., 1904 Baker, (Tel. Fillmore 8505).

SONNENSCHEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 1645 Cabrillo, (Tel. Bay View 6019).

SORENSEN, Mr. James A., 203 Bennington, (Tel. Mission 5247).

     Member Olympic Club; G. G. Commandery; Islam Temple; Indoor Yacht Club, Down Town Association and Advertising Club.

     (Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Johnson) 1106 Fulton, (West 9453).

     RAVN, Mr. and Mrs. Nils P., 16 Atalaya Terrace, near Fulton, (Tel. Bay View 6019).

SORENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie K., 21 Atalaya Terrace, near Fulton, (Bay View 3405).

SOULE, Mrs. Hortense G., (New York City, N. Y.), 34 West 53rd St., (Tel. Circle 6229).

     Mr. d'Arnaud Beach SOULE.

SOUTHARD, Mr. and Mrs. Albert B., 277 Edgewood Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4801).

SPADER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., 45 San Fernando, (Tel. Sunset 6683).

SPALDING, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Baker, 2651 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 826).

SPANGLER, Mr. and Mrs. Dolin I., 1500 Sutter, (Tel. Fillmore 5503).

SPEAR, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E., (Los Angeles, Cal.).

     Mrs. Albion W; Mr. L. Emerson; and Mr. C. Whitney SPEAR.

SPENCER, Dr. and Mrs. John C., Palo Alto, Cal., (369 Addison), Palo Alto 71.

SPENGLER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward P., and Miss Mildred, 110 Presidio Ave., (West 6702).

SPERRY, Mr. and Mrs. Horace B., 2535 Laguna, (Fillmore 36).

SPERRY, Dr. and Mrs. John A., 2521 Scott, (Tel. Walnut 110).

SPEYER, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 2957 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 5949).

      Miss Elaine and Miss Ethel SPEYER.

SPEYER, Mrs. Morris, 2845 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 4681).

SPEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter M., 2845 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 4681).

      Mr. member Olympic; Lake Golf & Country; and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

      Mrs. member Francisca and Women's Athletic Clubs.

SPIEGL, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A., 5224 California, (Tel. Bay View 1138) and Walnut Creek, Cal.

SPIEKER, Mrs. J. J., St. Regis Apts., 1925 Gough, (Fillmore 1783) & Ross, Cal.

SPIEKER, Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren, 2551 Buchanan, (Fillmore 2667).  Or 2810 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 696).

SPIERS, Mrs. James and Miss Katherine, 1824 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7866).

SPIGANOVICZ, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar V., (Oakland, Cal.), 7024 Chabot Road, (Tel. Piedmont 6647-W).

SPINKS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., (Virginia M.), Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal., (Los Altos 133).

     Mr. member Los Altos Club and Los Altos Golf & Country Club (P.O. Box 237).

     Mrs. member Lambda of Phi Omega Pi (University of California); American Association of University Women (Bay Branch); League of American Pen Women (Berkeley Branch); Ebell Club (Oakland); Le Conte Chapter United Daughters     Confederacy; S. F. Women's Building Association; and Berkeley Chapter No. 178 O. E. S.

SPIRO, Mr. and Mrs. Michael E., 2304 Washington, (Fillmore 3635).

SPOHN, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 1803 Franklin, (Tel. Fillmore 2771).

     Mr. John H. SPON Jr.

SPRAGUE, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A., 244 9th Ave., (Pacific 3801).

     Mr. Burton A. SPRAGUE; Mr. Elmer SPRAGUE; 244 9th Ave., (Pacific 3801).

SPRAGUE, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., 1055 California, (Franklin 4418), and Menlo Park.

     Mr. Wm. W. and Mr. Richard H. SPRAGUE Jr.

SPRECKELS, Mrs. Adolph B., 2080 Washington, corner Octavia, (Tel. West 2631)/

     Miss Alma; Miss Dorothy; and Mr. Adolph SPRECKELS Jr.

SPRECKELS, Mr. and  Mrs. Claus, Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal., (Coronado 418).

SPRECKELS, Mr. and Mrs. C. August, New York City, New York, Fairmont Hotel.

SPRECKELS, Mr. Howard, 2790 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 6226).

     Member Pacific-Union; University; Burlingame Country; San Mateo Polo; & Harvard Clubs.

SPRECKELS, Mr. John D., Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal., (Coronado 232).

SPRECKELS, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph, Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 846). also 1900 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, (Tel. West 1460).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union, University; Bohemian; Burlingame Country; San Mateo Polo; & San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

     Miss Claudine SPRECKELS.

SPRIGGS, Dr. Gertrude A., 641 O'Farrell, (Tel. Franklin 3650).

SPRING, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 234Gough,,   (Tel. Fillmore 7961).

     Member "The Family" Club.

     Master John H. SPRING Jr.

SPRINGER, Mr. Frank V., Fielding Hotel, (Sutter 600).

SPROULE, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1150 Sacramento, (Prospect 43).

ST. CLAIR, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V., 3898 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7977).

ST. CYR, Mr. Jean de, El Cerrito, San Mateo, Cal., (Tels. San Mateo 36, 1398, 1397).

     Member Hagerstown Country; San Mateo Polo; Congressional (Wash. D. C.); New York Athletic; and Florida Sailfish (Palm Beach) Clubs.

ST. GERMAIN, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene de, 15 18th Ave., near Lake, (Tel. Pacific 4565).

     Miss Nadine de ST. GERMAIN.

ST. GOAR, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H., 3541 Washington, (Fillmore 2086).

ST. GOAR, Mrs. Henry, 145 Laurel, (Tel. Fillmore 431).

     Member Town & Country Club.

     Mr. Charles E. ST. GOAR, member Menlo Country Club.

ST. JOHN, Mr. and Mrs. J. R., (Oakland, Cal.), 3938 Robley Terrace, (Piedmont 6544-W).

STAATS, Mr. John S., 155 Montgomery, (Kearny 301), 2960 Divisadero, (Tel. Walnut 299).

STACY, Mr. and Mrs. George B., 2345 Polk, (Tel. Graystone 3786).

STADTMULLER, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W., 3235 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7709).    

     Miss Henrietta; Miss Lillian; 819 Eddy, (Franklin 553).

STADTMULLER, Dr. E. S., 819 Eddy, (Franklin 553).

STADTMULLER, Dr. E. S., 819 Eddy, (Franklin 553) and San Rafael.

STAFFORD, Dr. and Mrs. David E., 2513 Broadway, (Fillmore 2289).

     Miss Peggy STAFFORD.

STAHL, Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo, 1880 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 7854).

STAIR, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., 37 Ashbury Terrace, (Park 8280).

STANFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 455 Wildwood Ave., (Piedmont 3853).

STANLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Carl S., Hotel Del Monte, Monterey Co., Cal.

STANLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., 506 10th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3846).

STANLEY, Lieut. and Mrs. Joseph V., (nee Hazel OREAR), Fort Winfield Scott.

STANLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Lynne (Oakland, Cal.) 505 Wickson Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2318)

     Miss Jeanette STANLEY.

STANTON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 2125 Hyde, (Prospect 2250).

STANTON, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E., 2826 Pierce, (Fillmore 2946).

STARKWEATHER, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 3575 Washington, (Tel. Walnut 1727).

STEARNS, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A., 731 12th Ave., (Bay View 1111).

     Mr. Leland STEARNS.

STEELE, Mr. and Mrs. James King, 2029 Vallejo, near Laguna, (Tel. Fillmore 1715).

     Miss Peggy and Mr. James Shorb STEELE.

STEFFENS, Mr. Dave J., 1325 11th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 3261).

STEIGER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D., 1650 California, (Tel. Graystone 4776).

STEIGER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A., 759 10th Ave., (Pacific 3890).

STEIN, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L., 985 Monterey Blvd., (Tel. Randolph 8062).  Office: 919 Flood Bldg., (Tel. Garfield 5974). If no answer call Market 21.

STEINBERGER, Mr. Adolph, 421 Powell.

STEINES, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 6494).

     Miss Molly STEINES, 3220 Jackson.

STEINHART, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H., 2400 Steiner, (Fillmore 3012).

STEINHART, Mrs. William and The Misses, 1899 California, (Tel. Walnut 776).

STEINMAN, Mrs. B. U., 15 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8277).

STELLING, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 242 San Jose Ave., (Valencia 6261).

STELLING, Mrs. Louise, and Miss Christie, 4202 17th, (Park 7679).

STENT, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., 2606 Pacific Ave., near Pierce, (Fillmore 1761).

     Miss Frances and Miss Katherine R. STENT, 2606 Pacific Ave.

STEPHENS, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Joy, 924 Stanyan, (Tel. Sunset 5352).

STEPHENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand W., 2546 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 1764).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs).

     Miss Hetty B.; Miss Sarah; and Miss Roberta B. STEPHENSON.

STERN, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob, 3778 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7844).

STERN, Mr. and Mrs. Moses, 250 Laurel, (Tel. Fillmore 3479).

     Miss Margaret STERN.

STERN, Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund, 1998 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 317) & Menlo Park.

STETSON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry N., Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 992).

STETSON, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 390 Arguello Blvd., (1st Avenue), (Tel. Bay View 9277).

     Miss Ethel STETSON.

STETTHEIMER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W., (Redwood City, Cal.), (Tel. Redwood 71).

     Member Argonaut; Olympic; Atherton Golf and Beresford Country Clubs.

     Miss Florence J. STETTHEIMER.

STEVENS, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R., 1919 Octavia, (Tel. Fillmore 9439).

     Miss Frances C. and Miss Marjorie E. STEVENS.

STEVENS, Mr. and Mrs. Orlando L., 771 12th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2258).

STEVENS, Dr. and Mrs. William M., 1966 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 6394).

     Miss Dorothy STEVENSON, 1966 Pacific Ave.

STEWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, 1293 Greenwich, (Tel. Graystone 3962).

STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. Ashby O., 1 Eighteenth Ave., near Lake, (Pacific 270).

STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Hotel Stewart, 353 Geary, (Sutter 3640).

STEWART, Miss Margaret, Hotel Stewart, 353 Geary, (Sutter 3640).

STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1400 Balboa, (Tel. Pacific 1283).

    Miss Beverly STEWART.

STEWART, Mr. Humphrey J., San Diego, Cal.

STEWART, Mrs. James and Mrs. James W., 3038 Jackson, (Fillmore 2388).

STILES, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 165 29th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 2728).

STILLMAN, Captain and Mrs. Hathaway, (nee Elsie Bertheau).

STILLMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Stanley, 1824 Jackson, (Tel. West 1034).  Summer residence, Belvedere, Marin Co.

    Dr. member Pacific-Union; University; Bohemian; and Olympic Clubs.

    Mrs. member Woman's Athletic and Town & Country Clubs.

    Miss Lisa STILLMAN, member Town & Country Club.

    Mr. Stanley STILLMAN Jr.

STIMMEL, Mr. William G., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

STIMMEL, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1830 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 7932).

STIMSON, Mrs. Ezra T., Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 3499).

STINCEN, Miss Alice M., 970 Chestnut, Corner Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 2422).

STINE. Mrs. Oliver Charles, 1071 Vallejo, (Prospect 6096).

STINSON, Miss Frances and Miss Ida M., 2434 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 7359).

STOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Sol M., 25 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8285).

STOCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W., 1040 Balboa, (Tel. Bay View 2333).

     Miss Ruth H. and Mr. Leslie W. STOCKER

STODDARD, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C., 2205 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 3924).

     Mr. member Olympic Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Eleanor Jane STODDARD.

STODDARD, Mr. and Mrs. George Hill, 2145 Franklin, (Tel. Fillmore 3924).

STODDARD, Dr. Thomas A., University Club, (Tel. Sutter 900).

     Member University; Olympic; and Commonwealth Clubs.

STOKER, Mr. and Mrs. George E., 1246 Sacramento, (Tel. Prospect 2775).

STOKES, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., (Alameda, Cal.), 1726 San Antonio, (Alameda 4308).

     Member San Francisco Commercial and Transportation Clubs.

     Mr. Charles J. STOKES, 1726 San Antonio Ave., (Tel. Alameda 4308).

STOLL, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio F., 75 Shore View Ave., (Bay View 871).

STOLP, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., (Piedmont, Cal.), 103 Monticello Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5511).

     Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

STOLZ, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L., 3850 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7969).

STONE, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L., 47 Sotelo, (Sunset 2099).

     Mr. Andrew L. and William STONE.

STONE, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hollis, 1831 Balboa, (Tel. Bay View 5408).

STONE, Mr. and Mrs. Egbert F., Keystone Apts., 1369 Hyde, (Tel. Graystone 4079).

     Mr. Egbert R. STONE Jr.

STONE, Miss Jennie F., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

STONE, Mr. and Mrs. Leon D., 10 Fifth Ave., (Pacific 347).

STONE, Miss Maria W.; Miss Leona J.; 2409 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 1578).

STONE, Mrs. Marcus, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 3207).

STONEY, Mr. and Mrs. Donzel, 3581 Clay, near Locust, (Fillmore 1402).

STONEY, Mr. and Mrs. Gaillard, 3294 Jackson, (Fillmore 3282).

     Member Bohemian Club and Presidio Golf Club.

     Mrs. STONEY member Town & Country and Century Clubs.

     Miss Kate W. STONEY, 3294 Jackson, (Fillmore 3282).

STONEY, Mrs. Randall Croft, 3196 Pacific Ave., (West 615).

STORROR, Mr. and Mrs. L. W., Berkeley, Cal., 2823 Woolsey, (Berkeley 290).

STORY, Mrs. Geraldine B., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800.)

STOUTENBURGH, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C., 240 16th Ave., (Pacific 2156).

STOVEL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 974).

STOW, Mr. and Mrs. Harry P., (Alameda, Cal.), 1617 Central Ave., (Alameda 180).

     Member Bohemian; Mt. Diablo Country; Masonic; and L. A. Athletic Clubs.

STOW, Mrs. Vanderlynn, Clift Hotel, (Tel. Prospect 4700).

STOW, Mr. and Mrs. Ashfield E., 2542 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 5615).

STOWELL, Dr. and Mrs. John M., 632 Haight, (Park 5362).

STOY, Mrs. Samuel B., 2305 Scott St., (Fillmore 1632).

     Miss Eleanor and Miss Monica STOY, 2305 Scott St., (Fillmore 1632).

STRANDBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orrin, 1128 Filbert, (Tel. Franklin 9500).

     de TUBERVILLE, Miss Ester.

STRASSBURGER, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, 2112 Jackson, (Fillmore 184).

STRASSBURGER, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, (Hillsborough, San Mateo County, Cal.), Hillsborough

     Drive, (Tel. San Mateo 777).

     Mr. member Argonaut; Olympic; and Bereford Country Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club  and Beresford Country Club.

STRICKLAND, Dr. and Mrs. Sidney L., 2425 Fillmore, (Fillmore 3224).

STRICKLER, Dr. and Mrs. John Philip, 2718 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 8401).  Office: 708 Flood Bldg., (Tel. Sutter 2278). If no answer call West 1400.

     Miss Benka STRICKLER and Mr. John R. D. STRICKLER.

STRINGER, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 2723 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 127).

     Miss Claire and Miss Helen STRINGER, 2723 Pacific Ave.

STRINGHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D., (Berkeley, Cal.), 21 Tanglewood, (Tel. Berkeley 7216).

     Mr. Member Berkeley Country Club; The  Faculty Club; Commonwealth Club; and Public Spirit Club.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club (San Francisco) and Town & Gown Club (Berkeley).

STRONG, Mr. George H., (Oakland, Cal.), 271 Lee, near Jayne, (Tel. Glencourt 771).

     HUBBARD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P., (nee STRONG).

STURDIVANT, Mr. Benjamin B., (San Anselmo, Marin County, Cal.), (Tel. San Anselmo 2786).

STURDIVANT, Mr. and Mrs. Paul R., 2021 California, (Tel. Fillmore 7918).

STURTEVANT, Judge and Mrs. George A., 31 Belmont Ave, (Tel. Sunset 5123).

SULLIVAN, Judge Jeremiah F., 2007 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 1108).

     SULLIVAN, Mr. Harry F.

     BREEDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M.

SULLIVAN, Mr. and Mrs. Jerd F., 2475 Vallejo, (Tel. Walnut 1095).

SULLIVAN, Judge Matt I., 920 Guerrero, (Mission 660).

SULLIVAN, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J., 2100 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 1216).

SULLIVAN, Miss Sophie and Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Belvedere 49).

     Miss Elizabeth SULLIVAN, Belvedere, Cal.

SULTAN, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J., 27 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8289).

     Miss Enid SULTAN, 27 Presidio Terrace.

SUMMERS, Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, 2514 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 7658).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union Club.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club.

     Miss Frances Ynez SUMMERS.

     Mr. Dibblee SUMMERS, member Montecito Country Club.

SUSSMAN, Mrs. Samuel (Emilie), Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 3838).

SUSSMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Leo L., 23 7th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 9284).

SUTRO, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 2660 Jackson, (Tel. West 46).

     Miss Adelaide SUTRO, Miss Margot SUTRO, and Mr. John A, SUTRO.

SUTRO, Mr. Charles, Palace Hotel, (Tel. Sutter 700 or Kearny 4631).

SUTRO, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 1600 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 2841).

SUTRO, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar, (See Piedmont List), 2025 Oakland, Ave., (Piedmont 3296).

SUTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, (Oakland, Cal.), 977 Bay View Ave., (Merritt 1674).

      Member Masonic Club S. F.

      Mrs. SUTTER member S. F. Musical Clubs.

SUTTON, Mrs. Allan McKenzie and Miss Barbara, Belvedere, Cal., (Belvedere 4).

SUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Effingham B., 303 Spruce, (Tel. Bay View 5551).

SUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. John G., 2201 Baker, cor. Jackson, (Fillmore 594).

     Mr. John C. Jr.; and Mr. Reuel R. SUTTON, 2201 Baker, (Fillmore 594).

SUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 2542 Sacramento, (Fillmore 362).

     Miss Cornelia and Miss Elizabeth SUTTON.

SUYDAM, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 3332 Clay, (Fillmore 4642).

SWANBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav E., 2400 Webster, cor. Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 6657).

SWEENEY, Dr. and Mrs. George J., 180 Westwood Ave., (Randolph 44).

SWEENEY, Mr. and Mrs. James P., 2960 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 8171).

SWETT, Dr. and Mrs. Wilber M., 1339 4th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4087).

     Member Bohemian; University; and Harvard Clubs.

SWEZEY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B., Berkeley, Cal., 27 Domingo Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 8685).

    Mr. Member Claremont Country and Olympic Clubs. (Tel. Thornwall 2765).

SWICK, Mr. and Mrs. C. E., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2800 Claremont Blvd., (Thornwall 780).

    Miss Clyde Elizabeth SWICK.

SWINERTON, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B., 1904 Franklin, (Tel. Franklin 1389).

    Mr. member Bohemian and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

    Mrs. member Francisca and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

SWINNERTON, Mr. and Mrs. J. G., (Louise Seher), 409 Lincoln Ave., Palo Alto, Cal., (Palo Alto 1822).

     Mrs. writer, member National League American Pen Women & National League for Women's Services.

     Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Vice-President Palo Alto Art Club.

     Miss Mary Elizabeth SWINNERTON.

SWORD, Mr. and Mrs. Carl, (Sacramento, Cal.), Hotel Senator, 12th and L Sts., (Tel. Main 8000).

     Miss Phyllis SWORD.

SYMMES, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W., (Mill Valley, Cal.), King Ave., (Tel. Mill Valley 46W).

SYPHER, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, (San Mateo, Cal.), 245 West Santa Inez Ave., (San Mateo 344).

TAAFFE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 25 West Clay Park, (Pacific 830).

TAFT, Mrs. Henry C. and Miss Clara M., (Oakland, Cal.), 348 Vernon, (Oakland 2213).

TAFT, Mr. and Mrs. J. Maxwell, (Oakland, Cal.), 137  Montecito Ave., (Oakland 1995).

      Miss Florence Elizabeth TAFT.

TAIT, Mr. and Mrs. John, 2335 Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 2764).

      Miss Emma TAIT.

TAKETOMI, Mr. and Mrs. Toshihiko, 2297 Laguna, (Tel. Fillmore 3063).

      Mr. Consul General of Japan, Postal Telegraph Bldg., 22 Battery, (Tel. Douglas 5082).

TALBOT, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B., (Lora Williamson), San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.

TALBOT, Mr. and Mrs. James A., Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 6009).

TALBOT, Mr. and Mrs. William H., (San Mateo, Cal.), Edgehill Road, (San Mateo 147).

TALLANT, Mrs. Frederick W., (Helen L.), and Mr. Jerome, 2522 Octavia, near Vallejo.

TALLANT, Mr. and Mrs. Drury J., 1115 Taylor, (Prospect 2833).

TANRON, Mr. and Mrs. Marcel, San Rafael, Cal., (146 San Rafael Ave.).

TANTAU, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A., (Oakland, Cal.), 5730 Keith Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4681-W).

TAUBLES, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave H., 598 29th Ave., (Pacific 7668).

TAYLOR, Dr. Armstrong, Huntington Apts., 1075 California, (Tel. Franklin 5400).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus, Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Menlo Park 128).

      Miss Evelyn and Mr. Augustus TAYLOR Jr., Menlo Park.

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Edward DeWitt, 330 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Sunset 6970).

      Mr. member San Francisco Commercial and San Francisco Fly Casting Clubs.

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

TAYLOR, Mrs. Felton, (Sereta T.), 2800 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 5560).

      Miss Sereta; Mr. Raymond; and Mr. Felton TAYLOR Jr.

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., (See Berkeley List), 275 "The Uplands", (Berkeley 2).

      Miss Ruth M. Taylor, 275 The Uplands, Berkeley, Cal., (Berkeley 2768).

TAYLOR, The Misses and Mr. Thomas G. Jr., 1911 Pine, (Tel. Fillmore 7921).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. William Allen, 2375 Vallejo, (Fillmore 1270).

TAYLOR, Mrs. William Hinckley, 2550 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 1982).

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. William Howard, 41 Commonwealth Ave., (Pacific 1970).

TEASS, Dr. and Mrs. Chester J., 1201 Greenwich, (Tel. Franklin 5060).

       Miss Melva TEASS.

TERRY, Dr. and Mrs. Wallace I., 2712 Broadway, (Tel. West 743).

       Dr. member Pacific-Union Club and University Club.

       Mr. Wallace I. TERRY Jr.

TETLEY, Mrs. T. Wilkinson, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

TEVIS, Dr. Harry L., Alma, Santa Clara County, Cal., (Tel. Los Gatos 7).  Palace Hotel (When in S. F.), (Tel. Sutter 700).

       Member Pacific-Union; University; and Burlingame Country Clubs.

TEVIS, Mr. William S., Burlingame, Cal., Oak Grove near Railroad, (Burlingame 787).

       Mr. William S. Jr., and Mr. Gordon B. TEVIS, Burlingame, Cal.

TEVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Lansing K., (Burlingame, Cal.), Oak Grove Ave., (Burlingame 787).

TEVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd P., Bakersfield, Kern County, Cal.

THACHER, Mr. Thomas A., Olympic Club, 524 Post, (Prospect 4400).

THANE, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F., Cecil Hotel, Post near Taylor, (Prospect 180).

THARP, Mr. and Mrs. F. H., 150 25th Ave., near California, (Tel. Pacific 6926).

THARP, Mrs. Joseph L., 22 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8272).

THARP, Mrs. Newton J., 1600 Lyon, (West 8082).

THAYER, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A., 2222 Hyde, (Prospect 1378).

THAYER, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H., (San Rafael, Cal.), 86 Culloden Park, (Tel. San. Rafael 710).

       Member Marin Golf & Country Club.

THAYER, Mrs. Rufus, 132 Locust, (Tel. Fillmore 6214) and Belvedere, Cal.

       Miss Helen; Mr. Wheeler, and Mr. William, Rudolph THAYER.

THELEN, Mr. and Mrs. Max, Berkeley, Cal., (Alvarado and Ridge Road), Berkeleu 332).

THIEBEN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 116 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8107).

THIERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., 2415 Larkin, (Franklin 1255).

THIERBACH, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (Berlingame, Cal.), 2140 Parkside, (Tel. Burlingame 1551).

THIERIOT, Mrs. Ferdinand, (Kathleen), 2080 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 877).

      Mrs. THIERIOT member Francisca and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

      Miss Yvonne and Master Chas. de y. THIERIOT.

THOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. Bert M., 2869 Bush, (Filmore 2054).

THOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. Jay B., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2909 Pine Ave., (Berkeley 1213).

THOMAS, Dr. and Mrs. Jerome B., (Palo Alto, Cal.), 1432 Webster, (Tel. Palo Alto 1823).

THOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. William, Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 3611).

THOMPSON, Dr. and Mrs. C. L., (Oakland, Cal.), 701 Santa Ray Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3490).

       Member Sequoyah Country; Rotary; and Lakeside Clubs.

THOMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S., 2675 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1369).

THOMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. Moreley P., 4220 Fulton, (Tel. Bay View 5910).

THOMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J., 657 16th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3508).

THOMSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Jr., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1617 Chapin, (Tel. Burlingame 1189).

THOMSON, Mr. Gordon, Kentfield, Marin County, Cal., (San Anselmo 323-J).

THOMSON, Mr. and Mrs. James A., (Oakland, Cal.), 415 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3038).

THORNE, Dr and Mrs. I. Walton, 2634 Broderick, (Tel. West 6462).

       Dr. member Pacific-Union Club and University Club.

       Mrs. member Francisca Club and Woman's Athletic Club.

       Miss Sue Edna THORNE.

THORNE, Mr. and Mrs. Julian, 2574 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 8031).

THORNTON, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C., 100 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4061).

THORNTON, Mr and Mrs. Harry Albert, (Piedmont, Cal.), 99 Lafayette, (Tel. Piedmont 4111).

      Member Olympic (S. F.) and Claremont Country Clubs.

THROCKMORTON, Mr. Howard, (Los Angeles, Cal.)

     Member Cuyamaca (San Diego); Los Angeles Country; Bankers of America (New York);  Bohemian (S. F.); University (S. F.); Commonwealth; and San Jose Country Clubs.

THUNDER, Mr. and Mrs. James Augustus, 2020 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 2677).

     Miss Grace Mary and Master Joseph THUNDER.

THURSTON, Mr. George P., 2900 Clay, cor. Divisadero, (Fillmore 463).

TIBBITTS, Mr. and Mrs. Howard C., 1107 Greenwich, (Prospect 2046).

TICHENOR, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Hawley, (Palo Alto, Cal.), "Southgate", (Tel. Palo Alto 504).

     Miss Jane Willson TICHENOR and Master John Field TICHENOR.

TIETZEN, Mr. and Mrs. Paul O., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2840 Claremont Blvd., (Tel. Berkeley 59).

     Mr. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland), Mt. Diablo Country Club (Diablo), Claremont

     Assembly (Berkeley), and California Club (Los Angeles).

     Mr. J. Herbert TIETZEN.

TILDEN, Mr. Tilton C., Bellevue Hotel, Geary and Taylor Streets, (Tel. Franklin 3636).

TILLMAN, Mrs. Anna J., 2826 Van Ness Ave., near Lombard, (Franklin 278).

    Miss Louise TILLMAN, 2826 Van Ness Ave, (Franklin 278).

TILLMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Tilton E., 701 Twentieth Ave., (Pacific 7164).

TILLMAN, Mr. Frederick A., 2000 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7073).

    Member Pacific-Union and Burlingame Country Clubs.

TILLMANN, Frederick, Pacific-Union Club.

TIMSON, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1050 Green, (Franklin 2511).

TITTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Seymour, 170 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8190).

    Miss Doreen R. TITTLE, 170 Commonwealth Ave.

TOBIN, Miss Agnes, absent, (Fairmont Hotel when in San Francisco).

TOBIN, Mrs. Clement, San Mateo, Cal., and 570 Park Ave., New York City, NY.

     Member Burlingame Country and Francisca Clubs.

     Miss Aileen TOBIN.

TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Richard, Burlingame, San Mateo Co., (Tel. San Mateo 122).

TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., Hillsborough, Cal., (West Santa Inez), San Mateo 1357,

TOBIN, Mrs. Joseph Sadoc, 840 Powell, (Kearny 4829).  Summer Residence, Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Burlingame 114).

TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oliver, 1969 California St., (Fillmore 3400).  Also San Mateo, Cal., 200 Clark, (Tel. San Mateo 831).

      Member Pacific-Union; University; S. F. Golf & Country, and Burlingame Country Clubs.

      Mrs. Tobin member Francisca; Woman's Athletic; & San Francisco Golf & Country Club.

      Miss Patricia TOBIN, 1969 California, (Fillmore 3400).

TOBIN, Mr. Richard M., (San Mateo, Cal.), Absent.

TOBRINER, Dr. and Mrs. Oscar, 3494 Jackson, (Fillmore 1308).

TODD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gregory, 1342 37th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4583).

TODD, Miss Laura E., 345 Locust, (Tel. Fillmore 7725).

TOEPKE, Mr. and Mrs. Will H., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1432 Floralunda, (Burlingame 566).

TOGNAZZI, Mr. and Mrs. R. G., 148 Shrader, (Pacific 2130).

TOLERTON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill, (Berkeley, Cal.).

TOMLINSON, Miss Carrie Inez, 575 9th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4064).

TOMLINSON, Dr. and Mrs. Richard F., 2430 Scott, near Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 23).

      Mr. member Olympic Club.

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

      Miss Frances TOMLINSON.

TONER, Dr. and Mrs. J. M., 4344 Fulton, (Tel. Pacific 4778).

TONNINGSEN, Mr. and Mrs. John, St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 1937).

TOPPING, Dr. and Mrs. Frank P., 2850 Filbert, (West 2646).

TORCHIANA, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. van Coenen, 2409 Scott, (Fillmore 3897).

      Member "The Family"; University; and Olympic Clubs.

      Mr. H. A. van Coenen TORCHIANA Jr.

TORNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 2828 Green, (West 2756).

TORREGANO, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J., 795 8th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 855).

     Mr. member Union League; Commonwealth; and Bar Association of S. F.

     Mrs. member California Club of S. F.

TORREY, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1 Canyon Road, (Berkeley 966W).

TOURNY, Mr. and Mrs. George, Palo Alto, Cal., 329 Homer Ave., (Palo Alto 588).

TOWNE, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G., 2524 Pierce, (Fillmore 548).

TOWNE, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W., 2844 Broderick, (Fillmore 5414).

TOWNE, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 2838 Union, (Fillmore 2807).

TOWNE, Mr. and Mrs. Percy E., 415 Buena Vista Ave., (Tel. Park 8220).

     Mr. member Presidio Golf and Olympic Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Clubs.

     Miss Adelaide TOWNE.

TOWNSEND, Mr. and Mrs. Louis E., 121 San Me Marcos, (Tel. Sunset 2124).

     Member Rotary; California Golf and S. F. Ad Clubs and Down Town Association.

TOY, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Marshall, Hotel Manx, (Tel. Douglas 4000).

     Mr. member Union League Club.

     Miss Bertha Elizabeth TOY.

TOYE, Dr. and Mrs. William O., 2111 Hyde, (Tel. Prospect 3254).

TOZER, Mr. and Mrs. C. Walter, 2349 Union, (Fillmore 5436).

TRACY, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F., 1175 Washington, (Tel. Franklin 5397).

TRAIN, Mr. and Mrs. E. Swift, (nee Elnnim McNEAR), Los Angeles, Cal.

TRAIN, Mr. and Mrs. George Francis Jr., 2940 Pierce, (Fillmore 5127).

TRANTNER, Dr. and Mrs. Charles L., 95 26th Ave., near Lake, (Tel. Pacific 4300).  Office: Howard Bldg., 209 Post, (Tel. Kearny 4200).

TRAUTNER, Mr. and Mrs. Herman E., Keystone Apts., 1369 Hyde, (Tel. Graystone 234).

       Mr. member Olympic Club.

TRAVERS, Mr. and Mrs. Fred B., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2835 Prince, (Tel. Berkeley 4076).

       Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club.

TREADWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F., Hillsborough, San Mateo County, Cal., (Burlingame 1596).

      Mr. member Presidio Golf Club and San Francisco Commercial Club.

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club and The Forum Club.

      Mr. Earl F. Treadwell.

TREANOR, Miss Edith, 2633 Fillmore, (Fillmore 255).

TREAT, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald J., Sausalito, Marin Co., Cal., (Sausalito 210).

TREAT, Mr. and Mrs. De Witt C., 268 17th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7269).

TREAT, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1216 Cortez, (Burlingame 771-J).

TREAT, Mr. and Mrs. Percy W., 580 10th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 2375).

     Miss Cecil TREAT.

TREAT, Mrs. Walter P., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

TREVOR, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 153 19th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2628).

TRIPLER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 2321 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 2978).

TROUTT, Judge and Mrs. James M., 2706 California, (Fillmore 176).

TROWBRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jr., 3300 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 5989).

TRYON, Mrs. E. H., 2200 Vallejo, (Fillmore 18).

TRYON, Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Howard, (nee Ola WILLETT), 2758 Green, (Fillmore 3749).

TRYON, Dr. and Mrs. William M., 1932 Fell, (Pacific 1865).

TUBBS, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S., 2126 Broadway, (West 898).

TUBBS, Mrs. Austin Tallant, 2441 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 8004).

     Member Burlingame Country and Menlo Country Clubs.

TUBBS, Mr. Tallant, St. Regis Apts., 1925 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 6357).

TUBBS, Mr. and Mrs. Chapin F., Calistoga, Cal., or 2342 Broadway S. F.

TUBBS, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Charles, 569 28th Ave., (Bay View 1141) and San Mateo.

TUBBS, Mrs. William B., (Jennie F.), 2010 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 3816).

TUBBY, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G., 3641 Clement, Lincoln Manor, (Tel. Pacific 6952).

      Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club and Masonic Club.

      Mr. Oliver G. TUBBY.

TUCKER, Mrs. James Ellis, 2030 Broadway, (Tel. West 536).

      Mr. Eeverley TUCKER.

TUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Nion R., 1919 California, (Tel. Fillmore 2495).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; Olympic; and Burlingame Country Clubs.

TUCKEY, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W., 1135 Ulloa, (Sunset 3753).

     Dr. Harry A. TUCKEY.

TUFTS, Mr. and Mrs. James, 16 Seventeenth Ave., (Pacific 1410).

     Member San Francisco Press Club.

     Dr. John M. TUFTS, 16 17th Ave., (Pacific 1410).

TUFTS, Dr. and Mrs. John B., 1000 Lake, cor. 11th Ave., (Pacific 8332).

tum SUDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Otto, 3008 Clay, (Fillmore 1781).

TURNER, Mr. and Mrs. A. H., Fairmont Hotel, or 2190 Vallejo, (Fillmore 1514).

     Miss Ruth TURNER.

TURNER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank I., 2576 Green, near Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 1169).

     Member Sorosis and Women's City Club.

     Mr. F. Seymour TURNER.

     DICKEY, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fletcher, (nee Madeleina TURNER).

     Member Woman's Athletic Club.

TURNER, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, 105 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8087).

TUTTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, Colusa, Cal., (Tel. Colusa 5-R-F-4).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union, University, and S. F. Golf and Country Clubs.



Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Kaleta.

© 2009-2010 Sally Kaleta.