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LANDERS, Mrs. John, 2522 Octavia, (Tel. Fillmore 7878).

LANDERS, Mrs. William J., (Carrie H.), 972 Bush, (Tel. Franklin 5204).

LANDIS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

        Member of "The Family"; Olympic Club; and S. F. Golf and Country Club.

LANDSBERGER, Mr. Julius, (Alameda, Cal.), 1311 Dayton Ave., (Tel. Alameda 96).

        San Francisco address: 315 Montgomery, (Tel. Sutter 895).

        Mr. member Bankers Club of America; Olympic; Lake Merced Golf & Country; and San Jose Golf & Country Clubs.

        Miss Florence LANDSBERGER, 1311 Dayton, Alameda, Cal., (Alameda 96).

LANE, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arthur, 1179 Filbert, (Tel. Franklin 3270).

        Mrs. Grace Farrington LANE.

LANG, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, 111 Buena Vista Ave., near Haight, (Market 7661).

        Mr. Alvin O. LANG, 111 Buena Vista Ave., (Market 7661).

LANGDON, Judge and Mrs. William H., (Alameda, Cal.), 1415 Lafayette, (Alameda 2528).

LANGE, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph, 506 Hill, (Mission 4681), Summer Residence Penn's Grove, Cal.

LANGE, Mr. William A., Olympic Club, 101 Stockton, (Tel. Kearny 30).

LANGHORNE, Mrs. James P., 2459 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 313).

LANGSTROTH, Mr. Frank B., Balboa Bldg., 593 Market, (Kearny 5320).

LANGSTROTH, Dr. and Mrs. Lovell, 3221 Washington, (Fillmore 3476).

LANGTON, Mr. and Mrs. Francis D., Los Angeles, Cal.

LANSBURGH, Mr. and Mrs. G. Albert, 3050 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 1253).

        Miss Ruth LANSBURGH.

LANSBURGH, Mr. and Mrs. Lazarus, 3030 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 174).

LANSING, Mrs. Gerritt  Livingston, 2304 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 1765).

        Member Town & Country Club.

LAPHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Roger D., 2604 Jackson, (Fillmore 115).

        Miss Carol and Mr. Lewis A. LAPHAM.

LARKE, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harriss, 734 10th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1920).

        Member Olympic and Transportation Clubs.

        Miss Elizabeth; Mr. Thomas Harris E. LARKE Jr.; and Mr. Harvey E.

        Mr. William K. LARKE.

LARSH, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G., 42 6th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 106).

LA RUE, Mr. and Mrs. C. L., 1800 Franklin, cor. Sacramento, (Franklin 3475).

LARUE, Mr. and Mrs. John M., (Oakland, Cal.), 4552 San Carlos,

       (Fruitvale 2413-J).

LASK, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., 2028 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 3326).

LARKINS, Mr. and Mrs. William B., (San Rafael, Cal.), 618 Irwin, (Tel. San

       Rafael 772).

       Miss Marian and Mr. Kenneth LARKINS.

LARKINS, Miss Mary, 1541 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 6286).

       Miss S. J. LARKINS.

LARZELERE, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh R., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 1000)

      and San Rafael, Cal.

LASH, Mr. and Mrs. Horace W., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 224).

LASTRETO, Mr. and Mrs. Emilio, Ross, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 607-J).

LATHAM, Mr. Frank Bela, "Red Hill," San Anselmo, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 100-J).

LATHAM, Mrs. Milton S., 1200 California, (Franklin 3240).

LATHROP, Mr. Barbour, Bohemian Club, (Franklin 2441).

LATHROP, Mrs. Charles Gardner, Alta Vista, Stanford University, Cal. (Tel. Palo Alto 1004).

     Member Francisca; Woman's Athletic; and Menlo Country Clubs.

LATHROP, Mr. Harold E., Hotel Alexandria, 215 West 5th St., Los Angeles, Cal., (Tel. Main 5220).

LATHROP, Mr. and Mrs. John Howland, (Brooklyn, NY.), 98 Pierrepont.

LATHROP, Mr. and Mrs. Leland S., (Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal.), Tel. Belvedere 59.

     Mr. member Belvedere Golf & Country Club and Commonwealth Club.

     Mrs. member Francisca Club; Century Club; and Belvedere Golf & Country Club.

     Mr. Leland S. Lathrop Jr.

LATON, Mr. Charles A., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

LAUFENBERG, Miss Josephine M., 79 Elgin Park, (Market 5609).

LAUFENBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Walter P., 1448 Plymouth Ave., (Tel. Randolph 873).

LAUFER, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W., (Oakland, Cal.), 409 E. 12th St., (Tel. Merritt 2523).

     Miss Muriel L. LAUFER.

LAW, Dr. and Mrs. Hartland, 5 Presidio Terrace, (Pacific 2779).

LAW, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ward, 2507 Broadway, (Fillmore 3).

LAW, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Edward, 1021 California, (Franklin 2).

LAW, Dr. and Mrs. Hubert Edward, 6 Estero Ave., (Randolph 2858).

LAWLER, Mrs. Kate and Miss Mary, 920 Guerrero, (Mission 660).

LAWLOR, Judge and Mrs. William P., 2164 Hyde, (Prospect 130).

LAWRENCE, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M., 1824 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 670).

      Miss Edna LAWRENCE.

LAWRENCE, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford S. 265 San Leandro Way, (Tel. Sunset 1579).

      Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club and Merchants' Exchange Club, San Francisco.

LAWRENCE, Miss Evelyn Gertrude, Los Gatos, Cal., (Tel. Los Gatos 426).

LAWRENCE, Mrs. Frank S., (Margaret H.), 910 Steiner, (Fillmore 6520).

LAWRENCE, Mr. Elbert Emrie, Mills Bldg., (Tel. Garfield 19).

LAWRENCE, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney S., 2715 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 1424).

LAWRENCE, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 3833 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7718).

LAWSON, Mr. and Mrs. Albert W., 396 27th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6941).

LAWSON, Mr. and Mrs. A. Werner, 2617 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 1257).

LAWSON, Mr. and Mrs. A. W., 2117 Leavenworth, (Franklin 8087).

LAWSON, Mr. and Mrs. John, Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal.

       Member Bohemian; University; and Olympic Clubs.

       Mrs. Lawson member Town & Country Club.

       Miss Allison; Miss Dorothy; and Master John LAWSON Jr.

LAWTON, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus F., 2360 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 1384).

LEAVITT, Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler, 101 Twentieth Ave., (Pacific 554).

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Abe P., (Oakland, Cal.), 814 Paloma Ave., (Lakeside 4546).

      Mr. Abe P. LEACH Jr., and Miss E. R. CURDTS.

LEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E., (Piedmont, Cal.), Pala and Park Ave., (Piedmont 887-W).

LE BARON, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde, Valley Ford, Sonoma Co., Cal., (Valley Ford 2-F-14).

      Member of Masonic Club of San Francisco.

LE BART, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar C., Chancellor Hotel, 433 Powell, (Tel. Douglas 2004).

      Member Union League Club and S. F. Chamber of Commerce.

LEBENBAUM, Mr. Leo, Cecil Hotel, Post, near Taylor, (Prospect 180).

LE CONTE, Mr. Joseph N., (Berkeley, Cal.), 19 Hillside Court, (Tel. Berkeley 4489).

      Mr. member the Faculty Club (Berkeley) and Sierra Club.

LEDERMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Emanuel D., 38 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8283).

LEDERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. J. Delmore, 2112 Jackson, (Fillmore 184).

      Miss Frances and Miss Gertrude LEDERMAN, 2112 Jackson, (Fill. 184).

LEE, Mr. Don, 1000 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Prospect 100), or Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

LEE, Mrs. Don, 6 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8295).

LEE, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marston, (Oakland, Cal.), 855 Calmar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3570).

      Member Mt. Diablo Country; Sequoyah Country; and S. F. Commercial Clubs. Also Sons of American Revolution.

      Miss Barbara LEE.

LEE, Mr. and Mrs. John, Palo Alto, Cal., 970 University, (Palo Alto 89).

LEE, Mr. and Mrs. L. Eugene, 2744 Steiner, (Fillmore 364).

LEECH, Mr. and Mrs. Russ B., 771 17th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 789).

      Member Olympic Club.

LEIB, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 2618 Buchanan, (Tel. Walnut 308).

LEIB, Mr. William F., 2639 Filbert, (Tel. Fillmore 5749).

LEIBOLD, Mr. and Mrs. J. George, 2140 Hyde, (Prospect 1773).

LEICESTER, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 2175 California, (West 5384).

LEICHTER, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2208 Vallejo, (Fillmore 4664).

LEIMERT, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., Los Angeles, Cal.

LEET, Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph, (San Jose, Cal.), 1230 Alameda, (Tel. San Jose 1400).

      Mrs. member Francisca and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

      Mr. member Bohemian Club.

      Miss Adelia Elizabeth and Miss Winefred McLaughlin LEET.

LEITHEAD, Dr. Queene B. and Miss Queena M., 1776 Hayes, (Tel. Fillmore 2558).

LELAND, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. W., 1910 Vallejo, (West 161).

LEMMAN, Mr. George H., Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Mill Valley 348).

LENNON, Dr. and Mrs. Milton B., 157 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8157).

LENNON, Mr. and Mrs. Roger, 1285 Oak, (Market 3517).

LENNON, Judge and Mrs. Thomas J., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

LENOIR, Mr. Gustave A., 2975 Clay, near Broderick, (Tel. Fillmore 3595).

     Member Union League and Masonic Clubs.

LENT, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, 2100 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 8444).

LENT, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 2229 Washington, (West 755) and Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Hooper Tract), (Redwood 27).

LENZEN, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W., 65 Terrace Drive, (Tel. Sunset 3050).

LEONARD, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Thomas, 1124 Fulton, (Tel. Fillmore 1819).

     Dr. member Olympic Club.

     Mrs. member Sorosia Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Marie Louise LEONARD.

     Miss Anita Louise LEONARD, member Woman's Athletic Club and Woman's City Club.

     Miss Viola Clarice LEONARD.

     Mr. Alexander Thomas LEONARD Jr., 1124 Fulton, (Tel. Fillmore 1819).

LEONARD, Mr. and Mrs. George L., 236 Moncada Way, Ingelside Terrace, (Tel. Randolph 2784).

LEONARD, Dr. and Mrs. John V., 639 Buena Vista Ave., (Park 2634).

LEONARD, Mrs. Lane, 2195 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 4201).

     Mrs. member The Century and Town & Country Clubs.

     Miss Jean B. LEONARD, member Woman's Athletic Club.

LERMEN, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 2652 Pierce, (West 4477).

     Miss Elinor and Mr. John LERMEN Jr.

LE ROY, Mrs. Florence Drake, 841 Church, (Tel. Valencia 4459).

     Mrs. member American College Club; California Club (S. F.); and California Contented Club.

     WILSON, Miss Marjorie F.

     DRAKE, Mrs. Mary.

LEVENSALER, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 3398 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 4038) and Menlo Park, Cal.

LEVI, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

LEVI, Mr. and Mrs. Milton J., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

LEVIN, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, 152 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2075).

LEVINGS, Mr. and Mrs. William Headington, 721 2nd Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5874).

LEVINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Max., (Oakland, Cal.), 5872 Chabot Blvd., Oakland, Cal., (Piedmont 3059-W).

    Miss Leah L. LEVINSON, 5872 Chabot Blvd., Oakland, Cal., (Piedmont 3059-W).

LEVISON, Dr. Charles G., Argonaut Club, (Tel. Douglas 5227).

    Member Argonaut and Presidio Golf Clubs.

LEVISON, Mr. and Mrs. J. B., 2420 Pacific Avenue, (Fillmore 324)

    Member Bohemian; Commonwealth; Olympic; The Family; President Golf and Beresford Country Clubs.

LEVISON, Mr. John G., 2420 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 324).

LEVISON, Mr. and Mrs. Louis O., 3766 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7802) and Belvedere, Cal.

    Miss Dorothy H. and Miss Jane M. LEVISON, 3766 Clay.

LEVY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward I., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

LEVY, Mr. and Mrs. Jules, Hotel St. Francis.

LEVY, Mr. and Mrs. Michel A., (Santa Barbara, Cal.), 2027 Santa Barbara

    Member La Cumbra Golf and Montecito Country Clubs.

LEWIN, Mr. Robert A., 200 Bush, (Tel. Garfield 6100).

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., 651 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4951).

    Mr. Charles Hyde LEWIS.

    Mrs. LEWIS member Corona Club; San Francisco Tea Club; California Club; and Sequoia Chapter D. A. R.

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lux, 940 Green, (Tel. Prospect 2805).

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. De Lancey, Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 172-J).

    Mr. member Menlo Country Club; Menlo Circus Club; and University Club.

    Mr. Douglas Batchelder LEWIS and Mr. De Lancey LEWIS Jr.

LEWIS, Mr. George, Pacific-Union, California, and Mason, (Prospect 33).

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hall, Petaluma, Cal.

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. John Mellgren, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 628-W)

     Member Bohemian; Burlingame; and San Mateo Polo Clubs.

LEWITT, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C., 2477 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 4650).

L'HOMMEDIEU, Mr. and Mrs. James H., (Oakland, Cal.), 215 Harwood Rd., (Tel. Humboldt 356).

     Mr. member Claremont Country Club and Sequoyah Country Club of Oakland.

     Master James H. L'HOMMEDIEU and Master John A. L'HOMMEDIEU.

LICHTENBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Edward William, 2520 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 621).

     Mr. member Olympic Club.

     Mrs. member San Francisco Musical Club.

     Miss Helen Margaret; Mr. Edward Frederick and Mr. Remy Bley LICHTENBERG.

LICHTENSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Joy, 2824 Pierce, (Fillmore 1969).

LIEBES, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, 1814 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7941) and La Honda Road, Redwood City, Cal., (Redwood 1711-F-4).

LIEBES, Mrs. Benjamin, 1400 Sutter, (Franklin 81).

LIEBES, Mrs. Herman, (Hannah), Bellevue Hotel, (Tel. Franklin 3636).

LIEBES, Mrs. Isaac, (Helen), 2814 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7941) and Redwood City, Cal.

LIEBES, Mrs. Julian, Bellevue Hotel, Geary and Taylor, (Tels. Franklin 3636 and Prospect 651).

    Mr. Martin LIEBES.

LIEBES, Mr. and Mrs. George J., 2149 Lyon, (Tel. Walnut 1203).

LIEBES, Mr. Leon I., Redwood City, Cal.

LIGGETT, Lieut.-General and Mrs. Hunter, 2760 Scott, (Fillmore 5506).

LILIENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G.

LILIENTHAL, Mrs. Bertha, 1807 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 3524).

LILIENTHAL, Mr. Benjamin P., 2241 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 7243).

LIENTHAL, Mr. Jesse L., 2241 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 7243).

LILIENTHAL, Mrs. Jesse W., (Jane N.), 2027 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 3478)

    Member Beresford Country and Woman's Athletic Club.

    Miss Victoria LILIENTHAL.

LILIENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W. Jr., (San Mateo, Cal.), West Santa Inez Ave., (Tel. San Mateo 32).

LILIENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Max P., 3920 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 9536).

LILIENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Jr., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 330).

LILIENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 2007 Franklin, (Tel. Walnut 927).

LILIENTHAL, Mrs. Sophie G., 1800 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 3096).

LILLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, S., San Rafael, Cal.

     Miss Ethel LILLEY.

LILLICK, Mr. and Mrs. Ira S., Belvedere, Cal.

LILLIS, Miss Helen, 2170 Vallejo, (West 1020).

LIMBAUGH, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 1454 California, (Tel. Graystone 3509).

LINCOLN, Rev. and Mrs. James Otis, 2209 Broderick, (Fillmore 3941).

LINCOLN, Mrs. Jerome, 2716 Scott, (West 776).

LIND, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 479 17th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1744).

LINDEBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Jafet, 2398 Broadway, Office: 593 Market.

LINDGREN, Mr. and Mrs. Axel F., 2 De Soto Ave., (Tel. Randolph 6230).

LINDLEY, Mrs. Curtis H., 2085 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 4940).

LINDNER, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph, 306 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 8034).

LINFORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Rex, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2710 College Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 3493).

     GEARY, Mrs. W. L.

LINFORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., (Menlo Park, Cal.), Glenwood, (Menlo Park 61), and Palace Hotel, San Francisco, (Sutter 700).

LINNARD, Mr. and Mrs. D. M., (Pasadena, Cal.), 880 S. Madison Ave., (Fair Oaks 2667).  Fairmont Hotel when in San Francisco.

LINNARD, Mr. Le Roy, Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

LINZ, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J., 1909 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 720).

LINZEE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.

LIPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2467 Warring, (Tel. Berkeley 1336.

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; Commonwealth; Claremont Country; and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Gown Club of Berkeley.

     Miss Mary E. LIPMAN, member Woman's Athletic Club of S. F.

LIPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 16 Brookside, (Tel. Berkeley 7577-W).

     Member Bohemian; Olympic; and Claremont Country Clubs.

LIPPITT, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Grant, 2414 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 32).

     Miss Elizabeth C. LIPPITT.

LISBERGER, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S., 2175 Pacific Ave., (West 2724).

LISSER, Mrs. Louis, (Rosa), 3899 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7941).

LISTER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bertram, 1337 12th Ave., (Sunset 2957).

LIVERMORE, Mrs. Horatio P., 1023 Vallejo, near Taylor, (Franklin 1675).

     Miss Elizabeth LIVERMORE.

LIVERMORE, Capt. and Mrs. Norman B., 1045 Vallejo, near Jones, (Prospect 6080).

LIVINGSTON, Mr. and Mrs. David, Hotel Richelieu, Geary & Van Ness Ave., (Franklin 2381).

     Miss Helen LIVINGSTON.

LIVINGSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, San Mateo, Cal., 920 Palm Ave.

LIVINGSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B., Alta Mira Hotel, Sausalito, Cal.

LOESER, Mrs. Robert M., 426 36th, (Tel. Bay View 7702).

LOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Norman, 2901 Buchanan, (Tel. West 8883).

LOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Norman, 11 Merced Ave., (Tel. Sunset 2208).

LOIZEAUX, Dr. and Mrs. Edouard S., (Sacramento, Cal.), 801 I. St.

     Member Sutter Club (of Sacramento).

LOLLER, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 2820 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 2308).

LOMBARD, Mrs. Florence F., The Commodore Hotel, (Tel. Franklin 2100).

LONDON, Dr. and Mrs. Mortimer Andrew, Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 156).

     Member Olympic Club.

     Miss LONDON.

LONG, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C., 1457 Masonic Ave., (Tel. 6828).

LONG, Mrs. Lucius L., 2335 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4235).

LONG, General and Mrs. Oscar Fitzalan, (Piedmont, Cal.), 65 Hazel Lane,  (Tel. Piedmont 747).

     General member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco) and Claremont Country Club (Oakland).

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club Of San Francisco.

LONG, Mr. and Mrs. Percy V., 425 Lake, (Pacific 881).

LOOMIS, Mr. and Mrs. Francis B., (Burlingame, Cal.), 325 Chapin Ave.,  (Burlingame 487).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union and Burlingame Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca Club.

     Miss Florence and Mr. Francis B. LOOMIS Jr., Burlingame, Cal.

LOUGHLIN, Mr. T. A., 1609 Franklin, (Tel. Walnut 455). 

     Member Marin Golf & Country; Thached Home (London); and Hong Kong Clubs.

LOUGHREY, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D., 1414 Cabrillo, (Tel. Bay View 7863).

     Member of Olympic Club.

     Mrs. Century Club of California.

     Mr. Mansfield Jr.; Mr. C. Hathaway; & Mr. Joseph J. LOVELL.

LOVELL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., (See Piedmont List), 12 Bonita Ave.,  (Piedmont 6091).

LOVELL, Mrs. Mansfield, St. Xavier Apts., 2335 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4933).

     Mrs. member Century Club of California.

     Mr. Mansfield Jr.; Mr. C. Hathaway; & Mr. Joseph J. LOVELL.

     Mr. C. Hathaway LOVELL, Student Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

LOW, Miss Flora C., Clift Hotel, Geary and Taylor, (Prospect 4700).

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard, 2312 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8040).

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jr., (Berkeley, Cal.), 156 Tunnel Rd., (Tel. Berkeley 3400).

     Mr. member Claremont Country Club and Olympic Club (San Francisco).

     Mrs. member Francisca Club and Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

LOWE, Mr. John B.,(Sausalito, Cal.), 248 Upper Santa Rosa St., (Sausalito 46-J).

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Leon P., 117 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2023).

     Member Bohemian Club.

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 2201 Broadway, (Fillmore 1752).

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 3900 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 8100).

     Miss Elinor LOWE.

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Willis C., (Oakland, Cal.), 1056 Hubert Rd., (Tel. Glencourt 3396).

     Miss Viola Louise LOWE and Miss Patricia Mae LOWE.

LOWENBERG, Mr. Albert J., Clift Hotel, Geary and Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 5831).

     Office: Hearst Bldg., Market and Third Sts.

LOWENGRUND, Mr. and Mrs. Leopold, 250 Laurel, (Fillmore 1773).

LOWENTHAL, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 18 7th Ave., (Pacific 5505).

LOWERY, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart S., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 148).

     Miss Edna H. Taylor and Mr. William Taylor, (Menlo Park 148).

LOWREY, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jewett, 2550 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1755).

     Member Burlingame Country and Bohemian Clubs.

     BLACK, Mr. Charles N.

LUBBOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Harry M., 1241 Leavenworth, (Tel. Franklin 9386).

LUCAS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., 2150 Vallejo, (Fillmore 3115).

LUCAS, Dr. and Mrs. William Palmer, 2499 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 2562).

LUCE, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 3481 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 8058).

LUCHSINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Albert G., 2222 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 3488).

LUCHSINGER, Mrs. George H., (Anna M.), 2222 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 3488).

LUCY, Mr. and Mrs. George D., 1201 Fulton, (Fillmore 1554).

     Miss Dorothy and Mr. Harold LUCY.

LUDERER, Mr. and Mrs. H. E., 3153 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4359).

LUDLOW, Mr. and Mrs. James T., 1326 3d Ave., (Sunset 1236).

     Miss Beatrice LUDLOW, 1326 3rd. Ave., (Sunset 1236).

LUM, Mr. and Mrs. Burt F., 3665 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7036).

     Member Bohemian Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

     Miss Catherine and Miss Bettina LUM.

LUND, Mr. and Mrs. Fin, 2509 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4561).

     Mr. member Bohemian; Olympic; Commonwealth, & S. F. Commercial Clubs.

LUND, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jr., 2222 Hyde, (Franklin 6071).

     Miss Beatrice and Miss Marion LUND.

LUNDSTROM, Mr. and Mrs. K. A., 2100 Divisadero, (Fillmore 1842).

     Mr. Byron A. LUNDSTROM.

LURIE, Mr. and Mrs. Louis R., Palace Hotel, (Tels. Kearny 2559 and Kearny 161).

LUTTRELL, Dr. and Mrs. Peter Harrison, 2617 Sacramento, (West 7619).

LYMAN, Capt. and Mrs. Charles G., Hotel Cecil, (Tel. Prospect 180) and San Mateo, Cal.

LYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds, Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal.,  (Burlingame 554).

LYMAN, Dr. and Mrs. George D., 3673 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 3570).

     Miss Dorothy LYMAN.

LYNCH, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 2730 Vallejo, (West 6959).

     Miss Helen and Miss Barbara LYNCH, 2730 Vallejo.

LYNCH, Dr. and Mrs. Frank W., 2505 Broadway, (Fillmore 4199).

LYNCH, Mr. and Mrs. James, Burlingame, Cal., (Canyon Road, nr. Hillside), (Burlingame 284-J).

LYNCH, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ransom, 761 20th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4564).

     Miss Patricia Reddin LYNCH.

LYNCH, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newton, Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal., (Los Altos 83).

LYON, Mr. and Mrs. George Frederick, Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 59).

LYON, Mr. and Mrs. M. J., 1900 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 2480).

LYON, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Henry, 70 Sea Cliff Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4840).

     Mr. member San Francisco Golf & Country Club; and Family Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club and San Francisco Golf & Country Club.

     Miss Janet Louise LYON and Mr. William Bartlett LYON.

LYONS, Mr. and Mrs. Reardon T., 22 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Pacific 927).

     Miss Patricia LYONS.

MABURY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F., 2000 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7194).

MacADAM, Mrs. M. V. Brocklebank, 872 Sutter, Street, (Prospect 1632).

MAC DERMOT, Mr. Alfred J., (Piedmont, Cal.), 109 Crocker Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 94).

     PROCTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt.

MAC DERMOT, Mr. and Mrs. Louis M., 1055 California, (Tel. Prospect 533).

     Member Claremont Country and Athenian Clubs, Oakland; and California Society of California Pioneers.

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Alan, San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Rafael 857-W).

     Member Bohemian; Olympic; and Presidio Golf Clubs.

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Augustin S., (Oakland, Cal.), 325 Vernon.

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; Claremont Country; and Montecito Country (Santa Barbara) Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club S. F.

MACDONALD, Dr. and Mrs. George C., 2759 Broderick, (Fillmore 764).

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Graeme M., 70 22d Ave., (Tel. Pacific 9591).

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. James S. A., 1522 9th Ave., (Sunset 1023).

     Member Lakeside Golf; "The Family;" S. F. Press; and Elks Clubs.

     Mrs. MACDONALD member Woman's Athletic Club.

     Miss Elizabeth J. and Mr. Hugh J. MACDONALD.

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jr., 2327 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 4689)

MACDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Royal P., Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Mill Valley 368).

     Miss Katherine and Mr. Edwin B. MACDONALD, Mill Valley, Cal.

MACDONALD, Mrs. William, Bellevue Hotel, (Franklin 3636).

MACE, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Sayre, 2261 Vallejo, (Fillmore 1288).

MAC GAVIN, Mr. and Mrs. J. Drummond Lee, 2701 Broderick, (Fillmore 4451).

MACK, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph, 1800 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 686).

MACK, Mr. and Mrs. Harold L., Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 606).

     Member Argonaut; Lakeside Golf; and Lake Merced Golf Clubs.

MACK, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., 1698 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 468).

MACK, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Earl, 126 27th Ave., (Pacific 3123).

MACKALL, Mr. and Mrs. B. F., 1980 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 3267).

     Miss Katherine MACKALL.

MACKAY, Mr. and Mrs. John R., (Oakland, Cal.), 5727 Keith, (Piedmont 6709-W).

    Member San Francisco Commercial Club.

MacKENZIE, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 2402 Steiner, (West 2556).

MACKENZIE, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 2164 Hyde St., (Prospect 589).

MACKINTOSH, Mr. and Mrs. William.

MACOMBER, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kingsley, Palcines Rancho, Cal., (St. Francis Hotel when in San Francisco.

MACONDRAY, Mrs. Atherton, 3018 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 6119).

    Miss Inez and Mr. Atherton MACONDRAY Jr.

MADDAN, Mr. and Mrs. R. H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 808 Shattuck Ave., (Tel. Thornwall 3912).

    Mr. member Berkeley Country Club and President East Bay Country Club.

MADDEN, Mr. and Mrs. William M., Alameda, Cal., 1340 St. Charles, (Alameda 1562).

MADDOX, Mrs. Virginia Knox, 2140 Broadway, (West 1650) and Los Gatos, Cal.

MADDOX, Captain Knox, 2140 Broadway, (West 1650) and Los Gatos, Cal.

MADDUX, Mr. and Mrs. Parker S., 2868 Vallejo, (Fillmore 5070) and Palo Alto.

MADISON, Mr. Frank D., San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Rafael 27).

    Miss Caroline MADISON.

MADISON, Mr. and Mrs. James, 2250 Vallejo, (Fillmore 3333).

MADISON, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Pierce, 3570 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 48).

MADOCKS, Mr. and Mrs. John E. 176 Idora Ave., El Portal, S. F., (Tel. Sunset 2961).

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic E., (Oakland, Cal.), 97 Vernon.

     Mr. member University (S. F.) Club.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club (S. F.).

     Mr. John Mhoon MAGEE.

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hush, (Oakland, Cal.).

     Mr. member University (S. F.) Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club S. F.

     Master Harryy Hush MAGEE Jr.

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F., 279 28th Ave., (Pacific 218).

     Member San Francisco Commercial and Olympic Clubs.

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Humboldt, Nevada, (Fairmont Hotel when in S. F. ).

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. William A., (Fruitvale, Cal.), Alder Farm, (Fruitvale 80).

     Member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; and University Clubs, San Francisco.

     Mrs. MAGEE member Century; Francisca; and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

     Miss Elizabeth E.

MAGEE, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jr., (nee Edith GRANT), Burlingame, San Mateo, Cal.

MAGNIN, Mrs. I., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 2059).

MAGNIN, Mr. Grover A.. Hotel St. Francis, (Tel. Kearny 2059).

     Member "The Concordia" and Beresford Country Clubs.

MAGRUDER, Mrs. Sprague S., 2416 Webster, (West 9300).

MAHANNAH, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey D., Commodore Hotel, 825 Sutter, (Tel. Franklin 2100).

     Mr. member Los Angeles Athletic Club and Rotary Club (Los Angeles).

MAHONY, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F., 871 Clayton, (Market 4233).

MAHONY, Miss Mary, 1198 Fulton, (Fillmore 246).

MAILLIARD, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C., Sausalito, Marin Co., Cal., (Sausalito 230).

MAILLIARD, Mr. and Mrs. John Ward, 2461 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 7859).

     Mr. Thomas MAILLIARD, 2461 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 7859) and Belvedere.

MAILLIARD, Mr. and Mrs. John Ward Jr., 2230 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 2653).

MAILLIARD, Mr. Joseph, 1815 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7870).

     Miss Louise MAILLIARD.

MAISON, Mr. and Mrs. Leon A., and Miss Marie, 2760 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 2890).

MAJORS, Dr. and Mrs. Ergo Alexander, (Piedmont, Cal.), 45 Sierra Ave.

     Dr. member Claremont Country and Athens Athletic Clubs.

     Mrs. member Ebell Society (Oakland) and Home Clubs.

     Mr. Ergo Alexander MAJORS Jr.

MALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Howard J., 329 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 264).

MALM, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., 35 17th Ave., (Pacific 730).

MALM, Mrs. Charles A., 2424 Steiner, (Tel. Fillmore 7639).

MALTBY, Mrs. Adolphus W., Concord, Contra Costa County, Cal., (Tel. Concord 3).

     Mrs. member Town & Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

     Miss Caroline; Miss Drusilla; Miss Phoebe; Mr. Randolph MALTBY.

MANCHESTER, Mr. and Mrs. George P., (Berkeley, Cal.), 55 Shasta Road, (Berkeley 3176).

     Miss Dorothy and Mr. Robin S. MANCHESTER, (Tel. Berkeley 3176).

MANGRUM, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S., 230 Dolores (Tel. Market 805).

MANHEIM, Mrs. Henry S., 2145 Franklin, (Tel. Walnut 683).

     Mr. George MANHEIM.

MANN, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Martin, 109 Walnut, (Tel. Walnut 245).

MANN, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Stillman, 798 Post, Apt. 400, (Tel. Prospect 4783).

     Dr. member Society California Pioneers S. F.; County Medical Society; Chamber of Commerce; and Commonwealth Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Auxiliary Pioneers; Tocalon; and California (S. F.) Clubs.

MANN, Mr. and Mrs. Daulton, 1865 Clay, (Prospect 4549).

MANN, Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Jr., 1800 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 519).

MANN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L., 67 7th Ave., (Pacific 1069).

MANN, Mr. Seth L., Merchants Exchange Bldg., (Tel. Kearny 112).

MANNING, Dr. and Mrs. Guy E., 3675 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 1831).

MANNING, Mr. and Mrs. John Crogan, 3242 Washington, (Fillmore 895).

MANNON, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jr., 2832 Broderick, (Fillmore 918).

MANSFELDT, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo, 238 Cole, (Pacific 3310).

MANSFELDT, Dr. and Mrs. Oscar, 207 Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 7942).

MANSFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Damon, Palace Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 1748 or Sutter 700).

MANWARING, Mr. and Mrs. Halsey E., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

      Member Olympic; The Family; and Rotary Clubs.

MAPLES, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T., 3535 Clement, (Pacific 4256).

MARCHANT, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Harold, (Oakland, Cal.), 579 Vista Ave., (Tel. Oakland 5513).

      Mr. member Sequoyah Country and Athens Athletic Clubs of Oakland.

MARGO, Mrs. Mary, 2864 Sacramento, (Tel. West 7846).

MARKEY, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 701 Faxon, (Randolph 2244).

MARKOE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jr., 1830 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 7925).

MARSHALL, Mr. and Mrs. John Albert, 21 Santa Monica Way, (Tel. Sunset 4054).

     Mr. member the Faculty Club and University of California Club.

MARSHALL, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kerr, 245 Central Ave., (Tel. Park 3057).

MARSHALL, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, 20 Broderick, (Tel. Park 3674).

MARSTON, Col. and Mrs. Frank W., 2744 Sacramento, (Fillmore 281).

MARTEL, Mr. and Mrs. Louis S., Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., Cal.

MARTENS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 333 Ramona Ave., (Piedmont 2339).

MARTIN, Mr. Albert H., 358 Pacheco, Forest Hill, (Sunset 201), and Lake Tahoe, Cal.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Carl William, 358 Pacheco, (Tel. Sunset 201).

     Summer residence: Los Gatos, Santa Clara Co., Cal.

     Mr. member Olympic Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

MARTIN, Mrs. Eleanor, 2040 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7931).

     Member Francisca; Woman's Athletic; Burlingame Country; California Pioneers; Sorosis; and California Clubs.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, (San Rafael, Cal.), Grand and Belle, (San Rafael 82).

     Miss Florence A.; and Miss Margaret H. MARTIN, Belle and Grand Aves.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. George S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1606 Grove, (Berkeley 8530-W).

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. John, Hotel Wiltshire, (Sutter 2290), and Ross.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver B., 2360 Larkin, (Tel. Prospect 2106).

MARTIN, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carson, 1368 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Sunset 4608)

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., (Burlingame, Cal.), Ralston & Sharon Aves. (Tel. Burlingame 836).

      Miss Mary and Miss Eleanor MARTIN.

MARTIN, Dr. and Mrs. William A., 3814 Fulton, (Tel. Bay View 2880).

      Mr. William A. MARTIN Jr.

MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. William, 801 Grand Ave., South S. F., (Tel. South S. F. 8).

MARTINDALE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W., 275 Fourteenth Ave., (Pacific 488).

MARTINON, Mr. and Mrs. John, 2651 Jackson, (Fillmore 4510).

MARVIN, Mr. Harvey Arlington, 2512 Filbert, (Fillmore 3105).

MARX, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, 2455 Jackson, (Fillmore 4150).

MARX, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald, (Oakland, Cal.), 558 Mira Vista, (Oakland 5145).

MARYE, Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Jr., Burlingame, Cal., and Washington D. C.

      Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; University (S. F.); and Burlingame Country; University (Washington D. C.); Metropolitan (Washington D. C.); and Maryland (Baltimore) Clubs.

      Miss Helen MARYE.

MASKEY, Mrs. Anna, Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 153).

      Member Forum Club (S. F.).

MASOERO, Dr. and Mrs. C., Miss Eda Lertora, 214  Dolores, (Market 1071).

MASON, Mr. and Mrs. James Rupert, 1920 Lake, (Pacific 5566).

      Member Olympic; Commonwealth; S. F. Commercial; and Chamber of Commerce.

MASSEY, Miss Louise, 1727 Vallejo St., (Tel. Walnut 580).

MASTEN, Charles F., 278 Post, (Tel. Douglas 6257), res. Berkeley, Alameda, California.

MASTEN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M., 3954 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7955).

      Miss Katherine MASTEN, 3954 Washington.

MATHEWSON, Col. and Mrs. Henry G., (Alameda, Cal.), 869 Walnut,  (Alameda 724).

      Mr. member Union League Club.

      Mrs. member Adelphian Club, Alameda.

      Miss Jean Loring MATHEWSON and Mr. Henry Lewis MATHEWSON.

MATHIEU, Mrs. Francis Latimer, Carlton Apts., 840 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 5302).

      Member Woman's Athletic Club.

      Miss Frances MATHIEU.

MATRAIA, Mr. and Mrs. P. Vincent, 320 17th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2626).

      Member Union League Club.

MATSON, Mrs. William, (Lillie B.), 1918 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 920).

MATTERN, Mr. and Mrs. George A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 100 Tunnel Road, (Berkeley 1830).

      Miss L. E. MATTERN, 100 Tunnel Road, Claremont, Berkeley (Berkeley 1830).

MATTHEWS, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, (Berkeley, Cal.), 917 Arlington, (Tel. Thornwall 3307).

      Miss Phoebe; Mr. Alfred Jr.; and Mr. Arthur Matthews.

MAU, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Charles, 2835 Steiner, (Tel. West 7282).

MAU, Miss Julia M., and Mr. Arthur H. C., 2924 Van Ness Ave., (Franklin 2184).

MAU, Mrs. William F., 2906 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Franklin 496).

      Miss Edith C. MAU.

MAURY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fontaine, 1617 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 8873).

MAUZY, Mr. and Mrs. Byron, (Oakland, Cal.), 1000 Excelsior Ave., (Merritt 1974).

     Member Bohemian; Olympic; Union League; Commonwealth; Rotary; Elks; Shrine; Ecpnomic S. A. R.; and Regent of University of California.

     Miss Marjorie MAUZY, 1000 Excelsior Ave., Oakland, Cal., (Merritt 1974).

MAUZY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 1231 29th Ave., (Sunset 3252).

MAXSON, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G., 655 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4699).

MAXWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Victor, 1045 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 647).

MAY, Mrs. Margaret C., 1285 Oak, (Tel. Park 4849).

MAYER, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel B., 471 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 7000).

MAYNARD, Mr. and Mrs. James Jr., 2904 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 902).

MAYNARD, Miss Sallie, 2529 Fillmore, (Fillmore 556).

McALLISTER, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, (San Mateo, Cal.), W. Santa Inez, (San Mateo 137).

     Mr. Elliott Jr.; Mr. Decker G.; and Mr. Breck P. McALLISTER.

McALLISTER, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hall, 2436 Jackson, (West 2128).

     Miss Marion I. McALLISTER, 2436 Jackson.

McALLISTER, Mr. and Mrs. Otis, 2436 Jackson, (West 2128).

McATEE, Mr. F. B., 458 Divisadero, (Tel. Park 9345).

McATEE, Judge and Mrs. Sylvester J., 143 21st., (Pacific 615).

McBEAN, Mr. and Mrs. Atholl, 3742 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7846).

McBEAN, Mrs. Peter McG., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

McBIRNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Henry, 896 Steiner, (Tel. West 8466).

     Mr. member Guards' Club (London, England), and Maymyo Club, (Burma India).

McBRYDE, Mr. and Mrs. A. Douglas, Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal.

     Miss Mollie B. McBRYDE, Woodside, San Mateo, Co., Cal., (Redwood 144)

McCABE, Mr. and Mrs. Alex, (Burlingame, Cal.), Hillside Ave., (Burlingame 563).

McCABE, Mrs. Margaret J., 2335 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 2750).

McCANDLESS, Mr. and Mrs. Howard F., 3 12th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 7080).

McCANDLESS, Mr. and Mrs. James S., Honolulu, T. H., or Stewart Hotel, S.F.

McCANN, Mr. and Mrs. Mark A., Menlo Park, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 278).

     Miss Betty McCANN and Mr. Mark A. McCANN Jr.

McCANN, Mr. Warner, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2524 Warring, (Tel. Berkeley 3276).

     Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club, and Commonwealth Club of California.

     Miss Susana E. McCANN and Miss Marcia E. McCANN.

McCARGAR, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie B., 3699 Washington, (Fillmore 110).

McCARTHY, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G., 749 Taylor (Tel. Prospect 2388).

     or San Mateo, Cal., 455 Costa Rica Ave., (Tel. San Mateo 672).

McCARTHY, Mrs. Edward W., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

     Miss Loretta and Miss Evelyn McCARTHY.

McCARTHY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W., Jr., 553 27th Ave., (Pacific 7779), and San Rafael.

McCARTHY, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 507 17th Ave., (Pacific 5603).

McCARTHY, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 1340 Arguello Blvd., (Sunset 74).

McCARTHY, Mr. and Mrs. John W., Jr., 445 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 7010).

McCARTHY, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H., 253 Upper Terrace, (Tel. Market 1506).

McCARTY, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D., 180 Dorantes Ave., (Sunset 1609).

McCAULEY, Captain and Mrs. Edward, Hillsborough, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 621).

McCLELLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B., 2101 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Walnut 708).

McCLYMONDS, Mr. and Mrs. Vance, (Oakland, Cal.), 424 Sunnyslope Ave.,  (Tel. Piedmont 2214).

     Mr. member Athenian-Nile Club (Oakland); Athens Athletic Club (Oakland);

     Mt. Diablo Country Club; Castlewood Country Club; and Fairmeade Golf Club.

     Mrs. member College Women's Club.

     ELLIS, Mrs. Margaret Sterling, 424 Sunnyslope Ave., Oakland, (Tel. Piedmont 2214).

McCORMACK, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin W., 5326 California, (Pacific 2500).

     Miss June McCORMACK, 5326 California.

McCORMICK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 120 32nd Ave., (Bay View 821).

     Miss Florence McCORMICK, 2419 Vallejo.

McCORMICK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., 2419 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 97).

     Miss Florence McCORMICK, 2419 Vallejo.

McCORMICK, Mrs. Edward O., 2116 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 122).

     Miss Mary and Miss Margaret McCORMICK.

     Mr. E. O. McCORMICK Jr., and Mr. Henry McCormick, 2015 Broadway.

McCORMICK, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L., 3424  Jackson, (Fillmore 6151).

McCORMICK, Mr. and Mrs. John T., Mr. Marshall, 2610 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 175).

McCORMICK, Mr. and Mrs. St. John E., 2500 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7044)

McCOY, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D., 3425 Jackson, (Fillmore 4142).

     Miss Elizabeth and Miss Patricia McCoy, 3425 Jackson, (Fillmore 4142).

McCREERY, Mrs. Fannie Crocker, 2020 Pacific Ave., (West 820).

McCREERY, Mr. and Mrs. Richard S., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 120 and 379).

     Miss Isabelle McCREERY, Burlingame, Cal.

McCREERY, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, (nee Arabella SCHWERIN), San Mateo, Cal.

McCRIMMON, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D., 2285 Broadway, (Tel. West 1354).

McCUE, Mr. and Mrs. James F., 1960 Pierce, (Fillmore 762).

McCUTCHEN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 1896 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 172).

     Summer residence Los Altos, Santa Clara County, Cal., (Tel. Los Altos 73).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union Club S. F.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club (S. F.).

     UPTON, Mr. John R., 1896  Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 172).

McDERMOTT, Mr. and Mrs. John Jr., Novato, Marin Co., Cal., (Novato Main176).

McDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. James R., 2035 Lyon, (Tel. Walnut 929).

McDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Jr., 1055 California, (Tel. Prospect 3106).

     P.O. Box 404, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., (S. R. 500).

     Member University Club.

     Mr. Juilliard McDONALD.

McDONNELL, Mr. Charles J., 469 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 12).

     Member Elks Club.

McDOUGALD, Mr. John E., 18 Laskie, (Market 4463).

McDOUGALL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.

McDUFFIE, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, (nee Jean HOWARD), 6 Roble Road, (Tel. Berkeley 5597).

     Mr. member University (S. F.), and Faculty (Berkeley) Clubs.

     Mrs. member Century; Town & Country (S. F.); & Woman's Faculty Club.

McELROY. Mr. Jas. R., 3328 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7895).

McELROY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D., 1451 Masonic Ave., (Tel. Park 13).

McELROY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W., 27 Urbano Drive, (Randolph 1715).

McENERNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Garret W., 1998 Broadway, (Fillmore 1470).

     Member Bohemian; Pacific-Union; University; and Olympic Clubs.

     Mrs. McENERNEY member Francisca, Century and Town & Country Clubs.

McFARLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo G., 1683 Eighth Ave., (Sunset 1914).

McFARLAND, Mr. and Mrs. George E., 1020 Union, (Tel. Prospect 1968).

     Miss Cornelia and Miss Elsa Marie McFARLAND.

McGARRY, Mr. and Mrs. William Rutledge, 28 Cours Albert Ir (er Cours La Reine), Paris, France (NR Elysses 80-00) or 412 West End Ave., New York City.

     Mr. member Union League (N. Y.); Franklin Legion; University (N. Y.) Gen. & His Brooklyn A. of A., Francais du Tourisme etc.

     TESCHE, Mrs. William C. (Ruth McGARRY).

      McGARRY, Mr. Mark Rutledge.

McGAVIN, Mr. Walter, 2730 Broderick, (Fillmore 635).

McGAW, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1020 Green, (Prospect 4833).

      Miss Constance and Mr. Baldwin McGAW, 1030 Green.

McGETTIGAN, Dr. and Mrs. Charles D., 2644 Filbert, (Fillmore 1074) and Redwood City.

McGILL, Dr. and Mrs. Avery B., 15 6th Ave., (Pacific 2725).

McGILVRAY, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Jr., 147 28th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3900).

McGOWAN, Mr. and Mrs. George Arden, 2906 Broadway Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4776).

McGRATH, Mr. and Mrs. Justin; Miss Justine; 3340 Clay, (Fillmore 4240).

McGREGOR, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, 2425 Filbert, (Fillmore 732).

      Member Pacific-Union; Olympic; and Burlingame Country Clubs.

McGREGOR, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 2800 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8016).

      Member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; S. F. Golf; S. F. Commercial; Burlingame County; Olympic; and Transportation Clubs.

      Mrs. McGREGOR member Francisca Club.

McINTOSH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenneth, 2235 Washington, (Tel. West 449).

      Miss Aileen G.; and Mr. Gordon McINTOSH and Woodside, (Redwood 1712-F-12).

McINTOSH, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G., 3740 Clay St., (Bayview 196).

McKAIG, Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes, 2741 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 9187).

      Member Lakeside and Olympic Clubs.

      Mr. William Hiller McKAIG.

McKEE, Dr. and Mrs. Albert B., Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Redwood 1704-F-4).

McKEE, Mr. and Mrs. John Dempster, 3456 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 884).

McKEE, Mr. and Mrs. Donald.

McKEE, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, (nee Dorothy JEWETT).

McKENNEY, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C., 1020 Union, (Franklin 5567) and Belvedere, Cal.

      Mr. Arthur C. McKENNEY Jr., Members Belvedere Golf & Country Club.

McKEON, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B., 906 Green, (Tel. Prospect 7865).

McKINLEY, Dr. and Mrs. Howard Morgan, 110 8th Ave., cor. Lake, (Pacific 7073).

      Member of Olympic and Islam Clubs.

      Mr. Howard Morgan McKINLEY Jr.

      Miss Allayne May McKINLEY.

McKINLEY, Mrs. Mary and Mr. Benjamin L., 1657 Washington, (Tel. Franklin 831).

McKINLEY, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 1752 Fell, (Tel. Fillmore 7731).

      Miss Georgia E. McKINLEY.

McKINSTRY, Miss Laura L., and Mr. J. C., McKINSTRY, 2988 Pacific Ave., (West 878).

McLAINE, Mrs. Laughlin, 2220 Washington, (West 841).

McLANE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., 1280 3rd Ave., (Sunset 3751).

McLANE, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 316 Spruce, (Fillmore 3237).

McLAREN, Mr. and Mrs. Donald, 920 Leavenworth, (Tel. Franklin 5386).

McLAREN, Mr. and Mrs. John, Golden Gate Park Lodge, (Pacific 1641).

          Member Bohemian Club and St. Andrew Society.

McLAREN, Mr. and Mrs. Norman, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2910 Forest, (Tel. Berkeley 8439).

          Mr. Richard McLAREN.

McLAUGHLIN, Mrs. Alfred, (Emma M.), and Miss Jean, 3575 Clay, (Fillmore 1409).

McLAUGHLIN, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C., 1810 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 695).

          Miss Frances Anne; Miss Evelyn; and Mr. Andrew C. McLAUGHLIN Jr.

McLEISH, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald L., Burlingame, San Mateo, Cal., (San Mateo 801-W).

McLELLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W.,  Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 1131-J).

McLENNAN, Mr. and Mrs. Francis P., (Alameda, Cal.), 1115 Bay, (Alameda 113-J).

McMAHAN, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Clarke, 801 Jones, (Tel. Prospect 3751).

McMATH, Dr. and Mrs. J. F., (Oakland, Cal.), 763 Warfield Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2058).

          Dr. member Claremont Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs of Oakland, Cal.

McMULLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Irving H., 149 Urbano, (Tel. Randolph 3822).

McMULLIN, Mr. and Mrs. Latham, 2517 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 3692).

McMULLIN, Mrs. Thurlow, 2527 Fillmore, (Tel. Fillmore 1858).

          Volunteer Secretary S. F. Chapter American National Red Cross.

McMURRAY, Dr. and Mrs. Milton, 65 Portola, (Park 1286).

          Miss Florence; Miss Ruth; 65 Portola, (Park 1286).

McNAB, Mr. and Mrs. Gavin, 1001 Pine, (Franklin 55).

McNAB, Mrs. James, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

McNAB, Miss Susie, 1800 Franklin, (Prospect 767).

McNAB, Mr. and Mrs. John L., 235 Moncada Way, Ingleside Terrace,  (Randolph 1237).

McNAUGHT, Dr. and Mrs. HArvard, 755 14th Ave., (Bay View 584).

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. Erskine B., McNear's Point, San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal.

         Miss Lucretia McNEAR, McNear's Point, (San Rafael 622-W).

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick William, Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 400)

         Mr. Edward McNEAR; Mr. Frederick W. McNEAR; and Mr. John N. BREEDEN.

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. George P., Petaluma, Sonoma Co., Cal., (Clift Hotel when in S. F.).

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. E. Denman, Petaluma, Sonoma Co., Cal.

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. George  P. Jr., Yonkers, New York City, (163 Glenwood Ave.).

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jr., Mr. George W. McNEAR III; (Oakland, Cal.).

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 2710 Broderick, (Fillmore 3708).

McNEAR, Mr. and Mrs. Seward B., 2747 Green, (Fillmore 466).

        Member Pacific-Union; University; and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

        Mr. Barroll McNEAR, 2747 Green, (Fillmore 466).

        Mrs. McNEAR member Town & Country Club.

McNULTY, Mr. and Mrs. James F., 2324 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7631).

McNUTT, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell, (Burlingame, Cal.), 1218 Bellevue, (Burlingame 150).

        Miss Aileen McNUTT, Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 150).

McNUTT, Dr. and Mrs. William Fletcher Jr., 1454 Sixteenth Ave., (Sunset 600)McQUAID, Dr. and Mrs. Clark C., 230 28th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 2069).

McSHANE, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J., 80 Forest Side Ave., (Tel. Sunset 6012).

McSORLEY, Mr. James P., Press Club, (Sutter 5700).

McWILLIAMS, Mrs. Amelia M., 2263 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 7908).

       Miss Aileen McWILLIAMS, 2263 Sacramento.

McWILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Alex G., 30 Divisadero, (Tel. Park 1079).

McWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 1331 4th Ave., (Sunset 11).

MEDAU, Mr. and Mrs. John E., 230 Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 7939).

MEE, Mr. and Mrs. John Hubert, 3355 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 74).

MEE, Miss Margaret Inez, (San Rafael, Cal.), 50 Palm Ave., (Tel. San Rafael 26).

       Member Francisca Club (San Francisco) and Marin Golf & Country Club (San Rafael).

MEERTIFF,   Mr. A., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

MEIERE, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest, Los Gatos, Cal., (P. A. 1952-J1).

       Miss M. Hildreth MEIERE.

MEIGS, Mr. and Mrs. John Jerrold Jr., 1112 Filbert, (Franklin 7476).

MEIKLE, Mr. and Mrs. James F., (Berkeley, Cal.), 52 The Uplands, (Tel. Berkeley 4527-W).

       Dr. Theresa MEIKLE, 181 23rd Ave., San Francisco, (Tel. Bay View 5145)

       Miss Felicia MEIKLE and Miss Gertrude MEIKLE.

MEIN, Mr. and Mrs. William Wallace, 2563 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 738).

       Miss Dorothy W. MEIN.

MEININGER, Dr. and Mrs. Leo L., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

MEJIA,  Mrs. E., 2525 Vallejo, near Steiner, (Fillmore 2397).

       Miss Elvira; Miss Inez; Mr. Edwin; and Mr. Arthur.

MELLERSH, Mrs. Thomas, 1880  Fell, (Tel. Pacific 2570).

       Miss Margaret H. C. MELLERSH.

MENDELL, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Jr., 2721 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1227).

       Miss Louise JANIN; Mr. Henry Covington JANIN.

MENDENHALL, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D., (Piedmont, Cal.), 309 Mountain Ave.,

       (Tel. Piedmont 8912).

MENZIES, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H., San Rafael, Cal., (San Rafael 165).

MEREDITH, Mr. and Mrs. George S., (Oakland, Cal.), 341 Athol Ave.

MERILLION, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P., 1706 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7953).

MERLE, Mr. and Mrs. Leo V. Jr., 3435 Jackson, (Fillmore 927).

MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 794).

       Miss Nancy  P. MERRILL, Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 794).

MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Washington, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2310 Prospect Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 6016).

       Miss Betty MERRILL and Mr. Jack L. MERRILL.

       Mr. member Pacific-Union; University; Olympic; Claremont Country; and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

       Mrs. Member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

MERRILL, Col. and Mrs. Elijah H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 10 Hillcrest, (Berkeley 6962).

MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 301 Spruce, (Tel. Bay View 2118).

MERRILL, Mrs. John Francis, 1701 Broadway, (Tel. Walnut 494), and "Merrillwood", Menlo Park. Office: 332 Pine, San Francisco, (Tel. Sutter 3007).

      Member Century; Sorosis; and Town & Country Clubs of San Francisco.

      Mr. Merrill BATES and Mr. Harry S. BATES (On vacation).

MERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D., Hillsborough, Cal., (Burlingame 356).

      Member Bohemian and Burlingame Country Clubs.

      Mrs. MERRILL member Woman's Athletic Club, S. F.

      Miss Claire and Miss Adelaide MERRILL, Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 356).

MERRITT, Dr. and Mrs. George W., Sutro Heights, (Bay View 1004).

MERRITT, Mrs. Jeanette E., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

MERRITT, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1712 Arch, (Berkeley 871).

MERRY, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F., 24 Twenty-Fifth Ave., (Bayview 1485).

MESSER, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Thayer, Woodside, Cal.

METCALF, Mr. and Mrs. William Howard, (Piedmont, Cal.), 629 Oakland, (Piedmont 6162).

METZNER, Mr. and Mrs. William; Miss Florence P.; 1261 Guerrero, (Valencia 5930).

MEUSSDORFFER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H., 936 Clayton, (Park 2430).

MEUSSDORFFER, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad A., Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo 305-W).

MEYBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Leo J., 2238 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 423).

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F., 32 Presidio Terrace, (Bay View 1680).

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic H., Berkeley, Cal., 2119 Allston Way,  (Berkeley 3309).

     Miss Letitia S. MEYER, 2119 Allston Way, Berkeley, Cal., (Berkeley 3309).

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. George H. C., 2030 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 209).

     Mr. Olympic Club (S. F.) and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Marie Louise MEYER and Mr. Wilson MEYER.

MEYER, Dr. Henry, 1855 Sacramento, (Tel. Prospect 5853).

MEYER, Mrs. Henry, 123 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 6944).

MEYER, Mrs. Hermann L. E.; Miss Viola; 2724 Pacific Ave., (West 7).

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. E. Jr., 2650  Green, (Tel. West 683).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic and Town & Country Clubs.

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Julian J., 90 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 7853).

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Melville P., 294 29th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6614).

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Percy J., 2731 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 878).

MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel O., 2105 Buchanan, (Tel. Fillmore 3556).  Country residence, Atherton, San Mateo County, Cal.

     Mr. member The Concordia Club.

     Miss Ora MEYER.

MEYERFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. M. Jr., 1809 California, (Tel. Walnut 892).

MEYERSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L., 2870 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 4151).

MEYERSTEIN, Mrs. C. V. St. Xavier Apts., 2335 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 3969).

MEYERSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C., 2516 Octavia, (Tel. Fillmore 7879).

MEYERSTEIN, Mrs. Lewis, 1901 Franklin, cor. Clay, (Tel. Walnut 867).

MICHELS, Mr. and Mrs. Herman H., (Oakland, Cal.), 375 Van Duren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1186).

     Mr. member Sequoyah Country; Orinda Country; and Athenian-Nile Clubs.

     Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

MICHELS, Mrs. Leopold, Hotel St. Francis, (Kearny 63).

MICHELSON, Mrs. Pauline, 2739 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 890).

MICHELSON, Dr. Lewis, 2739 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 890).

MICHELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 236 15th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 736).

MIDGLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Rex William, (Oakland, Cal.), The Regillus Apts., (Tel. Lakeside 2994.

MIERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Max, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglass 8800).

MIGHELL, Mr. and Mrs. John Edward, 1001 Pine, (Tel. Prospect 5609).

MILLAR, Mr. and Mrs. John R., (Fruitvale, Oakland, Cal.), 2439 Peralta Ave.,

     Mr. member Claremont Country and Sequoyah Country Clubs.

     Miss Mary E. MILLAR and Mr. Rutherford Y. MILLAR, (Tel. Fruitvale 1610).

MILLARD, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, 1920 Broderick, (Fillmore 220).

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Earle, Redwood City, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 72).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; University; and Burlingame Country Clubs.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Christian A., (Los Angeles, Cal.), 2235 S. Western Ave.

MILLER, Mr.and Mrs. C. O. G., 3001 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1920).

     Mr. Albert MILLER, 3001 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1920).

MILLER, Mrs. Harriet P., St. Francis Hotel, or Santa Barbara, Cal.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay, (Palo Alto, Cal.), 215 Lowell, (Palo Alto 829).

     Mr. Norman W. MILLER.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Jr., (Palo Alto, Cal.), (Tel. Palo Alto 829).

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. A., 1925 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 6477).

    Mr. member Pacific-Union and Bohemian Clubs.

    Mrs. member Francisca and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

MILLER, Dr. and Mrs. John Johnston, (San Joe, Cal.), 91 E. St. James, (San Jose 530).

    Miss Persis Hibley; Miss Sara and Miss Diantha MILLER.

    Mr. John Johnston MILLER Jr., 91 E. St. James, (San Jose 530).

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Richard E., Atherton, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Redwood 138).

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W., 2251 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 324).

    Mr. member Burlingame Country Club.

    Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. William S., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

    Mr. member Pacific-Union; Masonic; and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

    Mrs. member S. F. Golf & Country and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

MILLERICK, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 257 29th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5412). Summer Home: Larkspur, Marin County, Cal.

MILLIGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Allen, (Oakland, Cal.), 105 The Regillus  Apts., (Tel. Oakland 1581).

    Miss Margaret May MILLIGAN.

MILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frederick, (Oakland, Cal.), 1163 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3216).

    Mr. member Sequoyah Country and Athenian-Nile Clubs (Oakland); Commonwealth Club and San Francisco Commercial Club of San Francisco.

MILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B., 2825 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 5634).

MILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Warren F., 3329 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 7702).

    Miss Rhoda and Miss Marjorie MILLS, 3329 Clay.

MILLS, Mrs. William H., (Elizabeth H.), Bella Vista Apts., 1001 Pine, (Franklin 7631).

MINETTI, Mr. and Mrs. Guilio, (Turin, Italy).

MINOR, Mr. Richard P., 66 Sea Cliff Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6942) or 168 Sutter.

MINTZER, Miss Mauricia T. and Mr. Lucio M., 2957 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 3786).

MINTZER, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2611 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 8554).

MITAU, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, 1810 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 690).

MITCHELL, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J., 721 Duboce Ave., (Park 777).

MITCHELL, Dr. and Mrs. John B., Warrington Apts., 775 Post, (Franklin 18).

MITCHELL, Mr. and Mrs. John Pearce, Palo Alto, Cal., (Tel. Palo Alto 722).

    Miss Laura MITCHELL, 235 Embarcadero, Palo Alto, Cal., (Tel. Palo Alto 722).

MITCHELL, Mr. and Mrs. John S., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

MITCHELL, Mrs. John W., (Lydia P.), 252 Kingsley Ave., Palo Alto, Cal., (Tel. Palo Alto 24).

    Member Town & Country Club; Palo Alto Woman's Club; Fortnightly Music Club; and National League for Women's Service.

MITCHELL, Mr. and Mrs. Roy G., Hotel Californian, 405 Taylor, (Tel. Franklin 2500).

MOFFAT, Miss Clara, 2635 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 7806).

    Mr. George Lee MOFFAT.

MOFFATT, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Forman, 2231 Leavenworth, (Franklin 2162).

MOFFATT, Mrs. Lizzie W., 1766 Pine, near Gough, (Tel. Walnut 899).

MOFFITT, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert C., 1818 Broadway, (Tel. West 32).

    Miss Alice MOFFITT, 1818 Broadway, (Tel. West 32).

MOFFITT, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1825 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 6019).

MOFFITT, Mr. and Mrs. James K., (Piedmont, Cal.), 86 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 642).

MOGAN, Judge Edmund P., 1144 Haight.

MOHL, Mr. and Mrs. Victor E., 246 28th Ave., (Pacific 278).

MOHR, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph, 45 Parker Ave., (Tel. Bay View 7866).

MOHR, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Jr., 232 Parker Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3260).

MOHUN, Dr. and Mrs. Charles C., 101 Maple, (Tel. Bay View 7707).

   Miss Martha; Miss Cecile; and Mr. Brooke MOHUN.

MOLONY, Mr. and Mrs. J. R., 5237 California, (Tel. Bay View 2608).

   Mr. member Bohemian; San Francisco Golf & Country (Of San Francisco); Sutter Club (Sacramento); Los Angeles Athletic; and Los Angeles Golf & Country Clubs (Los Angeles).

MOLONY, Mrs. R. S., 5233 California St., (Tel. Bay View 4466).

   Member Women's Athletic Club.

MOLONY, Mr. and Mrs. William O. S., (nee Dorothy Meyer), British Embassy London, England.

MONROE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E., 2623 Divisadero, (Fillmore 3713) or Ross, Marin County.

MONSARRAT, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A., 1980 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 4492).

MONTEAGLE, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F., 2516 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore  531).

   Mr. Paige MONTEAGLE.

MONTEAGLE, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth, (San Mateo, Cal.), 27 Edgehill, (Tel. San Mateo 468).

MONTGOMERY, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey, 1245 Broadway, (Tel. Franklin 4605).

MONTGOMERY, Dr. and Mrs. Douglass W., 2350 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 2008).

   Dr. member S. F. Golf & Country and University Clubs.

   Mrs. member Century and Town & Country Clubs.

   Miss Elizabeth S. MONTGOMERY.

MONTGOMERY, Dr. and Mrs. William O., 106 17th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 152).

   Miss Orin E. MONTGOMERY, (Tel. Bay View 152).

MOODY, Mr. and Mrs. Corbet L., (San Mateo, Cal.),  121 Baywood Ave., (Tel. San Mateo1135).

MOODY, Mr. and  Mrs. Frederick  S. and Mr. Joseph L., 3522 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 1880).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. A. J., 172 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3973).

   BROWNE, Miss Winifred.

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Austin P., (San Mateo, Cal.), 201 Poplar, (San Mateo 1258).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C., 3100 Washington, cor. Baker, (West 210).

   Miss Mary B. Moore, 3100 Washington, (West 210).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Chester B., 3469 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 922).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Duval, 1985 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1296) & Ross, Cal.

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F., 500 Hyde, (Tel. Prospect 9920).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Granville, Oakland, Cal.

MOORE, Dr. and Mrs. H. Staats, 2111 Hyde, (Tel. Prospect 5723).

MOORE, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert T., 3477 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 471).

MOORE, Miss Jean C., 80 Terrace Drive, (Tel. Sunset 3018).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A., 2 West Clay Park, (Tel. Pacific 7337).

   Miss Jane MOORE.

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. J. George, (Berkeley, Cal.), 58 Hillcrest, (Berkeley 4956).

   Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country and Los Angeles Country Clubs.

   Mrs. member Town & Gown Club of Berkeley, Cal.

MOORE, Mr. Kenneth, Ross, Marin Co., Cal.

MOORE, Mrs. Leslie Miller, Menlo Park, Cal., Rural Delivery 125, (Tel. Menlo Park 1701).

MOORE, Mrs. Macondray, 2285 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 1313) and Menlo Park, Cal.

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 1299).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, (See Oakland List).

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. Walton N., (Piedmont, Cal.), 44 Farragut Ave., (Piedmont 79).

MOORE, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. G., 3203 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 7417).

MOORES, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 2839 Broderick, (Fillmore 4460).

MOOSER, Mr. Joseph H., 3845 California, (Tel. Bay View 7743).

MOOSER, Mr. Louis H. Jr., 564 Market, (Tel. Douglas 3847).

MOOSER, Mr. and Mrs. William, Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 3366).

MORAN, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A., 1638 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 239).

MORAN, Mr. Edward F., 821 Grove, (Tel. Fillmore 6641), or Monadnock Bldg.

MORAN, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Montgomery, 3343 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 1845).

   Miss Elizabeth E. MORAN.

MORBIO, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph, (Leslie Culver), 3037 Divisadero, (Tel. Walnut 325).

MORBIO, Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Sutro, (Patricia O'Connor), 874 Faxon Ave., (Tel. Randolph 4299)

  Mrs. member S. F. Musical Club; Dramatic Musical Club; National League for Women's Service.

MORBIO, Mrs. Pio Alberto, (nee Rosa Sutro), Hillgate Manor, 1370 Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 9299).

de MAILLY, Mrs. Marguerite, Hillgate Manor, 1370 Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 9299).

  Mr. Robert de MAILLY

MORBIO, Miss Alberta, Hillgate Manor, 1370 Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 9299).

  Member National League for Women's Service; Red Cross Nurses; Lane and Stanford Nurses Alumnae, and City & County Nurses Association.

MORE, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 275 24th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 6090).

  Miss B. Shirley MORE and Miss Lois F. MORE.

MORGAN, Miss Eleanor W., Clift Hotel, (Prospect 4700).

MORGAN, Mrs. Frederick C., Sanford Court Apts., (Kearny 2297).

  Miss Mildred MORGAN.

MORGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Horace W., 2231 Washington, (Tel. West  106).

  Miss Eleanor MORGAN.

MORGAN, Miss Margaret Mary, 2857 Broderick, (Tel. Fillmore 5883).

  BRIGGS, Miss Jessica Lee.

MORLEY, Mrs. Frederick Hitchcocck, 849 Mason,  (Prospect 1685).

  Member Town & Country and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

MORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Ben M., 760 Geary, (Tel. Franklin 6797).

MORRIS, Dr. Edwin V., 1 Butler Bldg., (Tel. Kearny), 4540 California, (Tel. Bay View 154.)

MORRIS, Mr. Frank F., 332 30th. (Mission 4679).

MORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Harrie C., Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Mill Valley 461).

MORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Leon E., 1734 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 914).

  Member S. F. Commercial; The Concordia; Press; and Merchants Exchange Clubs.

  Miss Eleanor; Miss Charlotte; and Miss Elede MORRIS.

MORRIS, Mrs. Ollie E., Hotel Darby, 234 West Adams, Los Angeles, Cal., (Tel. Westmoreland 2013).

MORRISH, Mr. and Mrs. W. F., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2317 Virginia, (Berkeley 3878-W).

MORRISON, Mrs. Alexander F., 2022, California, (Tel. West 1075) in winter; Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 116), in summer.

  Member Francisca; Century; Town & Country; Women's Faculty (Berkeley); and Bay Branch American Association University Women.

MORRISON, The Misses of San Jose, Cal., (San Jose 3962-J), Palace Hotel when in town, "Paradise" N. E. cor. 5th and Julian, San Jose, Cal.

  Miss Angela; Miss Winifred; Miss Fannie; Miss Julia; and Miss Essie.

  Members of San Jose Golf & Country Club, San Jose, Cal.

MORROW, Dr. and Mrs. Howard, 3798 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 1701).

  Mr. Weldon; Mr. Grant; Mr. Robert F.; and Mr. Maryle MORROW.

MORROW, Mr. Robert H., Mills Bldg., (Tel. Douglas 813).

MORROW, Mr. and Mrs. William C., 2245 Larkin, (Tel. Graystone 4435).

MORROW, Mr. and Mrs. William Hulbert, 1369 Hyde, (Tel. Graystone 234).

MORROW, Judge and Mrs. William W., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 1000), and San Rafael, Cal.

MORSE, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H., 1691 Bush, (Tel. Walnut 747).

MORSE, Mr. and Mrs. Lester L., Clift Hotel. (Tel. Prospect 4700), and San Jose, Cal.

  Miss Mary Frances MORSE.

MORSE, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. B., Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, Cal.

MORSHEAD,Mr. Stanley White, Bohemian Club, (Franklin 2441).

MORSHEAD, Mrs. Etta C., 1001 California, (Franklin 1000).

MORTENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, 2737 Vallejo, (Fillmore 4390).

MORTON, Major-General and Mrs. Charles Gould, Los Gatos, Cal., (Tel. Los Gatos 261-J-3).

MORTON, Mrs. James Hamilton, (Cora Wallace), 17 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8276).

MOSELEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 132 Hillside, (Tel. Piedmont 3885-W).

   Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

MOSES, Mr. Charles S., 1810 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 3712).

MOSES, Mr. and Mrs. James Fraser, 1878 Turk, (Tel. Fillmore 1520).

    Mr. member Transportation Club and Union League Club.

   Miss Lenore MOSES.

MOSS, Mr. and Mrs. George R., Berkeley, Cal., 1203 Bonita, (Berkeley 8781-J).

MOSS, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, 3527 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 3712).

MOULTON, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ross, (Oakland, Cal.), 366 62nd St., (Tel. Piedmont 4226-J).

MOULTON, Mr. and Mrs. Irving F., 2199 Divisadero, (Tel. West 3750).

MOUNT, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J., (Oakland, Cal.), 535 Mira Vista Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1268).

   Member Athenian-Nile; Sequoyah Country; and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs and Elks.

MOYER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D., Oakland, Cal.

MOYLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian R., 160 San Leandro Way, St. Francis Wood, (Sunset 5783).

MOYLES, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 670 12th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 5061).

MUGAN, Mr. and Mrs. William Gordan, 2240 Jackson, (Fillmore 236).

MUIR, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Balentine, 2765 Steiner, (Tel. Fillmore 671).

  Mr. Robert Balentine MUIR Jr., and Mr. John G. MUIR.

  DICKEY, Mr. and Mrs. Helmer, (nee MUIR), Chicago, Illinois.

  CUMMINGS, Mr. and Mrs. G. Penn (nee Muir), Fresno, Cal.

MULCREVY, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L., 729 2nd Ave., (Tel. Bay View 6129).

MULLALLY, Colonel Thornwell, 901 Powell, (Kearny 4828).

MULLIGAN, Mrs. Emily M., 2010 Vallejo, (Tel. West 5629).

MULLIGAN, Mrs. Frances A., 698 5th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 9192).

          Miss Alice C. MULLIGAN; Mr. George V. MULLIGAN; Mr. Walter J.

MULLIN, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 2080 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 2512).

MULVEY, Mr. and Mrs. James S., 756 5th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2927).

MULVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S., 757 Sutter, (Franklin 6716).

MUNSON, Mrs. Arthur K., (Oakland, Cal.), 3017 Summit, (Tel. Oakland 1559).

          Miss Eleanor MUNSON; Miss Esther MUNSON; and Mr. Clinton MUNSON.

MUNIER, Mr. and Mrs. Leon E., 973 Dolores, (Valencia 1427).

MURASKY, Judge Frank J., 1330 Page.

MURDOCH, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Jr., 1834 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 366).

MURDOCK, Mr. Hamilton, 425 Kearny, (Tel. Kearny 1176).

MURISON, Miss Elizabeth L., 2050 Lyon, (West 8744).

MURPHY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry, 201 Magellan Ave., (Tel. Sunset 210).

MURPHY, Dr. and Mrs. Chester V., 1212 Lombard, (Tel. Graystone 3064).

MURPHY, Mr. Daniel J., Olympic Club, 524 Post, (Prospect 4400).

MURPHY, Mrs. Eugene R., Burlingame, Sam Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 216).

           Miss Gertrude MURPHY, Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 216).

MURPHY, Mrs. Eugene P., 2619 Buchanan, (Fillmore 4729).

           Miss Florence; Miss Eugenia; and Mr. Theo. P. MURPHY.

MURPHY, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lawrence, 2245 Sacramento, (Fillmore 4218).

           Miss Alice P. and Mr. Frederick L. MURPHY Jr.

MURPHY, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 2619 Buchanan, (Tel. Fillmore 4729).

          Miss Virginia MURPHY.

MURRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan S., 39 6th Ave., (Pacific 5).

          Miss Blanche E. MURRAY, 39 6th Ave., (Pacific 5).

MURRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, 2700 Scott, (Fillmore 117).

MUSANTE, Dr. and Mrs. A. S., 1821 Jones, (Franklin 1956).

MUSTO, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Enrico, 2700 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 4550).

          Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

          Miss Kathleen and Miss Yvonne MUSTO.

MUSTO, Mr. and Mrs. Guido Joseph, 203 Walnut, (Tel. Fillmore 1822).

          Miss Romilda and Miss Elena MUSTO, 3423 Washington, (Fillmore 1822).

MUSTO, Mrs. Joseph, 2848 Scott, near Union, (Fillmore 4071).

           Miss Margaret MUSTO; Miss Laura MUSTO; Miss Florence MUSTO.

MYERS, Colonel and Mrs. John Twiggs, San Diego, Cal., Marine Barracks.

MYERS, Mr. and Mrs. Laurance A., 3434 Jackson, (Fillmore 3070).

MYERS, Mr. Lloyd A., 2460 Washington, (Fillmore 1525).

MYSELL, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C., 16 Shore View Ave., (Bay View 109), and Palo Alto, Cal.

NAFFZIGER, Dr. and Mrs. Howard C., 2555 Larkin, (Tel. Graystone 124).

          Dr. member Olympic, University, and Presidio Golf Clubs.

          Mrs. member Century and Town & Country Clubs.

NAGEL, Dr. and Mrs. C. S. G., 2705 Buchanan, (West 7518) and Palo Alto, Cal.

NAHMAN, Mr. and Mrs. H. C., 36 Atalaya Ave., (Tel. Bay View 6016).

NASON, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L., (Alameda, Cal.), 2067 Central Ave., (Tel. Alameda 3220).

NASON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ward, (Oakland, Cal.), 5349 Broadway Terrace, (Tel. Piedmont 6717-J).

NASON, Mr. and Mrs. Richard N., 183 West Clay Park Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4214).

        Mr. member Union League Club of San Francisco.

NAUMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Howard A., 1487 Greenwich, (Tel. Graystone 3561).

        Member Olympic; Commonwealth; and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

NEAL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W., 435 Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 7956).

NEIL, Mr. John William Jr., Olympic Club, 524 Post, (Prospect 4400).

NELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., (Alameda, Cal.), 2039 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 768).

       Member San Francisco Commercial and Transportation Clubs.

NELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Fernando, 2701 Lincoln Way, (Sunset 603).

NELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic S., 529 22nd Ave., (Tel. Bay View 9858).

NELSON, Mr. and Mrs. N. Lawrence, 1814 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7877).

NESTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius E., 2701 California, (Fillmore 316).

NEUSTADTER, Mrs. David, St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 110).

NEUSTADTER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis W., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 3511).

       Member Olympic Club.

NEUSTADTER, Mr. and Mrs. Newton H., 2120 Jackson, (West 83).

       Member Argonaut, Press, S. F. Yacht, and Beresford Country Clubs.

       Miss Mary Anne NEUSTADTER, 2120 Jackson.

NEWALL, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H., 2064 15th Ave., (Sunset 2405).

NEWBAUER, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse, 2808 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7938).

NEWBAUER, Mr. and Mrs. Julian H., 170 West Clay Park, (Pacific 6020).

NEWBEGIN, Mrs. John J. Sr., 17 West Clay Park, (Tel. Pacific 3804).

NEWBEGIN, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jr., 17 West Clay Park, (Tel. Pacific 3804).

       Miss NEWBEGIN and Master John NEWBEGIN III.

NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A., Oakland, Cal., 411 Lester Ave., (Merritt 4460).

NEWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 115 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 4257).

NEWHALL, Mr. and Mrs. Almer Mayo, San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Rafael 211).

NEWHALL, Mrs. Edwin White, 2950 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1278).

      Mrs. member Century Club and Town & Country Club.

      WOODS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Jr.

NEWHALL, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin White Jr., 2972 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 4744).

NEWHALL, Mr. and Mrs. George Almer, 2340 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 241).  Also Burlingame, Cal.

      Mr. George A. NEWHALL Jr.; Mr. Walter S. NEWHALL, 2340 Pacific Ave.

NEWHALL, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mayo, 2800 Scott, (Fillmore 305).

NEWHALL, Mrs. W. Mayo Jr., 2157 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 361).

NEWHOUSE, Mr. Hugo D., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

NEWHOUSE, Mr. William D., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

NEWLANDS, Mr. and Mrs. Welles H. 115 Terrace Drive, (Sunset 1264).

NEWMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

NEWMAN, Mrs. Benjamin 1814 Sacramento, (Tel. Prospect 5618).

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 2480 Broadway, (Fillmore 2698).

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 167 Buena Vista Ave., (Tel. Park 1275).

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. George, 55 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Bay View 7755).

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. George Henry, Los Altos, Santa Clara County, Cal.

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Juda, St. Francis Hotel, (Kearny 3778).

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Marion, Burlingame, Cal., 2111 Easton Dr., (Tel. Burlingame 1360).

       Mr. member Lake Merced Golf & Country Club.

NEWMAN, Mr. Peter B., Alexander Bldg., 155 Montgomery, (Tel. Douglas 8185).

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, 168 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8101).

       Miss Dorothy and Mr. William J. NEWMAN.

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. S. Walter, 100 Spruce, (Fillmore 1407).

NEWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 968).

NEWSOM, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Raymond, (Oakland, Cal.), 1070 Warfield Ave., (Lake 4656).

NEWTON, Dr. John Crockett, 291 Geary, (Sutter 1498), 57 Ashbury Terrace, (Tel. Market 4043).

NEYLAN, Mr. and Mrs. John Francis, 80 San Fernando Way, St. Francis Wood, (Sunset 2796).

      Miss Jane NEYLAN.

NICHOLS, Mrs. Annie C., 7 Laurel St., (Tel, Fillmore 806).

NICHOLS, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D., 251 Ashbury, (Pacific 4832).

NICHOLS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C., 2 Mesa Ave., Forest Hill, (Sunset 1698).

NICHOLS, Mrs. William Ford, 2300 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Graystone 3635).

NICHOLSON, Mr. and Mrs. Angus Gordon, (Berkeley, Cal), 2642 Russell.

NICKEL, Mr. and Mrs. George W., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1400 Floribunda, (Tel. Burlingame 445-M). and "Articalta Farm," Los Banos, Cal.

NICKEL, Mr. and Mrs. J. Leroy, 2101 Laguna, (Fillmore 648), and Menlo Park, Cal.

      Mr. J. Leroy NICKEL Jr.

NICKELSBURG, Mr. and Mrs. Melville S., 3864 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7967).

NICKELSBURG, Mrs. Siegfried (Palmyra), 1911 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 7933).

NICOL, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence, Parthenon Apts., 2299 Sacramento,  (Fillmore 3295).

NICOLL, Mr. and Mrs. Alex., 131 Irving, (Tel. Sunset 3615).

NIEBAUM, Mrs. Gustave, 2440 Pacific Ave., cor. Steiner, (Tel. Fillmore 1189).

      Summer Home, Rutherford, Napa County, Cal.

      Miss Suzanne DANIEL, Mr. John DANIEL Jr.

NIELSON, Lieut.-Commander and Mrs. Joseph L., 3019 Washington, (Fillmore 2989).

NIELSON, Mrs. William Delamore, Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

NIELSON, Mr. and Mrs. William S., (Elmenette M. LIPPINCOTT), 934 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 1420).

NIETO, Rev. and Mrs. Jacob, 3933 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7922).

     Rev. member Masonic Club.

     Miss Anita and Miss Julie NIETO.

NIPPERT, Mr. and Mrs. Paul M., 2815 Steiner, (Fillmore 4391).

NISH, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick William, 655 Clayton, (Tel. Park 6774).

NOBLE, Prof. and Mrs. Charles A., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2224 Piedmont Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 4142).

     Prof. member Claremont Country Club (Oakland) and Faculty Club (Univ. of California).

     Mr. Charles A. NOBLE Jr.

NOBLE, Mr. and Mrs. Hamden H., Hotel Colonial, 650 Bush, (Tel. Sutter 3560).

NOBLE, Dr. and Mrs. J. Albert, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

NOBLE, Colonel and Mrs. Robert H., 2519 Pierce, (Fillmore 1394).

NOLAN, Mrs. M. M., 2524 Washington St., (Fillmore 2453).

      Miss Alta Cecilia; Mr. Stanley F.; Mr. Clifford Vincent; Mr. Webster Philip; and Mr. Hamilton W. NOLAN.

NORCROSS, Mr. and Mrs. David Copeland, Los Angeles, Cal.

      Mr. member Olympic; S. F. Golf & Country.

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic and S. F. Golf.

NORMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin N., 172 4th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8627).

NORWOOD, Mrs. William E., (Isabel N.), 2522 Green, (Fillmore 8027).

NOURSE, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Frank, 2900 Clay, cor. Divisadero, (Fillmore 462).

NOURSE, Judge and Mrs. John T. Jr., (Palo Alto, Cal.), 666 Tennyson, (Palo Alto 1487).

NOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. John C., (San Mateo, Cal.), 114 Medway, (San Mateo 70).

NUCKOLLS, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, 4833 Geary, (Tel. Pacific 6161).

O'BRIEN, Dr. and Mrs. A. P., 2424 Gough, (Tel. West 439).

O'BRIEN, Chief and Mrs. Daniel J., 150 Corona, Ingleside, (Tel. Randolph 695), Chief of Police S. F.

O'BRIEN, Mr. and Mrs. George N., (Berkeley, Cal.), 32 Hillcrest Road, (Tel. Berkeley 6528).

O'BRIEN, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2032 Baker, (Tel. Fillmore 434).

      Mr. member Bohemian and Presidio Golf Clubs.

O'CALLAGHAN, Mr. Daniel, 30 Montgomery, (Douglas 40).

O'CONNELL, Miss Marion F., 126 20th Ave., (Pacific 316).

O'CONNOR, Miss Cecilia and Miss Cornelia, Hotel Cecil, (Prospect 180).

      Miss Maud; Miss Isabel; and Miss Ella O'CONNOR, Hotel Cecil.

O'CONNOR, Dr. and Mrs. James H., 175 21st Ave., near California, (Tel. Pacific 46).

O'CONNOR, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 25 Judah, (Tel. Sunset 268).

O'CONNOR, Miss Lillie, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

O'CONNOR, Mr. William B., 620 Standard Oil Bldg., 225 Bush, (Tel. Douglas 7910).

O'DAY, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F., 311 Spruce, (Tel. Bay View 2296).

      Member Bohemian and "The Family" Clubs.

O'DONNELL, Mr. and Mrs. William J., (San Leandro, Cal.), 91 Oaks Blvd.,

O'GARA, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1142 Filbert, (Tel. Graystone 2168).

O'LEARY, Mrs. J. R., 2178 Pine, (Tel. Fillmore 3465).

      Miss Ida O'LEARY; Miss Eleanor O'LEARY; 2178 Pine, (Tel. Fillmore 3465).

O'LEARY, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J., 3262 20th St., (Tel. Valencia 5783).

O'MALLEY, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1692 8th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 1177).

O'NEILL, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A., 100 Delores, (Tel. Park 6916).  Office: Union Square Bldg., 350 Post, (Tel. Sutter 5810).

     Dr. member San Francisco Press and Commonwealth Clubs.

O'NEILL, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M., 2686 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 245).

     Member Olympic; Old Colony; and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

O'NEILL, Mr. and Mrs. Mervyn J., 3555 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 3424).

O'SHAUGHNESSY, Mr. and Mrs. M. M., 2732 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 2078).

     Member University; Olympic; and Presidio Golf Clubs.

     Miss Margaret; Miss Mary; and Miss Helen O'SHAUGHNESSY.

O'TOOLE, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 14 Fair Oaks, (Tel. Valencia 68).

OAKES, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe F., Carlton Apts., 840 Powell, (Kearny 5318).

OAKLEY, Mr. Edward D., 1228 Taylor, (Prospect 3214).

ODDIE, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Meigs, 3466 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 1593).

     Member Bohemian Club.

OESTING, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, 815 Victoria, (Tel. Randolph 4546).

OHLANDT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., 1001 California, (Prospect 1853).

OKELL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

OKELL, Mr. and Mrs. Jack, (Oakland, Cal.), 1087 Ashmount Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3441).

     Mr. member Claremont Country Club; Mt. Diablo Country; and University Club (S. F.).

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Shirley OKELL and Mr. Jack OKELL Jr.

OLCOVICH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 2644).

OLDER, Mr. and Mrs. Fremont, Woodhills Ranch, Cupertino, Santa Clara Co., Cal. (Tel. Saratoga 117-W) or Palace Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

     d'ANTONIO, Miss Mary.

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. A. Leslie, (Oakland, Cal.), 268 Vernon Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3687).

OLIVER,Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D.,(Alameda, Cal.), 1244 St. Charles,  (Alameda 421-W).

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. B. P., Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 48).

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Letts, (Piedmont, Cal.), 60 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4852).

     Mr. member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; Bohemian; and Engineers Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Roberta W. OLIVER and Master William Letts OLIVER III.

OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Roland L., (Oakland, Cal.), 494 Cheney Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 4179).

OLNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre de Stael, 2628 Broderick, (Fillmore 3626).

OLNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jr., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2737 Belrose Ave., (Tel. Thornwall 5881).

     Mr. member University; Bohemian; Claremont Country; and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Country (S. F.); Town & Gown Berkeley; and Women's City Clubs.

     Mr. Warren OLNEY III.

OLSON, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver J., 3476 21st St., (Mission 3106).

     Miss Henrietta; Miss Florence; Miss Mary; and Miss Virginia OLSON.

OPUHLS, Dr. and Mrs. William, 114 Walnut, (Tel. Walnut 1741).

OPPENHEIM, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J., 3990 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7948).

OPPENHEIMER, Mrs. Belle, 3400 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 3977).

OPPENHEIMER, Mr. and Mrs. Selby C., 1855 Sacramento, (Tel. Graystone 5304).

     Office: 68 Post, (Tel. Douglas 7960) or (Sutter 6000).

OREAR, Mr. and Mrs. Horace W., 2650 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 3498).

     Mr. Horace W. OREAR Jr. and Mr. Harold N. OREAR.

ORELLA, Dr. and Mrs. Fermin R., 2925 Pierce, (Tel. West 6318).

ORRETT, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald A., 349 17th Ave., (Pacific 2153).

ORRICK, Mr. and Mrs. William H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2700 College Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 5670).

OSBORN, Mr. and Mrs. E. T., (See Alameda List), 1715 Clinton Ave., (Alameda 3355).

OSBORN, Mr. and Mrs. Lester B., 2527 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 2012).

OSBORNE, Mrs. Katharine D., Palo Alto, Cal.

     Mr. Alan and Mr. Louis S.

OSGOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P., 2225 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 7857).

OTIS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, (Alameda, Cal.), 1609 Santa Clara Ave., (Alameda 135-W).

OTIS, Mr. and Mrs. James, 2231 Broadway, (Fillmore 568).

OTT, Mr. and Mrs. August Louis, (See Berkeley List), 1501 Bonita Ave., (Berkeley 6823).

OTTENS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H., 772 15th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5888).

OVERTON, Major and Mrs. Winfield S., (Piedmont, Cal.), 220 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7071).

OWEN, Dr. Ethel D., 909 Hyde, (Tel. Graystone 784), or 2085 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 6578).

OWEN, Mr. and Mrs. Victor H., (Oakland, Cal.), 716 Longridge Rd.

     Mr. member Sequoyah Country Club.

     Miss Gladys OWEN and Mr. Victor H. OWEN Jr.

OXNARD, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 2104 Broadway, (Tel. West 421).

OYAMA, Mr. and Mrs. Ujiro, Tokyo, Japan.

     Former Consul General at San Francisco.

OYSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Joseph, 2515 Scott, (West 7474).

OYSTER, Mrs. Joseph S., and Miss Elizabeth, 2515 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 8026).

PACKER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 676 Fourth Ave., (Pacific 2598).

PADGETT, Mr. and Mrs. Harold D., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1338 Columbus Ave., (Tel. Burlingame 1342).

     Mr. member Commonwealth Club.

     Mrs. member The Forum Club of San Francisco.

PAGE, Mrs. Arthur Hallet, 1048 Union, (Tel. Franklin 5132).

     BAIRD, Mr. Griff, 1048 Union, Apt. 9.

PAGE, Mr. and Mrs. B. Berle, Warrington Apts., 775 Post, (Prospect 1202).

PAGE, Mrs. George Thomas, (Georgia H.), San Rafael, Cal., 31 Palm Ave., (Tel. San Rafael 73).

PAGE, Mr. and Mrs. Rayston, 24 Presidio Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 5611).

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H., 2736 Filbert, (Fillmore 4141).

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. Fred E., 37 West Clay Park, (Tel. Bay View 990).

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Spencer, 2224 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 7969).

PALMER, Dr. and Mrs. George H., 81 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8044).

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Warren, "Heart of the Hills", Ross, Cal. (Tel. San Anselmo 81).

     Member Olympic and Marin Golf & Country Clubs.

     Miss Patricia Anne and Mr. Kendall Armsby PALMER (Juniors).

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. Silas H., 1802 Washington, (Tel. Walnut 943).

     Mr. member University; Olympic; and Menlo Country Clubs.

     PALMER, Miss Bessie.

     WHEATON, Miss Ida Belle.

     WHEATON, Mr. George S.

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. W. E., 495 20th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1670), and San Mateo, Cal.

PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. W. S., (Alameda, Cal.), 921 Grand, (Tel. Alameda 4740).

PANCOAST, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A., 82 Parnassus Ave., (Tel. Market 3951).

PANELLA, Mrs. Bernard (M. Grace), 1453 9th Ave., (Sunset 112).

     Miss Isabel F.; Miss Antoinette.

PARCELLS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., (Oakland, Cal.), 318 Lee St., (Tel. Glencourt 734).

PARDOW, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R., 2150 Hyde, near Union, (Tel. Franklin 3174.

     Member University; Commonwealth; and Presidio Golf Clubs.

PARK, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gray, Burlingame, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 68).

PARKER, Mr. and Mrs. Neel D., 1635 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 2966).

PARKER, Commander and Mrs. Thomas Drayton, Belevedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 210).

     Commander member Army & Navy Club and Commonwealth Club.

     Mrs. member Century; Woman's Athletic; and City & County Federation of Women's Clubs.

PARROTT, Miss Emilie, "The Bungalow", San Mateo, Cal., (San Mateo 1253).

     Miss Barbara; Mr. John; Mr. Stephen PARROTT, San Mateo, Cal.

PARROTT, Mr. and Mrs. William G., "The Bungalow", San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 888).

PARSONS, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C., 3560 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 4700).

     Mr. member Bohemian; Olympic; Menlo Country; and San Francisco Golf & Country.

     Miss Daisy Ryonne PARSONS and Mr. Arthur C. PARSONS Jr.

PARSONS, Right-Rev. and Mrs. Edward L., 2504 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 2251) or Study, 1215 Sacramento, (Tel. Franklin 2036).

PARTINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 1940 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 4070).

PARTRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B., 2872 Green, (Fillmore 2099).

     Miss Muriel PARTRIDGE.

PARTRIDGE, Miss Jennie K., 3 Carl, (Tel. Hemlock 1201).

PARTRIDGE, Judge and Mrs. John S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 29 Domingo Ave.,  (Tel. Berkeley 8197).

PASCHEL, Mr. Philip P., Bellevue Hotel, (Tel. Franklin 3636).

PASQUALE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward V., 101 Buena Vista, (Tel. Park 331).

PATEK, Mr. and Mrs. Fred., 100 Spruce, (Fillmore 4107).

     Miss Anita and Miss Eleanor PATEK.

PATERSON, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 1354 Greenwich, (Tel. Graystone 2587).

PATERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Macdonald, Alameda, Cal., 1809 San Jose Ave., (Alameda 693).

     Member Pacific-Union, "The Family", and Sequoyah Country Clubs.

     Miss Alla Mastick PATERSON.

PATIGIAN, Mr. and Mrs. Haig, 898 Francisco, (Franklin 3694).

PATRICK, Mr. and Mrs. James M., 2508 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1407).

     Miss Margaret PATRICK; Mr. J. Howard PATRICK; and Mrs. J. C. PATRICK.

PATTIANI, Mr. and Mrs. William L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 55 Craig Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 4561).

     Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country; San Francisco Commercial; and S. F. Rotary Clubs.

     Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

     Miss Elizabeth PATTIANI and Mr. William Charles PATTIANI.

PAUSON, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B., 2590 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 6211).

PAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin F., 131 Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 1376).

PAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. George Lingard, 2830 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1854).

     Member Pacific-Union Club.

     Miss Barbara V. PAYNE.

PAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W., Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Burlingame 288).

PAYNE, Dr. and Mrs. Redmond W., 270 Santa Clara Ave., (Tel. Sunset 1662).

     Miss Betsy B. and Mr. John S. PAYNE.

PAYNE, Dr. and Mrs. Russell R., 493 15th Ave., near Anza, (Tel. Pacific 6567.  Office: Whitney Bldg., 133 Geary St., (Tel. Sutter 490).

PAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. William, 41 Walnut, (Fillmore 101).

PAYOT, Mrs. Henry, St. Francis Hotel., (Tel. Douglas 1000).

PAYSON, Captain Albert H., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 491).

PEACOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Walter France, (Piedmont, Cal.), 212 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2122).

    Member Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

PEARCE, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J., 1405 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Franklin 4294).

PEART, Mr. and Mrs. Hartley F., 2121 Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 387).

PEASE, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Jr., 2511 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 3060).

PECK, Mr. and Mrs. Fred S., (Sacramento, Cal.), 2751 Montgomery Way, (Tel. Sacramento Capitol 770-W).

    Member Sutter, Del Paso Country and Lions Clubs.

    Miss Betty May Peck.

PEDRINI, Mr. and Mrs. Armando, 2629 Larkin, (Tel. Graystone 4496).

PEIRCE, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus, Office 433 California, (Tel. Douglas 8400).

    Member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, Burlingame, "Recess," NY., California, L. A.

    Miss Josephine; Miss Mary Eloise PEIRCE.

PEIXOTTO, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D., 3956 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7945).

PELTIER, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal.

PENALUNA, Mr. and Mrs. William Jr., (San Mateo, Cal.), 838 Highland, (Tel. San Mateo 757-J).

PENDLETON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C., (Oakland, Cal.), 1085 Clarendon Crescent, (Tel. Glencourt 4331).

PENNELL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2808 Hillegass Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 7615-W).

     Mrs. member Town & Gown Club (Berkeley).

     Miss Helen C. PENNELL.

PENTZ, Mr. William R., San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal.

     Miss Deborah; Miss Edith; and Miss Annie PENTZ.

PERASSO, Mr. and Mrs. Mario L., 1890 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 3825).

PERCY, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 101 Spruce, (Tel. Bay View 7334).

PERKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Richard R., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2818 Russell, (Tel. Berkeley 9350-W).

     Member San Francisco Commercial and Young Men's Christian Association.

PERKINS, Mr. Thos. A., Monadnock Bldg., 681 Market, (Tel. Kearny 2397).

PERKINS, Mr. and Mrs. William F., Huntington Apts., 1075 California, (Tel. Prospect 1445).

PERNAU, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F., 2728 Filbert, (Tel. West 7773).

PERRIN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B., Williams, Arizona.

     Mr. Lilo McM. and Mr. Edward PERRIN Jr.

PERRIN, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1000 Buena Vista Ave., S. Pasadena, Cal., (Tel. Colorado 2426).

     Mr. member California (L. A.); Valley Hunt (Pasadena); Midwick Country; Pacific-Union (S. F.); San Francisco Golf & Country; San Francisco Commercial; University (New York); and University (Chicago) Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Imp. Ass'n (S. Pasadena); Women's Civic League (Pasadena); Studio Club (of Pasadena Play House Ass'n); Friday Morning (Los Angeles); Century of Cal. (San Francisco); National League for Women Service (S. F.);        Drama League; Daughters of American Revolution; and Colonial Dames of America.

PERRINE, Dr. and Mrs. J. K. M., (Mill Valley, Cal.), 328 Miller Ave., (Tel. Mill Valley 92-W).  Office: 313 Flood Bldg. (Tel. Garfield 5054).

     Miss Eleanor Elizabeth PERRINE.

     Mr. Clarence R. PERRINE; Mr. John K. Perrine; and Mr. J. K. M. PERRINE Jr.

PERRY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wayne, 858 33rd Ave., (Tel. Bay View 924).

PERRY, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L., 150 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8414).

PERRY, Dr. and Mrs. J. Claude, 592 28th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 145).

     Dr. member California Golf; Shrine; and Union League Clubs.

PERRY, Mr. and Mrs. Warren C., 41 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 5554).

PETERS, Dr. Harry C., 323 Geary, (Tel. Garfield 821).

     Member Union League, Elks, and Commonwealth Clubs.

PETERSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Peter C., 2730 Green, (West 5228).

PETERSEN, Mr. and Mrs. S., 801 Monterey, (Tel. Randolph 7610).

     Mr. Victor J. PETERSEN

PETERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F., Fielding Hotel, (Sutter 600).

PETERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Ferd C., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Belevedere 124).

      Mr. member Bohemian and Commonwealth Clubs.

      Mrs. member Francisca, Century, and Women's Athletic Clubs.

      Mr. George Baltzer PETERSON.

PETERSON, Mr. Frank B., Bellevue Hotel, (Tel. Franklin 3636).

PETERSON, Mr. and Mrs. F. Somers, Belvedere, Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 232).

       Mr. member Bohemian, S. F. Yacht, and Belvedere Golf & Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Francisca and Belvedere Golf & Country Clubs.

       Mr. Holton S. PETERSON (Junior).

PETERSON, Miss Mabel A., 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 960).

PETERSON, Miss Meda Carrie, 2420 Buchanan, (Tel. West 8696).

PETTIGREW, Mr. and Mrs. George D., 50 San Benito Way, (Sunset 191).

PFINGST, Mrs. Florence Porter, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 4743) and Watsonville, Cal.

PFLUEGER, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A., 55 Terrace Drive, (Tel. Sunset 6588).

PFLUEGER, Mr. Timothy L., Lick Building, (Tel. Kearny 3236).

PHELAN, Hon. James D., Phelan Bldg., (Tel. Kearny 247) or 2150 Washington, (Tels. West 62 & 63).  Country Residence: Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, Cal.

      Member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; University; Olympic; Press; S. F. Golf; Sequoyah and Burlingame Country Clubs.

PHELAN, Miss Mary Louise, 2150 Washington, (Tel. West 62 & 63)

      Member Francisca; Century; S. F. Golf & Country Clubs; University Fine Arts Society; S. F. Council of Catholic Women; and The Congressional Club of Washington D. C.

PHELPS, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stallman, (Piedmont, Cal.), 321 Hillside Ave.

PHILIP, Dr. and Mrs. John Harold, 2257 Vallejo, (Fillmore 5896) and Burlingame, Cal.

     Mr. Charles Whipple PHILIP.

PHILLIPS, Mr. Charles T., Bank of Italy Bldg., 550 Montgomery, (Tel. Douglas 4881).

     Los Angeles Office: Cotton Exchange Bldg., L. A., res. Alexandria Hotel when in L. A.

     Member San Francisco Press Club.

PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. Grattan Dominic, 3620 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 2550).

PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel, 315 Laurel, (Fillmore 1556).

     Miss Elsie and Miss Margaret PHILLIPS.

PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Michael, 201 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8105).

PHLEGER, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, 2442 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 2000).

PICKARD, Mr. and Mrs. Byron O., (Oakland, Cal.), 6660 Dana, (Tel. Piedmont 2124-J).

PICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. Fred M., 2714 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 34).

PICKERING, Mrs. Loring C., 2001 Gough, cor. Clay, (Fillmore 88).

    Miss Jennie CROTHERS, 2001 Gough, (Fillmore 88).

PICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. Loring C. Jr., New York City, N. Y.

PIDWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Willard T., 1203 Stanyan, (Tel. Sunset 4927).

    Member Bohemian Club of San Francisco.

PIERCE, Mrs. Ira, 1730 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 983).

PIERCE, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman L., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1136 Bellevue Ave., (Tel. Burlingame 623).

    Mr. member Menlo Country and Masonic Clubs.

    Miss Martha PIERCE and Miss Virginia PIERCE.

PIERCE, Miss Mabel, 1000 Chestnut, cor. Hyde, (Franklin 448).

PIERCE, Mr. and Mrs. William, Suisan, Cal.

    Miss Charlotte PIERCE.

PIERSON, Mrs. Lawrence H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2811 Forest, (Berkeley 6553-J).

    Miss Pauline H.; Miss Mildred; and Mr. L. Ford PIERSON.

PIERSON, Dr. and Mrs. Philip H., 734 12th Ave., (Pacific 7907).

PIGOTT, Mr. and Mrs. John T., 3343 Washington, (Tel. Walnut 124).

PIKE, Mr. and Mrs. Roy M., Vernalis, San Joaquin Co., Cal. San Francisco Office: 74 New Montgomery, (Tel. Sutter 5020).

PILLSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2525 Ashby Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 3516-J).

PILLSBURY, Mr. Evan S., Pacific-Union Club, or 2838 Pacific Ave.,  (West 51).

PILLSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Horace D., 2838 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 51). Also San Mateo, Cal., and Montecito, Santa Barbara County, Cal.

    Miss Peggy and Mr. Evans S. PILLSBURY, 2nd.

PILLSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C., (Sacramento, Cal.), 3243 4th Ave., (Tel. Capitol 327-R).

PINCKARD, Mr. and Mrs. George Monroe, 3300 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 6029).

PINCKARD, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Eyre, 2100 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 2033).

    Mr. member Pacific-Union and University Clubs.

    Mrs. member Town & Country Club.

    Miss Dorothy and Master Monroe PICKARD Jr.

PIODA, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. W., 1200 Washington, (Tel. Prospect 1122).

    Miss Mary E. PIODA, 1200 Washington.

PIPPY, Mrs. Geo. H., 2241 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 786).

PISCHEL, Dr. and Mrs. Kaspar, 1817 California, (Tel. Walnut 913).  also "The Hillocks", Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 68-J).

    Dr. member Lagunitas Country Club.

    Mrs. member Century Club.

    Mr. Harold D. PISCHEL.

PISCHEL, Dr. and Mrs. Dohrmann K.

PITCHER, Mr. and Mrs. Jay C., (San Rafael, Cal.), 19 Harcourt, (San Rafael 113-W).

PIVER, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 50 25th Ave., near Lake, (Bay View 712).

PIXLEY, Mrs. Frank, Pebble Beach, Cal., (St. Francis Hotel, when in S. F.).

PLANT, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L., 2222 Hyde, (Prospect 3906).

PLAYER, Dr. and Mrs. Lionel Paget, 545 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 4599).

       Miss Audrey PLAYER and Miss Dorothy Jean PLAYER.

PLINCZ, Dr. and Mrs. John K., Canterbury Hotel, 750 Sutter, (Tel. Prospect 10400).

PLUM, Mrs. Charles M., Mr. Chas. M. Jr., 2205 Sacramento, (Fill 1220).

PLUMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. and Miss Jane, 2109 Baker, (Fillmore 1220).

PLUMMER, Mrs. Melville W., 1615 Broderick.

      Mr. Melville W., 1615 Broderick.

PLUMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip B., (Alameda, Cal.), 806 Grand Ave., (Alameda 3304-J).

PLUMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A., 1900 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 7852).

PLUNKETT, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (San Rafael, Cal.), 207 Grand, (San Rafael 926).

PLYMIRE, Dr. and Mrs. D. Brandley, 2294 Green, (Fillmore 1724).

PODESTA, Mr. and Mrs. Victor L., 1354 Green, (Tel. Graystone 2304).

POETT, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R., "San Julian Rancho", Lompoc, Cal.

     Miss Frederica and Miss Narrice POETT, Lompoc, Cal.

POETT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., (San Mateo, Cal.), Santa Inez Ave., (San Mateo 163).

     Miss Evelyn C. POETT.

POHLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Salem C., (Pied., Cal.), Highland & Hazel Lane, (Pied. 747).

POINDEXTER, Mrs. Theodore, 1904 Leavenworth, (Franklin 5158).

POLAND, Mrs. Charles Gould, 3904 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 4085).

POLHEMUS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R., (San Jose, Cal.).

POLHEMUS, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 101 Walnut, (Tel. Fillmore 845).

POLITZER, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M., 1925 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 6836).

POLLOCK, Mrs. O. W., 1899 California St., (Tel. Walnut 918).

POLLOCK, Dr. and Mrs. William D., 154 27th, (Mission 5192).

POLLOK, Mr. Allan, 2521 Broadway, near Pierce, (West 22).

     Miss Margaret G. Pollok, 2521 Broadway, (West 22).

POMEROY, Mrs. Carter Pitkin, (San Rafael, Cal.), 25 Palm Ave., (San Rafael 834-W).

     Miss Harriet H. POMEROY (Mrs. Thomas Scott BROOKE).

PONIATOWSKI, Prince and Princess Andre, (Paris, France), 41 Rue St., Dominique.

POND, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, Redwood City, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 1706-F-13).

     Miss Barbara and Mr. John C. POND, 2504 Scott.

POPE, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 2728 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 749). Country Home, Eucalyptus Drive, Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 391).

     Member Pacific-Union, Burlingame Country and Menlo Country Clubs.

     Mr. George A. POPE Jr., Mr. Kenneth POPE.

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, 944 Chestnut, (Prospect 5822).

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D., (Piedmont, Cal.), Wildwood & Sheridan Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 2060).

     Mr. member Bohemian; Menlo Country; Sequoyah Country; and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

     Miss Jean PORTER and Mr. Edward PORTER.

     BOARDMAN, Miss Florence, Wildwood & Sheridan Ave., Piedmont, (Piedmont 2060).

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B., 3045 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 5317).

PORTER, Mrs. John T., Watsonville, Cal.

PORTER, Dr. and Mrs. Langley S., 1988 Vallejo, (Fillmore 471).

PORTER, Mr. Robert C., 2308 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 148).

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Warren R., Watsonville, Cal.

PORTER, Mrs. William Stirling, (Jessie G.), 2070 Jackson, (Fillmore 1049).

POSNER, Mr. Max C., Clift Hotel, Geary and Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 4700).

POTTER, Dr. Clarence D., Bella Vista Apts., 1001 Pine, (Prospect 8620).

POTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Gray, 1865 Clay, (Tel. Franklin 5437).

POTTER, Mr. and Mrs. George Sabine, 1890 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 2815).

     Mr. member University; Harvard; and Commonwealth Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Country and Woman's Athletic Clubs of San Francisco.

POTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sheldon, 15 Cherry, near Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7715).

     Miss Phyllis POTTER, 15 Cherry.

POTTER, Mrs. Mary L. McNutt, and Miss Mary Louise.

POTTER, Mr. Winfred W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 117 Hillside Ave., (Piedmont 2717W).

POTTS, Mr. and Mrs. Alber W., 2525 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 8960).

POTTS, Captain and Mrs. Templin M., 2171 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 2095).

POWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Henry T., Sausalito, Marin Co., Cal., (Sausalito 164).

POWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, 3132 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 3756).

POWER, Mr. and Mrs. Erastus B., 1526 Masonic Ave., (Park 6023).

POWER, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 1207 Ashbury, (Tel. Park 149), Postmaster at San Francisco.

POWER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E., Piedmont, Cal., (65 Manor), (Piedmont 5978).

POWERS, Mr. and Mrs. William, 419 28th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4952).

     Miss Billie POWERS.

PRATT, Mrs. Elinor D. E., 640 Sutter, or 68 Post, (Douglas 3235).

PRACHT, Mr. and Mrs. Harold, 1946 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 1018).

PRATT, Mr. and Mrs. John Haraden, 1530 Lombard, (Tel. Fillmore 1018).

PRATT, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Charles Jr., 1818 California, (West 3720).

PRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Milton, (Burlingame, Cal.), 1272 Cabrillo, (Tel. Burlingame 89).

     Mr. member Burlingame Country, Olympic, and Empire Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

     DAY, Mrs. Emily R.

PRECHTEL, Mrs. George P., Hotel Stewart, (Sutter 3640).

PRENTICE, Mr. and Mrs. E. Whitman, 2761 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 3211).

PRENTISS, Mrs. E. W., Miss M. Laura, and Mr. Edward C., 1251 Jones, (Franklin 2523).

PRESSLEY, Dr. and Mrs. James F., 2221 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 6893).

PRESTON, Mrs. Edgar F.

PRESTON, Mr. and Mrs. John W., (Berkeley, Cal.), 22 Tunnel Road, (Berkeley 6609).

PRESTON, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jr., (Berkeley, Cal.), 22 Tunnel Road, (Berkeley 6609).

PREUSSER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 226).

    Mr. member Belvedere Golf & Country and Union League Club.

    Mrs. member Woman's Athletic; Belvedere Golf & Country and City and Country Federation of Women's Clubs.

PRINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. E. Covington, (Redwood City, Cal.), (Tel. Redwood 356-J), Woodside Road.  Redwood 356-J.

    Miss Edith L. BULL, Redwood City, Cal., (Woodside Road).

PRINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 2323 Franklin, (Tel. Fillmore 7955) and Menlo Park, Cal.

PRINGLE, Mr. Sidney J., 1816 Vallejo, (Tel. West 3954).

PRINGLE, Mr. and Mrs. James Reid, 2512 Fillmore, (Tel. Fillmore 527).

PRINGLE, Mrs. William Bull, (San Mateo, Cal.), 240 Santa Inez Ave., (Tel. San Mateo 1656).

    Miss Isabelle, and Mr. William Bull PRINGLE Jr.

PRIOR, Mr. and Mrs. James K., 3344 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 3873).

PROCTOR, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt, (Piedmont, Cal.), 109 Crocker Ave.

    Mr. member Pacific-Union, Bohemian, and Claremont Country Clubs.

    MAC DERMOT, Mr. Alfred J., (Tel. Piedmont 94).

PROCTOR, Mr. Thomas J., (Santa Rosa, Cal.), 711 3rd St.

    Member Olympic (S. F.) and Elks (Santa Rosa) Clubs.

PROCTER, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 25 Scenic Way, (Tel. Pacific 8075).

PROST, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert G., (Berkeley, Cal.), 44 Oakvale Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 8887).

PRYOR, Commander and Mrs. Francis Davis, (When in San Francisco, 3294 Jackson).

PRYOR, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 2210 Hyde, (Tel. Prospect 7127).

    Miss Georgiana and Miss Margaret PRYOR.

PUCKETT, Mr. and Mrs. George Robert, 1487 Greenwich, (Tel. Graystone 5267).

    Miss Blossom PUCKETT and Mr. G. Jackson PUCKETT.

PUTNAM, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W., 3191 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 421).

PUTNAM, Dr. and Mrs. Victor E., 2401 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 6112).

QUANDT, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., 1110 Cabrillo, near Funston Ave., (Tel. Pacific 324).

     Mr. member Commonwealth Club of California.

QUANDT, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W., 26 Hazelwood Ave., (Tel. Randolph 6842).

     Mr. member Commonwealth Club of California.

QUARG, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 515 Central Ave., (Tel. West 3813).

QUARG, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, 3845 California, (Tel. Bay View 7737).

QUARG, Mr. William H., 3845 California, (Tel. Bay View 1551).

QUARRE, Mrs. Carlotta, 2285 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 6387).

QUARRE, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald George, 1253 Jones, (Tel. Prospect 3908).

QUEEN, Mrs. Richard E., 2212 Sacramento, (Tel. West 140).

QUINLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D., 271 14th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 3242).

QUINN, Mr. and Mrs. Warren S., Palace Hotel, (Tel. Sutter 700).




Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Proofread by Polly Kaleta.

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