Pages 68-79


DROWN, Miss Virginia Newell, 2462 Broadway, (Fillmore 485).

DROWN, Mr. Willard N., 2629 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 1646).

DRUM, Mr. Allen, Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal.

DRUM, Mr. Frank, Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal.

DRUM, Mr. and Mrs. John S., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 505).

DRUMMOND, Mr. and Mrs. John Albert, 246 Presidio Ave., (Tel. West 4669).

DRUMMOND, Mr. and Mrs. John Albert, 290 28th Ave., Sea Cliff, (Pacific 9236).

DRURY, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L., Whitcomb Hotel, at Civic Center, (Tel. Hemlock 3200).

DRURY, Mr. and Mrs. Wells, (Berkeley, Cal.), 1520 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 307).

         Members of the Berkeley Country Club, Berkeley, Cal.

         Miss Muriel DRURY and Miss Lorraine DRURY, Members Berkeley Country Club.

         Mr. Audrey Wells DRURY.

DUBEDAT, Mr. Edward, Fairmont Hotel.

DUFFICY, Dr. and Mrs. Rafael G., (San Rafael, Cal.), 603 Irwin, (Tel. San Rafael 702-J).

         Member Rotary Club; B. P. O. E.; Elks; N. S. G. W.; and American Medical Association, etc.

DUFFY, Mr. and Mrs. James B., (Los Angeles, Cal.), 434 South Norton, (Tel. 567-244).

         Mr. member Bohemian Club (S. F.); California Club (L. A.); and Gamut Club (L. A.).

         Miss Mabelle F. DUFFY and Mr. James B. DUFFY Jr.

DUFFY, Mr. W. F., French-American Bank, 108 Sutter, (Tel. Kearny 1421).

DUKES, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Alfred, (Berkeley, Cal.), 211 Uplands, (Tel. Berkeley 1).

         Dr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Claremont Country Club.

         Miss Helen DUKES.

DULFER, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, 722 Funston Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6761).

         Mr. member Union League; S. F. Commercial; and S. F. Advertising Clubs.

         Miss Evelyn M. DULFER.

         Mr. Paul Alexander DULFER.

DUNBAR, Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard F., 46 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8055).

DUNBAR, Mrs. Luis Lane, Belvedere, Marin County, Cal.

DUNCAN, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Griffin, 325 Maple, (Tel. Bay View 1399).

DUNCAN, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C., 2250 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 8934).

DUNCAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. M., 1701 Broadway, (Tel. Walnut 137).

DUNCAN, Mr. and Mrs. William C., (Burlingame, Cal.), Ralston and Pepper, (Burlingame 650).

DUNLOP, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D., 7 Shore View Ave., Lincoln Manor, (Pacific 8350).

DUNN, Dr. and Mrs. Martin Joseph, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2845 Telegraph Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 1997).

         Member Claremont Country Club.

         LEONARD, Miss Letitia.

DUNN, Mr. and Mrs. P. Livingston, 88 Frederick, (Market 2398).

DUNN, Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Livingston, Keystone Apts., 1369 Hyde, (Tel. Graystone 3520).

         Mr. James Witcher DUNN.

DUNNE, Judge and Mrs. Frank H., 1709 Gough, (West 7759).

DUNNE, Mr. and Mrs. Peter F., 3905 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7905).

         Mr. member Pacific-Union Club; Bohemian Club; Olympic Club; San Francisco Golf & Country Club; and Commonwealth Club of California.

         Miss Marjorie DUNNE.

DUNNIGAN, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 1000 Steiner, (Tel. Fillmore 8071).

DUNNING, Captain William B., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

DUNPHY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 3638 Washington, (Tel. West 9596).

du PARC de LOCMARIA, Ct. Chas., Res. Pacific-Union Club.

DUPAS, Mr. John M., 21 18th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6997).

DURANT, Mr. and Mrs. E. Noel, Te Kiteroa Apts., 2101 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Walnut 993).

DURBROW, Mr. Alfred K., 2500 Leavenworth, (Franklin 790).

DURBROW, Mr. and Mrs. Chandler W., 1201 Greenwich, (Tel. Prospect 8935).

DURBROW, Mrs. Harry, 2101 California, (Tel. Fillmore 2715).

DURBROW, Mr. and Mrs. Pierson, 62 5th Ave., (Pacific 209).

         Miss Margery, Miss Elinor, Mr. Stanley DURBROW.

DURKEE, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L., 437 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 3762).

DURNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, (Alameda, Cal.), 1325 Dayton, (Alameda 339)

DURYEA, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 1700 Jones, (Tel. Prospect 2049).

         Mr. Member California Gulf; San Francisco Commercial; and Elks Club.

         Miss Costette H. DURYEA.

DURYEA, Mr. and Mrs. Paul B., 146 9th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7660).

DUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., 1200 Washington, (Prospect 6517).

DUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Grayson, 2666 Vallejo, (Fillmore 335).

DUTTON, Mr. Harry S., Holluschickle Club, or 166 Geary, (Kearny 4295).

DUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Foster Sr., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 1000).

         Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; and Burlingame Country Clubs.

         Mrs. member Francisca Club.

DUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren,  30 Sea Cliff Ave., (Pacific 2721).

DUTTON, Mr. and Mrs. William J., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

DU VAL, Mr. and Mrs. William Moylan, (Oakland, Cal.), 315 Lenox Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3123).

         Mrs. member Berkeley Country Club; Ebel Society (Of Oakland), and National League for Women's Service (to become the Women's City Club of San Francisco).

         Mr. member San Francisco Commercial Club.

DUVAL, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 2380 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 3568).

DWIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Ward A., 34 Shore View Ave., (Tel. Bay View 882).

DWYER, Miss Annie M., 45 West Clay Park, (Bay View 1002).

DWYER, Mrs. Frank A., 1332 Arguello, (Sunset 1087).

DWYER, Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph, 136 Locust, (West 922).

DYER, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 11 Bonita Way, (Sunset 3260).

EACRET, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey, 2663 Divisadero, (West 922).

          Member Bohemian and Commonwealth Clubs.

EARL, Mr. and Mrs. Sumner F., (San Mateo, Cal.), 127 Griffith Ave., (San Mateo 1399).

EASTLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 617).

EASTMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P., Lake Merced, S. F., (Sunset 1100).

EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Mills, "Black Hawk Ranch", Mt. Diablo, Contra Costa Co., Cal.

          Mr. Laurence EASTON.

EASTON, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. F., Hotel Whitcomb, (Tels. Park 4822 and Hemlock 3200).

EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. Giles Nelson, (Oakland,Cal.), 1579 Jackson, (Oakland 7225).

          Miss Mary E. EASTON, (Oakland, Cal.), 1579 Jackson, (Oakland 7225)

EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. Chalmers, 332 Spruce, (Tel. West 2796).

EATON, Dr. and Mrs. George Lee, 140 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8195).

          Dr. member Olympic and San Francisco Press Clubs.

          Miss Marjorie L. EATON.

EAVES, Dr. and Mrs. James (Oakland, Cal.), Hotel Oakland, (Tel. Lakeside 100).

EBEY, Mr. and Mrs. George M., (Oakland, Cal.), 760 Calamar Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 3773).

EBNER, Mr. and Mrs. G. Wendell, 718 Steiner, (Tel. Walnut 1746).

EBRIGHT, Dr. and Mrs. George E., 2662 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 248).

          Miss Betty EBRIGHT, 2662 Vallejo.

EBRIGHT, Dr. and Mrs. Harold, Benecia, Cal.

ECKART, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson A., 242 30th Ave., (Pacific 8226).

EDDY, Mr. and Mrs.  Edwin M., 2602 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 474).

          Miss Katharine F., and Mr. Selwyn EDDY.

EDDY, Mrs. Richard A., Hotel St. Francis, (Tel. Douglas 1000).

EDE, Mr. and Mrs. William, (Piedmont, Cal.), 15 Bonita Ave., (Piedmont 7788).

EDGERTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O., (Oakland, Cal.), 6 Prospect Drive, (Tel. Piedmont 6059-W).

EDIE, Colonel and Mrs. Guy L., 2932 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4328).

          Miss Clementina and Miss Mary EDIE.

EDMINSON, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 2121 Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 6894).

          Member Pacific-Union; The Family; Commonwealth; and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F., 1227 42nd Ave., (Tel. Sunset 214).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Mc M., (Oakland, Cal.), 445 Elwood Ave.,

          (Tel. Glencourt 1495).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P., (Oakland, Cal.), 461 Crescent, (Tel. Glencourt 2310).

          Miss Patricia Eugenia, Miss Constance Hunt.

          Miss Jacquiline Porter, Miss Barbara Grace.

          Miss Betty Standish EDWARDS.

          Mr. Geo. P., Jr., Mr. Buhl, and Mr. Robert Kohler EDWARDS.

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., 3838 Jackson, (Pacific 7131).

EDWARDS, Dr. and Mrs. James W., 2550 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 4140).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R., 2656 Filbert, (West 5504).

EDWARDS, Colonel and Mrs. William, 1407 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 5454).

EDWARDS, Dr. and Mrs. William, 240 9th Ave., (Pacific 3700).

EDWARDS, Mr. William Donaldson, (Pasadena, Cal.), 555 South Catalina  Ave., (Tel. Pasadena Fair Oaks 6657), or University Club, San Francisco.

EELLS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parmelee, 2415 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 2219).

EFFINGER-RAYMOND, Mrs. Francis, 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 973).

          Manager Gregg Publishing Co., Phelan Bldg., (Tel. Sutter 3186).

          Member Chamber of Commerce, and Down Town Association.

EGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius J., 431 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1939).

EGAN, Miss Josephine R., 1321 Page, (Tel. Hemlock 1498).

EGBERT, Mrs. Charles, 2745 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1974).

          Member Ebell Society, Oakland.

          Miss Dorothy Barnes EGBERT, and Mr. Edward Barnes EGBERT.

          Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Barnes EGBERT, 2475 Van Ness Ave.

          Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barnes EGBERT, 2745 Van Ness Ave.

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L., 2880 Broadway, (Fillmore 242).

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Alexis L.. Atherton, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Menlo Park 787).

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 3212 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 2097).

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 481).

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, 2618 Jackson, (Fillmore 403).

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M., Miss Esther, 2970 Broadway, (West 7103).

EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon W., 2240 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1338).

EICKHOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1650 Lake, (Pacific 2843).

EISEN, Dr. Edward G., 1256 32d Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4685).

EISENBACH, Mr. and Mrs. David R., 2241 Sacramento, (Tel. Fillmore 2107).

EISENBACH, Mr. and Mrs. Julian, 3025 Scott, (Fillmore 10).

EISERT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W., 335 16th Ave., (Pacific 728).

EISNER, Mr. and Mrs. Milton D., 3050 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 631).

ELAM, Mr. and Mrs. Grover C., 42 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1295).

ELBERLING, Mr. and Mrs. John N., 19 Loyola Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1186).

ELDER, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2626 Etna, (Tel. Berkeley 5818-J)

          Miss Pauline ELDER; Mr. Scott ELDER; and Mr. Paul ELDER Jr.

ELKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Felton B., Santa Barbara, Cal.

ELKUS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert I., 3042 Jackson, (Fillmore 1697).

ELKUS, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S., 2224 Baker, (Fillmore 2174).

ELLERY, Mr. and Mrs. John Watson, 512 7th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4702).

ELLERY, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2761 Scott, (Fillmore 3503).

ELLICOTT, Mr. Henry W., 2518 Octavia, (Fillmore 3281).

ELLINGHOUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar E., (Oakland, Cal.), 4118 Broadway, (Tel. Piedmont 3953).

ELLINWOOD, Mrs. Charles N., 2739 Pacific Ave., (West 984).

ELLINWOOD, Dr. and Mrs. Lathrop, 2424 Divisadero, (West 4033).

ELLINWOOD, Mrs. Alice Sallee, 2891 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4033).

ELLIOT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, (Piedmont, Cal.), 520 Scenic Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 3953).

        Mr. member Union League Club (San Francisco), and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

        Mrs. member The Forum Club (San Francisco), and Women's Building Association.

ELLIOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, Berkeley, Cal.

ELLIOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart P., 3333 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1680).

ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Thomas, (Oakland, Cal.), 749 Oakland Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7595).

        Mr. member Athenian-Nile Club of Oakland, Cal.

ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L., 2460 Larkin, (Tel. Graystone 3255).

ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D., 4524 Balboa, (Pacific 8133).

        Miss Katharine ELLIS.

ELOESSER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, 7 Presidio Ave., (Fillmore 1215) and Mill Valley, Cal.

        Miss Alice ELOESSER, 7 Presidio Ave., (Fillmore 1215) and Mill Valley, Cal.

ELOESSER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, 2121 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 1967).

ELTSE, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roscoe, (Berkeley, Cal.), 1913 Thousand Oaks Blvd.

        Mr. member Elks Club, (Tel. Thornwall 3287).

        Mrs. member Twentieth Century; California Writers; and P. E. N. Clubs.

EMANUEL, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L., 3330 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 2599).

        Miss Aileen EMANUEL, 3330 Jackson.

EMANUEL, Mr. and Mrs. M., 401 Ashbury, Cor. Oak, (Tel. Park 3377).

        Member Union League and National Progress Club, (National President).

        Miss Josephine E. EMANUEL.

EMBREE, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace D., 1791 Pine St., (Tel. Walnut 857).

EMGE, Dr. and Mrs. Ludwig A., 109 Edgewood Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4849).

        Dr. member University; Fort Baker Golf; Commonwealth; University (of Chicago) Clubs.

        Mrs. member National League for Woman's Service.

EMMAL, Dr. Frank S., 1456 Jackson, (Tel. Graystone 1152).

ENGS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webb, (Piedmont, Cal.), 49 Estrella Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7878).

EPPINGER, Mr. and Mrs. J. John, 22 Seventh Ave., (Pacific 6210).

EPPINGER, Mr. and Mrs. Josua, 252 10th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4062).

        Mr. member Concordia; Lake Merced Golf & Country; Masonic; and Emanu-el Men's Clubs.

        Mr. Joshua EPPINGER Jr.

EPSTEEN, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot M., (Mildred L. Erickson), 2865 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 2545).

        Mr. member Union League; and Sequoia Clubs.

EPSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav, 3340 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4155).

ERB, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L., 2945 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8778).

ERBES, Mr. and Mrs. Philip A., 700 O'Farrell, (Tel. Prospect 6074).

ERIKSON, Mrs. Christie, 2865 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 2545).

ERLANGER, Mr. and Mrs. Simon, 41 Mercedes Way, (Tel. Randolph 7169).

ERLIN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., (San Mateo, Cal.), 140 Clark, (San Mateo 1238).

        Miss Elizabeth ERLIN, 140 Clark, San Mateo, Cal.

ERLIN, Mr. and Mrs. J. Theodore, 400 40th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2270).

ERNST, Mr. Will Remington, 250 10th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4032).

ERSKINE, Mr. and Mrs. Morse, (nee Ward), 2611 Divisadero, (Fillmore 2840).

ERWIN, Mr. and Mrs. James W., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2547 Piedmont, Ave., (Tel.

        Berkeley 3477-W).

ESBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred I., 2213 Buchanan, (Tel. Fillmore 520).

        Miss Emily Claire ESBERG.

ESBERG, Mrs. Milton (Matilda), 2016 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 9401).

ESBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Henry, 3444 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 1933).

        also Glenwood Ave., Ross, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 85).

        Mr. Milton Henry ESBERG Jr.

        Mr. member Bohemian; The Family; Presidio Golf; and Marin Golf & Country.

        Mrs. member Woman's Athletic; Lagunitas Country; and Marin Golf & Country.

ETIENNE, Mr. and Mrs. Emil J., 2826 Union, near Baker, (Fillmore 456).

ETIENNE, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Jr., 2518 Jackson, (Fillmore 775).

EULER, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. B., 1275 Washington, (Tel. Prospect 901).

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. S., (Oakland, Cal.), 1099 Lakeshore, (Tel. Glencourt 3548).

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. C. Willard, 38 West Clay Park, (Tel. Pacific 2513), and Belvedere, Cal.

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Evan C., Jr., San Rafael, Marin County.

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Evan C., San Rafael, Cal., (Tel. San Rafael 112).

        Mr. Arthur C. EVANS, San Rafael, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. San Rafael 112).

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L., (nee Margaret Minton), San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal.

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., Mill Valley, Cal., (Mill Valley 238).

EVANS, Dr. and Mrs. George, 155 24th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1500).

        Miss Marion EVANS; Miss Evelyn EVANS;

EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2727 Benvenue Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 2877).

        Mr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club.

        Mrs. member Century Club of California; and Town & Gown Club of Berkeley, Cal.

EVERDING, Miss Elsa, 1922 Sacramento St., (Prospect 1123).

EVERETT, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 3 Russian Hill Place, (Franklin 5418) and San Mateo.

EVERETT, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W., "River Bend Farm", St. Helena, Cal., (Tel. St. Helena 6-F-13).

        Member Claremont Country Club (Oakland, Cal.).

EVERS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert John, 1811 California, (Tel. Walnut 887).

        Mr. member Marin Golf & Country Club (San Rafael), and Olympic Club (S. F.).

        Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club; Century Club; and Marin Golf & Country Club.

        Master Henry Kaspar EVERS and Master Albert John EVERS Jr.

EVERTS, Mrs. Lillian Brown, (Oakland, Cal.), 1889 Jackson, (Tel. Oakland 2230).

        BROWN, Miss Florinne, 1889 Jackson, Oakland, Cal. (Tel. Oakland 2230).

EWING, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. M., 334 Fifteenth Ave., (Pacific 1099).

EWING, Mr. and Mrs. J. Calvin Jr., 572 12th Ave., (Pacific 647).

EYRE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E., 3539 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 5257).

EYRE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L., 2112 Pacific Ave., (Tel. West 660).

        Mr. Atherton EYRE, (and Menlo Park, Cal.).

EYRE, Miss Mary, 2329 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 872) and Menlo Park, Cal.

EYRE, Mr. and Mrs. Perry P., 3055 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4481) and Menlo Park, Cal.

EYRE, Mr. Robert M., University Club, 800 Powell, (Tel. Sutter 900) or Kearny 6437.

FABER, Dr. and Mrs. Harold K., 2080 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 3948).

FAGAN, Mr. and Mrs. James J., Clift Hotel, (Tel. Prospect 4700).

        Miss Doris FAGAN.

FAGAN, Mrs. Marie Russell, Huntington Apts., 1075 California, (Tel. Prospect 1406).

FAGAN, Mr. Paul I., 310 California, (Tel. Sutter 7175).

FAIR, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, 2790 Green, (Tel. Walnut 1)

         Miss Mary Louise FAIR.

FAIRLIE, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O., 1730 Jones, (Tel. Franklin 2405).

FAIRWEATHER, Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart, 431 Steiner, (Market 6573).

FAKE, Mr. and Mrs. George, (Oakland, Cal.), 100 Fairview Ave., (Piedmont 7606-W).

         Miss Nettie F.; Miss Ethel M.; Miss Helen G. FAKE, (Piedmont 7606-W).

FALCONER, Mr. and Mrs. Donald M., 1382 5th Ave., (Sunset 3881).

FANTO, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A., 142 15th Ave., (Pacific 4940).

FARNHAM, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel C., 1980 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 4423).

FARNHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus C., 2427 Green, (Fillmore 2220).

FARNSWORTH, Mrs. Edward P., 1940 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 3818).

FARRELL, Mrs. Anna, 2415 Octavia, (Tel. Fillmore 1238).

FARRELL, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 1800 Octavia, (Tel. West 5981) & Ross.

FASSETT, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H., 2475  35th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 5028).

FAULKNER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, (Berkeley, Cal.), 6441 Benvenue, (Tel. Piedmont 5770-J).

FAULKNER, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, (Alameda, Cal.), 1411 Grand Ave., (Tel. Alameda 2927-W).

FAULL, Mr. and Mrs. Ashley R., 30 7th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1460).

FAVILLE, Mr. and Mrs. William B., Sausalito, Marin Co., Cal., (Sausalito 52-J).

FAY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 2447 Buchanan, near Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 1703).

FAY, Mr. and Mrs. Paul B., 2810 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 2468).

       Mr. member San Francisco Golf & Country; Menlo Country; The Family; and Olympic Clubs.

       Mrs. member Woman's Athletic and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

       Miss Mollie FAY.

FAY, Mr. and Mrs. Philip J.; Miss Phyllis FAY; 2710 Divisadero, (Fillmore 1703)

FAY, Mrs. Stanley J., 2648 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 1182).

FAYMONVILLE, Mr. Bernard Jr., 1 Presidio Ave., (West 52).

FAYMONVILLE, Major Philip, 1 Presidio Ave., (West 52).

FEDER, Mr. and Mrs. Abe S., 2898 Clay, (Tel. West 1542).

FEE, Mrs. Charles S., 2616 Buchanan, (Tel. Fillmore 515).

       Miss Marcia FEE; Miss Elizabeth FEE; Mr. Jerome FEE.

FEIGENBAUM, Mr. and Mrs. Julius, 1810 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 693).

FELTON, Mrs. Charles N. Jr., 22 Presidio Ave., (Tel. West 6845).

FENNIMORE, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R., 1824 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 6745).

       Mr. member Bohemian; and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Francisca and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

       Miss Beth FENNIMORE.

FENNIMORE, Mr. and Mrs. Watson D., 1830 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 851).

       Member Bohemian Club and San Francisco Golf & Country Club.

       Mrs. W. D. FENNIMORE, member Francisca; Century; Woman's Athletic; Sorosis; and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

FENNON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., (Oakland, Cal.), 29 Portsmouth Road, (Tel. Glencourt 3731).

       Member Athenian-Nile Club, (Oakland, Cal.).

       Miss Barbara FENNON.

FENWICK, Mrs. Agnes D., 1351 48th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 5864).

FERGUSON, Mr. and Mrs. Lester H., 53 Palm Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4691).

FERGUSON, Mrs. May Elder, 2231 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1178).

       Miss Helen F.; and Mr. Hugh T. FERGUSON.

FERRARI, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 151 Upper Terrace, (Park 4542).

FERRIER, Mr. and Mrs. Andre, 1470 Washington, (Tel. Franklin 3322).

       Miss Marie and Mr. Francis FERRIER.

FERROGGIARO, Mrs. Angelo J., 584 Vallejo, (Garfield 3249).

FEUSIER, Mrs. Louis, 1067 Green, (Franklin 2951).

       Miss Maybelle FEUSIER; Miss Josephine FEUSIER.

FICKERT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 1060 Green, (Tel. Franklin 5483).

       Miss Ruth and Miss Ethel L. FICKERT, 1060 Green, (Tel. Franklin 5483).

FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, 2712 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8017).

       Mr. member Pacific-Union; San Francisco Golf & Country; and Menlo Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Town & Country; S. F. Golf & Country; and Menlo Country Clubs.

       Miss Alexandra and Miss Aimee FIELD, (Juniors).

FIELD, Mr. Charles K., Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal., (Los Altos 15).

FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B., (Piedmont, Cal.), 301 Pala Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 1098).

       Mr. member Mr. Diablo Country Club and Athenian-Nile Club of Oakland.

FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 563 9th Ave., (Pacific 4592).

FIFE, Mrs. George S., 401 Lake, (Pacific 100), and Menlo Park.

FIFE, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph, 3870 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7966).

FILER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G., Hillsborough, Cal., Forest View, (Tel. Burlingame 482).

       Miss Lawton FILER, Hillsborough, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 482).

FILIPPINI, Mr. and Mrs. John V. B., 1418 Union, (Franklin 52).

FILMER, Mr. and Mrs. W. Coy, (Alice Requa), 1980 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 4272).

FILMER, Colonel and Mrs. George, 195 Jordan Park, (Tel. Bay View 8091).

       Miss Mabel Marie FILMER, 195 Jordan Park.

FILMER, Mr. and Mrs. William P., 711 Scott, (Fillmore 1437).

FINLEY,  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, (Oakland, Cal.), 6001 Prospect Blvd., (Tel. Piedmont 4572).

       Miss Florence Butler FINLEY and Miss Edith L. FINLEY.

       Mr. Edward McDonald FINLEY and Mr. Arthur FINLEY Jr.

FINNELL, Mr. and Mrs. Bush, 3300 Laguna, (Tel. Fillmore 8087).

FINNELL, Mr. and Mrs. Philip S., 230 Santa Paula Ave., (Tel. Sunset 5760).

FIRTH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kirk, 3473 Washington, (Fillmore 1492).

FIRTH, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jr., 3473 Washington, (Fillmore 1492).

FISCHBECK, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E., 2258 Jackson, (West 2444).

FISCHER, Mr. and Mrs. George Theodore, 1446 11th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 2868)

FISH, Mr. and Mrs. George L., Bella Vista Apts., 1001 Pine, (Tel. Prospect 8509).

FISHER, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L., 3333 Jackson, (Fillmore 3620).

FISHER, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey, 2137 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4978).

FISHER, Mr. and Mrs. H. B., (Palo Alto, Cal.), 875 University, (Palo Alto 797).

FISHER, Mr. and Mrs. William, 105 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8971).

      Member Olympic and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

FISKE, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Allen, 21 Macondray.

FITCH, Mrs. George K., and Miss Virginia, 1940 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 9672).

FITCH, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 730 Stockton, (Tel. Garfield 3483).

      Member Transportation Club.

FITZGERALD, Mr. Robert E., 36 Atalaya Terrace or S. F. Press Clubs.

FITZGERALD, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M., (Oakland, Cal.), 456 Van Buren Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 1160).

      Also Portola Road, Redwood City, Cal., (Redwood 1703-F-11, 1709-F-2, and 1703-F-5).

      Member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; Claremont Country; Athenian-Nile; and Elks.

      Miss Eleanor; Miss Kathleen; Mr. Crellin FITZGERALD.

FITZGIBBON, Mrs. Gerald, the Misses; 1114 Sutter, (Prospect 1518).

FITZHUGH, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 2350 Broadway, (Fillmore 2913).

      Also Portola Road, Redwood City, Cal., (Redwood 1703-F-11).

      Miss Marion E. and Mr. William M. FITZHUGH Jr., 2350 Broadway.

FITZPATRICK, Mr. and Mrs. John E., 2212 Lake, (Pacific 5086).

FITZPATRICK, Judge and Mrs. Timothy, 2891 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4033).

FITZPATRICK, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J., Fairmont Hotel and San Mateo.

FLAHAVEN, Mr. and Mrs. Bertram L., 138 28th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1512).

FLEISCHNER, Dr. and Mrs. Emanuel C., 3055 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 622).

      Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 68-W).

FLEISHHACKER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, Hotel St. Francis, (Kearny 677).

      and Fair Oaks Lane, Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 106).

      Miss Marjorie FLEISHHACKER, Hotel St. Francis.

FLEISHHACKER, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer, 2418 Pacific Ave., (West 909).

      Miss Eleanor FLEISHHACKER, 2418 Pacific Ave.

FLEISSNER, Mr. and Mrs. Otto, 1125 Francisco, (Tel. Graystone 6790).

FLEISSNER, Dr. Cuthbert M., 1125 Francisco, (Prospect 6790).

FLEMING, Dr. and Mrs. Howard W., 2140 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7146).

FLETCHER, Dr. and Mrs. Harold Augustus, 12 West Clay Park, (Tel. Bay View 2704).

      Dr. member Olympic Club (San Francisco) and Marin Golf & Country Clubs

      Mrs. Member Woman's Athletic and Marin Golf & Country Clubs.

FLETCHER, Mr. and Mrs. John D., (Piedmont, Cal.), 210 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5166).

      Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Claremont Country Club (Oakland).

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

      Miss Jessie Clark FLETCHER and Mr. John FLETCHER Jr.

FLINT, Dr. and Mrs. John Henry, 401 Belvedere, (Park 9533).

FLOOD, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

      Mr. Ormond K. FLOOD, Fairmont Hotel.

FLOOD, Judge and Mrs. Bernard J., 3851 20th Ave., (Valencia 5947).

FLOOD, Miss Cora Jane, Menlo Park, Cal., or 2120 Broadway.

      Also Fairmont Hotel, S. F., (Tel. Douglas 8800).

FLOOD, Mr. and Mrs. James L., 2222 Broadway, (West 13).

      and "Linden Tower", Menlo Park, (Tel. Menlo 151).

      Member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; and Olympic Clubs.

      Mrs. Flood member of Francisca and Town & Country Clubs.

      Miss Mary Emma FLOOD and Master James FLOOD.

      Miss FLOOD member Town & Country Club.

FLOOD, Dr. and Mrs. Randolph G., 2601 Filbert, (Tel. West 3482).

FLYE, Mr. and Mrs. Howard W., 95 26th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3417).

FLYNN, Colonel and Mrs. John Lawrence, 661 14th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6254).

      Member Olympic and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

      Mrs. member Women's Federation.

FLYNN, Mr. and Mrs. Robin J. P., 6 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8424).

FOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave, 201 Downey, (Tel. Park 4875).

      Miss FOFF and Mr. Walter FOFF, 201 Downey, (Tel. Park 4875).

FOLGER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R., Miss Elena FOLGER, 2553 Buchanan, (West 11).

FOLGER, Mrs. Herbert, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2715 Claremont Blvd., (Berkeley 785-W).

FOLGER, Mrs. Jas. Athearn, 2790 Green, (Park 7656).

      Mr. Peter FOLGER.

FOLGER, Mr. and Mrs. James Athearn Jr.

FOLGER, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B., 122 Guerrero, (Park 7656).

FOLLANSBEE, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jr., 1121 Green, (Tel. Franklin 4421).

      Mr. member The Family; San Francisco Golf & Country; and San Francisco Yacht Clubs.

      Mrs. member Woman's Athletic and San Francisco Golf & Country.

FOLLIS, Mr. Ralph Gwin, 2300 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1457).

      KINGSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Raleigh.

FOLTZ, Mr. and Mrs. David M., (Los Angeles, Cal.), 153 South Normandie Ave.

      Mrs. Clara Shortridge FOLTZ, (Tel. Washington 0703).

FONDA, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Patterson, 3740 Sacramento, (Tel. Pacific 2509).

FONDA, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., 3009 Sacramento, (Fillmore 5569).

FONTECILLA, Mr. and Mrs. E. Harry, (Berkeley, Cal.), 1625 Josephine, (Berkeley 3885-W).

FONTECILLA, Mr. and Mrs. H. E., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1700 Madera, (Tel. Thornwall 1405).

FOOTE, Mr. and Mrs. David H., Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market, (Tel. Hemlock 3200).

      Member Mt. Diablo Country; California Golf; and San Francisco Press Clubs.

FOOTE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S., Chapman Park, Corte Madera, Cal., (Corte Madera 123).

FORBES, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland, 2135 Sacramento, (Fillmore 1689).

FORBES, Mr. and Mrs. Stanly; Miss Helen; Miss Florence.

FORCE, Mr. and Mrs. Harold W., (Oakland, Cal.), 5902 Taft Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 276).

      Mr. member Claremont Country; Mt. Diablo Country; and Old Colony Clubs

FORD, Mrs. Albert Bernard, (Hilda), Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 3531).

      Mr. Geoffrey W. FORD.

FORD, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W., (San Mateo, Cal.), 108 Sycamore Ave., (San Mateo 1417).

FORD, Captain and Mrs. Byington, Del Monte, Monterey Co., Cal.

FORD, Dr. and Mrs. Campbell, 2430 Leavenworth, (Prospect 7752).

FORD, Capt. E. Courtney, Bohemian Club, Post and Taylor, (Franklin 2441).

FORD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T., 2760 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 4929).

      Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; San Francisco Golf & Country; Presidio Golf; and Olympic Clubs of San Francisco. Also Montecito Country Club.

FORD, Mr. and Mrs. George K., 96 Sotello Ave., (Tel. Sunset 831).

FORD, Mrs. J. A., (Virginia), Bellevue Hotel, (Tel. Franklin 3636).

FORD, Mr. and Mrs. Norman W., Merced, Cal.

FORD, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney W., Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo 61).

FORD, Mr. Tirey L., Balboa Bldg., 593 Market, (Tel. Douglas 380).

FORDERER, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 1405 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Franklin 6045).

      Miss Alice E. FORDERER, Mr. Herber V., and Mr. Calvin V. TILDEN.

FORESTIER, Mr. and Mrs. E. H., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1343 De Soto Ave., (Tel. Burlingame 285-W).

FORSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L., 2537 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 4555).

FORTMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F., 1007 Gough, (West 700).

FOSTER, Mr. Arnold E., The Family Club, 545 Powell St.

FOSBERY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F., 2000 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 763).

      Miss Eugenia M. FOSBERY.

FOSHAY, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wellington, (Oakland, Cal.), 804 13th St., (Tel. Lakeside 5200.

      Master Wellesley FOSHAY.

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W., "Fair Hills," San Rafael, Cal., (Tel. San Rafael 5).

      Member Pacific-Union and Bohemian Clubs.

      Miss Louisiana S. FOSTER.

FOSTER, Captain and Mrs. Benjamin B., "Fair Hills", 100 Fortes Ave., (Tel. San Rafael 5).

      Member Bohemian Club (San Francisco).

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Paul S., 230 Forbes Ave., (Tel. San Rafael 652).

      Member Bohemian Club (San Francisco).

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E., 3855 California, (Tel. Bay View 8014) and Menlo Park.

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman D., 1335 Masonic Ave., (Park 873).

FOSTER, Miss Margaret, (San Rafael, Cal.), 340 Mission, (San Rafael 781).

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter F., 2000 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 6498).

FOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. William A. S., Willits, Mendocino Co., Cal.

FOTHERINGHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A., 556 16th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5874).

FOTTRELL, Dr. and Mrs. Michael J., 2101 Divisadero, (West 734).

      Miss Emily Theodosia and Mr. Brian H. FOTTRELL.

FOWLER, Mr. and Mrs. Harry P., (Berkeley, Cal.), 134 Josephine, (Thornwall 1822).

FOWLER, Mr. and Mrs. James Sherwood, 804 Balboa, (Tel. Pacific 9130).

FOWLER, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. B., 2733 Broderick, (Fillmore 3061).

      Member of Bohemian; Olympic; S. F. Press; Commonwealth; Rotary Stanford and Advertising Clubs.

FOX, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stanley, 2265 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 4067).

FOX, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Jr., 3240 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 4934).

      Mr. Lawrence W. Fox III.

FRANCIS, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, 1456 Jones, (Prospect 4789).

FRANK, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A., 15 Presidio Ter., (Tel. Bay View 8277).

FRANK, Mrs. Nathan H., 1827 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7864).

      Mr. Lester L. and Mr. Philip R. FRANK.

FRANK, Mr. Nathan H. Jr., 1145 Balboa, (Tel. Bay View 5678).

FRANK, Mr. and Mrs. Irving H., 1245 California, (Tel. Franklin 2034).

FRANK, Mr. and Mrs. Milton A., 1827 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7864).

FRANKENAU, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 3152 Washington, (West 3588).

      Miss Dorothy and Miss Eda FRANKENAU, 3152 Washington.

FRANKENAU, Mr. and Mrs. Max, St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 3456).

FRANKENHEIMER, Dr. Jule B., 421 Powell, (Tel. Douglas 5227) or 1075 California, (Franklin 5400).

      Office: Fitzhugh Bldg., 380 Post, (Tel. Garfield 72).

      Member Olympic Club and Beresford Country Club.

FRANKLIN, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Scott, 1800 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 80).

      or Montecito, San Barbara Co., Cal.

      Mrs. member Francisca Club and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

FRANKS, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C., 145 Laurel, (Tel. Walnut 80).

      Miss Fritzzi FRANKS.

FRAZER, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J., (Oakland, Cal.), 950 Excelsior Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 5818).

FREDERICK, Dr. and Mrs. M. W., 42 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 83).

FREEMAN, Mrs. Abraham C., (Josephine B.), 3301 Washington, (West 9391).

FREEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Allen G., (Berkeley, Cal.), Leroy and Ridge, (Tel. Berkeley 1130).

FREEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A., 2865 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4104).

FREEMAN, Mrs. Hannah S., 1400 Washington, (Prospect 3317).

FREEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. J. Eugene, 2863 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 163).

FREER, Mr. and Mrs. Burr W.; Miss Mary; Belvedere, Marin Co.,  (Belvedere 45).

FREESE, Mrs. Catharine, 234 Cole, (Tel. Pacific 3374).

FRENCH, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mortimer, Berkeley, Cal., 2236 Summer, (Berkeley


FRENCH, Mr. and Mrs. J. E., 88 West Clay Park, (Tel. Bay View 3944).

FRENCH, Mr. John S., Cartwright Hotel, 524 Sutter, (Sutter 7070).

FRENCH, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 145 Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 7978).

       Mr. member Bohemian and Commonwealth Clubs.

FRENCH, Mr. and Mrs. W. Shepard, 835 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 1243).

FRICK, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Paul, 708 Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 3006).

       Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco); Athenian-Nile and Claremont Country Clubs (of Oakland), and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

       Miss Helen Jane FRICK.

       Mr. Walter Paul FRICK Jr., and Mr. Robert Peter FRICK.

FRICKE, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 730 10th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7083).

FRIEDLANDER, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 2040 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 878).

FRIES, Mr. and Mrs. William, Hotel St. Francis, (Tel. Kearny 491).

       Member of Argonaut Club, S. F. Commercial and Beresford Country Clubs

FRIES, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H., 2080 Gough, (Tel. Walnut 877).

FRIESLEBEN, Mrs. Daniel N., 2226 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 304).

FRITSCHI, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred R., 2550 Broadway, (Fillmore 1982).

FRITSCHI, Mr. and Mrs. John B., (Berkeley, Cal.), 56 Plaza Ave., (Berkeley 922-J).

FRITZ, Mrs. Eugene N., 1401 Masonic Ave., (Tel. Park 3736).

FRITZ, Mr. Eugene N. Jr., 1401 Masonic Ave., (Tel. Park 3736).

FRITZEN, Mr. and Mrs. Theophil Leonard, 3011 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 1788).

FROHLICH, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 1810 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 2700).

       or Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

       Mr. member Union League; The Concordia; and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

FROHMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Issac, 2233 Washington, (Fillmore 513).

FROLICH, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore, 763 9th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1900).

FROWENFELD, Mr. and Mrs. J., 2446 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 8046).

       Miss Rose; Mr. Edward and Mr. Robert FROWENFELD.

FRY, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G., 851 California, (Tel. Kearny 3058).

       Member Pacific-Union; S. F. Golf & Country, and Canadian Clubs.

FULD, Mr. Edwin B., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

FULLER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., 2025 Lyon, (Fillmore 908).

       Miss Margaret; Mr. Frank W. Jr., and Mr. Dana FULLER.

FULLER, Mr. and Mrs. George Pope, 2280 Vallejo, near Fillmore, (Tel. Fillmore 1552).

       Member Bohemian; "The Family", and Olympic Clubs.

       Miss Jean Elizabeth FULLER and Miss Margaret Ann FULLER.

FULLER, Mr. and Mrs. William P., Carlton Apts., 840 Powell, (Kearny 5209).

FULLER, Mr. and Mrs. W. Palmer Jr., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 820).

FULLERTON, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin P., 2715 Steiner, (Tel. Walnut 123).

       Miss Edith FULLERTON.

FULTON, Mr. and Mrs. William Souther, 2195 Sacramento, (Fillmore 496) & Ross, Cal.

FUNSTEN, Mr. and Mrs. James Johnston, 20 19th Ave., near Lake, (Tel. Bay View 2780).

       Mr. FUNSTEN member Olympic and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

       Mrs. FUNSTEN member Woman's Athletic.

       Miss Florence FUNSTEN.

FUNSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Reed, 2080 Vallejo, (Fillmore 5119).

FUNSTON, Mrs. Frederick, 147 9th Ave., (Bay View 3278).

FURTH, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H., (Oakland, Cal.), 336 Warwick Ave., (Oakland 5347).

FYFE, Mr. Joseph Jr., Batchelor Hotel

GAFFNEY, Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence, 2254 Leavenworth, (Franklin 8136).

       Member of Commonwealth and Olympic Clubs.

GAITHER, Mr. and Mrs. Horace R., (Piedmont, Cal.), 215 Ramona Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 442).

GALLAGHER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R., 2590 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1440).

       Mr. member Pacific-Union; San Francisco Golf & Country; Menlo Country; and Hamilton Golf & Country Clubs.

       Mrs. member Francisca Club and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

       Master Peter Gallagher.

GALLATIN, Mrs. Albert, Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 2888).

       Mr. Albert GALLATIN, Jr., Stewart Hotel and Red Bluff, Cal.

GALLOIS, Mr. and Mrs. John, 35 Florence, (Prospect 5450), or Fairmont Hotel

       Member University; S. F. Golf; Burlingame Country; and Menlo Country Clubs.

       Mrs. GALLOIS, member Town & Country and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

GALLOIS, Mrs. Eugene, Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 5222).

GALLWEY, Dr. and Mrs. John, 1200 Hyde, cor. Sacramento, (Tel. Franklin 3015).

GANTNER, Mr. Frederick G., 1345 Fifth Ave., (Sunset 809).

GANTNER, Mr. and Mrs. John O., 2900 Vallejo, (West 721).

GARBY, Mr. William Frank, Bohemian Club, (Tel. Franklin 2441).

GARCEAU, Mrs. Alexander, 2504 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 2438).

GARDINER, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M., (Oakland, Cal.), 711 Walker Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 2382).

GARDNER, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles, Stanford University, Cal., (Palo Alto 1068).

GARDNER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A., 2880 Vallejo, (West 1037).

GARDNER, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel, Bella Vista Apts., 1001 Pine, (Tel. Franklin 4393).

GARFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Aldrich, Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 144).

       NUTTING, Miss Helen Chelane.

       ELLIS, Mrs. Helene Prewett.

GARLICK, Mr. and Mrs. Perley Glenn, 779 17th Ave., (Pacific 609).

GARLICK, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., Cecil Hotel, 545 Post, (Prospect 180).

GARRETT, Mrs. Elizabeth Van Zandt, 1020 Union, Apt. 16, (Tel. Prospect 144).

       Member Woman's Athletic Club.

GARRITT, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 1865 Clay, (Tel. Franklin 6591).

       Miss Helen.

GARTENLAUB, Mrs. Adolph, (Alice), 2300 Vallejo, cor. Fillmore, (Fillmore 744).

GARWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. John, Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

GASSNER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 224).

GATCH, Mr. and Mrs. Claud, Hotel Oakland, Oakland, Cal., (Tel. Lakeside 100).

       Member Claremont Country and Athenian-Nile (Oakland) Clubs.

       Miss Orytha GATCH.

GATLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., (Burlingame, Cal.), 117 Crescent Ave., (Tel Burlingame 1139.).

GAUNTLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Gordon, 18 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5978).

GAY, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 582 10th Ave., (Pacific 3951).

       Miss Marjorie GAY.

GAY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H., 1222 2nd Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4264).

GAYLEY, Prof. and Mrs. Charles M., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2328 Piedmont Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 386).

       Mr. member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco) and Claremont Country Club (Oakland)

       Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

       Miss Betty GAYLEY.

GEARY, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest G., 1 Third Ave., (Tel. Bay View 9102).

GEARY, Mrs. W. L., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2710 College Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 3493).

       LINFORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Rex.

GEBHARDT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G., 1369 Hyde, (Tel. Graystone 234).

GEDGE, Dr. and Mrs. H. Edward, 141 6th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 5255).

GEER, Mrs. C. A., South 8th St., San Jose, Cal., (Tel. San Jose 4352).

GEER, Mr. Henry E., (San Rafael, Cal.), 825 Fourth St., (San Rafael 119).

GEILFUSS, Mr. and Mrs. Carl, 417 Dewey Ave., (Tel. Sunset 6972).

GEIS, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F., 680 15th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2624).

GELDERMANN, Mr. and Mrs. A. J., (Piedmont, Cal.), 156 Dale Ave., (Piedmont 8641-M).

GELDERT, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frank, 108 Presidio Ave., (Tel. Walnut 1506).

GELSTON, Dr. and Mrs. Clain F., 1054 Lombard, (Tel. Prospect 6398).

GEORGE, Mr. and Mrs. Anson N., 660 44th Ave., (Bay View 289).

GEORGE, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry, 2574 Green, (Tel. West 6).

       Miss Isabel Cowell GEORGE.

GEORGES, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, 2400 Webster, (Walnut 1308).

GERBER, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jr., (Piedmont, Cal.), 113 Arbor Drive, (Tel. Humboldt 901).

GERBERDING, Mrs. Elizabeth, 1043 Green, (Tel. Franklin 8644) and Belvedere, Cal.

GERE, Mrs. George C., 1762 Waller, near Stanyon, (Tel. Park 459).

       Miss Florence C. GERE, Mr. Harrison GERE.

GERLACH, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W., (San Rafael, Cal.), D St. Grade, (San Rafael 240-W). (San Francisco phone Sutter 3326).

GERRARD, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 1910 Broadway, (West 4332).

GERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Erick, 1782 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut  952).

       Mr. member Bohemian Club and Olympic Club.

GERSTLE, Captain and Mrs. Mark L., 2350 Washington, (Fillmore 3821).

       Miss Louise A. GERSTLE, 2350 Washington.

GERSTLE, Mrs. Louis, 1800 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 3896).

GERSTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Jr., 3236 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 4651).

GERSTLE, Mr. and Mrs. William L., 2360 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 8045).

GHERINI, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose, (Redwood City, Cal.), 226 Edgewood Ave., (Redwood 313-W).

       Also 2720 Vallejo, S. F., (Fillmore 3696).

GHIRARDELLI, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D., 2460 Scott, (Fillmore 3289).

GHIRARDELLI, Mr. and Mrs. Domingo, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 1010).

       Miss Corona GHIRARDELLI.

GHIRARDELLI, Mr. and Mrs. D. Lyle, 2570 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 583).

       Miss Ynez GHIRARDELLI, 2741 Vallejo.

GIANNINI, Mr. and Mrs. Amadeo P., 20 San Mateo Dr., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel.San Mateo 465).

       Mr. member Bohemian; Olympic; Union League; and Commonwealth Clubs, etc.

       Miss Claire Evelyn GIANNINI.

       Mr. Lawrence Mario GIANNINI and Mr. Virgil David GIANNINI.

GIANNINI, Dr. and Mrs. Attilio H., (New York City, NY.), 490 West End Ave.

GIBBONS, Dr. and Mrs. Morton Raymond, 3979 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7950).

       Dr. member Olympic Club; Army & Navy Club; etc.

       Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

       Miss Beulah GIBBONS, Miss Margaret GIBBONS, and Mr. Morton R. GIBBONS Jr.

GIBBONS, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Walter, 3491 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 3740).

GIBSON, Mr. and Mrs. Algernon T., 1965 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7847).

GIBSON, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Collis, 1896 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 901).

GIBSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., 2680 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 7657).

GIBSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., 2749 Pierce, (Tel. Fillmore 9304).

GIBSON, Mr. and Mrs. Owen L., 155 Borica Ave., (Tel. Randolph 3518).

GIBSON, Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. K., 2108 Broadway, (West 444).

GIBSON, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 334 Camino Del Mar, (Tel. Pacific 8387).

       Mr. Peter GIBSON.

GIESEA, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., Oakland, Cal., Claremont Manor, (Piedmont 2476).


Pages 81-91

GIFFEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carroll, 976 Chestnut, cor. Hyde, (Prospect 3207).

GILBERT, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 14 Sunshine Ave., Sausalito, (Sausalito 84-J).

GILBERT, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 600 Bush, (Kearny 2593).

        Miss Louise Arnold GILBERT.

GILCREEST, Dr. Edgar Lorrington, Fitzhugh Bldg., 380 Post, (Tel. Garfield 5050).

        Member Lakeside Golf; Olympic; Commonwealth; and Army & Navy Clubs.

GILLESPIE, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E., 2633 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1767).

        Member Presidio Golf and Olympic Clubs.

GILLETT, Mr. and Mrs. James N., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2437 Piedmont Ave., (Berkeley 7333).

        Mr. James N. GILLETT Jr.

GILLILAND, Mr. and Mrs. Adam, (Oakland, Cal.), 3028 E. 15th, (Fruitvale 1408-W).

         Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. GILLILAND.

GILLSON, Mr. George B., Covina, Cal.

GILMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 130 King Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 75).

        Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco); Claremont Country; Sequoyah Country; and Athenian-Nile Clubs (of Oakland).

        Miss Alice Hood GILMAN.

        Mr. Charles E. GILMAN Jr., and Mr. Edward Hood GILMAN.

GILMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Philip K., 1803 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 7906).

GILMARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. John T., 107 17th Ave., (Bay View 3100).

GINGG, Mr. and Mrs. Emil, 35 Lopez, (Sunset 3138).

GINGG, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph C., (Oakland, Cal.), 5416 Boyd Ave., (Piedmont 3075-W).

GINGG, Mrs. Margaretha and Mr. Herman C., 110 Lyon, (Park 1499).

GINTY, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1928 Fell, (Pacific 6015).

GIRARD, Dr. Frank R., 620 Taylor, (Tel. Franklin 2441).

GIRARD, Mr. and Mrs. Victor, 1155 Greenwich, (Tel. Prospect 2481).

GIRVIN, Mrs. Richard D., (Menlo Park, Cal.), Polyhemus Ave., (Redwood 279-W).

GIRVIN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Jr., (Menlo Park, Cal.), Las Pugas, (Redwood 279-M).

GISELMAN, Mrs. William, 35 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8278).

GLADDING, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J., Lincoln, Cal.

GLANT, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham, Edgehill Road, Hillsboro, Cal., (San Mateo 668).

GLASER, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, 223 Arguello Blvd., (Bay View 6131).

GLASER, Dr. and Mrs. Edward F., 201 Camino Del Mar, (Pacific 6937).

GLASS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2435 College Ave., (Berkeley 4770).

GLENSOR, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W., 630 Cabrillo, (Bay View 3164).

GLOVER, Dr. Mary E., Hillcrest Apts., 1200 California, (Tel. Franklin 3240).

       Member Civic League and National League for Women.

GOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J., 535 22th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 178).

GODCHAUX, Mr. Edmond; Misses; 2620 Buchanan, (West 959).

GODFREY, Mrs. Edward A., 2887 Washington, (West 8337).

GOLDARACENA, Mr. and Mrs. Orel M., 2449 Jackson, (Fillmore 1019).

       Miss Olympia GOLDARACENA, Mr. Orel GOLDARACENA, 2449 Jackson.

GOLDBERG, Mrs. Jacob, (Kate), 1782 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 952).

       Mr. Harry M. and Mr. V. Czerney GOLDBERG.

GOLDEN, Mr. Isidore M., 775 Post, (Prospect 5869).

GOLDSBOROUGH, Mr. and Mrs. William T., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1403 Scenic Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 4766). (Tel. Berkeley 1735-J).

GOLDSMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Ben A., Warrington Apts., 775 Post, (Franklin 2628).

       Miss Phyllis Ruth and Miss Madelaine L. GOLDSMITH.

GOLDSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford L., 1998 Jackson, (Fillmore 7903).

       Miss Edith GOLDSTEIN.

GOLLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C., 535 Judah, (Sunset 3401).

GOMPH, Mr. and Mrs. F. W., 2700 14th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 1047).

       Member California Golf Club.

GOODALL, Mrs. Charles, 1399 McAllister, Cor. Pierce, (Fillmore 7963).

GOODALL, Mr. Arthur, 2550 Buchanan, (Fillmore 1821) and Pacific Union Club.

GOODFELLOW, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W., 3204 Washington, (Fillmore 4320).

GOODFELLOW, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2727 Graber, (Berkeley 6132).

GOODMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Louis E., 291 30th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3903).

       Mr. member Lake Merced Golf & Country; Union League; and Commonwealth Clubs.

GOODRICH, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey S., Saratoga, Santa Clara County, Cal.

GOODWIN, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 1155 Jones, (Tel. Prospect 1328).

GORDON, Mr. and Mrs. C. Waldo, Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 6031).

       Mr. member The Family; San Francisco Press; Olympic; and Commonwealth Clubs.

GORDON, Rev. and Mrs. James L., Clift Hotel, (Tel. Prospect 4700).

       Minister, First Congregational Church, Post and Mason Sts., (Tel. Sutter 5999).

GORDON, Mr. and Mrs. Louis D., 2423 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 5697).

GOTTSCHALK, Mr. E., 12 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Pacific 7537).

GORDON, Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie, 2832 Jackson, (West 457).

GORGAS, Capt. Miles C., and Miss Mary, 2335 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 923).

GORMLEY, Mr. and Mrs. George Gray, 1200 Taylor, (Franklin 2308).

GOSS, Dr. Alice M., Hotel Fielding, 386 Geary St., (Tel. Sutter 600).

GOTTLOB, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., 2150 Lyon, (Fillmore 17).

GOTTSCHALK, Mr. E., 12 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8281).

GOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Emile J., 580 11th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5855).

GOULD, Mr. Edgar L., 1007 Sutter, (Tel. Prospect 9478).

       Member Beresford Country and Concordia Clubs.

GOULD, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson W., (San Jose, Cal.), 1230 Lincoln Ave., (Tel. San Jose 7055-W).

       Miss Dorothy GOULD and Master Emerson W. GOULD III.

GOULD, Mr. and Mrs. Jason, 21 21st Ave., (Pacific 885).

GOVE, Rear Admiral and Mrs. Charles A., 1200 California, (Franklin 3240).

GRACE, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J., 2140 Hyde, (Prospect 1576).

GRACE, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas, 1116 4th St., Santa Rosa, Cal., (Santa Rosa 185), or Palace Hotel, San Francisco, (Sutter 700).

       Miss Geraldine C. GRACE.

GRAF, Mr. and Mrs. Victor L., 480 18th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4958).

GRAHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2033 Berrymah, (Thornwall 2852).

GRAHAM, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 3020 Washington, (Fillmore 4176).

GRAHAM, Mrs. John Martin, Topsfield, Mass., or Box 84, San Francisco, Cal.

       Member Francisca, Town & Country, Woman's Athletic, and San Francisco Golf & Country Clubs.

GRAHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., 435 17th Ave., (Pacific 2398).

GRAHAM, Judge and Mrs. Thomas F., Palace Hotel, (Tel. Sutter 700).

GRANAT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 683 14th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3759).

       Mr. member Union League Club of San Francisco.

       Miss Adele GRANAT, Miss Ruth GRANAT, and Miss Myrtle GRANAT.

GRANT, Mrs. Adam, Hillcrest Apartments, 1200 California, (Franklin 3249).

GRANT, Mrs. George F., 2525 Filbert, near Scott, (Fillmore 1518).

GRANT, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, 1825 Leavenworth, (Prospect 2931).

GRANT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D., 2200 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 656) and Burlingame, Cal.

       Miss Josephine GRANT, 2200 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 656) or Burlingame, Cal.

GRANT, Dr. Reginald F., Flood Bldg., (Tel. Garfield 4155) 6006  3rd St., (Tel. Valencia 425).

GRANT, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, 2525 Filbert, near Scott, (Fillmore 1618).

GRANT, Mr. and Mr. Thomas C., 386 Geary, (Sutter 600).

GRANT, Major and Mrs. U. S. 3rd, 2611 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1282).

       Miss Edith and Miss Clara Frances GRANT, 2611 Pacific Ave.

GRAU, Mr. and Mrs. Otto K., 2680 Green, (Fillmore 278).

GRAUPNER, Judge (Capt.) and Mrs. Adolphus E., 209 Walnut, (Fillmore 5233)

GRAVES, Commander and Mrs. Carroll S., (U. S. Navy retired), Washington D. C.

       Member Army & Navy Club (Washington D. C. and New York); The Family; and Bohemian Club (San Francisco).

GRAVES, Mr. and Mrs. Francisc B., (Alameda, Cal.), 1611 San Antonio, Alameda 145-W).

       Mr. Francis G. Graves, 1611 San Antonio, Alameda, Cal.

GRAVES, Mrs. Robert N., 237 24th Ave., (Pacific 4922).

GRAVES, Mr. and Mrs. Walker C., Jr., (San Mateo, Cal.), 224 Warren Road, (San Mateo 464).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C., 3141 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 4288).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Harry N., St. Xavier Apts., 2335 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 678).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 2500 Green, (West 632).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2827 Regent, (Berkeley 8838-W).

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Peter D., 2711 Union, (Tel. West 5440).

       Miss Evangeline and Miss Eleanor May GRAY.

GRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., 1375 6th Ave., (Sunset 567).

GRAY, Captain and Mrs. William J., Stanford Court Apts., No. 806, (Tel. Kearny 5983).

       Mr. Carlton R. and Mr. William J. GRAY Jr.

GREANY, Mr. and Mrs. John T., 64 Shore View Ave., Lincoln Manor, (Bay View 174).

GREELEY, Mr. Carlos S., 140 Sea Cliff Ave., (Bay View 1936).

       Member University; Olympic; Burlingame Country; and Commonwealth Clubs.

GREEN, Dr. and Mrs. Aaron S., 140 Sea Cliff Ave., (Bay View 1936).

GREEN, Mrs. Allen L., 3380 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 8633).

GREEN, Mr. Arthur W., 1740 Washington, (Tel. Franklin 7060).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 3368 Jackson, (Fillmore 1119).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 214 19th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5648).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. David H., 2111 Franklin, (Fillmore 3068).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Eldredge, (Piedmont, Cal.), 312 Sheridan Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 8247-J).

        Miss Mary Elizabeth and Mr. Charles Foster GREEN.

GREEN, Miss Floride, 1667 Washington, (Franklin 3327).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H., 344 Santa Clara, (Sunset 934).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2935 Piedmont Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 1375).

GREEN, Dr. and Mrs. Herlwyn R., (Palo Alto, Cal.), 1121 Emerson, (Tel. Palo Alto 1214).

        Dr. member Menlo Country Club and Army & Navy Club.

        Miss Mary F. GREEN.

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac M., 2164 Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 1294).

GREEN, Dr. and Mrs. Louis D., 130 Sea Cliff Ave., (Bay View 1937).

GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe D., 2784 Jackson, (Fillmore 5873).

GREENE, Mr. and Mrs. A. Crawford, 2676 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 3798).

        Mr. member Pacific-Union Club.

        Mrs. member Town & Country Club.

GREENE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., (Oakland, Cal.), 135 Kempton Ave., (Oakland 8224).

GREENE, Mr. and Mrs. Clay M., 2140 Hyde, near Greenwich, (Franklin 3094).

GREENE, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C., Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 4776).

       Miss Rosalie GREENE, 2370 Washington.

GREENEBAUM, Mrs. Alfred, Miss Edith, 2207 Buchanan, (West 3546).

GREENEBAUM, Mr. and Mrs. Emil, 3620 Clay, (Fillmore 2882).

       Miss Emilie GREENEBAUM, 3620 Clay.

GREENEBAUM, Mr. Joseph L., Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 4776).

GREENEBAUM, Mrs. Sigmund (Flora), Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 4776).

GREENLEE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sackett, (Alameda, Cal.), 1204 Bay, (Tel. Alameda 1602).

       Miss Phyllis; Miss Marion Helen; and Mr. Frederick Lask GREENLEE.

GREENWAY, Mr. Edward M., Bohemian Club, 620 Taylor, (Tel. Franklin 2441).

GREENWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L., 970 Chestnut, (Franklin 3887).

GREENWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., (Oakland, Cal.), 249 Montecito Ave., (Oakland 2696).

GREENWOOD, Mr. Fred A., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 207-W).

       Member Lambs Club (New York); S. F. Golf & Country; and Olympic Clubs.

GREENWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. George D., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 232).

GREER, Mr. Henry, San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal., (San Rafael 726).

GREER, Mrs. Walter A., (Helen W.), 715 17th Ave., (Bay View 3255).

GREGORY, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Lestock, 2705 Larkin, (Tel. Prospect 8156).

       Members San Francisco  Golf & Country Club.

GREGORY,  Mrs. Henry Payson, (Elise), Hillcrest Apts., 1200 California, (Franklin 3240).

GREGORY, Captain and Mrs. T. T. C., 1131 Greenwich, (Prospect 1936).  (Palo Alto, Cal.), 1019 Bryant, (Palo Alto 1405), 1131 Greenwich,  (Prospect 1936).

GRESHAM, Rev. and Mrs. J. Wilmer, 1219 Sacramento, (Franklin 6148).

GRIFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G., 3020 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1605).

       Miss Miriam GRIFFIN, 3020 Pacific Ave.

GRIFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Parker, (Oakland, Cal.), 265 Adams, (Tel. Glencourt 3677).

       Mr. member Rotary Club and Electric Development League.

       Miss E. Virginia GRIFFIN.

GRIFFIN, Judge and Mrs. Franklin A., 465 18th Ave., (Pacific 3117).

GRIFFIN, Mr. Frank W., 2637 Union, (West 1770).

GRIFFIN, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E., 3151 Washington, (Fillmore 2432).

GRIFFITH, Dr. and Mrs. Archer Clinton, 119 Palm Ave., (Bay View 5775).

GRIFFITH, Miss Alice L., 2820 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 507).

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.

      Miss Adelaide GRIFFITH.

GRIFFITH, Mr. Edwin L., Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo 178).

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 398 Parnassus Ave., (Sunset 2210).

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. Millen, Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 40).

     Mr. member University; Marin Golf & Country, and Lagunitas Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club (San Francisco).

     Miss Constance Elizabeth; Mr. Millen Jr.; and Mr. Edwin Lord.

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. R. Harold, (Berkeley, Cal.), 887 Indian Rock, (Tel. Berkeley 2633).

GRINNELL, Mrs. Williston, 195 San Leandro Way, St. Francis Wood, (Sunset 1705).

     Mr. and Mrs. Dixwell DAVENPORT, 195 San Leandro Way, St. Francis Wood.

GRISSIM, Dr. and Mrs. John D., (Piedmont, Cal.), 3 Craig Ave., (Piedmont 1646).

GRISSIM, Mr. and Mrs. William W., 3735 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7790), and Redwood City, Cal.

GROENENDAAL, Mr. and Mrs. Peter J., (Berkeley, Cal.), 923 Ventura Ave., (Tel. Thornwall 4480).

     COMBE, Master John, 923 Ventura Ave., Berkeley, Cal., (Tel. Thornwall 4480).

GROSS, Dr. and Mrs. Louis, 22 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 7850).

GROWALL, Mr. and Mrs. Willard L., Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 783-W).

GRUBB, Mrs. I. R. D., 2701 Jackson, cor. Scott, (Fillmore 178).

GRUBB, Mr. and Mrs. D. Hanson, 2899 Jackson, (Fillmore 2302).

GRUBB, Mr. W. A., 1921 Sacramento, (West 79).

GRUNSKY, Mr. C. Ewald; Miss Clothilde; 2472 Union, (Fillmore 6907).

GRUNBAUM, Mr. and Mrs. Leo P., Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 5690).

GRUNSKY, Mr. and Mrs. C. Ewald Jr., (Oakland, Cal.), 1047 Ardmore, (Lake 6142).

GUITTARD, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L., 1700 Vallejo, (Fillmore 2267).

GUITTARD, Mr. and Mrs. Horace C., 2517 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1125).

     Miss Camille GUITTARD.

GUMP, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Livingston, 840 Powell, (Kearny 5690).

     Miss Marcella GUMP, 2559 Green.

GUMP, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S., (absent).

GUMP, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 3322 Clay, (Fillmore 315).

GUNDLACH, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R., 2725 Filbert (Fillmore 2514) and Mill Valley, Cal.

GUNN, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M., San Rafael, Cal., (32 Mission), San Rafael 128.

      Mr. Dudley; Mr. Russell and Lieut. Kenneth GUNN, San Rafael, Cal.

GUNN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., (Sausalito, Cal.), 22 Sunshine Road, (Tel. Sausalito 97).

      Mr. member Rotary Club (S. F.); Commonwealth; S. F. Yacht; and Engineers (S. F.) Clubs.

      Miss Charlotte and Mr. Robert M. GUNN.

      HOWLAND, Mrs. Robert M., 22 Sunshine Rd., Sausalito, Cal., (Tel. (Sausalito 97).

      Miss Louise HOWLAND.

GUNN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M., 27 5th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4352).

GUNN, Mr. and Mrs. Geo A., 2310 Lyon, (West 2432).

GUNN, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert, 163 26th Ave., near California, (Pacific 1908).

GUNN, Mrs. James O'Brien, Clift Hotel, (Prospect 4700) and Redwood City, Cal.

      Mr. Edward and Mr. Eckel GUNN.

GUNST, Mr. and Mrs. M. A., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 3240) and Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 250).

GUNST, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan A., 2786 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 3894).

      also Burlingame, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 184-M).

      Member Beresford Country; Olympic; Argonaut; & S. F. Commercial Clubs.

      Miss Marjorie Aline GUNST and Mr. Morgan A. GUNST Jr.

GUNZENDORFER, Mr. G., Holbrook Bldg., 58 Sutter, (Douglas 1333).

GUSTAFSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, Oakland, Alameda County, Cal.

GUTHERIE, Mr. and Mrs. C. C., (San Rafael, Cal.), 25 Culloden Park, (Tel. San Rafael, 608).

GUTHERIE, Rev. and Mrs. William Kirk, Ross, Marin Co., Cal.

      Miss Jane K.; Mr. Jas. L.; & Wm. Kirk Jr.

GUTTERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2922 Garber, (Tel.

      Berkeley 1065).

GWIN, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 2217 Pacific, (Fillmore 2666).

      Mr. Stanford and Mr. Wm. Jr.

GWINN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marr, 1207 Chestnut, (Tel. Graystone 6728).

GWINN, Dr. and Mrs. William M., 130 32nd Ave., (Bay View 819).

      Dr. Charles Dudley GWINN.

GWYNN, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 1980 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 8320).

      Mr. C. GWYNN, Hillcrest Apts., 2980 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 8320).

GYLE, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C., 2438 Green, (Fillmore 2627).

HAAS, Mrs. Abraham, (Fannie), 1824 Jackson, (Walnut 370).

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 3778 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7844).

      Miss Madeline HAAS, 3778 Washington.

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F., 2698 Vallejo, (Fillmore 1244).

HAAS, Mr. George W., 972 Bush, (Franklin 105).

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Louis S., Mr. Fred R., 3412 Washington, (Fillmore 306).

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben C., 176 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8090).

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A., 2255 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 9162).

HAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A., 2770 Vallejo, (Tel. Walnut 170).

HAAS, Mrs. William, 2007 Franklin, (Walnut 927).

HABENICHT, Mrs. F., 1001 Chestnut, (Franklin 1858).

HABENICHT, Mr. and Mrs. George, 2626 Filbert, (Tel. West 90).

       Mr. member Olympic Club and Rotary Club.

       Miss Bonnie Jean HABENICHT.

HABER, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Leigh, 2510 Jackson, (Fillmore 7638).

HABER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F., 85 Jordan, (Tel. Bay View 7727).

HABER, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B., 23 Presidio Ave., (Fillmore 3657).

HACKETT, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick, 1249 Masonic Ave., (Tel. Market 4472).

HADLEY, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H.

HAGER, Miss Alice, Burlingame, San Mateo County.

HAGER, Mrs. Ethel, 2400 Divisadero, Cor., Jackson, (Fillmore 2881).

HAGLUND, Dr. and Mrs. C. J., (Oakland, Cal.), 1173 Hopkins, (Tel. Merritt 3605).

HAILE, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. M., (nee Margaret Casey), Macon, Georgia.

HAINES, Dr. Byron W., Bay View Ave., Belevedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Belvedere 28-W).

     Office Phone Douglas 2433.

HALDORN, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart, 1865 Clay, (Prospect 4550).

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Marshal, 28 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 41).

     Mr. Marshall HALE Jr., 28 Presidio Terrace, (Pacific 24).

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Bennett, (Santa Barbara, Cal.), Pedregosa N. W. cor. Laguna, (Tel. Santa Barbara 595).

     CHAMBERLAIN, Miss Ellen Perkins.

     HOLLISTER, Mr. Joseph Steffins.

HALE, Mrs. Oliver Ambrose, 2000 Broadway, cor. Laguna, (Tel. Fillmore 2129).

     Miss Clarisse HALE.

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Prentis Cobb, 2430 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 530), and Shasta Springs, Cal.

     Mr. Prentis C. HALE Jr.

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Brooks, Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo 39).

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore.

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. William Morrell, (Berkeley, Cal.), 1349 Arch, (Berkeley 1822-J).

     Member Olympic and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2960 Claremont Blvd., (Tel. Berkeley 6199).

     Member University (Of Washington D. C.), and Claremont Country Clubs.

     Miss Jane Abbott HALL and Mr. George Lawrence HALL.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Massey, Redwood City, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 273).

HALL, Mr. Frederic W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 67 King Ave., (Piedmont 2299),

     Member Bohemian Club.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon (Berkeley, Cal.), 28 Tanglewood Road, (Tel. Berkeley 2639).

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 67 King Ave., (Piedmont 2299).

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Tubbs, Ross, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 204).

     Miss Betty Van Allen HALL.

     Mr. Haven Tubbs HALL and Dr. Edward Masser HALL.

     Member Kappa Alpha Theta; College Women's Club; Zeta P's; & Masonic Orders.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. James Lowe, 8 Third Ave., near Lake, (Pacific 9000).

     Master Clarke Lowe HALL, Master Cameron Baldwin HALL.

     Member Presidio Golf; S. F. Golf and Country; Belevedere Golf and Country; and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

     Mrs. HALL member Francisca Club.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Milton R., 26 Judah, (Sunset 887).

     Miss Isabel HALL, 26 Judah.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C., 2048 Green, (Fillmore 6913).

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. William Hammond, 3855 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7957).

HALLORAN, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Henry, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2939 Ashby Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 3631-W).

HALSEY, Mr. Gerald C., 73 Santa Paula Ave., (Tel. Sunset 2777).

HALSTEAD, Rear Admiral A. S., Hotel St. Francis, (Douglas 1000).

HALSTED, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 170 Sea Cliff, (Pacific 1176).

HAMBURGER, Mr. David, Hotel Richelieu, (Franklin 2381).

HAMBURGER, Mrs. Henry, 151 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8153).

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 178).

     Miss Grace and Miss Happy HAMILTON, Menlo Park, Cal.

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C., Chestnut Hill Apt., 2677 Larkin, (Tel. Graystone 219).

     Mr. member Presidio Golf Club.

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H., 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 972).

HAMILTON, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Batteller, 149 Moncada Way, Ingleside Terraces, (Tel. Randolph 5029).

      Member National Travel Club, (New York City); Elks Club (Reno, Nevada); A. A. O. N. M. Shrine; and Army & Navy Club of San Francisco.

      Miss Jean  Elizabeth HAMILTON.

HAMILTON, Mr. John Ralston, 2710 Scott, near Green, (Fillmore 8022).

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Luke, (Oakland, Cal.), 362 Euclid Ave., (Oakland 3228).

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Mead, 2565 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 1886).

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. Noble, 34 17th Ave., (Pacific 708).

HAMILTON, Mr. and Mrs. William B., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

      Member The Family; and Athenian-Nile Clubs.

      Mr. Allen W. HAMILTON.

HAMMER, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C., 2707 Larkin, (Franklin 2219).

HAMMER, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 2702 Union, near Broderick, (Fillmore 1973).

HAMMERSMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S., 2405 Octavia, (Tel. Fillmore 3878).

       Mr. member Presidio Golf Club and Olympic Club.

       Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

       Miss Helen HAMMERSMITH and Master Alfred HAMMERSMITH Jr.

HAMMON, Mr. Wendell Cooper, 1000 Chestnut, (Tel. Franklin 448).

       Mr. member Bohemian; University; and Olympic Clubs.

HAMMON, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell P., 3650 Washington, (Fillmore 1319).

HAMMOND, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B., 2252 Broadway, (West 1324).

       Miss Daisy E.

HAMMOND, Mr. and Mrs. Manton E., 1145 Pine St.

HAMMOND, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 17 Marcella Way, "Forest Hill", (Tel. Sunset 847).

HAMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M., 60 Merced Ave., (Sunset 107).

HANCHETT, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Edward, Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., Cal.

       Miss Alice; Miss Lucy; and Miss Margaret HANCHETT.

       Mr. member Pacific-Union; Olympic; Burlingame Country; & S. F. Golf & Country.

       Mrs. member Woman's Athletic; Town & Country; and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

HANDLON, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H., 2921 Washington, (Fillmore 1566).

HANIFY, Mrs. John R., (Martha M.), 2646 Vallejo, near Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 8).

       Member Woman's Athletic; Sorosis; and San Francisco Musical Clubs.

       BROWN, Miss Charlotte Eugenia.

       BRADY, Miss Eileen Eugenia.

HANLON, Mr. Charles F., Office Phelan Bldg., (Douglas 4330), Res. 1659 Jackson.

       Member Union-League; Olympic; Commercial; S. F. Press; Cerale de L'Union; Art Association; and others.

HANLON, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Martin, 3778 Clay, (Tel. Bayview 7792).

       Mr. Frank S. HANLON, Mr. Martin John HANLON.

HANNA, Most Reverend Archbishop Edward J., 1000 Fulton, (West 50).

HANNA, Mr. and Mrs. Richard J., 2505 Divisadero, (Fillmore 8018), and San Mateo.

HANNA, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright, (Piedmont, Cal.), 614 Magnolia Ave.,  (Tel. Piedmont 7734).

      Mr. member Pacific-Union Club; S. F. Golf & Country Club; and Claremont Country Club.

HANNAM, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 2304 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 295).

HANSON, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O., 1922 Lake, (Tel. Pacific 3327).

      Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America, S. F. District Council.

      Mr. member San Francisco Commercial and Kiwanis Clubs.

HANSON, Mrs. William H., St. Francis Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 1000).

HARDEE, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore, Kentfield, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 436-J).

HARDEN, Major and Mrs. Robert Durant, 121 Spruce, (Bay View 2935).

HARDING, Mr. and Mrs. Reinhardt Theodore, 2644 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 2981).

      Member San Francisco Commercial; Commonwealth; and Transportation Clubs.

      Mrs. Harding member University Fine Arts Society; California Civic League; and Sequoia Clubs.

HARDY, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 1224 Sacramento, (Prospect 5147).

HARDY, Dr. Sumner, Howard Bldg., 209 Post, (Tel. Sutter 2269).

HARLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., 1846 Steiner, (Fillmore 3160).

      Miss Yvonne; Mr. Deming; and Mr. Van Pelt HARLEY.

HARMES, Mr. and Mrs. John T., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

HARMON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Belvedere 30-W).

      Miss Minnie HARMON.

HARPER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., 1137 Taylor, (Prospect 6664).

HARRELSON, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., 1317 Hyde, (Franklin 2602).

HARRIGAN, Mr. and Mrs. A. L., 1154 Green, (Franklin 4725).

HARRINGTON, Mr. and Mrs. Tennent, Colusa, Cal., (St. Francis Hotel when in S. F.)

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. George H., (Piedmont, Cal.), 128 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 297).

      Member Claremont Country & Athenian-Nile Clubs of Oakland, Cal.

      Miss Josephine HARRIS.

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 2320 California, (Tel. Fillmore 438).

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W., 3445 Washington, (Fillmore 3561).

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C., 1401 Willard, (Tel. Sunset 4834).

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A., (Redwood City, Cal.), Selby Lane, (Redwood 17).

HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G., 3700 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7724).

HARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. A. Dalton, (Alameda, Cal.), 1623 Clinton Ave., (Alameda 3215).

HARRISON, Mrs. Edward C., 3329 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7751).

      Miss Mary E.; Miss Agnes E.; Mr. Edward C. HARRISON Jr.

HARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A., 3329 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7751).

HARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry O., 900 Chestnut, (Tel. Franklin 21).

      Miss Dorothy HARRISON, 960 Chestnut.

HARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Clayton, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

HARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E., 2537 Vallejo, (Fillmore 2507).

HARRISON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W., 3380 Washington, (Fillmore 5938), 90 Forbes Ave., San Rafael, (San Rafael 789).

HARRON, Mrs. John O.; Mr. Tracy HARRON; 2337 Vallejo, (Fillmore 534).

HART, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L., 3779 Clay, (Pacific 3815).

HART, Mr. and Mrs. Benno, 1001 California, cor. Mason, (Franklin 304).

HART, Dr. and Mrs. Charles E., 897 Clayton, (Park 3185).

HART, Mr. and Mrs. George E., 90 West Clay Park, (Tel. Bay View 32).

     Mr. George D. HART, member Olympic Club.

HART, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., 314 Locust, (Tel. Fillmore 5476).

HART, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A., "Weyewolde", Alameda Ave., San Jose, Cal.

HART, Mr. Julian, Menlo Park, San Mateo, Cal.

HART, Dr. and Mrs. Morton E., (San Mateo, Cal.), 30 San Mateo Ave., (Tel. San Mateo 341).

      Dr. member Argonaut Club and Crystal Springs Country Club.

HARTIGAN, Mr. and Mrs. John Duane.

HARTWELL, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 3918 24th St., (Valencia 7347).

HARVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Albert H., 1055 Plymouth Ave., (Tel. Randolph 7512).

      BOULDIN, Miss Lillian.

HARVEY, Mr. and Mrs. J. Downey, 2040 Broadway, cor. Buchanan, (West 108).

HARVEY, Obed, "Harvey House", Galt, California.

      Miss Genevieve HARVEY, Member Town & Country Club of S. F.

HARWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 6057).

      Mr. member Bohemian; and Burlingame Country Clubs.

      Mrs. member Francisca Club.

HARWOOD, Mrs. Franklin B., (Margaret W.), 305 Spruce, (Bay View 2708).

HASBROUCK, Mrs. James, 20 Walnut, (Tel. Fillmore 7956).

HASEMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 812 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 4856).

      Miss Lillian H.; Miss Rosie M.; and Mr. Henry H. HASEMANN.

HASLEHURST, Dr. William E., Olympic Club, (Tel. Prospect 4400).

      Member Olympic; Lakeside Country; and Military Dental Surgeons.

HASLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Percy E., 3561 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 8053).

HASLETT, Mr. and Mrs. S. M., (Alameda, Cal.), 1605 Clinton Ave., (Tel. Alameda 154).

      Member S. F. Commercial; Olympic; Rotary; Mt. Diablo Country; Sequoyah Country; Sierra; Sequoia (S. F.); and Encinal Yacht Clubs.

      Miss Doris and Mr. S. M. HASLETT Jr.

HASSETT, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Carroll, 1725 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 7947).

HASSLER, Mr. and Mrs. John F., Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, (Tel. Berkeley 9300).

      Member Sequoyah Country; and Athenian-Nile; Athens Athletic; Elks and Press Clubs.

      Miss Patricia and Mr. Robert HASSLER.

HASSLER, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. C., 680 Funston Ave., (Pacific 7101).

HATCHER, Mr. and Mrs. James B., 90 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8045).

HATHAWAY, Mr. and Mrs. William Lee, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 4397).

      Mr. member Olympic Club and Menlo Country Club.
      SHORT, Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas, (nee Marie Kraig HATHAWAY), 843 Mason.

      JEFFREYS, Mr. and Mrs. Louis M., (nee Mable Clancy HATHAWAY), 2693 Union.

HATHORN, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L., 2797 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 7774).

HAUCK, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 510 Stockton, (Tel. Kearny 6056).

      Assistant General Manager, McDonnell & Co., Palace Hotel.

HAUPTMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 2651).

HAUSCHILD, Mr. and Mrs. B., 238 22nd Ave., (Tel. Pacific 8380).

      Mr. member S. F. Commercial Club; Foreign Trade Club; and Public Spirit Club.

      Miss Carol HAUSCHILD.

HAUSMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried, 3034 Jackson, (Fillmore 1627).

HAVEN, Judge and Mrs. Thomas E., and Mr. Kent A., 2400 Vallejo, (Fillmore 3405).

HAVENS, Mr. John Weston, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2631 Benvenue Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 8141).

      Member Sequoyah Country and Berkeley Country Clubs.

      Mr. John Weston HAVENS Jr.

HAVISIDE, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jr., 2490 Jackson, (Fillmore 3581).

HAVISIDE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T., 100 26th Ave., (Pacific 3551).

HAWES, Mr. Henry Quinby, 2003 Franklin, (Tel. Walnut 941).

      Office: 451 Montgomery.

      Member Bohemian Club; Presidio Golf Club; and San Francisco Commercial Club.

HAWKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Albert, "La Barranca", 2850 19th Ave.,  (Sunset 367).

      Miss Sidney and Miss Wendla HAWKINS, 2850 19th Ave.

HAWKS, Mr. Henry D., 1442 Filbert, (Franklin 3580).

HAWKS, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence, 3409 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 1475).

      Miss Adelaide and Miss Harriet HAWKS.

HAYDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss C., 2945 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1479).

HAYDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Emmet, 162 15th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 57).

HAYNE, Mr. Duncan, Miss Agnes, Clift Hotel, (Prospect 4700), and San Mateo, Cal.

HAYNE, Mrs. Grace Parrott, San Mateo, Cal., 5th and El Camino Real, (San Mateo 562).

HAYNE, Mrs. Jane E. Selby, San Mateo, Cal., (San Mateo 888).

HAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. Roger, (nee Phyllis Lovell), Piedmont, Cal.

HAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. William Alston, 2521 Steiner, (Fillmore 4304).

      Mr. William A. B. and Mr. Francis B. HAYNE.

HAYS, Mrs. John C., Visalia, Tulare Co., Cal.

HAYS, Major and Mrs. John Coffee, Hotel Braemore, Boston, and Visalia, Cal.

HAYS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Abram, Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

HEACOCK, Dr. and Mrs. Frank T., 1420 9th Ave., (Sunset 1237).

HEAD, Mr. and Mrs. Leon O., 1127 Greenwich, (Franklin 1261).

      Miss Helen B. HEAD.

HEALD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward P., (Oakland, Cal.).

HEALEY, Mr. and Mrs. William, 450 17th Ave., near Geary, (Pacific 9249).

      Miss Alice M. and Mr. William W. HEALEY, 450 17th Ave., (Pacific 9249).

HEALY, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W., 1138 Taylor, (Franklin 7212) or (Kearny 5454)

HEALY, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy, 2109 Broadway, near Buchanan, (Tel. Fillmore 978).

      Member Presidio Golf and Union League Clubs.

      DAVIDSON, Mr. John Hicks.

HEALY, Mr. and Mrs. William C., Glen Rita Hotel, Monte Rio, Sonoma Co., Cal., (Tel. Monte Rio 9-F-5).

HEALY, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 2424 Hyde, (Franklin 992).

HEARST, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R., 137 Riverside Drive, New York City.

HEARST, Mr. and Mrs. George, 3383 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 766).

HEATH, Miss Helen Colburn, 2505 Clay, (West 4890).

HEATH, Miss Mary C., 2331 Pacific Ave., near Webster, (Fillmore 1116).

      Miss Virginia D. and Miss Roberta E. L., 2331 Pacific Ave.

HEATHCOTE, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2934 Avalon Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 972).

HECHT, Mr. Elias M., Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 5614).

      Founder Chamber Music Society of San Francisco, 708 Kohl Bldg., (Tel. Sutter 4469).

      Member Argonaut; Beresford Country; Lakeside Country; Olympic; California Lawn-Tennis Clubs; Musicians' Club; and Pacific Musical Society; Sutter and Mason Streets, Charter member.

HECHT, Miss Edith, Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (Tel. Kearny).

HECHT, Mr. and Mrs. Joel K., 2959 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8300).

HECK, Mr. Frank, 3101 California, (Tel. Fillmore 6144).

HEEBNER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L., N. Y. City, 853 7th Ave.

HEGER, Mrs. Daniel C., 2428 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 892).

      Member Forum; California; and Woman's Athletic Clubs.

      DOWLING, Miss Mary E.

HEGER, Mr. and Mrs. S. Ralph, 589 Tenth Ave., (Pacific 5914).

      (Miss May E. DOWLING) 2428 Jackson, (Fillmore 892).

HEGGERTY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 2319 Scott, (West 822).

HEGGIE, Mr. and Mrs. David, (Berkeley, Cal.), 819 Shattuck Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 5506).

      Mr. member Berkeley Country Club and Hillside Club).

HEILBRONNER, Mrs. A., Hotel St. Francis, (Kearny 4884).

HEIMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, St. Regis Apts., 1925 Gough, (Fillmore 2028)

      Richard Jr.

HEINICKE, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 1324 Cole, (Tel. Market 9026).

      Miss Madeline A. and Mr. Harold M. HEINICKE.

HELBING, Mr. and Mrs. David A., and Miss Orta, 2260 Jackson, (Fillmore 3323).

HELBUSH, Mr. and Mrs. Herman H., Palace Hotel, (Sutter 700).

HELLER, Mr. and Mrs. E. C., 3371 Jackson, (Fillmore 2730).

HELLER, Mrs. E. M., Fairmont Hotel, (Kearny 3900).

HELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel S., 2020 Jackson St., (West 1071).

HELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel L., 1980 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 924).

HELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Moses, "Oakleigh", Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 303)

HELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter D., 1910 California, (Tel. Fillmore 4458).

HELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S., 28 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8275).

HELLMAN, Mrs. I. W. Jr., 2000 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 332).

      Miss Florence; Mr. Marco F.; Mr. Isiais W.; and Mr. Fred W. HELLMAN.

      Mrs. HELLMAN and Miss Florence members Woman's Athletic Club.

HELLMANN, Mrs. Horace G., 2412 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 7945).

HELLMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoge, "Windover", Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Tel. Redwood 1701-F-5).

      Mr. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

HELLWIG, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 5472).

BRANDT, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 2312-A Hilgard Ave., Berkeley, Cal., (Tel. Berkeley 6490-J).

HELLWIG, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F., 51 San Leandro Way, St. Francis Wood.

HELMS, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E., 15 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 8268).

HELSER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., Palo Alto, Cal., (Tel. Palo Alto 1079).

      Member Union League and Masonic Clubs.

      Miss Margaret G. and Mr. John Henry HELSER.

HEMRICH, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 668 Funston Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1670).

HENDERSON, Mrs. David and Miss Sarita, Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

HENDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. E. J., 120 Sea Cliff Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2794).

HENDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., 2650 Scott, (Fillmore 791).

HENDERSON, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J., San Rafael, Cal., 210 Laurel Place

      Member Bohemian and Marin Golf and Country Clubs.

HENDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Percy L., 960 Haight, (Park 37).

HENDERSON, Mr. Robert B., Pacific-Union Club, California and Mason,  (Prospect 38).

HENDRICKS, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Office Address Mills Bldg.

HENDRICKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jr., 2757 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 3669).

HENES, Mr. and Mrs. Louis George, (Oakland, Cal.), 749 Oakland Ave., (Tel.Piedmont 7595).

      Mr. member Claremont Country Club, (Tel. Piedmont 7595).

      Miss Hope HENES and Master Ellis Hugh HENES.

HENGSTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis T., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2620 Warring,  (Berkeley 1979).

      Miss Theodora  HENGSTLER, 2620 Warring, Berkeley, Cal.

HENLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Jr., 2817 Scott, (Fillmore 777).

HENNEBERGER, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Jr., (Los Angeles, Cal.), 627 S. Irving Blvd., (Tel. Hempstead 5267).

      Mr. member California Club (L. A.); Los Angeles Country Club; University Club (L. A.), and Harvard Club (of New York City).

      Miss Vera HENNEBERGER and Miss Genevieve HENNEBERGER.

HENRY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 3855 17th, (Market 884).

HENSHAW, Judge and Mrs. Frederick W., 1901 California, (Fillmore 4855).

HENSHAW, Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, Francesca Apts., (Kearny 1881).

HENZEL, Mr. and Mrs. George L., 2290 Bush, (West 118).

HERBERT, Mr. and Mrs. Albert H., 1315 Clay, (Tel. Prospect 1744).

      Member Union League Club.

HERBERT, Mr. Conrad, Herbert's Bachelor Hotel, (Tel. Sutter 567).

HERBST, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph, 2813 Buchanan, (West 3554).

HERBST, Mrs. Louis, Miss Irma, Miss Mildred, 1935 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 3661).

HERMANN, Mr. and Mrs. John Rudolph, 1406 11th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 3420).

HEROLD, Mrs. Rudolph Jr., 795 Sutter, (Prospect 3886).

HERRICK, Mr. and Mrs. Anson, 3338 Clay, (Fillmore 2804).

HERRICK, Dr. and Mrs. Leroy F., (Oakland, Cal.), 542 Lakeshore Blvd., (Merritt 1156).

HERRIN, Mr. William F., 2580 Broadway, near Scott, (West 742).

      Miss Katherine and Mr. William V. HERRIN, 2580 Broadway, (West 742).

HERRINGTON, Dr. and Mrs. Edward L., 2200 Green, (Fillmore 71).

HERRMANN, Mr. and Mrs. George, 2116 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 5410).

      Mr. Gerald HERRMANN.

HERRMANN, Mr. and Mrs. G. Bliss, 78 Sea Cliff Ave., (Pacific 5488).

HERRMANN, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1900 Broadway, (West 1509).

HERTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, 770 Camino Del Mar, (Tel. Bay View 813).

HERTZ, Mr. Hugo, Union League Club, (Douglas 4540).

HERTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 860 Sutter, (Tel. Prospect 5320).

HERVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bedell, Samarkand Hotel, (Tel. Santa Barbara 3100).

      Member Montecito Country and La Cumbre Country Clubs.

HERZOG, Dr. and Mrs. George Kramer, 146 20th Ave., (Pacific 5134).

HERZSTEIN, Dr. Morris, 805 Sutter, (Franklin 75).

HESS, Dr. H. A., 625 Ashbury, (Park 1646).

      Miss Dorothy; Mr. Rolla B.; 625 Ashbury, (Park 1646).

HESS, Mr. and Mrs. William T., 28 6th Ave., near Lake, (Pacific 3209).

HEUER, Colonel William H., 1235 5th Ave., (Sunset 413).

HEWITT, Mr. and Mrs. Dixwell, 2525 Broadway, (Fillmore 320).

HEWLETT, Dr. and Mrs. Albion Walter, 2442 Union, (Fillmore 4477).

HEWLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, 2030 Franklin, (Tel. Fillmore 5416).

      Mrs. member The Century Club; Town & Country Club; and Colonial Dames.

HEYER, Mr. and Mrs. William C., 232 Stanyan, (Pacific 7103).

HEYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar, 3330 Jackson, (Fillmore 2599).

HEYNEMANN, Mrs. Alex and Miss Rosalie HOWARD, 1925 Gough, (Tel. Fillmore 727).

HEYNEMANN, Mrs. Lionel, 2721 Clay, (Fillmore 1493).

      Miss Anne HEYNEMANN, 2721 Clay.

HEYWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. John Guthrie, 3831 Jackson, (Bay View 3865).

HIBBERD, Captain and Mrs. I. N., (Oakland, Cal.), Harrison Apts., (Tel. Lakeside 1900).

      Captain member Pacific-Union; Commonwealth; and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

      Mrs. member Century Club (San Francisco) and Ebell Club (Oakland).

      Mr. I. Lloyd HIBBERD and Mr. Frederick H. HIBBERD.

HICKEY, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W., 374 Fair Oaks, (Tel. Valencia 5766).

HICKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Newton H., 2300 Van Ness Ave., (Franklin 8069).

HIESTAND, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R., 1935 Grove, (Tel. Bay View 6879).

HIGGINS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 775 Geary, (Tel. Franklin 2993).

HIGGINS, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Kearny 3827).

HIGH, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Z., 3902 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 7918).

      Mr. Kenneth G. and Thornton L. HIGH.

HIHN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Day, Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

HILDEBRECHT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1109 Greenwich Terrace, (Prospect1104).

      Miss Anita and Miss Ruth HILDEBRECHT, 1109 Greenwich Terrace.

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., (Burlingame, Cal.), 224 Anita, (Burlingame 139).

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. Fentress, (San Mateo, Cal.), 160 Sycamore Ave., (San Mateo 1085).

HILL, Dr. and Mrs. Harold Phillips, 3625 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 7716).

      Dr. member University Club and San Francisco Golf & Country Club.

      Mrs. member Town & Country Club and San Francisco Golf & Country Club.

HILL, Mrs. Harry, (Ruth J.), 2151 Broadway, (Fillmore 4307).

      Miss Aroline HILL, 2151 Broadway.

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. Horace L. Jr., Los Altos, Santa Clara Co., Cal.

HILL, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon, 2730 Sacramento, (Tel. West 8399).

      Mr. member Presidio Golf & Commonwealth Clubs.

      Mrs. member Sorosis Club.

HILL, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, (Alameda, Cal.), 1234 Hawthorne, (Alameda 324).

HILL, Dr. Thomas L., Union League Club, 555 Post, (Tel. Douglas 7800).

HILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F., 2545 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 5126).

HILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Austin H., Oakland, Cal., 1047 Bella Vista Ave., (Merritt 603).

HILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben W., 2201 Broderick, (Fillmore 192).

      Mr. Edward E. and Mr. Reuben W. HILLS Jr.

HILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E., 40 17th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7055).

      Member Presidio Golf Club.

HILMER, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L., 2 Euclid Ave., (Tel. Bay View 8300).

HILP, Mr. and Mrs. Harry H., 139 Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 7976).

      Member Beresford Country; Argonaut; and the Concordia Clubs.

HINCKLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1627 Scenic Ave., (Berkeley 5584).

      Mrs. HINCKLEY director of The Ebell Club of Oakland, Cal.

HINCKS, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Thurston, 3852 Sacramento, (Tel. Pacific 6637).

HIND, Mr. and Mrs. George U., (San Rafael, Cal.), Coleman Tract, (San Rafael 509-W).

HINDES, Mr. and Mrs. Stetson G., 2950 Broadway, (Fillmore 6884).

HIRSCH, Mrs. Alphonse, 4400 Fulton, (Bay View 5909).

HIRSCH, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Jr., 1221 Twenty-ninth Ave., (Sunset 3110).

HIRSCHKOWITZ, Dr. and Mrs. Lesser, 3616 Sacramento, (Fillmore 578).

HIRSCHLER, Mr. and Mrs. David, 2705 California, (Tel. Fillmore 7977).

HIRSCHMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Marion A., (San Mateo, Cal.), Roblar Ave., (San Mateo 132).

HITCHCOCK, Mrs. William Greer, Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 304).

      Mr. Frank G. HITCHCOCK, Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 304).

HLADIK, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 799 Bay St., (Tel. Prospect 5272).

HOADLEY, Mr. and Mrs. George O., 2 Sea Cliff Ave., (Pacific 237).

HOAG, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cushing, 2288 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 8077).

      Miss Emilie Perkins HOAG and Miss Nahma Prescott HOAG.

HOAG, Mr. and Mrs. Jed Jasper, 1617 Lyon, (Tel. Fillmore 8873).

      Member S. F. Press Club and Occidental Lodge No. 32, F. & A. M., and S. F. Bodies Scottish Rite Masons.

      Mrs. member American Association of University Women.

HOAG, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hammond, Cosala, Sinaloa, Mexico, (Mrs. at Los Angeles).

HOAG, Mr. Edwin W., Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., Cal.

HOAG, Dr. and Mrs. O. H., 440 Castro, (Tel. Market 3919).

HOLMES, Mr. and Mrs. Chris R., Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., Cal., (Tel. Santa Barbara 5046).

      Mr. member Montecito Country; Santa Barbara Club; Santa Barbara Polo; S. B. Rifle Club.


Pages 92-103


HOBART, Mr. and Mrs. CLARK, 2027 Hyde, (Tel. Graystone 1145).

HOBART, Mr. and Mrs. LEWIS P., 2512 Pacific Ave. (Fillmore 444).

HOBART, Mr. and Mrs. WALTER SCOTT, San Mateo, Cal. (San Mateo 201).

HOBRECHT, Dr. and Mrs. Charles B., 1943 Grove, (Tel. Pacific 4601).

            Miss Helen; Miss Mariam; Miss Loraine; Miss Clare HOBRECHT.

            Mr. Cyril J. and Mr. Edward HOBRECHT.

HOBSON, Mr. Charles B. (Berkeley, Cal.) 2732 Regent.  (Berkeley 560).

            Member Sequoyah Country Club and Commonwealth Club.

            Miss Bernice HOBSON (Berkeley, Cal.), 2732 Regent. (Berkeley 560)

HOCKENBEAMER, Mr. and Mrs. August F. (Berkeley, Cal.) 721 Arlington Av.

            Member Berkeley Country, and Twentieth Century Clubs, (Tel. Thornwall 3360)

            Mr. Embree F. HOCKENBEAMER.

            PRIOR, Mrs. D. E.

HODGEN, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph D. (Berkeley, Cal.) 2713 Webster. (Berkeley 8673).

HODGHEAD,  Mrs. David A. and Miss Lillian, 3445 Sacramento. (Fillmore 28).

HOFFLER, Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig M., 160 Haight, near Laguna. (Tel. Park 16).

            Member Olympic, Bohemian, and San Francisco Press Clubs.

HOELSCHER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. 582 18th Av. (Pacific 5994).

HOELSCHER, Mr. and Mrs. Victor F., 46th Sixth Ave. (Pacific 6400).

HOELSCHER, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2425 Green. (Fillmore 1360).

HOELSCHER, Mrs. Elise, 46th Sixth Ave., near Lake. (Pacific 6400).

HOEY, Mrs. John; Miss Eugenia M., 1315 Divisadero.  (Fillmore 769).

HOFF, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A., 251 Ashbury.  (Bay View 2233).

HOFF, Miss Helene, and Miss Grace, 220 Shrader. (Pacific 9310).

HOFFACKER, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J., 34 7th Av., (Tel. Pacific 5824).

HOFFMAN, Dr. Lawrence H. Palace Hotel, (Tel. Sutter 700).

HOFFMAN, Mrs. Regula (Piedmont, Cal.) 11 Worcester Ave. (Piedmont 5911W).

            Mr. Carl HOFFMAN and Mr. Martin M. HOFFMAN.

HOFFMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar, 250 Laurel. (Fillmore 2897).

HOGE, Mr. and Mrs. Lionel B., (Oakland, Cal.) 453 Lagunitas Av. (Tel. Glencourt 1390).

            Member Athens Athletic (Oakland), San Francisco Commercial & Commonwealth Clubs.

            Miss Mary Jane HOGE.

HOHFELD, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 2500 Broadway. (West 484).

HOLBROOK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., Jr., 2664 Filbert. (West 2065).  1st & Last Friday.

HOLBROOK, Mr. Charles, 1802 Washington, (Tel. Walnut 943) and Menlo Park, Cal.

HOLCOMBE, Mr. and Mrs. Royal A., Belvedere, Marin County, Cal.

HOLDEN, Mr. and Mrs. St. George, 81 Allston Way, Merritt Terrace. (Tel. Sunset 2923).

            Member Commonwealth and Olympic Clubs.

HOLLADAY, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Burke, (Pasadena, Cal.) P. O. Box 467.

            Miss Helen H. HOLLADAY; Mr. Collis HUNTINGTON HOLLADAY.

HOLLINGSWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. William T., Fairmont Hotel. (Tel. Douglas 8800).

HOLLUB, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S., 2580 Vallejo. (Fillmore 3219).

HOLM, Mr. Thomas N., (Burlingame, Cal.) 1411 Chapin (Burlingame 924).

HOLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, Stanford Court Apartments. (Kearny 3088).

            Miss Helen HOLMAN.

HOLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S., 34 W. Clay Park. (Pacific 3005).

HOLMES,  Mr. Alfred S., Bellevue Hotel. (Franklin 3636).

HOLMES, Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward, Belvedere, Marin County, Cal. (Tel. Belvedere 13-J).

            Mrs. member Century, Town & Country and Sorosis Clubs.

HOLMES, Mr. and Mrs. H. SENVICKE, Lindsay, Tulare County, Cal.

            Mr. Louis Anthony HOLMES.

HOLMES, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E., 209 Castro. (Market 2224).

HOLMES, Mrs. Howard C., Bellevue Hotel. (Franklin 3636)

HOLT, Mr. and Mrs. C. Parker, Stockton, Cal.

HOLT, Mrs. Edward J. (Alameda, Cal.), 1007 Morton.  (Alameda 270-W).

            Miss Ruth; Miss Hazel; Alameda, Cal. (1007 Morton) Alameda 270.

HOLT, Mrs. Marshall K. (San Rafael, Cal.), 510 Belle Av. (San Rafael 779).

HOLT, Mr. and Mrs. Pliney B. “Pebble Beach,” Monterey Co.

HOLTON, Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. (San Mateo, Cal.), 144 Roblar Ave. (San Mateo 100).

HONIG, Mr. and Mrs. Louis, 315 Cherry, (Tel. Bay View 7912).

HONN, Mr. and Mrs. E. E.  (Redwood City, Cal.) Woodside Road. (Tel. Redwood 101).

HOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 165 San Fernando Way, (Tel. Sunset 420).

            Mr. member The Family; Olympic and Union League Clubs.

HOOD, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2524 Filbert, near Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 3917).

            Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian and Engineers Clubs; also Jonathan Club (L.A.)

HOOKE, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 2355 Pacific Ave., (West 2033).

HOOKER, Mr. and Mrs. C. Osgood, Hillsborough, San Mateo County, (Burlingame 631).

        Lieut. C. Osgood HOOKER Jr., Hillsborough, (Burlingame 631).

HOOKER, Miss Jennie, St. Regis Apts., 1925 Gough, (Fillmore 1156).

HOOKER, Mr. Robert G., Hillsborough, San Mateo Co., Cal., (San Mateo 161)

        Mr. Robt. G. Jr. and Mr. John R. HOOKER, Hillsborough, Cal., (San Mateo 161).

HOOPER, Mr. Albert C., (Palo Alto, Cal.), 969 University Ave., (Palo Alto 986).

HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Willard, 2249 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 3038).

        Member Pacific-Union and Menlo Country Clubs.

HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J., 2900 California, (Tel. Fillmore 5008).

HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Perry, 2201 Laguna and Woodside, Cal., (Fillmore 1700).

HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. George Warren, 478 37th Ave., (Pacific 6278).

        Mr. Alfred S. HOOPER.

HOOPER, Mr. John A., 2201 Laguna, (Fillmore 1700) & Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal.

HOOPER, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G., 2549 Green, (Fillmore 3214) and Carmel, Cal.

        Mr. George F. and Mr. Thomas N. HOOPER, 2549 Green.

HOOVER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C., Washington D. C., and Palo Alto, Cal.

HOPKINS, Dr. Edward K., Butler Bldg., (Sutter 3941) and Holluschickle Club.

HOPKINS, Mrs. Elise Schultz, 1055 California, (Prospect 75).

HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Whiting, 2099 California, cor. Laguna, (Tel. West 687).

        Member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; and Menlo Country Clubs.

HOPKINS, Mr. Samuel, 2099 California, Cor. Laguna, (Tel. West 687).

        Member Pacific-Union; San Francisco Golf & Country; and Menlo Country Clubs.

HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy, Stanford Court Apts. and Menlo Park, Ravenswood Road, (Menlo Park 133).

        Miss Lydia K. HOPKINS, Menlo Park.

HOPPER, Mrs. William C. and Miss Muriel, 2 Ashbury Terrace, (Market 185).

HORN, Mr. and Mrs. William Palmer, (San Rafael, Cal.), 754 Grand Ave., (Tel. San Rafael 116).

        Member Pacific-Union and Bohemian Clubs (San Francisco).

        Mrs. member Town & Country Club (San Francisco).

        Miss Mary Constance and Mr. Palmer Wells HORN.

HORNER, Dr. and Mrs. Warren D., 4831 Geary, (Tel. Bay View 3166).

HORSBURGH, Mr. and Mrs. David W., 2710 Baker, (Fillmore 703).

HORST, Mr. and Mrs. E. CLemens, 31 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8293).

        Miss Helen; Miss Beatrice HORST; 31 Presidio Terrace.

HORTON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C., 601 14th Ave., (Pacific 525).

HOSTATER, Mr. and Mrs. John E., (Piedmont, Cal.), 129 Bonita Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 6931).

        Mr. member Claremont Country and Olympic Clubs.

        Mrs. member Town & Country Club.

HOTALING, Mrs. Anson P. Jr., 1904 Franklin, (Tel. Franklin 1389).

        Mr. member San Francisco Golf and Country Clubs.

        Mr. George Henry HOTALING, member Bohemian, Olympic; and Lakeside Golf Clubs.

HOTALING, Mrs. Lavina J., 1900 Franklin, (Franklin 3217).

HOTALING, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C., 1900 Franklin, (Franklin 3217).

HOTALING, Mr. Richard M., San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal., (San Anselmo 374-J).

HOTCHKISS, Mr. and Mrs. William J., Berkeley, Cal., (2985 Claremont) and (Berkeley 450).

HOUGAARD, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 1356 4th Ave., (Sunset 3386).

HOUGHTELING, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2415 Pierce, (Fillmore 2219).

HOUGHTON, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. S., (Oakland, Cal), 378 Van Buren, (Oakland 6186).

        Mr. and Mrs. Shirley HOUGHTON, (Oakland 6186).

HOUGHTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2801 Claremont Blvd., (Tel. Berkeley 4477-W).

        Mr. member Bohemian Club (S. F.); Harvard Club; and Mt. Diablo Country Club.

        Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

        Miss Clarisse Almeda HOUGHTON, 2801 Claremont Blvd., (Tel. Berkeley 4477-W).

HOUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L., Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Mill Valley 223).

HOUSE, Mr. C. H., 1859 Post St.

HOUSEWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Arthur, 1035 Bush, (Tel. Prospect 1657).

HOUSTON, Dr. and Mrs. Albert J., Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800) & Pebble Beach, Cal.

        Member Pacific-Union; Menlo Country; and University Clubs.

        Miss Elisabeth and Mr. Albert J. R. HOUSTON.

HOVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., (Alameda, Cal.), 2024 San Jose Ave., (Alameda 956).

HOVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Chester L., Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 1953).

HOVEY, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H., (Palo Alto, Cal.), 1110 Waverly, cor. Lincoln Ave., (Tel. Palo Alto 1085).

        Member Menlo Country Club.

        Mr. Charles G. HOVEY.

HOVEY, Mrs. William T. (Elizabeth), 1515 Scott, (Fillmore 2816).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S., 2801 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 104).

        also Crescent Ave., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 684).

        Mr. member The Family; San Francisco Golf & Country; Menlo Country; and Sequoyah Country Clubs.

        Mr. Linn C. HOWARD and Mr. Charles S. HOWARD Jr.

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. George H., "Howard House," Hillsborough, San Mateo Co., Cal.

HOWARD, Mr. George H. Jr., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 514).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Horace P., 2312 Divasadero, (Tel. Fillmore 676).

        Miss Jean HOWARD, 2312 Divisadero.

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Z., 3739 Clay, (Pacific 2582).

        Miss Emma G. HOWARD; Miss Mabel Consuello HOWARD.

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. John Galen, 2312 Leavenworth, (Tel. Prospect 6779).

HOWARD, John L. Jr., Oakland, 2626 Harrison, (Oakland 5788).

HOWARD, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L., Hotel Stewart, 353 Geary, (Sutter 3640).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. P., Hillsborough, San Mateo Co., Cal. (Tel. San Mateo 604).

       Member University Club (S. F.) and Harvard Club (Of Boston, Mass.).

       Mrs. member Town & Country Club (S. F.).

HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Shafter, New York City.

HOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., Miss Mildred K., 2215 Filbert, (Fillmore 2425)

       Member Rotary Club and Corinthian Yacht Club.

HOWE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A., (Orange, N. J.), 761 Mosswood Ave., (Tel. Orange 3521-M).

       Member Yale Club.

HOWE, Dr. and Mrs. Louis P., 2735 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 5247).

HOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. James B., 2600 Lyon St., (Fillmore 859).

       Mr. Thornton and Mr. James B. HOWELL Jr.

HOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. John Gilson, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2820 Webster, (Tel. Thornwall 1518).

       Mr. member Bohemian Club (S. F.), and Commonwealth Club of California

       Mrs. member Woman's City; Town & Gown; and Browning Clubs.

       Mr. John Gilson HOWELL Jr., (Tel. Thornwall 1518).

HOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 334 Clement, (Pacific 96).

       Miss Clara; Mr. Raymond; 334 Clement, (Pacific 96).

HOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 2964 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 3401).

       Mr. member Union League and Commonwealth Clubs.

       Miss Elsie E. HOWELL, member Presidio Golf Club.

HOWELL, Mrs. Josiah R., (Gertrude E.), 626 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 2387).

HOWITT, Mrs. Henry O., (San Rafael, Cal.), 311 Petaluma Ave., (San Rafael 77).

       Miss Beatrice and Mr. Dudley HOWITT, San Rafael, Cal.

HOYLE, Mr. and Mrs. James H., Hotel Terminal, (Sutter 3100).

       Mr. HOYLE member Islam Temple and California Golf Club.

       Mrs. HOYLE member California Club.

HUBBARD, Mr. and Mrs. William P., 161 28th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 6695).

       Member San Francisco Commercial and Commonwealth Clubs.

HUETER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C., 2600 Green, (Fillmore 75).

HUETER, Mrs. Ernest L., 2898 Vallejo, (West 7544).

HUETER, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar M., 2930 Vallejo, (Fillmore 4240).

HUFF, Capt. and Mrs. Charles P., 2614 Webster, (Fillmore 51).

HUFF, Miss Jennie; Miss Mamie; and Miss Callie, 1123 Greenwich, (Franklin 6040).

HUFFMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Towne, "Miami Lodge," Mariposa, Cal., and Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

HUFSCHMIDT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 2151 Green, (Fillmore 4312).

HUFSCHMIDT, Mrs. George F., and Miss Elvira, 2134 Pierce, (Fillmore 1121).

HUGHES, Mr. and Mrs. Frank P., 21 Hillpoint Ave., (Sunset 3282).

HUGHSON, Mr. and Mrs. William L., Richelieu Hotel, (Tel. Franklin 2381).

      Mr. George HUGHSON.

HUIE, Mr. and Mrs. W. T., 2670 Green, (Tel. West 7364).

      Mr. member Masonic Club.

      Mrs. member Century Club of California.

      Miss Lillian Ila HUIE.

HULEN, Dr. and Mrs. Vard H., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2340 Piedmont Ave.

HUME, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., (Oakland, Cal.), 4320 Piedmont Ave., (Piedmont 1633).

HUMPHREY, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1457 O'Farrell, (Tel. Fillmore 1458).

      The Misses Humphrey.

      Mr. William F. HUMPHREY; Mr. John H. HUMPHREY.

HUMPHREY, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C., 1052 Fulton, (Fillmore 5482).

HUMPHREYS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., Georgian Apts., 1155 Jones, (Tel. Franklin 8760).

      Mr. assistant secretary Pacific-Union Club of San Francisco.

      McKNIGHT, Miss Geraldine, Georgian Apts., 1155 Jones, (Tel. Franklin 8760.

HUMPHREYS, Mr. and Mrs. William Penn, 29 West Clay Park, (Pacific 679).

      Miss Matilda May Humphreys, 29 West Clay Park.

HUNSAKER, Dr. and Mrs. Hiram W., 70 Ceritos Ave., Ingleside Terraces,  (Randolph 2783).

      Miss Leonarda HUNSAKER; Mr. Walker; Mr. Rodney.

HUNT, Mrs. Emma L., 200 Laurel, cor. Washington, (Fillmore 4750).

HUNT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., 3516 Clay, (Fillmore 338).

HUNT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Jr., 2505 Union, (Fillmore 1034).

HUNT, Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott, 69 Divisadero, (Park 3875).

HUNT, Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert; Mr. J. Wesley; 2217 Van Ness Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 784).

HUNT, Mrs. John J., 1703 Octavia, (Tel. West 6274).

      Mr. Fred HUNT, 1703 Octavia, (Tel. West 6274).

HUNT, Mrs. Randell, 1901 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 8039).

HUNT, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McM., 1095 Lombard, (Tel. Franklin 492).

HUNT, Judge and Mrs. William H., 2411 Webster, (Fillmore 5943).

HUNTER, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H., 132 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5604).

HUNTER, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Blinn, Fairmont Hotel, (Douglas 8800).

HUNTER, Mrs. Lida Bosler, 1020 Bush.

     Member Theta - Theta Chapter of San Francisco Alpha Chi Omega

     Fraternity; California Club (S. F.); California State Genealogical Society; and S. F. Woman's Building Association.

HUNTER, Mr. and Mrs. James J., (San Mateo, Cal.), 619 Laurel, (San Mateo 245).

HUNTER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A., (See Oakland List), 368 60th, (Piedmont 2021).

HUNTER, Mr. and Mrs. Willard T., 114 27th Ave., (Pacific 4462).

HUNTINGTON, Miss Marion Prentice, 32 Maple NE, cor. Jackson, (Tel. Pacific 3200).

HUNTINGTON, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W., 1901 California, (Tel. Fillmore 5521).

     Dr. member Pacific-Union Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

     Miss Emily H. and Mr. Thomas W. HUNTINGTON Jr.

HURD, Mr. Lester W., 278 Post, (Tel. Douglas 6257) res. Oakland, Alameda County, Cal.

HURD, Dr. Laura B., 1737 Larkin, (Franklin 402).

HURLBUT, Mr. and Mrs. Howard R., 907 Noe, (Valencia 3816).

HUSH, Mr. Valentine G. Jr., (Fruitvale al.), "Etnemere", 2798 E. 14th.

HUSH, Mr. Walter Finley Rittenhouse, (Fruitvale, Cal.), "Etnemere," 2798 E. 14th.

HUSH, Mr. Walter F. R., Olympic Club, 524 Post, (Prospect 4400).

HUSING, Mr. and Mrs. E. A., (San Mateo, Cal.), 419 B, (San Mateo 1343).

HUSSEY, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 263).

      Member Burlingame Country; San Mateo Polo; Pacific-Union, and Racquet (New York) Clubs.

HUTCHINSON, Mr. Edward C., 16 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8279).

HUTCHINSON, Mr. James S., (Berkeley, Cal.), 1235 Bonita, (Tel. Berkeley 3349).

HUTCHINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K., 2559 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1224).

     Member Pacific-Union; University; and Burlingame Country Clubs.

     Mrs. HUTCHINSON member Town & Country Club.

HUTTON, Mr. Franklyn L., (Burlingame, Cal.), West Bellevue Ave.,  (Burlingame 160).

     Member Pacific-Union Club.

HUTTON, Mrs. G. Russell, (Burlingame, Cal.), West Bellevue Ave., (Burlingame 160).

     Miss Barbara Woolworth HUTTON.

HYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 1916 California, (Tel. Fillmore 7937).

HYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, 2230 Sacramento, (Tel. West 416).

HYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lightner, 3362 Jackson, (West 619).

HYMAN, Dr. and Mrs. Solomon, 3421 Jackson, (West 216).

HYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William L., 2410 Steiner, (Tel. Fillmore 1559).

INGELS, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar, (Piedmont, Cal.), 1653 Grand Ave., (Piedmont 4705-W).

INGRAM, Mr. and Mrs. Allen C., (Daisy Parrott Whitney), 2539 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 3916).

INMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt C., (San Rafael, Cal.), 304 H St., (Tel. San Rafael 248-J).

     Mr. Everett P. INMAN.

INNES, Mr. and  Mrs. Murray, 1259 5th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 5847).

IRBY, Mrs. John S., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club (Of San Francisco).

IRELAND, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bethume, (Berkeley, Cal.), 34 Oakvale Ave., (Tel. Berkeley 7054).

IVERS, Mrs. Richard, 2180 Washington, cor. Laguna, (West 863).

IRVINE, Mr. James; Mr. James H.; and Mr. Myford P.; 2421 Pierce, (Fillmore 143).

JACKLING, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C., St. Francis Hotel, (Kearny 3534).

JACKS, Miss Margaret A., Carlton Apts., 840 Powell, (Kearny 4922).

JACKSON, Dr. and Mrs. Adolph C., 500 16th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3947).

     Miss Janith JACKSON.

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Francis, 3804 Clay, (Tel. Bay View 1573).

     Mrs. member Century Club of California and Town & Country Club.

     Miss Dorcas and Mr. Douglas Fay JACKSON.

     Miss member Woman's Athletic Club.

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W., 1855 Sacramento, (Tel. Graystone 4910).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Hooper, 2010 Broadway, (Tel. Fillmore 3816).

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. George H. T., 2164 Hyde, (Prospect 2636) and

     Hillsdale Ave., San Anselmo, Marin County, Cal., (San Anselmo 285).

     Mrs. Jackson member Woman's Athletic Club.

JACKSON, Dr. and Mrs. William J., 1511 Masonic Ave., (Park 747).

JACOBI, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., 2855 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 528).

JACOBI, Mr. and Mrs. J. M., 3641 Jackson, (Tel. Bay View 6927).

JACOBS, Mr. and Mrs. Abe L., 159 Palm Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5059).

     Miss Rosslyn and Miss Beverly.

JACOBS, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Henry, 80 21st Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5519).

JACOBS, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 130 Palm Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4331).

JACOBS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A., 250 Laurel, (Fillmore 626).

JACOBS, Dr. and Mrs. Louis Clive, 1010 Lake, (Pacific 8728).

JACOBS, Dr. and Mrs. S. Nicholas, 2411 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 9830).

JACOBS, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H., 824 35th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 9849).

JACOBS, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 14 Presidio Terrace, (Bay View 1547).

     Miss Leslie JACOBS, 14 Presidio Terrace.

JACOBY, Mr. and Mrs. Olin D., (Oakland, Cal), 418 Orchard, (Oakland 5735).

JAMES, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin P., (Alameda, Cal.), 1601 Alameda Ave., (Alameda 129-W).

JANES, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas I., 380 Funston Ave., (Tel. Pacific 9315).

JANNOPOULOS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 2619 Baker, (West 2445).

     Member Union League Club.

JANSEN, Dr. Jerome J., 1428 Golden Gate Ave., (Tel. West 280).   Office: Shreve Bldg., 210 Post, (Tel. Douglas 2380)

JANSEN, Miss Bonita M., 1428 Golden Gate Ave., (Tel. West 280).

JEDDIS, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse, 1824 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 668).

JEFFERYS, Mr. and Mrs. Louis M., (Mable C. Hathaway), 2693 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 9483).

JELLINEK, Dr. Emil O., 2226 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 304).

JENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1232 Washington, (Tel. Franklin 4739.

JENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C., 1770 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 946).

JENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. James, Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Mill Valley 9-W).

    Member Pacific-Union Club.

JENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Louis W., 284 Sunnyside Ave., (Randolph 515).

JENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald C., 2750 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 241).

JENKS, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C., 422 10th Ave., (Pacific 4260).

JENNINGS, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer, Atherton, San Mateo County, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 166).

JENNINGS, Miss Isabel, Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 507).

JENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles V., 279 11th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4761).

    Member Presidio Golf; San Francisco Commercial; and California Golf Clubs

JENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (Oakland, Cal.), 381 Palm Ave.

    Member Bohemian; Olympic; and Mt. Diablo  Country Clubs.

    Mrs. member Town & Country (S. F.), and Home Clubs.

JENSEN, Mr. and Mrs. Peter L., (Piedmont, Cal.), 303 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1425-W).

    Miss Jean Marie JENSEN and Mr. Karl William JENSEN.

JESSUP, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 174 Liberty, (Mission 4370).

JOHNS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Dyck, 1770, Pacific Ave., (Tel. Walnut 971).

JOHNS, Mrs. John, 37 Crystal Springs Road, San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 851).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald M., 1055 California, (Tel. Prospect 6562).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus S., 1905 Broadway, (Fillmore 2735).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E., 624 46th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1553).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 4336)

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. C. Chouteau, 2628 Baker, (Tel. Fillmore 1803).

    Member University; Olympic; Burlingame Country; and San Mateo Polo Clubs.

    Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. E. E., (Burlingame, Cal.), 333 Occidental,  (Burlingame 430-J).

JOHNSON, Senator and Mrs. Hiram W., 857 Green, (Franklin 1999).

JOHNSON, Mr. Hiram W. Jr., 973 Green, (Franklin 5048).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio A., (Oakland, Cal.), 834 55th St., (Piedmont 781).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold, 771 28th Ave., (Bay View 867).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. J. Studebaker, Stanford Court Apts., (Kearny 3152).

JOHNSON, Mrs. Mabel T., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

    Director Hospitality Bureau S. F. Chamber of Commerce.

JOHNSON, Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd S., 292 18th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3128).

JOHNSON, Mr. and  Mrs. Otis Russell, 2559 Union, (Fillmore 1612).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel O., Berkeley, Cal., 2400 Warring, (Berkeley 4575).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 378 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 7996).

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. William Pierce, 1300 Jones, (Tel. Franklin 4790).

JOHNSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Loran, (Oakland, Cal.), 175 Santa Clara Ave., (Glencourt 3014) or 1704 Royal Bank Bldg., Toronto, Canada.

     Mr. member Claremont Country Club and Athenian-Nile Club (of Oakland).

     Mrs. member The Ebell Club of Oakland.

JOHNSTON, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest, Hotel St. Francis, (Douglas 1000).

JOLLIFFE, Miss Frances, 1821 Broadway, near Octavia, (Tel. Walnut 63).

     Miss Harriet and Miss Mary JOLLIFFE.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Axton F., 2670 Greenwich, (Fillmore 4533).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W., 232 15th Ave., (Pacific 8334).

JONES, Mrs. Clinton, 2647 Buchanan, (Tel. Fillmore 4259).

     Mr. Clinton JONES Jr., 2647 Buchanan.

JONES, Mr. Edward C., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., or care Blake Moffitt & Towne.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morgan, 3073 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 1489).

     Mr. E. Pym JONES.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J., (nee Nellie Rodgers).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., (Berkeley, Cal.), 2406 Telegraph, (Berkeley 5278-J).

     Member Berkeley Country Club.

     Master Whitney Jones.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. George C., (Alameda, Cal.), 332 Haight Ave., (Tel. Alameda 4497-J).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Alexander, 1839 Hayes, (Tel. West 2923).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B., 51 Arguello Blvd., (Tel. Bay View 3443).

JONES, Mr. John Cradoe, 1186 Fulton, (Tel. Fillmore 6941).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Madison Ralph, (Oakland, Cal.), 265 Vernon, (Tel. Glencourt 2770).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; Bohemian; Claremont Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

JONES, Mrs. Milton P. (Flora D.), Hillcrest Apts., 1200 California, (Franklin 3240).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Paul C., (San Rafael, Cal.), 782 5th, (Tel. San Rafael 133).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B., (Alameda, Cal.), 2055 Eagle, (Alameda 3984-J).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Walter R., 2704 Union, (Fillmore 4671).

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Colfax, 50 Terrace Drive, (Tel. Sunset 7311).

     Miss Sylvia Lorraine JONES.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Webster, Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

     Country residence Grand Ave. and Linden Lane, San Rafael, Cal., (San Rafael, Cal. 129).

     Miss Merrill JONES and Miss Vail JONES.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. William W., 2111 Hyde, (Tel. Franklin 311).

JORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. David Starr, Campus, Stanford University, Cal., (Tel. Palo Alto 1001).

     Mr. Eric K. JORDAN.

     Member Bohemian and University Clubs of San Francisco.

JORDAN, Mr. George B., 250 Phelan Bldg., (Tel. Garfield 4189) or Bellevue Hotel.

JORDAN, Miss Dorothy, 241 East Terrace Drive, Presidio, (Presidio Local 444).

JORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Knight Starr, Stanford University, Cal., (Tel. Palo Alto 1001).

     Member Army & Navy Club.

JORDAN, Dr. and Mrs. Peter Andrew, (San Jose, Cal.), 1530 The Alameda, (Tel. San Jose 4215-W).

     Mr. Philip JORDAN.

     Member San Jose Country; San Jose Commercial; and Lions Clubs.

JORDAN, Mr. William H., 1900 Broadway, (Fillmore 5311).

JORGENSON, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., 1050 Portola Drive, (Tel. Sunset 4658).

JOSSELYN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Woodside, San Mateo Co., Cal., (Redwood 1707-F-5).

     Miss Marjorie JOSSELYN, Hotel St. Francis, (Douglas 1000) & Woodside, Cal.

JOY, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W., (San Rafael, Cal.), Bayside Acres, (San Rafael 599-M).

JOYCE, Mrs. Frederick L. (Maud L.), 2853 Broderick, (West 7976).

JUDAH, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd S., 146 21st Ave., (Tel. Pacific 3412).

JUDAH, Mr. and Mrs. Gelston C., (Los Angeles, Cal.), 732 S. Spring, (Tel. Main 1799).

JUDELL, Mr. and Mrs. Emil, 200 Laurel, (Tel. Fillmore 9070).

     Mr. Herman L. JUDELL.

JUDGE, Mrs. Mary E. and Mr. William G., 1936 Leavenworth, (Franklin 164).

JUDSON, Mrs. Chas. C., 3636 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 8051).

JUDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Chester W., 2727 Vallejo, (Tel. Fillmore 5905).

JUDSON, Mrs. Henry Clay (Ella A.), 3398 Washington, (Fillmore 4038) and Menlo Park.

JUDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 255 16th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2383).

JUNKERMAN, Mrs. Carl Eggleston, 1017 Vallejo.

JURGENS, Mr. Charles, Hotel Oakland, Oakland, Cal., (Tel. Lakeside 100).

JURS, Mr. and Mrs. Peter C., 3218 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 1072).

KAEHLER, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E., 355 28th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 5788).

KAHL, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A., (Alameda, Cal.), "Edgewater", 1275 Carolina, (Tel. Alameda 4027).

     Member Sequoyah Country and Mt. Diablo Country Clubs.

KAHN, Mrs. Aaron, 2332 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7738).

KAHN, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 2404 Divisadero, (Tel. Fillmore 397).

     Mr. member San Francisco Commercial and Commonwealth Clubs.

     Mrs. member San Francisco Center Club.

KAHN, Mrs. Henry, Larkspur, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. Larkspur 74-R).

     Mr. Fred H. KAHN.

KAHN, Mr. and Mrs. Ira, Francesca Apts., 850 Powell, (S. F.), also Wellington Park, Redwood City, Cal., (Tel. Redwood 50).

     Mr. member Beresford Country Club; Argonaut Club; The Concordia; Commonwealth Club; and San Francisco Commercial Club.

     Mr. Sidney Philip KAHN (1923).

     Mr. Edgar Myron KAHN (1919).

KAHN, Mrs. Julius, 2712 Webster, (Tel. Fillmore 4429) or Washington D. C.

KAIME, Mr. Alvah M., Pebble Beach, Monterey County.

KALES, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A., (Alameda, Cal.), 1639 Dayton, (Alameda 280).

KAMM, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 739).

KANE, Mr. Andrew J., Kensington Hotel, 580 Geary, (Tel. Prospect 55).  Office: 544 Market (Tel. Garfield 366).

KANE, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth P., (Burlingame, Cal.), 1442 Sanchez Ave., (Tel. Burlingame 968-W).

     Miss Adele KANE, Burlingame, Cal.

KASCH, Mr. George J., 325 Bush, (Tel. Garfield 6130).

KAUFMAN, Mrs. Rosalie, 2421 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 393).

KAUFMANN, Mr. and Mrs. Joel W., Fairmont Hotel, (Tel. Douglas 8800).

KAUL, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H., 811 Shrader, (Tel. Hemlock 1128).

KEANE, Mr. and Mrs. Augustin C., (Alameda, Cal.), 1005 Morton, (Tel. Alameda 2003).

     Member S. F. Press; S. F. Commercial; Golden Bear U. C.; and Encinal Yacht Clubs.

KEAST, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 947 Lake, (Tel. Bay View 7065).

     Mr. member Olympic and Presidio Golf Clubs.

KEATING, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P., 625 Hyde, (Tel. Prospect 877).

KEATON, Mr. and Mrs. George, 75 Carmel, (Tel. Hemlock 1123).

KEATON, Mr. and Mrs. R. Homer, 87 Carmel, (Market 8333) and Los Altos, Cal.

KEEFFE, Dr. and Mrs. Edmund D., 1432 5th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 1375).

KEELER, Mr. and Mrs. A. Starr, 1890 Washington, (Tel. Fillmore 7894),

     Mr. Addison KEELER.

KEENAN, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh, 300 Webster, (Tel. Park 2777).

KEENAN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B., 2646 Union, (Fillmore 920).

KEENEY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C., (Piedmont, Cal.), 444 Wildwood Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 5579).

KEENEY, Mrs. James Ward, (Marie A.), 2618 Buchanan, (West 449).

KEESLING, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Valentine, 20 Presidio Terrace, (Tel. Bay View 8274).

    Miss Jacqueline KEESLING, 20 Presidio Terrace.

KEIL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A., 1578 Fell, (Tel. Fillmore 4692), and Belvedere, Cal.

KEIL, Mr. and Mrs. George Frederic, 160 Divisadero, (Park 6135).

KEIL, Mr. Hugo D., (Belvedere, Cal.), Lyford's Terrace, (Belvedere 126-J).

KIETHLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A., 455 39th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 4001).

KELHAM, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 98 Sea Cliff Ave., (Tel. Pacific 2455).

KELLAM, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., New York City, N.Y.

KELLEY, Mr. Chester W., (Los Angeles), Hotel Lankershim, (Tel. L. A. Broadway 5620).

     Member Southern California Athletic & Country Club, (Los Angeles, Cal.).

KELLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W., Belvedere, Marin Co., Cal., (Belvedere 5-R).

KELLOGG, Mr. and Mrs. Ben B., 255 Tenth Ave., (Pacific 338).

     Member San Francisco Commercial Club.

     Miss Doris A. KELLOGG, 255 Tenth Ave., (Pacific 338).

KELLOGG, Mrs. Frederick S., Menlo Park, Cal., (Menlo Park 1922).

KELLOGG, Mr. and Mrs. F. W., Altadena, Cal., (Tel. Fair Oaks 432).

     Mr. member Annandale Golf Club; Valley Hunt Club; and Flintridge Country Club.

     Miss Ellen Scripps KELLOGG.

KELLOGG, Mrs. Marmaduke B., Stanford Court Apts., 901 California, (Tel. Kearny 2212).

     Member Century Club.

KELLY, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R., 3400 Washington, (Fillmore 612).

     Miss Margaret KELLY, 3400 Washington.

KELLY, Mr. Edward, 1544 Franklin.

KELLY, Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah D., 828 Balboa, (Pacific 7942).

KELLY, Mr. and Mrs. McClure, 2222 Hyde, (Franklin 7407).

KEMP, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Henry, 24 Merced Ave., (Tel. Sunset 692).

     Mr. member Masonic and California Camera Clubs.

     Mrs. member Laurel Hall Clubs.

KEMP Van Nee, Mr. and Mrs. J. C., Plaza Hotel, Post and Stockton, (Sutter 7200).

KEMPER, Mr. and Mrs. George William, 533 Masonic Ave., (Tel. Bay View 7502).

KENDRICK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 2701 Pierce, (Fillmore 2116).

     Miss Marie A. KENDRICK, 2701 Pierce, (Fillmore 2116).

KENNEDY, Mr. George A., 35 Santa Ana, cor. St. Francis, (Sunset 2929).

KENNEDY, Mr. and Mrs. James, The Misses, 2452 Broadway, (Fillmore 3489)

KENT, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M., 221 5th Ave., (Pacific 1704).

KENT, Mr. and Mrs. Platt, (San Mateo, Cal.), 224 W. Poplar, (Tel. San Mateo 1140).

KENT, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T., Hawthorne Hills, San Anselmo, (San Anselmo 642-W).

KENT, Hon. and Mrs. William (nee Elizabeth Thacher), Kentfield, Marin County, Cal., (Tel. San Anselmo 2322).

     Mr. member University; The Family; Marin Golf & Country; and Lagunitas Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club and Woman's Athletic Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Adaline D. KENT, (Care American Express Co., Paris, France).

     Mr. Sherman KENT (at Yale University); Mr. Roger KENT (at Yale University).

KENT, Mr. and Mrs. William Jr., 2956 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 2382).

KENYON, Miss Emma S., 2204 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 5643).

     KENYON, Miss Anne C.

     BIGELOW, Mr. and Mrs. Guy J. K., 2204 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 5643). Country Home, "Oak Lawns", Sonoma, Cal.

KEPNER, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 19 Jordan Ave., (Tel. Bay View 6817).

KER, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 117 Lyon, (Park 1700).

KER, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest R., 10 Hemway, (Tel. Pacific 9559).

KERN, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F., 2765 Union, (Tel. Fillmore 807).

KERNER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis P., 270 20th Ave., (Bay View 688).

KERR, Mr. and Mrs. James Watt, 606 11th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1822).

KERR, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B., 1016 Balboa, (Bay View 1020).

KERR, Dr. William J., 180 West Poplar Ave., San Mateo, Cal., (Tel. San Mateo 27).

     Member University; Bohemian; The Faculty; and University of California Clubs; also member Scottish Rite; Shrine; and Master Mason.

KERR, Mr. William Watt, 2160 Vallejo, (Tel. West 2190).

KERRIGAN, Judge Frank H., 2335 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 3634).

KERRIGAN, Mrs. Jessie McNab, 2790 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 3906).

KEYES, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D., 3476 Jackson, (Fillmore 3436).

KEYSTON, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 32 Parnassus Ave., (Market 4768).

KEYSTON, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jr., 912 Clayton, (Park 6656).

KEYSTON, Mr. and Mrs. William D., El Drisco Hotel, 2901 Pacific Ave.,  (Fillmore 1352).

KIERSTED, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stevens, Hillsborough, San Mateo Co., Cal., or Carlton Apts., 840 Powell, (Tel. Kearny 5273).

     Member University (S. F.); Burlingame Country; and Army & Navy  (Washington D. C. ) Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francesca Club.

KIERLUFF, Mr. and Mrs. Geo Dudley, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2955 Avalon, (Tel. Berkeley 1435).

     Mr. member Claremont Country; Faculty (Berkeley); & Claremont  (Berkeley) Clubs.

     Mrs. member Town & Gown (Berkeley) and S. F. Musical Clubs.

KIERLUFF, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C., 15 Walnut, (Fillmore 4428).

KIERLUFF, Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph L., 2311 Broderick, (Tel. Fillmore 1111).

     Mr. member Marin Golf & Country and S. F. Fly Casting Clubs.

     Mr. E. Newton KIERLUFF, (R. S. M.), Member Olympic and Touring Club of '    France.

KIMBALL, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H., 592 20th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 5669).

KIMBALL, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman, Menlo Oaks, Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 2276-W).

     Mr. member University and San Francisco Commercial Clubs.

     Mrs. member National League for Woman's Service.

     Miss Charlotte and Mr. Frederick Wright KIMBALL.

KIMBLE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 5356 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, Los Angeles, Cal.

     Miss Barbara KIMBLE.

KIMBUL, Dr. and Mrs. Morton S., (Oakland, Cal.), 5855 Prospect Dr., (Tel. Piedmont 2316).

     Miss Elizabeth Foster.

     Dr. member Mt. Diablo Country Club and Athenian-Nile Club (Oakland).

KINCAID, Mrs. May Joseph, Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal., (Tel. Douglas 2774) or 26 O'Farrell, Kohler, & Chase Bldg., San Francisco.

     Member Pioneer Daughters.

KINDT, Mr. and Mrs. Albert F., (Berkeley, Cal.), 161 Hillcrest Road, (Tel. Berkeley 4814).

KINDT, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Vance, 3406 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 4773).

KING, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D., Stanford Court Apts., (Tel. Kearny 1326).

     Miss Geraldine KING.

KING, Mr. and Mrs. Boswell F., 2907 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 3962).

KING, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B., (Berkeley, Cal.), Ashby and Piedmont Ave., (Berkeley 1863).

KING, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B., 50 Laurel, near Lake, (Fillmore 272).

KING, Frederick Randolph, 2205 Buchanan, (Tel. Fillmore 6266).

     Member University; Burlingame Country; and Harvard Clubs.

     Mr. Boswell Farrington KING, Mr. Thomas Starr KING.

     Mr. William Norris KING.

KING, Mr. and Mrs. George-Lyman, (Piedmont, Cal.), 12 Sea View Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 1012).

     Member Claremont Country.

     Mr. Lyman-Stevenson KING.

KING, Mrs. Homer S., (Summit B.), 1898 Broadway, cor. Octavia, (West 2524).

     Miss Genevieve; Miss Hazel.

KING, Mrs. Joseph L., 2301 Scott, cor. Washington, (Fillmore 1701).

     Mr. Percy L. KING.

KING, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Jr., 2114 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 5079).

KING, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. H., 858 Dolores, (Valencia 3008).

KINGSBURY, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard C., 1448 8th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 1381).

KINGSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Raleigh, 2300 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 1457).

     FOLLIS, Mr. Ralph Gwin.

KINGSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Paul F., 2790 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1706).

     Miss Margaret KINGSTON.

KINGWELL, Dr. and Mrs. John J., 172 Funston Ave., (Tel. Pacific 8730).

     Miss Dorothy KINGWELL.

KINNER, Mrs. Esther O., 552 15th Ave., (Pacific 7831).

KINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. C. C., (Berkeley, Cal.), 28 Oakvale, (Berkeley 2022).

     Member Faculty; Commonwealth; and Claremont Country Clubs.

     Miss Kathleen KINNEY.

KINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W., (Piedmont, Cal.), 358 Hillside Ave., (Tel. Piedmont 7532).

KINSELL, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S., 111 30th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 6796).

KINSLOW, Dr. Frank A., Flood Bldg., (Tel. Douglas 68).

KIRK, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, (and Miss Theresa MILLER), 2412 Pine,  (Fillmore 1631).

KITCHENER, Mr. and Mrs. Albert F., 1020 Union, (Tel. Franklin 7153).

KITTLE, Mr. Allen I., 2501 Scott, (West 347) and Ross, Marin Co., Cal.

KITTLE, Mrs. Jonathan G., (Harriette de WITT), 2501 Scott, (Tel. Fillmore 8020) and Ross, Cal.

KITTREDGE, Mrs. Edward H., Saratoga, Santa Clara County.

KLEIN, Mr. and Mrs. William, 272 21st. Ave., (Tel. Bay View 5347).

KLEINHANS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 627 16th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 3819).

KLEVESAHL, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., 152 16th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3955).

KLIMM, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J., 1242 8th Ave., (Tel. Sunset 1947).

     Member Olympic Club; Rotary Club; and Health Commission of San Francisco.

KLINGER, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 60 Palm Ave., (Tel. Pacific 7748).

     Member Union League Club; Islam Temple; and Mutual Business Club.

     Mr. Myron H., Mr. Seth A., and Mr. Harold F. KLINGER.

KLINK, Mr. and Mrs. George T., 2006 Lyon, (Tel. West 871).

KLINK, Mr. and Mrs. William Marcy, 84 5th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 5649).

     Member Presidio Golf Club.

     Miss Carol and Miss Elizabeth Seymour KLINK.

KLINKER, Mr. and Mrs. Victor, Clift Hotel, (Tel. Prospect 2903).

KNECHT, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav., 55 West Clay Park, (Tel. Pacific 2903).

     Mr. member Bohemian; Olympic; Presidio Golf; and S. F. Golf & Country Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca; Woman's Athletic Clubs; and Los Angeles Golf and Country Clubs.

     Miss Martha Jane and Master Gustav KNECHT Jr.

KNIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dexter, 58 Woodland Ave., (Tel. Sunset 4950).

     Miss Helen Margaret KNIGHT; Miss Edna Christmas KNIGHT.

KNIGHT, Mrs. Elizabeth Dowsett, 1824 Jackson, (Tel. Walnut 653).

KNIGHT, Mrs. George A., Clift Hotel, (Prospect 4700).

KNIGHT, Miss Geraldine, Georgian Apts., 1155 Jones, (Tel. Franklin 8760).

     Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Humphreys.

KNIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel., Hillsborough, (Burlingame P. O.) Cal., (Tel. Burlingame 10).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union; Burlingame Country; Old Colony; and S. F. Commercial Clubs.

     Mrs. member Francisca Club.

KNORP, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Frederick, 3100 Clay, cor. Baker, (Tel. West  2206).

KNOWLES, Dr. and Mrs. Calvin William, 2438 Green, (Tel. Fillmore 1353).

     Mr. Curtis Samuel KNOWLES and Mr. Thurston Dumas KNOWLES.

     Dr. member Olympic Club.

     Mrs. member Woman's Athletic Club.

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E., (Oakland, Cal.), 954 12th St., (Tel. Oakland 2353).

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J., (Piedmont, Cal.), 415 Mountain Ave., (Tel. Humboldt 625).

     Mr. member Pacific-Union Club (San Francisco).

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club (San Francisco).

     Miss Jessie C. KNOWLES, member Francisca Club of San Francisco.

     Mr. Josiah N. KNOWLES.

KNOWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Harper L., 1390 Taylor, (Tel. Prospect 10147).

KNOX, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edwin, (Berkeley, Cal.), Cloyne Court, (Tel. Thornwall 2674).

     Mr. member Bohemian Club (San Francisco) and Mt. Diablo Country Club (Diablo).

KNOX, Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant, (Oakland, Cal.), 305 Palm Ave., (Tel. Glencourt 932).

     Mr. member University Club and Lieutenant in World War.

     Mrs. member Town & Country Club of San Francisco.

KOENIG, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., 531 35th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 4816).

     Miss Anita Louise KOENIG.

KOLLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Max, 762 12th Ave., (Tel. Bay View 3112).

     Miss Blanche KOLLMAN.

KORBEL, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Victor, Petaluma, Cal., or Korbel, Sonoma Co., Cal.

KOSHLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Adolf, 189 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 1811).

KOSHLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Edward, 3800 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7836).

KOSHLAND, Mrs. Marcus S., 3800 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7836).

KOSHLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Max L., Palace Hotel, (Tel. Sutter 700).

KOSHLAND, Captain and Mrs. Robert J., 3800 Washington, (Tel. Bay View 7836).

KOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J., 2100 Jackson, (Tel. Fillmore 267).

     Miss Jane; Miss Anne; Miss Lisette; and Miss Louise KOSTER.

KOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Harold W., 676 Funston Ave., (Pacific 8885).

KOSTER, General and Mrs. John A., 145 Paloma, Ingleside, (Randolph 2762).

KREFT, Mr. and Mrs. Armand B., Burlingame, Cal., (Burlingame 163-W).

KREISS, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L., 1429 Sacramento, (Franklin 2779).

KRUGER, Mr. and Mrs. George, 283 30th Ave., "Sea Cliff", (Tel. Bay View 4104).

     Member Sphinx; Sequoia; and Olympic Clubs.

KRUGER, Mr. and Mrs. George Daniels, (Alice Steuat).

KRUSE, Mr. and Mrs. Emile Theodore, (Berkeley, Cal.), 2727 Haste, (Tel. Berkeley 4354-W).

KUECHLER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry N., (San Rafael, Cal.), 310 Forbest Ave., (Tel. San Rafael 709).

KUHL, Mrs. Max J., 44 21st Ave., (Tel. Bay View 9051).

KUHN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 3232 Pacific Ave., (Fillmore 4885) and Saratoga, Cal.

KUHN, Mr. and Mrs. William S., Burlingame, Cal.

     Miss Katharine; Miss Marianne; Mr. Wendell; and Mr. Jerome KUHN.

KUNZ, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, (Alameda, Cal.), 1720 San Antonio Ave., (Alameda 1389).

KUTNER, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred.

KUYKENDALL, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A., 1220 - 16th Ave., (Sunset 86).

LACOSTE, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, 3233 Jackson, (Fillmore 1325).

LACOSTE, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P., 3169 Clay, (Tel. Fillmore 269).

LAKE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Billings; Mr. Frederick B. Jr., (Covelo, Cal.).

LALLY, Mr. Harry T., 1816 Pacific Ave., (Tel. Fillmore 7458).

LAMB, Mrs. Peter, 16 Commonwealth Ave., (Tel. Bay View 2455).

LA MONTAGNE, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clinton, Menlo Park, Cal., (Tel. Menlo Park 329).

LANDER, Dr. and Mrs. Charles J., 600 15th Ave., (Tel. Pacific 1067).   Office: Flood Bldg., (Tel. Douglas 4902).

     Dr. member California Golf Club; Union League Club; Commonwealth Club; Shrine; and Swedish Club of San Francisco.

     Miss Avis Elizabeth LANDER.



Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

© 2009 Sally Kaleta.