Information from the TIMES DELTA Newspaper of Visalia


[Old written notes]


Oct. 28, 1902


   A convention of the Women’s Clubs of this district embracing counties of Tulare, Kern, Kings, and Fresno was held in this city today.  Nearly all of the towns of the District having clubs being represented.  In the morning were reports of district officers, chapters and committees.  Afternoon work of the session taken up, Mrs. E. O. Larkins nominated for vice-president,  Mrs. W. R. Spalding was a member of the nominating committee.  Several amendments were proposed - one provides for election of district officers by delegates at District convention instead of present system.


Attending were:


Kern County

Mrs. M. E. Hutchins

Mrs. C. D. Pierson

Miss Marjorie Haynes



Mrs. B. C. Hutchinson

Mrs. W. E. Marden



Mrs. J. H. Fox



Mrs. Cowan



Mrs. N. Abrams



Mrs. Abers

Mrs. Willis

Mrs. Babcock

Mrs. Colts



Mrs. C. E. Southworth



Mrs. W. Whittington

Mrs. C. W. Mathews

Mrs. W. W. Green



Mrs. H. G. Stuart



Mrs. M. L. Pettit

Miss Margaret Hanson



April 21, 1904


   On Friday April 22 a “meeting of the Executive Committee of the Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs was held at the home of Mrs. W. B. Wallace.  Mrs. L. Lawrence, of Visalia, president of the Federation was present.  Mrs. Florence Cross of Visalia and Mrs. Dodge of Hanford past presidents were also present.”



November 1, 1904


   Notice of coming convention to be held Nov. 3, 4, & 5.  Mrs. Buss was vice-president and Mrs. G. L. Smith of San Francisco was president of the State Federation of Women’s Clubs. 


   Late in the afternoon of the 3rd,  a proposal to incorporate the Valley Federation in the State Federation was to have been brought up for a hearing and discussion.  Mrs. G. L. Smith, president of the State Federation, was present to speak for that body.  As this will be the third year that the matter has been discussed it is likely that some definite action will be taken at this time.  A number of members of the Valley Federation oppose the proposal to come under the jurisdiction of the state body, thereby, forfeiting the right to choose their own topics for discussion and being subservient in several other matters of local import.  The sentiment against the union is strong at this session as in the past years and it is likely that the proposal will be strongly opposed.


November 4, 1904


   Proposal voted down “until such time as the state body shall amend its constitution in a manner insuring to the Valley Federation such privileges as is declared are due it.


Resolution Passed



   The San Joaquin Valley Federation has requested the California State Federation of Women’ s Club to amend it constitution permitting and granting the various districts to elect their own presidents, considering that as each district is self supporting-should be self supporting-and


   Said request has been refused and said amendment rejected by said body, be it

          Resolved, by this San Joaquin Valley Federation that no further action be taken by this body until such time as such State Federation shall so amend its constitution: and be it

          Resolved, that said state constitution be further amended to the effect that the President of said State Federation shall be chosen successively from the districts composing said Federation and that no president shall be entitled to be president a second time until one shall have been selected from each of the other districts; provided however that if any district shall upon its turn fail to provide a candidate for state president then the next district in order of succession shall be entitled to same and so on until a state president shall have been selected.


Respectfully submitted by committee:


Mrs. E. O. Larkins

Mrs. J. E. Hughes

Mrs. L. C. Dunham

Mrs. Emma Fox

Mrs. V. I. Willis

Mrs. Florence Cross


November 5, 1904


   This matter was brought up again next day.  Mrs. W. W. Cross explained the merger would be “declared as soon as the State Federation had taken the action desired.”


Officers elected November 4, 1904


President: Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Fresno

Vice-President: Mrs. J. W. Rhodes, Hanford

Recording Secretary: Mrs. W. R. Spalding, Visalia

Correspondence Secretary: Mrs. G. W. Warlow, Fresno

Treasurer: Mrs. Helen Elam, Dinuba



Subjects discussed at the November 1904 Convention at Visalia


   “Shall we rescue the English language from the inroads of ‘done’ and ‘seen’.  “Are we in danger of becoming like France, a nation without homes?”



   Resolved “That men are more satisfactory than women for instruction of boys.”



   This convention was just a few days before the national election of Theodore Roosevelt and Chas Fairbanks and yet no mention of this at the convention.




April 24, 1905


Ex-presidents of San Joaquin Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs


1898  Miss Nellie Boyd, Fresno

1899  Mrs. Emma Fox, Lemoore

1900  Mrs. R. H. Stevens, Bakersfield

1901  Mrs. Florence Cross, Visalia

1902  Miss Nellie Boyd, Fresno

1903  Mrs. George A. Dodge, Hanford

1904  Mrs. L. Lawrence, Visalia


April 27th , 28th  & 29th  1905

Officers at the Convention at Fresno


President: Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Fresno

Vice-President: Mrs. J. N. Rhoads, Hanford

Recording Secretary: Mrs. W. R. Spalding, Visalia

Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. G. L. Warlow, Fresno

Treasurer: Mrs. Helen Elam, Dinuba


Greetings - Mrs. J. E. Cowles President of California Federation of Women’s Clubs




April 29, 1905




   In its place is the District Federation a part of the state organization.  The vital question has at last been decided and hereafter there will be no more San Joaquin Valley Federation but in its place a San Joaquin Valley District and as such will be a part – and a large part too – of the state Federation.

   It was not without some feeling of regret that this change has been made and yet every club woman deep down in her heart feels that the change was a wise one and that the time had arrived to make it.  Since the meeting of the State Federation last February at which time the rights demanded by the Valley organization were conceded there has been no doubt in the minds of the club leaders that this change would be made and with broad mindedness and wisdom behind it.  So it has come about that there is no longer a Valley Federation.  The officers, however, of this organization will still continue to hold office as officers of the district until November when a special meeting will be held in Reedley for the purpose of electing new officers of the district.  All other business and rights of all kinds will remain unchanged.

   Under head of unfinished business there was nothing of importance.  At the announcement of new business Mrs. W. W. Cross of Visalia made a motion that the San Joaquin Valley Federation merge into the San Joaquin Valley District Federation seconded by Mrs. Emma Fox of Lemoore who added that in order to be in good working order it was deemed advisable to make the change now.  The officers would be the officers elect of the district “we are really one and the same,” said Mrs. Fox, “The district will complete the work in the fall.”  The president then called upon Mrs. Cowles State President for expression.  She said, “that she appreciated fully the loyalty of the club women to their early organization but said Mrs. Cowles, “You will not know that you are anything different from what you have been.”  She extended a hearty welcome into the state body and was altogether cheering and inspiring in brief well chosen remarks which closed thus- “Hope is a propelling power and let us propel ourselves by that very hope.  “Finally a vote was taken by roll call the motion to merge into San Joaquin Valley District being unanimously carried. 


Committee on reorganization: 

Mrs. Florence Cross, Visalia

Mrs. W. B. Nichols, Dinuba

M. L. Parkhurst, Fowler

Mrs. G. L. Hoxie, Fresno



November 18, 1905


   District Federation of Women Clubs met in Reedley today.  Among those who took part were Mrs. Robert Johnston of this city who read a paper on Forestry and Mrs. Florence Cross who read the report of the committee on reorganization.  The following were in attendance:  Miss Julia Levy President of Women’s Club (Reedley), Miss Margaret Hansen, Mrs. M. L. Pettit, Mrs. W. R. Spalding, Mrs., Florence Cross, Mrs. Robert Johnston, Mrs. N. N. Cross, Mrs. E. O. Larkins, Mrs. Emma Fox, Mrs. Spaulding is Recording Secretary of the Federation.


Mrs. Weaver of Visalia had a paper at the April 29, 1905 Convention.  On English humorous articles on women’s clubs, Mrs. Weaver deprecated and stated that she was certain that the only reason that there has been no humorous article on the San Joaquin Valley Federation is because Grover Cleveland has not heard of it.


Next meeting at Hanford in May 1906 was mentioned in May 1905.



TIMES – DELTA , Visalia

April 7, 1908


Convention meeting at Selma, April 10th & 11th  1908


“This is the first meeting of the Federation since it convened in Fresno 3 years ago and changed from Valley into District Federation.  The following year (1906) there was no session on account of unsettled conditions following the San Francisco disaster and last year there was simply an Executive Board meeting.

   This year therefore is to be a general rally of club forces throughout the valley and every club woman who can possibly do so in planning to be present in person.”


   There were 25 clubs listed:


District President: Mrs. D. S. Snodgrass of Selma

Vice-President: Mrs. A. R. Nicholson, Fresno

Recording Secretary: Mrs. G. W. Railsback, Hanford

Corresponding Secretary: Miss Mary Cutler, Selma

Treasurer: Mrs. E. N. Tiffeny, Coalinga

Auditor: Mrs. R. L. Hargrove, Madera


District chairmen were: Program, Education, Art, Reciprocity, Civics, History & Landmarks, Household Economics, Forestry, Literature, Philanthropy & Club Extension.  Program included Address by District President Mrs. D. S. Snodgrass.  Response by Past President, Mrs. Dixon L. Phillips; State President, Mrs. Buss.



February 6th, 7th & 8th 1907 State Convention at Bakersfield


Nominations made on February 8th


President:  Mrs. Buss

Vice-President: Mrs. Bryant, Los Angeles

Vice-President (at large): Mrs. Charles S. Woodbury, Oakland

Recording Secretary: Mrs. Benson Wrenn, Bakersfield

Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Edna Koar, Kern

Treasurer: Mrs. N. Blee, Santa Cruz

Auditors: Mrs. Dixon Phillips, Hanford & Mrs. C. L. Donahoo, Willows

General Federation Secretary: Mrs. Robert Potter Hill, Eldridge



Transcribed by Nina Daniells Woodward found in her boxes of old Clubs papers. [1890-1983]