Grace Methodist Episcopal Church

San Francisco, California







Rev. John Stephens, D. D., Pastor


Residence, 3168 Twenty-first Street

Corner Twenty-First and Capp Streets

Telephone Mission 4913

Study Telephone – Market 420




Miss Charlotte E. Jones, Deaconess | | Mrs. Helen R. Peck, Superintenden of Sunday School |







11:00 a.m.-Public Worship

12:30 p.m.-Sunday School

6:00 p.m. Epworth League

7:30 p.m.-Public Worship (From April 1 to October 1 at 7:45.)


Sacrament of the Lord's Supper at the morning service on the first Sabbath of each alternate month.




7:45 p.m.-(First Monday) Official Board

7:45 p.m.-(Second Monday) Sunday School Board

7:45 p.m.-(Third Monday) Epworth League Business Meeting

7:30 p.m. (First Three Mondays) Queens of Avalon. (Third Monday) Open meeting.



7:30 p.m.-Knights of King Arthur


3:30 p.m.-Junior League

7:45 p.m.-General Prayer Meeting



2:30 p.m.-(Second Thursday) Ladies' Aid Society

7:45 p.m.-(First Thursday) Queen Esther.

8:00 p.m.-(Third Thursday) Business Meeting Methodist Brotherhood.




2:30 p.m. (First Friday) W. H. M. S.

2:30 p.m.-(Third Friday) W. F. M. S.



8:00 p.m.-Choir Rehearsal, Robert Husband, Chorister, 72 Bartlett Street.

T. K. Wittich, Organist, 1411 Sacramento Street.







Quarterly Conference


Resident Bishop , Edwin Holt Hughes, LL.D.

District Superintendent, W. C. Evans, D.D.. Room 209, 3 City Hall Ave.

Pastor, John Stephens, D.D. 3168 Twenty-first Street

Deaconesses, Miss Charlotte Jones, Mrs. Helen R. Peck

Trustees, Robert Husband, J.B. Taubman, Wm. Oakley, F. L. Turpin, I. J. Truman, Geo. W. Pennington, John Tunnicliffe

Board of Stewards

District Steward, Geo. M. Hench

Recording, Steward, I. H. Sanborn

C. T. Pfarrer, Geo. M. Hench, Chas. Kern, H. S. McCurdy, H. J. Stetson, Louis Paltenghi, Edwin Tregoning, I H. Sanborn, C. W. Stoffers, Chas. W. Glasson, Dr. F. D. Ashworth, Sidney Watson, Robert Tunnicliffe, Frank Lutley, Dr. O. G. Freyermuth, A. F. Pendrey, John Debenham, Harry Badger, Edward J. Bennett, Chas. Stanbridge, M. H. Sammis.

Local Preachers, James E. Pescott, 3866 23rd St.

Frank A. Rounds, 135 Coleridge Avenue.

Fred S. Wythe, 920 Taylor St.

Fred Horridge, College Park.

H. R. Harris, Sausalito, P.O. Box 115.

Located Elder, L. W. Simmons, Easton.

Superintendent of Sunday School, Mrs. Helen R. Peck, 129 Haight St.

President of Ladies' Aid, Mrs. Effie Cleaveland, 487 Fair Oaks Street.

President Epworth League, John Woolfrey, 3168 Twenty-first Street.

Superintendent of Junior League, Miss Charlotte E. Jones, 129 Haight Street.

Quarterly Conference Committees.


Pulpit Supply, Robt. Husband, John Tunnicliffe, Fred Wythe.

Foreign Mission, Arthur Priddle, Mrs. C. W. Glasson, Mrs. Howell.

Home Missions, Mrs. L. J..Roberts, Miss Mabel Lamb, Frank Merritt.

Temperance, Fred Head, Percy Yendoll, Walter Quedens.

Tracts, Miss Grace Fritz, Miss Gladys Hewitt, Miss Bertha Howell.

Freedman's Aid, W. W. Howe, Mrs. McQuie, Mrs. Merritt.

Sunday School, Miss Muller, Mr. Barter, Mr. J. H. Sammis.

Education, J. Stromswald, Roy G. Banks, Miss Elizabeth Maston.

Orphanage, Mrs. McIntyre, Miss Emma J. Dorin, Mrs. Beaumont, Mrs. Pennington, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Truman.

Parsonage and Furniture, Mrs. Beaumont, John Tunnicliffe, Mrs. Pennington, Wm. Oakley, Mrs. Wiester, Chas. Kern.

Music, Robt. Husband, T. K. Wittich, John Debenham.

Superannuates, F A. Rounds, I.H. Sanborn, Mrs. Bittenbender.

American Bible Society, Thos. Wasley, Mrs. Montell, Miss Emily Bean.

Church Records and Auditing, D. R. Swift, Arthur Williams.

Estimating, C. T. Pfarrer, F. L. Turpin, John Tunnicliffe.









Membership same as Quarterly Conference.




John Stephens, Chairman

I.H. Sanborn, Secretary

F.L. Turpin, Treasurer Emeritus

John Tunnicliffe, Treasurer

C.T. Pfarrer, Financial Secretary




Finance, John Tunnicliffe, C. T. Pfarrer, F. L. Turpin, I. H. Sanborn, Robert Husband, C. W. Stoffers.

Church Dates, Chas. J. Kern, Those desiring use of church should consult with the committee.

Committee on Church Property, C. J. Kern, J. E. Pescott, Sidney Watson.


Ushers and Collectors

John Tunnicliffe, Chairman


Frank Lutley

C. J. Kern

Robert Tunnicliffe

C. W. Stoffers

C. T. Pfarrer, Assistant


Harry Badger

John Woolfrey

E. J. Bennett

F. D. Lewis

Chorister, Robert Husband, 72 Bartlett

Organist, T.K. Wittich, 1411 Sacramento

Sexton, N. Billings, 2534 Mission



Superintendent, Mrs. Helen R. Peck

First Assistant Supt., Mr. John B. Woolfrey

Second Assistant Supt., Mr. Frank O. Merritt

Recording Secretary, Mr. Chas. E. Stanbridge

Enrolling Secretary, Mr. D. R. Swift

Treasurer, Mr. Louis Paltenghi

Librarian, Mr. Edwin Pendrey

Pianist, Miss Pearl Stetson

Chorister, Mr. Louis Paltenghi

Supt. Intermediate Dept., Miss Mabel Lamb

Supt. Junior Dept., Mrs. R. S. Cleaveland

Supt. Primary Dept., Mrs. C. W. Glasson

Supt. Beginners' Dept., Miss Carol Gibson

Supt. Home Dept., Mrs. M. L. Bittenbender

Supt. Cradle Roll, Miss Anna Jones



President, Mrs. Effie Cleaveland

First Vice-President, Mrs. John Stephens

Second Vice-President, Mrs. Robert Husband

Secretary, Mrs. Clara Bittenbender

Treasurer, Mrs. E. T. Tregoning

Board of Managers.

Mrs. G. W. Pennington

Mrs. A. E. Bean

Mrs. F. A. Rounds

Mrs. Grace Montell

Mrs. J. W. Randolph

Mrs. Chas. Stanbridge

Mrs. Minnie McCurdy



President, Mrs. John Tunnicliffe

First Vice-President, Mrs. John Stephens

Second Vice-President, Mrs. Jennie Burt

Third Vice-PresidentT, Mrs. McQuie

Recording Secretary, Mrs. Stella Canham

Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. E. T. Tregoning

Treasurer, Mrs. F. A. Rounds

Sec. Mothers' Jewels, Mrs. Bittenbender

Sec. Mite Boxes, Mrs. C. S. Gibson

Sec. Literature, Mrs. L. J. Roberts

Sec. Supplies, Mrs. Robert Husband

Supt. Queen Esther Circle, Miss Charlotte Jones


An organization of young women whose object is to help Home Missions.

President, Mrs. Fred Trevorrow

Secretary, Miss Bessie Cummins

Treasurer, Miss Eunice Gibson




President, Mrs. C. S. Gibson

First Vice-President, Mrs. John Stephens

Second Vice-President, Mrs. M. E. Merritt

Third Vice-President, Mrs. E. Knapp

Recording Secretary, Mrs. F. A. Rounds

Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. S. Canham

Treasurer, Mrs. A. Studley

Supt. L. L. Bearers, Mrs. J. Burt

Asst. Supt. L. L. Bearers, Miss Carol Gibson

Supt. Standard Bearers, Miss Edna Howell




President, John B. Woolfrey

First Vice-President, Chas. E. Stanbridge

Second Vice-President. Miss Carol Gibson

Third Vice-President. Mr. F. D. Lewis

Fourth Vice-President, Miss Emily Bean

Recording Secretary, Miss Bertha Howell

Corresponding Secretary, Miss Pearl Stetson

Treasurer, Miss Johnson

Chorister, Mr. Arthur Williams

Pianist, Miss Charlotte Jones

Junior League Supt., Miss Charlotte Jones




President, O. G. Freyermuth

First Vice-President, Frank Merritt

Second Vice-President. John Tunnicliffe

Third Vice-President, C. W. Glasson

Fourth Vice-President, C. W. Kern

Treasurer, Sidney Watson

Secretary, J. A. Stinchcomb




Castle Golden Gate No. 1279

Meeting every Tuesday evening. 7:30





Court California No. 47

Meetings first three Monday evenings, 7:30

Leader, Mrs. H. J. Stetson, 2027 Hayes St.




Patient Workers' Circle

President, Miss Emma J. Dornin

Vice-President, Mrs. Russell S. Cleaveland

Secretary, Mrs. J. H. Flint

Assistant Secretary, Miss Elizabeth Maston

Treasurer, Mrs. A. Krausse




President, Mrs. A. A. Knox

Vice-President, Miss Amy Cookson

Secretary, Mrs. Robert Tunnicliffe

Treasurer, Mrs. Bert Canedy







Financial Report


Sept. 1, 1911 to Sept. 1, 1912






For Current Expenses.





Plate Collections






Poor Fund



Piano Fund






Marie Louise Smith Endowment Fund



Parsonage Rent



Due Treasurer Sept. 1, 1911






Balance on Notes







For Benevolences


(Also see Benevolence Report.)

Church Subscriptions

$  228.04


Prayer Meeting Missions



Sunday School---Birthday Money



Sunday School---Children's Day



City Church Extension Society






Total Receipts





Pastor's Salary



Parsonage Rent



District Superintendent



Pulpit Supply















Light, Water, & Fuel






Taxes on Parsonage






Poor Fund






Bal. On hand, Sept. 1, 1912






Bills Payable



Paid on Notes




On Benevolences.


(Also See Benev. Report)

General Benevolences



General Benevolences



McKinley Orphanage



Deaconess Home



City Church Extension Society






Total Disbursements


$10,382, 59





pg. 22



Receipts, Sept. 1, 1911 to Sept. 1, 1912.




Sunday School Mission


Prayer Meeting Mission


Epworth League


Vouchers for amounts paid





E. J. BENNETT, Sec'y Benevolences.




Board of Foreign Missions

$ 400.

Board of Home Missions and Church Extension


Sunday School Board




Epworth League


Board of Education


College of the Pacific


Freedman's Aid


American Bible Society


Conference Claimants


Women's Foreign Missionary Society


Women's Home Missionary Society


Other Benevolences













Name, Address


Ackerman, Charles, 2738 Folsom St.

Ahrens, Mrs. Amelia, 1231 Shotwell St.

Ahrens, Mildred, 1231 Shotwell St.

Allan, Mrs. R. E., 1239 4th Ave., Sunset

Allan, Mrs. M. R., 527 Hill St.

Allen, Mrs. Lillian, Petaluma

Ames, Mrs. Emilie J., 1141 Dolores St.

Anderson, A. P., 505 Valencia St.

Anderson, Mrs. A. F., 505 Valencia St.

Anderson, Carl, Burlingame

*Anderson, Earl, 4293 23d St.

Anderson, Mrs. N., 830 Cole St.

Anderson, Miss Rachel, 830 Cole St.

Anderson, Georgiana B., 981 Capp St.

Armstrong, Mrs. A. E., 2892 Folsom St.

Armstrong, Freda, 2892 Folsom St.

Armstrong, Mrs. John

Armstrong, Sam J.

Arnold, Parmer, 2113 Castro St.

Ashworth, Dr. F. D., 1419 Dolores St.

Ashworth, Mrs. F. D., 1419 Dolores St.

Aston, H., 576 Liberty St.

Aston, Mrs. H., 576 Liberty St.

Aston, Harvey, 576 Liberty St.

Ayers, Mrs. C. M., 991 Valencia St.


*Babcock, Violet, 539 Utah St.

Badger, Harry, 852 Carolina St.

Badger, Mrs. Harry E., 852 Carolina St.

Baerschmidt, Miss Lisette, 1141 Dolores St.

Bailey, H. F., 150 San Carlos Ave.

Bailey, Mrs. H. F., 150 San Carlos Ave.

Baker, Frederick, 1020 Alabama St.

Baker, Walter, 1020 Alabama St.

*Baker, Miss Mattie, 37 Fair Oaks St.

Balkwell, Mrs. Mary, 642 Hampshire St.

Banks, Roy G., 4463 25th St.

Barnard, Mrs. C. Harris

Barter, Arthur, 8 Chattanooga St.

Barter, Mrs. Arthur, 8 Chattanooga St.

Battelle, Dr. E. L., Los Angeles, Cal.

Battelle, Leslie, Los Angeles, Cal.

Bean, Mrs. A. E., 274 Cumberland St.

Bean, Miss Emily L., 274 Cumberland St.

Bean, Wesley, 274 Cumberland

Bean, Dorothy, 350 Eureka St.

Bean, Ruth, 350 Eureka St.

Beatie, Mrs. Janet M., San Rafael, Cal.

Beaumont, Mrs. Martha, 3359 23d St.

Beaumont, John E., 3359 23d St.

Bell, Mrs. Adele R., 3140 West St., Oak.

Belser, Paul A., 1261 Church St.

Belser, Mrs. Paul A., 1261 Church St.

Benda, Mrs. J., 875 Church St.

Benda, Jeanie, 875 Church St.

*Benda, Charlotte, 875 Church St.

Bennett, E. J., 2379 Mission St.

Berg, Mrs. Alice D., 1973 Howard St.

Berryman, Mrs. L., 205 ½ Fair Oaks St.

Berryman, Bevan, 205 ½ Fair Oaks St.

Bigger, J. M., Holt, Calif.

Bigger, Mrs. J. M., Holt, Calif.

Bigelow, Cecil E., 943 Diamond St.

Bigelow, Mrs. Maud, 943 Diamond St.

Billings, Nelson, 2534 Mission St.

Bittenbender, Martin L., 72 Bartlett St.

Bittenbender, Mrs. M. L., 72 Bartlett St.

Blabon, Mrs. Zaida T., Oakland, Calif.

Blackman, Mrs. Ella, 1087 Valencia St., Apt. C

Blakeway, Gladys, 3561 20th St.

Bond, Harry, 2939 Harrison St.

Bond, Beryl, 2939 Harrison St.

Bosschart, Mrs. Jane, 729A San Jose Ave.

Bowen, Charles, 87 Chattanooga St.

Bowker, Mrs. Fannie E., Trinity Hospital, S. F.

Boller, Annie, 1752 Bryant St.

Boller, Gertrude, 1752 Bryant St.

Brussell, Ethel, 228 Winfield Ave.

Bullen, Irene L., 933 Hampshire St.

Bultmann, Miss Sadie M., 1115 Shotwell St.

Bultmann, Harry, 1115 Shotwell St.

Burkhalter, Mrs. Alice B., 274 Cumberland St.

Burt, Mrs. Jennie R., 224 Shotwell St.

Butler, Mrs. Josephine, 2724 Bryant St.

Byxbee, Mrs. Daisy T., Santa Cruz, Cal.


Cadogan, Mrs. Sadie M.

Canada, Mrs. T., 120 Diamond St.

Canada, Claudie, 120 Diamond St.

Canada, Viola, 120 Diamond St.

Canedy, Mrs. Evelyn B., 940 Hampshire St.

Canham, Mrs. Stella, 3168 21st St.

Canham, Miss Stella, 3168 21st St.

Carlson, Miss Mabel, 84 Cumberland St.

Carlyon, Ezekiel, 363 12th Ave.

Carter, George L.

Carter, Mrs. George L.

Casey, Mrs. Lucy, 628 Shotwell St.

Casey, Miss Mattie J., 628 Shotwell St.

Casey, Miss May, 628 Shotwell St.

Castelhun, Mrs. Clara Belle, 907 Valencia St.

Cate, Mrs., 158A Lexington Ave.

Cate, Edith, 158A Lexington Ave.

Chapman, Homer R., 785 Guerrero St.

Chase, Mrs. E. F., 3633 25th St.

Church, Mrs. O. S., 317 Parnassus Ave.

*Clark, Mrs. R.

Clark, Mrs. Anna M., 2318 Bryant St.

Clark, James, 2318 Bryant St.

Cleaveland, Mrs. Effie, 487 Fair Oaks St.

Cleveland, Miss Laura, City and County Hospital

Collier, Hartley B., 3541 20th Ave.

Combs, Edward A., 281 17th Ave.

Combs, Mrs. E. A., 281 17th Ave.

Cookson, Mrs. Elizabeth A., 339 San Carlos Ave.

Cookson, Miss Amy B., 339 San Carlos Ave.

Cornwell, Don C., 2113 Castro St.

Cornwell, Mrs. D. C., 2113 Castro St.

Cortelyou, Arthur, 2869 Folsom St.

Cox, Albert D., Myrtle Ave., Middleton, N. Y.

Cox, Mrs. Rowena G.

Cox, Mrs., 355 London St.

Crowhurst, Samuel G., 2668 Bryant St.

Crowhurst, Fred S., 2668 Bryant St.

Crowhurst, Miss Ella M., 2668 Bryant St.

Crowhurst, Francis, 2668 Bryant St.

Cummins, Miss Bessie, 72 Bartlett St.

Curtis, W. B., 4317 24th St.

Curtis, Mrs.W. B., 4317 24th St.

Curtis, Milton D., 4317 24th St.

Dale, Elsie

Danberry, James, 370 Valencia St.

Danberry, Mrs. James, 370 Valencia St.

Danly, Clinton, High St., Alameda, Cal.

Davidson, Mrs. Julia A., Santa Clara, Cal.

Davidson, Mrs. Mary A. P., University Mound Home

Davis, Miss Carrie G., 940 Washington St.

Davis, Mrs. Lucy C., Sacramento, Cal.

Dean, Mrs. Lydia A., 2627 Howard St.

Debenham, John, 3 Coleridge St.

Debenham, Mrs. J., 3 Coleridge St.

Debenham, Herbert, 3 Coleridge St.

Debenham, Miss Ella, 3 Coleridge St.

Debenham, Martin, 3 Coleridge St.

Debenham, Mildred, 3 Colebridge St.

De Kruse, Thelma, 832 Shotwell St.

Dering, Laura, 621 York St.

de Sano, Mignon, 3727 25th St.

Dickson, Mrs. Irma Stevens, Healdsburg, Cal.

Dollin, J. W., 59 Eureka St.

Dolliver, Mrs. Martha, Marblehead, Mass.

Dorfer, Harry, 322 14th St.

Dornin, Miss Emma J., 3538 21st St.

Dow, Percy A. R., 2126 Grove St., Oakland

Downey, Hattie, Ione, Cal.

*Downey, Lyla, Ione, Cal.

*Duncan, Mary, 375 Lexington Ave.

Duncan, Robert, 375 Lexington


East, Arthur, 3337 22d St.

East, Mrs. Arthur, 3337 22d St.

Edwards, Mrs. Mary E., 3377 Clay St.

Eide, Olga, 938 York St.

Eldridge, Mrs. F. Bond

Elkins, Mrs. Maude A.

Ellis, Merran, 91 Fair Oaks St.

Ellis, Francil, 91 Fair Oaks St.

Elvin, Mrs. Ethel Leib, 3802 23rd St.

Engelke, Mrs. Grace, 2507 Pine St.

Ewers, Mrs. Elizabeth, Hotel Carlton


Falls, Mrs. Amelia S., Los Angeles, Cal.

Fant, Mrs. Ethel D., 2117 Prince St., Berkeley

Fassett, Weston, Mint Ave.

Fisher, Miss Susie, 343 Woolsey St.

Flint, Mrs. Emma Salter, 2489 Howard St.

*Flittner, Alfred R., 2545 17th St.

Folan, Michael, 427 Geneva Ave.

Folkers, Mrs. Sarah, 493 Diamond St.

Folkers, Miss Mabel, 493 Diamond St.

Forrest, Mrs. Frank H., 1127 Hyde

Forsey, Mrs. Hannah, 658 Valencia St.

Foulkes, Ed. W., Oakland, Cal.

Fraser, Miss Agnes E., 2831 24th St.

Freeburg, Miss Minnie, Chicago, Ill.

Freyermuth, Dr. O. G., 1133 Guerrero St.

Fritz, Miss Dora, 440 Guerrero St.

Fritz, Miss Grace, 440 Guerrero St.


*Gale, Florence, 2440 24th St.

*Gale, Frank, 2440 24th St.

Galloway, Mrs. W. W. W., 933 Burnett Ave.

Galloway, Mrs. M. K., 145 San Jose Ave.

Galloway, Ione, 145 San Jose Ave.

*Gano, George L., 1685 Valencia St.

Garbutt, Joseph E., 706 San Jose Ave.

Gates, Mrs. Alice E., 36 Bartlett St.

George, John, 2494 Howard St.

Gibson, Mrs. Caroline S., 355 Fair Oaks St.

Gibson, Eunice L., 355 Fair Oaks St.

Gibson, Theodore G., 355 Fair Oaks St.

Gibson, Miss Alice, 355 Fair Oaks St.

Gibson, Miss Myra, 355 Fair Oaks St.

Gibson, Miss Caroline, 355 Fair Oaks St.

Gilbert, Harry, 768 London St.

Gilbert, Mrs. Mary E. W., 768 London

Gilberts, Mrs. E.

Girard, C. L., Salt Lake City, Utah

Girard, Mrs. C. L., Salt Lake City, Utah

Glasson, Charles W., 2331 Bryant St.

Glasson, Mrs. C. W., 2331 Bryant St.

Glasson, Charles R., 2331 Bryant St.

Glasson, Chester M., 2331 Bryant St.

Glasson, Raymond, 2331 Bryant St.

Goddard, Harry W., 3153 23d St.

Goddard, Mrs. H. W., 3153 23d St.

Goddard, Herbert, 3153 23d St.

Goddard, Alfred, 3153 23d St.

Goddard, Leslie, 3153 23d St.

Gomez, Mrs. Besise, 936 Arlington Ave., Oak.

Gordan, Willis, 1519 Noe St.

Gordan,Mrs. Willis, 1519 Noe St.

Gorman, Edward, 880 Shotwell St.

Gorman, John G., 880 Shotwell St.

Gorman, William B., 880 Shotwell St.

Gould, Mrs. Ella E., 2512 Mission St.

Grace, Mrs. Edyth Kell, 3520 17th St.

Graves, W. J., 9 Walter St.

Graves, Mrs. W. J., 9 Walter St.

Gray, Mrs. Harriett W., 3538 21st St.

Gray, John P. W., 3538 21st St.

Green, Mrs. Minnie Wright, 82 Bernal Ave.

Gribbon, Harry, 1532 Howard St.

Gruver, William E., 66 Laussat Ave.

Gruver, Mrs. W. E., 66 Laussat Ave.


Haagney, Mrs. Margaret, 1335 Laguna St.

Haagney, Miss Myrtle, 1335 Laguna St.

Haake, Mrs. C. F., Santa Cruz, Cal.

Hackett, Andrew J., Pleyto, Monterey Co., Cal.

Hall, Mrs. Charles, 2540 Mission St.

Hall, Garnet, 2540 Mission St.

Halsall, Albert E., Douglas, Isle of Man

Hamer, Vernon P., 376 Hayes St.

Haney, Mrs. Althea W.

Hansen, Harold, 91 Powers St.

*Hansen, Margaret, 91 Powers St.

Hansen, Mrs. M., 80 Dame St.

Hanson, Miss Lina, 3755 Army St.

Harlow, Myrtle, 2331 Bryant St.

Harris, H. R., Sausalito, P. O. Box 115

Harris, Mrs. H. R., Sausalito, P.O. Box 115

Harris, Norman E., 1019 Shotwell St.

Harris, Miss Mabel J., 1019 Shotwell St.

Harris, Miss Edith C., 1019 Shotwell St.

Harris, W. H.

Harris, Mrs. Carrie

*Hart, Vanessa, 1188 Guerrero St.

Hatch, Fred, 2408 Harrison St.

Hatch, Mrs. Fred, 2408 Harrison St.

Hayes, Harry, Sonoma, Cal.

Head, Frederick, 420 Kirkham St.

Head, Lloyd, Young Men's Christian Assn.

Helikson, John, 224 Shotwell St.

Hemphill, Miss Lillias, 38 Steiner St.

Hench, George M., 3343 21st St.

Hench, Mrs. George M., 3343 21st St.

Henderson, Evalena, Yuba City, Cal.

Henke, Bertha, 253 5th Ave.

Henke, J. T., 253 5th Ave.

Henke, Daniel, 253 5th Ave.

Herrick, Miss Mary, Oakland, Cal.

Hess, Miss Fern, 1354A Stevenson St.

*Hetzer, Clarence, 2351 Bryant St.

*Hetzer, Russell, 2351 Bryant St.

Hewitt, Mrs. Janet, 132 Hancock St.

Hewitt, Miss Gladys, 132 Hancock St.

Hildreth, Mrs. Annie, 502 Bartlett St.

Hiscox, R. A., 2517 Derby St., Berkeley

Hiscox, Mrs. R. A., 2517 Derby St., Berkeley

*Hively, William H., 2100 Turk St.

Hobron, Mrs. C. E., 1120 Magnolia St., Oakland

Hock, Mrs. Lillian O., San Rafael, Cal.

Hoey, Mrs. Bessie, 2934A Howard St.

Hoey, Clare, 2934A Howard St.

Hoey, Miss Myrtle, 2934A Howard St.

Hoffer, John, 3862 Army St.

Hoffer, Mrs. J., 3862 Army St.

Hoffer, John B., 3862 Army St.

Hoffer, Curtis H., 1960 El Dorado Ave., Berkeley

Holden, Mrs. R. E., 224 Minerva

Hollingsworth, Cebren S., Woodland, Cal.

Holmes, Mrs. C. S., Belvedere, Cal.

Holmes, Miss Nellie L., Belvedere, Cal.

Holtzman, Mrs. W. S., Carson, Nev.

Horridge, Fred, College Park, Cal.

Hornung, Mrs. Jean, 3031 Foothill Blvd., Fruitvale

Hough, Mrs. George A., 660 E. 41st St., Los Angeles

House, Mrs. Sarah, 3623 25th St.

House, Miss Anna M., 3623 25th St.

Howe, Wilbur W., 2084 Mission St.

Howell, Mrs. E., 583 Castro St.

Howell, Mrs. Mary, 2477 Mission St.

Howell, Miss Bertha, 2477 Mission St.

Howell, Miss Edna, 2477 Mission St.

Howell, Miss Dorothy, 2477 Mission St.

Husband, Robert, 72 Bartlett St.

Husband, Mrs. R., 72 Bartlett St.

Husband, Robert, Jr., 3050 22nd St.

*Hetzer, Clarence, 2351 Bryant St.

Hutchinson, A. H., 3623 19th St.

Hyde, Ralph, 263 Bartlett St.

Hyde, Elbert L., 263 Bartlett St.

Hyde, Leland, 263 Bartlett St.

Hynding, Mrs. Anna, Loleta, Humboldt Co., Cal.


Jackson, Robert, 313 Virginia Ave.

*Jackson, Ruth, 832 Shotwell St.

*Jackson, Elizabeth, 313 Virginia Ave.

Jacobs, Mrs. Carrie A., 406 San Jose Ave.

Jamieson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 1718 Bryant St.

Jessen, Miss Helen, 3538 21st St.

Johnson, Miss Oleen, 3221 21st St.

Johnson, Wesley P., 2489 Harrison St.

Johnson, William J., 3749 22nd St.

Johnston, Mrs. J., 82 Woodward St.

Jolly, John A., 132 Coleridge Ave.

Jones, Miss Anna, 713 York St.

Jones, Miss Charlotte, 129 Haight St.

Jones, Osgood K., Lincoln Way Apmts.

Jones, Mrs. O. K., Lincoln Way Apmts.

Jones, Miss Minnie, 129 Haight St.

Joost, Mrs. Nettie, 328 Caselli Ave.

*Jorgensen, Adeline, 921 Lincoln Way


*Kaiser, Miss Jennie, 1025 Shotwell St.

*Karp, Henry, 115 Bartlett St.

*Karp, Arthur, 115 Bartlett St.

*Karp, Anna, 115 Bartlett St.

*Keast, Clarence, 105 San Jose Ave.

Keefe, Mrs. Mabel, 2287 Bryant St.

Keinig, Mrs. Mary B., Seattle, Washington

Kelley, Mrs. Lillian Marks, Hochow, South China

Kenyon, W. E., 2120 25th Ave., Oakland

Kern, Charles J., 3885 18th St.

Kern, Mrs. C. J., 3885 18th St.

Kerrison, Ida, 503 Capp St.

Kierulff, Mr.s Gertrude, Belvedere, Cal.

Kincaid, Mrs. Mildred, 653 55th St., Oakland

King, J. F., 708 Valencia St.

King, Mrs. Ruth

King, Mrs. Florence, 118 Capp St.

King, Mrs. Thomas V. (Newbegin), Honolulu

Kingsbury, Miss Susie M., 110 Hancock St., Cambridge, Mass.

*Kirton, John, 832 Shotwell St.

*Kirton, Ruth, 832 Shotwell St.

Knapp, Mrs. E., 2869 Folsom St.

Knox, Arthur A., Argyle Apartments

Knox, Mrs. A. A., Argyle Apartments

Knox, Harold, Argyle Apartments

*Knutsen, Miss Hylda, 2421 Folsom St.

*Kohler, Jene, 832 Shotwell St.

Krausse, Alvin C., 809 Treat Ave.

Krausse, Mrs. A. C., 809 Treat Ave.


Lamb, Miss Mabel, 940 Washington St.

Lamont, James, 3330 23d St.

Lamont, Mrs. James, 330 23d St.

*Lamont, Harriet, 3330 23d St.

Lane, Neva, 2717 Folsom St.

Lathrop, William S., 250 Coleridge Ave.

Lathrop, James F., 250 Coleridge Ave.

Layton, Mrs. Violet, Butt-Kennedy Apts., 19th and Mission Sts.

Lee, Lillie May, 4843 17th St.

Leggett, Mrs. E. W., 918 Dolores St.

Leslie, John M., 62 Cumberland St.

Leslie, Mrs. J. M, 62 Cumberland St.

Lewis, Mrs. J. M., 159 Fair Oaks St.

Lewis, F. D., 3334 21st St.

Leyton, Arlie

Lieb, Miss Myrtle, 2872 Folsom St.

Lieb, Elmo B., 2872 Folsom St.

Louthan, Mrs. Mary, 2607 Folsom St.

Lowell, Mrs. Hattie J., Sonoma, Cal.

Loyd, Mrs. May Robinson, Berkeley, Cal.

Luke, Miss Grace, 804 Dolores St.

Luke, Miss Edna, 804 Dolores St.

Lund, Henry S., Paso Robles

Lund, Mrs. Henry S., Paso Robles

Lundegaard, Stanley H., 621 Merrimac St., Oak.

Lutley, Frank, 1537 Dolores St.

Lutley, Mrs. F., 1537 Dolores St.

*Lutley, Pearl, 1537 Dolores St.

*Lutley, Edith, 1537 Dolores St.


Macdonald, Donald, 2457 San Bruno Ave.

*Macdonald, Helen, 832 Shotwell St.

*Macdonald, Isel, 832 Shotwell St.

MacKenzie, F. A., 2334 Howard St.

MacKenzie, Mrs. F. A., 2334 Howard St.

Macurda, Mrs. A. A., 1443 Page St.

Manning, Mrs. Anna

Marlott, Bernice, San Jose, Cal.

Marshall, Alvira, Fresno, Cal.

Martens, Albert, 3491 21st St.

Martens, Mrs. Albert, 3491 21st St.

Martin, John M., Honolulu

Maston, Elizabeth, 275 Eureka St.

Mateke, J. H.

Maysenhelder, Fred, 92 Peralta Ave.

Maysenhelder, Mrs. F., 92 Peralta Ave.

McAllister, R. V., 1655 Page St.

McAllister, Mrs. R. V., 1655 Page St.

McAllister, Hazel, 1655 Page St.

McAllister, Miss Mabel, 1655 Page St.

McCreary, Mrs., 2607 Folsom St.

McCredy, Miss Mabel, Oakland, Cal.

McCurdy, H. S., 2479 Mission St.

McCurdy, Mrs. H. S., 2479 Mission St.

McCurdy, Malcolm A., 2479 Mission St.

McCurdy, Miss Ruth, 2479 Mission St.

McDaniel, Mrs. Marian H., Burlingame, Cal.

McElhiny, Alex, 2020 Howard St.

McElhiny, Mrs. A., 2020 Howard St.

McFarland, Mrs. Ida, 3374 21st St.

McGill, Amelia, 842 York St.

McGill, Howard, Penn Grove

McGrath, Frank, Victoria, B. C.

McGrouther, Mrs. Martha, 156 8th Ave.

McIntyre, Mrs. Anna E., 42 Bartlett St.

McKay, William, 3623 19th St.

McKenzie, John, 3168 23d St.

McKenzie, Mrs. M., 3168 23d St.

McKenzie, Andrew, 3168 23d St.

McKenzie, Malcolm, 3168 23d St.

McKenzie, Kenneth, 3168 23d St.

McNeil, Miss Agnes, 230 London St.

McQueer, William, 114 Chattanooga St.

McQuie, Mrs. Mary, 3338 21st St.

Marchant, Mrs. Glendora, 955 Dolores St.

Merritt, Frank O., 3168 21st St.

Merritt, Felder L., 3334 21st St.

Merritt, Mrs. M. E., 3334 21st St.

Meyer, Albert, 2599 Howard St.

Milbradt, Charles, 566 Vermont St.

Milbradt, Mrs. Charles, 566 Vermont St.

Milledge, Miss Annie

Miller, Mrs. Emily A., 3657 Rhoda Ave., Fruitvale

Minott, Mrs. A. H., 3785 17th St.

Minton, Phoebe, 832 Shotwell St.

Mistelski, Mrs. E. Fouter, Clyde Alta, Canada

Mitchell, Mrs. Effie, 466 Utah St.

Mize, Mrs. Della, 96 Bernal Ave.

Mize, Miss Mabel, 96 Bernal Ave.

Montell, Mrs. Grace E., 2915 22nd St.

Montell, Miss Grace, 2915 22nd St.

Moote, Samuel, 409 K St., Sacramento, Cal.

*Moote, Miss Evelyn S., 653 55th St., Oakland

Morgan, William T., 1142 Castro St.

Morgan, Mrs. William T., 1142 Castro St.

Moss, Elfrida, Oakland, Cal.

Mottram, Mrs. Ernest W., 355 Fair Oaks St.

Mullens, Mrs. Charles

Muller, Miss Emma, 3500 21st St.

Murphy, Mrs. Laura, 2100 Turk St.

Myers, Mrs. Emily W., 3365 23rd St.


Naylor, William A., 413 Divisadero St.

Naylor, Mrs. W. A., 413 Divisadero St.

Nellis, Miss Gertrude, 5582 Lawton Ave., Oak.

Nelson, Miss May

Newmark, Edward L., 3635 Army St.

Newton, Dr. John C., 2092 O'Farrell St.

Newton, Mrs. J. C., 2092 O'Farrell St.

Newton, Mrs. Alice, 24 Virginia Ave.

*Nichols, Mrs. Anna, 642A Capp St.

Nichols, Irene, 2422A Mission St.

*Nilsson, N. F., 355 Coleridge St.

*Nilsson, Mrs. N. F., 355 Coleridge St.

Norman, Miss Emma, 1730 Bryant St.

Norton, Mrs. Anna

Nunan, May, 217 Cumberland

Nunan, Clareta, 217 Cumberland

Oakes, Mrs. E., 2527 27th Ave., Parkside

Oakley, William, 200 Fair Oaks St.

Oakley, Mrs. William, 200 Fair Oaks St.

Oat, Miss Amy L., 815 Ashbury St.

Olson, Mrs. Mary

Olson, Margaret

Onley, Vero, 101 Coleridge Ave.

Oster, Miss Harriet E., 1980 Folsom St.

Otis, Mrs. Elizabeth, 114 Presidio Ave.

*Owen, David, 56 Bernal Ave.

Owen, Harold, 56 Bernal Ave.


Paget, Mrs. Susan, 2426 Folsom St.

Paltenghi, Louis, 6439 Duncan St., Oak.

Paltenghi, Mrs. Louis, 6439 Duncan St., Oak.

Paltenghi, Miss Minnie, 6439 Duncan St., Oak.

Paltenghi, Earl, 6439 Duncan St., Oak.

Parry, Thomas W., Sacramento, care Y.M.C.A.

*Patterson, Mrs. May, 1278 Eddy St.

*Patterson, Willie, 1278 Eddy St.

Paulsen, Selda, 901 Guerrero St.

Peck, Mrs. Helen R., 129 Haight St.

Pedersen, Arthur, 72 Bartlett St.

Penaluna, Edna, 2882 Folsom St.

Pendrey, Alfred F., 239 Bartlett St.

Pendrey, Mrs. A. F., 239 Bartlett St.

Pendrey, Edwin, 239 Bartlett St.

Pendrey, Cecil, 239 Bartlett St.

Pennington, George W., 1015 Shotwell St.

Pennington, Mrs. G. W., 1015 Shotwell St.

Pennington, Thomas, 1015 Shotwell St.

Pennington, Albert, 1015 Shotwell St.

Pennington, Mrs. Thomas, Belmont, Cal.

Pennington, Edna, 2828 Folsom St.

Pennington, Vera, 2828 Folsom St.

Pennycook, W. W., 3460 25th St.

Pennycook, W. G., 1335 6th Ave., Sunset

Pennycook, Mrs. W. G., 1335 6th Ave., Sunset

Pescott, James E., 3866 23d St.

Pescott, Mrs. J. E., 3866 23d St.

Pescott, Miss Frances, 3866 23d St.

Pescott, Ruth, 3866 23d St.

Peterson, Mrs. J. M., 33 Fountain St.

Pfarrer, Charles T., 3500 21st St.

Pfarrer, Mrs. C. T., 3500 21st St.

Pfarrer, Bernice L., 3500 21st St.

Phillips, Mrs. A. M., 44 Carrie St.

Phipps, Mrs. C. J., Oakland, Cal.

Phreaner, Adam, 996 Valencia St.

Phreaner, Mrs. A. T., 996 Valencia St.

Pierce, Carmene, 2158A Howard St.

Pilster, Willie, 130 Coso Ave.

Piper, Millman, 62 Cumberland St.

Place, Miss Elizabeth, Berkeley, Cal.

Place, Miss Louise, Berkeley, Cal.

Platt, Hattie, 535 Utah St.

Platt, Willie, 535 Utah St.

Poehner, William, 2100 Turk St.

Poehner, G. P., 2100 Turk St.

Poehner, Mrs. G. P., 2100 Turk St.

Potter, Mrs. Abby, 701A Capp St.

Prentice, E. H., 610 Green St., Ocean View

Price, Mrs. George E., 139 Shotwell St.

Priddle, Arthur, 1314 4th Ave., Sunset

Priddle, Mrs. A., 1314 4th Ave., Sunset

*Priddle, Marguerite, 1314 4th Ave., Sunset

Priddle, Mrs. Milton, 468 Utah St.

Pyke, Dorothy, Fred Finch Orphanage, Fruitvale


Quedens, Walter, 264 Liberty St.

Quedens, Mrs. Walter, 264 Liberty St.


Ralph, Mrs. Bertha, 377 Hill St.

Ramsey, Theron J., 149 Caledonia Ave.

Ramsey, Mrs. T. J., 149 Caledonia Ave.

Ramsden, Marian, 2284 Bryant St.

Randolph, J. W., 405 Hill St.

Randolph, Mrs. J. W., 405 Hill St.

Randolph, Webster, 405 Hill St.

Randolph, John, 405 Hill St.

Randolph, Lincoln, 405 Hill St.

*Rastede, Miss, 2979 23rd St.

*Record, Mabel, 832 Shotwell St.

Reed, Helen I., 803 Guerrero St.

Reynolds, Mrs. A. Tilton

Reynolds, Louis, Berkeley

Reynolds, Carl, Berkeley

Reynolds, Frank, Berkeley

Reynolds, Mrs. Alma, 82 Woodward St.

Rice, Mrs. Sarah, 3353 20th St.

Richards, Mrs. Hannah, England

*Richards, Mildred, 46 Surrey St.

*Rinefeldt, Miss Marie, 1025 Shotwell St.

Robbins, John, 341 Bartlett St.

Roberts, Louis J., 92 Ramona St.

Roberts, Mrs. L. J., 92 Ramona St.

Rock, Lee, Mill Valley

Roth, H. L., 1270 Vermont St.

Rowan, Alexander, San Leandro, Cal.

Rowan, Mrs. Alice, San Leandro, Cal

Rowan, Miss Bella, San Leandro, Cal.

Rowan, Nan, San Leandro, Cal.

Rounds, F. A., 135 Coleridge St.

Rounds, Mrs. F. A., 135 Coleridge St.

Rownd, H. J., 406 San Jose Ave.

Rownd, Mrs. H. J., 406 San Jose Ave.

Roxby, Mrs. E., 3621 25th St.

Roxby, Miss Gertrude, 3621 25th St.

Roxby, G. S., 3621 25th St.

Ryder, Royal S., 3347 21st St.

Ryder, Mrs. R. S., 3347 21st St.

Ryder, Ray, Y.M.C.A.


Sammis, M. H., 3415 22nd St.

Sammis, Mrs. M. H., 3415 22nd St.

Sanborn, Mrs. Martha J. J., 2942 22nd St.

Sanborn, Irving H., 3776 25th St.

Sanborn, Mrs. Bessie E., 3776 25th St.

Salter, Miss E. Daisy, 570 Capp St.

Sangster, Carol, 2652 Harrison St.

Sangster, Lawrence, 2652 Harrison St.

Sankey, Charles A., 731 San Jose Ave.

Sankey, Dr. Mary J., 731 San Jose Ave.

Sankey, Charles A., Jr., 30 Rivoli St.

Scharf, Mrs. G. B., Soquel, Cal.

Schlobolm, Mabel, 3263 19th St.

Schlobohm, Stanley, 3263 19th St.

Schroder, Lulu, 456 Duboce Ave.

Scott, Miss Nellie, 129 Haight St.

Seager, Mrs. H., 10 Cypress St.

Sharp, Florence, 511 San Bruno Ave.

Shattuck, Mrs. Martha M., 3334 21st St.

Shirley, Mr.

*Shirley, Mrs.

Siedenburg, H. J., 388 Capp St.

Siedenburg, Mrs. H. J., 388 Capp St.

Siedenburg, Gertrude, 388 Capp St.

Silvaer, Mrs. Leater M., 3212 26th St.

Simmons, L. W., Easton

Simmons, Ralph W., Sunnyvale

Simmons, Mrs. Nellie Stevens, Sunnyvale

Sinclair, Laurence R., 292 Chattanooga St.

Siskron, Harry, 240 11th St.

Siskron, Ada J., 240 11th St.

Sivers, Mrs., 119 Lobos St.

*Siimm, Franklin, 2639 Howard St.

Small, Mrs. Annie E., 167 De Long Ave.

Smith, Evelyn, 45 Chenery St.

Smith, Susie, 45 Chenery St.

Smith, Oliver H.

Smith, Roy M., Elks' Club, Berkeley

Sorenson, Mrs. L., 807 Dolores St.

*Sorenson, Ernest, 807 Dolores St.

*Sorenson, Ella, 807 Dolores St.

*Sorenson, Rosco, 807 Dolores St.

*Southard, Herbert, 2687 Howard St.

Stackpole Mrs. B. B., 1283 4th Ave.

Stafford, Mrs. L. C., 215 Fair Oaks St.

Stanbridge, Charles E., 115 Lundy Lane

Stanbridge, Mrs. Charles E., 115 Lundy Lane

Stanbridge, Horatio, 177 Hancock St.

Stanbridge, Mrs. H., 177 Hancock St.

Stapleton, Helene, Hamilton, Ontario

*Starck, Edith, 963 Alabama St.

Starrett, Mrs. Mary E., 1844 Howard St.

Starrett, Fred, 1844 Howard St.

Starrett, Frank, 1844 Howard St.

Stenberg, Esther, 1954 Bryant St.

Stephens, Mrs. Anna, Hotel Splendid, cor. Masonic Ave. & Page

Stephens, Mrs. Elizabeth P., 3168 21st St.

Stetson, H. J., 2027 Hayes St.

Stetson, Mrs. H. J., 2027 Hayes St.

Stetson, Helen, 2027 Hayes St.

Stevens, Miss Ada J., 1260 California St.

Stevens, E. D., 925 Persia Ave.

Stevens, Mrs. E. D., 925 Persia Ave.

Stevens, Mrs. F. A., 376 Howth St.

Stile, Mrs. H. D., Burlingame

Stinchcomb, James K., 571 Capp St.

Stinchcomb, Mrs. J. K., 571 Capp St.

Stoffers, Charles W., 118 Fair Oaks St.

Stoffers, Mrs. Charles W., 118 Fair Oaks St.

Stoffers, Clarence H., 118 Fair Oaks St.

Stoffers, Ruben C., 118 Fair Oaks St.

Stromswold, Joseph C., 14 Beaver St.

Studley, Mrs. Abbie, 727 Shotwell St.

Studley, Miss Ruby W., 727 Shotwell St.

Sudaha, Julia, Fort Bidwell, Cal.

Sullivan, Maud

Sullivan, Mr. J. H., 968 Guerrero St.

Sullivan, Mrs. J. H., 968 Guerrero St.

Sutton, E. T., 2383 Mission St.

Swift, Dean R., 856 Corbett Ave.

Swift, Mrs. E. C., 856 Corbett Ave.

Switzer, William, Kintore, Ontario, Canada

Syres, Charles, 2156-B Market St.

Syres, Mrs. Minnie, 2156-B Market St.

*Taggard, Vivian, 122 Carl St.

Taubman, J. B., 3343 21st St.

Taylor, Charles E.

Taylor, John, 329 San Jose Ave.

Taylor, Mrs. J., 329 San Jose Ave.

Taylor, Mrs. M. Henke

Taylor, Roy

Therkof, Dr. G. A., Livermore, Cal.

Therkof, Mrs. G. A., Livermore, Cal.

Thomas, James H., 402 S. Levee St., St. Louis, Mo.

Thomas, Mrs. J. H., 402 S. Levee St., St. Louis, Mo.

*Thomas, R., 2020 Howard St.

Thomson, Hortense, 24 Harrington St.

Tippetts, Mrs., 3708 23d St.

Tippetts, Eva, 3708 23d St.

Tobener, Sophia, 625 York St.

Tooker, John C., 224 Shotwell St.

Tooker, Mrs. J. C., 224 Shotwell St.

Tooker, Earl, 224 Shotwell St.

Totman, Mrs. J. R., Oakland, Cal.

Treadway, Mrs. Clara, East Oakland, Cal.

Tregoning, Edwin T., 222 Bartlett St.

Tregoning, Mrs. E. T., 222 Bartlett St.

Trevorrow, Frederick, 222 Bartlett St.

Trevorrow, Mrs. F., 222 Bartlett St.

Trollinger, Henry, Presidio Hospital

Trowbridge, Mrs. M. C., 727 Shotwell St.

Truman, I. J., 1545 Hopkins St., Berkeley

Truman, Mrs. I. J., 1545 Hopkins St., Berkeley

Tucker, William, 529 Capp St.

Tulloch, John W., 3516 21st St.

Tulloch, Mrs. John W., 3516 21st St.

*Tulloch, John S., 3516 21st St.

Tunnicliffe, John, 3494 21st St.

Tunnicliffe, Mrs. John, 3494 21st St.

Tunnicliffe, Robert, 420 Fair Oaks St.

Tunnicliffe, Mrs. R., 420 Fair Oaks St.

Turpin, F. L., Hotel Turpin

Turpin, Mrs. F. L., Hotel Turpin

*Tway, Ezra, 4087 25th St.

*Tway, Ephraim, 4087 25th St.

Van Pelt, Mrs. Alberta J., 3416 26th St.

Walker, Ruth

Walton, Mrs. Ida M., Fruitvale, Cal.

*Walton, Joseph E., 722 Hampshire St.

Wasley, Thomas, 3621 25th St.

Watson, Sidney, 320 Alvarado St.

Watson, Mrs. S., 320 Alvarado St.

Watson, Ruth, 320 Alvarado St.

Watson, Hazel, 320 Alvarado St.

Watson, Sidney, Jr., 320 Alvarado St.

*Weaver, Sommer, 593 Pennsylvania St.

Wegener, Max, Chicago, Illinois

Weldon, Mrs. Winnifred, Portland, Oregon

West, Mrs. Jeannette C., 42 Bartlett St.

Weybrandt, Mrs., 2869 Folsom St.

Whitacre, Mrs. Martha Huntley, Seattle, Wash.

White, Henry C., 92 Peralta Ave.

Whyte, Neil A., 1459 8th Ave.

Whyte, Mrs. N. A., 1459 8th Ave.

Wiester, Mrs. William H., 2973 Folsom St.

Wiester, Aber Stowe, 2973 Folsom St.

Williams, Delmar H., 3553 20th St.

Williams, Arthur, 3168 21st St.

Williams, Ruth, 3538 21st St.

*Williams, Susie, 193 Arlington St.

Willhoit, Miss Kate, 3338 21st St.

Willhoit, Mrs. B. F., 3336 21st St.

Winter, Mrs. Eva B., 3636 23d St.

Wilson, Dr. H. F., 1223 12th Ave.

Wilson, Mrs. H. F., 1223 12th Ave.

Wilson, Mrs. P. C., 1135 Treat Ave.

Wilson, Mrs. Hattie, 519 Capp St.

Wilson, Gladys, 519 Capp St.

Wisher, Mrs. Louise, 124 Hancock St.

Wisher, Emma, 124 Hancock St.

Witten, J. P., 801 Capp St.

Wittich,, T. K., 1411 Sacramento St.

Wittich, Mrs. T. K., 1411 Sacramento St.

Woolfrey, John, 3168 21st St.

Wood, Harry, 760 Capp St.

Wood, Herold, 2614 Howard St.

Wood, Olive, 1096 Carolina St.

Wright, Mrs. Eleanor, 82 Bernal Ave.

Wright, Leland, 82 Bernal Ave.

Wright, Wilbur W., 82 Bernal Ave.

Wright, Melville, 82 Bernal Ave.

Wright, Mrs. Mary A.

Wythe, Fred S., 920 Taylor St.

Wythe, Mrs. Blanche, 920 Taylor St.


Yendoll, Percival, 3359 23d St.

















Cypress Lawn CEMETERY



208-216 David Hewes Building

995 Market Street

San Francisco



Sutter 695 Home J-4167

Cemetery Phone, Mission 3341




Desirable Locations in All Parts of the Cemetery



including Opening and Closing,

$15.00 up



give to removals from City Cemeteries


Call at City Office and Get Prices




J. C. Stromswold,

3587 Sixteenth Street

Building Contractor

Homes sold on easy terms


Bennett Bros.

Clothiers and Furnishers

Moderate Prices

2379 Mission St., Near 20th St.

Suits made to Order Also


A. Quandt & Son

House, Sign and Decorative Painters


All Orders Promptly Attended to and Guaranteed

Res. Market 8170 Phones Bus. Market 3312

Residence 3193 16th Street


Dealers In

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes and Wall Paper

374 Guerrero Street Near 16th

San Francisco


Dr. James W. Dollin,


Phone Mission 9022

Office Hours: 9-12 a.m.; 1 to 5 p.m.

Evenings by Appointment


4111 18th Street, Corner Castro Street




Dr. Fred D. Ashworth

Dental Surgeon

Residence 1419 Dolores Street

Phone Mission 7508


Office 2497 Mission Street

Phone Mission 639

Hours: 9-12 a.m.; 1:30 to 5 p.m.; 6:30 to 8 p.m.


John B. Woolfrey

Contractor and Builder


Houses Built and Sold on Easy Payments

Residence: 3168 21st Street, near Mission

Phone: Mission 4913




The School of Quality

DUDLEY Metropolitan Business College

The Mission Bank Bldg. At 16th St. near Valencia

San Francisco, Cal.



This school now in its fourth year, has made a success of its business. Its pupils live in an atmosphere of success, they imbibe its spirit, and they are a success.


The latest methods in teaching Bookkeeping and Accounting, used by the president, who is an author and accountant of many years' practical experience, has made this school, as well as its pupils, widely and favorably known for efficiency. Investigate this claim.




To do a man's part, or a woman's either, in present day business, demands business training. There is no way out of it. You cannot blunder into success. Everybody admits that a physician, a lawyer or an architect must have training. It is just as important that one who would engage in business have proper training. It is our business to give this training. We hope to serve you to your advantage. Call, write or phone.


A. W. Dudley, President

Expert Accountant, Author


Practical Banking Modern Commercial Bookkeeping.




Market 4291, 16th Street Near Valencia




Elma Hinton, Amy Johnson


Pictures, Picture Framing, Artists Materials

1142 Valencia Street

Telephone Market 4812 – Near Twenty-second




Market 1763- Phones – Home M 2491

Haight & Fillmore Streets



Your Kodak Friend

Developing, Printing and Enlargements

2460 Mission St., Nr. 21St, S. F.




BOOKS, Standard Sets, Poetry, Juvenile, Fiction, Gift Books, Nature Books, Bibles, Song Books.


5 City Hall Avenue, at McAllister – Phone Market 72



GROCERS and Tea Merchants

3303 Mission Street

Telephone Mission 287

Orders Called For





General Contractor

Telephone Market 1061

520 Church St., Near 17th

San Francisco



L. Canepa, P. Canepa, Manager, Emil Canepa

Formerly 4th and Stevenson

Choice Cut Flowers, Seeds, Plants

Funeral Work a Specialty

3230 Twenty-Second Street

Bet. Mission and Bartlett

Phone Mission 662




Coffe and Tea Merchant

3148 Twenty-Second Street, corner of Capp

Phone Mission 4909


Not open on Sundays





Phone Market 3306

Shop and Residence 321 Pierce St.

Paperhanging, Tinting, Frescoing, Painting




Established 1895

Complete Home Furnishers

Carpets Furniture Stoves

Mission Street near 16th

Convenient Terms



Real Estate Brokers

First Mortgages

Loans a Specialty

A guaranteed savings of twenty-five percent on all Insurance Policies in Twenty-five million dollar Companies.

244 Kearny St. Phone Douglas 2179


Groceries Dairy Produce Etc.

Wholesale and Retail

3159 16th Street

Bet. Valencia and Guerrero

Phone Market 4977

Orders Called For and Delivered




Ice and Ice Cream, Jellies and Jams

Phones, Mission 1040 Home M 1766

1031 Valencia Street

Bet. 21st and 22nd Sts. JOHN ABBAY, Prop.


Want to Buy REAL ESTATE?

We issue monthly a very attractive “Realty Catalogue” containing valuable information and an extensive list of properties for sale in the City and throughout the State. If you are in the market to buy it will interest you. Mailed free to any address.



79-81-83 Post Street, San Francisco, Cal.




Proven Conflagration Proof”


Queen Insurance Company of America

Solicit the insurance on the property of members of Grace Church. The “Royal” and “Queen” paid Seven Million Dollars losses in the San Francisco fire of 1906.

Fire, Automobile, Marine, Tourists


Manager Pacific Dept.

Royal Insurance Bldg., San Francisco




Telephone Mission 2055

1103 Valencia Street

Corner of Twenty-Second, San Francisco



Notary Public

2565 Mission St., Bet. 21st and 22nd/

8:30 a.m. To 6 p.m.

Phone Mission 8944

Residence – Delores and Twenty-fifth Streets.

Phone Mission 2803





W.W. Howe, G. Espeland

Window Shade Manufacturers

552 Valencia Street

Between 16th and 17th

Phone Park 3696



Attorneys At Law

Chronicle Building – Rooms 721-4

Telephone Kearny 3597



Made in California U. S. A. Registered.

By San Francisco Men & Women

Hinged Tins, Swastika Royal Sodas are best. Ask Your Grocer.

If you want Cartons “AMERICAN” have BLUE wrappers and Swastika End Seals


San Francisco, Cal.






Fish on Fridays, Poultry always on Hand

1296 Valencia Street, Near 24th

Phone Mission 4217



Artistic Floral Designs

1074 Valencia Street, near Twenty-Second


Phone Mission 265, C. H. BAKER



Clothier, Furnisher, and Hatter

What's New We Show

Phone Mission 3064

2558 Mission Street

San Francisco

The Place to Buy Your Clothes.



Attorney at Law

Hearst (Examiner) Building

Telepone Kearny 4425

Residence: 3343 Twenty-first Street

Res. Phone Mission 4277




You Need Glasses that Give Both Relief and Satisfaction.

WE have a First Class OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT. All tests of the Eye are made in the Optical Dark Room by an EXPERT REGISTERED OPTICIAN.

Do not go down town and pay fancy prices.

John H. Drumgold


2524 MISSION STREET, bet. 21st and 22nd

Jewelry made to order. Fine Watch repairing.



974 Valencia Street

Between Liberty and 21st.

2506 Mission Street, Near Twenty-first

Circulating Library

Stationery Notions, Toys

Magazines, Shelf & Crepe Paper, Napkins School Supplies.

Ring Up Mission 3422




1190 Valencia Street

Mission 1305 Phones M 1679

3800 Twenty Second Street

Phone Mission 4030

For Quick Service Ring Up Either Store






1037 Valencia St., San Francisco

Formerly 535 Valencia St.

Phones: Mission 4227 Home M 1690



Watchmakers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths

T.. Musgrave, P. Gfell

3272 Twenty-first Street

Between Mission and Valencia

Telephone Mission 890



The Glove and Corset Shop

Gloves, Corsets, Waists, Neckwear

Hosiery, Underwear, Handkerchiefs, Umbrellas


2645 Mission Street

Phone Mission 8475

San Francisco



Prescription Pharmacy

Twenty-first and Valencia Sts.

Telephone Mission 322






A. Anderson, Prop.

505 Valencia Street




22 years' Experience

Telephone Mission 6882

Harry Goddard, Proprietor


Near Folsom St., San Francisco

Good Quick Service with Strict Cleanliness

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Gents' Natual Toupees a Specialty



Kingstone, Prop.

Mattresses made over and returned the same day.


Mattresses & Cushions Made to Order

2605 Folsom Street

Near 22nd, San Francisco

Phone Mission 6565









Transcribed by: Jeanne Taylor.

Source: “Directory of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church.  San Francisco, California 1913.

© 2013  Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.