Source: The Annals Of San Francisco by Frank Soule, John H. Gihon, M.D. & James Nisbet.  1855

D. Appleton & Co. San Francisco,  pg. 574-575.




"Resolved, That we, members of the Vigilance Committee, remark with surprise the invidious verdict rendered by the coroner' s jury, after their inquest upon the body of Jenkins, alias Simpton, after we have all notified to the said jury and the public that we were all participators in the trial and execution of said Jenkins.  We desire that the public will understand that Capt. E. Wakeman, W. H. Jones, James C. Ward, Edward A. King, T. K. Battelle, Benjamin Reynolds, J. S. Eagan, J. C. Derby and Samuel Brannan, have been unnecessarily picked from our numbers, as the coroner' s jury have had full evidence of that fact, that all the undersigned have been equally implicated and are equally responsible with their above-named associates."


S. E. Woodworth

Fred.  A.  Woodworth

Francis E. Webster

William N. Thompson

Clinton Winton

James B. Huie

B.  Frank Hillard

S. W.  Haight

George H. Howard

Caleb Hyatt

Samuel R. Curwen

James F. Curtis

L. Hulsemann

A. G. Randall

S. Brannan

George J. Oakes

R.  D. W. Davis

William H. Jones

Edward A. King

Jesse Southam

T. H. Robinson

George R. Ward

C. L. Wilson

W. H. Taber

Isaac Bluxome, Jr.

Lathrop L. Bullock

John W. Rider

Theodore Kuhlman

Joseph E. Dale

Julius D. Schultz

J. P. Stevens

Thomas McCahill

William Peake

Jonas Minturn

Lloyd Minturn

F . O. Wakeman

William Forst

John W. Jackson

James Shinaler

J. W. Rickman

W. S. Bromley

A.  Ottenheimer

B. H. Davis

P. Frothingham

E. E. Schenck

George Austinworn

E. Botcher

Samuel Marx

Daniel J. Thomas, Jr.

J. E.  Farwell

Jacob P. Leese

Edgar Wakeman

A.  Markwell

Samuel A. Sloane

W. B. Lucas

Henry M. Naglee

J. Thompson Huie

A.  Wheelwright

C. F. Fourgeaud

A.  Jackson McDuffie

P. D. Headley

S. B. Marshall

H. Hazeltine

W. Iken

George D. Lambert

John P. Half

Joseph T. Harmer

J. Seligman

H. F. Von Lenyerk

J. E. Derby

T. J. West

William T. Coleman

J. S. Clark

C. H. Clark

Herman R. Haste

H. S. Teschemacker

William A. Howard

Henry Dreshchfeldt

James Ryan

William Browne

Robert Wells

H. D. Evans

John J. Bryant

E. Kirtus

Thomas N. Deblois

E. Gorham

Frank S. Mahoney

James C. Ward

R. S. Watson

George Mellus

J. D. Stevenson

Chas. R. Bond

B. B. Arrowsmith

S. E. Teschermacker

C. H. Brinley

J. W. Salmon

Benjamin Reynolds

A. W. Macpherson

John S. Eagan

J. C. L. Wadsworth

William Hart

George M. Garwood

R. S. Lanot

A.  C. Tubbs

J. R. Curtis

A.  H. Hill

William H. Graham

B. E. Babcock

J. A. Fisher

Hartford Joy

Joshua Hilton

John F. Osgood

James Pratt

E. Kemp

William G. Badger

J.  Mead Huxley

S. J. Stabler

George Clifford

Charles Soule Jr.

Robert II.  Belden

N. Smith

Randolph M. Cooley

Chas. H. Hill

J. Neal Jr.

F. A. Atkinson

Charles Miller

John O. Earle

N. T. Thompson

N. Reynolds Davis

Gabriel Winter

Otis P. Sawyer

William Meyer

W. N. Hostin

John G. McKaraher

Eugene Hart

John Raynes

J. C. Treadwell

John H. Watson

William Burling

F. Quincey Coale

Thomas N. Cazneau

George W. Douglass

William C. Graham

Chas. H. Vail

Charles Minturn

Howard Cunningham

Charles L. Case

Charles Moore

James R. Doff

E.  M. Earle

J. L. Van Bokkelen

George N. Blake

Dewitt Brown

Edward F. Baker

F. Argenti

Stephen Payran

C. Spring

William J. Sherwood

W. L. Hobson

E. W. Travers

W. H. Tilling hast

William Langerman

J. F. Hutton

Thos. K. Battelle

Horace Morrison

Augustus Belknap

F. L. Dana

Horatio S. Gates

O. P. Sutton

Jer.  Spaulding

A. J. Ellis

John M. Coughlin

Samuel Moss, Jr.

C. O. Brewster

Charles L. Wood

William Tell

James Dow

E. W. Crowell

A. H. Gildemeester

Samuel S. Philipps

Chas. Del Vecchio

Joseph Post

Jas.  King of William


These were signatures of some of the richest, most influential, orderly and respectable citizens of San Francisco.  They show, however, only a small portion of the people who subsequently joined the Vigilance Committee, since every day was increasing its numbers by the assession of the best inhabitants of the place. 


Submitted by: Nancy Pratt Melton.


© 2002 Nancy Pratt Melton