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"San Francisco's Own"

















H. LaT. Cavenaugh, U. S. A., gallant commander of the 363d Infantry, is the man who organized the regiment, trained it, led it into battle and now brings it home. Thousands of letters, written home by the boys of Colonel Cavenaugh's command, attest to the fearlessness and above all to the lovableness of their leader. Henceforth the Colonel is a San Franciscan—he has been "adopted" by popular acclaim.








Famous 363d Infantry





      ONE who looks down the ranks of the 363d Infantry Regiment sees the typical American accomplishment of what the world had believed to be impossible. In one brief year, the Regiment was organized of men new to the game of war, trained and placed in the front line of the Meuse-Argonne and -Lys offensives—battles which brought the Hun to his knees, battles in which the Regiment made a name that will live long in military history.


      THE 363d Infantry was formed at Camp Lewis, Washington, on September 5, 1917, as a part of the 91st Division, one of the 16 "National Army" Divisions created by General Order No. 101, August 3, 1917. The Regiment's commanding officer, Colonel Harry LaT. Cavenaugh, who brings the organization back to San Francisco, took command on September 5, 1917, brought its training up to that standard which caused it to be chosen as front line "storm troops," and led it through its two battles, where he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry.


      THE rest of the commissioned personnel of the Regiment, at the time of the organization, was made up of officers commissioned, on August 15, 1917, from the 5th and 6th Companies of the First Officers' Training Camp at the Presidio of San Francisco, California. A majority of these officers are still with the Regiment.


Majority of Men from San Francisco.


      THE original enlisted personnel of the Regiment was composed of men inducted into the service from Central and Northern California counties and a majority of these came from San Francisco, which caused the Regiment to be named: "San Francisco's Own," While there have been many changes, the Regiment as it returns is  made up mainly of San Francisco and Northern California men.


      THE spirit, energy and determination with which these men went through the long hours of training brought them, in the spring of 1918, into an organization found fit for battle a few weeks after its arrival in France.


      THE regimental spirit was engendered not a little with the assistance of those at home, whose contributions and words of encouragement helped in the long hours in camp. San Francisco presented to the Regiment the flag and standard which it carried through the battlefields of France and Flanders. San Francisco did much to make the Christmas of 1917 a merry one. San Francisco sent its Mayor, James Rolph, Jr., to Camp Lewis, where, on May 6, 1918, he gave the men the parting message of the folks at home.


Regiment Leads 91st Division to France.


      THE Regiment left Camp Lewis for France between the 20th and 26th of June, embarked from Hoboken and Philadelphia on the 6th and 7th of July and arrived at Glasgow, Scotland, and Tillbury Docks, England, between the 18th and 23d of July. The Regiment led the Division out of Camp Lewis and into France.


      FROM England and Scotland the battalions of the Regiment were sent across the English Channel to France and across France by train (the famous "Hommes 40, Chevaux 8" kind) to a training area a few miles northeast of Chaumont, France. Regimental headquarters was established in the town of Mandres and the battalions were billeted in small towns nearby.


      HERE the final touches of training for battle were given the Regiment and, through the hot days of August, the men pursued the imaginary Boche over the hills near Mandres and heard the first faint sounds of guns on the Western front.


Training Ends and Men Move Up to Front.


      ON September 3, 1918, the Regiment left the training area and started for the front. It went by train to Gondrecourt and then set out by long night marches for the battle front, arriving at St. Germain on September 11, 1918, where it went in, with the rest of the 91st Division, as "reserve" in the St. Mihiel offensive. Leaving St. Germain on September 13, 1918, the Regiment by more night marches, arrived in the Foret de Hesse, just north of Aubeuville, on September 20, 1918. Here the 91st Division went into position in the center of the line in preparation for the Meuse-Argonne battle. The second battalion took over from the French the line of resistance in trenches behind Mt. des Allieux. The rest of the Regiment was in bivouac in the Foret de Hesse. Here the Regiment was but a short distance from the German front line, where the French in 1914 had stopped the onrush of the Boche.


      THE Regiment lay quietly, under harassing shell fire of the Germans for six days, in dugout, camouflaged shelter tents and improvising shelters, suffering all the difficulties of food supply and water transportation.


Fog Hangs Over No Man's Land As Attack Opens.


      ON September 25, 1918, orders were received that the Division would attack the next morning at 5:30 o'clock. At 7 o'clock that night, the Regiment started to march into the front line trenches, the Second battalion in the front line, the First battalion in support and the Third in divisional reserve.


      AT midnight the American artillery bombardment preparation opened, and each whistling shell on its way to the Boche defenses was given a silent cheer by men of the Regiment as they waited in the trenches.


      AT 5:30 o'clock on the morning of September 26, 1918, the 363d Infantry, with the 181st Infantry Brigade on the right and the 138th Infantry on the left, went "over the top," down from the shell-torn slopes of Mt. des Allieux and Cigallerie butte into "No Man's Land," over which hung a heavy fog. The wire in front of the French trenches was thick, high and uncut. Ten minutes after going "over the top" the advancing companies found it impossible to keep contact in the fog. Even platoon leaders were unable to keep their commands together, for by this time the smoke barrage that had been laid down had added to the obscurity and one was able to see only a few yards ahead.


Regiment Gets Baptism of Fire.


      SCATTERED but enthusiastic hands of Infantrymen rushed forward thus across "No Man's Land," forded the creek that ran close to the Boche front line trenches, leaped over the Boche barbed wire and jumped his trenches, where a few of the most daring Boches had survived the American barrage and lay in wait for the Yanks. These were quickly disposed of and the Americans went on, into the Bois de Cheppy, like packs of hounds.


      AS the first waves of the Regiment cleared the north edge of the Bois de Cheppy (the advance all along the 38 mile front of the battle was north), the fog lifted and the first resistance was met—enemy machine gunners, snipers and artillery firing at point-blank range. Here officers and men of the Regiment began to fall and here, in the space of a few minutes, it was learned that threatening flanking movements against the Boche strong points and a continued and determined advance were bringing the Germans out in bands to surrender with raised hands and cries of "Kamerad."


Capture Guns While They Are Still Firing.


      PRISONERS began to pour back into the American lines. One company captured three field-pieces, two of which were still firing. The 363d had advanced into the Boche artillery positions and the Boches were in disorganized rout. The advance continued. The town of Very was captured and the scattered companies of the First and Second battalions were moving against strengthening resistance on the slopes north and east of Very when night fell and the order came to withdraw and hold the slopes north and east of town.


      ON September 27, 1918, the Third battalion was placed in the assault wave and the advance went on; but the Boche had strengthened his position during the night and only a short distance was gained the second day—this under terrific shell fire.


      THE men had found their first day of battle to be one of sport. They went after snipers concealed in bushes and trees as one would go on a quail hunt. But the second and succeeding days, with the Boche throwing in his best and all available strength against the attack, which threatened Sedan and the most important lines of communication on the Western front, the battle settled into yard by yard gains and hanging on under shell and machine-gun fire.


Relieved Only After Nine Days of Fighting.


      THE roads in the rear were shell torn and jammed with traffic. Food and supplies were thus slow in getting up to the lines. The men were hungry, water was scarce, the nights were rainy, there was no shelter. At times the Regiment, forced to throw in all of its units in order to fill gaps that appeared in the line, held a wide front with only thin lines. But the Boche were stopped in every counter attack. Not an inch of ground was lost to them.


      IN its first battle the Regiment had made good. It has not only done all that was expected, but had extended its flank and had thrown in troops where other units had been held back and had needed assistance.


      THE officers and men, after nine days of fighting, were exhausted when the Regiment, with the Division, was relieved on October 5, 1918, by the 1st Division. The march out of the line was made with great difficulty. Men fell exhausted at every halt. Many had been without a warm meal through most of the battle; many had been without food and water for days.


Regiment is Transferred to Belgian Front.


      THE Regiment was assembled at Dombasie on October 7, 1918, and replacements in officers and men were received to fill the ranks for those killed and wounded. By marches the Regiment passed to Revigny, where on October 17, 1918, it entrained for Belgium. The German Army, being driven north on Sedan by the Meuse-Argonne offensive, was sending all available troops to stop the Allied advance. Meanwhile, there was planned an offensive in Belgium.



(under the picture)

Regimental staff of the 363d Infantry, photographed just before the departure for home. Left to right are: Captain Robert P. Shields, Jr., Personnel Adjutant; Captain C. H. Jueckel, Operations Officer; Lieutenant Colonel W. F. Brandt: Colonel Harry LaT. Cavenaugh, Commanding Regiment; Captain Charles M. Ross, Regimental Adjutant; Captain DeWitt M. Evans, Regiment Intelligence Officer; Lieutenant Ernest G. Raas, Regimental Gas Officer.


      ON the 19th of October, the 363d Regiment arrived in the vicinity of Ypres, where it detrained and marched towards the front, training its replacements and preparing for the Ypres-Lys offensive.


      THE British and French had pushed the Boche back across the Lys river where the Allied offensive had halted for a short time. The 91st Division, having gained a high reputation for its dash in offensive action, was chosen with the 37th Division for operations east of the Lys river. By this time the officers and men of the Regiment had learned that the final struggle was on and that the Boche, forced into the open in a running fight, was a Boche defeated.


Lining Up for the Ypres-Lye Offensive.


      HOW the men of the Regiment marched on, slept in holes, barns, and many times in the open under nightly aeroplane bombardment is a story in itself. How they made their meals at times from the turnip patches will live long in their memory.


      ON October 30, 1918, the Regiment moved up to the Lys river, east of Oostrosbeke. That night the Third battalion took over a portion of the line from the French at the town of Waereghem. An Allied offensive, which extended along the entire Belgian front, had been planned for the following morning. The 91st Division was to operate between a British division on the right and a French division on the left.


      WHEN the Regiment went into position, the line, in many places, was less than 50 yards from the Boche. Unlike the shell-torn fields of the Argonne, the Flanders battlefield of this offensive was over farms and villages occupied at that very time by Belgian civilians. The Boche took advantage of the cover afforded by hedges. He placed machine guns in the attics of farm houses. Snipers were concealed behind windows.


Six-thirty is Zero Hour for the Assault.


      AT 6:30 o'clock on the morning of October 31, 1918, the Regiment went "over the top" under a barrage which failed to clean out the Bocke, who were at close range. The assault waves were met by a storm of machine-gun fire. There was a canal and barbed wire to cross under this fire, but the men dashed to their task with determination. It was only thus that the Regiment was saved from being wiped out, for the losses in killed and wounded were withering in the first half hour. In one company, all the officers and the First Sergeant were killed and most of the other companies had to continue the fight with but one or two officers to command them.


      DRIVING on in the face of this fire and in a heavy gas and high-explosive shell bombardment that the Germans laid down on the advancing troops, the Regiment drove the Boche from his first position and the retreat began which carried him over the Scheldt river.


      AS the men pushed forward through farm fields, the Belgians, who for four years had been under the heel of the Boche, rushed out with food and wine, cheering the Americans on their way.


363d is Again Employed As Shock Troops.


      THE first objective was gained the first day. On the second and third days, November 1st and 2nd, the advance continued, but the German infantry had fled for the most part and left the work of attempting to check the Americans to the artillery. On November 2, 1918, the Regiment had reached the city of Audenarde, where the Boche had blown out the bridges across the Scheldt river and had withdrawn to the heights to the east.


      ON the night of the 2nd and 3rd of November, the Regiment, with the rest of the 91st Division, withdrew from the line and marched back to Oostrosbeke. The line was taken over by the French and held until the next offensive on November 10, 1918, when the 91st Division was again placed in for attack. By this time bridges had been thrown over the Scheldt river. Again the 363d Regiment went into the front line, crossing the Scheldt on the morning of the 10th. The enemy resistance was weakening; the end was near. A few machine-gunners and snipers were left, but the Boche was rapidly withdrawing on Brussels. The heights east of Audenarde were captured and the Regiment was advancing beyond as night came.


Armistice Finds Regiment On Verge of Attack.


      NEXT morning there was to be a continuation of the attack when word came to delay until 9:30 o'clock. Meanwhile Colonel Cavenaugh had assembled the battalion and company commanders for instructions concerning the attack. He had dismissed them and they were on their way back to their organization when the message came—the message heard around the world.


      THE end of the war, the signing of the armistice, the final moment of the struggle, found the Regiment in position ready to attack.


      IT has all the ring of the dramatic, the story of how the word that hostilities would cease came only a few moments before the Regiment was to go over the top on the morning of November 11, 1918. But one who might expect to have found the men cheering and dancing with one another would have been disappointed.


      STRAINED to the high pitch of the struggle, waiting to go forward again into the hell of battle, the men heard the word as in a dream and moved wearily into billets, there to fall into the first sound sleep they had had in two months.


      THE war had ended, but the long marches had not. The Division moved on toward Brussels, expecting to go into the Army of Occupation. At Sotteghem, the Division turned and marched out of Belgium to a point near the French border, where, after a month's rest, trains were taken to the embarking center near Le Mans, France, and from there to the home-going transports.


Regiment Has Imperishable Roll of Honor.


      THERE are stories of bravery that will never be told. There are stories of hardships that will never be recounted. Words cannot express the thoughts of those who fell and did not rise again.


      THE casualties in the two offensives in which the Regiment participated were as follows:


Killed, Officers 13, Enlisted Men 252

Wounded Severely, Officers 14, Enlisted Men 211

Wounded Slightly, Officers 36, Enlisted Men 625

Wounded, Degree Undetermined, Officers 0, Enlisted Men 91

Grand Total of Casualties, 1,242


      THE following officers and enlisted men were decorated for individual acts of bravery in the two offensives:



Sergeant Phillip C. Katz, Company "C"




Colonel H. LaT. Cavenaugh

Major Edward J. Mitchell

Captain Ward M. Ackley

1st Lieut. Walter N. Anderson


1at Lieut. Henry S. Bailey

1st Lieut. Lloyd G. Hill

1st Lieut. James F. Strain

1st. Lieut. Ernest M. Yantis




Enlisted Men

Battalion Sergeant-Maj Harold E. Bolin, Headquarters Co

1st Sergeant Irving C. Weik, Company L

Sergeant Floyd Hopping, Company L

Sergeant Antonio Reggardio, Company K

Sergeant Albert C. Presley, Headquarters Company


Sergeant Allan J. Marshall, M. G. Company

Sergeant Carol Walker, Company K

Corporal Fred F. Curran, Company B

P. F. C. Frank Sembertrant, M. G. Company

Private James F. Rodgers, Company L.










Major Edward J. Mitchell

Capt. Frank S. Sever

Capt. DeWitt M. Evans.


1st Lieut. Lloyd S. Spooner

1st Lieut. Gustaf H. Lindberg

1st Lieut. Harold P. Fromwiller




Enlisted Men

Sergeant Oliver M. Wallace, Company L.

Sergeant Guy Murphy, Company C.

Sergeant Peter F. Sievers, Company C.

Sergeant Chester S. Mason, Company G.

Sergeant Louis Lamers, Company F.

Sergeant Daniel W. Johnson, Company H.

Sergeant Ellis L. Spurgeon, Medical Department.

Corporal Richard M. Vernon, Company K.

Corporal John W. Browning, Company E.

Corporal Fred Deuschle, Company M.

Corporal Antone Boscacci, Company D.






Private Carrol O. Burr, Company "I".


Private Andres Vavasis, Company "I".





Private Harry I. Byron, Company "I".


Private John Trefz, Company "I".





Captain Oscar C. Gibbs

First Lieut. James Boyd, Jr.

Sergeant Samuel J. Fox, Headquarters Co.

Corporal Isaac I. Fleming, Company "M".

Private Charles E. Alpeter, Company "G".



Colonel H. LaT. Cavenaugh

Lieut. James M. W. Manning

Sergeant Edward C. Johnson, Company "C".


Cook Joseph L. Gandolfo, Company "C".

Cook Frank G. Kurtz, Company "C".

Private Victor Trione, Company "C".





Mayor James Rolph, Jr. -Chairman



Supervisor, James E. Power

Jesse W. Lillienthal

Rear Admiral J. L. Jayne, U. S. N.




Wm. F. Benedict

Major Gen. J. F. Morrison U. S. A.

Henry J. McCoy

Col. J. L. Flynn

Judge Edmund P. Mogan



Harry I. Mulcrevy

Judge Thomas F. Graham

Daniel C. Murphy

Hon. P. H. McCarthy

Col. John H. Roberts, G. A. R.



Harry Bogart





Major James Rolph, Jr., Chairman

Supervisor Ralph McLeran

Gavin McNab

Harry Bogart

Paul T. Carroll

John McLaren

Harry M. Creech, Secretary.





Supervisor Ralph McLeran, Chairman

Dr. A. H. Giannini

John A. Britton

Jesse W. Lillienthal

Frederick J. Whitton

Theodore J. Roche

William B. Bourn

W. H. Crocker

Mrs. A. B. Spreckels

Eustace Culliman

R. A. Crothers

John Buck

Herbert Fleishhacker

Mrs. A. S. Baldwin

Most Rev. Archbishop Edward J. Hanna

John S. Drum

I. W. Hellman, Jr.

William L. Hughson

Hiram W. Johnson, Jr.


Andrew F. Mahony

John D. McGilvary

Daniel C. Murphy

Gavin McNab

Hon. P. H. McCarthy

Eugene McLean

Frederick W. Kellogg

Arthur Legallet

Mrs. Thurlow McMullin

Hon. William H. McCarthy

J. K. Moffitt

Right Rev. Wm. Ford Nichols

Rabbi Jacob Nieto

A. Sbarboro

Charles S. Stanton

Rudolph Taussig

William T. Sommers

Raphael Weill

Jos. J. Tynan

Thomas DeLury


Mrs. John B. Casserly

Mrs. Horace Coffin

Milton Esberg

Louis H. Mooser

Frank G. Sykes

E. J. Tobin

Miss Marian Delaney

Mrs. James Rolph, Jr.

Edward Rainey

Walter Martin

George U. Hind

M. A. Gunst

John P. Young

Senator James D. Phelan

Senator Hiram W. Johnson

Wm. F. Humphrey

George M. Rolph

John A. McGregor

Stuart F. Smith

Daniel P. Haggerty





Gavin McNabb, Chairman

Most Rev. Archbishop Edward J. Hanna

Right Rev. Wm. Ford Nichols


Right Rev. A. W. Leonard

Rabbi Jacob Nieto





Paul T. Carroll, Chairman

Henry M. Owens

Thomas Rolph

Supervisor A. J. Gallagher

Supervisor Richard J. Welch


Supervisor Joseph Mulvihill

Edward Rainey

Frank Carroll

Wm. L. Hughson


Mrs. D. E. Easton

Mrs. A. B. Spreckels

Rev. Father D. O. Crowley

Eustace Cullinan





John McLaren, Chairman

John Reid, Jr.

Milton T. Clark


Timothy A. Reardon

Supervisor Ralph McLeran


Arthur Kempston

M. Earl Cummings





Harry Bogart, Chairman

Mrs. Prentis Cobb Hale

Supervisor J. Emmet Hayden


Supervisor Chas. A. Nelson

Miss Marian Leale






Edward J. Brandon

Corneilus J. Deasy

Andrew J. Gallagher

J. Emmet Hayden

Fred L. Hilmer

Oscar Hocks


John D. Hynes

John C. Kortick

Joseph F. Lahaney

Ralph McLeran

James R. McSheehy

Joseph Mulvihill


Charles A. Nelson

James E. Power

E. E. Schmitz

Fred Suhr, Jr.

Richard J. Welch

Edward I. Wolfe











Judge Geo. E. Crothers, Chairman


Mrs. A. B. Spreckels

Judge Edmund P. Mogan

Thomas S. Mulvey

Judge Thomas F. Graham

Sheriff Thomas F. Finn

Dist. Atty. Chas. M. Fickert

Chief D. A. White

John McLaren

William F. Humphrey

John S. Drum


Harry I Mulcrevy

J. H. Zemansky

Dr. Wm. C. Hassler

Mrs. M. C. Sloss

Miss Lillian Palmer

Dudley Moulton






Most Rev. Archbishop Edward J. Hanna

Right Rev. Wm. F. Nichols

Rev. Dr. Joseph Sibley

Rabbi Jacob Nieto

Chief Justice F. M. Angelotti

John A. McGregor

William Sproule

Dr. A. H. Giannini

John H. McCallum

Reuben B. Hale

Mrs. E. I. Baldwin

Miss Marion Dleaney

Miss Agnes G. Regan

John A. Britton

Paul T. Carroll

Henry L. Mayer

F. W. Kellogg

C. S. Stanton

R. A. Crothers

Eugene McLean

Arthur Arlett

Albert E. Boynton

Jesse W. Lilienthal

Warren Olney, Jr.

Selah Chamberlain

Lyman L. Pierce

Fred A. McCarl

Henry J. McCoy

Frederick J. Whitton

Harry M. Creech

Rufus G. Smith

Adelaide J. Keirulff




Oscar Sutro

Wm. F. Humphrey

Frank McDonald


Warren Gregory

J. C. McKinstry




Draft Board No. 1

William Crocker

John B. Casserly

Dr. D. E. F. Easton


Draft Board No. 2

Chas. F. Reddy

Thos. R. O'Day

Louis Nonnemann


Draft Board No. 3

Joseph Edelmann


C. F. Collonan


Draft Board No. 4

Joseph A. Leonard

Thomas McGuire

John L. McNab


Draft Board No. 5

Matt I. Sullivan

Joseph G. Gallagher

John Reid, Sr.


Draft Board No. 6

Dr. Wm. A. Martin

Harry M. Kelly

John D. McGilvray


Draft Board No. 7

Alfred S. Gunn

W. W. Allen

H. D. Saville


Draft Board No. 8

Col. John L. Flynn

Max J. Kuhl

James A Bacigalupi


Draft Board No. 9

Clarence A. Fay

William M. Symon

William A. Kelly


Draft Board No. 10

Clarence Morris

Morris Schwartz

Lewis F. Byington


Draft Board No. 11

Dr. Edward Robeson Taylor

Joseph J. Tynan

Wm. L. Hathaway


Draft Board No. 12

Randolph V. Whiting


J. S. Phillips


Draft Board No. 13

A. Crawford Greene

John B. Campodonico

Darlo L. Perrone





Howard C. White

E. R. Zion

Mrs. John F. Merrill

Miss Sarah Hagan

John O'Connell

C. C. Moore

General E. J. McClernand, U. S. A.

Milton A. Nathan, U. S. W. V.

Raymond O. Hanson

Col. L. E. Lamprecht, V. F. W.

John H. Dolan, N. I. W. V.

Col. T. P. Robinson

Hon. Geo. E. Gallagher

Dr. T. W. Connelly

Joseph Durney

P. S. Teller

Joseph A. Moore

F. E. Batturs

L. F. Newton


Dr. John Gallway

John D. Stelling

Dr. J. Tobin

W. J. Hardy

Alexander M. Bergevin

Mrs. C. C. Tichenor

Mrs. Leah H. Davis

Col. Edward Preble

Auditor Thos. F. Boyle

Treasurer J. E. McDougald

Angelo J. Rossi

George Symon

Hon. Wm. C. Mikulich

Thomas Alton

Thos. Caswell Boyle

Colonel H. G. Matheson

Rev. Joseph McQuaide

Mrs. A. E. Drendell

Mrs. S. J. Hayes

John P. Duffy


F. C. Lathrop

Brig. General Frank B. Watson, U. S. A.

Major General C. A. Devol, U. S. A.

Brigadier General Frank K. Ferguson, U. S. A.

Colonel A. M. Hunter, U. S. A.

Col. W. K. Jones, U. S. A.

Col. H. C. Haynes, U. S. M. C.

Mrs. Dolores Menzies, Manila Aux. 58, V. F. W.

Mrs. Louise Field

Mrs. Frances Burger

Mrs. Genevieve H. Newmark

Mrs. Earl Dillon

Al. Katachinski

Henry Ingwersen

Col. Thornwell Mullally

E. E. Wade

L. W. Austin






363d Infantry


Abani, Mr. Wm.

Abani, Mrs. Wm.

Abrams, Mr. Abe

Abrams, Emanuel

Abrams, Gertrude

Abrams, Mr. J.

Abrams, Mrs. J.

Abrams, Mr. Kave

Abrams, Mrs. Minnie

Abrams, Miss M. J.

Abrams, Sam

Adalman, Rose N.

Adams, Mrs. J. B.

Adams, Anna

Adams, J. Jr.

Adams, W.

Adams, Mrs. W.

Adamson, Earl

Adamson, Mrs. W. H.

Adamy, Estelle

Adamy, Mrs. K.

Adamy, Lillian

Adamy, Mr. P.

Adamy, Mrs. P.

Adamy, Vera

Adamy, Walter

Adkins, H. D.

Adkins, Mrs. Lillian A.

Adkins, Master Lynn H.

Adkins, L. S.

Adler, Dr. Albert S.

Adler, Mrs. Albert S.

Alrey, Mrs. R. J.

Aguayo, A.

Aguayo, Mrs. A.

Ahearn, Mrs. Nora

Albers, Mrs. Marguerite

Albers, Pete

Albert, F.

Albert, Mrs. F.

Albert, Miss J.

Albert, Mrs. J.

Albrecht, Bernard

Albrecht, Catherine

Albrecht, Mrs. Esther

Aldersley, Buddy

Aldersley, Fannie

Aldersley, Lyell

Alexander, Mr. A.

Alexander, Miss Bessie

Alexander, Mr. Egbert

Alexander, Mrs. Egbert

Alexander, Miss Myrtle

Allan, Miss Cossette

Allan, Mrs.

Allegaert, Mrs. Jennia

Allegaert, Raymond

Allen, Charles

Allen, Dolores

Allen, Mrs. F. H.

Allen, Mr. Hugh W.

Allen, Mrs. Hugh W.

Allen, Mrs. S.

Allen, Mrs. T. A.

Allen, W. J.

Allen, Mrs. W. J.

Altpeter, Mrs. Chas. E.

Alvis, Miss Anna

Alvis, Miss Frances

Alvis, Miss Mary

Alvis, Miss Rose

Ambuist, Mrs. A. C.

Anderson, Mr. A.

Anderson, Alice

Anderson, Mrs. Alice

Anderson, Arthur

Anderson, Arthur J.

Anderson, Chris

Anderson, Ethel

Anderson, Mrs. E.

Anderson, Frank B.

Anderson, George R.

Anderson, H.

Anderson, Mrs. H.

Anderson, Mr. M. A.

Anderson, Mrs. M. A.

Anderson, Wm.

Anderson, Mrs. Wm.

Andrews, Mr. A.

Andrews, Mrs. A.

Andrews, Volney

Anfebolo, Mr. Andrew

Anfebolo, Mrs. Andrew

Anthony, Mrs. Mary E.

Appleton, Mrs. Edith

Appleton, Mr. Harry

Arana, E. J.

Arana, Mrs. E. J.

Arata, Mrs. Annie

Archbald, F. W.

Archbald, Mrs. F. W.

Ariani, Dorothy

Ariani, Emma

Ariani, Paul

Ariani, Margaret

Ariani, Mr. V.

Ariani, Mrs. V.

Ariasi, C.

Ariasi, Mrs. C.

Armaino, Mrs. Annie

Armtz, Laura H.

Arnitz, Mrs. L. H.

Ashley, Miss Carmen

Askhin, Mrs. C.

Atkens, Mrs. Anna

Atkens, Tom

Auby, Albied

Auby, Mrs. J.

Auby, J.

Auby, Lawrence

Auby, Leo

Audloric, Mrs. Frances

Audloric, Frank

Audloric, Miss Frances

Auser, Mrs. Harry

Avery, Mr.

Avery, Mrs. M. E.

Ayers, Mrs. J. H.

Ayers, Mrs. Lucretia

Aylward, Mr. E. F.

Aylward, Mrs. E. F.

Ayman, G. F.

Ayman, Mrs. G. F.

Ayman, Mrs. James E.

Bacigalupi, Alma

Bacigalupi, Amelia

Bacigalupi, Miss Beatrice

Bacigalupi, Edward

Bacigalupi, Ernest

Bacigalupi, Eva

Bacigalupi, John

Bacigalupi, Mrs. John

Bacigalupi, Loui

Bacon, Mrs.

Bader, Gustave

Bader, Mrs. G.

Bader, Jean

Baer, Mr. D. F.

Baer, Mrs. D. F.

Baer, Mrs. Mabel

Bagnall, George

Bagnall, Mrs. Geo.

Baha, Manuel

Bailey, Mrs. Neta S.

Bain, Miss Anita

Bain, Christine

Bain, Miss Helen

Bain, Henry

Bain, James

Bain, Mr. Wm. A.

Bain, Mrs. Wm. A.

Baker, Mrs. F. H.

Baker, Gilbert

Baker, Mrs. Gilbert

Baker, Miss Gladys

Baker, Mrs. Grace

Bale, Mr. Glen

Bale, Mrs. Glen

Bale, Virginia

Ballard, Mr. Jim

Ballard, Mrs. Jim

Balloun, Miss V.

Ballschmidt, Albert

Ballschmidt, Mrs. Ruth

Balvun, Mr. Victor

Balvum, Mrs. Victor

Band, Mr. Ed.

Band, Mrs. Ed.

Band, Mr. Fred A.

Band, Mrs. Fred A.

Band, August

Band, Emma

Band, Frank

Band, Lulu

Band, Rose

Band, Stephen

Band, Stephen W.

Band, Mrs. Stephen W.

Band, Stephen

Bane, J. H.

Bane, Miss S.

Barber, Mrs. E. H.

Barbour, Mrs. E.

Barbour, L. E.

Barbour, Ray

Barclay, John

Barclay, Mrs. John

Barclay, Juanita

Barclay, Harold

Bareilles, E.

Bareilles, Mrs. E.

Bareilles, Miss Veronica

Barett, C. W.

Barett, Mrs. C. W.

Barker, Parrish

Barnacle, Mrs. J.

Barnes, Annabelle

Barnes, Miss Bessie

Barnes, Ed. H.

Barnes, Ed. L.

Barnes, Geo.

Barnes, Mrs. Geo.

Barnes, Miss Gladys

Barnes, John

Barnes, Laura

Barnes, Mrs. Mary F.

Barnes, Sarah

Barnes, William

Barr, Frank E.

Barr, Mrs. Frank E.

Barriccah, J.

Barrichlo, Miss Amy

Barrichlo, Miss Burton

Barrichlo, James

Barrichlo, Miss Amy F.

Barrichlo, Miss Jos

Barricklo, Louisa

Barrows, D. M.

Barrows, Mrs. D. M.

Barry, Miss Agnes

Barry, Miss Barry

Barry, Priv. John F.

Barry, Miss Ross

Barry, Mr. Wm. Sr.

Barstow, Thos.

Barstow, Mrs. Thos.

Bartell, Mrs. Clara

Bartell, Dave

Bartell, Miss Helen

Barto, Miss Elyria

Barto, Mrs. Isabella

Barton, Mrs. F. H.

Bassett, Mrs. Wm.

Batchelar, Mrs. Olive

Batchelor, R. R.

Batchelor, Mrs. R. R.

Baterman, J.

Baterman, Mrs. J.

Bathbie, Mrs. I.

Batterson, Mr. G.

Batterson, Mrs. G.

Bauer, Frank

Bauer, Julius

Bauer, Mrs. J. C.

Bauer, Mrs. Lester

Bauer, Miss Ruby

Bauer, William

Bayer, Miss Katherine

Beadell, Mr. J.

Beadell, Mrs. J.

Beal, Mrs. Flora

Beal, Robt.

Beal, R. W.

Beall, George

Beall, Mrs. Mary J.

Beall, Thos.

Beall, William

Bean, Miss Ruth

Beandekofer, E. L.

Beandekofer, Mrs. E. L.

Bearden, Mrs. Ida

Bearden, Miss Marion

Bearse, Gladys

Bearse, Mrs. M. J.

Beaudikofer, Mrs. C.

Beaudikofer, E.

Beauregard, Miss Laura

Beauregard, N.

Beauregard, Mrs. N.

Beck, Mrs. Fred

Beck, Mrs. I.

Beck, Mr. P. E.

Beck, Mrs. P. E.

Becker, Geo. F.

Becker, Miss Louise

Becker, Mrs. Sophie Affron

Beebe, Mrs. O.

Beebe, Violet

Beguelin, Miss Yolanda

Behwisch, Bertha

Behwisch, James

Behwisch, Mrs. James

Beleney, Mr. Geo.

Beleney, Mrs. Marie

Bell, Mrs. E. R.

Bell, Miss Jennie

Bell, Mr. James

Bell, Mr. J. M.

Bell, Mrs. J. M.

Bell, Mr. George

Bender, Mrs. J.

Benoit, Mrs. C.

Benoit, Cecilie

Benoit, Clarisse

Benoit, Claudia

Benoit, Geraldine

Benoit, Marie

Benson, Mr. Hugh

Benson, Harry

Benson, Jessie

Benson, Leslie

Benson, Mr.

Benson, Mrs.

Benson, M. L.

Benson, Mrs. M. L.

Benson, Norman

Bepler, A. U.

Bepler, A. J.

Bepler, C. W.

Bepler, J. V.

Bernard, Elsa

Bernard, Mrs. E.

Beroni, A., Sr.

Beroni, A.

Beroni, Miss C.

Beroni, E.

Beroni, L.

Beroni, Mrs. L.

Beroni, Miss L.

Beroni, M.

Beroni, Mrs. N.

Bertolozzi, Agnes

Bertolozzi, Guido

Bertolozzi, Joe

Bertolozzi, Romilda

Bethami, Joe

Bettencourt, Miss E.

Bettencourt, Mrs. Ma.

Bettman, Fred

Bettman, Mrs. Fred

Bignami, A.

Bignami, D.

Bignami, F. C.

Bignami, Mrs. F. C.

Bignami, Ralph

Birkenstock, Mrs. S.

Bissett, Mrs. E.

Bjork, Mrs. C.

Black, A. G.

Black, Miss E.

Black, Miss Edith

Black, Mrs. Ida E.

Blackstone, Arthur

Blackstone, Henry

Blackstone, Mrs. M. C.

Blackstone, Taylor

Blauert, O. F.

Blauert, Mrs. O. F.

Blauert, Otto F.

Blemerhassett, Mrs. T. J.

Block, Alice

Block, Mr. Willie

Block, Mr. Wm.

Block, Mrs. Wm.

Blois, J.

Blois, Morrison

Bloom, Mrs. J. R.

Bloom, Mrs. Leah

Blumer, Mrs. Theo.

Bodini, Mrs. Olga

Boggs, Mrs. Kitey

Bohen, D.

Bohen, Mrs. D.

Bohen, Frances

Bohen, Genevieve

Bohen, Mary

Bohme, Mrs. F. T.

Boland, James, Jr.

Boland, John

Boland, Margaret

Bolton, J. R.

Booker, George

Bookhout, Miss Theora

Bond, Mrs. A. M.

Borba, Frank R.

Borba, George

Borba, Mrs. M. A.

Boss, Mrs. Albert A.

Boss, Charles J.

Boss, L. C.

Boss, Mrs. L. C.

Boss, Marie

Boss, Mrs. M.

Bouton, Mrs. A. G.

Bouschin, Miss Francis

Bowel, T. R.

Bowel, Mrs. T. R.

Bower, Mr. Chas.

Bower, Mr. Chas. E. Jr.

Bowman, Mrs. Nellie

Bowman, Robert

Bowman, William

Boyce, Mrs. E.

Boyce, G.

Boyce, Mrs. G.

Boyd, Mr. C. W.

Boyd, Mrs. C. W.

Boyd, Mr. J. Sr.

Boyd, Mrs. J. Sr.

Boyd, Mrs. James, Jr.

Boyde, Mrs. Goldy

Boyea, L.

Boyea, Mrs. L.

Boyer, Mrs. Francis

Boyle, Mrs. E.

Boyle, Jos.

Boyle, Miss L.

Boyle, T. E.

Boyle, Mrs. T. E.

Boyle, Thos. F.

Boyle, Mrs. Thos. F.

Bracker, Mrs. Joseph M.

Brady, Dudley

Brady, Miss Emily

Brady, Irma

Brady, Mr. J. F.

Brady, Mr. J. G.

Brady, Mrs. J. G.

Brady, Mrs. May

Brammer, H. C. E.

Brammer, Mrs. H. C. E.

Branch, Mrs. George

Branscombe, Mrs. V. C.

Brennan, Ethel

Brignoli, Theresa

Brignoli, Catherine

Brittan, Mark

Brittan, Mrs. Mark

Brittan, Martha

Brittan, Wm. G.

Brittan, Mrs. Wm. G.

Britton, Mrs. E. N.

Britton, John A.

Britton, Mrs. John A.

Britton, John A. Jr.

Britton, Van E.

Britton, Mrs. Van E.

Britton, William

Britton, Mrs. William

Brizzee, Edith

Brizzee, Mrs. John

Broad, Edna G.
Broad, Jackson

Broad, May H.

Broderick, Cora

Brochers, H. W.

Brochers, Mrs. H. W.

Brokaw, H. C.

Brokaw, Mrs. H. C.

Brooks, Miss L.

Broska, Mrs. Chas.

Brown, Arthur

Brown, Edna

Brown, Mrs. H. C.

Brown, Jessie

Brown, Mrs. Jessie

Brown, Mrs. L. W.

Brown, Mrs. M.

Brown, Mr. P.

Brown, Mrs. P.

Brown, Richard C.

Brown, Samuel

Brown, Mrs. Sophie

Brown, S. M.

Brown, Mrs. S. M.

Brown, Mr. V. M.

Brown, Mrs. V. M.

Brown, W. H.

Brown, W. L.

Brownlee, Mrs. C. G.

Brownlee, Mr. G. G.

Brownlee, Mrs. G. G.

Brulez, Adolph

Brulez, Mrs. Adolph

Brumbaugh, Mrs. R.

Bruns, Adelia H.

Bryson, Jennie E.

Buchanan, Lilian

Buchanan, Vivian

Buck, Geo.

Buck, Mrs. Geo.

Buckhout, Chester B.

Buckhout, Mrs. Eliza

Buckhout, Ralph A.

Buckley, Chris

Buckley, Mrs. Chris

Buckley, Evelyn

Buckley, J. H.

Buckley, Mrs. J. H.

Buckley, Maybelle

Buckley, Mr. E.

Buckley, Mrs. E.

Buckley, Mr. P. A.

Buckley, Mrs. P. A.

Buehn, Frank

Buehn, Mrs. Olga

Buhs, Mr. Wm.

Bull, Mrs.

Bullen, Mrs. H.

Bumming, Ida

Burchard, Mr. D. W.

Burchard, Mrs. D. W.

Burchard, Miss Dorothy

Burchard, Mrs. E.

Burdick, Miss A. E.

Burdick, Mr. H. L.

Burdick, Mrs. H. L.

Burger, Adelaide

Burk, Stephen

Burk, W. F.

Burk, Mrs. W. F.

Burke, Mr. Frank

Burke, Mrs. Frank

Burke, Harry M.

Burke, Lawrence

Burke, Mrs. L.

Burke, Lottie

Burnett, Mr. W. H.

Burnett, Mrs. W. H.

Burns, Mrs. Ellen M.

Burns, Harry

Burns, Richard

Burr, Miss Emmy

Burr, Miss Evelyn

Burr, Miss Marjorie

Burriss, R. B.

Burriss, Mrs. R. B.

Burris, Clarence

Burris, Mrs. L. C.

Bush, S.

Bush, Mrs. S.

Butler, Ada M.

Butler, C. F.

Butler, Mrs. C. F.

Butler, Frank R.

Butler, Miss Helen

Butler, Jennie T.

Butzbach, Alice

Butzbach, Chas.

Butzbach, G.

Butzbach, Mrs. G.

Buzzetti, Mrs. Secondina

Byington, C. C.

Byington, Mrs. C. C.

Byington, C. U.

Byington, Mrs. C. U.

Byington, Miss Ethel

Byington, Miss L.

Bryne, F. X.

Byrne, Agnes P.

Byrne, Miss Alice

Byrne, Edwin

Byrne, Frank X.

Byrne, Frank X., Jr.

Byrne, Garrett

Byrne, Mrs. Georgeanne

Byrne, Gladys

Byrne, Mrs. G.

Byrne, Gus A.

Byrne, Harold

Byrne, Henry D.

Byrne, John D.

Byrne, Jos. P.

Byrne, Miss Lucille

Byrne, Mrs. M.

Byrne, Mrs. T. H.

Byrne, Winifred

Byrum, Albert

Byrum, E. H.

Byrum, Mrs. M. E.

Byrum, Miss N.

Byrum, Miss Nita

Byrum, Miss W.

Cabassel, Mr. Jack

Cabassel, Mrs. Jack

Cadrett, Mrs. M.

Cadwallader, N. G.

Cady, Clarence

Cady, Eveline

Cady, Mary

Calder, James

Calder, Mrs. James

Caldiera, Mrs. T.

Caldwell, Mr. F. D.

Caldwell, Mrs. F. D.

Calfee, Burke S.

Calfee, Mrs. D. W.

Calfee, Rev. D. W.

Calfee, Mrs. George N.

Calfee, Tsas

Calfee, Walter

Callison, Miss Cecil

Callison, Mrs. E. M.

Callison, Mr. L. M.

Callison, Mrs. L. M.

Calral, Miss Del

Calral, Miss J.

Cameron, F. J.

Cameron, Mrs. F. J.

Cameron, Frank

Cameron, Mrs. Frank

Cameron, Mrs. George

Cameron, Mrs. Geo. E.

Campbell, Miss Bessie

Campbell, Mrs. C. C.

Campbell, Mrs. J.

Campbell, Martin Wm.

Campbell, Patrick B.

Campbell, Mrs. Patrick B.

Campbell, Miss Teresa M.

Campbell, Mr. W. F.

Campbell, Mrs. W. F.

Camper, Mrs. H. H.

Canevaro, Mr. N. J.

Canevaro, Mrs. N. J.

Canfield, Chas.

Canfield, Mrs. Chas.

Canning, Mrs. J.

Canning, Mrs. M.

Canning, William

Capderrell, Mrs. M. J.

Capelli, J.

Capelli, Mrs. J.

Capelli, Leona

Capelli, Miss M.

Capitani, Mrs.

Capitani, Mrs. M.

Carberry, Carl

Carberry, Clare

Carberry, Mrs. E. P.

Carberry, Edgar

Carberry, Frances

Carberry, Genevieve

Carberry, Gertrude

Carberry, Hugh

Carberry, Mr. James H.

Carberry, Mrs. James H.

Carberry, Josephine

Carberry, May

Carey, Miss Mamie

Carillon, Chas. A.

Carillon, Mrs. Chas. A.

Carleton, Miss Edith

Carlson, Mr.

Carlson, Mrs.

Carlson, Mr. A.

Carlson, Mrs. A.

Carlson, Mr. Chas. E.

Carlson, Henry

Carlton, Mr. E. C.

Carlton, Mrs. E. C.

Carmack, Duke

Carmack, Mrs. Duke

Carmody, Mary

Carpenter, Lewis H.

Carpenter, Wm. T.

Carpenter, Mrs. Wm. T.

Caro, Mrs. A.

Carroll, Mrs. A.

Carroll, Mr. D.

Carroll, Mrs. D.

Carroll, Miss Kathleen

Carroll, Miss Lucille

Carroll, Mrs. Maudie

Carroll, Miss May

Carroll, Miss Mary

Carroll, M. J.

Carroll, Mrs. M. J.

Carroll, Thomas

Carroll, V. A.

Carroll, William

Carter, Charles P.

Carter, Mrs. Charles P.

Carter, George

Cashman, Miss Lillie

Casini, Mr. E.

Casini, Mrs. E.

Casini, Mr. R.

Casini, Mr. S.

Caulkins, Mary E.

Cavalli, Mrs. Frank

Cavagnaro, Dave

Cavagnaro, Mrs. Dave

Cavagnaro, Henry

Cavagnaro, Mrs. Henry

Cavanaugh, Jack

Cavanaugh, Mr.

Cavanaugh, Mrs.

Cavanaugh, Ruth

Cavanaugh, Mrs. W. J.

Cavenaugh, Mrs. H. LaT.

Caviglia, Mr. Alfred

Caviglia, Mrs. M.

Cavis, Mrs. Ethel

Chalder, C. N.

Chalder, Mrs. C. N.

Chalmers, Grace

Chamberlain, Mrs. A.

Chamberlain, F. H.

Chamberlain, Mrs. F. H.

Chamberlain, Miss Georgia L.

Chamberlain, G. J.

Chamberlain, Mrs. H. R.

Chamberlain, Mrs. J. B.

Cheek, W. M.

Chick, Mrs. A. L.

Chisem, Mrs. John

Chisholm, Thos. W.

Christensen, H. H.

Christensen, H. H., Jr.

Christensen, Mrs. H.

Christensen, Mr. John

Christensen, Mrs. John

Christensen, Miss S.

Christensen, Mr. S. S.

Christern, Mrs. A. H.

Christian, Miss B.

Christian, Miss Velda

Christian, Mr. W. E.

Christian, Mrs. W. E.

Christopherson, Mr.

Christopherson, Mrs. Marie

Clark, Alonzo

Clark, Catherine

Clark, Charles

Clark, Mrs. Charles

Clark, Dick

Clark, Helen

Clark, Joseph

Clark, Mrs. Joseph

Clark, Leo

Clark, Mrs. Leo J.

Clark, Mrs. Margaret

Clark, Mary

Clark, Mathew

Clark, Mrs. Mathew

Clark, Mathew, Jr.

Clark, Mrs. R.

Clark, Zamma

Clausen, Mrs.

Claussen, Mr. Claus

Claussen, Mrs. Jno.

Clausen, Miss Minnie

Claussen, Mrs. John

Cleavere, Mrs. Agnes

Close, Lansing P.

Close, Mrs. Lansing P.

Cobb, Mrs. Fa.

Cobb, W. H.

Cobb, Mrs. W. R.

Cochrane, Miss Jean

Coehn, Mrs. A.

Coehn, Mr. A.

Coffee, Miss Grace

Coffee, Mr. H. L.

Coffee, Mr. L. H.

Coffee, Mrs. L. H.

Coffee, Mr. L. L.

Coffee, Mrs. L. J.

Coffey, Jeremiah

Coffey, Mrs. Jeremiah

Coffman, Mildred

Cohen, Miss B.

Cohen, Mr. Max

Cohen, Mrs. Max

Cohen, Viola

Cohen, Sidney

Colgan, Helen

Colgan, Mrs. Mary E.

Collier, Bernard

Collier, Miss Gertrude

Collier, Miss Marguerite

Collier, Miss Mary

Collier, W. J.

Collier, Mrs. W. J.

Collier, William Alfred

Collier, Zita

Colliers, Mrs. Annie

Colliers, George

Colliers, George

Colliers, William

Collins, A. B.

Collins, Mrs. Neil

Collins, Wm. R.

Collins, Mrs. Wm. R.

Colton, L. M.

Colton, Mrs. M.

Colton, Mrs. M. R.

Coney, Miss Belle

Coney, Mrs. S. A.

Conlon, Albert Edward

Conlon, Mrs. Bernard, S.

Conlon, Mrs. K.

Conlon, Lawrence

Conlon, Winifred

Conlon, F. J.

Conlon, Mrs. F. J.

Connelly, Miss Alice

Connelly, Mr. John

Connelly, Miss Francis

Connelly, Miss Margaret

Connelly, Mr. W. B.

Connelly, Mrs. W. B.

Cook, Charles

Cook, John A.

Cook, Mr. J. A.

Cook, Miss Minnie

Cook, O. P.

Cook, Oscar R.

Coombs, Miss Lotus

Cooper, Mrs. Alice C.

Cooper, Chas. N.

Cooper, Chester S.

Cooper, Mrs. Chester S.

Cooper, Dorothy

Cooper, Dr. Eugene

Cooper, Mrs. Eugene

Cooper, Mrs. Horace B.

Cooper, Leland S.

Copper, John

Copper, Mrs. John

Corbett, William

Corbett, Mrs. William

Cordova, Carlos

Corkery, Mrs. A. M.

Cormack, Mr. D.

Cormack, Mrs. D.

Cormack, Jean

Cormack, Ronald

Cormolly, Mrs. Catherine

Cormolly, Miss Marie

Cornali, Mr.

Cornali, Mrs.

Corson, Mr. A. C.

Corson, Mrs. A. C.

Corson, Eva E.

Corson, John

Cosgrove, Mrs. Catherine

Cosgrove, Francis

Cosgrove, Mae

Cosgrove, Paul

Costello, Mr. P. J.

Costello, Mrs. P. J.

Cotta, Mr. Wm.

Cotta, Mrs. Wm.

Courtney, Mrs. E.

Courtney, Mrs. T. R.

Courtright, Mrs. T. D.

Craig, Mrs. W.

Creigh, Miss Winona

Crewe, Geo.

Crewe, Mrs. Geo.

Cribari, Erma

Cribari, F.

Crohare, Mrs. Claire

Crom, C. D.

Crom, Mr.

Crom, Mrs.

Crommie, Mr. W.

Crommie, Mrs. W.

Crommie, Mrs. Wm.

Cron, Miss Anna

Cron, Miss Minnie

Cronan, Mr. J. W.

Cronan, Miss Mary

Croon, George

Croon, James

Croon, Mrs. Josephine

Croon, Sadie

Crosley, N. M.

Crosley, Mrs. N. M.

Crowe, Mr. Geo. C.

Crowe, Mrs. Geo. C.

Crowley, Mr.

Crowley, Mrs.

Crowley Miss Nora

Cruse, Robert

Cruse, Mrs. Robert

Crutcher, Mrs.

Crutcher, Miss Mary

Crutcher, Estes

Crystal, Mr. J.

Crystal, Mrs. M.

Cullen, Irene

Cullen, Louise

Cullen, Mrs. L.

Cummings, Mr. B. J.

Cummings, Mrs. B. J.

Cuneo, Mrs. Clorinda

Cunning, Mr. H.

Cunning, Mrs. H.

Cunningham, Mr. D. K.

Cunningham, Mrs. D. K.

Cunningham, Hene

Cunningham, Margaret

Cunningham, James

Cunningham, Mrs. James

Cunningham, Mrs. E.

Cunningham, Miss H.

Curran, Miss Margaret

Currier, Fred J.

Currier, Mrs. Fred J.

Curry, Jane

Cutberth, Mr. W. G.

Cutberth, Mrs. W. G.

Cutler, Mrs. Josephine

Da Casse, Mr. A.

Da Casse, Mrs. A.

Daggett, Mrs. A. J.

Dahler, Mrs. A. M.

Dahler, Adam, Jr.

Dahles, Adam M.

Dalessi, Miss Lena

Dalton, Miss

Daly, Miss Tessie

Danly, C.

Danstan, Mr. F. H.

Danstan, Mrs. Grace

Danville, Harry B.

Dargie, Mrs. Bessie S.

Dargie, Mrs. Paulina A.

Davidson, Mrs. Julia

Davidson, Miss Marguerite

Davidson, Mr. R.

Davidson, W. H.

Davie, Mrs. Frank

Davie, Mrs. Lena

Davie, Mrs. Mable

Davis, Charles M.

Davis, C. F.

Davis, Mrs. C. F.

Davis, Dan D.

Davis, Delecia

Davis, Emma

Davis, Eva

Davis, Mr. Frank

Davis, Mrs. Frank

Davis, Henry

Davis, Ida

Davis, Mrs. Jefferson

Davis, John V.

Davis, Joseph

Davis, Mrs. Leah H.

Davis, Lillian

Davis, Margaret

Davis, Mattie F.

Davis, Mr. N. C.

Davis, Mrs. N. C.

Davis, Mrs. Nolla

Davis, Mr. Percy A.

Davis, Mrs. Percy A.

Davis, Mrs. Sarah

Davis, Mrs. W. J.

Dawson, Miss E.

De Boer, Mr. Christ

DeCamp, Frank

DeCamp, Mrs. Frank

DeCamp, Virginia

DeCarly, Mrs. C,

DeCarly, Miss R.

Dedini, Miss Romilda

De Gregorio, Elize

De Gregorio, Frank

De Gregorio, Mrs. Frank

De Gregorio, Mrs. K.

De Gregorio, Mary

Del Bondio, Mrs. P.

De Martina, P. J.

De Martina, Mrs. P. J.

De Martina, Mrs. P. T.

De Martina, Ruth

De Martini, Mrs. C.

De Martini, Mrs. Carmel

De Martini, Miss Delia

De Martini, Frances

De Martini, Frank

De Martini, Mrs. Frank

De Martini, Frank, Jr.

De Martini, John

De Martini, Mario

De Martini, Mrs. M.

De Martini, William

Demars, Irene

De Mattle, Mr. Tony

Demetrakopulos, George

Demetrakopulos, James

De Natale, Andro

De Natale, Frank

De Natale, Mrs. Frank

Dench, Mrs. J.

Denike, Cyral

Denike, Ethel

Denike, Irene

Denike, Mrs. M.

Denike, Van

Dennis, Frances

Dennis, Ida B.

Dennis, Jackson, Sr.

Dennis, Mrs. Matilda

Dennis, Wilfred

Derhine, Chesternun F.

Derham, Mrs. Chesternut F.

Derham, Mrs. Joseph

Derham, Stanley J.

Desmond, Dennis

Desmond, Mrs. Dennis

Desmond, John

Desmond, May

Desmond, Mary F.

Detro, J. E.

Detro, Mrs. J. E.

Devan, Alma

Devan, Andrew J.

Devan, Belle

Devan, Charlotte

Devan, E. E.

Devan, Mrs. E. E.

Devan, Evelyn

Devan, Margaret E.

Devan, William E.

Devencengi, Toni

Devencengi, Mrs. Toni

Devine, Agnes

De Watt, E.

De Watt, Mrs. Ella

Dias, Mrs. J. F.

Diez, Mrs. Phil J.

Dilling, Mrs. G.

Dillon, Agnes

Dillon, Agnes B.

Dillon, Catherine

Dillon, David

Dillon, Mrs. David

Dillon, Mrs. Earl

Dillon, Ellen

Dillon, Hannah

Dillon, Illene

Dillon, James

Dillon, Jim

Dillon, John

Dillon, Katherine

Dillon, Marie

Dillon, Marguerite

Dillon, Marie B.

Dillon, Maurice

Dillon, Mike

Dillon, Thomas

Dillon, Victor

Dillon, William

Dingle, Mrs. J.

Dixon, Mrs. W. G.

Doering, Mrs. Chas.

Doering, Elvira

Doering, J.

Doering, Mrs. J.

Doering, Josephine

Doering, Lloyd

Doering, Marguerite

Doering, Viola

Doherty, George

Doherty, Mrs. George

Doherty, Daniel

Doherty, E. W.

Dolter, Ernest

Dolter, Mrs. Ernest

Dolter, Ernest, Jr.

Doherty, Mrs. Lizzie

Donaldson, Eleanor

Donaldson, Marjorie

Donaldson, Mrs. R. B.

Donaldson, Wm.

Donaldson, Mrs. Wm.

Donnelly, Harold

Donnelly, Violet

Donnelly, Mrs.

Donohue, Annie J.

Donohue, Frank

Donohue, James

Donohue, Robert

Donovan, E.

Donovan, Mrs. J. J.

Donovan, Mrs. L.

Donovan, Miss Margaret

Donovan, Michael

Donovan, Mrs. Michael

Donovan, M.

Donson, Mrs. Clara

Doran, J. T.

Doscher, Mrs. H.

Doud, Mrs. Neva

Dougherty, Frank J.

Dougherty, Mrs. Frank J.

Dougherty, Joseph

Douglas, Ernest C.

Douglas, Mrs. Ernest C.

Dow, Mrs. Florence

Dow, Harry

Dow, Mrs. Harry

Downey, Miss Cecilia

Downey, Mr. C. J.

Downey, Mr. J. J.

Downey, Mrs. M.

Downey, Miss Margaret

Downey, Miss Mary

Downey, Mr. P.

Downey, Mrs. P.

Doyle, Agnes

Doyle, Catherine

Doyle, Edmond

Doyle, Irene

Doyle, Jack

Doyle, James

Doyle, Mrs. James

Doyle, Mae

Doyle, P.

Doyle, Mrs. P.

Doyle, Richard H.

Doyle, Ruth

Doyle, T.

Doyle, Mrs. T.

Doyle, Viola

Driefer, Mrs.

Driscoll, J. A.

Driscoll, Mrs. J. A.

Driscoll, Mrs. J.

Driscoll, Lawrason

Driscoll, Suell

Drugmund, Mr. Henry

Drugmund, Mrs. Lena

Drugmund, Mrs. Teresa

Duckett, Mrs. R. E.

Duffey, Mrs. C. G.

Duffy, C. S.

Duffy, F. W.

Duffy, Mrs. J. H.

Duffy, Mrs. Mary

Duke, T. B.

Duke, Mrs. T. B.

Dukich, Antoinette E.

Dunbar, Mrs. Alice

Dunbar, Bertha

Dunbar, Mr. Charles

Dunbar, Edith

Dunbar, Flora

Dunbar, Mrs. M. V.

Dunbar, E. D.

Dunbar, Mrs. E. D.

Dunbar, Mrs. Ella R.

Dunlap, A.

Dunlap, Clarence I.

Dunlap, Lieut. G. H.

Dunlap, Mrs. G. H.

Dunlap, Mrs. Maggie K.

Dunlap, Ruth

Dunlap, S. A.

Dunn, Mrs. Elizabeth M.

Dunne, Mrs. W. J.

Dusey, Helen

Dusey, Thos.

Dusey, Mrs. Thos.

Dwyer, Alice

Dwyer, Louise

Dwyer, T. T.

Eagan, J.

Eagan, Mrs. J.

Eagan, Miss Marie

Eagle, Mr. N. F.

Eagle, Mrs. Natalie F.

Eber, Mr. B.

Eber, Mrs. B.

Eber, Laura

Eccoleston, Mrs.

Eckert, Harry M.

Eckert, Mrs. Hattie

Edler, G. W.

Edler, Mrs. G. W.

Edlund, J. A.

Edlund, Mrs. J. A.

Edmunds, Mrs. Jane

Edmunds, Joe

Edmunds, Miss Sadie

Edsberg, Mr. C.

Edsberg, Mrs. C.

Edburg, Miss Emily

Edsburg, Miss Olga

Edsburg, Miss Ruth

Edwards, Edward

Edwards, Edward H.

Edwards, H.

Edwards, Mrs. H.

Edwards, T. M.

Edwards, Mrs. T. M.

Edwards, Walter

Egan, Dan

Egan, James

Egan, John

Egan, Mrs. John

Egan, William

Egan, Mrs. William

Egans, Blanch

Egans, Claire

Egans, Lucile

Egenberger, Mr. J.

Egenberger, Mrs. J.

Eggert, Wm.

Eggert, Mrs. William

Eichenberger, Mrs. Bertha

Eichenberger, H.

Eichenberger, Mrs. Matilda

Eichenberger, Miss Matilda

Elliott, Mr.

Elliott, Mrs.

Elliott, T. D.

Elliott, Mrs. T. D.

Elliott, Miss Elizabeth

Elliott, Mr. Henry

Ellis, Earl E.

Ellis, Mrs. Hester

Ellis, Roma

Elmer, Mr. A. J.

Elmer, Mrs. A. J.

Elmer, Harry A.

Elmer, L. H.

Elmer, Ray

Elmer, W. M.

Elmer, Wilber

Enderlin, Blanch

Enderlin, Ernest

Enderlin, Estelle

Enderlin, Evelyn

Ennor, H. W.

Ennor, Mrs. H. W.

Enos, Mrs. Mary

Enyeart, Mrs. Helen

Erlandsen, Mrs. S.

Erving, Mrs. Anastasia

Erving, Mr. C.

Erving, Ellie

Erving, Myrtle

Erving, Rita

Essich, Mrs. Adele

Essich, Emma

Essich, Lawrence

Essich, Lee

Espiasse, Mrs. C.

Estes, Carl C.

Evans, Mrs. Bernice

Evans, Ellis

Evans, J. S.

Evans, K. H.

Evans, Mrs. Ellis

Evenden, Mrs. James

Everhart, Marie

Everson, Jos.

Everson, Mrs. Jos.

Ewing, Mrs. Anastasia

Ewing, C. S.

Ewing, Mrs. G. W.

Ewing, Miss Myrtle

Ewing, Miss Rita

Ezettie, Miss Flors

Fagiani, N. F.

Fahy, Elsie

Fahy, Clarence E.

Fahy, James E.

Fahy, Mrs. James E.

Fahy, Mrs. J. E.

Fahy, Kearce R.

Fahy, Leonard

Fahy, Leon J.

Fahy, Philip

Fahy, Mrs. Philip

Fahy, Philip F.

Fahy, Mr. Richard

Fahy, Susette

Fahy, Mr. Wm.

Fahy, Mrs. Wm.

Faller, J. R.

Faller, Mrs. J. R.

Faller, Kathryn D.

Faller, R. E.

Farber, Mrs. J. L.

Farnham, Carrie B.

Farnham, Frank H.

Farnham, Mary E.

Farrand, Frank

Farrand, Mrs. Jno.

Farrier, Mrs. Nell

Fatum, Mrs. Lester

Fawke, Emma

Fawke, Mrs. Grace B.

Fawke, Mabel

Fawke, Philip

Fawke, Rose

Fawke, Richard M.

Fay, Mrs. D. A.

Fay, Miss Helen

Fay, Mrs. Paul

Febiger, Lea Col.

Feeney, Mrs. Jas.

Fenelon, Mrs. T. P.

Fenelon, Edmund

Fenelon, Gertrude

Fenelon, Harold

Fenelon, Michael

Fenelon, Thos.

Fenelon, Viola

Fenlon, Miss Gert.

Fenlon, Mrs. L.

Fenlon, Miss Marg.

Fenlon, Mr. Ray

Ferdinando, Miss K.

Ferdinando, Miss L.

Ferrari, Miss Evelyn

Ferrari, Miss Lillian

Ferari, Frank

Ferrill, H. R.

Ferrill, Mrs. H. R.

Ferrill, L. H.

Ferrill, Mrs. L. H.

Ferris, Miss Ethel

Ferro, Miss Malvina

Ferry, Miss Elizabeth A.

Ferry, Miss Josephine M.

Field, Inez M.

Field, Mrs. Mary

Fields, Mrs. P. F.

Fingado, Mr.

Fingado, Mrs.

Finn, Nora

Fischer, Mrs. Joe

Fischer, Eva

Fisher, F. E.

Fisher, Mrs. F. E.

Fisher, Miss Grace

Fisher, Mrs. R. E.

Fitzgerald, Miss Marguerite

Fitzgerald, Miss Mary

Fitzgerald, Miss V.

Fitzgerald, Walter

Fitzpatrick, W. E.

Fitz, Maurice, James

Fitz, Maurice, John

Fitz, Maurice, Miss M.

Fixa, John

Fixa, John M.

Fleharty, A.

Fleharty, Mrs. A.

Fleharty, Miss

Fletcher, Miss Florence

Flood, Mrs. C. C.

Flood, Mrs. R.

Flurschutz, C.

Flynn, Mrs. Beulah

Folen, Mrs. Oscar

Foley, Alfred

Foley, Mrs. Bessie

Foley, Mr. Jack

Foley, James

Foley, Mrs. James

Foley, John

Foley, John, Jr.

Foley, Mrs. Mollie

Folle, Oscar A.

Folle, Mrs. O. A.

Fonte, Mrs. Eleanor

Foot, J.

Foot, Mrs. J.

Foote, Elton C.

Foote, G. M.

Foote, Mrs. G. M.

Foote, Hazel M.

Foote, Helen J.

Foote, Ida V.

Fopianno, Mrs. Antanesca

Fopianno, Mr. Joe

Foran, May

Forbes, Mrs. Donald W.

Forbes, Major

Ford, Chas.

Ford, Mrs. Chas.

Ford, Marguerite

Foreman, Mrs. Charles

Forni, Mrs. E.

Forni, Ernestine

Forni, Miss Louise

Fornnier, C. V.

Forrest, Mr. Harry W.

Forrest, Mrs. Harry W.

Forrest, Alfred

Forrest, Dorothy

Forrest, Mrs. Forrest

Forrest, Kenneth

Forrest, Lynn

Forrest, Sterling B.

Forrest, Mrs. Sterling B.

Forrest, Sterling, Jr.

Forrest, Mrs. Sterling, Jr.

Forrest, Walton E.

Forrest, Mrs. Walton E.

Forrester, M.

Foster, George

Foster, Mrs. Ida

Foster, John F.

Foster, Miss Louise

Foster, Mrs. R. V.

Fournier, Mrs. C. V.

Fowler, Mrs. Chas.

Fowler, Mrs. E.

Fowler, Mrs. L. E.

Fowler, W. H.

Fowler, Mrs. W. H.

Fox, Mrs. Delia

Francard, Alfred

Francard, Estelle

Francard, Ernest

Francard, Mrs. Mary

France, Chas.

Frances, John

Frances, Mrs. John

Franke, Francis

Franks, Mrs. Edwin

Fraser, Miss Anna

Freeland, Miss M. E.

Freeman, Mrs. E. A.

Freeman, Miss Gladys

Freeman, Mr. Ray

Freeman, Herbert

Freeman, Howard

Freeman, W. J.

Freeman, Mrs. W. J.

French, Mr. C.

French, Mrs. C.

French, James

French, Mrs. M.

Freund, Mr. Edmond

Freund, Mrs. Edmond

Friedman, Mrs. H.

Friedrichs, W.

Friedrichs, Mrs. W.

Freeman, Mrs. L.

Frisco, Mrs. C.

Fritz, Marguerite

Frits, Mrs.

Frizzi, Mrs. G.

Frizzi, William

Froom, Miss Priscilla

Fulda, B.

Fulda, Mrs. B.

Fulkerson, L.

Fulkerson, Mrs. M.

Fullerton, Miss Grace

Fullerton, Malcom

Fulton, Etta

Fusco, Miss

Fusco, Fred

Gaffney, Mrs. Esther

Gaffney, Frances

Gaffney, Frankie

Gaffney, Muriel

Gaffney, William

Gaffney, William W.

Gaffney, Mrs. William W.

Gagna, Mrs. M.

Gale, Mrs. Florence L.

Gale, Miss Gertrude

Gale, Roderick L.

Gallagher, Miss Anna

Gallagher, Mrs. A. R.

Gallagher, Chas. E.

Gallagher, C. M.

Gallagher, Emmet P.

Gallagher, Miss Mae

Gallagher, Patrick F.

Gallagher, Mrs. Patrick F.

Gallagher, Peter J.

Gallagher, Mrs. Peter J.

Gallagher, Mrs. Sarah

Gallagher, Susan

Galland, Mr. Jesse

Galliano, Mrs. Josephine

Gallieshota, Katherine

Galy, Mrs. A.

Garafares, G.

Garbo, Miss Sadie

Garbo, Mrs. S.

Garaghty, Cecelia

Garaghty, Fred

Garcia, A. P.

Garcia, Mrs. A. P.

Garcia, Anita

Garcia, Alfred

Garcia, Alvera

Garcia, Mrs. Carrie

Garcia, Mrs. F. O.

Garcia, Frank

Garcia, John

Garcia, Lawrence

Garcia, Manuel

Garcia, Mary

Garcia, Toney

Garcia, Mrs. Toney

Gardiner, Mrs. K.

Garfield, Mrs. C. A.

Garfield, C. A.

Garighty, Miss Cecile

Garlich, Mr.

Garlich, Mrs.

Gastineau, Mrs. Mildred

Gastman, Miss Alene E.

Gastman, Miss Anna S.

Garrisiano, Mrs. Louisa

Gault, Mrs. Louisa

Gault, A. M.

Geisster, Miss Mary

Gelhause, Mr. Fred

Gelhause, Mrs. Fred

Gellroy, M.

Gellroy, Mrs. M.

Genard, James W.

Gerard, R. L.

Gerard, Mrs. R. L.

Ghezzi, Miss Edith

Gibsen, Mr. Jack

Gibsen, Mrs. Jack

Gibson, Mrs. Thos. J.

Gilbert, Mrs. W. J.

Giffart, Mrs. Geo.

Gilliland, Ed.

Gilliland, Mrs. Ed.

Gilliland, Leota

Gilney, Ruth T.

Gilney, Mrs. Thomas A.

Giovannetti, Chas.

Giovannetti, Elsie

Giovannetti, Evelyn

Giovannetti, Mrs. Mary

Gittere, Ralph

Gittere, W.

Gittere, Mrs. W.

Gladfelter, Chas.

Gladfelter, Mrs. Chas.

Glaeser, Frank

Glaven, Miss W. J.

Glaven, Mrs. W. J.

Glavin, Miss M. E.

Glavin, Miss M. M.

Glavin, P. J.

Glavin, Ruth

Glavin, Wm. J.

Galvin, Mrs. Wm. J.

Gleeson, Mrs. H.

Godfrey, G. E.

Goldberg, Mrs. Arthur

Goldberg, Mrs. D.

Goldberg, Hannah

Goldberg, Morris

Goldberg, N. A.

Goldberg, Sol

Goldstein, Mrs. F. M.

Gollob, Miss

Gollob, Mrs. Dora

Gollob, Mr. H.

Gomez, Mrs.

Gompertz, Mrs. H. R.

Good, Rita C.

Goodman, Miss Ellen

Goodman, Ellen T.

Goodman, T. B.

Goodrich, Leroy R.

Goodrich, Mrs. Leroy R.

Goodrich, Virginia S.

Goodwill, Mrs. R. B.

Goodwill, T. L.

Goodwill, Mr. T. M.

Goodwill, Mrs. T. M.

Goodwin, Mr. Lloyd

Goodwin, Mrs. Lloyd

Gordan, Mrs. A.

Gordan, Mr. A.

Gordan, George

Gordan, Gobert

Gordan, Mrs. Gobert

Gordan, John

Gordon, Mrs. Emma

Gordon, Miss Ester

Gordon, Mrs. Jos. B.

Gordon, Mr. Wm. E.

Graham, Mr. F. E.

Gorman, James

Gorman, J. J.

Gorman, Mr. J.

Groman, Marie

Gorman, Mr.

Gorman, Mrs.

Graham, Mildred

Gorman, Tom

Gorman, Will

Gould, C. E.

Graff, George

Graff, John

Gramont, J. K.

Grant, Alice

Grant, Catherine

Grant, Hugh

Grant, Miss Lottie

Grant, Margaret

Grant, Marle

Grant, Wallace

Grant, Wm. P.

Grant, Mrs. Wm. P.

Grant, Mr. R. C.

Grant, Mrs. R. C.

Granucci, Mrs. Annie

Granucci, Lazaro

Graumont, Morris

Graven, Mrs. N. L. V.

Graves, Little Miss Jean

Graves, Master Norbert

Gray, Fred L.

Gray, Florence L.

Gray, Gladys

Gray, James L.

Gray, Warren

Greeley, Mrs. C. B.

Greely, J. J.

Greely, Mrs. J. J.

Green, Mrs. Geo.

Greene, Miss F.

Greene, Mrs. Ida

Greene, L. H.

Grenfell, Mrs. Mary

Greenfield, Charles

Greenfield, Mrs. Charles

Gregory, Miss Dorothy H.

Grey, James H.

Griffin, Harold J.

Griffin, Mrs. Annie

Griffin, Mrs. Maurice

Griffin, R.

Griffith, Mr. G.

Griffith, Gladys

Griffith, Gerald

Giffith, Mr. J.

Griffith, Mrs. M.

Griffith, Miss M.

Griffith, Roland

Griffith, Mrs. Roland

Griffith, Mrs. Sadie

Griffin, Anita

Griffin, Mrs. Mary

Griffin, Philip

Grimes, Mrs. E.

Gross, Henry

Gross, Mrs. Henry

Gross, Herbert

Gross, Mrs. Herbert

Gross, Morris

Gruwell, Frances

Gruwell, Mrs. Frances

Gscheidle, F.

Gscheidle, Mrs. F. C.

Guenley, Dewey

Guenley, George

Guenley, Miss Irene

Guenley, Raymond

Guenley, William

Guenley, Mrs. William

Guild, F.

Guild, Mrs. F.

Guild, George

Guisto, Emmett

Guisto, Mr. Lawrence

Guisto, Mrs. L.

Guisto, Miss Lillian

Gulley, Mr. D.

Gulley, Mrs. G.

Guluizzo, Mrs. Tina

Gun, Mrs. Grace

Gunter, Ellis H.

Gunter, Mrs. Ellis H.

Guppy, Mrs. C. B.

Guppy, Mrs. J.

Gyle, Mrs. Joseph C.

Hadler, H.

Hadler, Mrs. Henry

Hader, Mrs. L.

Haffey, Hugh E.

Haffey, Hugh, Jr.

Haffey, Irene

Haffey, Katherine

Haffey, May

Hafschmidt, Walter

Hagehorn, Frederick

Hagist, Adolf

Hagist, Arthur

Hagist, Mrs. Augusta

Hagist, Edward

Hagglund, Mrs. W. C.

Hahn, Mr. Henry

Hain, Mr. Arthur

Hain, Mrs. Arthur

Hain, A. T.

Hain, Mrs. A. T.

Haines, Anna M.

Haines, Hattie

Haines, Mrs. Lena

Haines, Michael

Haines, Mrs. M.

Haines, R. M.

Hales, Mr. W. J.

Hales, Mrs. W. J.

Haley, Mrs. Katherine

Ham, Mrs. Lucy C.

Ham, Percy

Ham, Mrs. Percy

Hamby, Mrs. Clarence

Hamilton, W. Hart

Hamilton, Mrs. W. Hart

Hamilton, Miss Janet

Hamman, Miss Ina

Hammers, F. A.

Hammers, Mrs. F. A.

Hammers, Harold

Hammers, Ida

Hammond, Mrs. C. J.

Hammond, Charlie

Hammond, Charles

Hampel, C. F.

Hampel, Mrs. C. F.

Hamel, Miss Louise

Hampel, Steno

Hampel, William

Hampel, Mrs. William

Hansen, Miss Bertha

Hansen, John J.

Harais, Mary

Haran, Mrs. A.

Harcksen, Mr. Adam

Harcksen, Mrs. Adam

Harmeson, Prudence Lewis

Harmeson, True

Hamilton, M. A.

Hamilton, Ralph

Hamilton, Mrs. Sylvia

Hammell, Tim

Hammer, Miss Rose

Hammett, Gertrude

Hanlon, Miss Clella

Hanlon, Miss Cleo

Hanlong, Mrs. Eva

Hanlon, Mr. Wm.

Hansen, Mr. H.

Hansen, Mrs. H.

Hargrave, Mr. H. E.

Hargrave, Mrs. H. E.

Harksen, Mr. A. G.

Harksen, Mrs. A. G.

Harper, Miss Amy

Harper, Mrs. Annie

Harper, John

Harper, Miss Kate

Harrington, Annie

Harrington, Agnes

Harrington, Dennis

Harrington, Nellie

Harrington, Richard

Harris, Ernest

Harris, Mrs. Jane

Harris, John

Harris, Mrs. John

Harris, Lawrence

Harris, Mrs. Lawrence

Harris, Leonard

Harris, Samuel

Harris, Mrs. Samuel

Harrold, J. Boyd

Harrold, Mrs. J. Boyd

Harry, Mattie E.

Harry, Willard C.

Harry, W. J.

Hart, A. M.

Hart, Mrs. A. M.

Hart, Eva

Hart, Miss Eva

Hart, Miss Lydia

Hartman, Cary W.

Hartment, Mrs. Cary W.

Hartman, Mrs. Frances

Hartman, Josephine

Hartz, Mrs. Mary

Hatch, Jackson

Hatch, Mrs. Jackson

Haun, Mrs. A.

Haupt, Miss Nellie

Haven, Harold E.

Haven, Mrs. Harold E.

Haven, Judge Thos. E.

Haven, Mrs. Thos. E.

Hawes, Mrs. H. E.

Hawkinson, Miss Amelia

Haworth, Mr. A. S.

Haworth, Mrs. A. S.

Haworth, E. M.

Hayden, Mrs. E. C.

Hayden, Mrs. Noel E.

Hayden, Mrs. U. E.

Hayes, Miss

Hayes, Miss Hallie

Hayes, Margaret

Hayes, Michael

Head, Miss Eunice

Head, Fred

Head, Mrs. Fred

Healey, Miss Dorothy

Healey, Miss Gladys

Healey, L. E.

Healey, Mrs. Mary G.

Healy, Mr.

Healy, Mrs.

Healy, Florence

Healy, Lawrence

Heard, Frederick

Heard, Mrs. Frederick

Heard, Rita

Heermance, Edgar

Heermance, Mrs. Edgar

Heermance, J. G.

Heilbuth, Mrs. J.

Heiden, Mrs. Edwin B.

Heiden, Mr. G.

Heiden, Mrs. G.

Henderson, Mr. James

Henderson, Mrs. James

Hendricks, Miss Mae

Henk, Augusta

Henk, J. F.

Henk, Lucile

Henmon, Mrs. T. E.

Henry, Miss Helen

Hensel, F. E.

Hensel, Mrs. F. E.

Herbert, Mr. F. J.

Herbert, Mrs. F. J.

Herbert, Mrs. Francis J.

Herberth, Mrs. F. W.

Herman, Mr. & Mrs. V. H.

Hermansen, Miss

Herold, Miss A.

Herring, Mr. Carl

Herring, Miss Caroline

Herring, G.

Herring, H.

Herring, Miss Margaret

Herring, Mrs. M.

Herscovitz, Miss Bettie

Herscovitz, Miss Betty

Herscovitz, Mrs. Elsie

Herscovitz, Jay

Herscovitz, Samuel

Herscovitz, Mrs. Samuel

Herscovitz, Simon

Heyer, Irene E.

Hickox, Mrs. E. R.

Hildebrand, Mr. F. H.

Hilder, Mrs. Louis

Hill, Chas.

Hill, Mrs. Chas.

Hill, Mrs. L. T.

Hill, Artur

Hill, Lois

Hill, Lulu

Hill, L. F.

Hill, Mr. Marion

Hill, Ralph

Hillen, E.

Hills, Mr. H. E.

Hills, Mrs. H. E.

Hilton, Mrs. Jack

Hink, Lester

Hinricks, Geo. P.

Hinricks, Mrs. Geo. P.

Hinricks, Mrs. Myrtle

Hinricks, Vernon

Hirst, M. D.

Hitchcock, Miss Katherine

Hoardon, John N.

Hoardon, Mrs. Katherine

Hobson, Mrs. E. F.

Hobson, Miss Lyia

Hobson, G. R.

Hobson, Ralph

Hock, Mrs. Sofie

Hodge, Rita

Hodgers, Mrs. S. M.

Hodgkins, F. G.

Hodgkins, Mrs. F. G.

Hoey, Mr. M.

Hoey, Mrs. M.

Hofer, Mr. J.

Hofer, Mrs. J.

Hoffman, Mr. A. R.

Hoffman, Mrs. A. R.

Hoffman, Florence A.

Hoffman, Mrs. Fred

Hoffman, Miss Kate

Hoffman, Mrs. Maude

Hoffman, Samuel

Hoffman, Mrs. S.

Hofsas, Mrs. Myrtle

Hogan, Mrs. Ed.

Hogan, Mr. J.

Hogan, Mrs. J.

Hogan, Miss Marjie

Hogan, Miss Ollie

Holt, T.

Holt, Mrs. T.

Holdoff, Mr.

Holdoff, Mrs. Hazel

Holgate, Joe A.

Holgate, Mrs. Joe A.

Holland, Miss Margaret

Holland, Vincent

Hollett, Mrs. Ethel

Hollett, James

Hollett, Vernon M.

Holme, Garnet

Holmes, Miss Alice

Holmes, E. F.

Holmes, Mrs. E. F.

Holmes, Mr. Ernest F.

Holmes, Mrs. Harriet W.

Honchin, Mrs. Eliza

Honlihan, J.

Honlihan, Mrs. J.

Honlihan, Will

Hood, Geo.

Hood, Geo. J.

Hood, Harold

Hood, Mrs. Mary

Hooper, Miss Edna E.

Hooper, Mrs. C. R.

Hopper, Mr. Geo. W.

Hopper, Mrs. G. W.

Hopkins, B. S.

Hopkins, Mrs. B. S.

Horan, Mrs. Honora

Horlbut, Mr. H. R.

Horlbut, Mrs. H. R.

Horn, Mrs. M.

Horn, Miss Ruth

Horn, Seaton

Hosker, James

Hosker, Mrs. Margaret

Hosker, Ralph

Hosker, Statia

Houston, Mrs. Agnes

Houston, C. C.

Houston, Mrs. C. C.

Howard, Arthur

Howard, Mrs. Arthur

Howard, Miss Bertha

Howard, Ellis L.

Howard, W. P.

Howe, Mrs. Josephine

Howe, Mrs. Theo.

Howe, Theo. G., Jr.

Howell, Miss Ada M.

Howell, Mrs. Jesse S.

Howland, Emma

Howland, Bessie

Hoyle, Mrs. C. R.

Hubback, A.

Hubback, Mrs. A.

Hubback, Edward

Huck, Anna

Huck, Dr. H. C.

Hudson, Mrs. Clarence

Hudson, H. C.

Huffman, Mrs. Susie

Hughes, Frank

Hughes, Mrs. Hugh

Hughes, James

Hughes, Mrs. Jennie

Hughes, John D.

Hughes, Joseph

Hughes, Miss Jennie

Hughes, Miss Teresa

Hunter, Mr. A. S.

Hunter, Mrs. A. S.

Hunter, Mrs. R.

Hurley, Mr.

Hurley, Mrs.

Hurley, Mrs. Margaret

Hurndall, Mrs. P. W.

Huse, Harry C.

Husine, Charles

Husing, Henry

Husing, Lena

Husing, Mrs. Lena

Hussey, Mrs. A.

Huthmacher, Miss F.

Huthmacker, Miss M.

Huthmacker, A.

Huthmacker, Mrs. A.

Hyatt, Mrs. E.

Hyatt, Mr. E.

Hyatt, Miss G.

Hyatt, Geo.

Hyatt, R.

Hyatt, R. M.

Hyatt, W. G.

Hyman, Charles

Hyman, Dave

Hyman, George

Hyman, Mrs. Ida

Hyman, Louis

Hyman, Mrs. Louis

Hyman, Milton

Hyman, Mrs. Rose

Hyman, Prof. Wm.

Hyman, Mrs. Wm.

Hyman, William

Hyman, Mrs. William

Hymon, Louis

Hymon, Mrs. Rosa

Imlay, W. T.

Imlay, Mrs. W. T.

Imperial, Miss Christina

Imperial, Mario

Imperial, Miss Marguerite

Imperial, P.

Imperial, Mrs. P.

Imperiale, Mrs. M.

Inman, E. F.

Inman, Miss Edna

Inman, Everett

Ipsen, Andrew

Ipsen, Mrs. Andrew

Irwin, Mrs. O. C.

Isacca, Miss Theresa

Isasca, Mr. V.

Isasca, Mrs. V.

Jacat, Mr. Geo.

Jacat, Mrs. Louis

Jackson, Miss Alma K.

Jackson, Miss Annie

Jackson, Chas. A.

Jackson, Mrs. Freda

Jackson, Miss Hattie

Jackson, Henry E.

Jackson, Mrs. Henry E.

Jackson, Miss Mary

Jacobs, David S.

Jacobs, Mrs. Goldye O.

Jacobs, Millard Wolford

Jacobus, Miss Florence

Jambet, Mrs. J. A.

James, Miss Bethelene

James, Mr. E. G.

James, Mrs. E. G.

James, Raymond

Jansen, D. M.

Jansen, Mrs. D. M.

Jansen, Mr. Howard

Jansen, Mr. W.

Jansen, Mrs. W.

Jansen, Mrs. Annie

Jaurez, Mrs. A.

Jaurez, Clyde

Jebb, Mrs. Florence

Jenkins, Mrs. R.

Jennings, Miss Helen

Jennings, Mr. Lloyd

Jennings, Mr. John

Jennings, Mr. T.

Jennings, Mrs. T.

Jennings, Mr. W.

Jennings, Mrs. W.

Jennings, Wm. C.

Jennings, Mrs. Wm. C.

Jenson, Mrs. Helen

Jensen, Miss Helga

Jensen, James

Jensen, Peter

Jett, Mrs. Geo.

Jett, Mrs. L. F.

Johanson, Miss Lillian

John, Mrs. Grace

John, Miss Ramona

John, William

Johnson, Mrs.

Johnson, Mr. C. G.

Johnson, Mrs. C. G.

Johnson, Chas.

Johnson, Mrs. Chas.

Johnson, Mr. C.

Johnston, Miss Clara

Johnson, C. B.

Johnson, Mr. C. W.

Johnson, Mrs. C. W.

Johnson, D. E.

Johnson, Mrs. D. E.

Johnson, Mrs. D.

Johnson, Mrs. Delia

Johnson, Mrs. E.

Johnson, Miss Edith

Johnson, E. B., Sr.

Johnson, E. B., Jr.

Johnson, Mrs. E. B.

Johnson, Miss Eleanor

Johnson, Mrs. E. C.

Johnson, Frank, Sr.

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, Mrs. Frank

Johnson, Mrs. F. M.

Johnson, Mrs. G. L.

Johnson, Gert. J.

Johnson, George Wm.

Johnson, Mrs. H.

Johnson, Ira

Johnson, Mrs. Ira

Johnson, Miss Irene

Johnson, Irving

Johnson, John

Johnson, Mrs. J. F.

Johnson, J. J.

Johnston, J. R.

Johnston, Miss Julia

Johnston, Mrs. J. R.

Johnson, Miss Lulis

Johnson, Miss Lulu J.

Johnson, Mrs. M.

Johnston, Mrs. R. B.

Johnson, Miss Ruth

Johnson, Shad D.

Johnson, Ted

Jones, C. N.

Jones, Mr. D.

Jones, Mrs. D.

Jones, Mrs. Elmer W.

Jones, Miss F. L.

Jones, Geo. C.

Jones, Master

Jones, W. A.

Jones, Mrs. W. A.

Jordan, Mrs. E.

Jordan, Genevia

Jordan, Mrs. L.

Jordan, Mr. L.

Jordan, Louis

Jordan, Mary

Jordan, Walter

Joyce, Mrs. E.

Joyce, Mrs. Elizabeth

Joyce, Mrs. O. G.

Joyce, Mr. Wm.

Juda, Mrs. E. M.

Judd, Gertrude

Judd, Henry

Judd, John J.

Judd, Mrs. Lettie M.

Jueveman, Miss Anna

Judge, Hugh

Junor, Mr. E.

Junor, Mrs. E.

Junor, Helen

Junor, Louise

Juss, John H.

Juss, Mrs. John H.

Kadlock, Mr. Sam Jr.

Kadlock, Mr. Sam Sr.

Kadlock, Mrs. Sam Sr.

Kain, Mrs. Amanda

Kalas, A. T.

Kalas, Mrs. Lucy M.

Kalas, Miss Lucy

Kalas, Miss Myrtle

Kalas, Miss Quincy

Kalas, Stanley

Kalas, Thos.

Kammeyer, Miss Elizabeth

Kammeyer, Julius

Kammeyer, Mrs. Julius

Kampschmidt, Myrtle

Kane, Miss Clare

Kane, Jas.

Kassner, Mrs. Lillian

Kassner, Martin

Katz, Mrs. Virginia

Katz, Mr. L. R.

Katz, Mrs. L. R.

Katz, Fred

Katz, Florence

Katz, Lillian

Katz, Virginia

Kavanaugh, Mrs. M. A.

Keating, Mrs. Della

Keating, Mrs. Ellen

Keating, Frances

Keating, Leona

Keating, Maril

Kedall, Lee

Kedall, Mrs. Lee

Keefe, Miss Alleen

Keefe, Miss Catherine

Keefe, Dr. E. D.

Keefe, Mr. James

Keefe, Miss Phyllis

Keefe, Mr. Wm.

Keegan, Mrs. W.

Kelleher, Daniel

Kellen, Mrs. Mary

Kelley, Florence

Kellogg, Mrs. W. T.

Kelly, Mr.

Kelly, Mrs.

Kelly, Evelyn M.

Kemana, Walter

Kemp, Mr. A. G.

Kemper, G. W.

Kemper, Mrs. G. W.

Kenbrook, Mr. C. A.

Kenbrook, Mrs. C. A.

Kenbrook, Miss Elizabeth

Kenbrook, Mr. Wallace

Kendall, Mr. C. C.

Kendall, Mr. C. F.

Kendall, Mrs. C. F.

Kendall, Mrs. L. B.

Kendall, Mr. P. J.

Kendrick, Mrs. Julia

Kendrick, Mr. Michael

Kendrick, Peter

Kendrick, Rose

Kenney, Jos. E.

Kenny, Miss

Kenny, Mrs.

Kent, G. H.

Kent, Mr. E. B.

Kent, Mrs. Mary

Kerman, Mrs. James

Kerman, Mrs. J. A.

Kerr, Robt. I.

Kerr, Mrs. Robt. I.

Kerrick, Mr. J. D.

Kerrick, Mrs. J. D.

Kerwin, Miss Ann

Kerwin, Edward P.

Kerwin, Mrs. Edward P.

Kerwin, John

Kerwin, Mrs. John

Kerwin, John, Jr.

Kerwin, Mrs. John Jr.

Kerwin, Miss Margaret

Kerwin, Richard

Kerwin, Thos. J.

Kerwin, Miss Winifred

Keyser, Mr. H.

Keyser, Mrs. H.

Keyser, Miss Kate

Kieffe, Mrs. E. D.

Kimball, Mr. L. F.

Kimball, Mrs. L. F.

Kimball, Mr. R. L.

Kimball, Mrs. R. L.

King, M.

Kipp, Gladys M.

Kirk, Mrs. Annie

Kirk, Harry

Kirk, Mrs. Pearl

Kirk, William

Kittinger, Miss G.

Klein, Albert

Klein, Miss Addie

Klein, Miss Anita

Klein, Arthur

Klein, E. S., Sr.

Klein, Mrs. E. S.

Klein, Miss Lena

Knoblock, Mr. W.

Knudsen, Mr. H. E.

Knudsen, Mrs. H. E.

Knudson, Harold

Knudson, Mrs. Harold

Koch, Herman

Koenig, Mrs. Louise M.

Kohn, Mrs. Geo.

Kohn, Mrs. Sig.

Krauss, Miss Clara

Krausse, Anna

Krauter, Miss Alice

Krauter, Chas.

Krauter, Lorraine

Krauter, Mrs. Chas.

Krauter, Miss Helen

Krauter, Miss Louise

Krauter, Miss Marie

Krauter, Mr. W.

Krauter, Mrs. W.

Krauter, Willie

Krestovich, Christopher

Krestovich, Geo.

Krestovich, Mrs. Geo.

Krestovich, John

Krimphoff, Miss Agnes

Krimphoff, Miss Elizabeth

Krimphoff, George

Krimphoff, Mrs. George

Kristovich, Chris

Kristovich, Geo.

Kristovich, Michel

Kristovich, Stephen

Krogh, Hans

Krogh, Mr. C. H.

Krogh, Mrs. C. H.

Krogh, Mrs. Hans

Krohn, Miss Anna

Krohn, Claus

Krueckel, Mrs. W.

Krueckel, Mr. Ralph

Kuder, Harry

Kuder, Miss Marion

Kuder, Mrs. Nettie

Kyne, Mr. C.

Kyne, Mrs. C.

Kyne, Mr. J.

Kyne, Mrs. L.

Kyne, Mrs. M. A.

La Dieu, Mrs. W. E.

La Due, Alice

La Due, A. V.

Lafourguette, Mrs. D. J.

Lafouryuette, Geo.

Lafouryuette, Jacque

Lafouryuette, Paul

Lafranchi, Mrs. J.

Lagomarsino, Mr. J.

Lagomarsino, Mrs. J.

Lagoria, Mr.

Lagoria, Mrs.

Lague, Mr. O.

Lague, Mrs. O.

Lamb, Miss Dolores

Lamb, Miss Lucy

Lammers, Peter E.

Lammars, Mrs. P.

Lampson, L.

Lampson, Mrs. L.

Land, Walter

Land, Mrs. Walter

Lane, Mrs. C. H.

Lane, L. H.

Lane, Mrs. Preston R.

Langudge, F. W.

Lansfield, Mr. R.

Landfield, Mrs. R.

Langridge, George D.

Langridge, F. W.

Langridge, Mrs. F. W.

Langridge, Miss Katherine

Lanza, D.

Lanza, Mrs. D.

La Perle, Mrs. Alice

La Page, Miss Florence

Lara, Mrs. Joseph

Larsen, Albin

Larsen, Chas.

Larsen, Ellen

Larsen, Miss Jeanette

Larson, Carl

Latham, Miss Florence

Latham, Grace

Latham, J. H.

Latham, Mrs. J. H.

Laughton, Alex

Laughton, Dudley

Laughton, Dudley, Jr.

Laughton, Elizabeth

Laughton, J. A.

Laughton, Mrs. J. A.

Laughton, James, Jr.

Laughton, Kenneth

Laughton, Lucille

Laughton, Maud

Laughton, Susan

Laukenau, Mrs. Eva

Laukeneau, John

Laukeneau, Mrs. John

Lausten, Mr. L.

Lausten, Mrs. L.

Laurent, J. B.

Laurent, Mrs. J. B.

Lawrence, Matthew J.

Lawson, Mrs. Helen

Lawson, Mrs. J. M.

Lawson, Mrs. Mary

Lawton, Miss M. E.

Layne, Dr. L. Walker

Layne, Mrs. Hazel Walker

Lazzareschi, Bruno

Lazzareschi, Edwina

Leach, Mrs. Dalton

Leach, James M.

Leach, Mrs. James M.

Leach, Laurie

Leach, Lawrence

Leach, Richard

Leach, Mrs. Richard

Lean, A. K.

Lean, Mrs. A. K.

Lean, Mrs. H.

Learned, Robert

Learned, Mrs. Robert

Leary, M.

Leary, Mrs. M.

Lechner, Miss Florence

Le Claire, J. H.

Le Claire, Mrs. Ruth

Lee, Mrs. Rose

Lee, Frank

Lee, Robert

Leech, T. R.

Leech, Mrs. T. R.

Leggett, C. H.

Leggett, Mrs. C. H.

Lehafer, Ethel G.

Leighton, Mrs. Callie

Leighton, Mr. F. W.

Leighton, Mrs. F. W.

Leighton, Miss Rachel

Lellard, Mrs. Z. M.

Lemmerhirt, Mrs.

Lencioni, Aldine

Leonard, Katherine

Leonard, Jas.

Leonard, John

Leonard, Thos.

Lercara, Mr. G.

Lercara, Mrs. G.

Lerner, Eva

Lerner, Herman

Lerner, Manuel

Lerner, Tessie

Lertora, Miss Marie

Lertora, Mrs. Rose

Lester, Mrs. A. M.

Leuga, Mrs. Verine

Levy, Miss Alice

Levy, Mrs. A.

Levy, Mrs. Chas.

Levy, Mr. Henry

Levy, Mrs. Henry

Levy, Miss Marian

Levy, Mrs. Paul

Levy, Mrs. Rube

Levy, Mrs. S.

Lewin, Mrs.

Lewis, G. C.

Lewis, Mrs. G. C.

Lewis, Mrs. Hester R.

Libby, Mrs. Louise

Liecy, Earl

Liecy, Garth

Liecy, Josephine

Liesy, Geo. H.

Liesy, Mrs. Geo. H.

Liesy, Mrs. Margaret J.

Lilly, Mrs. Arthur

Lilt, Henry

Lilt, Mrs. Henry

Lincoln, R. S.

Lincoln, Mrs. R. S.

Lincoln, Mr. H.

Lipman, A.

Lipman, Mrs. A.

Lobingier, Mrs. Delia

Lobinger, Evely

Lobingier, Geo.

Lobingier, M. S.

Locey, Mr. Fred

Locey, Mrs. Fred

Locey, Mr. Ray

Locey, Warren

Locey, Miss Virginia

Loney, Mr. J. A.

Loney, Mrs. J. A.

Looney, J.

Lopes, Annie

Lopes, Joe

Lopes, J. M.

Lopes, Adeline

Lopes, Mrs. M. P.

Lord, Katherine A.

Lorenson, Mrs. L.

Losee, E. L.

Losee, Mrs. E. L.

Lovett, James

Lovett, Mrs. James

Lowell, Mrs. A.

Lucas, W. E.

Lucas, Mrs. W. E.

Lucio, Mrs. R.

Lucy, Miss Josephine

Lundell, Albin

Lundell, C. A.

Lundell, Mrs. C. A.

Lundell, Henry

Lundell, Olive

Lundt, Jennie C.

Lustig, Miss

Lustig, Mrs.

Lydon, Miss E.

Lydon, Mrs. L.

Lydon, Mr. M.

Lydon, Mrs. Mary

Lydon, Mary

Lynch, Andrew

Lynch, Mrs. Andrew

Lynch, Andrew J.

Lynch, Miss Elizabeth

Lynch, Mrs. Etta

Lynch, Miss Joan

Lynch, Miss T.

Lyons, Mrs. E.

Lyons, Mrs. Emma

Lyons, Wm. A.

Lyons, Mr.

Lyons, Mrs.

Lyster, Mrs. E.

Maccovin, Mrs. S. T.

Macdougall, G. W.

Macdougall, Mrs. G. W.

Macdougall, Robert

MacGregor, A. H.

MacKenzie, A. B.

MacKenzie, Mrs. A. B.

Mackel, Philip

MacMillan, D. C.

MacMillan, Mrs. D. C.

MacMillan, Wallace

MacMurray, Mr.

MacMurray, Mrs.

Madden, Mrs. A.

Madden, Mrs. Margaret

Madden, Clara

Madden, Frank Jr.

Madden, Frank

Madden, Harrett

Madden, Helen

Madden, Maud

Madden, Mrs. Mary

Madden, Paul

Madden, Tad

Madden, Miss U.

Madden, Ward

Madieros, J. A.

Madieros, J. C.

Madieros, M. F.

Madieros, Miss M. L.

Madieros, Matthew R.

Madieros, Priscilla

Madison, J. E., Jr.

Madison, Mrs. J. E., Jr.

Madona, Miss A.

Madona, F.

Madona, Miss Hazel

Madona, Miss Geneva

Madson, Mr. M.

Madson, Mrs. M.

Maggi, Mr. G. R.

Maggi, Mrs. G. R.

Magher, Antoinette

Magher, Gerald

Magher, James

Magher, Mrs. James

Magher, James, Jr.

Magher, Jos.

Magher, Mrs. Jos. E.

Magher, Lieut. Jos. E.

Magher, Yeoman Harry Vincent

Magher, Leslie

Magill, Miss Amelia

Magill, Chas. T.

Magill, Miss T.

Magill, W. J.

Magill, Mrs. W. J.

Magill, W. W.

Magill, Mrs. W. W.

Maggio, Mrs. F. D.

Mahane, A. W.

Mahane, Mrs. A. W.

Mahane, Norine

Maher, Eileen

Maher, James

Maher, J. P.

Maher, Martin

Maher, Mrs. Martin

Maher, William J.

Maher, Mrs. William J.

Maher, William, Jr.

Mahl, Edward

Mahl, Mrs. Edward

Mahl, John

Mahl, Mrs. John

Mahl, William

Mahl, Mrs. William

Malaspina, Mr. G.

Malley, Ed.

Malley, Mrs. Mary

Malley, Miss J.

Malley, James

Malley, Patrick

Mallon, Miss E. H.

Maloney, Bernard

Maloney, Edward

Maloney, Mrs. Edward

Maloney, Madden

Maloney, Grace

Maloney, Thomas

Maloney, Mary

Maloney, Mildred

Maloney, Rieta

Maltesta, George

Maltesta, Mrs. Geo.

Maltesta, Helen

Mandel, Mrs. F. M.

Mangels, Carrie H.

Mankervis, Mr. W. M.

Manervis, Mrs. W. M.

Mann, Mrs. C. S.

Mann, Dr. C. S.

Mann, Fred A.

Manning, J.

Manning, Mrs. J.

Marchant, Mrs. Ida

Marchant, M.

Marenco, Miss C.

Marlo, Chas.

Marlo, John

Maroni, George

Marone, Miss Louise

Maroni, Pete

Maroni, R.

Maroni, Mrs. R.

Marr, Rose

Marsh, Mrs. B. W.

March, Geo.

Marsh, Mrs. Geo.

Marsh, G. F.

Marsh, Mrs. G. F.

Marsh, Geo. Raymond

Marsh, H. I.

Marsh, Mrs. H. I.

Marsh, Lucy

Marsh, Lucien A.

Marsh, Mrs. L. A.

Marchi, Mr. P.

Marchi, Mrs. P.

Marlow, Mrs. Alice

Marshall, Allan

Marshall, Clyde

Marshall, David

Marshall, Mrs. David

Marshall, Donald

Marshall, Mrs. John

Marshall, J.

Marshall, Mrs. J.

Marshall, Mrs. J. W.

Marshall, Kenneth

Marshall, Lorraine

Marshall, Miss Mable

Marshall, Miss Nellie

Marsill, Mrs. Assunta

Marsill, Miss Lillian

Marsill, Miss Minnie

Marsill, Master Lawrence

Marsill, Virgil

Martin, H.

Martin, Mrs. H.

Martin, Mrs. Theo. E.

Martin, Mrs. T. P.

Martin, Mrs. J. T.

Martin, Miss Louise

Martini, Paul De

Marzolf, Mrs. G.

Marzolf, Annie

Marzolf, George, Jr.

Marzolf, George, Sr.

Marzolf, Katie

Marzolf, Madeline

Mason, Mrs. Annie

Mason, Mrs. Chester S.

Mason, Edwin

Mason, Ernest

Mason, Mrs. Ernest

Mason, Gertrude

Mason, Harry

Mason, Lois

Mason, Miss Pearl

Massane, Ben

Massane, Mrs. Ben

Massane, Diddy

Massane, Mamie

Massie, Elizabeth

Massie, John

Massie, Mrs. John

Masson, Mrs. Elda

Masson, R. G.

Masson, Mrs. John

Masson, Mrs. J.

Mast, Miss Bertha

Mast, Miss Carolyn

Mast, Martin R.

Matron, Mae B.

Matheson, Mrs. Jas. D.

Mathison, Joseph

Mathison, Mrs. Joseph

Mathieson, O.

Mathieson, Mrs. O.

Mathisen, P.

Mayer, Adolph

Mayer, Mrs. Hazel A.

Mayse, Ruth

McAdam, Mr. M.

McAdam, Mrs. M.

McArthur, Mrs. S.

McBain, Dr. James A.

McBain, Mrs. James A.

McBain, Miss Martha

McBain, Miss Mildred

McBain, Mrs. Thos.

McCabe, Mrs.

McCabe, Mr. Thos. J.

McCabe, Mrs. Thos. J.

McCann, Jas.

McCarthy, Mrs. Mamie

McCarthy, Miss May A.

McCaughey, Jas.

McClellam, Laurette

McClellam, Lilly

McClellam, Wm.

McClellam, Wilson

McClellan, Robt.

McClish, Leonard

McClory, Harry T.

McClory, Helen

McClory, C. H.

McClory, Lizzie

McConnell, Mr. M.

McConnell, Mrs. M.

McCready, Evans

McCready, Mrs. Rose

McCready, Virginia

McCullough, W. J.

McDermott, W. J.

McDermott, Mrs. M.

McDiarmid, Mr. W. G.

McDiarmid, Mrs. W. G.

McDonald, Alfred

McDonald, Allen

McDonald, Allen, Jr.

McDonald, Mrs. A.

McDonald, Mrs. B.

McDonald, Christiana

McDonald, Hugh

McDonald, Mrs. Hugh

McDonald, Mrs. M.

McDonald, Muball

McDonald, Nellie

McDonald, Patrick

McDonnell, John J.

McDonnell, Mrs. John J.

McDonnell, Mrs. Agnes

McDonnell, Mrs. E.

McDonnell, John

McDonnell, Patrick

McDonnell, G.

McDonnell, Thos.

McElroy, Mrs. R. L.

McEnroe, Miss A.

McEnroe, Miss J.

McEwen, Mrs. Jessie A.

McFarland, Miss Leona

McGilvery, Dr. Ella

McGilvery, Thomas

McGilvery, Mrs. Thomas

McGrall, Mrs. P.

McHugh, Agnes

McHugh, Miss Rita

McHugh, Thos.

McHugh, Thos., Jr.

McEnerny, M. V.

McGuire, C. J.

McGuire, Mrs. C. J.

McGuire, Eunice

McGuire, Florence

McGuire, Frank

McGuire, Miss Florence

McGuire, Mrs. Mary

McGuire, M. D.

McGuire, T. A.

McGuire, Thos.

McKenzie, Marguerete

McKenzie, Wm.

McKenzie, Wm. J.

McKenzie, Mrs. Wm. J.

McLean, Miss Gloria

McKeon, Mrs. Annie

McKeon, Miss Mae

McKeon, Mrs. Terrence

McLane, Christopher

McLane, Ellen

McLane, Hugh

McLean, Mrs. T.

McLean, Mr. John L.

McLean, Mrs. John L.

McLeod, Mrs. A. S.

McNahoe, John

McNally, Frank E.

McNally, Mrs. Frank E.

McNally, Mrs. George

McNamara, Miss Evelyn

McNamara, Miss Florence

McNamara, Mr. Grover

McNamara, Miss Kate

McNamara, Mrs. Katherine

McNamara, Mr. Thos.

McNamara, Mrs. Thos.

McPhail, Mrs. Ella

McPhum, Mrs. Mary

McSachlan, Donell

McSachlan, Mrs. Cornelia

Meadow, Mrs. A.

Meads, Mrs. Eunice

Meagher, Antoinette

Meddaugh, J. A.

Meddaugh, Mrs. J. A.

Meinberger, Henrietta

Meinberger, Val. Sr.

Meinberger, Mrs. Val.

Melarkey, Mrs. E. H.

Melchior, Henry

Melchior, Mrs. Elsie

Medicoa, Juanita

Merkel, Miss Marcella

Merkel, Mrs. Marie

Mercurio, Earl

Mercurio, Frank

Mercurio, Miss Anna

Mercurio, Helen

Mercurio, Miss Ida

Merle, Mrs. L. V.

Merman, Gladys

Merman, Lester

Merman, P.

Merman, Mrs. P.

Merrill, Frank

Merrill, Geraldine

Merrill, Lowell

Merrill, Mrs. Lowell

Merrill, M. A.

Merritt, Mrs. Ella

Merritt, F.

Merritt, Mrs. Louise B.

Merz, Wm.

Meyer, Mr.

Meyer, Mrs.

Meyer, Henrietta

Mesquite, Mrs. Jack

Mesquite, Joe

Mesquite, Mrs. Joe

Messini, Alta

Mesquite, Ida A.

Mesquite, Joe

Mesquite, Mrs. Jos. S.

Mesquite, Melvin J.

Meyer, Mr. A. P.

Meyer, Erneset

Meyer, Fred

Meyer, Gwendolyn

Meyer, Mrs. A. P.

Meyer, Mr. H. C.

Meyer, Mrs. H. C.

Meyer, Robert

Meyer, Mrs. Fred A.

Meyer, Henry

Meyer, Inga

Meyer, Mrs. R.

Michael, Arnold

Michael, Francisco

Michael, Walter

Michaelson, C. H.

Michaelson, Mrs. C. H.

Michelson, Arthur

Michelson, Robert

Michelson, Mrs. Robert

Miguel, Miss Audrey

Miguel, Jerome

Miguel, Miss Pearl

Miguel, Miss Selma

Miguel, Miss Sophie

Milliner, G

Milliner, Mrs. G.

Millinovich, Mr.

Millinovich, Mrs.

Miller, Miss A.

Miller, Mr. A. P.

Miller, Mrs. A. P.

Miller, A. S.

Miller, Mrs. A. S.

Miller, Mrs. Blanch

Miller, C. A.

Miller, Chas.

Miller, Mrs. Dava

Miller, Mrs. E.

Miller, Mrs. E. L.

Miller, Mr. F. E.

Miller, Mrs. F. E.

Miller, Miss Helen

Miller, Miss J.

Miller, Mrs. J.

Miller, Joseph

Miller, Miss Kathryn

Miller, Kenneth

Miller, Leontta

Miller, Mrs. Lillie

Miller, Louise

Miller, Miss R.

Miller, Robert

Miller, Mrs. Robert

Miller, Rob. P.

Miller, Mrs. Sarah

Mills, Mrs. I. R.

Mischevich, Milan

Mitchell, Evelyn

Mitchell, Mrs. F. H.

Mitchell, Grace

Mitchell, Miss Mamie

Mitchell, Mr. Roy

Mitchell, Mrs. Roy

Mize, Margaret

Moceller, Mrs. Dora

Molinari, Mrs. Josephine

Molitor, Miss C.

Molitor, Mrs. E.

Mollo, F. J.

Molloy, Miss Alice

Molloy, Thos. S.

Molloy, Mrs. Thos. S.

Monahan, Frank

Monahan, Mrs. Frank

Monfort, Miss Florence

Montgomery, Mrs. E. A.

Montgomery, E. A.

Montgomery, Mrs. Hazel

Montgomery, Lester

Montgomery, Margaret

Moody, Mr. Frank

Moody, Mrs. Frank

Moore, Miss Bernice

Moore, Bernice E.

Moore, Ethel C.

Moore, Mrs.

Moore, Eli D.

Moore, Mrs. Florence S.

Moore, G. E.

Moore, Mrs. G. E.

Moore, Mrs. E. G.

Moore, Mrs.  Francis

Moore, Miss Francis

Moore, Mrs. F. H.

Moore, G. E.

Moore, Mrs. Hattie

Moore, Miss Ione

Moore, Ione F.

Moore, James

Moore, Mr. John F.

Moore, Mrs. Mary

Moore, Miss Virginia

Moore, Mrs. W.

Moore, William

Moore, Wm. A.

Mora, Mrs. Rose

Morch, Leo

Morch, Mrs. Leo

Morchio, Alvira

Morehaut, Ida S.

Morehaut, Mrs. M.

Morehead, Paul

Morehead, Mrs. Paul

Morehouse, E. C.

Morehouse, Mrs. E. C.

Morehouse, Miss Jean

Morgan, Mrs. Josie

Morgan, Miss Salome

Morgariedge, R. S.

Morgariedge, Mrs. R. S.

Moriarty, Catherine

Moriarty, Grace

Moriarty, John

Moriarty, Josephine

Moriarty, Josephine A. V.

Moriarty, Jule

Morley, Mrs. H. W.

Morris, G. L.

Morris, Mrs. G. S.

Morrison, C. E.

Morrison, Mrs. C. E.

Morrison, Chester

Morrison, John

Morrison, Mrs. John

Morrison, Tenal

Morrison, P. F.

Mortensen, Mrs. A.

Mortensen, M.

Morton, Miss Myrtle

Mosher, Edgar D.

Mosher, Mrs. Edgar D.

Mosher, Edwin

Mosher, Mrs. Edwin

Moss, Miss A.

Moss, Agnes

Moss, Cecil

Moss, Mr. J.

Moss, Wm.

Mothron, Mrs. Addie

Mothom, Herbert N.

Mothom, Lydon E.

Mothom, Mrs. P. D.

Mott, Miss Isabel E.

Mountain, Mr.

Mountain, Mrs.

Moyer, Mr. L. H.

Moyer, Mrs. L. H.

Moyle, Mrs. Nellie

Moyles, J.

Moyles, Mrs. J.

Moyse, J.

Moyse, R. E.

Muench, Dr. Albert

Muench, Mrs. Albert

Mueller, Mrs. C.

Mueller, Miss E.

Mueller, Miss L.

Mugg, Fred H.

Mugg, Mrs. Mary F.

Mulkeen, Patrick

Mullan, Miss A.

Mullan, Miss C.

Mullan, Jos.

Mullan, Mrs. Jos.

Mullan, John

Mullan, Miss M.

Mullan, Thos.

Mullane, T.

Mullane, Mrs. T.

Mullen, Frank

Mullen, Mrs. Frank

Muller, Wm.

Muller, Mrs. Wm.

Mullin, Miss Bessie

Mullin, Dan

Mullin, John

Mullin, Mrs. John

Mullin, Wm.

Mullins, John

Mundbenk, Miss Pearl

Munson, N. F.

Munson, Mrs. N. F.

Murch, Mrs. L.

Murphy, Mrs. E.

Murphy, Fred

Murphy, Mrs. Alice V.

Murphy, Charles

Murphy, Chas. P.

Murphy, Mrs. Mary

Murphy, Miss M.

Murphy, Mrs. M.

Murphy, Mr. Walter

Murray, Miss Essie

Murray, Miss Helen

Murray, Mr. James

Murray, Mrs. James

Murray, Jas. A.

Murray, Mrs. J. E.

Myers, Jas. A.

Myers, May E.

Myers, W. B.

Myllo, Mrs. Chas.

Nagal, Miss Delma

Nagal, Miss Eda

Nagal, Mr. Gus

Napoleon, Artur

Napoleon, Mr. Geo.

Napoleon, Mrs. Geo.

Nash, Mrs. A. M.

Nash, Mrs.

Nash, John J.

Nash, Mrs. John J.

Naughton, Bernard

Naughton, Bernard, Sr.

Naughton, Mrs. Sarah

Nealon, Joseph

Nealon, Mrs. Joseph

Nealon, Raymond B.

Neergaard, Fred

Neergaard, F. H.

Neergaard, F. H., Jr.

Neergaard, Robert

Neergaard, Margaret

Neergaard, Ruth

Nelson, Mr. C. T.

Nelson, Mrs. C. T.

Nelson, Mrs. Estella

Nelson, Victor

Neres, Mrs. Olivia

Nerhsbass, Carl

Nerhsbass, Mrs. Carl

Nesbett, Miss Evelyn

Nesbett, Mrs.

Nessa, Mrs. Myrtle

Nevin, Emma

Nevin, John

Nevin, Frank

Nevin, Mrs. Katherine

Nevin, Patrick

Nevin, Ray

Newman, Mrs. Elizabeth

Newman, Mrs. Emily A.

Newman, Mrs. M.

Nicholls, Philip

Nicholls, Mrs. Rose F.

Nicholls, Thos. H.

Niebach, Mr. H. J.

Niebach, Mrs. H. J.

Nicholas, Mrs. Margaret

Nichols, B. T.

Nichols, Mrs. B. T.

Nichols, Elmer J.

Nichols, Miss Grace E.

Nichols, Mrs. V. R.

Nilesen, Clara

Nilesen, Ellen

Nileson, Helda

Nilesen, S.

Nilesen, Mrs. S.

Nilesen, Sophie

Niligan, Miss

Nilsson, Mrs. A.

Nilsson, R. R.

Niquet, Mrs. Chas.

Nonnemann, Mrs. Hannah

Nonnemann, Louis

Northop, Mrs. Ruth

Norton, Albert

Norton, Mrs. Albert

Norton, Webster

Nuno, Mrs. Chas.

Nuns, Mrs. Chris

O'Brien, Mrs. Etta

Ochs, Miss Anna

O'Connell, Eugene

O'Connell, Mrs. Eugene

O'Connell, Julia

O'Conner, Mrs.

O'Conner, Miss A.

O'Conner, Miss N.

O'Connor, Mrs. Mary

O'Connor, Redmond

O'Connor, R. V.

O'Connor, Mrs. R. V.

O'Connor, Vincent J.

O'Dea, Alice M.

O'Dea, Mr. T. M.

O'Dea, Mrs. T. M.

O'Dea, Loretta

O'Donnell, Aileen

O'Donnell, Annie L.

O'Donnell, Mrs. Catherine

O'Donnell, Mrs. C.

O'Donnell, Catherine E.

O'Donnell, Edward T.

O'Donnell, Eugene

O'Donnell, E. W.

O'Donnell, Mrs. E. W.

O'Donnell, James

O'Donnell, James J.

O'Donnell, Joseph W.

O'Connor, Miss Katheryn

O'Donnell, Mrs. Lena

O'Connor, Margaret

O'Donnell, Miss Manel

O'Donnell, Mary E.

O'Connor, Miss Nellie

O'Donnell, Robert

O'Donnell, Stephen

Oellie, Miss Oche

O'Hara, Mrs. E. F.

O'Hara, Russell

O'Hara, Miss Ruth

Ogden, Mrs. Ralph

Olcese, Angelo

Olcese, Attilio

Olcese, Angelina

Olcese, Dominie

Olcese, Frank

Olcese, Mrs. Frank

Olcese, Ricco

Olcese, Rose

O'Leary, Mrs. T. J.

Oliphant, Henry

Oliphant, Robt. C.

Oliphant, Mrs. Robt. C.

Oliva, A. C.

Oliva, Mrs. A. C.

Olsen, Mrs. E. A.

Olsen, Mrs. Sophie

Olsen, Wm.

Olson, Miss Anita

Olson, Richard

Olson, Leonard W.

O'Neil, Joe

O'Neil, Mae

Onist, Mrs. M. J.

Orack, Miss D.

Orack, I.

Orack, Mrs. I.

Orton, W. E.

Orton, Mrs. W. E.

O'Toole, Patrick

O'Toole, Mrs. Patrick

Orton, Mrs. Grace

Otis, Mr. Ed

Otis, Mrs. Helen

Otto, Miss Agnes C.

Ottoboni, Mrs. A.

Ottoboni, B.

Ottoboni, E.

Ottoboni, Olga

Ottoboni, Master R.

Pack, Mr. Thos.

Pack, Mrs. Thos.

Palmer, F. N.

Palmer, Mrs. F. N.

Panch, J. H.

Panch, Mrs. J. H.

Panch, Mary

Pape, Miss Anna

Pape, Henry

Pape, Mrs. Henry

Pape, Wm.

Pardee, Bob

Pardee, Mrs. Bertha

Pardee, Bernice

Pardee, Clara

Pardee, Clarence

Pardee, George

Pardee, Hazel

Pardee, Ida

Pardee, J. W.

Pardee, Mrs. J. W.

Pardee, Jack

Pardee, Lawrence

Pardee, Margarete

Pardee, Peter

Pardee, Mrs. Peter

Pardee, Roy

Pardee, Mr. Thos.

Pardee, Mrs. Thos.

Pardee, Thomas

Pardee, Ruth

Paris, Fred

Paris, Mrs. Fred

Parker, Bernice

Parks, Catherine

Parks, E. H.

Parks, Mrs. E. H.

Parrish, Alan R.

Parrish, Edwin

Parrish, Mrs. Edwin

Parrish, Mrs. F. W.

Parrish, Geo. M.

Parrish, Mrs. Grace

Parrish, Miss Margaret

Parrish, Paul H.

Parry, Mrs. J.

Parsons, Isaac W.

Parsons, Mrs. Isaac W.

Pattillo, Frank

Patterson, Mrs.

Patterson, F. W.

Patterson, Mrs. F. W.

Paulsen, H. E.

Paulsen, Mrs. H. E.

Paulsen, P. M.

Paymiller, Mrs. Christine

Paymiller, Mr. John

Pearsons, Mr. Chas.

Pearsons, Mr. Harold

Pearsons, Mable

Pease, Mr. John

Pease, Mrs. John

Peckham, Chas. E.

Peckham, Mrs. Chas. E.

Peckham, H. A.

Peckham, Mrs. H. A.

Pederson, Miss A.

Pedroni, Gertrude

Pedroni, J.

Pedroni, Mrs. J.

Pedroni, Lena

Pedroni, Mary

Pell, Adele

Pell, Gibbon

Perrin, I. M.

Perrin, Mrs. I. M.

Peltier, Joseph

Peltier, Mrs. Joseph

Peltier, Mrs. Victor

Pence, Mrs. Fletcher

Pence, Lenven

Pennington, A. E.

Pennington, Mrs. A. E.

Perata, Miss Anita

Perata, Mrs. L.

Perazo, Mrs. Marie

Perkins, Harry N.

Perrin, Olive

Perrin, Yates

Perroni, G.

Pestoni, Mrs. A.

Peters, W.

Petersen, Henry

Petersen, Mrs. Henry

Peterson, Ada

Peterson, Bernard

Peterson, G. W.

Peterson, Helen

Peterson, Clarie

Peterson, Emma

Peterson, Ernest

Peterson, Genevieva

Peterson, Mrs. G. W.

Peterson, Mr.

Peterson, Mrs.

Peterson, John

Peterson, Mrs. John

Peterson, Stella

Petrusich, Tony

Pettie, Thos.

Pettie, Mrs. Thos.

Peyser, H. M.

Peyser, Mrs. H. M.

Phair, Miss Florence

Phelps, Forrest

Phelps, George

Phelps, J. W.

Phelps, Mrs. J. W.

Philbuck, Mrs. Ida

Pickard, Miss Marion

Pierce, Russell

Pierce, Mrs. Russell

Pilhashy, Mrs. C.

Philhasby, B. M.

Philhasby, Mrs. B. M.

Pilster, Miss Emma

Pilster, Mr. H.

Pilster, Mrs. Herman

Pilster, Martha

Pilster, Mrs. S.

Pinkham, Mr. C. H.

Pinkham, Mrs. C. H.

Pinkham, Miss G.

Pinkham, Mrs. G.

Pinkham, Mrs. L. J.

Pinkham, Mrs. Mary

Pitts, Mrs. Harry

Place, Mrs. Annie

Plasar, Anna

Pleau, L. S.

Plume, Ed. H.

Plume, Mrs. Ed. H.

Podesta, Frances

Podesta, Pete

Podesta, Miss E.

Podesta, Mrs. Pete

Polito, Mrs. M.

Pollastrini, Mrs. C.

Pollastrini, T.

Pomfret, Miss Arvilla

Pomfret, Mrs. Cordelia J.

Poncet, Miss Adaline

Poncet, Eugene

Poncet, Mrs. Eugene

Poncetta, Mrs. E.

Pool, Mrs. J. I.

Pool, Mrs. J. S.

Pope, Mr. B. F.

Pope, Mrs. B. F.

Porter, R. D.

Porter, Mrs. R. D.

Porter, Mrs. Robert D.

Porter, R. S.

Postlethwaite, H. R.

Postlethwaite, John R.

Postlethwaite, Mrs. Mildred E.

Pothouser, Mrs. Jennie

Potter, Mrs.

Potterton, Clarence

Potterton, Mrs. Clarence

Potts, Amel

Potts, Ed.

Potts, Miss Ester

Potts, Mrs. F.

Poulter, Mrs. A.

Poutoppidan, Hans R. J.

Poutoppidan, Mrs. Mary

Powell, Ruth E.

Powers, Miss Irene

Prall, Horace E.

Prall, Mary M.

Pramme, Mrs. H.

Pramme, Mr. H.

Pratt, Mrs. Celia

Pratt, Miss Jessie D.

Preshaw, W. S.

Preshaw, Mrs. W. S.

Preston, Mrs. Sadie

Price, Mrs. Alma

Price, Russell I.

Price, Miss Stella

Pringle, Arthur

Pringle, Bert

Pringle, Dorothy

Pringle, Edwin

Pringle, George

Pringle, Jessie

Pringle, John

Pringle, Mrs. John

Pringle, Mrs. John J.

Pringle, Minnie

Pringle, Robert, Sr.

Pringle, Mrs. Robert

Pringle, Robert

Pruess, A. F.

Pruess, Miss A.

Pruess, Mrs. A. T.

Pruess, Clara A.

Pryor, Hazel

Puckhaber, David

Puckhaber, Herman

Puckhaber, Miss M.

Puckhaber, Miss Matilda

Puckhaber, Miss May

Puckhaber, Mrs. Meta

Puckhaber, William

Puharich, E.

Puharich, Mrs. E.

Pulis, Miss Helen

Pyle, Mrs. Anna

Quigley, Mrs. Chas. C.

Quinn, Anthony

Quinn, Helen Teresa

Quinn, Kathryn

Quinn, May

Quinn, M. F.

Quinn, Mrs. M. F.

Quinn, Ruth

Quinn, Miss Marie

Raas, Andre

Raas, Mrs. Hortense

Raas, J. C.

Raas, Mrs. J. C.

Raas, Miss Margaret

Rabbitt, Mrs. Louise

Rackley, Luther

Rafter, John T.

Rafter, Mrs. John T.

Raiccy, F. W.

Ralston, Mrs. Jennie

Ramsey, Miss Ethel

Ranft, Mrs. E.

Ranzoni, Mrs. S. A.

Rasmusen, Mrs. A.

Rath, Charles

Rathburn, Frank

Rathburn, Mrs. F. W.

Rathburn, Genevieue

Ratts, Frank

Ratts, Matilda

Raymond, Mr. J.

Raymond, Mrs. J.

Raymond, Mrs. M. C.

Rea, Mr. E. S.

Rea, Mrs. E. S.

Reames, Mr. F. J.

Reames, Mrs. F. J.

Reames, Mrs. Hofsas

Reardon, Dan

Rebard, Mrs. J.

Reddy, Miss Alice

Reed, Mrs. Nellie

Reene, Miss Mary

Reese, Mr. John

Reese, Mrs. John

Regalia, Carlo

Regalia, John F.

Regan, Mr. Wm.

Regan, Mrs. Wm.

Reggiardo, Mrs. L.

Reid, Miss Louise

Renolds, Joe

Rentsch, E.

Rentsch, Mrs. E.

Repoirch, S.

Repoirch, Mrs. S.

Rerdon, Charles

Rerdon, Mary

Resech, Mrs. Frank

Resech, Mrs. Frank

Restini, Mr. Emil

Restini, Mr. John

Restini, Mrs. Pauline

Restini, Miss Rose

Rhodes, Al E.

Rhodes, Nellie A.

Ribens, Miss Alva

Rice, Mr. Chas.

Rice, Mrs. Chas.

Rice, Mr. Joseph

Rice, Mrs. Felix

Rice, Francis

Richard, J. P. M.

Richard, Mrs. Jno. V.

Richards, Dorothy Lewis

Richards, J. P. M.

Richardson, Alex W.

Richardson, Chester

Richardson, Henry

Richardson, Ralph James

Richardson, Mr. Wm. A.

Richardson, Mrs. Wm. A.

Rich, Miss D.

Richols, Mrs. E.

Ridd, Mrs. Elmer Wm.

Rider, Edward M.

Rider, Lena

Riechhold, Mrs. A.

Riechhold, Arthur

Riechhold, Ernest

Riechhold, Henry

Riechhold, Margareta

Riechhold, Minnie

Riechhold, Wm.

Riese, Casper E.

Riese, Mrs. David

Riese, Miss Edna

Riese, Harold Alvin

Riese, Miss Madeline

Riese, Paul E.

Riesenberger, Mrs. Mary

Riley, Mrs. Thos.

Ringer, Mrs. E. E.

Ringer, Aida E.

Ringer, Albert J.

Ringer, Harrison G.

Ringer, Helen D.

Ringer, J. H.

Ringer, Mary A.

Riordan, Eva

Riordan, Donald

Riordan, J.

Riordan, Mrs. J.

Riordan, J. D.

Riordan, Mrs. J. D.

Riordan, Miss Nellie

Risdon, Carl

Risdon, Mrs. Lily

Risdon, Paul

Rivolta, Gertrude

Robart, Theo.

Robart, Mrs. Theo.

Robbins, Miss Leigh

Robejohannes, F.

Robejohannes, Mrs. F.

Roberts, Miss Athens

Roberts, Frank

Roberts, Lillian

Roberts, Mr.

Roberts, Mrs. W. D.

Robertson, Mr. Evan

Robertson, Mrs. Evan

Robertson, Miss Lucile

Robison, A. C.

Robison, Mrs. A. C.

Robinson, Florence

Robison, Miss Florine

Robinson, Mr. A. J.

Robinson, Miss Flossy

Robinson, Mrs. Mary

Robinson, Mrs. R. W.

Robyohannes, Edna

Robyohannes, Elsie

Robyohannes, Lillie

Robyohannes, Orester

Roche, Miss Mary

Roche, Frank C.

Roche, Joseph A.

Roche, Mrs. J. L.

Roche, Stephen J.

Roche, Thomas G.

Roche, Mrs. Thomas G.

Rochfort, Miss Amy

Rochfort, Miss Edith

Roddy, Mrs. Patrick

Rodgers, Mr. H. W.

Rodgers, Mrs. H. W.

Rogers, C. D.

Rogers, Miss Ethel

Rogers, Harry

Rogers, Mrs. Harry

Rogers, Miss L.

Rogers, Mrs. Lucy M.

Rolls, Rev. F. C.

Rolls, Mrs. F. C.

Rose, M. F.

Rose, Mrs. M. F.

Rosen, Mrs. Ida

Rosen, Jack

Rosen, Stella

Rosa, Mr. L. G.

Rosa, Mrs. L. G.

Rosa, Sheldon

Rosa, Shirley

Ross, Malcolm

Ross, Mrs. Malcolm

Rossi, Mr. B.

Rossi, Mrs. B.

Rossi, Emil

Rossi, Mrs. Rose

Rossi, Carlo

Rossi, Mrs. C.

Rossi, Victor

Row, G. C.

Row, Mrs. G. C.

Rowe, Harris

Rowe, Mrs. Harris

Rowe, Walter

Rowe, Mrs. M. F.

Rubens, Mrs. S.

Rude, Miss Edythe

Ruedy, Mr. Henry

Ruedy, Mrs. Henry

Ruff, Joe

Ruff, L.

Ruff, Mrs. L.

Ruffins, Mary

Ruiz, Robt. M.

Ruiz, Mrs. Robt. M.

Rumetsih, Mrs.

Rummelsburg, Mrs.

Rummesburg, S.

Rummesburg, Mrs. S.

Russell, Miss Louise

Russell, W. L.

Russell, Mrs. W. L.

Rutter, Mrs. Anna

Rutter, Mr. Fred

Rutter, Harry

Rutter, Fred S.

Rutter, Mrs. Mabel E.

Ryan, Mrs. Irene

Ryan, M.

Ryan, Mrs. M.

Ryan, Mary

Ryland, B. W.

Ryland, Mrs. B. W.

Sackett, Earl

Sage, Philip

Sage, Mrs. Philip

Sager, C. W.

Sahebiagne, A.

Sahebiagne, Mrs. A.

Salinas, Mrs. Sarah

Salisbury, Mrs. Rosa B.

Salmon, Mrs. Rose

Salmon, Wm.

Salter, Thos. F.

Salter, Mrs. Thos. F.

Salter, Tom, Jr.

Samcels, Mrs. S.

Samfield, M.

Sampson, L.

Sampson, Mrs. L.

Sanborn, Miss M.

Sanchas, Mrs. J. S.

Sanders, D. H.

Sanders, Mrs. D. H.

Sanders, Estella

Sanders, Miss Eva

Sanders, John K.

Sanders, Mrs. J. K.

Sanders, Paul

Sanford, Walter

Sanford, Mrs. W.

Sanguinetti, Ben

Sanguinetti, Mrs. Ben

Sanguinetti, Joe

Sanguinetti, Theresa

Sansomi, Josephine

Sansone, Antone

Sansone, Almond

Sansone, Ernest

Sansone, Marie

Sansone, Philip

Sargent, Mrs. Louise

Sauter, Mrs. K.

Sauter, Miss Katherine

Sauter, Miss Mildred

Sawyer, Miss Ella May

Sawyer, Mrs. Ella M.

Sawyer, Joseph H.

Saxton, Albert

Saxton, Mrs. Albert

Saxton, J. G.

Saxton, Mrs. J. G.

Saxton, Ruth

Saxton, Stanley R.

Sayler, Miss Marcelia

Scanlon, Mrs. A.

Scanlon, R.

Scannell, Miss Nellie

Scannell, Miss Nora

Scannell, Mr. Michael

Scannell, Mrs. Michael

Scheibel, F. J.

Scheibel, Mrs. F. J.

Schellinger, Mr. A. E.

Schellinger, Mrs. A. E.

Schiefer, Miss Aganita

Schiefer, Mrs. Agnes

Schiefer, Arthur

Schiefer, Miss Christina

Schiefer, P.

Schiefer, Mrs. P.

Schiller, Mrs. Geo.

Schiller, Mrs. L.

Schiller, M.

Schiller, Mrs. M.

Schmidt, Mrs. A.

Schmidt, Mrs. Barbara

Schmidt, Geo. H.

Schmidt, Mrs. Geo. H.

Schmidt, Henry

Schmidt, Mrs. H.

Schmidt, Miss M. B.

Schmidt, Rudolph W.

Schmitz, J.

Schmitz, Fred W.

Schmitz, Mrs. F. W.

Schmulowitz, Miss Katherine

Schmulowitz, Nat.

Schmulowitz, S.

Schmulowitz, Mrs. S.

Schneider, Miss Julia

Schoenduby, Mrs. Amanda

Schoenduby, Mr.

Schoenduby, Clara

Schoenduby, Clarence

Schoenduby, Clemens

Schoenduby, Elmer

Schoenduby, Miss Myrtle

Schomberg, G. W.

Schomberg, Mrs. G. W.

Schroebel, Mrs. Lee

Schroeter, Mr. Harry

Schroeter, Mrs. Harry

Schudel, A.

Schudel, Mrs. A.

Schudel, Gerhard

Schudel, Katherine

Schuler, Mrs. L. D.

Schuller, Mrs. Lena

Schultz, Miss L.

Schultz, Dority

Schultz, Mr. W.

Schultz, Mrs. W.

Schultz, Willard

Schum, Max

Schumacher, Albert

Schumacher, Ernestine

Schumacher, Mrs. M.

Schumacher, Minnie

Schumacher, William

Schuster, Mr. Jos.

Schuster, Mrs. Marion

Schwartzmann, E.

Schwartzmann, Mrs. E.

Scollan, Edna A.

Scollan, James T.

Scollan, Thos. P.

Scollan, Mrs. Thos. P.

Scott, Tom

Scott, Mrs. Tom

Seadell, Ernest

Sears, Mrs. R. J.

Sechini, Mrs. Annie

Sechini, J. P.

Sechini, Mrs. J. P.

Sechini, Mrs. Vera

Seeba, Mr. John H.

Seeba, Mrs. John H.

Seeba, Mrs. John H., Jr.

Seeba, Mrs. M.

Seeba, Walter J.

Seeburt, Miss Agnes

Seeburt, Dr. E. M.

Seeburt, Mrs, Emma B.

Seeburt, Miss Frances

Sembertrant, John

Sembertrant, Rose

Settle, Dorothy

Settle, J. C.

Settle, Marcelle

Settle, Mrs. J. C.

Sexton, George E.

Sexton, Mrs. Jennie C.

Seymour, Miss Agnes

Seymour, Miss Dolly

Seymour, George

Seymour, Capt. John F.

Seymour, Mrs. John F.

Seymour, Mabel

Shaefer, Miss E. G.

Shane, W. S.

Shane, Mrs. W. S.

Shank, Floyd C.

Shank, Mrs. Floyd C.

Shank, William

Shank, Mrs. William

Shannon, H. Raymond

Shannon, J.

Shannon, Mrs. J.

Sharp, Mrs. Mabel

Shaw, Dr. Joseph H.

Shaw, Mrs. Mary E.

Shearman, B. K.

Shearman, J. S.

Shearman, Mrs. J. S.

Sheehan, Miss Kate

Sheehan, Miss M. G.

Sheehan, Miss N. T.

Shell, Miss L.

Sherfey, Miss Edith

Sherwood, L. A.

Sherwood, Mrs. L. A.

Shields, Miss Florence

Shields, Mr. R. P.

Shields, Mrs. R. P.

Shipp, Mrs. Laura

Shone, Miss Ethel R.

Shone, Miss Sylvia M.

Shortridge, L.

Showe, Mrs. Phoebe

Shreve, Miss Edna

Siddall, Mrs. C. H.

Sievers, John

Sievers, John L.

Sievers, Otto H.

Siffam, B.

Siffam, Mrs. L.

Silva, Mrs. A. J.

Silva, Mrs. Bell

Silva, Walter

Silveira, Mrs. J. M.

Silveira, Manuel

Silveira, Mrs. Manuel

Silveira, Miss Margaret A.

Silverthorn, Ida E.

Silverthorn, W. A.

Simi, Miss Pici

Simonck, Mrs. P.

Simpson, Mrs. Mae

Simpson, Mrs.

Simpson, Thos.

Simpson, Vivian

Simpson, Mrs. Wm. A.

Singleton, Mrs. Minnie G.

Singley, Mrs. J. N.

Sivers, Fletcher

Sivers, George J.

Sivers, Joy

Sivers, Mrs. Winifred E.

Skinner, John J.

Skinner, Miss Mary

Skinner, Robert

Skinner, Mrs. Robert

Skinner, Robert F., Jr.

Slaght, J. A.

Slaght, Mrs. J. A.

Slater, L. N.

Slater, Mrs. L. N.

Slattery, Mrs. A.

Smiley, Miss Alice

Smiley, Miss Doris

Smiley, Naomi

Smiley, Mrs.

Smith, Alivia

Smith, A. J.

Smith, Mrs. C. R.

Smith, Clyde L.

Smith, Mrs. Clyde L.

Smith, Dorris

Smith, Ethel

Smith, Ethel G.

Smith, Mrs. E. E.

Smith, E. L.

Smith, Mrs. E. L.

Smith, Frank

Smith, Mrs. F. G.

Smith, Mrs. G. H.

Smith, Harold

Smith, Mrs. H. F.

Smith, Howard

Smith, Mrs. Howard

Smith, Jas.

Smith, Mrs. Jas.

Smith, Janet T.

Smith, Mr. John

Smith, Mrs. John

Smith, J. K.

Smith, Mrs. J. K.

Smith, Mr. K. F.

Smith, Mrs. K. F.

Smith, Louise

Smith, Mamie

Smith, Mr.

Smith, Mrs.

Smith, Miss Mathew

Smith, Mrs. M.

Smith, Mrs. May

Smith, Mrs. Maude

Smith, Miss Rita

Smith, Miss V. L.

Smith, Mrs. W.

Smith, Mrs. W. H.

Smith, Webb

Snow, A. P.

Snow, Dorothy

Snow, H. J.

Snow, Mrs. H. J.

Snow, Mrs. L.

Snyder, Mr. Arthur

Snyder, Mrs. Geo. D.

Snyder, Mrs. Lenora

Soares, Frank

Soares, Mrs. Frank

Soares, Mrs. M.

Son, Miss Jennie

Sonderup, Miss Elsie

Sonderup, Mrs. M.

Sorensen, Mrs. C. R.

Souza, J. B.

Souza, Mrs. J. B.

Spandau, Mrs. Adolph

Spandau, Miss Matilda

Spiegl, Miss F.

Spillane, Ed.

Spillane, Mrs. Lilie

Sprung, Mrs. C. R.

Spry, Miss Grace

Spry, Mrs. J.

Stacy, Ethel

Stacy, Mrs. H. L.

Stallard, Phyllis

Stallard, Mrs. M.

Stallard, George

Stanton, Mette

Stark, Mrs. Anna

Starrs, Miss

Starrs, E.

Starrs, Mrs. E.

Starrs, George

Starrs, Mr. J.

Starrs, Miss L.

Staunton, F.

Staunton, Mrs. F.

Staunton, Miss Meta

Stearn, H. P.

Stearn, Mrs. H. P.

Stebbins, Mrs.

Stedman, Mrs. Lucy J.

Steele, Mrs. C. E.

Steele, Ida J.

Steffen, Louise

Steffen, Mrs. M.

Steinmetz, Miss F.

Steinmetz, Mr. Gus

Steinmetz, Mr. Joseph

Stetson, Lucy

Stetson, L. H.

Stevens, Mrs. S.

Stevens, Margarete

Stevens, Nina

Stevens, Mrs. W. R.

Stewart, Miss Esther

Stewart, Mrs. Jas.

Stewart, Mrs. J. B.

Stewart, R. B.

Stimbecher, Chas.

Stimbecher, Mrs. Chas.

Stimbecher, Doris

Stockfleth, Mrs. A.

Stockfluth, A.

Stocking, W. E.

Stobing, Mrs. Rose

Stokes, Mr.

Stokes, Mrs.

Stolp, Herman A.

Stone, Mrs. J. G.

Stonehouse, Chas.

Stonehouse, Mrs. Chas.

Stough, Mrs. Harry C.

Stout, Arthur

Stout, Angeline

Stout, Lulu

Stout, Lyda L.

Stout, Milton A.

Stout, Morrell

Stout, Mrs. M. A.

Stout, Milton W.

Strobell, Wm.

Strong, Lieut. Ed. B.

Strong, Mrs. Elizabeth V.

Strong, Mrs. Wm. R.

Sturtevant, Mrs. Julia

Styan, Elizabeth

Styan, Harriet J.

Styan, James Wood

Styan, John George

Styan, Mrs. Mary Jane

Styan, Thomas E.

Suez, M.

Suez, Mrs. M.

Sullivan, G.

Sullivan, Catherine

Sullivan, G.

Sullivan, Mrs. G.

Sullivan, Miss Helen

Sullivan, Katherine

Sullivan, Marie

Sullivan, Mrs. Mary

Sullivan, Nellie

Sullivan, Mr. P.

Sullivan, Patrick

Sullivan, Mrs. Patrick

Sullivan, Vincent

Sullivan, Mr. Walter

 Swanson, Wm. H.

Swanton, Mrs. Effie C.

Swing, Miss E. H.

Sylva, Mrs. Carl

Sylva, Miss Blanche

Sylva, Henry G.

Sylva, Mrs. Henry G.

Syn, J.

Syn, Mrs. J.

Tafora, Frank

Tafora, Mrs. Frank

Tait, Annie

Talmage, Ralph

Taloff, Mrs. Anna

Taloff, Harry

Taloff, Ida

Tangney, Clifford

Tangney, Clarence

Tangney, Dave

Tangney, Hannah

Tangney, John

Tangney, Katherine

Tangney, Marguerite

Tangney, Mary

Tangney, Mitchell

Tangney, Patrick

Tassi, Mr. C. G.

Tavollera, John

Tavollera, Mrs. John

Tavollera, Miss Jessie

Tavollera, Miss Jessie

Tavollera, Lewis M.

Tavollera, Mary

Taylor, Mrs. Alice M.

Taylor, L. A.

Taylor, Lawrence

Taylor, Mrs. Lawrence

Teaffay, Mrs. Rose

Tegier, Wm.

Tenent, Mrs. Antone

Tenent, Frank

Tenent, Mrs. T. F.

Terrill, Mrs. F. P.

Terry, Mrs. M. L.

Thollander, Chas.

Thollander, Mrs. Chas.

Thollander, Gus.

Thomas, Roy

Thomas, Mrs. Roy

Thompson, A. L.

Thompson, Anita

Thompson, Mrs. Anna

Thompson, Annie

Thompson, Catherine

Thornton, Chas.

Thornton, Mr. Geo

Thornton, Mrs. Geo.

Thornton, Geo., Jr.

Thompson, Kathryn

Thompson, Leslie

Thompson, Madeline

Thompson, Nita

Thompson, W. G.

Thomson, Mrs. D. B.

Thorpe, Mrs. Lena

Thrane, Mrs. J.

Throne, George S.

Throne, Mrs. George S.

Thurman, Frederick H.

Thurman, Mrs. Lillias

Thurman, Virginia A.

Tiaffay, Mrs. Rose

Tiedeman, Mrs. Bertha

Tiedeman, J.

Tiedeman, Mrs. J.

Tiederman, C.

Tiederman, Mrs. C.

Tiederman, Miss F. F.

Tiederman, H.

Tiederman, Mrs. S.

Tiederman, Miss S.

Tietjen, Elmer

Tietjen, Leland

Tietjen, Otto

Timbel, E.

Timbel, Mrs. E.

Timbel, E. Jr.

Timdell, A. E.

Timdell, D. Q.

Timdell, F. L.

Timdell, F. R.

Timdell, Mrs. F. R.

Timdell, Mrs. R. D.

Tinker, Mrs.

Tinnemann, Mrs. O.

Toffelmier, Bruce

Toffelmier, D. V.

Toffelmier, Mrs. D. V.

Toffelmier, Douglass

Toner, Lillian

Tonner, Miss Caroline

Toomey, Gertrude

Toomey, Helen

Toomey, H. C. J.

Toomey, James

Toomey, John

Toomey, Miss Mary

Toomey, William

Tormey, Mrs. P. J.

Totheroh, Chester

Totheroh, Mrs. Chester

Totheroh, John E.

Totheroh, Mrs. John E.

Totheroh, Wallace

Touhey, Pauline

Tousend, Mrs. Emma

Tremewan, Mrs. A.

Tretheway, Mrs. A.

Tretheway, Mrs. Mabel

Trimble, Arthur

Trimble, Mrs. Arthur

Trimble, A. J.

Trimble, Mrs. A. J.

Trimble, Arthur

Truebridge, Miss J.

Tubbs, David A.

Tubbs, Mrs. David A.

Tucker, Mrs. Victor

Tully, Mrs. F. D.

Turner, Mr.

Turner, Mrs. E.

Turner, Miss Lillian

Turner, Mrs. M.

Turner, Mrs. T. J.

Uchtman, Mrs. H.

Ufford, Grace

Ufford, Helen

Ufford, John

Ufford, Mrs. John

Ufford, Marie

Underwood, Mr. H. L.

Unger, Miss Gertrude

Urguhart, Mr. R. F.

Urguhart, Mrs. R. F.

Ussery, Mrs. Blanche B.

Ussery, Butler B.

Ussery, Mr. Thos. M.

Vahey, Mrs. J.

Valentine, Mrs. Agnes

Valentine, John

Valentine, Patrick

Vallerga, Mrs. Antonette

Vallerga, Madeline

Van Acker, Miss Ethel

Van Acker, Mrs. F.

Van Acker, Mrs. Robert

Van der Zee, Mrs. H.

Van Mourick, Mrs. Annabel

Vanucci, Miss L.

Vanucci, Lawrence

Van Sant, Mrs. Bert

Van Winkle, Mrs. C. W.

Varelias, G.

Varengo, Miss Lena

Varengo, Miss Rita

Varengo, Miss Rosie

Varney, Miss Edith

Vaughan, John A.

Vaughan, Mrs. Nona L.

Vell, M.

Vell, Mrs. M.

Veirlenky, Mrs. Alma

Venturi, Luis

Verduzco, Arthur

Verduzco, Mrs. F.

Verduzco, Josephine

Ver Linden, A. E.

Ver Linden, Mrs. A. E.

Ver Linden, Alden

Ver Linden, Fabian

Ver Linden, Irene

Ver Linden, Lester

Ver Linden, Violet

Vernengo, Louise

Vernengo, Mrs. Marcella

Vernengo, Teresa

Vernon, R. W.

Vernon, Mrs. R. W.

Vieira, Frank

Vienop, Miss Mary

Vier, W. J.

Vier, Mrs. W. J.

Vieth, Mr. Fred

Vieth, Mrs. Fred

Vigna, Mr. Joseph

Vigna, Mrs. Joseph

Vigna, Miss Julia

Vireno, T.

Vireno, Mrs. T.

Virgi, Albert

Virgi, Mrs. Albert

Virgi, John

Virgi, Michael

Vogel, Charles

Vogel, Mrs. Charles

Vogel, Emma

Vogel, Lena

Volz, Mrs. F.

Voudervoort, Mrs. Mabel

Wade, Mrs. Walter

Wafer, Mrs. S.

Wagner, Fred

Wakefield, H.

Wakerow, Mrs. Helen

Wales, Mrs. B.

Walker, Edith

Wall, A.

Wall, Mrs. E.

Walls, Mrs. Jos.

Walls, Mr. Ben Paul

Walls, Mrs. Ben Paul

Walsh, Mr.

Walsh, Mrs.

Walsh, Miss Isabelle

Walsh, Charles L.

Walsh, George B.

Walsh, Joseph G.

Walsh, Miss Mary

Walsh, Margaret G.

Walsh, Mr. M. H.

Walsh, Mrs. M. H.

Walsh, Paul J.

Walsh, Peter G.

Walsh, Ruth L.

Walsh, Mr. T. J.

Walshe, Miss Alice

Walshe, Marlin

Walter, Fred

Walter, Mrs. Fred

Walthers, Mrs. M.

Walts, Ben

Waltz, Mrs. B. B.

Warberton, Ethel

Ward, Miss Agnes

Ward, Harry

Ward, Helen E.

Ward, Mrs. M.

Ward, Martin

Ward, Mrs. Mary

Ward, Master Thos.

Ward, Master Stephen

Ward, Tom

Ward, Roy

Ward, Mrs. W. F.

Ware, Arthur

Ware, Mrs. Arthur

Ware, E. J.

Ware, Mrs. E. J.

Ware, Mrs. E. L.

Ware, Helen

Warne, Mrs. J. H.

Warner, Helen

Warner, J. C.

Warner, Mrs. J. C.

Warner, Mrs. Margaret

Warren, Mary

Waterbury, Geo. A.

Waterbury, Mrs. Geo. A.

Watkins, Mr. G.

Watkins, Mrs. G.

Watkins, Miss Grace

Watson, Geo. G.

Watson, Mrs. G. T.

Watson, Mrs. M. A.

Waymire, Mrs. H. J.

Waymire, N.

Waymire, Mrs. N.

Webb, Sidney

Webb, Mrs. Sidney

Weber, Mr. Max

Webster, J. M.

Webster, Mrs. J. M.

Weinstein, Mrs. E.

Weinstein, Miss Ida

Weinzeimer, Mrs. Ray.

Weiss, Miss Mary

Weisman, Henry J.

Weisman, Mrs. Henry J.

Weisman, L. M.

Weiss, Mary

Welch, Mr.

Welch, Miss

Welch, C. H.

Welch, Mrs. C. H.

Welch, Miss Helen

Welch, Miss M.

Welch, Miss Majorie

Welch, Miss Verda

Wentworth, Miss

Wentworth, Mrs.

Werner, Mrs. Frank

Werner, J.

Werner, Mrs. Margaret

Werry, Miles

Werry, Mrs. Miles

West, Miss Anita

West, Miss Claribel

West, Miss Anita B.

Wester, Frances

Wester, Mr. E. O.

Wester, Mrs. E. O.

Wester, Miss Mildred

Wester, Miss Rose

Westfall, Mrs. J. C.

Westup, Chas.

Westup, Francis

Westup, Fred

Westup, John

Westup, Olga

Whalley, Miss Dorothy

Whalley, Mrs. E. M.

Whelan, Mr. F. F.

Whelan, Mrs. F. F.

Whelan, Miss M.

Whelan, Miss R.

Whipple, Mrs. N. S.

White, Mrs. A. C.

White, Mrs. D. W.

Whitfield, Miss Tess

Whitford, H. C.

Whitford, Mrs. H. C.

Whitford, John

Whitford, Miss

Whitford, William

Whitworth, Mrs. Eliza

Wick, Herman

Wick, Mrs. Herman

Wiebalk, Ernest E.

Wiebalk, Mrs. E. E

Wiebalk, Ernest S.

Wiebalk, Mrs. F. A.

Wiebalk, Hazel

Wiebalk, Will P.

Wiester, Mrs. W. H.

Wigmore, S. W.

Wilkes, Mr. Sam

Wilkes, Mrs. Sam

Wilkinson, Miss Mildred

Will, Dorothy

Will, Frederick G.

Will, Mrs. Frederick G.

Will, F. G.

Will, Mrs. F. G.

Will, Helen

Willcut, Geo. B.

Willcut, Mrs. Geo. B.

William, Mr. Harry

William, Mrs. Harry

Williams, Albert

Williams, Mr. Alvin

Williams, Charles

Williams, Cyril

Williams, Mrs. Cyril

Williams, Mrs. E.

Williams, Miss Ethel

Williams, Mr. F. N.

Williams, Mrs. F. N.

Williams, Miss Helen

Williams, Mrs. Jennie

Williams, Mrs. L. C.

Williams, Mrs.

Williams, Stella

Williamson, Miss Aileene

Williamson, Earl A.

Williamson, Frank

Williamson, Mrs. Frank

Williamson, F. G.

Williamson, Harriet H.

Williamson, Louise M.

Williamson, William A.

Williamson, Mrs. William A.

Wilsey, Mrs. H. C.

Wilson, Mrs. Burt

Wilson, George

Wilson, Mrs. J.

Wilson, Mr. M. V.

Wilson, Mrs. M. V.

Wilson, Mrs. Nellie

Wilson, Mrs. Ray

Wilson, Mrs. R. L.

Wilson, Mrs. S.

Wilson, Mrs. S. E.

Wilson, Mrs. Sarah

Wilson, Mr. Stanley P.

Wilson, Mrs. Willa S.

Wise, A. H.

Wise, C. H.

Wise, Mrs. Lila

Wissel, George

Wissel, Gussie

Wissel, Mrs. M.

Witmer, Miss Beatrice

Wittman, Miss Edna

Wittman, Geo.

Wittman, Mrs. Geo.

Wittman, Miss Irma

Wobcke, Miss A.

Wobcke, H.

Wobcke, Mrs. H.

Woessner, M. L.

Wolf, Mrs. Ellsie

Wolf, Max

Wolf, Olga

Wolf, Richard

Wollenberg, Albert

Wollenberg, C. M.

Wollenberg, Mrs. C. M.

Wollenberg, Fannie

Wollenberg, Harold

Woodard, Mr. Louis

Woodard, Mrs. Louis

Woodroffe, Mr. M. L.

Woodroffe, Mrs. M. L.

Woodward, Mr. R. T.

Woodward, Mrs. R. T.

Woolley, Mrs. W. T.

Wright, Mrs. D. F.

Wright, Mrs. Ida M.

Wright, John

Wright, Miss Narcissa

Wright, Mrs. Sarah

Wugher, Louis

Wugher, Mrs. Louis

Wugher, Master

Wurthman, H.

Wurthman, Mrs. H.

Yeni, Mrs. John

Yenni, Mrs. John

Yenni, Mr. John

Yenni, Miss Lena

Young, Beatrice

Young, Charles

Young, Mrs. Charles

Young, Carl

Young, Conrad, Jr.

Young, Mr. Conrad

Young, Edna

Young, George

Young, Mrs. Helen

Young, Irene

Young, Katherine

Young, Louis

Young, Miss Majorie

Young, Sadie

Young, Mrs. Tilla

Young, Wm. T.

Young, Mrs. Wm. T.

Young, William

Zambalich, Mrs.
Zanone, Antone

Zanone, A. E.

Zanone, James

Zappan, Miss E.

Zappan, Frank

Zappan, Mrs. F.

Zappan, Helen

Zaro, Miss Carisa

Zaro, Domenico

Zaro, Maria

Zaro, Meri

Zavatello, Mrs. Anita

Zavatello, Vincent

Zecker, Mrs. F. N.

Zeimer, Dr. Irving S.

Zeimer, Mrs. Irving S.

Zeimer, Irving S., Jr.

Zeimer, Robert Riese

Zellar, Mr. Arthur A.

Zelms, Mrs. Anna

Zelms, Herman

Zelms, Mildred

Zeus, C. H.

Zeus, Mrs. C. H.

Zeus, Ed. A.

Zeus, Mrs. Ed. A.

Zimmerman, O. E.

Zincand, Ed.

Zinns, Annette M.

Zinns, F. A.

Zinns, Mrs. Franklin A.

Zinns, Olive E.




Colonel H. LaT. Cavenaugh and Original Staff of Officers of the 363d.




Photo taken at Camp Lewis, American Lake, Washington, a short time before the departure of  the regiment overseas. Those in the group are:


First Row, sitting, Left to Right.


1st Lieut. DeWitt M. Evans, Co. D.  1st Lieut. Maurice R. Walker, Supply Co.  1st. Lieut. William W. Frank, Medical Corps.  1st. Lieut. William W. McMartin, Medical Corps.  1st Lieut. John S. Rankin, Medical Corps.  Capt. Charles H. Abercromble, Co. M.  1st Lieut. Jamie de Angule, Medical Corps.  1st Lieut. James Sloan, Headquarters Co.  Captain Thomas A. Driscoll, Headquarters Co.  1st Lieut. Manton D. Armstrong, Co. C.  Capt. Edward J. Mitchell, Co. C.  Capt. John G. Heywood, Co. B.  1st Lieut. Camillus Christian, Co. E.  1st Lieut. Robert P. Shields, Co. A.  1st Lieut. Truman A. Starr, Machine Gun Co. E.  Capt. Robert B. Childs, Co. E.  Capt. Edmund O. Forsyth, Co. K.  Major Bertram A Cadwalader, 1st Battalion, Lieut. Col. Reginald B. McNally.  Colonel Harry LaT. Cavenaugh, Commanding Regiment.  Major Copley Enos, 3rd Battalion.  Major Henry Breckinridge, 2nd Battalion.  Capt. Charles C. Quigley, Regimental Adjutant.  Capt. Charles E. Chenoweth, Regimental Supply Officer.  Capt. Andrew J. McCallen, Co. L.  Capt. Edward L. Welsh, Co. H.  Capt. Walter E. Garrison, Co. D.  Capt. Walter E. Wilson.  Capt. Edwin B. Callahan, Co. A.  1st. Lieut. Louis M. Walden, Co. L.  Capt. Orrin W. Potter, Co. F.  Capt. Emmett P. Colpin, Machine Gun Co.  1st Lieut. James Boyd, Jr., Machine Gun Co.  1st Lieut. Percy M. Smith, Co. K.  1st Lieut. James C. Evenden, Co. F.  1st. Lieut. Walter R. Marquart, Co. M.  1st Lieut. Carlos S. Greeley, Co. M.  Capt. Frank S. Sever, Co. I.  1st. Lieut. Cecil H. Anderson, Co. B.  1st. Lieut. Edward Blair, Co. G.


Second Row, Standing, Left to Right.


2nd. Lieut. Theodore C. Jones, Co. G.  1st. Lieut. Rowdy Gentry, Co. K.  2nd Lieut. Herman Amos, Co. D.  2nd Lieut. Wendell S. Kuhn, Battalion Adjutant, 1st. Battalion.  1st. Lieut. Winfred P. McDaniels, D. C.  2nd Lieut. R. Lester Kelly, Co. H.  1st Lieut. Charles R. McCreery, Medical Corps.  2nd Lieut. Lloyd G. Hill, Co. C.  2nd Lieut. William J. Coyle, Co. A.  2nd Lieut. William E. Fitzpatrick, Co. B.  2nd Lieut. Edgar A. Freeman, Headquarters Co.  2nd Lieut. Walter E. Erb, Headquarters Co.  2nd Lieut. Carl G. Hjelte, Battalion Adjutant, 2nd Battalion.  2nd Lieut. Frederick C. Erb, Co. H.  2nd Lieut. Harold Jenness, Co. E.  2nd Lieut. James A. Vincent, Co. G.  2nd Lieut. Francis M. Phelps, Co. G.  2nd Lieut. Everett R. Leisure, Co. A.  2nd Lieut. Abraham L. McMahon, Co. A.  2nd Lieut. Edgar G. Kester, Co. A.  2nd Lieut. Walter N. Anderson, Co. B.  2nd Lieut. William Zimmerman, Co. E.  2nd Lieut. Maurice P. Mitchell, Co. D.  2nd Lieut. Forrest A. Cobb, Co. C.  2nd Lieut. Charles P. McLaughlin, Co. D.  2nd Lieut. David H. Cohn, Co. K.  2nd Lieut. John H. Hackley, Co. M.  2nd Lieut. Joseph G. Cheney, Co. E.  2nd Lieut. Edwin O. Slater, Co. K.  2nd Lieut. Earl T. Parrish, Co. F.  2nd Lieut. Gustaf  H. Lindberg, Co. L.  2nd Lieut. Harold P. Vickery, Co. K.  2nd Lieut. Thomas Lynch, Supply Co.  2nd Lieut. Joseph Kreutz, Machine Gun Co.  2nd Lieut. Ernest G. Raas, Co. I.  2nd Lieut. Oscar C. Gibbs, Co. I.  2nd Lieut. Orville R. Emerson, Co. I.  2nd Lieut. Daniel C. Upp, Jr., Battalion Adjutant, 3rd Battalion.  2nd Lieut. Howard M. Estes, Co. H.  1st Lieut. Kenneth A. Carey, Co. I.  2nd Lieut. Carleton B. Joeckel, Co. L.  2nd Lieut. Andrew J. Aiken, Co. M.


Third Row, Standing, Left to Right.


1st. Lieut. Henry S. Bailey, Co. B.  2nd Lieut. Lambert A. Beard, Co. E.  2nd Lieut. William S. Jones, Supply Co.  2nd Lieut. Milton Gunn, Supply Co.  2nd Lieut. Harold Fromwiller, Co. C.  2nd Lieut. Charles M. Ross, Co. H.  2nd Lieut. James M. W. Manning, Co. G.  1st Lieut. Lloyd S. Spooner, Headquarters Co.  2nd Lieut. Harold M. Childs, Co. L.  2nd Lieut. Fremont W. Walton, Co. B.  2nd Lieut. James Siddall, Supply Co.  2nd Lieut. H. H. Vickers, Headquarters Co.  2nd Lieut. Lloyd T. Cochran, Co. F.  2nd Lieut. Grover Achors, Machine Gun Co.  2nd Lieut. Hayden O. Duke, Co. F.  1st Lieut. Francis H. Partridge, Co. H.  2nd Lieut. John W. Lawton, Co. M.  2nd Lieut. Russell T. Robinson, Machine Gun Co.  1st. Lieut. Gorver Baichley, Co. G.  2nd Lieut. Guernsey F. Frazer, Co. I.  2nd Lieut. Cedric W. Clark, Co. C.












COLONEL CAVENAUGH and boys of the 363d Infantry, all San Francisco, all California, takes you to its heart on this great day, to let you know you are welcome home.


      With the keenest interest we have followed your triumphal progress; followed you from the day when, as raw recruits, carrying the flag presented and entrusted to you by the City of San Francisco, you lined up in regimental formation at Camp Lewis; followed you as you went to France to do your part in laying the enemy prostrate; followed you in the historic battles you waged at St. Mihiel, in the Meuse-Argonne, in the Ypres-Lys offensive; followed you, finally, every step of the long journey that brings you back to the best town on earth, to San Francisco— HOME—as the most distinguished and most heroic American regiment of the war.


      Some of those to whom we bade good-bye in 1917 from the steps of our City Hall lie today beneath the fields of France and Belgium and we will see them no more. Goldstar mothers and wives and sisters there are who will watch your triumphant home-coming with tear-dimmed eyes, weeping for their own boys whom you left sleeping "over there." To these we extend our boundless sympathy. To these we do honor, as do you, who know better than an others the noble manner in which the flower of our manhood laid down their lives.


      Again, boys of the 363d, boys of the Glorious West, we say to you: "Welcome, a hundred times Welcome, Home." We love you. We admire you. You are our own.





Mayor of San Francisco





Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.