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            For over thirty years Judge Spencer has been one of the leading citizens of San Jose, and prominently identified in the growth and progress of the Santa Clara valley as a public officer. He arrived in this State from his native State, New York, in 1852, and settled in the Garden City. In 1858 he was admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of this State, and at once took a position which he since maintained as one of the leading lawyers in our State. In the fall of 1861 he was elected District Attorney of Santa Clara county, which office he filled two terms. In 1879 he was elected Judge of the Superior Court of Santa Clara county, which position he has occupied continuously to the present time. He served one term as an Assemblyman, and was chosen Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. His eminent talents and profound knowledge of the law enabled him to shape legislation relative to the codes. Scholastic attainments, great breadth of mind, purity of motive and action, his life has been one of signal service and benefit to this favored section of our State. It is unquestionably true that no man in Santa Clara county is held in higher esteem than Judge Spencer, and it seems quite appropriate that he should have the honor of being appointed one of the trustees of the Leland Stanford, Junior, University.




Transcribed By:  Cecelia M. Setty.

Source: Illustrated Fraternal Directory Including Educational Institutions on the Pacific Coast”, Page 42, Publ. Bancroft Co., San Francisco. Cal.  1889.

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