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Warren Walter Mackall, realtor and cattleman, was born June 13, 1908, in Vinco, Cambria County, Pennsylvania; the son of Walter Steven and Lucy (Singer) Mackall.

            After attending the pubic schools in Vinco, Pennsylvania, he entered Goodyear University (Akron, Ohio), from which he graduated in 1929, having specialized in rubber chemistry. In 1930 he took a course in mechanical drafting and in 1932 a course in practical telephony and machine switching. In 1934 he entered the electrical field as a salesman, and later, 1935, he took a special course in Spanish.

            Mr. Mackall became engaged in the tire business at Altoona, Pennsylvania, in 1930 and remained in that industry until 1934. In the spring of 1934 he removed to California and entered the electrical business in Palo Alto as a salesman for Westinghouse Electric, where he remained until the spring of 1939, at which time he entered the same business in association with Mr. Victor Monet, with whom he stayed until after World War II. In the fall of 1946 he opened Mackall’s Appliances and remained owner of the firm until November 1, 1948, when he sold all of his interests to enter the cattle business, in which he still has a large interest; also interested in the real estate business. He is manufacturers’ (sic) representative for nationally advertised electrical goods, builders’ (sic) goods and hardware.

            Mr. Mackall attributes his success to the Presence of God in his life. He states that any man in the business world without God and Church is usually working against himself, that true men of valor will always be God-fearing men.

            Member of Palo Alto Elks No. 1471; A.A.O.N.M.S. Islam Temple (Shrine) of San Francisco; Free and Accepted Masons, Palo Alto No. 346 Blue Lodge; San Jose (California) No. 9-32d Consistory Orient of California; past counsel commander of Woodman of the World; past chancellor commander of Knights of Pythias, and past district deputy grand chancellor of Knights of Phthias of State of California; member and past president of South Palo Alto Civic Club.

            Mr. Mackall married Effie C. Yingling on March 9, 1934, in Alexander, Pennsylvania; They have two daughters: Phyllis Marie, born February 2, 1939, and Maryellen, born June 15, 1946.

            Home:  560 Loma Verde, Palo Alto, California.

            Offices:  Box 764 B, R.D. 1, Harris Road, San Jose, California.




Transcribed By: Cecelia M. Setty.

Source: “Eminent Californians 1953”, by Lee E. Johnson & C. W. Taylor. Page 209, C. W. Taylor Publ., Palo Alto, California, 1953.

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