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Thomas More Storke, president and publisher of Santa Barbara News-Press, was born in Santa Barbara, California, on November 23, 1876, the son of Charles Albert and Martha (More) Storke.

Mr. Storke is president and publisher of the Santa Barbara (California) News-Press, owners also of radio station KTMS (Santa Barbara) and KCOY (Santa Maria, California). Mr. Storke served as United States Senator, from California, from November 1938 to January 3, 1939.

He holds membership in the Santa Barbara Club, and University Club of Santa Barbara.

Mr. Storke married Elsie Smith in 1904 (deceased); children: Jean Isobel (Mrs. Ernest Menzies), Elsie Margaret (Mrs. E. Morris Cox) and Charles Albert. In 1920 he married (2d) Marion Day; one son, Thomas More, Jr.

Home: 1716 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, California.

Offices: News-Press Publishing Company, Santa Barbara, California.






Transcribed by Joyce Rugeroni.

Source: Eminent Californians 1953, by Lee E. Johnson & C. W. Taylor. Page 456, C. W. Taylor Publ., Palo Alto, California, 1953.

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