Northeast corner Post and Powell Streets

[San Francisco, CA. 1899]



Mrs. A. Hesthal, Proprietress

Reception Day, Monday

Telephone Main 1236





Allen, Mr. Stewart

Bourgingnon, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.

Bigelow, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.

Bingham, Capt. and Mrs. H.

Blackwell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Blair, Mrs. Samuel M.

Blair, Miss Jennie

Blair, Mr. William S.

Boyes, Dr. Herbert D.

Boyes, Dr. William

Campbell, Miss Fanchon

Carey, Mr. J. M.

Carlton, Mr. and Mrs. S. B.

Clark, Mrs. A.

Cohen, Mrs. R.

Cowdery, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.

Cowdery, Miss Alice

Crawford, Mr. A. W.

Crosby, Mr. W. F.

Curtis, Mr. George Franklin

Deakin, Mr. and Mrs. W.

Ellsworth, Mrs. E. A.

Farrington, Mrs. M. J.

Field, Mr. George R.

Frost, Mr. Carlton S.

Funge, Mr. W. W.

Galicia, Mr. and Mrs. F.

Gantner, Mrs. W.

Gantner, Mr. F. G.

Gantner, Mr. J. Oscar

Goodrich, Mr. and Mrs. E. D.

Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.

Hetrick, Mr. J. M.

Hesthal, Mrs. A.

Hesthal, Miss May

Hesthalm Mr. Earl M.

Hoge, Mrs. A.

Hooe, Mr. and Mrs. R. P.

Lawlor, Mr. William M. Jr.

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.

Long, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.

Long, Mr. Herbert

Long, Mr. J. M. Jr.

Long, Mr. Frank


Lyons, Miss Gretchen

Mackay, Mr. Charles A.

Mansfield, Mr. Edgar

Mansfield, Mr. M.

Marshall, Col. and Mrs. J. M.

McCaleb, Mr. Thomas

Marx, Mr. and Mrs. F.

Miller, Mr. William

Morrison, Mr. J. M.

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.

O’Connell, Miss Helen

O’Connell, Miss Emily

Oliver, Mr. John

Palmer, Mrs. A.

Parker, Mrs. S. A.

Pittinger, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.

Pollak, Mr. Charles P.

Pratt, Miss E.

Reid, Mr. J. W.

Reinstein, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Roach, Mr. J. R.

Schlessinger, Mr. Charles

Schlichten, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.

Seaton, Mr. H. H.

Smith, Mrs. W. H.

Smith, Miss Belle

Smith, Mr. W. H. Jr.

Smith, Mr. Emery T.

Stanley, Dr. and Mrs. K.

Stern, Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Stern, Miss Selina

Stewart, Mr. Irvine

Stone, Miss Annie L.

Swinerton, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.

Tarpey, Mr. and Mrs. D. P.

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.

Unna, Mr. and Mrs. Harry

Wallace, Mr. J. M.

Watkins, Mr. George O.

Weatherly, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.

Weinberg, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.

Whelan, Mr. and Mrs. R. I.

Willey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank



Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 323.  Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

© 2006 Elaine Sturdevant.




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