(Libertas et Patria)


Instituted at SAN FRANCISO OCTOBER 22, 1875







Instituted at SAN FRANCISCO October 22nd, 1875




“The first body in inception, institution and organization, to unite the descendants of Revolutionary patriots and perpetuate the memory of all those who took part in the American Revolution and maintained the Independence of the United States of America.”


Constitution Adopted August 7, 1876.

Change of Name to Sons of the American Revolution, March 22, 1890.

New Constitution in Conformity to National Society S. A. R., adopted October 19, 1891.

Constitution Amended October 19, 1896.











Wm. H. Jordan, President, 1311 Spreckels Building.

Edwin Bonnell, Secretary, 101 Montgomery street.

Col. A.S. Hubbard, Registrar, 2012 Pierce street.

Geo. W. Spencer, Junior Vice-President, 514 California street

Wm J. Dutton, Junior Vice-President, 401 California street.

Chas. H. Warner, Treasurer, 322 California street.

Byron Mauzy, Marshal, 308 Post street.

Roberts Vandercook

Alexander G. Eells

Wallace Everson

J. W. Farington

Giles H. Gray

Wm. Mitchell Bunker






Hon. Daniel Cleveland, President

John P. Burt, Secretary




The Right Rev. Joseph Horsfell Johnson, D. D., President.








Instituted OCTOBER 22, 1875, San Francisco, Cal.








Dr. Peter Wilkins Randle, died, San Francisco, January 13, 1884.

General Albert M. Winn, died, Sonoma, Cal., August 26, 1883.

  Made President-General at Third National Congress, April 30, 1892.

Hon. Caleb T. Fay, died San Francisco, April 20, 1885.

Captain Augustus C. Taylor, son of a Revolutionary soldier, died, San Francisco, September 3, 1891.

Mr. Loring Pickering, died, San Francisco, December 28, 1892.

Col. A. S. Hubbard, San Francisco, California.

   (Made President-General at First National Congress, April 30, 1890.)





Organized as a NATIONAL SOCIETY in New York City,

April 30, May 1 and 2, 1889.




Hon. Lucius P. Deming, New Haven, Conn.

Dr. William Seward Webb, Shelburn, Vermont.

General Horace Porter, Paris, France.

Hon. Edwin Shepard Barrett, Concord, Mass., died Dec. 21, 1898.

Hon. Franklin Murphy, Newark, N. J.

Gen. John C. Breckenridge, U.S.A., Washington, D. C.

Hon. Walter Seth Logan, New York City, N. Y.









Dr. Peter Wilkins Randle,

October 22, 1875, to July 4, 1876.






General Albert M. Winn, July 4, 1876 to October 19, 1881.

Hon. Caleb T. Fay, October 19, 1881 to July 5, 1882.

Captain Augustus C. Taylor, July 5, 1882 to July 9, 1884.

Mr. Loring Pickering, July 9, 1884 to July 5, 1886.

Colonel A. S. Hubbard, July 5, 1886 to February 22, 1892.

Commodore John W. Moore, U. S. N., Feb. 22, 1892 to Feb. 22, 1893.

Major J. Estcourt Sawyer, U.S. A., Feb. 22, 1893 to Feb. 22, 1894

Charles J. King, Feb. 22, 1894 to Feb 22, 1895.

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Hunter, U.S.A., Feb. 22, 1895 to Feb. 22, 1896.

Hon. Elisha W. McKinstry, February 22, 1896 to January 12, 1897.

Mr. Sidney Mason Smith, January 12, 1897 to January 11th, 1898.

Col. John C. Currier, January 11, 1898 to January 10, 1899.

Hon. Horace Davis, January 10, 1899 to January 9, 1900.

Hon. Wm. Mitchell Bunker, January 9, 1900 to January 8, 1901.

Hon. Wm. H. Jordon, January 8, 1901 to January 14, 1902.

















Hon. Walter Seth Logan, New York City.



Hon. Jas. Denton Hancock, Franklin, Pa.

Hon. Thos. Pitts, Detroit, Mich.

Hon. Horace Davis, San Francisco, Cal.

Hon. John Whitehead, Morristown, N. J.

Hon. George A. Pearre, Cumberland, Md.



Capt. Samuel Eberly Gross, Chicago, Ill.


Hon. Cornelius A. Pugsley, Peekskill, N. Y.



A. Howard Clark, Washington, D. C.



Geo. Wm. Bates, Detriot, Mich.



Rev. Ethelbert D. Warfield, D. D., Easton, Pa.









General Ulysses S. Grant

Died June 23, 1885.

Henry McLean Martin

Died April 5, 1891.





Hon. Hamilton Fish

Died September 7, 1893.

General Rutherford B. Hayes

Died January 17, 1893.

Benson J. Lossing, L.L.D.

Died June 4, 1891.

General Alex S. Webb, U.S.A.


Lucius P. Deming, L.L.D.


Maj George B. Halstead, U.S.Vol.


Cdr. James C. Cresap, U.S.N.

Gen. Benjamin Harrison

Died August 6, 1901.

Died March 13, 1901.

Hon. Grover Cleveland.


Major Wm. McKinley

Died September 14, 1901.










Anderson, Dr. Chas., Santa Barbara

Abbott, G. D., Palisade, Nev.

Abbott, C H., Oakland

Allen, Chas. R., San Francisco

Allen, Edgar L., San Francisco

Austin, Chas. G., San Francisco

Ayer, L.B., Central House, Butte Co.

Andros, Milton, San Francisco

Alexander, W. McK., San Francisco

Allen, H.S., San Francisco

Adams, Edw. M., San Francisco

Anderson, Leroy, Berkeley


Booth, Lucius A., Oakland

Bigelow, Chas. E., Santa Barbara

Burnham, Dr. C. J., San Francisco

Brown, Dr. P. K., San Francisco

Bonnell, Edwin, San Francisco

Burton, Dr. H.G., U. S.A., Los Angeles Co.

Blackwood, Dr. N. J., U. S. N., Navy Yard, N. Y.

Backus, S. W., San Francisco

Burnett, W. C., San Francisco

Bartlett, C., San Francisco

Bartlett, L. DE F., San Francisco

Burnett, L. G., San Francisco

Bromley, Jno. L., Oakland

Barker, T. L., Oakland

Bailey, Jas. D., San Francisco

Bellows, Edw. Pay Insp. U. S. N., Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.

Bromley, Dr. R. I., Sonora, Cal.

Bunker, Wm. M., San Francisco

Babcock, Geo. R., Oakland

Badger, Wm. G., San Francisco

Brown, Robt. T., San Francisco

Boardman, Thos. D., San Francisco

Boardman, Geo. C., San Francisco

Boardman, Samuel H., San Francisco

Brown, Frank L., New York

Beck, Chas. C., San Francisco

Buckingham, Geo. H., San Francisco

Buckingham, A. E., San Francisco

Blanchard, N. W., Santa Paula

Beaver, Fred H., San Francisco

Bush, Walter N., San Francisco

Bradley, Henry W., San Francisco

Bartholomew, J. H. S., San Francisco

Breed, Arthur H., Oakland

Brewer, Wm. A. Rev., San Mateo

Bunnell, Jas. S., San Francisco

Brush, Frank S. Rev., Alameda

Baldwin, O.D., San Francisco

Brooks, Geo. W., San Francisco

Babcock, Jno. B. General U. S. A., San Francisco


Cutting, Jno. T., New York

Currier, Jno. C., San Francisco

Cutler, A. D., San Francisco

Collier, Robt., San Francisco

Crane, Alphonse, Santa Barbara

Catlen, Alex D., Sacramento

Clark, Leonard S., San Francisco

Channing, G. E., San Francisco

Crocker, Wm. H., San Francisco

Cutter, Edw. B., San Francisco

Cadwallader, Dr. R., Fall River Mills, Shasta Co.

Cowell, Henry, San Francisco

Chever, Edw. E., San Francisco

Chase, Levin J., San Francisco

Christie, Wallace H., Emeryville

Craig, Wm., San Francisco

Clark, Lot C., San Francisco

Clark, Jerome, Manila, P. I.

Cole, Nat'l. P. Jr., San Francisco

Cole, Wm. E., San Francisco

Cutler, Thos. B., Crescent City, Cal.

Clark, Alvah K., San Francisco

Caleb, Thos. Mc., San Francisco

Clark, Geo. T., San Francisco


Dinsmore, Rev. J. W., San Jose

Dimond, Edwin R., San Francisco

Dorr, Dr. Levi L., San Francisco

Donohoe, Denis Jr., San Francisco

Davis, Horace, San Francisco

Day, Franklin H., San Francisco

Dodge, Zenas U., San Francisco

Du Bois, Pierre C., Berkeley

Danforth, Edwin, San Francisco

Dennison, Walter E., San Francisco

Davis, Norris K., San Francisco

Dutton, Wm. J., San Francisco

Darneal, Hervey, Alameda

Drown, Willard N., San Francisco

Danforth, Edward P., San Francisco


Eastin, Wm. B., San Francisco

Everson, Wallace, Oakland

Eldredge, Zoeth S., San Francisco

Eldridge, Oliver, San Francisco

Eells, Alex G., San Francisco


Franklin, Wm.. S., San Francisco

Flint, Thos. Jr., San Juan

Folsom, Geo. T., San Francisco

Farrington, J. W., San Francisco

Finch, Wm. H., Manila, P. I.

Finch, Victor R., San Francisco

Fulford, Wm. G., San Francisco

Friend, Roger B., Oakland

Foster, Samuel L., San Francisco


Gray, Roscoe S., San Francisco

Greene, Wm. E., Oakland

Greene, Carlton W., Oakland

Greene, Chas. S., Oakland

Guthrie, Arthur S., Manila, P.I.

Griffin, Chas. W., Alameda

Griffin, Andrew G., Alameda

Granger. Samuel, Grass Valley, Nevada Co.

Gould, Harry F., San Francisco

Gallatin, Daniel S., Oakland

Gibbs, Wm. C., San Francisco

Goodman, Harvey P., Napa

Goodman, Geo. E. Jr., Napa

Goodman, Thos. H., San Francisco

Gray, Giles H., Oakland

Greene, Clay M., New York


Hubbard, A. S. San Francisco

Hubbard, T. W., San Francisco

Holladay, E. B., San Francisco

Hunter, Henry H., St. Paul, Minn.

Hunter, Edw. Colonel, U.S.A., St. Paul, Minn.

Hooper, Wm. B., San Francisco

Hawxhurst, R., San Francisco

Haven, Chas. D., San Francisco

Halsted, Wm. A., San Francisco

Halsted, Jno. B., San Francisco

Halsted, Dr. E. P., San Francisco

Howe, Geo E., San Francisco

Hawley, Walter A., Santa Barbara

Houghton, J. F., San Francisco

Head, Ernest K., San Francisco

Hewes, M. S., San Francisco

Hewes, David, San Francisco

Hall, Chas. L., San Francisco

Hall, Geo. E., San Francisco

Huie, Wm. H. T., San Francisco

Hutchinson, Chas. T., Alameda

Hardy, Eugene A., Quartz, Tuolumne Co.

Haines, Dr. B. W., San Francisco

Hall, Frederic W., San Francisco

Hillyer, Curtis, San Francisco

Heacock, Edw. H., San Francisco

Hush, Valentine G., San Francisco

Hyden, Rev. Jno. C., Winters, Yolo Co.

Hawks, Jas. L., San Francisco

Humphreys, Wm. P., San Francisco

Henshaw, Tlyer, San Francisco

Huntington, Ralph S., Crockett, Cal.

Hawks, H. D., San Francisco

Hosmer, Jno. A., San Francisco


Jarboe, Paul R., San Francisco

Jones, Harrison A., San Francisco

Jackson, Seymour H., Oakland

James, Wm. F., San Jose

Jordan, Wm. H., San Francisco

Jackson, Edwin R., Oakland

Jenks, Livingston, San Francisco


King, Chas. J., San Francisco

Keeler, Burr B., San Francisco

Kellogg, Sheldon I., Jr., Oakland

Knight, Allen, San Francisco

Kimball, Roy T., San Francisco

Kittredge, Ralph B., San Francisco

Kennedy, Wm. C., San Jose.


Lauman, Geo., Spokane, Wash.

Lewis, Dr. W. F., Oakland

Lathrop, Chas. G., San Francisco

Lathrop, Leland S., San Francisco

Litchfield, J. M., San Francisco

Loveland, Harvey D., San Francisco


M'Henry, John, San Francisco

Moses, W. S., San Francisco

Mathews, H. E., San Francisco

Moore, Jno. W., Brooklyn, N. Y.

M'Kinstry, E. W., San Francisco

Mead, Wm. H., San Francisco

Moody, F. S., San Francisco

Mauzy, Byron, San Francisco

Mastick, Seabury C., New York City

M'Kinstry, J. C., San Francisco

Manning, H. S., Middleburgh, N. Y.

Moulton, Irving F., San Francisco

Marwick, David B., Grass Valley, Nevada Co.

Montague, Henry B., San Francisco

Moore, Arthur W., San Francisco

Moseley, Andrew S., San Francisco

M'Clure, Wm. S., San Francisco

M'Clure, Rev. David, San Francisco

Mitchell, Wm. I., Reno, Nev.

Mauzy, Elmer R., San Francisco

Marvin, Henry L., San Francisco


Newcomb, B. M., Oat Hill, Napa Co.

North, Hart H., San Francisco

Norton, Frank B., San Francisco

Nowell, Frank H., San Francisco

Newkirk, Garrett, Los Angeles


Olney, Edward, Oakland

Olney, Warren, Oakland

Ostrom, Dr. Daniel A., San Francisco


Phelps, Thos. S. Commander U. S. N., Mare Island

Posey, Dr. A. C., Oakland

Plum, C. M., Jr., San Francisco

Paul, Almarin B., Sr., San Francisco

Perkins, Geo. C., San Francisco

Payson, Albert H., San Mateo

Pack, Jno. W., Berkeley

Presson, Geo. R., San Francisco

Perkins, Thos. A., San Francisco

Phelps, Alanson H., San Francisco

Parkhurst, Jno. W., San Francisco

Perley, Edward E., San Francisco

Preston, Edward M., Nevada City

Preston, Dr. M. A., San Francisco


Platt, Horace G., San Francisco

Price, Arthur H., San Francisco

Pinder, Jos. W., San Francisco

Pringle, Jas. R., San Francisco


Robinson, John R., San Francisco

Randolph, Rev. T. L., Alameda

Royce, Chas. C., Chico

Requa, Mark L., Oakland

Requa, Isaac L., Oakland

Requa, James E., Sonora

Reid, Wm. I. Captain U.S.A., retired, San Francisco

Redington, Alfred P., Santa Barbara

Rutherford, Jno. C. B., Oakland

Rand, Hall B., Oakland

Reed, Geo. W., San Francisco

Ringwalt, Lansing M., San Francisco

Rogers, Jas. N., Vacaville

Robinson, Wm. A., Honolulu

Rust, Frank N., San Francisco

Ryan, Emmons B., San Francisco

Ross, Geo. C., Redwood City

Reed, Fayette H., San Francisco

Reckless, Lynden, San Francisco

Reynolds, Stanley, San Francisco


Smith, Timothy R., Oakland

Spencer, Geo. W., San Francisco

Sawyer, Major J. E., U.S.A., Manila, P.I.

Smedberg, Captain W. R., U.S. A., San Francisco

Smith, Sidney M., San Francisco

Shafter, Major-General W. R., San Francisco

Scoville, Jno. J., San Francisco

Shepard, A. D., San Francisco

Stafford, Wm. G., San Francisco

Sumner, Frank W., San Francisco

Sherman, Chas. H., Alameda

Smith, Chester L., Philadelphia

Sheldon, Mark, San Francisco

Sumner, Chas. A., San Francisco

St. John, Chauncey M., San Francisco

Sturges, Franklin F., San Francisco

Stoney, Donzel, San Francisco

Simons, Dr. O. H., San Francisco

Sage, Chas. F., San Francisco

Sumner, Samuel B., San Francisco

Stevens, Jno. H.,, Oakland

Smith, F. M., Oakland

Sturges, Wm. S., Arivaca, Arizona

Standish, Miles, San Francisco

Stow, Vanderlyn, San Francisco

Smith, Lester B., San Francisco

Stubbs, J.C. S., San Francisco

Spear, Jos. S., Jr., San Francisco

Squires, Wm. D., San Francisco

Sims, Richard M., San Francisco

Smith, Larz A., Dr., San Francisco

Sanderson, Geo. R., San Francisco


Terry, Dr. W. I., San Francisco

Towne, Arthur G., San Francisco

Tuttle, Hiram D., San Jose

Taft, Henry C., Oakland

Turpin, Frank B., Mill Valley

Taylor, Henry R., San Francisco


Upham, Chas. C., New York City

Upham, Isaac, San Francisco

Upham, Frank B., Lieutenant, U.S.N., San Francisco

Underwood, Major E. N., Colusa


Vandercook, R., San Francisco

Vreeland, E. B., Alameda

Vandercook, E. P., Oakland

Vining, Everard A., San Francisco

Vining, Andrew J., San Francisco

Vose, Geo. H., Jr., Oakland


Wallace, Chas. D., Fitchburg, Alameda Co.

Warner, Chas. H., San Francisco

Whitney, Jas. O., San Francisco

Williams, Geo. N., San Francisco

Waterman, A., San Francisco

Warfield, General R. H.., San Francisco

Warner, Josiah B., San Francisco

Williams, Franklin D., Oakland

Williams, Frank, San Francisco

Wagener, Samuel H., San Jose

Wood, Henry H., Oakland

Webster, Reginald H., San Francisco

Watson, Horace H., Jr., Oakland

Whittemore, Jas. B., Jr., San Francisco

Williams, Leo C., San Francisco

Weston, Jubal, St. Johns, Glenn Co.

Weston, Hugh E., St. Johns, Glenn Co.

Wilson, Walter J., San Francisco

Ward, Dr. Jas. W., San Francisco


Zeigler, Wilbur G., San Francisco








Headquarters at San Diego.


Abbott, G. E.

Berry, Jno. R.

Burbeck, E. M.

Brandegee, F. S.

Baker, F.

Burt, Jno. P.

Cleveland, Daniel

Carnes, Walter

Coggswell, T.

Crocker, H. G.

Daggett, H.

Gray, A. J.

Hubbell, C.

Morgan, E. C.

M'Kee, Jno. R.

Nason, A. G.

Plimpton, F. S.

Putnam, D. C.

Varnum, G. W.

Warren, P. L.

King, Wm. N.

Stearns, Robt. S.

Reed, Franklin P.

Williams, Ernest S.

Withington, D. L.





Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Source: “1901-1902 California Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.”  Publ. by Sons of the American Revolution, San Francisco 1902.

© 2014  Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.


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