In Sacramento City and County

During the Year



[Donated by Nancy Phillips]





The Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 1, 1866




The following is as complete a list of the marriages, births and deaths that have occurred in Sacramento city and county during the year 1865 as we have been able to compile from all sources:






1-James Duff and Frances Salisbury

1-William Keller and Sierra Burnell

3-John N. Bach and Mary Worthington

5-Charles Neal and Susan Cox

5-Charles H. Huntington and Eleanor C. Markley

5-Gustavus J. Turner and Emma Avaline

5-H. W. Arthur Nahl and Annie J. Sweezy

8-J. A. Waddell and Mary Williams

10-A. H. Cheeney and Mrs. Lizzie Hatch

10-Edward H. McMahon and Anna Morgan

11-Joseph S. Newmark and Helen Sevinson

14-G. S. Adams and Gineva McKinnis

17-Bernard Kezminsky and Theresa Birnbrel

18-John Doyle and Sierra Cunningham

19-E. P. Hunt and Nancy Brown

23-Lewis N. Glaque and Rowena Holmes

24-John Allen and Alice H. Carroll

25-W. L. Campbell and Alice Hatch

31-J. B. Saul and M. E. Corbett




1-Edwin Murphy and Margaritte Hoffman

1-E. G. Holmes and Elizabeth England

1-Samuel W. Harlan and Florence N. Kyes

6-Dennis J. Murray and Rezina Brown

7-Frederick Rotte and Mrs. Louise Merthenhaler

22-James R. Wheat and to Carrie S. Valleau

25-John Hanlon and Mary Russell

25-George W. Walker and Mary Bennett




8-Lane C. Kelly and Dora M. Lowe

8-William Evans and Jane Tracey

13-D. Crosby and Isabella McKinza

16-Justus Hovey and Mrs. Elizabeth Brown

19-J. H. C. Lee and A. J. Dickinson

23-Seth M. Macy and Sarah J. Theoble

28-William Daniel and Rodie Stephens

30-D. W. Whitmore and R. E. Howard

30-A. W. Scales and Elizabeth Oliver




1-W. H. Snow and Sarah Adams

2-John Ebrhardt and Caroline M. Hollman

9-William H. Camie and Mary F. Burdne

16-Josephus W. Harrington and Susan P. Boon

20-L. G. Smith and Mattie Clark

27-Angus Currie and Cylinda F. Russell

27-John J. Schick and Kate Dolan

30-William R. Root and Annie L. Thompson

30-Carl Strobel and Emma E. Caman




1-Samuel S. Nixon and Anna W. Gates

2-Charles Miller and Mrs. Eliza Cady

3-Charles Birney and Mary E. Gleeson

7-Rev. D. Schaeffer and Mrs. Marietta Bennett

8-Francis Arthur and Harriet Brooks

8-William J. Buckley and Minerva Crawford

9-Lewis Morrill and Louisa Steverts

16-Dr. T. M. Logan and Mary A. Greeley

18-William H. Kezler and Susie Pedler

21-Alexis J. Dauts and Catherine McCarthy

25-Eliel Odgen and Mrs. Lizzie Cordon




6-B. H. Pierson and E. J. Walton

6-Thomas Bonrne and Mary Said

7-Frederick Sparrow and Sarah A. Scott

7-W. H. Cutte and Mary P. Odell

9-Gustavus Ostendorif and Betty Rademacher

11-Harry Whitney and Margaret J. Hawkins

11-Thomas Morse and Sarah Chase

15-Luis Winter and Margaret Mitchell

21-George Knight and Elizabeth Demaree




4-Archibald Logan and Lydia A. Grilly

4-Baldwin Dennis and Elizabeth R. Templeton

4-Edward T. Mears and Ellen Olds

5-Rufus Criger and Lydia A. Marston

8-William Kleinsorge and Emma Stose

13-J. J. Carter and Addie A. Cronkite

13-George del Aguila and Mrs. William T. Ferguson

18-Thomas Curley and Catherine E. Kerrin

20-Rodney M. Bennett and Nettie Bennett




1-W. T. Barr and Caroline A. Bennett

2-Frederick A. Prentice and Martha E. Goodell

6-John Eberhardt and Mrs. Bridget Sullivan

6-James W. Hanford and Lizzie Duffy

15-William A. Henderson and Mrs. Lavina Cleal

15-Harrison F. House and Mrs. Adelia Hight

20-Theodore Brown and Mrs. Mary E. Myers

20-Albert C. Hewitt and Louisa McLaughlin

20-J. M. B. Weatherwax and Mrs. Mary B. Tyler

24-W. M. Harrow and M. E. Barnes

24-E. W. Carr and Kate Coolidge

28-Samuel Jelly and Julia M. Cushing




7-Michael Eues and Mary Jesus

7-Gortleip Benson and Mary Carmody

7-Charles Peters and Lydia L. Parkinson

7-William Bennett and Mary Alley

8-Stephen Uren and Mary Welch

9-N. Palmer and Margaret Wolfe

13-Philip H. Fisher and Sarah Kincaid

14-George B. Baker and Mary E. Bowles

17-H. H. Morgan and Harriet Gerry

20- B. N. Sheldon and Mary Voturka

21-Henry Keene and Mary Erhardt

21-M. W. Ireland and Sarah Ann Butler

25-Alexander Dunn and Virginia Elder

28-Rev. J. B. Fish and Mrs. Lydia E. Malthy




3-Bernard Devine and Susan McLaughlin

4-John Anderson and Sally F. Hunt

12-J. H. Bradley and Carrie Hall

12-William E. Deering and Emma L. Cummings

18-Thomas J. McCormick and Anna C. Bell

18-John F. Pinkham and L. Boswell

19-Stephen Carley and Mrs. Zilpha A. Hoyt

21-William M. Webster and Viola E. Dussell

24-Rufus W. Osborne and Hattie McLean

24-Reuben R. Fritz and Sarah A. Hilton

26-James C. Lehmer and Elizabeth Gray

28-J. W. Hunt and Helen N. Thornton

29-Nicholas Ewers and Caroline Heisch

30-William Morris and Mrs. Ann Wallace




1-Alphone De Ligne and Nettie C. Hart

2 Dr. J. C. Hawthorne and Lou. Hite

4-Robert Dawson and Mrs. C. Kellum

6-A. M. Clark and Emma Glidden

10-Mark Cox and Georgiana Hyde

12-Charles Schmelang and Margaret McLaughlin

12-Isaac Kempner and Ernestine Asher

13-J. W. Trowlinger to J. Van Alstine

13-R. C. Montgomery and Mrs. Sarah A. Hutchings

16-Peter Miller and Catharine Wolf

22-D. H. Clarke and Elizabeth Ricketts

26-Henry Johnson and Emmeline Fisher




2-Harvey G. Slocum and Mary C. Walker

4-Peter Bauquier and Anna N. Sutherland

6-Adam Kinkle and Mary Eisinmenger

7-J. D. Young and Mary S. Towne

3-John C. Daly and Martha J. Fisher

3 Sims Emory and Mrs. Emma Brown

6-William Fenley and Sue Corbin

7-Charles W. Morton and Henrietta True

7-B. F. Plank and E. D. Lakin

8-James G. Birchiin and Frances A. McLaughlin

9-Alexander Gillis and Elizabeth Nicholson

14-Stephen G. Little and Carrie E. McCoy

19-John C. Bartman and Marguerita Weld

20-W. A. Simmons and Harriet Jackson

24-F. H. Lambert and Catharine Gottschall

25-William G. Flower and Mrs. Adelina Etzler

25-Samuel C. Benteen and Helen A. Berry

26-John W. Braun and Louise Ethling

29-John C. Green and Fanny Hudson







1-Wife of George H. Lovegrove, of a daughter

2-Wife of Dr. Ira E. Oatman, of a daughter

7-Wife of J. R. Miller, of the son

9-Wife of Dr. J. A. Burns, of a son

12-Wife of P. H. James, of a daughter

16-Wife of Joseph Wiseman, of the son

19-Wife of A. Bagwell, of the son

19-Wife of Daniel Gardiner, of the son

22-Wife of J. P. Lowell, of twin sons

24-Wife of Hiram Cook, of the son

25-Wife of John Hall, of the son

27-Wife of Ira A. Cole, of the son

27-Wife of J. W. Gunn, of a son

29-Wife of John Wall, of a daughter

31-Wife of William C. Farrell, of the son




1-Wife of the H. Caswell, of the son

1-Wife of R.G. Breckinridge, of a daughter

3-Wife of S. M. Seely, of a daughter

3-Wife of Charles Moore, of a daughter

5-Wife of J. P. Jurgens, of the son

8-Wife of Joseph Borley, of a daughter

8-Wife of Findley Dray, of a daughter

12-Wife of J. M. Miller, of a daughter

13-Wife of Arthur O'Neill, of the son

13-Wife of A Hillebrand, of the son

13-Wife of J. M. Boardman, of the son

14-Wife of Hugh McIntyre, of a daughter

14-Wife of Dr. B. F. Bates, of a daughter

16-Wife of A. Heilbron, of a son

18-Wife of S. D. Johnson, of a son

23-Wife of M. F. Kent, of a son

23-Wife of Charles Cooley, of the son

24-Wife of Cyrus H. Bradley, of the son

26-Wife of W. H. Devalin, of a daughter

28-Wife of Frank M. Ames, of the son




1-Wife of L. Elkus, of a daughter

1-Wife of Charles Stuart, of a daughter

2-Wife of Frederick Glatz, of a son

3-Wife of John Byrnes, of the son

5-Wife of Peter Kunz, of a daughter

5-Wife of Charles Boettcher, of a son

6-Wife of J. H. Ward, of a daughter

7-Wife of Jesse Slaughter, of the son

8-Wife of M. O'Conner, of a son

9-Wife of E. R. Hamilton, of a son

10-Wife of John Skelton, of a son

11-Wife of George Gath, of a son

11-Wife of A. Avery, of a daughter

11-Wife of Songton, of a daughter

12-Wife of J. O. Jarrett, of a daughter

13-Wife of N. Clark, of the son

13-Wife of James Stevenson, of a daughter

14-Wife of C. W. Burgtorf, of a daughter

14-Wife of James Estabrook, of a son

17-Wife of James Schoonmaker, of a son

19-Wife of Phil. Rombels, of a son

22-Wife of James Mc Sullivan, of a daughter

22-Wife of Dr. George F. Gibbs, of the son

23-Wife of the Laskey, of a son

27-Wife of J. H. Magennis, of a daughter

27-Wife of John Parsons, of a daughter

28-Wife of L. Moore, of the son

30-Wife of George Lee, of a daughter




1Wife of Michael Roche, of a son

2-Wife of S. Scoggin, of a son

10-Wife of Charles Schwartz, of the son

19-Wife of Maurice Mulcahy, of a son

21-Wife of Michael Dawes, of a son

22-Wife of E. J. McIntyre, of a daughter

22-Wife of John C. Kraus, of a daughter

25-Wife of J. Campbell, of a daughter

26-Wife of P. T. Burke, of a daughter

27-Wife of H. M. Funston, of a son

30-Wife of John Petry, of a daughter




1-Wife of Mrs. James Carolan, of a son

6-Wife of J. M. Sheldon, of a son

6-Wife of Chris Gruhler, of a son

6-Wife of Charles Schiminger, of a daughter

7-Wife of John Breuner, of a daughter

9-Wife of George W. Carroll, of a daughter

10-Wife of M. R. Rose, of a daughter

10-Wife of A. H. McDonald, of a son

17-Wife of J. Wilkerson, of a daughter

18-Wife of Peter F. Mangan, of a son

19-Wife of L. Millus, of twin daughters

23-Wife of Powell S. Lawson, of a daughter

24-Wife of John Foley, of a daughter

25-Wife of Barney Cahill, of a daughter

26-Wife of Joshua Baker, of the son

27-Wife of C. J. McKim, of a son

28-Wife of B. H. Meredith, of a daughter

29-Wife of Daniel D. Whitbeck, of a daughter

30-Wife of James H. Groth, of a daughter

30-Wife of P. M. Boylan, of a daughter

31-Wife of William Keller, of the son




1-Mrs. Luis Koenig, of a son

2-Wife of William J. Wallace, of a son

2-Wife of William Bokara, of a daughter

6-Wife of Thomas Sherman, of a son

7-Wife of John Lanchlan, of a daughter

7-Wife of Lawrence La Mountain, of a daughter

13-Wife of Karble, of a daughter

16-Wife of T. S. Wilkinson, of a son

17-Wife of Henry Jacobs, of a son

19-Wife of Charles Labasse, of a son

27-Wife of Patrick Harnett, of a son

27-Wife of M. A. Franclson, of the daughter




1-Wife of J. R. Merkley, of the son

3-Wife of H. White, of the daughter

4-Wife of Joseph Hill, of a son

5-Wife of Bernard Dennery, of a son

7-Wife of T. Hansbrow, of a daughter

8-Wife of Joseph Schwab, of a son

8-Wife of W. J. Cady, of a son

11-Wife of W. B. Hunt, of a son

11-Wife of John H. Seymour, of a son

11-Wife of Chris. Holt, of a daughter

12-Wife of Anton Mendez, of a son

18-Wife of S. J. Nathan, of a son

19-Wife of S. Colin, of the daughter

21-Wife of William M. Siddons, of the daughter

25-Wife of Charles McVicker, of a daughter

27-Wife of E. Green, of a son

28-Wife of Albert Grubbs, of a daughter

30-Wife of William C. Meyers, of the daughter

30-Wife of Charles Pratt, of the daughter

30-Wife of James Sims, of a son




1-Wife of L. Dryfus, of a son

4-Wife of J. E. Kidd, of a son

8-Wife of Thomas Moran, of the daughter

10-Wife of William R. Honey, of a daughter

10-Wife of C. W. Adams, of a daughter

11-Wife of P. L. Hickman, of the daughter

12-Wife of C. H. Krebs, of the daughter

14-Wife of H. B. Payne, of a daughter

16-Wife of Thomas as Hague, of the daughter

16-Wife of Frank Foster, of the daughter

20-Wife of C. V. James, of the son

21-Wife of A. Leonard, of a son

23-Wife of Charles Kleinsorge, of a son

24-Wife of John Farewell, of a daughter

24-Wife of P. L. Edwards, of a son

29-Wife of H. S. Crocker, of a son

29-Wife of Charles Heinrich, of a son

30-Wife of M. McManus, of the daughter

31-Wife of N. M. Jacobs, of the daughter




3-Wife of William Young, of a son

3-Wife of W. A. McWilliams, of the daughter

3-Wife of A. P. Soule, of a son

4-Wife of L.Stendeman, of the daughter

6-Wife of G. R. Grant, of a son

7-Wife of B. B. Masters, of a daughter

9-Wife of John Schade, of a daughter

10-Wife of W. T. Couch, of a man

12-Wife of Robert Young, of a son

14-Wife of J. A. Powell, of a son

18-Wife of T. F. Summers, of a son

22-Wife of J. M. Striff, of the daughter

24-Wife of David Strickland, of a daughter

24-Wife of G. B. V. De Leinater, of a son

28-Wife of Chris. Robinson, of a son

30-Wife of A. P. Catlin, of a daughter




1-Wife of John Bolsy , of a son

1-Wife of John Creager, of a son

1-Wife of T. M. Lindley, of a daughter

6-Wife of Thomas C. May, of a son

6-Wife of John B. Smith, of a daughter

8-Wife of late Capt. Berry, of a daughter

10-Wife of Harry Floyd, of a son

12-Wife of John Tansman, of a son

12-Wife of M. M. Estee, of a daughter

15-Wife of S. B. Joslin, of a daughter

18-Wife of G. W. Brentner, of a son

18-Wife of Louis Snyder, of a daughter

18-Wife of P. H. Murphy, of a son

19-Wife of W. R. Heaton, of a daughter

20-Wife of Thomas J. Oders, of a son

20-Wife of Michael C. Kyne, of a son

22-Wife of Archibald Carle, of a daughter

22-Wife of A. Nethercott, of a son

22-Wife of Joseph Davis, of a son

25-Wife of William L. Campbell, of a son

27-Wife of Joseph Crackbon, of a daughter




4-Wife of George Emil, of a son

4-Wife of John Kinney, of a son

5-Wife of J. W. Wilson, of a daughter

8-Wife of S. S. Baldwin, of a daughter

11-Wife of Daniel Penman, of a daughter

16-Wife of H. Newbauer, of a son

18-Wife of Henry Miller, of a daughter

18-Wife of A. F. Harning, of a daughter

19-Wife of H. A. Howes, of a son

20-Wife of John Talbot, of a son

22-Wife of S. Foster, of a son

26-Wife of Philip Knoel, of a son

27-Wife of James Simpson, of a son

27-Wife of J. O. Brown, of a son




3-Wife of D. H. Quinn, of a daughter

5-Wife of John S. Barrett, of a son

7-Wife of Henry Geisler, of a son

9-Wife of R. Walsh, of a son

10-Wife of Crawford Holland, of a son

11-Wife of D. W. Blackleach, of the son

12-Wife of B. Kozminsky, of a daughter

15-Wife of Frank P. Swift, of a son

16-Wife of G. Meredith, of a son

18-Wife of George W. Taylor, of a son

19-Wife of A. Lloyd, of a son

20-Wife of A. C. Bidwell, of a son

22-Wife of Leander Quint, of a daughter

24-Wife of E. S. Fogg, of a son






1-James Moore, 37 years

1-Modi, China, 30 years

3-Mrs. Mary C. Stanley, Missouri, 29 years

4-J. L. Graves, 51 years

6-Thomas J. Hatch, 36 years

8-Franklin M. Eateneur, California,

10-Mrs. Honora Lynch, Ireland, 21 years

10-Elijah E. Shaw, Massachusetts, 4 years

11-Mary Ann Robbins, California, 20 (years/months/days?)

13-Thomas Fallon, Ireland, 32 years

13-Thomas Walters, 3 1/2 years

13-Edwin Dunn, 17 months

13-Mrs. Thomas McHugh, 32 years

14-Peter Jones, 26 years

15-Gustavus Eggleston, Connecticut, 26 years

15-Edmund Mulcahy, Ireland 65 years

15-William H. Dean, Michigan, 39 years

15-James Beasley, Georgia, 60 years

16-Andrew N. Gray, New York, 47 years

16-James S. Bowles, Virginia, 42 years

16-Nelly Miller, California, 1 day

17-Lun Yung, China, 31 years

18-Shelton S. Clarke, New York, 33 years

19-Mrs. Eliza Jane Clark, New York, (years/months/days?)

21-Peter Towers, Iowa 35 years

21-Victor Lewis Leloy, California, 4 months

22-Infant of Charles Zeither, California

25-James Lewis Duncan, 2 years

26-Infant of F. S. Arnold, California

27-Ah Sum, China, 31 years




2-Oreancill H. Brooks, Vermont, 53 years

2-Thisbe Sunderland (Indian), California, 18 years

5-Charles W. Burnett, Massachusetts, 18 years

5-Thomas J. Gotcher, California 5 months

6-Delia Curtis, Wisconsin, 15 years

6-Ah Cum, China, 44 years

8-Alfred R. Best, 2 years

8-John Fitzgerald, California, 6 months

9-Albert H. Wright, Prince Edward, 32 years

9-Maurice P. Jacobs, 4 1/2 years

9-George Francis, England, 52 years

11-Mary Gross, California, 14 years

12-Walter Carter (colored), Virginia, 45 years

13-Bridget McGah, 3 years

14-Albert E. Walls, 2 years

15-Benjamin W. Enos, Vermont, 57 years

16-James Perkins, 5 years

17-Gin Gow, China, 40 years

18-Mary Louise Morris, New York, 56 years

20-Mary Alice Johnson, California (years/months/days?)

23-Freddy C. Lowell, California, 1 month

24-George Dana Dean, California, 2 days

24-John T. Hight, Missouri, 47 years

24-Isaac W. Marvin, 38 years

27-Victor Upton, California, 4 months




2-Myron H. Blue, New York, 35 years

2-Augusta Aubertus, California, 2 months

4-Isaac Clark, England, 45 years

5-Ah Fom, China, 23 years

6-Alexander Willard, 80

8-William F. Ridgeley, Maryland, 30 years

10-Alice G. Bradley, California, 3 months

11-Elijah Hale (colored) Tennessee, 40 years

11-Louis Koenig, Germany, 35 years

15-Edwin P. Carolan, 1 year, 9 months

16-John Cooney, 37 years

16-James McDonald, Kentucky, 67 years

17-Alex. S. Hayden, California, 5 years

17-George F. Wadsworth, California, 1 year

18-John Bakeman, Sweden, 34 years

19-Nellie N. McClelland, Ireland 20 years

19-Shoe How, China, 45 years

20-Mrs. Mary T. Wood, New York, 30 years

20-Charles H.Boetlher, California 15 days

20-Florence Brown, California, 2 months

21-Mrs. Caroline O'Neil, New York, 29 years

21-Chiou Heyn, China, 59 years

21-Edward A. Woodward, California,(years/months/days?)

26-Lo Cum Lin, China, 36 years

26-Martin E. Feeny, California, 1 year

26-Charley Bromley, California, 8 months

26-Alonzo Prothero, 27 years

27-Ah Woon (female), China, 36 years

30-Daniel Stickney, New York, 27 years

30-Mary Frieski, California, 8 days

31-William Rolstho, England, 40 years

31-Alex C. Macky, Scotland, 42 years

31-Infant daughter of L. Paravaque

31-Edmund A. Woodward, California,(years/months/days?)




4-Samuel Boyer, Pennsylvania, 66 years

7-Washington Williams, Tennessee, 38 years

9-Jeremiah H. Gage, New York, 47 years

9-James Dixon, Scotland, 60 years

10-William McGowan, Ohio, 31 years

11-Michael Farrell, Ireland, 27 years

11-James F. Markweil, Missouri, 14 years

11-Mrs. Mary Hanck, 28 years

13-Julia Smith, 2 years, 7 months

13-Mrs. Malinda B. Willing, 28 years

15-Mrs. Kate Holmes, Ireland, 23 years

16-Edwin C. Wood, New York, 37 years

18-John Scott (colored), Pennsylvania

20-Emma Buchel, California, 2 years

21-Ah Ceit, China, 39 years

23-William H. Lovel, Wisconsin, 15 years

24-Francis B. Granger, New Jersey, 19 years

24-John Heneberry, Ireland, 35 years

29-Neal Duffy, Ireland, 24 years

29-Joseph A. Hannah, Illinois, 4 years




1-Alice Russell, California, 13 months

3-Helen H. Craig, California, 8 months

4-Dr. Thomas Hall, England, 50 years

5-Bridget Hannan, 3 years, 7 months

6-Maria E. Sapinosa, Peru, 55 years

6-Elizabeth Vessels, Prussia, 35 years

6-Louisa B. Smith, California 5 years

6-Elizabeth Lee, Utah, 8 years

8-Matilda A. Von Dassel, California, 6 months

8-Julius Krellenberg, California, 5 months

9-George Dupre, California, 4 months

9-Rosa Kraus, California, 4 years

9-Mrs. Maria Shull, Switzerland, 32 years

9-David J. Berry, Maine, 32 years

11-Charles F. Summers, Massachusetts, 28 years

12-Mark Anthony (Indian), California, 24 years

12-John Waters, 47 years

14-Mrs. Johanna Betagh, Ireland, 43 years

15-Mrs. Cate Bisbee, Ireland, 24 years

19-Leonard Ryan, California, 1 year

22-Margaret James Stickman, California, 11 months

22-Mrs. Maggie A. Rhoads, Australia, 21 years

22-Robert McCool, Ireland, 45 years

25-Mrs. Hattie U. McMitchell, 23 years

27-Isaac D. Patterson, California, 2 years

31-Emma Parkison, California, 14 months

31-David Bogg, England, 50 years





1-Annie K. Powell, California, 2 years

2-George W. Smith, California, 15 months

4-Anna E. Davis, California, 7 months

4-Dr. William L. Boyle, New Jersey, 55 years

5-Elizabeth Murphy, California, 6 months

6-Antonio Henriques, Chile, 29 years

9-M. F. Hamilton (mulatto), California, 18 days

10-Ah Ping, China, 30 years

12-Michael Devine, Ireland, 32 years

14-Andrew Wadish, California, 2 months

16-John Irens, Pennsylvania, 37 years

16-George Schetler, Germany, 32 years

17-Stephen H. Patten, New York, 64 years

20-Sarah Green, Sandwich Islands, 15 years

21-Mrs. Mary Fetherson, Ireland, 55 years

23-Hugh Seabough, Pennsylvania, 53 years

25-Mary A. McHale, California, 13 months

26-Caroline F. Ramage, Missouri, 2 years

26-Selim W. Gilmshaw, California, 1 year

29-Josephine Kraus, California, 1 month

30-Henrietta P. Bailey (colored), Pennsylvania, 6 years




1-Mary A. Jullard, California, 8 months

2-Morrow Ball, Ohio, 19 years

3-John P. Floyd, California, 5 years

3-Edward C. Gruhler, California, 6 months

3-William Ritter, Pennsylvania, 38 years

6-George W. Glacbren, California, 3 months

6-Nathan D. Drew, California, 8 months

8-Charles Klein, Prussia, 35 years

9-Mary C. Miller, California, 1 day

10-Johansen P. Johnson, Denmark, 33 years

11-Albert Fink, California, 8 months

11-Michael Feeny, Ireland, 42 years

11-Robert Grant Wick, California, 14 months

12-Infant son of Melissa Allenion, 8 days

12-Frederick Muller, Germany, 42 years

14-David Cusick, Illinois, 35 years

15-Lizzie Wadish, Ohio, 21 years

15-Allen Moore, New York, 32 years

15-John McDougal, Scotland, 55 years

15-James Johnston, Ohio, 32 years

16-Martha D. Cully, Ohio, 47 years

17-Infant daughter of William R. Williams

17-Annie Coffee, California, 14 months

17-James M. Rhodes, Ohio, 44 years

17-Blanche Scott, California, 4 years

19-Mary V. Anderson, California, 13 months

19-Mrs. Mary F. Bradford, 72 years

20-______Carroll, California

20-Eluteria Simentales, Mexico, 32 years

20-Mrs. Catherine Mullen, Ireland, 36 years

21-William O. Whitman, Pennsylvania, 51 years

21-George B. Hurlburt, 2 years 6 months

21-Patrick Dempsay, Ireland, 28 years

22-William Kreusberger, California, 6 months

23-Ira F. Howard, Virginia, 20 years

24-Charles Hulsman/Honlsman, California, 1 year

25-Maria L. Schcacht, California, 10 months

28-Muck Yels, China, 48 years

30-Catherine E. McHale, California, 8 months

30-Charles G. Cady, California, 21 days

31-Ning Yun, China, 27 years




1-Mattie Kascovich, Austria, 45 years

2-Benins Abilez, Chile, 18 years

3-Francis E. Campbell, California, 10 months

4-George A. Waldrum, California, 7 months

4-Daniel Drusel, Prussia, 74 years

4-Elizabeth Hawkins, South Carolina, 46 years

6-Sarah E. C. Cathbert (colored), New York, 4 years

7-Matilda R. Mier, California, 18 months

7-Marietta Farnan/Farnum, California, 9 months

8-Orilla Butterfield?, California, 18 months

8-Ah Une, China, 34 years

11-Thomas Greeley, 35 years

11-Daniel Shultz, 36 years

14-E. A. Hopkins, New York, 43 years

14-Vincent Roguin, France, 55 years

15-Bernatho Gonzalez, Chile, 43 years

15-Augustus Forester, Pennsylvania, 43 years

16-Jane Morrill, California, 7 months

20-Moses C. Kyes, Pennsylvania, 53 years

20-Eliza Bell Soule, California, 22 months

20-John D. Hines, Missouri, 30 years

22-Lewis Lock, Massachusetts, 48 years

24-Maria C. Fritz, California, 17 months

25-Clara F. Farewell, California, 2 days

26-Henry H. Worthington, California, 2 days

27-Mary Jane Ferguson, Georgia, 35 years

28-Thomas Hutchings, New York, 4 years

28-John Smith, Georgia, 50 years

29-Isaac Stamper, New York, 13 years

30-Eugene W. Easterly, Wisconsin, 25 years

30-Emily E. Frank, Ohio, 13 years

31-Francis Holmes, California, 6 years




1-Frank T. Hammer, California, 7 years

2-Mary A. Post, New York, 35 years

2-Ah Moy, China, 43 years

7-Amel a Melendes, California, 16 months

7-Elizabeth Wallace, California, 11 months

8-James O'Donnell, 7 months

9-Louis Moreno, California, 2 days

9-Magin Iereyra, Spain, 59 years

11-Mrs. Nancy J. Kerr, Pennsylvania, 28 years

12-Irevie Gibson, 21 years

13-John McGarvey, California, 4 years

13-Cynthia E. Drown, New York, 36 years

14-Mrs. Louisa Hook, Tennessee, 19 years

15-George W. Avery, Maine, 23 years

17-Infant son of Jesse A. Stewart, 6 weeks

18-Ah Ying, China, 43 years

18-Weng Wan, China, 44 years

20-John Carolan, Ireland, 35 years

21-George P. James, California, 1 month

21-Jacob Mansch, Switzerland, 38 years

21-Mary W. Campbell, Scotland, 45 years

21-William Fehl, Missouri, 6 years

22-Thomas C. Jackman, 36 years

23-Henry F. Rogers, 13 years

23-Thomas Mason, England, 50 years

24-William Cummings, Michigan, 4 years

24-Charles W. Adams, Germany, 63 years

24-David Johnson, New York, 35 years

24-Mah Nei, China, 44 years

25-Ah Toy, China, 56 years

26-Mrs. Mary Maguire, Ireland, 65 years

26-Ah When, China, 46 years

28-P. Donahue, Iowa, 2 years

28-Mrs. Mary W. Owen, Maine, 28 years

29-Magdalena W. Zoller, California, 12 days

30-Ah Ping, China, 27 years

30-Ada (Indian girl), California, 50 years

30-C. C. Otis, Mississippi, 21 years




1-Michael Curran, 45 years

1-Judah R. Reece, California, 9 months

1-Ira W. Hoskins, California, 17 months

4-Jennett Allison, Ireland, 59 years

4-George Harvey, California, 2 years

4-Francisco Soto, California, 2 years

4-Frank Cogleandolo, 46 years

4-Sop Lee, China, 35 years

4-Juan Jose Salus, California, 17 months

4-Jeannette Allison, Scotland, 59 years

5-William H. Simmons, West Indies, 56 years

5-Frederick W. Hollfender, California, 6 years

5-Wee Mun, China, 56 years

5-Charley P. Thomas, California, 5 months

6-Juan da Dios Batron, California, 63 years

6-Henry Boehmer, Prussia, 31 years

8-Clarence Judson, Nevada, 2 years

8-Corda V. Wilcox, California, 9 months

8-William T. Delaney, New York, 50 years

9-Mrs. Geneviva Staengel, Switzerland, 51 years

9-Nancy Cross, Pennsylvania, 60 years

10-James Starkey, Tennessee, 31 years

11-Mrs. Lizzie Miller, Missouri, 20 years

12-Patrick Connell, Ireland, 43 years

12-William A. Rogers, Italy, 30 years

12-W. P. McCreary, Pennsylvania, 58 years

12-Mrs. Mary E. Vandemark, Connecticut, 41 years

12-William N. Bedford (col.), Maryland, 62 years

12-Ah Mooey, China 32 years

13-John M. Bryan, 38 years

13-G. W. Seaton, Pennsylvania, 42 years

13-G. W. Bowen, Massachusetts, 30 years

13-Joseph Butter, Ireland, 30 years

13-Edward Kelly, Ireland, 30 years

13-Michael Glancey, Ireland, 43 years

13-John M. Burns, Ohio, 35 years

14-Le Cong Qui, China, 45 years

14-Daniel O'Brien, Ireland, 28 years

14-H. Wassberg, Sweden, 40 years

14-Orrin P. Van Alstine, New York, 30 years

14-Long Tie, China, 52 years

15-William Wilkison, Connecticut, 27 years

15-Cornelius Morgan, Missouri, 7 years

16-George W. Durfee, California, 3 years

16-Joseph C. Townsend, 9 years

16-Alonzo Serviss, Canada West, 21 years

16-Charles S. Colby, California, 3 years

16-John Mallony, California, 2 days

16-Ah Oye, China, 26 years

16-George Fisher, Ohio, 40 years

18-George S. Boardman, California, 3 years

18-Harriet E. Leland, California, 14 months

18-Mrs. Catherine Mahony, Ireland, 30 years

18-Mrs. Rosa E. Carroll, Georgia, 25 years

19-Patrick Jennings, Ireland, 38 years

20-Nellie Cummings, California, 5 years

21-Patrick Hughes, Ireland, 35 years

22-Idora Stevens, California, 18 months

24-Louisa A. McIntyre, 4 years

25-Johannah Gleeson, California, 13 months

26-Bridget Brady, Ireland, 34 years

27-Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, England, 52 years

27-Adele P. Brown, California, 2 1/2 years

29-John Newton, Pennsylvania, 42 years

30-Patrick Kelly, Ireland, 33 years

31-Philip Kelly, Ireland, 45 years




1-William Whittenbury, England, 44 years

1-Charles J. Kemler, California, 2 months

2-Frederick Brandes, Germany, 36 years

2-Elizabeth Robbins, California, 1 year

2-Noo Sing, China, 27 years

3-M. K. Shearer, 45 years

6-John Stiles, Ohio, 30 years

7-Infant daughter of T. Hansbrow, California, 4 months

7-John Smith, Maine, 48 years

8-Thomas W. Nethercott, California, 21 days

8-Robert E. L. Edwards, California, 2 months

9-Infant son of John McIsaac, California, 10 months

9-Mrs. Honora Dugan, Ireland, 29 years

9-Jacob Earnest, Pennsylvania, 43 years

10-Clara Boon, 7 years

11-John L. Thompson, New York, 65 years

12-Mrs. Lucy A. Stephens, Maine, 52 years

12-Thomas Coffee, North Carolina, 59 years

13-Henry E. Gregg, Virginia, 45 years

15-John Rowen, California, 20 months

17-Mrs. Eliza Ann Weeks, New Hampshire, 48 years

18-Willie Walton, California, 6 years

18-Gustave Dennery, California, 4 months

18-Alfred C. Riley, Missouri, 40 years

19-Mary Ellen O'Connor, 6 years

19-Philip J. Barry, California, 4 months

19-Mrs. Bridget Fitzpatrick, 40 years

20-W. G. Chambers, England, 39 years

21-Charles L. Smith, California, 2 months

21-Dr. E. D. Harris, 50 years

22-Mary A. Boyle, California, 7 months

23-William H. Richardson, California, 5 years

23-Mary Sims, Missouri, 6 years

24-Halsey Wade, Rhode Island, 56 years

25-William Turner, Florida, 40 years

26-Albert G. Allen, Pennsylvania, 46 years

26-James C. Williamson, California, 5 months

27-James C. Wilkinson, California, 5 months

27-John Q. A. Lewis, Missouri, 40 years

27-Chock Kung, China, 55 years

28-Fred R. Robinson, 8 years

29-Franklin W. Brody, California, 2 years

29-James J. Caldwell, Pennsylvania, 51 years

30-Richard Fox, California, 5 years

30-William Hill, Ireland, 30 years

30-Ellen Baily, California, 11 years

30-Richard Fore, California, 5 years

30-Frank Johnson, 4 years




1-Infant son of Samuel Nixon, California, 6 days

2-James R. Low, California, 7 months

3-John K. Davis, Ohio, 23 years

3-James Powderly, Ireland, 36 years

4-Charles P. Glassford, Connecticut, 25 years

5-George Phipps, California

5-Lyman S. Mudgett, Vermont, 37 years

6-John Cottoers, Belgium, 46 years

6-Jefferson Logan, Kentucky, 48 years

7-Daniel Cornor, Rhode Island, 61 years

7-Anna F. Masters, California, 8 months

7-John O'Conner, Ireland, 38 years

7-George Gotcher, Missouri, 38 years

8-August Miller, Germany, 51 years

9-Allan Reeve, Ohio, 26 years

10-Warren J. Bailey, California, 11 years

11-Daniel Cook, New York, 46 years

11-Abraham Edmunds, New York, 71 years

11 Jacob E. Bender, Pennsylvania, 48 years

13-Samuel H. Harvey, Canada, 56 years

13-Mary Ramsey, California, 6 days

13-William Carroll, Ireland, 33 years

14-Justus Hovey (At Lower Lake), New York, 56 years

14-Lin Ohe, China, 24 years

16-Peter L. H. Roer, Kentucky, 55 years

17-Rosa Dubois, California, 6 months

17-William G. Rhoads, California, 13 months

18-Samuel Potter, Virginia, 53 years

18-William H. Ryan, California, 3 years

18-Jacob E. Bender, Pennsylvania, 48 years

18-Mrs. Orilla Goodings, Illinois, 30 years

21-Mrs. Amanda J. Friend, 21 years

21-Ah Cam, China, 21 years

22-Enos F. Ristine, Illinois 19 years

30-Sue Long, 24 years, China

30-Ellen Bailey, California, 9 1/2 years



Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.


Source: Sacramento Daily Union, January 1, 1866.

Donated by Nancy Phillips.


2006 Nancy Pratt Melton.



Golden Nugget Library's Sacramento County