In Sacramento City and County

During the Year






The Sacramento Union

Tuesday Morning, January 1, 1861





There were twenty-six divorce suits commenced during the year, of which number eight were dismissed and bills denied, five decrees granted, two venues changed, and eleven cases pending. The causes alleged in the complaints are as follows: Desertion, 8; impotency, 1; adultery, 5; habitual drunkenness, 5; extreme cruelty, 7. The annexed is a list of divorces:

John H.C. Waltemath vs. Anna Maria Waltemath.

Catherine F. Mahone vs. John R.T. Mahone

Sarah F. Holmes vs. E.O. Holmes

Sarah J. Welsh vs. William Welsh

Guadalupe Berry vs. Franklin K. Berry

James Gillis vs. Wilhelmina Gillis

Mary Dickman vs. J.H. Dickman

Catharine Coffee vs. Patrick Coffee

Alice Kearney vs. James Kearney

T.A. Barber vs. Harriet Barber

M.H. Grangeen vs. Edward Grangeen

Anna Griffin vs. Julius E. Griffin

Louisa Schaffer vs. William Schaffer

Naomi Menefee vs. Robert Menefee

Maria Chatfield vs. Charles Chatfield

Ellen De Aly vs. Andrew De Aly

Chastina Cooley vs. Charles B. Cooley

Annie Mullen vs. Edward Mullen

William Taylor vs. Mary Jane Taylor

Nancy Crowther vs. George Crowther

Margaret Donery vs. Edward Donery

Martha Jane Kneeland vs. Micsjah Kneeland

Jane Smith vs. Patrick Smith

Sophia Werner vs. Jacob Werner

Ann Kellogg vs. O.E. Kellogg



There were thirty-one petitions in insolvency filed during the year; in which cases there were nineteen decrees of discharge granted, two petitions dismissed, and ten pending. The following are the cases disposed of:

P. Monroe

Jesse C. Cox

Benjamin Morgan

Matthew Dennigan

J.H. Williamson

P.J. McMahon

H.P. Osborne

Fredrick Krauth

J.C. Dunn

John Muller

Charles E. Bell

Anson Scarles

Joseph Harris

Lewis Morris

Benjamin Green

A.L. Delaney

Alanson Riker

James McClane

William A. Hughes

U.F. Moulton

Robert C. Downs

Morris Ellis

Peter Spohn

Charles Strauss

Meyer Berend

William Barber

Louis Winter

W.M. Hares

Herman Bassett




1-Walter Gammon and Drucillas D. Cook

1-W. Brenn and Ann Lowry

2-P. Carolan and Isabella Finckley

4-G.A. Kersey and Louisa Addington

4-B. Welch and Eleanor B. Marsh

4-C. Marcille and Julietta Coster

5-J.C. Scott and Caroline Munday

7- J. Hudson and Hannah Ferguson

8-C. Welhausen and Regina Koerber

9-W. McCormick and Lucia M. Adams

10-T. O誰eill and Mary Lunny

16-J.C. Scott and Annetta Burk

15-L.C. Goodman and E.M.C. Babcock

18-J. Bellmer and Maria Grady

19-J.W. James and Eliza Fleming

22-S.R. Shokel and B. Rock

22-B.F. Meyer and Frances Filling

25-W.H. Robinson and Lydia E. Smith

26-L. Sanford and Mary T. Hite

26-J.B. Low and Ellen Knight

28-G.A. Feyhl and C.W. Shawnner

30-F.C. Smith and Laura E. Clark

31-J. Simon and B. Coon


1-C. Stoeckler and Caroline Frankenthal

1.G.H. Barklage and Ida Mohrs

5-G. Heeget and Catherina Schmidt

7-J.R. Denly and Mary Ann Kagee

9-G. Boehme and Mary Kilgariff

9-G. Johnson and Jennie Cummings

10-L. Phagen and Margaret A. Scott

12-W. Johnson and Margaret A. Ahern

18-J.F. York and E.C. Peacock

20-W.J. Beals and Mary Shannon

23-J. Eames and Catherine Moran

23-E.S. Driver and Mary E. Forsythe

27-P.J. Devine and Ellen V. Lyons

21-A. Burger and Sarah Gilson

28-C.F. Paine and H.E. Wingate

28-H.B. Neill and Charlotte Murray


10-S.T. Dodson and Catherine Donndonn

12-J.M. Henderson and Margaret A. Elliott

13-Osmer Durst and Margaret Nolan

14-H.O. Morgan and Mary Eiling

18-J. Herring and Mary Dyson

18-G. DeWitt Wilbur and Eliza J. Dodd

18-N.F. Spetes and A. Baker

19-R.F. Kept and Sallie M. Kyburg

19-M. Castro and P. Gastello

20-H.L. Dawley and Hattie A. Marks

20-G.W. Brubaker and Caroline L. Mack

21-W.M. Hong and Louisa E. Watson

21-B.P. Stevens and Louisa E. Craddock

26-A. Rank and Maria Heuser

25-D. Poorman and Martha Rothery

25-G.D. Hoelsdrer and Margaret Tautphaus

28-R.A. Reed and Nelly Harlin

29-W. Flanders and Melinda Gates


1-J. H. Ash and Catherine McCary

3-S.M. Biven and Catherine Wagner

5-A. Hartley and Mary J. Holder

7-Nicolaus Smith and Anna Gadenth

8-F. Brown and Teresa A. Brady

9-W. Baldwin and Cecelia A. Doherty

11-A.D. Ellis and Chrlotte Rosenfield

11-G.K. Roffins and Harriet A. Gordon

13-M. Mulleny and Anna Murphy

13-W. Crumm and Rosanna Hassen

15-W.A. Thomas and W. Blakely

17-J.W. Haines and Ella M. Whitney

19-A. Plummer and E.B. Bailey

24-C. Denmark and Caroline A. Rollins

24-H. Schweizer and L. Schwein

27-G.C. Hall and Melissa Rider

30-E. Riley and Mary Ann Sullivan


1-A.P. Catlin and Ruth A.C. Donaldson

2-A.J. Curtis and Caroline Smith

3-C.F. Wagenblast and Johanna A. Bohlman

5-E.W. Hulford and Catherine Riley

5-P.L. Sleustraus and Elizabeth Wagenput

8-B.S. Booker and Jane E. Hopper

8-C. O奪onnel and Catherine Leary

12-F. Fry and Leonora Saal

14-J.L. Polhemus and Mattie A. Davidson

14-C.A. Carolan and Arabella Evans

16-T. McLogan and Jane Leslie

16-R.S. Foy and Julia A. Ellis

19-J. Herget and Bregeta White

21-J. Smith and Lucy M. Ladd

21-J. Loughbaugh and Ellen Murphy

20-J.G. Hudson and Delia A. Chipman

23-F.S. Hotchkiss and Ann Eliza Fountain

23-G.V. Sullican and Johanna Kelly

26-J. Gepheart and Lucy Lopis

27-O.W. Deling and Charlotte Q. Rayle


3-M.F. Kent and Rosanna Brady

7-L. Allen and Mary Gardiner

8-J. Molley and Mary J. Mallow

11-C. Carpenter and M. Long

12-J. Fiel and Rosa Kerskey

12-J. Johnson and Margaret Casey

14-C. Eckton and Mary Keefe

17-E. Davis and Caroline Evans

21-S.D. Hulze and Emily Seabrook

23-H. Doran and Mary J. Bennett

24-J.T. Hight and Delle Vanwart

24-C. Asch and Elizabeth Donahue

27-J.E. Bryen and Anne E. McKweoun

27-J. Grey and Julia Cushion

28-W.M. Siddons and Ellen B. Reed


1-A.H. Buzzard and Catherine N. McGrath

3-F. Smith and Rebecca Crites

3-F. Connor and Amelia A. Webb

4-J. Bayley and Margaret Brown

4-R. Logan and Mary E. Perkins

11-L. Tomlin and Mary Ryan

12-F.P. Ward and Ann E. Brown

20-J.T. Rader and Elizabeth Parker

20-L. Painter and Mary McDermott

28-J. Nicholson and Eleanor Smith

28-W.A. Fountain and Abbie L. Brewster

29-J. Reith and Anne S. Breswell

30-J.H. Gates and Kate L. Payne

30-W.H. Tobey and Ovilla Bishop


1-D. Carver and Anna Webber

2-G. May and Emma Heilbron

11-H. Cramer and Mary A. Bradford

12-J.Hall and Sophie Miller

13-A. Badlam and Mary Burgess

13-J.O狸eefe and Mary Sullivan

14-H. Beckman and Mary Bubeck

14-H.F. Smith and Margaret McKeves

15-J.E. Holman and Elizabeth Donlin

16-C. Weisel and Wilhelmine Jurgens

16-W. Armstrong and Amelia Miller

23-C. Holden and Emma Ashart

25-T.H. Reynolds and Ellen Low

27-D.B. Hughes and Julia A. Bennett

27-W.J. Cody and Malvina P. Jackson

29-C.T. Lee and Susan Flowers


3-C.W. Holt and Bridget Hughes

4-J. Roder and Elizabeth Parker

10-W.S. Jarboe and Cynthia Winchester

13-A. Heilbron and Augusta Schaar

16-S.A. Hall and J. Kilpatin

18-H.O. Seymour and Elizabeth McA. Osborn

19.A.B.C. Nusbaum and Mrs. L.J. Ackors

20-A.R. Messcrye and Elizabeth Holser

21-C. Walch and Mary T. Shaler

23-J.H. Williamson and Mary J. Carlen

23-S.G. Foster and Caroline Emmons

25-J. Daigle and N. Matilda Smith

24-B.H. Price and E. Annie Swindells

24-L.E. Doane and Mary E. Logan

25-T. Showler and Mary France

-H. Reincke and Anna Hempel

27-G.W. Gunter and Catharine Corrigan

27-W.B. Dunn and Mctoma Kirkpatrick

27-A.P. Seely and Jane Simmons

28-L. Hill and Wealthy C. Cooper

30-L.C. Hall and Anna M. Hodgkins


1 - D.E. Lewis and Mary Matthews

4-W. Price and Eva Levinson

4-G.O. Higgins and Anor Stewart

4-W.E. Parker and Annie E. Mundy

7-A. Weatherington and Kate Murphy

9-W.M. Ratcliff and Maggie A. Shields

18-W.P. Michener and Mary E. Fitzgerald

19-R. Pardessus, Jr., and Charlotte C. Lynch

20-J. Schwendeman and Louisa Schweum

22-C.C. Oatis and Marinda Jenkins

23-C. Holland and Harriet G. McNabb

24-F. Denver and Mary W. Garner

27-J.H. Frick and Anne W. Willage

31-D.C. Cowan and Nancy A. Place


1-F. Brickenfeld and Anna Cogen

2-W. Holthum and Mary J. Moulton

3-C.H. Ross and Mary E. Kendall

5-P.L. Hickman and Mary A. Isaac

6-J. Gordon and Catherine Holmes

7-W.H. Patten and Jessie F. Winchester

8-P. Everts and Alice E. Crocker

9-J.P. Castner and Emma Van Alstine

13-J. Gordon and Ellen G. Tibbets

15-J.T. Miers and Mary McDonald

19-T. Hunt and Mary J. Ware

19-M. Mefford and Mary Barker

26-C.H. Krebs and Charlotte Muller

28-J.A. Burns and Elmira Thrift


3-J.L. Lake and Angeline C. Avery

5-J. Sims and Mary L. Moor

9-J. Morris and Susannah Roff

10-P. Kilburn and S.E. Olmstead

11-W.Poman and Margaret Haub

12-W. Carlyon and Sarah Benney

18-D.K. Darbyshire and Frances F. Toll

20-S.W. Bright and Martha T. Bradbury

21-J.Dowds and Hannah Daley

22-H. Cook and Louisa Polaski

22-J.G. Williams and Annie J. Lyon

25-E.B. Kinglsey and Cecelia A. Cookson

29-W.H.H. Lee and Martha A. Garfield




2-Wife of C. Heinrich, of a son

2-Wife of N.B. Coon, of a son

4-Wife of H.C. Thompson, of a daughter

4-Wife of J. Gregory, of a daughter

6-Wife of J. Swift, of a son

9-Wife of L. Whittier, of a son

18-Wife of D.H. Haskell, of a son

19-Wife of C.J. Holling, of a son

20-Wife of G.F. Thomas, of a son

23-Wife of C. Lenoir, of a son

25-Wife of J.E. Doyle, of a daughter

27-Wife of M.F. Butler, of a daughter

28-Wife of G.F. Knich, of a son

29-Wife of S. Harringron, of a son


2-Wife of L.S. Taylor, of a son

5-Wife of A.G. Richardson, of a son

7-Wife of A. Morrill, of a son

7-Wife of J.A. Myrick, of a son

8-Wife of J. Carolan, of a son

11-Wife of P. McDonald, of a son

13-Wife of J. Barenkamp, of a daughter

14-Wife of J. Price, of a son

16-Wife of E. Brogie, of a son

21-Wife of A.A. Woods, of a son

22-Wife of T.J. Snyder, of a son

24-Wife of D. Cross, of a daughter

26-Wife of G. Bernstein, of a daughter

28-Wife of W. Bausman, of a son

28-Wife of D.T. Batchelder, of a daughter

29-Wife of M. Gray, of a son


3-Wife of C.M. Folger, of a son

7-Wife of M. Kurcher, of a son

10-Wife of T. Handbridge, of a daughter

12-Wife of T. Findley, of a daughter

12-Wife of W.R. Strong, of a daughter

14-Wife of J. Stuber, of a daughter

15-Wife of T.J. McKim, of a daughter

17-Wife of F. Rabel, of a daughter

18-Wife of W.M. Stoddard, of a son

19-Wife of N.W. Spaulding, of a daughter

23-Wife of L.H. Wilburn, of a son

24-Wife of E.T. Taylor, of a daughter

24-Wife of J.J. Hutchinson, of a daughter

25-Wife of A. Redington, of a son

25-Wife of T. Foley, of a daughter

26-Wife of S. Peck of a son

28-Wife of W.F. Knox, of a son

28-Wife of J. Korn, of a son


4-Wife of M. Greenbaum, of a son

5-Wife of J. Parker, of a son

6-Wife of J.C. Rodgers, of a daughter

7-Wife of M. Alexander, of a daughter

9-Wife of C.P. Scranton, of a son

18-Wife of G. Hore, of a daughter

21-Wife of R.A. Pearls, of a son

22-Wife of E.J. Saunders, of a daughter

26-Wife of S. Roth, of a son


7-Wife of W. Weston, of a son

10-Wife of T. True, of a daughter

10-Wife of L. Castle, of a son

11-Wife of J. Newbauer, of a son

12-Wife of S.E. Herrick, of a daughter

14-Wife of J. Bremer, of a daughter

15-Wife of P. Teitjens, of a son

19-Wife of H.L. Cuoch, of a daughter

21-Wife of G.R. Moore, of a daughter

21-Wife of W.J. Robertson, of a son

28-Wife of J. Campbell, of a son


9-Wife of W. Reynolds, of a daughter

9-Wife of F. Horn, of twin sons

10-Wife of J.H. Carroll, of a daughter

15-Wife of F. Blank, of a daughter

17-Wife of H. Rohrs, of twins, boy and girl

18-Wife of Dr. J.F. Morse, of a daughter

30-Wife of E. Simmons, of a daughter


4-Wife of G.W. Proctor, of a daughter

4-Wife of J. Ewing, of a daughter

7-Wife of J. Murphy, of a daughter

9-Wife of W. Flint, of a daughter

10-Wife of J. Baker, of a son

13-Wife of A.J.F. Phelan, of a son

14-Wife of M. Goldstein, of a son

20-Wife of J.S. Feller, of a daughter

22-Wife of P.H. Myers, of a son

27-Wife of P. Mangin, of a daughter

28-Wife of E.R. Henderson, of a daughter

29-Wife of J. Sweeney, of a son


2-Wife of C.L. Bird, of a daughter

4-Wife of J.F. Lynch, of a daughter

4-Wife of J. Wiseman, of a son

5-Wife of D. Grant, of a son

6-Wife of L. Sloss, of a son

9-Wife of A.G. Davis, of a son

9-Wife of J. Doughty, of a daughter

10-Wife of C.G. Hooker, of a son

10-Wife of D. Hammond, of a son

10-Wife of B.F. Alexander, of a son

11-Wife of G.W. Whitney, of a son

14-Wife of N.A. Kidder, of a son

22-Wife of H. Morris, of a daughter

22-Wife of Dr. T.M. Morton, of a son

22 -Wife of M. McCarty, of a son

23 -Wife of M.L. Derrick, of a son

24-Wife of H. Myers, of a son

24-Wife of D. Strickland, of a son

25 -Wife of J. Fay, of a son

25-Wife of C. Hanley, of a daughter

27-Wife of G. Duden, of a son

27-Wife of J.B. Wooster, of a son

29-Wife of J. Remmel, of a daughter

30-Wife of J.B. Dayton, of a son


1-Wife of J. York, of a daughter

5-Wife of E. Burke, of a daughter

6-Wife of T. Quirk, of a son

8-Wife of H.H. Hartley, of a daughter

8-Wife of R. Phillips, of a son

10-Wife of H.W. Bragg, of a daughter

11-Wife of T.W. White, of a son

12-Wife of J. Batcher, of a son

13-Wife of M. Gross, of a son

18-Wife of R. Taylor, of a daughter

19-Wife of W. Hoey, of a daughter

19-Wife of D.L. Berwin, of a daughter

19-Wife of E.F. Gillespie, of a son

20-Wife of D. Hardy, of a son

20-Wife of C. Story, of a daughter

23-Wife of T. Sunderland, of a daughter

24-Wife of O.H.P. White, of a daughter

30-Wife of J. Heywood, of a son


1-Wife of G.S. Brown, of a son

1-Wife of H. Lewis, of a son

3-Wife of J. McNulty, of a son

4-Wife of A.Egl, of a son

5-Wife of J. Stevens, of a son

7-Wife of J. Perry, of a son

12-Wife of W. Tearney, of a daughter

12-Wife of F. Glatz, of a son

12-Wife of M. Gorman, of a daughter

14-Wife of J. Skelton, of a daughter

14-Wife of S Beal, of a son

17-Wife of W.G. English, of a son

18-Wife of J.W. L. Hunt, of a daughter

19-Wife of J.L. Shuck, of a daughter

20-Wife of P.F. Dunn, of a son

20-Wife of J.M. Selden, of a son

21-Wife of L. Korn, of a son

21-Wife of G. Cooper, of a daughter

28-Wife of L. Eppinger, of a son

28-Wife of J.H .Scott, of a daughter

29-Wife of J. Noland, of a daughter


1-Wife of J.R. Botsford, of a son

2-Wife of J. Simon, of a son

2-Wife of G.H. Cushing, of a son

3-Wife of J.C. Armstrong, of a son

4-Wife of E.P. Figg, of a son

9-Wife of A. Johnson, of a son

10-Wife of W.B. Ready, of a son

10-Wife of R.F. Kent, of a daughter

11-Wife of H.M. Heuston, of a daughter

13-Wife of R.M. Woodworth, of a son

16-Wife of L. Harris, of a daughter

22-Wife of J.W. Lohman, of a son

22-Wife of J.H. Herrick, of a son

22-Wife of W.H. Rattenberry, of a daughter

25-Wife of F.T. Burke, of daughter

25-Wife of H.H. Toelle, of a daughter

26-Wife of E. Kraus, of a daughter

27-Wife of J.A. Anthony, of a son


6-Wife of D.L. McDonald, of a son

7-Wife of J. Bellmer, of a daughter

7-Wife of H.B. Congdon, of a daughter

7-Wife of W.M. Allen, of a son

8-Wife of J.H. Sullivan, of a daughter

11-Wife of J. McKnight, of a daughter

12-Wife of J.H. Warwick, of a son

12-Wife of J. Horan, of a son

15-Wife of T.F. Read, of a son

15-Wife of M. Miller, of a son

18-Wife of J.W. Blanchard, of a daughter

24-Wife of C. Keiser, of a daughter

26-Wife of C. Hilton, of a daughter

29-Wife of C. Clarenbach, of a son




1-W.C. Hurlburt, 27 years, Massachusetts

2-Cecilla Kohner, 6 years.

3-Infant daughter of B.M. Henry, Sacramento

3-Mrs. P.R. Gasitua, 20 years, Chile

4-Infant son of J. Bradley, Sacramento

4-Alice E. Fox, 2 years, California

4-M.T. Champney, 40 years, Massachusetts

5-Son of A.P. Grainger, 1 month, California

5-R.N. Cochran, 34 years, North Carolina

6-Mrs. L. Vandyke, 85 years, France

6-Son of H. Baker, 2 years, California

8-Daughter of W. Turton, 6 years, California

9-Kan Kee, 1 year, California

9-Cecilla, daughter of R.A. Whitfield, 3 yrs, Ca.

11-Johnson, son of R.K. Wick, 15 years, Ohio

12-Catharine Devine, 24 years, Ireland

12-Mary Wick

12-Infant son of C. and M. Devine, California

13-J. Corcoran, 54 years, Ireland

13-Daughter of J.W. Lehman, 2 months, City

13-Abby S. Jacobs, 34 years, Massachusetts

14-H.T. Rooss, 33 years, Ohio

14-Rev. F.W. Hatch, 70 years, Virginia

15-Mrs. A.E. Penney, 39 years, Pennsylvania

17-Kin Cheung, 34 years, China

18-J.P. Rittz, 29 years, Sweden

19-Mrs. S. Hunt, 47 years, Massachusetts

20-De Witt C. Stevens, 25 years, New York

20-J.A. Van Vrankin, 50 years, New York

21-Son of J.A. Naxh, 3 years, California

21-Son of P.J. Malone, 5 years, Oregon

21-W. Davis, 27 years, New York

21-Mrs. G. Bryan, 29 years, Mississippi

21-M.E. Drake, 36 years, Massachusetts

22-Son of A.M. Poland, 1 year, California

22-E.G. Curtis, 52 years, Virginia

22-W.D. Fisher, 36 years, Pennsylvania

23-Daughter of A.M. Poland, 2 days, California

24-M. Madison, 25 years, Pennsylvania

24-Infant son of F. Ebner, city

24-Infant son of W. Ward, 7 days, California

24-J. Grass, 27 years, Germany

25-C.L. Fuller, 31 years, Michigan

26-Mary E. Larue, 20 years, France

27-G. Simmons, 54 years, Scotland

27-S.M. Hanna, 11 years, Mo

27-Infant daughter of W. Hanna, city

28-Son of H.C. Caulfield, 21 days, California

29-Margaret Murphy, 18 years, Ireland

30-F.W. Dresser, 35 years, Canada

31-Daughter of J.C. Rodgers, 8 years, California

31-W. Stewart, 49 years, England


1-J. Zier, 38 years, Germany

2-Son of D. Casly, 7 years, New York

3-Daughter of A. France, 7 years, New York

3-J.W. Woseburg, 40 years, New York

3-Mary A. Hanna, 9 years, Missouri

5-D. Patrick, 40 years, Virginia

7. M.J. Lussay, 2 years, California

7-D.W.C. Taylor, 89 years, Massachusetts

8-Emma M. Turton, 10 years, Wisconsin

9-Tom Choy, 35 years, China

10-L. Monet, 43 years, France

10-Dolores E., 20 years, Mexico

11-J. Foster, 55 years, England

11-Son of J. Keohner, 3 years, California

18-Mrs. R. Robles, 40 years, Mexico

14-Son of G.W. Mowe, 5 years, Massachusetts

14-J.C. Booth, 50 years, Connecticut

16-J. Smith (Indian boy), 17 years, California

16-Son of A. Lamott, 3 months, California

17-Maria Carrington, 5 months, California

17-Daughter of J. Kinchella, 1 month, California

18-Daughter of J.F. Roach, 3 months, California

18-Frances Mee, 30 years, Ireland

19-H. Phiper, 36 years, Germany

21-C.C. Randall, 50 years, Connecticut

21-Son of W. Flint, 8 years, New York

23-Daughter of W. Flint, 5 years, New York.

24-L. Green, 46 years, England

25-...(Chinaman), 55 years, China

25-Daughter of L. Jacobs, 3 years, California

26-Son of M. Heyman, 1 year, California

27-Mrs. M. Boyle, 85 years, Ireland

27-Son of P.A. Carolan, 19 days, city

28-D. Johnson, 36 years, Kentucky

28-Son o f W.J. Frazer, 3 years, California


3-Son of B. Pischke, 8 years, California

8-J. Henderson, 36 years, Delaware

6-W.M. McClany, 27 years, Missouri

8-Isabella E. Henderson, 10 years, New York

9-J. McGlinn, 25 years, Ireland

12-Son of M. Coffey, 2 years, California

12-W.W. Keys, 8 years, California

21-Son of T.L. Penney, 6 years, California

14-Son of G.K. Summers, 1 month, California

15-J. Sweany, 25 years, Kentucky

16-Abba J. Hayes, 39 years, Massachusetts

16-Daughter of C. Clarenbach, 11 years, Cal.

17-Infant son of S. Hornbrook, 1 month, Cal.

19-J. Sackelby, 44 years, France

20-Daughter of J. Galvin, 1 year, California

22-M. Kinney, 25 years, New York

22-Son of B. Armandis, California

22-Sallie and Frank, children of A. Pulaski, 6 and 4 years, California

23-J. Morey, 69 years, New York

24-B. Carter, 59 years, Bermuda

25-Daughter of W. Flint, 2 years, California

25-G. Marchado, 20 years, Mexico

26-Son of J. Carolan, 2 years, California

28-Son of R. Chapman, 3 years, California

28-Son of M. Neary, 7 years, California

29-Son of Nelley Brown, City


1-A. Chancey, 25 years, Michigan

2-Daughter of Harriet E. Hundley, 1 year, Cal.

2-Dick (Indian boy), 12 years, California

2-Daughter M. McCann, 7 years, Massachusetts

3-D. Trow, 60 years, Massachusetts

5-Son of E. Meyer, 9 years, Missouri

5-J.M. Jones, 35 years, Arkansas

5-Daughter of R.B. Bishop, 6 years, N.H.

5-Son of J. Ryan, 4 years, California

6-Daughter of J. Hill, 1 year, Connecticut

8-Son of A.P. Dyer, City

12-J.S. Fowler, 41 years, New Jersey

13-J. Casimiro, 22 years, Mexico

13-P. Lundberg, 38 years, Switzerland

15-J.C. Bell, 31 years, Ohio

16-Mrs. L.A. Dyer, 27 years, Maine

17-B.W. Hamilton, 30 years, Massachusetts

18-Son of S.S. Hite, 5 years, California

18-C. Rippon, 35 years, Illinois

18-Daughter of Mrs. McGark, City

19-Mary Minke, 10 years, City

19-F. Hathaway, 3 months, City

22-Daughter of W. Fawcett, 1 year, California

23-Daughter of Hannah Mayne, 11 months, Mass.

23-J.W. Young, 43 years, Kentucky

23-Ah Chuck, 35 years, China

24-A. Bailey, 56 years, New Jersey

24-Daughter of J. Rippon, 3 years, Missouri

26-Hoeng Kung, 45 years, China

26-W. Boggess, 29 years, Illinois

26-A.G. Morgan, 43 years, New York

28-J. Small, 38 years

29-Infant daughter of F. Walters, City


1-C.V. Shade, 40 years, Pennsylvania

2-A.M. Vellafhor, 31 years, Louisiana

4-G.F. Francis, 36 years, England

6-Son of Mrs. T. Scott, 2 months, California

9-Son of J. Williams, 7 months, California

9-Daughter of Mary A. Arentz, 2 years, Cal.

10-J. Reid, 39 years, Scotland

11-Son of I. Stone, 1 year, California

12-Son of J. Newbauer, city

12-C. Smith, 27 years, Germany

13-Daughter of Mrs. Wittkowski, 6 yrs, Germany

14-Angelina Simmons, 51 years, New York

15-T.W. Hancock, 36 years, Pennsylvania

16-Daughter of G.A. Coursen, 4 years, California

17-Son of C. Bettz, 8 months, California

17-Lop Qui, 60 years, China

18-Daughter of ____ Borles, 6 years, California

18-Daughter of _____ Vedder, 3 years, California

18-C. Bovet, 46 years, Ireland

19-Son of N.W. Brookes, 4 years, Illinois

20-J. Antone, 35 years, Portugal

21-Son of R.C. Montgomery, 3 years, California

w1-Son of W.H.H. Koontz, 1 year, Illinois

21-Mrs. H. Rood, 68 years, Vermont

22-Daughter of G. Newcomb, 1 year, California

22-L .Warner, 59 years, Mass

22-Son of P. Tietjens, 7 days, California

23-F. Conway, 53 years, Ireland

28-Mrs. A. Walters, 30 years, New York

24-Son of F.A. Schnabel, 11 years, Germany

25-H. Hawkins, 23 years, Massachusetts

25-Daughter of O.H.P. White, 3 years, California

26-Daughter of F. Donahue, 2 years, California

27-Son of W. Cline, 4 years, California

29-Son of W.H. Hoy, 3 years, California

30-Daughtier of F. Kern, 3 years, California


1-Hannah Hyman, 11 years, Prussia

2-Mrs. B. Dw re, 32 years, Ireland

2-Son of J. Milliken, 6 years, Maine

3-Son of W. Walker, 5 years, California

5-Son of ____ Chester, 2 years, California

5-S. Q. Moore, 26 years, New York

5-H. Reed, 30 years, New York

5-Son of ____ Trestler, 8 months, California

6-Son of J.C. Wylie, 2 years, California

9-Son of J. Gross, 1 year, California

11-Sophia Craddock, 71 years, Kentucky

11-Daughter of P.F. Dunn, 7 years, Ohio

11-Matilda Grlapes, 18 years, Prussia

11-Son of W. Weston, 1 month, California

11-Daughter of J.H. Wellage, 3 mos., California

13-Mrs. L. Soule, 27 years, Massachusetts

13-H.A. Appleton, 30 years, Pennsylvania

14-C. Alexander (Indian), 5 years, California

14-Daughter of J. Watt, 9 months, Ohio

14-Daughter of T. Milliken, 8 months, California

15-Yenn Yeu, 33 years, China

18-B. Redding, 30 years, New Jersey

19-Daughter of P. Kearny, 1 year, California

19-Daughter of _____ Selby, 9 years, California

23-Mrs. E. Burbank, 25 years, New Hampshire

26-W. McLaughlin, 29 years, Vermont

27-Marian, Daughter of B. Easterbrook, 12 years, Illinois

28-Daughter of C.A. Johnson, 2 months, City

28-Mrs. M. Sweetland, 35 years, New York

28-Daughter of R. Oppenheim, 3 years, Cal

28-Margaret Fitzsimmons, 19 years, Ireland

28-W.H. Nugerho, 45 years, Germany

29-Son of ____ Hollfeld, City


3-Son of F.A. Schwabel, 4 years, California

4-Son of J. Gamppar, City

5-Mrs. A.M. Hayden, 22 years, Louisiana

7-Daughter of H. Rohrs, 23 days, California

7-Child of Ah Sy, City

7-Son of C.H. Grimm, 6 years, California

8-Daughter of B. Gossner, 4 years, California

9-Daughter of _____ Lehman, 4 years, California

10-Son of H. Rohrs, 23 days, City

10-Wm. H. Watson, 3 years, California

10-C. Woolerton, 30 years, New York

10-Daughter of H. Borles, 10 days, California

11-Daughter of A.M. Hayden, 2 years, Cal.

12-M. Montague, 35 years, Ireland

13-Unknown man, about 35 years

13-J.H. Wellage, 50 years, Germany

14-H.S. Bennett, 52 years, New York

14-Daughter of _____ Pinchover, 2 years, Cal

14-Infant son of M. Kannon, City

15-Son of ____ Kline, 1 year, California

15-Perry Foster, 40 years, Maryland

16-J. O誰eil, 40 years, Ireland

17-Son of C. Heinrich, 6 months, California

17-M. Wetzel, 49 years, Germany

18-H. Graubacher, 28 years, France

18-Son of H. Hazelstein, 4 months, California

20-Son of ____ Wiemer, 5 years, California

20-Daughter of ____ Tieman, 9 months, California

22-C.W. Buffy, 45 years, Ireland

23-R. Quirk, 28 years, Ireland

23-A. Gonzales, 20 years, Mexico

23-Le Ong Wong, 25 years, China

24-Son of Rev. E.G. Beckwith, 4 months, Cal.

25-W. Johnson, 30 years

26-Son of J .Quinn, 2 years, California

26-G. Armstrong, 45 years, Ohio

27-A. Smith, 43 years, Ohio

28-W. Arents, 3 years, California

29-Daughter of ___ Clark

29-Miss Com Ho, 22 years, China

29-Son of J. Neeard, 3 years, California

29-T. Wharton, 34 years, Pennsylvania


1-F. Sowbrachi, 36 years, Germany

1-W.H. Hoy, 37 years, Missouri

2-F. Cadwalader, 21 years, Ohio

7-Daughter of ____ Deline, 6 months, Cal

13-Daughter of ____Lynch, 1 year, California

17-Son of P. Callahan, 1 year, California

18-H. Roche, 43 years, France

19-J. Mackay, 23 years, Louisiana

19-T. Hallahan, 27 years, Ireland

20-Daughter of ____ Crowin, 1 month, Cal.

20-Yet Yeng, 26 years, China

21-Daughter of J. Ash, 2 years, California

21-Son of C.T. Murphy

23-Ah Got, 12 years, China

23-Son of D. Grant, 1 year, California

24-Ah Tong, 29 years, China

24-Son of Mrs. Hawkins

24-E. Elliott, 42 years, Virginia

24-L. Myers, 18 years, Mississippi

26-Daughter of N.W. Cole, 9 years, California

27-Daughter of E. Owens, 2 years, California

28-Son of Gale, 2 years, Maryland

28-R. Siere, 33 years, France

29-Daughter of Lott, 3 years, California


4-Daughter of ___ Smith, 1 year, California

5-Son of G.W. Gunn, 2 years, California

5-Son of ___ O誰eal, 1 month, California

6-M. Reading, 30 years, Ireland

6-Infant daughter of J.G. Hyer, city

9-Son of J. Hunt, 4 years, Maine

9-Daughter of J. Hunt, 1 year, California

9-L. Cumpston, 49 years, Pennsylvania

9-Caroline A. Green, 45 years, Virginia

9-A. Miller, 42 years, Prussia

12-D. Doherty, 28 years, Ireland

12-C.D. Vanderman, 46 years, Prussia

13-Son of T.W. Gunn, 4 years, California

14-W. Towle, 48 years, England

16-Son of F.M. Smith, 1 year, California

16-Ka Yee, 25 years, China

16-Son of J. Kennedy, 4 months, California

17-Son of ___ Watters, 11 months, Maryland

17-Daughter of G. Schroth, 1 month, California

17-Daughter of _____ Hunt, 3 years, California

19-Ah Yeu, 38 years, China

23-Son of ____ Watters, 6 years, California

23-R. Robinson, 46 years, Ireland

25-Son of B. Welch, city

27-Daughter of ___ Freaseke, 9 years

28-Daughter of ___ Sullivan, 3 years, Cal

29-G. Beecher, 34 years, Arkansas

30-F.H. Groth, 28 years, Germany

30-Daughter of L. Beldenstein


1-Tony (Indian boy_, 10 years, California

2-Daughter of ____ McCarty, 1 month, Cal

2-Daughter of J.P. Bane, 2 years, California

3-Daughter of P. Halfelder, 3 years, California

4-Daughter of Mad. E. Dundas, city

4-M. Crane, 40 years, Ireland

4-J. Deweine, 27 years, Ohio

4-Daughter of C. Thon

5-C.G.Clapp, 30 years, Massachusetts

6-W.W. Corcoran, 24 years, Ireland

7-Daughter of J.P. Bane, 4 years, California

8-Lo Com, 49 years, China

9-J. Woodward, 34 years, Missouri

9-W. Taylor, 37 years, Denmark

9-Rev. D. Slattery, 29 years, Ireland

11-R. Wilde, 57 years, Georgia

11-C. Hellenins, 31 years, Holland

13-Son of W.M .Hares, 4 years, California

14-Daughter of L. Harris, 1 year, California

15-Daughter of P. Mandee, 7 months, California

18-T. Stevens, 24 years, Scotland

18-J. Howell, 58 years, Pennsylvania

18-D. Davidson, 28 years, Missouri

19-B. Franklin, 28 years, Kentucky

19-Daughter of _____ Zimmerman, 1 year, Cal

20-S. Briggs, 43 years, Vermont

21-J. Almond, 85 years, Ireland

22-San Chuen, 20 years, China

22-Daughter of Mrs. C. Saleno, city

23-Pauline D. Cunnigham, 26 years, Missouri

24-Mrs. J.A. Lohman, 26 years, Ohio

25-Son of P. Tietjens, 3 years, California

27-Daughter of R.E. Gogings, 4 years, California

28-Daughter of ___ Cross, city

29-P. Stewart, 36 years, New York

30-Son of L. Eppinger, 4 years, Indiana

30-Daughter of ____ Cogar, 4 years, Michigan

30-J Nelson, 37 years, New York

31-P. Koenig, 24 years, Germany

31-Son of Mrs. M. Wheeler, 1 year, California


1-Son of P. McDowell, 6 years, California

32-Wong Yake, 40 years, China

4-Daughter of P. Clark, 1 year, California

6-Son of ____Singleton, 2 months, California

8-Daughter of E.W. O誰eill, 3 years, California

8-A. Johnson, 28 years, Scotland

9-Infant of E.E. Eyre, City

9-J.B. Salinsbury, 27 years, England

9-Son of _____ Carey, 1 year, California

10-Daughter of ____ Phillips, 1 years, California

10-Daughter of M.A. Sawtelle, 8 months, Cal.

12-Son of ____ Leutz, 2 years, Germany

13-Son of ____Kunewell, 1 year, California

13-Daughter of ____ Salano, 1 year, California

13-G. Canton, 35 years, Italy

13-Son of ____ Menke, 1 year, California

13-Sha Nue, 29 years, China

13-Daughter of ____ Gannon, 1 year, California

14-Infant son of B.M. Woodworth, City

14-Son of J.B. St. Johns, 3 years, California

15-A. Vaniel, 48 years, Pennsylvania

16-W.H. Sisk, 29 years

16-W.G. Proctor, 34 years, Kentucky

17-Son of ____ Menke, 1 year, California

17-M.M. Kennedy, 39 years, Ireland

17-Ann E. Burris, 48 years, Pennsylvania

18-Son of ___ Boyle, 1 year, California

19-J. Sullivan, 35 years, New York

20-Son of J. Tingman, 4 years, California

20-R.R. McGill, 28 years, Maryland

20-Daughter of J. Welly, 1 year, California

20-Son of G. Altdorffer, City

21-Daughter of W.W. Stovall, 28 years, Cal

23-M. Guyans, 24 years, Mexico

23-J. Rablin, 52 years, England

25-Son of J.B. St. John, 1 year, California

26-Son of J. Bradley, City

26-Daughter of M. McKenna, 3 years, California

27-Ah Sou, 27 years, China

27-J. Ewing, 23 years, Germany

29-Z. Simpson, 42 years, Kentucky

29-Daughter of C.A. Leake, 5 years, California

30-J. Reed, 2 months, California

30-Son of A. Franzina, 7 days, California


1-Son of R. Cochran, City

1-Son of A. Riker

2-Daughter of ____ Jeans, 16 months, California

3-Son of T.W. Strobridge, 5 years, California

4-Son of J.H. Housman, 5 years, California

4-Daughter of ____ Purtell, 8 days, California

4-Daughter of ____ Frenkenbach, 1 mo., Germ馳

7-J.R. Palmeris, 39 years, Ecuador

7-J.H. Virgo, 34 years, New York

7-W.A. Kauffman, 30 years

9-S.W. McCormick, 24 years, Missouri

9-C. Landergeir, 35 years, Ireland

10-Son of C. Heinrich, 3 years, California

11-E. Hipple, 35 years, Missouri

11-Catherine O誰eil, 30 years, Ireland

12-Daughter of J. Harkins, 4 years, California

12-Daughter of ___ ___ Marine, 4 years, California

14-H. Ramirez, 32 years, Mexico

15-J. Harrell, 25 years, Indiana

16-R. Therl, 27 years, England

17-Elizabeth Bohen, 27 years, Ireland

19-Infant daughter of J. Plunkett, 1 day, Cal.

19-Infant daughter of J.W. Blanchard, 2 ds, Cal

19-Daughter of E. Dunn, 1 year, California

20-Ah Chek, 26 years, China

21-Lucy M. Routier, 7 years, California

22-Wm. T. Blue, 9 years, California

22-J.E., son of B. Bradley, 4 years, California

22-W.H. Hoy, Jr., 8 years, California

23-Son of Samuel Mingham, 4 years, New York

23-Paul Geissindorffer, 24 years, Germany

24-Louisa J. Boardman, 21 days, California

24-John Rhel, 48 years, Prussia

25-J.L. Beatty, 2 years, California

26-Ah Hing, 45 years, China

26-Henry W. Harkins, 5 months, California

26-Sarah Hoy, 11 years, Missouri

26-Jacob Volt, 51 years, Holland

27-James D. Phelan, 10 months, California

27-Thomas Gavin, 80 years, Ireland

27-Wm. Tracy, 30 years

28-Richard Brown (colored), 35 years, Missouri

28-J.T.M. Murphy, 3 years, 10 mos., California

29-J.Q.A. Clark, 38 years, Pennsylvania

29-Wm. O達rian, 24 years, Ireland

29-Edward Denton, 2 years, California

29-Teresa de Sergo, 3 years, California

29-Edward P. Hammond, 4 months, California

29-Patrick Lynch, 7 months, California



Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Union, Tuesday Morning, January 1, 1861.

ゥ 2006 Betty Loose.



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