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Friday Morning, January 1, 1869

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  BOARD OF TRUSTEES  -C.H. SWIFT, First Trustee and President, and ex officio Mayor; salary, $2,500 per annum. John RIDER, Second Trustee and ex officio Street Commissioner; salary $1,200 per annum. David KENDALL, Third Trustee and ex officio Superintendent of the Water Works; salary $1,200 per annum.

  CITY AUDITORS - John McCLINTOCK, and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of Trustees; salary $2,000 per annum.

  BOARD OF EDUCATION - First Ward - John F. CRAWFORD, Henry C. McCREARY. Second Ward - J.W. AVERY, B.B. REDDING. Third Ward - Henry MILLER, D.S. ROSE. Fourth Ward - F.A. GIBBS, William L. CAMPBELL. Superintendent, Rev. William H. HILL.

  BOARD OF CITY LEVEE COMMISSIONERS - Leonard GOSS, Henry C. KIRK, Charles H. ROSS, L.B. HARRIS. Officers, President, Leonard GOSS; Secretary, L.B. HARRIS.

  POLICE JUDGE - L.H. FOOTE; salary, $1,800. Clerk, George SMITH.

  CHIEF OF POLICE - B.W. MARTZ; salary, $1,500.

  POLICEMEN - Fred D. CHAMBERLIN, M. KARCHER, Enoch DOLE, George H. HARVEY, George K. RIDER, R.W. DUNLEVY, John FISHER, F.D. VAN HORN; salary, $100 a month each.

  SUPERINTDENT CITY CEMETERY - Israel LUCE; salary, $75 a month.



  BOARD OF SUPERVISORS - President, James S. MEREDITH. First District - John DOMINGOS; Second District - Charles H. ROSS; Third District - Benjamin BAILEY; Fourth District - James S. MEREDITH; Fifth District - William BECKMAN. Salary, $7 per day each for six days in each month, and per diem while sitting as a Board of Equalization.

  COUNTY JUDGE - Robert C. CLARK; salary, $3,500.

  COUNTY CLERK - W.B.C. BROWN; salary, fees. [An Act of the Legislature, approved March 28, 1868, to take effect March, 1870, fixes the salary of the County Clerk at $4,000 per annum]. Deputies - Terrence MASTERRON and B.F. PEABODY.

  TREASURER - Alfred SPINKS; salary, $2,500, and fees on State lands.

  AUDITOR - W.A. McWILLIAMS and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors; salary, $2,500, and fees to amount of $500.

  SHERIFF - Edward F. WHITE; salary, fees. Deputies - James H. SULLIVAN, George C. HASWELL, T.W. SHEEHAN, Thomas W. WHITE, Barthley CAVANAUGH, Robert H. BABBITT.

  ASSESSOR - Findley R. DRAY; salary, $2,000 and commissions on State poll taxes. Deputy - John H. PARNELL.

  DISTRICT ATTORNEY - James C. GOODS; salary, $2,000 and fees.

  COUNTY SURVEYOR - John DOHERTY; salary, fees.

  COUNTY CORONER - J.P. COUNTS; salary, fees.



            CORONER’S INQUESTS IN 1868

 The following is a list of the deceased wherein inquests were held by Joseph A. CONBOIE, ex-County Coroner, J.P. COUNTS, present Coroner, and John EOFF, Justice of the Peace of Granite township, during the year 1868:

            BY JOHN EOFF

  January 24th - Charles A. SOPER, deceased near Folsom; death caused by the caving of a bank in a mining claim; a native of Maine, aged 30 years.

  February 2d - Ah WY, at Folsom; shot by some person unknown....3d - Joseph FIGUERO, near Folsom; death caused by the bursting of a tail race in a mining claim; a native of the Azore Islands, aged 25 years.

            BY JOSEPH A. CONBOIE

  February 4th - Harvey WHIPPLE, deceased at Sacramento; suicide by shooting himself with a pistol, in a barn in the rear of the Telegraph House; a native of Vermont, aged 25 years....15th - John W. INNISS, at Sacramento; suicide by swallowing strychnine; a native of New Jersey, aged 50 years.

  March 1st - John HALEY, at Sacramento; accidentally drowned in a pond in a vacant lot bounded by Fifth and Sixth, O and P streets.

            BY J.P COUNTS

  March 24th - Edwin LUNDQUIST, at Sacramento city; death caused by pistol shots fired by Whilliam H. WARREN; a native of Stockholm, Sweden, aged 38 years....25th - Arthur DOYLE, at Sacramento city; death caused by a knife wound inflicted by Frank CAFFIERO....27th - G.C.S. VAIL, at Sacramento city; death caused by congestion of the lungs and brain, produced by excessive drink and the injection of morphine into the thigh; a native of Pennsylvania, aged 53 years.

  April 24th - Unknown man found floating in the Sacramento river.

  May 1st - Charles HIRSCHHORN, at Sacramento city; suicide by shooting; a native of New York, aged about 25 years....12th - Mark BARNES, at Richmond Grove; death caused by a gunshot wound accidentally inflicted by Charles MAHRT; a native of California, aged 5 years....21st - Russell HEATH, at Sacramento city; suicide by hanging; a native of Indiana, aged 28 years....25th - Thomas HIGGINSON, at Saulsbury Station; accidentally ran over and killed by cars on the Sacramento Valley Railroad; a native of Canada, aged 40 years....29th - William SHOEMAKER, at Sacramento city; death caused by pistol shot wounds inflicted by Al COURTRIGHT; a native of New York, aged 37 years.

  June 22 - Mary Ann GALLAGHER, at Sacramento city; accidentally drowned; a native of California, aged 14 months.

  July 3d - Ah POIN, at Sacramento city; death from a knife wound inflicted by his brother, Ah Sam POIN; a native of China, aged 35 years....5th - Richard BRAZILL, at Sacramento city; death caused by an accident in falling down a flight of stairs; place of nativity unknown; aged about 60 years....12th - George WOODWARD, found floating in the Sacramento river, near Freeport; cause of death unknown; a native of New York, aged 50 years....27th - Unknown Chinaman, found in the American river at Cook’s Diggings; believed to have been murdered.

  August 3d - Henry HUBBARD (colored) at Sacramento city; burned to death....Mrs. Mary E. HAMMILL, at Sacramento city; suicide by cutting her throat; a native of Ireland, aged 33 years....11th - Captain SIMS (Indian), at County Jail; death caused by heart disease; a native of California, aged 35 years....16th - William BLOOMER, at Sacramento city; death from congestion of the brain....21st - Patrick McGUIRE, at Sacramento city; death from natural causes, a native of Ireland; aged 50 years....29th - Frederick SCHAFER, near the Tivoli House; run over and killed by the locomotive Santa Clara; a native of Germany; aged 31 years.

  September 1st - William SHAAR, at Sacramento city; accidentally drowned in the Sacramento river; a native of Germany, aged 21....28th - E.H. DAGENAIS, found floating in the Sacramento river; suicide by drowning; a native of Canada, aged 21....28th - T. BROCKHART, at Folsom; suicide by shooting himself; a native of Germany....Josiah SHAFF, at Mormon Island; death caused by a gunshot wound inflicted by some person unknown to the jury....29th - A.W. JACKSON, near Freeport; death caused by the accidental discharge of a gun in his own hands.

  October 3d - Henry LOVELAND; death from natural causes; a native of Ohio.

  December 9th - Martin B. SEXTON, at Sacramento city; death caused by a knife wound inflicted by Peter QUIGLEY; a native of Connecticut, aged 22....10th - John ENNIS, at Sacramento city; death caused by blows from a bludgeon in the hands of Alfred McALLISTER; a native of Ireland, aged 37....14th - Jacob GOSSNICKLE, found dead in the bed of the American river; death caused by exposure and exhaustion; a native of Indiana.


            COUNTY COURT

 Four terms of the County Court are held, commencing respectively on the first Monday of January, April, July and October. [In the following list of sentences in this Court there are a number of cases where the prisoner was allowed to plead guilty of a lesser crime than the one for which he was originally arraigned]:


 John PRICE, for assault and battery, sentenced February 11, 1868, to four months’ imprisonment in the County Jail.

E.A. PICKETT, felony, February 11th, one year in the State Prison.

E.A. PICKETT, burglary, February 11th, two years in the State Prison, commencing at the expiration of sentence for felony.

E.A. PICKETT, grand larceny, February 11th, one year in the State Prison, commencing at expiration of sentence for burglary.

William ROBINSON, petit larceny, February 14th, six months in the County Jail.

Ira BARRY, petit larceny, February 15th, two months in the County Jail.

Ira BARRY, petit larceny, February 15th, two months in the County Jail, commencing at expiration of sentence on the first charge.

Ira BARRY, petit larceny, February 15th, two months in the County Jail, beginning at expiration of sentence on the second charge.

William DENNIS, petit larceny, March 20th, thirty days in the County Jail.

Thomas SWEENEY, alias John ROBINSON, grand larceny, May 14th, one year in the State Prison.

Alexander BOOTH, petit larceny, May 14th, fined $180.

C. WELCH, assault and battery, May 18th, fined $100.

Ah Chee, felony, May 23d, four years in State Prison.

Thomas CHRYSTAL, robbery, May 23d, three years in the State Prison.

Indian Billy, burglary, May 23d, one year in the State Prison.

William SHOTWELL, petit larceny, May 23d, four months in the County Jail.

Ah Jim, burglary, Mary 25th, 8 years in State Prison.

Ah Wing, petit larceny, May 26th, two months in the County Jail.

William GARNETT, selling land twice, May 28th, one year in the State Prison. [Subsequently released by order of the Supreme Court.]

Carlo PADOLA, felony, September 22d, two years in the State Prison.

Charles MULLENS, assault and battery, October 8th, ten days in the County Jail.

James SIMPSON, petit larceny, October 19th, three months in the County Jail.

George GILBERT, petit larceny, October 19th, three months in the County Jail.

Ah Lung, felony, October 23d, three years in the State Prison.

H. MANNING, alias NEWTON, grand larceny, October 26th, one year in the State Prison.

Thomas SWEENEY, burglary, October 26th, three years in the State Prison.

Ah CHEE, grand larceny, October 16th, three years in the State Prison.

A. MATHEWS, petit larceny, October 27th, thirty days in the County Jail.

Joe MALCOMB, petit larceny, October 27th, three months in the County Jail.

James MONAHAN, petit larceny, October 27th, thirty days in the County Jail.



James J. KEEGAN, petition filed January 2, 1868.

W.G. SULLIVAN, petition filed January 14th.

Nathaniel McTUCKER, petition filed May 28th.

Joshua FOUNTAIN, petition filed June 27th.

Richard IRELAND, petition filed August 8th.

Cyrus F. McCLINTIC, petition filed October 21st.

Daniel P. PIDGE, petition filed November 12th.

David WOODS, petition filed November 20th.

William SUTTON, petition filed December 15th.


Charles LEHMAN, discharged January 6, 1868.

G.M. PARKER, discharged January 29th.

George CALLAWAY, discharged February 10th.

A.D. BAGWILL, discharged March 2d.

Nathaniel McTUCKER discharged July 18th.

William G. BULLARD, discharged July 27th.

Joshua FOUNTAIN, discharged August 24th.

Richard IRELAND, discharged October 8th.


            PROBATE COURT

 The County Judge and County Clerk respectively are ex-officio Judge and Clerk of the Probate Court, the terms of which are the same as those of the County Court. The following is a statement of the letters testamentary, letters of administration and letters of guardianship, issued in the Court during the year 1868:


Testators                                              Executors appointed

John William LEHMANN                    Aug’a L LEHMANN, Jan. 13

William SORLEY                                 A.A. NETHERCOTT, Jan. 29th

Frank KELLER                                                Emma KELLER, Feb. 17th.

Charles EBNER                                               F.X. EBNER, March 9th.

Rebecca BRIGHAM                            Louise J. KEACH, Mar. 18th.

Christian LENTZ                                  Jacob GRIESEL, Apr. 13th.

Edwin LUNDQUIST                           F. LUNDQUIST, Apr. 16th

Hiram L. COUCH                                A.C. SWEETSER / And’w AITKEN, Apr. 17th.

Fords Jewett MOORE                         C.W. HATHAWAY, May 11th.

Carrie A. DENT                                               J.T. LANDRUM, July 6th

Aaron THOMPSON                            H.M. THOMPSON, July 13th.

George R. MOORE                             Sarah M. MOORE, July 16th.

Daglin SHANAHAN                            Daniel C. NEALON, July 23d.

Robert SEEGER                                              Marg’t SEEGER / C. WEIL, July 21st.

Jesse HACKETT                                 Jas. E. SMITH, July 23d.

Andrew HENRY                                              Michael COFFEY, Aug. 31st.

Mary HUNTER                                               Fanny C. GREEN, Aug. 17th.

Thomas HANSBROW                         Lucy A. HANSBROW / B.B. REDDING, Sept. 7th

Frank BRODER                                               Jacob BRODER, Sept. 8th.

Sarah Jane CARROLL                         Belden R. GWIN, Oct. 8th.

J.Q. SMITH                                         M.A. SMITH, Nov. 9th.

Elmer GRANGER                                Parker FRENCH / Elias BROWN, Dec. 3d.

Robert FLINN                                     Margaret FLINN, Dec. 14th.


Intestates                                              Administrators appointed

William SORLEY                                 A.A. NETHERCOTT, Jan. 28th.

Thomas TREGENZA                           Hannah TREGENZA, Jan. 29th.

John GEISEL                                       Henry GEISEL, February 3d.

John S. FREELICK                             F.R. DRAY, February 3d.

George YUILL                                     F.R. DRAY, February 3d.

James DOUGLASS                             F.R. DRAY, February 11th.

Matthew M. REID                               Fanny REID, February 17th.

Ellen BRENTLEY                                F.R. DRAY, February 24th.

John H. MILLER                                 F.R. DRAY, February 24th.

John W. INNISS                                             Henry W. BRAGG, Mar. 18th.

Edward J. FEENEY                             Jas. McCLATCHY, Mar. 20th.

Norman WOODBOCK                                   E.H. MILLER, Jr., Mar. 23d.

Henry Hare HARTLEY                                    Eliza M.E. HARTLEY, Mar. 31.

Daniel B. KELLEY                              Wm. C. McAFFEE, April 25th.

John S. WILSON                                Diantha WILSON, April 20th

Silna WHITCOMB                              Carle A. WHITCOMB, Apr. 30.

Peter C. CAMPBELL                          Catharine CAMPBELL, Apr. 30.

Mary Frances SCOTT                         Rob’t J. FLETCHER, May 7th.

James S. GRAHAM                             Sam’l POORMAN, May 15th.

Michael O’DONNELL                                    Marg’t O’DONNELL, May 18th.

Patrick HAM                                       Ann HAM, June 1st.

John GRAHAM                                               Wm. SHATTUCK, June 1st.

William SHOEMAKER                                    Wm. SHATTUCK, June 15th.

Maria KEMP                                       Wm. SHATTUCK, June 15th.

Edward JOYCE                                               Wm. SHATTUCK, June 22d.

Robert G. LOW                                               Wm. SHATTUCK, July 27th.

N.W. CHISHOLM                              Susan CHISHOLM, Aug. 3d.

John SCHADE                                     Mary SCHADE, July 27th.

Mathilde BLANC                                 Francois BLANC, July 23d.

Lorenzo HAMILTON                          Lavinia HAMILTON, Aug. 31.

Charles A. SOPER                               Wm. SHATTUCK, Aug. 4th.

Robert OFFELD                                              Wm. SHATTUCK, Aug. 13th.

A.D. LABASSE                                               Agnes LABASSE, Aug. 19th.

Zodoc BECKER                                              Edward CHRISTY, Aug. 19th.

Thomas ROSS                                     Sarah H. ROSS, Sept. 4th.

James M. McCLELLAND                   J.N. ANDREWS, Sept. 7th.

Valentine FRIMAN                              E. WESTGATE, Sept 17th.

Lyman ROTH                                      Wm. SHATTUCK, Oct. 3d.

George HOLSENGER                         Wm. SHATTUCK, Oct. 7th.

Francisco GARCIA                              Wm. SHATTUCK, Oct. 23d.

Sylvester Martin BRYANT                   Wm. SHATTUCK, Oct. 23d.

Duncan McDONALD                          Wm. SHATTUCK, Oct. 19th.

Addison C. HINKSON                                   Henry C. KIRK, Nov. 11th.

Michael NEED                                     Rosannah NEED, Nov. 20th.

Anthony KREAMER                            W.P. COLEMAN, Dec. 11th.

Samuel RICH                                       George T. RICH, Dec. 14th.


Minors                                                 Guardians appointed

Eugenia RITTER                                  G.S. WILSON, Jan. 29th.

Kate BOYCE,                                     F.O. TOWNSEND, Feb. 17th.

Arabella BOYCE

John W. KELLEY,                               Wm. C. McAFE, April 6th.

Virginia E. KELLEY,

Charles H. KELLEY,

Amanda C. KELLEY

Maria RAMOS                                                Rosario RAMOS, Aug. 10th.

A.E. CALLOWAY                              George CALLOWAY, Aug. 10th.

Annie Rhodes LEA                               Margaret L. LEA, Aug. 25th.

George S. BURNETT                          Dwight BURNETT, Aug. 31st.

James COSTELLO                              Thos. CONLON, Oct. 12th.

John H. SCOTT,                                              Claib. HARRIS, Nov. 30th.


Mary J. BALDWIN,                            Alfred RANDOLPH, Dec. 14th.

Elizabeth Ann BALDWIN,


Mary Eliza REED,                                Benj. F. PIKE, Dec. 7th.

Chas TIMMINS, alias

Frank Grant PIKE


Insane                                                  Guardians appointed

G.C. HILDEN                                     Moses SPRAGUE, Feb. 13th, 1868

William CORBITT                               F.R. DRAY, April 13th.

Kate M. CULVER                               Wm. F. KNOX, August 3d.

Soloman SAGER                                 George SAGER, October 29th.




Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Friday Morning, January 1, 1869, Page 2.

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