Sacramento Musicians' Protective Union

Local No. 12

American Federation of Musicians


2623 Jay Street



Dial GI lbert 2-5565


Organized April 12, 1891

Reorganized December 16, 1896

Effective August, 1949







Form B Contracts in TRIPLICATE must be filled out on all engagements whether steady or casual, one copy to be filled with the secretary, one to be given to the engagor and the other to be for the leader or contractor. Personnel and social security numbers MUST be entered on the back of these forms.


A steward's report must be filed each week with the Secretary for all steady engagements, regardless of number of men, employed.


Failure to file steward’s report or Form B Contracts will insure a fine for each offense.




Members are prohibited from accepting any engagement from a booking agent who does not hold a license from the American Federation of Musicians.





President, John Deus

Vice-President, Rollie Barton

Secretary & Business Agent, Al Wittenbrock

Treasurer, Ray Nelson

Sergeant-at-Arms, Adam Bencich




Executive Board

Dan Parenti

Norman Douglass



Carl King


James Keys

Tom King








Ray Nelson

C. A. Fisher

L.E. Ashworth





Executive Committee meets on the first, third and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Regular monthly meeting of the Union is held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Headquarters and Secretary's Office at 2623 Jay St. Dial GIlbert 2-5565. Residence Phone HI llcrest 6-0866.

Office hours from 10:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m.











Ackerman, Harry, 2550 Watson St., N. Sacto., HI 9-0307

Ackerman, Robt., 4608 12th Ave., HI 5-1461

Acosta, John, 2014 19th St., HU 4-6655

Adee, Art, Yuba Gap Lodge, Emigrant Gap, Auburn Ex

Adee, Frank, Box 358, Fair Oaks, 54-J

Aguilar, Apolo, 321 13th St., GI 2-3229

Aguilar, Jesse, 321 13th St., GI 2-3229

Aievoli, Art, 1314 9th St., HU 4-5590

Aivaz, Leo, 3565 Folsom Blvd., HI 5-0277

Akin, Jesse, 3119 61st St., HI 5-6482

Albright, Gene, 511 3rd St., Broderick

Alexander, Theodora, 4416 G St., HI 6-6119

Allen, Robt., 2980 Del Paso Blvd., HI 9-2836

Amir, Ray, 4571 Summit Way, HI 5-6124

Anderson, Clyde, 2770 Glenn Ave., N. Sacto., HI 9-3479

Anderson, Floyd, 3425 Del Paso Blvd., HI 9-5722

Andrade, Joseph, 2412 18th St., GI 3-1559

Antone, Joe, 2815 Santa Cruz Way, HI 6-2747

Ash, Gus, 1307 Robertson Way, GI 2-2805

Ash, Nellie, 1307 Robertson Way, GI 2-2805

Ashworth, Larry, 4801 T St., HI 5-2487

Atchison, James, 701 41st St., HI 6-5988

Austin, Chuck, 604-F X St., GI 2-5650




Badovanic, Emil, 127 E St., Roseville

Bailey, Lucile, Box 88, Bowman, Auburn 24R1

Baillie, Chuck, 346 40th St., HI 5-8694

Baker, Dick, 3129 Broadway, HI 5-4375

Baker, Elaine, 3129 Broadway, HI 5-4375

Baker, Harley, 4900 T St., HI 6-3335

Baker, Paul, 2948 Del Paso Blvd., HI 9-0392

Ballard, Clark, 2nd & G, Broderick, GI 3-6964

Bardin, Chuck, 2521 28th St., HI 7-3818

Barr, George, 2953 25th St., HI 6-4247

Barsulgia, John, Box 152, Jackson, 242-J

Barton, Rollie, 520 54th St., HI 7-3695

Bashor, Bob, 1605 ½ 16th St., HU 4-2943

Basurto, Tony, 810 E St., GI 2-1690

Baxter, Don, Signal Depot, HI 6-7841

Beam, Ray, 4015 ½ D St., HI 6-2670

Beattie, Irvine, Rt. 1, Box 625, Rio Linda, 122-M

Beauchamp, Elva, 2529 Capitol Ave., HU 4-1506

Belk, William, Del Paso Hts. School, HI 9-3371

Bell, Clyde, 1411 Los Salinas, GI 3-4746

Bell, George, 710 L St., GI 3-7029

Bencich, Adam, 1517 35th St., HI 5-8106

Benedetti, John, 4460 Perry Ave., HI 5-6729

Benefield, Ben V. W., 521 5th St., Broderick

Beneto, Steve, Rt. 2, Box 2106, Roseville, 609F13

Benjamin, Larry, 5601 V St., HI 6-8446

Bentz, Bernie, 65 36th Way

Bernardini, Italo, 3700 5th Ave., HI 6-0081

Bergquist, Peter, 1312 Swanston Dr., GI 3-4322

Berry, Haskell, 1537 55th St., HI 7-4681

Birch, Cliff, 2320 F St., GI 2-4091

Birch, Jack Jr., 1956 4th Ave., GI 2-7340

Birch, Jack Sr., 4409 U St., HI 7-0317

Birchard, Gainford, 4169 42nd St., HI 5-0166

Bird, Robt., 2201 21st St., HI 8-6412

Birka, Caralee, Rt. 8, Box 675, HU 4-2886

Blackman, Gene, 183 Via Manzanes, San Lorenzo

Blaisdell, Johnny, 1640 Orange, E. Del Paso Hts., Hi 9-8737

Blake, Barbara, 3165 McKinley Blvd., GI 2-0821

Blanchard, Gus, 3645 24th St., HI 6-8865

Bluecher, Dale, 1820 G St., GI 3-8740

Borge, Albert, 1619 Arcade Blvd., HI 9-1440

Borge, Jim, 225 Grove Ave., HI 9-2488

Bowman, Aletha, 5320 S. F. Blvd., HI 5-2836

Bowman, Jim, 2824 Land Park Dr., GI 2-0634

Boyd, Clint, 3046 39th St., HI 6-8524

Brandt, Rosalie, 3026 39th St., GI 3-8511

Bras, Art, Gen. Del., Santa Paula, Calif.

Brashear, Alex, Rt. 6, Box 1405, HI 9-8690

Breech, Bert, 3710 12th Ave., HI 7-3283

Briethaupt, Harold, 1624 U St., HU 4-6288

Brennan, Art, 1531 F St., GI 2-7024

Briare, Dick, 3438 T St., HI 6-4494

Briggs, Chas., 1218 Que St., HU 4-7402

Briggs, Margaret, 2239 Marshall Way, HI 6-2095

Brim, Edwin, 1716 36th St., HI 5-0959

Brosseau, Dick, 4047 8th Ave., HI 5-8224

Brown, Betty, 1301 57th St., HI 6-4367

Brown, Irene, 1820 9th Ave., GI 2-7175

Brown, Wm. U., 2125 Alhambra Blvd., HI 6-0281

Bruce, L. L., P.O. Box 1382, HI 9-1470

Bruscia, Marie, 3441 Stockton Blvd., HI 5-7032

Burnam, Dave, 3631 E. Curtis Park Dr., HI 6-6067

Burnett, Larry, 1200 Que St., GI 2-5369

Burns, Jim, Rt. 4, Box 4154

Burns, Floyd, Allen Ave., W. Sacto., HU 4-6086

Burris, Ramona, Rt. 1., Box 10, Ione

Butler, Roy, 1924 Juliesse Ave., Hi 9-3389

Bylin, Norman, 2213 3rd Ave., HI 6-4481




Cabral, Jose, 718 Que St., GI 2-6362

Campbell, Robt., 402 Finley St., Auburn, 167R

Campbell, W. C., Rt. 1, Box 740, Grass Valley, 24F15

Campadonica, Donna, Greenville, Calif.

Cannon, Robert, 2779 13th St., GI 2-1707

Carlson, John M., 3609 Marysville Rd., Del Paso Hts., HI 9-4415

Carney, Grace, 2533 Portola Way, HI 5-1372

Carrier, Wm. R., 2908 G St., HU 4-7084

Cascio, Ross, 5214 15th Ave.

Casey, James, Rt. 11, Box 4684D, HI 9-5809

Catlett, Forrest, Rt. 6, Box 3320, HI 7-1789

Cavell, Stan, 2730 4th Ave., HI 5-1033

Cecil, John, Rt. 1, Box 31, Wilton, Elk Grove 2F2

Chapman, Norman, New York City

Chavez, Manuel, 1921 9th St., HU 4-3747

Chears, Andy, 1612 Caramay Way, GI 2-7460

Chernin, Marty, Land Hotel

Christian, Fred, 932 McClatchy Way, GI 3-8994

Christine, Sonny, 3013 43rd St., HI 5-0675

Ciccarelli, Anton, 4941 Sacramento Blvd., HI 6-7464

Clark, Bee, Rt. 1, Box 441, Roseville, 616F22

Clark, Evans, Rt. 5, Box 6050, HI 9-0010

Clark, Doris, Rt. 5, Box 6050, HI 9-0010

Clark, Gene, Rt. 1, Box 786, Roseville

Clark, Jerry, 243 Rockwood Dr., S. San Francisco

Clark, Lois, 1190 14th Ave., GI 2-5653

Clark, Rubby, 730 E St., GI 2-1921

Clifford, Roger, 3514 Pierce St., San Francisco

Clouse, Willard, 519 ½ K St., GI 2-9729

Cohn, Chas., 4709 B St.

Cohn, Sam, 911 P St., HU 4-0340

Cole, O. G., San Luis Obispo

Coleman, George, 1301 E. El Camino, HI 9-9954

Coleman, Tom, 1408 Que St., GI 2-2500

Cooper, Sid, Rt. 1, Box 390, Rio Linda, 5322

Corbet, Ray, 3159 O St., HI 7-1862

Cordoza, Ed, P.O. Box 243, Woodland

Cordoza, Will, Rt. 1, Box 600, Woodland, 84R4

Cornick, Albert, 1551 52nd St., HI 5-1435

Corey, Alfred, Rt. 1, Box 5473, HI 6-0850

Corey, Joe, 1908 4th St.

Couey, Willard, 900 Tabor Ave., Yuba City

Cox, Chas., 2701 Marval Drive, HI 9-0218

Coyle, June Derby, 306 24th St, GI 3-2131

Crabbe, Ray, 1624 49th St., HI 5-1294

Crites, Bunny, Rt. 11, Box 7396, HI 9-8439

Crowder, Randolph, Weed, Calif.

Crown, Art, Rt. 1, Box 1980, HI 6-0864

Cummins, Gene, Rt. 2, Box 4976, W. Sacto., HU 4-2787

Curtis, Austin, 1832 1st Ave., GI 2-9239

Curtis, James, 1006 23rd St., GI 2-7797

Cushman, Clarence, 3781 E. Pacific Ave., HI 5-5895




Damiano, Robert, 148 Magnolia St., Vacaville

Da Prato, Bill, 2991 32nd Ave., HI 6-0037

Darlow, Bill, 4425 Broadway, HI 5-8711

Dary, Al, 3008 O St., HI 7-4906

Dashner, Gareld, 2199 3rd Ave., GI 3-3895

Davis, Cliff, Las Vegas

Davis, Mel, 125 Mill St., Grass Valley, 696W

Davis, Roy, 2956 34th St., HI 6-4197

Davis, James, 3105 Santa Cruz Way, HI 5-4035

Dawson, Armstrong A., Rt. 1, Box 53B, Shingles, Calif.

Day, Tommy, Rt. 2, Box 2205, Roseville, 374F2

Deal, Manuel, 2425 Rio Linda Blvd., HI 9-0684

Decker, Ben, 2531 Maryal Dr.

De Bree, Chick, 2312 23rd St., HI 7-0216

Deeg, LeRoy, 1529 21st St., GI 3-0997

Delavan, Frank, 3640 55th St., HI 5-2470

Delgado, Pepe, 1030 X St., HU 4-3573

Derby, Bill, Rt. 5, Box 7616W, HI 9-6095

Derby, Florence, Rt. 5, Box 7616W, HI 9-6095

Derby, Clyde, Rt. 5, Box 7354A, Sacto., HI 9-5931

Desendorf, Carl, 149 1st St., Woodland, 1418R

Deus, John, 1230 P St., GI 2-5232

Diaz, Frank, 1108 G St., HU 4-1530

Dicks, Otto, Rt. 1, Box 3084, Del Paso Hts.

Diskins, Earle, Box 88, Camino

Diste, Marie, 905 43rd St., HI 5-0711

Dolce, Ted, 2801 D St., GI 3-7603

Dominguez, Frank, 1312 8th St., GI 2-0721

Donato, Floyd, 950 Grand Ave., Santa Rosa

Donlin, Tim, 1321 K St., GI 2-7946

Dosch, Mel, 5301 Roseta Way

Dotzel, John, 1112 13th Ave., GI 2-8732

Doughty, Harley, Florin

Douglas, Thomas, 3453 T St., HI 7-3121

Douglass, Norman, 2000 36th St., HI 5-1567

Douke, Wallace, 5830 Y St., HI 7-5645

Dozier, MaryLee, Rochester, N. Y.

Drake, Snuffy, 318 Capitol Ave., GI 3-9913

Draper, Jay

Driver, Neil, 1512 N St., HU 4-0053

Dudley, Marian, 3833 38th St., HI 5-2782

Dugger, Ken, 4224 2nd Ave., HI 6-1553

Du Grosse, John, Rt. 1, Box 3020, W. Sacto., GI 2-7217

Dunton, Dave, 449 West St., Woodland, 1028

Dunton, Jack, 445 West St., Woodland, 1283J

Dutton, Ted, 4236 Mariposa Ave., HI 5-7288

Du Ray, Jerry, P.O. Box 126, Del Paso Hts.




Earp, Larry, 2700 13th St., GI 3-5443

Easter, George, 313 Riverside Ave., Roseville, 85W

Eastman, Bud, 332 Elefa St., Roseville, 436R

Eastman, Hal, Rt. 5, Box 6004, HI 9-1053

Edmondson, Otis, 114 Market St., Stockton

Edwards, Duane, Coloma Hotel, GI 3-5943

Eid, Otto, 2749 42nd St., HI 5-1635

Elmo, Michael, 2700 T St., HI 6-7954

Elmore, Dave, 3012 G St., GI 3-0220

England, Happy, 1226 Sitka St.

England, Leona, 1226 Sitka St.

Engle, Paul, 200 L Alta Vista Ave., Grass Valley

Errett, Fred, 2010 K St., GI 3-7038

Eudey, Hank, Traveling

Evans, Claud, 2400 Sunset Ave.

Evers, Hans, 2336 Poplar Ave., HI 6-5232

Eyre, John, 1300 58th St., HI 6-7446




Farley, Henrietta, 817 12th St., Marysville, 1254M

Fasano, Joey, 2215 O St., HU 4-7289

Fasolo, James, 1508 ½ F St., HU 4-0916

Fassett, Keith, 3201 W St., HI 5-2387

Felix, Lloyd, 2344 Hurley Way

Fidaldo, Victor, 516 T & U Alley

Findley, Virg, 2225 Fruitridge Rd., HI 5-6212

Fishback, Cliff, Traveling

Fischer, Harold, 3932 Mahogany St., Del Paso Hts., HI 9-6367

Fisher, Mike, 592 35th St., HI 6-8129

Flanders, Walt, 2714 S St., HI 5-8821

Flores, Tony, 1233 F St., GI 2-2844

Fontana, Vincent, 3527 63rd St., HI 5-2213

Fontes, Jack, 3739 3rd Ave., HI 6-7482

Ford, Ross, Rt. 6, Box 3119

Fourness, Dyson, Rt. 3, Box 2636, GI 3-0922

Fowler, Jerry, RFD No. 1, New Castle

Francis, Bob, 1480 51st St., HI 7-5205

Franke, Virginia, 2425 Donner Way, HI 5-7632

Frankini, Lloyd, Rt. 3, Box 1166, 43F14

Franusich, Pete, 2825 Land Park Dr., GI 3-7669

Franz, George, 2818 O St., HI 5-8425

Frasinetti, Christie, Florin, HI 5-9061

Fratis, John, 222 ½ Clinton St., Roseville, 373

Frederito, Joe, 614 13th St., HU 4-4928

Frise, Geraldine, 430 North 12th St., GI 3-9822

Fry, Les, Box 267, Del Paso Hts.

Fulgham, Dick, Rt. 4, Box 4005, HI 7-0254




Gale, Lon, 3701 18th Ave., HI 6-6214

Galvez, Olivia, Y.W.C.A., GI 2-2911

Garcia, Richard, 1520 W. El Camino

Gardner, Aileen, Box 581, Jackson, Calif.

Gentile, Bill, 879 El Dorado Way, HI 6-5285

Gearhart, Virgel, 3405 22nd Ave., HI 6-1384

Gentner, Rt. 1, Box 341, Fair Oaks, Folsom 149-Y-3

George, Harold, 216 S. School St., Grass Valley, 884-W

Gerard, Marc, 716 San Miguel Way, HI 6-3311

Gerhauser, Gabby, 2949 2nd Ave., HI 6-7479

Gernand, Emily, 2114 Capital Ave., GI 3-1573

Gessner, Bill, P.O. Box 785, Broderick, GI 3-4386

Gibson, Paul, 3525 Cypress St., Del Paso Hts., HI 9-2657

Giebler, Walt, Rt. 2, Box 34, Fair Oaks, 509J

Giles, Donald E., 5547 2nd Ave., HI 6-1777

Gillespie, J. F., 3708 Downey Way, HI 5-4751

Giordano, Leonard, 2214 U St., HI 6-1519

Ghiorso, Mary, 4920 K St., HI 6-8655

Glenn, Warren, 316 U St.

Glotzbach, Bill, 2974 ½ 35th St., HI 5-6518

Goncalves, Joe, 915 U St., GI 3-3156

Gonsalves, Sonny, 139 Bryte Ave., Bryte, Calif., GI 3-5182

Goorabian, Matt, 4650 1th Ave., HI 5-1108

Gordon, Chester, 210 De Witt Ct., Del Paso Hts., HI 9-7809

Gordon, Frank, 1600 Park Lane, HI 5-7801

Gordon, John “Bob”, 1533 E. El Camino, HI 9-7380

Gordon, Mariam, 2525 9th Ave., HI 6-4898

Gorman, Margaret, 639 37th St., HI 5-5580

Gouvea, John, 1520 Kathleen Ave.

Graham, Paul, 3209 Santa Cruz Way

Grass, James, 3085 32nd St., HI 6-7142

Grech, John, 904 52nd St., HI 6-4553

Grech, Paul, 904 52nd St., HI 6-4553

Green, Alan, San Jose

Greene, Tom, 2936 9th St., N. Sacto., HI 9-1181

Greenwood, Bliss, 2933 Rio Lind Blvd., HI 9-4869

Grimes, Al, 321 22nd St., GI 2-2743

Groppi, Chris, 3100 58th St., HI 7-3951

Gross, Erwin, Rt. 1, Box 435A, Galt

Guidera, Joe, 2167 Meer Way, GI 3-0870

Guzman, Maurice, 731 G St.




Hall, Carleton, 701 Alta Vista Ave., Roseville, 623J

Halter, Eddie, 1462 33rd St., HI 5-4487

Hamilton, Frank, 433 W. El Camino, HI 9-9513

Hammitt, Orlin, 2640 Watson St., HI 9-7758

Hanitchak, Leonard, Army

Harbeke, Fred, 3997 3rd Ave., HI 6-8665

Haring, Art, 2314 28th St., HI 6-9129

Haring, Earl, 2314 28th St., HI 6-9129

Harpham, Bud, 1721 ½ 12th St., GI 2-3126

Harris, Glenn, Haywood

Harris, Julius, 2226 9th St.

Harris, Lowell W., 1808 P St., GI 3-8534

Harrison, Herb, 300 37th St., HI 6-3319

Hart, Harry, Cottage Grove, Ore.

Hart, Lucile, Rt. 4, Box 2792-A

Harvey, Ken, 918 V St., GI 2-7350

Harvey, Milt, 530 11th St.

Harvey, Pat, 918 V St., GI 2-7350

Harvey, Ray, 101 5th St., Broderick, HU 4-6507

Hattesen, A., 232 40th St., HI 5-2181

Hayden, Harry, Rt. 7, Box 1025, HI 9-0153

Hayton, Arthur, 4050 23rd St., HI 6-0787

Hebert, John, 922 7th Ave., GI 2-6096

Hebuck, Uno, 205 Coronado Ave., Roseville, 276R

Heft, Mrs. Arthur, 2323 4th Ave.

Heilbron, August,, 4321 Carly Ave., HI 6-6062

Heilbron, Margaret, 4321 Carly Ave., HI 6-6062

Hellar, Martin, 93 Perry St., Roseville, 178J

Hendershot, Alva, 510 Alhambra, GI 3-6608

Helmers, James, 1700 Shirley Drive, GI 2-8732

Henry, Gordon, Rt. 7, Box 3873, HI 9-2330

Hernandez, John, 2016 ½ 3rd St., GI 2-3977

Herrilson, James, 1941 Iris Ave., HI 9-0298

Hickman, Joe, 4020 Solano Ave., HI 6-9631

Hill, Clyde, P. O. Box 858, Placerville

Hill, Elmer J., Rt. 1, Box 91, Arbuckle

Hill, James, 2757 12th St., GI 2-1520

Hill, Dick, 1132 51st St., HI 6-3155

Hoeg, Barbara, Grass Valley, 688

Hofstetter, Chas., 4004 Berkshire Ave

Hogin, James, 2905 Muir Way, GI 3-2591

Holliday, Minor, 3717 Miller Way, HI 5-2519

Hollingshead, Ed, 441 1st St., Woodland, 970W

Honnold, Forrest, 627 G St., Davis, 8691

Hotchkiss, Kenny, 126 Murphy St., Grass Valley, 696W

Howard, J. N., 6400 Fruitridge Rd., HI 7-2138

Howard, Robert, 2325 28th St., HI 5-6141

Hubbell, George, 3640 Jasmine St., Del Paso Hts., HI 9-3914

Hudson, Wesley, 3545 T St., HI 7-4572

Hughes, Olen, 3407 20th Ave., HI 7-3152

Hughson, Gloria, 864 36th St., HI 7-3029

Hull, Charles, 2377 Tyrolean Way, HI 9-7435

Hunt, Gene, 2406 O St., GI 2-0858



Ikemi, Shoel, Traveling

Ignatieff, Arkady, 221 Irene St., Roseville, 498W

Ison, Clarence, 318 Capitol Ave., GI 3-9913

Isaak, Lewis, Rt. 1, Box 214, Davis, 8465




Jackson, Harvey, 3922 Jefferson Ave., HI 5-4410

Jacobson, Dave, 2761 Castro Way, HI 6-2133

Jacobson, Earl, Nevada City

James, Dick, 2640 6th Ave., HI 5-4246

James, Howard, Rt. 10, Box 8085, HI 9-4078

Jansen, Nadine, Rt. 2, Box 2883, HI 5-9015

Jason, Chas., 1820 Eye St., HU 4-4386

Jaspar, Beverly, 523-C 2nd Ave.

Jaspar, Les, 523-C 2nd Ave.

Jefferson, Ted, 604 41st St., HI 5-2481

Jenkins, Charles, 2714 Gary Way, HI 9-9644

Jenkins, Ray, 2575 26th St., HI 6-5348

Jenson, Roy, 401 15th St., HU 4-7478

Johnson, Harold J., 4200 22nd st.

Johnson, Frank, 1526 E St., HU 4-2844

Johnson, James R., Rt. 2, Box 2157 14th Ave.

Johnson, Tom, 2321 O St., HU 4-3685

Johnston, Darrell, 548 Santa Ynez Way, HI 6-2791

Jones, George, 6339 2nd Ave., HI 6-6149

Jones, James “Cap”, Placerville

Jones, Jack, 5016 Robles Ave., Del Paso Hts., HI 9-1467

Jones, Lindell, 2135 El Camino, HI 9-4686

Jones, Loyd, 305 N. Main, Nevada City

Jones, Monty, 2135 El Camino, HI 9-4686

Jordon, Edward, 1228 N St., GI 3-9258

Joseph, Howard, 1024 Sutter Way, GI 3-1075

Jurgens, Dick, Traveling




Kamaee, Ed, Traveling

Kasparian, Audrene, 1609 Vallejo Way, GI 2-0695

Kasparian, Gloria, 2217 Que St., GI 3-4944

Katselas, Greg, 211 Fern St., Roseville

Kaupalolo, John, 5401 S St.

Kay, Noel, Montana

Keefer, Dorothy, Box 335, Folsom, 39J

Keiser, Howard, 1123 8th St., GI 3-9962

Kennedy, Walter, 1600 7th Ave., HU 4-1415

Kenny, Tom, 2213 U St., HI 5-1482

Keys, James, 5040 2nd Ave., HI 6-6219

Kieszing, Clarence, 2770 Freeport Blvd., HU 4-0377

King, Alden, 1324 19th St., GI 3-4195

King, Carl, 2610 North 18th St., N. Sacto., HI 9-3272

King, Pauline, 2610 North 18th St., N. Sacto, HI 9-3272

King, Jack, Rt. 4, Box 3268, HI 7-5059

King, Tom, Rt. 1, Box 926, W. Sacto., HU 4-0144

Klemer, Chic, Los Angeles

Kline, Maetta, 2509 San Jose Way, HI 5-2737

Kline, Joe, 4628 61st St., HU 5-3426

Kline, Russ, 1308 28th St., HI 4-1488

Kline, Walt, 3920 Broadway, HI 5-3426

Klump, Rolland, 2220 25th St., HI 7-2365

Knapp, Lucille, 2720 3rd Ave., HI 5-6160

Koupal, Ed, 4149 N 16th St., Del Paso Hts., HI 9-3733

Kowalczyk, Joe, 2943 10th St., N. Sacto., HI 9-5225

Kramer, Carlisle, 3700 Jeffery Ave., HI 5-1646

Kruse, Polly, 138 Clinton Ave., Roseville




La Berge, Herb, Rt. 1, Box 1312, Fair Oaks

Lahann, Everett, 1106 Calvados Ave., HI 9-5516

Lando, Paul, Clunie Hotel, GI 3-6541

Lane, Elmont, 348 Placerado Dr., Auburn, 577R

Lane, Happy, Box 345, Nice, Calif.

Lane, Walter, Box 306, Seal Beach

Lang, Henry, San Leandro

Larke, Leo, 937 44th St., HI 6-1875

Lee, Edwin, 4517 V St., HI 5-2069

Lehan, John, Rt. 7, Box 1234, GI 3-6811

Le Master, Gene, 2820 23rd Ave., HI 5-0724

Lenci, Louis, 3069 Marshall Way, HI 5-8281

Leonard, Roy, Rt. 9, Box 2481, HI 9-6049

Lewis, Ed, 2983 35th St., HI 7-1552

Lewis, Mary, 3160 2nd Ave., HI 5-4953

Lindfeldt, Bob, 2668 18th, GI 3-5814

Linneman, Jack, 2705 H St., GI 2-0998

Lipps, Bob, 316 Kelly Ct., HI 9-4631

Lipp, Sylvia, 1157 Markham Way, GI 3-7172

Lish, Charles H., Box 83, Weimar

Lish, Charles W., Box 83, Weimar

Litten, Richard, 4875 1th Ave., HI 5-5116

Lobdell, Bob, 1200 Los Robles, Del Paso Hts., HI 9-7510

Loeffler, Clarence, 2315 K St., GI 3-3428

Loewe, Louis, 1658 Los Robles Blvd., HI 9-0371

Lohmeyer, Marcella, 4147 Los Carlos, HI 9-5968

Lohmeyer, Sid, 4147 Los Carlos, HI 9-5968

Lombardo, Ralph, 2128 Eye St., GI 3-3173

Long, Forrest, 3669 55th St., HI 6-7590

Long, Gladys, 2724 9th Ave., HI 6-0652

Long, Leland, 2724 9th Ave., HI 6-0652

Long, Robert, 316 Elefa St., Roseville

Lovejoy. Ray, 5512 Santa Maria Ave., HI 5-8718

Loveless, Jo, 1906 N St., GI 3-9281

Lowe, Jack, El Dorado, Calif., Placerville 574 J 1

Loyd, Lee, 368 Mint St., HU 4-4483

Luck, Jerry, 1173 51st St., HI 7-2127

Lunetta, George, 1800 10th St., GI 3-5051

Lynn, Fred, 1523 F St., GI 3-0080

Lyon, Al, 1530 N St., HU 4-3917




Macdonald, James, 704 20th St., GI 3-4277

Magdaleno, Ramon, Rt. 8, Box 117, GI 3-2639

Maita, Joe, 481 41st St., Oakland

Manning, Bill, 2014 27th St., HI 6-9613

Manriquez, Lupe, Rt. 1, Box 5484

Marburger, Bob, 1710 Napa St., Vallejo, 2-9774

Marriner, Rip, 5236 Sierra Ave., Richmond

Marsack, Charles, 1412 N St., GI 2-4426

Marshall, Charlie, 1729 1th St., GI 3-0936

Marshall, Bill, 407 ½ K St., GI 3-9957

Martin, Emil, 894 San Ramon Way, HI 9-8349

Martin, Dick, 295 E. Sanburg Dr., HI 7-4390

Martin, Paul, 1612-A 12th St., GI 3-3003

Marvin, Gordon, 1314-B 26th St., GI 3-5336

Massi, George, 731 47th St., HI 6-0170

Mathews, Arthur, Rt. 1, Box 1592, W. Sacto., HU 4-6220

Matranga, Tommy, 1328 D St., GI 3-6650

Mattarolo, Bob, Box 147, Fair Oaks, 210W

Mattesen, Richard, 2509 41st St., HI 6-8628

Meacham, Chas., 4340 Y St., HI 5-2932

Meade, Jim, 330 G St., Broderick, HU 4-7823

Meadows, Ed, 2565 Del Paso Blvd., HI 9-0376

Meeder, Micky, 512 Van Ness Ave., S. F.

Meigs, Gene, 2549 7th Ave., HI 5-5941

Mello, Dick, 3472 38th St., HI 6-0682

Mello, Joe, 1219 S Grant, Stockton, 5-5100

Mendonca, John, 2022 30th St., HI 6-1296

Mendonca, Roland, 103 Cedar Ravine, Placerville, Calif., Phone 704R

Mente, Victor, Rt. 2, Box 1793, W. Sacto., GI 2-5204

Menz, Brick, 3644 Brete Hart Ct.

Merlino, Bauldie, 1833 43rd St., HI 5-8796

Merlino, Louis, 2789 42nd St., HI 7-2994

Merlino, Nick J., 1625 26th St., HI 5-5552

Meyer, L. E., Davis, Calif., 561

Michaux, Oliver, 209 Capitol Ave.

Miller, Joe, Rt. 1, Box 462, Roseville, 3-6378

Miller, Fred, Rt. 11, Box 3862AA, Sacto 16

Miller, Jim, Box 116, Smith Flat, Placerville, 25-J-2

Miller, Lynn, 4902 Mascot Ave., GI 2-6911

Mills, Glenn, Lenhart Hotel, GI 2-5871

Mitchell, Andreas, Manhattan Beach

Mitchell, Clyde, 2709 Freeport Blvd. GI 3-9143

Mitchell, Matt, Box 541, Layfette

Mitchell, Ted, 117 Reed Ave., Bryte, HU 4-3071

Modell, Albert, 1428 7th St., GI 2-2013

Modell, Carl, 331 Jean St., Mill Valley, 18 R 11

Mondine, Rene, 1016 53rd St., HI 5-0829

Mondino, John, 4017 58th St., HI 5-6347

Monforte, Pedro, 1218 D St., GI 3-6483

Monteiro, Joe, 1819 X St., GI 2-8032

Montoya, Leo, Rt. 8, Box 117, GI 3-2639

Moore, Chas., 5841 33rd Ave.

Moore, Nich, P.O. Box 383, Rio Linda, 5034

Morales, Jesse, 540 Wilson Ave., HI 9-4386

Morales, Ray, 540 Wilson Ave., HI 9-4386

Morgese, Frank, 2411 E St., HU 4-1820

Morgan, Al, P.O. Box 325, Auburn

Morgan, Les

Morgan, Elinor, 2451 Carlsbad Ave., GI 3-2046

Morrow, Fred, 2741 4th Ave., HI 6-0339

Mosier, Bill, San Francisco

Mosley, Bob, 1214 ½  5th St., GI 2-9975

Motter, Orville, 2912 S St., HI 6-7435

Muncaster, Juanita, 2440 Marshall, HI 5-8185

Munford, Gordon

Munizich, Bob, 3026 33rd St., HI 6-8348

Murray, Wm., Long Island, N. Y.

Mustain, Dick, 3740 6th Ave., HI 6-6869

Myers, Frank, 1415 3rd St., GI 3-0780

Myers, George, 3425 33rd St., HI 6-2161




McCrary, Ben, 717 Warner St., HU 4-7598

McCrary, Glenn, 1527 F St., GI 3-7110

McDonald, Don, Rt. 1, Box 1672, Rio Linda

McGinnis, James, San Francisco

McIlroy, Bill, Mather Field Band

McMinn, Frank Jr., 3105 Edison Ave., HI 9-6766

McMinn, Frank Sr., 3105 Edison Ave., HI 9-6766

McWIlliam, Rodney, 653 54th St., HI 6-7256




Neep, Clare, 4611 32nd St., HI 7-1741

Neep, Grover, 4611 32n St., HI 7-1741

Negus, Chas., Box 1214, Auburn, 572 M

Nelson, Ray, 441 La Purrissima Way, HI 6-2445

Nepstead, Norris, 3318 7th Ave., HI 7-2641

Neves, Gerry, 620 25th St., GI 2-3024

Ninnis, George, 668 54th St., HI 6-4383

Noonan, Dorothy, 2128 N St., GI 2-4117

Norton, Herschal, 2743 San Luis Ct., GI 2-5744




Oakes, Bob, 2450 41st St, HI 6-6215

Ochoa, Eladio, 1001 F St., GI 3-6701

Odell, Torrence, Aubbery, Calif.

O'Kane, Dick, 2325 T St., HI 6-3612

O'Kane, Bob, 4400 Anderson Ave., HI 6-3167

Olbrich, John, 3701 4th Ave., HI 5-3145

Olsen, Fred, 1118 7th St., GI 2-8878

Olsen, Paul, 224 32nd St., GI 2-2250

O'Neal, Bill, 515 55th St., HI 7-4176

O'Neil, Lynn, Rt. 7, Box 3946, N. Sacto., HI 9-3337

O'Niell, Delores, San Jose

O'Rell, Cecil, Rt. 2, Box 2030, Roseville, 352 F 23

Orth, Chas. H., 3836 Jeffery Ave., HI 5-4252

O'Reilly, Bob, 309 ½ T St., GI 3-5883

Osborne, Earl, 2533 Fulton Ave., HI 9-6219

Overdorff, Dell, 2121 L St.




Page, Richard, 223 Empire St., Grass Valley, 45W

Painter, James, 1914 Virginia Ave., HU 4-6672

Pardee, Joe, 1954 7th Ave., GI 3-6732

Parenti, Dan, 1367 8th Ave., GI 3-7085

Parker, Les, Hotel Clunie

Parkerson, Nelson, Lodi

Parra, Brigido, Rt. 4, Box 2778

Parrott, Marshall, 35 Carmel Ave., Roseville, 171 J

Peacock, Ted, 2101 ½ N St., HU 4-3019

Peart, Buster, 1612 51st St., HI 6-8313

Peavy, Norbert, 2001 Bidwell, HU 4-6005

Pelfanio, Joe, 4107 Broadway, HI 5-0366

Peltier, Frenchy, 1416 17th St., HU 4-3307

Pemberton, Rod, 716B 14th St., GI 2-8564

Pena, Ralph, 3246 San Pablo Ave., Oakland

Perini, Kelly, Box 67, W. Sacto., GI 2-6468

Perkins, Charles, 638 El Dorado Way, HI 7-2996

Perkins, Hugh, 1608 F St., HU 4-0113

Perckocha, Alice, P.O. Box 1824

Peron, Bill, 3016 2nd Ave., HI 7-1406

Perry, Walter, 1811 Del Paso Blvd., HI 9-1383

Peters, Elmer, Box 47, Wheatland

Petersen, Mildred, 1624 O St., GI 3-4629

Petersen, Sven, 3829 30th St., HI 5-1659

Peterson, Orrie, Rt. 2, Box 935, Rio Linda, 6352 (Next Door)

Philips, Genevieve, Hotel Clunie, GI 3-6541

Pina, Joe, 237 9th St., N. Sacto., HI 9-3358

Pinch, Charles, 217 Banb St., Grass Valley, 1041

Plummer, J C., 3801 Y St., HI 5-7302

Pompa, Joe, 1817 42nd St., HI 6-7910

Pride, Johnny, 2418 25th St., HI 6-9914

Priegel, Alma, 1653 Fern Ave., S. Ontario

Pritchard, Iris, 1217 23rd St., GI 3-0150

Pritchard, Tom, 908 12th St., GI 2-9182

Pritchett, Dorothy, HI 6-1881

Pritchett, Frank, HI 6-1881

Pugh, Robert, 2119 F St., GI 3-5621

Pugh, Tom, 4901 F St., HI 5-6318

Pyle, Grant, 1912 Kenwood St., HI 9-4766




Quinn, Frank J., P.O. Box 171, Folsom, 205 W




Radsliff, Leon, Berkeley

Ralph, G. L., 3541 7th Ave., HI 6-1687

Ramme, Francis, 216 N 12th St.

Ramos, Wally, 2217 V St., HI 5-4376

Rase, Bill, 1901 G St., HU 4-3408

Ratto, Don, 641 N. Lillian Ave., Stockton

Razo, Joe, 1705 4th St., GI 2-3977

Redonda, Frank, 3757 32nd St., HI 7-1865

Reed, Cal, 2951 1st Ave., HI 6-0956

Reiners, Dorothy, 182 Coloma St., Placerville

Renteria, Mike, 1819 W St., HU 4-2075

Retzloff, Dorothy, Rt. 10, Box 4830, HI 9-5920

Reynolds, Frances, 720 17th St., GI 3-1110

Reynolds, Keith, 1209 You St.

Richards, Tom, 3172 D St., GI 3-2679

Richardson, Si, 1420 29th St., HI 5-5879

Riedel, Charles, 1406 ½ F St., GI 3-4504

Rief, Bert, 2321 Bell Ave., GI 3-9776

Riley, Julian, 3424 55th St., HI 5-5689

Ritchy, Betty, 1657 49th St., HI 6-3349

Roberts, Chuck, P. O. Box 118, Rocklin, 2372

Roberts, Howard, 2549 51st St., HI 6-5395

Robinson, Ted, 3920 62nd St., HI 6-8182

Robles, Julian, 1035 Yale

Rodriguez, Paul, 511 11th St., HU 4-4696

Rogers, Herbert, 2446 33rd St.

Rogers, Jack, 2696 Land Park Dr., GI 3-6286

Ropolo, Ed, Rt. 8, Box 1710, GI 3-2525

Rose, Baron, 711 ½ P St.

Rose, Jack, 6180 Broadway, Sacramento, HI 7-0087

Rossi, Louis, 611 45th St., HI 7-0023

Rowland, Maynard, 4216 Lotus Ave., HI 6-9042

Rutledge, Eulala, 152 San Antonio Way, HI 5-4182

Ruzir, Pete, 3516 19th Ave., HI 6-8094




Sagehorn, Elinor, Rt. 1, Box 404, Fair Oaks

Saleeba, Sammy, 534 B 2nd Ave., HU 4-4032

Salerno, Frank, 2300 Carlsbad Rd.

Salerno, Gene, 2566 Kit Carson St., HU 4-2223

Salerno, Lawrence, 418 13th St., HU 4-1916

Sanchez, Crescencio, 722 9th St.

Sandman, Don, 1330 ½ O St., GI 2-0239

Sarkees, James, 2701 E St., GI 3-5063

Saucke, Earl, 4018 McKinely Blvd., HI 6-7362

Sawyer, Ray, Stockton

Scarchille, Tony, Traveling

Scheidel, Edgar, 3715 Ivy St., E. Del Paso Hts., HI 9-0443

Scheidel, Haven, 3715 Ivy St., E. Del Paso Hts., HI 9-0443

Schick, Clarence, Rt. 2, Box 2636, Elk Grove, Elk Grove 4515

Schiveley, Chester, 1539 47th St., HI 6-7236

Schmid, Fred, Rt. 2, Box 3067, Del Paso Hts.

Schmitt, Bill, 4130 61st St., HI 6-0307

Schmitt, Bob, 2724 60th St., HI 5-9423

Schou, Jack, Rt. 2, Box 1118, Fair Oaks

Schou, Myrtle, Rt. 2, Box 1118, Fair Oaks

Schuckert, Beryl, Rt. 2, Box 2400, Elk Grove

Schulz, Gus, 3303 O St., HI 5-2198

Schweigert, Al, Rt. 1, Box 527, Grass Valley

Scott, Dick, 910 S St., GI 3-9502

Scott, Oliver, 304 ½ S St., GI 3-6694

Secritario, Jose, Traveling

Seely, Chas., 2604 Del Paso Blvd., HI 9-1555

Sellers, George, 13 West Main St., Woodland, 1067

Shafer, Ken, 3225 58th St., HI 7-3194

Shaffer, George, 6347 2nd Ave., HI 6-6150

Shaw, Elmer, Roseville

Shearer, Wheatley, 500 Pleasant St., Roseville, 364 R

Sheehan, Philip, 3119 32nd St., HI 6-6200

Sherwood, Bill, 321 29th St., GI 3-0774

Shirley, Wayne, 941 Coronado Blvd., HI 9-8353

Short, Harold, 163 Nevada St., Roseville

Sieferman, Bert, 1516 41st St., HI 5-2435

Silberstein, Earl, 2337 Portola Way, HI 5-6355

Silva, Ann, 468 Pala Way, HI 6-6678

Silveira, Gabe, 1641 9th Ave, GI 2-6359

Silveira, Marvin, 4131 Plumas Ave., HI 7-0307

Silver, Leland, Wheatland, 31 W

Simons, Earl, 2817 Eye St., HU 4-1935

Simons, Ed, 521 ½ L St., GI 3-9609

Simpson, Ilene, 2377 Tyrolean Way, HI 9-7435

Slay, Jack, 810 U St., GI 2-0892

Slade, Michael, 500 N B St., Box 105

Slater, Charles, Citrus Hts.

Slater, Betty, Citrus Hts.

Cloan (sic), Viola, Minneapolis

Smathers, James, Traveling

Smart, Eben, 336 S Church St., Grass Valley, 166 W

Smith, Alden, 2430 D St., GI 3-9940

Smith, Clarence, 2746 Marty Way, GI 3-6666

Smith, Leslie, P.O. Box 81, Fair Oaks

Smith, Oliver, 4700 Folsom Blvd., HI 6-5972

Smith, Lois, 2231 G St., GI 3-7197

Smith, Stanley, 2231 G St., GI 3-7197

Smith, Warren, 820 28th St., HU 4-7669

Solenberger, Bill, 3923 Freemont Way, HI 6-4916

Southard, Jack, 3052 N 11th St., HI 9-4604

Sowles, Ken, 4010 12th St., HI 6-1683

Spicer, Ken, 2628 N 8th St., HI 9-1247

Spindler, Don, Rt. 2, Box 4150, Rio Linda, 45 J

Springer, Mildred, 2660 21st St., HI 5-2768

Stack, Bob, Rt. 6, Box 1638 ½, GI 3-8524

Starnes, Buddy, 2220 4th St., GI 2-2316

Steppan, Carl, 1700 16th St., GI 2-0223

Steppan, Alice, 1706 16th St., GI 2-8304

Stevenson, John, 3265 10th Ave., HI 5-0612

Stevenson, Rosalind, 2329 22nd St., HI 6-1371

Stewart, Chas., 2827 43rd St., HI 5-2176

Stohl, Mel, 2910 Bryce St., HI 9-3343

Stortz, Pete, 401 9th St., GI 2-1844

Story, Elinor, 564 38th St., HI 6-0798

Strevel, Harold, Rt. 1, Box 2342, Del Paso Hts.

Stroud, Bob, 914 30th St., GI 3-4083

Suggett, Don, 2139 Sheilah Way, HI 6-7537

Sumpf, Sue, 1528 35th St., HI 5-0875

Swan, Hal, 1215 17th St., GI 3-9874

Swanson, Victor, 1310 26th St., GI 3-2870

Swart, Ralph, 229 Oakmont Ave., HI 9-4473

Sweetan, Allen, 1526 E St., HU 4-2844

Swesey, Carroll, 2221 24th St., HI 7-0480

Swesey, Cliff, Rt. 3, Box 3901, Auburn, 358




Takamoto, Shiro, Loomis, Calif., 50 J

Tarver, Glenn, P.O. Box 327, Del Paso Hts., HI 9-4880

Terrill, Dick, 2425 Montgomery Way, HI 6-7000

Terry, Charles, 520 Madison Ave., HI 9-7865

Testerman, Paul, 942 El Dorado Way, HI 5-2813

Tharp, Byron, 624 22nd St., GI 2-4591

Thomas, Guss, 423 Capitol Ave., GI 2-0078

Thompson, Clarence, 4601 12th Ave., HI 5-3886

Thompson, Evan W., Rt. 4, Box 3603, GI 2-5565

Thompson, Ted, 1411 7th St., HU 4-2622

Tilson, June, 5348 K St., HI 6-6182

Todd, Emery, 3201 22nd Ave.

Todd, Mary, 3201 22nd Ave.

Todd, Leslie, 2220 52nd St., HI 5-9173

Tollett, John, Rt. 7, Box 3588

Tom, Wayne, 1832 Vallejo Way, GI 2-6068

Torres, Ray, 930 Carmelita Ave., HI 9-6676

Trimble, Bill, 2518 F St., HU 4-7766

Triplett, Elva, 2762 26th St., HI 6-1971

Trout, Truman, 2746 ½ 43rd St.

Trumbo, Buddy, 2912 19th St., N. Sacto., HI 9-3207

Tsudo, Pat, P.O. Box 135, Florin, HI 5-9088

Tucker, Evelyn, Silver Dollar, Baron, Calif.

Tucker, Wavie, Baron, Calif.

Tulley, Jean, 1812 1th Ave., GI 2-4595

Turner, Bob, 605-B Broadway

Turner, Ellsworth, 608 Que St., GI 2-9855

Turner, Orren, 617 52nd St., HI 7-1254

Turpen, Clint, 3701 21st Ave., HI 5-9039

Tuttle, Bill, 3208 L St., HI 5-3723

Tvede, Helen, 585 36th St., HI 7-1872




Ulm, Ray, 4000 E St., HI 5-3482

Urban, Foster, 1714 20th St., GI 3-3290




Valine, Art, 4108 McKinley Blvd., HI 6-6960

van Bronkhorst, Warren, 4135 C St., HI 5-1042

Van Dam, Carl, 5856 Broadway, HI 7-5074

Van Duzer, John, 612-F X St.

Van Patton, Alice, 3433 N St., HI 6-2489

Vargas, Joe, RFD Box 60, Lincoln, 111 F 5

Vegod, Al, 125 North St., Woodland, 1141

Vicari, Paul, Berkeley

Vicari, Sam, 1611 T St., GI 3-6707

Vincent, John, 504 S St., GI 3-5517

Visser, John, 2367 39th St., HI 6-9917

Vogel, Bill, 2217 12th Ave., GI 2-2446

Vota, Elmer, 5217 V St., HI 7-3525




Wackford, Earl, Wackford, Earl, 5112 T St., HI 5-6262

Walker, Chas., Box 452, Auburn

Walker, Robt., 2408 37th St., HI 7-4792

Walton, Bill, Rt. 9, Box 1819, HI 9-8184

Ward, Si, 4512 15th Ave., HI 7-1253

Ware, Gretal, 3019 2nd Ave., HI 6-5807

Warn, Charles, 4113 33rd St.

Webb, Harold, Rt. 1, Box 3322, W. Sacto., HU 4-2098

Weber, Bob, Rt. 2, Box 400, Fair Oaks

Weber, Ted, Rt. 2, Box 400, Fair Oaks

Weisenburger, Rhine, 5831 U St., HI 7-3357

West, C. Kelly, Rt. 1, Box 68-A, Wilton

Westmoreland, Paul, 1556 Bell Ave., Del Paso Hts.

Westphal, Frederick, 2100 H St., GI 2-8300

Wetterau, George, 1130 2nd Ave., GI 2-0504

Wetterau, Pete, 2513 27th St., HI 6-5802

Wheeler, Iva, 3560 3rd Ave., HI 5-7034

Whiston, Earl, 2135 Roanoke St., Del Paso Hts.

White, Edward, 3832 40th St., HI 7-0244

White, George, 1117 39th St., HI 5-5129

Whittier, James, 209 Elm Ave., HI 9-0644

Wichmann, Don, 1811 E St., HU 4-2876

Wicks, Jack, 1515 26th St., HI 5-5583

Wiezel, Joe, 1705 O St., GI 2-6354

Wiley, Harrel, P.O. Box 492, Del Paso Hts., HI 9-4006

Williams, Ernest, 602 ½ Capitol Ave.

Williams, Juanita, 2121 O St.

Williams, Lawrence, 3765 7th Ave., HI 5-1603

Williamson, Kirk, 4000 Broadway

Wilson, Harold, Rt. 2, Box 611, Fair Oaks, HI 9-1021

Wilson, John, Rio Linda, R L 4672

Wilson, Kent, Foldom, 26

Winchester, Gene, 1817 Capitol Ave., GI 2-2100

Winneker, Wilbur, 3033 2nd Ave., HI 7-0381

Wion, Bud, Rt. 7, Box 3867, GI 2-5893

Wittenbrock, Al, 3482 64th St., HI 6-0866

Wolfe, Gerry, 1529 21st St., GI 3-0997

Woliver, Sid, 3300 Humphrey Ave., Richmond

Woodington, Robert, Redwood Ave., N. Sacto., HI 9-1120




Yeary, George, 3732 17th St., GI 2-1157

Yeary, Ruth, 2732 7th St., GI 2-1157

Young, Ike, 133 Bryte Ave., HU 4-5133

Young, Lester, Fairbanks, Alaska




Zanders, “Doc”, 4217 C St., HI 6-3756

Zaro, Don, 2917 U St., HI 6-1287










Barsuglia, John

Beneto, Steve

Bernardini, Italo

Bruscia, Marie

Desendorff, Carl

Fontano, Vincent

Fontes, Jack

Frankini, Lloyd

Goncalves, Joe

Grech, John

Gross, Erwin

Hart, Lucile

Ignatieff, Arkady

Lane, Happy

Loeffler, Clarence

Lunetta, George

Morgese, Frank

Olsen, Paul

Pelfanio, Joe

Peterson, Orrie

Ratto, Don

Renteria, Michael

Ropolo, Ed

Salerno, Frank

Salerno, Gene

Salerno, Lawrence

Sawyer, Ray

Schick, Clarence

Schuckert, Beryl

Schweigert, Al

Slade, Michael

Tharp, Byron

Thompson, E. W.

Todd, Mary

Vicari, Paul

Vicari, Sam




McWilliam, Rod


Alto Horn


Meadows, Ed

Mente, Victor

Wittenbrock, Al




Coleman, George

Du Gross, John

Donlin, Tim

England, Happy

Hull, Chas.

Peterson, Orrie

Ramme, Francis

O'Rell, Cecil


One Man Band


Du Ray, Jerry


Baritone Horn


Felix, Lloyd

Long, Forrest

Long, Leland

Lowe, Jack

Schmitt, Bill

Smith, Stanley

Terrill, Dick

Warn, Charles




Bergquist, Peter

Gerhauser, Gaby

Orth, Hank

Pritchett, Dorothy




Cabral, Jose

Monforte, Pedro

Lando, Paul




Crites, Bunny

Marsack, Chas.




Birka, Caralee

Chapman, Norman

Dotzel, John

Gentner, Joe

Honnold, Forrest

Kline, Russ

Klump, Rolland

Lane, Elmont

Lohmeyer, Sid

Perkins, Charles

Sacrchilli, Tony


English Horn


Morgan, Elinor


French Horn


Hill, Richard

Jenkins, Ray

Pugh, Robt.

Muncaster, Juanita

Winneker, Bill

Wolfem, Gerry




Brown, Irene

Dozier, Delores




Barsuglia, John

Peavy, Norbert


Standard Guitar


Albright, Gene

Birchard, Gainford

Blaisdell, John

Burnett, Larry

Clouse, Willard

Cohn, Sam

Corey, Joseph

Crites, Bunny

Dalton, Bud

Dawson, Armstrong

Delgado, Pepe

Derby, Florence

Deus, John

Diaz, Frank

Donlin, Tim

Douke, Wallace

Drake, Snuffy

Du Goss, John

Edwards, Duane

England, Happy

England, Leona

Fidalgo, Victor

Fontano, Vince

Frankini, Lloyd

Gale, Lon

Garcia, Richard

Gibson, Paul

Glauner, H. D.

Harbeke, Fred

Harvey, Milton

Hayden, Harry

Hill, Clyde

Hughes, Olen

Hull, Charles

Jacobson, Earl

Jones, Lindell

Jones, Monty

Jones, Loyd

Jordon, Edward

Kay, Noel

King, Carl

King, Pauline

Klemer, Chic

Lane, Walter

Le Master, Gene

Linneman, Jack

Lish, Charles H.

Lish, Charles W.

Long, Robert

Lyon, Al

Lombardo, Ralph

Magdaleno, Ramon

Manriguez, Lupe

Marshall, Charles

Miller, Jimmie

Neep, Grover

Neves, Jerry

Norton, Herschal

Parkerson, Nelson

Parra, Brigido

Pelfanio, Joe

Perry, Walter

Peterson, Orrie

Pride, Johnny

Redonda, Frank

Roberts, Chuck

Shafer, Kenny

Shaw, Elmer

Silveira, Gabe

Slater, Charles

Starns, Bud

Stohl, Mel

Swanson, Victor

Sweeten, Al

Takamoto, Shiro

Todd, Emery

Todd, Mary

Tucker, Wavie

Vota, Elmer

Ward, Si

West, Kelly

Westmoreland, Paul


Steel Guitar


Cecil, John

Derby, Bill

Gibson, Paul

Glauner, H. D.

Jones, Monty

Kaupalolo, John

King, Carl

Linneman, Jack

Peacock, Ted

Sweeten, Al

Tom, Wayne

Tucker, Evelyn




Christian, Fred

Berry, Haskell

Gerhauser, Gabby

Reiners, Dorothy




Blaisdell, John

Hayden, Harry




Adee, Art

Anderson, Floyd

Andrade, Joseph

Ashworth, Larry

Austin, Chuck

Baillie, Chas

Baker, Harley

Ballard, Clark

Barton, Rollie

Benedetti, John

Beneto, Steve

Benjamin, Larry

Bowman, Jim

Brennan, Art

Brown, Bill

Bruce, L L

Burns, Jim

Butler, Roy

Cascio, Ross

Clark, Evan

Coleman, Tom

Crowder, Randolph

Damiano, Bob

Da Prato, Bill

Deal, Manvel

Decker, Ben

Derby, Bill

Dugger, Ken

Du Grosse, John

Eid, Otto

Elmo, Michael

Evers, Hans

Fasola, James

Flanders, Walter

Flores, Tony

Fratis, John

Frederito, Joe

Fulgham, Dick

Frise, Geraldine

Gillean, LeRoy

Goorabian, Matt

Graham, Paul

Grimes, Al

Halter, Eddie

Hamilton, Frank

Hart, Harry

Harvey, Pat

Hellar, Micky

Hickman, Joe

Hill, Elmer

Howard, J. N.

Howard, LeRoy

Hunt, Gene

Jefferson, Ted

Katsales, Gregory

Kennedy, Walter

Kline, Maetta

Kruse, Polly

La Berge, Herb

Lando, Paul

Leonard, Roy

Lyon, Al

Marburger, Bob

McCrary, Glenn

McIlroy, Bill

O'Neal, Bill

O'Neill, Lynn

Osborn, Earl

Parenti, Dan

Parrott, Marshall

Perkins, Hugh

Pina, Joe

Pompa, Joe

Rase, Bill

Razo, Joe

Reif, Bert

Roberts, Howard

Robinson, Ted

Saleeba, Sammy

Sanchez, C.

Sarkees, Jim

Scheidel, Edgar

Scheidel, Haven

Schmitt, Bob

Silveira, Marvin

Simpson, Whitey

Smart, Eben

Smith, Clarence

Smith, Les

Smith, Warren

Southard, Jack

Spicer, Ken

Stack, Bob

Stevenson, John

Stohl, Melborn

Stortz, Pete

Strevel, Harold

Sumpf, Sue

Swesey, Cliff

Thompson, E. W.

Thompson, Clarence

Trimble, Bill

Trumbo, Buddy

Van Patton, Alice

Vegod, Alfred

Vogel, Bill

Walker, Charles

Whiston, Earl

Wichmann, Don

Williams, Ernie

Williamson, Kirk





Clark, Doris

Landos, Paul






Ackerman, Harry

Aguilar, Jesse

Albright, Gene

Alexander, Theodora

Ash, Nellie

Bailey, Lucile

Baker, Paul

Bardin, Charles

Barr, George

Beauchamp, Elva

Bell, George

Benefield, V. W.

Birch, Jack Jr.

Bowman, Aletha

Brandt, Rosalie

Briggs, Charles

Brossau, Dick

Burris, Romona

Campbell, W. C.

Campadonica, Donna

Carney, Grace

Carrier, W R

Catlett, Forrest

Cavell, Stan

Clark, Bee

Clark, Ruby

Cooper, Sid

Corbet, Ray

Couey, Willard

Crown, Art

Cushman, Clarence

Dary, Al

Dicks, Otto

Diste, Marie

Donato, Floyd

Doughty, Harley

Douglass, Norman

Eastman, Bud

Elmore, Dave

Engle, Paul

Errett, Fred

Evans, Claud

Farley, Henrietta

Fasola, James

Fassett, Keith

Fishbach, Cliff

Fowler, Jerry

Franke, Virginia

Frasinetti, Chris

Galvez, Olivia

Gardner, Aileen

Gerard, March

Gernand, Emily

Gessner, Bill

Ghiorso, Mary

Glotzbach, Bill

Gorman, Margaret

Green, Alan

Greenwood, Bliss

Hall, Carelton

Harrison, Aletha

Hayton, Arthur

Hoeg, Barbara

Hughson, Gloria

Hudson, Wesley

Ison, Clarence

Ignatieff, Arkady

Jackson, Harvey

James, Dick

Jansen, Nadine

Jaspar, Beverly

Jones, Cap

Joseph, Howard

Keefer, Dorothy

Kline, Maetta

Knapp, Lucille

Lane, Happy

Lipps, Bob

Lunetta, George

Lynn, Fred

Marsack, Charles

Marshall, Bill

Martin, Emil

Marvin, Gordon

Michaux, Oliver

Mitchell, Ted

Monterio, Joseph

Mosier, Bill

Muncaster, Juanita

McGinnes, James

Noonan, Dorothy

Ochoa, Eladio

Odell, Torrence

O'Kane, Dick

Olsen, Fred

Olsen, Paul

Parker, Les

Peavy, Norbert

Pelfanio, Joe

Peterson, Mildred

Peterson, Orrie

Philips, Genevieve

Priegel, Alma

Pritchard, Iris

Pritchard, Tom

Pritchett, Dorothy

Ralph, G L

Retsloff, Dorothy

Ritchey, Betty

Rodriguez, Paul

Ropolo, Ed

Rose, Jack

Rowland, Maynard

Sandman, Don

Satter, Marvin

Saucke, Earl

Sawyer, Ray

Schou, Myrtle

Schuckert, Beryl

Scott, Dick

Sellers, George

Sieferman, Bert

Simons, Ed

Simpson, Ileen

Slater, Betty

Slay, Jack

Sloan, Viola

Smathers, James

Sprecher, Jack

Steppan, Carl

Sumpf, Sue

Terry, Charles

Tharp, Byron

Thomas, Guss

Torres, Ray

Triplett, Elva

Trout, Truman

Tvede, Helen

Van Duzer, John

Walton, Bill

Ware, Gretal

Weber, Ted

Wheeler, Iva

White, Edward

Wiley, Harrel

Wilson, John

Wion, Bud

Woliver, Sid

Weisenberger, Rhinie

Zanders, Howard


Saxophone and Clarinet


Adee, Frank

Allen, Bob

Anderson, Clyde

Anton, Joe

Badovanic, Emil

Baillie, Chuck

Baker, Elaine

Basurto, Tony

Beam, Ray

Bell, Clyde

Berry, Haskell

Boyd, Clint

Breithaupt, Harold

Briare, Dick

Bridges, Henry

Briggs, Charles

Bylin, Norman

Casey, James

Cavell, Stan

Chernin, Marty

Christian, Fred

Clark, Jerry

Clifford, Roger

Cohn, Chas.

Cole, O. G.

Cordoza. Ed

Cornick, Al

Corey, Alfred

Crabbe, Ray

Cumminns, Gene

Davis, Cliff

Dawson, Armstrong A.

Delavan, Frank

Diaz, Frank

Diskins, Earle

Dolce, Ted

Dominguez, Frank

Dosch, Mel

Draper, Jay

Dunton, Dave

Earp, Larry

Easter, George

Edmondson, Otis

Edwards, Duane

Eyre, John

Fasola, James

Findley, Virg

Fisher, Mike

Fowler, Jerry

Franusich, Pete

Fry, Les

Garcia, Richard

Gentile, Bill

George, Harold

Gerhauser, Gaby

Giles, Donald

Giebler, Walter

Gonsalves, Sonny

Gordon, Chester

Gordon, Bob

Gordon, Frank

Greene, Tom

Groppi, Chris

Guidera, Joe

Harpham, Bud

Harrison, Herb

Hebuck, Uno

Henry, Gordon

Holiday, Minor

Hollingshead, Ed

Hull, Charles

Honnold, Forrest

Isaak, Lewis

James, Dick

James, Howard

Johnson, Harold

Johnson, James

Johnston, Darrell

Jones, Jack O

Keiser, Howard

Kenny, Thomas

Kieszling, Clarence

King, Alden

Kowalczyk, Joe

Kramer, Carlisle

Lahann, Everett

Lenci, Louis

Lewis, Ed

Lohmeyer, Sid

Lunetta, George

Manning, Bill

Mattarolo, Bob

McCrary, Ben

McMinn, Frank Jr.

Negus, Chas.

Nelson, Ray

Nepstead, Norris

Oakes, Bob

Osborne, Earl

Orth, Hank

Page, Richard

Painter, James

Perini, Kelly

Perkins, Chas.

Plummer, J. C.

Pride, Johnny

Pritchard, Tom

Pugh, Tom

Quinn, Frank

Radsliff, Leon

Ramos, Wally

Reynolds, Keith

Riedel, Chas.

Robles, Julian

Ruzir, Pete

Scarchilli, Tony

Schiveley, Chester

Schou, Jack

Schuckert, Beryl

Shaffer, George

Sheehan, Philip

Sherwood Bill

Shirley, Wayne

Silberstein, Earl

Silver, Leland

Smith, Alden

Smith, Oliver

Solenberger, Bill

Spidler, Don

Stewart, Chas.

Terrill, Dick

Testerman, Paul

Thompson, Ted

Tiller, Lural

Tom, Wayne

Trupen, Clint

Ulm, Ray

Valine, Art

Van Dam, Carl

Vicari, Sam

Westphal, Fred

Wetterau, Pete

Wiley, Harrel

Williams, Larry

Wion, Bud

Young, Ike

Zaro, Don




Dudley, Marian

Galvez, Olivia

Gernand, Emily

Heilbron, August

Lewis, Mary

Monterio, Joseph

Long, Leland

Reynolds, Frances

Tully, Jean

Williams, Juanita





England, Happy

Gibson, Paul

Johnson, Frank

Lunetta, George

Slater, Charles





Belk, William

Burnam, Dave

Davis, James

Gordon, Mariam

Harvey, Ken

Jacobson, Dave

Kasparian, Audrene

Long, Gladys

Maita, Joe

Springer, Mildred



Violin – Western


Albright, Gene

Gentner, Joe

Harvey, Ray

Jennings, Frank

Johnson, Frank

Jones, Loyd

Marshall, Charlie

Mathews, Arthur

Miller, Jimmy

Neep, Grover

Slater, Charles

Sweeten, Allen

Tarver, Glenn

Ward, Si



Violin – Modern


Beam, Ray

Briggs, Margaret

Burnam, Dave

Clark, Lois

Corey, Joseph

Cushman, Clarence

Dashner, Gareld

Davis, James

Deeg, LeRoy

Douglas, Thomas

Fasano, Joey

Franz, George

Garcia, Richard

Gordon, Mariam

Harvey, Ken

Harvey, Ray

Hattesen, A

Heft, Mrs.

Heilbron, Margaret

Hendershot, Alva

Hernandez, John

Hughson, Gloria

Jason, Chas.

Kasparian, Gloria

Knapp, Lucile

Lipp, Slyvia

Loewe, Louis

Long, Gladys

Lovejoy, Ray

Maita, Joe

Monterio, Joseph

McMinn, Frank Sr.

O'Neill, Delores

O'Rell, Cecil

Overdorff, Dell

Perkocha, Alice

Plummer, J. C.

Pompa, Joe

Riley, Julian

Rutledge, Eulala

Sagehorn, Elinor

Satter, Marvin

Schulz, Gus

Silva, Ann

Springer, Mildred

Steppan, Alice

Stevenson, Rosalind

Story, Elinor

Terrill, Dick

Tilson, June

Todd, Les

Triplett, Elva

van Bronkhorst, Warren

Walker, Robert

Ward, Si

Warn, Chas.

Wetterau, George

Wittenbrock, Al

Yeary, George

Yeary, Ruth

String Bass


Akin, Jess

Atchison, James

Blackman, Gene

Blanchard, Gus

Borge, Al

Borge, Jim

Brim, Edwin

Burns, Floyd

Carlson, John

Casey, James

Coleman, George or Ben Jackson

Chavez, Manuel

Christine, Sonny

Clark, Howard

Coyle, June

Curtis, Jim

Davis, Mel

Delgado, Pepe

Derby, Florence

Derby, Clyde

Desendorff, Carl

Diaz, Frank

Douglas, Thomas

Dugger, Ken

England, Happy

Fasola, James

Gale, Lon

Garcia, Richard

Gerhauser, Gabby

Giordano, Leonard

Glenn, Warren

Gouvea, John

Grech, Paul

Harbeke, Fred

Harris, Julius

Harvey, Milton

Hebert, John

Hernandez, John

Herrilson, James

Hubbell, George

Jenkins, Charles

Jenson, Roy

Knapp, Lucile

Koupal, Ed

Lobdell, Bob

Lyon, Al

Long, Leland

Loyd, Lee

Magdaleno, Ramon

Manriguez, Lupe

Miller, Jimmy

Mendonca, Roland

Neep, Clara

Olbrich, John

Parkerson, Nelson

Pelfanio, Joe

Peltier, Frenchy

Pena, Ralph

Ramme, Francis

Ratto, Don

Roberts, Chuck

Robles, Julian

Rossi, Louis

Satter, Marvin

Schulz, Gus

Scott, Oliver

Short, Harold

Simpson, Whitey

Slaterm, Charles

Starns, Bud

Swanson, Vic

Tollett, John

Tuttle, Bill

Urban, Foster

Ward, Si

White, George

Whittier, James

Winchester, Gene

Wolfe, Gerry

Young, Les


Brass Bass – Tuba


Akin, Jess

Blanchard, Gus

Ciccarelli, Anton

Clark, Howard

Hebert, John

Herrilson, James

Hill, James

Olbrich, John

Richardson, Si

Warn, Charles

Whittier, James


Baritone Horn


Felix, Lloyd

Long, Forrest

Long, Leland

Lowe, Jack

Schmitt, William

Smith, Stanley

Terrill, Dick

Warn, Charles





Aguilar, Jesse

Alexander, Theodora

Barr, George

Barsuglia, John

Bowman, Aletha

Brandt, Rosalie

Campadonica, Donna

Clark, Bee

Derby, Clyde

Eastman, Bud

Errett, Fred

Gardner, Aileen

Gernand, Emily

Ghoirso, Mary

Gorman, Margaret

Green, Alan

Harrison, Aletha

Hayton, Arthur

Lane, Happy

Marsack, Charles

Martin, Emil

McGinnes, James

Petersen, Mildred

Ralph, G. L.

Ropolo, Ed

Sawyer, Ray

Tharp, Byron

Van Duzer, John

White, Edward

Woodington, Robert




Albright, Gene

Baker, Elaine

Bell, Clyde

Birch, Jack

Blaisdell, John

Carlson, John

Casey, James

Cecil, John

Christine, Sonny

Clark, Doris

Coyle, June

Crites, Bunny

Dawson, Armstrong

Delgado, Pepe

Derby, Bill

Frankini, Lloyd

Fratis, John

Gale, Lon

Gordon, Meridth

Hughes, Olen

Jaspar, Beverly

King, Pauline

Lombardo, Ralph

Lovejoy, Ray

Marshall, Charles

Mendonca, Roland

Olsen, Fred

Pritchard, Iris

Redondo, Frank

Roberts, Chuck

Rase, Bill

Ratto, Don

Simpson, Whitey

Sweeten, Allen

Vogel, Bill

Ward, Si

Ware, Gretal

Westmoreland, Paul

Williams, Ernie




Eastman, Bud

Derby, Bill

Du Gross, John

Garcia, Richard

Kruse, Polly

Schiedel, Edgar

Thompson, E. W.




Ackerman, Robt.

Acosta, John

Aguilar, Apolo

Aievoli, Art

Amir, Ray

Ash, Gus

Baker, Dick

Barr, George

Bencih, Adam

Bentz, Bernie

Birch, Cliff

Birch, Jack Jr

Birch, Jack Sr

Bluecher, Dale

Bras, Art

Brashear, Alex

Campbell, Robert

Cannon, Robert

Carrier, William

Chears, Andy

Cox, Charles

Crites, Bunny

Curtis, Austin

Curtis, James

Darlow, Bill

Davis, Roy

Day, Tommy

Driver, Neil

Dunton, Jack

Dutton, Ted

Fischer, Harold

Ford, Ross

Fourness, Dyson

Francis, Bob

Hammitt, Orlin

Haring, Art

Haring, Earl

Harris, Lowell

Harvey, Ken

Helmers, James

Hickman, Joe

Hotchkiss, Kenny

Jansen, Nadine

Jenkins, Ray

Johnson, Tom

Jurgens, Dick

Keys, James

King, Jack

King, Tom

Larke, Leo

Lee, Ed

Lehan, John

Lewis, Ed

Lovejoy, Ray

Luck, Jerry

Macdonald, James

Maita, Joe

Martin, Richard

Martin, Paul

Massi, George

McDonald, Don

McMinn, Frank Sr.

McWillian, Rod

Monterio, Joseph

Muncaster, Juanita

O'Kane, Bob

O'Reilly, Bob

Osborne, Earl

Pardee, Joe

Peart, Buster

Peron, Bill

Peters, Elmer

Petersen, Sven

Pritchett, Frank

Reed, Cal

Richards, Tommy

Roberts, Howard

Rogers, Herbert

Rogers, Jack

Rose, Baron

Schmid, Fred

Schmitt, William

Shearer, Wheatley

Simons, Earl

Sinkey, Maynard

Sowles, Ken

Stroud, Bob

Suggett, Don

Swart, Ralph

Swesey, Carrol

Tusdo, Pat

Vargas, Joe

Visser, John

Warn, Charles

Webb, Harold

Wilson, Kent




Aivaz, Leo

Bashor, Bob

Baxter, Don

Beattie, Irvin

Bras, Art

Breech, Bert

Cordoza, Will

De Bree, Chick

Eastman, Hal

Felix, Lloyd

Fischer, Harold

Gillespie, J F.

Gouvea, John

Hofstetter, Charles

Hogin, James

Jaspar, Les

Kieszling, Clarence

Koupal, Ed

Lindfeldt, Bob

Litten, Dick

Long, Forrest

Lowe, Jack

Marriner, Rip

Pemberton, Rod

Pyle, Grant

Seely, Charles

Smith, Stanley

Spicer, Kenneth

Swan, Hal

Turner, Orrin

Warn, Charles

Weber, Bob

Wilson, Harold


Copyists and Arrangers


Baker, Paul

Baker,, Dick

Barr, George

Brashear, Alex

Burnam, Dave

Chernin, Martin

Douglass, Norman

Dunton, Jack

Harpham, Bud

James, Dick

Kline, Russ

Gillespie, J F

Long, Forrest

Lunetta, George

Munford, Gordon

Negus, Charles

Ninnis, George

Oakes, Bob

Radsliff, Leon

Sandman, Don

Sawyer, Ray

Smathers, James

Turpen, Clint

Wiley, Harrel

Wilson, John

Lindfeldt, Bob

Wion, Bud


Band and Orchestra Conductors


Barr, George

Blanchard, Gus

Burnam, Dave

Christian, Fred

Decker, Ben

Gillespie, J. F.

Haring, Art

Harvey, Ken

Kline, Walt

Klump, Rolland

Long, Forrest

Long, Leland

Martin, Emil

Modell, Al


Life Members


Ash, Gud

Ash, Nellie

Franz, George

Frasinetti, Christie

Larke, Leo

Lewis, Mary

Mello, Joseph

Mente, Victor

Steppan, Alice

Vicari, Sam

Wiezel, Joe

Wettereau, Pete

White, George

Wittenbrock, Alvin







Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Source: “Directory of Members Sacramento Musicians’ Protective Union 1949-1950 Local No. 12”, Sacramento, California.

© 2013  Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.




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