In Sacramento City and County

During the Year




Sacramento Daily Union

Friday, January 1, 1875

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(For the year 1874, in Sacramento)




1 - D.L. ALLEN and Mary E. GRAHAM

1-Samuel C. HUNT and Emma L. STRADER

6-George W. FARR and Lizzie A. DEAL

8-John MARONEY and Margaret A. LEACH

18-Charles A. ROWLAND and Eliza PRICE

18-Edwin F. AMSDEN and Viola MOORE





2-J.O.B. GUNN and Kate E. CROCKER

7-Wm. KELLER and Amelia WESSEL

9-John J. BARRY and Mary HUNNEWELL

9-John C. CONNOR and Sarah H. DUNCAN

11-Frank TUTTLE and Georgiana BISHOP


14-Antonio M. LEALE and Mary MILLER

14-August EBEL and Cora STOHR


16-Wm. BOWEN and Elizabeth C. ROSE

19-Thomas TAYLOR and Ellen DORAN

20-Wm. E. CHESLEY and Zetta KENDALL

21-Louis PAVEN and Justini BILGER

24-Henry CLEWE and Rosa G. MILLER

24-Wm. KETCHUM and Louisa GRAY

26-E.H. TISDALL and Josephine L. DOWLIN


6- Charles JOHNSON and Jane McCAW

8-Arendt SCHADEN and Meta SANDERS

8-Marcus GRAF and Matilda METZGAR

8-Harry D. RODE and Mary BUQUIER

10-O.H. WING and Sarah McVICKER

12-George B. DREMAN and Louisa E. NEFF

15-Charles F. BUDAHN and Mary O. VOLDHAMER

16-Timothy SWEENEY and Mary ROBERTS

18-T. BROWN and P. LOPEZ

22-John H. GREGORY and Louisa O. BLANCHARD



1-Wm. H. GIBSON and Elizabeth C. PEARL

7-Fred E. PATTON and Lillie A. STONE

8-Rufus C. LOWELL and Nattie SIMPSON

8-Frank W. SUMNER and Fannie LOWELL

9-Horace G. FITCH and Elvina E. DREW

10-Joseph LAND and Johanna C.A. OTTO

11-John OLSON and Eliza POLESE

12-James B. COOPER and Rosanna ANDREWS

13-J.R. ROBINSON and M. Elizabeth MILLER

18-George H. KELLY and Emma AUSTIN

18-John BROWN and Anna CONLAN


3-David H. PREWITT and Rosa KADELL

3-Peter B. JENSEN and Mary B. GROSSMAN

3-Chas L. FONTENEAU and Minnie BISCHKE

4-O.D. FAIRFIELD and Isabella B. FAGHEL

6-Jas J. KEEGAN and Mattie L. SIMS

  - Henry L. NORTON and Fannie SEWALL

12-Fred. SUYDEN and Helen L. ALLEN

13-C.W. HOPKINS and Martha J. SIVILS


18-Geo. B. PARKER and Annie H. CARROLL

24-R.T. HATCH and Augusta FICKETT

25-Geo. W.T. HUGGINS and Lizzie KILGARIFF

25-S.A. STURGIS and Hannah JACOBY

30-Thos. E. DAVIS and Susie C. COX

31-David S. TAYLOR and Caroline CLINTON


4-John A. McINTIRE and Henrietta SLATER

 - Wm. E. STRIPLIN and Mattie H. McCOY

4-Alfred MORGAN and Georgia MARSH

11-H.H. HAMLIN and Julia E. WEST

11-Louis D. WOLF and Maggie E. BRADING

16-Claus JURGENSEN and Maren HANSEN

17-Thos. GOULDIN and Marian E. SMITH

18-Chas. H. WEST and Hannah A. REED

28-John A. REEVES and Sallie A. MAYO


1 - David TYRE and Jennet BROWN


3-Pablo HURTADO and Matilda RAMOS


6-Frank FOURGOUS and Bertrande FEROR

8-Thomas CHILDS and Jennie LEWIS

11-Wm. H. WELLS and Josie L. CLARK

14-Calvin CULVER and Kesiah LEWIS

16-Wm. KIRK and Mary T. RAYMOND

22-Martin C. GLENSON and Mary E. WILLEFORD


24-S.S. McEWING and Mary FIKE


1-Geo. D. BAYLOR and Alice A. McCLINTOCK

3-Jerome B. CLARK and Mary E. HYNDMAN

5-Thomas J. GARDINER and Jennie CLARKE

6-Frank J. BIDWELL and Louisa H. FRAZIER

13-Geo. GRIEM and Caroline BROWN

13-Frederick HOLZHAUSER and Mary FELL

17-Alexander ESSEN and Laosta KELLEY

18-S. WARSHAUER and Auguste MILLER



25-Louis R. JENKINS and Lottie E. HEGLE

27-Daniel BROWN and Kate WHITE

31-L.F. BEAU and Emille LEFEBRE


2-Geo. S. FISHER and Alice A. POWELL

5-Geo. H. HEINRICH and Margaret LANG

6-John W. GUTHRIE and Georgia C. BRUCE

9-Charles B. JILLSON and Belinda WALLACE

10-Philemon E. PLATT and Lovina A. BARRETT

10-Marvin HALL and Mattie FRANKS

10-Wm. E. KIRKBY and Mary E. HACK

11-Hermann KUHN and Lizzie HUMMEL

15-H.S. BYAM and Mary T. CARDWELL

17-Jurgen HENSEN and Anna C. STUBBE

20-John F. LEWIS and Henrietta POPERT

21-Frank H. LAMB and Sallie L. ADAMS

22-Alfred VOSPER and Julia A. TRIGGS

26-Thos. M. HEVENER and Ester A. HIRST

27-E.L. DALE and Eliza M. TAYLOR

28-Leonard H. HULL and Emma J. TRYON

29-Wm. TRAINOR and Lucy BOWEN


8-Geo. T. McNAUGHTEN and Sallie M. BARRY

10-Jacob LANG and Friedericke MULLER

11-Gerhard OTTMANN and Margaret FLURI

11-John W. HUGHES and Susan S. MILLER

11-Wm. Z. DEAN and Julia YANTES

13-David H. TAYLOR and Mary J .GREEMAN

14-E.W. DAVIS and Christina BUSER

14-Andrew J. GALLIGAN and Mary MAGNER

14-John W. FRANCE and Dora A. PATTON

15-C.H. KYLE and Julia GLATZ


15-A.K. CHITWOOD and Mary E. GRAY

16-Solomon J. FRYATT and Leora A. HARRISON

22-John THOMAS and Lizzie McCLINTIE

22-John STUDERUS and Barbara SCHWAB

25-Wm. H. SATE and Lattie A. DIXON

26-Richard FERRIS and Ellen NOLAN

27-Elisha TOWNSEND and Mary S. POWDERLY

27-Chas. A. BAILEY and Alice COFFIN

28-Seth BABSON and Juniata J. SMITH

31-Levi B. SUTLIFF and Harriet R.P. PORTER

31-Walter D. YOUNG and Lucy NELLIS


1-August KLESS and Emilia ROTT

1-Wm. O. OESTING and Emma F. KABLER

1-Geo. COATS and Annie POPE

3-Elias RATH and Caroline NOLD

4-Thos. JOHNSON and Alice E. REDFERN

5-Robert SMITH and Emma WESTERN

7-Autsin R. ABBOTT and Elizabeth A. WHITE

9-Thos. H. CAMERON and Luda N. SULLIVAN


13-Alonzo J. BROWN and Josephine D. HARRIS

15-Chas. SCHEPP and Hulda MUCKE

15-John FLECKENSTINE and Emaline SALES

18-Richard BROWN and Sonora E. BOWLES

18-Chas. B. PREBLE and Maggie H. PALMER

18-Ahe. H. KRULL and Rebecca SCHLUTER

19-Peter BERRY and Sarah A. LEE

19-Asa P. ANDREWS and Isabella C. HYDE

20-Henry KOHNE and Catherine NICHOLSON

22-Wm. A. CUMMINGS and Julia J. GOODWIN

25-Aneil F. RAYMOND and Nettie H. FLINT

29-James P. NELSON and Mary SIMPSON

30-John W. COOK and Anna B. SHORT


30-Manuel A. PARAZA and Maria de GAZUS


1-Powell HART and Mrs. Emma SIMS

2-Jas. H. SPENCER and Elsia BURNETT

2-Arthur WEBB and Mary P. RUSSELL


7-F.W. CLARK and Annie RENFRO

7-H. RUSSELL and Mrs. Elizabeth MITCHELL

10-Whitfield WOODS and Emma NEWELL

10-E.J. BECKLEY and Alma May DAME

14-Thos. H. MAKIN and Jane BANDEEN

14-Malvin MOFITT and Annie THOMAS

16-Cyrus WILSON and Emeline KILGORE

21-Alfred S. WOODS and Philomena M. HESS

21-Frank DePOISTER and Theresa F. JOHNSON

24-Wm. E. OUGHTON and Marla E. COOKSLEY

24-Fred W. VALENTINE and Myrtle D. CROWELL

24-W.F. MARKLEY and Julia M. HOLT

24-John BECK and Eliza E. GREER

24-Hiram E. GREER and Sarah A. STOCKTON

23-Albert E. SHERIDAN and Julia F. PALMER

24-Samuel L. HUNT and Sarah J. HALL

25-Charles A. ASKWITH and Ella MILLER


28-James QUINN and Julia DUNNE

29-Frank CLARK and Celia SCHAEFFER

31-L. Edgar SMITH and Emma HORNER

31-Joseph DILGER and Emma KAERTH



1- Wife of Corwin K. SITES, a son

2-Wife of John D. JOST, a daughter

5-Wife of Dennis DALTON, a son

8-Wife of L. NEWBOURG, a daughter

10-Wife of Carl STROBEL, a son

11-Wife of P.A. BYRNE, a son

12-Wife of Charles W. ADAMS, a daughter

12-Wife of Benjamin COHN, a daughter

12-Wife of James TOUHEY, a son

12-Wife of Hiram GARRETT, a son

14-Wife of Wm. H. STONE, a daughter

14-Wife of Cameron H. KING, a son

17-Wife of L.L. LEWIS, a daughter

18-Wife of Wm. P. PATRICK, a daughter

21-Wife of Lyme M. POTTER, a daughter

21-Wife of James J. CARROLL, a son

22-Wife of E. HUNTOON, a daughter

27-Wife of H. STEINMAN, a daughter

31-Wife of W.M. FELLOWS, a son


1-Wife of John MINFORD, a son

3-Wife of C.T. JONES, a son

8-Wife of Wm. CASWELL, a son

9-Wife of T.F. W. MAIER, a daughter

9-Wife of Joseph MANSO, a daughter

11-Wife of W.H. HARRISON, a son

13-Wife of Thomas PECK, a son

14-Wife of George F. BRONNER, a son

14-Wife of S.R. CALDWELL, a daughter

16-Wife of L.B. MOHR,k a daughter

17-Wife of Thomas W. STACKPOLE, a daughter

19-Wife of Frank A. PEABODY, a son

19-Wife of Joseph M. FULTON, a son

22-Wife of Daniel O’HARE, a daughter

23-Wife of Joel S. COTTON, a daughter

23-Wife of D. FOURNISS, a daughter

23-Wife of J. KEARTH, a daughter

24-Wife of Frank LUX, a son

24-Wife of M. HANRAHAN, a son

25-Wife of G.W. CONRAD, a son

25-Wife of L. COLEMAN, a daughter

26-Wife of Martin WETZELL, a daughter

26-Wife of George H. JOST, a daughter

28-Wife of M.M. GLENN, a daughter


1-Wife of ------ SMITH, a daughter

6-Wife of John W. BROWN, a son

7-Wife of George D. STEWART, a daughter

8-Wife of D. O’CONNELL, a son

9-Wife of Frank SCHULER, a son

9-Wife of Frederick MUND, a son

11-Wife of W.H. BROWN, a son

12-Wife of M.A. COOK, a son

13-Wife of Wm. BOYNE, a son

13-Wife of W.B.G. KELLER, a son

14-Wife of H. ARMER, a daughter

15-Wife of A.H. LYNCH, a son

19-Wife of Herman SCHWARTZ, a son

21-Wife of Joseph E. LAWLOR, a daughter

23-Wife of J.T. PARKER, a daughter

23-Wife of G.W. DERMAN, a son

26-Wife of John E. MOONEY, a son

27-Wife of C.A. BLODGETT, a daughter

27-Wife of W. WHITWELL, a son

27-Wife of James A. HALE, a son

28-Wife of John HENNESSY, a son

31-Wife of Philip HERZOG, a daughter


4-Wife of Geol LEWELLYN, a daughter

5-Wife of Fred UHL, a son

8-Wife of August HEILBRON, a son

10-Wife of L. SALOMON, a daughter

11-Wife of Francis E. LAFAYETTE, a daughter

16-Wife of J.R. FOSTER, a daughter

17-Wife of Monroe MILLER, a son

21-Wife of Francis LENOIR, a daughter

22-Wife of Thomas DIVING, a daughter

25-Wife of Theodore COLBAKER, a daughter

26-Wife of J.B. SHERBURN, a daughter

26-Wife of B. KIERNAN, a daughter

27-Wife of B.F. ODELL, a daughter


5-Wife of John LESLIE, a daughter

6-Wife of A. LEONARD, a son

7-Wife of P.R. KESTNER, a daughter

10-Wife of John SKELTON, a son

11-Wife of J.W. WATT, a daughter

12-Wife of E.D. WEBB, a son

12-Wife of W.L. HAWKINS, a daughter

13-Wife of Charles Le BARRA, a son

13-Wife of Wm. KENNEDY, a daughter

13-Wife of Antone RAMUS, a son

13-Wife of W.O. WARNOCK, a son

14-Wife of J.F. COOPER, a daughter

15-Wife of M.J. KING, a son

21-Wife of Edward WILLIAMS, a son

22-Wife of Maurice FITZGIBBONS, a son

24-Wife of Wm. THOMPSON, a daughter


1-Wife of Hugh CAVE, a daughter

1-Wife of J. TOUMEY, a son

2-Wife of Chris HORSTMAN, a son

2-Wife of Daniel DENNISON, a son

5-Wife of Matt F. JOHNSON, a son

5-Wife of F.W. REINHART, a daughter

5-Wife of J.W. KEATING, a daughter

5-Wife of Isaiah DUNLAP, a daughter

6-Wife of Hugh DUFFY, a daughter

12-Wife of F.M. SHIELDS, a son

12-Wife of O. EWERS, a daughter

15-Wife of J.E. CARROLL, a daughter

16-Wife of P.J. HOPPER, a son

17-Wife of J. MAGENNISS, a daughter

18-Wife of George W. RICKER, a son

20-Wife of Jacob WOLF, a daughter

25-Wife of Wm. C. MYERS, a daughter

25-Wife of A.A. ACKERMAN, a son

29-Wife of Bayard V.B. RAYE, a son


2- Wife of J.J. JONES, a son

3-Wife of Frank ARGUST, a daughter

4-Wife of H.J. HENNESSY, a son

6-Wife of D. FLYNN, a daughter

7-Wife of A.H. LEET, a son

7-Wife of Thomas SHOWLER, a daughter

8-Wife of Julius ASHER, a daughter

8-Wife of Otto WALTHER, a daughter

10-Wife of W.H. STARR, a daughter

12-Wife of J.A. MASON, Jr., a son

14-Wife of Andrew PELLIER, a daughter

17-Wife of W.H. SHERBURN, a son

18-Wife of P.C. PENDERGAST, a son

18-Wife of Joseph HOPLEY, a daughter

19- Wife of F.A. MICHENER, a son

21-Wife of ------ FREIDRICH, a daughter

25-Wife of Gustave Otto SHEARE, a son

25-Wife of Charles P. NATHAN, a daughter

26-Wife of George B. KATZENSTEIN, a son

27-Wife of James BECKETT, a son

28-Wife of Jacob LEVISON, a daughter

30-Wife of H.C. TRAINOR, a son


2-Wife of J.H. SHARPE, a daughter

3-Wife of P.N. TRYON, a daughter

4-Wife of W.T. CROWELL, a daughter

4-Wife of David W. TAYLOR, a daughter

7-Wife of C.F. BACHMANN, a son

7-Wife of W.D. STALKER, a son

9-Wife of P. NEWMAN, a son

10-Wife of S. QUALE, a son

10-Wife of T.W. SHEEHAN, a daughter

12-Wife of W.H. LOWELL, twins - sons

12-Wife of L.S. WELLER, a son

15-Wife of M. BLOCK a son

19-Wife of Samuel NATHAN, a son

19-Wife of Henry GARRETT, a daughter

21-Wife of John BECHTOLDT, a son

23-Wife of W.W. DEAN, a son

23-Wife of Jacob KEIPER, a son

24-Wife of Austin COOK, a daughter

27-Wife of Martin ARENZ, a son

31-Wife of Thomas J. CONNOR, a daughter


2-Wife of John STEVENS, a son

3-Wife of W.T. YUHRE, a son

3-Wife of Wm. YNEZ, a son

7-Wife of John TANSMAN, a daughter

7-Wife of H.L. DREW, a son

9-Wife of John C. MEDLEY, a daughter

10-Wife of E. ASHERSON, a son

10-Wife of A.H. McDONALD, a daughter

11-Wife of S.S. NIXON, a son

11-Wife of A. HYMAN, a daughter

14-Wife of J.M. ROBBINS, a son

14-Wife of John TEMPLE, a son

15-Wife of S. FERRIS, a daughter

16-Wife of Edward CADWALADER, a daughter

16-Wife of P. NACHTSHEIM, a daughter

17-Wife of S.J. GREEN, a daughter

19-Wife of John SMITTY, a son

20-Wife of C.A.D. GRAY, a son

21-Wife of Ben. W. DREMAN, a daughter

25-Wife of Edward LIND, a son

25-Wife of Phil SCOTT, a son

26-Wife of J.M. JACKSON, a daughter


2-Wife of F.A. SHEPHERD, a son

4-Wife of David SMITH, a son

7-Wife of Paul MEYER, a son

7-Wife of I.H. BURNETT, a daughter

10-Wife of G.A, WALKER, a daughter

10-Wife of W. JOHNSON, a daughter

11-Wife of F.N. FISH, a daughter

11-Wife of Presper HIRSCH, a son

12-Wife of Z. RICE, a son

12-Wife of Alden SPRAGUE, a son

13-Wife of A.J. DANIS, a daughter

13-Wife of David DE BERNARDI, a daughter

14-Wife of A.J. KENNEDY, a daughter

15-Wife of J.F. CALDERWOOD, a son

15-Wife of John HARLON, a daughter

16-Wife of John J. SHOAP, a daughter

16-Wife of G.B. DREMAN, a daughter

17-Wife of A.H. CUMMINS, a daughter

17-Wife of C.W. ZIMMERMAN, a daughter

18-Wife of J.H. PARNELL, a son

21-Wife of the late George L. PRENTICE, a son

22-Wife of B.F. BELL, a daughter

22-Wife of James F. MASTERS, a daughter

23-Wife of John HEPPE, a son

24-Wife of M.B. LARGE, a daughter

25-Wife of H.K. TERRY, a son

26-Wife of N.G. FELDHEIM, a daughter

27-Wife of M.T. CRONNEVEIL, a son

28-Wife of J.L. SMITH, a son

29-Wife of Adin BULLARD, a daughter


1-Wife of S. Solon HOL, a son

1-Wife of M. BRANLEY, a daughter

1-Wife of W. SHERIDAN, a daughter

3-Wife of Louis PHILLLIPS, a son

3-Wife of A.C. HINKSON, a son

5-Wife of Euseblo RAMOS, a daughter

5-Wife of J.D. HATCH, a daughter

6-Wife of A.L. BOWSHER, a son

6-Wife of E.J. KEENAN, a son

8-Wife of Thomas OLIVER, a son

9-Wife of William BRYANT, a son

9-Wife of Andrew J. STARLING, a son

10-Wife of F.A. EBAL, a son

11-Wife of Daniel MURPHY, a son

11-Wife of Frank LARNY, a daughter

11-Wife of John R. BARRY, a son

14-Wife of James G. DAVIS, a daughter

18-Wife of H.E. TIBBALS, a daughter

19-Wife of George W. CALLAHAN, a son

21-Wife of A.S. GREEHALL, a son

21-Wife of L. ELKUS, a son

21-Wife of S.S. BEDEE, a son

25-Wife of William McBAIN, a son

26-Wife of R.D. HARKNESS, a son

28-Wife of T.J. MASTENPLUG, a son


3- Wife of Joseph KUNK, a daughter

4-Wife of George GREEN, a daughter

7-Wife of John C. GREEN, a son

10-Wife of N. EAVERS, a daughter

10-Wife of H. HORSEFIELD, a daughter

11-Wife of Daniel FLYNN, twin sons

11-Wife of William BARTELS, a son

11-Wife of Thomas PLIKINGTON, a son

14-Wife of John F. ALLEN, a son

15-Wife of William JOHNSTON, a son

16-Wife of Thomas HAMER, a daughter

16-Wife of Charles LAWSON, a son

18-Wife of W.E. CHESLEY, a son

18-Wife of D. GARDNER, a daughter

19-Wife of O.E. HUGHES, a daughter

22-Wife of Wm. F. BRIGGS, a son

25-Wife of Dr. George A. WHITE, a son

27-Wife of D.A. WILLIARD, a daughter

28-Wife of C.H. THEISS, a son

28-Wife of H.W. SCHACHT, a daughter

30-Wife of Daniel FOLEY, a son



1- Augustus KARRICK, 27 years, Iowa

3-Heinrich MECHOLD, 46 years, Germany

4-Wilhelmina KUMIE, 29 yrs, 5 m, 2 d, Germany

7-Andrew BROWN, 75 years, Maine

11-Margarette PAPERT, 29 yrs, 2 mos, 6 d, Germany

14-William DUPREY, 29 years, England

19-Morelli CIP*IANA, 18 years, Germany

19-John DUFFIN, 36 years, Canada

24-Henry FREY, 50 years and 8 mos., Switzerland

25-Julian HAMLIN, 31 years, Ireland

25-Augusta SWARTZ, 23 yrs, 7 mos, 16 d, Wisconsin

26-Geol H. FARREN, 1 yr, 6 mos, 26 d, California

26-Martha GRAVES, 8 yrs, 9 ms, 11 d, Pennsylvania

27-Emma Amelia TOLL, 4 mos, 12 days, California


1-T.A. THOMPSON, 13 yrs, 2 mos, 12 dys, Oregon

4-Barney METZGER, 2 yrs, 2 mos and 15 days, Ohio

6-Sarah LEVY

8-Matilda KUMMERFELDT, 16 y, 9 m, 7 d, California

8-Francis W. CRACKBON, 39 y, 7 m, 5 d, Massach’s

11-Jas. W. INGERSON, 1 yr, 5 mos, 9 ds, California

11-Joseph R. WATSON, 37 years, Pennsylvania

12-Howard DOUGHTY, 7 days, California

14-Maggie FISK, 1 year and 21 days, California

15-J.W. CARR, 35 years, New Hampshire

16-Yeldora CARASCO, 77 years, Mexico

17-Lydia WILLIAMS, 73 and 3 months, Missouri

19-Alex. HAY, 4 months and 25 days, California

19-Infant son of Frank A. and Mary J. PEABODY

19-Mary E. AULD, 38 yrs, 3 mos, 7 days, England

20-Carrie A. WHITE, 15 yrs and 8 mos, California

21-Chas. WENTWORTH, 33 years, Missouri

21-Chas. DUGGAN, 43 years, Ireland

21-Abigail BURNETT, 65 yrs, 6 m, 26 d, Massachus’s

21-H.P. BLOOD, 49 years and 18 days, Maine

24-Patrick LYNEUGH, 65 years, Ireland

25-Nettie LUTTIG, 1 yr, 8 mos, 25 dys, California

25-Annie N. WOLFE, 14 yrs and 10 mos, New York

27-Annie Meta SCHACHT, 10 mos, 13 dys, California

28-Mary J. KEENAN, 38 years, Ireland


2-Ella Mary WHITE, 9 yrs, 4 mos, 26 days, Ohio

2-Lillie May THAYER, 2 yrs, 6 mos, 28 days, Cal.

3-Jennie McLENNAN, 28 yrs, 1 month, Missouri

5-Therese FULTON, 22 yrs, 8 mos, 9 days, Utah

5-Sophia MILLER, 55 yrs, 6 mos, 6 ds, Switzerland

5-Ellen O’BRIEN, 50 years, Ireland

5-Theresa TULTON, 22 yrs, 8 mos, 9 days, Utah

6-George E. MORSE, 6 days, California

6-Harry Sherman INGLIS, 1 year, 8 months, Cal.

6-Naomi ROGERS, 72 years, 19 days, Tennessee

8-Frank A. LATONRELL, 16 days, California

10-Catherine CRONIN, 26 days, California

11-Geo. C. BRUCE, 51 yrs, 11 mos, 25 days, N.Y.

11-Martin H. SMITH, 39 yrs, Ireland

12-Clara Bell TODD, 1 year, 11 mos, 22 days, Cal.

13-Mary Agnes MERKER, 27 yrs, 5 mos, 13 dys, N.Y.

14-Chas. E. BARRE, 24 years and 5 months, Spain

15-John MAZER, 41 years, 2 mos, New Brunswick

17-M.S. McCORMACK, 46 years, Pennsylvania

18-Louis Ronaldo GATES, 6 months, 21 days, Cal.

19-Daisy Emma GREGORY, 4 months, 11 days, Cal.

20-George WENTZ, 45 years, Germany

20-Albert SELLINGER, 2 years and 9 months, Cal.

21-Delida GONZALES, 21 yrs, 7 mos, 2 days, Cal.

22-Alex. C. DONALDSON, 73 years, Pennsylvania

22-Herman F. KOHLER, 48 years, 9 mos, Germany

23-Nathaniel T. BROWN, 50 years, New York

28-Caroline GOODSPEED, 44 yrs, 4 mos, 22 ds, Mo.

29-L.J. DEPUY, 56 years, Kentucky

29-Emma Jane STANLEY, 53 years, Maine

30-John B. LAURIE, 82 years, Scotland

31-Howard H. KELLER, 18 days, California


1-Emilie J. FISHER, 7 months and 15 days, Cal.

3-Sarah E. JOHNSON, 26 years, Maryland

4-Louis FISHER, 40 years

5-Elizabeth BOOTHROYD, 36 yrs, 4 mos, England

7-James DORAN, 22 yrs, 5 mos, 7 ds, N.Y.

8-John CRUSE, 25 years, Germany

8-Horatio M. HOOKER, 25 years, New York

10-Bridget A. KNEELAND, 34 yr, 3 mos, Ireland

10-John PHILLIPS, 66 years and 10 days, Germany

13-Solomon FACE, 38 years, Ohio

16-Mary Ann HALLANAN, 6 yrs, 3 mos, 4 days, Mo.

17-John CLARK, 42 years, Massachusetts

18-Mary BIVENS, 69 yrs, 2 mos, 10 days, Penn

19-Lorette CARDOZA, 18 yrs and 7 mos, Lower Cal.

23-Augutus COMTE, 70 yrs, 9 mos, 24 ds, France

23-George Norman PARKER, 47 yrs, North Carolina

23-Miguel CALDERON, 85 years, Chile

24-Frankie E.W. St. JOHN, 25 years, 1 mo, 12 ds, Ind.

25-Susan WILLIAMS, 65 years, Connecticut

27-Margaret E. GILBERT, 44 yrs, 5 mos, 5 ds, N.Y.

28-Annie DANGLER, 3 years, 9 mos, 16 days, Cal.

30-Willie H. BUTLER, 17 yrs, 10 mos, 10 days, Cal.


4-Josiah STICE, 27 years, Missouri

4-Richard WARREN, 84 years, England

4-Geo. Floyd SCOTT, 1 mon, 21 days, California

5-Karl STAUFFER, 3 months and 21 days, California

8-Granville L. WATSON, 23 years, Massachusetts

8-John MEYER, 40 yrs, 5 mos and 2 d, Germany

9-Charles MILLER, 1 year and 9 months, California

10-Carl W. ELDRED, 14 yrs, 7 mos, 16 ds, Michigan

12-Ed. M. CURTIS, 34 yrs and 3 mos, Vermont

12-Moses MORRIS, 7 years, 11 months, 2 days, Cal.

13-Mary A. McTEE, 40 years, Ireland

13-Henry SMITH, 45 years, Germany

18-Florence M. PALMER, 1 yr, 11 mos, 25 ds, Cal.

18-Francisco P. De LACERDA, 50 yrs, West Islands

26-Geo COX, 1 year, 10 mos and 9 ds, California

28-Annie S.L. SCHWARTZ, 29 years, Germany

28-Mrs. Charles MARRIAN, 45 years, East Indies


2-James M. FULTON, 6 years, New York

3-John B. KOHL, 57 years and 5 days, Prussia

4-George M. NELSON, 33 years

7-Giles D. POORMAN, 28 yrs and 3 mos, Ohio

12-Annie DOLAN, 5 yrs, 2 mos and 25 ds, California

13-Julia Louisa KESOR, 7 mos and 15 ds, Cal

18-Mary Louisa JACKSON, 6 months, California

16-Maud Victorine EDSBURG, 1 mo and 13 ds, Cal

16-Sutaro BROWN, 1 month and 20 days, California

16-Infant son of F.M. and Mary K. SHIELDS, 4 ds

18-Hendrick KNOL, 50 years, Holland

19-Henry SHAFER, 1 year and 2 months

19-John H. BLACK, 49 yrs, 9 mos and 11 ds, Penn

20-Hattie A. BOYNE

20-Infant daughter of Jacob WOLF

21-Adolph BEWIG, 28 years, Germany

22-Lucy K. SNOW, 73 years, New Hampshire

23-James H. GATES, 5 months and 13 days, Cal.

23-Ye Gon Lun, 18 years, China

23-Clarence AYER, 8 mos and 7 days, California

26-Lillie J. MONTGOMERY, 5 years and 9 days, Cal.

27-Hen. D.F. EISENMENGER, 27 yrs, 9 mos, 9 ds, Ill

27-Annie H. FRANCIS, 37 years, England

29-Charles SCHIMMINGER, 43 years, Germany


1-Vincent TORTELL, 52 years, Malta

2-Amel a STAUFFER, 5 months and 15 days, Cal.

3-Wm. D. BONDS, 35 years, Sandwich Islands

3-Lucy W. GREENE, 3 months and 20 days, Cal.

6-David KILPATRICK, 1 yr, 1 mo, and 11 dys, Cal.

7-Mrs. E.M. PHILLIPS, 48 yrs, 4 mos, 24 dys, Ohio

7-Geo. J. TURNER, 48 yrs and 8 mos, England

8-Frank GARRISON, 4 mos and 1 day, Nebraska

14-Desiderio QUANCHI, 37 years, Switzerland

14-Alice May MOHUN, 1 yr, 3 mos and 24 dys, Cal

15-John SHEEHY, 37 years, Ireland

15-James H. HOOKER, 39 years, New York

17-Katie HARRIGAN, 16 yrs, 7 mos, and 17 dys, Ct.

18-Mary E. NASH, 15 days, California

24-Josiah JOHNSON, Jr., 25 years

24-Annie CLERNENS, 30 years, Missouri

25-Antone SILVER, 40 years, Western Islands

26-Harriet D. PARNELL, 1 yr, 2 mos, 13 days, Cal.

30-Oscar E. KEYS, 2 years and 5 days, Cal.

31-Wm. E. LOCKHART, 8 months and 16 days, Cal.


2-John Fleming BROWN, 2 yrs, and 3 mos, Cal.

3-Gracie E. ANDERSON, 10 mos and 20 days, Cal.

3-James L. RYAN, 18 yrs, 1 mo. and 10 dys, Cal

4-Harriet M. WOODS, 80 yrs, 9 mos, 8 dys, Vt.

5-Olodine TRYON, 71 years, New York

9-David L. McDONALD, 45 yrs, 7 mos, 3 dys, Vt.

9-Isabel J. JEFFRIES, 22 yrs. and 5 mos, Missouri

10-John W. MORRISON, 83 yrs, 4 mos, England

10-Rebecca SHOWLER, 1 month and 3 days, Cal.

10-Alexander McARTHUR, 30 years.

11-Nellie STEWART, 3 years, 2 month and 16 days

12-Infant son of W.H. and Mary LOWELL

13-Caroline KEENERS, 40 years, Tennessee

15-Amelia M. ISAACS, 7 yrs, 2 mos, 21 dys, N.Y.

15-Wm. COATES, 59 years and 10 mos, England

17-Jennie Ellen ISAACS, 5 yrs, 7 mos, 28 dys, Cal.

18-Donald BRUCE, 51 years, Scotland

20-Mary RENN, 74 yrs, 1 mo, 13 dys, Ireland

21-Julius L. ISAACS, 8 yrs, 7 mos, 23 dys, N.Y.

22-Michael HABERER, 45 years, Germany

24-Richard GALT, 22 years, Virginia

25-Chas. S. DOOLING, 3 yrs, 11 mos, 16 dys, Cal.

26-Alex. W. BURNES, 45 years, Ohio

28-W.N. HEPPE, 45 years and 2 mos, Germany

28-Patrick MULHERRIN, 36 years, Ireland

28-James LOCKWOOD, 43 years, Ireland


3-George K. PETERSON, 40 year, New Brunswick

5-Mary Alice THAYER, 22 yrs, 8 mos, 11 days, Vir.

5-Alvas G. LEE, 11 months and 22 days, Cal.

19-Berry J. TYLER, 62 years

11-Oscar K. LIND, 1 year, 7 mos and 12 days, Cal.

11-Amelia A. MEDLEY, 17 yrs, 9 mos, 4 dys, Mo.

11-Burkhardt FICKENS, 40 years, Germany

14-Peter RICHIE, 62 years, Austria

16-William SEVIR, 74 years, England

17-John KING, 45 years, Ireland

18-Thomas CARROL, 26 years, Ireland

18-Ray SCHREIBER, 7 months and 26 days, Cal.

21-Catherine HOFFMAN, 32 years and 5 mos, Vir.

32-Wm. L. CIVEL, 32 yrs, 6 mos, and 13 dys, Penn

24-Frank COSTA, 41 years, Azore Island

25-Perle C. McCOY, 2 years, Ohio

26-Sarah Jane WAIT, * month and 15 days, Cal

27-Augusta SHUMAN, 22 yrs, 4 mos, 23 days, Ger.

27-Emma E. HARPER, 6 yrs and 9 mos, New Zeal’d

27-Isabella SWAIN, 35 years


1-Edwin P. YOUNG, 10 months and 16 days

2-Margaret E. STAHL

4-John A. TODD, 40 years, Pennsylvania

9-Robert A. KELSEY, 4 yrs, 5 mos and 25 dys, Cal.

9-Emma P. WORDEN, 1 year, California

11-Joseph CASTRO, 18 years, Chile

11-Jacob WHITNEY, 72 years, Massachusetts

12-James DUNN, 45 years, Ireland

12-Infant son of George W. and Mary NASH

15-Lucy Isabel NICHOLS, 11 months and 1 day, Cal.

15-Josephine OSGOOD, 4 years

16-Reginald D. SARGENT, 10 months and 6 dys, Cal

18-Charles T. CONSADINE, 3 mos and 11 dys, Cal

20-Charles T. GRAY, 1 month

24-Philip CALLAHAN, 50 years, England

24-Francisco MARTINEZ, 36 years, Mexico

25-Wm. HARRIS, 28 yr, 9 mos and 28 days, Tenn

25-D.P. HEATH, 60 years

26-Kate Eugenia GUNN, 21 years, Cal

26-Guiseppe RICCI, 32 years, Italy

28-Christina SCHAFER, 26 years, Germany

29-Theo. J. MILLIKIN, 49 yrs, 10 mos and 3 dys, Me.


1-W. WADSWORTH, 63 yrs, 5 mos, 27 dys, Con.

1-Geo. L. DENTON, 2 yrs, 5 mos, 14 days, Cal.

2-Wm. MILLER, 4 yrs, 11 mos and 14 days, Cal.

3-Lana HEIL, 32 years, Germany

6-Clara M. KUMMERFELDT, 10 mos, 23 dys, Cal.


8-Laurena WALDRON, 48 years, Maine

9-Joseph BIEL

10-Francis BANNAN, 45 years, Ireland

11-Catherine S. WILLIAMS, Maine

11-Nicholas WARRENDORFF, 47 years, Norway

11-Mary PFEIFFER, 24 days, California

11-Jesse H. KATHAN, 26 hears, 14 days, Maine

13-Adolph JACOBI, 35 years, Germany

14-Gussie M. CANTWELL, 30 yr, 9 mos, 25 dys, Ohio

19-Zachariah ASTILL, 61 years, England

19-Paul A. MEYER, 3 yrs, 2 mos, 16 dys, Cal

19-Maggie L. LENOIR, 4 yr, 8 mos, 10 dys, Cal

21-Chas. D. CHILDS, 54 yrs, 5 mos, 9 dys, N. York

22-Martin TORRES, 24 years, Mexico

26-John J. BURKE, 22 yrs, 9 mos, 22 dys, Virginia

29-Lillie ORTH, 16 years and 7 months

29-James F. CROWLEY, 32 yr, 7 days, Rhode Isl’d

29-James  L. THORNTON, 45 years, Alabama


2-Kate L. POLHEMUS, 20 yrs, 3 mos, 23 ds, Cal.

2-Joseph CRACKBON, 50 yrs, 8 mos, 3 ds, Boston

4-Willie E. COOK, 9 yrs, 10 mos and 10 ds, Cal

4-Mattie M. MILLER, 1 year, 7 mos and 8 ds, Cal

5-Kate FALLON, 4 years, 8 mos and 1 day, Cal

5-Fannie E. CHAPMAN, 15 yrs, 4 mos, 25 ds, Cal

7-Mrs. Mary FOLKS, Ireland

8-John G. EDWARDS, 29 years, Indiana

8-James T. CREEDAN, 3 yrs, 3 mos and 8 ds, Cal

9-Abraham NORDYKE, 71 yrs, 8 mos, 16 ds, Tenn

10-T.A. VANTASSELL, 22 yrs, 10 mos, 10 ds, Wis

11-Bessie EDWARDS, 18 years, California

11-Infant son of William and Henrietta BARTELS

12-Susan WADDIE, 2 hours, California

15-Jeptha FOSTER, 70 years, Maine

15-Chesterfield JACKSON, 65 years, Tennessee

17-Johnson A. COVELL, 30 years, Pennsylvania

17-Wm. A. CARRINGTON, 23 yrs, 9 mos, 11 ds, N.J.

18-R.T. ALEXANDER, 23 years

20-Jacob Charles REEBER, 1 yr and 14 ds, Cal.

20-James C. GREEN, 13 days, California

22-Frank ARNOLD, 34 years, Indiana

22-James DOHERTY, 35 years

24-Wm. H. McBURNEY, 45 years, 17 days, Illinois

24-Lucinda S. GOTCHER, 60 yrs, 6 mos, Kentucky

27-Jose M. ARANS, 74 years, Mexico

28-Julia KUNZE, 56 years, Germany

29-Mrs. Mary A. CADWELL, 39 yrs, 5 mos, 29 days

29-William WAGNER, 39 years, Ohio

30-Robert ERWIN, 33 years, 4 mos, 16 dys, Ireland

31-John C. HEDENBERG, 83 years, New Jersey

31-Willie R. HALE, 9 months and 4 days, Cal

31-Mrs. M.A. SHERIDAN, 64 years, Pennsylvania


Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Friday, January 1, 1875, Page 16.

© 2006 Betty Loose.



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