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During the Year






Sacramento Daily Union

Thursday, January 1, 1863

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The following is a record of the marriages, births and deaths which have occurred in Sacramento during the year 1862, as complete as can be obtained from all available sources of information:




1-William A. CURTIS and Susan W. POTTER

4-Thomas L. HOLT and Lucy M. BRIGGS

6-Alfred F. LACHELLE and Mary KILROY

7-Samuel GRANGER and Addie J. COMBS

8-Joseph RAYES and B. Margaret DINEEN

15-Lieut. J.H. HAMMOND and Henrietta M. ELLIOTT

17-B.V. BEENEY and Kate C. COBB

20-Capt. G.P. PAGE and Mary E. KELLOGG

23-John TAYLOR and Ellen FOSTER

25-Alexander BOYD and G. McGREGOR

28-David C. KILGORE and J.H. HAMMOND


1-Francis W. RICHARDSON and Annie A. ELLIOTT

12-Samuel FOSTER and Mary D.C. LYNDE

15-Michael McMANUS and Mary MOYLAN

17-J. BAUER and Jane FRANCE

20-Thomas H. SMITH and Emma Nancy MORAN

23-George FREEMAN and Louisa A. SCOTT

27-A.J. HOLLAND and Mrs. Frances MOORE



4-John HELMER and Sarah LEVY

6-George F. LYON and Martha Eliza KELLY

9-Nicholas LOHSE and Julie BARKHAUS

11-F.A. GRAHAM and Orville WHEELER

11-Nelson J. TOLL and Sarah GARRETT

24-R.J. GRAHAM and Charlotte C. HERRING

27-Lieut. R.P. NASON and Sarah ELLIOT


2-Addison C. HINCKSON and Phebe J KIRK

3-John B. FISK and Margaret MILLER

6-Marcus WILSON and Aurelia LEHMAN


7-James L. FOWLER and Emily WEAVER

10-Lemuel LIGHT and Annette STEWART

12-William PARKER and Margaret LINDSAY

14-William KAUFMAN and Mary E. TERRILL

15-Henry TRACY and Bethildy NIEL

19-Edward A. SAXE and Flora E. DEWS

20-William BOSSEN and Margaret SCHNELER

22-Ignatius KEHRER and Catherine BRACKER

28-W.C. DAGGETT and Alice S. GRAY

28-W.H. HENDERSON and Martha Alice NORTON

29-F.M. RUSSELL and Mary B. WILMOT


1-Manuel M. TEXERA and Amelia Adelaide NEVES

1-William G. MILLGATE and Anne S. TUTTLE

3-John LANG and Mary E. FLETCHER

4-Baker H. MEREDITH and Mary E. IRWIN

5-James STEVENSON and Kate B. WATT

8-Peter KINSELLO and Elizabeth O’HARE

8-Walker CARTER and Margaret HOGINS

10-John A. SHAW and Francis A. MYERS

12-Nathaniel PENNY and Sallie J. PATTERSON

12-Thomas J. COOK and Hattie E. WOOD

13-Jesse PETER and Sarah A. BABJOHN

14-Henry B. PAINE and Agnes ADDIS

14-Joseph Q. BAXTER and Jennie Ann PEDLER

18-Inger COHEN and Susannah HARRIS

22-Eli BAKER and Mary CONRICK

27-Charles T. JENKINS and Lucy HARRON

31-D.H. THOMPSON and Frances M. TIGH


1-Dr. G.L. SIMMONS and Celia CROCKER

11-Frances M. BUCK and Elizabeth HUGHES

12-Sheldon S. BALDWIN and Annie RUSH

12-Dr. George F. GIBBS and Matilda JENNINGS

16-Patrick SLAVEN and Mary MULLAN

17-Peter JOHNSON and Sarah L. NICHOLS

19-Daniel S. RIDER and Anna H. SULLIVAN

21-Wm. A. GETT and Eliza S. BENNETT

22-James R. HEAD and Elvira R. BODLEY


24-Robert ALLEN and Catherine E. DAVIS

26-Frederick FRANKS and Maria L. FREDERICKS

26-James S. CAMPBELL and Parmella J. FRAZIER

28-Elias GRUHLER and Odilla ESCH


5-Richard LANE and Mary HOMAN

6-James BURROUGHS and Olive A. MILGATE

9-Benjamin T. PIKE and Mary A. HARNETT

11-Eli S. FROOM and Mary CRABTREE

12-Charles A. CHAPIN and Martha J. LAKE

13-J.M. BARLOW and Mrs. M.H. McCORMICK

15-A.D. LABASSE and Agnes MAASS

21-Patrick O’HARE and Ann FALLOON

21-Benjamin S. STANLEY and Catharine HALPIN

22-Jeremiah CRAVER and Sarah H. HARMON

26-George HARRIS and Augusta GILLIS

28-Abel G. STARK and Martha E. CANTWELL

31-Jesse SLAUGHTER and Ella DORSEY


3-Henry MILLER and Mary SHANNON

5-John O. GANNET, Jr., and Anna L. MOORE

5-Joseph BARRETT and Ann KELLEY

7-George A. BASLER and Maria BAKER

10-Martin H. BAYLISS and Violet M. BANDY


11-Daniel D .WHITBECK and Henrietta LOGAN

15-Ludwig BURGERT and Margaret KADELL

17-David W. TAYLOR and Jane W. THOMASON

21-Alex. W. BALDWIN and Alice REEVE

21-John BANNON and Catharine MULLEN

21-John J. BAUER and Catherine DOLAN

26-Dr. H.H. PIERSON and Sarah GILBERT

27-O.F. IVES and Rosanna SPRINGER


31-Selig HYAN and Dora DAVIDSON


8-Jacob WINKLE and Ellen DALY

4-John B. SMITH and Sarah J. HARRISON

4-A.A.H. TUTTLE and Margaret LENNON

7-John ROBB and Hannah MURPHY


8-K. OLMSTEAD and Frances C. OSUNE, otherwise CANSALES

11-George H. TILLEY and Bell MARTIN

13- S.B. CUMMINGS and Mary E. COURRY

17-J.D. FENNER and Mary A.B. ESTERIE

18-John FIFIELD and Angie HULL

18-Wm. WISE and Elizabeth PHIPPS


20-Charles W. REED and Abby Brown JENKS

21-Samuel NEALL and Margaret WALSH

21-Wm. F. WATERMAN and Emma L. SMITH

24-Richard L. WHITE and Margaret JAMESON

24-Charles H. PROUT and Catherine WILLIAMS

27-Francisco RAMONET and Gertrude ARMENTA

27-Charles MILLER and Caroline BATCH

29-John LONG and Bridget O’DONNELL

29-John HURST and Elizabeth Ann COOK


3-John BAUMAN and Rosanna McLAUGHLIN

4-Thomas K. HOLMES and Margaret M. OWEN

5-Powell S. LAWSON and Alice S. CARRINGTON

6-Wm. MURPHY and Catherine SCOTT

7-George SCOTT and Hannah J. O’BRIEN

8-Wm. WITTIE and Josephine CHAPMILLIA

8-Edward DOSH and Kate GREEN

12-William HOOK and Louisa GLINDCAMP

15-James H. GROTH and Marie Louise PESRON

16-F.A. TRITTLE and Jennie C. HEREFORD

17-Charles L. MOHLER and Mary E. SARGENT

19-Henderson RUSSELL and Margaret COOK

21-John RENZ and Wilhelmina SCHMIDT

21-Owen CASEY and Ann CASEY

26-W.H. HEVENOR and Mary C. FOWLER

29-Francis WILLIAMS and Elizabeth J. EMMENS

30-B.C. QUIGLEY and Catharine E. CONRADT




6-Wm. SHOOK and Matilda FRAZIER

6-Robert L. HORTON and Eleanor E. CURTIS


10-W.W. THATCHER and Sarah E. ROACH

12-George PETERS and Isazabel NEVES

13-James H. WARD and Anne DOUGHERTY

16-John S. WOODSON and Maggie J. HATTON

17-Wm. Z. PRICE and Elizabeth JENNINGS

17-Sewall PRATT and M. Frances LOW

27-Charles CRITTENDEN and Mary BAILEY

17-Ah Kee and Chu Kung

19-Edgar MILLS and Margarette M. SWIFT

20-Richard OWEN and Margaret OWEN

20-Charles MILLER and Mary GOETZ

21-Alpha MILLER and Mary MULLEN

24-Wm. H. SWAN and Harriet Ann WEBSTER

25-Job F. CALDERWOOD and Sarah J. FULLER

25-John RUGGLES and Margaret DONAHUE


27-Henry S. PUTNEY and Rhoada A. BATES

27-George H. RAMSEY and Harriet G. HAY

30-Michael J. KELCHER and Julus COUGHLIN


3-James ASTILL and Louisa RALLING




9-Jesse B. ANDRUS and Julia FASSETT

10-Thomas THOMPSON and Elizabeth THOMPSON

11-Albert BURGHARDT and M. Estella VINCENT

12-Wm. BORCHERS and Bridget A. KENNY

13-Oliver SANDERS and Emma SAUZE

18-A.H. DAKE and Carmen HERMOSILLO

18-Clinton GALL and Amanda REED

20-Peter REIFEURATH and Mary Anne ABELE

20-John E. MOONEY and Ann BRADY

21-Addison STARKS and Martha E. PHILLIPS

24-Stephen J. DILLON and Arsinora M. BLOOM

24-Dr. W.H.C. STEPHENSON and Jane WARE

24-George H. RAMSEY and Harriet G. HAY

24-Wm. F. HICKS and Ann WHEDDON


26-Frederick Kah and Mary MAUL

30-Daniel S. BAKER and Asseneth CUNNINGHAM

30-Barney CLARK and Fanny KOPPIKUS.




2-Wife of John L. HUNTOON, of a daughter

2-Wife of John MURPHY, of a son

4-Wife of Thomas LETSON, of a son

7-Wife of James W. PRIOR, of a son

7-Wife of Patrick COFFEE, of a son

7-Wife of William ANDERSON, of a son

9-Wife of Jacob KORN, of a son

10-Wife of Dr. G.J. PHELAN, of a daughter

10-Wife of John CAMPBELL, of a son

12-Wife of Jere. DAYTON, of a daughter

13-Wife of Dr. R.A. PEARLS, of a daughter

16-Wife of S. ROTH, of a son

17-Wife of Alexander M. HAYDEN, of a son

17-Wife of C.F. WAGENBLAST, of a daughter

20-Wife of Robert WELCH, of a daughter

20-Wife of Dr. Ira E. OATMAN, of a son

21-Wife of W. McMITCHELL, of a daughter

21-Wife of F.W. CLUTE, of a daughter

21-Wife of C. JUSTUS, of a son

22-Wife of George H. BAKER, of a son


2-Wife of F. WALTER, of a daughter

3-Wife of _______ BARENCAMP, of a son

4-Wife of C.A. O’DONNELL, of a son

5-Wife of William HOEY, of a daughter

7-Wife of Charles H. KREBS, of a daughter

7-John M. TEN BROECK, of a son

8-Wife of A. McGIBBONS, of son and daughter

10-Wife of Hugh KELLEY, of two sons

10-Wife of H. MYERS, of a daughter

14-Wife of E.T. TAYLOR, of a daughter

15-Wife of Charles H. GRIMM, of a daughter

22-Wife of J. BELLMAR, of a daughter

24-Wife of Richard HALL, of a son

24-Wife of Horace MASON, of a daughter

27-Wife of C. HANLEY, of a son


1-Wife of Jacob WEDDICH, of a son

12-Wife of J.D. TAYLOR, of a daughter

14-Wife of Lewis LEVY, of a son

15-Wife of W.H. DEVALIN, of a son

17-Wife of M. RAPHAEL, of a daughter

19-Wife of Nathaniel HOLMES, of a son

23-Wife of George HORL, of a son

24-Wife of Henry JEWELL, of a son

27-Wife of Thomas K. MUNK, of a son

28-Wife of James O’NEILL, of a son


5-Wife of Thomas W. PALMER, of a son

11-Wife of Robert McCANTS, of a son

13-Wife of George HEISCH, of a son

14-Wife of C.H. CUSHING, of a daughter

14-Wife of B. LASKY, of a son

15-Wife of P. GLATZ, of a daughter

16-Wife of E.O. WEST, of a son

17-Wife of J.S. MERRITT, of a son

17-Wife of Henry BURNHAM, of a daughter

19-Wife of G.W. WHITNEY, of a daughter

23-Wife of Alonzo PARKS, of a son

23-Wife of Christopher GREEN, of a daughter

25-Wife of Charles RHOADES, of a daughter

26-Wife of John M. GRAVES, of a son

28-Wife of Stephen HITE, of a daughter


1-Wife of George W. LULL, of a son

5-Wife of J. HACKETT, of a daughter

6-Wife of Robert G. OSBORN, of a son

8-Wife of John T. CONNOLLY, of a daughter

8-Wife of S. WILBURN, of a daughter

9-Wife of Robert LOCKRIDGE, of a son

11-Wife of F.P. FARGO, of a daughter

12-Wife of August EVERS, of a daughter

16-Wife of C. GRUHLER, of a daughter

19-Wife of John H. BROWN, of a son

21-Wife of J.W. COLEMAN, of a son

22-Wife of Charles ROBERTS, of a son

26-Wife of J.A. SEAMAN, of a son

28-Wife of C.M. TUBBS, of a son

28-Wife of Jacob DOUGHTY, of a daughter

20-Wife of J. GELLNAS, of a son

31-Wife of J.S. WOODS, of a daughter


1-Wife of W.R. GRIMSHAW, of a son

3-Wife of David MADDUX, of a son

4-Wife of Thomas COLEMAN, of a daughter

7-Wife of Andrew J. BRANDON, of a daughter

15-Wife of F.T. BURKE, of a daughter

16-Wife of John PERRY, of a daughter

16-Wife of A. HYMAN, of a son

22-Wife of George W. BALLS, of a daughter

243-Wife of J.M. BOARDMAN, of a son

25-Wife of P. FRANKLIN, of a daughter

27-Wife of J. BERNSTEIN, of a son


3-Wife of John GILBERT, of a daughter

4-Wife of Thomas J. NEALLS, of a daughter

8-Wife of A.K. GRIM, of a daughter

13-Wife of F. KRIPP, of a son

16-Wife of S. LAVENSON, of a son

16-Wife of Augustus WILLIAMS, of a daughter

17-Wife of Michael CROAN, of a son

18-Wife of Frederick LUNDQUIST, of a daughter

21-Wife of F. DUJARDNY, of a daughter

31-Wife of Peter TIETJENS, of a son


2-Wife of Wm. W. TEARNEY, of a son

3-Wife of Cyrus A. ACKERMAN, of a daughter

4-Wife of J.H. HERRICK, of a daughter

4-Wife of J.H. STURGIS, of a son

13-Wife of Rev. W.S. URMY, of a daughter

13-Wife of B. ALEXANDER, of a son

17-Wife of A.M. DENNEN, of a daughter

18-Wife of J.C. MURPHY, of a daughter

18-Wife of Thaddeus JONES, of a son

22-Wife of H.J. BIDLEMAN, of a daughter

25-Wife of Robert COCHRAN, of a son

27-Wife of David STRICKLAND, of a son


4-Wife of L.S. VAN WINKLE, of a son

5-Wife of Martin HILBERT, of a son

10-Wife of John LINNESS, of a son

18-Wife of W. GUTTENBERGER, of a son

18-Wife of W. TURTON, of twin daughters

24-Wife of S.C. HALL, of a son

24-Wife of W.R. WARNOCK, of a daughter

26-Wife of Joseph KLOPENSTINE, of a son

26-Wife of Alonzo GREENLAW, of a daughter

26-Wife of S. McNULTY, of a daughter


6-Wife of Joseph BREWER, of a son

7-Wife of Robt. ANDERSON, of a son and daughter

8-Wife of D. DRUSSEL, of a son

9-Wife of A. EGL, of a daughter

9-Wife of James CUMMINGS, of a son

13-Wife of M.M. SPAULDING, of a son

13-Wife of Charles DOHNE, of a son

17-Wife of Capt. E.D. SHIRLAND, of a son

19-Wife of M. LOBENSTEIN, of a son

20-Wife of A.J. ZEKIND, of a son

24-Wife of Charles STEWART, of a daughter

25-Wife of N. DEVINE, of a daughter

26-Wife of George NETHERCOTT, of a son

27-Wife of Samuel F. FORSEE, of a daughter

28-Wife of L.S. TAYLOR, of a son

28-Wife of Cyrus H. BRADLEY, of a daughter

30-Wife of John S. SANDERS, of a daughter

31-Wife of George CONE, of a daughter


1-Wife of George THOMPSON, of a daughter

1-Wife of Henry FRICK, of a son

3-Wife of Henry GEORGE, of a son

3-Wife of George H. LOVEGROVE, of a son

6-Wife of G.B. DEAN, of a daughter

7-Wife of J.M. THOMPSON, of a daughter

10-Wife of Richard WALSH, of a son

11-Wife of Capt. Wm. PIERCE, of a daughter

11-Wife of J.G. ALLMOND, of a son

12-Wife of Thomas J. DUNPHY, of a son

13-Wife of John AMES, of a son

15-Wife of C.H. MEYER, of a son

15-Wife of L.L. FUGITT, of a daughter

19-Wife of W. SHARP, of a daughter

21-Wife of John CARMICHAEL, of a son

23-Wife of S.T. DODSON, of a son

29-Wife of D. GARDNER, of a son

30-Wife of Samuel RIPPON, of a daughter


2-Wife of C.W. HOLT, of a son

4-Wife of Michael DAWES, of a son

8-Wife of Wm. N. BATCHELDER, of a daughter

8-Wife of T.J. MILLIKEN, of a son

10-Wife of J.M. MILLIKEN, of a son

11-Wife of L. EPPINGER, of a son

15-Wife of J.W. LEHMAN, of a daughter

16-Wife of Louis GAUTHIER, of a son

17-Wife of M. GROSS, of a daughter

18-Wife of O.H. TUBBS, of a son

18-Wife of S.D. TERRILL, of a son

21-Wife of W.J. HOOTEN, of a daughter

22-Wife of M. ALEXANDER, of a daughter

22-Wife of W.J. DAUGHERTY, of a daughter

22-Wife of James H. PAGE, of a son

22-Wife of G.S. WAIT, of a daughter

23-Wife of James DOHERTY, of a daughter

23-Wife of David KOHN, of a son

28-Wife of M. WILSON, of a daughter

28-Wife of J.A. GRISWOLD, of a son

29-Wife of James H. GATES, of a daughter




1- James W. PRIOR, 30 years, Ireland

2-Kate BEARD, 18 months

2-A.R.F. GRANT, 29 years, Oldtown, Maine

3-Edwin AULD, 2 ˝ years

5-Louise STOREY, 15 months

5-James CARTER, 36 years, Scotland

8-Mary J. MIER, 29 days

8-Lavina SMITH, 33 years

8-Arabella BIDEMAN, 6 ˝ years, California

8-Mary J. MILLER, 29 days, California

9-Peter CONNELLY, 32 years, Ireland

11-Judge KELLEY (bootblack), 45 years, Ky.

13-Alice McBELL, 17 months, California

14-Marshal VANDERMARK, 2 years, 7 months, Cal.

14-Albino de CASTILLA, 4 years 7 months

16-Josephine Olive TRUE, 18 months

17-Timothy WILCOX, 75 years, New York

18-Frank DIVIECHIO, 52 years, Italy

18-Mrs. Winnifred SPILLEN, 23 years, Ireland

19-Marla L. TUTT, 49 years, Virginia

21-Eugene H. MILLIKEN, 6 months

22-Charles ROSE, 56 years, Pennsylvania

23-William GALVIN, 16 months

23-Joseph H. WARD, 2 years 8 months, California

23-John SMITH, 50 years, Ireland

25-Edward M. MURPHY, 2 months, California

28-Charles PRUNER, 30 years, Missouri

30-Stephen WILLIAMS, 40 years, Iowa

30-Mary MULLEN, 83 years, Ireland

30-Jonathan ENGLISH, 32 years, Missouri

31-Mary DOWNEY, 6 years 11 months, New York

31-Ah Kow, 40 years, China


1-John O. BARR, 35 years, Maryland

1-Nellie Etta DAVIS, 4 ˝ years, California

1-John B. MENIN, 45 years, France

1-Louise HENLEY, 1 year, California

3-Bridget GRIFFIN, 69 years, Ireland

4-Nellie CLUTE, 14 days, California

4-Thomas E. BYRNE, 1 year 9 months, Cal

5-John MILLIKEN, Sr., 70 years, Maine

6-Frederick BABEL, 7 months, California

9-John E. SPINNER, 4 years 10 months, Cal.

9-Simon A. SPINNER, 1 year 9 months, Cal.

9-S.P. STAGNER, 82 years, New York

10-Dr. C. SULLIVAN, 59 years, Tennessee

11-Margaret WILLIAMS (colored), 45 years, Ohio

11-Indian - name unknown

11-John R. McHALE, 2 years 1 month, Cal.

11-Arthur MURPHY, 30 years, Ireland

12-Jennie M. MILKINSON, 3 years, California

12-William Francis GLACKEN, 21 years, Pa.

12-Twin infants of Hugh KELLEY, 9 hours old, Cal.                            

14-Mrs. Scholastique Lauren LYNCH, 22 yrs. Can.

15-Eliza Antoinette BROWN, 4 years, 7 months

17-Minnie May WAUGERMAN, 3 years 9 mos., Cal.

17-Harriet DUBOIS, 2 years 3 months, Illinois

18-Stephen BOWDEN, 12 years

18-Mary A. SHERIDAN, 5 1/2 years, Massachusetts

19-Catharine O’CONNOR, 6 months, California

19-Nicholas SHAF, 43 years, France

19-Daughter of Maurice CONNOR, 6 months, Cal.

22-I.N. UNDERWOOD, 32 years

22-Lorenzo Ten BROCK, 14 days, California

23-Mary Jane YULE (wife of William YULE)

25-Georgiana HILTON, 14 months


1-George E. PETRIE, 6 years 10 months, Cal.

3-Emma AMERIN, 6 months 20 days, California

5-Emile SCHUCHART, 7 years 9 months, Wisconsin

5-Mary A. HOPKINS, 2 months, California

5-Wesley MORTON, 27 years, Maine

6-Elias P. CHEESEBROUGH, 45 years, Connecticut

6-Armand H. CLARK, 8 months, California

7-Sing Kewn, 18 years, China

7-James BURROUGHS (colored), 51 years, Del.

7-William DUFFY, 44 years, Ireland

9-Thomas DALTON, 30 years, Ireland

9-Jennie LEONARD, 5 ˝ years

11-Carrie Emma HALSEY, 2 ˝ years, California

11-Topsey - Indian girl - 10 years, California

12-Patrick G. MOORE, 45 years, Ireland

12-Mary Ann BROWN, 1 year 8 months, California

12-Henry SEYMOUR, 25 years, England

14-Alma J. WATERS, 2 years 2 months, California

16-James BURRIS, 51 years, Delaware

16-William L. HILLS, 40 years, New York

18-Emily BIDEMAN, 2 ˝ years, California

19-Anna BATES, 2 ˝ years

20-William GOSLINE, 1 year 3 months, California

20-Elmer A. TOWNSEND, 34 years, New York

20-Jesse H. SHIRLEY, 41 years, England

21-Edward D. PRENTICE, 40 years, Connecticut

21-Isaac LUCAS (colored), 22 years, N.C.

22-Edward LLOYD, 22 years, Ireland

22-Mariah PERRY, 42 years

23-Mrs. Susan B. TOWNE, 38 years, Maine

24-Son of George MOUNT, 1 day, California

25-John F. MADDEN, 38 years, Ireland

25-George W. JAMES, 8 months, California

27-James L. ROSS, 26 ˝ years, Georgia

28-John BOYD, 49 years, Pennsylvania

29-William H. WALLACE, 1 year 3 months, Cal.

29-Mrs. Eliza ROSS, 28 years


3-Edward C. SELDEN, 45 years, Maine

2-Charles KRAUS, 29 years, Germany

3-George BELL (colored), 70 years, Virginia

4-Luis GAMBOA, 23 years, Chile

7-Gustavus REINECKE, 37 years, Germany

10-Dr. J.R. DULIN, 85 years, Ohio

19-Mrs. M.T. HINKLE, 88 years, Troy, New York

7-Adam MEEKS, 61 years, Ireland

9-Clement LEE, 22 years, Pennsylvania

9-Marks BARNET, 1 year, California

12-James McKENNA, 34 years, Ireland

13-Mary J.C. TORRERO, 17 years, California

14-Sarah GORMAN, 1 ˝ years, California

19-Michael McDONALD, 3 years, California

19-Ah Gee, 40 years, China

10-Artemus L. KIMBALL, 36 years, Maine

13-Almira E. MICHENER, 2 years, California

23-Alice THAW, 2 ˝ years, California

24-Mrs. Mattie G. POWERS, 19 years, Indiana

25-Franklin J. DAVIS, 40 years, Maine

26-Louis F. DENNIS, 13 years, Illinois

25-Harry O. MEREDITH, 6 months

23-Charles CRUM, 11 years, Washington Territory

25-Jose Herrara FIGUEROA, 23 years, Chile

29-Dora KLEINSORGE, 14 months, Missouri

29-Catharine J. MINGHAM, 3 ˝ years, New York


1-Joseph CARROLL, 37 years, New York

1-Granville H. Ten EYCK, Wisconsin

3-James SWEENEY, 30 years

5-Hattie R. MILLER, 10 ˝ months, California

12-Wm. A. PHELPS, 3 years, Utah Territory

13-John HEELEY, 46 years

13-Mary Y. KELLEY, 1 year 9 months, R.I.

13-Forest M. HILL (colored), 80 years, Ohio

14-Augustus GOESNER, 7 years 8 months, Cal.

14-H. HARRIS, 54 years, Poland

14-Caroline JEFFREY, 85 years, Ohio

15-Cornelius DRISCOLL, 32 years, Ireland

16-Edwin D. POMEROY (printer), 24 years, N.Y.

19-Seth T. DENMAN, California

21-Marian A. CRAIG, 2 months, California

22-Weyland L. NELSON, 19 years, New York

22-Charles BROWN, 39 years, Germany

22-John W. MORRIS (colored), 41 years, Wash., D.C.

23-Chambers RUTTER, 30 years, England

32-Wm. HORNBACK, 53 years, Missouri

24-Peter KIEFFER, 35 years, Germany

25-Oscar F. LONG, 36 years, New York

25-W.E. SMITH, 3 years, California

26-Antone HESS, 47 years, Germany

27-David HARRIS, 27 years, Wales

28-Charles P. GALE, 4 months, California

28-John F. BENNETT, 1 month, California

30-Volante HECTOR, 4 months, California

30-Arabella BERWIN, 12 years 9 months, Alabama

30-Maria FLOYD, 1 year, California


4-James SWEENEY, 30 years, Pennsylvania

4-George T. WEST, 1 month, California

4-Mrs. Mary A. McNEILL, 20 years, Kentucky

5-Charles C. ZEITLER, 9 months, California

5-Thomas HARRIGAN, 33 years, New York

5-Richard GREENWOOD, 26 years, England

6-Robert P. MATTHEWS, 32 years, Tennessee

7-Wm. T. DUFFIE, 5 months, California

7-Frank BASLER, 2 months, California

8-Hampton WHITAKER, 3 years, California

8-Ida KESEBERG, 7 months, California

12-Mrs. Geo. W. HOWARD, 22 years, Massachusetts

16-John TENNYSON, 36 years, Indiana

16-Ellen J. MURPHY, 27 years, Ireland

17-Fanny E. CROCKER, 4 years, California

18-Wm. C. HALEY, 1 year, 4 months, California

18-John F. DRAKE, 4 years, 4 months, California

18-Elizabeth M. PENNISH, 9 months, California

21-Sarah H. ALEXANDER, 4 years, California

23-Frank OETTEL, 7 years, 5 months, California

23-Frederick KABLES, 2 months, California

23-Edward CONWAY, 2 months, California

23-Viola KING, 3 years, California

24-Urille S. WILSON, 18 months, California

24-Mrs. Mary JOHNSON, 78 years, Scotland

25-John B. GRONDON, 24 days, California

28-John W. PHIPPS, 1 year, 8 months, California

29-Susie BURNS, 8 months, California


1-George M. LUTZ, 52 years, Germany

6-Emily E. ORTH, 2 years, California

9-Wm. H. WOODWARD, 1 year, 3 months, Cal.

9-Cash M. CAVE, 5 years 9 months, California

9-Sydney M. McCLEARY, 5 ˝ years, California

9-John F. HARKINS, 4 years, California

9-Arilla A. ATWOOD, 6 months, California

10-Nehemiah T. ABBEY, 49 years, Connecticut

12-Wm. H. LLOYD, 28 years, Maryland

12-Ong Hong, 22 years, China

12-Alida b. UPTON, 13 months, California

13-Mary E. KETCHUM, 11 months

13-Ida E. KOPPICUS, 7 years 7 months, California

13_Daniel McGEE, 21 years, Ireland

13- ______ KETCHUM

15-Wm. M. WEATHERS, 19 months

15-Martin PORTER, 82 years, New York

16-Mrs. Emily DICKSON, 84 years, Vermont

16-George BRADFORD, 75 years, Connecticut

16-Ah. Keon, 36 years, China

17-Sarah DeCOIN, 30 years, Louisiana

17-James A. WISEWELL, 6 months, California

18-John FAREWELL, 3 years, 2 months, California

20-Wm. WELBASKY, 42 years, Russia

20-Mrs. Oclo HOWE, 20 years, Missouri

21-Hosilla HOW, 20 years, Mexico

21-John H. LUMKIN, 5 months, California

22-Jay DRELL, 43 years, New York

23-Henry LARKINS, 5 months 20 days

24-Charles G. WYMAN, 37 years, Sweden

26-George W. COLE, 33 years, Maine

26-Eleanor McCARTY, 4 years, California

26-Frank HASSOL, 2 years

     D.H. ROSS, 23 years, New York

26-Wright MATTROM

28-Thomas ROONEY, 26 years, Ireland

     James A. MORTON, 34 years, New Hampshire

29-Lyman N. HAYDEN, 6 months, 12 days, Cal.

29-Thomas S. WOODWARD, 1 year 4 months, Cal.

29-J. THOMAS, 35 years, New York

31-Mary J. McDOWELL, 11 months, California

311-Wm. MILLER, 31 years, Ireland


1-John GREER, 70 years, New York

2-Laura W. WHITNEY, 3 months, California

3-Sallie ENGLISH, 46 years, New York

4-Catherine O’MALLEY, 2 years 4 months, Cal

5-Unknown man, 85 years

7-Mary Ann MAYO, 1 year, California

7-Thomas H .WILBURN, 7 years, California

11-Infant of W.C. KIBBE

16-Augusta W. HARTLEY, 6 months 22 days, Cal

18-Patrick NOLAN, 39 years

18-Charles W. RIKER, 1 year, California

2-Jane M. DICKINSON, 1 year 2 months, Cal.

21-Patrick J. O’NEILL, 45 years, Ireland

22-George A. BABJOHN, 8 months

24-Lucy HALEY, 5 months, California

25-Henry Ellsworth PLOMPTAUX

25-George W. FEYHL, 1 year 6 months, California

26-Maggie L. FOUNTAIN, 3 years, California

26-California LYNCH, 7 months, California

26-Laura WARWICK, 1 year 8 months, California

26-Wau Kung, 26 years, China

26-George BARNES (colored), 25 years

29-Hezekiah HALL, 53 years, Ohio

30-Emmett CURTIS, 29 years, Vermont

30-Emma J. HILBERT, 1 year 7 months, California

30-Miss Kum Sing, 17 years, China


2-Wm. Dewit LAKE, 8 years

1-Charles A. THOMPSON, 3 years 3 months

2-Ellmer E. O’NEILL, 10 months

3-Maria J. PARKER, 1 year 2 months

8-Wm. BISHKE, 46 years, Prussia

5-Martin KILGERRIFF, 37 years, Ireland

9-George Dwight PRENTICE, 3 years 8 months, Cal.

12-G.L. POTTER, 22 years, Massachusetts

13-Wm. H. HOYT, 24 years, Wisconsin

14-Margaret A. HARLIN, 23 ˝ years, Missouri

14-Mrs. Caroline BERWIN, Germany

15-Charles Miller HALL, 9 months, California

15-James KEEFE, 36 years, Ireland

16-A.E. CROMWELL, 34 years, Tennessee

16-Frederick N. SMITH, 45 years, New York

17-Ah Fung, 33 years, China

20-Charles E. ROSETTE, 4 months, California

20-Wm. H. BROWN, 32 years, Michigan

22-Mary M. ACKERMAN, 1 ˝ months, California

24-John LEWERS (printer), 40 years, Ireland

24-James McDONALD, 55 years, Scotland

25-John SMITH, 34 years, Ireland

27-Mary NOLAN, 28 years, Ireland

27-James W. HOBBS, 82 years, Ohio

30-Wm. MONTGOMERY, 32 years, Ireland

30-Jos. NADA, 42 years, France

30-Isaac WALTON, 22 years, Missouri


1-George W. LULL, 36 ˝ years, Vermont

1-Tye Nee, 20 years, China

1-Peter LUNDAY, 83 years, Ireland

1-Jane DUFFY, 4 ˝ months, California

2-Albert B. SEAMAN, 4 months, California

2-Unknown man

2-Margery E. O’NEILL, 1 year 10 months, Cal.

8-Ah Feo, 19 years, China

8-Merechal EUGENE, France

3-Sarah O’NEILL, 38 years, Ireland

5-W.P. DAVIS, 89 year, Ohio

7-Andrew C. DAVIS, 86 years, Ireland

7-Hans NORSE, 50 years, Denmark

7-Mary BAKER, 29 years, Ireland

9-Ah See Huey, 38 years, China

9-Joseph ANGRAVES, 85 years, England

10-Lucy BEAM

13-Mrs. Ellen M. GARDNER, 19 ˝ years

15-Mrs. Bridget COFFEE, 59 years 10 mos, Ireland

17-Catherine CRORIM, 6 months, California

21-Edna Virginia WELTY, 1 year 3 months, Cal.

23-Andrew RANK, 35 years, Germany

23-Charles J.L. KEINER, 8 months

23-Quen Sun, 48 years, China

24-Charles WILSON, 36 years, Sweden

25-Erastus GUNLOCH, 31 years, Germany

25-Son of Robert ANDERSON, 18 days, California

27-Charles F. CREED, 4 years, Illinois

28-Augustine B. WILLEY, 31 years, Vermont

29-Charles E. LEWIS, 2 years 1 month, California

29-Ah Porg, 38 years, China

30-John HEALEY, 36 years, Ireland

30-Rathel JUDSON, 31 years, North Carolina

30-John H. ALLEN, 48 years, New York

31-Ellen DOUGHERTY, 2 days, California


1-Tudco VALDEZ, 20 years, Mexico

3-Wm. McLAIN, 54 years, Maine

5-Infant daughter of George CONE, California

5-Hardin MERRY, 35 years, Ohio

6-George H. WEISEL, 14 months, 20 days, Cal.

6-Ewing M. McMITCHELL, 1 year 10 months, Cal.

7-Annie L. BRAGG, 6 ˝ years, California

7-Wm. JOYCE, 34 years, Ireland

7-Peter QUINN, 40 years, Ireland

9-Benjamin UNDERWOOD, 40 years, England

10-Mr. STEWART, 60 years, Pennsylvania

13-Ellen L. ELLIOTT, 4 1/2 years, California

15-Thomas LELLIS, Ireland

17-Alford Coleman ANDERSON

17-Christian J. APEL, 3 months, California

17-Christian WILLELLEN, 44 years, Switzerland

17-Margaret GUNN, 6 days, California

17-Alfred C. SHERWOOD, 5 years 2 months, Cal.

19-Wm. RUHL, 2 years, California

20-Mary Jane BURNS, 2 weeks, California

20-Elmore E. SKINNER, 7 months, Iowa

21-Charles HANCOCK, 20 years, Missouri

21-Sarah A. DAVIS, 24 years, Sandwich Islands

21-William LINN

22-Texas Bell RIDDLE, 8 months, California

23-Daniel MORRIS, 34 years, Ohio

25-Augustus HEICSH, 9 ˝ years, California

25-Catherine BAKER, 2 ˝ months, California

26-Scipriance RIOS, 2 months, California

27-Mrs. Mary E. LOWELL, 28 years, Ireland

28-Henry A. HUNNEWELL, 30 ˝ years, Massachusetts

29-James POWELL, 35 years, Canada

30-Edward Ten BROCK, 2 days, California


1-Emall HEISCH, 5 years, California

1-Edward Alexander WILLARD, 1 year 4 months

2-Harry PIERCE, 35 years, Australia

3-Ebenezer GILES, 38 years, Jamaica, W.I.

3-John E. EAMES, 20 days, California

4-Carrie E. HUNTOON, 11 months, California

6-John BRADY, 36 years, Canada

6-John BARENCAMP, 10 months, California

6-John SCHOFIELD, 14 months, California

6-Samuel KITTLE, 35 years, England

7-Charles BELL, 5 months, California

10-Harriet, infant daughter of Capt. Wm. PIERCE

11-John DEVINE, 30 years, Ireland

11-Alfred BRADLEY, 50 years, England

11-Peter TIERNAN, 55 years, Ireland

11-Eva Ann GREEN, 3 years, California

13-John C. OULTEN, 38 years, Delaware

14-Alfred REDINGTON, 2 years 9 months, California

14-Samantha H. ABER, 26 years, Michigan

14-Mary E. CALDWELL, 5 years 8 months, Michigan

17-Anna M. MUSSO, 34 years, Maine

17-Elizabeth HALL, 26 years, Ireland

17-Morgan PHELPS, 55 years, New York

17-Mrs. Juliet A. ERHARDT, Missouri

18-Clinton GALL

18-Amanda REED

20-Francis ALLEMON, 8 months, California

21-Mrs. Phoebe TOZER, 49 years, New York

22-T. MUHLENFELD, 44 years, Prussia

23-T. John WILKINSON, 1 ˝ years, California

Dec. 26-Henry STEVENS, 27 years, New York

29-Decatur CARKHUFF, 44 years, Pennsylvania

29-Mrs. Bellzora PIERSON, 34 years

30-Emily GIBBON, 3 years and 1 month



Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Thursday, January 1, 1863, Page 6.

© 2006 Betty Loose.



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