In Sacramento City and County

During the Year


The Sacramento Union
Wednesday Morning, January 1, 1862
1 - Findlay R. DRAY and Mary Frances ORRICK
1. Hugh Jean RILEY and Sonora HENNESEY
1 - John SPERRY and Adeline L. CARPENTER
3 - Isaac PERKINS and Catherine COLEMAN
7 - J. McLAREN and Mary A. JOHNSON
7 - Matthew FOLEY and Catherine O'NEIL
8 - George H. JOST and Mrs. Hope M. FARR
9 - Alexander KUOU_RT and Elizabeth D. S. KIDDER
12 - Thomas L. BURNS and Mary DOTY
12 - Wm. W. WELLS and Phebe LOWRY
13 - David M. WALKER and Mary FULY
17 - Godfrey H. MUNSTER and Mary Ann CASSIDY
17 - R.B. SCOFFIELD and Margaret J. CAUWELL
20 - Wm. K. SEGAR and Margaret WEIL
21 - Robert LAWSON and B. DeLACY
22 - John McKEAN and Martha D. WRIGHT
24 - Alexander M. HAYDEN and Emily RIPPON
29 - Thomas K. MUNK and Mary V. BENNETS
29 - Samuel A. COHEN and Paulina SOLOMON
31 - Roger S. DAY and Hattie E.G. CLARK
2 - Frederick STANFER and Susanna BLATTNER
8 - Marcilas C. TILDEN and Lizzie J. RALSTON
5 - Eli WILLETT and Louisa WORRELL
7 - J. Percy JONES and H. Cornelia GREATHOUSE
8 - Augustus CAPPER and Emilia KURNER
12 - Thomas O'BRIEN and Mary J.E. MORAN
12 - D. MYERS and Catherine JAMES
13 - Jonathan STILES and Ann Eliza NEFF
14 - Abram KETHLY and Gertrude H CHATTERTON
16 - John BRANTEL and Philibena COLCHER
17 - Henry ZOTTMAN and Margaret N. COWEN
24 - O.T. GANONG and Margaret KLEESE
24 - John KLEESE and Victoria COOPER
25 - M.W. MANNING and Sarah MOONEY
27 - Frank FOSTER and Alice Jane ISAACS
28 - J.W. SHIRLEY and Harriet POWERS
2 - Thaddeus C. McCONNELL and Ellen FLANEGAN
4 - A.K. MALLORY and Bridget KELLY
7 - J.A. LYNCH and Mary J. KOPPIKUS
7 - John F. BENNETT and Eliza S. BOYD
10 - Joseph DEAN and Eliza COOPER
10 - N. BERK and L. NATHAN
12 - NaNici W. GELWICKS and Frances E. SLATER
12 - John G. CLEAL and Levina B. SELBY
12 - James O'NEIL and Mary A. McLAUGHLIN
16 - V.H. STEPHENSON and Catherine MELVIE
19 - Lewis H. YANKETT and Fila A. ANDERSON
19 - William KNIGHT and Rosanna GALLAGHER
22 - Franklin L. BELL and Mary J. WILSON
23 - John W. THOMPSON and Mary Jame HASSEN
24 - John FISH and Mary BALLERD
24 - John MULLEN and Martha BALLARD
4 - Frederick WALTER and Mary CLARK
4 - Samuel T. FORSEE and Cordelia BOWERS
6 - Martin ARENZ and Kate KOESER
7 - William TIBBITTS and Delia C. DAVENPORT
8 - C.M. DENNERY and C. LONG
11 - C.C. JENKS and Abbie A. STEVENS
13 - Edwin S. PAYNE and Alice GEE
15 - Albert C_L_BAKER and Jane JOLLY
25 - Jefferson MEALER and Mary GANONG
30 - George MOUNT and Ellen BICO
1 - Charles GLOCKLER and Margaret TRANT
2 - Samuel E. HARVEY and Calista J. HODGKIN
4 - M.J. KING and Josephine M. BIDDECOURT
7 - John S. COOK and Maggie A. CRAWFORD
7 - Thomas T. BLAIR and Lucy EPPLE
7 - Harris B. WENTWORTH and Sarah STEADMAN
10 - Elias LEVYand Paulina LEVY
12 - George CONE and Catherine O. LYON
14- O. MILLER and Bridget HANLIN
15 - Lyman DUTCHER and Mrs. Isabella HALL
15 - Henry A. WADDILOVE and Mary R. PATTERSON
19 - George B. DEAN and Rosalie NELSON
21 - Peter TAULPAS and Catherine BOHLAND
23 - Christopher ROBINSON and Cathline EARNEST
23 - Samuel S. BLAISDELL and Hattie A. MAY
26 - James L. ROSS and Prudence HILLS
27 - J.E. COSTER and Mary J. IVINS
1 - Wm. H. DEVALIN and Ellen A. NEWTON
2 - J. BLUET and Fanny BERRY
7 - Frederick REESE and Arnalie A. FRIEND
8 - H.B. WOOD and Julia L. HANNON
8 - J. HARDING and Mrs. Mary THOMPSON
8 - Lyman CARPENTER and Harriet S. BARTLETT
9 - Gabriel KAHN and Caroline SCHMIDT
13 - Robert T. HESTER and Matilda E. REIFF
15 - David HAMILTON and Phebe P. BROWNELL
20 - Augustus EVERS and J. Henrietta AUER
20 - Samuel A. WELLS and L.H. OLDFIELD
21 - Marquis D. THOMPSON and Louise DERRICK
21 - W.H. STONE and O.H. MAHS
25 - John HECTOR and Catherine AUER
1 - John D. BAKER and Marian VAN VRANKEN
3 - Leonard W. FERRIS and Margaret J. BOOTH
3 - James F. APPERSON and Eliza C. COOPER
4 - Eugene K. PHIPPS and Annie J. TINGMAN
4 - John M. GRAVES and Aletha A. WITT
11 - Richard BEST and Hettie BRITTON
16 - Henry G. FISKE and Elizabeth CHEESBOROUGH
17 - Willia E. MELLVILLE and Eliza A. OSTER
17 - P.S. TREVOR and Hannah S. AREY
18 - A. COOLOT and Margaret SOMMER
20 - Thomas C. JONES and Adeline C. AUSTIN
21 - E.L. SMITH and M.W. CRAIB
28 - Henry M. HAMILTON and Sarah E. CARRIGAN
30 - George W. LULL and Ann BARNEY
1 - Tong FY and Sing CUMB
3 - Frederick PLUMMEr and Jula MONITEZA
6 - Varnum STACY and Lydia LAKE
9 - Samuel P. FRANK and Mary ILER
10 - Frank WHEELER and Mary ARNOLD
15 -Henry M. HALL and F. Elizabeth LYON
15 - George G. BERRY and Margaret R. CONNER
18 - Albert J. ALLEN and Mary Ella SHOOFER
20 - Louis SHORT and Caroline SMITH
20 - T.A. MURPHY and Kate O'BRIEN
21 - Daniel WEILT and Jane STACY
23 - Frank GUSTO and Maria ROGERS
25 - John W. COLEMAN and Julia M. PEARSON
26 - James WATERMAN and E.A. STEVENS
5 - Ar Ho and Ar Hoe (Chinese)
5 - Alonzo OSTRANDER and Eunice BARTON
9 - William W. YILLIE and Adrea J. MONTZINE
12 - A. D. MERRITT and Dianthe E. BARNETT
12 - M.C. BAKER and Lucy E. CURRIER
12 - Louis STUBELMAN and Augusta WINDRICH
15 - Marks SILVERBERG and Mrs. LEVY
15 - Leland HOWE and Emily S. CHAPMAN
18 - Maurice MULCAHY and Catharine CASSIDY
22 - Edward BRECKLE and Susan CAMPBELL
23 - Frederick SAYRES and Margaret A. EDWARDS
23 - P.F. SIMS and Margaret Ann EDWARDS
25 - James A. WILLIAMS and Martha C. GRAHAM
29 - N.V. HATCH and Mary J. BENNETT
29 - S.A. VAN PRAGG and Ann Jane VIENNE
3 - Wm. JOHNSON and Maria ORR
6 - Will OBER and Catharine COLWELL
11 - William H. WHEELER and Ann JONES
13 - Thomas I. NEALIS and Mrs. Mary HURLEY
16 - William MILLS and Maria L. HEWITT
21 - D.C. MACKEY and Amelia S. ANDREWS
23 - Carl AHPEL and Friederika BIEN
23 - John A. PETER and F.H. KRAMER
23 - A.J. RHOADS and Margaret A. DUFFY
27 - Marhsall C. STOUT and Sarah M. DOWNING
30 - James E. PERKINS and M.A.E. HEACOCK
30 - James R SHEPPARD to Anita Minerva LEWIS
30 - A. KLANBER and Terese EPSTEIN
30 - Steven G. BENTING and Maria E. FULLER
2 - William H. RICHARDS and Anne SULTON
2 - Peter KEEFER and Sarah MURKER
6 - William SHARP and Margaret GRAHAM
7 - J.J. HUNT and Ann E. BUCHANAN
11 -Joseph J. CAREY and Mary A. STUE
14 - William D. COFFMAN and Clarissa J. PAGE
17 - Henry W. EARL and Mary E. AMSDEN
18 - John C. FITGER and Amanda PROTHERS
18 - John KING and Addie BAY
21 - Robert COWNE and Mrs. Amelia C. TOWNSEND
24 - Leonard SPURGEON and Ellen KLEES
28 - Charles C. OGDEN and Mercedes NAVARES
1 - Lyman PRESTON and Azgila VAN TREES
2 - Christopher C___PAN and Jane BRADY
5 - L.T. HUBBARD and Annie O'ROURKE
16 - William B. HUNT and Eugenie DUMAS
5 - John LNESS and Sarah BRYAN
19 - D.B. POWERS and Mattie J. SHOFER
21 - George H. NETHERCOTT and Annie M. O'NEILL
22 - Wm. R. WARROCK and Annie R. CUNNINGHAM
24 - Zuffline BASTINE and Mary SANTIS
26 - M.M. SPAULDING and Louisa C. HAMMER
30 - H.K. WANTLAND and Lucy RICE



1 - Wife of Charles A. SUMNER, of a daughter
1 - Wife of William FRY, of a son
1 - Wife of Mark CORNELL, of a son
5 - Wife of George FLIEDNER, of a son
5 - Wife of H. ARENTE, of a son
6 - Wife of L.W. WILSON, of a son
8 - Wife of J. O'NEIL, of a son
8 - Wife of A.J. BRYANT, of a son
13 - Wfie of P. CAROLAN, of a son
13 - Wife of C. CROCKER, of a son
16 - Wife of P. MURRAY, of a son
17 - Wife of Richard WALCH, of a daughter
18 - Wife of E.O. KEMBLE, of a son
19 - Wife of J.D. LORD, of a son
19 - Wife of John McCLINTOCK, of a son
24 - Wife of T.J. JACKSON, of a son
24 - Wife of Stephen HITE, of a daughter
24 - Wife of T.J. HALL, of a daughter
25 - Wife of Michael MILENY, of a son
25 - Wife of Johnson BEALS, of a son
26 - Wife of Matthew WARD, of a son
27 - Wife of J.P. HUMRICH, of a son
28 - Wife of Z. GARDNER, of a son
29 - Wife of N. COLE, of a daughter
31 - Wife of John JOHNSON, of a daughter
31 - Wife of Charles O. CAROLAN, of a son
2 - Wife of Thomas KELLY, of a daughter
3 - Wife of William KIRK, of a son
4 - Wife of John CAMPBELL, of a daughter
4 - Wife of C.F. WAGONBLAST, of a daughter
4 - Wife of Lewis SUTTON, of a daughter
5 - Wife of Thomas ROSS, of a daughter
7 - Wife of George W. YOUNG, of a daughter
7 - Wife of A.T. DODSON, of a son
9 - Wife of William FACCOTT, of a daughter
9 - Wife of John CURRY, of a son
11 - Wife of Truman TERRY, of twin sons
12 - Wife of A. NETHERCOTT, of a son
13 - Wife of John HAMMOND, of a daughter
13 - Wife of B. CLARK, of a daughter
18 - Wife of E. WADSWORTH, of a son
19 - Wife of John CARBURY, of a daughter
19 - Wife of George O. GORHAM, of a son
20 - Wife of Thomas SAWYER, of a daughter
20 -Wife of John KERRAN, of a son
23 - Wife of Manuel CASTRO, of a son
23 - Wife of Anton MEILER, of a son
28 - Wife of Tremenhere JOHNS, of a daughter
3 - Wife of Wm. H. HOYT, of a son
3 - Wife of David S. ROSS, of a son
5 - Wife of E.J. McINTYRE, of a daughter
5 - Wife of John F. BRYAN, of a son
7 - Wife of J.M. SCRIFF, of a son
7 - Wife of F.B. CREGAN, of a son
7 - Wife of Fred. HOLZINGER, of a son
11 - Wife of John ARNOLD, of a son
11 - Wife of Sylvester MARSHALL, of a daughter
12 - Wife of H. WINTER, of a daughter
13 - Wife of E.D. PRENTICE, of a daughter
14 - Wife of A.B. HEMENWAY, of a son
14 - Wife of J.B. SHERLEY, of a daughter
16 - Wife of Samuel D. HULSE, of a son
16 - Wife of Robert LYNCH, of a daughter
17 - Wife of Albert LOSER, of a daughter
18 - Wife of Thomas J. MORRISH, of a son
22 - Wife of Frederick MIER, of a daughter
22 - Wife of G.A. FEYHL, of a son
23 - Wife of B. GOSSNER, of a son
25 - Wife of D. MURRAY, of a daughter
27 - Wife of J.W. MYRICK, of a daughter
27 - Wife of Frederick HOTCHKISS, of a daughter
28 - Wife of James E. SMITH, of a son
28 - Wife of Ferdinand WOODWARD, twin sons
28 - Wife of Henry MONTFORT, of a son
30 - Wife of John ZWICKER, of a son
31 - Wife of Joseph FOUNTAIN, of a son
1 - Wife of W.M. HOAG, of a son
2 - Wife of John A. CARROLL, of a son
6 - Wife of Sydney ELDRED, of a son
7 - Wife of Michael DONAHUE, of a son
8 - Wife of Wm. HARRIS, of a daughter
13 - Wife of Asa L. WAUGAMAN, of a son
15 - Wife of M. WYMAN, of a son
17 - Wife of Isaac TYSON, of a daughter
20 - Wife of S. PEYSER, of a daughter
21 - Wife of G.C. WATERS, of a daughter
24 - Wife of J. BARNETT, of a son
28 - Wife of George HEYET, of a daughter
28 - Wife of F.M. SMITH, of a daughter
28 - Wife of Anton MENKE, of a son
28 - Wife of E. Black RYAN, of a son
29 - Wife of A. AITKIN, of a son
1 - Wife of Julius WEBER, of a daughter
6 - Wife of P.L. EDWARDS, of a son
7 - Wife of F. RABEL, of a son
7 - Wife of Joseph BORACS, of a daughter
7 - Wife of J.D. TREAT, of a daughter
10 - Wife of John REITH, of a son
11 - Wife of Joseph T. HESS, of a son
12 - Wife of Henry FLOYD, of a daughter
13 - Wife of H. AHPEL, of a son
15 - Wife of George BRUCE, of a son
16 - Wife of Charles BARNES, of a son
17 - Wife of L. TOMLIN, of a daughter
18 - Wife of Robert BIGGS, of a daughter
19 - Wife of Adolph HEILBRON, of a son
21 - Wife of Henry BRADEN, of a daughter
23 - Wife of John FAREWELL, of a son
24 - Wife of Daniel GARDNER, of a son
24 - Wife of Robert CHAPMAN, of a son
26 - Wife of H.L. NICHOLS, of a daughter
30 - Wife of H. BAKER, of a son
30-Wife of A.G. DETRICK, of a son
3-Wife of P.P. BECKLEY, of a son
5-Wife of John LOWELL, of a son
6-Wife of F. DUJARDIN, of a son
6-Wife of Frank SWIFT, of a son
7-Wife of L. GESTLE, of a daughter
11-Wife of Giles V. SULLIVAN, of a son
12-Wife of M. FITZGIBBONS, of a daughter
12-Wife of Timothy LYNCH, of a son
13-Wife of E. NYE, of a son
15-Wife of Charles CHAMBERS, of a son
15-Wife of Thomas WILSON, of a daughter
16-Wife of Hiram LYONS, of a son
18-Wife of Thomas McCONNELL, of a son
18-Wife of Louis KOENIG, of a son
19-Wife of Wm. RIDER, of a son
21-Wife of John MU_L_ER, of a daughter
21-Wife of J. STEWART, of a daughter
23-Wife of Thomas UREN, of a son
29-Wife of E. RULISON, of a daughter
29-Wife of Thomas W. WILKINSON, of a son
1-Wife of L.J. LIVINGSTON, of a daughter
1-Wife of A. BADIA_, Jr., of a son
1-Wife of J.C. BABCOCK, of a son
1-Wife of Wm. H.H. LEE, of a son
4-Wife of J. GRAHAM, of twin sons
6-Wife of John GRIFFITH, of a son
14-Wife of Moses GREENEBAUM, of a daughter
17-Wife of Benjamin F. SHIRLEY, of a son
22-Wife of John T. FORLSON, of a daughter
23-Wife of A. BOND, of a son
25-Wife of Ed MAYO, of a daughter
26-Wife of Thomas HANBRIDGE, of a son
27-Wife of W. STEVENSON, of a son
28-Wife of Charles STEWART, of a son
28-Wife of S. HILL, of a son
29-Wife of A. SEELEY, of a daughter
29-Wife of W.R. STRONG, of a son
1-Wife of J. DAVIS, of a son
2-Wife of Jacob WELTY, of a son
2-Wife of W.H. HIGGINS, of a daughter
4-Wife of J.H. SMITH, of a daughter
5-Wife of Benjamin WELSH, of a son
6-Wife of Frank MORINE, of a daughter
7-Wife of Maurice O'CONNOR, of a daughter
8-Wife of S.B. LEVITT, of a daughter
11-Wife of R. NOBEL, of a son
12-Wife of Thomas SHOWLER, of a son
18-Wife of O. WEIZEL, of a son
18-Wife of James CAROLAN, of a son
20-Wife of G.K. VAN HEUSEN, of a son
21-Wife of  WITOUSKI, of a daughter
22-Wife of C.W. HOLT, of a daughter
23-Wife of J.D.B. STILLMAN, of a son
24-Wife of T.J. MILLIKEN, of a son
27-Wife of Lucius A. BOOTH, of a son
2-Wife of O. ISER, of a daughter
4-Wife of M.F. KEMP, of a daughter
5-Wife of I.M. HUBBARD, of a daughter
6-Wife of John LYNCH, of a son
6-Wife of J.A. McDOWELL, of a daughter
8-Wife of P.M. BOYLEN, of a son
9-Wife of William HOLTON, of a son
11-Wife of Daniel W. PATTERSON, of a daughter
12-Wife of A.A. RENTIFF, of a son
13-Wife of Michael DONNELLY, of a son
13-Wife of J.R. RAY, of a daughter
13-Wife of Charles WADE, of a son
14-Wife of A. HEMBURGER, of a daughter
15-Wife of P.L. HICKMAN, of a son
15-Wife of Martin EPTENURE, of a daughter
17-Wife of William FOUNTAIN, of a daughter
20-Wife of S. FREDERICKS, of a son
23-Wife of Crawford HOLLAND, of a daughter
23-Wife of George H. VOSE, of a son
23-Wife of Joseph ROLLERI, of a son
24-Wife of Horace KELHAM, of a son
25-Wife of Arthur O'NEIL, of a daughter
26-Wife of William P. CRONIN, of a daughter
26-Wife of Michael DALY, of a son
27-Wife of Elam COVING, of a daughter
29-Wife of A.C. BIDWELL, of a daughter
29-Wife of A.R. NIXON, of a son
4-Wife of A.K. MIELLER, of a son
4-Wife of J.J. HIGGINS, of a son
6-Wife of C.H. HOLLING, of a daughter
6-Wife of John McNEILL, of a daughter
8-Wife of Samuel M. KEIFER, of a daughter
12-Wife of Isaac PERKINS, of a son
18-Wife of J.A. BURNS, of a daughter
16-Wife of E.S. YEATES, of a daughter
16-Wife of J.H. HOUSMAN, of a daughter
16-Wife of Frank DENVER, of a daughter
20-Wife of W.H. TOBEY, of a son
22-Wife of W.B. TODHUNTER, of a daughter
24-Wife of G. SCOFIELD, of a son
25-Wife of Findley DRAY, of a daughter
26-Wife of Charles J. TORBERT, of a daughter
27-Wife of W.W. STOVALL, of a daughter
27-Wife of L.B. DREW, of a daughter
28-Wife of Thomas J. ASKINS, of a son
30-Wife of Joseph SENIS, of a daughter
31-Wife of Victor FOUCK, of a son
1-Wife of A. TRAFTON, of a son
1-Wife of W.J. CADY, of a daughter
2-Wife of Thomas P. LITTLEFIELD, of a son
2-Wife of David OLIVER, of a son
2-Wife of Byron J. TAYLOR, of a son
3-Wife of N.R.D. TRAPHAGEN, of a daughter
5-Wife of Geo. P. HOWE, of a son
6-Wife of W.J. ROBERTSON, of a son
8-Wife of Charles LAWSON, of a daughter
10-Wife of G. MEREDITH, of a son
13-Wife of Phillip DENNY, of a son
14-Wife of M.L. DERRICK, of a son
16-Wife of Edward BROGILLE, of a daughter
17-Wife of P. HERZOG, of a daughter
18-Wife of James McCLEARY, twins, boy and girl
19-Wife of John M. STANES, of a son
19-Wife of Charles E. PAINE, of a daughter
20-Wife of P.F. MANGIN, of a son
20-Wife of David KOHN, of a daughter
20-Wife of A. WORTHINGTON, of a son
21-Wife of Elias JACOBS, of a daughter
22-Wife of A.A. WOOD, of a son
22-Wife of E.B. COOPER, of a son
23-Wife of C. STREMMING, of a daughter
24-Wife of Roger S. DAY, of a daughter
26-Wife of M. MARKS, of a son
29-Wife of R.M. WOODWORTH, of a son
1-Wife of Joseph WISEMAN, of a daughter
2-Wife of A. LEONARD, of a son
2-Wife of M.K. MURPHY, of a son
2-Wife of J.W. BLANCHARD, of a daughter
2-Wife of J.E. MAY, of a son
2-Wife of M. OSCUARA, of a daughter
10-Wife of J.T. MIER, of a daughter
12-Wife of J. CHAMPION, of a daughter
13-Widow of J. LYNCH, of a daughter
14-Wife of John HALL, of a son
14-Wife of George HAZELSTEIN, of a daughter
17-Wife of John KLEES, of a daughter
18-Wife of George W. JOURNEY, of a son
18-Wife of T.M. LINDLEY, of a son
19-Wife of J.W. HAINS, of a son
23-Wife of T.W. WHITNEY, of a son
23-Wife of Frank WILLIAMS, of a son
24-Wife of Philip WETZLAR, of a daughter
27-Wife of Frank CHAPMAN, of a daughter
27-Wife of David CROSS, of a daughter
30-Wife of William J. SMITH, of a daughter



1-Sarah E. VAN NORDEN, 37 years, Nova Scotia
2-Samuel GUTHRIE, 80 years, Kentucky
2-M.L. POTTS, 62 years, Massachusetts
3-Rosa KEISER, 1 year, 6 months, 9 days, Cal
4-Catherine GERKIN, 82 years, Switzerland
5-Mary Cornin, Cal.
5-August O__EVALIE, 40 to 45 years, Belgium
5-Laurence MATHEWS, 56 years, Ireland
6-Francis MAENGOL, 48 years, France
7-George SHADE, 23 years, Vermont
8-Col. Wm. ALDRICH, 52 years, Rhode Island
8-DAVIS, infant son of Edward, Cal.
8-Louisa GRONDONE, 11 years, Cal
9-Charles P. GLOVER, 4 months, 14 days, Cal.
9-John WOODWARD, 87 years, Ohio
9-Charles PRATT, 82 years, France
9-Augustine MALDANATHO, 3 years, 5 mos., Cal
10-William MERRELL, 55 years, N.J.
10-Mary A. LUCE, 33 years, Vt.
11-Emma M. WOOD, 7 years, Cal
11-Thomas J. McCOY, 32 years, Penn
13-Mary E. COLICOTT, 85 years, Ireland
13-Fredrica L. KEARTH, 30 years, 11 moss, 18 ds, Penn
13-Jane H. DERING, 72 years, Ma.
18-Ada C. McKENNY, 4 years, Cal
14-David A. ROGERS, 10 months, Cal
14-CAROLAN, infant son of Peter, 1 month, Cal
15-Bartholomew KEMPSEY, 31 years, Ireland
17-Henry O. HARTE, 18 years, New York
17-Augustus B. ROGERS, 7 years, 6 months, Cal
19-Robert L. McCANTZ, 11 months, 4 days, Cal
19-Irene I. BURBANK, 11 months, 18 days, Cal
19-Edward I. STRICKMAN, 8 months, 8 days, Cal
20-Philip H. TOLL, 3 years, 3 months, 16 days, Cal.
20-MORANDA, infant son of Teresa, 16 days, Cal
20-Henrick GEISEL, 8 months, Cal.
20-Michael CORKERY, 67 years, Ireland
22-Edward W. DORAN, 1 month, 15 days, Cal.
23-GREENEBAUM, infant son of A., Cal.
23-James FANEY, 6 months, Cal.
24-Teresa MORANDA, 35 years, Italy
24-Anthony HERS, 89 years, Germany
24-James RILEY, 26 years, 10 months, Ireland
26-Virgil M. HEWES, 36 years, Maine
26-McCLINTOCK, infant son of John, 8 days, cal.
28-Freeman A. SMITH, 40 years, New Hampshire
29-Aaron BURDICK, 27 years, 3 months, Mass
30-Mary M. STONER, 19 years, Illinois
1-James LOCOMBER, 10 months, Cal.
3-HYDELIFF, infant son of M.D., Cal
3-James WEBSTER, 25 years, Tenn.
3-Georgiana SARSFIELD, 30 years, Ky.
4-Mary A. NEFF, 1 year, 28 days, Cal.
6-SLATTERY, infant son of Margaret, Cal.
6-Mon Ah, 28 years, China
6-FESS, son of Calvin F., 1 month, 19 days, Cal
7-ROSS, daughter of Thos. H., 2 days, Cal.
9-L. Patten HARMON, 1 year, 8 months, Cal
9-COGLIANDELO, son of Frank, Cal.
11-Thomas O'CONNOR, 4 years, 6 mos, 4 dys, Cal
11-TERRY, son of Truman, Cal
13-Walter J. MORGAN, 5 yrs, 4 mon, 10 ds, Cal
13-Ann DENIGAN, 5 years, 6 months, Cal
13-Charles H. MILLER, 26 years, Ohio
13-Hannah M. HATCH, 38 years, New York
14-John P. STANTON, 10 months, Cal.
15-William H. WADDICH, 8 years, 17 days, Cal
16-Agnes HESS, 8 years, 7 months, 5 ds, Ohio
16-John W. HESS, 2 years, 1 months, 4 days, Cal
16-SCHEWEITZ, son of Henry, Cal
16-Joseph FRAUNEKBACH, 3 years, 10 days, Cal.
18-Edward F. OCRRELL, 2 years, Cal
18-Mary H. BALL, 32 years, 10 months, 5ds, Ohio
18-Susanna LEE, 18 years, 1 month, 6 days, Ohio
20-Thomas R. BROOKS, 58 years, Maine
21-Ann GRIFFIN, 45 years, Ireland
22-Alex M. KENZLE, 85 years, Scotland
22-Thomas SANDERS, 85 years, Maryland
24-Mary J. BLACK, 10 years, Cal.
23-Philip H. FIELDIN, 7 months, 24 days, R.I.
4-Thomas TRAVIS, 55 years, England
5-John CARAGHAN, 5 months 5 days, Cal.
6. Luella JAMIESON, 22 days, Cal.
6-Green WILDES, 35 years, Mass.
7-Charles O. SMITH, 11 months, Cal
9-Stephen KERNY, 26 years, Ireland
11-Bridget MURRAY, 25 years, Ireland
11-John PORTER, 36 years, Ohio
12-Frederick BRADLEY, 48 years, 2 months, PA
13-Frank CLUTE, 2 years, 6 months, 5 days, Cal.
15-James H. FORSYTHE, 30 years, Ireland
16-Anna L. MERRILL, 1 year, 5 months, Cal.
17-Chong Tong, 46 years, China
17-Albert G. TOWNSEND, 1 year, Ohio
17-Kue Ah, 37 years, China
18-A. BAYER, 49 years, Germany
21-Leonardo OATEWAROS, Mexico
23-John HILL, 57 years, Germany
26-H.F. COLLINS, 36 years, Ireland
29-Richard ROCKROW, 56 years, England
29-Sarah WHITAKER, 3 years, 6 months, La.
30-J.W.B., BRACLEY, 37 years, Ireland
31-James LEARY, 5 months, 10 days, Cal.
1-Wm. F. JONES, 30 years, England
1-John COMERFORD, 50 years, Ireland
2-William F. ASHBURN, 1 year, 4 days, Cal.
2-Henry McKAY, 84 years, Mass.
2-William SISK, 28 years, Ireland
4-Terence FOLEY, 45 years, Ireland
3-Emma VAGER, 1 year, 2 months, California
4-Abratoon DAGNEY, 61 years, New York
5-Joseph DREMENE, 36 years, Germany
5-Louisa REBER, 7 days, California
5-Thomas DICKINSON, 33 years, Illinois
6-Eli TAYLOR, 31 years, New York
7-Arena STODEMIRE, 1 year 9 mos 16 ds., Cal
8-Isaac CONOVER, 33 years, new York
9-Edda E. TOLL, 1 year, 11 mos 25 days, Cal
11-LAVENSON, son of Samuel Cal.
11-J.Y. HOUSTON, 54 years, New York
12-Ping (male), 29 years, China
12-Alice M. RIPPON, 1 year 1 mo, 25 days, Cal.
12-Zene B. YORK, 2 yrs, 8 mos, 14 ds, Mich
13-Wm. G. FARRAN, 1 year, 7 mos,. 13 days, Cal
13-Thos. F. CARAGHAR, 6 years 8 months, Cal.
14-Henry LAZARUS, 48 years, England
15-HARMES, infant daughter of Charles, Cal
18-Mary WARREN, 28 years, Ireland
20-James S. REMLEY, 29 years, Ireland
22-Mary RUTTER, 4 years, 6 months, Cal.
23-Catherine M. COFFEY, 1 yr, 2 mos, 1 day, Cal.
24-Francis WALLACE, 65 years, Germany
28-Anna M. KYES, 4 yrs, 3 mos, 4 ds, Mexico
29-Jas. A SOULHMAY, 45 years, Vermont
2-Wm. H. SKINNER, 36 years, Rhode Island
2-Thomas McCONVILLE, 42 years, Ireland
2-Benigno GALLEJO, 23 years, Mexico
3-James McGLONE, 45 years, Ireland
3-Nellie YOUNG, 1 year, 6 months, 9 days, Cal
8-William LEE, 32 years, Virginia
9-Jacob FRANK, 37 years, Germany
11-Linneus B. HILL, 5 years, 1 month 17 days, Cal
16-He Ah, 30 years, China
19-FRESZEKE, infant daughter of William, Cal
20-Kene Fong, 55 years, China
20-Algernon S. GENTHER, 31 years, 6 mos, Me.
21-Albert J. WISWALL, 23 years, Massachusetts
22-John HOCKEWELL, 1 year, 6 mos, 22 days, Cal
23-Elzey LEWIS, 40 years, Ohio
23-Francis B. TALCOT, 56 years, Massachusetts
23-John CARROLL, 56 years, Ireland
24-Sallie C. POE, __ years, Maine
25-Pouce L June, _3 years, France
26-Joseph SOULES, ___ years, Vermont
26-Mary MITCHELL, 59 years, Tennessee
26-Peter BURKE, 30 years, Ireland
28-J.C. LOCKEY, 57 years, Illinois
29-John M. FAULKNER, 23 years, Missouri
29-Francis CARLEY, 5 years, 10 mos, 28 days, N.Y.
1-Wilwa GRIFFIN, 24 years, Missouri
2-Henry M. Yee, 4 months 16 days, Cal
5-Henry TAYLOR, 87 years, England
6-John WHITE, 49 years, England
8-L.P.SCHEID, 1 year 19 days, California
9-Edward FLOWERS, 8 months, California
10-William CONNER, 24 years
11-Leila J. MEEKS, 4 yrs, 8 mon, 16 days, Cal
11-A.J. HERMOSILLA, 21 years, Chile
11-Patrick PUGH, 28 years, Ireland
13-George W. HERRICK, 6 months, 28 days, Cal
15-Elizabeth BONQUIER, 6 days, Cal
15-Charlotte J. FREEMAN, 2 years, 8 months, Cal
17-Ko Yo, 31 years, China
17-Andrew HOGANS, 31 years, Pennsylvania
18-Jacob COLEBAUGH, 67 years, Pennsylvania
21-Mary HADDOCK, 23 years, Ireland
23-John F. WOODBURN, 28 years, Ohio
23-Coak Chow (female), 18 years, China
27-Frances MURRAY, 24 years, Georgia
27-Charles PRESTON, 28 years, Massachusetts
29-Michael PENDERGAST, 32 years, Ireland
4-VEGAN, daughter of John, Cal
4-Frank D. WILLIAMS, 2 yrs, 2 mon, 6 dys, Cal
5-M. Alice HEINRICH, 2 months, 21 days, Cal
6-DUNPHY, son of Y.J., Cal
7-Manuel PEREZ, 23 years, Mexico
7-Dora DREW, 2 years, 8 months, Cal
10-Samuel SPROULE, 23 years, Mass.
13-Sing Chung, 35 years, China
13-Sing Fuok, 35 years, China
14-Wang On, 28 years, China
14-Ferdinand WOODESAY, 32 years, Germany
19-John LYNCH, 1 month, 17 days, Cal.
20-Isabelle ORTIZ, 45 years, Chile
20-Kate E. CARROLL, 1 year and 1 month, Cal
21-Louisa MIER, 3 years and 9 months, Cal
21-Andrew P. ROLLINS, 41 years, Maine
23-Edgar C. HOWE, 9 months and 2 days, Cal
24-Edward DASSONVILLE, 8 years and 4 mos., Cal
25-J. DRUMMOND, 55 yrs, 7 mos, 10 ds, Scotland
26-James T. McHALE, 7 days, Cal.
28-Boag T. DU, 34 years, Pennsylvania
30-Charles EKENS, 31 years, Germany
31-Samuel POWERS, 54 years, England
31-Alex BADLAM, 1 day, Cal
31-STEWART, infant son of Charles, Cal
1-Edward R. RYAN, 1 year, 1 mos, 17 days, Cal
1-Sebelia B. PRICE, 38 years, Ohio
2-Mary ALSWROTH, 40 years, England
3-James GARNETT, 3 years, 6 mos, 3 days, Cal
3-John B. LEDUNOIS, 41 years, France
3-M.D. LARAWAY, 35 years, New York
7-Madeline KING, 3 days, Cal
7-David WHITE, 29 years, Scotland
7-FOLY, son of Tim and Edith, Cal
10-Wildes SWEENEY, 29 years, Ireland
13-William W. GUSCIN, 35 years, Wisconsin
15-Francois GARDIENS, 61 years, France
15-Ira STADEMIRE, 8 months, 5 days, Cal
15-Bethinia CHAVIS, 6 months, Cal
15-Holmes GWYNN, 5 months, 3 days, Cal
15-Frank COLLINS, 23 years, Penn.
16-William L. BUTLER, 27 years, Eng.
17-Annie F. ROWLEY, 2 yrs, 8 months, 9 days, Cal
17-Lazaro COSTA, 5 days, cal
17-Bertha HEINICKE, 19 years, 5 months, Prussia
18-William NYE, 2 months, 5 days Cal
20-John MURRAY, 18 years, Ireland
21-Stephen SELDEN, 2 years, 9 months, Cal
21-Secundina SANCHES, 42 years, Mexico
23-Ellen LEVOY, 21 years, 1 month, New Hamp's
24-Henry G. A'COCK, 28 years, Eng.
24-Qui Com, 18 years, China
24-M.D.S. HYDE, 45 years, New York
25-Chop Sing, 39 years, China
26-James MORROW, 39 years, Illinois
27-Martin BRANT, 36 years, Denmark
28-Mary McCABE, 1 month 23 days, Cal
30-Thomas MURPHY, 6 yrs, 1 month, 21 days, cal
1-ANDERSON, daughter of Robert, California
2-ALEMAN, son of George, 11 months, California
4-Herman HABINICHT, 39 years, Germany
5-A. SEVALUE, 39 years, 1 month, California
6-Abel BENHEIN, 38 years, 6 months, France
7-Calvin FOSS, 2 years, 4 months, 26 days, Cal
8-Catharine BATES, 29 years, Ireland
12-James R. QUINN, 83 years, 6 months, Maine
13-Jerry A. LYNCH, 31 years, Massachusetts
14-Frace WILLIAMS, 17 years, California
15-Rev. Thomas WHITE, 26 years, New York
16-George YEOMAN, 36 years, Scotland
16-William BROWN, 40 years, Sweden
19-James CLARK, 30 years, England
20-Wilhelmina ETERS, 1 year, 3 mos, 27 dys, Cal
20-Rev. H. MONTGOMERY, 28 years, England
22-Michael WALLER, 58 years, Germany
22-Miss Jesus VAVANO, 26 years, Mexico
25-TUCKER, son of Henry, 2 months, 21 days, Cal
26-John BROBACK, 35 years, Sweden
27-James MOONEY, 55 years, Ireland
27-Charles A. FERNALD, 25 years, Mexico
28-Henrietta RYAN, 1 year, 6 mos, 20 days, Cal
29-Richard HADEN, 46 years, 8 mos, Ireland
29-James ROPER, 35 years, Ireland
1-John COX, 40 years, Alabama
1-Sallie TAYLOR, 1 day, California
2-Mills TAYLOR, 1 day, California
3-Adam HUDSON, 73 years, 4 months, 24 days, Ire.
4-James B. REED, 87 years, Ireland
4-Clotilda WARD, 5 days, California
7-Lidia NELL, 45 years, Virginia
8-An Mun, 82 years, China
8-Louisa STEINMITZ, 6years, 1 mon, 20 days, Cal
9-Geo. C. BRADLEY, 3 years, 11 months, 4 days, Cal
9-Annie WAY, 8 years, 6 months, 7 days, Cal
10-Rachel M. SPENCER, 34 years, England
10-Alice E. AYLETT, 32 years, Virginia
12-Ellen EGAN, 27 years, Ireland
12-Wm. GUTENBERGUR, 2 yrs, 1 mos, 26 days, Cal.
13-Emma May SULLIVAN, 10 months, 5 days, Cal.
14-Alice E. HART, 2 hours, California
15-Thomas STEVENSON, 1 year, 4 mon, 4 days, Cal
15-Daniel BRADLEY, 95 years, Ireland
17-James DOHTERY, 62 years, Ireland
17-Ella B. MOUTTON, 1 year, 8 months, California
18-Lewis FYHN, 25 years, Ireland
19-Susan A. WILSON, 66 years, 6 mon, 3 days, Ky.
20-Henry HARPER, 37 years, Virginia
21-Caroline C. FRANCIS, 47 years, Maine
22-Charlotte E. ROBBINS, 37 years, Connecticut
22-Lyudia A. MERRELL, 31 years, 4 mon, 9 days, N.H.
23-Catharine GEISEL, 58 years, Germany
24-Charles M. GUILD, 41 years, Mass.
24-Kate St. Clair FILLEY, 2 years, 2 months, Cal.
28-Christopher A. RUDD, 29 years, Ky
29-Robert PHILLIPS, 45 years, S.C.
29-Michael THOMPSON, 58 years, Ireland
30-Lutitia N. GEORGE, 41 years, N.Y.
30-William STANLEY, 33 years, Ireland
30-William STEINMITZ, 3 years, 9 mos, 6 days, Cal
30-James WYNTJENS, 3 years, 7 days, Cal
30-Clara L. WHITE, 4 years, Cal
1-William WORTHINGTON, 26 years, N.Y.
3-John GAVITY, 62 years, Ireland
4-Sophia D. HOLLING, 1 month, Cal.
6-Gouie Chinck Boule, 44 years, China
7-Augustus BRUMMER, 44 years, France
7-Mary BEHRENS, 6 days, Cal
10-Joseph O. FAULKNER, 87 years, N.Y.
10-James G. SCHOVILL, 86 years, New York
10-Minnie Kate WITHROW, 1 year, 4 months, Cal
10-David DAVIS, 2 years 9 months, 20 days, Cal
12-Delia REEVES, 2 years 9 months 15 days, Cal
13-John TUCKER, 40 years, Germany
14-John SMITH, 29 years, England
14-Morris HARRIS, 32 years, Poland
16-Albert TERRIS, 53 years, N.Y.
17-Ira O. GREER, 23 years, Vermont
17-Robt T. REEVES, 1 year 4 months, 8 days, Cal
19-Jane BARTLETT, 30 years, Missouri
19-Charlie BOICE, 8 years, 19 months, New Jersey
19-Stephen SARLENIUS, 2 months, California.
20-John PALLOCK, 48 years, Ireland
22-Sarah GERIMILL, 33 years, Kentucky
22-John F. BARTON, 5 years, 4 months, 15 days, cal.
22-Mary S. WHITNEY, 19 years, unknown
23-Zachariah FOXWELL, 44 years, Maryland.
23-William MEIZLER, 40 years, Canada
23-Payton H. HALL, 33 years, 9 months, Virginia
24-John G. CLEAL, 65 years, New York
24-Peter LUBEY, 22 years, Illinois
26-Alexis RIGAL, 40 years, France
27-Robert LYNCH, 37 years, Pennsylvania
28-Thomas HOLDER, 32 years, Tennesee
29-Louis KAHL, 22 years, Germany
28-COOK, infant daughter of Hiram and Eliza, Cal.
29-E.E. CONWELL, 38 years, New York
29-Frank Warren TAYLOR, 27 days, California
30-H.H. CRUTCHELY, 26 years, Germany
1-Alvina B. BEEBE, 1 year, 4 months, 5 days, Cal.
2-Richard FOSTER, 45 years, unknown
2-John SMITH, 80 years, Germany
3-Jeremiah TOURNEY, 29 years, unknown
3-E.M. McMAHON, 44 years, unknown
3-Kate E. BITHELL, 3 years, California
3-M.E. MEREDITH, 28 years, 9 months, unknown
4-James TINSON, 41 years, England
5-Frederick R. SCHREADER, 46 years, Germany
5-Nellie Keeler BARTON, 2 years, California
9-Hiram DAVIS, 36 years, Wisconsin
9-Freder'ck HOTCHKISS, 2 years, 6 months, Cal
9-Ann E.M. HARRON, 35 years, 9 months, Mass
10-Conrad E_TING, 46 years, Germany
11-Louisa C. KUNTZ, 9 months, 22 days, Cal
12-Milton S. VANCE, 30 years, Ohio
13-Edward ROCHER, 31 years, France
15-Michael P. McCOPPERY, 45 years, Ireland
15-Geo. W. WHITNEY, 1 year, 4 months, 4 days, Cal
15-PARSON, infant daughter of, California
16-Thomas E. MILLER, 1 year 11 days, Cal
17-Hariett GARRETT, 52 years, Ohio
18-Robert PRITCHARD, 3 years, 2 months, Cal
19-Andrew MILLER, 40 years, Pennsylvania
19-Yung Ah, infant daughter of, 7 days, Cal
20-Jacob MERDALER, Germany
22-Joseph EVANS, 39 years, Pennsylvania
22-Auguste WHITE, 6 years, 3 months, 9 days, cal.
22-O.Y. CHAPMAN, 33 years, New York
24-REYNOLDS, infant of L. and Anna, California
24-Hugh O'DONNELL, 4 months, 9 days
25-John NELSON, 61 years, England
27-Jacob KALBER, 42 years, Germany
27-Napoleon LANOVETTER, 22 years, Canada
27-Jane L. CLARK, 56 years, Pennsylvania



Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Wednesday, January 1, 1862.

2006 Betty Loose.