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Monday, January 2, 1871

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The following is a record of events worthy of mention occurring in the City and County of Sacramento during the year 1870:




1st--The California Pacific Railroad Company tried to put down a track across the Central tracks near the bridge, but were prevented by superior numbers...

The little daughter of Philip Meyer thrown from a buggy and her thigh fractured.

3rd--The colored residents celebrated Emancipation Date by procession, flag presentation, etc.

4th--Abijah Hughes, who had absconded from Iowa with $4, 500, was arrested in Sacramento and started back.

6th--The Folsom Railroad shops were closed.

9th--The draw on the Newbridge was turned for the first time... Austin Rnitia, a Mexican, was drowned near the foot of O Street.

10th--W. T. Wallace, Judge of Supreme Court, elect, qualified.

11th--Jackson Temple was sworn in and took his seat as a member of the Supreme Court.

12th--A portion of the flooring of Huntington, Hopkins & Company's store, gave way and some ten tons of iron fell into the basement.

14th--H. Winters shot at a burglar in his house.

15th-- The first train of the California Pacific Railroad entered Sacramento.

17th--A total eclipse of the moon was visible at 6 o'clock this morning.

21st--Capt. D. G. Whitney killed by a railroad accident.

22nd--The California Pacific Railroad Company were forcibly prevented from finishing their track across the Central Pacific track.... Henry Fries shot and killed by Deputy Constable Lindsay.

28th--J. Neumann presented a flag, made of California silk, to Governor Haight for the State.

29th-- The completion of the California Pacific Railroad to Sacramento was celebrated by a firemen's procession.

30th--First Sunday theater since repeal of Sunday law.




1st--Gas reduced to $7 per 1, 000 feet.

2nd--Gaston D'Artois attempted suicide with arsenic.

6th--St. Rose Church and poor boxes were robbed last night.... A. Gratmeller had his late broken while out driving.

8th--A man named John De Lacy Campbell, was arrested for robbing St. Rose Church.

12th--An old man named Christian Kling died of heart disease while being conveyed to the hospital.

14th--J. J. Smith a prominent firemen died after a short illness.

15th--Major Edward M. Howison died suddenly while on a hunting excursion in a Solano County yesterday.

17th--Henry Miller attempted suicide by shooting with a shotgun.

22nd--Washington's Birthday was celebrated by processions, etc.

27th--Albert Dickers suicided by poison.




1st--The new gas-holder of the Sacramento Gas Company put in use.

3rd--Grand coursing match between the dogs of the Sacramento and San Francisco Coursing Clubs--Sacramento victorious.

3rd--Democratic City Convention met.

5th--Republican Primary is held under the Crawford plan, 1, 018 votes cast, of which James McCleery received 662 for Third Trustee.... Second day of the Democratic Convention; J. C. Garland nominated for Third Trustee.

7th--The new county officers qualified and assumed the charge of their respective offices.... Municipal elections; total vote, 2,066; James McCleery received 1,482; J. C. Garland 582. The McCleery is majority for Third Trustee, 900.... The amended school law indorsed by 1,801 for to 137 against.

8th--The County Treasurer sold $1, 321 greenbacks, taken at 79 1/2 cents, at the rate of 89 1/4 cents.

13th--The residence of John F. Miller was burglarized late night and $150 worth of clothing and jewelry stolen.

15th--Captain G. W. Sanford died suddenly at the Western Hotel. He was an old pioneer.

16th--"Smith, the bell ring or," was sent to the Lunatic Asylum.... Two men, named McQuaid and Stanton were arrested for counterfeiting coin, and a lot of counterfeiting tools were found by the police.

18th--Captain Samuel Lyons was thrown from his buggy and his right hip fracture.

20th--The dead body of a male infant found near Front and P streets.

21st--Installation banquet and ball of Sacramento Commandery Nights Templar.

22nd--Turton & Knox awarded contract to raise the Court-house--price $16,900.... Room of R. W. Billett burglarized and $800 worth of jewelry stolen.

23rd--Turton & Knox commands raising the Court-house.... A boy named McCarty fell in front of Wells Fargo & Company's office and broke his leg.

24th--Railroad bridge across the American River destroyed by fire.

25th--An elderly man named Thomas Garsuch was run over all on Front Street, between M. and N., by the locomotive G. F. Bragg and his head severed from the body.

26th--The Evening News issued first number.

27th--The temporary railroad bridge across the American River completed.

28th-- Board of Trustees elected the new city officers.... Flag at half-mast in respect to the memory of General Thomas.

30th--John F. Knox committed suicide by blowing his brains out with a shotgun.

31st--Minute guns were fired during the stoppage of the train bearing the remains of General Thomas.... The colored people fired anvils in celebration of the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment; one of them was badly cut by the explosion of a bottle of powder in his hand.




2nd--The "Union Boy" was used in firing salutes in honor of the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment.

4th--F. R. Wick elected Superintendent City Cemetery.... Governor Haight vetoed Sacramento Police Bill.

5th--Annual examination of the City Public Schools commenced.... The colored citizens celebrated the ratification of Fifteenth Amendment right procession, etc..... Assemblyman Odell shot at Leon D. Freer and wounded him in the finger.

6th--The original corner-stone of the Court-house was removed.... State Labor Exchange suspended operations.

9th--The old Yolo bridge except appears was entirely removed.

11th--A. man named Felton was arrested for robbery of house of James and Joseph Ford near Grass Valley, with most of the stolen property in his possession.

12th--Severe storm of thunder, lightning, rain and hail.... The Supervisors ordered sale of 3000 shares Central Pacific Railroad stock to D. O. Mills & Company at the rate of 70 percent.

15th--Grand Jury adjourned, having found 22 indictments.... The Court-house was raised to the grade; 400 jackscrews were used on the job.... The first "Lodge of the Sorrow" of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry held ceremonials and orations.

19th--The body of Richard J. A. Sharratt was found in the river. He was drowned near Colfax on February 21st.

21st-- A. Turner was stabbed by his wife and almost instantly killed.... About 40 feet of the sidewalk gave way in front of Dolan's carriage factory, while the crowd were viewing the body of the murder man, and about fifty people, including the corpse, fell into it; no bones broken.

22nd--The corner-stone of the Court-house, containing all that was originally deposited on the 29th September, 1854, and a lot of new matter, was re-laided.

23rd--A Chinaman, named Ah Lang, fell from fourth floor through a hatchway at Nichols, Falvey & Co.'s tub and pail factory and was killed.

24th--H. Hatowsky was thrown from a buggy and his leg broken.

25th--Third Annual State Sunday School Convention met.

27th--The house of S. J. Nathan was by burglars and $700 worth of watches, jewelry and money taken.

29th--Congregational Sunday School picnic near Woodland.




1st--John Ranchler was robbed by three men on Second Street, near M..

3rd--The Board of Delegates instructed the foremen of the different fire companies to keep persons under 18 years of age away from the engine-houses, and not to permit them to run with the machine.... The thief stole Daniel J. Thomas' coat from his law office in the Court-house.

4th--The law office of Thomas Conger was robbed.... The colored citizens went on a picnic to Folsom.

5th--Twenty car loads of firemen and their friends went picnicking to Tammany Grove, near Davisville.... Mexican residents of the city fired a salute in honor of the victory over the French at National Bridge in 1862.

6th-- William Mulligan was caught stealing tobacco from the front of Adams, McNeil & Co.'s store.

8th--Ah Quong, a noted Chinese burglar, was arrested; a lot of burglars tools were found on him.

9th-- D. W. Earl, John C. Garland and others were granted a street railroad franchise by the Supervisors.

9th--The Eastern bound Central Pacific express train ran over two Chinamen near the round house, killing both....A Chinaman tried to kill his woman with a hatchet and himself with opium, cause jealousy.

10th--Manuel Garcia was caught in the act of stealing a gold watch from the room of M. Semmer.

11th--W. S. Smart, aged 74, was found dead in his bed.

12th--The Red Men's picnic near Folsom--The Bezer Simons title sold in auction.

14th--Richard Renolds, the engineer of the train that ran over the two Chinamen on the 9th, was examined before Justice Bingay and discharged from Court.

15th--Rain, hail and windstorm.... John A. Anthony, freight agent Central Pacific Railroad, was injured by jumping from the a train in motion.

17th--Inaugural Monster Concert for benefit of the Congregational Church.

18th--Sacramento Light Artillery held their annual target practice.

19th--Twenty-one car loads of people attended the St. Rose picnic at Arcade station.... The Committee of the San Francisco teachers' excursion party paid $27,000 to the Central Pacific Railroad Company for the fare of 264 excursists to Omaha.

20th--The residence and wine cellar of P. F. Richards at Folsom was destroyed by fire.

23rd--The Spring meeting of Sacramento Jockey Club opened.

25th--The first colored jury in Sacramento was impaneled.

26th--The barge Tehama collided with the Yolo bridge and three men were badly hurt; one named Thomas Whallen, had his arm broken.

27th--The three-year-old filly Nell Flaherty won a race in three straight heats over Sacramento Course in 1:47 3-5--1:46 3-5.

29th--Rev. William H. Hill, who had been pastor of Grace Church for fourteen years, preached a farewell sermon to a crowded house.

30th--Memorial Day was observed by procession, address and decoration of graves.

31st--Rev. Mr. Hill was presented with a silver set of fourteen pieces.




1st--J. M. Linor cut and seriously wounded William M. Howard with a knife.

2nd--A Chinaman named Ah Hop was shot and killed by another Chinaman....Wachhorst's city clock set running.

10th--Steamer San Joaquin arrived with a lot of iron and ties for the Street Railway.

12th--Phillip Knauth accidentally shot himself in the right hand and arm while hunting.

13th--Ground broken at Tenth and K. streets for the City Railroad.

14th--The firemen resolved to celebrate the Fourth of July separately.

17th--Charles Lundbolm was shot and killed by Daniel McLaughlin.

20th--David Trainor, aged 11 years, drowned while swimming in this slough.

23rd--Catherine Green was found dead in her room on J. near 14th Street. She had evidently been dead several days.

26th--Samuel Ingles shot and badly wounded Dan Dennison at the Union Park Course.

29th--Store of Treadwell & Co. was entered by burglars and $400 worth of goods stolen last night.

30th--Mrs. Mary J. Ladd aged about 70, committed suicide with poison.... Jesse Morill, and 1849 Pioneer died after a brief illness.




1st-- Hot day; 92 degrees at half past 5 PM in a UNION office.

3rd-- Five hundred Chinamen bound for Tennessee passed through on the railroad; some of them jumped out of the car windows and ran off.

4th--The complaint and suits of Samuel Brannan vs. Central Pacific Railroad et al., published in the UNION.... Samuel H. Parr jumped off the cars of the California Pacific Railroad at the western end of the Yolo bridge, fell, was run over and killed.... The Pioneers also celebrated by a collation, toasts, and speeches.... The UNION reduced its subscription rates.

11th--General J. M. Schofield was received with a salute, upon his arrival from the East.

14th--T. J. Lameroux was robbed of $90 in coin and currency, a gold watch and chain, valuable papers etc., on the corner of Third and L. streets, by two men.

15th--News of the declaration of war between France and Prussia created quite a sensation.... Annual Commencement exercises of the Catholic Free School.

17th--Carl, a 3 year old son of Charles Schwartz died from the effects of falling on Saturday, the 16th, from the sidewalk to the ground, a distance of five feet.

21st--The Germans held a meeting to raise funds for sanitary purposes in Fatherland.

22nd--Steamer Neponset sunk above Freeport....A bronze astronomical clock and some fine silverware presented to E. F. Perkins by the employes of the Central Pacific Railroad.

23rd--Delia Hardy attempted suicide with arsenic, but was pumped out despite her objections.

26th--William Richards, popularly known as "Uncle Billy Richards," died from the effects of being thrown from a buggy July 21st.




1st--The Sacramento printers demanded and received higher wages.... Firemen's election--W. D. Farrel elected Chief Engineer; W. A. Faylor, 1st Assistant; and J. T. Barron, 2nd Assistant.

6th--French citizens held a meeting to raise funds for the relief of wounded French soldiers.

9th--Tench Tilghman was shot dead by Deputy Sheriff of J. Denny, who was, under order of the Court, endeavoring to dispossess Tilghman of some real estate. The shooting was in self-defense.

10th--Admiral J. W. Winslow, of Kearsarge-Alabama fame, was received with a salute, upon his arrival from the East.

16th--Harry R. Lewis appointed cadet in Naval Academy.

18th--Two cars for the Street Railway were received.

19th--Lester Bruce, eight years of age, fell into the Sacramento [River] while fishing and was drowned.... Streets Railway inauguration ceremonies.

20th--The large cistern on the corner of Fourth and J. exploded.

21st--The printers on the UNION and Record went on a strike.

23rd--The news of the death of an N. A. H. Ball, a former prominent resident of Sacramento, at Virginia City to-day, was announced.

24th--W. L. Jernegan, a printer, was assaulted and badly beaten in his own yard....Hon. William H. Seward and party were received by firing a salute upon his arrival from the East.




4th--B. F. Perry severely stabbed his wife at the State House Hotel.

5th--The Germans celebrated the recent Prussian victories by a procession and illumination.

7th--General William T. Sherman was received, on his arrival from the East, by a large crowd and firing of a salute.

9th-- The 20th anniversary of the admission of California was celebrated by a display of flags and a military parade.

12th--Opening of the Seventeenth Annual Fair of the State Agricultural Society.

13th--The Opening Address of the Fair was delivered by Charles F. Reed, President of the Society.

14th--General Sherman arrived and attended the State Fair and races; A. A. Sargent delivered the annual address.

15th--Boat race; the Pioneer Rowing Club of San Francisco victors.

16th--William Green, of Marysville, was garroted and robbed of a silver watch and $30 on K. Street, near Second.

17th--State Fair closed; the receipts from all sources, exclusive of the State appropriations, $32,000.

25th--Henry S. Briggs, the conductor, injured in on the California Pacific Railroad, died last night of his injuries.

27th--Opening of the eleventh annual session Grand Lodge are I. O. G. T. of California.




1st--The German Sanitary Fair closed; net proceeds, $3000.

6th--Anniversary of the California Theological Seminary Association.

8th--A "Heathen Chinee" attempted suicide with opium. Copious doses of assafoetida and warm water saved his life.

10th--The body of a newly born female infant found in the alley between Seventh and Eighth, H. and I streets.

12th--The little son, nearly four years old, of J. E. Strain was killed by a log rolling on him on the levee.

13th--John Mahaney was run over by the hose cart of Knickerbocker Engine Co. No. 5, and his leg broken.

14th--Jesse A. Stewart shot his hand off while gunning.

15th--A son of Rev. Mr. Donte, aged fourteen, was garroted and robbed in the vicinity of Tenth and J. streets.

16th--Pat O'Neil had his legs cut off by a car, while he was sleeping on a sidetrack.

22nd--Edgar E. Hathaway, aged 12 years, was killed by being kicked my colt.

27th--George Bucknell commenced suit in the Sixth District Court against the Clear Lake Water Company for $1 million damages to the property of himself and thirty-seven others, by the erection of two dams across the head of the Cache creek.

29th--Louis Rogers, alias Charles Wilson, waiting trial on indictments for forgery, escaped from the county jail, but was recaptured after three or four hours search.




1st--Charles Foster's suicides by shooting himself in the head on K. Street below Second.... Atchinson a Norfolk colt, won the 1870 colt stake in 1:48 3-5; 1:48., on Union Park Course.

8th-- The store of G. W. Badger was burglarized last night, and clothing, watches and $20 taken.

9th--William Dresser was killed in a shooting scrap with Matt and John Greer, on K. street near Second; Matt was severely wounded.

10th-- The Democrats of Sacramento, jollifed over the Eastern election news.

13th--Grattan McCarty had a groove out in his scalp with a pistol ball; on Second Street, between K. and L.

17th--After examination in the Police Court, Cameron H.King was exonerated from the charge of shooting Grattan McCarty .... George Gilpatrick took morphine with suicidal intent, and succeeded in his attempt.

19th--Andrew J. Zimmerman, many years an engineer on the boats of the Steam Navigation Co., died suddenly of hemorrhage of the lungs.

20th--Frank Brown, and Italian fishermen, was robbed and badly abused near the corner of Front and Q streets by three men....Antone Hoseley suicided with morphine near Folsom.

21st--An unknown man was caught burglarizing the St. Nicholas Saloon last night, and at once blew his brains out; his body has not yet been recognized.

24th--Thanksgiving Day was appropriately observed.

25th--William Parsons, aged sixty-five, died from the effects of the kicked from his horse, received the day before.

28th-- The county officers commenced moving into their new quarters in the Court-House.

29th--Sacramento County Teachers' Institute met.




5th--City election for School Directors; W. C. Stratton, E. T. Taylor, H. C. Kirk and Henry Miller elected.

6th--J. E. P. Weeks, one of the UNION editors, while walking home fell and dislocated his shoulder.

8th--Thomas Burke dropped dead as at his residence while building a fire.

11th--Richard Hortig was accidentally shot while hunting, damage not serious.

14th--Charles Dell shot and killed Charles E. Fisher.

15th--Henry Murray, a brakeman on the Central Pacific Railroad died of injuries received at Rocklin on the 14th.

18th--Charles Jackson was accidentally shot and killed near Florin while hunting.

19th--Full details of the operations of a gang of burglars, highwaymen and incendiaries in Sacramento for past two years published in the UNION.

20th--Swamp land meeting at the Court-house.

24th--William Grogan was hit on the head accidentally with a pile near the railroad works and killed.

25th--Christmas Day was very generally observed with the usual bestowal of Christmas gifts and festivities....A sister of Mrs. L. Spaulding was thrown from a buggy near Brighton and her arm broken.

28th--Mrs. E. Baldwin fell and broke her arm while walking on J. Street.

29th--Charles Dell, charged with the murder of Charles E. Fisher, was examined and discharged.



Donated by Betty Loose.

Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Monday, January 2, 1871, Page 1.

2007 Nancy Pratt Melton.



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