Records of Events







Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Thursday, January 1, 1880

Page 5 & 16


            Register of Events Which Transpired In 1879





1. H.A. CONWAY had his ankle broken by a fall ....Banquet given by proprietors of the Mechanics Store to their employes.

2. G.D. STEWART has his arm fractured by being thrown from a buggy. ...Son of H.M. LA RUE severely shot accidentally.

3 - Sluice-robbing Chinaman shot and killed at Folsom.

4 - George PERKINS deceased suddenly at Agricultural Park.

5. H. LANG, accidentally shot while hunting, died. ...Chas. RIDER injured by a shell cartridge exploding while being loaded. ....Barn of Mrs. WILSEY burned.

6 - F.S. CHANFRAU appeared at the theater.

7 - Riverside House burned. ...Trial of Troy DYE, for the murder of A.M. TULLIS, commenced in the District Court.

8 - Small fire at Fourth and I streets. ...Judge H. O. BEATTY nominated to be Receiver of the United States Land Office by the President.

9 - Alice OATES’ opera company opened at the theater....Captain John DOUGLAS, well-known colored citizen, deceased. ...Captain J.B. SHERBURN died.

10 - Troy DYE convicted of murder in the first degree.

11 - Edward ANDERSON convicted of murder in the first degree.

12 - John RICE slightly shot by C. CONWAY.

13 - Josh HART’s variety combination at the theater....G.W. GRAY died from poison near the American river bridge.

15 - Residence of James MURRAY at Thirtieth and N streets burned....A.F. CLARK, of the Tullis murderers, acquitted.

16 - Extremely cole weather prevailing.

17 - Slight fire at the residence of J.R. WATSON. ...Eliza WEATHERBY’s Froliques at the theater.

20 - W.C. HOPPING confirmed aS Postmaster at Sacramento. ...Extremely cold weather.

21 - Smelting Works at Twelfth and B streets burned.

22 - Creed HAYMOND elected Lieutenant-Colonel of the Fourth Brigade.

24 - Troy DYE and Edw. ANDERSON sentenced to be hanged on March 13th.. ..T.W. SHEEHAN elected Captain of the Sarsfield Guard.

25 - H.E. OATES broke his arm by a fall.. .. Numerous burglaries committed.

28 - Prof. Allan CURR lectured before the Literary Institute on “Life’s Battle, and How to Win It.”. ... Annual meeting of the State Agricultural Society - H.M. LARUE elected President, G.W. GILBERT Secretary, L.A. UPSON Treasurer, and G.W. HANCOCK, R.H. NEWTON, L.J. ROSE and Cyrus JONES, Directors.

29 - John SULLIVAN, a Sacramento expressman, died at San Francisco.

30 -Slight fire in clothing store of A. ROSENTHAL.

31 - P. MAGUIRE found in a dying condition on the street with his skull fractured, supposed to have resulted from a fall.


1 - D. RODEN accidentally broke his leg near Sheldon.

2 - J.D. HUBERT drowned in the river.. .. I SISENVINE, an old resident, suddenly deceased.

3 - Annual reunion and banquet of the Exempt Firemen’s Association.

8 - Americus Lodge, No. 80, A.O.U.W. instituted.

10 - Hop-house of J.E. KAMP, near the city, burned.

11 - Prof. Allan CURR lectured before the Literary Institute on “A Night in the English House of Commons”.. .. Jo. HURTADO acquitted in the District Court on a trial for the murder of J.E. DENNY.. .. Miss Bertha SCHADE, a graduate of the Sacramento High School, deceased in Oakland.

12 - Republican City Convention met and nominated for Third Trustee, Josiah JOHNSON; Collector G.A. PUTNAM; Assessor, F.A. SHEPHERD; Auditor, E.H. McKEE, and Fire Commissioner, J.W. WILSON.... Workingmen’s City Convention held a stormy session.... Thomas COWLEY, an old resident, suddenly deceased.. .. Democratic City Committee nominated for Third Trustee W.L. HERNDON; Auditor, I. TOWNSEND; Assessor, P.A. BYRNE; Collector, B.F. STEWART; Fire Commissioner, Chris. WEISEL.

13 - Chinese match factory at Sixth and R streets burned.. .. California Theater company opened at the Metropolitan.

16 - Jury in the CAULFIELD murder case in the District Court disagreed.

17 - H.A. CAULFIELD admitted to bail by Judge DENSON.. .. RICE’s Surprise Party opened at the theater.... W.W. CROUSE, for many year’s Justice of the Peace at Washington, died at that place.

18 - Bar meeting held and resolutions in respect to the memory of the late Judge RAMAGE passed.. .. Meeting of ladies to organize a woman’s suffrage club.

19 - Municipal. Workingmen’s Convention nominated for Third Trustee, John A. HUNT; Auditor, M. BRANNAN; Assessor, G.B. DEAN; Collector, E. BLUM, and Fire Commissioner, J.C. DEVINE.

20 -Depositors of the Odd Fellows’ Bank met and determined to form a new bank, on the ruins of the old one.

21 - Eve of Washington’s birthday appropriately celebrated by the Tribes of Red Men.. .. L. ARMSTRONG found dead in bed....Mrs. Maggie BURKE broke her leg by a fall.

22 - Joseph HARRIS accidentally fatally shot at Folsom.

24 - Supreme Encampment of the Order of Caucasians met.

25 - Meeting of colored citizens held to demand a recognition at the hands of the political parties.

27 - Turner masquerade carnival held.

28 - Haverly’s Colored Georgia Minstrels opened at the theater.. .. Slight fire at the residence of Mrs. ALLEN, on Seventh street, between H and I.


2 - L. DEVINZI suicided at the Sacramento County Hospital.

3 - State Woman’s Suffrage Club organized at Sacramento.. .. Grand Democratic mass meeting held at the theater, and resolutions passed condemning the President’s Chinese veto.

5 - Proposition to establish a free library extensively discussed.. .. Great interruption of railway travel on account of the recent heavy storm.. .. Mrs. Louis LEVY badly hurt by falling down stairs.

6 - County Teachers’ institute met.. .. Slight fire at the house of Julia CUMMINGS on L street, between Third and Fourth.. .. Colored Republican Club organized.

7 - Hyers Sisters appeared at the theater.. .. Democratic City Convention issued an address on the approaching municipal election.. .. George BROWN cut ____ MARTIN on the cheek with a razor.

9 - Thomas ARMSTRONG shot at T.T. CRUMP.

10 - Body of officer Fred D. CHAMBERLIN, who disappeared last year, found in the Sacramento river... .. News received of the decease at London on February 14th of Frank DALE, an old-time Sacramento merchant.

11 - Municipal election held, and JOHNSON elected Third Trustee, McKEE Auditor, SHEPHERD Assessor, PUTNAM Collector, and WILSON Fire Commissioner. The proposition to establish a free public library was also carried.. ..Directors of the proposed People’s Bank elected by the depositors of the defunct Odd Fellows’ Bank.

12 - Samuel POORMAN acquitted in the County Court of embezzlement, alleged to have been committed in his connection with the late Odd Fellows’ Bank.. .. G.W. BELL found dead in his room.. ..  N.L. NEWELL, a pioneer printer, deceased.

13 - Mr. and Mrs. W.J. FLORENCE appeared at the theater.. .. State Board of Education met and discussed the school teachers’ examination frauds.

14 - Boy named Daniel SHEEHAN accidentally fatally stabbed by a companion.

16 -Little daughter of G. WOOLF had her leg broken by a fall.

17 - St. Patrick’s Day celebrated by a procession and literary exercises.. .. Board of Supervisors wrangling over the election of County Physician.

18 - William NOWLES struck by a train at Elk Grove and badly hurt.. .. Mrs. F.H. RUSSEL deceased.. .. Republican mass meeting held at the theater.. .. William BECKMAN elected President of the People’s Savings Bank.

19 - Richard IRELAND, an old Sacramentan, died at Vallejo.

20 - Dr. George PYBURN elected County Hospital Physician.. .. Eliza WEATHERSBY’s Froliques appeared at the theater.

21 - Directors of the various Building and Loan Associations met to take action relative to the proposed new Constitution.... Dr. F.W. HATCH, Jr., appointed Assistant Physician at the napa Insane Asylum.

24 - Mrs. P. Annetta PECKHAM lectured on “That Drunkard”.. .. Little daughter of A. LOGAN severely burned.

25 - Directors of the Building and Loan Association issued an address against the new Constitution.

26 - William GILLEN, ex-Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, deceased.

27 - Installation and banquet of Sacramento Commandery No. 2, Knights Templar.

29 - W.J. FOSTER, a well-known pressman, deceased.. ..Troy DYE exhibited symptoms of insanity.. .. J.T. CARDWELL, a road-overseer severely stabbed by Chinamen at Mississippi Bay, while collecting road taxes from them.

30 - Annual meeting of the Sacramento Coursing Club commenced at White Rock.... Meeting of Israelites held on the subject of moderate reform in the church service.. .. Slight fire at the old city hall.... Fire at the store of F. TRASK at Walnut Grove.

31 - All of the allopathic physicians appointed on the City Board of Health resigned because two homeopaths had been placed on the Board.. .. Henry AMES, an old Sacramentan, died at Oakland.


1 - H.D. WEBSTER died suddenly.. .. Dr. J.L. HOWARD, an old-time Sacramento druggist, died on the train near Ogden.

2 - Board of Trustees named the Trustees of the Free Library....Capital Lodge No. 51, I.O.G.T., reorganized.... Body of Edward McKERNEN found in a shaft near Folsom.

3 - Harvey CASWELL, a pioneer Sacramentan, died at San Francisco.

4 - R.D. McCARTHY deceased.. .. William KING fell from a handcar near Galt and badly hurt.. .. Severe thunder, lightning and rain storm.

7 - Large meeting of the Clerk’s Early Closing Association head at the theater.. .. A.F. CLARK rearrested at Oakland on a charge of accessory after the fact in the TULLIS murder - Anti-New Constitution Club organized.

8 - Board of Trade passed resolutions against the new Constitution... New City Board of Health, composed of “Homeopaths,” met.

9 - Meeting of ladies held to take action relative to a benefit entertainment for the Howards.. ..Annual meeting of the Protestant Orphan Asylum held.. .. H.A. CAULFIELD convicted of manslaughter in the District Court.

11 - L.C. STONE shot and badly wounded his divorced wife.

13 - Easter generally observed.. .. W.E. GERBER won the champion cup at the pigeon tournament in progress at Folsom.

14 - Albert MANNING admitted to the bar of the District Court.. ..Light frosts.

15 - Miss Georgia C. HANCOCK appointed Librarian of the Free Library.     

16 - Supreme Court affirmed the judgements in the cases of DYE and ANDERSON.

17 - Troy DYE created a sensation on “insanity”.. .. Calico ball given in aid of the Howards.. .. Buffalo Bill appeared at the theater.

18 - Board of Education passed resolutions against the new Constitution.

19 - Mayor TURNER issued a proclamation calling for aid for the Eureka sufferers.

21 - BERGER family at the theater.

22 - Wallace BRUCE lectured before the Literary Institution on “The Landmarks of Scott”.. .. Creed HAYMOND spoke against the new Constitution.

23 - Benefit concert for the Woman’s Home given.. .. E. BLANER badly hurt by a falling chimney.. .. DYE and ANDERSON resentenced by Judge DENSON to be hanged on May 29th.

24 - H.L. KNIGHT spoke against the proposed Constitution and his meeting shamefully disturbed by the opposition.

25 - H.A. CAULFIELD sentenced by Judge DENSON to six years in State Prison for killing W.G. ENGLISH.. .. General P.F. WALSH, while addressing a meeting against the new Constitution assailed with rotten eggs by hoodlum opponents.

26 - Odd Fellows’ picnic held at Leets’ Grove.. .. Meeting of the Coursing Cub at Miller’s ranch.. .. Boy named John DESMOND had his nose broken by a blow from a bat.. .. Residence of Henry COLEMAN at Freeport burned.. .. Rev. Father GIBNEY, formerly pastor of St. Rose Church, died at San Francisco.

28 -Store of C.H. STEVENS & Co., burglarized.. .. Judge O.C. LEWIS deceased at Folsom.

29 -T.G. PHELPS spoke against the new Constitution.


1 - Governor IRWIN spoke against the new Constitution.... B. MACAULEY at the theater.

3 - A Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star instituted.. ..Boy named Geo. W. KRIPP drowned.. .. Judge DENSON and General WALSH spoke against the new Constitution.. .. Son of George KUCHLER struck on the head with a club by another boy, and badly hurt.

4 - Quarter Centennial May Festival of the Turner Association held.. .. Nicholas GALLI severely stabbed the proprietor of the Garibaldi House.. .. Charles BROWN died suddenly.. .. Body of Frank SILVA, a child, who was drowned, found in the river.

5 - John HILL died suddenly

6 - Patrick CASSIDY dead in bed.. .. James FRANCE thrown from a horse and fatally hurt at Walsh’s station.. .. Mrs. Alfred SPINKS deceased.

7 - Dead body of an infant found in Capitol park.

8 - Theodore MAASS deceased.

10 - Central Republican Club organized.. .. George FELTHOUSE committed suicide.. .. Office of J.J. AGARD burglarized.

11 -Twentieth anniversary of the Hussars appropriately celebrated.

12 - Red Men’s picnic at Natoma Grove.

13 - Mrs. M.J. YOUNG admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court.. .. Lawrence BARRETT appeared at the Metropolitan Theater.. .. Mass meeting to ratify the new Constitution held and New Constitution party organized in the county.

14 - John PERRY died suddenly.

15 - Young Men’s Republican Legion organized.. .. Barney O’NEIL died suddenly at Dalton’s, Sacramento county.. ..Safe of Dodge, Russ & Co. blown open and robbed.

16 - T.H. JACKSON died suddenly.

17 - Grand Jury reported finally.. .. Democratic County Central Committee met and declared in favor of the straight nominations.. ..Slight fire at the store of ROTHFELD Brothers.

19 - Barlow, Wilson & West’s Minstrels at the Metropolitan Theater.

20 - First Republican mass meeting of the campaign held.. .. Republican County Committee declared in favor of straights tickets.. .. Mrs. M.H. SNYDER of Sacramento died at Coulterville.

21 - Young Men’s Democratic Club organized.... George MARTIN had his leg broken by a collision at Agricultural Park.

22 - Commencement exercises of Perry’s Sacramento Seminary at the Assembly Chamber.... Annual Convocation of the Protestant Episcopal Church held.

23 - J.P. JONES supposed to have suicided by drowning.

25 - Troy DYE tried by a Sheriff’s jury and declared to be sane.. .. New Constitution party club organized.. .. F.W. SMITH drowned near Courtland.. .. Workingmen held a mass meeting to ratify the new Constitution.

24 - Steamer Cora struck a snag and sunk near Walnut Grove.

26 - Annual commencement exercises of St. Joseph’s Academy held.. .. “Color Guard” again produced at the Theater.. .. Fourth Ward Republican Club organized.

29 - Graduating exercises of the Grammar Schools held.. .. Colored citizens held a meeting in memory of the late William Lloyd GARRISON.. .. Troy DYE and Edward ANDERSON executed.... S. POWLER badly hurt by a runaway near Sacramento.

30 - Decoration Day celebrated; oration by Judge DENSON.

31 - Commencement exercises of the High School.


2 - Richard STEWART committed suicide.. .. Third Ward Republican Club organized.. .. Third annual commencement exercises of the Sacramento Institute held.. .. B. MACAULEY appeared again at the theater.

4 - Yosemite Sunday-school excursion party arrived from the East.. .. Jo. MURPHY at the theater.

5 - George MARTIN so severely stabbed by M. BECTEL that he died on the 11th.. .. Discovery made that one of the indictments against Charles HEISEN in the “Bodego” case had been tampered with.. .. Initial meeting held to arrange for the Fourth of July celebration.. .. Little son of E. PERRY run over and killed on the Riverside road.

6 - Store of J.F. COOPER burglarized.

7 - Republican primary election held in the county.

8 - HYER sisters appeared at the theater.

10 - City offices removed to the new Water Works building.. .. Capitol Lodge of Odd Fellows celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its organization by literary exercises and a banquet.. .. D.W. COMEE deceased.

11 - Mrs. J.G. SWITZER died suddenly.. .. Republican County Convention met and nominated for Senators Grove L. JOHNSON and William JOHNSTON; Assemblymen - Seymour CARR, J.N. YOUNG and Elwood BRUNER; Superior Judges - S.C. DENSON and R.C. CLARK; Sheriff - A. HEILBRON; Clerk - T.H. BERKEY; Assessor - J.W. HOUSTON; Recorder and Auditor - W.E. GERBER; Treasurer - E. WOOLSON; District Attorney - G.E. BATES; Administrator - H.S. BEALS; School Superintendent - C.E. BISHOP; Coroner - A.J. VERMILYA; Surveyor - J.C. PEIRSON; Supervisors - S. BLAIR and S.W. BUTLER; Police Judge - E.I. ROBINSON.

12 - Honorable BILKS and Workingmen agree to nominate a joint county ticket.

14 - Free Public Library opened to the public.... Third annual printers’ picnic at East Park.

16 - Body of W.F. WILSON found in the Sacramento river.

17 - W.A. TULL badly hurt at Galt by a horse.. ..Rev. J.H. VINCENT lectured; subject, “On Deck.”

18 - Rev. Joseph COOK lectured on “The certainties of Religion”.. .. Joint County Convention of the Honorable Bilks and Workingmen met and nominated for Senators Thomas McCONNELL and James FARIS; Assemblymen, G.W. FICKS, P.J. HOPPER and G. DOTY; Superior Judges D.E. ALEXANDER and D.C. ALLEN (who declined and his place was afterwards supplied by M.F. JOHNSON); Sheriff O. PLUMMER; Clerk, A. SPINKS; Auditor and Recorder, F.H. CUMMINGS; District Attorney, H.L. BUCKLEY; Treasurer, D.E. CALLAHAN; Assessor, G.L. CLARKE; Surveyor, A.G. WINN; School Superintendent, G.R. KELLEY; Administrator, J.R. JOHNSTON; Coroner, H. VOELLER.

19 - Grand Republican torchlight procession and meeting held to ratify the nomination of PERKINS as Governor.. ..Bilk and Workingmen County Convention met and nominated for Police Judge W.A. HENRY, and Supervisors, T. HAGUE and D. BROWN.

20 - Andrew DUGAN run over by the cars and killed.. .. Harry MAYNARD Company at the theater.

23 - L. CONRAD died at Washington from the effects of a fall.. .. Cornelius O’MEARA accidentally fatally shot.. .. Remenyl concert at the theater.. . .Democratic County Convention met and nominated J.L. ENGLISH and R.T. MILLS for Senators.

24 - Democratic County Convention nominated for Assemblymen, P.M. SULLIVAN, C. WOLLEB and C.C. FUGITT; Sheriff, O. PLUMMER; Clerk, A. SPINKS; Assessor, J. LANSING; Auditor and Recorder, G.M. NICHOLS; Treasurer, D.E. CALLAHAN; District Attorney, A.B. VENABLE; School Superintendent, W.S. HUNT; Surveyor, A.G. WINN; Administrator, G.F. BRONNER; Coroner, R.H. BYERS; Supervisors, W.D. COMSTOCK and E. GREER; Police Judge W.A. HENRY.

25 - At Folsom, Mrs. Emma GOISSUED died from the effects of a fall.

26 - “Pinafore” produced at the theater by the Amy Sherwin troupe.

27 - J. STRAW badly hurt by a fall.. .. N.T. BREWSTER died at Roseville.

28 - Jefferson DAVIS killed at DALTON’s ranch by a falling derrick....J. STEINMILLER found dead in a cabin near the city.

29 - Body of Revinus LOWRY found in the river.

30 - James WALSH died suddenly....House of Mrs. CURRAN, at Twenty-first and J streets, burned.


1 - Body of R. MOORE found near the city.

2 - Destructive fire at Tenth and J streets - a quarter of a block burned, starting at S.D. HAMBURGER & Co.’s furniture factory.

4 - The Fourth appropriately celebrated.... Oration by E. W MASLIN.

5 - Edward JONES run over by the cars and severely hurt....H.D. STARRING, a pioneer resident, deceased.

6 - C.S. NEWHALL committed suicide....H.S. BEALS badly hurt by being thrown from a buggy.

7 - Charges preferred against County hospital Physician PYBURN.

8 - Mrs. G. POLITZ badly hurt by a runaway accident.

10 - Mrs. General James COLLINS deceased.

11 - Interesting historical letter from General John A. SUTTER, published in the Record-Union....Distillery of Detrick & Co. burned.

15 - Ah LET shot and killed by Ah JIM and others....J.H. MURRAY died suddenly at the County Hospital.

16 - Tony Paster troupe at the theater....Rev. Father Francis KELLY, formerly of Folsom, died at San Francisco.

18 - Benjamin POOR killed by a falling stone at the Folsom Branch Prison....Ada KINGSTON suicided.

20 - Two of the large boilers at the railroad works exploded, killing J.M. KEYES, the fireman, and damaging property.

22 - Board of Supervisors removed County Physician PYBURN and appointed Dr. G.M. DIXON to the position....Emelie MELVILLE troupe produce “Pinafore” at the theater....Near Freeport, “Jennie” committed suicide by hanging.

25 - Large Republican meeting addressed by Governor G.L. WOODS and D.M. BURNS....Joshua WHITCOMB appeared again at the theater.

26 - Considerable excitement over the reported capture and confession of Tom LAWTON at Walla Walla....Democratic County Committee nominated M.F. JOHNSON and D.E. ALEXANDER for Superior Judges....Chris LUDEKIN thrown from a horse at Courtland and killed.

28 - New County Hospital completed and formally accepted by the Supervisors.

29 - “Color Guard” reproduced at the theater.

30 - Fire at the residence of J.T. PARKER, at Twelfth and D streets.

31 - W.H.H. LEE succeeded H. BURNHAM as Chief Engineer of the Paid Fire Department....John BELLMER appointed United States Internal Revenue Storekeeper.


1 - Slight fire at the residence of J.J. ANKENER....Work on the new railroad depot in progress....W.P. EMERY appointed Deputy County Clerk.

2 - Warm Session of the County Committees of the Democratic Workingmen’s and New Constitution parties....Whitelaw REID, of the New York Tribune, passed through for the East.

4 - Charles LOTHHAMMER deceased....Torchlight procession and republican mass meeting addressed by H.F. PAGE, G.W. CARTER and others.

6 - J.R. WATSON delivered an address at the theater on the railroad question.

7 - George C. GORHAM spoke at an H.B. meeting.

9 - Exciting meeting of the Democratic County Committee.

11 - Congressional Labor Committee passed through for San Francisco....Board of Education formally accepted the new school building at Tenth and Q streets....Movement on foot to secure a franchise for a J street railroad.

12 - B. HAMBURGER, a former Sacramento merchant, died at Astoria.

13 - Boy named John McGINNIS broke his arm by a fall....Boy named H. SULLIVAN hurt by a dray.

15 - Large excursion train ran to Woodland to attend a Republican meeting....Mrs. Frank LAMBLETT murdered at Folsom while in bed, and her husband severely cut. He was afterwards arrested and indicted for the murder.

16 - James O’NEAL drowned in the river....Robert T. MILLS, Democratic nominee for State Senator, declined, and James FARIS substituted by the committee.

18 - K. ROBINSON severely stabbed by J. STRICKLAND near the city....J.H. RUSSELL, a printer, deceased.

19 - Frank LAMBLETT but his throat severely at Folsom.

20 - At Elk Grove, a young man named ARTHUR was dragged to death by a horse....James LANSING substituted on the H.B. and W.P.C. ticket for Assessor in place of CLARKE, declined....J.A. PRATT succeeded J.A. FILLMORE as Superintendent of the Sacramento Division of the California and Oregon Railroad.

21 - Little son of Coroner VERMILYA accidentally severely burned with powder.

22 -H. HIRSHMAN died suddenly at the city prison....Torchlight procession and Republican mass meeting addressed by G.C. PERKINS, Senator BOOTH and G.A. KNIGHT.

23 - Sam MILLIGAN had his foot badly crushed at Roseville by the cars.

24 - Charles T. NOYES badly hurt in the eye at the railroad shops.

25 - Millie Christine, the double-headed woman, exhibited at the theater.

26 - William F. WHITE spoke....H.F.W. DETTERDING deceased.

27 - Ordinance passed granting additional franchises to the old Street Railway Company....G.J. CARPENTER and Senator FARLEY spoke....O. VAN ALSTINE severely kicked by a horse....Creed HAYMOND spoke.

28 - Alexander FLEMING died suddenly at the station-house.

29 - J. POWERS hurt at the railroad shops.

30 - G.C. HAZLETON spoke....Bat wing-shooting becomes a popular amusement....Governor IRWIN spoke.

31 - Bishop Gilbert HAVEN preached at the Sixth-street M.E. Church.


3 - General election; Republican county ticket generally elected....J. ANDERSON drowned at Sutterville....Little daughter of G.E. KUCHLER broke her arm by a fall.

7 - At Folsom W.E. GERBER defeated C.W. RANDALL at the wing-shooting match for the champion cup.

8 - J.F.W. KRANS found dead in his room....Twenty-sixth annual State Fair opened....Ordinance passed to re-number the houses in the city.

9 - Board of Supervisors canvassed the election returns.

10 - Mayor TURNER issued a proclamation for a meeting of citizens to prepare for the reception of General Grant.

12 - Sham battle fought at Agricultural Park; H.A. CONWAY had his hand blown off by the premature explosion of a cannon....S.T. COOPER found dead.

14 - Dr. John RUTH gave an exhibition of rifle-shooting at Agricultural Park....John H. ROWE, of this city, died at Galt.

15 - ZAMLOCH, the conjurer, appeared at the theater....Meeting held at the Court-house to prepare for the Grant reception....Letter carriers for the Free Postal Delivery appointed.

16 - Mrs. I. MESSENGER committed suicide near the city.

17 - Local officer Diego MORALES died....Robert MULLEN found dead.

18 - Anniversary of Chilean Independence celebrated by the Chilean residents - Little son of E.H. McKEE severely kicked by a horse.

23 - Mrs. S.E. ELDRED deceased.

24 - Freight train ditched at Brighton and several persons hurt.

26 - Robson and Crane appeared at the theater.

28 - Schooner Robie Hunter sunk near Walnut Grove....Son of Frank RANLETT severely kicked by a horse.

20 - Annual session of the Sacramento Presbytery commenced....D. LAWLOR had his leg broken.

30 - W. O’MILLEN died at the Railroad Hospital of lockjaw.


1 - Free postal delivery system inaugurated....P. QUINN severely struck with a pitcher by M. DALY....Residence of D. O’CONNOR, at Washington, burned....General Grant elected an honorary member of the Pioneer Society.

3 - Daniel E. KLICE, a veteran of the war of 1812, deceased....Haverly’s Mastodon Minstrels opened at the theater....Charles WILLIAMS run over and killed by the cars.

4 - Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle organized.

5 - Body of John Tash SAUZA found in the river at Freeport.

7 - Win J. DAVIS admitted to the bar of the Sixth District Court....Mrs. Joseph THELAN deceased....Dental Association formed.

8 -Twenty-ninth Annual Conference of the M.E. Church South met....H. HART suicided near Folsom.

9 - Amos WARING committed suicide at Washington....John CARROLL deceased.

10 - Dr. J.R. LAINE elected County Physician.

11 - Heavy fall of rain....Unknown man died suddenly at Eighth and J streets....P.F. CHAMBERLAIN found dead at Folsom....Mrs. John GERBER deceased.

12 - Residence of J. EBERHARDT burned.

13 - Body of an unknown man found in a house at Seventh and D streets.

16 - Levi S. GRAHAM died from blood poisoning....Mrs. H.S. BEAJS died at San Francisco.

18 - C. SCHINDLER badly hurt by a fall.

19 - Sacramento Leader appeared.

20 - Alfred J. RIVETT deceased.

22 - General Grant arrived, and received with an imposing demonstration.

23 - Ada CAVENDISH appeared at the theater.

24 - J.H. SHANNON, the boy orator, gave an exhibition at the theater....General Grant left for San Francisco.

25 - F. WINDRICKS thrown from a wagon and killed.

26 - Walking match at Agricultural Park.

27 - Mrs. I. DUNLAP died suddenly.

28 - Report of the Grand Jury submitted....Juvenile Pinafore Company at the theater....Residence of N. THIELEN at Sutterville burned....M. OTTENWALDER died at the County Hospital from an accidental poisoning.

29 - Capstan of a barge broke and killed F. SVENSON, C. SCANLAN and J. WALKE.

30 - Albert STRONG thrown from a wagon and seriously hurt.


1 - Description of the Folsom Branch Prison published in the Record-Union....Democratic Committee nominated Add. C. HINKSON for Superintendent of City Schools.

2 - J.B. LINBUAGH committed suicide on Brannan Island.

3 - Convention of colored citizens held to arrange for celebrating Emancipation Day....Henry HAMAN found dead in bed.

4 - Interesting article on the drainage of Sacramento published in the Record-Union....Dr. W.H. BALDWIN elected City Physician....Artificial ice manufactory commenced operations.

6 - History of the Sacramento levees published in the Record-Union....Democratic City Committee nominated for School Directors B.D. KENNEDY, E.M. MARTIN, S. ROTH and M.F. JOHNSON.

8 - Republican City Committee nominated for School Superintendent F.L. LANDES, and for Directors K.F. WIEMEYER, W.D. STALKER, J.D. LORD and W.R. KNIGHTS.

12 - Workingmen’s City Convention nominated Rev. J.H.C. BONTE for School Superintendent, and G.F. FICKS, Thos. HAGUE, J.W. WILLEM and D.J. CONSIDINE for School Directors.

13 - Bonte declined the Workingmen’s nomination for School Superintendent.

15 - W.T. TALBOT found dead near the city.

17 - Chief Engineer W.H.H. LEE deceased....Chain-gang established at Washington....E.M. SKAGGS thrown from a buggy and hurt....Supreme Court affirmed the judgement in the case of H.A. CAULFIELD.

18 - Master Mitchell BANNER gave a concert....James GALLAGHER severely stabbed his brother Patrick....Man named BARTONISZHEK found dead.

19 - Unknown man sprang from the Yolo bridge and drowned....Workingmen’s Convention nominated S. W. SMITH for School Superintendent, and D.E. ALEXANDER for Director, vice HAGUE, declined....M. RANSOM deceased.

21 - Judge W.A. HENRY admitted to the bar of the District Court.

23 - Wong Sing shot and killed by an unknown Chinaman.

24 - W.A. CASWELL leased the theater; Workingmen nominated R.K. WICK for School Superintendent, vice SMITH declined, and Richard PARKER Director, vice FICKS declined.

25 - W.F. SWIMLEY deceased....Chas. BERGEN suicided.

26 - H. NEUBOURG committed suicide....Military exhibition and drill in honor of Gov. IRWIN.

27 - Butler Folly Company at the theater; F. DUNN cut in the face by E. WRIGHT....At Elk Grove, W. JEFFERSON, in shooting at ____ LYNCH, shot his own brotherly severely.

28 - C. SULLIVAN elected Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, vice LEE, deceased.

29 - Enoch MATTER deceased....Chas. HALLEN found in his cabin near Galt murdered.

30 - Jas. McLAUGHLIN died at the County Hospital from injuries inflicted by robbers on the 23d....Hiram HENDERSON deceased.


1 - Street railroad sold to satisfy a judgement....City School election; F.L. LANDES elected Superintendent, and K.F. WIEMEYER, W.D. STALKER, J.D. LORD and W.R. KNIGHTS Directors.

2 - Sacramento sportsmen formed the Coast Range Sporting Club....Residence of Frank FREDERICKS near the city, burned....Fadies’ fair at the Congregational Church opened....Citizens’ meeting held to discuss the proposed Hall of Records....J. ANDERSON found dead on Sherman Island.

6 - Frank DOW died suddenly near Salisbury Station....R. TURVEMAN died suddenly at Folsom.

7 - Mrs. P.B. GOODRICH deceased....Slight fire at P. CLARK’s grocery store.

8 - E.C. TAYLOR, magician, showed at the theater....Bank Commissioners reported favorably in the condition of the People’s Bank.

9 - Cold weather prevailing....Meeting of citizens held to arrange for the inaugural ball.

10 - J.C. BRANDT dropped dead on the street.

11 - Mrs. A.G. TRYON deceased....Mrs. C.C.W. FRENCH, formerly of this city, died at Troy, N.Y.

13 - Little daughter of Mrs. JONES fell from a balcony and badly hurt, at Folsom....CASEY bled to death from accidental injuries.

16 - Mrs. Martha L. RICE died.

17 - Heavy fog prevailing.

18 - Council of the Legion of Honor established....D.C. PATTEN died.

19 - Heavy wind and rain storm.

21 - L. ADAMS severely shot accidentally by D. BALLETTI.

23 - Slight fire at the City Hotel barber shop....Prof. MOSES lectured before the Literary Institute on “History and Its Significance”....Residence of N. J. TOLL burned....Ezra WOOLSON, ex-County Treasurer, deceased....Weather extremely cold.

24 - Christmas eve observed in various churches....Residence of Philip WOLF burned....Prof. PEPPER mystery show at the theater....Chinatown, near Courtland, burned.

25 - Locomotive No. 103 blew off the top of her drum at the roundhouse.

27 - New depot occupied.

28 - New time-table on the railroads goes into effect....Cold weather, fogs and frosts still prevail....Military funeral of Parker O. SHEEHAN largely attended....F.J. KIMBALL, a prisoner, escaped from Constable HARVEY Saturday by latter allowing the prisoner to get out of his sight on the street....News of death of Miss Nellie CROCKER in New York on Saturday received....Announcement that street-car fares are to be reduced January 1, 1880 to five cents.

29 - John FITZGERALD dies suddenly from aneurism....News of death of Moses STOUT, an old resident, received....Several prisoners brought in on suspicion of murder of Charles HALLEN, the sheepherder.

30 - Complaints of great number of tramps on the city....Legislators arriving rapidly in the city....Rumor that the Central Pacific Railroad Company will soon build a new freight depot here.



Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Record-Union, Thursday, January 1, 1880, Page 5 & 16.

© 2007 Betty Loose.



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