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Sacramento Daily Record-Union

January 1, 1879

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Sacramento City and County


2 - Thomas CONGER succeeded M.S. HOGAN as Police Judge.

3 - The Legislature reassembled after the holiday vacation....Weather excessively cold.

4 - Prof. W.D. GUNNING commenced a series of scientific lectures....Mrs. Julius WETZLAR broke her arm by a fall....Joseph KAUFFMAN attempted suicide at the city prison....Freddie GROTH fell from a fence and broke his arm....W.H. WICKERSHAM, ex-Treasurer of Yuba county, died at the County Hospital.

7 - Wm. DOYLE struck and badly hurt by W.B. HOWLAND in a quarrel....Remains of Senator Nathan PORTER escorted to the cars by a large procession....New Board of Education organized....Lively debate in the old Board on the question of a change in school books.

11 - S.P. THOMAS, physician and surgeon, deceased.

12 - Several highway robberies reported....Levi WILSEY, well known Sacramentan, died at Elko.

14 - Henry BARRY broke his arm by a fall.

15 - Unusual wind and rain storm....Prof. George DAVIDSON lectured at the Capitol on irrigation....Prof. H.R. NORTON lectured before the Literary Institute on the Wigwam and Medicine Lodge.

17 - Slight fire at the Arcade Hotel laundry.

18 - Thomas HUNT, a Sacramento steamboat man in early days, died in New York.

19 - Yolo bridge case decided in favor of the city, in the District Court....Public meeting held to discuss matters of local legislation.

20 - Charles H. CONAWAY, well known Sacramento printer, died at Grass Valley....Mass meetings of workingmen held.

23 - Boy named Willie LOHMEYER stabbed another named James HARRISON on P street....Annual meeting of the State Agricultural Society. M.D. BORUCK elected President, A. GALLATIN, G.W. COLBY and Daniel FLINT Directors, and Robert BECK Secretary.

26 - Annual Encampment, G.A.R., held at Exempt’s Hall....Jos. HANLON had his shoulder dislocated by a fall from a horse near Georgetown.

27 - “Blue Ribbon” temperance meetings in progress....Severe rain storm prevailing....George NAGLE blew off a finger while hunting.

28 - A Chinaman killed by hoodlum boys.

29 - Henry MILLER, of the Bank of D.O. MILLS & Co., deceased....Workingmen’s demonstration in honor of Senator BONES.

30 - “Kearney” Workingmen’s meeting held on Tenth street.



4 - Continued rainstorm, and high water in the Sacramento river.

5 - Two-story brick building at Twenty-second and R streets burned....Levee opposite Sutterville broke and flooded the country south of R street levee. Energetic work saved the city from overflow.

8 - Slight fire at Second and N streets....Numerous meetings of workingmen held.

10 - Mass meetings held at Court-house to consider the drainage of the city and the new waterway.

13 - Terrific wind and rainstorm, and serious inroads made on the R street levee....The new Board of Levee Commissioners created by the Johnson bill organized.

14 - Mrs. W.C. VAN FLEET deceased....Waterway meeting held at COLEMAN’s office.

17 - Mrs. A.P. CATLIN deceased....Boy named Peter LIGHT drowned in Alder creek.

20 - Levee in front of Washington broke and great damage done.

24 - William A. KIRBY, a well-known pressman, deceased.

27 - Steamer Governor Dana blown ashore on the Sacramento and damaged....James GILROY, “Jimmy the Wrestler,” died suddenly.

28 - J.C. CORNELL shot himself fatally by accident....J.T. LANDRUM, an esteemed citizen, died.


2 - Kate LORRENCE finished a walk of 100 miles in 27 hours, 36 minutes and 30 seconds.

4 - Workingmen’s Convention (Sacramento Branch) nominated Ezra PEARSON for Mayor, Matt KARCHER for Chief of Police, John A. HUNT for Fire Commissioner, and A.C. WATERHOUSE for City Attorney.

6 - Workingmen’s Convention (Kearney wing) nominated Jabez TURNER for Mayor, Timothy LEE for Chief of Police, H.L. BUCKLEY for City Attorney, and J.C. DEVINE for Fire Commissioner.

7 - Republican primary nominated James I. FELTER for Mayor, E.M. STEVENS for Chief of Police, G.A. PUTNAM for Fire Commissioner, and J.N. YOUNG for Attorney....Tellisfer BOIYER drowned in the river.

8 - Democratic Committee nominated Hugh M. LARUE for Mayor, Matt F. JOHNSON for Attorney, and James McGUIRE for Fire Commissioner.

10 - Baptist Church on Ninth street dedicated. Sunday Times appears.

2 - Memorial exercises for the late Pope at St. Rose Church....Municipal election held, and TURNER elected Mayor, STEVENS Chief of Police, BUCKLEY Attorney, and PUTNAM Fire Commissioner.

13 - H.W. SCHACHT, an old resident, deceased.

19 - Jos. I. UNDERHILL, ex-Surveyor of Yolo county, deceased.

21 - Dr. W.F. CARVER gave an exhibition of his skill at rifle shooting at Agricultural Park....Shooting affray in the Capitol between Michael GRAY and Barney RADIGAN....Ward Clubs of the Kearneyites instituted.

23 - J.C. DIVINE painfully hurt by slabs of marble falling on him....Grocery store at Eighth and M streets burned out.

24 - Several showers of rain fell....Peter HOFFELD thrown from a horse and killed near Folsom.

25 - Board of Trustees elected city officers.

26 - Frank HOYGNEZ knocked from the American river bridge by a train and badly hurt....Another storm of rain.

27 - Geo. C. LAWRENCE suicided by drowning.

29 - R.C. MARSH, a respected citizen, deceased.

31 - Fire at the residence of Dr. G.L. SIMMONS.



1 - The Board of Police Commissioners elected policemen....Joel S. COTTON committed suicide on the Cosumnes.

2 - John HARWOOD committed suicide at the Tremont House.

3 - Slight fire at Fifth and I streets....Body of Peter BOYER, who was drowned at the Lovedall break, found....O.T. GANONG, an old Sacramentan, died at San Francisco.

4 - Boy named J. HUGHES had his leg broken while playing.

6 - The Sacramento Bar passed resolutions of respect to the memory of Judge SEXTON....Samuel SIMS, a well known citizen, died....Sacramento Grange met and took action relative to the election for Constitutional Convention delegates.

7 - Body of Walter STABELE found in China Slough.

9 - Boy named LEONARD slightly shot while fooling with a pistol.

10 - Big break at Lovedall’s ranch finally closed.

12 - Henry GEORGE lectured on “The Coming Struggle”....Frank SHAW fell from the third story of the Railroad Hospital and badly hurt.

15 - George OCHS fractured his leg by a fall.

19 - Several showers of rain fell.

20 - Johnny WISEMAN broke his arm by a fall.

21 - House owned by Ann REED, in the alley between M and N, Fourth and Fifth streets, burned....Nick ROBERTS’ Humpty Dumpty troupe at the theater....Disgraceful scene at a workingmen’s meeting on Fourth street.

22 - Slight fire on Third street, between K and L....Ben VAN RADEN broke his leg by a fall....Pacific Telescope appeared.

23 - Boarding house of St. Louis Brewery at Thirtieth and M streets burned.

24 - Samuel BRANSCOMBE fell from a wagon near Brighton and broke his collar bone.

26 - Forepaugh’s circus showed....Odd Fellows’ picnic well attended....Geo. WHITBECK found dead in bed at Michigan Bar.

27 - Residence of J. KERWIN, at Twenty-fifth and M streets, burned....A. telephone was successfully operated between San Francisco and this city.

29 - Union Square Theater Company opened at the Metropolitan.

30 - Julius WETZLAR deceased.



1 - Board of Sacramento river Drainage Commissioners met and organized.

3 - Body of an unknown man found in the river.

4 - Annual reunion of printers at East Park....R.S. CAREY elected President of the Capital Savings Bank vice WETZLAR, deceased.

6 - Slight fire in Chinatown....Ex-County Auditor LOWELL found delinquent about $1,500 in his official accounts.

8 - Slight shock of earthquake felt....Meeting of the republican County Central Committee, with a view of arranging for the coming campaign.

9 - Work of repairing the Vallejo route commenced....G. CLINTON made a dastardly attempt to outrage the little daughter of P.H. MURPHY, near Brighton....Joe HURTADO seriously shot by J.W. SUNDERLAND....John E. OWENS and company appeared at the theater.

10 - Republican County Central Committee named 49 citizens to select delegates to a County Convention.

11 - Chinese wash-house at Twelfth and G streets burned....Red Men’s picnic held at Leet’s Grove.

12 - Lewis WRIGHT died suddenly at his ranch on the Cosumnes.

13 - Denman THOMPSON (Joshua WHITCOMB) appeared at the theater....Capital Lodge, No. 8, A.P.A., instituted.

16 - Citizens Committee of 49 selected delegates to a County Nominating Convention....Body of an unknown man found in the river.

17 - Dime Savings Bank attached, and a sensation created among money and stock depositors.

18 - P.A. DAROUX died suddenly near the city....Lively session of the Democratic County Committee.

19 - Wm. TAYENER killed by a runaway team near Hicksville.

21 - John TOBIN, an old resident, died suddenly....Grand Jury indicted ex-County Recorder LOWELL and ex-District Attorney JONES....  “Gassy Pat” accidentally drowned.

22 - Frank DAILY killed by the cars near the American river bridge....Kearney County Convention nominated delegates.

23 - A. HILLEBRAND, an old resident, deceased....Citizens’ County Convention nominated delegates to Constitutional Convention...Workingmen’s District Convention met and performed a similar office.

24 - Boy named John PARNELL shockingly hurt by the cars near the Yolo bridge....Annual commencement exercises of the High School.

25 - First train passed over the Vallejo road to Davisville since the great washout....Commencement exercises of the Sacramento Institute.

26 - Slight fire at the railroad shops.

27 - Son of L.M. McKINNEY broke an arm while wrestling.

30 - Rev. George MULLER, the philanthropist, lectured....Decoration Day appropriately observed.

31 - Daughter of Mrs. J. CATHAN fractured her collar bone by a fall....Son of J.A.C. PALMER run over at Franklin and had a leg broken.



1 - City Board of Education elected teachers.

2 - Unknown man drowned at the foot of N street...The telephone makes its appearance pretty generally in Sacramento.

3 - Spring meeting of the Jockey Club opened.

4 - F.S. GEORGE thrown from a buggy and hurt.

5 - Michael DUNN drowned in a hole near the gas works....  “The Danites” presented at the theater....Thomas COX died at Salsbury’s from being thrown from a wagon.

6 - Captain W.M. HARRON, an old Sacramentan, died at Oakland....Little son of Justin GATES seriously hurt by a locomotive.

7 - Fred. D. CHAMBERLIN, a well known citizen, mysteriously disappeared.

8 - Bold and unsuccessful attempt made by prisoners to break from the County Jail....Edward BRECHEL drowned in the river.

9 - Leonard S. BUTTERFIELD drowned while bathing....Two unknown men drowned in the river.

10 - Mrs. Samuel WEBSTER and her mother thrown from a buggy and hurt.

12 - Haverly’s minstrel troupe showed at the theater....M. MARLEIN drowned himself and his little daughter in the river.

15 - Mrs. Colonel LINDSAY fractured her left leg by a misstep on the Cosumnes.

19 - Large box containing human remains found floating in the river....New pump at the Water Works connected with the mains.

20 - Initial Fourth of July meeting held....W.B. FITCH died suddenly at Sutterville.

21 - Examination of J. DAVIS and Max MARCUSE in the Dime Savings Bank swindle commenced in the Police Court.

22 - Banquet given to Clarence E. PARKER by the Columbia Club.

23 - John H. MAGENNIS deceased.

24 - Miss Nellie M. ROBINSON died in San Francisco....Sacramento Philharmonic Society reorganized....Indian woman fatally hurt by being run over by the cars at Folsom.

25 - Mrs. O.C. JACKSON deceased.

28 - Glass ball tournament opened at East Park.

29 - Three-year old son of T.C. NATIVEL drowned at East Park...Barn of Peter MORLATH at the Three-mile House burned.



2 - Frank GABRIELLE attempted suicide by cutting his throat near the American river bridge....Report of the MASON will case published in the Record-Union.

3 - Flag presented to Sumner Post, G.A. R., by a committee of ladies.

3 - Edison’s phonograph exhibited....John STOTT shot in the shoulder by his divorced wife....John BLACK’s stable burned....Boy named Robert STRADLER severely burned with powder....The Fourth appropriately observed; oration by A.C. FREMONT.

5 - Residence of J.B. SANDERS, at Fifteenth and N streets, badly burned.

8 - Officer MORALES arrested Ricardo ACOSTA and wife for murder of C. WEIHMILLER, near Dixon, on March 10th.

9 - Girl named Hattie EMPIE committed suicide with poison....Mrs. Annie WELCH died suddenly.

10 - Frank GABRIELLA, who attempted suicide on the 2d, died at the County Hospital.

12 - Joseph MAZZIO died from sunstroke at Antelope.

14 - F. WEIDEMANN, a well-known citizen, deceased.

16 - Edward BURKE had his leg cut off by the cars....Boy named Joseph ALVINE broke his arm....Grand Lodge A.O.U.W. met.

17 - Wm. YULE, real estate dealer, died....The HARRIGAN & HART troupe appeared at the theater....Dennis JORDAN’s bid of $161,500, for completing the branch Prison at Folsom, accepted.

23 - Great Council of the Improved Order of Red Men met.

24 - Allegations of crookedness in the accounts of ex-Water Works Clerk ROYSTER published....Board of Trade met to consider levee and drainage systems.

25 - Haverly Minstrels appeared at the theater....Grand Jury reported, with special reference to the Dime Savings Bank swindle.

28 - Rice H. COURTSYNE found dead at Sutterville....Officer COFFEE murderously assaulted by George M. FARR....Boy named George McGINNISS fatally poisoned accidentally.

29 - Ah OON shot in the leg by Ah CUI....Andrew McMULLIN fatally hurt while stealing a ride on the cars.

30 - Levee and drainage election held....Georgie WHEELER kicked by a horse and killed....Walter S. HUBBARD of Sacramento died at Walla Walla.

31 - Matt NAVILLE received a charge of bird shot while taking fruit near Washington.



1 - A.M. TULLIS murdered on Grand Island by Tom LAWTON and Edward ANDERSON.

2 - Little son of John R. BROWN severely injured by a fall....Three rascals robbed a drunken man and laid him on a railroad track, but he was rescued.

7 - Preliminary examination of George P. ROYSTER commenced in the Police Court....Boy named Herman EVERS badly burned.

9 - Tony Pastor’s troupe appeared at the theater....Theodore KLEBS accidentally shot himself in the leg.

10 - Girl named KELLY badly burned.

11 - Centennial of the birth of Father John, the founder of the Turner societies, appropriately celebrated.

12 - George K. WICK accidentally shot himself in the hand.

13 - Troy DYE, Edward ANDERSON and Amos F. CLARK arrested for the murder of Aaron M. TULLIS.

14 - Fall races commenced at Agricultural Park.

15 - G.D. ROBERTS, printer, died of hemorrhage....William G. ENGLISH shot and killed by Henry A. CAULFIELD....Chinatown in Folsom burned.

16 - Confessions of Troy DYE and Edward ANDERSON, the TULLIS murderers, published in full in the Record-Union.

18 - Adherbel CRAW committed suicide at Sutterville....Grabiel ROSA drowned at Walnut Grove.

25 - Residence of Frank SWIFT burned.

27 - Louis F. ODLIN accidentally killed on the steamer Julia.

28 - News received of the suicide of Dr. Charles GLISSMAN, a Sacramentan, in Germany.

29 - J.B. WRIGHT appointed Superintendent of the Sacramento and Placerville railroad.

31 - Numerous cases of burglary and garroting....At Washington, J.H. MATHENA shot in the side by J. McLAREN.



2 - Seba FARNSWORTH, an old citizen, deceased....Meeting of citizens held and committees appointed to collect money for the relief of the yellow fever sufferers in the South....Wm. CORLISS deceased.

3 - Boy named George ROTH had his leg broken by being run over by a truck.

5 - Harry J. BLACKBURN, general clerk in the office of the Secretary of State, deceased....Edward CHRISTY, P.R. BECKLEY and Benjamin BAILEY elected Supervisors.

6 - H.W. BEECHER lectured.

7 - Ida SMITH attempted suicide in the city prison.

8 - Frank A. PEABODY, well known printer, died.

9 - Phonographic report of Beecher’s sermon at the Congregational Church published in the Record-Union....Miss Maggie MITCHELL appeared at the theater.

10 - John CUNNINGHAM had his leg broken by a kick from a horse.

12 - H.J. PALMER arrested for the embezzlement of funds from the Sacramento Savings Bank....Preliminary examination of DYE, ANDERSON and CLARK commenced before Judge ALEXANDER.

15 -Albert H. UNGAR, a public school teacher, deceased.

16 - Haverly Minstrels appeared at the theater....Annual fair of the State Agricultural Society commenced.

18 - California Press Association met.

20 - Reception given to Postmaster General KEY.

21 - Man named “Kentuck” accidentally drowned in the river.

22 - Rifle shooting tournament at Tivoli....William BROELL badly hurt by a fall.

23 - Odd Fellows’ Bank collapsed....Otto GERHARDT found drowned near Georgetown....Work commenced on the new bridge across the Sacramento.

24 - State Teachers’ Association met.

25 -Wm. FLANDERS deceased.

26 - Victor LOVERICH suicided.

28 - James CONDERY stabbed by Charles ANDERSON....Little son of S. KINGSBURY accidentally lost an eye....First rain of the season fell.



1 - Charles STANTON broke his leg by a fall....W.A. MATT, an old Sacramentan, died at Lompoc....State Grange met in annual session.

3 - A.F. SMITH, well known Sacramento horseman, died at Sunol....ROBSON & CRANE opened at the theater.

4 - Chas. P. ODBERT thrown from a horse and killed....John F. DENNY fatally and Peter DENNY badly shot by Jos. HURTADO.

5 - County Hospital entirely burned; loss about $100,000.

8 - Georgia Minstrels opened at the theater....Near Courtland A. CRUMP had his hand shockingly lacerated by the accidental discharge of a shotgun.

10 - Barn of E.M. LEITCH burned.

11 - Christina GRUHLER, well known brewer, deceased....Shooting affray between A.J. RHOADS and I. TOWNSEND.

13 - Jacob FOSTER, an old citizen, died.

14 -Michael O’CONNOR died suddenly....Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMSON (Maggie MOORE) appeared at the theater.

15 -Mrs. J.E. PARKER severely hurt by a fall.

16 - First frost of the season....J. BERRY, a member of the Constitutional Convention, became insane and cut a man in the Assembly Chamber....Unknown man found near the city with a bullet hole in his head. ....George OCHS, a well known brewer, deceased.

19 - Sermon of Rev. I.E. DWINELL, on “Capital and Labor,” published in the Record-Union.

20 - Jane KELLY attempted suicide by drowning.

21 - News received of the death of Peter ZACHARIAS, an old citizen, at sea, on September 25th....Major Robert BECK hurt by a runaway team.

22 -LACHMAN’s winery burned....Reception and banquet given to J.B. HARMON, Grand Sire, by the Sacramento Odd Fellows.

23 - Samuel S. GREENWOOD, ex-City Assessor, deceased....A.L. BECKER struck by a train and badly hurt.

24 - Frank MAYO opened at the theater....Brilliant reception given by Senator BOOTH.

27 - F.D. VAN HORN, ex-police officer, died.

28 - Thomas F. COLLINS appointed official reporter of the County Court.



1 - Louis BAILEY died near the city from the effects of being run over by a wagon.

4 - “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” presented at the theater....DYE, ANDERSON, CLARK and CAULFIELD arraigned....Old Sacramento and Yolo bridge used for the last time.

6 - Salute, serenades, etc., in honor of Eastern Republican victories.

9 - House owned by A. SCROGGS, at Eighteenth and M streets, burned....John BARRETT died suddenly in the Sacramento and Placerville cars.

13 - State Homeopathic Medical Society met....Man named SANDOZ severely hurt by a fall at the new bridge.

14 - at Elk Grove, Henry CASSIDY badly hurt by Chas. MORRIS, who struck him with a club.

16 - Demurrers in several of the bank cases sustained in the County Court....Bank Commissioners commence the examination of the banks in the city.

19 - Boy named Vernon WATSON broke his arm....R.T. BROWN, a pioneer merchant, deceased.

21 - JOHNSTON distillery seized by the revenue officers.

25 - Carl C. FINCKLER committed suicide.

26 - Royal Marionettes appeared at the theater....John A. JOHNSON deceased.

27 - House owned by ____ HICKMAN, at Eighth and D streets, burned....T.S. BEVER deceased....Cold weather prevailing.

28 - Taft, Totman & Farnsworth’s planing mill and several other buildings burned....Thanksgiving appropriately observed....Ramon PICO attempted to ride 25 miles in one hour at Agricultural Park.

29 - Unknown man suicided



1 - Vernon H. VAUGHN, ex-Governor of Utah, deceased.

2 - Antone VON VOLFKEN suicided....Annual City School election; F.A. HORNBLOWER, James McCLATCHY, J.T. GRIFFITTS and S.W. BUTLER elected Directors.

5 - Banquet given to the Supreme Court by the members of the Sacramento Bar....Draw of the new Sacramento and Yolo bridge closed for the first time.

6 - Paulo DE CARLI received fatal injuries while operating a steam grindstone at Harms & Palm’s ranch.

7 - Officer Jos. SCOTT shot through the heart at night, on the street, by unknown parties. ....Serious fire at the Protestant Orphan Asylum...Race at Agricultural Park between Sweetser and Rarus, won by the latter; time, 2:18 3/4, 1:18 and 2:22....Philip WETZLE died suddenly....Bar Association formed.

8 - Dan Virgil GATES, a well known Sacramentan, died at Leadville, Colorado.

9 - Rice’s Surprise Party Company opened at the Theater....Meeting held and committees appointed to collect money to repair the Protestant Orphan Asylum.

10 - W.H. L. BARNES delivered the first of the course of Institute lectures.

11 - Globe restaurant and Leerya’s variety store burned.

12 - Heavy gales from the north of several day’s duration....Harrison WACKMAN died at Elk Grove.

13 - Myron D. ELDRED elected police officer in place of SCOTT, deceased....Ferrer musical concert given....G.N. LEVY died.

14 - Weather colder than at any time since 1872....New Yolo bridge opened for general public travel.

16 - Board of Health reported relative to China slough.

17 - W.C. HOPPING renominated for Postmaster by the President.

18 - First parlor of the Philharmonic Society held.

19 - Movement set on foot with a view of making the Sacramento Library free.

21 - report of Grove L. JOHNSON on the hospital insurance submitted to the Supervisors.

22 - T.M. HOWARD, fireman, deceased.

23 - A. TROWBRIDGE, deceased.

24 - W.H. HALSEY, es-City Collector, died.

25 - Miss Mary L. YOUNG appeared at the theater....Extremely cold weather still continues.

26 - Hart FELLOWS, Receiver of the United States Land Office, deceased.

27 - Richard WEBB, editor of the Amador Ledger, committed for contempt by Judge BROWN, released by Judge DENSON, on habeas corpus.

28 - Allen REYNOLDS and wife found dead at their residence, supposed to have been poisoned.

30 - Several teachers dismissed at San Francisco for connection with the school fraud.




Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Record-Union, January 1, 1879, page 5.

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