Year 1877 to December 30th.

Sacramento City and County






Daily Record-Union – Supplement

Sacramento, Tuesday Morning, January 1, 1878

Page 9




1. Louis E. BURNS, railroad brakeman, died suddenly....Desperate cutting affray at Seventeen-mile House, between V. WACHTEL, F. MARRELL, R. REINKLER, S. PAULI and H. STICKLER - all hurt....Boy named Julius BECKMAN burned in the face with powder....John LABANDORO, deck hand on steamer Pioneer, fell overboard and was drowned....William SHATTUCK thrown from buggy and hurt.

2 - Mrs. James MURPHY accidentally drowned in the river....New Board of Education organized by election of J.I. FELTER, President; Matthew COOKE elected Director to succeed A.T. NELSON, deceased; Board consists of M. COOKE, J.F. DREMAN, H.H. LINNELL, T.B. McFARLAND, John STEVENS, J.I. FELTER, J.F. RICHARDSON and J.N. YOUNG.

3 - New High School Building, at M and Ninth streets, occupied for the first time by pupils....Andrew McDONALD, alias “Tommy the Tinker” badly cut by William O’BRIEN.

4 - Fire in residence of E.A. JOHNSTON, on M street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth; little damage....Pistol Club organized....Trial of mining debris case of ATKINSON vs. Amador and Sacramento Canal Company commenced in District Court.

5 - Son of John DONOVAN run over by a truck at Third and L streets; no bones broken.

9 - Eureka Lodge No. 4, I.O.O.F., celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary....Joseph SPENCER thrown from buggy and injured....S. TRYON injured by a piece of machinery falling on him.

10 - Fire at residence of ____ BURGESS, H. and Fourteenth streets; little damage.

11 - Body of an unknown man found in the tule near SWINGLE’s....Slight shower of rain, the first since last October.

14 - Chinese building on north side of I street fell in slough; several Chinamen missing....North wind prevailing....James HANLON, a well known citizen died....Numerous burglaries reported....Charles B. BAIRD tried at Woodland for murder.

16 - Miss Isabel CONWAY accidentally shot by a boy named Frank SWEENEY....Slight fire at residence of Mrs. STODDARD, at D and Fifteenth streets....Chinaman named Ah HOY stabbed by countryman; died two days after.

18 - Jury in BAIRD murder case at Woodland disagree....Joel SMITH, an old resident, deceased.

20 - A.C. VALLIANT, well known citizen, deceased.

22 - William HICKS and W.F. WILSON stopped on the highway near Elk Grove by James Oregon SMITH, whom they arrest....Old water works machinery sold.

24 -Tom DAVIS, a tinker, badly burned in face while mending a powder flask.

25 - Jury in ATKINSON mining debris case returned verdict of $4,000 for plaintiff...Annual meeting of State Agricultural Society; Marion BIGGS elected President and William P. COLEMAN, L.U. SHIPPEE, W.D. PERKINS, C.E. SINGLETARY and Mike BRYTE elected Directors.

27 - Nathaniel BOICE died at San Francisco.

28 - Severe rainstorm commenced....Gordon ALEXANDER kicked by a cow and ribs fractured.

30 - Attempted burglary of W.J O’BRIEN’s shoe store....Tennessee Jubilee Singers open at Theater


2 - Boy named Lou WALRATH severely shot by another named Michael HALPIN....Room of Charles MILLER robbed of $900.

3 - Frank LARNEY accidentally shot himself in the leg....T.J. PATRICK fell from balcony at Sixth and J streets and badly hurt....Little daughter of S. KING broke her left arm.

6 - Chinaman named Ah SHUN hung himself in City Prison.

7 - Slight fire at Third and I streets....Son of S. DICKEY broke his arm at Freeport.

10 - Girl named Mary BARRY fell down stairs in Pacific Hotel and broke her collar bone.

12 - Body of an unknown man found near Washington, shot in the head....Albert GRUBBS had three fingers cut off at railroad shops.

15 - Christopher HOLT, an old citizen, stricken with paralysis.

17 - Slight shock of earthquake....R.H. BYERS accidentally shot himself in the foot at Agricultural Park.

20 - David WILSEY deceased from paralysis.

22 - Washington’s birthday appropriately observed by the Red Men.

24 - Several blocks of sewer on Eighth street blown up by gas.

25 - Sacramento Lodge No. 6, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, instituted.

26 - Charles A. RIPPON had his arm hurt at railroad shops....Irregularities discovered in the accounts of City Collector CROWELL.

28 - Stabbing affray between two Greeks; and one, George GULLION, badly hurt....Turn Verein masquerade ball given....Anthony CHRISTENSEN fractured his arm by a fall.


1 - East Park property sold by City Railroad Company....Slight showers of rain....City Collector W.T. CROWELL removed for official delinquency, and W.H. HALSEY appointed to fill out the term.

2 - Mrs. I.S. MOORE attempted suicide by taking chloroform...Salute fired in honor of President HAYES....Josiah POOL’s barn at Isleton burned, loss $2,000.

3 - Shooting affray near Folsom; William CARPENTER wounded by Luther GOULD, when GOULD’s father, John, was killed.

5 - Wm. GLOVER struck on the head with a bar of iron by Frank HARRINGTON and seriously hurt....*** J. PUDDIFORD attempted suicide.

6 - M.S. HORAN appointed Brigadier General, vice CROWELL, resigned....Strawberries appear in market.

7 - Chinaman knocked from trestlework at Eighteenth and R streets and killed....Inaugural entertainment, under auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic, given at the Pavilion; oration by Henry EDGERTON.

9 - Cantata of “Esther” presented at the theater successfully....Trotting match at Agricultural Park between Occident and Bodine; won by the latter in three straight heats; time - 2:24, 2:23 ½, 2:25 1/4....Adam SHOUP, a centenarian, died at Brighton.

10 - Republican city primaries held and nominated John RIDER for Second Trustee, E.H. McKEE for Auditor, G.A. PUTNAM for Collector, F.A. SHEPHERD for Assessor.

13 - City election held; W.F. KNOX re-elected Second Trustee, McKEE Auditor, PUTNAM Collector and SHEPHERD Assessor.

14 - Thomas A. HENDRICKS arrived from the East .... Robbery and attempted murder of Harry BEARDSLEY.

15 - Son of W.P. DILLMAN fractured his leg.

16 - St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church organized....Capital Council of Sovereigns of Industry organized....B. PILCOVICH and T.A. KLEBS poisoned by drinking doctored wine.

19 - Captain Isaac HARDING deceased....Pong Ah TUCK arrested for the murder of his wife.

20 - Little daughter of Mrs. Julia ARMSTRONG fatally poisoned by eating sorrel on the Cosumnes.

22 - Dr. G.A. WHITE re-elected Hospital Physician by the Board of Supervisors in the face of universal public protest.

23 - Little son of Patrick NASH fatally injured by being run over by a wagon.

24 - Confession of J.D. LEE, executed yesterday at Mountain Meadows, published in Record-Union....Shooting affray at Galt between HAAS and TROIA; no one hurt.

25 - Little daughter of John HENNESSEY died from the effects of an accidental scalding.

27 - Confessions of the Chico Chinese assassins published in Record-Union.

28 - Manuel Antonio D’AVILA drowned in Sacramento river.

27 - Rain and hail shower.

30 - Little daughter of J. LEONARD badly scalded.


4 - Boss TWEED’s confession published in full in the Record-Union.

9 - John H. CARR committed suicide by shooting.

11 - E.I. MUIR lost a finger while coupling cars....Columbia Lodge, K. of P., organized.

15 - Herr Armand GEOGG, distinguished German political economist, lectured at Turner Hall....L.B. LAMPMAN found drowned at Freeport....Michael QUIGG lost two fingers in a hay cutting machine.

16 - Jockey Club spring races began.

18 - Jas. FITZGERALD found dead at the Fifteen-mile House.

20 - Raphael SAVALLO broke his right leg in turning a somersault....Boy named Eugene C. WARD drowned near Folsom.

21 - Slight fire on I street, between Fourth and Fifth....Mrs. Jabez WALKER died at Elk Grove....Little son of John F. ALLEN kicked in the face by a horse.

22 - B.F. JOHNSON, an old resident, deceased.

23 - County Teachers’ Institute met....August PIERI drew a knife on T. SHAILER, Overseer of Road District No. 16, who wanted to collect road tax on him.

26 - Wm. LARREN hung himself in Franklin township....Mrs. PARMLEE thrown from a wagon and hurt ....Charley GALLIHER badly hurt on the head by a blow from a stick.

30 - Case of HOAGLAND against Sacramento City decided in Supreme Court in favor of defendant....M.J. KING thrown from wagon and badly hurt.


1 - Tramp named John RYAN attempted to stab a brakeman, Harry EDWARDS, who tried to eject him from the cars at Brighton....Mrs. HALLEY thrown from a buggy and hurt.

2 - Body of an unknown man found floating in the river....Slight fire at residence of Nat. WEBB, on Seventh street, between H and I.

4 - Union Guard of San Francisco visited City Guard, and indulged in target shooting at Guthrie’s....Quite a large fire on I street, between Second and Third.

6 - Son of Domingo SOTO broke his arm by a fall....Rev. Jabez WALKER died at Elk Grove....Barn of ___ CURTIS, near Whisky hill, burned.

9 - William GROOMES, drowned from Yolo bridge....Damaging fire in Folsom.

14 - Maggie KELLY accidentally burned to death near Routier’s station....Robbers entered residence of ____ STEGEMAN near Folsom, bound inmates and robbed them.

18 - Mrs. J.L. HUNTOON painfully injured by a runaway team.

19 - Comprehensive map of the seat of war in the East published in the Record-Union....Numerous kitchen burglaries reported.

20 - John A. HUTCHINGS, an estimable citizen, deceased....Mrs. Edward REGAN and daughter thrown from a buggy and injured near Rockway’s, on Freeport road.

21 - Montgomery Queen’s circus showed...Man supposed to be named Dan MURPHY or John BROOME committed suicide....Several showers of rain fell....D. DRISCOLL severely hurt by being thrown from a wagon....Willie WATTERS broke a leg while wrestling at Washington.

22 - Second trial of C.B. BAIRD, for murder, commenced at Woodland....Senator BOOTH lectured before the Literary Institute on the “Origin of the Federal Constitution.”

23 - C.M. BURGESS run over by the cars at Antelope station, and afterward died from his injuries....Slight fire in the residence of Jas. MITCHELL, caused by the bursting of a lamp....Thomas SCOTT and Jesse BROCKWAY injured by a runaway team.

24 - H.A. CAULFIELD shot by P.S. DALY....Jas. HOLMES accidentally shot himself near the city.

25 - High School graduating exercises held at the theater....J.W. LITTLEFIELD, Water Works, engineer, died suddenly....C.B. BAIRD, convicted of manslaughter at Woodland.

26 - Theodore TILTON lectured at the theater on “The Problem of Life.”

27 - Dr. Gustavus HEMPLE committed suicide at Folsom....Slight fire at Chinese laundry at Fifth and O streets....Chinaman named Ah SAM slightly stabbed in the back by an unknown party....John MURPHY cut Albert FAREWELL in the arm.

28 - Philip WEILAND accidentally broke his leg....Rainy storm all day....Commencement exercised of Sacramento institute held at Assembly Chamber.

29 - John CAREY had his hand torn off at railroad shops.

30 - Decoration Day observed with appropriate ceremonies....Eugene WEST broke his leg by his horse falling into a cellar.


2 - Enjoyable reunion or printer’s picnic at East Park

3 - Trouble at PATTERSON’s station between C. KNUDSEN and A.D.  and Jas. PATTERSON.

4 - Colonel R.G. INGERSOLL lectured at the theater on “The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child.”....John LANSING thrown from a buggy and hurt.

5 - A Chinaman accidentally shot by James DAVIS....Initial Fourth of July meeting held and committees appointed....Closing exercises of St. Joseph’s Academy held....C.B. BAIRD convicted of manslaughter at Woodland, and sentenced to ten years in the State Prison....Charley RHOADS, pioneer minstrel, died.

7 - Tom Thumb and party exhibited at the theater....Residence and outbuildings of W. FARMER, near Folsom, burned.

8 - House owned by J. OLSEN, and occupied by E.D. WEBB, at Sixteenth and I streets, burned.

9 - Jesse A. STEWART, ex-County Auditor and Recorder, and prominent dry goods merchant of this city, died at Oakland....KALE drowned in the river at Courtland...Robert MILLER thrown from a buggy and badly hurt.

10 - Calvary Baptist Church formally dedicated....Extensive grass fire on Norris grant.

11 - Gottlieb LACHENMAIER attempted suicide by shooting....Son of Joseph WAXEL badly cut by a scythe near Freeport....Thermometer 108....Ex-Sheriff William S. WHITE deceased.

12 - R.D. SCRIVER painfully hurt by falling through a window at the railroad shops....Attempt made to chloroform the inmates and burglarize residence of Rev. I.L. HOPKINS.

12 - Body of an unknown Chinaman found drowned near Freeport....One hundred and ten thousand young shad arrived from the East to be “planted.”

14 - Chinaman drowned in the slough....Centennial of the adoption of the United States flag generally observed by a liberal display of bunting.

16 - Chinese shooting affray on I street; no serious damage....Mrs. McCLEARY and a young woman accidentally poisoned and recovered....Frank PEROSA thrown from a wagon by runaway team near Freeport and his leg fractured.

17 - Glass ball shooting match between Sacramento and Auburn teams, won by the latter....Body of an infant found in the river....Harry CLOUGH fractured his arm by a fall....Thos. F. LEWIS drowned in the river.

19 - Boy named Fred F. WHEELER drowned in river....Slight fire on the wharf.

20 - Buffalo Bill (H.F. CODY) and Captain Jack (J.W. CRAWFORD) opened their performance at the theater....George BOWMAN broke his left arm; daughter of Isaac SISENVINE broke her arm; also, daughter of ____ MURDOCK.

22 - Holly water works machinery broke down.

23 - Son of F.X. EBNER broke his arm by a fall.

24 - Holly machinery again broke down....Signal station established at Sacramento.

26 - Slight fire at Sacramento Mill warehouse.

27 - Bertie RIDER accidentally shot in the leg while keeping target....Slight shower of rain fell.

28 - Slight fire in the rear of the City Hall building....John ISAAC, well known resident, deceased at Grass Valley....David VICE accidentally shot himself in the foot.

29 - School Census Marshal reports 6,351 children in the city....Charles WILSON attempted to drown himself in the slough.

30 - Considerable rise in the American and Sacramento rivers....John McCORD, and old resident, deceased.


1 - Slight fire at Olive Branch Hotel, Washington....Boy, named Philip CURTIS, had his hand severely injured by a can of powder exploding.

3 - Engineer H.H. McWILLIAMS, of the Holly Works, discharged by the Trustees for reporting the dilapidated condition of the machinery.

4 - National anniversary appropriately observed by a procession, salutes, oration by Newton Booth, burlesque parade, military display, fireworks, etc.  No accident of importance.

5 - Body of an unknown man found entangled among roots near river bank near Richland.

8 - Body of Patrick FAGAN found near Folsom.

9 - Two slight shocks of earthquake felt at 11 P.M.

11 - Fong Ah TUCK convicted of murder in second degree in Sixth District Court....Major R.A. BIRD, formerly news editor of the Record, died.

12 - Slight fire in alley between J and K, Sixth and Seventh streets.

13 - Chas. S. JOHNSON accidentally drowned.

14 - Winery at Eleventh and B streets burned, loss about $10,000....Captain Robert J. DOLAN died.

20 - Fong Ah TUCK, convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 13 years in State Prison....Boy named John ZWICKER fell from a wagon and broke his collar bone.

21 - Republican primary held and delegates to the County Convention elected.

22 - Boy named BENNETT accidentally drowned in the river.

24 - John H. PATTEN shot and killed on Staten Island by Richard BELCHER.

26 - Republican County Convention met. William NORRIS fell from the roof of the Odd Fellows’ Temple and seriously hurt....Boy named Charles THOMPSON shot himself accidentally in the leg with a pistol.

27 - Republican County Convention made the following nominations: Senator, Felix TRACY; Assemblymen, Grove L. JOHNSON, R. KERCHEVAL and J. ROUTIER; Sheriff M.M. DREW; Clerk T.H. BERKEY; District Attorney, G.A. BLANCHARD; Auditor and Recorder, W.E. GERBER; Treasurer, M. BARBER; Administrator, Troy DYE; Coroner, A.J. VERMILYA; School Superintendent, F.L. LANDES, Surveyor, J. PRENTICE; Supervisors, J.J. BAUER and J.W. WILSON; Police Judge, T. CONGER.

28 - Woman named Margaret CUMMINGS jumped from a balcony on K street, near Sixth, and sustained fatal injuries.

29 -Henry BURNHAM elected Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, and Cornelius SULLIVAN, Assistant.

30 - Democratic County Convention met at Turner Hall.

31 - Democratic County Convention nominated the following ticket: Senator, N. Greene CURTIS; Assemblymen, R.D. STEPHENS, A.D. PATTERSON, J.A. ELDER; Sheriff, Oliver PLUMMER; Clerk, H.C. HARRISON; Auditor and Recorder, George JOHNSTON; District Attorney, M.F. JOHNSON; Administrator, G.F. BRONNER; Coroner, G.G. TYRRELL; Surveyor, A.G. WINN; Treasurer D.E. CALLAHAN; School Superintendent, G.R. KELLEY; Police Judge, M.S. HORAN; Supervisors, Robert ALLEN, J.E. MOONEY.


1 - Addie MARSH attempted to suicide by shooting.

2 - John POCKMAN shot and killed while making an assault on his wife with a knife....Ninth Annual Conference of the African M.E. Church convened.

3 - Slight fire at residence of P. NASH, on N street, between Third and Fourth.

4 - Richard P. McMANUS, aged 9 years, drowned in the slough....Bennie FLINT, aged 9, fell from a tree and fatally injured....Albert SIEBENTHALER, aged 11, died from paralysis of the heart....Grand Republican ratification meeting held.

8 - Charles A. LEHMAN, a well known citizen, deceased.

9 - Rev. J.H.C. BONTE lectured at the theater on “The Relation of Capital to Labor.”....Mrs. W.H. EARL thrown from a buggy and badly hurt.

10 - Captain G.W. CASE accidentally shot in the head while examining a pistol....Democratic ratification meeting held.

12 - Chinaman drowned in the slough....H.A. CAULFIELD assaulted and several beaten.

16 - Light shower of rain fell.

17 - A.P. SMITH, a pioneer citizen, died.

19 - Vincent DINKLE, insane, attempted suicide at the City Prison....John DICKERSON had a leg broken by being run over with a wagon.

20 - Corner stone of First Baptist Church, on Ninth street, between L and M, laid with appropriate ceremonies....Little daughter of H.E. TIBBALS broke her arm by a fall....Eugene LARUE badly shot in the arm while hunting.

23 - American District Telegraph Company commenced operating....Slight fire at the residence of Mrs. CROWLEY at M and Fifth streets.

25 - Little son of William JOHNSON drowned at Richland....Republican mass meeting addressed by Newton BOOTH, M.M. ESTEE and A.P. CATLIN.

26 - Lisle PITTS drowned in the river.

27 - Boy named Robert NEELY hurt by being thrown from a horse on J street....Frank RENWICK had his eye badly hurt at the railroad shops.

28 - Body of George A. SENCLAIR found in the brush with a bullet hole through the head....J.E.P. WEEKS, for nearly twenty years news editor of the Union and Record-Union, died of paralysis.

29 - Attempt made to burn a building on J street, between Eleventh and Twelfth....Houses of S. ALEXANDER and S.M. KIEFER burned....Captain Gardner W. CASE died from the effect of an accidental shot received on the 10th.

30 - Attempt made to burn the Shades saloon on Second and R streets....Joseph MITCHELL found dead in his house....Child of F.T. BURKE broke her collar bone by a fall.

31 - John SIMPSON died suddenly....Wm. KIMBALL shot slightly by B.N. BUGBEY at Folsom....L.C. JORDAN had his foot badly crushed at Roseville while coupling cars.


2 - Adam NEUBAUER, an old resident, died.

3 - Destructive incendiary fire at Walnut Grove.

4 - Barns of HEILBRON Bros. and John HENNESSEY, in the eastern portion of the city, burned.

5 - General election, resulting in the election of all the Republican candidates in this county, except the State Senator and Treasurer....J.F. RICHARDSON and A. MONNIER, Jr., thrown form a buggy and hurt....Mr. MOELLER struck in the side with a brick by Bill BOONE and badly injured.

7 - Slight fire at Protestant Orphan Asylum....Richard JONES, an estimable citizen, deceased....Trifling fire at the railroad shops.

9 - Charles BICT drowned in the river.

11 - Ah SING shot and killed by another Chinaman.

12 - Body of W.R. ROGERS found in a water tank, he having committed suicide....Slight fire at the house of ____ McCLINTOCK, on Fourth street, between L and M....Steamer Amador snagged and sunk in the river.

13 - Jacob STORTZ kicked by a colt and had an arm broken....Isaac C. ALLEN died suddenly near Washington.

17 - State Fair opened.

18 - William SCHMEITZER committed suicide by shooting.

20 - George SLOCUM had his leg broken by a kick.

23 - John WHITE shot in the foot by Dan BLUE.

24 - Fire at residence of Frank LASHELLS, at Seventeenth and H streets.

27 - A three-year old girl, named Ettie FREEMAN, murderously assaulted at Washington by a boy named George FAY....Walter M. PHILLIPS committed suicide by shooting.

30 - F.M. FOY broke his leg by a fall.


1 - Edward RATTINGER badly stabbed by a boy....Chinaman seriously stabbed in the thigh by a white man at Sixth and J streets.

2 - E.F. AIKEN’s barn, near East Park, burned; loss, $2,400.

3 - Henry MERWIN, an old and esteemed citizen, deceased....Samuel HARRUP injured by falling from cars.

5 - Fire at residence of John TALBOT, of P street, between Seventh and Eighth.

7 -Dwelling of J.R. JOHNSTON, at the old mouth of the American, burned; loss, $3,000.

8 - Chinaman named Ah YOU badly shot by a countryman of his on I street, between Eighth and ninth....L.H. GOULD badly injured by a fall from a second story window while somambulistic....Congressional Association met.

9 - Son of W.M. LEE fractured an arm by a fall at Washington....Pat. REAGAN choked to death in attempting to swallow a piece of beef eight inches long.

11 - Building of Philip SCHELD, near Sutter’s Fort, burned; loss, $1,500....residence of Jesse HAYTON, on Third street, between P and Q, burned....David VICE, who accidentally shot himself, had his foot amputated.

12 - L.H. GOULD, injured by a fall on the 8th, died.

13 - George SPENCER, aged 9, badly hurt by a fall....James CLARK drowned in Middle river, in the lower part of the county.

15 - Unknown man drowned in the river....John ABRAMOVITCH attempted to shoot B. PILCOVITCH.

17 - Judicial election held: Thos. CONGER elected Police Judge, and G. HAINES, T.W. GILMER and D.E. ALEXANDER Justices of the Peace....Charles ROBERTS run over at Sixth and L streets and injured.

18 - Collision at Three-mile slough between steamer C.M. Small and schooner Angel Dolly, and Mrs. Captain PIERCE, of the schooner, sprang into the river from fright and was drowned....J.B. SANDERS’ barn at Fifteenth and N streets burned, loss, $400....P.A. BYRNE appointed Police Court Clerk, vice McFETRISH, resigned.

20 - Body of an unknown man found in the river at Sutterville.

21 - Light rain shower.

22 - Mrs. COOK, of Sutterville, thrown from a buggy and fractured her collar bone....Mark McKENNA, a painter, injured by a fall in the State Capitol.

23 - Incendiary fire at Walnut Grove; loss, $3,000.

24 - Little daughter of Mrs. J.F. CROWLEY had her collar-bone broken by a fall.

25 - Liliputian comic opera company appeared at the theater.

27 - Slight fire near the depot.

29 - William J. FORD committed suicide.


1 - Clara Louise KELLOGG and Annie Louise CARY sang in a musical concert at the Congregational Church....Madame Helena MODJESKA, the Polish actress, appeared at the theater.

4 - Steamer Cora snagged and sunk in the river near Clarksburg....Building on E street, between Seventh and eighth, owned by Mrs. Culbert, burned, loss, $1,400....W.H. DEMPSY stabbed an Italian named M. PARDINI at Second and K streets.

5 - Memorial meeting held and resolutions passed in respect to the late Senator Oliver P. MORTON....John GALVIN kicked by a horse and had his leg broken....Boy named Joseph FISHER broke an arm by a fall....J. MAGRAY’s residence in Yolo, near the city, burned; loss, $1,000.....Trial of Wm. CARPENTER commenced in District Court for the murder of John GOULD at Folsom in March last....J. JOSEPH, a miner, accidentally killed at Folsom.

6 - Wolf SIMON died suddenly from apoplexy.

11 - Charles BRANDT broke his leg by a fall.

12 - J.L. FOREST shot twice at his wife without effect and then attempted suicide by cutting his throat.

16 - Mrs. D.P. BOWERS appeared at the theater....E.A. ROCKWELL, a veteran journalist, died....P. WELCH died suddenly in a fit.

17 - Jury verdict of not guilty in case of William CARPENTER, tried for the murder of John GOULD....Trial of Richard BELCHER commenced in District Court for the murder of J.H. PATTEN.

18 - Store of BAKER & HAMILTON burglarized....Tenth anniversary of the German Lutheran Sunday School celebrated....Daughter of W.T. CROWELL and daughter of S. HALL had their arms broken by falls....John ANDERSON, an old citizen, deceased.

19 - J.K. EMMET appeared at the Metropolitan Theater....Jacob GRUHLER, an old citizen, died....Jewelry store of L. SIDDONS burglarized.

20 - Richard BELCHER convicted of murder in the first degree, with life imprisonment, in the Sixth District Court....Meeting of citizens held to discuss local legislation....V.B. ARNOLD murderously assaulted by striking Chinamen near Isleton.

21 - Description of the new Masonic Hall, with an engraving, published in the Record-Union....Sacramento Board of Trade organized....Boy named Thomas DONAHUE broke an arm by a fall....Republican Central Committee met and nominated Guy W. COLE for the City School Superintendent, and John F. DREMAN, S. SMITH, T.B. McFARLAND and J.F. RICHARDSON for Directors.

23 - James Carey GOODS, criminal lawyer, deceased.

25 - A. MENKE’s hop house at Routier’s burned, loss, $10,000.

26 - Slight fire at residence of J. LOWELL on M street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth....Democratic City Committee nominated for City School Superintendent, Add. C. HINKSON; Directors, J.E. PARKER, Matt F. JOHNSON and E. GREER.

28 - Captain Jack, the scout, appeared at the theater....Little daughter of M.C. TILDEN accidentally and fatally poisoned with strychnine.

29 - Dry goods store of ROTHFELD Bros. burned; los, about $50,000.

30 - Richard BELCHER, convicted of murder, sentenced to the State Prison by Judge DENSON....Henry BOSTWICK fell from the south portico of the Capitol and severely hurt....Lucas CONRAD broke his leg at Washington.


1 - Total rainfall for November, 1.070 per Signal office report....Agricultural Park leased, $4,200 per year.

2 - Coldest weather of the season, 27 degrees.

3 - Twenty-second session of the California Legislature commenced its session....City gas contract let to the Capital Gas Company.

4 - Farmers of the county meet to consult on legislative matters.

5 - Baptist Church fair begins at Turner Hall....Senatorial canvass very intense.

6 - Number of burglaries reported in different parts of the city....Sacramento workingmen’s delegates report against KEARNEY, WELLOCK & Co. of San Francisco.

7 - Military review at the Pavilion....Billiard tournament between Lou SHAW of Chicago and an amateur.

8 - Robert ALLEN takes possession of Agricultural Park.

9 - Large workingmen’s meeting.

10 - Winter dramatic season commenced....Body of Joseph QUINN found in a shaft two miles from the city....E.K. ALSIP thrown from a buggy and arm broken.

11 - Lecture season opens...James DOLAN begins a walk of one hundred hours without rest....Farmers again meet to consult on legislative matters....Dramatic News appears.

12 - Trustees consider propriety of vacating City Hall....Harmon FRANZELL arrested as insane.

13 - New Masonic Hall dedicated, followed by grand ball.

14 - R.W. BLACK, an escaped murderer from Missouri, held for examination....Indications of approaching rain.

15 - James DOLAN completes his 100 hours’ walk without rest....Elmer S. GRANGER commits suicide at the railroad shops.

16 - Workingmen denounce statement regarding them in the San Francisco Chronicle; they adopt a platform for State organization.

17 - Nellie MARCHANT died suddenly at Second, K and L streets....CURTIS & CLUNIE present a bill of $10,000 against the city for legal services....James T. FARLEY nominated by Democratic caucus for United States Senator....Barn of J.B. BRADFORD, Franklin township, burned; loss, $1,200.

18 - Farmers meet and discuss a new method of collecting revenue....Improved Order of Red Men take possession of new hall in Masonic building....General exodus of politicians; Senatorial contest being closed....J.W. THOMPSON robbed of $480.

19 - “Our Friends” masquerade ball given ....Semi-annual school examinations in progress....Jo HERTUDO and James MALONE have a set prize fight.

20 - Albert HOFFELL, eleven-year-old boy, by a fall has his arm broken in several places....The new peal of bells on the Lutheran Church rung for the first time....A sprinkle of rain.

21 - Public schools close for holidays....Rainfall 0.224, being 2,561 for the season.

22 - Wm. FLANDERS robbed by highwaymen....Rain continues: total for the storm 0.453.

23 - The Lutheran peal of bells dedicated....Rains lighter; total for the season 3.021....Another Workingmen’s meeting held.

24 - The rainfall has the effect of greatly increasing the business in holiday goods....Christmas festivities in the various Sunday Schools.

25 - General suspension of business for Christmas....Harry BRAINARD dies suddenly....County Supervisors decline to rent part of the jail to the city.

26 - Chinaman found in his house hanging by his neck, dead; general belief that he was executed in pursuance of a judgement of a Chinese Court....Merchants report the business for the holiday season to be superior to former years.

27 - R.W. BLACK, the Missouri murderer, is sent East in charge of an officer from that State....Jacob ARNOLD has a shoulder dislocated....T.G. SAULSBURY’s barn, at Saulsbury station, burned, with three hundred tons of hay....William WALDRON, a farmer, suddenly dies.

28 - Willie BICHARDSON, a boy, run over by a truck and injured....Many business visitors in the city.

29 - Offices of Western Union and Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Companies united.




Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Tuesday Morning, January 1, 1878, Page 9

© 2007 Betty Loose.



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