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Friday Morning, January 1, 1869

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Record of Local Events


  The following is a record of events occurring in Sacramento and vicinity during the year 1868:


1st - A portion of Lisle’s bridge, across the American, carried away by high water....The colored residents of the city celebrated the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation....Balance in the City Treasury, $37,409.04.

2d - E.L. SMITH, an old resident of the city, died suddenly, aged fifty-four years.

5th - An old man named MIER assaulted and beaten with tumblers at the corner of Sixth and I streets.

6th -The office of J.P. COUNTS opened by burglars and $30 in silver abstracted therefrom.

7th - The store of Hooker & CO. entered and $200 worth of pistols stolen....C.L. FOWLER, imprisoned for felony, escaped from the County Jail.

11th - Large and brilliant meteor seen at 5 A.M.

12th - Snow fell to the depth of two inches....The State Capital Reporter, a Democratic morning paper, made its first appearance.

14th - Nelson WILCOX, a pupil of the Grammar School, broke his arm while playing in the school yard.

20th - Alexander LATTA drowned in the Sacramento, near the wharf of the Pioneer Mills.

24th - Chinese residents commenced celebrating their New Year holidays.

31st - The store of S. LIPMAN & Co., at Fifth and J streets, entered by burglars and robbed of $600 worth of goods and $30 in money.


1ST - Total amount in the County Treasury, $81,299.24.

2d - Joseph FIGUEROA killed at Maine Bar by the caving of the bank of a tail-race.

3d - F.D. VAN HORN elected policeman, vice William CRAIG, resigned....A prisoner named COOGAN shot by officer FISHER while attempting to escape from the County jail.

5th - Exhibition given at the Assembly Chamber by pupils from the Deaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum.

7th - David BOND, foreman of the State printing office, died suddenly, aged 39 years.

15th - John W. INNIS, book-keeper for W.A. HEDENBERG & Co., committed suicide by taking strychnine.

22d - The anniversary of Washington’s birthday celebrated by firing salutes, etc.

28th - Burglars entered and robbed the store of MAAS & NELSON of property valued at $__ ....Three runaways occurred in the city.


2d - The newly-elected county officers were installed, and assumed their respective positions.

3d - Union primary election held to choose delegates to the City Convention for the nomination of Second Trustee.

4th - John RIDER nominated by the Union City Convention for the office of Second Trustee.

10th - Charter election held for Second Trustee; 1,987 votes polled, of which John RIDER (Union) received 1,053, and Martin BIGGS (Dem) 934; RIDER’s majority, 119.

12th - The Academy of Music formally dedicated, C.W. COULDOCK and daughter making their first appearance in Sacramento....Henry Hare HARTLEY, a prominent lawyer, died, aged 41 years.

17th - Funeral of Henry Hare HARTLEY, under the direction of the Grand Lodge of Masons.

23d - Edwin LUNDQUIST murdered by William H. WARREN, in the alley between L and M, Second and Third streets.

25th- A man named Arthur DOYLE fatally stabbed by a waiter known as Frank, at the Mechanics’ Exchange.

27th - G.C.S. VAIL died from the effects of morphine injected into his flesh by Charles FOSTER.

28th - The Union County Convention met at Turn Verein Hall and chose delegates to the State Convention, March 31st....J.S. WILSON, of Sutterville, so badly injured by his runaway team that he died on the 30th.

30th - The examination of the public schools of the city commenced, lasting thirteen days.

31st - William HAWKINS, an old colored man, examined and ordered sent to Stockton.


3d - First train of cars run on the Western Pacific Railroad.

7th - Successful experiments made with new explosive, called “Giant” powder.

8th - A portion of the west wall and roof of J. RUFF’s store on J street, fell in.

9th - The house of J.P.M. WEEKS entered by a burglar, who succeeded in escaping with nearly $70 in coin.

10th - John E. DENT, a pioneer Californian and for several years a resident of this city, died, aged thirty-nine years.

13th - The water in the Sacramento was twenty-one feet three inches above low water mark.

17th - Mark TWAIN lectured in the Metropolitan Theater. Subject, “Pilgrim Life”....O.C. LEWIS of Folsom admitted to practice in the Sixth District Court.

20th - The eight-hour law went into operation in this city....The wife of Dr. CRANE assaulted and beaten by some party unknown.

21st - A workman at one of the Pacific Railroad shops had his left hand badly injured by a circular saw, and suffered the amputation of three fingers.

24th - Patrick HAM, the owner and driver of a water cart, was run over and killed.

27th - The several Lodges of Odd Fellows in this city celebrated the forty-ninth anniversary of Odd Fellowship....Henry MYERS was run over by a runaway team and had a leg broken, and was otherwise injured.

30th - A young man named Charles HIRSENHORN committed suicide in his room at the Brannan House, by shooting himself.


2d - The Union published a full list of the ejectment suits brought to the District Court. The list contains over seven hundred and fifty suits.

4th - The remains of Thomas J. PIERSON, Maria PIERSON and Hattie PIERSON, murdered by Indians near Honey Lake Valley, April 17th, were brought to this city for interment.

5th - Lawrence BARRETT, “actor and student,” made his first appearance in this city, playing “Hamlet.”

6th - A recruiting office was opened on Third and K streets, by Lieutenant DU BOIS of the Fourteenth United States Infantry.

10th - A boy named Mark BARNES, aged five years, was shot at Richmond Grove by Charles MAHRT, while firing at a target. The boy died from his wounds on the 12th.

19th - The Spring races over the Union Park course commenced and continued four days.

21st - A man named William Russell HEATH committed suicide by hanging.

22d - One hundred guns fired in this city in honor of the nomination of Grant and Colfax for the Presidency and Vice Presidency....William H. WARREN was arraigned in the Sixth District Court on a charge of murder in killing Edwin LUNDQUIST.

25th - Thomas HIGGINSON was run over and killed by cars on the Sacramento Valley Railroad near Saulsbury Station.

27th - William SHOEMAKER was shot and killed by a man named Al COURTRIGHT, at the corner of Second and K streets.

29th - Three shocks of an earthquake experienced in this city.


1st - The second trial of R.H. SEEGAR for the murder of A.A. AUSTIN took place in the Sixth District Court, resulting in a disagreement of the jury.

3d - The Grand Grove of the Druids met in the city and elected officers for the ensuing term.

4th - The trial of Frank CAFFIERRO, for the murder of Arthur DOYLE, at the Mechanics’ Exchange on the 25th of March, was commenced in the District Court, and lasted two days. The jury returned a verdict of “guilty of murder in the second degree.”

6th - The store of James CAROLAN & Co. was entered by burglars and robbed of a number of revolvers and derringers.

9th - Mrs. D.P. BOWERS commenced an engagement at the Metropolitan Theater, appearing in the character of “Queen Elizabeth.”

13th - Rev. James S. COTTER, pastor of St. Rose Church in this city, died suddenly of apoplexy, aged thirty-four years.

21st - Miss Margaret McINTYRE died from the effects of an overdose of morphine.

22d - George R. MOORE, a prominent lawyer of this city, deceased, aged thirty-nine years.


2d - The first express matter in charge of the Pacific Union Express arrived in this city from San Francisco.

4th - The anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was celebrated with much spirit and good order in Sacramento. There was the regular procession of citizens and societies at 12 M.; reading of the Declaration, poem, and delivery of the oration at the Pavilion; the burlesque procession and other proceedings in the afternoon; regatta between 3 and 5 ½ P.M.; society dinners at different places, all ending with a military drill and dance by the City Guard, at the Pavilion....Mrs. John DUNCAN, of Folsom, was terribly injured while attempting to get on board the cars at the Sacramento Valley Railroad depot.

6th - A.H. TODD arrived in Sacramento, twelve days and twenty-one hours from New York.

16th - The Second Ward Grant and Colfax Club was organized in this city.

20th - Seth Wilbur PAINE arrived in Sacramento, having walked from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 143 days.

22d - The funeral of Lorenzo HAMILTON, who died in this city on the 20th, took place under the auspices of the Odd Fellows.

23d - The new steamer Red Bluff, built in San Francisco for the Red Bluff trade, made her first appearance in Sacramento.

25th - Primary election held in the city and county for the election of delegates to the Union County Convention on the 28th.

28th - The Union County Convention met at the Academy of Music and chose fourteen delegates to attend the State and Congressional Conventions.


3d - The annual election for Chief and Assistant Engineers of the Sacramento Fire Department took place....An old colored man named Henry HUBBARD was burned to death in a fire on Second street, between I and J.

5th - An immense mass meeting to ratify the nomination of Grant and Colfax was held in this city.

6th - Mrs. Mary E. HAMILL committed suicide in her residence by cutting her throat.

19th - The building used by the Harbormaster as an office was demolished by one of the cars of the Sacramento Valley Railroad that had accidentally got off the track.

23d - Mrs. Sarah BOYLE, of San Francisco, sister of Mrs. L.H. FOOTE, died suddenly at the residence of the latter of heart disease.

28th - United States Senator COLE arrived in this city by the Eastern train; he was the recipient of a serenade in the evening.

30th - A young man named William SCHAAR was accidentally drowned at the landing of the San Francisco steamers, at the foot of K street....The eighth annual Turner festival commenced in this city and continued two days....Thomas ROSE, and old and highly respected citizen of Sacramento committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.


4th - Henry EDGERTON addressed a Republican meeting in this city of over 2,000 persons.

5th - Thomas DURKIN robbed of $3,160 in a lager beer saloon in this city.

6th - R. KELSEY’s hotel, at Sheldon’s, was burned to the ground. The fire was the work of an incendiary.

9th - Cosumnes Tribe, No. 14, Independent Order of Red Men, organized in this city.

15th - The fifteenth annual Fair of the California State Agricultural Society was inaugurated by races at the park. The Pavilion was not opened to the public until the following day.

17th- Francis ST. LEVER, a San Francisco hackman, who came up to do business during the Fair, was fined $10 in the Police Court for violating a city ordinance by charging exorbitant prices.

22d - Judge J.B. CROCKETT delivered the annual address at the Pavilion of the State Agricultural Society in this city....A performance was given by Chiarini’s Circus for the benefit of the Protestant Orphan Asylum. The sum of $546 was turned over to the managers as the result of the benefit....The Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars met in this city, but adjourned to the 29th without transacting any business.

23d - The steam yacht Amelia J. Platt, owned by Henry B. PLATT of San Francisco, arrived in this city with the family of the proprietor on board.

25th - The California State Agricultural Fair closed at the park at sunset, and at the pavilion at half-past ten o’clock P.M., after a continuance of ten days, resulting in satisfactory success.

28th - The body of E.B. DAGENAIS found floating in the Sacramento....A German named T. BROKHARDT committed suicide at Folsom....Josiah A. SHAFF brutally murdered at Mormon Island by some person unknown.

29th - The Grand Lodge of Good Templars reassembled in this city pursuant to adjournment. The session lasted five days....The Sacramento County Teachers’ Institute met in this city and was attended quite largely by teachers....A Chinese theatrical company numbering one hundred and thirty-seven members arrived from Marysville on the steamer Flora, and in the evening gave their first entertainment to a full house....A company of United States cavalry, numbering one hundred and twenty-five men, arrived from San Francisco en route for Salt Lake.


2d - James ANDERSON, just out of the County Jail, went into the jewelry store of George M. PARKER, on K street, near Second, and stole six watches, but was captured before he was able to dispose of them.

4th - Captain WHITNEY, of the California Steam Navigation Company, was thrown from his buggy near the corner of Fifth and H streets and badly bruised.

7th - A meeting of the Bar of Sacramento city was held for the purpose of giving expression to their sentiments relative to the death of Philip W.S. RAYLE, formerly a resident of this city....The Pacific Methodist Episcopal Conference commenced its session, continuing four days.

11th - A pistol shooting match for $500 a side came off at Agricultural Park between D. SIMPSON and William SHULTZ.

12th - William H. WARREN, convicted of the murder of Edwin LUNDQUIST, was sentenced by Judge McKUNE, of the Sixth District Court, to twenty years’ imprisonment in the State Prison...A man named Alexander HIGGINS was found dead in his bed at Holzinger’s Hotel in Folsom.

15th - A grand Union demonstration took place in this city. The meeting was one of the largest and most enthusiastic of the campaign....Nathaniel BOICE appointed Assistant Adjutant General, vice W.W. ELLIOTT, resigned.

19th - Parepa ROSA made her first appearance in this city at the Metropolitan Theater.

20th - The steamer Lark, Jr., left the city for the scene of the prize fight between DWYER and BUSH, “at some point between Sacramento and Rio Vista.” The fight took place below Benicia, and the “lancy” from Sacramento did not arrive in time to witness the contest.

21st - Two shocks of earthquake experienced in this city - the first, at eight A.M., was very severe, while the last, at ten, was very slight.

25th - The residence of J.E.P. WEEKS, on G street, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth, was totally destroyed by fire....John FAYLOR, while riding his 300 mile match, had his leg broken in a collision between the horse he was riding and the one he had just dismounted.

27th - The steamer Yosemite left Sacramento at ten o’clock A.M., carrying a large number of excursionists to San Francisco, to participate in the great Republican demonstration in that city....The Congregational Church reached the high grade - twelve feet above its former position.


3d - In Sacramento beside working at the polls or speculating as to the result in the State, little was done. The election passed off very quietly....The Union office, the telegraph office, etc., were visited by large numbers of citizens to gain news of the political contest.

4th - John W. ROCK, W.M. of Union Lodge, No. 58, F. and A.M., was presented with a costly and handsome gold watch and chain.

9th - The Chinese residents of Sacramento commenced the celebration of their annual festival.

11th - During the trial of a case before Justice ELLIS a skirmish occurred between the counsel for the prosecution and defense - M.C. TILDEN and James W. COFFROTH .... The first passenger train on the California Pacific Railroad arrived at the terminus in Washington, opposite Sacramento.

12th - Apples of the sixth crop were picked from trees in the garden of Thomas J. McKIM, corner of Sixth and M streets.

14th - The largest political celebration ever witnessed in Sacramento took place, gotten up in honor of the election of Grand and Colfax.

15th - A man named Andro PLATO was brutally assaulted on Third street, between J and K streets.

22d - An excursion train from Vallejo arrived at Washington, bringing some three hundred and fifty persons.

26th - This being Thanksgiving day, the larger portion of the business places were closed and the day observed by the citizens generally.

29th - Elmer GRANGER, an old and respected resident of Sacramento, died, after lingering illness, aged fifty-nine years.

30th - The initial lecture of a course under the auspices of the Sacramento Literary Institute was delivered at the Congregational Church by Rev. A.L. STONE. Subject, “The Nile and the Desert.”


2d - The Philharmonic Society gave their first concert of the season at the Metropolitan Theater, which was largely attended.

5th - Martin B. SEXTON was stabbed by a drunken shoemaker named Peter QUIGLEY, and died of the wounds inflicted four days after.

6th - Samuel RICH, one of the most estimable citizens of this county, died at his residence near the Lake House.

7th - John MARTIN killed at Folsom by the caving in of a mining tunnel in which he was at work....The election for School Directors in this city took place, resulting in the election of the Republican candidates without opposition.

8th - The engine and tender of the Sacramento-bound passenger train of the Valley Railroad was thrown from the track near Cothran’s Station. The engineer and fireman were the only persons injured.

9th - A man named John ENNIS was struck on the head several times with a large piece of wood, in the Louisiana Saloon, by one Alfred McALLISTER. He survived his wounds but a few hours. McALLISTER was arrested and locked up on a charge of murder.

12th - Alfred McALLISTER was examined in the Police Court on a charge of murder in killing John ENNIS and held to answer, with bail fixed at $10,000.

14th - J.C. WAGNER, the man brought from Santa Barbara, on suspicion of being WELLS, the murderer, was discharged from custody by order of Judge McKUNE of the Sixth District Court.

15th - A large crowd collected at the corner of K and Third streets to witness a tightrope-walking performance by a man with but one flesh-and-blood leg.

29th - The cabin fare by the California steam Navigation Company’s steamers between Sacramento and San Francisco was reduced from $5 to $2, and deck fare from $4 to $1.

31st - The Union published the fact that the population, which was but a little over 15,900 in December, 1867, had riser to 20,268, showing an increase of very nearly 27 per cent for the year....Lucinda CARRERO was examined and pronounced insane by the Board.




Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Friday Morning, January 1, 1869, Page 1.

© 2007 Betty Loose.



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