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The Sacramento Daily Union

Tuesday, January 1, 1867

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            CITY AND COUNTY

The following is a summary of events occurring in the city and county of Sacramento during the year 1866:


1st - Patrick MAKIN was run over and killed by the locomotive and cars of the Pacific Railroad, near Seventeenth street....Colored residents of the city fired a salute of thirty-eight guns in commemoration of the Emancipation Proclamation of President LINCOLN....John H. FRICK fatally injured at Freeport by Joseph MOSIER, who beat the former on the head with a pitcher in a dispute about paying for drinks lost at cards....Donation parties surprise Rev. Messrs. F. CHARLTON and J.S. McDONALD.

2d - L.H. FOOTE takes his seat on the bench of the Police Court, vice S.S. HOLL.

5th - A.G. STEWART, telegraph agent of this city, was severely stabbed by E.L. PIERSON, an operator at the office on Second street....Charles McCORMICK and Frank TIE had a fight on K street, near Fifth, in which the former bit off the nose of the latter.

6th - A violent rain and hail storm, accompanied by thunder and lightning, commenced at 3 ½ o’clock P.M., and lasted about half an hour. The lightning struck a large oak tree four miles above the city on the Yolo bank of the river, and shivered the trunk from top to bottom.

8th - R.F. GREELEY fell down the stairway of building corner of Fourth and K streets, and broke his arm....High wind in Folsom blew down a number of trees, barns, etc.

9th - At nine o’clock in the evening two ladies, while passing up M street, near Fifth, were suddenly attacked by a man who sprung from behind a tree box. He seized one of the ladies by the ankle, drawing the gaiter from her foot, but their screams brought assistance and he fled. James SCOTT subsequently identified as the assaulter, was found to be an escape from the Insane Asylum.

10th - D.T. WOODMAN, arrested in Mendocino county, for stealing three horses from CARROLL & MOWE, of Folsom, arrived in this city this morning....Philip ARNOLD, a native of Bavaria, aged 38 years, committed suicide by taking strychnine, at the saloon of P. ZAGER, on K street, near Fifth.

11th - John Henry FRICK, saloon-keeper, died at Freeport from injuries inflicted by Joseph MOSIER, on New Year’s Day.

12th - Meeting of teamsters, merchants and business men held at office of Pacific Railroad Company, to devise a plan for extending the trade of Sacramento to the mining districts of Owyhee, Boise and Montana. Sufficient money was subscribed to purchase twenty-four teams and merchandise to load them.

13th - Eight-hour meeting of mechanics and laboring men at Agricultural Hall.

17th - The Sacramento ten feet above low water mark.

18th - A Chinaman rushed into L. SHAWL’s store, J street, near Sixth, about 9 o’clock P.M., gathered up an armful of goods and ran off. Eleven pairs of boots and an Indian-rubber coat were found on the street, but he succeeded in getting away with four pairs of pants ....The river fifteen feet above low water.

20th - M.E. GELSTON, chief clerk in Adjutant General’s office, arrested for forging bounty warrants amounting to over $10,000.

21st - The Sacramento rose to the hight of 20 feet 9 inches....About 11 o’clock the fire-bells were rung and great excitement was occasioned by reports that the north levee had broken. The alarm-bells were subsequently rung several times during the night. Merchants engaged in raising their goods and housekeepers in packing their clothing and crockery. Men hurried through the city with lanterns, calling out “Flood, flood! Turn out, turn out!” “The water will be here in an hour,” etc. Horsemen rode backward and forward reporting the locality and extent of the break. At daylight it was found that the excitement had been occasioned by the discovery of three or four gopher holes in the levee near Burns’ slough, and it had been necessary to send to the city several times during the night for workmen, tools and gunny sacks to aid in stopping the leaks.

22d - The Sacramento 21 feet 2 inches at daylight, but declined 6 inches before night.

23d - Steamer Gem arrived from Red Bluff, 270 miles, in 15 hours.

24th - A Chinaman found a nugget in his mining claim near Prairie City, worth nearly $300, and went to Folsom to procure an outfit of clothing, tools, etc. On his return he was murdered by some of his countrymen and his body thrown into a ditch by the roadside.

27th - The river 22 feet 8 inches above low water - the highest mark up to that date.

28th - Barge W.H. Taylor wrecked by being carried broadside on to the Sacramento bridge and breaking in two pieces. Six men on board climbed up the piers. Eighty-five cords of wood floated off. Loss, $1,400.

29th - David KENT, a native of Maryland, aged 58 years, died suddenly while playing in the field at Pockman’s ranch, Franklin Township.

31st - Peter DALTON sentenced in the County Court to 20 years in the State Prison, for robbing four teamsters on the Auburn road, near Sacramento.


4th - Reuben CLARK, Architect of the State Capitol, sent to the Insane Asylum at Stockton....James S. FOLGER died suddenly at Korn’s Hotel, on Fifth street.

5th - M.E. GELSTON arraigned before the County Court on sixteen indictments for forgery.

7th - Jeremiah McCARTY was convicted in the District Court of manslaughter in killing Patrick GIBNEY on the levees, September 3, 1865, in a quarrel about a piece of soap.

8th - A dispatch received in this city announcing that WELLS, who murdered four persons in Sacramento and vicinity, six years ago, had been arrested in Idaho.

11th - Margaret WATERS, who resided on the alley between Front and Second, P and Q streets, was shot and almost instantly killed by her husband, Michael WATERS, at about 10 o’clock A.M. The weapon used was a carbine, loaded with square slugs of lead and Babbitt metal. The murderer was arrested.

12th - In a fight near the Tivoli Gardens, between John HOUSE and Robert GOEBEL, the former received seven cuts and GOEBEL eleven. None of the wounds were of a fatal character....A fight occurred in the county prison among the chain-gang prisoners, during which a man named MONROE struck one of this companions with a bottle, and was stabbed in the breast by his antagonist.

13th - Chinese commenced their New Year’s celebration.

14th - F.D. TYRRELL died suddenly from paralysis.

15th - John T. FOWLER, a discharged soldier, committed suicide at the Waverly House by shooting himself through the head.

18th - Michael CONLEY robbed of $140 in gold and a silver watch at a saloon on K street, near Fourth, Festus McDONOUGH, the proprietor; KELLEY, his barkeeper, and a soldier named O’BRIEN, arrested for the offense....William WELCH arrested for the robbery of the What Cheer House in San Francisco.

22d - A Democratic demonstration occurred in the evening in honor of President JOHNSON’s veto of the Freedmen’s Bureau bill. A procession of eighty or ninety persons, preceded by a band, visited the residences of J. BIGLER, J.Q. BROWN and others, at most of which the proprietors were called out and made speeches....An expedition, consisting of six Concord coaches, loaded with goods, under the care of John ALLMAN, proprietor, and ten others, left the city for Montana, by way of Placerville, Reese River and Salt Lake City....Washington’s birthday appropriately celebrated.

24th - M.E. GELSTON escaped from the County Jail....Mrs. Fritz gored by a cow and seriously injured, on Eighth street, near O.

25th - A shooting affray occurred on Second street, between K and L, between Lyman P. FULLER and P.A. VALLET. Nobody hurt.


1st - “WELLS, the murderer,” arrives in the city. Many persons are confident that he is WELLS, while others are equally confident that he is not. He says his name is Donald McDONNELL.

2d - Large and enthusiastic Union meeting held at Agricultural Hall. Governor LOW presided. Resolutions were adopted sustaining the policy of Congress on the question of reconstruction.

4th - New steamer Capital, Captain POOLE, arrived from San Francisco this morning - her first trip.

5th - The newly elected county officers entered upon their duties for the term of two years.

7th - James COGGINS, Justice of the Peace of this city, died, aged 41.

10 - Union (Long Hair) City Convention met at Turn Verein Hall and nominated C.H. SWIFT for First Trustee....C. DONAHUE, a ranchman, attacked T. HAMMILL with a cart-whip, on Fifth street, and was stabbed with a pocket-knife by the latter....Sacramento Wharf Company commenced driving piles for the wharf on the levee, between L and M streets.

12th - The Union (Short Hair) City Convention met at Graham Hall and nominated C.H. SWIFT for First Trustee, and resolved to coalesce with the other wing of the party....In the evening a new City Central Committee was formed - four members from each wing of the Union party and one member at large, George H. MOORE, who was chosen chairman,

13th - Charter election held for First Trustee; 2,241 voted polled, of which C.H. SWIFT (Union) received 1,321 and W.F. KNOX (Dem) 915; SWIFT’s majoring, 406.

14th - Donald McDONNELL was brought before Judge McKUNE, in the District Court, on writ of habeas corpus, and discharged, it being satisfactorily proved that he was not WELLS....Meeting of colored citizens at the Sixth street Church addressed by Colonel HAWKINS of Tennessee, Rev. M.C. BRIGGS and others.

16th - Benefit given to Donald McDONNELL at the Metropolitan Theater.

17th - St. Patrick’s day celebrated by a procession, consisting of the Emmet Guard, Fenien Brotherhood, Stonecutters’ Association, detachment of cavalry from Camp Union and citizens in carriages, and services at St. Rose Church.

25th - M.E. GELSTON, the forger, reported to have been seen at Panama.

26th - A burglar attempted to enter the house of John STOTT, Sixth and Seventh, H and J, by raising the window, but was fired at by STOTT, when he ran off....Slight shock of earthquake....Unfounded reports of great loss of life at San Francisco by falling walls....Board of Trustees pass an ordinance granting to the California Steam Navigation Company and the Pacific Railroad Company, for fifty years, the use of the levee from the north line of K street to the south line of L street.

27th - Donald McDONNELL received $600 appropriated by the Legislature and started on his return to Idaho....A Chinaman arrived in the city reported having been stopped by robbers on the road from Colfax, who caused him to dismount and relieved him of $850. His horse ran off, but John subsequently overtook him and found $1,100, which he secreted under the saddle, all safe.

28th - Major Gad Ely UPSON, United States Indian Agent for Montana, died in this city.

29th - Festival at Turn Verein Hall for the benefit of the Seventh Street Methodist Church netted $500....The desks in the Senate Chamber ransacked by thieves in the night; $30 in postage stamps carried off.

30th - Dr. PHELAN, assisted by other physicians, amputated the thigh of W. HALL, at the County Hospital  - the second operation of the kind within eight days....Louis PARIS fell from schooner Star of the Union into the river and was drowned.

31st - Three Chinamen thrown into the river by the upsetting of a boat. Two were saved by clinging to the boat, while the third one was pulled out of the water by his queue. He expressed the opinion, “Melican man belly good.”....Spanish residents performed their usual annual ceremony of burning and blowing up the effigy of Judas Iscariot.


2d - The Sacramento water-gauge indicates 23 feet 6 inches, within six inches of the highest water in 1862.

3d - George SMITH enters upon his duties under the new law as Clerk of the Police Court

4th - Many citizens indignant at having paid $2 military poll tax, the law assessing it having been repealed....The Board of Supervisors elected Thomas CONGER Justice of the Peace to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of James COGGINS.

6th - The Board of Supervisors rescinded their action on April 4th in electing Thomas CONGER Justice of the Peace, and then elected T.W. GILMER...John MURPHY found dead in his bed at the Union Hotel.

7th - George F. STOCKLEY was drowned near Spanish Ranch, twelve miles from this city, while hunting stock, by being thrown from his horse in deep water.

9th - Robert F. TAYLOR, aged ten years, was drowned in the American river, near B and Sixteenth streets.....First Anniversary of the surrender of LEE commemorated by a display of flags throughout the city...Thermometer in the Union office showed 68°...BIGGS, GLENN and WILSON started for the Owyhes mines, Idaho, with a train consisting of 36 wagons, drawn by 104 horses and 20 oxen - the first from Sacramento for that country.

10th - Fight near the Lake House between Mark FOWLER, aged 17, and ____ NORRIS, aged 19, in which FOWLER stabbed NORRIS, while returning from school, inflicting eight knife wounds in different parts of the body.

12th - Annual examination of the public schools commenced.

13th - Conspiracy discovered among the prisoners in the County Jail to break out. Nine of the inmates were heavily ironed, and the attempt frustrated.

22d - Coolidge GRAVES was knocked down and robbed on the Pacific Railroad, near Ninth street, in the daytime.

23d - Ten ten-mule teams left the city to load at Colfax for Idaho - the first train of heavy teams for that destination....The mercury rose in the Union office to 89 degrees.

25th - Mary GRUER attempted to commit suicide by taking laudanum at her residence on Fourth street, between L and M.

26th - Odd Fellows celebrated the forty-seventh anniversary of the Order by a procession, containing 430 members, under the Marshalship of Josiah HOWELL. At the Sixth street Congregational Church an oration was delivered by L.E. PRATT, of Sierra county. Newton BOOTH was President of the day. In the evening a promenade concert was given at Agricultural Hall.

27th - The daughter of Chambers ORR, residing near Thirteenth and J streets, fell from the sidewalk into the street, breaking her left arm at the elbow.

28th - About $3,900 has been raised for the opening of a new road to the Owyhee mines by the way of Truckee Meadows and Owyhee river....J.R. TOLLES addressed an audience of sixty or seventy persons at Turn Verein Hall, on cheap living. He says he can live on less than five cents per day....W.H. PARKER was arrested near Seventh and K streets, for robbing a lame German of his hat, $2 in money, and biting part of his ear off.

30th - Benjamin Perry CUPPS called at the station house and wished to be initiated into the mysteries of Odd Fellowship and Masonry - an escape from the Insane Asylum.


2d - A boy 17 years old, named Frank C. KILEN, fell from the Pacific Railroad cars on Sixth street, and the wheel’s crushed his right leg so badly as to make amputation necessary eight or nine inches below the knee....Sebastian HUPP, an elderly German, fell on the sidewalk on a Third street, between J and K, and died in a few minutes from apoplexy....E.O. DANA was drowned in the American river, at Folsom, by the capsizing of a boat.

May 3d - Major BECK, accompanied by a lady, was driving around the Park in a buggy when his span of Nelson colts suddenly darted out of the G street entrance, throwing the driver out, who held on to the lines and was dragged at a fearful rate about two blocks, when the vehicle was stopped by a colored man named BROWN, on G street, near Eighteenth. The Major was badly bruised, but the lady was uninjured....William STOCKMAN arrested for burglary at the Phoenix Mill at Thirteenth and J street.

May 5th - Unknown man found drowned in the river near the foot of P street....A robber entered the cabin of some Chinamen near Folsom and commenced to tie their queues together to facilitate his searching operation. One of them resisted, when he cut the Chinaman’s throat with a knife, which produced death, and severely wounded another. The robber obtained about fourteen dollars in gold dust and made good his escape....Dr. J.A. BURNS, at Seventh and L streets, drank sulphuric acid instead of water. Antidotes saved his life.

8th - First passenger train run on the Pacific Railroad to Secrettown, sixty-three miles from Sacramento....Thieves visit the schooners General Sigel and and William and Albert, lying near the foot of L street, and rob the officers and crews while asleep, obtaining $26.

9th - Board of Agricultural met at Agricultural Hall to make arrangements for the annual Fair on September 10. Resolutions were passed in memory of the late R.J. WALSH, of Colusa. I.N. HOAG, Secretary, and R.T. BROWN, Treasurer, were unanimously re-elected....Destructive fire in Folsom, which consumed the entire block between Redding and Decatur streets, on Sutter, including the Telegraph office.

10th - L. PREVOST of San Jose arrives in the city with “a million” silkworms, for the purpose of exhibiting at Agricultural Hall the method of feeding them and the culture of silk....W.L. CAMPBELL thrown from a buggy on the Georgiana road and had his leg broken....Steamer Victor and barges RUBY and ‘76 took about 900 persons to Freeport on the occasion of the Firemen’s annual picnic....J.W. BROWN thrown from a buggy while passing under the railroad at Eighteenth and R street, by a projecting timber, and seriously injured.

13th - Louisiana RODRIGUEZ arrested on two charges of burglary....Mrs. STANWOOD, an insane person, taken to the station-house.

14th - “Noble,” a Newfoundland dog weighing 186 pounds, arrives from Virginia City on his way to Chas. McLANE of San Francisco.

15th - The army worm makes its appearance in the vicinity of Sacramento.

16th - Thermometer 92° in Sacramento.

17th - Jeanette POMME arrested as insane.

19th - Sacramento Teamsters’ Association got up an impromptu procession, driving through the principal streets, preceded by a band of music. About eighty wagons turned out, principally drawn by ten mules or horses, some of twelve, and a few of six and eight. The property of the Association in the procession was estimated as worth $250,000. Over one thousand teams are enrolled on the Associations’ books, with property valued at about $3,000,000.

21st - John PETTES, Jr., and R.H. WOODWARD, members of the Pioneer Association, were buried at the City Cemetery by the Pioneers and Typographical Union. WOODWARD having been a member of the latter society.

24th - A son of Z. BITHELL, while leading a cow by a rope, attempted to stop another cow by catching a rope dragging behind her. The strain was such as to break his right arm between the elbow and wrist....Slight shock of earthquake at 9:05 A.M.

25th - An unusually heavy rain for the season set in between 2 and 3 o’clock P.M., doing considerable damage to hay and growing grain.

27th - Lightning struck the store of W.A. HEDENBERG, on J, between Eighth and Ninth streets, over which the Marysville telegraph wire runs. A number of persons in the vicinity felt an electric sensation. Some twenty-five mules and horses in a stable on Ninth street were brought to their knees. At the telegraph office on Second street, between J and K, a report like that of a rifle occurred; platina points were soldered together, copper wires melted, brass screws torn off, etc. No person injured.

28th - At the target excursion of the Sharpshooters, at the Half-way House, twenty-four ladies competed for prizes, which were awarded as follows: 1, Mrs. John HALL; 2, Miss SAWTELLE; 3, Mrs. O.H. TUBBS; 4, Mrs. Rosa SOTO; 5, Mrs. KELLER; 6, ______; 7, Mrs. WILSON; 8, Mrs. WILLIAMS....Peter HIGGINS locked up on account of insanity.

29th - Richard SIDES arrested for insanity.

31st - Refugio FLORES and Albert NORRIS arrested on K street, having stolen twenty horses in Santa Barbara county....A dispatch from Austin (Nev.), announces the arrest of M.E. GELSTON at that place.


1st - Anniversary exercises of the Sacramento Seminary at the Congregational Church, on Sixth street.

2d - A dispatch announces the discharge of GELSTON, at Austin, after a hearing of his case, when he immediately started eastward on horseback.

3d - G.W. MASTERS and W. DRESSER indulge in a shooting affair at Third and L streets, without injury....M. FITZGIBBON found badly beaten and insensible on L street, near Fourth, this morning.

5th - The first silk product of Sacramento raised at Agricultural Hall by L. PREVOST.

6th - Inquest held at Sutterville over the body of John GUCKERT, found dead in a barley field, from delirium tremens....Sarah E. ALLISON, aged 17, died suddenly at the residence of her stepfather, on Front street.

8th - Jack SMITH sat down in a chair and died suddenly at the ranch of Simeon STATA, near Sutterville....Strawberry Festival of the Seventh Street Methodist Church held at the Assembly Chamber

10th - Enthusiastic meeting of Fenians at Emmet Guard armory.

11th - Board of Trustees grant a lot in the City Cemetery to the Exempt Firemen’s Association....Edward CURRAN, Quartermaster Sergeant of Company A, First United States Cavalry, fell from the steamer Chrysopolis and was drowned.

12th - Meeting of citizens to prepare for the celebration of the Fourth of July. A Committee of forty appointed....Frederick SLAUSS, alias “Dutchy,” fell from a bulk at the foot of L street into the river, and was drowned.

14th - One hundred teachers from San Francisco arrived in the city for an excursion to the mountains on the Pacific Railroad....Sacramento Engine Company, No. 8, start on their visit to San Francisco....Some eight or nine hundred persons make an excursion to Freeport, on the occasion of the picnic at St. Rose Church.

16th - Engine Company No. 8 received, on their return from San Francisco, by the other Sacramento companies, in torchlight procession, accompanied with music.

17th - Anniversary of the battle of Bunker Hill honored by a display of flags, etc....Marco MAINA badly stabbed in the groin by Angelo GORRA at Sixth and N streets.

20th - The Union building reaches the high grade, having been raised 6 ½ feet in four and and a half days; 94 jack-screws were used in the work.

21st - Mrs. STANFIELD cowhides “Soda Dick,” who had referred to her in a derogatory manner in a flash paper published in San Francisco....The body of Gustave GEBLER, a boy of seven years, who had secreted himself on the boat and accompanied the firemen on their return from San Francisco, was found in the river at the foot of N street. The parents had been searching the city for him for several days.

25th - About one thousand persons attended the Masonic picnic from this city to the Granite quarries on the line of the Pacific Railroad.

26th - Jerry RACE, while asleep in a fishing boat in the river near Sutterville, was run over by the steamer from San Francisco. He was rescued from the water, but so badly injured that he died soon after.


1st - Jules NOREL, a Frenchman, aged sixty-two, who was addicted to drinking and made his living by picking up rags, etc., was found in a dying condition, from congestion of the lungs, in an old building at Eleventh and K streets. He was at one time a wealthy banker in Paris.

3d - At a meeting of the Fourth of July Committee, collections were reported by the sub-Committees amounting to $2,649.

4th - Celebrated with great enthusiasm - firing of salutes, procession of military, firemen, masons, Odd Fellows, Turn Verein, Fenians, Mexican Club and other citizens, with school children in omnibuses and “prairie schooners,” drawn by from ten to fourteen horses or mules, decorated with flags, evergreens, flowers, etc., under the direction of Chief Marshal Josiah HOWELL. Mayor SWIFT presided during the exercises at Agricultural Hall, consisting of prayer by Rev. I.E. DWINELL, singing of Ode (written by Henry O. WATSON) by the Philharmonic Society, reading of Declaration of Independence by H.C. McCREARY, reading of Poem (written by Mrs. James NEAL of Auburn) by J.E. BENTON, and Oration by Attorney General J.G. McCULLOUGH. There was a regatta on the Sacramento in the afternoon, in which there were four boat races, and a fine display of fireworks at night on barges moored to the Yolo bank of the river. J and K streets, for several blocks, were finely trimmed with trees, evergreens, flags, transparencies, etc., and illuminated in the evening....The Pioneers met at Dr. PHELEN’s building on K street, between Second and Third in the afternoon, and partook of a bountiful collation....Eureka Engine Company, No. 4., was presented with a splendid banner on behalf of Eureka Engine Company of San Francisco.

5th - The Zouave Cadets, of San Francisco, who had visited the city to join in the Fourth of July celebration, gave an exhibition of their drill at Agricultural Hall....Fourth of July Committees settled up all claims, contributing $100 to supply a deficit in funds on hand.

6th - Martha STOTT, who had been employed in a lager beer saloon, committed suicide by jumping into the Sacramento river from the bulk at foot of K street, at about 2 o’clock A.M. ...Sacramento Light Artillery reorganized under the new militia law - over eighty members mustered in, including about forty members of the disbanded Sharpshooters.

8th - Eugene TURNER, 11 years old, arrested for stabbing another boy named JOHNSON.

10th - Samuel STRATTON, a mulatto, nearly seventy years old, arraigned in the Police Court for an indecent assault on a little girl eleven years of age, in a house on H street, near Fourteenth. He had been terribly beaten by George MASON, who had jumped into the window of the house and caught him in the act. He was sent to the county jail for one year, the limit of the law for assault and battery.

12th - Scott KNOX, aged nine years, was drowned while bathing in the Sacramento near the Gas Works....Gas explosion at the house of Alert Hook and Ladder Company, on Eighth street, near J. George FAREWELL was severely burned....Body of Christian ANDERFURN found in the river, near Freeport, with a bullet hole through the stomach; supposed suicide.

14th - A shock of earthquake at 10:15 P.M., the most severe known in Sacramento, the vibration lasting over half a minute.

16th - Destructive fire at 6:30 P.M., on J street, between Eleventh and Twelfth; nine or ten buildings destroyed. Loss about $15,000....Slight earthquake shock at 9:40 A.M.....Board of Supervisors organized as a Board of Swamp Land Commissioners.

17th - Thermometer at 6 P.M., 100 °....Ripe grapes exhibited, from the garden of J.W. NEFF, Seventeenth and J streets.

18th - Trotting race at Union Park Course between Latham, to harness, and Casserly, with running mate, for $5,000, mile heats, best 3 in 5. Latham won the first heat in 2:33 4-5. A dispute occurring about foul driving, Casserly was withdrawn. Latham trotted the second heat in 2:36, winning the race and money, Casserly being declared distanced....Union Degree Lodge, No. 8, .I.O.O.F., reorganized in this city by M.W. Grand Master I.N. RANDOLPH.

19th - Over 500 persons left the city on an excursion to Alta, on the Pacific Railroad, for the benefit of the Sixth Street Methodist Church.

20th - Two sons of John KING, named James and Cornelius, were drowned in the American river, near Folsom.

21st - Stockholders and others participated in the celebration of the extension of the Pacific Railroad by an excursion to Alta, seventy miles from Sacramento.

22d - A little girl, aged nine years, set fire in the wagon shop of RIPPON & HILL, Thirteenth and J streets, and also in an adjoining stable. The fire was soon discovered in both cases and the flames extinguished with little damage.

23d - James F. HASTINGS arrested for insanity....Construction of a new wingdam commenced on the west side of the river, opposite N street.

29th - George NEWCOMB, aged ten years, run over by a freight wagon on K street, near Seventh, and had three of his ribs broken, and was otherwise badly injured.


1st - Primary School No. 7 opened in the new schoolhouse, corner of M and Ninth streets.

2d - George WILLIAMS escaped from the County Jail, where he had been imprisoned to await his trial for grand larceny.

3d - PRITCHARD & KAISER’s train of ten-mule teams returned from Silver City, Idaho, having made the trip from the Pacific Railroad at Colfax to Silver City, 421 ½ miles, in 41 days, and returned to Sacramento in 20 days. They received $1,500 from a Committee of Sacramento citizens for improvements made by the pioneer train in heavy storms.

6th - Annual elections of the Fire Department. J. DONNELLAN, of Engine Company No. 5, was elected Chief Engineer, Martin STEINMETZ, of No. 2, First Assistant, and J. GILLIAN, of No. 6, Second Assistant. Total vote, 291: DONNELLAN, 291; STEINMETZ, 192; GILLIAN, 189, and BENNETT, of Hook and Ladder No. 2,112....Board of Fire Delegates organized for the ensuing year, electing James LANSING, President, and J.J. SMITH, Secretary.

7th - Body of an unknown man found in the river at the foot of N street, supposed to have been accidentally drowned.

10th - Levi HERMANCE, who had been insane on the subject of Spiritualism, died at his ranch on the Cosumnes....Walhalla Grove, No. 6, Ancient Order of Druids, instituted at Graham Hall.

11th - Jim HAMILTON, a notorious burglar, was arrested at GRUHLER’s saloon, Sixth street, while pretending to be a teamster with $3,000 in his possession. On searching him, a chisel, a pistol, some drugged liquor, a stolen watch, and but $1.75 in money were found on his person.

12th - A brilliant meteor seen about 7 ½ P.M....Twenty-five colored persons baptized in the Sacramento, neat the Gas Works.

13th - Robert AITKEN, about six years of age, severely bitten and torn about the face by a dog on N street, near Eighth.

14th - Exempt Firemen’s Association celebrated their first anniversary by a procession, preceded by a band, and a collation at the Capitol, on Seventh street....Philip J. RICHLESS was drowned in the river near Freeport, while bathing.

15th - The warmest day of the season, the thermometer having reached 101 ° in the third story of the Union building, and marking 96° at 7:30 P.M. Many of the public schools were dismissed at 12 M. in consequence....Wilson FLINT brought to the city a wagon load of silk cocoons, the first production of the kind on a large scale in this vicinity....A man named Ura Louis KATIT died suddenly of heart disease on the steamer Lark, while coming from Red Bluff to this city.

16th - A.M. HAYDEN, Sacramento agent of Wells, Fargo & Co, committed suicide by taking morphine while subject to mental depression. He had lost about $13,000 of the company’s money in stock speculations....Excursion to Alta, attended by about 500 persons for the benefit of the Presbyterian Church....J. MALLARD was sunstruck at White Rock, near Folsom, and died soon after.

18th - George OTT, about ten years old, while on the back of a companion who was swimming in the Sacramento river, near Sutterville, was thrown off and drowned....Charles SCHMIDT attempted suicide by hanging, at the City Hotel, but was discovered and cut down in time to save his life.

19th - Harvey LEE, Judge of the Sixteenth Judicial District, accompanied by his son, about ten years old, after driving his span of horses several times around the track of Agricultural Park with great speed, suddenly turned to pass out when the buggy was upset, and he was thrown with great violence on the fence at the side of the gate, fracturing his skull and causing death in five hours. The boy was unhurt.

21st - Meeting of citizens to take measures for securing near Sacramento the location of the State Agricultural, Mining and Mechanic Arts College. A Committee of fourteen from the city and seven from the county was chosen to carry the object of the meeting into effect....Jean CHATEAUX died suddenly from rupture of a blood vessel while gathering up barley from the deck of the steamer Capital....Two children - son of W. TOOLE and daughter of T. KELLY - were dangerously poisoned on Seventh street, near O, by eating “caper spurge,” a poisonous weed. Prompt antidotes saved their lives.

22d - James FINNIGAN, from Alta, while under the influence of liquor, attacked several persons with a knife on Second street, near the Hotel de France, but was arrested after having been badly beaten with clubs and cobble stones....The Fourth Regiment reorganized under the new militia law by the election of officers.

23d - Sacramento Volunteer Union organized by the adoption of a constitution and by-laws and the election of officers.

24th - Henry AMES was thrown from his horse by a broken plank in the ditch covering at Third and N streets and severely injured.

25th - Annual meeting of the Sacramento Pioneers....First Artillery Battalion of the National Guard, State militia, organized by the election of E. MILLS, of the Sacramento Light Artillery, as Major.

27th - In an affray between H.A. CAULFIELD and John BYRNES, at Second and O streets, the former was severely bruised on the head with a cane and the latter badly cut with a knife....The appointment of George C. HASWELL, by the Board of Health, as Health Officer, was approved by the City Trustees....Five bales of hops, weighing 1,000 pounds - the first of the season - brought to the city from the ranch of S. STATA, near Sutterville.

28th - Odd Fellows’ Block raised to the high grade - seven feet nine inches - in seven days; 250 jackscrews were used.

30th - The Sacramento Amateur Dramatic Association played to a full house at the Metropolitan Theater, for the benefit of the Hebrew Benevolent Society.

31st - The public schools closed for the Summer term.


1st - A Judge of one of our Courts and a prominent attorney had a set-to in relation to a ruling of the Court, without serious result. A rehearing was not granted....T. ROSS jumped on to a hay wagon to stop a pair of runaway horses at Eighth and J streets, but not being able to check them, jumped off near the Plaza, breaking his leg so badly as to cause the bone to protrude through the flesh....Philip ROLL, keeper of a cigar stand on J street, near Second, who reported seeing GELSTON at Panama, decamped, leaving his creditors minus.

4th - The horse Norfolk arrives in the city for exhibition at the State Fair.

5th - About nine P.M. the stable and adjoining sheds of John RYAN, at Eleventh and B streets, were set on fire by an incendiary, by which four horses were burned to death and a fifth badly injured.

7th - In consequence of a mandamus from the Sixth District Court, the Board of Supervisors rescinded the action by which they elected T.W. GILMER to fill a vacancy, approved the bond of Thomas CONGER and ordered a certificate to issue to him as Justice of the Peace. GILMER still claims that he is the legal incumbent of the office.

8th - The Pioneers celebrated their anniversary by installing their newly-elected officers, appointing a Committee to consider the subject of purchasing or erecting a hall for their own use, and afterwards partaking of a collection....While the Light Artillery were drilling on Sixth street without ammunition, they were surprised by a report from one of the guns, a blank cartridge having been placed in the piece without the knowledge of the members.

9th - The funeral of A.A.H. TUTTLE, formerly Secretary of State, who died suddenly at Donner Lake September 7th, took place from the Senate Chamber....A brilliant meteor. visible at 10 ½ P.M.

10th - The Thirteenth Annual Fair of the State Agricultural Society opened in this city. The President, C.F. REED, of Yolo county, delivered the inaugural address at Agricultural Hall in the evening.

11th - In the race at Agricultural Park for three-year olds, mile heats, Deringer won in 1:48 ½ and 1:51 ½. At the Pavilion in the evening, addresses were made by G.N. SWEZY and Colonel HAWKINS of Tennessee....James BRYAN fell on the sidewalk at Sixth and K streets, from heart disease, and died soon after....Philip MORENS, alias Jesus GERARDO, was arrested on Second street, between K and L, and identified as the murderer of Dr. John MARSH, who was killed and robbed near Martinez, Contra Costa county, September 24, 1856.

12th - The annual address before the State Agricultural Society was delivered at the Pavilion in the evening by Joseph W. WINANS, of San Francisco.

13th - Dr. D.J. MACGOWAN delivered an address at the Pavilion on the subject of Oriental Agricultural....James C. BOSTWICK committed suicide by cutting his throat at Folsom, in a fit of delirium tremens.

14th - An address was delivered by Caleb LYONS of Lyonsdale at the Pavilion, in the evening....In the yacht race on the Sacramento six boats started; the Carrie Shepherd won. T. HARRISON was the winner in the skeleton boat race.

15th - The State Fair closed. The award of premiums was made at the stock grounds during the forenoon and at the Pavilion in the evening. Total receipts, $18,303.50....Luben ST. JOHN, aged 50 years, was found dead in his cabin in Natoma township, from hemorrhage of the lungs.

16th - Slight shower of rain, accompanied with distant thunder.

18th - Billy POTTER, an Indian boy aged about 18 years, committed a rape on an Indian girl named Caroline ROSARIA, aged 10 years, and drowned her by throwing her into the American river, near the gas works....A woman known as Mother LUIZ poisoner herself with arsenic at Folsom.

20th - Jack WILLIAMS, an escape from the County Jail, was brought to the city from San Francisco.

21st - An CHEUNG, a chinese barber, committed suicide at corner of Fifth and I streets, by cutting his throat.

22d - The office of the State Controller was broken open during the night, and $1,250, the private property of Controller OULTON, E.M. HOWLSON and L.H. FULLER, taken from the safe.

24th - George CADWALADER, agent, presented levee can and funded loan bonds of 1852-3, amounting to $38,583.88, to the Board of Trustees for payment. The demand was refused, on the ground that there is no money in the city treasury for the payment of the same.

25th - The Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars commenced its seventh annual session at the Senate Chamber of the Capitol.

26th - Public temperance meeting held in the Sixth street Methodist Church, under the auspices of the Good Templars.

27th - The Mexicans of the city celebrated the fifty-sixth anniversary of Mexican Independence by firing salutes, and a ball in the evening.

28th - The Grand Lodge of Good Templars closed their session after electing officers for the ensuing year, and having taken action designed to promote the cause of temperance....Annual meeting of the Light Artillery.

29th - The Granite Hotel, at Folsom, burned at about 2 A.M., the inmates escaping with difficulty.


2d - Joseph LEBORGNE of Sutterville was run over at Eighth and K streets in attempting to stop his runaway team, and seriously injured...James McNULTY committed suicide at the Western Hotel by taking strychnine....It is ascertained that one firm in this city forwarded to Idaho from this city over 214 tons of freight in forty-four teams within a few weeks.

4th - W. ORANGE was garrotted at Sixteenth and D streets by four men and robbed of about $280.

7th - P. MILLER attempted suicide by jumping into the river at the foot of L street, but was rescued and his life saved.

8th - John PICKETT had his collar bone broken and was otherwise injured by falling from the sidewalk on Front near N street, into the open lot below.

9th - An unknown Chinaman died on the sidewalk on J street, between Fourth and Fifth.

10th - The General Association of the Congregational Churches of California met at the church on Sixth street, near I....Jesse HACKETT, an elderly colored man, had his arm amputated on account of what was at first supposed to be a felon.

11th - A pile of lumber fell on several children at the lumber yard on K street, between Seventh and Eighth, and Henry PAGE, four, and ___ PULASKY, aged six years, were seriously injured....Antoine MALSAIGNE was found dead in his bed at his residence of Fifth street, between I and J.

12th - Annie WARREN attempted suicide by jumping into the river, but was prevented.

14th - A one-story frame house on O street, between Seventh and Eighth, was blown down by the high wind.

16th - Foundation for new engine at the Water Works commenced....A.B. BISHOP exhibits ripe second-crop apples raised in his garden on D street.

17th - The Union County Central Committee met and filled vacancies.

18th - Grading commenced by the Pacific Railroad Company for their improvements north of the slough....The Chinese of the city enter upon their annual religious ceremonies to propitiate their divinities during the coming year. An inquiry into their mysteries elicited the reply - “All same’s Melican man’s chuch.”

19th - Michael KALLER arrested for insanity.

20th - Stonecutters at the State Capitol struck because the Superintendent would not reinstate one of their number who had been discharged....John BIGLER having been appointed Assessor of Internal Revenue for the Fourth District, by President JOHNSON, applied to J.W. AVERY for possession of the office in this city, which the latter refused, contending that he was the legal Assessor, having been appointed “by and with the advice and consent of the Senate,” while BIGLER had not that indorsement....Patrick NEWMAN was struck by a heavy iron casting being hoisted at the Pacific Railroad wharf, knocked into the river and drowned.

21st - Chief BURKE arrested T.A. RUSSELL, eighteen miles above the city, on the charge of murder, in killing A. CURRY in Yolo county, October 1st....George W. STOUT reports having killed 641 ducks on the wing in the vicinity of Sacramento during the previous three days.

22d - Henry JOHNS, known as “Uncle Dick,” a bootblack, formerly a Virginian slave, died, leaving $4,200 in property.

24th - The Commissioners to select a site for a State Agricultural, Mining and Mechanic Arts College arrived in the city, and proceeded to visit several localities in Sacramento and its neighborhood....C.F. SCHAEFER, the celebrated German traveler, arrived in Sacramento, having footed his way across the Plains from the Missouri river....The Chinese finish their ceremonies by burning paper images, large quantities of paper written with Chinese characters, fire crackers, etc.

26th - T.P. LITTLEFIELD, on D street, between Seventh and Eighth, shows an apple tree which had blossomed four times this season, and has on it second crop apples, ripe apples half-grown, and blossoms for the fourth....Justice J.W. NORVELL was thrown from his horse and had his leg broken at Freeport.

28th - H.C. MORRISON knocked down and badly beaten by one SEXTON, on K street, near Third.

30th - James FEENEY was found dead in his bed at the City Hotel, having died from the effects of hard drinking.


3d - Mrs. KRAMBACH, an insane woman, attempted to commit suicide by cutting her throat....First rain of the season.

8th - Board of Supervisors accepted the proposition of the bondsmen of C.L. BIRD, the defaulting County Treasurer, to pay $9,000 in greenbacks in settlement of the claim of the county for $14,000.

9th - Coon Chow HAGIM, a Chinaman, found dead in a cellar on I street, between Second and Third.

14th - meeting of the City Central Committee, at which steps were taken to urge Union voters to register their names....those persons who were star-gazing for the promised meteoric shower “couldn’t see it.”

18th - Shooting affray at the Union Hotel, between E PERKINS and P. BRADY, in which the former was wounded in the arm.

20th - L. FARMER attempted suicide at the International Hotel by cutting his throat. The wound was not fatal....Robert PETRIE found dead in the basement of the Fountain Bakery on Front street, where he had been allowed the privilege of sleeping the day before.

22d - The locomotive L.L. Robinson brought to the city a train of forty-four cars loaded with wood and slate rock - the largest train ever brought over the Sacramento Valley road.

23d - Candalino ROJAS died suddenly at his house on Front and N streets....J.L. BRIGGS captured a burglar in his house, on O street, near Sixth. While taking him to the station-house the robber’s companions compelled his release....Five robbers entered a Chinese cabin at Teat’s Flat, and shot one in the hip, another in the leg, and hung a third till nearly dead, but succeeded in getting only $50.

24th - A pile of lumber fell at Drew’s yard, on Second street, near N, severely injuring a boy named Albert PIMENTAL, and slightly injuring others.

27th - United States patent for the New Helvetia Rancho, or Sutter grant, received at the County Clerk’s office for recording. The grant includes the entire city of Sacramento....Samples of pears shown by Howard GAGE, living on L street, between Sixth and Seventh, from a tree in his garden which had produced five distinct crops the past season.

29th - First passenger train ran to Cisco, on the Pacific Railroad, 93 miles....Thanksgiving day generally observed - religious services during the day, and two balls, by Engine Company No. 3 and the Union Band, in the evening.


1st - Five Chinamen, who had proceeded down the river in two boats, on a piratical cruise against some of their countrymen, were arrested on their return, and the booty recovered.

2d - David VANDERHOFF fell from the high grade on J street, near Fourth, into the area below, and was severely injured.

3d - The Sacramento Teamsters’ Association disbanded....Three boys, who slept in the storeroom at the corner of Sixth and K streets, were found in the morning nearly suffocated by escaping gas. Prompt measures were taken, and they were resuscitated.

6th - Sacramento Amateur Dramatic Association disbanded.

8th - William ROSE committed suicide by GILLEN’s saddlery shop, on J street, near Tenth, by shooting himself through the head....J. WETZLAR, insurance agent, donated $100 to the Charitable Fund of the Fire Department for services rendered by firemen.

9th - Robert McCARTHY shot his brother Dennis with a pistol, on K street, near Fourth, inflicting a slight wound over the eye. The brothers both claim that the shooting was accidental, though offensive words had been exchanged previous to using the pistol.

11th - Daniel FINDLEY, a merchant of Austin, Nevada, and possessed of considerable property, was found in this city in an insane condition. J.H. WALES subsequently stated that he had been employed to bring the insane man over the mountains and turn him loose in Sacramento.

12th - One THOMAS, in a fight in front of KOSTA’s restaurant, on Front street, stabbed Maurice GALVIN in the left side, inflicting dangerous wound.

14th - James MURPHY was arrested for assault to commit rape, and brought to the city by J.G. ALLMOND, living near Freeport. MURPHY had received a charge of shot in his body in attempting to escape.

14th - Heavy rain storm set in....River seven feet above low water mark.

15th - Tom LASWELL and James W. CRUM, two highwaymen, were arrested in this city, charged with being concerned in the Geiger Grade robbery, which took place near Virginia City (Nev.) October 31st, when the stage was stopped, Wells, Fargo and Co.’s treasure box blown open and over $5,000 in gold taken, and the passengers relieved of their money, watches, jewelry, etc....Robert McCARTHY examined before Police Court and held to answer a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

16th - Michael B. RANDOLPH, aged sixteen, was mortally wounded by a companion, who fired at some ducks while they were gunning near Hicksville....Charles MILLER was dangerously shot while drawing his gun from a boat at Ten-mile Lake.

19th - A severe shock of earthquake at 2:45 A.M.....Thunder and lightning between one and two P.M.....American river rose about four feet within twenty-four hours at Rabel’s tannery; the Sacramento fourteen feet six inches about low water mark.

20th - A wild hare, which had sought safety on the high grade of our city from some submerged districts to the north, was captured on Fourth street....Between nine A.M. and nine P.M., 2,920 inches of rain fell - the largest amount ever noticed in Sacramento in the same number of hours.

21st - The American river having risen four or five feet during the night, the force of the water carried away a large portion of the wingdam near Rabel’s tanneyr, constructed at a cost of $8,000....Sacramento twenty feet three inches above low water mark.

23d - Notwithstanding the heavy rains of the past few days, Sacramento city and that portion of the county lying south of the American riven have been protected from overflow by the substantial levees which have been built for the purpose....River twenty feet nine inches, and still rising....California Express, having been removed from Marysville, made its first appearance in Sacramento.

24th - The Sacramento twenty-three feet above low water.

25th - Eureka Hose Company of San Francisco arrived in Sacramento, bringing with them a beautiful hose carriage, which they presented to Eureka Engine Company, No. 4 of this city. A dinner was given to the strangers at Hamilton Hall by their hosts, and a ball in the evening....A drift of tule grass and logs having threatened to carry off the steamers Swallow and Flora, moored at the Washington side of the Sacramento, opposite the city, their fastenings were cast off and the Victor and Lark, with steam up, attempted to disengage them from the mass of drift that surrounded them; but the current proved too strong, and all four boats were carried down the river. The drift finally grounded near the mouth of Old river, through which it had passed, and the boats were brought back to the city, having been considerably damaged by crashing together and by contact with trees on the bank....Sacramento river twenty-three feet three inches.

26th - Schooner Anna Beck, loaded with flour, while attempting to pass through the draw of the Sacramento and Yolo bridge, struck a pier, capsized and floated down the river to nearly opposite K street, where she was stopped. Her cargo consisted of 1,700 sacks of flour; insured for $4,500....River falling - twenty-two feet ten inches.

27th - A slight shower, accompanied with lightning, in the evening.




Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Tuesday, January 1, 1867.

© 2006 Betty Loose.



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