Record of Local Events






Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 2, 1865



            Record of Local Events

The following is a record of events occurring in Sacramento and vicinity during the year:


1st-This day was observed throughout the city as a general day of rejoicing.

2d-McKean BUCHANAN, convicted of violating the Sabbath by dramatic exhibitions, was fined $100 by the Police Justice...J.S. BARRETT elected Secretary of the Supreme Court by the Judges.

5th-Attorney General McCULLOUGH brought suit in the District Court to recover $1,217.92 from the bondsmen of G.R. WARREN, the defaulting Controller...The Chief of Police commenced the removal of all swinging signs as nuisances under city ordinance.

6th-William HUME, hunter of this city, received the prize hat awarded him by B.F. DAVENPORT, of Yuba, as best shot north of Monte Diablo...Turn-table of the Pacific Railroad completed at the foot of I street...Andrew VILLA, a prisoner at the County Jail, died of paralysis.

7th-Shooting affray at the Union Hotel among a party of gamblers. Nobody hit.

8th-Officer LOCKE, being attacked with a stone slung in a handkerchief by a soldier named FINNEGAN, shot Finnegan, inflicting a severe wound.....S. TRYON elected Foreman of Young America Engine Company No. 6....Jose MARQUEZ, Consul General to Central America, sued for a writ of habeas corpus for the possession of his son Arnold MARQUEZ, aged four years.

9th and 10th - Difficulty between the civil and military authorities on account of Colonel BROWN, of the First Regiment Cavalry, attempting to arrest policeman LOCKE for shooting at FINNEGAN on the 8th. Amicably settled.

11th-G.W. LANGVILLE, a well-known fireman of this city, died in San Francisco on his way to the Atlantic States.

12th-A.H. DAKE, convicted of murder in second degree for killing Charles YATES, was released on bail of $6,000....An idiotic Italian, sent from this city to the State Insane Asylum, sent back here again as not dangerous.

13th-Troops paid off at Camp Union by the Paymaster...Unusually low water in the Sacramento river.

14th-Funeral of the late G.W. LANGVILLE and great turn out of the Fire Department...M.W. LOWELL, a resident of this city, knocked down and robbed by highwaymen, near the corner of Tenth and C streets, at nine P.M....Provost Guard patrolled the city all night...Company L, First Cavalry, sailed for San Pedro via San Francisco.

15th-Preparations were made for the raising of buildings on Front street to the grade of the Pacific Railroad Company’s embankment...Miss Emma HARDINGE delivered a lecture on the “Spirit of 1864" at the Jewish Synagogue.

16th-F.B. Clements, a surveyor on the Pacific Railroad was killed by being run over by a locomotive.

17th-The residence of B.F. HASTINGS, on Third street, was entered by burglars and robbed of $200 worth of silver plate.

18th-Extempore legislative excursion on the Pacific Railroad and Impromptu Jollification

19th-The old building on Eighth street, known as “Our House,” totally destroyed by fire...Frank KOSTA accidentally shot J. MARCOVICH above the knee.

20th-Jacob GRUHLER, a well-known citizen, invents a novel barometer...Great novelty at the Methodist Church in the shape of a lecture on temperance by a member of the Legislature.

21st-Judge CLARK, in the case of CROWLEY vs. HARDING, decided the Pound Ordinance to be invalid...Sarah T. HOLMES sued J.S. MEREDITH for breach of promise, laying damages at $5,000...The “Union Boy,” a twelve-pounder field gun, purchased by Wm. M. SIDDONS for the purpose of firing salutes, made its debut...A battalion of loyal German militia was organized in this city.

22d-The Grand Jury brought in a true bill of indictment against Andrew H. MERRILL for the murder of D.C. MILLER...General SUTTER visited the city for the first time in six years.

24th-Mrs. Joseph MARZEN, wife of a well-known citizen, was found dead in her bed; supposed self-destruction.

25th-Hack race at the Park won by the team of J.W. WILSON...Miss Frances R. GASS made her debut at the Metropolitan Theater in the comedy of “All that Glitters is not Gold.”

26th-Patsey CALLAHAN, a chronic fightist, killed at the Bank Exchange, by a stab from a knife in the hands of Thomas SHERMAN.

27th-Fire at the City Water Works; damage trifling...SHERMAN, accused of the murder of Patsey CALLAHAN, discharged from custody by the Police Judge...B.N. BUGBEY, Sheriff, refused to receive United States legal tender notes at par in payment of criminal fines.

28th-Boilers, manufactured in this city for a new steamer building at San Francisco, shipped from the boiler works of FLOYD & MOORE.

29th-J.A. CROCKER, ship carpenter of this city, left for Lake Tahoe, for the purpose of building a steamer to run on that lake, the engines being finished in this city...Great dissatisfaction among the soldiers at Camp Union at the acts of the commanding officer, Colonel O.M. BROWN.

30th-Jeff PEABODY, for many years Wells, Fargo & Co.’s delivery clerk in Sacramento, left for Idaho.

31st-Body of a Chinaman, named How Fung, found hanging to a sycamore tree on the north side of the slough...A man, named Joseph BIRGE, died suddenly at the fruit store of John RINES, on K street; cause, enlargement of the heart...A man “garroted” by thieves, on the corner of Tenth and J streets.


1st-William PIERCE, indicted for manslaughter in killing Frank WHITE at Daylor’s Ranch, on the Cosumnes river, in March, 1863, was put on trial in the District Court...Francis McCONNELL appointed Court Commissioner of the Sixth Judicial District.

2d-PIERCE indicted for the killing of WHITE, was acquitted...The Board of Fire Delegates appropriated $700 for improvements to the Firemen’s cemetery plot...A.C. BIDWELL, County CLERK elect, filed his bond of $30,000 and entered on the duties of his office.

3d-A.A. SARGENT delivered a very entertaining lecture of the “Lessons of the Times,” at the Assembly Chamber...A sturgeon, weighing 336 pounds, caught in the river just below the city...The work of raising CAROLAN’s building, on the levee, by hydraulic pressure, was commenced...The sum of $22,000 in county bonds was surrendered to the County Treasurer for $10,862.50 in cash.

4th-A woman named LEARY was found dead in her bed from the effects of liquor.

5th-The Jury in the case of KEEFE, tried for the murder of FINAN, found a verdict of guilty of murder in the second degree. Garroters tried to rob B.F. SHIRLEY in the street, but ran away on the approach of the police.

6th-David Douglass REED, a boy nine years old, was killed by a fall from a horse...A little girl named LYNCH fell from a roof twenty feet to the ground and escaped without serious injury...Great meeting of loyal Irish citizens.

8th-D.W. CHEESMAN, United States Sub-Treasurer for California, delivered an address on “Legal Tender Notes” at the Capitol...S.B. FREELAND, a pioneer of Sacramento, died....The Board of Trustees passed a new pound ordinance relative to animals running at large.

9th-Villainous attempt to throw the Valley Railroad train off the track by unknown persons.

10th-A dispatch from San Francisco stated that WELLS, the Sacramento murderer, had been arrested at Bannock, Idaho...A man named John LANE fell dead out of his chair at the What Cheer House.

11th-Another dispatch from Idaho stated that the man arrested as WELLS, the murderer, was not the real Wells, and he was set at liberty...Fight on the levee between MOAK and COLBY, two steamboatmen...A woman named Jessie TAYLOR attempted suicide by laudanum.

12th-H.M. WOODWORTH, for stealing a horse and buggy, was sent to San Quentin.

13th-House of Peter O’ROURKE, on L street, entered by burglars and robbed of $250...Lo Lee, a Chinese doctor, arrested for stealing clothing...Many business men arrested for violation of the “swinging sign” ordinance.

13th-A shooting affray took place in front of the City Hotel, but the parties eluded arrest.

15th-A burglar robbed one of the chambermaids at TOLL’s Hotel...Ex-Governor STANFORD admitted to practice in the Supreme Court...The Marsh Troupe commenced an engagement at the Metropolitan Theater.

16th-Jacob REMMEL injured by being thrown out of buggy, at the corner of H and twentieth streets...Trial of T.G. LESTER, charged with rape upon the person of Viola SARGENT.

17th-A large excursion party, consisting of many members of the Legislature and the Directors of the Road, made a highly satisfactory excursion to Newcastle Gap, on the Pacific Railroad...The Pioneer Mills rebuilt by the old proprietors...A bulkhead commenced at the Water Works.

18th-Professor WHITNEY, State Geologist, delivered a lecture on the Geology of California at the Assembly Chamber...T.G. LESTER found guilty of rape...M.T. HALE was arrested for incest, committed on the person of his daughter.

19th...Turnpike road to the foot-hills was commenced by an incorporated company....The new steamer Annie Stewart arrived at the levee from San Francisco...KEEFE, convicted of the murder (second degree) of FINAN, sentenced to eleven years in the State Prison.

20th-Mortimer J. SMITH, a well-known legislative correspondent of the San Francisco papers, died at the Union Hotel...The New Idra Quicksilver case, involving $250,000 worth of property, began in the Supreme Court.

22d-In the District Court judgement against A.B. RAYNOR and others, bondsmen of G.R. WARREN, was rendered for $1,200.16...John D. YOUNG was elected Captain of the National Guard...T.G. LESTER, convicted of rape, was sentenced to fourteen years in the Penitentiary...Colonel BROWN, commanding Camp Union, hung in effigy by some of his men...Washington’s Birthday generally celebrated in the city.

23d-M.T. HALE indicted for incest on the person of his daughter...John CAN ARNAM, who fought at Vicksburg under General Grant, admitted to practice in the Supreme Court.

24th-Adolphus DAVIS committed suicide at Brighton, in this county, by taking strychnine...James BEAMIS, a lad under majority, was arraigned in the County Court for setting fire to the stable of TRYON, some months before...William ATKINS had his leg broken by a runaway team.

25th- A Mormon Conference held at the Chinese Chapel...Election was ordered by the Board of Trustees, to be held on the second Tuesday of March for a Third Trustee...BEAMIS, tried for setting fire to TRYON’s stable, was acquitted...Mrs. H. PERRY swallowed a dose of Croton oil by mistake, and barely escaped death.

26th-Rev. Augustus HERTEL severely hurt by being thrown out of a buggy...The opposition steamer Annie Stewart was bought off and her trips discontinued...The steamer Goodman Castle went on a snagging expedition to Steamboat slough...Lieutenant Colonel Edward McGARRY took command of Camp Union, vice Colonel O.M. BROWN, who went to Los Angeles.

28th-The Collector of Internal Revenue sued the brothers L & S. WORMSER for $250 penalty for failure to take out a license as brokers...Company F, First Cavalry, left for San Pedro...Ben. MOORE’s saloon robbed of $450.

29th-Trotting race at the Louisiana Course won by Butler’s horse Chris Green...Josiah JOHNSON nominated for Third City Trustee.


1st-The body of an unknown man was found floating in the river at the foot of R street...A man named John TURNER was drowned in the Sacramento river by falling overboard from a wood barge.

2d-Stone & Co., of this city, contracted for the labor of one hundred convicts in the saddle shop at San Quentin.

3d-Lecture by G.T. BROMLEY in aid of the repairs of Agricultural Hall...W.P. COLEMAN nominated by many taxpayers as candidate for the office of Third Trustee.

4th-A large salmon trout, weighing twelve pounds, and closely resembling those of the great lakes, caught at HOOKER’s ranch.

5th-T.W. EAVES was arrested in the street while suffering from mania a potu.

6th-A.H. DAKE, under sentence for manslaughter, was surrendered by his bondsmen.

7th-The new county officers - James McCLATCHY, Sheriff; P.R. BECKLEY, Assessor; A.C. BIDWELL, County Clerk, and M.M. ESTEE, District Attorney - entered upon their respective official duties.

8th-The work of grading the Sacramento Turnpike Road to the foothills suspended...The stables, stands and tavern on the Louisiana Race Course destroyed by fire...C.H. ROSS elected Foreman of Alert Hook and Ladder Company, No. 2.

9th-Carl GERHOLD, an old offender, who had escaped from our County Jail, sent back from San Francisco...B.N. BUGBEY, ex-Sheriff, made his final settlement with the Auditor - $6,900 in gold.

10th-Thomas HANSBROW, of this city, received a patent for his amalgamator for reducing silver ores...A man named ROGERS fell overboard from the San Francisco boat as he was leaving the levee, but was recovered.

11th-Attempt of prisoners to break jail frustrated by Sheriff McCLATCHY...F.S. LARDNER, County Treasurer elect, entered on the duties of his office.

12th-W.F. MARQUAND accidentally shot and killed by H.P. CRAMER...A battery of seven pieces of artillery, for defense of the Capital, arrived from San Francisco.

13th-The stable of R.L. ROBERTSON, containing the new battery of seven pieces, destroyed by fire.

14th-Excursion of citizens to eastern terminus of the Pacific Railroad...Josiah JOHNSON took his seat as Third City Trustee.

15th-The work of rebuilding the burnt battery commenced by Adjutant General KIBBE.

16th-Schooner Commodore run into and sunk by steamer Yosemite, near Freeport... The office of N.Greene CURTIS, on Sixth street, robbed of three hundred dollars in gold by burglars.

17th-An insane man named L.D. HALL arrested and sent to Stockton, whence he had escaped...The Emmet Guards gave a ball at the Pavilion.

18th-Committee appointed by the Legislature to inquire into the burning of the seven pieces of artillery at ROBERTSON’s stables...M.M. ESTEE was substituted for UPTON in all cases in which the city was plaintiff.

19th-Grand excursion of citizens on the Pacific Railroad ...general jubilee at Newcaselt Gap...Captain J. FOLEY elected Captain of the Emmet Guard...G.D. CONKLIN, familiarly called “Yank,” a pioneer newspaper carried, died at the hospital.

21st-New brick store on J street commenced by BAKER & HAMILTON...The ball and lecture in aid of the repairs of Agricultural Hall netted $507.10.

22d-The old William Tell House, on J street, destroyed by fire...A Court-martial was impanneled to try Lieutenant JENNINGS, of the Quartermaster’s Department...A little girl named Florence HILL killed by falling down stairs...Workmen commenced to grade Sixth street...Fire at the Good Idea saloon.

23d-Union County Convention met at the Sixth street Methodist Church and elected delegates to the State Convention...Body of a drowned man found near the Yolo bridge.

24th-The Board of Trustees ordered three thousand feet of iron pipe for the Water Works...J.H. MASON arrested for embezzlement of money from E.P. FIGG...The schooner Commodore, sunk by the Yosemite, raised by wreckers and sailed for San Francisco.

25th-The first freight transported over the Pacific Railroad - six car loads of granite from BRIGHAM’s quarries...The new locomotive Pacific made a trial trip.

26th-“Judas day” celebrated by the Mexican population, who suspended an effigy of Judas Iscariot at the corner of Third and L streets.

27th-The unknown man, whose body was found in the river, recognized as John YOUNG.

28th-Two new locomotives, the C.P. Huntington and T.D. Judah, arrived for the use of the Pacific Railroad.

29th-The ladies’ concert and ball in aid of the Sanitary Fund, at the Pavilion, was a great success...Wm. BROWN and Jesse HAVELOUGH were arrested for stealing horses from Joseph BAQUIER, some months before.

30th-Great mass meeting of citizens, to send by the delegates to the National Convention, the sentiments of the loyal people of Sacramento in favor of Lincoln and Johnson...An association was formed to grow cotton and corn in Sinaloa, Mexico, with a capital of $50,000.

31st-A man named John COTTON had his arm caught in some machinery at GOSS & LOMBARD’s foundry and badly mutilated...The barge Taylor, loaded with wood, was sunk in the Sacramento river, above the city...The workmen on the Pacific Railroad commenced laying double track on I street.


1ST-A caravan of camels, intended for the packing trade of Nevada Territory, arrived from Benicia...The carcasses of 286 defunct Celestials were shipped to the Central Flowery Land for Interment...Workmen commenced raising the United States Hotel to the grade.

2d-A portion of Lisle’s bridge destroyed by a sudden rise in the American river.

3d-Benjamin DOYLE was arrested as a dangerous lunatic and sent to the hospital.

4th-The City and County Tax Collectors made all teamsters pay a tax of $2.82 on every $100 worth of property owned by them.

5th-Sheriff McCLATCHY appeared before the Board of Supervisors on-citation to show cause why he should not pay ten per-cent of his fees, as Tax Collector, to the School Fund...John S. BARRETT tendered his resignation as Secretary of the Supreme Court...J.W. REEVES, Coroner, published a reply to charges brought against him by the Grand Jury.

6th-J.E. MILLER, Public Administrator elect, sued the Board of Supervisors to compel them to accept his bonds, and compel them to let him take possession of his office...Henry KELLY stabbed an Italian, named Antone, in a house of ill-fame on Second street...J.T. BARRON arrested for robbing a Spanish woman of $800, in March, 1863...E.POMEROY, of Santa Clara, chosen Secretary of the Supreme Court, vice BARRETT, resigned.

7th-Humbug camel race at the Union Park...City advertising awarded to the Bee by the Board of Trustees...Steamer Lark, from Red Bluff, towed down a barge containing two hundred and fifteen tons of grain, and made all the landings, in thirty hours - a feat never before equaled...The Ladies’ Concert, in aid of the Sanitary Fund, netted $3,084.32.

8th-The manufacture of cast iron water pipe, for the Savage mine, Virginia City, commenced at FLOYD & MOORE’s Boiler Works, on a contract of $80,000...Workmen in the employ of the Valley Railroad Company began the grading of the crossings...A crazy man arrested for selling pamphlets stating that President LINCOLN was the Savior.

9th-An Indian woman murdered by her man, “Pat,” at the Union Race Course...Colonel McGARRY arrived at Camp Union with Greathouse in charge...Fire at the corner of Ninth and I streets.

11th-A.H. MERRILL tried for the murder of D.C. MILLER...Lisle’s Bridge rebuilt...A spiritualist paper called the Golden Gate, started in this city.

12th-The Governor offered a reward of $500 for the detection of the incendiaries who burned the house containing the battery.

13th-BARRON, arrested for robbing a Spanish woman, was discharged...Procopio CRESPIN tried as accessory to the murder of Ecedro VASQUEZ...Thomas KEHOE, insane, sent to Stockton...The jury in the MERRILL murder case discharged for disagreement.

14th-CRESPIN acquitted of the murder of VASQUEZ.

15th-Street Commissioner tore up the rails of the Sacramento Valley Railroad Company on the levee.

16th-Destructive fire at Ready & Brothers’ plow factory destroying it and eleven other buildings, at and near the corner of J and Eleventh street. Loss about $16,000...Steamer Visalia arrived from Marysville in four hours and a half.

18th-Body of an unknown man found in the Sacramento river and brought to this city...Sarah T. HOLMES recovered a verdict of $5,000 against James S. MEREDITH in the Sixth District Court, for breach of promise of marriage.

19th-Great mass meeting in aid of the Sanitary Fund, at the Metropolitan Theater. Over $7,000 subscribed.

20th-Target excursion of National Guard to Newcastle...General examination of the public schools by the Board of Education.

21st-Workmen commenced raising Masonic Hall, on J street.

23d-The Street Commissioner tore up the Sacramento Valley Railroad track all the way from K to P street.

24th-Richard BOWDEN, publisher of a boys’ paper (the Young America) died suddenly from a blow in the stomach...The Sacramento Rangers arrived from Camp Bidwell.

26th-The jury in the case of M.T. HALE, tried for incest, rendered a verdict of acquittal.

27th-Steamer Victor, from the upper Sacramento, brought down 252 tons of grain and wool, the largest ever towed down.

28th-Steamer San Joaquin exploded her boiler on the Sacramento river, six miles above the city; the engineer, E.H. BURBANK, was killed.

29th-The Pacific Railroad commenced carrying the mails intended for the northern part of the State...The exploded steamer San Joaquin arrived at the levee.

30th-The Democratic County Committee appointed delegates to the State Convention...Ninth annual festival of the Turn Verein at Sutterville.


1st-Fire in an alley between I and J, Third and Fourth streets; house destroyed.

2d-Destructive fire at the corner of K and Sixth streets...J.M. ROWAN convicted of forgery and sent to the State Prison for two years.

3d-A man named Menzo COUNTRYMAN drowned in the American river...Pacific Railroad Company commenced the construction of a freight depot of the levee.

4th-Excursion of all the Sunday school children on the California Steam Navigation Company’s steamer Visalia, gratuitously offered by the company.

5th-Grand phenomena of a rainbow and an eclipse of the sun on the same day observed here.

6th-Sloop Wasp, hence for San Francisco, sunk at Sutterville...The Supreme Court granted a new trial to G. CARKHUFF, already convicted of the murder of his uncle.

7th-The new opposition steamer Washoe arrived from San Francisco...The Sacramento, Places and Nevada Railroad bought under foreclosure sale by J.P. ROBINSON, for $75,000.

9th-The Chief Engineer’s report estimated the losses by fire in the last three months at $41,150.

10th-A Secession flag, of “stars and bars,” was found in a house lately occupied by Frank HEREFORD...Opposition steamers on the rivers - great excitement and low fare.

11th-W.H. McCLURE, of this city, was found murdered on the bank of the Sacramento river...James H. CULVER, a pioneer of Sacramento, died at the St. George Hotel.

12th-Meeting of the County Teachers’ Institute...Large funeral of J.H. CULVER by the Pioneers and other societies.

13th-Children of Grace Church took a picnic on the railroad to Roseville.

14th-Grand Union Jubilee over Grant’s victory in Virginia...J.J. WATSON, formerly Chief of Police, during a temporary fit of insanity, shot himself dead with a pistol.

15th-The first white child born at Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento, married at Washington, Yolo county.

16th- The City Guard gave $534.37 to Sanitary Fund.

17th-Dr. HALL made some curious experiments with the virus of rattlesnake...The Spring Races at the Union Park commenced with the Golden Eagle Stake - won by Pilot.

18th-Great picnic in aid of the Sanitary Fund at a grove on the Pacific Railroad. A train of thirty-eight cars and two locomotives conveyed about four thousand persons there; speech by Dr. BELLOWS...At the race course, Lodi galloped over for a sweepstake of $750, no other horse daring to start against him.

19th-A dispatch from Austin (N.T.), announced that Judge RALSTON, formerly of this city, had been frozen to death...The Supreme Court decided that J.E. MILLER was entitled to act as Public Administrator...Trotting race at the Park between Dutchman and Alicia Mandeville - won by the latter.

20th-William WILLIAMS was hung for the murder of BLANCHARD...Race at the Park won by Buckskin, beating Bob Ridley.

21st-The Sacramento Evening Star published by an association of printers, made its first appearance...Jewish synagogue opened and consecrated.

22d-An old negro brutally beaten by a rowdy named RYAN.

23d-Opposition steamer Washoe temporarily withdrawn for repairs to her boilers...The old sheds of the California Steam Navigation Company torn down.

24th-Steamer Visalia snagged on her passage from Marysville to this city; no lives lost...Hose carriage of Confidence Company No. 1 sold to go to San Francisco.

25th-Steamer Visalia, having been pumped out and raised, arrived at Washington, opposite this city...RYAN, for beating an aged negro sent to the county jail for one year...Target excursion of Sacramento Hussars.

26th-Son of G.H. MIXER, four years old, killed by being run over by a dray...New locomotive Atlantic for the Pacific Railroad arrived...Thomas HANSBROW, a mechanic of this city, produced a hydrostatic engine of his invention.

27th-The Odd Fellows excursion netted that order $2,110.48...A man named KING robbed by highwaymen on H street.

28th-A new boiler for the Water Works was contracted for at a cost of $1,150.

30th-Masonic Hall raised by hydraulic pressure...New barge E.D. Wheatley build for the up-river trade.

31st-The Sanitary Association reported the proceeds of the great picnic on the 18th at Bellows Grove, $9,664.65...The Pacific Railroad commenced the transportation of heavy freight to the mountains.


1st-The Sacramento Valley Railroad commenced relaying their track on the levee over the new grade...John QUINN, a lunatic, sent to Stockton.

2d-An unknown Chinaman was found dead on M street...House of Patrick O’MALLEY on Second street burned down.

3d-A boy named Meiki GRAY was drowned in the American river, at the railroad bridge.... Pacific Stage and Express Company opened an office in this city.

4th-Proceedings were commenced against P. ROBINSON, Justice of the Peace, to recover $1,500, alleged to be illigally withheld by him.

5th-F.R. FITCH arrested as insane.

6th-DAUTERMAN & KOHN, clothiers, attached for $13,980.57...G.H. VOSE elected Captain of the City Guard....John YOUNG arrested as insane...Chief of Police BURKE presented with a gold badge by his friends...Fire among the Chinese on I street, near Second ..Ah Sin stabbed by Ah Wah, both Chinese.

8th-J.T. JACKSON, a stranger, died suddenly at the Union Hotel...J.C. McDONOUGH appointed Clerk of Probate Court, vice E.B. RYAN, resigned.

9th-Daughter of WALTHOUR on Poverty Ridge, abducted by kidnappers...One hundred guns fired for the Baltimore nominees...A Frenchman named GIBEAU was arrested for abducting a young girl from Hicksville...A “confidence man” named JONES swindled many citizens on the strength of his horse that “died on his hands.”

10th-Passengers by the Pacific Railroad and Henness Pass stage road arrived here in fifteen hours and thirty minutes from Virginia City...Steamer Goodman Castle began the work of dredging the river opposite the city.

13th-George B. HOWE drowned himself in the Sacramento river by jumping off the bridge...The second trial of A.H. MERRILL, for the murder of D.C. MILLER, commenced in the District Court...A man named Charles LOTTHAMER eloped with a Miss CLARK...Indian “Pat” who killed his squaw, sentenced to five years in the State Prison.

14th-J.H. CREAMER, a prisoner in the county jail, tried to kill himself by cutting his throat...Lincoln And Johnson Campaign Club formed at the Capitol...Lizzie DONOHUE, a child, burned to death.

15th-Jose YAGO killed with a knife on L street, by Joe RODRIGUEZ...Frank BRADA fatally injured by being run over by the Pacific Railroad cars.

16th-Charles N. WALLACE, as attache of the Quartermaster’s Department, killed at Camp Union by the kick of a horse.

17th-D.F. WALTHOUR commenced proceedings against Joseph BOWSTEAD for abducting a child...Steamer Eclipse removed to Cache creek...Calvin GALLUP badly injured by a threshing machine.

18th-Francis McCONNELL, a member of the Sacramento bar, killed by accidental discharge of his gun...The Sanitary Commission of Sacramento remitted $18,000 to New York.

19th-Frank BRADA, run over by the cars a day or two before, died at the hospital...W.B. HUNT, Foremen of Confidence 1, received a $1,400 fire hat from New York.

20th-Attempt of some of the Sheriff’s bondsmen to withdraw from his bond...Board of Trustees passed a heavy tax on dogs...Courts adjourned out of respect to the  late F. McCONNELL...Mrs. McCORMICK accidentally shot above the knee by her son, at her ranch.

22d-Several boys severely injured by accidental explosion of gunpowder...The new locomotive Atlantic made her first trip to Newcastle.

23d-Large emigrant trains of horses and cattle, the first of the season, arrived across the Plains...the steamer Banner began to dredge the river opposite the city.

24th-Arrest of a man named MORGAN, by the Provost Guard, on a charge of murder and desertion.

25th-The flag presented by the loyal ladies of Tulare county to the Second Regiment of Cavalry, California Volunteers, in 1862, was presented to Adjutant General EVANS, and raised over his office.

27th-Andrew H. MERRILL, convicted of manslaughter, was sentenced to ten years in the State Prison...E.B. CROCKER, appointed Court Commissioner, vice McCONNELL, deceased.

28th-A fire occurred at Sutterville; damage, $2,000....The boy HUGHES, burned by explosion of powder on the 22d, died of his injuries...GALLUP died from being crushed by a threshing machine...Wood barge Pike snagged and sunk just above the bridge.

29th-Court-martial held at Camp Union to try Sergeant GORDON for mutiny...Robert ROBINSON having withdrawn from the bond of Sheriff McCLATCHY, that officer filed a new bond in $100,000...A daughter of J. TANSMAN seriously burned by fire.

30th-Peter GRANT sued the California State Telegraph Company for $40,000 damages, for being burned by acids while in their employ...G.C. NICHOLS died suddenly at What Cheer House...Extremely hot weather.


1st-“Captain J. DOOLEY” victimized William MOORHEAD, stable keeper, out of a horse and buggy, worth $1,000.

2d-Steamer Washoe, having been successfully raised, arrived at the levee...MOORHEAD’s horse and buggy recovered, but DOOLEY escaped...Quartermaster WILLIAMSON, advertising for forage supplies for Camp Union, refused to entertain proposals from disloyal parties.

4th-Grand celebration of the nation’s birthday; imposing exercises at the Capitol, and grand military review; banquet at the Pioneers Hall.

5th-Destructive fire on J street, near the southwest corner of J and Third streets; loss, about $6,000...George SELBY, residing on the Marysville road, found murdered in hid bed.

6th-Residence of B.F HASTINGS entered by burglars....Company I, Second Cavalry, left for Chico, Butte county.

8th-Court martial convened at Camp Union to try BOWLER, charged with murder and desertion...New boiler put up at the Water Works.

9th-Chancy J. FARLEY and the wife of the late G.W. SELBY arrested for the murder of the latter...Lafayette ANDREWS committed suicide by jumping overboard from the steamer Chrysopolis.

11th-Judge CLARK decided that the Sacramento Valley Railroad Company had a right to lay their track along the levee from R to K streets...Mrs. SELBY released on bail, and FARLEY remanded into custody for the murder of SELBY; Moses MANN also arrested for complicity in said murder.

12th-Granville S. BRANHAM killed himself with a razor...A new caststeel bell was received for ringing fire alarms...A squad of cavalry left for Placerville to protect the summit and vicinity from depredations of Secessionists and robbers...Rev. L.E. DWINELL installed as pastor of the Congregational Church.

13th-The sum of $37,984.33 was paid into the State treasury by County Treasurers...Fire at HARRIS & Co.’s, on K street, and another at WHITNEY’s stable on Eleventh street, loss in both about $5,000...Six persons were arrested for incendiarism.

14th-A joint stock association was formed to purchase Masonic Hall, and $7,000 subscribed at once...Six counties paid in $11,486.74 into the State treasury.

15th-Judge TILDEN discharged C.J. FARLEY from custody for want of evidence...Ex-Senator LATHAM visited this city...Henry KELLY convicted of killing a man called Antone, was sentenced to pay a fine of $5,000 or go to jail at the rate of two dollars per day until paid.

16th-Robbery of a man named NELSON of $800 at a den on Second street...Robert HENDERSON, Deputy Secretary of State, died of consumption.

17th-Burglary committed over FIGG’s store on J street...The Evening Star suspended publication.

18th-Trotting match at the Louisiana Course won by Napoleon beating John Duncan...The Swiss Bell Ringers made their first appearance at the Metropolitan.

19th-J.P. ROBINSON arrested on a warrant from Placer county, for making railroad raids and tearing up rails.

20th-County Treasurers paid in $13,201.64 into the State treasury...The new cast steel bell raised on top of the engine house of Eureka No. 4...Bernard ROVERT, John BROWN and Ellen CONSIDINE, all insane, were taken to Stockton.

21st-Lewis, Jr., SANDERS, said to be an ex-Confederate officer, seen in the city...The Barnum Restaurant removed to Haywood’s block.

22d-Adjutant General EVANS gave notice that volunteers were entitled to $160 (gold) bounty from the State.

23d-Barge Monitor burned on the river while loaded with freight for this city...William WREDENBURG arrested for insanity.

24th-Tournament of the Sacramento Rifle Club at the Tivoli House...The Governor ordered a reward of $50 for the detection of the murderers of SELBY.

25th-John W. BIGGS, aged twelve years, killed by a kick of a horse.

26th-Lewis SANDERS, an old resident of this city, died in San Francisco.

27th-Judge BROCKWAY refused to grant a new trial to the defendant in the breach of promise suit to Miss HOLMES vs. J.S. MEREDITH.

29th-Attempts to remove the Courts to Read’s Block proved unsuccessful.

30th-Abigail H. BARKER, insane, sent to Stockton.


1st-The firemen’s election resulted in the election of D.C. WILSON as Chief Engineer, and H. BURNHAM and John DONELAN as Assistants...A woman named RAIVDON died of intemperance...Desperate fight on the levee between two deck hands of the Yosemite...T.J. DONNELLY, the Irish painter and poet, died at the hospital.

2d-The new Board of Fire Delegates sworn into office, and J.J. SMITH elected Secretary.

3-Ban Tye, a rich Chinaman, buried in great style by the Celestial citizens.

4th-The El Dorado stage robbers, eleven in number, passed through this city on their way to be tried at Placerville...Steamer Rainbow started on a snagging expedition to the upper Sacramento.

5th-James LANGLEY appointed jail keeper vice BRADY, removed.

7th-Great fire at the corner of Fourth and I streets, destroying B. CAHOON’s stable and adjoining buildings. Fifteen horses burned to death, among them the celebrated St. Clair. Loss about $23,000.

8th-Total stoppage of the Water Works...Arrest of the confidence man J. DOOLEY.

9th-Frank M. PIXLEY delivered a lecture on “What he Saw at the Front” for the benefit of the Sanitary Fund...The two Lincoln and Johnson campaign Clubs consolidated...Fire at PENDLETON’s hay yard at the foot of O street...G.P. TRUESDELL, insane, sent to Stockton...Senator CONNESS arrived in town.

11th-Report of gold discovered at foot of M street...J.P. ROBINSON presented with a service of plate by the employes of the Sacramento Valley Railroad.

12th-Fire on Third street, between N and K; five small houses destroyed.

13th-The burned brass battery all rebuilt by John SCHADE...Stewart K. HENARIE, a pioneer printer, died in this city...Pacific Railroad Company commenced the erection of a telegraph line to Newcastle.

14th-An insane man named John HOWE found lying asleep on the Pacific Railroad track.

15th-Lecture by Grace STANTON on “Scenes in the War Hospitals and on Southern Battle Grounds.”

17th-John HOWE pronounced insane and ordered to Stockton...S.D. SMITH awarded the contract of supplying granite for the Capitol.

18th-Midnight salute fired to the steamer Washoe which resumed her trips...William GILMAN, of this city, appointed agent of the California Steam Navigation Company at Freeport.

21st-The Turners made a perilous excursion to Marysville.

22d-The body of Edward WALSH found in the river at the foot of P street...Great locomotive and stage race between the Placerville and Donner Lake lines...Obstructions removed from the mouth of the American river.

23d-Locomotive Atlantic, with eight passengers on board, made the run hence to Newcastle in forty-two minutes distance thirty-one miles....Body of an unknown man found near Sutterville...S.B. ROBBINS, as old citizen, died.

24th-Rufus ATHERTON, pilot of the steamer Washoe, killed by a fall while under delirium tremens...The City Guard made an excursion to Freeport...Great race from Virginia to Sacramento won by the Pacific Railroad and California State Company.

25th-John A. TONEY, a well-known cattle thief, arrested.

26th-County warrants to the value of $1,914.07 in cash, redeemed by the Treasurer.

27th-Union Primary election for delegates to County Convention...R.H. McDONALD elected

President of the Pioneer Association...Michael KOERN, insane, sent to Stockton.

28th-Gavis MYERS, killed by being thrown from a wagon.

29th-The State Board of Agriculture fixed upon the 17th of October as the day of holding the State Fair...Union County Convention met and elected delegates to the State Congressional Convention.

30th-Total amount collected for the relief of Mrs. WALLACE, whose husband was killed by the kick of a horse, in June, $482.

31st-Collision near Rio Vista between the steamers Washoe and Yosemite; damage trifling...W. WADSWORTH invented a new agricultural implement called a “tiller.”


1st-Joseph RODRIGUEZ arraigned for the murder of Jose Yago, in July.

3d-Democratic delegates elected to the San Francisco Secession Congressional Convention...The members of Eureka Engine Company, No. 4, fired a national salute in honor of the capture of Atlanta...Edward R. HAMILTON elected Colonel of the Fourth Regiment, Fourth Brigade, vice HOWELL, promoted.

5th-Steamer Washoe, Captain KIDD, from San Francisco for this city, exploded her boiler near the head of Steamboat Slough, causing a frightful loss of life...Paul JULIEN gave his first concert in this city...Company G, Second Cavalry, Captain ROPES, arrived from Visalia.

6th-The entire city a house of mourning for the Washoe catastrophe. The Vernon House used as an hospital, and seventeen more of the sufferers died there. The Howard Association cared for the sufferers...The California Navigation Company sent the Visalia to the wreck to render any further assistance necessary.

7th-J.G. BAKER, a well-known citizen, died from the effects of the Washoe explosion...Funeral of Rev. Father CALLAN, killed on the Washoe...In the First District, the sum of $1,300 was collected for the benefit of the sufferers.

8th-The Howard Association received $1,000 from Captain KIDD, of the Washoe, in aid of the sufferers...Three more victims died at the Vernon House.

9th-The Coroner and his jury left for the wreck of the Washoe for the purpose of holding an inquest.

10th-J.W. KNAGGS, late a policeman of this city, committed suicide at Newcastle by shooting himself...Nine more bodies recovered from the wreck of the Washoe...Herbert BURGESS, another Washoe victim, died at the Vernon House...An artillery company organized in this city, over one hundred names being placed on the roll.

13th-Fistic display in the County Court Room between H. STARR and William YULE...W.P. COLEMAN elected Treasurer of the State Agricultural Society...Bartholomew GILLESPIE, a Washoe victim, died at the Vernon House.

14th-Annie McGEE and L.B. BLAKE, Washoe sufferers, died at the Vernon House...Sacramento Lyceum Club organized by election of John ALEXANDER as President...Two strangers, passing through town, gave $100 to the relief of the Washoe sufferers.

15th-Edward GILL, insane, sent to Stockton...The number of deaths, up to date, by the Washoe explosion, numbered fifty-four...W.P. DUGAN, scalded on the Washoe, died at the Vernon House.

16th-The anniversary of Mexican Independence celebrated by Mexican residents...The boilers of all the Navigation Company’s boats underwent inspection.

18th-W.B. WHITESIDES, an old resident of the county, having died in Nevada Territory, was buried in this city.

19th-H.H. DAVIS and Henry COFFEE arrested for setting fire to CAHOON’s stable some time before.

20th-Ah Fing shot by Ah Way, on I street...Steamer Washoe raised and set afloat...Father CASSIN delivered a lecture on Catholicism at the Capitol.

21st-W.B. McKINTY died of injuries received on board the exploded steamer Washoe...CASTRO and MITCHELL arrested for setting fire to CAHOON’s stable.

22d-Body of John McKINLEY found near the wreck of the steamer Washoe.

24th-A large number of horses arrived at the Park preparatory to the State Fair...Edgar MILLS elected Captain of the Sacramento Light Artillery...PHILLIPS, engineer of the Washoe, arrested for causing the death of passengers.

26th-Collision on the river between steamer Chrysopolis and schooner Andrew Jackson; damage trifling...Mrs. Emily JORDAN appeared as “Mazeppa” at the Metropolitan Theater.

27th-Verdict of the Coroner’s Jury that the engineers, PHILLIPS and ANDERSON, did feloniously neglect their duty on the steamer Washoe, whereby the explosion, caused by too much steam, took place...The State Convention of Good Templars met in this city.

28th-A boy named Frank SHAY brutally stabbed by a boy named Thomas FERRIS...Charles TURNER, of Rio Vista, arrested by hurrahing for Jeff DAVIS.

29th-Rumored seduction case by a barber in this city...E.B. RYAN and other well known citizens returned from Idaho Territory.

30th-The steamer Governor Dana took down the San Francisco passengers, the Chrysopolis being sunk...Great Union meeting in front of the St. George Hotel...Stable of John KLEES destroyed by fire...Steamer Arrow sold to Captain John SCHRECK...Horace HAWES paid his $165 “conscience money” into the State Treasury.


1st-Sacramento Library entered by burglars and robbed of $118.

2d-Lewis HEILBRON severely injured by a kick from a colt.

3d-J.F. HOUGHTON elected President of the Sacramento Library Association...C.L. MOHLER elected Foreman of Neptune Hose Company...Judge McKUNE decided that the Sacramento Valley Railroad Company, under their charter, had no right to run their cars by steam west of Sixth Street.

4th-Great haul of stolen property at a Chinese house by the police...Charles SCHESSINGER arrested for robbing the Sacramento Library.

5th-Dr. SIMMONS, alighting from his buggy, broke his ankle.

7th-General VEGA, a distinguished Mexican refugee, visited the city.

8th-House of J. WILCOXSON, on Seventh street, destroyed by fire...Five mile race at Park won by Lady Middleton, beating Jerry Parker.

10th-Several German residents admitted to citizenship...M. MARKS, cigar dealer, became insane.

11th-J.M. GRAHAM dangerously stabbed, at a saloon on K street, by L. JOHNSON...Jared IRWIN, late County Clerk, died...A battery of four pieces, for the use of the Sacramento Light Artillery, arrived from San Francisco...A woman named Hattie LEONARD arrested as insane.

12th-Great Union meeting in front of TOLL’s Hotel.

13th-The Fair of the Ladies’ Christian Commission opened at the Pavilion...Carl RABEL and H. EPPINGER admitted to citizenship.

14th-Body of Patrick FARRELL found floating near Sharp’s ranch, on Georgiana slough...James KELLY shot by James RUSSELL, near the city.

15th-John DAVIS arrested as insane...Fire at the City Brewery - damage trifling.

16th-John B. NIXON, insane, taken to Stockton...The Turn-Verein had a great picnic at Arcade Grove.

17th-House of H.A. CAULFIELD destroyed by fire...The State Fair opened at Agricultural Park.

18th-Samuel BALLY killed in a gravel pit by the caving of a bank...German Union Club organized at Turn-Verein Hall.

19th-J. GRIFFITH had his leg crushed between a barge and a schooner.

20th-Wild geese made their appearance, betokening early rain.

21st-Rev. W.H. HILL, of this city, elected Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Masons.

22d-A man named John SHANAHAN and his little son severely burned by explosion of powder.

23d-A match of $1,000 mile heats, for double teams, at Union Park, won by Honest Ance and Latham, beating Flect and Jim Barton; best time 2:40...Malone’s colt April Foot beat Cassidy’s colt April Fool a match for $750.

24th-The trial of the sureties of the defaulting Treasurer, C.L. BIRD, commenced in the District Court...ten foreigners became naturalized.

25th-The late Fair of the Christian Commission realized $8,000...The right of way and other privileges on Front Street, between K and L, granted to the Sacramento Valley Railroad Company by the Board of Trustees for $2,086 in gold.

26th-Race at the Park won by Leopold beating Geo. Moore and Bert...Shooting affray at the Park between G.P. KIRK and Thomas WHITE.

27th-Rosa HAGAN arrested as insane...Race at the Park won by Sweetwater beating Don Victor.

28th-S. TRYON and J. KEITHLY had a fight in which the latter undertook to make a meal of Tryon....Sloop America sunk by steamer Chrysopolis near Freeport...C.C. SCOFIELD arrested as insane...C.E. STEVENS badly kicked by a horse.

29th-James DAVIS died at Camp Union from an unusually severe punishment.

30th-The Hibernian Union Club organized and John RYAN elected President.


1st-Extremely cold weather and ice in the gutters... Chris GREEN’s colt John Conness beat MALONE’s colt April Fool a match for $500, mile heart; best time 3:02, which, for a two-year-old, never has been equaled...A lot 60x100, at the corner of Sixth and K street, was sold for $3,000 to the Masonic Hall Association.

3d-Grand Union barbecue at the Union Park; over six thousand people visited the city from San Francisco and elsewhere; speeches by Governor LOW, General McDOWELL and PIXLEY. Torchlight procession at night two miles long.

4th-Corner-stone of the new school house at the corner of Seventh and G streets laid, under the superintendence of the Board of Education...Chariot race at the Park by some melodeon “sports.”

5th-The Sheriff appointed two hundred citizens as his deputies to preserve order at the coming election...A woman named Jessie COURTAINE arrested for wearing male attire in the street...The Treasurer of the Howard Benevolent Association reported a balance of $1,419.86 in cash on hand.

7th-Twelve foreigners naturalized in the District Court...Jose RODRIGUEZ pleaded guilty of murder in the second degree and was sentenced to fifteen years in the State Prison.

8th-The proposition to tax Sacramento county to pay the debt of the State Agricultural Society voted down by the people...D.J. THOMAS severely wounded by being shot and stabbed by H. KLAYS...A man named HOVEY stabbed at Brighton by ROONEY...The general election for President, Vice President, and Congressmen, resulted in an overwhelming Union majority.

10th-An old man named John KURT was found in a starving condition among the bushes on the bank of the American river...T.B. BYRNE sued the city for $2,000 damages for injuries received by a fall into a water-pipe ditch.

12th-Garolamo SCOPINICH died from the effects of poison.

14th-The famous Indian chief WINNEMUCCA, arrived in town...A.G. CARSON arrested for disturbing the performance in a theater.

15th-The Winnemucca Indian troupe performed at the Metropolitan Theater...A new fire engine landed here by J.S. FRIEND.

16th-Lewis M. ELLIOTT died suddenly at Folsom...Company F, Second Cavalry, returned to Camp Union from Mariposa...The Board of Supervisors counted up the election returns and made official report.

17th-Company K, Seventh Infantry, California Volunteers, sailed for San Francisco.

18th-Taxes to the amount of $20,000 collected by the Sheriff...Meeting of the Teachers’ Institute.

19th-Daniel GALLAGHER and Peter ASHLEY arrested for horse stealing...Professor KNOWLTON delivered a lecture for the Sanitary Fund.

21st-Residence of Dr. PARK robbed by burglars.

22d-Complaints of hunger among the soldiers at Camp Union...W.B. HUNT re-elected Foreman of Confidence Engine Company...H.B. PAINE filed a petition in insolvency.

23d-A. KANAKA killed by being run over on the Sacramento Valley Railroad...J. PARKER badly hurt by being thrown from a buggy...Heavy fall of rain.

24th-Four burglaries occurred in one day...Great target shooting by all the city military companies at Yolo Grove.

25th-The Sacramento river rose three feet owing to the heavy rains...A fire in the kitchen of the Orleans Hotel extinguished without much damage.

26th-Great hurricane and destruction of bridges etc. Lisle’s Bridge broken in the middle pier by driftwood. The steamers Young America and Gem drifted into collision... Total fall of rain to date, 4.582 inches; river fourteen and a half feet above low water mark. The levees impregnable...Telegraphic communication cut off.

28th-M.M. REED, an old fireman and constable, died suddenly from hemorrhage of the lungs...The driver of the Marysville stage, MIXER, lost two horses by drowning on the downward trip...County Treasurer LARDNER paid $23,000 into the State treasury.

29th-Judge McKUNE denied the release, on habeas corpus, of Henry KELLY, imprisoned for manslaughter...Several vessels arrived from Puget Sound with heavy lumber for the Pacific Railroad.

30th-Collation at Pioneer Hall to Dr. R.H. McDONALD, President of the Society, on the eve of his departure for New York...The Christian Commission of this city sent $9,000 to New York...Plowing commenced throughout the county.


2d-Wood barge Eliza collided with steamer Governor Dana and sunk opposite the city.

5th-A.A. WOOD elected Constable vice REED, deceased...An election for School Directors resulted in the choice of O.D. LAMBARD, Paul MORRILL, J.W. AVERY, Eugene SOULE and W.E. CHAMBERLIN...Nolle prosequi entered in the case of PHILIPS, engineer of the Washoe.

7th-The Sacramento river rose to twenty feet six inches above low water mark; the levee satisfactorily tested.

9th-A suit decided in the District Court against Ben. WOOD (Copperhead), of New York, who refused to take the oath of loyalty.

11th-Several Chinamen arrested on a charge of kidnapping Chinese girls for infamous purposes.

13th-Captain D.A. DeMERRITT of Sacramento, returned home from the Army of the Potomac...D.L. ROGERS drowned in the Sacramento river.

15th-Locomotive L.L. ROBINSON, of the Sacramento Valley Railroad, ran off the track; “nobody hurt.”

18th - John KURT, an indigent patient, died at the County Hospital.

19th-Judge ENO, an old politician, found in an indigent condition on the street, and sent to the County Hospital...Revs. I.E. DWINELL and F. BUELL distributed about five hundred Bibles among the soldiers at Camp Union.

21st-A lecture delivered for the benefit of the Baker Guard by Rev. M.C. BRIGGS netted a handsome sum.

22d-The Secretary of the State Agricultural Society redeemed $4,521.28 in warrants with $1,160.50.

23d-N. KENDALL elected President of the Board of Delegates, vice Alexander BADLUM, resigned.

24th-A woman named Catherine McCLOY found dead in bed, under suspicious circumstances.

25th-Christmas day celebrated in the churches...Senators J.W. NYE and W.M. STEWART, of Nevada, arrived in this city, on their way to Washington...Desperate shooting affray between two private soldiers in the Provost Guard...Steamer Banner, hence for Marysville, broke her shaft...Donations to the Orphan Asylum were $520 in cash.

26th-Senator NYE, of Nevada, lectured at the Congregational Church on “the effects of the war upon the future or our country.”...The American river rose suddenly to within two feet of its hight during the great flood.

27th-Several cases of “garroting” occurred on the outskirts of the city.

28th-A race for a wife, resulted in favor of a military suitor; “none but the brave deserve the fair.”...Wells, Fargo & Co. commenced running a pony express to Virginia City...Capt. J.G. THAYER, a veteran of Port Royal, died in this city.

29th-Salutes fired in honor of Savannah by the Sacramento Light Artillery...General BUCKNER had his leg crushed by being run over on the Sacramento Valley Railroad near Freeport...Steamer Victor, from the upper Sacramento, reported having made the run from Red Bluff to Colusa in eight hours and ten minutes...A dispatch from New York announced the death, in that city, of Peter CAROLAN, a well known merchant of Sacramento.

30th-The work of rebuilding the levee between M and P streets was commenced.

31st-Sword presented to Lieutenant McMITCHELL, of the Sacramento Light Artillery...Heavy fall of rain.


Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Monday, January 2, 1865.

© 2006 Betty Loose.



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