Records of Local Events


State Record







The Sacramento Union

Friday, January 1, 1864



The following is a record of events occurring in Sacramento and vicinity during the year:



1st - A salute of 100 guns fired on the levee at 1 o’clock A.M. as an indorsement of the proclamation of emancipation anticipated from President Lincoln....The New Year appropriately celebrated in the city.

2d - J. HOWELL elected Major of Battalion, at Agricultural Hall....Suspicion against S. CARKHUFF as the murderer of his uncle, S.D. CARKHUFF, in Sutter township, confirmed by evidences found at the late residence of the deceased.

3d - Funeral of Thomas CAMPBELL, late member of the Assembly from Calaveras county.

5th - Sacramento river rising, with an evident tendency of the current to wash away the sand bars along the city front....San Francisco steamers returned to their old landing at the foot of K street. 6th - Examination of Samuel CARKHOFF, for the murder of S.D. CARKHUFF, commenced before Judge HOLL....Sub-contracts let by C. CROCKER & Co., to S.D. SMITH & Co. and BUTRICK & WHITE, for grading the Pacific Railroad between Norris Bridge and Grider’s.

7th - Matthew KELLY had both arms broken at Domingo’s saw mill, Front and Q streets.

8th - Inauguration ceremonies of the Pacific Railroad at Front and K streets.

9th - Samuel CARKHUFF held to answer to the charge of murder by Judge HOLL....Resignation of Rev. J.A. BENTON as Pastor of the First Congregational Church approved by the Council.

10th - A Mexican, known as California Joe, drowned from a boat near the foot of K street.

12th - Publishers’ Convention held at the District Court room.

15th - Large number of piles landed at the levee for the foundations of piers for the Pacific railroad bridge across the American river.

17th - Grand Officers of Odd Fellows Association leave the city to organize a new lodge at Woodland, Yolo county.

18th - Funeral of W.J. HOOTEN, late Secretary of the Board of Swamp Land Commissioners.

19th - Contract made by Board of Levee Commissioners with E.N. ROBINSON for 2,000 tons cobbles, to be used near the foot of R street....Contract for building the Pacific Railroad bridge let to HUBBARD & BAKER.

20th - Supreme Court grants Mike BRANIGAN a new trial.

21st - W.W. KURTZ, Foreman of the composing room of the Union, died at San Francisco - after several weeks illness.

22d - Heavy storm during the evening and night.

23d - First “reception” of the season at Governor STANFORD’s.

24th - Attempt to commit suicide by W. SHOTWELL, a prisoner in the county jail.

26th - Samuel CARKHUFF indicted by the Grand Jury for the murder of S.D. CARKHUFF.

27th - B.B. REDDING chosen Secretary of the Swamp Land Commission, vice W.J. HOOTEN, deceased.

28th - Annual meeting of the State Agricultural Society, at the Pavilion, adjourned until the 25th of February....First concert of the season of the Philharmonic Society....Fine sword gotten up in San Francisco for General HOOKER brought to this city for exhibition.

29th  - Final report rendered of the Grand Jury of the Court of Sessions, for the January term....Fight at the Orleans between MARSON and CANNON, resulting from the “wardrobe affair” in the Assembly.

30th - Construction of a railroad from Brighton to Sutterville agitated by San Francisco capitalists.

31st - C.M. CAMPBELL drummed out of Camp Union on account of intemperance.


1st - Death of O.H.P. WHITE, a Sacramento Pioneer.

2d - Meeting of Board of Levee Appraisers....Billiard match at Concert Hall between A.W. JAMISON and W.E. GELSTON....Mike BRANNIGAN brought up from the State Prison for a new trial on a charge of rape.

4th - Lecture of Rev. T. Starr KING on “The Nation’s New Year”....High grade ordinance adopted by the Board of Supervisors.

5th - Thomas JACKSON and George TRACY brought from San Francisco by special officer DEAL and officer McCORMACK, charged with stealing horses and mules, fifteen head of which were recovered - Legislative Ball at the Pavilion largely attended....Remarkable meteor in the north at eleven o’clock in the evening. Mike BRANNIGAN admitted to bail....A. WATKINS, insane, passed through the city from Butte county....Spanish woman, named Josefa CLENFUEGOS, on Fourth Street, below K, robbed of about $1,000 in coin and jewelry.

6th - C.B. PLUMMER of Dutch Flat appeared at the Metropolitan Theater as Claude Melnotte....The case of the People vs. George LLOYD, for the murder of F.N. SMITH, sent by change of venue to the Seventh Judicial District, Solano county, Judge SOUTHARD....Sealed proposals advertised for by the Board of Supervisors for building wing-dams or jetties on the Yolo side of the river.

7th - Resignation of Captain DE MERRITT, of Camp Union, for the purpose of going East with the Massachusetts Battalion.

9th - Election of John CONNESS to the United States Senate; enthusiastic popular demonstration on Second street in consequence thereof.

10th - Shooting affair on I street between T.H. ARMINGER and Henry GEISEL....Joint meeting held of the old and new Levee Commissioners.

11th - Festival of the National Guard at the Pavilion....Disturbance on the stage of the metropolitan Theater between Manager BUCHANAN and W.C. FORBES....People invited by the Levee Commissioners to vote on the proposition for a cross levee.

12th - Fire at the National Hotel on K street, near Front....Funeral of F.B. GLOVER, of the Metropolitan Theater.

16th - About $28,000 disposed of by the State Treasurer for State bonds of the Civil Funded Debt....Visit from Colonel G.W. BOWIE, of the Fifth Regiment California Volunteers from Camp Drum....Heavy rain and violent gale....Dispatch received from Dr. T.J. BLAKENEY in the East, accepting the appointment of Major of the First Regiment California Cavalry....John WILSON, charged with robbing Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Dutch Flat stage several years ago, discharged by habeas corpus and re-arrested....H.A. CAULFIELD fell on the sidewalk on J street and broke his leg....Henry EDGERTON fell at the Orleans Hotel and broke an arm.

17th - First appearance of Miss Sallie B. GOODRICH at the Metropolitan Theater.

18th - Murder trial of George REDDING for killing Tadeo VALDEZ continued for the term....Lecture by Rev. T. Starr KING on “The Genius and Humor of Oliver Wendell Homes.”....Chinese celebration of their new year.

19th - Volunteer election for and against the construction of a cross levee commenced at the office of the Levee Commissioners, to continue two days....Second appearance of Miss GOODRICH at the Metropolitan.

20th - Levee election completed - total number of votes cast, 376; representing property worth $1,611, 450. Against the inside levee, 345 votes; representing $1,228,830. For the inside levee, 31; representing $386,620 of property. In favor of the high grade, 224; representing $941,440. Against the high grade, 48 votes; representing $289,000....Meteor in the southeast at 9 ½ o’clock in the evening.

21st - McKean BUCHANAN tried for assault and battery on W.C. FORBES in the Police Court - jury failed to agree....John WILSON discharged from custody under habeas corpus by Judge ClARK....Singular swindling affair by Patrick READY....House of Mercedes NAVARRO, on Second street below K, entered by burglars and robbed.

23d - Anniversary of Washington’s birthday appropriately celebrated....Ball of Confidence Engine Company in the evening....Trial of Samuel CARKHUFF for murder commenced in the District Court.

24th - Spencer GRAHAM died at Folsom in a condition of destitution....CHAMORRO and ALFARRO arrested on a charge of having robbed the house of S. ROSENFIELD....W.H. MAXWELL and Frederick MORGAN taken through to San Quentin by Sheriff GORHAM of Placer county.

25th - Lecture of Rev. T. Starr KING, at the Sixth street Methodist church, on “the Dignity of the Mechanic Arts”....The daughter of Patrick and Mary M. HOLLAND, aged nine years, after a hearing on habeas corpus, awarded by Judge CLARK to the custody of the mother.

26th - Two frame houses burnt on the north side of I street, between Fourth and Fifty streets....Saloon of Mrs. UREN, on J street near Twelfth, entered and robbed.

27th - Insane man, named BEBEE, taken to Stockton.

28th - Henry Peter SMITH brought from Stockton by special officer DEAL on a charge of horse stealing....Trial of Samuel CARKHUFF, for murder, concluded. Jury failed to agree.


2d - Second meeting of conference held between the old and new Boards of Levee Commissioners, and $80,000 fixed upon as the amount necessary to raise for levee purposes....W. SHOTWELL taken to the State Prison for one year, for grand larceny.

4th - Fire at the office of the Secretary of the Fire Department, Klays’ Building....Lecture by Rev. T. Starr KING, at the Sixth street Methodist church, on “the Poetical Genius of Whittier.”

5th - W. PIERCE brought to the County Jail for the murder of Frank WHITE by stabbing, at Grimshaw’s ranch....First appearance at the Metropolitan of Mrs. W.D. FAIR.

6th - Entertainment of Mrs. CUTTER at the Congregational church.

7th - Trotting match between Lancet and Tecumseh for $1,000, at Louisiana Race Course, won by Tecumseh.

9th - Defalcation of John H. GASS discovered.

10th - News from San Francisco that the ship SHAWMUT, for Australia, with John H. GASS on board, struck a rock in the harbor and was compelled to return.

11th - Escaped convict, deserter and murderer named Charles SMITH, alias KLEINHAUSE, arrested by officer BURKE....Lecture by Rev. T. Starr KING at the Sixth street Methodist church, on “The New Nation to Issue from the War.”

12th - Grand review at camp Union by Governor STANFORD and General WRIGHT.

13th - Report of the Board of Levee Appraisers received....John H. GASS brought up from San Francisco by Sheriff BUGBEY. Waives examination on the various charges of fraud instituted against him and goes to the county jail....Iron safe at Barton’s store blown open with powder and $250 stolen.

14th - Trotting match at Louisiana Race Course between Garibaldi and David Hill for $800. Won by the first named horse.

15th - J.H. GASS announces that he had no intention of leaving the State. Workmen engaged by the Levee Commissioners in clearing out Bannon’s slough

16th - Lecture by Rev. Mr. LUCKEY at Seventh street church....Board of Brokers organized....Insane Italian named CARRERO taken to Stockton.

17th - Mike BRANNIGAN discharged on account of the absence of the prosecuting witness from the State....Ball of Sacramento Mutual Benevolent Society at the pavilion.

18th - First business meeting of the Sacramento Stock Exchange Board.

19th - Pile driving for the Pacific Railroad bridge across the American river complete....T.Y. DAVIS taken through the city by STEWART, from Sutter county, to San Quentin, for manslaughter, for four years....Senator PERKINS removed from the Senate Chamber by Sergeant-at-Arms LYTLE and others....Partial soundings show that the sand bars in front of the city are being removed by the current.

20th - Henry HAGLE tried and acquitted on a charge of assault to murder J. SMITH, by stabbing with a pair of scissors....Vincent TORTELL tried to assault to murder Sylvester PEARL by shooting, and found guilty of assault to do bodily harm.

22d - John DAVIS brought be Chief CLARK from Nevada territory, charged with stealing jewelry worth $600 from Reddington of San Francisco....Water of the American river running through the new channel at Bannon’s slough....Residence of T.H. COOK, on N street, entered and robbed of $95.

23d - Vincent TORTELL sentenced in the Court of Sessions to pay a fine of $400....W.J. HOUSTON, for shooting at Justice WING, of Folsom, sentenced in the Court of Sessions to pay a fine of $150....J. Michael KEARN sentenced to five years imprisonment in the State Prison for an attempt to commit arson, by setting fire to the Ebner House....J. POMME, convicted of burglary, was granted a new trial by the Court of Sessions....Murdered body of a Chinese woman or Indian found afloat in the Sacramento river, with a bullet hole in the head, and other marks of violence....Death of Humphrey GRIFFITH, a member of the Sacramento bar, at San Francisco....A.H. WINN leaves the city and State, a defaulter to the amount of several thousand dollars.

24th - Preliminary meeting of the bar held out of respect to the memory of Humphrey GRIFFITH.

25th - Funeral of Humphrey GRIFFITH....Lecture of T. Starr KING at the Sixth street Church on the Bigelow Papers.

26th - Meeting of the Pioneer Association; resolutions passed respectful to the memory of Humphrey GRIFFITH. Meeting of the members of the bar in the County Court room for the same purpose.

27th - Articles of Incorporation of the Freeport Railroad Company filed in the office of the Secretary of State. Capital stock, $150,000. Road to run from the Sacramento Valley railroad near Brighton Station to Freeport, on the Sacramento river, near the Russian Embarcadero.

28th - Efforts made by J.H. GASS to give bail....two soldiers, named DONELLY and WHITE, drummed out of Camp Union, the first for desertion and the last for disobedience of orders.

30th - Patent self-acting bumper tried with success on the cars of the Sacramento Valley Railroad Company....Dead body found in the Sacramento river, fourteen miles below the city....Trotting match at the Louisiana Course between Red Reuben, John Duncan and Long Island Maid - won by the mare....J. Mike KEARN taken to San Quentin by Sheriff BUGBEY.

31st - Julius FARMER taken to the Insane Asylum by Deputy Sheriff GRIFFITH; also James SEYMOUR, insane, from El Dorado county....Examination of J.H. GASS before Judge HOLL on a charge of forgery. Cause taken under advisement....Sheriff HUNTER of El Dorado en route to San Quentin with four prisoners.


1st - J. WINCHESTER thrown from a wagon, leg broken and other injuries sustained....Second concert of the Philharmonic Society at the Congregational Church....Indian Sam taken through the city to San Quentin in charge of Deputy Sheriff KEEN of Shasta.

2d - J.H. GASS held to answer to the charge of forgery, by Judge HOLL....News received from Nevada Territory, of the death, by shooting, of James SEARS, of Sacramento....W.T. COLE, aged twelve years, passed through the city for the Reform School at Marysville, in charge of A.G. BRAGG, for petty larceny.

3d - Three hundred Chinese coffins and contents shipped to San Francisco.

5th - Easter celebrated by the Mexicans by hanging and burning Judas Iscariot in effigy....Fire on H street, near Sixth street, at WHIPLEY’s residence.

6th - Martin SIMONSON’s concert at the Congregational Church....Attempt to escape from the county jail by George DAVIS....M. BURNETT, of Red Bluff, taken to Alcatraz....Change of Venue granted in the CARKHUFF murder case to Placer county.

7th - Second concert of Martin SIMONSON at the Congregational Church....Death, at San Francisco, of David MADDUX, formerly County Treasurer of Sacramento county.

9th - Funeral of David MADDUX, whose remains were brought from San Francisco....Copper ore shipped through the city from the Newton Lead, for San Francisco.

10th - Movements toward the formation of a Union League in Sacramento....Copper ore brought to the city from the Cosumnes river....Death of Werner & Davis’ trotting horse Rattler.

12th - An insane man named MORTON brought to the city for Stockton, by Deputy Sheriff KNOWLTON, of Nevada county.

14th - J.H. WARWICK assaulted in the Assembly by Paul R. HUNT.

16th - Examination of the public schools of the city commenced....First report of the Grand Jury for the April term....Eleven indictments found against J.H. GASS....Fast Day appropriately observed.

17th - Attempt of George DAVIS and others to escape from the County Jail discovered by Deputy Warden RICE and frustrated.

18th - Arrest of Jack HAMILTON and Charles SMITH, by officers CHAMBERLAIN and TAYLOR, for stealing furniture. Edward DENUE shot at the Verandah saloon by W. WILSON....Paul R. HUNT discharged from custody on habeas corpus, having been committed for contempt....Grand Union mass meeting held at the Pavilion.

20th - Polish sympathy meeting at the County Court room....Hugh MORAN, insane, brought to the city by RANDALL and RICHARDS from Colusa.

21st - Office of the California Republican visited in the night, and a portion of the material knocked into pi....Death of Lieutenant Asa BOLLES at Camp Union....Trial of George LLOYD, for the murder of F.N. SMITH, commenced in Solano county.

22d - Stabbing affair between William KELLY (white) and Joseph SHEAFF (colored). Both seriously injured.

23d - Death of Wm. KELLY from being stabbed by SHEAFF. Considerable excitement among the friends of the deceased....Trial of G. REDDING for the murder of Tadeo VALDEZ continued for the term....Information received of the acquittal of George LLOYD at Fairfield, Solano county.

24th - School examination concluded....Attempt of KELLY, brother of the deceased, to kill J. SHEAFF at the County Hospital.

27th - Secession address of E.J.C. KEWEN at the Assembly Chamber in the evening....Gold watch presented to Speaker MACHIN at the close of the legislative business, by Assemblyman SANDERSON....J.R. CLARK assumed the duties of the office of Federal tax Collector.

28th - D.L. BROWN, arrested by CHAMBERLAIN and BURKE, for grand larceny, in stealing $235 in greenbacks, the property of W.H. MOORE....Gold watch presented by Senators to Lieutenant Governor CHELLIS....Frederick COOKE and Wm. GILPIN thrown from a wagon on J street, near Third, and seriously injured.

29th - Death of Frederick COOK, who was thrown from a wagon on J street the previous day.

30th - Union primary election for delegates to a City Convention....William HODGE thrown from a wagon - the same team driven previously by COOK - and leg badly broken....Runaway of a horse and buggy with Miss BISHOP and Miss SHAW as passengers. No injury done....Difficulty between A. BLACK and D. McLAUGHLIN at the Second Ward poll.


1st - Union City Convention at the Sacramento Theater....Track of the Freeport Railroad nearly graded....Picnic of the Presbyterian Sabbath School at Latham’s ranch.

2d - Democratic citizens’ meeting at the County Court room to nominate a city ticket.... New steamer Yosemite made her first trip to Sacramento from San Francisco....Serenade to A.A. SARGENT at the Vernon House.

3d - Annual Indian fandango north of the American river....S.C. RICHARDSON, insane, brought to the city for Stockton by Deputy Sheriff DeGOLLA, of Mono county.

4th - Union mass meeting in front of the Orleans Hotel....Sheriff BEAM, of Siskiyou, passed through the city with You How, sentenced to five years in the State Prison for grand larceny....Julius FARMER, K. BERGEN, C. CHISHOLM and S.C. RICHARDSON taken to Stockton by Deputy Sheriff COLE.

5th - First municipal election under the new charter. Union Citizens’ ticket elected by a large majority....Excursion of the Seventh street Methodist Church to a grove up the Sacramento.

6th - Pioneer steam power-press shipped by John CHURCH for the office of the Virginia Union.

8th - Picnic excursion of the Sixth street Methodist Sabbath school....John DENN, near Rabel’s tannery, robbed of $115....New hay abundant in market.

9th - Announcement by telegraph of the capture of Richmond. Remarkable demonstration in honor thereof. Cannon fired and bells rung all night. City illuminated with bonfires. Mass meeting at midnight. Grand procession. Speeches made, songs sung, and everybody jovial, musical, eloquent, hilarious and patriotic.

11th - First meeting of the Board of City Trustees, composed of C.H. SWIFT, H.T. HOLMES and Josiah JOHNSON.

13th - Harvey BROWN, insane, brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff PIERCE of Plumas county.

14th - Bruzzia, the murderer of LECARI, taken through the city from Nevada Territory, for San Francisco, by officers LEES and ELLIS.

15th - May party of St. Joseph’s school at the Orphanage....Call of the Congregational church to Rev. I.E. DWINELL, of Salem (Mass.), accepted....G.W. HOPKINS, insane, removed to Stockton.

16th - Thomas ULLIARD arrested by officer CHAMBERLAIN for stealing horses, etc., at San Jose....Death of a man named HAWLEY, of Yolo county, on the steamer Yosemite on the passage up the river....Arrest of E.S. HARMAN, by Deputy Sheriff LANSING, on a charge of grand larceny.

18th - Shipment of the Ormsby monument by Devine to Nevada Territory....B. PEART elected Captain of the City Guard, vice J. HOWELL, elected Major.

19th - Serenade to Judge FIELD at the Vernon House....Pacific Railroad stock subscribed for by the Board of Supervisors....Officers pass through the city for the camp of instruction to be held at Oakland....Police officers elected for six months by the Board of Trustees.

20th - MASTIN and COOKE arrested by O’NEIL and TAYLOR, for grand larceny in stealing $750 in San Francisco, and taken back by officer CHAPPELLE....Ten tons copper ore from the Cosumnes lode received - the first shipment of the company....Judge FIELD sworn in as United States District Judge....Benjamin VANDYKE (insane), arrived from Downieville, in charge of D.H. COURDON....George DAVIS, convicted of grand larceny, and James MURRAY of petit larceny in the Court of Sessions, for stealing a violin.

21st - Trial and conviction of John POMME, in the Court of Sessions, on a charge of burglary in entering FIGG’s store....Fast freight line to Virginia City in operation....E.B. CROCKER appointed by Governor STANFORD to the Supreme bench, vice Judge FIELD, resigned.

22d - John CARR tried, in the Court of Sessions, for horse stealing, and acquitted “on account of informality in the indictment.”

24th - Inquest held by Coroner REEVES over the body of an unknown man found in the American river....Change of venue asked for by counsel of J.H. GASS in the Court of Sessions. Motion taken under advisement.

25th - Application of J.P. ROBINSON for an injunction to restrain the Board of Supervisors from issuing Pacific Railroad bonds argued in the District Court, and subsequently denied....Moderate demonstration on the reception of a report of the capture of Vicksburg.

26th - Work commenced on the north levee for the Pacific Railroad Company, by S.D. SMITH, contractor.

27th - Grand and trial jurors for the June term of the Court of Sessions drawn according to law....Excursion of the Philharmonic Society to Cummings’ Grove, near Washington.

28th - Primary election held for delegates to the Union County Convention....Arrest of F. EMERSON for forgery, swindling, etc.... George DAVIS sentenced by Judge CLARK to one year in the State Prison, for grand larceny....Charles GILLMAN (Insane), brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff FISHER of Sutter township.

29th - Second count of the election returns in the Fourth District....Picnic excursion of Grace Church Sabbath School....First kiln of brick of the season burnt by John TANSMAN....Remains of Young McALLISTER, burnt to death at Marysville, brought home for interment.

30th - Examination of the county schools by Superintendent HATCH and others....John POMME sentenced to three years in the State Prison....Charles RICHARDSON taken through the city by Captain COOK of Marysville - sentenced to three years at the State Prison for highway robbery....Military officers return from the Camp of Instruction....Injunction suit commenced by W. WALDRON of Folsom, against the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad Company.


1st - Sealed proposals opened for furnishing material for the State Capital building....John CHILDERS, for three years at the State Prison for the crime of rape and Jacob GRIER for life for the crime of murder, taken through the city by Sheriff MIDDLETON of Butte.

3d - Union County Convention met at the Sacramento Theater....Michael KEEGAN run over at Ninth and J streets.

4th -James McCLATCHY nominated for Sheriff by the Union County Convention....Picnic of the Sabbath School of the Congregational Church to Saulsbury’s Station....Chile strawberries in the market.

5th - City Union Convention met at the county Court room.

6th - Organization of the Sacramento Sharpshooters, F. HAMILTON elected Captain.

8th - F. MEYER, on Tenth street, near K, robbed of $580...Committee of twenty-one appointed at Hamilton Hall to nominate an independent county ticket.

9th - Additional soundings prove the removal by the current of the sandbars from the city front.

10th - Departure of Companies B and D of the Third Regiment, under Lieutenant Colonel MOORE, from Camp Union for Salt Lake....BARROW and TORREY (Insane) taken to Stockton by Deputy Sheriff GRIFFITH.

11th - Meeting at Justice ROBINSON’s office of the various Committees to make arrangements for the celebration of the Fourth of July....Officer O’DONNELL, of Benicia, arrives from San Francisco with S. FOWLER, charged with horse stealing.

14th - Annual festival of the Pacific Turners’ Association commenced at the Half-way House....Officer LESTER arrested by officer MARTZ, on a charge of rape, attempt to commit rape, etc.

15th - Conclusion of the Turners’ Festival....Meeting at the county Court room to arrange for the Fourth of July celebration....C. HAMMOND, twelve years old, broke an arm in exercising at the festival.

17th - Examination of LESTER on a charge of assault to commit rape commenced in the Police Court....Union State Convention at the Sixth Street Methodist Church.

18th - Murder of Charles YATES at Fifth and L street, by A.H. DAKE, by stabbing.

19th - Arrival of emigrant trains from the East....J.J. WATSON arrives from Nevada Territory with a prisoner named LEVY, charged with grand larceny at Marysville....Charles E. REYNOLDS (colored) stabbed by Alexander WAMBLE.

20th - Citizens’ meeting at Concert Hall in opposition to the county ticket already nominated....Funeral of Charles YATES....Democratic primary election....Arrival of Company M, Captain WITHAM, First Cavalry, from Stockton.

22d - Charge of murder against George REDDING dismissed....Patent granted to FRANCE & KNOWLES for their improvement in setting steam boilers.

23d - LESTER examined on a charge of rape....Attempt of John H. GASS and other prisoners to break out of the jail frustrated by Warden HARRIS and Deputy Warden RICE, who discover various implements in the prisoner’s cell and the bolts of the outer grating sawed off....Inquest held on the body of an unknown man, below Freeport, by Coroner REEVES.

24th - Colton Democratic State Convention met at COFFROTH’s office....Suicide of F.C. HENNIG, of K street near Seventh, by drowning....Experiment of the Trustees to provide clear water for the city....LESTER held by Judge HOLL to answer to two charges on which he had previously been examined....J.H. GASS, in a published card, announces that he would not escape from jail or commit suicide under any circumstances; and that the “nicely-concocted item in the Union,” intimating such a design, is entirely unfounded and slanderous in character.

26th - Forty-mile trot from Ione City to Sacramento, between Michael ZIMMER’s bay mare Fanny, and Bernard ISAACS’ dun horse Buckskin, for $100 and the losing horse, won by the mar in 3 hours and 55 minutes....High School entertainment at the Metropolitan Theater.

29th - New city seal prepared by E.L. BARBER.

30th - Leg of Henry STROBECH broken by falling down a ladder....Water of the American river running through BANNON’s slough exclusively....D. DOUGHERTY arrested by special officer CHILDS, near Folsom, for stealing cattle from SKAGGS & DAVIS.


1st - New well on the bank of the river commenced at the Water Works to supply the city....Frederick ELLIS, of Company M, First cavalry, drowned in the American river....PERRY and HARPER arrested for alleged larceny of Government mules on the Plains....Henry RAMSEY thrown from a buggy near the Lake House and his leg broken.

2d - B.A. SANDERS examined on a charge of perjury in the LESTER rape case....Suicide of Mrs. Ann HAYES by drowning near the Chinese Chapel....Unknown body found in the Sacramento, seven miles below the city....FARGO, CHENERY, BARNEY and McLANE, of Wells, Fargo & Co., pass through the city on a tour of inspection of their routes, etc.

3d - Singular collision at Front and R streets between the locomotives C.K. Garrison and G.F. Bragg. The Garrison makes a trip to Brighton without an engineer.....Examination of HARPER and PERRY in the Police Court and discharge of defendants.

4th - The National anniversary celebrated by a procession of the military, firemen and other associations, and citizens generally. Meeting at the Pavilion. Prayer by Rev. W.S. URMY. Declaration of Independence read by A. HART, oration by F.M. PIXLEY, and benediction by Rev. F. CHARLTON. Salutes fired and bells rung morning and evening. Celebration by the Pioneer and other associations, and fireworks in the evening. Banner presented to the Pioneer Association by Miss Virginia BIGLER....Premature discharge of cannon on the levee, and private W.W. GREEN, of Camp Union, severely injured - left arm broken....During the day an attempt was made to release from custody a prisoner named GARLAND, at Camp Union....Fire among the fireworks at the Park in the afternoon.

5th - Destructive fire at Tenth and K streets. Buildings of Mrs. SCROGGS and wheelwright shop of E. KIMBALL burnt....Sunday School festival at Grace Church, in the evening....R. WILSON arrested by officer O’BRIEN on a charge of stealing $80 from C.H. NEWTON.

6th - Remarkable gold specimens exhibited by J.W. HODGKIN, of Rose Springs, El Dorado county....DREW’s stable burnt, on alley between Front and Second, and M and N streets.

7th - Constitutionality of the test oath argued in the Supreme Court, by Attorney General PIXLEY for the law, and BENNETT and BEATTY against it....Remains of E.I. WILBER pass through the city from Nevada Territory to San Francisco....News received of the capture of Vicksburg by General GRANT and the victory over LEE at Gettysburg by General MEADE.

8th - Dr. MARKS, of Auburn, arrested by officer NORRIS on a charge of assault to murder....New fire engine passed through the city, from San Francisco to Aurora, Esmeralda....Thomas DRISCOLL, Max ELY and George THOMAS, all insane, taken through the city by Captain COOKE, of Marysville, to Stockton.

9th - Grand torchlight procession in honor of the victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg, J.H. CARROLL, Chief Marshal. Cannon fired, bonfires kindled, flags and appropriate mottoes displayed, etc. Young America Fire Engine Company, from Folsom, E. STOCKTON, Foreman, in attendance. Meeting held on second street, and patriotic addresses delivered....Frame house on Fifth street, between P and Q streets, destroyed by fire....Jurors chosen, under the new law, for the remainder of the year, by the Board of Supervisors.

10th - Insane man from Folsom, named McELROY, died at the hospital.

11th - James LACY, alias Poker Jim, the murderer of James A. SWAIN, of Red Bluff, taken through the city from Suisun to Tehama by Sheriff JOHNS....Meeting of the Polish Committee at Dr. HATCH’s office....Trotting match between Young Tecumseh and Sorrel Charley, at the Louisiana Race Course, won by Tecumseh.

13th - J.W. MARKLEY brought to the County Jail charged with murdering J.H. PALMER at Putah creek....Piano purchased by the pupils of the High School....Polish subscription commenced by the Committee.

14th - Annual meeting of Odd Fellows’ Hall Association....Annual meeting of the Pacific Railroad Company....James ALLEN, of Amador county, drowned at the foot of K street in the night.

15th - Contracts let for grading thirteen additional sections of the Pacific Railroad east of Grider’s....Salute of fifty guns fired at the foot of J street by members of Captain STARR’s company from Camp Union.

16th - John WHALLEY arrested for cheering for Jeff DAVIS at Front and K streets....Porter CUNNINGHAM arrested on a charge of rape...Body of ALLEN found in the river.

17th - Trial of J.W. PENROSE on various charges of petit larceny....Dead body found below Freeport several weeks ago identified by Mrs. BOUSE, of San Francisco, as that of her husband.

19th - Teamsters’ meeting at Saulsbury’s stables to raise the price of freight....John KNOX kicked and seriously injured at RIGHTMIRE’s stables....Bodies of Marco MILLINOVICH and Marcus ZENOVICH brought from Nevada Territory for interment at San Francisco....L.A. GATES arrested by Chief CLARK on a charge of stealing $200 in jewelry and coin from Mrs. LOSKY....Arrival of the first material for the Pacific Railroad - 1,500 ties from Stewart’s Point, per Francis Ellerhorst.

20th - Thomas JACKSON tried for horse stealing and acquitted; the prisoner, against whom there are other indictments, escapes from the Court room....First trip of the new steamer Arrow, Captain BROWN, from San Francisco....removal of the J street bridge at Sutter’s Fort by order of the Board of Trustees....A. TROCERO, charged with assault to murder at Folsom, discharged for want of prosecution.

22d - Annual examination and distribution of prizes at St. Joseph’s School.

23d - Soldier shot in the night in Hooker & Beardsley’s orchard by the watchman.

24th - Removal of the military from camp Union to Yolo county to make room for the State Fair....First meeting of the new Board of Swamp Land Commissioners; J. HOAGLAND, of Yolo, elected President, and B.B. REDDING, of Sacramento, Secretary.

25th - Two dwelling houses on E street, between twelfth and Thirteenth streets, destroyed by fire.

26th - Teamsters’ Association organized....F. EMERSON convicted in the Police Court of stealing a gold watch.

27th - John H. GASS overcomes his scruples, and escapes from the County Jail. While the guards were asleep he opened the door of his cell, by reaching through the hole in the door and removing the padlock, which was unlocked, from the staple. By means of a false key he opened the main door and took his departure...J. Adam GRIESEL, President of the Sacramento Turn Verein, fatally injured by falling through the trestle work of the R street Railroad....J. CORCORAN, Insane, brought to the city for Stockton by Dr. HARVEY of El Dorado.

28th - Statement of L. HARRIS, County Warden, published concerning the escape of J.H. GASS from the County Jail....Arrival of iron for the Freeport Railroad.

29th - Funeral of J. Adam GRIESEL....Hugh McGARRY drowned from the steamer Chrysopolis.

30th - Sudden death of H.C. HARVEY in American township. Union address of Thompson CAMPBELL of San Francisco at the Assembly chamber.

31st - Body of Hugh McGARRY recovered in the Sacramento....John WELCH, insane, brought to the city by Sheriff KNOWLTON of Nevada county, en route to Stockton.


2d- Sudden illness of Rev. W.H. HILL in church....Annual election of the Fire Department, resulting in choice of Hugh KELLY, Chief Engineer; George SCHUMEISER, First Assistant, and David WILSON, Second Assistant....Arrival of the first passenger car from San Francisco for the Marysville and Oroville Railroad.

4th - Meeting of the Board of Directors of the State Agricultural Society. Active preparations for the State Fair....W. BENHAM, of Virginia City, thrown out from a runaway buggy....Union meeting on Fourth Street addressed by Samuel ADAMS and others....Re-arrest at Nevada of J.W. PENROSE, who had escaped from the Sacramento chain gang.

5th - Suicide of George W. BIDWELL, at the Pavilion, by shooting through the head....Accident on the steamer Victor to a deck hand named KELLY - right leg broken.

7th - Dead body found in the Sacramento river below Freeport....Funeral of G.W. BIDWELL....Thanksgiving service at the Congregational Church. Sermon by Rev. F. CHARLTON.

8th - Commencement of the work of grading the Pacific Railroad house at Fourteenth and I streets.

9th - Unoccupied house at Fourteenth and I streets destroyed by fire....Gustave STROHLE drowned in the slough north of the city while bathing....Annual election of officers of the National Guard....Porter CUNNINGHAM convicted of rape in the Court of Sessions.

10th - H.W. ODELL tried in the Court of Sessions on a charge of perjury and acquitted....Cowhiding affair by a woman on K street near Front....Henry SCHRODER and Henry PEARSON arrested for cattle stealing.... The grading of M street commenced under the new tracts by Turion, Knox & Ryan and Drew & Carroll

12 - New iron vault set up for the purpose of walling in at the new Capitol....Pioneer stage upset near Placerville. Several Sacramentans injured.

13th - D.L. BROWN convicted of grand larceny.

14th - F.L. EMERSON, tried on a charge of forgery. The jury failed to agree....Sudden death of C.E. BROCKWAY....Father J.A. GALLAGHER, from Stockton, assumes the place of Father N. GALLAGHER at St. Rose Church.

15th - Meeting of Catholic Irish at Cody’s Saloon, H A. CAULFIELD presiding....J.H. McKUNE nominated by a Joint Convention for the District Judgeship....Race between Bob Cole and Sorrel Charley, at the Louisiana Race Course, won by Cole....Death of W.H. WEEKS, Secretary of State....Michael JACOBS and Patrick WATER brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff TRACY, of Sierra county....Fire on board the schooner Effie J. Newell.

16 - Major WHEELOCK brought to the county jail, Folsom, on a charge of grand larceny....Nondescript engagement and chase between WILDMAN and WALL, with their hacks....Military meeting at Siddons’ Saloon, to provide for procuring new uniforms.

17th - Union meeting on Fourth street addressed by C.A. TUTTLE, Colonel VAN ARNAM and F.F. FARGO....Fire at Rippon and Hill’s, Thirteenth and J streets....Charles WILLIAMS arrested for horse stealing, by officers AMES and BROWN.

18th - Funeral of W.H. WEEKS, late Secretary of State.

19th - Order issued for an encampment of the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Brigades of the organized militia of the State....Henry MACHELSON, insane, brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff REALM, of Siskiyou.

20th - Arrival of iron for the Freeport Railroad. Track laid from Brighton to the Lake House.

21st - Union meeting at the Assembly chamber addressed by Colonel VAN ARNAM. Secession flag exhibited by John H. ROBERTS, captured by him at Roanoke Island....Mrs. Attorney General HOUGHTON severely injured by fire....F. Alton WHEELOCK discharged from custody under habeas corpus.

24th - Union meeting on Fourth street; addressed by C.B. DENIO, Nathan PORTER and others.

25th - P. CUNNINGHAM sentenced to ten years imprisonment in the State Prison for rape....D.L. BROWN sentenced to one year for grand larceny....M.H. HALE arrested by CHAMBERLAIN, MARTZ and TAYLOR on a charge of incest....Death of G.W. WHITNEY, Harbormaster.

26th - Announcement of the appointment of R. ROBINSON as Provost Marshal of the Middle Enrollment District of California....Two thousand stand of State arms received by Adjutant General KIBBE....First Shipment of copper ore received from the Wells ledge, Nevada county.

27th - Lecture by J. Ross BROWNE on “Iceland,” at the Congregational Church, for the benefit of the Organ Fund....Thomas FINAN shot and killed at Alder Creek by Michael KEEFE.

29th - Annual meeting of the Pioneer Association....Michael KEEFE brought to the county jail from Folsom.

30th - Farewell sermon of Rev. J.T. PECK.

31st - Grand Union meeting of Fourth street addressed by W. HIGBY, George R. MOWE, E.H. HEACOCK and others....N.A. KIDDER elected Harbormaster by the Board of Trustees, vice G.W. WHITNEY, deceased....Schoolhouse at Thirteenth and G streets destroyed by fire....Gold headed cane presented to Rev. J.T. PECK.


1st - Democratic meeting on Second street, addressed by J.C. GOODS, John BIGLER, Tod ROBINSON, ___ PENDERGAST, Dr. H.C. CLAPP and others....Death of Pleasant WILSON, from injuries sustained by being gored by a cow.

2d - State election, resulting in victory of the Union party in the city and county....House of H.A. CAULFIELD, on Third street near R, destroyed by fire....The sum of $813.10 collected at the polls for the Sanitary Fund.

3d - Sudden death of F. MYERS, alias BANSSEY, at a bottling establishment on Front street near I....Mirror, worth $175, broken at REMMEL’s saloon, on a wager of $1.50.

4th - Funeral of Walter F. BISCOE, an old resident of Sacramento....Official notice received of the appointment of Robert ROBINSON, Provost Marshal; Sylvester TRYON, Commissioner of Enrollment, and Dr. A.B. NIXON, Surgeon.

5th - Arrival of Sheriff JOHNS of Tehama, en route to San Francisco, with broken leg, shot by HAZLET, of Red Bluff...Sloop Angel Dolly disabled by striking a snag one and a half miles below the city....Semiannual election of the Sacramento Typographical Union, No. 46.

6th - Destructive fire at Tenth and H streets; stables of S. TRYON, blacksmith shop, house of Mrs. STEPHENSON and a number of horses, mules, wagons and Washoe freight destroyed....New schooner Sina Johnson arrived at the levee, on her first trip from San Francisco.

7th - Arrival from Stockton, per steamer Arrow, of Company L, Captain GORHAM, First Cavalry, for Camp Union, Washington....James BEAMIS, 18 years old, arrested by CODY and BURKE, on suspicion of having set fire to TRYON’s stable....repairs commenced at the Water Works building by E. FELL; Police Court removed to the west end of the building.

8th - Application of A.H. DAKE, on habeas corpus, for admission to bail, refused....Death of Henry CODY, on old resident of the Fourth Ward....Arrest of Abraham GRAY at Folsom, on a charge of grand larceny in stealing $230 in Yuba county....Death of S.D. TURNER, member of the Masonic Order....T.C. LADD appointed Deputy Harbormaster by Harbormaster KIDDER.

8th - Davidson MURRAY, insane, taken to Stockton.

9th - Disappearance of C.L. BIRD, County Treasurer. Defalcation in the treasury to the amount of $14,005, ascertained by counting. Balance remaining in the treasury of $25,249,45....Picnic excursion, by railroad, of the Pioneer Association to the Alabaster Cave, in commemoration of the thirteenth anniversary of the admission of California into the Union....Grand and trial jurors for the Court of Sessions drawn by the Sheriff and other officers....Escape of W.M. DONELSON from the county jail.

10th - Frank ARMSTRONG brought from Marysville by special officer DEAL for stealing a mare belonging to G. SHISSLER, of Sacramento....Workmen engaged at the Pavilion preparing for the State Fair.

11th - Meeting of the bondsmen of C.L. BIRD held at Odd Fellows’ block....James C. McDONOUGH appointed County Treasurer by the Board of Trustees, vice C.L. BIRD....C.L. BIRD supposed to have sailed from San Francisco for the Sandwich Islands per bark Yankee.

13th - Death in the city of the child of N.O. ARRINGTON, of Virginia City - run over by the cars at Lincoln.

14th - Examination of James BEAMIS for arson. Defendant held to answer....Henry DAVIS arrested by officer CALDWELL for grand larceny in stealing grain in Yolo county....Colored school house on O street, between Ninth and Tenth, destroyed by fire....Christian ANDERSON drowned from the schooner J.P. Haven, on the Sacramento....Frame dwelling house on Fourteenth street, near I, belonging to ____ CROSS, destroyed by fire....First shipment of four tons of copper ore, received from the Arroyo Seco claim, Amador county.

15th - M.W. DONELSON, who escaped from the county jail, rearrested at Knight’s Landing....Organization of the Baker Guard. W.T. CROWELL elected Captain....Unoccupied house belonging to W. HARRIS, on H street, between Sixth and Seventh, set on fire. Fire discovered and extinguished...Preparations with the military for the encampment of the Fourth Brigade at Whiteside’s ranch.

16th - Lecture by Rev. T. Starr KING, at the Congregational Church, on the opening of the Mississippi....Benjamin COLLINS (insane) brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff HOOLE, of Colusa county.

17th - Inquest held over the body of Hugh CORCORAN....Application of Michael KEEFE to be admitted to bail, under habeas corpus, denied by Judge CLARK....Fire discovered and extinguished at CADUC’s stable.

18th - House of H. FLOHR, on alley between Sixth and Seventh, O and P streets, burned....Attempt to set fire to house on Eighth street, near I....W. HOEY and W. MORRISY arrested by officers BURKE and DEAL on suspicion of incendiarism.

19th - James COOPER drowned from the steamer Yosemite....Military of the Fourth Brigade go into Camp Kibbe, Oak Knoll - twenty-three companies present.

20th - Frame dwelling house of George McGEE, on P street, between Fourth and Fifth, destroyed by fire in the morning, and that of Israel LUCE, on Tenth street, near L, in the evening....Departure of C.J. LEONARD for Nevada territory - defalcation with mining Associations.

21st - John ANDERSON brought to the city by Sheriff FOLLINSBEE, of Shasta, en route to the State Prison for horse stealing.

23d - Death of Davidson MURRAY, formerly Coroner of the county....Michael CONNER and H. BRACE, insane, taken to Stockton by Captain COOK, of Marysville....Arrests for gambling.

25th - Report received of inquest held September 23d by Justice SMITH, of Yolo county, over the body of James COOPER....Inquest held by Justice HOAGLAND, of Yolo, over the body of Charles McSORLEY, found in the Sacramento river.

26th - Opening of the Tenth Annual Fair of the State Agricultural Society.

27th - Subscription raised at Camp Kibbe for the purchase of regimental colors....Exhibition of the Fire King and Centrifugal Railroad.

28th - Military at Camp Kibbe reviewed by Governor STANFORD and staff....Ball at Washington.

29th - Frame house shipped by John MITCHELL by teams to Reese River....Report received of inquest held by Justice OLIN of Franklin Township over the body of Charles EMORY, a soldier who fell overboard from the steamer Arrow, September 6th ....Festival of the Sisters of Mercy at the Assembly Chamber.

30th - Contract awarded to N.A. KIDDER to furnish 200 tons cobbles for use near the foot of R street, at $2.46 per ton.


2d - Conclusion of the State Fair. Grand ball at the Pavilion....Inquest held by Justice HOAGLAND of Washington over the body of an unknown man found in the river, supposed to have been murdered.

3d - John MONTGOMERY stabbed by W.H. DEWIES, on Second street....Death of Charles HOBAN, a member of the Typographical Union....Suicide by an unknown man, who jumped overboard below K street, at about noon.

4th - Ecedfro VASQUEZ shot and fatally wounded by Simon LOPEZ....H HOUSE, insane, taken through the city by J.B. HUME of El Dorado....John BURTIS of Marysville found dead in his room at the Ebner House.

5th - Annual meeting of the Sacramento Library Association....Fire discovered and extinguished at the St. Louis Stables, on Ninth street.

7th - Arrest of Jack HAMILTON, THORNTON and others, by DEAL, BURKE and CHAMBERLAIN, for robbery, burglary, etc....Election by the Board of Trustees, of D.H. LOWERY as Chief of Police.

8th - Body of an unknown man found afloat in the Sacramento river, opposite the city.

10th - Annual meeting of the San Francisco Baptist Association, at the Fourth street church....M.A. CONLIN, insane, brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff KIRKPATRICK, of Sierra county.

11th - W. QUINN, insane, brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff KENDALL, of Butte county.

12th - Reception of the first gravel from Folsom for grading streets.

15th - Destructive fire at Fredericks & Krebs’ store on J street, near Seventh....Poles received and distributed for new telegraph lines.

18th - Son of R. SHERBOURN, of Sutterville, thrown from a wagon and severely injured, at Seventh and L streets.

19th - W. GORDON shot by E. RYAN, at the saloon on Second and J streets.

22d - Fine gold-mounted whip presented by a company of excursionists to Virginia City to E.C. SWIFT, of Placerville, Road Agent of the Pioneer Stage Company....First ice of the season....H.M. WOODWORTH brought from Marysville by Deputy Sheriff LANSING, for stealing a horse and buggy, the property of George INGALLS.

24th - Sudden death of James JOHNSON on schooner Kosta....Escape of Frederick THORNTON from the county jail.

25th - Samuel CARKHUFF removed to Auburn on change of venue, for trial for murder....Jack HYDE taken to the State Prison for two years, for grand larceny, by Sheriff BEANS of Siskiyou; also, A. LINCOLN (alias) by the same officer, to the Stockton Asylum....Information received of the death of George LLOYD at Aurora, by being shot in a fight....Annual gift offering of the Congregational Sabbath School....Annual festival of the Sacramento Rifle Club.

26th - Examination of the POTTS and LANGDON alleged rape and robbery case....First six or eight rods of the Pacific Railroad track laid at Front and I streets....Cache Creek saloon, K street, entered by burglars.

27th - Case of E.F. HUNTER, charged with murder; sent to Amador county on change of venue....G.N. SIMONDS sentenced to be hung on Friday, December 4th.

28th - Lecture of Newton BOOTH on “The Spiritual,” at the Sixth street Methodist Church....Abram GRAY (colored) sentenced to one year in the State Prison for grand larceny....B.F. ARMSTRONG for horse stealing - similar sentence....A.J. MARKLEY, injured in the left hand by the explosion of a gun....Company K, Second Infantry, Captain MORTON, and Company A, Sixth Infantry, Lieutenant DAVIS, under Lieutenant HOOKER, left the city for Benicia by the steamer Chrysopolis....James FLANNERY attempts to commit suicide by cutting his throat.

29th - Trial of Jesse McMAHON commenced in the District Court for the murder of Samuel CROUCH on the Cosumnes, in July, 1860....Military arrest of six Italians and Portuguese in Sutter and Franklin townships by Provost Marshal ROBINSON....Nolle prosequi entered in the case of Thomas THOMPSON, charged with arson - in setting fire to his drug store in Odd Fellows’ block....ARMSTRONG and GRAY taken to the State Prison by Under Sheriff HOAG....New fire engine arrived from San Francisco for Washoe Engine Company, No. 4, Virginia City....Arrived in the city, United States Senator HARDING, from Oregon.

30th - McMAHON found guilty of murder in the second degree....Trial of Simon LOPEZ commenced for the murder of Ecedro VASQUEZ, and convicted of manslaughter....John ALDERN drowned from the steamer Lark...Dwelling house of N.A. KIDDER, on J street, destroyed by fire.


1st - New church organ in St. Rose Church.

2d - Official count of the late election returns by the Board of Supervisors.

3d - Daniel C. MILLER shot by A.H. MERRILL with a double-barreled gun, at Fourth and I streets, and instantly killed....Meeting of the Teachers’ Institute in the Senate Chamber....Rooms of Antoine, at Third and K streets, entered and $600 stolen in coin and $200 in jewelry....House of Maria KENNEDY, on Fourth street, entered and robbed of $300 in coin and checks, jewelry, etc.....R.B. GODDARD run over by a wagon near Lisle’s bridge....G.B. RICHARDSON (insane) brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff HOOLE, at Colusa.

4th - Attempted burglary at the residence of N. Greene CURTIS, on Sixth street.

6th - Remains of George LLOYD taken through the city to San Francisco for interment....Death of James FLANNERY from having cut his own throat....House of Jacob FOSTER (colored), on Third street, entered in the night and an iron chest carried off and broken open....Indian boy residing with Mrs. HARRIGAN arrested for grand larceny, in stealing property belonging to George CHADWICK....Jesse McMAHON sentenced by Judge McKUNE to ten years in the State Prison for killing Samuel CROUCH.

7th - James ROMAIN, alias D. CLARK; D. RENTON, alias S. HOWARD, alias D. SMITH; Charles LOWERY, alias W. JOHNSON, and W. PAGE, alias F. PERKINS, the Idaho murderers, brought from San Francisco on a writ of habeas corpus issued by the Supreme Court....Sudden death of Mrs. WHIPLEY at the Orleans Hotel....S.D. CARKHUFF tried at Auburn and found guilty of murder in the first degree....New 12-pounder gun brought up from San Francisco by W.S SIDDONS - purchased by subscription.

8th - Child of James LEARY smothered to death in bed, at Fourteenth and R streets....First visit of the new steamer Governor Dana.

9th - Pioneer flour mills on First street destroyed by fire....Locomotive Governor Stanford placed on the track and run three or four blocks....Three Italians arrested for military reasons, in Calaveras county, and brought to the city.

10th - First excursion of the locomotive Governor Stanford to Twenty-second street, with a number of invited guests....Application of the Idaho murderers to be discharged from custody argued by J.F. COFFROTH for the State and Alexander CAMPBELL for the prisoners....Removal of the military from Camp Union, Washington, to Agricultural Park.

11th - The Idaho murderers remanded by the Supreme Court to the custody of Hill BEACHY, to be taken back to Idaho Territory....F.W. JOHNSON, arrested by HOAG and DEAL, charged with having shot Horace SMITH in Nevada Territory....Paulina MARQUEZ, on Second street, near L, robbed of $500 in coin and $400 worth of jewelry....Lecture of J. Ross BROWNE, at the Congregational Church, on the Whale Fishery....J. WILSON, GRANT, WRIGHT, Slippery Sam and others, arrested by Officers BURKE, CHAMBERLAIN, TAYLOR and DEAL on suspicion of burglary, robbery, etc....J. LEONARD arrested by officer BURKE, on a charge of horse stealing in Solano county.

12th - F.H.W. JOHNSON taken before Judge CLARK on habeas corpus. Case taken under advisement....First rain of the season - slight in quantity....removal of the telegraph office to the east side of Second street.

14th - Second rain, amounting to over half an inch....River at about two feet above low water mark.

16th - New school house at Thirteenth and G streets opened.

18th - Examination of Grant and others for burglary commenced in the Police Court....Workmen of the Pacific Railroad Company engaged at the new workshop on Sixth street in car building....Jesse COUCH elected to the Board of Supervisors, vice THOMPSON, resigned.

19th - Arrival of Artemus WARD in the city....Arrival of Company F, First Cavalry, Captain STOMBS, from Stockton.

20th - Artemus “speaks a piece” at the Metropolitan Theater....Bernard ROSEN, insane, taken to Stockton by C.L. KNOWLES.

21st - Son of Charles CHILDS, of Franklin township, 14 years old, injured in the left hand and arm broken by the explosion of a gun....Arrest of W. SUTTON by officer MARTZ, on a charge of grand larceny, in selling wagon and harness of F. SPRAGUE, in Nevada Territory.

22d - Review and inspection at Camp union.

23d - Arrival of Company H, First Cavalry, Captain CAMPBELL, from Stockton.

24th - T.H. ARMINGER tried for assault to murder. Jury failed to agree.

25th - Eli MAYO imprisoned in the County Jail for refusing to build a sidewalk. Writes a letter on the subject....High School entertainment at the Metropolitan Theater....Departure of Captain WITHAM’s company for San Pedro....Fire on High street, near Third....N. B. BRYAN run over at Brighton, and dangerously injured.

26th - Suicide of David ESDELE, of Iowa, by taking strychnine, north of the American river....Thanksgiving day appropriately observed....Target excursion of the City Guard to Yolo county....Annual ball of Sacramento Engine Company, No. 3.

27th - Unknown man found dead in the rear of a house on Second street, near J....Dwelling house of Frank KELLER, at Thirteenth and I streets, destroyed by fire.

28th - Death of James ROSS, member of the Typographical Union....Resignation of Chief Engineer KELLEY of the Fire Department.

29th - Arrival of the first copper ore from Pitt river and from Indian Valley by the Red Bluff steamer.

30th - Jurors drawn for the December term of the District Court....Formation of the Union Artillery, Captain SIDDONS....Unknown man drowned by jumping overboard from the steamer Chrysopolis.


1st - Death of Mrs. KITTS and child and James McCOINE, at Freeport, by being run over by the locomotive George F. Bragg....First new freight cars finished at the Pacific Railroad work shop.

4th - Execution of George N. SIMONDS, alias WALES, at the county jail, for the murder of B.F. RUSSELL on the 11th of July, 1860, near Benson’s ferry.

5th - First appearance of Miss MENKEN at the Metropolitan Theater....Store of J.E.M. DOYLE, on Fifth and M streets, visited in the evening and the proprietor robbed.

6th - Death of John HUTCHINGS, one of the proprietors of the Metropolitan Theater.

7th - Final settlement of the Sheriff with the County Auditor....Trial of A.H. DAKE for the murder of Charles YATES commenced in the District Court.

8th - Erection of the CAMPBELL monument by AITKIN & LUCE....Joseph PARDUE found dead in his bed at the St. Charles Hotel....Inauguration ceremonies....Arrivals from San Francisco of the Ellsworth Guard, Capt. LAKE....Military procession.

10th - Ball at the Pavilion....A.H. DAKE convicted of murder in the second degree....Fatal accident from powder at CARRIGAN’s ranch, near the Lake House...Trial of James N. CARTTER for the murder of H. PIERCE commenced, resulting in a verdict of not guilty.

11th - Departure of the Ellsworth Guard, Captain LAKE, for San Francisco.

12th - Re-arrest of DAVIS, an escaped Yolo county prisoner, by Deputy Sheriff LANSING...J.N. CARRTER acquitted by the jury on a charge of murder.

13th - First arrival of the four-masted schooner Victoria from San Francisco....Daniel BARBER, insane, brought to the city by Deputy Sheriff KENNEDY of Placer; and Robert FERRIS by Deputy Sheriff WORTHEN of El Dorado.

14th - Firemen’s election held, resulting in the election of G. SCHNEISER for Chief Engineer, and J. DONELAN for First Assistant....A man named INGALLS robbed at KOHL’s Hotel of $165.

15th - Arrest of Chinese prostitutes by Chief LOWERY and officers....teamster at Barton’s yard robbed of $162.50.

16th - Shooting affair and fight between G.W. SEVEY and R. HENNESSY on First street....Old Folks’ Concert at the Pavilion for the benefit of the Sacramento Library Association.

17th - Witnesses in the HUNTER murder case taken to Amador county by attachment.

19th - Explosion of powder at Sutterville, resulting in the death of John B. WHITFIELD and child....H.F.W. JOHNSON taken to Virginia City by special officer DEAL, charged with the murder of Horace SMITH....Remains of Ezra HOLMES brought from Carson City for interment.

21st - Adah Isaacs MENKEN and others tried in the Police Court and convicted of a violation of the Sunday Law.

22d - Contested election case before the Board of Delegates of the Fire Department....Five Spanish merino sheep imported by T. McCONNELL....Miss MENKEN and troupe fined by Judge HOLL, $50 each, for violating the Sunday Law....Temperance lecture of J.E. VINTON, at the Assembly chamber.

24th - Acquittal of E.F. HUNTER, tried in Amador county, for the murder of James McKENNA, of Sacramento....Demand of W. HUME, of Sacramento, for the hat offered by B.F. DAVENPORT, of Yuba county, for excelling him in duck shooting. DAVENPORT had killed twenty-five, and HUME over fifty birds at one shot....Sudden death of W.B. REDDING....Christmas festivals at the churches.

25th - Christmas appropriately celebrated by religious observance, suspension of business, etc.....Arrest of soldiers at the Metropolitan Theater, by BURKE, CODY and AMES, and violent resistance offered on the way to the station house.

26th - J. ROSTER brought to the county jail, on account of a shooting affair in Yolo county, which Charles JULIANO....The prize hat at Marysville awarded to W. HUME, of Sacramento.

28th - William MOORHEAD dragged through Fourth street by a mule, the rope having been accidentally coiled around his feet. No serious injury sustained.

29th - McKEAN, BUCHANAN and others tried in the Police Court, for a violation of the Sunday Law, and found guilty...A.H. DAKE sentenced to eleven years confinement in the State Prison....Nicholas SMITH, of Washington, aged seventeen years, accidentally shot and fatally injured by William McDOWELL, aged fifteen years.

31st - Regiment of D.H. LOWREY received as Chief of Police, and F.T. BURKE elected by the Board of Trustees to fill the vacancy.



State Record


The Sacramento Union

Friday Morning, January 1, 1864



Noticeable Events During the Year

Although the year 1863 was marked by unbroken peace and prosperity in California, it was not without noteworthy and memorable events. Political battles have been fought with tongue, pen and ballot, attended by results cheering to the friends of National unity. Though no devastated fields nor lists of dead and maimed attest the strife, the victories of the Government within our borders have been none the less signal, and California has won the enviable distinction of leading the grand movement which prostrated disaffection in the free States. A conspiracy for the destruction of our commerce on the Pacific was detected before any damage could be done, and the ringleaders punished. These were the only occurrences of national interest. The shifting of population under the influence of mining excitement, the increase of the disposition for prospecting and speculating in every species of mining stock, with a corresponding development of new sources of wealth, a general revival of trade consequent upon the demands of the growing community east of the Sierra Nevada, and the formal commencement of work upon the California section of the great Pacific Railroad, were features of the year of special interest to the people of this coast. The State has suffered from no calamitous visitation since the issue of our last annual record, and even local disasters have been “few and far between.” We subjoin a chronological record of occurrences in the State during the year:


1st - Three escaped State Prison convicts robbed the house of one THOMAS, near Marysville, of a considerable amount of money.  2d-John A. LENT, County Judge of Alameda, deceased at San Francisco.

3d-Balance in the State treasury this day, $617,928.80.  4th - Assistant United States Treasurer CHEESMAN declines to receive “greenbacks” from State Treasurer ASHLEY, insisting that Federal tax should be paid in coin or gold dust.

5th - General WRIGHT had a New Year’s reception at the Occidental Hotel, San Francisco.

6th - The Fourteenth Session of the California Legislature convened to-day at the State capitol. Both Houses were permanently organized. In the Senate, A.M. CRANE, of Alameda, was elected President pro tem. In the House, T.N.  MACHIN, of Mono, was elected Speaker. The Emancipation policy of the National Government was indorsed by the Senate.  7th - The Annual Message of Governor STANFORD, with the accompanying reports, was received by the Legislature.

8th - Formal inauguration of the Central Pacific Railroad, on Front street, Sacramento. Addresses by Governor STANFORD and others....Clipper ship T.W.  BAILEY went ashore near Point Lobos. Eight persons, including Captain DYER, were lost.

10th - Cooper shop, at the Prison set on fire by convicts, who designed to escape in the confusion. The plot was defeated.

11th - Fire at Downieville. Loss, $10,000.

12th - Six editors and publishers of newspapers met in Sacramento and organized a “Publishers’ Convention.” The movement was regarded as a failure.

13th - The Union Senatorial Caucus convened at Sacramento - one hundred members being present.

15th - General WRIGHT received orders to organize and muster into the service the cavalry companies for the Massachusetts quota.  17th - William D. CHAPMAN, well known in sporting circles, shot and mortally wounded at San Francisco by James L. EOFF....Private John SMITH shot at Honey Lake valley by Lieutenant WILLIAMS, Company C, Second California Volunteers.

18th - Fifty men enrolled at San Francisco to join the Massachusetts cavalry....Easton’s Steam Laundry at San Francisco destroyed by fire. Loss, $25,000.

20th - The Supreme Court reversed the judgment in Mike BRANIGAN’s case and granted that individual a new trial.

21st - William W. KURTZ, of the Sacramento Union, one of the pioneer newspaper men of California, died at San Francisco.

23d - First Gubernatorial reception at the mansion of Governor

STANFORD....C.W. SMITH hung at Placerville for the murder of F.L. SMITH.  24th - A squatter riot took place at Suscol, Napa county, in which a man named COX was killed.

25th - Shock of an earthquake experienced at San Diego, lasting from five to eight seconds.

29th - John F. MORSE elected Trustee of the State Library, vice J.R.

McCONNELL, resigned....Aaron GOLDING, Mrs. GOLDING, Pedro, a vaquero, and a

Spanish boy named Santaro, were brutally murdered near Corral Hollow, San Joaquin county.

31st - Injunction granted by the Sixth District Court to prevent a transfer of moneys from the Swamp land Fund to the General Fund.


3d - In the Senate a joint resolution declaring the adoption of constitutional amendments, was passed....General WRIGHT convened a Medical Board for  the examination of officers of California volunteers....Tom BURKE, a noted desperado and murderer, was arrested at Auburn....Charles A.  CLARK, formerly Sheriff of Calaveras county, and an officer in the Mexican war, died at Mokelumne Hill.

4th - Destructive fire at Shasta. A block of buildings consumed.  5th - General WRIGHT made a requisition of the Governor of California for one regiment of infantry and seven companies of cavalry for the Federal service. The Governor promptly issued the necessary proclamation.  7th - D.D. KINGSBURY, of the “Kingsbury & McDonald grade,” died at Los Angeles.

9th - The Union Senatorial Caucus, on the sixty-ninth ballot, nominated John CONNESS for the United States Senate. Salutes in honor of the nomination were fired at San Francisco, Nevada and Placerville.  10th - John CONNESS was elected by the Legislature United States Senator, to serve from March 4, 1863, to March 4, 1969....Judge McALLISTER resigned his position as Judge of the United Stated Circuit Court.  14th - United States Assistant Treasurer CHEESMAN received instructions form Washington to pay all demands against the Government in greenbacks.  15th - Severe gale at San Francisco. A frame building was blown down.  17th - In the Assembly this day, T. Frank DAVIS, elected to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Thomas CAMPBELL of Calaveras, appeared and was duly qualified....J.J. CHAMBERS, alias Jim JAY, an accomplice of ORLINSKI, escaped from the State Prison.

19th - Schooner J.R. WHITING was lost in a gale off Mendocino....Schooner BEESWING was lost off the coast and ten persons perished.  21st - The steam-tug Merimac was lost on the crescent City bar and thirteen lives were lost.

23d - Fire at San Francisco, in which Mrs. Catharine GUNTHER was burned to death.

24th - A mining accident occurred at Yreka by which William BAILEY was killed and Richard DOE badly injured....Houses torn down near Healdsburg, to avoid squatter troubles.

25th - In the Assembly, James N. WALKER, elected from Fresno, in place of James SMITH, deceased, appeared and was qualified.  26th - Complimentary resolutions to Colonel CONNOR’s command passed the Legislature....State Treasurer ASHLEY paid over to United States Assistant Treasurer CHEESMAN the State’s quota of Federal taxes, amounting to $188,606.10 - ten cents in coin, the rest of the sum in greenbacks.


3d - Frank WHITE was stabbed and killed at the Cosumnes river bridge, Sacramento county, by a man named PIERCE....Four building burned at San Francisco. Loss, $5,000....Fire at Orleans Flat, Nevada county, burning all the buildings on the south side of Main street.

4th - G.H. WOODMAN was arrested in Mendocino county on the charge of kidnapping thirteen young Indians.

5th - Nineteen persons convicted of gambling in San Francisco.  9th - Marvin M. RICHARDSON commissioned Swamp Land Commissioner, vice William J. HOOTEN, deceased.

11th - A shooting affair occurred at Visalia, in which Dr. ROBERTS was killed by Thomas M. HESTON....John H. GASS, a fugitive from Sacramento, was arrested at San Francisco.

13th - Two shocks of earthquake at San Francisco.

14th - Steamer Senator wrecked at the entrance to the harbor of San Pdero.  15th - Schooner J.M. Chapman, fitted out for a piratical cruise in the Pacific, was seized at San Francisco by the Federal authorities. The ringleaders were imprisoned at Alcatraz and placed in irons, and the others were also detained on the island.

17th - Charles DENTAL was committed to the Placer county jail for killing his partner, Alfred DUDLEY, with a club.

18th - Shock of an earthquake at San Francisco.  19th - The bill creating a special fund for the building of the State Capitol finally passed the Senate.

20th - General James SHIELDS arrived at San Francisco, having retired from the National service.

23d - H.S. ROOT, a pioneer, deceased, at San Francisco.  27th - Mrs. LEVY committed suicide in San Francisco by cutting her throat ....Governor STANFORD approved the State Capitol Bill.  30th - F.M. BURNETT arrested at Red Bluff for shouting for Jeff DAVIS and flourishing a rebel flag. Sent to Alcatraz.

31st - Work suspended at Mare Island, the men having struck in consequence of being paid in greenbacks....Union men at Napa organize to resist an expected rising of the Secessionists....Preparations for the defense of Mare Island.


The Sacramento Union

Friday Morning, January 1, 1864



1st - The new city charter of Sacramento passed both houses of the Legislature.

4th - General WRIGHT issued a proclamation to deserters and absentees from the United States Army on the Pacific coast.

5th - Seth H. WETHERBEE commissioned as Commissioner of Emigration for the port of San Francisco.

6th - Shock of an earthquake at San Francisco.

8th - The Pittsburg Hotel near Monte Diablo, was burned, and a man named MAUPIN and his three make children perished in the flames.  9th - General WRIGHT issued a proclamation warning disaffected persons against treasonable combinations.

10th - Union State Central Committee met at San Francisco....A State Convention was called to meet at Sacramento June 17th.  12th - The United States District Court directed that the treasure of the lost steamer Golden Gate be brought into Court.

14th - General WRIGHT consented to the distribution of arms among the police of San Francisco for regular drill.

15th - The Democratic State Central Committee met at San Francisco. A State Convention was called to meet at Sacramento June 24th...Destructive gale at San Francisco.

16th - The National Fast Day was observed in this State by mistake, the 30th having been designated by the President.

17th - Confiscation suit commenced against the pirate schooner J.M. Chapman.  18th - Great Union meeting at Sacramento. Speeches by General WRIGHT, John CONNESS and others....J.W. OSBORN of Napa shot dead by Charles BRITTON.  19th - The United States sloop-at-war Cyane towed to the Navy Yard at Mare Island.

21st - Union victory at the municipal election at Placerville.  23d - George LLOYD, tried at Suisun for the murder of F.N. SMITH at Sacramento, was acquitted.

24th - An Act to aid the construction of the Pacific Railroad passed the Legislature.

27th - Explosion of the steamer Ada Hancock near New San Pedro. About forty persons were killed and wounded.

28th - The report of the destruction of the ship Golden Eagle, of San Francisco, by a rebel privateer, confirmed.

30th - This was observed as a National Fast Day....A.A. SARGENT issued an address concerning his record in Congress.


1ST - James L. EOFF, tried for killing W.B. CHAPMAN at San Francisco, was acquitted.

4th - Union victory at the municipal election in Stockton; also at the election in Santa Clara.

5th - A deperado named Manuel VERAR was lynched at Vallejo.  11th - The United States District Court confirmed the survey of the Sutter grant....A fire destroyed twelve houses in San Francisco. Loss, $25,000.  13th - San Joaquin and Placer counties voted in favor of the subscription to the stock of the Pacific Railroad.

14th - McCARLY’s wharf at San Francisco fell through.  15th - Governor STANFORD issued an address to the people of California to behalf of the claims of the Pacific Railroad.

19th - San Francisco voted in favor of the subscription to aid the Pacific Railroad.

21st - E.B. CROCKER, of Sacramento, appointed Justice of the Supreme Court by Governor STANFORD....G.C. GORHAM appointed Clerk of the United States Circuit Court.

22d - C.L. WENTWORTH, of Forest Hill, Placer county, and Ferdinand BEHN, of Trinity county, were killed by Secessionists near Fort Yuma.  26th - Schooner J.M. Chapman, seized for piracy, was sold for the benefit of the Government....A fire occurred at Marysville Park, in which a boy named McALLISTER was burned to death.

27th - At Santa Clara a man named Churchill was killed by a man named



1st - F.F. LOW assumed the duties of Collector of the port of San Francisco....the new United States Circuit Court was opened at San Francisco.

2d - Custom House officials at San Francisco required to subscribe to a more stringent oath of loyalty.

4th - A fight took place at the Farallones between the agents of the Egg Company and some Italians. One man was killed and several wounded.  6th - Large Union meeting held at Yreka, and addressed by George OULTON.  7th - An affray occurred at Sutter creek, which resulted in the death of Caney MAHONEY.

8th - A man named GREGORY was shot and killed by a man named LAMB, at St.

Louis, Sierra county.

9th - Charles BRITTON, tried at Napa for the murder of J.W. OSBORN, was convicted of murder in the first degree.

15th - An Italian courtesan known as Julia was found murdered in her own house in San Francisco.

17th - Union State Convention assembled at Sacramento. F.F. LOW was nominated for Governor on the first ballot.

18th - Union State Convention nominated T.N. MACHIN for Lieutenant Governor, T.B. SHANNON, William HIGBY and C. COLE for Members of Congress; B.B.

REDDING for Secretary of State, R. PACHECO for State Treasurer, George

OULTON for Controller, J.G. McCULLOUGH for Attorney General, W.D. HARRIMAN

for Clerk of the Supreme County, O.M. CLAYES for State Printer and J.F.

HOUGHTON for Surveyor General.

19th - The Union State Convention nominated John SWETT for Superintendent of

Public Instruction, C.L. TAYLOR for Harbor Commissioner, and O.L. SHAFTER,

Lorenzo LAWYER, John CURREY, S.W. SANDERSON and A.L. RHODES for Supreme


22d - Harry RASCHE, arrested in San Francisco on six charges of burglary and one of grand larceny....A splendid meteor was seen at Stockton.  23d - A large meeting held in San Francisco to ratify the Union State Ticket.

25th - Lorenzo DE MOURE was convicted in San Francisco of an attempt to kill his wife....A man named CROW murdered at Gold Hill, El Dorado county, by F.


26th - Two convicts, named John WILLIAMS and Jose GONZALES, escaped from San Quentin....Deputy Sheriff GARDNER committed suicide at Monterey.


The Sacramento Union

Friday Morning, January 1, 1864




2d - Dr. John BEERS murdered his wife and child and committed suicide at San Francisco.

3d - Senator CONNESS sailed for Washington.

4th - The anniversary of the Declaration of Independence was celebrated throughout the State....James SANTINA was killed by Michael MURPHY at Santa Cruz.

7th - George W. SMITH was killed at Dutch Flat by the caving of a bank....ROUTH, a Secessionist, shot at Visalia by Sergeant BLENCO.  8th - The Democratic State Convention met at Sacramento....Rejoicings over the Union victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg.

9th - The Democratic State Convention nominated John G. DOWNEY for Governor, E.W. McKINSTRY for Lieutenant Governor, S.M. BISHOP, for Secretary of State, T.L. BARNES for Controller, Thomas FINDLEY for State Treasurer, A.C.

BRADFORD for Clerk of the Supreme Court, LC. GRANGER for Attorney General,

N.E. WHITESIDES, John B. WELLER and John BIGLER for Congress, Beriah BROWN

for State Printer, Presley DUNLAP for Surveyor General, Michael HAYES for

Harbor Commissioner and R.T. SPRAGUE, W.T. WALLACE, H.H. HAIGHT, J.B. HALL

and Tod ROBINSON for Supreme Judges.

10th - Torchlight procession and illumination at Nevada in honor of the Union victories in the East. Salutes were fired at other points and the rejoicing was general among Union People.

11th - Great Union demonstration at Stockton. Addresses by T.B. SHANNON, General COBB and others.

13th - A military train was attacked by Indians in Hoopa Valley and three soldiers killed and fourteen wounded.

14th - Annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Central Pacific Railroad Company.

15th - Grand demonstration of the Union men at Visalia. One hundred and fifty guns were fired. Vallandigham was burned in effigy.  17th - A decision was given by the Supreme Court sustaining the constitutionality of the “Test Oath” Law....Private Peter KLEINKOFF, of the Fourth Infantry, was executed at Benicia.

18th - Splendid Union demonstration at Marysville in honor of the victories of the Union arms.

20th - Richard MORRISON was killed by Indians near Dogtown.  21st - Great Union meeting at Oakland. Addresses by Governor NYE, F.F. LOW, SHANNON and others.

22d - Conrad WIEGAND resigned the office of Assayer in the United States Branch Mint.

23d - A Secessionist named J. McATTE was killed at Newark, Sierra county, by George WATSON.

24th - Indians killed at New river, Trinity county, Madame WEAVER and Con MORICK and burned the houses and barns.

25th - Severe shock of an earthquake in San Francisco.  26th - Fire at Arcade restaurant, San Francisco. Three men were burned to death.

27th - An Italian named Carlo ORFREDO killed a fellow countryman at San Francisco by cutting his throat....Joseph N. RUSCH, a pioneer of ë48, and a member of Stevenson’s regiment, died in San Francisco.  28th - An affray occurred at Stony Creek, Colusa county, between A.D. GREEN and D.P. RAY, in which the latter was killed.

30th - During a Democratic demonstration at Marysville the balcony of a hotel gave way. One person was killed and several were so badly injured that they died a few days afterwards.


1st - Violent shock of an earthquake at San Jose.

2d - A man named FOWLER was shot through the heart by Joseph STEVENS at Trinity Center, Trinity county....Destructive fire at Vellecito. Several buildings consumed.

5th - Residence of Judge S.C. HASTINGS at Benicia destroyed by fire. Two men crushed to death.

6th - The National Thanksgiving was observed throughout the State....A fight took place at Visalia between soldiers and Secessionists. One soldier was killed and three Secessionists were badly wounded.  7th - Charles BRITTON was executed at Napa for the murder of J.W. OSBORN.  11th - A Deputy United States Marshal arrested Thomas J. WELLS at San Jose for shouting for Jeff DAVIS and denouncing the President....Justice FIELD, of the United States Circuit Court, delivered an elaborate charge to the Grand Jury defining treason.

12th - The residence of Harrison SCOTT, at Grass Valley, was destroyed by fire.

12th - A dispatch was received announcing the appointment of Charles JAMES to be Collector of the port of San Francisco, vice F.F. LOW, resigned.  13th - Thomas BENNETT killed at Ione City by George WALKER.  16th - William H. WEEKS, Secretary of State, died at Sacramento....General CONNER had a public reception at Stockton.

17th - A.A.H. TUTTLE appointed Secretary of State, vice W.H. WEEKS, deceased.

18th - At Big Flat, Trinity county, a man named LYON was killed by one McNAMARA.

19th - Timothy MALONEY killed at Oroville, by John FARREN, his partner.  20th - An Italian murderer, named Carlo Emanuel ORDINADO, who killed one PISANO, was arrested near Stockton.

23d - A large Union ratification meeting was held in San Francisco.  25th - Irwin RIGGS was convicted in the United States Circuit Court of attempting to entice United States soldiers to desert....A man named MOREHOUSE was killed by a man named William HORN at Virginia Town, Placer county.

29th - At San Francisco, Martin KANARY was brutally murdered by John ADAMS, with a butcher knife.

30th - J.R. VINEYARD, a pioneer, died at Los Angeles.  31st - Enthusiastic mass meting and glorification held in San Francisco, in consequence of the stirring news from Charleston. Other demonstrations of a similar description took place in Placerville and Grass Valley.


1st - In the United States Circuit Court, at San Francisco, Gideon E. JONES and the Chapman pirates were indicted for treason....Large Union meetings held at Stockton, Grass Valley and Shasta.

2d - The State election occurred, resulting in the triumph of the whole Union ticket by an average majority of over twenty thousand votes.  3d - Eliza BURNS was murdered at her residence in Red Bluff.  4th - B. FINNERTY was convicted at San Francisco upon two charges of illegal voting....J.W. SIMONTON, of the Evening Bulletin, sued for libel, damages being laid at $15,000. The suit was commenced by Henry DU CANGE.  5th - Severe shock of an earthquake at Santa Clara....Dispatches received from Secretary CHASE and Secretary STANTON, congratulating the Union men of the State upon their victory at the election.

9th - The thirteenth anniversary of the admission of California into the Union was celebrated by the Pioneer Societies of Sacramento and San Francisco....In the United States Circuit Court the bail of GREATHOUSE, RUBERY and HARPENDING, leaders of the Chapman pirates, was fixed at $15,000....The greater portion of the town of Cumberland, Sierra county, was destroyed by fire. Loss, $75,000.

13th - In San Francisco, Edward GALLAGHER, a fireman, was shot and mortally wounded by officer FORNER.

14th - Indians attacked Little Prairie, Trinity river, and burned the trading post.

15th - Abraham J. KING, a well known “Money King,” died at San Francisco.  16th - G.L. TUCKER sued Samuel J. HENSLEY and Phineas BASNING for $30,000, for injuries sustained by the blowing up of the steamer Ada Hancock in San Pedro harbor.

17th - News received at Weaverville that every house on Trinity river for twenty miles had been burned, and the occupants killed, by Indians.  20th - Fire at the store of H. ROTHSCHILD, San Francisco, destroyed property to the value of $12,000.

23d - Governor STANFORD visited Camp Gilmore and reviewed the Third Brigade.

24th - Dr. H.M. GRAY, a prominent pioneer, died at San Francisco.  25th - The Tenth Annual Fair of the State Agricultural Society was formally opened at Sacramento. Governor STANFORD delivered the opening address.  26th - W.H. DAVIDSON was appointed Deputy Provost Marshal for Nevada county....The Amador County Fair, which had continued for three days, closed on this date.

27th - Jean Baptiste BRUZZO, Francisco PIZZARO and Pasqualino LECARI were convicted of murder at San Francisco.

30th - Henry WALLACE was convicted at San Francisco of the murder of LAMEET....Rev. T. Starr KING delivered the annual address before the State Agricultural Society.


The Sacramento Union

Friday Morning, January 1, 1864




1st - The British steam frigate Sutlej arrived at San Francisco from Victoria.

2d - The Tenth Annual Fair of the State Agricultural Society closed.

Financially, the Fair had been a great success.

3d - John S. TIGHE was crushed to death by the Market Street Railroad cars, San Francisco....T.B. SHANNON, member of Congress elect, sailed for the East.

4th - Livingston, confidential clerk in a large mercantile house in San Francisco, embezzled goods to the value of $8,000 and left the State.  5th - D.R. ASHLEY tendered his resignation of the office of State Treasurer.

The resignation was accepted.

6th - Second Brigade of State militia went into camp at Alameda.  7th - Most of the town of Rattlesnake Bar, Placer county, was destroyed by fire.

8th - Andrew CUMMINGS and Henry WALLACE, convicted at San Francisco of the murder of LAMEET, were sentenced to serve ten years in the State Prison....The Phoenix Mills at Grass Valley were destroyed by fire.  10th - More than one-third of the town of Weaverville was destroyed by fire.  Loss, $400,000....A destructive fire occurred on the same day at St. Louis, Sierra county.

12th - In the case of the Chapman pirates, a verdict of guilty was rendered.

13th - The Fall races opened at Stockton.

14th - A band of six white men robbed about twenty companies of Chinamen on Brown’s creek, Trinity county.

15th - Two white men named Richard RICHARDS and Joseph STANLEY and an Indian named Captain LEWIS were shot and killed at Quartina valley, Colusa county, in the course of an affray.

16th - GREATHOUSE, RUBERY and HARPENDING were sentenced to pay a fine of $10,000 and suffer ten years imprisonment. These were the ringleaders of the Chapman pirates....A Russian war steamer arrived at San Francisco....Captain WELLS was killed by Vincent E. GEIGER, at Red Bluff.  17th - The San Francisco and San Jose Railroad was formally opened....Two children were burned to death at a fire in San Francisco.  18th - Another Russian war steamer arrived at San Francisco....A miner named McCARTY was stabbed and killed at North San Juan, by one CASEY.

19th - Peter REYNOLDS was burned to death at a fire in San

Francisco....WENTWORTH’s saw mill, near Michigan Bluff, was burned. Loss, $20,000.

20th - Mrs. JOHNSON was accidentally burned to death near Ione valley.  21st - State judicial election, at which the Union candidates for the Supreme Court were elected by about 25,000 majority....Ex-Lieutenant James F. COLEMAN was arrested at Downey’s ranch, Los Angeles county, on the charge of being a dafaulter.

23d - The Hornitos Hotel, Mariposa county, was destroyed by fire.  27th - John DONAHUE was arrested in San Francisco, upon the charge of killing James MAGUIRE, in Mono county.

28th - The Russian steam corvette Albrach arrived at San Francisco from Shanghae.

29th - Charles C. SACKETT, a pioneer, died in San Francisco.  30th - Jessie B. FREMONT and J.C. PALMER sued to enjoin General WRIGHT from building fortifications on their property, near Black Point.


1st - The attaches of the Mariposa estate presented Trenor W. PARK with a service of silver valued at $5,000, on the occasion of his leaving the State to reside in the East....Destructive fire at Grass Valley. Loss, $15,000.  2d - A dispatch announced the decease, in New York, of Theodore D. JUDAH, Chief Engineer of the Central Pacific Railroad Company.  4th - William PAGE, Chris. LOWERY, James ROMAINE and Samuel HOWARD were arrested at San Francisco, for murdering Lloyd MAGRUDER and Charles ALLEN, in Idaho Territory.

6th - Brandy City, Sierra county, was nearly destroyed by fire. Loss, $50,000.

8th - Disastrous fire at the town of Nevada. A large portion of the town was consumed....captain Isaac GRAHAM, a pioneer who had resided in California for thirty years, died at San Francisco.

9th - William J. SILVA, aged eight years, and Maria Louisa NEVA, his nurse, were found suffocated by gas in San Francisco....The first locomotive started on the Central Pacific Railroad.

16th - A large meeting in behalf of the National Sanitary Fund was held in San Francisco....The ship Aquila, with the iron-clad Comanche, reached port.  11th - Zeke’s brewery in San Francisco was destroyed by fire. Loss, $30,000....The Idaho murderers were remanded to custody by the Supreme Court.

14th - Severe gale at San Francisco. Considerable damage done to shipping.  The ship Aquila parted her head lines....Clay & Wedney’s mill, Santa Clara county, was burned.

15th - The ship Aquila, having on board the Comanche, sunk in the harbor of San Francisco....Several miles of the Mokelumne Hill Water Company’s flume was blown down.

17th - The steamer Pacific, of the Victoria line, was seized at San Francisco for smuggling.

19th - John W. FADDEN, one of the Chapman pirates, and Henry CHADWICK, were arrested at San Francisco for highway robbery.

21st - The Mendocino lumber mills, owned by Godfrey, Sellers & Co., were burned. Loss, $150,000....Five criminals hung by a Vigilance Committee at Los Angeles.

22d - Severe gale at San Francisco, causing great commotion and apprehension among the shipping....A fire at Folsom destroyed several houses.  23d - At Centerville, Alameda county, a Spanish desperado was hung by the citizens.

24th - Fire at Taylor’s stable, Marysville. Loss, $5,000.

27th - The new steamship Golden City arrived at San Francisco.  30th - At a meeting of the Union State Central Committee it was resolved to call a State Convention in March, 1864, to elect delegates to a National Convention.


1st - John E. DENT, of Shasta, selected for Chief Clerk by George OULTON, Controller elect....At this date there were 586 patients in the State Insane Asylum.

2d - Destructive fire at Marysville. Cortez’ stable burned with a number of horses and mules. Loss, $10,000.

Dec. 3d - The steamer Chrysopolis, on her way to Sacramento, collided on the bay with a ship, and was so much injured that she was obliged to return.  5th - The San Francisco Bulletin sued by J.D. WILSON for libel in publishing an article exposing an alleged fraud in the Santiago Mining Company.  7th - The Fifteenth Session of the California Legislature commenced at Sacramento. R. BURNELL, of Amador, was elected President pro tem of the Senate and Wm. H. SEARS, of Nevada, Speaker of the House.  9th - The second and last Annual Message of Governor STANFORD was sent to the Legislature....The Annual Message of President LINCOLN received by telegraph, was published in the Sacramento Union....Manuel CEREDEL hung by the Vigilance Committee at Los Angeles.

10th - Inauguration of F.F. LOW as Governor, and T.N. MACHIN as Lieutenant Governor of California. Grand ball at the Pavilion in the evening.  13th - David W. CHEESMAN, Superintendent of the Branch Mint, was sued to recover 400 ounces of gold dust deposited by the murderers of Lloyd MAGRUDER and Chas. ALLEN.

15th - Charles WILKINS was arrested at Santa Barbara for the murder of John SANFORD, of Stockton. He confessed having murdered nine persons in this State.

17th - The California State Telegraph Company purchased the material imported for the opposition line to Nevada Territory....Charles WILKINS, the murderer, was hung by the Vigilance Committee at Los Angeles.  19th - Severe shocks of earthquakes experienced at San Francisco and in the San Jose valley.

21st - The schooner Caroline E. FOOTE was declared forfeited to the Government for smuggling.

22d - Both branches of the Legislature agreed to adjourn over from December 23d to January 5th.

23d - The Legislature adjourned until the 5th of January, 1864.  24th - E.F. HUNTER, tried at Jackson, Amador county, for the murder of James McKENNA at Sacramento, was acquitted....C.O. GERBERDING, one of the founders of the San Francisco Bulletin, expired in that city of consumption.  26th - O.D. AVALINE, editor of various papers in the State, died at Folsom.

27th - James L. GREEN appointed Commissary of the State Prison.  28th - Francis MAY, chief Engineer of the steamer Princess, was shot dead on board the steamer, by Dr. TREADWAY, of Sonoma county.  29th - The San Jose Railroad was completed to Santa Clara, three miles from San Jose.

30th - A vigorous shock of an earthquake was experienced at San Francisco....Henry RASCHE, accused of klopemania, discharged from custody in San Francisco.




Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Friday, January 1, 1864.

© 2006 Betty Loose.



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