Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 2, 1871

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We are indebted to Ham. C. Harrison, Deputy Clerk, for the following record of the preceding as of this Court:








W. H. Gift from H. E. Gift, January 6th.

Josephine Mahlen from William Mahlen , January 17th.

Minerva I. Kennedy from Henry N. Kennedy, January 31st.

William A. Mott from Mary E. Mott, February 14th.

Margaret Elliott from Joseph Elliott, February 23rd.

Ellen Tallmadge from George Tallmage, February 24th.

Hannah Hallen from Dennis Hallen, March 12th.

Elizabeth Seigrist from Charles Seigrist, April 20th.

J. T. Browning from Jane Browning, April 23rd

Patrick Garrity from Hannah Garrity, April 29th.

Sobeski Brown from Sarah A. Brown, May 13th.

Samuel B. Hyers from Anna Hyers, May 27th.

Phebe J. Laird from William F. Laird, June 8th.

Ephram Dann from Emma R. Dann, June 28th.

Laura Meech from the Stowell Meech, June 28th.

Margaret Farmer from Lawrence Farmer, June 28th.

Margaret Taylor from E. C. Taylor, July 1st.

Matilda Seeley from Jeremiah Seeley, July 1st.

Carrie Annie Holmes from Henry Bradford Holmes, July 16th.

Elenora Brown from Cornelius Brown, July 23rd.

Hannah E. Williams from Arthur T. Williams, July 25th.

Caroline C. Markham from David Markham, August 1st.

William Allen from E. M. Allen, August 2nd.

Martha Harrington from Stephen Harrington, August 5th.

Sarah Pervine from Alexander Pervine, August 19th.

Ann E. Hornblower from F. A. Hornblower, September 8th.

Nancy A. Taylor from George W. Taylor, October 20th.

Jane Byrel Beggs from William J. Beggs, October 22nd.

Hortense B. Ricks from J. W. Ricks, October 26th.

E. A. Perry from B. F. Perry, November 18th.

Alvira Alderman from Delos Alderman, November 19th.

Sarah A. Hamilton from William H. Hamilton, November 25th.

Ellen Harris from William A. Harris, December 7th.

David W. Miller from Ann E. Miller, December 16th.

Augusta E. Kretschmann from Alexander J. Kretschmann, December 28th.

Mary Matilda Gish from John Gish, December 28th.

Violet M. Bayliss from Martin H. Bayliss, December 29th.




Mary Wynn authorized to transact business in their own name as sole traders during the year 1870:

Louisa Ann Hersey, application granted January 17th

Mary Ann Dannie, application granted April 22nd

Mary McKoe, application granted August 5th

Mary Rochford, application granted August 5th

Mary L. Skillen, application granted August 12th

Mary Menke, application granted November 8th

S. J. Johnson, application granted November 21st

Ann L. Hoyle, application granted December 5th.









Augustus Theis, Germany

Charles Byrne, Ireland

John Vaugh, Ireland

John Campbell, Scotland

F. G. Lundquist, Russia

Matthew Smith, Ireland

Daniel Horan, Ireland

John Nagie, Ireland

Martin Murray, Ireland



William King, Ireland

Maurice Culleton, Ireland

Michael Thompson, Ireland

Patrick Divine, Ireland

Patrick Holland, Ireland



Michael Eagan, Ireland

John Rabel, Germany

Henry P. Markert, Germany

Louis Andrie, Prussia

Charles C. Ault, Canada West

Thomas Roberts, Wales

Daniel Donovan, Ireland

William Oeste, Germany

John Henry Oeste, Germany

Alexander Robertson, Canada

Frederick Vose, Prussia

A. McDonell, Canada

John Dunn, Ireland



Jeremiah Foley, Ireland

William Sales, England

Peter B. Jensen, Denmark

Dennis Coughlan, Canada

Henry Buggle, Germany



Arnold Robert Brown, Prussia




Joseph Maitland, Scotland

John B. Wilson, Scotland

Louis Winters, Bavaria

John B. Thomson, Scotland

Julius Strutz, Brunswick

Thomas J. Clunie, New Foundland



Oswald Fuchs, Germany



Andrew Maxwell, Scotland

Edward H. Farmer, New Brunswick

Joseph Silver, Portugal



Henry Schuldt, Germany

Henry Bowden, Ireland

Daniel Stewart, Scotland

Michael Moxhaem, Ireland



Owen Dinsdale, England

Charles J. Edmonds, Ireland

Hugh Wilson, Ireland

L. Benjamin Mohr, Germany

John Hopps, New Brunswick

James Keliher, Ireland



Desideria Quanchi, Switzerland

J. W. H. Campbell, Nova Scotia

John Quinn, Ireland

Joseph Fields, Portugal

Michael Burns, Ireland

Frank Ruthstaller, Switzerland

Jochim Schroder, Holstein

Jochim Schroder, Halstein

Jonas Politz, Prussia

Antonia Dutre, Portugal










The People against Frank Anderson. Convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in the State Prison, March 4th; judgment reversed by Supreme Court; retried; convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in State Person, October 7th.


The People against Henry Brown. Convicted of murder in the second-degree and sentenced to ten years in the State Prison, March 22nd.


The People against B. G. Johnson. Convicted of murder in the second-degree and sentenced to ten years in the State Prison, April 22nd.


The People against James Brown. Indicted for murder; tried April 6th and acquitted.


The People against Adelaide Turner. Indicted for murder; not tried.


The People against Daniel McLaughlin. Indicted for murder; not tried.


The People against Robert B. Lindsey. Indicted for manslaughter; tried and acquitted.


The People against A. B. Courtright. Indicted for murder; tried December 9th and acquitted.


The People against Ah Leet tried and acquitted, December 20th.




Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

Donated by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Monday, January 2, 1871, Page 2.

2007 Nancy Pratt Melton.