Organized May 24, 1939

Sacramento, California








Miss Leola Hills


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Lincoln's Birthday

Washington's Birthday

Lexington Day

Memorial Day

Flag Day

Independence Day

Admission Day

Constitution Day

Columbus Day

Armistice Day

Thanksgiving Day

February 12

February 22

April 19

May 30

June 14

July 4

September 9

September 17

October 12

November 11

November 27





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Headquarters, Memorial Continental Hall

Washington, D.C.




President General

First Vice Pres. General

Chaplain General

Recording Secty. General

Corresponding Secty. General

Organizing Secty. General

Treasurer General

Registrar General

Historian General

Librarian General

Curator General

Reporter General to Smithsonian Institute

Mrs. James B. Patton

Mrs. Loren E. Rex

Mrs. Leland H. Barker

Mrs. Warren S. Currier

Mrs. Geo. D. Schermerhorn

Mrs. David M. Wright

Mrs. John M. Kerr

Mrs. K. T. Trewhella

Mrs. Hugh L. Russell

Mrs. Roland M. James

Mrs. George A. Kuhner

Mrs. Chas. H. Danforth





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Mrs. Edgar Atkinson Fuller

213 14th Street

Santa Monica, California


Mrs. Bruce Livingston Canaga

2727 Woolsey Street

Berkeley 5, California


Mrs. George Dunsmoor

500 Plymouth Road

San Marino 9, California






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Regent, Mrs. Charles J. Hass

First Vice Regent, Mrs. C. A. R. Safbom

Second Vice Regent, Mrs. C. C. Cochran

Chaplain, Miss Sarah Ames

Recording Secretary, Miss Barbara Packard

Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Francis E. Murphy

Treasurer, Miss Nell Weldon

Registrar, Mrs. A. Ross Hood

Historian-Librarian, Mrs. Geneva W. Smith


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Miss Henrietta Horton, Organizing Regent

Miss Cornelia D. Provines

Mrs. Wallace A. Gilkey

Mrs. Faith Tabor Brann

Miss Sarah L. Ames

Mrs. L. D. Packard

Miss Rosamond S. Apperson

Mrs. Frank A. W. Miller

Mrs. Paul B. Logan

Miss Leola Hills

Mrs. Martha Hood

Miss E. May Luther

Mrs. George Clark

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American Indians, Mrs. Helen Gilkey

Americanism, Mrs. Martha Hood

American Music, Mrs. Oenone Franklin

American Red Cross, Mrs. Marie Murphy

Approved Schools, Miss Henrietta Horton

Auditor, Mrs. Faith Tabor Brann

Budget and Finance, Miss Nell Weldon, Chairman

Mrs. Faith T. Brann, Mrs. Edna Cochran

Conservation, Mrs. Pauline Henry

Correct Use of the Flag, Mrs. Metta Packard

D.A.R. Good Citizenship Pilgrimage, Miss E. May Luther


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Genealogical Records, Mrs. Helen Clark

Junior American Citizens, Miss E. May Luther

National Defense, Miss Sarah Ames

Membership, Mrs. Edna Cochran

Press Relations, Mrs. Betsy Safbom

Printing, Mrs. Edna Cochran

Program, Mrs. Betsy Safbom, Chairman

Mrs. Nelle S. Millar, Miss Barbara Packard

Reciprocity, Miss Cornelia Provines

Telephone, Mrs. Marie Murphy

Parliamentarian, Mrs. Faith T. Brann






PROGRAM 1951-1952



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Sept. 17




Sept. 28




Oct. 4





Oct. 26





Nov. 19





Nov. 30





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Dec. 17






Jan. 21





Jan. 25





Feb. 12-15




Feb. 18





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March 17





March 28





April 21





May 19





May 23






Hostess: Miss E. May Luther

Chairman: Miss Rosamond Apperson

Theme: American Indians



Northern Council Meeting, San Francisco



No-hostess Dinner, Chairmen, Miss E. May Luther

Miss Henrietta Horton, Mrs. Oenone Franklin

Dinner Honoring: State Regent and State Vice Regent



Northern Council Meeting, San Francisco





Hostess: Miss Nell Weldon

Chairman: Mrs. Betsy Safbom

Theme: Approved Schools



Northern Council Meeting, San Francisco








Hostess: Mrs. Edna Cochran

Chairmen: Mrs. Martha Hood,

Mrs. M. Laugenour, Mrs. Nelle S. Millar

Theme: Christmas Party



Hostess: Mrs. Pauline Henry

Chairman: Mrs. Betsy Safbom

Theme: Book Review



Northern Council Meeting, San Francisco





State Conference, Los Angeles




No-hostess Dinner

Chairmen, Mrs. Metta Packard

Mrs. Faith T. Brann, Miss Barbara Packard

Dinner honoring: Good Citizenship Pilgrimage Girls




Hostess: Mrs. Marie Murphy

Chairman: Mrs. Geneva Smith

Theme: Interior Decorating



Northern Council Meeting, San Francisco





Hostess: Mrs. Rose Hass

Chairmen: Mrs. Eleanor Miller

Mrs. Dorothy Singleton

Theme: Lexington Day


Hostess: Mrs. Oenone Franklin

Chairmen: Mrs. Helen Gilkey, Miss Sarah Ames

Installation of Officers



Northern Council Meeting, San Francisco










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313305 Ames, Sarah Lilla (Miss), HIllcrest 7-3215

3441 I Street 16

Nathaniel Patten

315389 Apperson, Rosamond S. (Miss), GIlbert 3-4454

1807 Beverly Way 18

John Apperson

312020 Brann, Faith Tabor (Mrs.), HUdson 4-8688

2204 H Street 16

Sergeant Ichabod Tabor

262571 Bailey, Wilda (Mrs. James H.), GIlbert 2-4593

1422 13th Street 14

Captain Levi Tower

337071 Clark, Helen Hitt (Mrs. George), HIllcrest 5-9152

2540 Curtis Way 18

Richard Bull

389141 Cochran, Edna Bayles (Mrs. C. C.), GIlbert 2-0113

3500 Land Park Dr. 18

Daniel Bayles


Page 16


353070 Fox, Edith (Mrs. Milton D.), c/o Lt. Milton D. Fox

Frankfurt Military Post

Q. M. Sect. APO 757

c/o Postmaster

New York, New York

353071 Franklin, Oenone (Mrs. Clifford N.), GIlbert 3-2931

1739 9th Avenue 18

Jehiel Jackson

270525 Gilkey, Helen Huberty (Mrs. Wallace A.), HIckory 9-8416

Rt. 3, Box 1209H

James Bradley

280783 Groom, Lora Tudder (Mrs. Merlin)

910 Hazel

Atlantic, Iowa

Robert Ross

311102 Hass, Rose Muirheid (Mrs. Chas. J.), IVanhoe 9-0020

5921 Oak Avenue, Carmichael

Rev. Nehemial Porter


Page 17


336587 Henry, Pauline (Mrs. Jay L.), HIllcrest 6-1685

2636 Curtis Way 18

David Whitmore

312031 Hood, Martha Jane Elder (Mrs. A. Ross), HIllcrest 6-1125

674 40th Street 19

Thomas Hinkley

129447 Horton, Henrietta (Miss), HIllcrest 6-0671

2900 W Street 17

Sergeant Ichabod Phelps Jr.

401572 Laugenour, Margaret (Mrs.), HIllcrest 6-9466

3002 V Street 17

Isaac Jackson

312032 Logan, Mary Leona White (Mrs. Paul B.), HIllcrest 6-1488

3247 Kroy Way 17

Joseph McAdams

313306 Luther, E. May (Miss), HI llcrest 6-4816

1351 40th Street 19

Frederick Luther

Page 18


356670 McGrane, Gertrude (Mrs. Gordon A.)

206 Garfield Avenue

Pomona, California

Samuel Pierce

401302 Millar, Nelle S. (Mrs. Colin S.), IVanhoe 9-5109

2324 Bell Street

Colonel Nathaniel Scudder

313307 Miller, Eleanor Todd Eddy (Mrs. F.A.W.), GIlbert 2-2280

1726 3rd Avenue 14

Enoch Mead

385622 Murphy, Marie Brainerd (Mrs. Francis E.), HIllcrest 5-2711

2734 Donner Way 18

Josiah Brainerd

391708 Packard, Barbara (Miss), HIllcrest 5-3930

4400 Francis Court 18

Joseph Gifford

312023 Packard, Metta Gifford (Mrs. L. D.), HIllcrest 5-3930

4400 Francis Court 18

Joseph Gifford


Page 19


313308 Provines, Cornelia Douglas (Miss), GLencourt 6658

426 Orange Street 10

Oakland, California

Captain Ozias Bissell

342235 Safbom, Betsy Patterson (Mrs. C.A.R.), GIlbert 2-2505

1320 P Street, Apt. 6 14

Major William Henderson

304593 Singleton, Dorothy Hass (Mrs.), HIllcrest 5-3953

592 36th Street 16

Richard Kimball

345726 Slater, Mabel Fritts (Mrs. Harold C.), GIlbert 2-8135

1945 Bidwell Way 14

John Kimmis

343696 Smith, Geneva Watson (Mrs.), GIlbert 2-0367

1228 N St., Apt. 12 14

Robert McDaniel

368894 Weldon, Nell (Miss), Hillcrest 6-2554

2312 Castro Way 18

William Davies Jr.







Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Source: General John A. Sutter Chapter Daughters of The American Revolution, Sacramento, CA. 1951-1952.

2017 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.





California Statewide